Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 77 with Zak Ozbourne of Exclusv.Life

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 77 with Zak Ozbourne of Exclusv.Life

Zak Ozbourne is this week’s guest on Adult Site Broker Talk. 

Zak is a programmer, web developer and photographer in Northern Australia who has been working in the Adult Industry for over 10 years. He was shooting for

an adult website in Australia, then he created his own adult website and finally started supporting content creators who were struggling with monetizing their social media, which is where Exclusv.Life was born.

You can contact Zak on his website at Exclusv.Life.

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said: “Zak has a fascinating story. It was a blast to talk with him.”

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

Zak has a fascinating story. It was a blast to talk with him.


Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with Zak. Ozbourne.

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My guest today and adult side broker talk is Zach Osborn of And let me spell that. It's E X, C L U S Zach, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk, my pleasure. Pleasure's all mine. Now, Zach is a programmer web developer and photographer in Northern Australia who has been working in the adult industry for over 10 years. He started as a local event photographer doing casual booed wash shoots for friends and acquaintances.

This transformed into shooting for an adult website in Australia, then creating his own adult website and finally pivoting to support adult content creators who were struggling with monetizing their social media, which is where was born. So, yeah, you know, an obvious first question is you talk about creators struggling with this whole only fans thing. And we're, we're recording just a few days after the announcement, maybe a week after the announcement.

What impact do you see that having on your business?

Speaker 2 (3m 50s): Oh, I was, I prepared for this question verse, huh? Well, at the moment, I'm an advocate for a more critical reading of whatever the internet has been throwing at us. In this regard, you see a lot of models and sex workers and their unions. They're definitely not doing enough research into it. Highly fans has changed their policies and it's likely due to stakeholders decisions, right? It's from what I understand has nothing to do with MasterCard pulling out or anything like that. Right.

So there is speculation of every possible, every possible kind being thrown around. And we definitely all need to calm down and have a look at this critically rather than emotionally. Sure. I'm not here to throw shade on anybody, but yeah, it's, it's much like the pandemic it's uncertain times.

Speaker 1 (4m 41s): Yeah. Yeah. Most definitely. So tell me more about what exactly is

Speaker 2 (4m 49s): Exclusive. Life is a premium social media platform, I guess, is the best way to put it. It gives content creators the best chance I'll get a chance to monetize their content. We support a large range of content creators, such as models, photographers, musicians, artists, writers, vloggers. If you can create it, you can put it on exclusive life. Hmm.

Speaker 1 (5m 14s): So how did it all begin?

Speaker 2 (5m 16s): Well, I want to go now 2011, probably close to 10 years. I started shooting content and recruiting talent for a small Australian website here called Ozzy amateurs. And I worked, I, I mostly hide like backpackers and traveling, traveling models and stuff like that. And I would do the photography work and edited it at a discounted rate if I was able to use the content myself.

So I had my license for myself as well. Sure. After a little while I was shooting, I started my own website, Queensland girls in early 2012. I kept, I kept doing some photo shoots and video for Ozzy amateurs. And at the time I was also running my own small web development company, building websites for local local businesses and whatnot. So managing a website, wasn't not outside of my skillset. Things kept getting busier and busier.

And I was shooting three to five times a week, mainly yeah. Shooting mainly in outside private outdoor locations. But here where I am, we sort of have two seasons wet or dry. So I was like this place. So when it was a bit uncertain, whether friends or people I know would lend me their living room or their bathroom or something like that, that looked a bit nice to give a bit more of a nice backdrop.

And then after that, we just, it sort of just kept growing through chance. I actually then became a caretaker of a brothel. A friend, a friend of a friend was the president of a small investment company. And that, that investment company owned the building of the brothel. So they rented it out to brothel license holders and the lease had just ended and there was no interest in anybody picking it up again.

So through like a quick little meeting and stuff like that and the connections they gave me the keys and said use it however you like, but just, just look off to the, yeah, look, look out for the yard and the gardens, keep it clean and keep it ready for the next tenant. Whenever they, whenever that comes this brothel, it was way over the top for what I was doing at the time. It had like a reception booth office staff room, staff bathrooms, big lounge area, car park, and then it had its five service rooms.

