Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 94 with trans performer Julia Epiphany

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 94 with trans performer Julia Epiphany

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with Julia Epiphany.

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Now time for this week's interview, my guest, an adult site broker talk is Julia epiphany. Julia, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk

Speaker 2 (3m 6s): And thank you for having me. It's a real pleasure.

Speaker 1 (3m 9s): It's a pleasure to have you. Julie was born in Canada with dual Spanish citizenship. She is a fierce feminist trilingual fluently in English, French and Spanish and boasts on athletic five 11 tattooed 38, D 30 36, figure with a pierced left nipple and appears to cock. Ouch. She sounds like she has a love for socializing, fine dining, fast cars, amateur photography, playing competitive badminton, and while doing porn, she continues to develop her career in it and pioneering nanotechnology at Julia's very first adult industry nomination after only a few months of camming was for trans cam star of the year at the why not cam awards while in Hollywood to attend the awards.

Julia was crowned by cam four to be the August, 2019 cam for cover girl. And by the way, she was their first ever trans cover girl. Congratulations on that. That's awesome. I mean, December Julia was fan voted nominee for two AVN fan awards, favorite trans porn star and favorite trans cam star. Then toward the very end of 2019, Julia received her first transgender, a transgender or erotica award nomination for best non us performer.

A few months later in February, 2020, she was a finalist for the live cam awards as best trans live cam model, bringing the total nominations for Julia's first area in professional adult performance to five, which is amazing. Now in July, she earned her sixth nomination being a finalist for the X biz cam awards for the best trans cam model award in September, she launched an official epiphany online merchandise store. In October, she started offering financial domination, custom videos for up to a hundred thousand dollars for a five minute order.

How many of those have you sold?

Speaker 2 (5m 10s): That's the train sake, right? I'm not going to get into that.

Speaker 1 (5m 12s): Okay. Okay. We won't. Okay. I just, just wondering now sailing into her third year, Julia partnered with AIP daily as a guest columnist was honored by cam four as their viewers choice trans broadcaster for north America for 2020, and has given interviews across the entire industry. And now on adult site broker talk, and we're very happy to have you now, what was it like to go from the world of tech into the world of porn?

Speaker 2 (5m 42s): That's a good question. I get asked that pretty frequently. I mean, it was, it was a big jump. I gotta say. You know, I I'd spent many years in the amateur sort of a fetish world here in Montreal. We have a very vibrant fetish community, you know, we have every year or at least prior to COVID the Montreal fetish weekend. That is, I would say even world renowned, they have people fly in from, you know, all over Europe, United States, Latin America.

And I participated as just a, an amateur model, you know, several, several times for different designers, latex designers in my private life, you know, in Montreal, we have also a very vibrant culture here, very open, you know, sexually in, in just like, you know, embracing, you know, pride, for instance, gay pride. We have a huge pride parade here every year.

Speaker 1 (6m 51s): San Francisco. I know about pride parade.

Speaker 2 (6m 53s): Yeah, for real. Right. So, so yeah, prior to jumping into professional adults entertainment, you know, I hadn't really engaged too much with the professional community. I had an idea, you know, you get to know some of the players, some of the names, but really being in front of a camera coming from basically the private sector or the private, you know, where people kind of don't know who I am, you know, I was a public figure or whatever.

It was a big jump and there's really nothing that can prepare you for that. So I got to say getting in front of the ball, making sure that I kept, you know, all my PS and QS as lined up as I possibly could. That was the biggest challenge. You know, being a model, you know, you know, standing in front of the camera, you obviously, you, you want to bring your a game, right? You don't want to just like slouch and like do whatever you want to really, you want it, you want to show off your showboating, but you know, like all of the, the back end of it, like the administration, you know, content management, you know, as a techie, I dealt with a lot of that.

Like, I've worked with some very, very large organizations, you know, fortune 100 fortune 500, I've worked in the, the video game industry, but it always as an admin, you know? Right. So like you're just managing these heaps and heaps and mounds and mounds of somebody else's data. Right. But then on the flip side, now that's your data, you know, it's like, you're, you're, it's your body, it's your, you know, your entire persona, your, your reputation, you know, it's, it's who you are, who you love.

You know, you got to nurture yourself, got to protect yourself. What do you like to show? What do you like to emphasize? You know, what message are you sending all that stuff? And, you know, looking at it from the technical perspective, you know, it, it, you know, it was just like, oh, it's, you know, it's a, it's a, an MP4 file, you know, a few hours of file. But looking at us as a performer, it's like, Hey, that's like five or six hours of some harder and work. Yes. You know, so it really changes your perspective. It really makes you appreciate the industry in a way that you would have no other way of appreciating it, unless you've actually tried to do it in front of the camera.

