Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 209 with Katie of Blossm

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 209 with Katie of Blossm

Katie of Blossm is this week’s guest on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Katie is an anonymous adult content creator and a business development analyst with Blossm.

She is also a former marine scientist, a licensed captain, and a veteran.

Born and raised in New England, she developed a love of the ocean and worked on boats every summer from a young age, which eventually evolved into earning a degree in Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology and a degree in Biology.

She began posting nude content anonymously on the blog site Tumblr in 2012, simply for fun and to build self-confidence.

It wasn’t until later that she monetized her content on clip sites and fan sites.

She took a long hiatus from her adult online activity after 2015 to focus on her professional career in marine science.

She became an officer and completed 7 and a half years of active duty service, where her primary duties were driving research vessels and conducting crucial scientific missions.  

Since becoming a civilian again, she found a unique opportunity to combine her professional skills with her adult industry knowledge as a creator when she came across Blossom.

She has worked for Blossm since April of last year and plans to continue on this new adventure.

Blossm is a promo marketplace for adult content creators, agencies, and businesses.

It was developed out of the industry’s need for an easy and secure platform for creators to buy and sell shoutouts between each other.

It is a one-stop shop for all things promo while providing the peace of mind that you won’t be scammed.

Developed by industry experts with security and safety in mind, Blossm has features such as ID and social media verification, tools to streamline promo orders, an in-platform chat system, 24/7 customer support, and the ability to manage multiple accounts.

Blossm allows creators to safely monetize their following by selling paid shoutouts, which helps other creators grow their following safely.

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Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

My chat with Katie was awesome. She's intelligent, has lived a very interesting life, and has done many things at a young age. I know you'll enjoy it.