And like they all had their own themes, like Arabian room, French Oriental safari, and like a BDSM bondage type room called the forbidden room. Most, most of the decor was taken out with it, along with the tenants, but there was still some stuff left behind, which served as really good inspiration for future photo shoots that we were doing at the time. And then, oh yeah, I worked out of the brothel for about 18 months before the lease got picked up again.

So who knows how long they invest guys lost money out one, but will gain from me. But it was, it was such a great place to have, I would always have any meetings, business related photography related to have meetings at this brothel. And so it was like this huge, big building just for myself, we'd have parties sort of like end of end of financial year parties, Christmas parties, all that sort of stuff. Even a local swinger's group contacted me and asked if they could have a, one of their annual parties there, which, which they did then the, the investor type people they said to me, you know, you, you can, you can rent it out to them.

Yes. But you have to be there. And anything that happens is on you. And it's like, whoa, okay. I can do a swing as potty. Okay. But we had, we had a bit of a, we had some wild times there. I bet you too. And then yeah, I, I, I've moved, started to coding out pay sites for models and other photographers who wanted to get into the online industry, helping them get set up with villas and initial content uploaded. I worked with a lot of up and coming models at the time, a lot of Australian, Australian content, creators, Kiki, Sue Cray, Monty Luxe, Bonnie tonic, some of which I have, I've been, I'm still really good friends with.


Speaker 1 (9m 48s): How did those, those types of relationships help you to move forward?

Speaker 2 (9m 52s): Well, a large, a large portion of the girls I worked with were also sex workers, like models, strippers escorts, all the, the, the usual fanfare often I'd get called from, from these girls saying, Hey, Zach, I'm in town. And you know, I've got a job on or you know, that sort of stuff. So I'd offer him to come stay at my house and I'd drive them to, and from their jobs and offer them a good home cooked meal.

Cause I know when you're traveling, you know, like these girls, they tend to just eat fast food and whatnot. But yeah. And in, in a downtime we'd arranged photo-shoots and it was just around the house or wherever, wherever suits. One time, speaking of photo shoots, one time Kiki sukra was visiting. And in between jobs, she wanted to, we wanted to make some chocolate cake. So we decided let's turn the baking of this cake into a photo-shoot Kiki's vagan and not a baker.

Neither am I walking around the grocery store on our phones, trying to look up like the best vegan chocolate cake recipe so we can try and actually make a cake for this photo shoot. And in the end, yeah. The cake turned out pretty good, but the photos were a lot better than the cake. Now I still work with and keep in contact with a lot of girls. And if I'm traveling in their area, I let them know. Or they, they know just through general conversation, they usually invite me over to their house for dinner and drinks.

So we go out somewhere and just have a good catch-up. Sure. And it's pretty good. It's really nice.

Speaker 1 (11m 31s): So you recruited talent, you produced content, you built your own site, you made sites for other people. You looked after a brothel, which I think is awesome. So what happened now?

Speaker 2 (11m 42s): Yeah. So 2016, I noticed a trend where the girls, just the models. I think they just didn't want to have to rely on like myself as a photographer or other photographers to create the content. And at the time 2016, mobile phones were starting to come into their own and, and digital cameras was entry-level digital cameras were quite quite good. So this whole self shot content was definitely a strong alternative for producing content, but there was also another sort of trend happening at the same time models in the newly named content creators didn't want, they didn't want to wait for that website to be made because as you know, websites can take a while to build code, you know, tests, all that sort of stuff and build up the content.

Yeah. And they didn't want to have to go through the hassle of uploading content, to the website, writing posts and all that sort of stuff. They wanted to just deliver their content straight to the hands of their consumers, their, their fans. And this was sort of the beginning of the premium Snapchat revolution. You could call it, you know, premium Snapchat, if you'd not familiar, it's where creators charge, access to a private Snapchat story.

And then they can, you know, you make a payment, they, they add you and you get to see this private story. And so some of these, like a lot of the girls I'd worked with already in this premium Snapchat sort of situation. And so I asked them, I said, how can we improve this? Like, this seems extremely clunky from a program perspective and even a, a consumer's perspective. Sure. And so they talked back and forth about it and you know, one of the problems they had was when do we remove someone from our story?

