Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 212 with Queen Lo

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 212 with Queen Lo

Dominatrix Queen Lo is this week’s guest on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Queen Lo is a professional dominatrix and host of the podcast “Thy Queendom Come,” which provides an honest (and often hilarious) look at sexuality and power dynamics in the bedroom and beyond. She works with clients online from her home in the tropics and in person through tours and custom sessions, specializing in teaching men the power of sacred submission. Visit her online at for more information and to get in touch. 

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Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

This was a very interesting interview. Learning about the world of the Dominatrix through the eyes of one was fascinating. Queen Lo is bright and witty. It's a great conversation.


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Although they primarily manage creators from the US, their reach is truly global. 579 models are under contract, 22 of which generate significant revenue. The rest participate in qualification programs and online training, which ensures future growth. Their service includes 24/7 chat support. They also offer a range of templates, video courses, and other resources designed to streamline and enhance the content creation process. And they’ve started an OnlyFans community. This pioneering platform enables creators to connect, collaborate, and seek peer support. This agency represents a unique investment opportunity in the thriving OnlyFans market. The only company that has a total of $252,000. Now time for this week’s interview. My guest today on Adult Site Broker is Queen Lowe. Queen Lowe, thanks for being with us today on Adult Site Broker. Hello, thank you so much for having me. I’m excited. It’s funny because when we’ve been emailing, I wasn’t sure exactly how to address you. Queen Lowe, Lowe, Queen, your Highness. Lowe is completely fine when we’re, you know, not in the dungeon. Okay, okay. Well, we’re not. So I can confirm that. No, we’re not in the dungeon right now, just so that everyone knows. We’re in the virtual dungeon, so there you go. Okay. Well, let’s talk about you. Queen Lowe is a professional dominatrix and host of the podcast ThyQueendomCome. And that’s C-O-M-E, not what you might think it is, which provides an honest and often hilarious look at sexuality and power dynamics in the bedroom and beyond. She works with clients online from her home in the tropics and in person through tours and custom sessions, specializing in teaching men the power of sacred submission. Visitor online at Thy, T-H-Y, Queendom, Q-U-E-E-N-D-O-M, dot com for more information and to get in touch. So let’s start here because I think there’s a lot of confusion as to what a dominatrix is and does. Now I looked it up according to Wikipedia. A dominatrix or DOM is a woman who takes the dominant role in BDSM activities. Dominatrix can be of any sexual orientation, but this does not necessarily limit the genders of her submissive partners. So Lowe, what does it mean to be a dominatrix and what do you do every day? Great question. I know I asked it. Yeah, when people first find out, first hear that I’m a dominatrix, a lot of them typically will take a step or two back as if I’m going to whip them right there, which I have taken my crops out to bars. I’ll totally admit. But people automatically think of whips and chains and busting balls and they think about submissives as these weird, disgusting losers, perverted losers. And what in actuality being a dominatrix to me is allowing me to be in the dominant position and you are, the submissive is coming to this space to give away power, to surrender, to listen, to be guided. And from very early on when I got involved in this, I noticed it was men who, a lot of them are very dominant in their day to day, their bosses, their family men, their leaders of their communities, and they are making decisions all the time in the bedroom and in the boardroom. And a lot of them find themselves in this space to just surrender, to just submit, to have one hour where they can just get on their knees and be a dirty little slut and do whatever they’re told in a judgment-free zone and a safe space to do that. And it’s a place to explore when you’re being led, right? Like you build a, ideally a submissive is going to build a relationship with their dominatrix, in this case me, where they trust me and they trust my guidance. And I get to know them and can even see the nuances of what they don’t even know that they like. Because so many of my clients and subs, they’re a lot more similar than they are different and everyone’s unique, but they’re not that fucking different. And so within a few messages, I can, a lot of times identify things within them that they don’t even know that they like or they’re ashamed about. And so we have to, we start with the shame of it and we start with admitting what they, what they desire and playing with it. And we practice saying out loud what, what they want and then trusting that I’m going to then guide them. And for me, ideally, I, my objective is to never have submissives that are, you know, obsessed with me. And in a way that’s, you know, they’re replacing all of their own boundaries and desires and their life and they’re filling it with me and they’re going to