Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 145 with Elizabeth Dell of Amorus

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 145 with Elizabeth Dell of Amorus

Bruce, the adult site broker, host of Adult Site Broker Talk and CEO of Adult Site Broker, the leading adult website broker, who is known as the company to sell adult sites, is pleased to welcome Elizabeth Dell of Amorus as this week’s guest on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Elizabeth is the founder of Amorus and a trained sex educator with a Master’s in Public Health from UC Berkeley. She was previously a film producer, producing multiple indie features, including Destination Wedding, starring Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves. Amorus brings her lifetime interest in intimacy and her storytelling career together to help partners play and tell each other their most delicious stories.

Amorus is romance tech for the 70% of adults already in relationships. There is a 10-billion-dollar romance tech industry (aka dating apps) for the 30% of adults who are single. But no mobile tech improves romance when you are already coupled. Amorus focuses on the #1 relationship blocker: intimacy. Their proprietary games, tools, and chat make pleasure and sexiness easier, safer, and more delicious through your phone. Available free on iOS in the App Store.

You can follow them on Twitter @amorusapp

Bruce, host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said: “Elizabeth has introduced a whole new concept to the romance tech game. We talked about how her app can help couples better connect and about her dedication to helping with this.”

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Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

Elizabeth has introduced a whole new concept to the romance tech game. We talked about how her app can help couples better connect and about her dedication to helping with this.


Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where each week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we'll be speaking with Elizabeth Dell of Amorus. Adult Site Broker is proud to announce the launch of our new website, adult Site Broker three point oh at

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This is a business that can be grown by a company with experience in the novelties field. Only 2.72 million. Now time for this week's interview. My guest today on Adult Site Broker talk is Elizabeth Dell of Amherst. Elizabeth, thanks for being with us today on Adult Site Broker Talk. Thanks

Speaker 2 (2m 43s): So much for having me.

Speaker 1 (2m 45s): It's a pleasure. Now Elizabeth is the founder of Amiss and a trained sex educator with a masters in public health from uc, Berkeley. In my old stomping grounds, she was previously a film producer producing multiple indie features, including Destination Wedding, starring Wino writer and Kiana Reeves AMS brings her lifetime interest and intimacy and her storytelling career together to help partners play and tell each other their most delicious stories.

Amaris is romance tech. For the 70% of adults already in relationships, there is a 10 billion plus romance tech industry. That's amazing. Known as dating apps. Okay, that makes sense. For the 30% of adults who are single, but no mobile tech improves romance when you're already coupled up. Fair enough. Amiss focuses on the number one relationship blocker, intimacy, their proprietary games, tools and chat make pleasure and sexiness easier, safer, and more delicious through your phone.

Amaris is available free on iOS in the app store. So Elizabeth, what was the inspiration for Amaris?

Speaker 2 (3m 59s): So, I have to admit, I am one of those entrepreneurs that made the thing they needed in the world. That's good though. Yeah. Yeah. It was. It was very personal. I Tell me about it. So I actually was inspired right at the very beginning of the pandemic. I share an a condo in here in Los Angeles with my sister. And so, and I was, I was single. I had a few different partners. None of them were in my contain, excuse me, my containment circle as it were.

Okay. And so when the pandemic went into lockdown, I was having to do intimacy from my phone, right? I was basically burning up my thumbs and, and you know, intimacy, sexuality, pleasure, definitely coping mechanisms for me. And so I was leaning in hard and yet having to do all of it remotely and maybe not my best self in our shared apocalypse, you know? That's true. I was like, why?

I am not so good at bringing all the funny and bringing all the delicious and figuring out what to do. And so I went looking for things to do with partners, and I actually thought that would be very straightforward. I was like, I'll go ask the internet and the internet will give me help. And the internet said no. And I was totally shocked. I was like, I, I'm sorry. No, maybe you didn't understand the question I asked you for help with sex.

Speaker 1 (5m 29s): Google, listen. Like,

Speaker 2 (5m 31s): The answer is like 9.8 billion hits in 0.1 seconds. The answer is not, we don't have that. Wow. But, but what it was was that specifically I was looking for the two player game, right? What I was looking for was, I already have partners, right? I have people that I love to be sexy with. I just wanna not do all the work to be sexting and, and delicious and engaging with fantasy. I just want it to be easier.

