Bill Schwab

Founder - Monogomish

Being a guest on Adult Site Broker Talk was an exceptional experience that went beyond my expectations. Bruce was not only well-prepared and organized, but he also brought a level of professionalism and warmth to the conversation that made the entire experience truly engaging. What sets Bruce apart is his genuine interest in the success Bill Schwab

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Corey Silverstein

Appearing on Adult Site Broker Talk was a blast. It felt like a natural conversation vs. an interview and it was a pleasure to take part. 

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Daniel Abramovich

Co-Founder - VR Bangers

I had a great podcast with Bruce. I enjoyed the vibe and and questions that were being asked. Bruce is a great and easy going guy to talk with so it made it even easier.

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Alison Boden

Free Speech Coalition

I had a great time being interviewed on Adult Site Broker Talk. Bruce really knows how to make his guests feel at ease.

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I had a great time being a guest on Adult Site Broker Talk. He was a wonderful host and made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the recording. I would highly recommend Bruce and his Podcast to anyone looking to increase their exposure and share their story with a wider audience. He is professional, 2MuchMark

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Dr. Monique

Key Rose LLC

Bruce is amazing. Being a guest on the podcast was an easy experience. He has a wealth of knowledge, and appears to always want to learn more and help where he can.

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Steph Sia

Stripped by SIA

Bruce was an excellent host. He asks all the right questions, the interview flows nicely and is a total professional on-air:

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Julie Smith

Primetime Cams

Bruce is absolutely amazing! Being somewhat new to the adult industry, he was on of the first to reach out to us and offer us an interview on his podcast. I was a little nervous considering that it was my first guest appearance, but he made me feel really comfortable because he is so personable.

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Chris Rodger

I thoroughly enjoyed my guest experience on the podcast. Bruce is a veteran of the industry who knows just what questions to ask, keeping the flow of the discussion interesting and informative for the listener. I would be happy to be a guest at a future date.

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SashaBrabuster ® Enterprises

I had an absolute pleasure joking, interviewing & laughing with Bruce, I was so comfortable, enthused and excited because it was so live and fun. I really enjoyed him and myself.

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Natalie Pannon


Bruce is easy to talk to and really gets good information out of you by asking all the right questions. The marketing value of doing a podcast with Bruce by simply giving him an hour of your time is well worth it.

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Jason Maskell

Lifestyle Money

Each time I have been a guest on Adult Site Broker Talk, Bruce has always asked interesting and insightful questions to ensure my story comes out and in a way all listeners will understand. He totally understand the adult industry and what his guests are looking to offer to this sector. An amazing host that Jason Maskell

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Daniel Hogue

Razor Edge Talent

Good and informative. Pleasure to share my experience. Bruce had a genuine interest in informing and making it relative so others may be informed and learn.

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Danny Z


Bruce is a fantastic interviewer and great person to have a chat with. I definitely enjoyed my time on the show!

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Alex Lecomte

Director - 7Veils

What I really appreciate is that the questions where relevant and Bruce took the time to visit (and read) our website before preparing his interview. Great job Bruce, thanks a lot

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Christina Castalia

Content Creator - Christina Castalia

Bruce is a great conversationalist, makes his guests feel at ease and is lovely to talk to. Has a lot of knowledge about different subjects which makes the conversation flow naturally.

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Christopher Jeffrey

Saucytime Ltd

Very enjoyable chat with Bruce, the conversation felt very natural and relaxed, covering a range of subjects. Bruce is an experienced interviewer with deep knowledge of the adult industry and it was a pleasure to speak with him.

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Leya Tanit

Pineapple Support

Joining Bruce as a guest on Adult Site Broker talk is always an absolute pleasure. Keeping the balance of professional and informative as well as fun is not an easy feat, Bruce manages this with what appears to be complete ease. Congratulations on a fantastic podcast!

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J. Strowd


I had a great time speaking w Bruce on Adult Site Broker Talk. He made me feel very “at ease” and despite my social anxieties, the conversation flowed organically like long time friends catching up over beers. Bruce is an outstanding host! Thank you sir!

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Aerie Saunders

Performer - Adult Model Mentors / Sex Worker Sites

Being a guest on Adult Site Broker Talk is always loads of fun, it’s great sharing information about my business and bouncing ideas and plans back and forth with like minded B2B adult industry expert Bruce! He always makes sure to highlight the best parts of my business and makes sure his listeners get a Aerie Saunders

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Zak Ozbourne

Web Developer - Exclusv.Life

I enjoyed speaking with Bruce very much. He is a clear, experienced interviewer and made me feel at ease. He was very kind, and it was very easy to speak with him. Thanks for giving me a chance to share my story and my platform.

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Oliver Carter

Writer - The Book Under the Counter

I really enjoyed being a guest on Adult Site Broker Talk. Bruce is a wonderful host who made the process straightforward and we had a great conversation.

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Axel Abysse

Filmmaker and Performer -

Always a pleasure to talk about my work with someone who’s genuinely curious and open minded.

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