Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 100 with Aerie and Katy of Adult Model Mentors

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 100 with Aerie and Katy of Adult Model Mentors

Bruce, the adult site broker, host of Adult Site Broker Talk and CEO of Adult Site Broker, the leading adult website broker, who is known as the company to sell adult sites, is pleased to welcome Aerie Saunders and Katy Churchill of Adult Model Mentors as this week’s guests on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Katy Churchill has been a webcam model and independent porn producer for over 8 years.

She specializes in one-on-one Skype shows, fetish videos, and releasing weekly videos for her membership site, Katy also has experience shooting with a professional femdom studio and working on both token and private show cam sites.

Recently, Katy has started offering model coaching sessions through Adult Model Mentors to help other performers transition from big-box cam sites to video call platforms like Skype and Discord.

Katy’s writing has been published by Boleyn Models, Webcam Startup, and XBIZ.

You can find out more about Katy at

Aerie Saunders has been on our show a couple of times.

You may know and love her as the former CEO of Webcam Startup and founder of Adult Mutual Aid but she’s back again with yet another project with long time friend and employee from Webcam Startup, Katy Churchill.

Aerie has been in the adult industry for almost 7 years and uses the applied practice approach to test methods and adult websites for the best coaching and blogging experience.

When she isn’t consulting she also builds websites via, streams video games, offers sexy live cam shows, and creates pre-made and custom adult videos.

For more information about Aerie, visit

Adult Model Mentors came to fruition as Aerie, the former CEO of Webcam Startup, was transitioning away from working full time on the company due to internal issues.

Katy served as the staff news writer and in addition was recommended to Webcam Startup by Aerie herself back in 2017.

The duo has worked closely for years and it only made sense to work on their next project together, with Katy offering coaching and Aerie wanting to start a new go-to blogging and directory platform as an adult performer resource.

Using their combined years of experience and industry strengths, they set off to create the ultimate resource and hub for information and consultations that fit any performers needs.

You can find them at or on twitter @AdultMentors.

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Listen to Aerie and Katy on Adult Site Broker Talk, starting today at

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

"It was fun having Aerie and Katy on. They know as much as anyone about the creator experience. What they've built at Adult Model Mentors is truly impressive".

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1 (7s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with Aerie Saunders and Katy Churchill of adult model mentors. By the way, this is the 100th edition of adult site broker talk. I'd like to thank all my guests and all of our many listeners for making this possible.
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Check out ASB-Cash-dot-com for more details and to sign up. Now let's feature our property of the week that's for sale at adult site broker, we're proud to introduce for sale a transgender tube site with over 120,000 unique visitors daily, the site is a custom built tube videos or encoded at a very high quality.

1 (1m 47s):
There were four grades of video. It will auto adapt to the best quality based on the user's connection. Premium quality and downloads are only available to members who have a paid account. The site script can take a lot of traffic with the current server being at only a five to 10% load. There are over 30,000 videos. Retention rate is an amazing 85%, only $274,000. Now time for this week's interview. My guests today on adult side, broker talk are Arie Saunders and Katie Churchill of adult model mentors.

1 (2m 28s):
Ladies, thanks for being with us today on adult side, broker talk.

2 (2m 31s):
Thank you for having us. We were going to say it at the same time. I just know we were

1 (2m 37s):
Let's try it. 1, 2, 3.

2 (2m 40s):
Thank you. Thank you for having us.

1 (2m 42s):
Yeah, it was pretty good. You got to keep working on it. Okay. So Katie Churchill has been a webcam model and independent porn producer for over eight years. She specializes in one-on-one Skype shows, fetish videos and releasing weekly videos for her fart, membership site. I got to check that one out. Katie also has experience shooting with a professional thin Dom studio and working on both token and private show. Campsites. Recently, Katie has started offering model coaching sessions through adult model mentors, which we'll talk about a little bit to help other performers transition from big box cam sites to video call platforms like Skype and discord Katie's writing has been published by Boyle and Mo models, a webcam startup, and ex-business you can find out more about Katie at Katie Churchill with two L's dot com and Katie.

1 (3m 36s):
Katie had me in the past on the webcam startup podcast, and we had a blast. This should be fun today. Now, Arie Saunders has been on our show a couple of times, by the way, that makes you our first three time loser. Congratulations. You may know, and lovers the former CEO of webcam startup, there's that name again? And founder of adult mutual aid, but she's back again with yet another project with longtime friend and employee from webcam startup. Katie Eric has been in the adult industry for almost seven years and uses the applied practice approach to test methods and adult websites for the best coaching and blogging experience.

1 (4m 25s):
When she isn't consulting. She also builds websites via sex workers,, streams, video games offer sexy live cam shows and creates pre-made and custom adult videos. Not to mention playing with her five dogs, which I've got to beat now. Cause I have six for more information about Arie visit airy And that's why I adopted the six dog, the fifth and six dogs area. Just to fuck with you.

2 (4m 52s):
Yeah, because we'd been talking so much, you just had to surpass me.

1 (4m 57s):
Yep. I'm waiting for you to tell me you got 10 soon,

2 (5m 1s):
10 chickens.