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That’s spelled B-L-O-S-S-M for those who don’t know how to spell. She’s also a former marine scientist, a licensed captain and a veteran. Born and raised in New England, she developed a love for the ocean and worked on boats every summer from a young age which eventually evolved into earning a degree in aquaculture and fisheries technology and a degree in biology. That’s a mouthful. She began posting nude content anonymously on the blog site Tumblr in 2012 simply for fun and to build self-confidence. It wasn’t until later that she monetized her content on clip sites and fan sites. She took a long hiatus from her adult online business after 2015 to focus on her professional career in marine science. She became an officer and completed seven and a half years of active duty service where her primary duties were driving research vessels and conducting crucial scientific missions. That sounds cool. Once becoming a civilian again, she found a unique opportunity to combine her professional skills with her adult industry knowledge as a creator when she came across Blossom. She’s been working for Blossom since April of last year and plans to continue on this new adventure. Blossom is a promo marketplace for adult content creators, agencies and businesses. It was developed out of the industry’s need for an easy and secure platform for creators to buy and sell shoutouts between each other. It’s a one-stop shop for all things promo while providing the peace of mind that you won’t be scammed. We all need that. Developed by industry experts with security and safety in mind, Blossom has features such as ID and social media verification tools to streamline promo orders and in-platform chat systems, 24/7 customer support and the ability to manage multiple accounts. Blossom allows creators to safely monetize their following by selling paid shoutouts which in turn helps other creators to grow their following safely. So how was your commercial, Katie, besides long? No, I think you covered it. I think we can wrap it up here. Okay, nice talking to you. Bye. Katie. You did great. I’ll make it easy on you. Not that easy. Katie, what made you decide to be an anonymous, faceless content creator? So as you mentioned in my little bio there that it really did start out of something for fun. You know, I saw other people doing it on Tumblr. I wanted some confidence. You know, I was younger. I just kind of wanted to see what other people thought. So I put it out there. And when the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, I was like, oh, I kind of enjoy this. It’s fun. And of course, faceless because I did not want to reveal my identity at that point. Yeah. And maybe a little bit of my own exhibitionist interest, you know, I was always sending naughty pics to my boyfriends and things. So this was just kind of a fun way to make it, you know, an even bigger thing to have fun with. Different boyfriends at the same time? No, no. Oh my goodness. Well, until I got on the internet, then I have a lot of boyfriends. Oh boy, do you? Oh, they wish. What does it mean to be an anonymous creator? So it means, I guess, you know, different things to different people, because some people just don’t want to give out their legal name. But for me, it’s like complete omission of my identity, including my face. That’s a shame. You got a pretty face. Oh, thank you. I know it does kind of bum me out. But on the other side of the coin, I never have to worry about hair and makeup when I want to make content. So have you or how have you balanced your professional life and online life while maintaining your anonymous, I can never say that word. I know. Anonymity. You know, that part has been a challenge because, you know, I’m a faceless content creator, but I’m a faceless content creator part time. You know, as you mentioned, I’ve always had a full-time career in other industries and being active duty. So finding the time to do both was really, you know, the hardest part. You know, that’s not, that’s not, you know, isolated to just anonymous people. You know, all creators are a lot one man shows, you know, editing, recording, creative, you know, all of that. So that was probably the hardest part. And then of course, just, yeah, making sure I never got busted or, you know, outed or doxxed or anything. So now that you’re out of the service, are you planning on taking the anonymous part out? Well, I’ve played with that idea a few times, but it really is such a big decision because the internet is forever, you know, you put something out there, you’re probably never going to get rid of it. So I have to be 100% sure I’d want to make that decision. And as far as I’m concerned, you know, that decision is bigger than me. I mean, even though I might be comfortable putting myself out there, you know, I wouldn’t want my family to be embarrassed. And I know it’s my life. I got to live it. But I do care about, you know, my loved ones and my professional life. And I like having the professional life where people don’t necessarily know what I look like naked. Oh, well, what’s the big deal? No, I’m kidding. So I’m going to assume your family doesn’t know you do this? No, at least, you know, not my parents and my cousins and siblings, you know, like, or my sister, you know, that’s a little different. But I don’t let them know the extent of it. And no one in my real life knows my online identity. All of my friends, you know, know that, oh, Katie, she’s got her only fans, but none of them have ever seen it. You hope. We hope. So, I mean, it sounds like maybe, and you grew up in New England, it sounds like maybe your upbringing was a bit conservative. Yeah, I mean, somewhat. I