But I don't actually want something that gets in the way of us too. Right. You know, I don't want a solo journey. I, there was plenty of solo journeys. We were all having, you know, watching porn and all what the rest, right? But in this case, what I wanted was improve my interaction with another person. Sure. And that was a thing that there was really a lack of, you know, everything that I found was either kind of these weird, you know, truth or dare games that were 10 years old and felt kind of cheesy and a bit misogynistic and like just none of it felt good or positive or empowering.

Or on the other hand, you would find these things that were kind of couples therapy that they really came from this place of like, well, you're a couple in trouble and we need to help you relate to each other better. Sure. And I was like, no, no, I don't. I don't actually want therapy. I want sex. You know, I want fun. I just want to do the fun without having to generate everything myself. Right, right. Can you like help me identify what fantasy is my partner and I think are cool, and then we can do a role play of one of them, but like, maybe we don't have to do 72 questions back and forth or can you know?

And so I was searching and trying to, you know, I was trying all the things. There were, you know, the Cosmo articles of 36 questions You Should Ask Your Person or whatever. Again, none of it felt oriented towards pleasure, which was what I really wanted. Sure. And so after being very frustrated, I had this little light bulb go off and thought, you know, I can't be the only person out there in the world that thinks it would be nice if it was a little easier to sext my partner.

Yeah. Maybe there's a thing here. Maybe there's something I can do. And so, and that's where it started. It really started from like, help me be sexy with my person. Just a little bit easier. Yeah. And what's interesting is that I actually went and I created Amiss and I built that kind of, from that starting point. And it was only in the process of building it and talking to people that I realized that what I was doing was actually something much bigger, which was basically how to be romantic, like a tool to be romantic, to be sexy, to be pleasurable with your partner.

And that actually we didn't have any of those. And that when I am thinking about, you know, I want to be romantic with a stranger, I have a dozen apps called dating apps. Oh yeah. All of which will help me do that. Sure. But when I actually think about the person that I spent all this time and energy identifying, or maybe it's persons, you know, maybe it's right, a few different people for a few different reasons, but I spent all this time and energy identifying the person that I want to like, give, give me spine shivers.

Hmm. We then have no tech tools for that. Yeah. And it's kind of shocking because like, we invented the word sexting. Like we think getting shivers from your partner on your phone is so important that we created another word for it. Like, and yet we don't have any tools for that. And so

Speaker 1 (9m 28s): True. So true.

Speaker 2 (9m 29s): That's, that's kind of what am that, that that in a nutshell is what AMS is. You know, I, I want it to be the app that everybody has on their phone so that when it's not logistics, you've got a place that you look down and you go, oh, that's the delicious from my partner.

Speaker 1 (9m 45s): Right, right. So did you build it yourself or did you get help?

Speaker 2 (9m 50s): So the very first prototype I built myself, I had no idea how one becomes an app entrepreneur. And I had one friend who was vaguely in startup things. I didn't really know what he did, but I said, okay, I think I have this idea for an app, what should I do? And he said, go try and build it yourself. There is a world of what are called no code programs now. Yeah. And they basically are, you know, app builders where they have taken kind of human language and put it on top of coding language.

And so you still have to do all of the things that a coder, that an engineer would do to code an app. But you can do it with natural language words instead of Swift or JSON or you know, Ruby Rails or whatever that is. Sure. Basically think like, you know, they're what, what WordPress was to the original blogs. That's what these new codes are. That's cool. So that was the first thing I did. And that was, it was really powerful cuz at the time I wasn't really sure what it was I was building and you know, I could just experiment and fail and failed a lot of times on my own.

Finally built something that kind of sort of worked. I showed it to one friend and they said, oh, never show this to another person ever again. Are you kidding? No, I was a little butt hurt. Ooh, that hurts. I was like, well, that's that. Ouch. Yeah. And, but the friend said, they, they were very honest. They said, you have a really cool idea. And it is something that actually, because what it is is games and chat with a partner.