So that have to say was really the biggest challenge. When I first started, you know, pro work, you know, being a professional, you know, adult entertainer, marketing myself, you know, in, at the top of the, of the industry, you know, like really pushing that envelope. And, and then, you know, as in the, in the backdrop of all of that, you know, is to make sure that all of the rest of, you know, my, my career path wasn't forgotten, you know, like, I mean, people have a tendency when they get into porn and they say, you know, I, I switched careers or I changed careers.

And I really think that that does, you know, a disservice to people like me who, you know, had a very successful career in another industry prior to injuring porn, because it, these things are, you know, not necessarily mutually exclusive, like there's, you know, a lot of overlap between the tech in my, in my experience, the tech world and the porn world. Like, there's, there's so much there that you can still carry over. And as you read my introduction, you know, nanotechnology, I, you know, I don't want to get too far out into the left field there to borrow a baseball term, but I like that.

Huh did. But, you know, nanotechnology also works into that because, you know, it's the future of material design. It's the future of, you know, building, you know, a, an interconnected world where networking and media and, you know, things like encryption and things like rights management and things like, you know, crypto, I mean, crypto is not per se derivative of nanotechnology, but in order to drive that industry in order to, you know, feed into this demand, that crypto is, I suppose, maybe famous or infamously known for you need some really, really, you know, increasingly demanding raw computing power.

And the only way to get there is to drill deeper into the technical well, that is, you know, chip production that is efficient, you know, computing power, and that's now the technology, you know, and then quantum computing and all that stuff, the next generations that, you know, you and I probably won't be around to see the fruits of, but eventually it'll get there and erotica will be, it will be absolutely in the front, in the front row. Like it's, you know, humanity, you know, we need erotica, just it just for our own wellbeing, our own mental health, you know, nobody wants to admit it to themselves.

We're all like in the shadows sort of like hush hush, except for the really like the brave that, you know, understand the importance of erotica and the adult industry. But the truth is, you know, erotica, you know, sex that will be with humanity for as long as humanity exists, you know, you'll never exactly right. You'll never get to the point where it's just, you know, okay, shake your hands. All right. You're pregnant. Like it doesn't work that way, you know? Exactly. So it's a, me too.

There you go. I, you know, I hope not. And embracing our sexualities and exploring the unknown, you know, that's the kind of thing that, you know, I, I really look forward to and I'm trying to sort of appeal to the larger audience, you know, as far as, you know, my brand, you know, that's my name, Juliet epiphany, you know, the orgasm of the mind, it's just sort of like trying to like open up our, our view of, you know, what is possible in erotica and what, you know, people can find attractive stimulating, and always of course, like, you know, safely doing it safely, doing it in a way that, you know, th th in a legal way that, you know, you know, abiding by people's, you know, expectations of, of, of like consideration, obviously consent is a huge, huge part of that, you know, different areas of the world have different perspectives on what they think is erotic or, or, or not.

So you have to try to respect that as much as you can. Right. So, so that's, that's the whole sort of like package of what is, you know, Juliet epiphany and how I'm trying to bring, you know, my tech knowledge and the perspectives of, of technology, like, you know, in the, in the tech world, you know, this is the GDPR, which was huge, huge, huge that, you know, the whole world sort of had to wrap their head around, you know, protection of privacy, you know, there's things like HIPAA, which United States is huge.

Well, all that factors in very similarly to porn, right? Like all of that, a lot of that logic still applies. And if you don't have firsthand knowledge of the implications of all that stuff, you know, in the tech world and how deep those topics go, you wouldn't necessarily be able to like, make that, you know, parallel in porn. Right. And I, I have firsthand knowledge, so I I'm, I'm happy to share that. And I, I really, I enjoy sort of, you know, chewing the fat, but no pun intended on, on, on all of those topics and really kind of hashing it out and seeing how all of that stuff, you know, affects the adult industry.

Speaker 1 (14m 47s): Sure, sure. Now you didn't make it physically this year, but how did you enjoy the, why not awards when you attended?

Speaker 2 (14m 56s): I thought they were fantastic, you know, the kudos to Jay and Connor for, to stick it, to sticking through it. You know, th you know, I, I think that, you know, we, we really on the daily sort of, we make light of the pandemic. We're like, oh, geez. You know, another, another vaccine, you know, third shot, or how many times am I push pin cushion, all that stuff, historically though, you know, pandemics of this, of this scale only happen once every a hundred years.