mean, you know, my father was pretty religious, you know, I was brought up pretty Catholic and my parents just never really talked about the tough stuff. They never really gave us like the sex talk or whatever. So I think this also might have been a little overcompensation for the lack of education and comfort in my home. We just never talked about it. So I was like, whatever, I’m going to go send a picture of my titties to my boyfriend now. You know, it was just sort of like that. Yeah. And I think a lot of people who are creators and do things where any kind of sex worker, really, where they show their body, where their body is involved. I think overcompensation is probably a big part of it with a lot of these people. Yeah, yeah, I definitely agree with that. You know, it’s a good way to express yourself. It feels like, you know, a freedom. Like this is my body, you know, my choice. I’m going to put it out there if I want to and, you know, no one can stop me. And it does feel good to just kind of like have that freedom, albeit not showing my face, but also getting that, you know, sort of sexual expression and something I didn’t really have talks about growing up. Yeah. You started on Tumblr, right? Yes. Yep. So when you posted that first Tumblr post, what went through your mind? You know, I don’t even remember what picture it might have been. You know, I was very, I was 19 at the time, so I was sort of just putting whatever out there and, you know, technology in 2012 is not anywhere near as good as it is now. So it probably was some, you know, grainy photo of me in my bedroom. But I’d say, you know, maybe a little bit of nervous excitement, but mostly I felt okay because the face wasn’t in it. And I said, yep, you know what, even if this goes everywhere, they’re not going to know it’s me. So that was like the only thing that sort of kept me saying about it. So what made you go the next step and put it on platforms? You know, I had watched some of the Tumblr girls, like we kind of had, you know, a little bit of a community on there back in the day. I watched some of them go on to do stuff like that. And I was like, wow, that’s, you know, really cool. It just, for me at the time, like I was in college and very focused on my academic life and career. So I just didn’t put the time in. And then once, you know, I was past that and finally rolling with my career, I was like, hey, you know, this might be kind of fun. As the Tumblr times, I was only like Amazon wishlist. I wasn’t actually getting paid paid, you know, like someone would send me a new little point and shoot digital cameras just so I could take better content. But yes, so the monetization just didn’t come until I was ready and stable and finding many vids was actually the first platform I started on for monetization and made a bunch of clips. And that was fun. Okay. Has the anonymous factor made being a creator more difficult for you? Success wise, not really. In general, the biggest, the biggest difficulty is getting sick of the countless offers to get me to reveal myself. Have you done that in any private? No. I mean, there are some people who have developed very close relationships with, you know, as far as trust and, you know, I have very loyal followers. I still have people come say, oh my God, I found you after all these years. You know, I saw you on Tumblr and it’s really nice having such a loyal, you know, following. But even then, I don’t really want to cross that boundary. But people do make offers. I mean, I don’t know what the dollar amount is, but it would have to be astronomical. So it hasn’t made it more difficult? Well, like I said, success wise, I don’t really feel like, I mean, there are a lot of advantages to, you know, showing your face. But again, like I said, I don’t have to worry about, you know, presenting myself my hair and makeup and all that. So that’s kind of a really convenient factor. But I’ve sort of been able to compensate for the faceless factor a couple of different ways. And that comes in with mostly my personality, creativity, humor, intellect. I like to put hilarious witty, punny captions, different funny ideas, word play. You know, I’ve always loved stand up comedy. Never had the guts to get up on stage and do open mic. But you know, now I’ve got a captive audience, you know, looking at my naked photos and they kind of have to listen. So I try out all my material on them. Yeah. And how does it go over? Oh, they love it. They think I’m so real. And that’s the thing is just building my platform on being genuine and just down to earth and basically ensure a big weirdo, which is the best because I love being a big weirdo. That’s funny. That’s a good handle to have. I love it. I definitely consider myself the same. If people don’t say I’m strange, I’m doing something wrong. Exactly. You got to keep them guessing. Who the hell wants to be normal? Right. Yeah. And basically it is like I said, the personal connection, you know, I don’t have a face. I can be any face you want me to be, but you know, you’re going to get this, you know, empathetic, funny, you know, person who probably cares way too much about Internet strangers than I should. But for me, it’s always been the quality. But that’s good because let’s let’s face it. Okay. The real strength of these platforms for a creator is to become their Internet girlfriend, to become the person that they tell their problems to, the person that they connect with on more of a level than just sexually. Right. Right. Yeah. A lot of people do want that girlfriend experience. And sometimes actually that’s been something that’s almost turned me off to this whole thing is so how intense some of these people can be, you