1 (5m 2s):
Yeah. That doesn't count Cox. Okay. Tell, you know, I'll be doing my walk in the morning. My speed walk along. I jumped in beach and you know, I go by the, the temple and there's chickens and I I'll yell cock. Anyway, adult model mentors came to fruition is airy. The former CEO of webcam startup was transitioning away from working full-time on the company due to internal issues. Katie served as the staff news writer and in addition was recommended a webcam startup by airy herself back in 2017, duo has worked closely for years and it only made sense to work on their next project together with Katie offering coaching and Arie, wanting to start a new go-to blogging and directory platform as an adult performer resource, using their combined years of experience and industry strengths, they set off to create the ultimate resource and hub for information and consultations that fit any performer's needs.

1 (6m 3s):
You can find or on Twitter at adult mentors. I'm sorry, ladies. That's all the time we have today.

3 (6m 14s):
Well, you've covered it pretty well. So

1 (6m 16s):
I do my best. Okay. So let's get into the questions and you both can certainly address these. What is your goal for adult model mentors?

3 (6m 28s):
Katie go first. Oh, I was going to say you go first,

1 (6m 31s):

3 (6m 32s):
I want to give models an idea of how successful they can be. One of the things that was really important to me with webcam startup was to show that there was an entire world out there of models who are making a middle-class income middle-class earnings. You don't have to be a millionaire. And just because you're not a baller, doesn't mean that there's no room for your business to grow and to develop. And that there are other options as well away from the kind of typical route to success. We see, we see a lot of girls who become crossover stars who make it really big on a platform like my free cams or stream mate.

3 (7m 14s):
And then they transition to doing mainstream porn, or they started out doing mainstream porn and transitioned into camming. And people really get locked into this idea that that is the road road to success. This is the way you do it, that you've got to have this kind of camera. You've got to have this kind of background. You need this millionaire lifestyle in order to really make it. And I wanted to show that there's different kinds of success. I call myself a middle-class model. I'm middle-class in earnings. I'm middle-class in terms of where I am on across all of the different sites. But at the same time, I have found a place for me. And I'm also not a body that is very represented or hyped up in porn.

3 (7m 56s):
I have an atypical body I'm fat and sweaty and hairy. Okay. And I want to show that there are so many other routes to success. Like for me, I don't cam on token sites, I don't cam on private show sites anymore. I do Skype shows. And for me that's been the way for me to be financially successful. And I want to show models that there are different routes for every person and that that's okay. And that's one of the reasons I love working with Arie so much because between the two of us, we've basically got it all covered and we found very different roads to success. But at the end, we've both got careers and financial freedom and all of what we were looking for, we just didn't do it in the way that we see represented through things like expos and AVN and why not.

3 (8m 48s):
And other of the kind of porn media interviews kind of world that,

1 (8m 54s):
Hey, oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I knew you mentioned Skype shows that has just gotten to be such a big thing. I mean, I, I, one of our listings that we sold was a Skype site and it just blew me away how popular that was and how it's gotten.

3 (9m 11s):
It's a small niche in the grand scheme of things, but it's gained a lot of popularity. One of the reasons is because ma I mean, I'm sure I will harp on this later because it's one of my favorite dead horses to flog is that mainstream campsites have not kept up with the technology. Right? Guys want two way video. They want two way audio. They don't want to be a postage stamp on your computer screen. They want their Dick filling your entire monitor. And quite frankly, that's what I want to see too. If we're doing two way video, I want you life-size on my screen. You know, and I think a lot of people more and more people are starting to realize that there is this other route.

3 (9m 52s):
And a lot of people are tired of making 35% of their earnings, 35 to 50%. And they look at something where they can make 70 to 86% of their income. And they're thinking, well, why am I not doing that? I could make it more affordable, which would bring me more regular customers. Right. And that's going to increase my income, even if I'm charging less.

1 (10m 12s):

3 (10m 13s):
Yeah. Skype sites are where it's at. And I think unless campsites really get it together on the technology they're going to be left behind.

1 (10m 20s):
Yeah. But I got a question though. Dicks filling the monitors that possible some guys,

3 (10m 29s):
I mean, you can always change the resolution, right?

1 (10m 33s):
I'm sorry. I couldn't resist that. No air. So Eric, sorry, your turn.

2 (10m 39s):
I was going to say, we tried different approaches and ended up at the same destination. Me and Katie are both fat, hairy, and sometimes sweaty now. And it's wonderful. I'm glad I can have this experience with her. But my goal is for adult model mentors is very similar to what I had with webcam startup. And at the time with webcam startup, it's not how I foresaw the retirement of the site going, and I just want to work towards it. The same thing. It's just providing free information for models. And now also the added benefit of offering consultations and being able to provide more specialized support because I mean, it's important. Some people have very specific questions and needs, and it's not something that an article will always fulfill for everybody.

2 (11m 27s):
Right? And some people also can't really grasp stuff by reading it. Some people need to have someone, you know, sit down, explain it to them and kind of go over it again. And again, like when you're studying for a test, some people like doing flashcards. Some people want to just read the source material. It's all about what works for different people. So being able to adapt our methods to those people and make sure that everybody, the best potential for earning money and making a sustainable career is super important to both me and Katie.

1 (12m 0s):
Sure. Katie, what makes coaching different from the free resources available on the site?