Like, you know, are we $30 lifetime subscription? And I went, wait, where do we stand on that? And then another friend, she said that she had $5,000 take frozen in her PayPal account because at the time this was against PayPal's terms and conditions as it still is. Yes. Sure. So I, I, I sat there and I took some notes and I thought this could be, we can do this better. And by mid 2016, I launched what I think no one's corrected me yet. The first premium Snapchat notification system called sexy snaps.

So it provided the creators, the ability to set up recurring subscriptions. There was a small little spot there to upload some previews and member and the content. So people had something to look at while they were waiting to be added because you still had to be manually added to Snapchat and removed from Snapchat, you know? So there was still that manual time, the waiting the, so you had to Sue the instant gratification. Yeah. And it was all through like a safe adult payment gateway and it all got dispersed correctly and sort of, you know, no chance of any payment accounts being locked or anything like that.

And yeah. So sexy snaps took off in the first 12 months, we did $150,000 in sales, which wow. Yeah. It was kind of a big deal for, for me, that was the first time that something of mine had taken off seriously. Yeah. So obviously with that, I'd paid the girls, their share of that 150, but of course, yeah. And we just had a steady, steady flow of creative signing up using the platform and promoting it.

Some girls were even taking their payout statements, just straight into car dealerships and, and that sort of stuff. And just saying, Hey, look, I'm, I'm earning this much money and they're getting fully fledged car loans or like brand new car loans based on the income of sexy snaps. Got all of it. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (15m 49s): So now how did you go from sexy snaps to exclude

Speaker 2 (15m 53s): Got life? I had made sexy snaps in a way where it was a hundred percent cloud-based I could approve new applications. I could set profiles up. I could manage payouts, all that sort of stuff from anywhere in the world, as long as I had my laptop and the internet. So that gave me a bit, a lot of freedom. I've traveled quite a lot. And in 2018, I think it was it's all a bit blurring now. Long time ago, I was, had just finished traveling through Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and then I was in Thailand.

Oh yes. And I, yes, I had done a day's worth of touristing and I was on the train back from, what do you call it out west there Kenshin burry. Okay. And I was on the train and I thought, oh, just flick the old Snapchat map location on. So I could make all my friends a bit jealous about where I am and that sort of thing. And the train, you know, in a city. It's not that interesting looking out the window.

Speaker 1 (17m 0s): I know my wife's a bit on it. I have, and I won't touch those or trust those damn things.

Speaker 2 (17m 8s): The real, the real rod is from the overnight train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. That's the real raw. I'm

Speaker 1 (17m 14s): Gonna take your word for that.

Speaker 2 (17m 18s): And yeah, shortly after I posted some photos, I got a message from apple, a Thailand based content creator that's on, that was on sexist snaps at the time. And after a bit of back and forth, she she's like, oh my God, you, you in Thailand. I said, yeah, I am. And she said, oh, may, may yet make me after, after, after work at seven o'clock for some drinks, I said, oh, that sounds pretty fun. I'd be shopping around Thailand. Excuse me, a bank, Bangkok by a local, you know, not many people get that opportunity.

She's like meet me at the Hooters bar in Bangkok. And I'm like, okay.

Speaker 1 (17m 55s): Right. I know exactly where that is. Right in. Right in soy, Nana.

Speaker 2 (18m 2s): Yup. So 7:00 PM rolled around and I was sitting just on the veranda, watching the traffic go by

Speaker 1 (18m 9s): Know, I know exactly where that is too, because there was a bar, there was a bar that used to be there before, right outside the, you know what the, hell's the name of that crap hotel at sin and went to the Nana hotel. Yeah. And I used to sit, I used to sit on that balcony and watch the world go by, translate it, all the beautiful girls go by

Speaker 2 (18m 33s): All the beautiful girls and boys.

Speaker 1 (18m 35s): Yeah. Well them to,

Speaker 2 (18m 40s): But yeah, so she, she made a separate o'clock. She messaged me and she said, I'm on I'm on my way down. Order me a large point of Asahi. I was like, okay, sure. So I got myself one and she got one too. Yeah. So within 10 minutes, she was there at his tiny little Thai girl, apple that I'd been talking with for years almost. She'd been on the platform for 18 months, two years. And she just grabbed this pint and she just chugged it just completely just demolished this pint of Asahi, I thought, wow.

