Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 140 With Julie From Primetime Cams

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 140 With Julie From Primetime Cams

Julie Smith of Primetime Cams is this week’s guest on Adult Site Broker Talk. 

Julie started and owns Primetime Cams, which opened last year. 

She is new to the adult business. She has only been in it since February 2021. 

Before that, she worked as a customer specialist in the travel industry. That’s where she learned how important good customer service can and should be. 

Her love of art and design goes back to before she became a professional, when she drew big charcoal portraits and made mixtape covers and logos for local artists. 

She loves to learn new skills, listen to music, and travel in her free time. She has a strong desire to come up with new ideas, make things, and help people. 

Primetime Cams is the first independent marketplace platform of its kind. It has a central list of popular models streaming live from major cam sites around the world, such as Chaturbate, BongaCams, StripChat, LiveJasmin, and more. 

They offer members a unique and personalized experience by using some of the newest technology and best features. Their goal is to put fans in front of their favorite webcam models all on one platform and become a place where everyone in the webcam industry can compete on an even playing field. 

Follow @PrimetimeCams on Twitter to see what Primetime Cams is up to. 

Bruce, the show’s host and CEO of Adult Site Broker, said, “It was fun to talk to Julie. Her new idea should be a big help to the camming business.”

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

It was fun to talk to Julie. Her new idea should be a big help to the camming business.

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where each week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry and we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we’ll be speaking with Julie of Primetime Cams. Adult site Broker is proud to announce the launch of our new website, Adult Site Broker three point oh at

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They regularly add user requests and user provided content after moderation. The owners started the site out of frustration because there was nothing else out there like it, and he wanted to visit such a site. It soon became popular on Reddit and Business Sword. The owners decided to move on to other ventures outside the adult industry. The site’s visitors come back again and again due to its uniqueness. They have over 13,000 premium videos and most of them are 30 minutes or longer.

With more videos in categories, the site can do even better. Most of the traffic is from tier one countries. There is no advertising being done for the site. All of the traffic is either type in or from seo. This is a great opportunity for someone with existing traffic now only $235,000. Now time for this week’s interview. My guest today on Adult Site Broker Talk is Julie Smith, the founder and co-owner of Primetime cams.

Hey Julie, thanks for being with us today on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Speaker 2 (2m 51s): Thank you for having me.

Speaker 1 (2m 52s): It’s a pleasure. Now, primetime Cams launched earlier this year. Now Julie is a newcomer to the adult world and has been in the industry only since February, 2021. I’ll be gentle now. Prior to that, she worked in travel, having different customer specialist roles, which is where she learned how impactful great customer service Canon should be. Her passion to create and design can be traced back to her pre-professional days, whether it was drawing large charcoal portraits or creating mixtape covers or logos for local artists with a strong desire to innovate, create, and have a positive impact in her free time.

She loves learning new skills, listening to music and traveling. Primetime CAMS is the first independent marketplace platform of its kind, offering a central collection of trending models, streaming live from major cam sites around the world, including chatter bait, Boga cam strip chat, live, Jasmine and more using some of the latest technology and great features. They offer members a unique and personalized experience with a goal to put fans in front of their favorite webcam models on one platform. Their mission is to bring models and fans together while becoming a destination that will create a level playing field for all webcam creators in the industry.

So how was your commercial? Is it okay?

Speaker 2 (4m 13s): Ooh, that sounded really good. I’m gonna say

Speaker 1 (4m 16s): Had somebody, I had someone, I did an interview yesterday. I had somebody say, Ooh, I’m gonna use that. Is that okay? I said, sure, you can use that. That’s not a problem. So how did you get into this crazy adult industry of ours?

Speaker 2 (4m 29s): Good question. Because that’s

Speaker 1 (4m 30s): Why I asked him

Speaker 2 (4m 32s): A couple years ago. I literally had no idea what chatter bait live jasmine or strip, strip chat was at all. So before I even started in the adult camie industry, I really knew nothing about it until early 2021 when I was first introduced to it. But prior to that, I was working for a travel company for about five years, and then in 2020, which was the in famous year of Covid, unfortunately I was laid off like a lot of people at that time, unfortunately.