3 (12m 7s):
So the difference between coaching and free resources is free resources when I write them. And I assume when Arie writes them to, although I've never actually asked her is we write them to be as relevant to as many people as possible. So if I say here's three advanced tips, that'll take your night flirt account further. And I talk about using keywords, the types of keywords that are searched. I talk about using gifts and photos, whether or not you should make it a phone with cam listing. So I kind of throw it out there and I'm saying, this is what will work for most people. Here are some things you can consider. What it doesn't do is sit down and look at your night, flirt, listing, and go through it piece by piece with you to figure out what's not working or what you could change, or why aren't you showing up in search results for a certain term?

3 (12m 55s):
Oh, it's because you've put all of your text in a picture, you've got all that information. You've just got it in the wrong format or why aren't your gifts doing well? Why aren't you getting reviews? We don't have the opportunity to sit down and do that on an individual basis when you're looking at free resources, Free resources, or the teacher standing at the front of the room telling you stuff.

1 (13m 17s):

3 (13m 18s):
But if you have an actual question, you can't just scream it out because the teacher's done and walked away. So it's it's yeah. It's a speech versus a conversation, I think.

1 (13m 30s):
Okay. So Katie, so Katie get, get into the specific services you're offering coaching for.

3 (13m 38s):
So for me, I'm obviously only offering coaching and things that I specialize in. If you would like to know how to do really well on token sites, don't ask me, I know how to do okay. On token sites, but I only know how to do okay. So I'm not your girl for that. I'm great at night flirt, which is a phone sex site. I'm really good at talk to me, which is a phone sex site. In fact, I can help you get comfortable with phone sex, get used to phone sex, give you some tips on maximizing your listings, how to get into phone sex, if you're nervous about it. Cause I know I was really scared to do it, which was weird. I felt better about taking my clothes off on the internet than picking up a phone and talking dirty. That's

1 (14m 17s):
Weird, but

3 (14m 18s):
It's really common. The number of cameras who say I can't do phone sex, I can't do it. Wow.

1 (14m 24s):
I guess, I guess it's hard. I guess it's hard for a lot of gals to be someone who they, aren't what you have to be in phone sex.

3 (14m 36s):
Here's the thing is phone sex. Everybody has in their mind, the old dispatch style things where they would tell you who to be call you and pick up. You are this character. This is who we've sold you as these days with independent CA phone sex, you get to set yourself up as your own character. So I'm Katie Churchill. When they call me, they're calling me. It's all my own branding. It's all my own.

1 (15m 0s):
You're not a, you're not a five foot, two bucks, some buxom, blonde,

3 (15m 4s):
Not at all. It's all my own photos. It's all my own content. Phone sex has changed so much, but everybody still has this very 1980s, 1990s.

1 (15m 13s):
I can see, you can see I'm a real consumer of it.

3 (15m 17s):
No, but it's funny because it is such a popular thing. Still. I make an insane amount of money off of phone sex and models. Just leave it behind. So models who are looking to get started in phone sex. Absolutely. Please. I want to help you. I want to get you in on it because you don't have to put any makeup on. You can do it in your pajamas. Also models who are looking to transition from mainstream cam sites into Skype camming, some of the differences between how you market yourself and that sort of thing. Getting used to all the listing sites, stuff like that. Models who are nervous about doing one-on-one performances. It's also really common that models. Aren't sure how to interact one-on-one with customers, which is, I mean, I'm not great at interacting with a big group of people who are all watching and trying to control a show.

3 (16m 2s):
So the one-on-one can be a little bit difficult and really getting that one-on-one creating that intimacy, those experiences that keep them coming back. There are tricks to it. It is a bit of a science as well as an art, a lot of tips and tricks that you can use that hook them and keep them coming back. Right. And regulars. I mean, what is it? 20% of your clients or 80% of your money people say, okay, so you want to keep the regulars coming back and as well and models who are looking models, who are looking at getting into fetish videos, learning how to research, how to explore different fetishes, how to find your own niche, things like that.

3 (16m 42s):
So lots of stuff, just not token sites.

2 (16m 45s):
That's what makes Katie special because Katie has a method where she enjoys connecting with her customers. One-on-one and that's actually a style of camming. That's a style of phone sex. It's a style of clip production. And it's something that not every cam person, every clip producer is accustomed to because a lot of the sites set you up so that you're a performer. And everyone's a viewer where Katie style allows the customer to also perform. And it increases the intimacy. And I think that adds a real edge to what Katie does.

1 (17m 19s):
I think you guys are both special. I, I can't, I can't say that there are two female performers in our industry that I've been that I've been more impressed with the new to, to be completely honest.

2 (17m 35s):

3 (17m 35s):
True. You two,

1 (17m 37s):
You two, you two are awesome. You two are awesome and nary. That's why I keep having you back on because I'm a fan

2 (17m 44s):
It's because you have a secret crush on me. It's okay. We all know.

4 (17m 46s):
Yeah. Well, we'll talk about that later

1 (17m 50s):
When we actually meet in person. But anyway,

2 (17m 53s):
One day you got to bring all six dogs though.

1 (17m 56s):
Oh, geez. Nah, I don't know about that. You're going to have to come to Tyler. If you want to meet all six dogs, you're going to have to come out here.

2 (18m 2s):
I mean, it sounds beautiful out there.

1 (18m 5s):
It's amazing. I got some pictures after, after our conversation to show you from dinner the other night, that's just going to blow you away.

2 (18m 13s):
If it doesn't include chickens. I don't know if I want to talk. You got the chickens in the pictures.

1 (18m 19s):
No sea bass.