We do those things in the world on apps already. I can imagine that from just wire frames, from design pictures, from things like that. Sure. But you are not very good at being an engineer, so what you built is really ugly and it's really janky and it doesn't work very well. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (11m 51s): Talk about honesty. My

Speaker 2 (11m 52s): God. So yeah. So she was like, this makes me think worse of your idea. You would've been better if you just showed me some design pictures of what it will look like. And I was like, I'm fine. Okay. So, so then I went, yeah, good, good friends, good friends with, as my dad says with friends like that, you don't need enemies, you

Speaker 1 (12m 13s): Don't need animals. That's right.

Speaker 2 (12m 17s): But, but then I, at, at that point, I went and I found actually a brother sister team who I hired to do the build, the original AM for ams and then have now come on as co-founders with me. And so they, I found them and could then at least, what what was lovely is I could then bring them a really clear idea of what it was I wanted the app to be. And then we worked together to build it. And so That's correct. Yeah. That's, so I did not code anything in the app, but I tried once upon a time.

Speaker 1 (12m 51s): Yeah. Doesn't hurt to try. So who can use Amherst?

Speaker 2 (12m 56s): So at the moment, it is anyone, there are two things you need. You need an iPhone or iOS device, iPhone, iPad, very new Mac, anything that can use an I iOS app, because unfortunately we are only on one platform at the moment. Right. And you need a partner who has the same, right. And that partner can be your life partner or your spouse. That can be a girlfriend or a significant other. That can be a lover, that can be an ex, that can be friends with benefits, that can be, you know, the third person in your molecule or the 12th person in your molecule.

But the,

Speaker 1 (13m 37s): That sounds complex. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (13m 40s): That's a lot. But the, the fundamental premise is that amis is one-to-one connections with an invited partner. So there's no social network, there's no shopping for people to talk to on our app. There's,

Speaker 1 (13m 53s): There's no swipe left.

Speaker 2 (13m 55s): Exactly. You have to send an invitation. So that person might be someone that you've never met in the real world and you are sending them a private message or a DM on FE life. But you have a way to individually say, here is an invitation, please connect with me. I mean, it can be a link that you send through via only fans. Right. Anything, but you have to be able to directly send that, that individual link and then you can connect and

Speaker 1 (14m 22s): Play. Okay, so how do you start and use the

Speaker 2 (14m 26s): App? So that's step one is connecting with your person. And then the whole idea of amorous is let's build you a house for sexy play. And so how do we do that? We do that with games. Amherst has three different games on it and more coming next year that are all about how do we help you flirt and start sexy and get delicious. And so one of those games is called chat sparks. And it is like, it sounds things that spark conversation.

So it's hundreds of different questions. You hit the button, there's a random prompt that goes to both of you. And that could be, you know, what's the most erotic thing you've ever worn where it's the farthest you've traveled for sex, what is a smell that turns you on immediately? And there are lots of really fun, creative, interesting, some very spicy, some medium spicy, some slightly spicy, but you don't have to think about it. You just push the button and then you guys can be off to the races talking about that.

Or if you don't like the question, hit the button again and get a new one. We have hundreds. The next game is called Fantasy Swipe. And it is in fact a little bit of left right Tinder swiping, but not people it's desires. It is tiles with desires on them. So they again, mild, medium and very spicy. It might go from, we should have a pillow fight to, we should do stag vixen or puppy play, or you know, an orgy and you get a few tiles every day.

You say what you want and don't, your partner does the same. And when there's a mutual match, it's revealed. So in some ways it's kind of a similar to a yes no maybe list only. We're only revealing the yeses and giving people a chance to, rather than have to ask all the questions and maybe get seven nos to everyone. Yes. You just learn, oh, we both think librarian students a good idea. And then you can say, oh, well we should talk about this more.

Or perhaps set aside some time on Saturday night. And you can identify that. And then the third game is called Jigsaw. And you can take a picture and send it to your partner, your flame as we like to call them. And they get it as a blurred puzzle that they have to solve before they get to see your picture.

Speaker 1 (16m 58s): Ooh. Sounds interesting.

Speaker 2 (17m 0s): Lots of different ways to spice it up, to flirt, to add a little bit of fun and sexiness to your day and your flames day. There

Speaker 1 (17m 10s): You go. I'll note to everyone that this is towards Thanksgiving and it will run after the first of the year. So you mentioned the games you've got now, which ones do you have planned?