So that's what these guys are. That's what these guys are up against. You know, they're, there's putting on a show, you know, they're putting their entire, you know, their professional reputation on the line to put on a show to the best of their abilities in the middle of a pandemic, you know, last year, it wasn't possible. I don't know how I know that there was some marketing, I don't know how far into that they got, you know, I, I don't keep track of J and Connor's progress as a, as business people. And, you know, that's out of respect for them.

I don't, I don't want to keep tabs on people. I don't think that's respectful, but I think last year it kind of was a bit, you know, it kind of, it wasn't as successful as it might've been. I don't know if it was outright canceled again, forgive me, Jane Connor. If I got some of the facts wrong there, but this year, you know, I really felt like they, they really tried to sorta like kickstart it. And I think they really did a really great job, even though it was not ideal conditions, you know?

And, and they, I think they should be commended for that because, you know, they've both been in the business for, you know, a few decades. And I personally, me, I wouldn't even know where to start. I wouldn't know where to start.

Speaker 1 (16m 39s): Yeah. I would not want to be a show promoter or hotel owner, or a lot of things these days. I was just thinking about that today. Being out here in Thailand, I'm thinking about the poor bar owners and restaurant owners and all the people who keep getting put out of work. I mean, it's just, it's just horrendous.

Speaker 2 (17m 1s): How

Speaker 1 (17m 1s): Long do you think you'll keep performing for the camera?

Speaker 2 (17m 5s): As long as I can really, you know, I'm here on your show is Juliet epiphany, you know, as a, as a model, as what we call talent in the industry, I'm not shy about my age. You know, I got started, I was 43 when I, when I did my first shoot that was with Gruby yep. 46. Thank you. I'm 46 now. And I know, you know, I, I, it's, it's pretty unusual for people to start this late. I do have a few years, I won't say decades, plural.

I think it's a bit of a stretch, although I did do sort of like, you know, a bit of a, an erotic shoot, very, very experimental. And the late nineties, you know, I wear a half harness. This is, well, my transition, but really, as far as like being a model that goes, I've only had about a decade of experience and only a couple of all three years now in the adult industry professionally, but you know, how far into the future will that go?

You know, I, I can just cross my fingers, you know, because it really is a huge passion of mine. And there isn't really, you know, I w I would argue, and I think there's a few celebrities out there who would agree with me that there isn't really an age that you sorta like, you know, you can't perform anymore. I mean, Dolly Parton was recently quoted as saying, she'd shoot again for, for Playboy, if she had the opportunity and God bless her, really, because she's an amazing, amazing woman. And I have so much respect

Speaker 1 (18m 37s): For her.

Speaker 2 (18m 39s): Absolutely. And she was one of the pioneers too. Right. And look how much she's done in her career. Really amazing, amazing woman. So, you know, I mean, God willing that as long as I could, as long as I've got strength in my bones, but it, that way

Speaker 1 (18m 54s): Now you mentioned, you mentioned Gruby and since I've tried kicking and screaming to get Steve on my podcasts, but I can't, he's just way too shy. Yeah. Right. How do you enjoy working with that organization?

Speaker 2 (19m 11s): I owe them a lot. They gave me my break, you know, they shot with me in 2019. They shot with me five times five different scenes were released. Four of them were with a candidate, girl, girl, their, their Canadian brand, and one for the groupie girl, their, their main brand. Right. And I love all of the shots, every single last one. The video's amazing. I w I loved working with the, the producer V Soho.

You know, I connected with him. We met up very, very briefly in the summer so that he could pass me my, my courtesy DVD. I'm on two DVDs now. Thank you. The first one was a Northern nymphs number two, where I was showcased on the spine. And on the back, I didn't make the cover of that, but still putting me on the spine. I was really humbled by that. Yep. And then this last one, Northern NIMS, number four, which was released in the summer, they put me on the cover.

Thank you. Thank you. With three other models. I think the, the DVD has a total of six models. Four of us are on the cover and it's, I, I can only speak for myself, but it really is a, it was a tremendous to, to see myself on that cover. And my fans also absolutely love it. And I'm just, you know, I would, I would love to be able to, to continue to doing business with Gruby in some way or another, you know, and it's, like I said, it's a really competitive industry.

