Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 91 with Attendees of the TES Affiliate Conference

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 91 with Attendees of the TES Affiliate Conference

Bruce F., host of Adult Site Broker Talk and CEO of Adult Site Broker, the leading adult website broker, who is known as the company to sell adult sites, is pleased to welcome attendees of last week’s TES Affiliate Conference in Sitges, Spain.

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with attendees from last weeks TES Affiliate Conference in Sitges, Spain.

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Now time for this week's interviews. And we're speaking with Chris algae of fiber fanatics. He's my first victim here at a T E S. And as we do the a T E S wrap up, Chris, how you doing today? Very good, Bruce. How are you? I can't complain too much. Well I could, but we won't start. So anyway, Chris works with fiber fanatics. He's the head of the UK business unit. That's a very impressive title, Chris.

So tell me a little bit about fiber fanatics, what you guys do and how you can benefit people in the adult space.

Speaker 2 (3m 33s): Okay, fantastic. So Fibernetics is a company we specialize in complex payment methods. So any industries that really struggle to obtain a stable processing solution is, is where we come into our own light. The, the one thing with all industries is finding a partner that truly wants to work with you and not just provide a solution just for the short term. And that's where we really come in. I'm here, obviously attending the event along with, with Ori who looks after our IUL business unit.

And we've got Janine also who looks after our DACA business unit as well. So we really do spread ourselves out in order to provide the right solution for all of the merchants that we're working with.

Speaker 1 (4m 21s): Have you attended the ear shows before?

Speaker 2 (4m 24s): No, this is our first event. Yeah, exactly, exactly. And there won't be many of them here today, but yes. You know, absolutely fresh into this really intrigued to see the different clientele that we'll meet and, you know, really looking forward to it.

Speaker 1 (4m 40s): So it's your first adult show. Yes. Yes. What's your initial impression and how does it differ from how you thought it would be?

Speaker 2 (4m 49s): I, I, you know, it's great to see so many friendly faces. It's, it's a very social event I can see, which is, you know, it's always great to see because I think people interact in their natural environment, you know, certainly after a few beers anywhere.

Speaker 1 (5m 4s): So obviously, there's a lot of companies in high-risk processing. If I own an adult site and I'm looking for processing, why would I go with you? And not one of your competitors?

Speaker 2 (5m 18s): It's a really interesting question because, you know, in terms of high risk payments, it's such a complex marketplace and there are so many people out there trying to penetrate the industry where we know it. Wasn't an, I, I, after I

Speaker 1 (5m 34s): Thought you're going to use it, aren't

Speaker 2 (5m 35s): You I'm jumping on board with that one. No, but in, in relation to why fanatics it's about stability. And that, that is the key word that we, we pivot around because there's so many partners and so many PSPS in the marketplace, the, that really don't take the time to get to know the business and, and really truly get to the bones. And that's where, you know, we, we want to understand the, we want to understand the detail and you know, it's about providing that long-term partnership.

Speaker 1 (6m 10s): Okay. In your discussion so far with people in the industry about processing, what have you found out so far that you didn't expect?

Speaker 2 (6m 22s): What didn't I expect, I mean, obviously we're very fresh into the shore, so I've not really come across anything that's standing out at the moment, but certainly what is becoming apparent is, you know, the amount of terminations that they see in the industry and, you know, quite frankly, the, the difficult, you know, the difficulty they face trying to find new solutions.

Speaker 1 (6m 46s): Yeah. I mean, let's face it. The processing space was difficult before now with the new MasterCard regulations. It's crazy. How are you guys navigating that?

Speaker 2 (7m 0s): I think in terms of the industry, obviously it varies across the board because it depends on the countries that you're transacting in, but it's certainly with the partners that we're working with. And we have so many different partners that we do work with that we can navigate certain regulations, et cetera, with, with each one individually, independently.

Speaker 1 (7m 24s): I really want to thank you for being my first victim today.

Speaker 2 (7m 28s): Thank you very much for being my first podcast today.

Speaker 1 (7m 32s): I appreciate it. I'm speaking today with Peter, from experts center, Peter, how you doing today hybrid?

Speaker 3 (7m 38s): Thanks for having me here. It's a pleasure. I'm doing well. The show has been amazing so far. You know, I am very happy that people have finally a chance to interact together. Face-to-face and those restrictions are getting lifted. We're super excited.