Speaker 2 (17m 22s): So it probably won't be until the spring that the next two launch. We're working on them right now and Okay. The holiday isn't throw you down.

Speaker 1 (17m 30s): That's probably timed out pretty well with when this will run. So,

Speaker 2 (17m 34s): But, but the games that we have coming are similar to Chad Sparks. We have a photo prompts game coming. So rather than a text prompt, it's gives you a photo prompt. So send a picture of something in your bathroom that you could use as a sex toy or find a picture on the internet that involves rope that you think is sexy and share, you know, the using the language of visuals. But again, right. Giving you tools to think outside the box and still be sexy and delicious.

I find it really fascinating. I love thinking about how to be sexy with people and gathering everyone's, you know, best stories. Right. And one of the things that I think a lot of people forget is that you can be creative or like there, there are options other than just say full body nudes. I think most people think sexting is a full body nude. And, and then the question is like, do I include my face or not? You know, how well do I know you? And I like to say, you know, there's a lot of things before that.

You know, there are pictures of other people from the internet that you just think, like, share things you find erotic, they share things that turn you on, right. There are, you know, a picture of your toes or a picture of your ankle or an extreme closeup where your person has to try and guess what, it's an extreme closeup of, you know, there's lots of ways to make games out of pictures. And so that's our, that's our first game that's coming. And then the other one that we're building is a fill in the blanks.

It is not a madlibs game because the word madlibs is absolutely trademark protected. Sure. But a fill-in-the-blank game kind of with sexy topics. So, you know, fill in the blank of the, about last night letter or the visit to the dungeon or the trip to the sex shop or the brand new sex toy coming to market. Or, you know, fun ways to do that.

Speaker 1 (19m 33s): Sure. So does it cost money to use the app?

Speaker 2 (19m 37s): Not at the moment. We are free and available for everybody right now. We it's awesome. Will be doing monetization. I mean, I would also, I wanna owe like yeah, we absolutely have monetization coming. Another thing that we are gonna be working on for the, for next year, I believe very fervently that if you are not buying the product, you are the product. And it's true. You know, someone, if you are not buying it, someone is selling you. Yes. And we commit that amorous will never read, never share, never sell your message like that.

I, we do not look at your messages. No one ever does. That's always encrypted. It's encrypted in transit, it's encrypted in storage, it's encrypted everywhere. Sure. But in order to make that happen, you do have to buy the product and we'll be rolling out monetization next year.

Speaker 1 (20m 29s): Okay. So talk about privacy and safety.

Speaker 2 (20m 33s): As I said, everything's encrypted. We have a cloud storage system and the reason we do that is that we are all about revocable consent. This is one of the things that I think is very specific to Amris and rather unique, is that I was always really frustrated with the fact that under most circumstances, the only way you can keep something safe is to make it temporary. Hmm. You know, that's the fundamental premise of Snapchat. Right.

If the, if it's, if it's short enough, maybe no one will steal it. And that's the only way to keep your pictures safe. But I wanna keep the sexy pictures that people send me. I want to be able to reference them back again. I don't necessarily wanna take them away from my partner Yeah. Until I want to. But then when I do want to, I want to be able to. And so that's what we built into ams. Sure. A remarkable consent to us means anything you share, you can revoke at any time and it will revoke on both sides automatically.

And so if that's a text message that you delete, it deletes on both sides. If that's a picture that you sent to your partner, if that's a jigsaw puzzle picture you sent them that they solved anything that was yours to share, if you delete it, it deletes automatically on both sides. Because if you revoke consent, you revoke consent. And the same is true for your partner. And then we also, it's not the smallest thing to block screenshots entirely. We're not yet there that requires Apple's permission, but we have screenshot notifications as well.

So basically if you take a picture of your screen, your partner will automatically get a message. They're, I think they're pretty cute. Our messages say a picture was just taken time for our conversation about consent.

Speaker 1 (22m 25s): There you go.