Sure. So I was unemployed for about a year, and then last year in February, I actually received a call from a temp agency asking me if I was interested in the customer service role. And the gentleman did kind of explain to me that, you know, Hey, it is adult content, are you okay with it? Or would this be a problem? So, you know, obviously it wasn’t. So I immediately accepted the role working at Chatter Bay as a customer service representative. Cool. Yep.

Basically just answering customer e customer emails, mostly going through a lot of the feedback from the community, learning a lot about the affiliate program and just the entire camming industry as a whole. So yes, that’s, that’s pretty much how I was introduced into the adult industry.

Speaker 1 (5m 53s): Oh, that’s cool. Yes, I know their ceo, Shirley, who’s been dodging me ever since I started this podcast. I hope she hears that. Oh,

Speaker 2 (6m 3s): I haven’t met her. I think I’ve sent a couple. Well,

Speaker 1 (6m 5s): If you go to internet, if you go to internet, like I was suggesting to you before we started this podcast, you will no doubt meet her. So hope so. How, and I’ll make sure and introduce you. So how and why did you start primetime camps?

Speaker 2 (6m 19s): There are actually a few different reasons why I started primetime camps. I think just one of the biggest reasons was due to the feedback that was coming in from the CB community, like one of my daily tasks for months was just to go through like the suggestions and comments that were submitted by the members. Sure. Through the feedback form, which pretty much came from everybody. It came from the models, a lot of the customers and even some of the affiliates. So doing this on a daily basis, I kind of learned like a lot of the frustrations and complaints coming from the entire community.

But it wasn’t until I, like, I really started researching and digging a little deeper. I kind of noticed the same feedback was similar across the board, like regardless of the campsite, like it could have been via cams or strip chat or live jazz. And so that definitely played a huge role for the creation of ptc. But another reason is just the passion that I had when I finally, finally grasped the entire idea of like the affiliate program and like the campsite white labels.

Right. Because when I very first started in the very beginning I was kind of playing around with our white label a little bit. And I don’t know if anybody knows the CB white label, but it’s a nightmare and it can be a challenge, you know, because you can’t really pick a specific niche or like a gender tag or anything like that. And it’s very like very difficult to change the appearance, which is kind disappointing to me because I really like being creative, you know? And I, I couldn’t really do what I wanted to do, but not too long after this, I kind of knew that I wanted to use chatter bait, but I really couldn’t do anything with the white label.

Right. And then I think, you know, I didn’t really have the entire idea or concept until I was speaking with my partner actually when, and I can’t even remember the discussion exactly, but she was like, oh, you should make something like TripAdvisor. And I’m like, oh, you know what? That’s a great idea. You know, why not? Yeah. So for me, call

Speaker 1 (8m 30s): It strip advisor. Ooh. Like that. You

Speaker 2 (8m 32s): Know what, somebody told me that, I’m like, I can’t do that. I can’t change the name I already have.

Speaker 1 (8m 38s): You could be sure you’d get sued for that one,

Speaker 2 (8m 42s): You know what? But I do have something similarly called TripAdvisor 1 0 1. So love, it’s not the exact company name, but Yeah. But you know, fr from there, that’s kind of where primetime cams was born. And if you, you think about it, Bruce, like if you look across any industry, there’s like some type of marketplace, like for music you have Sure. Spotify and SoundCloud for travel, you have something like and TripAdvisor.

So I kind of wanted to do something similar professional for their adult industry.

Speaker 1 (9m 18s): Very cool. So yeah, I guess some of the, not only the concept, but some of the customer service challenges really inspired you to start this, right?

Speaker 2 (9m 29s): Oh yeah, for sure. You know, I like reading the, I like reading the feedback a lot. I think that if you really listen to your customers, they can give you some really good ideas. They can help you improve as a company in general. So I’m really big on like the feedback and what other people have to say.

Speaker 1 (9m 45s): So how did your background in customer service and your experience help with creating your platform?

Speaker 2 (9m 51s): My background, for me at least, I have a art and graphic design background. Hmm. But still, it kind of took me some time to get back into the flow of things because the last time like that I actually created something was probably back in 2015. So, you know, I’m still trying to figure things out a little bit. But I think this has helped us mostly with our content that we kind of curate on social media and also with our ads and creatives for our advertisement banner.