Speaker 1 (7m 50s): It's about time. It's great to see everybody. Now you were telling me before off mic that you'd been to TES a while back. And it's your first time in awhile. Yeah,

Speaker 3 (8m 1s): I was in 2018 and since then we were, we, we wanted to come back, but you know, actually we didn't have a chance, but we are very happy to be here finally again, and we were looking forward to come to the next show, which will be next.

Speaker 1 (8m 13s): Sure. Sounds good. Now experts center, email marketing one or two. Give me the details of what you guys do.

Speaker 3 (8m 22s): Sure. Of course I'll be happy to do so. So we basically, as you said, are an email marketing platform. It's very important to say that we are an affiliate friendly, all vertical friendly email marketing platform. So we basically help publishers to monetize their email lists, which, you know, they, they basically send their offers through. So that's what we do. We help them to inbox that their newsletters and, you know, ultra responders since 2009. And that's what we do in.

Speaker 1 (8m 49s): Okay. And you said all verticals friendly, obviously adult friendly, of course, certainly. Okay. What's your experience been with working with adult companies so far?

Speaker 3 (9m 1s): We actually have many clients working with adult verticals. So our experience has, has been very good, no wonder. So, you know, many of our clients are visiting tests, so we're very happy that we have a chance to meet them and to, you know, extend this networking, this network of connections even further. So, you know, we just skipping, receiving recommendations here and there. So when, when you were receiving a referral or a recommendation, it means that you're doing a good job. So that's what we come across.

Speaker 1 (9m 31s): One of the great things I think about these shows is in the online space, you're often dealing with people and you never meet them. And I've got people vendors that I've worked with for years and I've never met the cool thing I think about these shows. One of the really cool things about these shows is you finally get to meet and hang out with people.

Speaker 3 (9m 51s): Exactly. That's, that's, that's totally true. And we're very happy to meet our clients in person and meet, you know, new partners, new stakeholders, face-to-face contact is the best. You know, you can have colon teams or zoom, but at the end of the day, the physical contact with other human beings is what matters the most.

Speaker 1 (10m 9s): I never do another zoom call. It'll be too soon. Exactly. So, and I asked I've, I've asked this of all my guests, there are others in your vertical. There are other people doing, you know, email marketing, if I'm choosing. And as I was saying before, I've got a solution right now. I'm not a hundred percent happy with, so I would entertain it. Why would I pick expert center over others? Give me all the reasons.

Speaker 3 (10m 38s): Great question for civil. So I'm one of those things. Exactly. One of the things I've already mentioned at the beginning, we were friendly and over tickle friendly. This doesn't happen very often because some verticals are, I don't want to say re restricted by arts, more risky. And some platforms tend to basically reject those, those, those verticals. We obviously don't. So that makes us a very flexible in this matter. Secondly, you know, we are, we are providing like a very personalized warm-ups schedules for the IPS that we provide our customers with.

And it's always like, it's always is connected to the structure of the database of the client. So let's say, you know, if you have 20% of Gmail, let's say, I know it's impossible, but let's imagine you because 20% of Gmail, 40% of Hotmail and the other stuff is the rest. Then, you know, we make this warm up schedule, especially grafted for you. So we don't have any internet.

Speaker 1 (11m 37s): Let me just ask you the question and again, so I'm sorry about that. Sorry. So, so why would somebody choose? Why would somebody choose expert center over another? Oh, let me now it's okay. Why? Okay. Let's try this again. 3, 2, 1. Why would choose somebody 3, 2, 1. So some God I can't talk now.

3, 3, 2, 1. So Peter, there's a lot of people in your vertical, in the, in the email marketing space. Why would somebody choose experts center over some of your company?

Speaker 3 (12m 23s): Great question. And thanks for asking that, actually. So I mentioned that at the beginning of our, of our podcasts, that we are over tickle or phrase friendly, which means basically that we are willing to accept more, real, much more tolerance and to, you know, verticals which are considered normally in a mainstream as a risky, or I don't want to say shady, but less, more like of a dark or gray hats. So we were pretty open to that. And this is what makes us stand out. First of all, a second thing is that we provide always like a tailor made tailor, made warmups schedules for the infrastructure of the IPS that we provide to the clients.

