Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 107 with Megan Hussey of

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 107 with Megan Hussey of

Bruce F., host of Adult Site Broker Talk and CEO of Adult Site Broker, the leading adult website broker, who is known as the company to sell adult sites, is pleased to welcome Megan Hussey, the Feminist Sexpert to Adult Site Broker Talk.

Megan Hussey, the Feminist Sexpert at Sexpert.Com, is a USA Today bestselling erotica author and feminist activist who has written for publications that include Playgirl, Good Vibrations and Scandalous Women and sites that include Sssh.Com and Blush Erotica.

She’s the winner of six romance industry awards and a femme porn influencer who reviews and recommends good porn and erotica for women.

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said: “Megan was awesome! One of the most interesting guests I’ve had. She has a lot to share.”

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Listen to Megan Hussey, the Feminist Sexpert on Adult Site Broker Talk, starting today at

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

Megan was awesome! One of the most interesting guests I’ve had. She has a lot to share.

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be speaking with Megan Hussey the Feminist Sexpert.

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Megan, thanks for being with us today on adults. I broker talk.

Speaker 2 (2m 20s): Oh, thank you, Bruce. I'm very happy to be here.

Speaker 1 (2m 24s): It's a pleasure. Now, Megan, as I said, is the feminist She's a USA today, bestselling erotic author and feminist activist who has written for publications that include Playgirl good vibrations and scandalous women and sites that include and blush erotica. She's a winner of six romance industry awards and a fem porn influencer who reviews and recommends good porn and erotica for women. She lives in Florida.

So, and one thing I didn't add there, which you've kind of added recently, you're a, you're riding some movie scenes, I guess, huh?

Speaker 2 (3m 4s): Yes, yes. Actually just they viewed on a blush. Erotica is my good friend Lily Craven, and the scene is called mommy's favorite. Son-in-law with a beautiful young man, a newcomer named Milan. And like I was telling you earlier, probably with Lillian Milan almost on screen, I'm not sure if anybody would actually be listening to the dialogue, but

Speaker 1 (3m 30s): Yeah, we were just, we were just be asking before that. So, so tell us more about your work as the feminist sexpert for and a correspondent for scandalous woman.

Speaker 2 (3m 47s): Yes. Yes. Well basically, you know, as an adult journalist, I always wanted to present the women's point of view and the feminist point of view. I feel that it's still underrepresented. And so, oh, well in both cases with, through my interviews, I have an interview series at each site and then I also have some opinions and commentaries it's expert and also even like reviews and historical pieces.

And really my aim is to educate women, you know, about what's available to them in terms of erotic entertainment, movies that are good for them, you know, stars that they should watch out for, and maybe even some things to avoid, you know? And so that's really the aim, you know, of each of each column.

Speaker 1 (4m 48s): Yeah. You know, I mean really before sites like, like Andrew Roundtree did with the, there really wasn't a lot of porn for women was there.

Speaker 2 (4m 59s): No, no. And I am so thrilled to work with Angie. I write erotica stories for her site and also I've done some audio scripts and she is a revolutionary, it's an honor to work with her and the yes. You know, I mean there was her and candied her way out and, you know, just a handful of other directors that really got the ball rolling. And there are other creators out there today, you know, that I'm thrilled to see more of it probably.

Speaker 1 (5m 31s): Absolutely. Do you, do you see more of this happening as there are more women, women in porn?

Speaker 2 (5m 41s): Yes, definitely. You know, I think that the more women, what we have in terms of directing and writing, I know that with the feminist sex sexpert, I've interviewed Angie, you know, I've interviewed Jennifer Lyon, bell, Ms. Naughty, Erica lust. And I'm about to write interview incl ventures and also Stacy Lyle, who was an executive flush.

And yes, there are more women on the creative side, both women who got in directly as directors and writers, but then we also see a lot of stars, you know, who are really coming forward and saying, I'm going to make my own content. You know, I want to write something direct, something that I want to see. So I love that too.