know, it’s even being anonymous. I’m still not scared for my safety, but just kind of like, oh, wow, this person is really thinking like, you know, they’re my whole world or something. And it can be a lot intimidating. Yeah. You have any stories? I mean, I’ve definitely had a few over the years. The most recent one, the most unfortunate one was someone I had to, you know, kick off my only fans or not kick off my only fans. He left my only fans because I didn’t respond to him in a timely manner, which is silly because my subs know that I don’t go on there every day and that I have a life and I talk to them when I talk to them. So he got upset that I didn’t respond to him the way he wanted to be responded. Started harassing me on social media and stuff. And so when I blocked him everywhere, he found my link tree and started sending me $1 on Cash App just to send little snippets in the description line to harass me. Jesus Christ. Yeah. $1 at a time. He was sending me, you know, I was like, this guy’s got problems. But I mean, again, not worried about, you know, my safety just sort of annoyed with it all. I mean, let’s face it. There’s one thing that there’s no shortage in the world and that’s strange dangerous people and strange twisted people. And our industry draws them, does it not? It sure does. Yeah. All kinds of kinds. So, I mean, overall, how do you remain successful as a creator while not showing your face? Yeah. I mean, like I said, mostly the personality and all that, but another huge aspect is high quality content. You know, you’re leaving something out. So what else are you bringing to the table? You know, you kind of have to have a good eye for photography. I mean, I don’t want to make it look like, you know, my photos were shot using a potato. You know, I want to make it look like high quality and I put effort in, you know, I don’t have a cluttered background or, you know, I don’t have, I’m a perfectionist. So that also is, you know, part of the problem. But high quality content, people are like, wow, you know, you just don’t see people putting in like the time and the effort to kind of polish all their content because they are cranking it out way faster and more often than I am. But when I do put something out, I want it to be good. And that has really helped me. So if I go to your page, I am really curious now, if I go to your page and I look at what you put out there, tell me what I’m going to see if I go to your only fans. What do the images look like? Do you just cut the head off? Do you wear masks? I mean, how do you, how are you an anonymous faceless creator? Very much is the crop. You know, I just make sure my face is out of frame or it’s the back of my head. I do, you know, in some pieces of content, you know, show, you know, from under my nose down my mouth, you know, like there’s a couple of photos where I’ll put a smile in or some, you know, luscious lips kind of looks and, you know, obviously the mouth is very involved in creator things. So I guess it’s a partial at that point. But yeah, most of my stuff, especially as of late, has been more of the modeling type, you know, like here’s me in some old lingerie I found in the back of my closet trying it on every day stuff. I have kind of straight away from this, never was hardcore on my page. It’s mostly more soft core, but I’ve really straight away from this overly sexual into more of the tasteful modeling, you know, my niches, you know, big boobs. And so, so, you know, that’s sort of all I really need to focus on is, you know, playing those up and making them look good. Give them tits. Just give them tits. Yeah. And the men will be happy. Mommy. Yes, yes, we do love tits. We definitely do love tits. Oh my goodness gracious. So, you’ve never really done much in the way that sexual masturbation, having a partner, any of that? No, at the beginning, I mean, most, yeah, like most of my stuff is solo content. You know, I even when I had a partner, it was just something like I didn’t want to make that be a part of our relationship, at least not with that person. You know, in the future, that might be a fun lucrative angle for me to take. But for right now, or in the past even, I was, you know, yeah, definitely sexual sub masturbation and toys and things like that. But in some role play, people love their crazy scenarios. I, you know, love finding out the weird things people are into and then, and then I get to, you know, really question how this world works. Tell me about it. Oh my gosh, yeah, it’s a hoot and also a little concerning. But I’ve had fun with it. So yeah, but ever since then, I don’t really do customs anymore. It just becomes a lot. Like I said, I’ve got this full time career. It’s great. I love it. And, you know, it’s never really been about the money. So that also has kind of helped me not have to really push. Do you think it actually is an advantage to be an anonymous creator? You know, I do think in some ways, you know, especially for the people who really do, you know, I don’t want to say value their professional career. People can be not anonymous in value. But I mean, people who, who do have this sort of like separation of church and state, right? It’s like, all right, this is my one life and this is my other life. That for some people works better, I guess. So it’s an advantage for me to be like, all right, this is my, you know, online internet persona, which is me, but I’m just, you know, naked and faceless. Right. You said it’s not about the money. And I get that because it seems like you’re just having fun and that’s, hey, if you can have fun and make money, what the hell? I have fun and make money all the time. So it’s great. What’s the strangest kink somebody proposed