Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 200 with Cherie DeVille

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 200 with Cherie DeVille

Cherie was born in the South and raised in Washington, DC.

Before she started modeling, she got her doctorate in physical therapy, which she has now been practicing for 23 years.

The 32DD-23-36 beauty started nude modeling in October of 2011, which quickly progressed to getting naked on film.

As an AVN, XBIZ, and XRCO MILF performer of the year, it’s no wonder Doc Johnson has molded her holes for a sex toy stroker, the “main squeeze,” and the “milf in a box” as well as a “kittens and cougar,” double ended stroker with the sexy Dani Daniels.

She’s been featured in hundreds of scenes for all the top companies, including Brazzers, Penthouse, Hustler, Jules Jordan, New Sensations, Evil Angel, Naughty America, Twistys, Girl Friends Films, and many, many more.

Cherie is a self-professed nerd. Her hobbies include video games, board games, dungeons and dragons, swing dancing, distance running, surfing, and beach bumming.

She also writes for Rolling Stone Magazine.

Follow her on Twitter @CherieDeVille and Instagram. Snapchat and TikTok @CherieDeVilleXO

Cherie DeVille is represented by OC Modeling Agency. You can go to, for bookings contact or

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

Having Cherie was both a delight and an honor. She was nice enough to grace our podcast for the 200th episode. We had a great conversation and I look forward to talking with her more in the future.


