Queen Lo

Dominatrix - Thy Queendom Come

I really enjoyed my conversation with Bruce! His thoughtful questions and authentic curiosity about my experience and background led to a great discussion!

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Inka Winter

Producer and Filmmaker - ForPlay Films

It was a pleasure to be a guest on Adult Site Broker Talk. Bruce was very warm and understanding and it was a pleasure talking to him about what I do.

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Katherine Studley

Founder and CEO - The Only Consultant

It was great connecting with an industry vet like Bruce!

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Brian Sloan

Founder - Autoblow

I enjoyed the chat on Adult Site Broker Talk and hope to speak again soon!

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Katie B.

Business Development Analyst / Creator - Blossm

I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce at XBIZ/X3 in LA, where we had a great first discussion. He is an excellent host and provides an enjoyable, comfortable experience to talk openly about anything and everything!

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Walter Hasenclever

Press Spokesman - Venus Berlin

It was a very pleasant conversation. Bruce is a great podcast host, and the podcast is an ideal opportunity for you to present your business to the community.

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Jose Weisner

Creator and Agency Manager - ModelSearcher

I had a nice experience talking to Bruce. He’s very professional.

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Bob Kelland

CEO - Clonetwin.ai

Bruce is a true pro, highly engaging and the time flew by quickly as we covered a wide range of topics. Lots of fun.

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Alex Georges

Founder - Lustlab.ai

I had a really great time. Bruce is super easy and fun to chat with.

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Casey Donatello

Owner - In Bed with Strangers

Bruce was very professional and so easy to talk to.

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Blair Hopkins

Executive Director - SWOP Behind Bars

Bruce is accommodating and consistent in his communications. As a host and interviewer, he is organized and genuine, asking thoughtful questions and meaningfully engaging the topics. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to speak with him about the unique programming and challenges of working in the nonprofit sector adjacent to the adult industry.

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Gibson Allman

Founder - Pornstar Metrics

My interview with Bruce was a great experience. He’s an outstanding interviewer. I look forward to coming back for another episode of Adult Site Broker Talk!

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Owners - CheekedUp

Loved the experience, Bruce was fantastic! Very relaxed forum to exchange ideas, talk about experiences, and learn from each other. Thank you Bruce for making us feel so welcome!

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Erika Love

Performer - Pineapple Support

I had a great interview with Bruce! He was very professional and friendly. I recommend being on the show if you’re invited!

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Pauline Ryeland

Intimacy, Sex & Libido Coach & Author - The Intimacy Whisperer

It was so great to be a guest on the podcast with Bruce.  Conversation flowed very easily and we covered quite a lot in a very short period.

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Annie Temple

Author and Performer -

Bruce is a super chill, relaxed host with a great energy and vibe. It’s wonderful to talk shop with someone who has an interest and role in the adult entertainment industry and amplifies the voices of those of us in the biz. I appreciated his commitment to getting to the core of my message and Annie Temple

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Amy Taylor

Elite Companion -

It was an honor and a pleasure to chat with hilarious, kind, irreverent and brilliant Bruce!  I enjoyed the time talking with someone so progressive, tolerant, and on the side of free speech and bodily autonomy.  

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Jimmy Broadway

Being on Adult Site Broker Talk was a wonderful experience. We got to cover a lot of ground, from the light and fun side of being in the adult industry to some of the more serious issues that we are currently facing.

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Ruan Willow

Owner/Host - Oh F*ck Yeah With Ruan Willow

It was a great experience chatting with Bruce! I really enjoyed our conversation and appreciated the opportunity to share my content with his audience. Thanks Bruce!

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Seka Black

Performer - Seka Black

I had a great time talking about my adult profession and how I started it.

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Shakun Sethi

Owner - TickleLife

I’ve had the opportunity to be on multiple podcasts before but with Bruce, it was a coaching lesson rather than just being a guest. A great person and always there to look out for people. Thank you for inviting me.

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Ashton Egner

Marketing Director - Kiiroo

Bruce and I had a lovely chat on the Adult Site Broker podcast. Everything was as smooth as can be from the setup to the conversation, and I am happy I got to share an hour’s chat with Bruce! During that time, I learned a lot about what Bruce does, all while chatting about what Ashton Egner

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Jack Polo

Owner - Triple X Playground

This was one of my favorite interviews. I had an awesome time.