2 (18m 21s):
Oh, come on. You know, I love my cock pics.

3 (18m 26s):
You went a long way to set that joke of,

2 (18m 28s):
I really did. I'm so happy. I accomplished.

1 (18m 31s):
That was like the roadmap at Shina. Okay. So, so do you want to answer the same, same questionnaire?

2 (18m 37s):
Sure. So I offer social media marketing consultations tips on customer retention, establishing beginner rates. Brand-building including self publishing PR and website development. And Bruce knows I'm excellent at self published PR because he sees my PR all the time.

1 (18m 57s):
I've compromised. I'm complimented it. Yes.

2 (19m 1s):
I also offer consultations on mastering the algorithm on sites that you use specifically streaming and clips for sale, but I'm also able to practice on any site that you prefer to use and learn the algorithm. It's one of my favorite things to do. Actually, I'm starting a growing your fan club, turning fetish to full time and just video marketing in general. So I'm kinda like the marketing fan club and like algorithm master

1 (19m 30s):
And you're still, and you're still, you're still so young. You're still such a baby. It just blows me away.

2 (19m 37s):
25 in like six

1 (19m 39s):
Days. Oh my God. Our 25. Oh, okay. I won't call it. I won't call you young anymore. You know what? You sound like. You sound like the Thai women. Oh, I 25 I old. Okay. So what kinda true they say that what kind of free information is available on your site?

2 (19m 59s):
All of it,

3 (20m 0s):
Hang on.

2 (20m 3s):
Well, me and Katie, we look at what's trending, look at what we need information on. And we kind of do it like in a pyramid style. Like here's the basic, and then what we could build on top of that, what we can build on top of that. And we try to go as specific as we can obviously, without being able to interact with the person directly. But we covered everything. If you can do it as an independent adult performer, it's going to be on there. And if it's not on there, tell us, and we will get it on there.

3 (20m 33s):
And we also publish weekly blog posts that have information that creators might need that performers might be interested in. So just a handful of the last ones attack season to do list for American independent, we've got advanced tips for night flirt, three things to buy for your business. In 2022, we've got a bunch of information about how to make your own link tree alternatives. If you're worried about getting banned on there, how to boost your placement on stream mate. And then we also occasionally cover things like the many vids awards and ideas for how you can do things on sites like that.

1 (21m 13s):
Got it. So why offer so much for free if your end goal is to monetize your site with coaching

3 (21m 21s):
Two reasons, from my perspective, number one is paying it forward. I was fortunate that when I was a little baby cam girl, I made friends with two women. Who'd been in the industry for a very long time and they were able to just gift me their knowledge. They saved me time. They saved me money. They saved my sanity more than once. And for me, I want to give that information out as well, because I'm not some genius. I didn't dream this all up myself. I haven't recreated the wheel. I haven't invented nuclear fusion or is efficient.

3 (22m 2s):
We can't do. I can't remember whichever one of the nuclear things we haven't worked out yet. That one I didn't do that. I haven't created some miraculous thing. I've tried things and failed. And I've also had the benefit of the learning of other people who have tried and tested and failed and succeeded. And so for me, part of it is paying it forward. But to a wider degree, then my friends were able to do. They just had me to take under their wing. I want to take everyone under my wing. The other reason is to prove that I know what I'm talking about. If I just stand here and say, hi, I'm a cam coach. You should pay me. That's great.

3 (22m 42s):
Except that I'm a performer across a multiple sites. As most performers are these days. I'm not number one on any site. So I don't have that easy proof where I can say, look, I'm number one on stream, mate. Obviously I know what I'm doing instead. I can say, well, I'm this number on this site? I'm this number on this site? I'm this number up, but that's really hard to put into a quick and easy. Here's why you should trust me. So I want to show people, I do know what I'm talking about. I do have valuable information. If you like this information, then we're probably a good fit.

1 (23m 16s):
Yeah. And let's face it. Okay. Just because somebody is number one at something doesn't mean they know anything. They might

3 (23m 27s):
No trust me. I paid for all those only fans courses to find out if they knew shit and they don't

1 (23m 32s):
Well and well, and here's the thing, okay. Many of them are just number one because well, one they're incredibly hot or two. They're very good at what they do, but I kind of liken it to sports as, as I like in many things, you know, some of the greatest baseball players of all time were some of the shittiest commentators of all time, because they could do it. Or they were the worst coaches of all time. In this case, they could, they could do it, but they couldn't tell you how to do it. And then the other thing is some of the greatest athletes of all time were so good at it.

1 (24m 16s):
They had no patience with people who weren't as good with it.

2 (24m 20s):
Yeah. Also as the resident marketing expert, I am going to add why offer the free resources it's marketing. I mean, SEO so important. And having these articles up that have all of these keywords. That mean Katie specialize in, and they're actually rich and full of content is going to perform much better than just a basic consultation page. And we do love sharing the information obviously, or we wouldn't have, like, we have probably 300, 400 articles up on the site, but it's also just a fantastic way for marketing. And it's kind of a knock to the fact that we're good at marketing and we're good at the things we say we're good at

1 (25m 4s):
Yes you are now. And what you, what you did with webcam start-up and the SEO. There is nothing short of amazing. So, you know, yeah. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Now there were loads of cam coaches out there. What do you bring to the table that others don't

2 (25m 23s):
Or wonderful personalities? Obviously, just kidding. I think that we bring something that I want Katie to elaborate on because she already talked about it a little bit, but we are middle-class performers where average. And I think Katie will agree with me there.