Speaker 1 (6m 34s): Absolutely. Yeah. I forgot to mention Erica. She's, she's been another what I would call revolutionary. So, so you're both an erotic novelist and an erotic writer for dot com. How did you become an erotic writer?

Speaker 2 (6m 52s): Well, you know, RUSA, it was funny because I never thought that anyone would ever read my erotic stories and I would not allow because basically I grew up in Muncie, Indiana. I was a farmer's daughter and, you know, very conservative, politically conservative, but morally conservative to the extreme and the, you know, so we never talked about sex really.

And, but I just was just always a very romantic person, you know, and starting my teens, very, you know, just central curious about things. And so I basically started writing erotica just as a way to deal with my feelings, you know, and it's a good thing too, because I'm notorious for having very poor penmanship. So luckily the times that people didn't come upon my writing, they couldn't read it, but I just started the, I just started writing erotica, you know, just to deal with my own feelings.

But then when I started reading it to friends of mine, they were just like, oh, wow. You know, like, especially back in college was when I really started sharing that. And I get these phone calls. Have you written any more than that story, that story. And I'm like, well, is it an emergency or So I agreed a little bit to the story and, you know, then I actually started printing up some stories that I did and selling them to girls, I canvas, you know, because they became that popular.

And so then I just went on, I had my first publication in the mid two thousands and I started, I am now currently primarily with satin, which is a division of Milan and yeah, so I just kind of laid the groundwork. And again, you know, I wanted to present a more feminist viewpoint. I wanted to show that you could have like a consensual relationship, you know, and very respectful really could still be hot, you know?

And I wanted to show women and more positions of power, you know? And so it's an actual, and actually my novel leading lady should be coming out in a few months. So

Speaker 1 (9m 35s): That's great. So now, how did you first get into the adult industry through your work with Playgirl?

Speaker 2 (9m 43s): Yes. Well, I tell you, it's interesting because I was a Playgirl reader since college and that's all I was, was a fan, you know, I have no, you know, I had no connections in the adult industry at all, but I haven't been on a message board and somebody said something about Playgirl TV, you know, and this was back in the mid, mid two thousands. And I'm like, finally, it's about time long ago, boy PV, you know?

And so then I Googled Playgirl TV and I saw that it was going to be like a cable channel viewer, you know, view on demand. And so I wrote in all I wanted to do, I thought I'd never hear back. You know, I thought they're probably getting so many notes. I probably won't even register, but, you know, I sent her an email and I said, I just want to say I support this a hundred percent. I'd like more information on the possible. And so there's a wonderful lady named Ted Eisenberg who was with Playgirl marketing.

And she said, you know, this website is really only for marketing people. And my first thought was, oh, but then she said, it's amazing. You're really interested in this. Aren't you? And so we started talking and almost every day we were talking back and forth. She was asking me for ideas. And pretty soon, Bruce, I went from being a Playgirl reader to being the national leader of the Playgirl fan club with the Playgirl posse.

I had a column in Playgirl magazine. I was writing back cover copy for Playgirl DVDs. And it just totally, I mean, it was amazing to me that I would be given such a national platform, you know, and I am thrilled that I met so many other interesting women, you know, and I really began to meet other women that were like me and I was also able to represent the female point of view, you know, like when there were people who would just insist that women didn't read Playgirl, you know, that and I'd be like, Hm, last time I checked, I am a native woman.

So there you go.

Speaker 1 (12m 17s): Sure, sure. And that's, that's originally what play girl was for was, you know, obviously for women, what are some of the challenges, you know, w what are some of the challenges of being a sex positive feminist?

Speaker 2 (12m 34s): I think that probably the number one challenge is what took me out of the business for several years is that there was a time after Playgirl pretty much shut down. You know, I, I did do some writing with good vibrations, which is another wonderful company and started writing for scandals, you know, was fantastic, you know, but other than that, you know, I just didn't see a lot, you know, that was remaining for women.

