Bill Schwab

Founder - Monogomish

Being a guest on Adult Site Broker Talk was an exceptional experience that went beyond my expectations. Bruce was not only well-prepared and organized, but he also brought a level of professionalism and warmth to the conversation that made the entire experience truly engaging. What sets Bruce apart is his genuine interest in the success of his guests. He didn’t just conduct the interview; he took it a step further by offering insightful suggestions for my business. Even more impressively, he followed up on those suggestions, demonstrating a level of commitment that is rare to find. Despite having known Bruce for only a short period, I’ve always felt completely at ease when interacting with him. His approachable demeanor and industry expertise make him a standout individual to connect with. If you’re in this industry and looking to network with people who not only know their stuff but also bring a lot of value to the table, then Bruce is undoubtedly your go-to guy.

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