So this is super awesome because our clients are th they're looking to re re to receive an individual support, not just, you know, the regular one, which they get everywhere. So we can fit our infrastructure to their structure of the list, which they willing, which they are willing to monetize. So this is another thing. And the third thing is that we have a dedicated customer support. So every client that's has expert sender is using experts. Sender is not directed to any kind of a chat bot or kind of like a help desk.

Exactly. So we always have a dedicated account manager, living human being, you know, exactly who is, who is overseeing the metrics, the KPIs crucial for email marketing, you know, clicks, open rates and making sure that delivery rates are always skying up. You know, so this is, this is what we do and what else we have. We are offering something that is not common, which is like an advanced IP management solution. And our clients can decide which, which IPS are going to send specific domain families.

Like for example, one is being warmed up for g-mail specifically second one for Hotmail, for example, or outlook or apple. So this is what, what makes us great. And we also have a dynamic site segmentation. So if you'd like to, if you want to get more deep into your deeper, into, into your list and get better results instead of just, you know, shooting newsletters or, or autoresponders to your list, just like that, you can do segmentation based on their actions. So for example, if somebody was clicking, it means that you can earn more money with that, right, by sending them some relevant communication.

So you can just segment it out and prepare a custom mate, a personalized communication to them. And so this is what our clients are using also, and those segments are totally unlimited. So you can create very complex, very, very complex segments with us and make more money.

Speaker 1 (14m 60s): That's the bottom line, Peter, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker,

Speaker 3 (15m 4s): Right. Thank you very much.

Speaker 1 (15m 6s): My pleasure. I'm speaking on adult side, broker talk with Seagal, no relation. And he is with director 24. ETL. Thanks for being with us today, Anna. Don't say broker talk.

Speaker 4 (15m 22s): Thank you. Thank you for having me very happy to be here, to be at the event and getting to know people

Speaker 1 (15m 28s): As he, you are. And we were talking yesterday, you were one of the younger people here, 24 years old. And it's your first show? What's your impression been so far of the,

Speaker 4 (15m 41s): Well, yeah, I think it's the first thing that strikes me is great. Community-wise everyone's hugging each other. Everyone knows each other. No, one's putting a patter face at anyone and people that are complete competitors or sharing the same spaces and with, with a non-competition view of things, hugging each other and just really, really friendly. And everyone just accepting everyone. I came and produced myself. So that was 24. They gave me even less. You can't see my face, but I look even less.

So, so everyone just laughed and kind of actually congratulated me for it. And instead of looking the other way, so that was something I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I thought I would have to work even more to get a little bit more respect, but they just, they onboard you for the first minute. And that was really cool from everyone really surprised and happy about that.

Speaker 1 (16m 32s): It's a very welcoming community and yeah, I, my feeling right away was here's a young man who carries himself very well, carries himself. Like someone a lot older. What's not to respect.

Speaker 4 (16m 46s): No. Yeah, for sure. But appearance is even if we like it or not do carry their, their importance. And there's a lot of industries where you'll go with a kid face and they'll just not look at you. Not respect that. You're not here for 15 years, because there are people that have been here for 20 years. I'm surprised by the amount of people that well. Yeah, exactly. You've been here for a lot. A lot of people have been here for 20 years and they'll listen to me just as much as they listen to them. And I think that's, that's really great about the industry.

Speaker 1 (17m 16s): You're absolutely right. And it's good to, you're getting your indoctrination at this great show. T E S a, what do you think of the show?

Speaker 4 (17m 25s): Well, I think I can't compare, but I think it's great. They give you pretty much everything that you need. Everything's well, set up spaces are clear. There's food, there's strengths. There's, there's everything, really nothing to complain about. And the city's beautiful. So I hadn't been here so happy to get to know it too.

Speaker 1 (17m 43s): You have a very interesting background. You told me you spent your first 10 years in New York and you live in Argentina. Yeah. I mean, it's, that's quite a, quite an interesting background. It sounds like you've already lived a lot of lives for 24.