ruin their life for me and be completely owned. Like my, you know, the name of my game is being able to help these mostly men access the softer parts of themselves, the desires that are, that are underneath and to articulate those things and engage with them in a way that they can then take it out into their life and improve their relationships, their personal relationships. So what do you actually do when you’re with them? So practically what that looks like is, you know, I started out in person over a couple years ago now in LA and what a session looks like an in person session. It could look anything from a man, I’m telling him to get on his knees, get naked on his knees and worship my feet to I have a sub who just loves to do whatever I tell him to do and make me laugh. And I had him in dressed in lingerie, like jumping on the bed acting like a monkey. And I poured beer all over him naked in the bathtub and he was like rolling around. And I had, I’ve had another sub in a dungeon who, and who’s kink with CBT, which is cock and ball torture. And I think I lost count around 30 something at how many clothespins we got on his dick and balls. But we put him up on the cross and we whipped him. And so the sessions themselves can look like, you know, anything they’re uniquely curated. But these days, most of my work is online and I primarily work through my thing is video calls. I love the one on one connection. I love getting to know my subs will do, you know, audio and video response sessions that can sometimes last hours and hours and hours or will do video calls and that can last hours. And what those look like, it just depends on the specific sub. Is he into mommy kink? Does he want to be trained? I have a lot of guys who come in and they have desires of getting fucked by a man. They want to experience a man or they want to experience a dildo. They want to experience pleasure in their, in their ass. And they’ve never so much as put a thumb up there, you know, like some of these guys, I had a call yesterday with a guy and I told him to touch his taint and he said, what is that? And so I’m here teaching these boys about their own anatomy and doing things such as chastity is my one of my favorite kinks because I think it’s spiritual because I, you know, started out in the sacred sexuality world and learning about conscious masturbation and masturbation, meditation and semen retention for men. And then I got into the BDSM world and I was like, wait, putting a cage on your dick is literally just a kinkier way to practice semen retention and it can be extremely spiritual. It can unlock creativity and it can identify how cock focused a lot of men are. Well, duh. Yeah. But like I asked them, you know, how many times a day do you get hard and they’re just like a lot. And I’m like, well, you’re going to have a specific number here soon because every time you try for the next few days, you know, it’s just going to rise against that cage. And you’re going to notice when you see a lady’s ankles and it’s making your cock twitch, like it’s going to become very, very obvious in your life. Wow. That’s, that’s, that’s pretty interesting. Lo, you graduated with honors from an evangelical university, which is kind of interesting. Tell us about your journey from there into sex work. Oh, yeah. So the further I get away from it, the more inevitable I see that it always was. About 10 years ago, I was at APU, an evangelical private Christian college, which I ended up at after volunteer staffing at a mega church for a while. I ended up at APU and I was really interested in the global studies program, but I also, you know, was deep in the church at the time. And it was my first year there that I took a study abroad summer to Amsterdam to study Dutch social policy. And I was actually going there, but I planned my thesis to be about legalized sex work and how it was bad and how it was, you know, trafficked girls and how it was, it was awful for them. How they needed Jesus, all of the things that you would expect. And I went through that summer interviewing sex workers in the red light district and studying and researching. And my paper ended up being completely opposite of what I ever thought it was going to be. It was, wow, sex, you know, legalized sex work actually prevents trafficking. And actually, this could be empowering. And I’ve met, I met women who have been in this for years and years and years and love it. And I learned about the safety precautions and all of these things. And I was like, wait a second, if we say we actually care about, you know, sex workers or trafficked victims, like why would we not give them rights? And that was really a something that I felt lied to about from the place that I grew up and I started in that, in that same course, you know, studying other policies as well, prison reform, drug use. And honestly, I just, my world was switched up on its head and I went back to that school. I actually, as a 20 year old, this was 10 years ago, I looked into renouncing my US citizenship, like no lie, because I felt so lied to Bruce. I was like, this shit is upside down backwards crazy. And I was already in a global studies program and I loved that program. The founder of the specific program was still teaching it himself. And so I had an incredible mentor in him and he was more, you know, thought aligned with me personally than the school. Like we were kind of the liberal weirdos, you know, a smaller group of