Speaker 2 (22m 26s): So, but we have screenshot notifications and then we also built a bunch of other little features in there. So for instance, if you use Amex's in-app camera to take a sexy picture and send it to your partner, it will never go to your photo stream. We don't share to the photo stream. So the idea being that we amis can be your hub for those kinds of pictures. It can be the place where they live and you can keep them off of, say if you're an Apple user, as all of ours are, keep it off of the main photo stream that might be also syncing to the iPad that you let your kids use sometimes and they wanna play their games.

Speaker 1 (23m 4s): Or you're showing a picture from your VA vacation due to grandma all of a sudden. Oops.

Speaker 2 (23m 9s): Yep. And to that, to to exactly to that, you know, we, you can always control all your notifications that is an Apple feature. But Sure. Even if you have full notifications on for Amris, right. The most you would ever get is a message on your home screen that says you have a new message in your chat with user, like fill in the username in Amris. Right. We never put the text of a message on a lock screen on a notification, anything like that. Again. Good.

That's all privacy. Like you have to go into the app to figure out what that was. But then you can also control when you do that, you know? Right. I think, I think there's something really, there's something really nice about being able to silo that, because I know that with, well with my partners, it's, you want the sexy communication, but you want it when you want it. Yes. And if it's coming through just standard text message, all of a sudden a sexy mo, a sexy conversation or a sexy message from them might elicit a fear response because you're like, oh no, this is exactly the wrong time.

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.

Speaker 1 (24m 15s): Right on your right on your screen. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (24m 17s): Yeah. And they're trying to do something really lovely to like, you know, get you all excited and proud and confident and it's totally backfired. And one of the things about Amaris is when you're in the app, you know, oh, if now is not a good time to look at that kind of a message, I can wait and I can just know it's there and go look for it in 20 minutes when I'm all by myself.

Speaker 1 (24m 41s): There you go. So what have you learned about how people do sexy chat and sexting?

Speaker 2 (24m 48s): First thing I've learned everybody sext on Tuesdays.

Speaker 1 (24m 52s): Really?

Speaker 2 (24m 53s): Yeah. Tuesday, Tuesdays is the day. Okay. Everybody sext on all the days we have, we have lots of messages flying back and forth on the app on every day of the week. Right. But while the number one day will, like the number two, the number three, the number four day will move around Tuesday is laminated into the number

Speaker 1 (25m 17s): One spot. Why, why is that do you think? Yeah,

Speaker 2 (25m 19s): I think it's because it's when people are bored. Like they are the most bored, I think on a Monday. Often people are starting their week. Yeah. They might be exhausted from the first day of getting back into stuff. They don't, they're still sort of putting themselves together and then towards the end of the week they're actually planning or they're going out, you know, on a Thursday they might be going out for a happy hour drinks, they might be doing things and on the weekends they're out doing things. But Tuesday is the night where they don't have plans and they're sitting on the couch and they're like, Ooh, now I can message with my boo.

You know, and I'm not gonna see them. We have about, I would say about half of our relationships, as far as I can tell, about half of our relationships are people who live with each other. And about half of them are people who don't weather. That's long-term long distance, or whether that's reasonably new relationships that just don't live together yet. Right. But for all of the people who don't live with each other, Tuesdays is less likely to be a night that they're spending together. So messaging, you know, burning up those thumbs

Speaker 1 (26m 26s): Interesting Tuesdays.

Speaker 2 (26m 27s): Yeah. I'll say the other thing that I have noticed is that people, like all the fantasies, I keep looking for trends in what fantasy gets swiped the most. Yeah. And they're just, just are very few trends there. Like I keep thinking I spot a trend and then I'm like, oh no, but then they like that one too, and they like that one too, and they like that one and they like that one and they just like all the fantasies. Yeah. But I do see that where we get the most matches, definitely the matching starts mild and like moves up the ladder.

Right. So then the, the ones that we find match the most tend to be the milder ones because I think, and I think that that's, that's fairly normal. You know, everybody can get behind a pillow party. Not everybody wants to go to a sex club. So you're gonna like the, you're gonna match more on the ones that are more

Speaker 1 (27m 26s): The tamer, the

Speaker 2 (27m 27s): Tamer ones. The tamer ones. Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 1 (27m 29s): Makes sense. So what types of sexy chat conversations do people generally have?