And then she's just so excited. It's full of energies. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? And I said, oh, I'm a little bit hungry. Cause I hadn't eaten anything. Since, since lunch, I'm sort of quite hungry. She's she goes, what, what? Wait. And I'm like, I dunno, it's this is your town. You show me, you show me. She's like, okay, I know the spot. So

Speaker 1 (19m 33s): Sushi place across the street, by the way. But anyway, go ahead

Speaker 2 (19m 38s): Through all these little, these little streets and there's traffic, it's just chaos. Nothing like I've experienced before. Really. And she took me to the, one of the, these, this weird little restaurant, like a Japanese style restaurant where, you know, you sit down and cook your own food and excuse me. And

Speaker 1 (19m 59s): Yeah. I, I, yeah, I know. I think I, I think I might know the place to,

Speaker 2 (20m 5s): Oh, the restaurant. It was just so busy and that they set up, sat us down in the back and you know, she's asked me, she's like, what do you want to eat? And I'm like, oh, whatever, whatever you want. You know, I said, I'll, I'll shout. I'll, I'll buy this one. And I, cause I couldn't read the menu. It was just all in funny, funny, can't read squiggles, you know,

Speaker 1 (20m 26s): I have that trouble

Speaker 2 (20m 29s): Anyway. So she confirms with me like, do you eat this? Do you eat that? And I was like, yeah, no, definitely not that. And I said, just go ahead. And she ordered like what felt like a hundred things. And I was like, wow, we gonna, we gonna eat all this food anyway. So we were drinking and talking and having such a great time that when the food finally came out, we didn't want to cook our own food. We, she just asked the waitress in Thai, do you mind cooking, cooking some of it for us.

So we had this, we were taught in a cook your own food place, but then we had someone cooking it for us. So during head catch up at catch-up, we'd just talking about our life, my life, her life, how we got to where we are. And she started telling me about her experiences using sexy snaps now, because it was all run through Snapchat. There was zero moderation from my side. I had no idea what was going on. I was just taking payments and dispersing the payments sort of thing. I had no idea. Sure.

Nothing about the interactions at all. And so she told me she's like, people are really mean like they sign up based on her previews and then that's not what the previews are. And you know, she's just, she's like, they really mean, and I handled all the complaints from both, both sides, the creators and the members, if any member came to me and said, oh, you know, I was blocked by such and such. I would have to go to someone to that creator and say, why did you block this person? And back then as a bit of a back and forth, he said, she said thing.

But usually most of the time the creators could provide me screenshots of what this person was saying. And if it was bullying or harassment of any type, I was just like, no, you're done to the member. You're like, you know, no one deserves to be treated like that. I agree. She asked me, he's like, is there a better way to be able to report these members and you know, sort of combat this negative experience a little bit more. And I was like, fuck, but funny enough, most of the bullies were people who signed up via promo codes or really, really low specials, the cheap Charlie.

So perhaps that maybe they just signed up just to ruin someone's day. But yeah, apple continued. She mentioned that she's going to stay with her friends, friends, and family for a couple of weeks. And she wanted to be able to keep providing content for, for her fans and members. And this was before you could upload saved snaps to Snapchat before you could upload safe snaps. And so I asked her what would be ideal. And so I, Jimmy rigged up a, a way for her to upload some of her previous content into her members area.

So that was, that was kinda cool. But then she said like, well, could there be more could, can we comment? Can we like, you know, all that sort of business, we know we've gone this big circle. They don't want the girls, the content creators don't want to wait for photographers. They don't want to have to manage their own pay site. They want to do it all through an app. Now they all want to do it through an app, but also upload stuff that they shot with their phone. We've almost gone full circle again. Right. And so it's not something I had got the wheels turning and there's something has to be done to accommodate for all of this, all this at the same time.

So once I returned home from this trip, I started drawing up plans and arts and getting ready for 60 snaps, 2.0, I, I named it. But I knew that a project of this size, especially with a social media style backend, I couldn't do it alone. Especially if I was going to code it from the beginning and have buy nothing off the shelf, a hundred percent custom sort of thing. Right. So, so I teamed up with a fellow programmer in New Zealand.

He's well-known he was well-known at the time for his reverse engineering escapades on various well-known APIs. And yeah, we, we got in and we started planning sexy snaps, 2.0 or as we call it today, exclusive life.