This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk where each week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry and we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we’re celebrating our 200th episode with our very special guest, Cherie DeVille. Would you like an easy way to make a lot of money? Send sellers or buyers to us at Adult Site Broker through our affiliate program, ASB Cash. When you refer business to us, you’ll receive 20% of our broker commission on all sales that result from that referral for life. You can make $100,000 or more on only one sale for some of our listings. Check out ASB Cash dot com for more details and to sign up. At Adult Site Broker, we’re proud to announce our latest project, You’ll find articles from industry websites as well as mainstream publications from around the world. 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Offering a flat rate chatting service, they were able to quickly expand the number of clients and the team working with more and more creators. They gained another client base by cooperating with other agencies looking to outsource their chatting. They emphasized streamlining internal processes to allow scaling which happened quickly in the second and third years. With in-house monitoring, customer service, lead generation, training and workforce management, they built a successful enterprise that can handle over 30 clients with the current team and can easily be scaled up. The team has consistently generated around $200,000 in monthly sales for clients in the past year. Due to the standardized processes and protocols, the new owners can focus on expansion. They have been able to create other products such as scheduling and platform internal traffic generation services. There is significant potential to scale the company further with a growing number of creators and agencies looking to outsource their chatting. If the company is bought by someone experienced in the creator space, the potential increase in scale that can be achieved is much larger. The company would also be an excellent addition for an existing agency to handle their chatting. Only $769,000. Now time for this week’s interview. My guest today on Adult Site Broker Talk is porn star Cherie DeVille. Cherie, thanks for being with us on Adult Site Broker Talk. Thank you so so much for having me. I’m very excited about this. I’m really excited to have you. Cherie was born in the south and raised in Washington, DC. Before she started modeling, she got her doctorate in physical therapy, which she has now been practicing for 23 years. So not just another pretty face. 32 double D 2336 beauty started nude modeling in October of 2011, which quickly progressed to getting naked on film. As an AVN ex-biz and XRCO milf performer of the year, it’s no wonder Doc Johnson has molded her holes for a sex toy stroker, the main squeeze and the milf in a box, as well as kittens and cougar, double ended stroker with the sexy Danny Daniels. She’s been featured in hundreds of scenes for all the top companies, including browsers, penthouse, hustler, Jules Jordan, new sensations, evil angel, naughty America, twisties, girlfriends films and many, many more. Cherie is a self-professed nerd. Her hobbies include video games, board games, dungeons and dragons, swing dancing, distance running, surfing and beachbumming. She also writes for Rolling Stone magazine. Follow her on Twitter at Cherie Deville and Instagram and that’s spelled C H E R I E D E V I L L E on Snapchat and Tik Tok at Cherie Deville X O. Cherie is represented by OC Modeling. You can go to for bookings, contact Sandra at or Anthony at So how’d you like your commercial? It was beautiful. Thank you so much. Nobody’s ever called it beautiful before. That’s nice. So Cherie, you have a doctorate. What made you want to go into porn? Well, I don’t even know if I thought to myself, "Hey, let’s go into porn." I was doing physical therapy, absolutely loving it and I still love being a physical therapist but it pays okay. And so I was doing a little bit of nude modeling on the side on the weekends for some pocket change. And my agent Sandra, who you mentioned in my lovely introduction, actually one of her headhunters found me online on one of the sites I had my modeling profile up and asked if I wanted to shoot some adult films in Los Angeles. And it was more like it was an opportunity that I felt like I couldn’t pass up. I didn’t know if I would like it. I didn’t know if I would hate it. But I did know. I didn’t want to get to 95 or however long I hoped to live. And think of it as a missed, amazing, exciting opportunity. So I said, "Yes, let’s come to LA. Let’s do the week of bookings that she found for me and I’ll see if I like it. And if I like it, maybe I’ll come back. If I don’t, it’ll just be a crazy story that I get to tell for the rest of my days." But I loved it and I kept coming back. First I was traveling from out of town, coming maybe one week every other month, one week a month, finally two weeks a month. And then I decided I need to move to Los Angeles. And that was about 11 years ago. Wow. So, talk about your first scene. What was going through your mind? I was actually, well, so I’d been a swinger for years before I ever did porn. So I was definitely not nervous about having people watch me have sex. That was the easy part. But I was nervous about, you know, who would it be with? Would they be nice? I spent my first multiple years just doing girl, girl, because that’s in real life preference. It seemed a lot easier and calmer place to start. But luckily, my first film was with Holly Michaels and she just happened to be one of the girls that was also staying at the OC modeling model house at the time. So we had gotten to, you know, spend several days together before our scene and it really built up a chemistry and a friendship. So it was just the easiest, most beautiful, most enjoyable first scene. And I believe it was for Philly films. I don’t know what number it was, but it was one of their mommy and me series. Interesting. Well, that sounds like a very seamless transition. It was. It was fantastic. How did your family feel about you going into porn? Well, I told them well before I did it. I talked to all of my close family and friends. I contacted a lawyer to make sure I couldn’t lose