people. And so I ended up, from there, I had to take theology classes to graduate. I had to go to those Bible classes and I had to study it. I had to study the Bible academically, which I had never done. I had always experienced it in church. In the South, I experienced it in the culture growing up. I experienced it at the church I worked at. I experienced it on mission trips that I went on. This was the first time that I actually looked at the Bible and looked at Christianity through an academic lens instead of the one that’s just, you know, let’s tie a bow on the top and give you something pretty to feel about when you leave on a Sunday. And it was that actually studying it through that lens that led me away from my religion and led me away from Christianity and led me away. I mean, I booked a ticket, a one-way ticket after I graduated to Thailand and began my hell yeah. Like, you know what that feels like. I booked my one-way ticket to Thailand and I started my years-long adventure of traveling and being in different cultures and meeting different people and being in some of the darkest spaces. What my religion would have told me were these terrible dark spaces, but I was actually having such divine radical human connection. In that process, my own spirituality strengthened outside of the religion, which then ultimately led me to Bali. I went to a boot and in the midst of all of this, I’ve always struggled with my sexuality and specifically my promiscuity. When I, years ago, identified as a serial cheater, had not had one successful monogamous relationship because I just loved people. I just loved sex and not even just the sex, but the points in between of meeting someone and knowing you’re going to have sex, those moments in between that play, that push and pull. I was so addicted to that that I could not have any functioning relationship. Sound like a guy. Well, and that’s exactly what I was called for years. I had hoes in different country codes and I was a bit of a tornado, but a welcomed one because I was, you know, for the most part, I wasn’t malicious and I wasn’t evil. I was just living my life and that’s like what I wanted to do. But I knew that sexuality was very powerful for me and it always had been. And I also knew that there was the spiritual element of me and it wasn’t until I got to Bali in 2018, 19, I think 2019, yeah. That I started to bridge the two and started to realize that, you know, sex and sexuality and intimacy is not shameful. It’s actually fucking sacred. It is God. You know, like sex creates a life and like that sexual energy and that intimacy with ourselves is what creates like our lives every day as we’re making decisions. Are we making decisions from a passionate and turned on place and a place that feels good, a place of, you know, identified boundaries or are we making decisions from like suppressed, repressed places of frustration and not knowing our boundaries and trauma. And I started to see the impact of that work and then yeah, just started my podcast when COVID happened because I kind of was like, what else am I going to do? I spent some time in Bali during that time working with some coaches and thought leaders and wanted to get into copywriting and started to do some small projects for them when COVID hit. And I was thrusted back to LA and a friend of mine who’s kind of in the entertainment industry, the vanilla, the normie, normie entertainment called me out one day and said, wow, Lauren, like you’ve, or that’s my, that’s my name. Wow, Lowe. Oops, busted. I mean, I don’t really. It’s just always been Queen Lowe came from my real name. But he said, you know, wow, Lowe, you’ve actually found a way to make money while still hiding. You know, you’re wanting to ghostwrite and not come out with your, you know, your own opinions and your own experiences. And so I started the podcast as just a way to do that, like a way to talk about what I was learning and a way to talk to other people and connect with people. And I was experiencing the lifestyle scene now in LA and I was, you know, going and kind of exploring the ethical nonmonogamy and my dating, which ultimately led to me being invited to a professional dominatrix session. Now here we are. So tell us about your podcast. What will I hear if I tune in? These days, it’s, it’s like, when I started at three, two over two years ago, people would ask me what it’s about. And I would say, honestly, it’s about like, life, sex, like non-taboo topics, ethical nonmonogamy, all of the things that, you know, the human experience. And it didn’t really have a pointed direction. And neither did I. I had no idea what was going to happen with it or where it was going to go. It was just something I felt like I needed to do. And, you know, it’s worked out. But these days, it’s tales from the dungeon, stories and stories from the dungeon. But also, you know, I have my friend on who’s a sexuality educator for adults, sex ed with M. And we talk about her experiences with coaching her clients in a very different way, but a lot of the same things that come up, a lot of the concepts of shame or desire, a lot of the concepts come up in the dungeon that do in her, you know, in her office and how those, how they coincide and how they work together, but how we’re, you know, very different professions. But I have interviews with, I have an interview with one of my subs who I call tampon boy. But yeah, there’s an interview with one of my subs