Speaker 2 (27m 36s): So I don't read our messages, so I cannot answer that about my users in particular. Like, I, I can't say anything that's research based. What I can say is that prior to, and in the process of building ams, I spent a lot of time doing background research, did a whole lot of interviews with people and asked them about their best sexting. And these were interviews where, you know, I knew the person and I was on a call with them. And I also have, I do a workshop around sort of communication skills and how to do digital intimacy well and tips and tricks for sexy chat.

Yeah. And I would say from that I tend to break down almost all sexy conversations into a few big topic buckets. So if you're looking for something to talk about, one of these categories is always a good idea. And those categories are sex we've had with each other. Right. So revisiting the thing that you've done with that person. Okay. If you have a history together, right. It's the sex that we could have together. Sure. Right.

It's the, the, and, and I would say that in that, in the could have, there's the we Sex, we will have, so anticipating a future event, you know, what we're gonna do this Saturday or what we're gonna do when we go on that big sexy vacation, or what if we decided to go to Vegas for the weekend? What would that be? What could we do? And then also like a more fantastical, you know, role play. Like what would we wanna do with each other? Hmm. And then I think also the what would I wanna do with someone?

And then there's also what history have I done with other people? You know, that. And so I would say it's, I mean, this is what

Speaker 1 (29m 22s): That one sounds. That one sounds a little dangerous.

Speaker 2 (29m 24s): I think it depends on the person and the relationship. If you're someone who's just getting to know someone and you guys are really comfortable with conversations

Speaker 1 (29m 33s): With my, with my wife, that one would be totally off limits.

Speaker 2 (29m 38s): Fair enough. And I think, I think it all depends, right? It's sure. It's, it's absolutely whatever is exciting to you. But most of what I just said, I mean basically falls into the bucket of the past, the present or the future. And then, you know, with a, with an added and then the fantasy, you know, past, present, future fantasy.

Speaker 1 (29m 58s): I mentioned the Mile High Club tour, my experiences with that and, and not only wasn't she amused, but she wasn't interested. So, oh, well whatcha

Speaker 2 (30m 8s): Gonna do? I, I always thought the mile High Club was really, really exciting. And then for a while I had a lover who was a air marshal and man, did he take the romance out that

Speaker 1 (30m 22s): Oh, I bet. Oh, I bet. Big time. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (30m 26s): Yeah. Like nothing better than an air marshal and probably, or probably anyone who works at an airplane to take all of the romance out of airplanes, take time, take all the romance out of flying

Speaker 1 (30m 37s): Big time. So what are your best tips and tricks for good sexting?

Speaker 2 (30m 42s): The one piece of advice that I always say is my silver bullet, my ninja piece of advice is ask questions. Hmm. And the reason I say that and ask questions might be really big questions like, what are you into? Although that's very open-ended and tougher for someone to come up with an answer too. It might be really specific, like you said, you want me to touch your neck? Where on your neck would you like to be touched? But asking questions, phrasing things, those questions is a really remarkable communication skill because it says to the other person, I want to do what you want.

Yeah. I want to know what you want, I want to respond to the thing that you just told me. Right. You know, tell, you said something, you, you said that, I don't know, the smell of peaches turns you on. Now I wanna know, is that like fresh peaches or is that peach pie? Or is that a peach candle? You know, do you wanna, what would, if I made you a bubble bath and I put some peach bath salts, would that be sexy to you? Would it be sexy if I brought in a sex toy? You know, I brought, I brought a wi waterproof vibrator. But every time you ask a question, you are saying what you want is why I'm here.

Yeah. And your input's really important. And I think great sexting is about building together. Right. And inherently what it is, is you're building a story of sex because you can't do the thing, you're building the story together with the other person. And so when it's great is when you're both on a shared journey, right. You're doing things that turn you both on. Yes. You're engaged in something that makes you both excited and happy. And using questions are a really good way to keep, to make, to both keep yourself on track and to respond to them and be, and to say, oh, okay, you gave me some information, I'm gonna respond.