my license, you know, did all of my due diligence before I flew off to LA to give it a go. And I think if I had been like young, like, you know, 18, 19 or 20, they probably would have had a lot to say about it. But I was, you know, I had my doctorate. I’ve been practicing physical therapy for years. You know, I’m a very calm and organized person. So I don’t think they thought, you know, it would change anything as a 30-something year old. You don’t exactly need your parents approval, but I definitely wanted to let the important people in my life know from my mouth and not, you know, by somehow coming across it online. That didn’t feel appropriate. Oh, that’s certainly the case. And how do they feel about it today? I mean, I feel like what parent wouldn’t be proud to have, you know, their daughter being a CEO of multiple million dollar companies, a powerful business woman, a multiple home owner, you know, my job is porn, but the business of porn is like any other business. It’s not all like crazy parties and sex. It’s just a regular, you know, you’re just grinding it out with all of your employees day to day in a way. This is true. Now, you’ve obviously become very well known. What impact has doing porn had in your business life? In my porn business or just in your straight business life. So over the pandemic, I stopped doing physical therapy mostly because I was doing home health. And there was, you know, every human that lets you into their home has different feelings about COVID. They have different feelings about masking and our feelings didn’t always align during that time. So that didn’t feel safe to me anymore. So I really upped a lot of my presences online during COVID and then got to the point where I’m so busy that I really can’t fit in any patient care at this point. Okay. But for quite a while, you did both, right? I did do both. Yeah. And how did that impact your physical therapy work? I’m sure people would go, Hey, I’ve seen you. No, no, I’ve never been recognized. Never? I think part of it is known never by a patient. Wow. That’s a lot of reasons. Part of it is because when I transitioned into adult, the only type of physical therapy that fit my schedule because I was only working twice a week for a really long time was home health to when I have a full face of makeup on, I look drastically different than when I don’t. Unlike, you know, every model is different, but I have a really big turnaround with my makeup and my hair. So when I have scrubs and a ponytail, I really do not look like Sheridaville. And I think three people who need home health. Health are really sick. This isn’t, you know, outpatient sports and spine. These are often elderly or seriously injured people who probably have way bigger problems than curiosity about whether their physical therapist slightly looks like Sheridaville. You know? Yeah, I guess so. Do you miss the physical therapy? I do. I mean, it was really lovely. I wish there was more than 24 hours in a day. Yeah. I remember when I was 13, I got in an auto accident and I had to, I was in a traction cast for three months and I had to learn to walk again. And I realized at a very young age, what a wonderful profession and how loving and giving physical therapists are. I absolutely love physical therapy. And one interesting thing I found once I became a sex worker is that it seems that one of the most common jobs that people come from and or retire from sex work to do is the medical field. It is unbelievably common for sex workers to be in the medical field before or after they are sex workers. So there’s definitely something about those professions that calls to people like me. Interesting. Okay. So you’ve been doing something interesting for ALO lately. When they block a state due to age verification laws, you come on and do the PSA telling people why they can’t see Pornhub. And I love those by the way. You told Rolling Stone in an opinion piece, the idea of teenage boys watching my porn makes me want to vomit. And I know my colleagues share my sentiment. And of course, we all feel that way. How did you get involved in this project? You know, I’ve been an advocate for sex workers and pornographers for many, many years, both through my writing, speaking, you know, my involvement with APAC. And so I think when all of this was happening, they knew that I would be a good person to tap for the project because I already have so many relationships with political people, journalists, you know, I’m known outside of the sex worker sphere as an advocate. So they probably just felt like it was an appropriate person to say, Hey, would you be interested in being sort of the person that is educating the people in the states where we have to pull our services on what they can do to have those services reinstated? Yeah. You also mentioned in that piece that kids are techies, of course, and know how to kid a VPN, thus bypassing any geo blocking. Do you think the politicians know that? And if so, do they care? No, because this isn’t about protecting children. If it was about protecting children, they would protect the children from all kinds of different things on the internet. So much of the internet is grotesquely inappropriate for any kid, whether it be pornographic content, there’s videos of people killing each other, there’s all kinds of different political speech, and just content in general that is not appropriate for audiences under 18. This is just an attack on the porn industry in the guise of protecting children. So I don’t think they have any interest in protecting children or they would have done it blocking pornography and possibly about gathering data on people and selling it, which they’re definitely doing. So what’s your take over all on age verification and the war on porn? What are your feelings on that? Well, I absolutely don’t think any children should be watching porn. I think that we as a worldwide society, the internet came up and it came up fast. When I was growing up, everything from music, content on television, it was all very strictly regulated. It was difficult to get your hands on any type of explicit content, whether it be a cassette tape or a pornographic magazine. Not that people couldn’t wild their way around it, but it was very, very, very difficult. But with the internet, it is absolutely seamless. A