You know, not a lot of girls or women. I, I really should probably use the proper term. You know, everybody likes to say girls, but at my age, you know, in a woman is, is probably, you know, the best, most, most accurate way of describing myself, you know, across the board. I am trans, but, you know, I, I, I really don't feel like I fit the, the milk category. You know, I've mentioned that before, and I know that they do milk, but, you know, I I'm such a performer. I feel like I'm like MILF would kind of kinda, it would put me kind of off to the side a little, I feel like A little bit.

Yeah. And I'm not, I'm not sure how, you know, the direction for that or how that will evolve for me. And I, you know, I'm, I'm hoping that I'll be able to continue shooting with some really awesome talent.

Speaker 1 (21m 48s): Now, now talk about what Groobees done for the whole trans market.

Speaker 2 (21m 53s): That's a good question. You know, the T's are coming up, which is the trans erotica awards. They were renamed. It was used to be transgender, erotic rewards. Now they're just simply trans or radical words. And I'm campaigning. Actually the last day of campaigning is coming up. I, in a few days, I don't know when this episode will be released, but I'll try.

Speaker 1 (22m 16s): Sorry. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (22m 18s): No, that's okay. That's okay. Not a problem, not a problem. I'm not, I don't want to sort of like constrain anybody, but say, if I get nominated for the teas, you know, it'll be my, my second nomination for them. Just the fact that, you know, Gruby is so involved in the teas and they have, you know, promoted the teas and the trans, you know, porn industry for so long really is a Testament to their, to the devotion, to, to trends trans people and trans erotica.

And, you know, I think that, you know, it it's, I mean, porn is always going to be contentious of no matter, you know, who, who talks about it, like you wind back the clock in 1970s. I mean, all the same arguments, you know, were around back then, you know, and then, you know, it's like the gay scene, you know, gay male erotica was like, you know, backroom type stuff, you know, nobody wanted to see it. Right. And then, you know, slowly it became accepted as like, Hey, what will you know, why are we treating these people like that?

They, you know, we should, you know, there's a lot of people out there that really like, you know, gay porn now, not just gay men, like there's like straight women that just love gay porn. And, you know, it was like, what's wrong with that? You know, like there's people loving each other and it's the same thing for trans, you know, it's like, Right, exactly. And there's stuff that some people like that other people don't like it was okay, well then just don't watch it then. Okay. I mean, it's just, it's that simple. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (23m 48s): Yeah. I agree. But I, I personally think, and I've known, I've known Steven since he started really shortly after he started Gruby back to when he had a business partner and back in the day and what I've seen, the development I've seen of Gruby I think really parallels the development of the whole acceptance of trans people. And I, I just think what they've done there has been just incredible.

And my hats, I take my hat off on a regular basis to, to what's been done and how they've, you know, helped the trans porn market in a huge way. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm glad to hear that you've, you've been able to shoot with them. So, so what inspires you Julia,

Speaker 2 (24m 43s): Across the board? You know, I get inspired by a lot of things. You know, I, you know, this podcast is I'm here as Julia epiphany, you know, as, as a performer, you know, what inspires me, you know, I like seeing other performers succeed even beyond, you know, my, my work as a performer, just in general in life. It's very inspiring to see people succeed in life. But the, the adult industry is, is, is really tough on talent. And people kind of just get chewed up, seeing people really tough it out, you know, love themselves, embrace, you know, their success.

It's, there's so much humanity in, you know, the porn industry that we don't get a chance to really see because, you know, we, we just, you know, tits and ass and Dick and everything like that, you know, you don't sit back at, you know, at the end of the porn, you know, with, with the towel on or whatever, and be like, I like this, a philosophical debate that this person had, you know, they, that's not, that's not the first thought that comes into mind, but everybody, all, you know, every last performer, we all have our own lives, our own perspective of life, you know, our own dreams, our own aspirations.

And you don't, you don't see that, you know, on the screen, but you do when you're a performer and you follow all these people, you know, on Twitter, you know, social media in general, listen to their podcasts or interviews or whatever. And seeing, seeing people, you know, reach their dreams and really sort of embrace their, the things that they wanted to see happen that didn't make sense, not embrace them, but rather sort of see, see the things that they want to have happen, actually come together.

You know, I think that that's really inspiring and it's, it, it gives, you know, a hope in, in a whole different way, in a whole different context that you don't get to see very, very frequently.

Speaker 1 (26m 46s): So, so who inspires you?