I'm gonna say, well, I'd love to do that. What if I did this? You know? Right. What you want me to touch your neck? What if I scraped the back of your neck? And they say, oh, actually no, it's not like a scrape. I want like a whisper. Oh, okay. Okay. Let me adjust. You know, so, and I guess underlying the asking questions, like asking questions is the tactic and the premise underneath is be on a shared journey. Yeah. You know, always be paying attention to the fact that you are not there just to serve whatever fantasy that you started the night with, but to find something that the two of you are gonna, that's gonna make magic for both of you.

Sure. And I think when you, when you forget that this is a two-player experience, that's when it can go off the rails and be less fun for one of both

Speaker 1 (33m 29s): Of you. Absolutely. Absolutely. So share one great sexting story you have.

Speaker 2 (33m 35s): Oh, okay. So I actually, I wish I could say this was mine, but like the most epic sexting story I ever heard was from one of these background interviews. And I have had it in my brain that if I ever get to do this myself, I absolutely will. But I was informed by this person that, so they had met someone that actually, I think it, they was a couple, this was someone pretty adventurous. They'd met a couple and they were all in the same city and they were chatting online for a while before they were gonna meet in person.

And so they had concocted this whole like a, a bit of a shared fantasy, but definitely this person was taking the lead in, in, in sharing the story and like, oh, we're gonna meet at a hotel and, you know, wouldn't it be sexy if you are going up the elevator and you walk out and this and that. Unbeknownst to the other cup, to the, to the other people in the story, this person had some place in mind. They had like, they had a very clear place that they liked to go and wanted to do this. And so they concocted this whole fantasy and then like a month later, were able to bring it to life because that hotel, and there was the elevator and then there was the hallway, and then there was the bar at the end with the, with the piano player and the smokey glass and the whole thing.

And it was like stepping in. You got to create this fantasy for these people because he had someplace in mind. And so that to me always seemed, I would love to do that one day either to be on the receiving end or to be able to deliver that to someone. I mean Sure, bearing in mind everything I just said about making sure it's a shared experience and that yes, someone wants you to be creating this fantasy for them. But, but yeah, the idea of creating a whole sexy story with someone and then being able to bring it to life and enact it that way, always,

Speaker 1 (35m 33s): That's real

Speaker 2 (35m 34s): To me. That that was the gold star, that was the Oscar winning version. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (35m 37s): That's really cool. So what is your future vision for Amiss?

Speaker 2 (35m 42s): I wanna be everywhere. I was having lunch with my parents a few weeks ago and it was, I was celebrating that we were, had many thousands of people on the app. And I was so excited about that. Actually, this was about a month ago and it was, I think 5,000 people were now almost seven. My father was, he said, oh, well, I mean, where, where do you go next? Like a hundred thousand. Can you imagine a million people using your app? And I was like, no, dad, I think a hundred million people should be using this app.

I think there should be a world in which every single one of us has an app, whether it is Amorous or something else, has an app or apps on our phone for our romance the same way we do for our meditation, the same way we do for our fitness, the same way we do for grocery shopping and work Sure. And all of these things. You know, when I am single and I am dating, I have a whole folder with a dozen different dating apps that I can have or not.

And you know, depending on what slice of that I wanna choose, I think there should be, we should all have an app that enables us to be sexy and delicious with our partner or partners. Yeah. And do that from a place of confidence and power and positivity. And it ain't nobody else's business, what you're saying that's sexy. But all y'all should be like, oh yeah, I am sexy. I am a sexy beast with the person I want to be sexy with.

And of course I do that in a way that is private and facilitated and so much more fun and less work and encrypted and all of those things. So

Speaker 1 (37m 23s): You've had a, you've had a really interesting journey getting your masters at Berkeley film producer and now you're in the adult industry. Do you ever think about that and, and how you've gotten from here to there?

Speaker 2 (37m 38s): You know, it's funny, when I started thinking about Ammas and I was reaching out to a bunch of my friends and kind of talking through this crazy idea I had, I thought I was this crazy idea and I was like, oh my gosh, can you believe I'm doing this crazy thing? I think I'm gonna do this app that's like romance and games and pleasure and sex with people and, and tech and, and I'm, I'm just, I'm, I'm, it's so different. Sure. And every single one of my girlfriends was like, Hmm, no, this feels really on brand Like this, this feels like the thing that you've been working towards your whole life.