tampon boy. I talk about my, talk about different kinkstrasity, my least favorite types of subs, my favorite types of subs. I did one recently about the curse of the average cock, about one about masturbation manifestation, the O method, essentially manifesting while you’re masturbating. So there’s a whole plethora of topics. Interesting. It’s also, you were talking about having a counselor friend on. When you were describing what you do, I was almost about to say a lot of what you do is counseling. Absolutely. I think, I think sex workers in general, often wear many, many hats and unofficial therapists, unofficial counselors is one of them. And I always preface my conversations in, in our sessions, you know, I’m not a therapist and I, this is not in any way a replacement for therapy. I have, I go to therapy. I think it’s fantastic for everyone. However, just in and of itself, it is a therapeutic experience. And I have several therapist friends who are fascinated by the work that I do simply because they don’t talk about these things in their sessions. And I find that so interesting that I can be talking to so many guys who the insecurity about their coccyx or their performance is at the forefront of their mind all day long. And they’re in therapy and they’re not talking about that. They’re talking about the outburst. They’re talking about the symptoms, but they’re not talking about that in a lot of the ways. And there’s a lot of blurry lines when you are a certified therapist and there’s a lot of things you can’t do. I have many times over and over have I heard my subs say, you know, I feel like I’m in therapy except I get to like squeeze my balls or get to touch my cock. And it’s, it is a therapeutic experience. And it’s also especially for people who have internalized shame and guilt when it comes to their bodies and pleasure and sex and intimacy, it can be extremely freeing to be in that space and for it to be okay. Absolutely. How have friends and family who knew you back then responded to your work now? I love this question. Really overall really well. And I feel very blessed in the Bible. Bell I can assure you that I am like seen as the horror of Babylon reincarnated, but like they’re all still like they’re all fascinated with me anyways. So you know, at the end of the day, whatever my dad bless him, he knows what I do. He doesn’t really ask questions, but he’s not a man of a man of a ton of words anyways. So he knows what I do. It just is what it is. My grandmother, listen, my grandma’s been married nine times. So like that’s not like uncommon in my family on both sides and I’ll just kind of leave it there. But so I kind of look at them. I had a conversation with my grandfather recently and told him what I do and it was beautiful for him to say that he’s proud of me. And I get to kind of tell my family like, you know, is anyone actually really shocked? Like I don’t think so. They know you. They know me. I was, you know, boy crazy from the time I can remember. And it’s not really a shock. And I think it’s been interesting for people in my friend circle. I’m just in a very different space now, you know, a couple of years ago when I was running around and talking about taboo topics and wearing lingerie and preaching about body positivity and free sex and all this shit, you know, people were kind of like, okay, yeah, that’s just her. But since I’ve outwardly crossed the line into sex work, I think that a lot of people are, you know, they get uncomfortable with it. And I just have to agree. I just have to accept that that’s okay. And I’m growing and I’ve grown so much in the last couple of years. It’s not just being a sex worker. It’s building a successful business. And that just, you know, you outgrow people for whatever reason. But I think that the biggest blessing, the greatest thing is my mom. She has always been my number one, my number one supporter. She’s always encouraged a relationship of, you know, honesty, transparency. She would rather know what’s going on in my life and she knows that I’m going to do whatever I want anyway. So she would rather be a part of it and be there to help than to be closed out. And she’s always held that opinion. And so because of that, you know, she’s been, she went to AVN with me, which is awesome. Really? I’ve even, yes, it was, she went to AVN with me and also last over a year ago now, I was on a Fendom call. So it was like financial domination call. And I was on this call with this, one of my subs who likes to be exposed. So he likes to be recorded while he’s like sending me his money. And as I’m recording him, my mom calls and I have it on the video. I’m like, oh shit, mom’s calling. And so I answer it and I made him like oink and bark for her and like say thank you. And then I got off the phone and she immediately texted me like, what the hell is going on? What was that? And she knows what I do. She knew what I did, but she, that was her first time like really, you know, seeing it. And I posted the interaction on Twitter. And of course, within hours, I just had so many requests to call, you know, what we, who we now call Queen Mother. So so many subs were messaging about wanting to, you know, talk to Queen Mother. She was coming down to visit. And so we ended up scheduling some calls, some super funny shit. She was completely shocked by it. You know, she was like, this is, you know, these are like normal dudes and this is hilarious. So I totally did start