child can watch you be heading right now or animal cruelty or all kinds of other disgusting stuff and we as a society need to figure out how to limit the internet and how to prevent children from accessing all kinds of parts of the internet. And since the internet is worldwide and it’s not like the people in the United States are creating all of the content, it can’t come site to site. If an adult site has a robust and efficient age verification process, it’s literally meaningless because most of the sites on the internet are just people stealing our stuff housed in another country that no legality cares about. So anyone that’s playing ball might play ball, but that’s irrelevant. If you want to actually prevent children from accessing that content, it needs to be done at the device and/or flipping the script and by making only certain sites certified and eligible for children to see, which is really the best way to do it because you can’t ever make every site that has bad content play ball. Most of those sites are places that are stolen and illegal anyway. They’ll never play ball with you. You need to do it the opposite way. You need to only give children access to the sites made for children. Well, you led right into my next question. You advocated in an article for blocking software on devices that blocks kids from watching porn. Do you think that’s the eventual solution? It’s hard to say. You know, I’m not really a tech person in any way, shape, or form. I’m sure there are a lot of people with a lot more tech savvy that have a lot more appropriate solutions, but we have to do something. And I really don’t even just mean for pornographic content. Like the internet is a horrifying place for children. You know, it’s really easy to say, "Parent your kids. My parents are wonderful. You know, my nieces have wonderful parents. They’re not allowed on supervised screen time and no child should be allowed on supervised screen time." That is terrible parenting. However, there are many, many, many terrible parents out there, and those children deserve protection too. So as a society, we have to come up with a much better solution that doesn’t depend on good parenting. So true. And yes, it should be the parent’s responsibility, but I would even say the majority of parents now, they just hand their kids a device that that’s what they use as a babysitter now. It’s disgusting. They don’t even fettered access to the internet. And however much I can be disgusted by the horrifying way those parents parent, those children still deserve better. Well, they do, but here’s the rub. Do you really think that our politicians, whether they be the ones in Washington or any other country, are really going to look for a solution or are they just going to try to get rid of things like pornography? Well, you can’t get rid of pornography. You might be able to get rid of legal pornography, but you cannot get rid of pornography. So maybe they’ll get rid of all verified legal pornography where everyone is over 18, where everyone has signed a model release, where everyone is being treated kindly and ethically. You will never get rid of unethical porn, but you might be able to get rid of ethical porn. And if you do, how is society supposed to be able to consume their adult content with a clear conscience? You won’t. If you get rid of all of the people that are playing ball and doing everything correctly, kindly, and ethically, all you will have left on the internet is disgusting bullshit. And the only people they’re coming after are the only people they can come after, the people who are playing ball legally. So sure, they might be able to wipe all of those websites. And what you will have left is lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of porn that is horrible and unethical. And you won’t know the age of anyone and it’ll be a disgusting landscape. Yeah. And really, when it comes right down to it, I don’t think they’re really within their capabilities to get rid of our industry. They can try, but I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams that ever happening. With that said, are they even trying to come up with a solution, Shari? No, I don’t believe they are. I think they’re trying to get rid of porn. I really don’t believe they care about the children only because their solutions are absurd. Their solutions don’t make any sense. Their solutions only harm the legal porn industry. Their solutions don’t protect children, which leads me to believe they’re either total idiots, which I don’t think they really are, or they’re gaslighting the public into thinking they’re trying to protect children when really their entire goal is to harm us. I think that this is a way to get reelected. This is a way to say, "Oh, yeah, look what I’m doing." Right? So you’ve been in the industry since 2012, starting a bit later than most in your 30s. So you’ve seen the only fans transformation happen in the industry. How do you feel now that the performers have the power as opposed to the companies? Every landscape is changing. The same thing has happened with the music industry where before, just like Cadillac Records, the big boys made all the money and the performers were like, "Yay, I got a Cadillac." You know what I mean? So I think in a variety of industries, especially with the advent of social media and brand building, you can see parallels in mainstream modeling. As soon as people were able to build their own brands independently, that means they have eyeballs, which is the most valuable commodity you could ever have. Once you have a collection of eyeballs, you can monetize anything, whether it’s sex work or t-shirts or banana bread or whatever it is you want to sell. We have the power of being able to drive our own traffic, which we never had before. And whether it’s only fans, our website, or whatever else we decide to do, as long as we can keep getting eyes on whatever work we want to sell, it’s definitely been a huge pivot where before, the companies owned the traffic completely. Even in the early days of my solo site,, you’d have to go to places and buy traffic from people or hustle traffic from people. That was the big commodity. But now we have the traffic and therefore we can sell the product ourselves, which is just a game changer. Let’s also open the door for so many more performers