1 (25m 42s):
I don't think you two are average, but anyway,

3 (25m 45s):
No, but we're people that are, we are very average. None of us, neither of us burst onto the scene and got profiled and expos, neither of us lucked out and got picked by many vids to be the face of a campaign. We haven't had any of those lucky happenstance moments that other models might have had that catapult them to the top. I mean, we've seen models go from invisible. They get a video picked to be featured on the front page of porn hub at random. And suddenly they're making a hundred thousand dollars a month. So we have, I always say, I forced my way to success. I had things working against me and I was able to push through it, figure out what worked, go through and actually find out what makes people click on profiles, how to show up in search, all of those things that you don't need to find if you've had a lucky accident.

3 (26m 40s):
Yup. And so I think that that gives me a lot more ability to help other people because I, I can't look and say, well, I only managed to make it to the front page because I got picked to be on the banner for the site. So they put me on the front page. So the guys would see the same face they clicked on from the ad. I don't have anything like that. I've been able to do it from zero

2 (27m 3s):
And we worked to get here and we continue to work to do what we do. And I think it also helps we aren't on anyone's payroll.

3 (27m 13s):
No, you're not. I could be if you want me to, but not out there

1 (27m 18s):
I can be. I can be. But she says, I am

3 (27m 21s):
Extremely cheap.

2 (27m 24s):
There's a lot of websites out there that will pay for preferential treatment, preferential reviews, and they'll even hire cam coaches. And then those cam coaches got to go on and say, you know, I have the experience cause I was the official camp coach for whatever site and we don't have that. But I think that's actually more of a benefit to us because we're more relatable. Everything that we know, we worked hard to learn. We tried, we practice it. We don't just, you know, say, Hey, do this it'll work. We did it to see if it would work. If it didn't work, we tell you

3 (28m 0s):
We're also both active models, which I think is something that's really overlooked. There are cam coaches that haven't performed in years. And I think that that's really to the detriment of the people they're helping. I mean, they might be hip with the latest developments on the performer dashboard on paper. But I think when you haven't used the product, when you haven't been the product, that also makes a big difference. Especially now when technology is changing so fast, when we have changing demographics of camming, when all of the marketing stuff is changing so quickly with Twitter and Tik, TOK and Instagram and people using Twitch and YouTube and all sorts of things,

1 (28m 42s):

3 (28m 43s):
Yet regulations change what you can. And can't say on cam has changed what you can and can't put in videos. And I think when you start looking at models who have not performed for two years, three years, I know of a cam coach who hasn't performed in over 10 years and people are still paying her and she is not actively on any sites. And because she was a big name, she was a huge name. And I'm absolutely not going to tell you who, but she was a big name and she had a couple of those gigs, but now her stuff is very limited to we'll put out a sexy picture on Twitter before you go on cam. Everybody knows that.

1 (29m 24s):

3 (29m 25s):
How do you make yourself actually stand out now? You know, having a good profile picture isn't enough anymore. You still have people saying, oh, well, if you have a good profile picture on streaming, like you can upload your own. Well, no. Now you need to have one taken recently

2 (29m 43s):
To trick that,

3 (29m 45s):
See, there you go. And those are the things that you need to learn is how to, you know, Aries got the tricks, but you still see that in, in some of these cam courses that are sold, you still see how to upload your own picture to streaming. And it's like, that's not the case anymore. This course is old.

1 (30m 2s):
Yeah. And let's keep, let's keep something in mind. Okay. Who doesn't have a sexy picture on streaming? I mean, I mean, that's kind of a dog. No. Have an ugly picture on streaming.

3 (30m 14s):
They used to have a thing on stream may where it would just automatically take a photo of you.

2 (30m 19s):
Now it takes a live photo and you know what? I'm going to give a free trick for all the people out there so that I can prove that I am actually experienced. And what I talk about, if you stream on a broadcasting system, like OBS open up your preferred photo and put that as your overlay, and then you can just set it to visible or invisible, make it invisible for when you take your scan photo to prove you are who you are and then make it visible for when it takes your picture and the no more crappy looking live photo, unless you're very confident about your setup. And then you can do that. But also you can use this to put keywords like on your screen.

2 (31m 1s):
So when I'm only doing fem Dom shows, I'll put fem Dom shows. So people don't come in and say, Hey, do you want to like dildo yourself for 50 minutes? So, yeah.

3 (31m 10s):
See, and it's those little things that go a long way when you're helping someone with their profile or helping them up their game. And it's those things that you don't know if you're not an active model.

1 (31m 25s):
Sure. So Katie, what originally drew you to Skype and away from the more popular mainstream campsites?

3 (31m 34s):
For me, it was all about that one-on-one stream mate started doing gold shows and encouraging you to do more and more stuff in public chat, although they still technically had their rules. But let's be honest is that I wanted that private show thing for me. I do a lot of fetish shows, but I do a lot of private shows. And that was really all I was doing. Whether I was on a token site or on a site light stream, mate, that's allegedly more private show based. Private shows were where I made all my money, but the sites just aren't set up for them very well. You know, the guys have to type, if you, if they turn their audio on, it's really laggy and slow or really hollow.