Speaker 1 (24m 39s): That's cool. Now, where is sexy snaps now?

Speaker 2 (24m 44s): Sexy snaps after a, a relatively painless painless in quotations migration of the existing, sexy snaps creators. We just, the sexy stamps dot Emmy domain, just points to a, not safe for work landing page for exclusive life, just to re help with any, any further onboarding, if any of our links are still active out there in the wild. Okay. And I actually looked, I was actually following this up earlier this week.

I think that that, that link, that particular redirect has had over 130 unique redirects, 130,000. It should say

Speaker 1 (25m 26s): I was going to say 130 wouldn't impress me too much.

Speaker 2 (25m 30s): 130,000. Yeah. Redirects.

Speaker 1 (25m 32s): Excellent. Excellent. So how is exclusive life different from sexy snaps,

Speaker 2 (25m 38s): Different to sexy stamps? Well, exclusive life was made with more of the creators needs. In mind. We worked with the creators of sexy snaps, finding out what they wanted and what sexy snaps and other platforms at the time were missing. One of the recurring things and themes was that they wanted it to be faster, faster, set up times, you know, faster, easier to apply, get approved, you know, just get set up and start making money. They wanted it, you know, bang, bang, bang now.

And yeah, now you can say exclusive life, you can upload content people, your fans and followers can like comment, follow all that sort of business. There's a lot more tools exclusive life also now has stifled in many different time zones. So applications, payout, support requests, content moderation, all happens with very, very little wait times. Yeah. Every, every post is viewed and moderated pretty quickly after it's uploaded.

And this is showing us that no content, no content, uploaded comments, et cetera, breaking our community guidelines. And we want to try and keep explosive life as safe and friendly as possible, I guess. Sure.

Speaker 1 (26m 56s): Okay. So how do you handle the money to pay out

Speaker 2 (27m 1s): Well, handling the payouts and whatnot? That's all very important. It's something that I find I'm very passionate about myself being in Australia, international banking is not friendly to Australians. It's very difficult. Yeah. Phase are just really high. You can't, it's just not fair. It's the best way I can, like I can explain it. And a lot, a majority of our content creators are Australian because that's where I am.

That's where all my friends are, you know? So we sort of we're, we've got a high population of Australians on new list of life. But one thing I can't stand is create having to reach a goal or a minimum amount to before they can ask for their money, you know, and also have to wait, you know, oh yeah, you made this, this sale, but you're going to have to wipe you request a payout and then it's going to be, you will approve it in two weeks time. Like let's say like some of these credits, they were relying on the, these earnings to pay their bills and their rent and you know, general life expenses.

Right? So we were early adopters of the BitSight platform. And so far it's been really good payouts from your exclusive account to your bit safe account, fast, like immediate and free. There's no fees, but safe, a bit safe. They have a thing like some of the others, they have a debit card attached to your a bit safe account. So the create is they can use the debit card online or in person and not have to wait for the wire transfer to get to their bank account.

And in Australia, that could be from America. That's, you know, you can look in the three to five days. So it, it definitely, definitely speeds up the process. One of our content creators, Bonnie shit, when she had just received a bit safe card, she got it all activated and all set up and it was a Friday afternoon and she requested a payout and we approved it. And then she used that, that, that, that card a bit safe card online to order pizza and some drinks for a Friday afternoon to be delivered.

And from requesting the payout to pressing confirm and payment confirmation was 15 minutes. Nice United. So from your available balance on internet platform where you sell content to being able to buy real, tangible objects and have it delivered to you within 15 minutes is notice that's, that's, that's pretty, pretty grand grand shaking pretty

Speaker 1 (29m 43s): That's. That's amazing. So are there any perks for exclusive life creators?

Speaker 2 (29m 50s): Absolutely. Exclusive life has been developing its own line of Brendan mentioned us. We do crop shirts, broody shorts, bags, stickers. I'm currently trialing a NFC style business card. So if you way, if you're a stripper or a dancer or something like that, or even just a really out there content creator, you can put the car, the business, the business card on someone's phone, and it will open up a website to your exclusive dot links page.