Speaker 2 (26m 48s): That's a, that's a big question. Like there's different ways you can see pornography, you know, you could, you could see us all, you know, as sex workers, you know, different flavors of sex workers, you can also see us as actors and actresses. You know, you mentioned you're in Thailand. You know, if we, if we really, you know, fan out what it means to be an actor or an actress in way early in my transition, there is a tie public figure.

Very, very well known by the name of non tomb. She's transgender. And she, she became an actress, but she started her career as a, as a Mai Tai boxer.

Speaker 1 (27m 39s): Hmm.

Speaker 2 (27m 40s): Prior to her transition. Yeah. Oh yeah. She's very well known. She's she became an actress. How does this relate to, oh, without a doubt, you know, she, she's a huge success story. National treasure, basically. She's had movies, beautiful boxers, the movie, if I'm not mistaken of her life.

Speaker 1 (27m 58s): Yeah.

Speaker 2 (27m 60s): Yeah. Her story is, is really inspiring. I mean, I'm inspired by many, many people, you know, Stephen Hawking, you know, across the board, but like, just to focus on the adult industry, you know, as an actress, I don't know if she did any erotica or porn. I know in Thailand, you know, the trans community is very often associated with the sex industry. And, you know, I don't know if non tune did so, you know, forgive me if, if I've, if I've made that

Speaker 1 (28m 31s): Porn is kind of hard to do here, considering the laws.

Speaker 2 (28m 34s): Right. I, I, I'm not familiar with that, but it,

Speaker 1 (28m 38s): Yeah, it's a, it's a, it's a lot easier to get by with prostitution than it is with porn. If you get caught with porn, you go to prison. If you got caught with prostitution, you generally get a slap on the hand, just to kind of like to know how it is out here.

Speaker 2 (28m 53s): Got it. Well, either way, I don't know if a non Toon ever did prostitution or was it escort, but as a, an actress, you know, the, the inspiration of her life, she, she is on record as having confirmed that she, she became a Mai Tai boxer to pay for her surgeries. So she, yeah, she, she be a national champion, my Thai boxer.

Yep. And she, after she, she left the sport, she, she transitioned. So it's like, she, you know, she fought, she fought for her whole career as, as a, as a, as an and my tie. I mean, everybody, you know, knows how, how difficult and how, how demanding a sport it is and how yeah. It's a, how brutal it is. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (29m 50s): They used to have, they used to have a, my tie, a gym and a condo of building where we owned a condo in Bangkok. So I got out a lot of, I got, I was able to look at the training and things like that. They work hard.

Speaker 2 (30m 5s): Yeah. They do. But it's also a very closely guarded traditional sport. It's the other thing. And it's typically very masculine. So to have this fighter who was a national champion, then transition was a really, really, really big deal. And, you know, for me seeing, knowing her story, this is years I've. I discovered her years before I started my transition way, way before I ever thought of even getting into porn.

But, you know, she she's, I find her story so inspiring that she became an actress, films were made with her in it. And also movies were made about her, you know, for me, you know, in Thailand, of course, where, you know, a transgender, the transgender culture is, is so well-known. And so recognized globally, really, I thought was okay,

Speaker 1 (31m 3s): I live in Petaja, it's a, it's very commonplace.

Speaker 2 (31m 7s): Right. Exactly. And you know, for me, you know, I play competitive Babington, as you mentioned, it's not a martial sport, but it, there are a lot of parallels there it's very fast paced and very hard on the body. And, you know, I attribute my, my good physique now to having played it for many years. And again, I'm not by any means a national champion, nowhere near it, you know, regionally based, maybe on a good day, but, you know, I just, you know, as an, as, as a, as a porn performer, as an adult actress, you know, my, my persona, the Juliet epiphany, you know, sort of like person that I hold very dear to my heart, you know, it's still, it's, it is an entity that, you know, I, I manage as, as an actress.

Okay. I, I try to make that as clear as I can to all my fans, because, you know, there's, you know, people, there's a lot of requests and, you know, people are under the impression that, you know, they can sort of just call me up for a date type stuff. And I have to make that very clear, you know, because it, you know, I mean, I guess I'm not the only one by any means, I'm sure people will ask for that kind of stuff all the time. And, you know,

Speaker 1 (32m 31s): Men's a, men's, men's fantasies tend to run wild,

Speaker 2 (32m 35s): That's the thing, but that's, that's sort of what you're selling. Right. It's, it's

Speaker 1 (32m 38s): Hollywood what you're selling, but it can also cause problems.