And honestly, what I was seeing started to disturb me, I started to see a lot more roughness, even in mainstream, you know, titles and just more roughness violence objectification. And, you know, I just really, I think I got to a point I never, for one second wasn't anti-porn feminist, because I believe so strongly in freedom of speech, you know, but I also got to the point where I was like, I, you know, I can't do this anymore.

I can't watch this. I can't represent it. I just, I can't. And so that really took me out of it. And I tried to concentrate more on just my writing. I got into a kind of like audio erotica, like ASM Mar and things like that, you know, but then when I started to watch more of Andrew's work it, you know, and also, you know, Ms. Naughty was still going strong, Jennifer Lyon, bell.

And I also began to see new and emerging names, you know, coming in and taking over. And I started to see more of what I liked again, and also what occurred to me. I thought, you know, you can't change and an industry by leaving it. You know, I wanted to be there to be a voice for women. I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to be there, of course, in case any woman needed help, I believe very much and performer advocacy and total consent in all situations.

And so that's why I came back, you know,

Speaker 1 (14m 58s): That's awesome. And the whole idea of the, the roughness and the rough sex and in porn, that's obviously, there's a lot of controversy around that right now. What's your, what's your feeling about that?

Speaker 2 (15m 15s): Well, I think that, first of all, personally, I don't like it. I'm not into it. I am not at all now. You know, I do believe that there are certain people of both genders who have of course certain fetishes and fantasies. And if the content I know another great site out there is after glow.

And I know that Lily sparks a fantastic head of after glow. She reminds me don't yuck somebody else's yum. You know? And, And so, you know, I realized that's another part of being a feminist is giving women agency, if they do choose to act out these fantasies in a safe consensual forum. You know, for me, it's always safety first consent first, you know, but to me, I would also like to play a hand and having content that is totally non-violent, you know, it doesn't have to be a Harlequin romance every time.

You know, I'm not saying that, I'm just saying, I'd like to see more respect. I'd like to see more empowered women. And, you know, when you think about what in theater Royale, you know, was producing, you know, the four she's no longer with us, but, you know, they're just more like that, more of an option, because I honestly know of women who will just not watch porn because of that perception that they're going to see something just awful, you know?

And I want to provide more options. Definitely.

Speaker 1 (17m 3s): Who are some of the interesting people you've interviewed?

Speaker 2 (17m 7s): Yeah. It's interesting people that I've interviewed. Well also like for sexpert. Well, let's see, I'll start with scandal as women, because I was there first, as I said everywhere.

Speaker 1 (17m 23s): Why don't I ask the question? Why don't I ask the question again? Meghan? Why don't I ask the question again and we'll flow a little better. Okay. Okay. So who are some of the interesting people? You okay. Let's try this again. Who are some of the interesting people you've interviewed?

Speaker 2 (17m 38s): Oh, okay. Yeah. Well now for my feminist sexpert interview series, I have two categories. Basically. I interview women who are content creators. Now these could either be directors like I've interviewed Andrew Roundtree, Willie Sparks and income winters, Jennifer Lyon, bell, you know, just Ms.

Naughty, just really fantastic directors. And then I have also interviewed actresses who are, who create their own content, very empowered. We want to talk about empowered. I've interviewed goddess. Lilla talk about very powerful woman and penny barber, you know, and you know, and Avery Jane and Rebecca Vanguard, and these are women of all different ages and backgrounds, but the common denominator is that they take a great deal of pride in what they do.

They're very proud feminist. And, you know, they really take a proactive, you know, very view and very responsible view of what they do. And then as far as the men that I interview, I also, now I do take my interviews with the male talent seriously and respectfully, because I feel that they usually don't get a lot of a platform. You know, they usually don't a lot of people don't recognize their names beyond the manual Ferrera, or, you know, it's like, they're just a couple that everybody recognizes.

And then the other guys are just, you know, you don't hear a lot about them. And so I've gone out of my way to really spotlight male talent and the two requirements, generally, first of all, they have to be respectful of women, you know, in their really work for and their performances. And second of all, well, it kind of helps if they're hot.