So, you know, I just really try to have fun with it and you know, I try to be as creative as possible and I just kind of approach it like a art project, especially with our posts and our tweets. That’s kind of where my background fits in, but Right. My partner Shema, he’s, he’s a self-taught full stack developer actually. Oh wow. He has had a lot of experience. Yeah. Yeah. He is, he has had a lot of experience just building web applications, I think about seven years experience.

So he had a pretty good foundation when we actually started. But I think he still faced a lot of, a lot of new challenges with this project.

Speaker 1 (11m 1s): Sure. How did your customer service background help you?

Speaker 2 (11m 6s): Well, you know what, I think that, at least at my previous job, they were really, really big on pleasing the customer, giving good five star customer service and things like that. And then I noticed as well that when you do that, even if the customer’s wrong or you’re wrong or whatever the case may be, people really appreciate your honesty and great customer service. Cuz I know nowadays, especially nowadays, I don’t know what’s in the water. I don’t know what’s going on. But every time I call, call somewhere, I just

Speaker 1 (11m 39s): Terrible. It’s terrible, isn’t it?

Speaker 2 (11m 40s): What’s going on?

Speaker 1 (11m 42s): Well, post I, I can tell you exactly what’s going on. Post covid, the corporations realized they could get by with less people and they could get by with virtual work. And now what they, they did after cutting back so many staff members, they haven’t rehired them. And the people that are left are pissed off. And some of those people are leaving because it’s just, it’s just not fun anymore. Especially they were leaving when the government was giving them a bunch of free money.


Speaker 2 (12m 13s): I bet

Speaker 1 (12m 13s): Corporate America, huh? Yeah. Might’ve done the same corporate America, except I haven’t had a job in a long time. I knew for myself, they, corporate America, they’ll do anything they can to save a cent and they really don’t give a damn about the customer and they don’t give a damn about their employees. Oh, I could go on for hours about this. I mean, I’ll give you an, I’ll give you an example. Okay. Capital One. I loved Capital One before the pandemic. Their customer service was unbelievable.

Now it’s horrendous. Couple nights ago I was trying to get through to customer service cause I realized I paid my bill twice. How’s that for a good customer? Huh? And I had another account with them that had a balance. So I wanted to move the balance over. You won’t believe how hard it was to get through their automated system. That son of took about three phone calls, not let me through. Oh. And I was screaming at the phone at a certain point. I was like, I was like my bill asshole.

And you know, I know seriously. Okay, my, my wife’s out. I dunno out in the other room like she’s hearing me. Right. And, and it was just, it was just ridiculous. And when I got somebody on the phone, I said, I know it’s not your fault. I know you don’t run this place, but I gotta tell you, you guys have really gone downhill. And I hate the fact that I’m, I have to give that, that feedback every time I call the person I dealt with was fantastic. And I told him so, and I feel bad for customer service people, but my God, you’re right.

Something in the water. Yeah. It’s, it’s bad. It’s really, really, really bad. How’s that

Speaker 2 (13m 51s): For trust customer’s

Speaker 1 (13m 52s): For?

Speaker 2 (13m 54s): I like it. I like it cuz I’m the same way. Our customer service is not gonna be like that. I’m gonna try to respond to everybody, every tweet good. At least acknowledge, you know, like something good.

Speaker 1 (14m 4s): Good. So that’s the, that’s what your customer service background, that’s the, that’s the what’s gonna bring to your, to your new company.

Speaker 2 (14m 12s): Yeah. Hopefully.

Speaker 1 (14m 14s): Oh, you’ll do it. You’ll do it. I got confidence in you. I got confidence in you. I already got a great feeling about you and we still haven’t met, so,

Speaker 2 (14m 23s): Aw, thank you.

Speaker 1 (14m 24s): So how did you meet your business partner and tell us how he’s contributed to the success of the project?

Speaker 2 (14m 30s): Oh, Shama. Shama Shama. Isn’t he great? Isn’t he amazing? I can’t believe I got lucky with him. Oh my goodness. But Shma, he’s, he’s actually the second developer that has worked on the project and I actually met him through my partner’s cousin. So like during the initial stages and the first few weeks of primetime cams, I had a developer that I knew and worked with for my previous job and he actually helped us out a lot and kind of helped us tie the entire idea together.