Speaker 2 (32m 42s): That's right. That's right. That's why it's such, it's such a delicate topic. It's so it's so difficult to navigate, but, you know, at the end of the day, you know, we're actresses, or many of us are actresses. And, you know, in that sense, there's a lot of actors and actresses out there that I really look up to some that started in porn and others that did not, and they found their own life path. And, you know, I find those types of stories really, really inspiring for sure.

Speaker 1 (33m 11s): Absolutely. What do you love the most about the adult industry?

Speaker 2 (33m 16s): That's a good question. I know, I would say, you know, our, I guess our constant appetite for sort of new, a different spin on a, on a recurring theme or altogether new themes, you know, like things that people, you know, have, have, have sort of recreating a look or recreating a style in a modern or postmodern or futuristic context.

I love how that, that there's a lot of inspiration there. There's a lot of sort of creativity, you know, the cause play. I think that that's fantastic. I don't, I can't cause play. I mean, I've, I've, I've never really put a lot of effort into it, but I see some of the cost players out there and the effort that they put into their shows and it's really amazing. It's, it's really a fantastic, and that's just, it's just one small segment of, you know, the industry that is so incredibly creative, you know, I really, I think that there's a lot to be said about the performers that are, are, you know, put so much on the line to push boundaries and do it, you know, in a way that just, it, it, you know, you can't help, but just like, you know, be mesmerized by their, their, their stamina, mental stamina and physical stamina.

Is this just phenomenal really? And it's some, some smaller performers, like the they're brands that aren't as well known, maybe as well as the really, really big stars, like, you know, with the hundreds of thousands of followers, you know, it's, it's across the board, you know, creativity, you know, beyond all the politics, creativity is something that you can, you could sorta like zero in on and be like, wow, this person just, they, they, they love who they are or they, they love, you know, developing their, you know, their, their brand or, or, or connecting with their fans or, you know, just, you know, living life.

It's I really like that about the industry.

Speaker 1 (35m 35s): Sure. Do you want to be the first porn star to shoot a scene in space?

Speaker 2 (35m 43s): Yeah.

Speaker 1 (35m 45s): Okay.

Speaker 2 (35m 45s): I do. I, I mean, you know what, it was a month ago, you know, William Shatner was, you know, he's the first, I think not octogenarian he's 90, so Levinton Arion anyway, you know, he, he, he was in space. He, it turned, he attained. I don't remember what the minimum is. Right, exactly. For a 10 minutes. And he's, he's 90. And, you know, if we all, you know, look back, you know, star Trek as a, as a series also pioneered some really, really important, you know, perspectives that could persist even today.

I mean, there's still new star Trek episodes, you know, with sir Patrick Stewart playing captain of the card, you know, so many Jerry Ryan who's come back also. I totally have a huge crush on, you know, William Shatner. Who's also from Montreal, by the way. Yeah. A little, little name drop there. He love him or hate him. He really pushed the boundaries on that show.

And this is before the first moon landing, right? So this is the sixties that star Trek star was released. And then the moon landing was 69

Speaker 1 (37m 8s): Sounds. Right.

Speaker 2 (37m 9s): You know, the first interracial click kiss was on that show on TV between between hoorah and, and, and Shatner. If I'm not mistaken, gosh, I hope I got that. Right. You know, they, they broke a lot of barriers and, you know, come full circle, you know, here he is in outer space, you know, and if, if you know that the space programs are interested in, in exploring, you know, space, you know, somebody somebody's going to be the first porn star in space, somebody's going to shoot the first scene in space.

It's going to, it's going to be somebody, right. You know, I'm 46, you know, I, I have a very strong technical background, you know, I know that G-forces to, to beat the gravity or you can be pretty intense. So I, I, you know, my implants might have to come out or something, I don't know. But, you know, I mean, if there's any, if there's a hat to throw my name into, I'm throwing it in,

Speaker 1 (38m 2s): There you go.

Speaker 2 (38m 4s): Pick me. Why not? Like

Speaker 1 (38m 7s): Jeff Bezos is listening,

Speaker 2 (38m 10s): Hopefully.

Speaker 1 (38m 12s): So why do you describe yourself as mostly lesbian?

Speaker 2 (38m 17s): It would be inaccurate for me to say that I'm just lesbian period. You know, I've in my private life. I I've been intimate with a few different men on different occasions. And you know, it's not that I, I, I dislike being with men. There are some lesbians that really just don't like men at all. Yeah. And I mean, yeah, you know, there's this term like gold star lesbian, you know, a woman that has never slept with a man. And I, you know, I respect people that, that feel that they need to identify that way.