her a loyal fans and she has made some money on it and it’s pretty fucking funny. That’s hilarious. Has she been on the podcast? Not yet. She is coming to visit soon and we are working on a project together, but we’re going to do the podcast together where she kind of listens to my podcast or she, or, you know, or we just dialogue. She’s just absolutely ridiculous. But she has, you can imagine she has a lot to say about the podcast that I put out because ever since I did and really ever since I was, could speak, she’s just been like on the edge of her seat waiting to spit out her coffee over what’s going to come out of my mouth to the public. I absolutely love it. What drew you to being a dominatrix? You know, if there’s such thing as fate or a calling, this would be it. Like I said, I was a very sexual person when I traveled, when I, for those years when I would go somewhere new, I was always thinking about who I was going to meet, what experiences I was going to have. You know, I prioritized travel, sex and yoga and writing. And that’s like what I was passionate about. And then trying to figure out how I, you know, could do good in the world somehow. You know, I had a one night stand in Mexico around my 24th birthday and this guy told me, you know, he was like, you are a sexual healer. I want you to meet my mom. And I just, he was telling me all these things and I was like, this wasn’t like a rare occurrence. This was happening a lot. And it was, they were beautiful connections, but like I, it’s, I could have this beautiful connection with you, but then I’m getting on a plane, baby. I’m going to the next place. Like I’m going to be, I’m so grateful for this connection and this like friendship. And just because, you know, the, one of the quotes I used with all of them was just because there’s snow on the ground, doesn’t mean summer didn’t exist. You know, what we had was real, but I am moving on now. The seasons have changed and that was obviously very destructive. It was beautiful when I kind of could figure out how to do it in an ethical way, but for the majority of my twenties, it was pretty like, it was pretty disastrous for most like for the people I was involved with. And it just was not consensual in the way that I treated their hearts and a lot of the time. And then once I started to explore sexuality and, and you know, spirituality, I, then I started the podcast and I started in OnlyFans where I was just a friend suggested that I do it to kind of, you know, back up my body positivity and sexuality and the fact that podcasts don’t pay, but OnlyFans does. And so I started kind of making these just more like sensual erotic videos. And I wanted it to be like the female body being worshiped, like this freedom, this sensuality being worshiped. And from there, of course, I was studying the lifestyle and I was, I was studying, I was going to lifestyle parties. And eventually I began escorting and meeting guys and at the time I would have said I was sugaring quote unquote. And I started meeting these guys and you know, the term allowance and such, but very early on when I was meeting with them, I realized I wasn’t a ton of sugar. Like I’m a lot of spice and not a lot of sugar. And I was naturally attracting guys who were, you know, more into my, I’m the more dominant one. I’ve always have been, I’m the one calling the shots. I’m playing the games. You know, there I know what to say. And like I love the push and pull the game. I’m in charge of the dynamics that I’m typically in when it comes to men and sex. And I think as I, once I eventually got invited to the dominatrix session, the pro session and then began kind of as soon as I walked in there, I was like, wait a second, this is what I’ve been doing already, except I have the, like I need to learn the technical. I have so much technical stuff to learn. And I had a great domino to who mentored me and for a bit. And I was, it was like, I just, I was, it wasn’t more of I, you know, decided to become a dom. It just, I realized I already was, like I realized I was. And I realized that like in that process of full service at escorting and sugaring and meeting these guys and doing kind of like atmosphere modeling quote unquote type of stuff, I started to realize how fucking valuable connection is, like how valuable connection is and why they would pay so much for it and how so many of these people just needed someone to talk to and listen to. And some of them had really busy lives, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve some type of intimacy that’s fair. And I also realized that, you know, shit, all every relationship is transactional and it’s, it’s value for value and, and normal relationships. I mean, I grew up in the South where the phrase, you know, marry rich and get you a rich husband is thrown around and actually meant and actually encouraged. And I’m like, wait a second, if I get married, I’m no longer a whore. That doesn’t make any fucking sense to me because I, you know, the first time I had sex for money. I walked out of that feeling like I again had felt lied to because I was like, we just had a great time. The transaction was upfront. It was consensual. And now we are going both on our ways, having this amazing experience. And I have a lot of fucking money in my pocket. I was like, damn, like this is not what you think of when you think of sex work. And it is not a lot of experiences either because I am very privileged to