So you can sort of share really quickly and easily your profile and your links and whatnot. Most of most of that stuff is available free to creators. Just being product platform, sort of effected in some of it you can purchase through the online store that we've got. We have a, a competitive recruiter program where recruiters and promote is going to in 5% of the sales and subscriptions earned by creators, but all the funds you generate, all the funds you generate from creative sales are actually taken out of the exclusive lives side of it.

So we, 80, 80, 20 split, we actually pay out 5% out of our 20% because it's not fair to other fellow creators to be taxed for being recruited. Oh, that

Speaker 1 (31m 19s): Makes sense. Sure.

Speaker 2 (31m 21s): Let's just not fair.

Speaker 1 (31m 22s): Yeah, no, I agree. I agree. So what sort of go ahead. I'm sorry.

Speaker 2 (31m 27s): Oh, sorry. Yeah, you're right. We also have a studio and influence agreements which have bonus perks for those who can send us a lodge traffic base. If they're interested in working with us. Very

Speaker 1 (31m 42s): Good. Now, what sort of content is trending at the moment?

Speaker 2 (31m 47s): Well, unexclusive life we're seeing, I guess we're seeing trends in the shot at home-style content sorta like home home studio content, not the top of studio con like content with makeup and the lights and the whole production crew, but more of like a real roll Paik. And does somebody's intimate life, I guess. And we're also seeing like the social media model style, self shot Ludes and nudes with the filters.

That kind of what you would almost see on Instagram, but just without clothes. Sure. Yeah. So right now it feels like scrolling through your feed on exclusive life. It's quite easy to forget that you're on a site that promotes and allows adult content and not one of the, the big social media platforms like Instagram.

Speaker 1 (32m 46s): That's a, that's a nice crossover. Do you think there's still a market for studio content? Ah,

Speaker 2 (32m 54s): Always be, they'll always be a, a market for studio content. In most cases, studio content is made of a much higher quality than then your home stuff. I'm not discrediting the home studio people, but you know, like the big budgets they have the budgets and the models and the equipment and the operators. And they're able to turn out a solar product every time. Right. But with COVID and all that other stuff that's happening, you know, we're seeing a rise in the homestyle content

Speaker 1 (33m 28s): And it's not, and it's not going away.

Speaker 2 (33m 31s): Absolutely not. And we're seeing the, the, the content creators, the self, the home homemade self self-made content creators being invited to the large biggest studios now and, you know, getting big deals out of it. And

Speaker 1 (33m 47s): Hey, you know, I was, I was reading a, I was reading an article in Bloomberg about only fans and they said they have several creators that make over a million dollars a year.

Speaker 2 (34m 1s): That's amazing. Okay. Think about it. But one thing I, I saw that I thought was very interesting was a large studio. Once I lodge a well-known studio, they've recreating the self shot, social media style content, and it was a full, a full 51 minute feature film shot in vertical mode. You know, it's a portrait landscape. And they even had like in the intros, they had like the Instagram story bars and the like, it, it was just, so now we've got high-end studio style recreating, social media, self shot, style content, and interesting.

I, I really liked it. I thought that was very clever as a photographer and videographer myself. I still work with local creators lock downs pending to help make content for their pages. But the style they are after these days is sort of like high-end promotional editorial style content, almost like an extension to the social media style we've been talking about, like, it's just that little bit more refined because they still want to try and keep that self shot look, I guess.


Speaker 1 (35m 21s): Right. So what do you think the overall future is of porn?

Speaker 2 (35m 26s): This is a pretty hot topic at the moment, and I really love hearing other people's opinions and views on it. I've been around a while, not as long as some, but still a little while. And if you had to told me, when I first started Zack in 10 years, time, girls are going to be taking photos with their phones and uploading it to a Facebook style website, making tens, hundreds, or even thousands, millions of dollars. I wouldn't have believed you no, you know, phones aren't that good 10 years ago, you know, but here we are, it happened a lot faster than 10.

It was what five years ago, we started seeing anybody now can become a content creator and start selling it's more and more socially acceptable to have one of those online side hustles. People would never consider some people who would never consider putting risque photos online. Now, some of the world's highest earners and they just didn't know it, you know? Sure. And it doesn't even have to be porn these days.