The reason mean isn't my readers are women and they're looking for, you know, who do you know, who, whose name do I look for when I'm buying a video? You know, what do I, I look for that download what guy do I want to see? And, you know, so yes, you know, it's like, I've interviewed Joshua Lewis as well. The younger performers I've interviewed Dante Cole. It was just skyrocketing with his career.

I've interviewed Nathan Bronson, you know, I've interviewed brick Cummings who is an up and coming African-American gentleman. And my

Speaker 1 (20m 48s): Next one is

Speaker 2 (20m 48s): Very interesting. Yes, yes. And my next one is Darryl Jones who was actually very interesting. He's an Instagram model and a fitness star who has just started and only fans. And he's also going into hardcore, you know, with his movies. And so, yeah, as far it's a little different with the men because I like to provide the ladies willful little fantasy, you know, I like to, you know, I always liked run very, a lot, you know, maybe more pictures of the men and maybe a little bit more tastefully revealing, you know, and because there's just, I know DAMA hooped with the sexpert, a fantastic lady and doctor Dr.

Ava, Cadell's ahead. And I just interviewed her today. She's fantastic. You know, domino, she was telling me, she said, you know, I don't think anybody else's doing what you do, you know? And I got to thinking, you know, maybe she's right, because there are very few women who go out of their way to interview the male talent from a woman's perspective. You know, they might interview the male talent there, but it's usually a lot of guys saying, so dude, what's it like to, you know, work with so-and-so or it wasn't get to get to them, all these beautiful ladies, male, high fives.

Speaker 1 (22m 22s): I know

Speaker 2 (22m 23s): With me, what I want to know is yeah. Yeah. And with me, what I want to know is, you know, how do you treat women on set? Do you like, you know, how do you please your female talent, you know, what female directors do you like to work with? And, you know, what would you like to say to your audience? You know, how, how do you want the word, the ladies in, you know? And so, yeah, I think, you know, that was something very different and, and little scandal, us women.

Yes. I've interviewed everybody from orotic authors, like Laurell K Hamilton, you know, to film directors like Erica lust. I recently interviewed the legendary high of patiently. Who's a good friend of mine. And a lot of people wondering what happened to her and she's actually a very, she's no longer in the adult, but she has a native string kind of like a self motivation program. And, you know, she is really into wellness and healing and she looks exactly like she did when she makes movies, when she made her movies not changed a bit.

And, and I'm going to be Dr. Amy codel and yes,

Speaker 1 (23m 38s): That's awesome. Did you ever, you were speaking of male talent. Did you enter ever interview porno Dan?

Speaker 2 (23m 45s): No, I haven't.

Speaker 1 (23m 47s): Oh, he's awesome. He's been on, he's been on my podcast and he's fantastic and I believe very respectful to women. So yes, yes. That's my, my perception, not that I watched much of his content, but knowing the guy. Yeah. I know he's a, and he's a wonderful person. So how do you hope to bridge the gap between porn and erotica?

Speaker 2 (24m 14s): Well, you know, I would like to see more filmed adaptions of erotic stories and novels. And I have seen a little bit of that in the work of like for Adam and Eve, you know, like with the K brand, you know, and Selena KIPP, interestingly enough, Selena kit was a Playgirl posse girl. She was the Playgirl fan back on the day, you know?

Yes, yes. And I know that at sure. You know, we have some wonderful Radek authors and yeah. So what I would like, I would like to see more filmed adaptions, our Veronica, and, you know, also I would just like to see, you know, more of like a literary bench and some of the films, you know, more of a story and more unique and diverse and woman friendly stories.

Like, you know, I would love to see, I mean, I don't know if you've ever seen that there was this production by vivid, like yeah. Way back in the nineties called immortal desire. I believe it was Phillip Christian. It was starting Jerry pike and Sarah Jane Hamilton. And it was like, it was a time travel, historical romance. It was beautiful. It's one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever seen on film. And it was a vivid production, you know, it was a vivid visuals production.

And so I'm thinking, you know, why don't we see more of that today? You know, it's like, I would love to go down.