But unfortunately he couldn’t really commit to the completion of the site. I was left without a developer but

Speaker 1 (15m 7s): Old, it’s an old story,

Speaker 2 (15m 10s): You know, even. Yeah. But even before that I, I remember having a conversation with my partner’s cousin Dario, and he’s actually a front end developer if I’m not mistaken. I was kinda shown project and what I have so far. And he was giving me really good, good feedback on him as well. Even to this day when I reach out to him, he’ll, he’s very, very helpful. Sure. But as soon as I lost the first developer, I reached out to him and I was like, Hey, I need somebody really, really, really good.

Who do you know? Oh. And that’s when he gave me shims contact information. And then from there he’s just been grinding on the project. And this is with a full-time job. So he has a full-time job and then he works on primetime as well, which is just crazy to me. Cause he’s super, super efficient. He started working on the project in February and he was able to get something live in the middle of May. Hmm. But his contribution has been huge man. I think.

I think the concept in entire idea was great. But he kind of transformed everything that we originally had and he just took it to another level, I think. But sure. Yeah. I got really lucky with him. He’s super incredible.

Speaker 1 (16m 25s): You need, you need somebody like that. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (16m 28s): Oh yeah. Oh yeah. He takes PR care of pretty much anything that’s technical and I do everything else. So currently it’s just the two of us trying to figure things out. So we do everything. I’m very artistic and when I had, when I had this idea, it wasn’t like this in the beginning at all. It would definitely wasn’t like this. So I kind of started drawing out the wire frames and trying to put everything together.

But I think the most important thing is just, I’m really, really, really creative and I try to approach everything just like it’s a art project. And as far as Shema, like I said before, he’s, he’s a full stack developer. Yeah. So he’s had a lot of experience just building web applications at his previous job. So me, my, my ref design and art experience. Then he’s just a self-taught full stack developer.

Speaker 1 (17m 30s): Great team, great team.

Speaker 2 (17m 32s): Think we make a great team. Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Like it’s crazy because he’ll do something when I thought about it last week and it’s just like, wow, we’re super in line.

Speaker 1 (17m 41s): Yeah. You need to have talents that blend well together to have a successful partnership among other things. But that’s, yeah, for sure. That’s kind of the minimum. That’s kind of the minimum for sure. So being new to the industry, plus having a developer saves you a lot of money. Ooh. Okay. Being new to the industry, what are some of the most helpful resources that have helped you along the way?

Speaker 2 (18m 6s): Good question. You know what, there, there are quite a few. Since we are newer to the industry, I feel like we pretty much have to be super sponges and just soak up a lot of information. So I’m pretty much all over the place trying to find things to read. But I think the first one that I was introduced to and started using was when I was working for Chatter Bay and that was amber and it’s like a forum with like models customers. And there are a few campsites on there as as well.

But I just really enjoy reading some of the feedback from the customers and the models. It’s, it’s really good. I don’t know if you ever had the time to go on there, but Yeah. I think it’s good feedback for any campsite in the industry, but they can be brutally honest. I, I love it. And then another one was, yeah, another one that I used heavily in the beginning was the, which is like super helpful because it has a directory for everything related to porn and Oh nice.

Also web masters as well. And then we Cam Girls is another forum. All my friends, some of the models believe

Speaker 1 (19m 18s): It not believe it or not, I’ve got an interview with those guys on an hour and a half.

Speaker 2 (19m 22s): Nice. Yeah. You know everybody,

Speaker 1 (19m 25s): I get around, I get they’re, they’re good friends. They’re good friends.

Speaker 2 (19m 29s): Nice. But yeah, so we, camgirl is a good one. I feel like that’s the more professional version of Amber Cutie. Of course. And then have

Speaker 1 (19m 37s): You met, have you met those guys?

Speaker 2 (19m 39s): I have not. You know what, I actually emailed, I forget the name. I emailed someone over there. Tristan get her name on the web. Yes. Tristan. Yeah. So I emailed Tristan in the very, so tho those guys own, we cam Girls in.