to you? There’s nothing that’s been like, you know, super strange that I could tell you that you probably haven’t heard, but well, I mean, this is the one that I’m thinking maybe, maybe you haven’t, I don’t know, but a lot of it is, and I don’t love this because I’m such a nice person, but, um, titty shaming, titshaming, people love to say, oh, my girlfriend’s a B cup. You’re, you know, can you talk about how much bigger and better yours are and how I will never have them. And I’m just like, oh, I don’t like titty shaming. I love all titties of all sizes and all women, but that is a very big kink. I’ve noticed that people want comparison of the boobs and, you know, kind of shutting down, shutting down other people’s boobs. Yeah, that’s not good. Yeah. I don’t love it, but it’s popular. Have you done it? Case by case basis, you know, when it was not in a real life context, you know, like it was a fantasy context. I know I’ve had people send me pictures of their, you know, significant others. I’m just like, you know, this doesn’t really make me feel good about, you know, myself or the world. So yeah, I didn’t really always cater to those real life scenarios. There you go. Well, you do what’s comfortable to you. And again, when it’s not about the money, you can really pick and choose, right? Right. Yeah. I mean, this has always just been spending cash. I mean, there was a time where I was really, I don’t want to say raking it in, but, you know, for someone who worked over 40 hours a week and, you know, was a very busy person, I think I was doing all right for myself, you know, nothing crazy, but, you know, like I said, some spending cash, you know, sort of don’t have to worry about extra expenses at the end of the month because I’ve got my fun money. Yeah. What advice would you give to other anonymous faceless creators or do people want to become creators but not compromise their identity? Well, I would say if adult content creation is something you’ve wanted to go for, but you held back because you didn’t want to compromise your identity. I say that do it this way. I mean, anyone who’s ever wanted to dip their toe in the water. I mean, not everyone’s going to make it or monetize it, but put yourself out there. Just be very safe and smart about it. I see some faceless content creators just, you know, in passing on Twitter and whatnot where I’m like, there’s some things that could kind of give this away. You know, you have to be careful about what’s in your background, you know, magazines that might have an address, pill bottles, family photos, things you just don’t think twice about can quickly reveal you to the observant fan. And but please just don’t have any clutter in the background of your photo period. I mean, we’re talking about high quality here. We don’t want we don’t want clutter period, let alone personal information. So yeah, you just really have to be safe. If you want to do the anonymous content creation, you have to do it right or it’s all for not. Do you have like a special space in your house where you do this? No, not currently. Back when I was living down in the keys, you know, I had an extra bedroom where I kind of use as an office and I, you know, had a bed in there as well that I could just kind of do my own thing. But honestly, I just would usually stand in the window to get that natural light, prop my phone ups at the timer, take a nice photo set without really worrying too much about the background because I was doing like portrait mode kind of, you know, very classy blurred background. But I did have a content space for a little while, but that wasn’t as important to me as just making the quality content. However, I saw fit. Doesn’t using a blurred background, won’t that keep people anonymous? Yeah, it’s definitely an effective strategy if you know how to edit your photos well. You know, you have to make sure that you’re not blurring parts of your skin into the background or making it look like it’s Photoshop. So yeah, if you can, if you can do it well, it does, it does really spice up the picture. Like I said, no face, you got to come at them with a little, little extra, which is good quality photos, good quality videos. So tell me the story of how you ended up in the adult industry. I never thought that this would happen. What’s a nice girl like this doing in a place like this? Right? Right. Well, we’re making it a nicer place, Bruce. And that’s that is why I ended up in the adult industry. Indeed, I agree. Yeah. Long story short, I had a friend, you know, like I said, my friends know about my creator status and this friend had a friend of his. So someone I didn’t know say, Hey, my friend does that, you know, adult stuff or works for a company that does adult stuff and they got a new website. You should check it out. You know, he was telling me about it and you know, should tell him what you think. And I was like, Oh, cool. I’d love to, you know, went on, checked it out. I said, Oh, this is a good idea. This is great. I have some suggestions. I have some thoughts and I drafted them up a nice Google doc with, you know, screenshots, examples, recommendations, you know, solutions. And when they got it, they’re like, wow, this is way more than we were expecting. We’d love to talk to you about this, you know, a little further. You’re talking about Blossom, right? Yes, correct. Sorry. I didn’t want to, I want to bury in the lead a little because I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to make it sound like I was, you know, sort of like, I don’t know. I will. But yeah, they were pretty pleased with the industry knowledge combined with, you know, my keen analytical thought. And I was already planning on making a career