3 (32m 18s):
And you can't really hear what they're saying. You can only get a tiny postage stamp picture of their camera if they're, if you do cam to cam. And it, it just didn't make sense that with the technology that we had, that this was the best option for people, but this was the best that we could do. I wanted it to be a real intimate show. I mean, charging a premium price. So I want them to get a premium experience and this isn't a hit, if you have to stop

1 (32m 46s):
What you're doing

3 (32m 47s):
To type, and that just didn't feel very luxury to me. And

1 (32m 54s):
I'm in safe hands might be tied up at the moment.

3 (32m 56s):
Yeah. You can't type, you know, and not only that, if you're doing a fetish show, what they're doing on screen is important. Like watching them, especially if you're doing any kind of jerk-off instructions or any sort of femdom stuff that involves instructions, you have to be able to see what they're doing. Yeah.

2 (33m 14s):
You tell them to hit their penis and they're not hitting their penis. It's not a real good femdom show.

3 (33m 18s):
And he can't tell what they're doing on those little tiny screens. Yes.

1 (33m 23s):
And don't tell me to hit my penis please, because that would hurt.

3 (33m 26s):
Well, that's why you're not one of Aries subs.

1 (33m 31s):
I'm not, I'm not anybody's baby,

3 (33m 37s):
But yeah. So for me, I did not like the experience that my customers were getting. I felt like they were paying for something they weren't getting. So I started looking around and I started asking questions on forums and models kept saying, oh, you need to do Skype shows. And I was like, well, what the fuck does that mean? So I was on chatter bay, I believe at the time. And I don't know if this is still the case, but you used to be able to take tokens for Skype shows. So that's what I started doing. So they would pay me tokens on chatter bait, and then we would go on Skype and do the actual show And guys loved it. They like it. I would get on chatter bait and I would, I would stream for like four hours and I would do no shows on chatter bay whatsoever.

3 (34m 22s):
No private shows. I wouldn't do anything in public chat. It would just be me logging in and out getting my tokens and going to Skype. And I thought there has to be a better way to do this. And then I learned about night flirt and I learned about cam model directory. And those were the two that I used and suddenly the money I was charging and the service I was giving became equal, Where now I had them on my screen, big size. We could talk back and forth. There was no lag. We were both getting HD video. Nobody had to type. It was absolutely wonderful. And it, yeah, it made me feel like I was giving the service that I wanted to give that my

2 (35m 5s):
Katie are so good at like treating your customers like they're humans and not just money.

3 (35m 11s):
My customers are all humans to me. I keep track of all sorts of things about them. Because for me, this business is a customer service business first and foremost. And I know that that seems like a weird way to look at it sometimes. And a lot of people don't agree with me. I know there's like very much a trend among some models to like talk down about customers and things like that. That's really not my vibe. My customers, some of them are so close that honestly, if I don't see them for awhile, I do worry about them. You know, they are, they are people. They are, I don't want to say friends because that's not aligned that I cross with customers, but they are so important to me without them.

3 (35m 53s):
I can't pay my rent. I don't have

1 (35m 56s):

3 (35m 57s):
I don't have the electricity on me and my cat or out on the street. So for me, it's really important to create an experience that where your customers feel valued, where your customers feel that they're taking care of, where they feel that they are, that they're wanted essentially. I mean, our whole job is to be wanted. And one of the ways that I made sure I'm wanted is by giving them an experience that they'll want to come back for. And for me, that's been Skype shows.

2 (36m 27s):
They also treat you more human in return. I feel like when you treat a customer, like they're just money, they treat you like you're just sex. So I feel like that has a huge benefit for long-term income. I love Katie Katie's mess. Oh, my dogs are barking.

1 (36m 44s):
Okay. Mute music to my ears, music to my ears.

2 (36m 49s):
Katie's method is just wonderful. And I think that she's great at what she does. And I think the way she establishes relationships with customers is just, it's awesome.

1 (36m 58s):
Yeah. Well, it should be universal. So now you Arie, you've said you use applied practice to test out and methods that you recommend. Can you elaborate a little bit?

2 (37m 10s):
So we kind of already flogged this horse a bit back in the however many questions ago, but basically I, I try what I recommend. I don't just recommend things to recommend them. I'm not like, Hey, this will work for you. And just sit back and let people go for it and fail it. If I see it work and I know it can work, that's when I recommend it to someone I'm not going to give outdated advice or old advice or advice that I haven't tried myself. Because if I don't know if it works, I can't tell you if it will. And I think it's so important that as someone offering consultations and mentoring and coaching, that you make sure what you're telling people is actually worthwhile.

2 (37m 58s):
And if it doesn't work for me and it works for you, that's great. But I'm never going to recommend something that hasn't worked for me because I can't like say wholeheartedly, like, I believe this will work for you because you know, it's just, if it doesn't, it doesn't. And I think that's another important part of coaching when people get coaching from me or from Katie, like things may work for you that didn't work for us. And that's fantastic. And things may work for us that won't work for you. But the whole thing with coaching is when you pay me, I'm going to tell you every single bit of thing I can from my experience, because I've tried it and I know how to make it work.

2 (38m 43s):
And I just, I feel like that's a huge part of it. Like you

1 (38m 46s):
Can get all

2 (38m 47s):
Sorts of different.

1 (38m 49s):
Yeah. And not only your experiences, but the experiences of your clients.