Speaker 1 (19m 54s): Yep. Yep. Well you come come to the Vegas, come to the Vegas show and you’ll meet them too. I’ll make sure

Speaker 2 (19m 60s): I’m coming.

Speaker 1 (20m 1s): I know I’m selling you. I’m selling you. Excellent. So, so what technology are you using and what can users expect?

Speaker 2 (20m 11s): So all of the technology honestly was introduced to me by Shema. He introduced it to me, said, Hey, I used this, this and this. I did a little bit of research and I’m like, okay, perfect. Looks good to me. But you know, our web application is custom built and it’s custom built from scratch using Aguilar and JavaScript. And we also have like a couple different databases that we use both for online and offline models.

And that a, that allows us to do a lot, but it’s also very complex. But you know, I hope that, you know, when users come to our platform, we’re really hoping that they just have the best live webcam experience. You know, we don’t have any ads and it’s completely free to use, believe it or not. So when you create an account, you’ll be able to use any old features. So we just tried to create something that would give users just the best overall experience and Right.

Bring something that was familiar, fun and interactive, I guess, you know.

Speaker 1 (21m 19s): Sure. I would imagine your revenue models affiliate revenue, right?

Speaker 2 (21m 23s): Yeah.

Speaker 1 (21m 24s): Okay. That’s correct. Okay. How are you, how are you promoting it?

Speaker 2 (21m 28s): So honestly, marketing was actually something that me and Shema learned on the fly. So in the very beginning I kind of knew that I would have to heavily rely on social media. Sure. Cause we, we don’t have a budget or a very large budget at all. So I knew that I would have to like really try to be creative and just stand out. So I kind of started using and testing social media post out in the beginning. And I think I’ve refined that to be pretty good.

So I do a lot of the promotion through our social media platforms like Instagram, which I’m getting ready to, I don’t know, they’re gonna block me. They’re gonna, they’re gonna take

Speaker 1 (22m 12s): I was gonna ask you about that. I’m gonna ask you about that.

Speaker 2 (22m 17s): Be careful. Yeah, yeah. Super, super. But Twitter, yeah.

Speaker 1 (22m 23s): Doesn’t, mark doesn’t like us pornographers.

Speaker 2 (22m 27s): Oh man. They, it is, cause the way that I’m kind of creating our Instagram social media is color coordinated and it’s like a color scale gradient. So if one post is deleted, it just kind of messes up everything. So I kind of have to figure out a different way on how to make it work, but Interesting. Yeah. So social media and then actually Shim is the one who, who introduced SEO to me. So we worked on that for about a month and we did a lot of research and started from just the very basics of just trying to understanding, trying to learn what it was to submitting a site map.

So he submitted a site map after we kind of learned a lot about it. We did a lot of keyword research and competitive analysis. So it’s still an ongoing process,

Speaker 1 (23m 18s): Which is a lot, the competition in Cams is brutal. And unfortunately you have to compete with your partners.

Speaker 2 (23m 25s): Exactly. Exactly. But yeah, I think I, I think I figured out a hack, but we’ll see if it works.

Speaker 1 (23m 34s): Careful. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (23m 36s): If we screw

Speaker 1 (23m 37s): Careful with that too.

Speaker 2 (23m 37s): Screw oh man. If we screw anything up though, I’ll just probably have to hire your guy Robert, from too much.

Speaker 1 (23m 47s): Oh yes, yes, definitely.

Speaker 2 (23m 50s): I might have to get him on.

Speaker 1 (23m 52s): There you go. There. You, you’ve been listening to my podcast, huh?

Speaker 2 (23m 56s): I have. I have.

Speaker 1 (23m 57s): You’re good. Good. Glad to hear it. Glad to hear it. Robert’s a gem. He’s a good dude. Known him for a very long, long time. He was one of the first people I met in the industry well over 20 years ago, so,

Speaker 2 (24m 8s): Nice.

Speaker 1 (24m 9s): There’s a lot of people like that. So what’s unique about this platform and the features that primetime Cams has to offer?

Speaker 2 (24m 17s): Oof so many things. I think,

Speaker 1 (24m 19s): Well, tell me what they are.