Or like, this is this, this ties together threads of you in ways that make all the sense in the world. When I look back in some ways, I've been prepping for this, as I said my whole life. I grew up with a professor of reproductive health as a parent. You know, my mother was a so and yeah, professor of reproductive health that's moms and babies. And that sucks. I was the kid at seven years old on the playground who said, oh, no, no, no, no, that's not how babies are born. Let me tell you how they make babies.

I know the details. You know, I was the girlfriend at 20 years old or legally 22 years old at the bar who got out the napkin in the pen and was like, no. Okay, so this is what your insides look like and there's sort of a uterus and a triangle and a thing, and this is what's going on and you guys gotta know this stuff. And I was the friend at 35 who gets the phone call from her girlfriend who says, okay, I'm freaking out. Like I was at a company holiday party and I'm, and I'm, and and, and like there was a kiss and, and, and I didn't tell my husband yet and I don't know what to do.

And oh my God. And I'm the friend who says, well, was it a good kiss? Like let's, let's just like bring it down. Like it's cool. Like I think I've always been, shit happens. Yeah. Yeah. Well I've always been the person who's like, let's approach sex from a place of like love and not judgment and let's, like, we should all be delicious and we should all be fun and we should all be having a really good time at this. Sure. And that's always been a personal journey. And so bringing that into my professional life kind of made sense.

Speaker 1 (39m 57s): Makes sense to me. So how can people find the app?

Speaker 2 (39m 60s): Amis has its own special text spelling A M O R U s. So a little bit different, but just you can go find it in the app store. That is the first place I'll tell everyone to look. And then you also can go to our website, which is And you can also find us all on socials. So all of our socials are at amris app, so A M O R U S A P P. And yeah, we love people to follow.

I mean, honestly, we love people to download the app and invite their partner and go find some shared fantasies and get sexy. That's, that's what I love when I wake up in the morning, I mean, and I'm a tech founder. I wake up in the morning and I open my laptop and I check my stats every single morning. And I, when I do it, I'm like, who? There were 2200 messages sent on my app last night. Geez. There's nothing that makes me happier, you know? And you go and you're like, oh, there was a whole bunch of couples having a real good time. Yay.

Speaker 1 (41m 0s): Fantastic. So, well, Elizabeth, I would like to thank you for being our guest today on Adult Side Broker Talk, and I'm looking forward to getting you back on one of these days and getting an update.

Speaker 2 (41m 12s): I would love that. That would be amazing. Thank you so much.

Speaker 1 (41m 15s): Me too. Thank you. My broker tip today is part four of How to Buy a Website. Last week we discussed making an offer and deciding the best price for the sites you're buying. Once you've made your offer, the work begins. If you're working with a broker like say, oh, I don't know, adult Site Broker, we handled the negotiation for you. Let's say the seller doesn't accept your offer, they may make a counter offer. If you decide that you're willing to pay more, you can either accept their counter offer or you can also counter back to them.

A good rule of thumb is to always leave room to negotiate. So don't make an offer. That's the absolute most you're willing to pay. If you do that, then you have nowhere to go. If the owner counters your offer, once the owner and you have come to a deal, then it's time to do some due diligence beyond what it is you've already done. During the initial process of looking at the site. You should have asked some questions like the ca in the case of a pay site, how many joins and rebuilds there are per day, and any other pertinent questions during due diligence, you need to make sure everything is where you need it to be technically, to integrate it with what you're already doing.

You may even get your developer involved. If you're not tech savvy, you and or your developer should ask those pertinent questions. Once those are answered to your satisfaction, you should either have the seller or yourself draw up a sales agreement. I always tell my clients to do the agreement. Why? Because that way you can dictate the terms. So whether you're the buyer or the seller, you can make the rules. However, just be ready to have the seller's attorney change some of those rules.

Nothing's final until everything is signed off on. Another thing we do for our clients is a letter of intent prior to the sales agreement being done. This gives your attorney a roadmap for the agreement, the letter of intent, and more so the agreement will have all the terms involved, including who pays for everything, who pays for escrow, for instance. This can be paid by the buyer, the seller, or split between both parties. We'll talk about the subject more next week and next week we'll be speaking with Rosso from Gaming Adult.

And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest, Elizabeth Dell of Amorus. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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