Speaker 1 (25m 56s): I know I th I think there's a few, there's a few independent producers who do that type of thing. Junk productions is one. And I think that you're starting to see more of it. So

Speaker 2 (26m 12s): Yes, yes, yes. Another thing I would like to see is a, in terms of, you know, some of the mail, I like going back to that, the male talent to be more showcased for the female view, you know, because I know that we did that with Playgirl where they would have the men's names first and that they would have the, the focus on the men and there, and also with the impulse, which a Lily had afterglow was actually back some of the impulse titles I'm very excited about, but yeah, I mean that, that's something we really need more of, I believe.

And so I can watch it, but

Speaker 1 (26m 57s): For

Speaker 2 (26m 57s): The ladies out there just more showcased titles with the women, more focused on the men.

Speaker 1 (27m 4s): Absolutely. So now you said you're particularly interested in giving women more of a voice in the industry. In what way is that?

Speaker 2 (27m 14s): Yes. Well, I really want to hear more of what women want. I want to hear more from female audience members as to what they like in particular, I would love to see more writers and critics, and of course, more directors and producers. And I also would like to hear more of a voice in terms of obviously safety and consent onset, you know, because when we consider the fact that, you know, it seems like there are certain people that are discussed that will say, well, you know, he doesn't treat the women well, or he did the boom.

The guy just keeps working on the industry year after year after year. And, you know, it seems like with the me too movement, it has infiltrated the industry a little bit, but not that much. It seems like, you know, no, absolutely you're right. You're right. Because, you know, we'll hear accusations, we'll hear detailed stories, similar stories from a lot of women that if it was any other industry, he'd be turned out on his ear, you know, by now, you know, but it seems like an adult.

Yes, that's right. That's right. And you know, it just, it's just barely grazing the surface. And I just want to get to a point where every woman can feel comfortable and safe onset and that there's more advocacy. And then if something goes wrong, but they have somebody to turn to and that they feel like they have agency. They don't just feel like, well, gosh, I'm not going to get my rent paid if I don't go along with this.

So I'll just say I had a good experience. That's got gotta stop. You know, ultimately the most important voice to me is to ensure safety and consent.

Speaker 1 (29m 16s): So Megan, what's your idea of the perfect women's porn.

Speaker 2 (29m 22s): I believe that it is a production in which the woman's pleasure and comfort are emphasized. I believe that it is something and which of the attractiveness of the male stars is emphasized and let you actually see them. I know that coral and Juul, you know, she had a brilliant quote. She was like, well, sometimes we're up there. You can't tell what we're F you know, we don't know what word, you know, you can't even see the men or, you know, and so to me, it would be something that has a good story of that has some romance and powered woman, beautiful man, and something that a woman, you know, will want to return just like she might pick up her favorite romance novel again.

And again, this is a movie that she will want to watch again and again, and that she can think about and, and smile, you know, after she's seen it

Speaker 1 (30m 28s): Makes sense. So what concerns do you have about modern porn?

Speaker 2 (30m 35s): Again, I'm concerned about the extreme roughness. I'm concerned about the prevalence of roughness, even in mainstream titles, sometimes with no warning of the content, you know, I'm concerned about onset conditions and you know, that definitely I do have a lot of concerns. And other than that also, you know, I would love to, it seemed like we had almost like a Renaissance when I think about the work of everyone from, you know, candida Royale, you know, to even some of the male directors like Michael Nan, you know, I mean, it seemed like for a while, they were really producing these just almost like masterpieces of adult, you know, am I know that that is for journey.

You know, I know that you do see some very, like with the protections of Angie, Roundtree, and Shaw and all the people that we've mentioned. And of course, with the Cayden cross, you know, with the deeper, you know, and Vixen, you know, I realized that that is returning, you know, but because to me, that's, what's sexy, you know, to me, it's not just about seeing a bunch of bodies, you know, kind of going at each other. To me, it's more like the style and with glamour Lily, I really like,

Speaker 1 (32m 8s): I agree. It would be nice to see. It would definitely be nice to see how do you hope to build more of a network among women and porn?