to come into the space. Well, so much more beautiful diversity when 10 or 20 white men own the whole porn industry. The only aesthetic that gets put onto the television is the aesthetic that they personally want to jerk off to. So they thought the whole world wanted to only have ridiculously skinny, big-titted blonde women for the most point. And now, once we have the worldwide opinion of what we find sexual, it turns out that everybody’s shape and every gender is so celebrated. And I really think that it is so much more inclusive and the diversity is so much more beautiful now because, again, the performers say, "Hey, I think my body is great. I think my look is great. I think my whatever fetish I’m into is great. Let’s see if anyone else likes it." And I’m not going to let these few people tell me, "Nah, you need to lose 50 pounds or you need to get breast implants." I’m going to see what the actual humans that live in the world think, and it turns out actual people love it. That those dudes were wrong and have been wrong the whole time. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing to me all the fetishes now. Well, it was always there. People just didn’t have a community that they could attach to to know. Yeah, that’s true. They were there, but they weren’t necessarily being served, right? Correct, yeah. Yeah. So what do you think about all the new fetishes in porn? I love it. I love the diversity. I love that we have balloon popping fetish and, you know, feet and pie fetishes and closeups of me and my nose fetish and like everything else you could ever imagine. Yeah. What do you like best about being a performer and what do you like the least? I think what I like the best is unlike any other job I have, I have complete autonomy, complete control over everything I do, my schedule, my time off when I work, when I rest. You know, I just really enjoy being able to run sort of run my own worlds. The least, the social stigma. It’s way more intense and challenging than I could have ever imagined. Do you think that’s gotten worse? I don’t know that it’s gotten worse. I think OnlyFans has probably made it a little bit better because so many people publicly, so many people in so many different careers over the pandemic had to publicly become survival sex workers. So I think that once those millions and millions and millions of new sex workers plopped themselves onto OnlyFans, now that so many people know a sex worker personally, the stigma has become a little bit less, but it’s still pretty profound. Banking discrimination and everything else is still very alive and well. Yeah. And I know that the FSC is trying to do what they can about that and I hope they get that credit union going. That would be great for all of us. That would really be a big help. That really would. So what’s your favorite kind of scene and your least favorite? Hmm. I don’t know. My favorite is something that I feel creatively inspired by. I haven’t launched it yet, but I just did a Super Mario Brothers spoof where I play Princess Peach and Abigail Morris and Juliet Michaels dressed up as absolutely stunning bousettes, putting on gigantic lizard-shaped fallacies and D.P.ed me and it was glorious. So I feel like whenever I get to put my imagination, my creativity, and of course a little bit of my nerdom into play, it really brings a smile to my face. It sounds like you have a lot of fun. I had so much fun. It was the best day ever. A least favorite? I don’t know. I don’t do things I don’t want to do. I never have in my career. Like I’ve never been a girl that says yes to things that I don’t want to do. For me, it would be bad for my mental health. It sounds like overall you have fun in what you do. I do. I love it. This is such a good job. Yeah. It sounds like it. You’ve won a lot of awards. What’s been your proudest moment in the industry? I love all my Milk Performer of the Year awards. Very, very blessed to have that. My ex-biz performer of the Year award last year, absolutely astonishing. But still to this date, the one that I wanted the most that I’d been going after for so many years was most outrageous sex scene. When I won most outrageous sex scene, I was over the moon because to me, like when your peers who do pornography for a living go, "God damn, that was crazy. You know you’ve done your fucking job. You know you’ve done it to the best." What do you still want to do? I don’t know. I enjoy my career, so I still want to keep my fans happy so that they keep supporting me and I can keep continuing to do what I do. How much longer do you think you’ll perform? I guess until I get bored. Doesn’t sound like you’re close to that. I am not close. Now, you’ve also directed. Do you think after you’ve finished performing, you’ll continue to be behind the camera? No way. Absolutely not. That is almost like a thankless job. The pay is mediocre. The work is astounding. It’s very hard to wrangle people. The organization is stressful. No. I don’t think so. If you could change one thing about the adult industry, what would you change? Again, I just go back to the stigma. I want more of us to become mainstream public figures so that people can humanize us better and realize that we’re just workers like any other worker and any other job. How do you think we get rid of that? That is an awesome question, not be such puritanical assholes in the United States. Oh, God. An excellent question, an excellent cultural question. Yeah, because in the United States itself, you would think, okay, we’re supposed to be the greatest country in the world. We’re supposed to be so free. What happened? We’re not. We’re a religious-based society. I think that that kind of bullshit, like even our freedom of speech is constantly being challenged. Our freedom of autonomy of our bodies is constantly being challenged by people who are normally religious and want to take it away, the war on porn, the fact that we can’t have abortions. All of these things, especially women’s rights things, people, especially people that have a lot of religious power seem to be always trying to step on us. The patriarchy is alive and well, and sex workers go against everything that is patriarchy. We are women, we are powerful, we are rich, we are autonomous, and that is terrifying. How about the whole term sex workers? I find that kind of