2 (38m 53s):
Exactly. And I have, you know, I have friends that have tried things and I'll actually quiz them. I'll be like, Hey, you know, let me log into your account and see what you did. Let me see how you did that. Because if I'm going to end up recommending this to someone, I want to see what you did. I want to see how you got there. I, I never want to give a piece of advice. That's not backed up by someone having succeeded doing it. Right.

1 (39m 18s):
Right. So what inspires the two of you to continue providing help and resources to new and experienced models?

3 (39m 28s):
Sometimes I met, it can be a little bit hard when you put a whole bunch of time and energy into a model who ends up quitting because they got a new boyfriend or they got bored. They didn't see results right away. Yeah. But for me, what keeps me coming back is getting DMS well, formerly on Twitter, I don't have Twitter anymore, but I used to get lots of DMS on Twitter that were like, Hey, you wrote this article. I tried it. And it changed everything. Hey, I signed up for this site after you reviewed it. And it's been amazing. You know, things like that. Keep me going, knowing that I'm helping people.

3 (40m 9s):
I really, that makes my heart happy. I love, I do a lot of volunteering in my non-sex work life. I really love helping people. I love knowing that, just something I did made someone's day just a little bit easier or a little bit better. And I've always been that way. It can be tough though. When you see people drop out, when you see people quit, but it's, it's the people who are still trying. That's what I'm here for.

2 (40m 36s):
And as someone who wasn't banished from Twitter, the love that me and Katie receive is crazy. Like I'll have probably at least one newer model a day. That'll reach out to me and say, Hey, I saw your article on webcam startup or adult model mentors, or, you know, wherever else I've posted articles. I've been posted on. Like, I think I got on ABN all sorts of different places and they reach out and they're like, this really helped me. Thank you so much. And then I also went to why not community. And I ran into a very, very popular cam performer fan club performer.

2 (41m 17s):
And she was like, oh my God, wait, you run that site. I use that site like a Bible. And I know this woman is crazy successful. And I'm just like, holy shit,

1 (41m 30s):
Can you mention a name?

2 (41m 32s):

1 (41m 33s):
Can you, her? Nah,

2 (41m 34s):
I'm not going to do that. Cause we didn't talk. We didn't talk about publicizing her name. So I'm not going to do that. But I've, I've run into so many instances of people using information, me or Katie provide and just taking it and running with it. And that encourages me to just keep helping. And even if these people, a lot of people don't know me and Katie are behind the information we put out. Cause we don't make it like blatantly obvious. But obviously some sites also allow you to look into who you've referred. So I've seen, you know, so many people who I see just doing crazy successful ventures and there are referrals and I'm just like, oh my God, it's, it's absolutely wild.

2 (42m 19s):
So the impact that we have is so large and sometimes we don't even realize it. No.

1 (42m 26s):
So what keeps the two of you in the adult industry year after year and keeps you excited about your work?

2 (42m 35s):
Katie likes titling herself. That's why

3 (42m 42s):
I was going to save the work itself. Quite frankly, I do. I love the sexual aspect of the work. Not gonna lie. That part of it is really great for me. I get paid to masturbate versus having to wait until I'm off the clock. So that's, I mean, that's this fringe benefits of it. Obviously. I like the fact that it's really flexible and allows me to be creative. Fetishes are fascinating and wonderful. I mean, Arie just discovered a new fetish today. When I told her about one of my recent best-selling videos and she had no idea, it was even a kink and

2 (43m 20s):
Don't tell him what it is. He's going to laugh at us.

3 (43m 26s):
Stinky pussy videos. Yeah. Saying that your pussy like smells like old dead fish and it's slimy and gross. It's a whole kink. And I discovered it

1 (43m 37s):
And I'm glad I already,

3 (43m 40s):
I, I made a video and it's become extremely popular. And so things like that discovering new fetishes, just really, I was going to say butters my bread. I don't know if that's the saying or if I just made it up, but I love discovering new fetishes. I love the creativity. I love performing. But honestly, at the end of the day, I get paid to masturbate and that is a pretty sweet ass privilege to have.

2 (44m 9s):
So for me, who doesn't quite enjoy the diddling so much as Katie does, I'm actually like pretty much asexual. So I it's all performance for me, but what keeps me involved is the freedom of the schedule. My ability to be able to take time off. If I need time off as someone who struggles with mental illness, I feel like having the ability to structure my work around how I'm doing is really important to me. Yeah. And I mean, it's a, it's a double-edged sword, you know, sometimes I'll just be sad and sleep and I definitely shouldn't keep sleeping, but I can, but I have the freedom to do that.

2 (44m 50s):
I'm not going to get fired from my job because I'm having a bad day. And I think that's really important to myself and also to other people in the industry that struggle with mental illness. It's a very common thing. Yes.

1 (45m 2s):
Have you, have you utilized the services of pineapple support?

2 (45m 7s):
I have used pineapple support and they recommended me a terrific therapist and it was great, but I feel like I'm too much of a, I'm too loud in the industry because I ended up on a, talking on a panel with my therapist at the time and I found that to be a little bit weird. So I've sought out a new therapist now.

1 (45m 28s):
Okay. Yeah. But what they do, what they do is really phenomenal, isn't it?