change. I was getting out of active duty. I had been out of active duty for about four months at that point. And so I was like, well, this fell into my lap. I think I want to try it. And I did and we’re rocking and rolling. And I’ve been having a great time. So and like I said, I do love the mission. I when I saw Blossom, you know, I wanted to give that feedback because out of the goodness of my heart, I was like, oh, and this is something the industry needs, you know, it needs a safe place to do promo. I always shied away from promo myself as a creator because of all of the issues involved. So when I saw this, I said, wow, you know, this is something that should be a thing. So I wanted to help. Yeah, that’s cool. That’s really cool. You mentioned Xbiz X3 and Avian were your first time attending industry events and we met at X3. How was that experience for you seeing it both as a professional as a creator and then also just as a normal person? Yeah, it was exciting, you know, because starting out as a creator, you know, before I knew I’d ever do this professionally, I always thought, oh, that would be so fun to go to one of these, you know, events one day. And then, of course, struggled with how to strategically navigate the anonymous thing, you know, and I settled on just not telling any, you know, I would attend and not tell anyone my stage name for going the paper bag on my head route, you know, but it just never ended up happening. Yeah, and that wouldn’t look as good. That wouldn’t look as good anyway. No, I can’t pull off like the DJ thing, like where they, you know, the DJs all these days have crazy headgear to hide their identity. That wasn’t my style. I would just be anonymous and just quietly observe. But now in this capacity, professionally with Blossom, I was like, oh, I get to go there, you know, see with my young aspiring creator eyes that I had back in the day and and now also just get to be a part of it, you know, helping make the industry, you know, a better place, meeting people, learning stuff for myself. So it was extremely fulfilling. I’ll be it was very crazy and busy and chaotic because we were working as well as enjoying. I was having a drink when I met you. But anyway, yes, yeah, no, if you want to call that working, I love this business anyway. No, it is working. I was going to say like that was the other part is like I really enjoy the networking and getting to meet wonderful people like yourself. I met so many cool people, interesting people. And that has just always been my spice of life. You know, I’ve always just loved talking to people. So I really had a fun time and I’d actually given a presentation on Blossom at Xbiz and that was kind of daunting because I missed it. I’m sorry. That’s OK. I hadn’t done public speaking for a while, but, you know, I did it and it felt good. And now I’m like, oh, yeah, I can I can do that again sometime. No no big thing. But that was fun. And so like it really made me feel like, all right, I’m doing this, you know, I’m I’m an industry professional and part time creator. So you don’t have a lot of experience at this stuff. You’re damn good. I mean, I was an operational specialist at active duty. So kind of looking, you know, I’m used to looking at detail, process improvement, you know, all sorts of things like that. So I’m just applying it to context that I had as an anonymous contact creator. You know, it’s it’s interesting how it does translate just different stuff. Are you doing less content creation now than you were before you got into Blossom? Definitely. Well, I mean, I wouldn’t say Blossom. It was hinging on the Blossom factor. I mean, yes, I have been doing it less and less because now I’m just so interested in getting on and doing the research and looking at what other people are doing. Yeah, I kind of want to know what my fans think and keep up with that stuff. But I mean, if I’m going to spend time in the adult industry, my priority is my career. And like I said, I’m not making the big bucks with with creating. That’s just for fun. So if it’s not fun, I don’t want to push myself. But, you know, I’ve gone through ups and downs with it. You know, COVID happened. I thought, oh, now I have to work from home when COVID started. But I thought I have all this time to take photos and whatever. But I got pretty depressed and, you know, mental health is a bear when it comes to this kind of stuff. So that also has really rocked my motivation on it. Anytime you’re alone like that and so many people went through it during COVID, I’m glad you were able to pull yourself out because many people couldn’t. It was. I mean, you know, I almost feel selfish when I say how bad COVID kind of interrupted my life because I know so many people had it worse. But, you know, that was kind of the the moment where things just kind of went downhill for me, you know, creator wise, motivation wise. I lost my routine and so now doing good again. We’re just sort of we never really picked back up on the, you know, full, full tilt creator stuff. Got it. What was it about the opportunity to work for Blossom that made you blur the lines between your creator life and your professional life? Yeah, I mean, like I said, I never expected this to happen. So the fact that there was something good enough to make me want to is pretty special. Like I said, when I came across the site, you know, just doing it as a favor for a friend of a friend and my own interest. And I saw it. I was kind of like, again, this is a really good idea. And it’s for the right reasons. You know, it’s protecting people. It’s, you know, making it a safer space, making people more successful, helping people monitor. Like the mission across the board is just