interesting. And I’ve talked to that, about that, to many of my guests. The term sex workers back in the day used to strictly mean, you know, escorts, prostitutes, whatnot. And it’s recently expanded to people in our industry. You’re a sex worker, I’m a sex worker. Is that true? I thought all sex workers were always sex workers. Nope, nope, nope. They just used to call people who did prostitution sex workers. So they only had in-person service providers labeled as sex workers before? That’s it. That’s very narrow. Because to me, even people selling pictures of their feet online that have the intent for people to jerk off to, Instagram models that don’t get nude, that sell their bikini photos for people to jerk off to, if the intent of your content and the way that you make money is for sexual gratification, you are a sex worker. That’s interesting. I’ve never heard of put that way before. Yeah, you’re working, you make your money through sex. Interesting. I wonder how that changed. That’s a good question. I didn’t even know that it had been exclusively to in-person workers before. Oh, definitely. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no, I believe you. I believe you. I’m old enough to remember. Yeah, yeah, totally. Of course, I’m old enough to remember a lot of things. So what can I say? And I think we all need to be a team. I don’t think there’s any space for that type of hierarchy, you know, where I’m better or worse because I’m a stripper or a pornographer or I only do magazine nudes or any of that bullshit. There’s no greater than and there’s no less than. We all need to work together because people hate all of us equally. Yeah. And it used to be that there was the dividing line. Do you see that breaking down? I hope so because it’s a line of nonsense. It’s a line that keeps us apart. If we don’t start working together, especially politically, we’re really fucked and not in a fun way. What do you think the best way is to to fight and win the war on porn? I feel like we’re doing a lot. You know, I think that more people need to donate to FSC so that our lobbyists can work hard in Washington. I think anyone do with whatever your means are, if you enjoy writing, start writing for publications. If you enjoy blogging, blogging, talking to people on TikTok Live, whatever it is that you can do to help humanize sex workers, to help forward our agenda, to help decrease the stigma, do it. We all need to get public, get vocal, get out there and be political. No, we started something or I started something called, which you may or may not have come across. And what it is is an amalgamation of articles about the war on porn. And the whole idea is awareness, is to make people aware of all these things that are happening. And I find myself posting. Before I wasn’t posting too with that much, I’m posting to it multiple times a day sometimes because there’s just so much stuff just in the states alone. So much. You’re so right. And if everyone was doing like you have X amount of eyeballs, the more of us that can do anything in that realm to get even five more eyes on us is fantastic. It’s a job well done. So, yes, thank you. That’s amazing. Well, definitely. You can follow us on Twitter and that’ll certainly help. I definitely will. I’ll be reposting you. So for fans listening, what do you like to do when you’re not working? I talked about it a little bit and I’m guessing that’s not too often based on your schedule. Unfortunately. But, yeah, you know, I like spending time with my family. I like spending time with my friends, my dog, my partner. I love swing dancing. I play a lot of video games. I play Dungeons and Dragons with two different groups on two different nights of the week. I just, you know, anything social is just a real joy to me. Well, Cherie, I really like to thank you for being our guest today on Adult Site Broker Talk. You’re so welcome. And I hope we’ll get a chance to do it again soon. 100 percent. It has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so, so, so much for having me. Pleasure’s mine. My broker tip today is part one of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later. First make sure you’re converting as much of your traffic as possible. Traffic’s expensive, whether it’s search engine traffic, review site traffic, or affiliate traffic. You paid a lot for it. So make sure that when someone lands on your site, you give them every opportunity possible to either spend money or do whatever it is you want your visitors to do. In the case of a pay site, make sure your billing options allow as many people as possible to buy. Have multiple ways to pay. In North America, most everyone has a credit card. But in other parts of the world, credit cards aren’t used nearly as much. In Europe, for instance, credit card usage is low. So look for billing options that will match the areas where your traffic comes from. In Europe, ACH and debit cards are used a lot. In Africa and other developing nations, many people pay by mobile. Do your homework and find out how people pay in the regions you get most of your traffic. It will make you more money. The worst thing you can do is get a visitor, have them want to buy, but since you don’t have their preferred way to pay, they can’t. If you’re looking for suggestions, feel free to get in touch with me via my website. Along with this is to improve your user experience. Make your site attractive and easy to navigate. People have more options than ever these days. I can’t tell you how many sites I go to, even some that are owned by large companies, where the navigation isn’t obvious to the user. You poke around for what seems like forever to do something that should be relatively easy. Keep it simple. Before you launch any changes to your site, ask your friends to go to the site and check it out. Unfortunately, designers and tech geeks don’t think like us. You need real people to look at your site for you. The same kind of people who will be visiting your site. We’ll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we’ll be speaking with Neil Herrin of Vanilla Gaming Company. And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank my very special guest, Cherie DeVille. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) [BLANK_AUDIO]

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