Speaker 2 (24m 22s): I think just one of the biggest things aside just from the technology that we’re using is just an adult marketplace for live cams. Right. Just having the capability to see any model that’s live from any of the integrated cam sites simultaneously, you know? Right. And that’s across any category, gender, country, or age. And the five platforms that we currently have on our site are chat, debate, of course, F cams, Skype, private Live, Jasmine, and strip chat.

I would say that our most unique feature is probably, definitely primetime pages, which is something that I created all of part of my primetime. And this is where our members really start to personalize their experience by, you know, creating a page with any of the models that are available from the live five cam sites. It’s kinda similar to a list on Twitter or a playlist on Spotify, but there’s a lot of different things that I wanna do with this in the future.

Speaker 1 (25m 28s): Okay. Okay. Are you planning on adding more campsite and if so, when?

Speaker 2 (25m 34s): You know, when I, when I very first started this project and I had like wireframe design together, I literally had every single campsite on there. I’m like, oh, I’m putting everybody on there. But you know, from a development and startup perspective, it wasn’t really feasible. So I needed to just select between like four to five cam sites and we would like slowly integrate more CAM sites as our user base in traffic group.

Okay. But yeah, for the next phase, which I’m not really 100% sure, I wanna add some newer CAM sites and smaller ones too. So I think is gonna, we’re gonna add them next. They’ve been patiently waiting for us and then I think

Speaker 1 (26m 19s): Nice to be in that position.

Speaker 2 (26m 21s): Yeah. I think we’ll get Cherry TV on there next, which is one of the newer ones. Right. And then I think it’s only right to add my free cams in stream eight next.

Speaker 1 (26m 34s): Yeah. Fantastic. Yeah, those are, so those are all good ones. No two ways about it. So from a tech standpoint, what challenges are you facing?

Speaker 2 (26m 43s): Ooh, Shima faced, I think some great challenges. I think one of the biggest challenges that he faced was just trying to keep all the platforms in sync and to know which models are online, which models are offline, what category they’re in, what gender they’re in. And then another thing that he had to do was kind of standardize the information offered by each platform about US models to try to create a really, really good database.

And I’ll give you an example. If you go to banga and look at their list of tags is very unique to their CAM site. Okay. And you are not gonna find a lot of those tags on strip chat or on Chatter Bay. Interesting. So what he had to do was try to kind of find a way to standardize all the tags into database so it makes sense for the actual user. And then just lastly, I think just try to make all this information just quickly accessible to the user.

You know, where if you know, we have a lot of users online, we wanted to make sure that the load times were fast.

Speaker 1 (27m 51s): Right? Absolutely.

Speaker 2 (27m 52s): So I think those are the

Speaker 1 (27m 54s): Yeah. People will not wait.

Speaker 2 (27m 56s): Right.

Speaker 1 (27m 57s): I like, I like to say people have the attention span these days of a nat.

Speaker 2 (28m 2s): Yeah, for sure.

Speaker 1 (28m 4s): And Nats do not have very long attention span. So I hear, I don’t know many, I go to primetime cams, what, what am I gonna see and what am I gonna experience?

Speaker 2 (28m 15s): So, you know, when I, when I show the site to someone, they immediately think, oh, is this Netflix or is Spotify or YouTube? It has that kind of feel to it. Okay. And the technology is very new and we wanted something that was really, really familiar to anybody. Even the way that you navigate when you scroll up, when you scroll down, like our platform is very familiar with the everyday apps that people are using on their, on their phone and their devices.

Speaker 1 (28m 49s): Right. Very good. So do you plan on having your own models in the future?

Speaker 2 (28m 55s): I think that’s probably what everybody would expect next May, you know, maybe that’s a possibility, but I think right now our main focus is just providing users with the best possible experience. And then after that, once we’re able to generate enough tra traffic, I wanna be able to kind of do something and give back to the models, like in a big way. Something that you know will be useful for them and to help them be more successful when they’re camming. So maybe after that, I don’t know when that’s gonna be a couple years, but I’m not really sure.

We’ll see.

Speaker 1 (29m 30s): Okay. Yeah, you got time. So what are some valuable lessons you’ve learned throughout the process of creating primetime camps?