3 (45m 32s):
Yeah. Their webinars are amazing. I've gone to several of their webinars, which are also free to people in the industry. And while I haven't used their counseling services, what they do is incredibly incredibly important. It is so difficult to find sex work, positive therapists, and the fact that they're able to match people up and sometimes offer support with the funding for it is just,

2 (45m 56s):
They almost always offer support with the funding of it. Like you get a special discount if you're connected through pineapple support. And I think that's just, that's excellent because therapy services aren't cheap. And if you're already in a stigmatized industry, it's so scary to spend, you know, a hundred, $200 on something. If you think it might go bad. Yeah.

1 (46m 15s):
Yeah. I, I'm a proud bi-polar. So I, I jumped on the opportunity to sponsor a pineapple support for through our company and I plugged them every chance I get. So is your mentorship and coaching available for hire by adult website owners as well as for models?

3 (46m 43s):

1 (46m 46s):
That was a quick one.

3 (46m 48s):
I think both area. And I have worked with some sites in the past that have been looking for models to review things or look at what they're working on. Give them feedback more sites should do that. Just putting that out there. But I mean, we're currently watching the fallout of cam model directory, choosing not to ask models what they think that's, we'll see how that goes for them. But yeah, absolutely. We're open to working with companies, whether they want to look at coaching for their models or whether they're interested in model reviews and feedback, beta testers, hoping with that sort of thing.

3 (47m 31s):
I think that would be a really fun opportunity. I've done a little bit of it, but I would love to do more.

2 (47m 37s):
We're even more efficient if you get us as a pair too, because we nitpick totally different things. So we will get you a hundred percent there.

1 (47m 45s):
There you go. So how can websites contact you about being featured or reviewed on your website?

2 (47m 54s):
You can contact us directly in order to be featured on the website. You can also send an email to adult model I know it's not a professional email we're working on it, but yeah, you can just reach out to either of us individually, whether you have our emails, you can, a lot of people have already reached out to me personally. So I feel like you guys are all figuring it out. If you're listening, congratulations, you're good at what you do.

3 (48m 23s):
Yeah. Reach out to airy. I'm not the best necessarily

2 (48m 28s):
I was going to forward you to me. So I guess just reach out to me

3 (48m 33s):
Areas a lot better at the businessy stuff of having a site.

1 (48m 38s):
So how go ahead.

2 (48m 41s):
So yeah, I was just going to say, if you want to reach out to me directly Arie at Arie, is the best way to reach me

1 (48m 47s):
Beautiful. Now how can performers reach out to book consultations?

3 (48m 53s):
So if you go to adult model and you click on consultations, it'll take you to a little page that has area. My pretty face is on it. And there is a button I believe where you can click to request a consultation and it'll take you to a form where you can fill out some information about kind of what you're looking for. And we will get back to you pretty darn quickly to follow up, to find a date and a time that works for you. And we're open to all time zones. You don't have to be. Cause someone asked me, oh my gosh, what if it's in the middle of the night for you? That's fine. I can make coffee anytime of day

1 (49m 34s):
As Ken. I know how that goes. So what are the next big plans for adult model mentors?

2 (49m 41s):
Ooh, this one's exciting. So we have a new mentor. That's going to be joining our teams soon. And it's a name that people actually know and love. Are we excited? Can I get, can I get a drum roll? Very excited. Alice scary. So they are the model liaison for just for fans. And they have been in the industry for a long time. They are a non-binary performer and they have a ton of experience doing fetish work collaborations and just all sorts of different stuff in the industry. So they are going to be also offering consultations through our site and uploading articles and stuff.

2 (50m 24s):
So I'm very excited. I'll type it in the chat because it doesn't, it's Alice scary, but it's with a K it's not like scary, like scary. It's scary with kit.

1 (50m 36s):
I'll take your word for it. Okay. Very good ladies. I would like you, I would so much like to thank you for being our guests today. I'm an adult side broker talk and I know we'll get a chance to do this again real soon.

2 (50m 52s):
Oh God. We did it again.

1 (50m 54s):
That was okay. That was, that was better. That was better. My broker tip today is part seven of how to buy an adult website. Last week, we talked about the agreement in escrow. So now you own the website. What do you do now? The first thing you should do is make sure you understand everything about the operation of the site. The previous owner will hopefully be available for a period of time to help you with this. As I mentioned last week, you should establish what the former owners participation will be after the sale, you'll need to deal with production of new content processing, paying affiliates, and many other things. If you don't have experience in these things, you may want to consider our general consulting firm, adult business consulting.

1 (51m 39s):
You can get more information on what this company does and adult business We help website owners, project manage and guide them to the right vendors. Maybe the previous owner had all the right elements, processing, hosting, payments, production, scripts, et cetera, or maybe they didn't. We can help evaluate that for you. Let us know if we can help. Anyway, you'll now be operating the website. If you don't have someone like our general consulting firm to help evaluate all of these items and everything, the site is spending money on and using to operate the website, make sure you're getting a good deal and that these companies are providing the right service and check to see if you can do better.

1 (52m 24s):
Hosting is a great example on something where people are often both overpaying and not getting the right service. Many times the server is just too slow. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reach out to us on our website next week. We'll talk about how to sell a website. And next week we'll be speaking with Brad Mitchell of mojo host. He'll have lots to say about hosting. You don't want to miss that. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guests, Aerie and Katy of adult model mentors. Talk to you again next week on adult site broker talk.

1 (53m 4s):
I'm Bruce Friedman.

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