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Anna Lee

Owner - 2049 Entertainment

Amazing experience. Bruce is easy to chat with and the topics are extremely compelling and relevant to our industry.

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Lily Craven

Performer - Lily Craven

Bruce is intelligent and entertaining to speak with. I always learn something new while speaking to Bruce.

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Katy Churchill

Co-Owner - Adult Model Mentors

It was great to sit down and chat with Bruce! He put me at ease and asked great questions to help me explain my background and work.

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Elizabeth Dell

Founder - Amorus

Really fun to talk to Bruce, and excited to connect with the Adult Site Broker audience!

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Michael McGrady

Owner - MPR Public Affairs & My Adult SEO

Bruce is a phenomenal host. He has been able to cultivate and bring together a stable of AAA adult industry talent and professionals. As a public policy journalist covering the adult industry and a small business owner in this same space, Adult Site Broker Talk is a great authority to learn about the merger & Michael McGrady

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Brittany Wilson

CEO - TheDungeonStore

I found Bruce to be a thorough and informed interviewer while I was on his show. He is professional and clearly an expert in the field.

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Leah Mahi

Sales Manager - XBIZ

Bruce does a great job of balancing casual conversation with business discussions. As a guest speaker, I rarely find podcasts productive + entertaining, but Adult Site Broker Talk does an excellent job. I really enjoyed our conversation. Thank you!

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Terry Stephens

Owner - One Eyed Jack Productions/UK Adult Producers

Highly recommended source for anyone who wants to learn about the adult business from those who actually work in it.

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Amy-Marie Merrell

Director - The Cupcake Girls

Thank you so much for having us on! We cannot wait to be back!

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Robert Warren

SEO Consultant - RobertWarrenSEO and 2Much.net

The host was knowledgeable – friendly, and very professional. I’ve been on several times.

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Kole Snodgrass

Owner - Kasbh Inc.

We had a wonderful time on the podcast and I appreciated the opportunity.

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Dee Severe

Owner - Severe Sex Films

It was really fun and a good way to promote your company.

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Neil Herrin

Owner - Vanilla Gaming Company

Bruce is a friendly and accommodating host. It’s always nice to speak with someone who feels more like a friend than a corporate worker just doing their job.

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Coralyn Jewel

Performer - Coralyn Jewel

I have been a guest 3 times so far on Adult Site Broker Talk. Bruce is always fun to chat with and we vibe well together, plus we both don’t “beat around the bush”. It’s a no nonsense chat.

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Jerry Davis

Owner - Balldo

Probably my best interviewer to date – Bruce has a way of cajoling the best out of you….

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Matthew Bennett

Owner - English Leather Master Coaching

I really enjoyed talking to Bruce. He asked great questions and was a perfect host.

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Jason Hunt

Owner - Merged Marketing Podcast

Bruce is an excellent podcast host who can extract immense value out of his podcast guests.

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Jay Kopita

President - YNOT Group

Bruce does his research and is a complete professional with each interview.

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Mistress Carol

Erotic Hypnotist - Erotic Hypnosis for Men

It was a pleasure talking with Bruce. I could listen to his deep voice for hours.

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Megan Hussey

Sexpert - Sexpert.Com

I had a fantastic experience speaking with Bruce on Adult Site Broker Talk. He was the perfect host and showed a genuine interest and support for my mission to make the adult industry a better place for women. Good show!

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Karl Edwards

Owner - Stiff Media

I’ve been on the podcast twice and both times were completely enjoyable. Intelligent and free-flowing discussion about things that matter.

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Bella Cummins

Madame - Bella's Hacienda Ranch

I had an opportunity to share valuable info about the legal brothel industry in Nevada. Plus I enjoyed the humorous banter as well. Hopefully you’ll find it fun and informative.

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Brad Jones

Founder - MeetKinksters

I enjoyed being a guest on Adult Site Broker Talk. Bruce knows the industry well and has unique insights on the business side of the business.

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Ralph Grecco

Writer - Licking Non Vanilla

“It has always been a pleasure to talk to Bruce (as I have frequently, even beyond the two times I was on the show, and the once he was on ours).”

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Oliver Carter

Writer - The Book Under the Counter

I really enjoyed being a guest on Adult Site Broker Talk. Bruce is a wonderful host who made the process straightforward and we had a great conversation.

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Axel Abysse

Filmmaker and Performer - AxelAbysse.com

Always a pleasure to talk about my work with someone who’s genuinely curious and open minded.

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