Speaker 2 (32m 18s): Well, you know, to me, it's something that I'm very excited about and it's just like I was discussing on the phone with Angie Roundtree the other day. It's almost like we're building a fortress, you know, in terms of when I see more and more women that are getting active. And when from a personal standpoint, when I'm able to, when I see collaborations have been formed and when I can say, okay, you know, I have a friend who is really interested in writing, she should get hooked up with this director.

Or I have a friend who, you know, has a concern. I should get her hooked up with someone who will listen, you know, to that concern. And, you know, I can tell that with the directors that I've talked to with the actresses and the writers and the content creators, we are just film, we're forming more of a network and I can just see our strength rising in numbers. And for me, I would love to see, I mean, I know that Angie has ethical porn, you know, I definitely want to do more work in that area.

Also, I would love to bring back feminist for free expression, the pink ladies. I know that the higher patient, she sent me an honorary pink ladies button online and, you know, just more advocacy and just more of a network. I mean, I love it when, like my friend Holly, you know, who does the parties by Bella's, you know, she was looking for some models to do, you know, documentaries about.

And so I got her on an email chain, you know, with Lily and porcelain, and I'm like, Hey, sister, friends, come here circle, you know, like Holly needs, Holly need some talent, you know, to showcase and her new documentary series. And so immediately willing for we're like, yes, we'd love to participate. You know? And so

Speaker 1 (34m 36s): It's

Speaker 2 (34m 36s): About partnerships.

Speaker 1 (34m 37s): Those two are those two, definitely those two, sorry, those two, we seem to have a delay. Those two, those two, definitely our, our doers big time coral and, and Lilly.

Speaker 2 (34m 51s): Yes, yes, absolutely. And delightful and yeah. You know, and we're referring, like, if I am talking to like, you know, Rebecca Vanguard or Avery Jane, you know, just about making it a little, you know, like just about making connections, making things happen. Oh, I know this lady is doing this. And I was that, you know, to me, it's a network. And also when I posted on my phone, the sexpert Twitter, you know, about during award season with Angie got a big expos nomination and Balisa house, of course, fantastic.

Jackie St. James, they were getting all these nominations and after Glenn, you know, was getting nominations for, and also foreplay and go winters, you know, all of these women, you know, scoring big nominations, you know, for the sites. And I just printed and flush erotica, you know, Stacey while. And so I just did a list of that in one tweet. And I said, the sisterhood is strong and that's what it's all about.

Speaker 1 (35m 60s): You sound like, you sound like the, you definitely sound like the ringleader there.

Speaker 2 (36m 5s): Oh, thank you. I will be honored, honored to think. So I tell you, and that's why I'm here. And yeah, that's what I try, you know, just to bring everybody together, you know, and there's always strength in numbers. And so yes, I always say to the revolution is live.

Speaker 1 (36m 29s): Indeed, indeed. So, so tell us about some of your other non adult projects.

Speaker 2 (36m 36s): Yes. Well, you know, I do quite a bit of journalism, you know, I do quite a bit of journalistic writing. I do a lot of feminist advocacy. I've also been a column host for legendary women magazine. And I'm the co-host of the lavender ladies podcast with my friend Margaret Bates. And so yes, I do a lot of feminist advocates of advocacy, especially on behalf of, you know, rape and domestic violence survivors.

And the email I write about issues, you know, I have some political causes and I actually got a certificate of appreciation from a statewide domestic violence awareness board and it's sexual assault for it, for some of my coverage. And so, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm very active in journalism advocacy, also marketing writing, you know, I do quite a bit of like in terms of product descriptions, press releases, you know, things like that.

And I also, I write some sweet romance to, you know, because I always wanted to write something that my family could read when my parents were still alive, that they could read, you know, with my nephews and nieces, my, you know, that I just really felt like, you know, I wanted them to be able to enjoy some of my work, you know, and they would put it on their brief, you know, put it on their bookcase, you know?