when I was exploring in LA and when I was working in person in LA, like, I made it known that I had family who knew where I was. I made it known that I was not someone working in secret and that I had a, you know, my location turned on and I was protected and I got into this business from a very empowered, enlightened place of choice and wanting to be here. And it’s consensual and I like being here. And I like the journey that I’ve gone on from full service to then now I do full dominatrix work and I love that I got to do that. But I realized that that’s not the overall experience of within this industry because it’s so put in the shadows and it’s so exploited, unfortunately. Now you say you teach sacred submission. What does that mean? Well, the word sacred, I just, you know, my deepest belief as I said earlier, sex is spiritual. Our sexuality is our creativity. Our intimacy with ourself is our, our magnetism. It’s our radiance. And I think that the act of submission is the same. It’s sacred. It’s spiritual to surrender, to release, to, to expand, to accept, to love, to, you know, I believe that we attract what we are, not what we want. So to be in a space where you are able to feel the things that you actually want to attract more of, that’s a spiritual process. It’s a sacred process for you to begin identifying and then experiencing what actually feels good to you, what feels good and what doesn’t feel good and learning how to say yes, learning how to say no, and then taking that out into your life and, and doing the same. And that’s a, that’s a sacred process. I think it’s a healing process. What are some common characteristics of both your favorite clients and your least favorite clients? Well, we will start with my favorite clients. You know, people ask me what my favorite kink is to work with all the time, but I have worked with a variety, a wide range of kinks and it can be great and it can suck and it actually is totally based on the sub themselves. I like subs who are excited, who are creative, who are thoughtful, who are open minded, who are intentional, who don’t just want to get on the phone and mommy, mommy, wank their cocks for five minutes and then, you know, treating it as a means to an end. I love subs who are actively exploring themselves in this space, appealing back the layers of kink versus using this space as an addictive, toxic getaway that’s actually like not making their life any better at all and who are in these toxic cycles of, of shame. Like you can’t really do anything with that, but if somebody is experiencing shame and guilt and they come to the space and they’re willing to work on it, they’re willing to show up for themselves. It’s always, it’s just so fun no matter what ends up happening in the session. Again it sounds like counseling. Yeah, no, it totally is. I mean, it’s like the, what they bring to it, right? Like if somebody’s like, oh, what’s next, what’s next, what’s next, you know, or if I’m having to pull it out of them like a fish hook, you know, the little responses or things about themselves, like, you know, I have an episode about this, like my, like 12 sad sub e behaviors. I cannot stand guys who come in and masquerade submission for like, they’re topping from the bottom in a sense. Like they’re, they try to tell me what to tell them to do or they come in and, you know, they’re like, I want to worship your body, but they really don’t. They just like want to what, like yank their cock to it. Like it’s just, it’s the same, like meaningless, just like stroke in my normal narrative, just master masqueraded within this space. And it’s just not true submission. So yeah, I love when, I love when people bring their own personalities into it when they’re free to be themselves. Does dominatrix work pay better than general escort work? There is a wide range of prices and pricing out there. I generally tend to think so, but it’s that’s not, I don’t think that’s all around. It’s not complete. It really does range all over the board because I mean, you have, you know, girls who are sugaring or escorting who are getting $10,000 an hour, you know, and then there are some doms who aren’t charging as much. I certainly charge more now as a dom than I ever did in escorting because I just didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I was early in it and I didn’t know how to set my price or what that looked like. But now since most of my work is online and I get to be very choosy and very picky about my in-person sessions. So I also get to, I get to charge high for them. Now you escorted before, and this is something I don’t even know about the dominatrix work. There’s a lot I don’t know about dominatrix work because it’s all kind of mysterious and it’s very interesting to me. Do you as a dominatrix actually have sex with your subs? Not penis and vagina sex. Something that I faced out of a couple of years ago was having full penetrative sex with my clients. However, as I became a dom and personally as I kind of came into who I am in this space, I realized that what I really liked about sex and me being a tyrant sexually my whole life, it wasn’t actually the sex itself. It was that in between. It was that game. It was that back and forth. It was the energy and the connection. And I realized that for me it was more sustainable. It was more sustainable for me to take pussy play and to take sex out of it and also realizing that it just wasn’t necessary within my role. And