sort of like, all right, like I’m into this. This is a great idea. So when I gave my feedback and it was so well received, I was kind of like, well, how could I not? How could I, you know, deny myself the opportunity? And also, you know, I wanted to contribute because I really want to see Blossom succeed. I really do think it’s what something the industry needed in a very special way. Like, like it’s not just your average site. And it sounds like an opportunity to be at the ground floor or something big. Yeah, absolutely. Which is also very new to me because working at the federal government, you are never on the ground floor. Well, you’re always on the ground floor, basically. Well, yeah, under the boots, maybe. Or the water. Right, yeah, at the bottom of the ocean. Oh, my goodness. Don’t want to do, don’t want to be there. Besides what I mentioned, tell me more about Blossom. So, all right. So like you did a great job reeling off that info. Ah, shucks. You did. Couldn’t wait to hear it coming from you. So Blossom, like you said, is the one stop shop specialized for people in the adult industry to buy and sell promo. And now we throw that word promo around all the time. But for those listening who might not know or understand, promo is just short for promotion. It’s become the collective term for different types of paid shoutouts on the internet. So, yeah, when you’re seeing people say, like, oh, you know, DM me for promo or I need promo. It’s just basically advertising yourself or having someone else get your name out there. And, you know, obviously there’s a ton of different ways to be promoted online, you know, on your not safe for work platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, and then your safe for work ones, you know, regular social medias. And then your fan sites. And then, like I said, there’s a million different ways in mass DM. Someone can send out a DM of you. They can pin you on their profile. So if they have a big influence and they post a smaller creator, they’re funneling, you know, some of their their influence your way. It really does help people grow their followings and their accounts. Got it. How was Blossom changing the game for paid promo? What sets this side apart? Yeah, again, again, back to the whole thing that sold me out. It was that, you know, it’s it’s the internet. You don’t always know who you’re talking to. You don’t know if that internet stranger is going to take your money and run. And in my experience, you know, as a creator, promo sometimes has a relatively negative stigma in the industry due to the issues of people falsifying their stats, fake users and scammers, platform restrictions or just not getting what you’re hoping. You know, you don’t want to spend money on something you don’t fully believe that’s going to work out. So Blossom is addressing all of those head on. The biggest thing is that we act as an escrow service. So, you know, we we protect your promo purchase by, you know, we hold on to the funds until the seller has executed the promo successfully. And no one’s getting paid or taking money unless everything’s cool. Kind of like an escrow, right? Yes, exactly. I would say the biggest advantage, because again, you know, you don’t know who you’re sending your money to out there on the internet. It’s the Wild West out there. You know, people are in Telegram and they’re they’re like snaking around and you don’t you don’t know, but Blossom, you know, because we ID verify. Everyone age verify everyone. We verify account ownership of your social medias and fan sites. So we really don’t leave any room for for messing around. You know, we we really want to make sure that it is safe and secure because everyone deserves to have, you know, access to being promoted or monetizing their following without getting ripped off. Exactly. What sort of things do you do for Blossom? So that’s a great question. I know that’s why I asked it. Yeah, I wear I wear many different hats for Blossom. You know, the main reason being the industry knowledge that I was able to kind of bring in the background in just attention to detail and things like that. I can and I can tell you it’s a lot more exciting than what I did for the federal government. I can imagine no less significant, however. No, of course, yeah, different mission, you know, but this is again, this has just been so fun for me. It’s only been, you know, a year now, so I just can’t even imagine what I’d be doing without working for Blossom. But reenlisting. You’re right. Oh, no, I’m done. I didn’t done with my time there. No, thank you, sir. Oh, yeah. So I guess the most important thing I do for Blossom is keeping my finger on the pulse of what’s happening on the site. It’s a relatively novel thing. You know, there are other, you know, avenues for promo online, but the way we are tackling it, like each of these specific issues, we’re giving a real, like person to person like approach where we really care. So me being in there, kind of like looking at the transactions, seeing if anything, you know, oh, where are we getting held up? Where can we, you know, process improve? But I also get to work with almost every team on Blossom, which is such a privilege because we have such a great group of people. I mean, the product team, customer sports team, marketing team, development team, everyone in between. I mean, they’re all fantastic. And like I said, for me, it’s really special that I get to, you know, like learn and be a part of, you know, all these different aspects of Blossom and provide what I can as well. How does being a creator, how much does that help? It helps a lot. The people on this team, you know, are not stranger to the adult industry. But I was kind