And there's no, there's no problem with that. You know, that, you know, recently there's a, a huge, you know, a lot of controversy surrounding a BBC article about, you know, trans women, you know, coercing, you know, lesbian performance performers to have scenes with them. And I, you know, I, it was, yeah, it was a really big deal. It's still going around. Hopefully when this podcast airs, it'll have gotten sorted out, but, you know, I feel very strongly about that. And, you know, I don't want to perform with, with women that, that don't, that don't want to, obviously, you know, it has to be hope.

It has to be copacetic has to be mutual. And, you know, by that same token, I would feel the same way about men. You know, I don't want to have some guy come up to me and be like, oh, you're not a woman until, you know, but at the same time, you know, I've had some, I've had some really nice interactions with some really great guys, you know, I prefer women, you know, I much prefer the company of women. I much prefer being intimate with women, but, you know, it would be, it would be an unjust or unfair of me to say, like, you know, you know, no man has ever, you know, been nice or whatever.

Cause there have been. And you know, if I had the opportunity to perform with a, with a man in a scene might not be my first pick. I would certainly, you know, want to do my first scenes with women. But if there was like a threesome scene or like an orgy or something like that, or maybe further down the line when I've, you know, had the opportunity to shoot with, with women, if there was a scene that came up with a guy, you know, I, I definitely might consider it. And I want that to be, you know, the, to put that out there, you know, for whoever's listening to podcast or I think it's, you know, I, I just think I needed to be, you know, cleared up basically.


Speaker 1 (40m 41s): So what sort of porn do you like and what are your kinks?

Speaker 2 (40m 45s): Oh gosh, I love, I love like a snow bunny porn. I think it's so hot

Speaker 1 (40m 57s): Snow bunny porn. Okay. You're going to tell you what that is.

Speaker 2 (41m 0s): So, I mean, you know, for lack of a better term, interracial porn, you know, you have a, a big black ball is a Southern known with the snow bunny. I think that's super, super hot. I mean, you know, it, it's, it's straight sex, so it's, it's, it's almost always a, a, a male, a black guy with a white a woman. But I think that really turns me on about it is the passion that they have for each other, you know, like they really connect there's this, like this, this like yearning there's this like this like deep, deep sort of connection that I feel I empathize with because I feel the same way about, you know, mistress, if I were to perform with a, you know, a demanding quote, unquote, demanding mistress, something like that.

And I'd be her trophy wife, you know, that sort of like connection is something I really, it really sort of like speaks to me. It really turns me on, I really liked that, you know, orgies also, I think that's super hot, you know, threesomes, and it was, there's a long list, but you know, I also personally I like, you know, extreme anal for myself. That is, I, I think that's a, there's a, I don't know, a special sort of desire or hunger in me for some reason about that.

And I just, I can't get enough of it. Those are a couple of things that really, that kind of, I find myself going back to recurring themes.

Speaker 1 (42m 36s): Okay. Now, will we ever see an autobiography or a memoir from you?

Speaker 2 (42m 43s): That's a good question. That my, one of my fans actually recently offered to do my memoirs. And I think that, yeah, I thought that was so touching. I was like, wow, I never thought of that. You know? And I'm like, geez. I mean, I guess I got to start thinking that way, you know, or I don't know. I mean, I would love to

Speaker 1 (43m 4s): Just be very interesting.

Speaker 2 (43m 6s): I thank you. I try to make it interesting. I would try to sort of like keep it as concise as possible. Cause I've, you know, I mean, I've had a lot of adventures in my life, not to say everybody else hasn't, but you know, I'm pushing 50 at this point. And, and I I'd like to sort of like be able to sum it all up in some way that, you know, could get offer future generations, some, some, some inspiration, or sort of, you know, something to draw from.

Speaker 1 (43m 34s): Do you know, do you know coral and Juul?

Speaker 2 (43m 37s): I'm not, I can't say that. I do.

Speaker 1 (43m 39s): Yeah, you too. I should, I should connect you too. Cause she's she just, I think she just finished her second book and that's somebody you should definitely get to get to know. She's she's, NTUC also started into porn later in life. So I think you guys would, you guys would hit it off. Really good.

Speaker 2 (43m 57s): Cool. Cool. Yeah. I mean, sure. It sounds, I mean, I trust you, you you're really down to earth or at least a that's my brush and so far. Yeah. If you want to, if you want to put us in touch, I would love to

Speaker 1 (44m 9s): She's been on the podcast twice, so yeah. I don't have repeat people unless they're very interesting and very popular and

Speaker 2 (44m 18s): She's

Speaker 1 (44m 19s): Definitely, she's definitely got it. Go on. So

Speaker 2 (44m 21s): Message received, I guess it was nice to know you, Bruce. No, I'm kidding.