I think that I’ve seen people say dominatrixes would never have sex with their subs and such. And I think it’s different for everyone. At the end of the day, I think a dominatrix, a dominant is someone who does what the fuck they want. So if you’re horny and they’re hot, you’ll fuck them. I mean, honestly, these days really know. And on top of that, I also have a personal life and I have a partner who supports my work so much and he supports what I do and encourages me. And we actually got together when I was doing full service. And I was honest with him about that in the beginning, but it became a natural shift for me to feel like for longevity’s sake and just my own energy that I wanted to move away from it. And we have put in place our boundaries. I don’t do pussy play anymore. I don’t have get my vagina out anymore. And then I don’t bite my subs because biting is my man and I’s thing. So there’s boundaries within it that allow me to be a lot more free. However, I do have multiple, multiple strap ons and that is something that happens a lot. And funny enough, these days, that’s just the client that I attract. I don’t attract as many subs these days who even ask about who would ever think about having sex with me because it’s just the role. It’s the, you know, I am superior. You cannot have access to me. And honestly, like, you know, to your point of like, like a better looking sub, I have a lot of subs who are great looking and who are good, cool guys who have great personalities and they have money and they’re good looking, all the things. However, to me, it’s so fun being unattainable for them. They come to this place to be someone that they are not in regular day to day and to experience different things. And I wholehearted believe that traditional typical sex in the traditional narrative, it doesn’t really have a place in the sessions with my, with my clients these days. Got it. Share a few client stories with me. Oh, share a few client stories with you. I’ll do two that I have episodes out about just because they’re different and interesting. I have one sub who I’ve been working with for quite a while now. And he, one day I was at my mom’s house and I was in her jacuzzi and he was messaging me and started talking about how he has an interesting kink that he wants to share with me. And of course I was all for it. He had never talked about it before, but he had a kink of the kink of putting women’s tampons up his ass and like just being completely filled with tampons. And normally this is again, not something that I would think I would be like, wow, this is fun. But because I had worked with him and because he’s, you know, my mom actually came out and this is on the episode. I think she came out and saw him and was like, oh my God, he’s just like a normal guy, like totally normal dude. And we, you know, played a game where every time I sent him a video message, he had to put another tampon up his ass and he had female panties on and he actually had a sounding cage, which is like a chastity device that has a bar in the center that goes up the urethra and basically flattens the cock. So, so again, it can really look like anything. Bruce Kringes. Bruce Kringes. And that was just, and we’ve actually had a long, that’s some and I have had a long relationship now and most of what we do is talk and most of what we do is engage and talk about, you know, the next time we’re going to play, he has a huge tentacle as well I do too. Like this huge tentacle dildo. It’s hilarious. And the last time I was visiting family in the South, I had him sitting on this tentacle cock waiting for me to be done, like telling my dad in such a good night. And my dad, you know, it was like my last night there. So he was just talking and talking. And I just knew that I had my tampon bitch just like sitting, you know, waiting on this giant tentacle cock. For then after that, we, you know, we’re using that to stretch him out for, for the tampons. So sessions can be as bizarre as that. One of the, one of the really cool ones that I actually, one of the recent podcast episodes about, I released, I talked about masturbation, manifestation. And one kink that I don’t work with a lot is breeding, which, you know, I don’t, you know, like my subs are not impregnating me, but I had a sub about a year ago who I’d only ever talked to really on the phone, but we would talk a lot. And he was very intellectually stimulated and wanted to kind of dive deeper into his own submission and like what it was that he needed from the relationship with his wife, who he loved. And they had great sex. However, there was just something that was missing within himself. And it was consensual for him to be in this space between his wife, new, and he wasn’t allowed to do video calls, but he could do phone calls. And ultimately, I found out that him and his wife were trying to get pregnant and that he was, because of that, finding himself, you know, turned on by the breeding kink. And which I hate that term, by the way, it makes us sound like fucking cattle. There’s like no way, a good way to put that, that, that kink. But we actually did a long visualization, meditation, sort of manifestation session, which was beautiful. We started it the way that, you know, any guided meditation would start where we do a body scan and then we visualized the golden creative light. And there was a dominant female figure and him releasing eventually like him coming was, you