of surprised that I was the only content creator and enough for a bad reason. I mean, like these people know, you know, what what they’re doing. You know, they’ve been in the industry. They know they know their stuff. So for me, because I’m also very empathetic, I feel like I just kind of gave that extra aspect of my creator goggles on where I’m like, well, I would feel this way, you know, or I would feel that way and kind of give, you know, the devil’s advocate of, you know, what the other side might be feeling. Because, you know, when you’re looking at it from an admin standpoint, you’re like, yeah, that sounds great. But then you kind of put yourself in the creator goggles and you’re like, oh, I could see how that might not be. You know, so while we’re learning and developing and growing, it has been really rewarding for me to be able to put in some of the because I’m not a big professional creator. You know, it’s not it’s not like I’ve made my whole career on it. But just having the knowledge that I do, I think, has been very helpful and rewarding for me as well. So looking ahead, what excites you most about the future of Blossom? Well, again, the fact that I’ve only been with Blossom for a year now and have seen so much incredible progress in that short span of time, you know, the growth, the new developments, the updates, the events, just everything like I’ve never been a part of something like this. So I’m at the edge of my seat for every single new thing that’s happening. You know, I can’t wait for the littlest update to drop on the site to the biggest of events. I mean, it’s a fun ride for me. I mean, I don’t I don’t know if I express it enough. You know, to the team, I’m like, this is I really do enjoy it. It’s exciting. What could be better in making money like we talked about before? Making money and enjoying yourself. Right. Yeah. I mean, you’re you’re doing something you like. You’re having fun. You’re making money. Life is good. Life is good. Do you think you’ll ever reveal your creator identity, though? Yeah, like I said earlier, you know, it’s not at this time. You know, now that I am, you know, separated from my my government life, you know, there’s there’s still those other factors I consider. So we’ll see, you know, maybe when I’m real old, I’ll be like, this was me, bitches. And then. So the answer is no. Probably not. Probably not. I mean, unless, like I said, there’s an astronomical number, you know, of amount of money that is proposed. But even then, you know, again, the internet is forever and you can’t take it back. Indeed. Indeed. You have a promo code you wanted to offer. Yeah. Well, yeah. I was so excited talking about Blossom. I forgot to offering offering the special listeners. Yeah, we love to know, you know, where people hear about us, because we’re still very new and growing and we’re always curious what’s working, what’s not. And so we want to offer, you know, some promo credit to the people who listen to this. And are interested in trying some promo, you know, whether you’re a creator, a brand, an agency, you know, come have someone come buy some shoutouts, see how it goes. So we’d like to offer, you know, $25 for the first 50 people. I mean, I guess, you know, because this podcast is going to be up for a while. So we’ll say, you know, $25 in promo credit to come on, try buying a shoutout, see how you like it, talk to us, give us feedback. You know, we really are excited to keep getting the word out there. So again, Bruce, thank you. This was a very special opportunity. And so the promo code, it will be ASB as an adult site broker, ASB podcast. And that will be one word and I’ll give Bruce a link, I guess, that would be helpful, I guess, to put as well. So. Indeed, we’ll make sure and post it. Katie, I’d like to thank you for being our guest today on Adult Site Broker Talk and I hope we’ll get a chance to do this again soon. Maybe an update on Blossom. I would love nothing more, Bruce, really. I truly appreciate it and thank you so much for your time. Thank you. My broker tip today is part 10 of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later. Last week, we talked about what information to give a potential buyer and what determines the value of a site. We’ll continue that today. If a site hasn’t been monetized, then it’s all about the amount and the quality of the traffic. If a sale is based on traffic, it will be a multiple of what the traffic would sell for on the open market. What are the sources of traffic? Direct traffic, search engine traffic and review traffic are the most valuable. Tube traffic, the least valuable. Is the traffic reliable and sustainable? What is the traffic history? In a rare case, the valuation will be based upon revenue. The same factors apply to that as a profit. But of course, the valuations will be lower than those of profits. How old is the website? Is the domain a dot com or something else? Dot com is still king. How many inbound links are there? How much staff does it take to run the site? How many email addresses do you have? In the case of a dating site, this is very important. Another factor can be the reverse engineering cost. How much would it cost to build the site from scratch and drive the same amount of traffic to it? And how much time would be involved? What is the lifetime value of a customer on the site? Next week, how to buy a website? And next week, we’ll be speaking with Katherine Studley of the only consultant. And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. And once again, I’d like to thank my guest, Katie from Blossom. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman. [music] [no audio]

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