Speaker 2 (29m 39s): Mm. Like I said in, in the beginning, patience. Oh my goodness, I, I definitely learned patience for sure because before this entire thing started, like I had no patience at all. I know I probably drove, drove shimmer crazy, he hated me at times probably. But you know, I wanted it to be done as quickly as possible and like by anyone that could do it. But you know, I had to learn that things can take time. Yes. You know, especially if you want them to be great and not just good or mediocre, so, right.

Yeah. Patience for one. And then secondly, I think just not to try to control everything. You know, you wanna kind of go with the flow and right when I started I had envisioned everything in my mind like when this was supposed to happen, when that was supposed to happen, when this feature was gonna launch,

Speaker 1 (30m 30s): It’ll nuts, nuts

Speaker 2 (30m 33s): At all when they’re supposed to try not to control everything

Speaker 1 (30m 41s): Are, are good life lessons to learn for sure. Yeah. So what are the future goals for your company?

Speaker 2 (30m 48s): So our, our main goal at this moment is just to increase traffic in our user base. So once we’re able to do that, like I said before, like I really want to do something cool for the models, like provide them with something, tools to help them be more successful. And I have some ideas in mind, but nothing is really concrete yet. And yeah, I’m sure it will give us a lot more challenges, but I think that doing that for them would be very, very cool.

I don’t think any, any cam site or any anybody in the porn industry does what I want to do. So, but we have to be patient, allow everything to happen just organically. Sure. And naturally and just try not to bite off more than we can choose. So, but I’m thinking the model side of things are going to be next. Like claim their account or claim their profile and then provide them with some tools and resources.

Speaker 1 (31m 43s): That’s fantastic. Look, the models are the product, the models are what makes it go. So it’s really, really important to take care of the models.

Speaker 2 (31m 52s): Absolutely.

Speaker 1 (31m 54s): What are you working on now?

Speaker 2 (31m 56s): Right now we’re doing a little bit of everything. The most significant thing is just kind of ironing iron, ironing out is it for you to say woo, you’re right. Slowly, you know, I’m slowly starting network with other individuals in the company, in the industry SEO right now and just keep coming up with good ideas and hopefully we’ll see some things happen.

Speaker 1 (32m 23s): Absolutely. You know, the creator, the whole creator industry has, has gotten so big. Is there any thought of bringing that into primetime cams?

Speaker 2 (32m 34s): I don’t know, I think I just wanna kind of strictly keep it to the, the cam industry, you know, give them something special. I think that there are a lot of creator platforms going on right now, so yeah, I think it’s, I think I just wanna keep it in the the adult cam industry for now, but that can change in the future. I think

Speaker 1 (32m 55s): Anything can change the, yeah. The thing that stays the same as everything changes.

Speaker 2 (33m 2s): Right.

Speaker 1 (33m 4s): Well Julie, I’d like to thank you for being our guest today on adults. I broker talk and I hope we’ll ch get a chance to do this again soon.

Speaker 2 (33m 11s): All right. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Speaker 1 (33m 13s): It’s my pleasure. My broker tip today is part nine of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later. Last week we talked about what information to provide a potential buyer. Here’s more. Tell them what’s special or different about your website, how is it unique? Make sure and include a list of all the websites you’re selling in addition to any domains that come along with the sale, is there anything that adds value to the sale? Provide them with any additional information upon request before giving a buyer any information.

Have them sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you use a broker, the NDA will be provided for you. Good brokers like, oh I don’t know, adult site broker have a large resource of potential buyers that are looking for properties just like yours and they know how to deal with potential buyers. They’ll also negotiate the terms of the sale such as price and any payment terms before closing the sale. Find a good escrow service to make sure that both the buyer and the seller are protected.

We have those resources of course. Let’s talk about some of the factors that influence the sale price of a website. Number one is always profit. It will be a multiple of the profit and that multiple is based on whether the profit is trending up or trending down and how fast it’s trending up or down. I’ve seen valuations of as much as five times, although that’s very rare. Normally it’s in the two and a half to four times area. I’ve also seen valuations of one time annual profits if sales are taking a nose dive.

We’ll talk about this subject more next week and next week we’ll be speaking with Tristan and Rutger from We Cam Girls. And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank my guest Julie of Primetime Cams. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

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