know, a, was a testament of creation, a putting it out into the universe of like what he and like his love like with his wife and the powerful life that he wanted to create. And he immediately said it was just incredible, something he never experienced before. And literally about a month and a half later, six weeks later, he called me again and was like, my wife is pregnant. And he, it’s the craziest thing. And regardless of, you know, whatever you believe, it was his energy of like, he felt like he was putting his best and his intention and like into that life that he’s creating. And what it means to be someone who puts their own desire and their own health and their own needs, they prioritize it. And so that they can then go into their family and they can go into their relationships, not having repressed anger and frustration and resentment because they’re denying who they are. And it was a really beautiful example of, you know, how this work, even him coming back and talking about how he’s going to now, you know, as a father, that it obviously changes what he gets to, what he gets to do. And he wants to be faithful to his wife. He doesn’t want to go to Vegas and have work trips and end up fucking up his family. Like he wants to have tools. He wants to have his desires and his needs met in a way that honors his family that he’s building. And that is, that should create generational change, you know, it’s not just kink. Like there’s so much fun and hilarious. I’ve had guys fuck fruit. I’ve had guys suck their own dicks. I have them eat their own cums and thousands of different, you know, creative ways and cage themselves up. And we have Bluetooth app control toys that we use. But ultimately what happens, what happens in here has the power to really affect them on the outside, you know, how they how they present themselves and engage with the world. Absolutely. So briefly, what are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about your work? I think something, I think a misconception that’s within the community actually is that being dominant means being a bitch. Being dominant means being evil or wanting to ruin someone’s life. I think people see it being a dominatrix as this ball busting. Everything is about me and everything is for me. But it’s a very naive and shallow look at what it is to be dominant and being dominant is certainly not being mean. It’s certainly not being abusive. It’s certainly not doing things without consent. True submission is given. And I think it’s alarming how many people will say, you know, force me to submit. I’m not going to force you to do anything because that reinforces your idea of what dominance is out there in the world that submission is not it’s not taken. It’s given and it takes trust. I think people don’t understand what like what safety measures are in place within this industry, not only, you know, just with guidelines, but also techniques and also things like aftercare. You know, there are so many beautiful things within this industry and within this world of BDSM that honestly the vanilla normie world would really fucking benefit from. People would really benefit from the fact like if casual sex, like I love casual sex, I think I put casual sex doesn’t mean careless and disrespectful sex. How much better would people feel if they had this beautiful connection with someone but had a place where they afterwards could check in on each other and it doesn’t feel like a fucking marriage proposal. It’s just checking in on someone that I just let in turn side of me like we’re checking in on each other as human beings. Like I see you, you see me. We are not like this doesn’t have to be super heavy, but it also doesn’t have to be super fucking careless and traumatic either. And I think that there’s so much within this world that that could be translated outside of it. Hopefully, it is a little bit with the work of myself and my fellow Dom’s sex workers in general. Amen to that. So Lo, what is the best way for someone to reach out to work with you? The best way to reach out is my website, You can book a call directly there for a Skype session or you can reach me on sexpanther, which is one of my favorite platforms. You can also subscribe on loyal fans to get a little bit of the behind the scenes action. Yeah, I’ve got Twitter, Instagram, all the things. All those wonderful things. I had TikTok until today and I got banned. Oh, God. Yeah. Listen, I had TikTok for like five minutes and everything I posted got banned. So I was like, this is just not for me. And Instagram’s kind of the same way. Like I’ve, you know, so far so good with Instagram. I’m crossing my fingers on that, but I wouldn’t hold out hope that it’s going to happen too much longer. Even though what I’m posting is pretty vanilla. They’ll join Facebook and LinkedIn and so many others that have said goodbye to me. Yeah. Well, we are violent and titties are violent. Sex is violent. Yeah. We’re awful. We’re awful. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. I’m going to be a little bit more violent. We’ll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we’ll be speaking with Melrose Michaels. And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker. I’d once again like to thank my guest, Queen Lowe. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker. I’m Bruce Friedman. [music] [music fades] [no audio] [ No Audible Dialogue ]

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