It can be bikini or lingerie, pigs, or even erotic stories written or spoken ASM art. It's, you know, it's extremely easy to get into all you really need is an idea, a phone, the internet, and a little bit of confidence. So

Speaker 1 (36m 50s): You think things are going to get a lot more competitive

Speaker 2 (36m 53s): In the future. Absolutely. If anything, in the last 12 to 18 months has shown us about growth in popularity. And as I said, becoming more and more socially acceptable to have these online side hustles, the market is going to get more competitive. This will make it harder for people who are just turning 18 or 21, depending on where you are. I'm not sure about overseas laws. It'll make it hard for them to just who are entering the market.

And it may even start putting the squeeze on already established content creators themselves, but with the right mindset and goals set, and anyone, anyone entering the market can earn a modest living with their phone or internet. And in turn, as it becomes more socially acceptable to make and sell adult content, it's also becoming acceptable and encouraged to pay for adult content and porn.

Being able to buy directly from the content creator themselves, whether it's one exclusive life or any other of the platforms you are supporting the, the creator individually under reading that we have a small percentage, but most of it, our margins are small. They go directly to the content creator and you are helping individuals make the rent, buy the food, pay for schooling. And as a whole, I think that's pretty awesome.

You know, like we, we're giving people the ability to earn, you know, some girls, some content creators are they're earning tens of thousands dollars and it's, it's all coming through our platform. It's a little bit humbling. And I,

Speaker 1 (38m 42s): So do you have any tips for someone either wanting to start as a creator or is already

Speaker 2 (38m 50s): Watching from, from 60 snaps and the girls in the, in the early days through to now the biggest advice I think I can give is find your niche, find what you like doing what you're good at, then find out what your viewers want, what your potential members want to see. You do keep consistent posting regularly, all that sort of stuff. Interact with possible DMS, replying to comments, going live, use all the tools available like exclusive life gives you lots of tools.

We have post scheduling. We've just implemented our own link tree sort of thing. So everything's old, in-house automatic posting to Twitter, all that business, talk to the other creators, exclusive, lawful, wherever you are, you know, find, find a group of them and ask them what works for them. You know, get feedback, you know, cross promote yourself on other platforms. You can't put everything out on Instagram and Facebook, but if you can try and keep them separate, they are very powerful marketing programs, Reddit, you know, if you know how to utilize Reddit use it.

There's an untapped amount of potential earnings in facade, Reddit, and utilize affiliate programs. You know, people go through a lot of work to build the affiliate and set up the affiliate programs you use them take advantage of, take advantage of them right

Speaker 1 (40m 25s): Now. I understand you have an affiliate program. How's it doing?

Speaker 2 (40m 29s): An affiliate program is currently in a private beta. We're just still sort of testing it, looking for bugs, but it's currently, it's showing really promising results for the people that we who were using it at the moment, much like our recruiter program, our affiliate program is all managed. In-house links, premier content statistics. It's all managed. In-house your earnings as an affiliate, go into your exclusive balance as if you were a content creator.

So, you know, it's all kept there. It's got a few little features that were, was really quite exciting and it's taken a lot of work to get right. Again, we're not sure might be the first for the industry. Earlier this year, I was speaking with a webcam model coach at one of the online trade shows that we have ex ex biz cover. Can't remember which one it was now.

And I was speaking with her and she said, it feels like the internet is run from behind a curtain, webmasters traffic deals, media buys, unless you're both a content creator and a webmaster, or you have a webmaster on your team, you're going to have a hard time reaching that next level of success. And so I was talking, you know, we had a bit of a meeting and we came up with an idea to help put the creators in charge of the business side of their profile as well, like their, their, their sales, like they almost like a bit of a business CEO for themselves.

And I don't want to go into too much detail because it's still not released, but affiliate we've given the chance for creators to opt in or out of the affiliate program, set their own affiliate commission rights on per transaction type. But one of the most exciting features is the affiliate offer feature with the affiliate offer feature affiliates who have signed up, can browse a list of creators, filter them by name type tags, niche, whatever.

And then they can send an offer to that one particular creator or a group of them and alpha. And so for example, the best way to explain it is, you know, someone with a lot of Asian niche, traffic can find one of our Asian themed content creators and say, Hey, I can send 50,000 targeted visitors to your profile. Let's do a 50 50 split on initial sales. And then, you know, a 30, 70 on rebuilds guys, you know, and then from there they can sorta talk back and forth, work it out, negotiate an offer, and went from there once accepted all the links and all that, the statistics and that old generated inside each users area and buzz area.