Speaker 1 (38m 22s): Yeah. So you're, yeah. You don't want your family in Indiana reading too much of the hot sticky stuff, I guess. Huh?

Speaker 2 (38m 30s): No, I tell you, it was funny for Christmas for one year. I actually gave my mom a copy of a sweet romance book of what I had written and thank God I actually looked at it on Christmas Eve before I wrapped it, because there was a title page, you know, they'll have the title of the book and limits and to read the other titles by Megan Hussey. And then it had all these body books that I had written.

I saw that. And I swear, I just ripped out with title.

Speaker 1 (39m 12s): Yeah. We don't win a one to, we don't want mom from Indiana having a heart attack.

Speaker 2 (39m 17s): No, no, I didn't want to be responsible.

Speaker 1 (39m 22s): Exactly. So what are your future plans for a

Speaker 2 (39m 29s): Well, actually today I got the very kind invitation from Dr. Ava Cadelle herself to actually participate in her love biology university. And through my studies there, I will be able to become a certified sex coach and also to teach biology and also maybe to do some media, you know, for that.

And again, you know, what I really want to emphasize through there is also, you know, of course, you know, helping women who maybe have trouble with their sexuality of, because of past trauma or abuse and also in general, just helping women to enjoy in general, to not be ashamed, you know, and to enjoy their sexuality more in whatever way they choose, you know, if they want to write if they want to perform or if they just want to enjoy a good porno, you know, the, and also I want to give them lots of, I'm actually working on a directory of fem porn, you know, to let ladies know about these titles.

And so I figure the Laos, of course eventually. And the, yeah, so she's very kindly invited me to come aboard and I'm honored. And so, yes, that's an exclusive, cause I just found out a few hours ago that I'd be doing this.

Speaker 1 (41m 0s): Fantastic. Well, congratulations. So, so how can people find you? How can people find you online?

Speaker 2 (41m 7s): Yes. Well, you can see my You can see my work that S S S You know, you can, I have a website for my erotic writing and now my titles are available on Amazon. You can also find

And also most of my titles these days are available through satin romance, which is a division of Milan or Milan publications. And then of course also I have some, you know, I have some filmed, well, you know, the works that I have written the screenplays for at blush erotica. And I'm also going to be doing some erotic writing for their site as well, because they have a whole thing, you know, for a writer writing

Speaker 1 (42m 9s): Fabulous. Well, Megan, I'd really like to thank you for being our guests today and adults. I broke her talk and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again really soon.

Speaker 2 (42m 19s): Oh, absolutely. Well, thank you so much for this opportunity, Bruce. It's been a pleasure.

Speaker 1 (42m 24s): Thank you. The pleasure was all mine. My broker tip today is part seven of what to do to make your site more valuable. For one, you decide to sell it later. Let's talk about some of the factors that influence the sale price of a website. Number one is always profit. It will be a multiple of the profit and that multiple is based on whether the profit is trending up or trending down and how fast it's trending up or down. I've seen valuations of as much as five times, although that's very rare. Normally it's in the two and a half to four times area.

I've also seen valuations of one time. If the profit is taking a nosedive, if a site hasn't been monetized, then it's all about the amount and the quality of the traffic. If a sale is based on traffic, it will be a multiple of what the traffic would sell for on the open market. What are the sources of traffic direct traffic search engine, traffic and review traffic are the most valuable tube. Traffic, the least valuable is the traffic reliable and sustainable. What is the traffic history?

In a rare case, the valuation will be based upon revenue. The same factors apply to that as to profit and the valuations will of course be lower than those of profits. How hold is the website? Is the website or something else? Dot com is still king. How many inbound links are there? How much staff does it take to run the site? How many email addresses do you have in the case of a dating site? This is very important. Another factor can be the reverse engineering cost.

How much would it cost to build a site from scratch and drive the same amount of traffic to it, and how much time would be involved? What's the lifetime value of a customer on the site next week, how to buy a website and next week we'll be speaking with therapist team, Stephanie and Fox of Evolve Your Intimacy. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Megan Hussey.

And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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