Speaker 1 (44m 28s): So what do you like to do for fun?

Speaker 2 (44m 30s): I mean, I love badminton, I think is a great sport, you know,

Speaker 1 (44m 35s): Badminton. Yes, yes.

Speaker 2 (44m 36s): Yeah. In Western culture, you know, in, in the Americas it has a bad rap sort of, you know, it's kind of people are criticized for sort of like being wimpy and all this business, but, you know, I, I, I, I have a very, very deep respect for badminton. It's kind of a cross, you know, beach badminton and competitive badminton are very, very different, you know, it's kinda like, you know, biking to the Cornerstore versus a competitive cycling, you know, it's, it's the same, it's a bicycle.

Okay. But you know, it's very, very different demand on the body. And, you know, in Asia, badminton is, is very renowned or, or with a high regard high esteem in Europe too. I think the America's, you know, we owe it to ourselves to sorta like step up a little in that arena. We, we, we are competitive to a certain degree, but not nearly like they are in basically the rest of the world. And, you know, it's, it's kind of a cross between fencing and gymnastics.

So it's, it's very, very fast. It's the fastest bracket sport. Oh yeah. Sort of the clock smashes. It's something like a 200 or 200 plus kilometers per hour.

Speaker 1 (45m 49s): Yeah. I watched, I watched a bit of it in the Olympics and it was, it was a very good,

Speaker 2 (45m 53s): Yeah. It's, it's great. It's really great fun. I love to play it. It's a, it's been a lifelong passion. I, I hopefully, you know, when COVID lifts, I had a, a co co co player in French C I don't want to say teammate because we weren't on the same team per se, but someone who would, who play at a, a, a gym recently reached out to me asking if I'd found a new place to play at night. I, I, unfortunately I haven't because you know, COVID is just, it's still affecting all public spaces in that sense.

And I would love to get back on the courts, but you know, other than that, what do I like doing? I, I mean, I like going on bike rides, like watching TV, watching movies, you know, I'm kind of, you know, I I'd like to, you know, I read a lot online, you know, I keep my technical skills sharp. I also play video games. You know, I play Fortnite for crying out loud. It's just, I mean, it's one of the most popular, they are 300 million players worldwide or something like that. Something crazy like that. And it's, it's a lot of fun. So, you know, I do that too. I try to, I try to keep the keep things diverse.

Speaker 1 (46m 59s): Very good. Well, Hey, Julia, I'd like to thank you for being our guest today on adult side broker talk, and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again really soon.

Speaker 2 (47m 8s): It was a real pleasure, Bruce. You're a really fantastic host and I hope I hope I get to enjoy another, another podcast episode at some point. So feel free at any time

Speaker 1 (47m 17s): I look forward to it. My broker tip today is part, one of how to buy a site. The first question to ask yourself is what kind of site would you like to buy? Would you like a tube site, a campsite, a dating, a membership site, a social media site or something else. If you want to buy a membership site, what type of site do you want and what niche? There are literally hundreds of nations in many sub nations. For instance, let's say you want to buy a gay site under gay there's bears for mature, bareback, Asian, Latino, amateur by black Euro and fetish, along with many fetishes under that classification.

Plus there's hardcore jocks, porn stars, solo trans twinks, and uniforms straight has even more sub niches. I can't tell you how many people contact me and just say, I want to buy a site, or I want to buy a porn site. I need more information than that. How you make this decision should be based on these factors. What interests you, what you enjoyed should definitely play a part in what you buy. If you like man, and want to make money on a straight site. That's probably a really bad idea.

Same thing. If you're straight and want to buy a gay site. So what you like plays a part, what's your budget. This is something you need to establish at the very beginning. Not only do you need to know what it is you're working with, but some classifications of sites are more expensive than others. For instance, if you want to campsite with any traffic or revenue at all, you're going to need a lot of money. In fact, by any established site will be somewhat expensive. If you buy a site, that's pretty much just a platform without traffic or sales, you're going to need a huge investment to build it up.

In that case, it might actually be as good or better just to start your own site. That way you get exactly what it is you're looking for. We'll talk more about this subject next week. And next week, we'll be speaking with porn actress, Lilly Craven. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Julia Epiphany. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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