Sounds cool. Yeah. It's we hope that, you know, our, our content creators and future affiliates will, will utilize it. It's taken a lot of work to get it, to get it there, but we think it should be available to everyone pretty soon. We're thinking of bundling it with the recruiter program and calling it something like the exclusive life partner program. Well, something, something fun. Like that

Speaker 1 (43m 57s): Sounds like a good name. So what is the future of exclusive life? And what's in your new,

Speaker 2 (44m 4s): The exclusive life in the short term, we want to finalize with all the news going on. We want to finalize a few more features to give creators more options, help maximize the earnings. After that, I really want to crack into the streaming market. We've got plans drawn up for a hybrid of like a cam, excuse me, a cam site, cross livestreaming, sorta like Twitch. Cool create will be at a strain by that mobile or desktop interact with their fans, et cetera.

We've had some queries about creators, opening up shop fronts and being able to send, sell branded or printed products like calendars, sheds w coolers. There's a tick tock trend where they're getting them cigarette lot is getting like nudes printed on cigarette lot is they want to try and sell that Ava one creative. She asked if she could sell her molds of her breasts and bits, almost like an adult Etsy. Interesting. Long-term want to try and keep meeting the needs and ambitions of our content creators and stay committed to delivering a high quality service to our content creators, keep normalizing sex work, especially when it comes to the handling of sales for online content.

Like it's just, if a bank finds out, that's what you're doing. You know, they're starting to collect, especially in Australia that it's very old views. You know, one of the big banks here says, where did you get your money from? And if you say, oh, I did it like this, then you know your risk of losing your bank. And if you've got any loans with them, it just gets messy and yucky, you know, keep food for us. And he might keep trying to close the gap between social media and porn, you know, cause like Instagram, the news, the new says Instagram is going to try and put in like a pay wall for certain content, keep challenging and challenging the needs, exceeding and redefining goals.

And for me, myself, I really want to get back into content production. Back when I started expanding my skills portfolio have drafted up some ideas and I've got some concepts on something I really want to try and get started. I think they're going to be really fun. Cool. And of course, when, when I get there and I get, get them made, I'm going to use exclusive life as the content delivery platform hope. And who knows, maybe I'll get to come back here and tell you about those projects.

Speaker 1 (46m 43s): I look forward to Zach. Well, Hey, thanks again for being our guest on adult side broker talk and I'll look forward to that future conversation.

Speaker 2 (46m 52s): It's been great.

Speaker 1 (46m 53s): My broker tip today is part six of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, here's more information on what to give to a potential buyer. How well is your content been protected from piracy? And what steps have you taken to protect your content? Are you using a piracy, takedown or monitoring service? These are important facts to know what promotional tools do you offer to your affiliates. The more tools you offer, the more successful your affiliates will be. What is your traffic breakdown by country tier one countries like the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia are the most preferred add in anything else that will add value to the sale of your property that you can think of such as what custom scripts do you use?

What content management system software is on your site. Do you use billing or affiliate software like gnats or MPA three? What is your retention rate? How you retain your members is of the utmost importance. How many joins and rebuilds do you have per day? Do you buy advertising? And if so, what kind can your content make more money in the DVD or VOD markets? Or have you already taken advantage of this opportunity? How much did you spend a producer by the content that's on your site?

What do you believe the content is worth now what's special or different about the website? How is it unique? Make sure and include a list of all of the websites you're selling. In addition to any domains that come along with the sale. Is there anything that adds value to the sale, provide them with any additional information upon request before giving a buyer, any information, have them sign a nondisclosure agreement. If you use a broker, the NDA will be provided for you. Good brokers like, oh, I don't know.

Maybe adult site broker have a large resource of potential buyers that are looking for properties just like yours. And they know how to deal with potential buyers. They'll also negotiate the terms of the sale, such as price in any payment terms before closing the sale, find a good escrow service to make sure that both the buyer and the seller are protected. We have those resources. Of course. We'll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we'll be speaking with attorney Michael Fattorosi. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Zak Ozbourne. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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