Speaker 4 (18m 0s): Yeah. I actually, I was born in New York. I lived there until was, I was nine and a half, 10 years old in Manhattan that I did English at school and Spanish in my house. I also learned Hebrew at SKU school. So I had a lot of, a lot of languages from a small age. And when I was 10, I went back to live to Argentina. My family's from there and then went on full Spanish, got the accent, God kind of like that cultural, cultural clash. That's very different from a city, completely us like Manhattan is.

And like that has an extreme culture to Argentina, which also has a pretty extreme culture, completely different and tried to kind of get those two things together. I actually lived then later six months in Paris. So I had I speak no French. I tried, but I speak no French, but I got another, a cultural kind of exchange there. And it was really interesting and trying to blend all those cultures into my own, my own personality.

Speaker 1 (19m 1s): That's that is, that is very interesting Hebrew too, while Shalom

Speaker 4 (19m 5s): Shadow. I haven't spoken Hebrew in a while, but something comes back every once in a while.

Speaker 1 (19m 11s): The only word I still remember from Hebrew school,

Speaker 4 (19m 15s): I mean all you need because it's three words actually. So you're good there.

Speaker 1 (19m 19s): Exactly. So yes, my computer talking to me. So tell us about your company you're in payments. Tell me more about that.

Speaker 4 (19m 34s): Yeah. So what we offer mostly is payments for developing countries where we're biggest is in Latin America. But we also work in Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa, Canada, and looking to expand to as many developing countries as possible. We've been in the industry for a few years. We've been in high-risk for even more. And this year we're trying to get on all cannons to adult industry. So that's why I'm here. And I hope to be at all the events I ate the company funds me.

Sounds good.

Speaker 1 (20m 5s): Well, Ezekiel, thank you so much for being with us today on adult site, broker talk and enjoy the show.

Speaker 4 (20m 11s): Thank you very much. I hope so. You too.

Speaker 1 (20m 14s): Thank you. My guest today on adult site broker talk is arena Vasque Colby from love that name from a very Russian very from push ground and they do a, they do push traffic. Eddie NA, thanks for being with us today on the adult side broker talk.

Speaker 5 (20m 33s): Okay. So hi everyone. My name is Adriana from ground. We are selling, buying the push traffic mainly I'm focused on the selling part. So for example, we have the DSP platform where you can, you can create your campaigns and you can run your offers. That's basically what we're doing and I'm connecting the best publishers to you specific.

Speaker 1 (20m 57s): Awesome. So, and Aina have you been to the show before?

Speaker 5 (21m 2s): Oh yeah. Actually like I've been to all of the shows in general. I'm the confidence stuff. Yeah. So my first task was two years ago in, in . In Portugal. Yeah. Yeah. Then. Yeah. And actually this was my first one, like two years, no, three years ago, almost three years ago, you know? So like it was crazy. So recently I'm going to the all types, all types of the conferences, you know,

Speaker 1 (21m 32s): Isn't it nice to be back?

Speaker 5 (21m 33s): Oh my God. Yes. Because I was missing it so much. Like, you know, before, like it was almost every month or every two months there were conferences. So we were just going there and now, and now it's back, you know, like after tasks, we're going to Dubai. So YouTube. No. Oh, you're going back home. Yeah. Yeah. Well it's even better. Yeah. And so this is just awesome.

That's everything is coming back right now.

Speaker 1 (22m 5s): Exactly. Okay. So what is your impression of tests as opposed to some of the other shows?

Speaker 5 (22m 13s): Well, actually it's one of my favorite conferences to be honest, because it's a small but concentrated, you know? So there are no random people who are just going around and they're like, well, I don't know what I'm doing or like, I need this or I need that. No, here is specific. I have this, I need this. That's all. And this is awesome because you're not like wasting your time, you know? So yeah. So that's why I like tests to be honest.

Speaker 1 (22m 39s): Tell me about your company and how you compare with some of your competitors.

Speaker 5 (22m 45s): This is a great question because I

Speaker 1 (22m 48s): Know cause I asked it,

Speaker 5 (22m 50s): Thank you. So, okay. Why we are super competitive because in our company and in push ground and the platform itself, we have millions of the features, which you can target. So for example, it's not only let's say country and the CT now it's also languages, the browsers, the devices. So you can actually select each of the model of iPhone or of the Android. I don't know phones, you know? So it's like very specific. You can really target a lot, you know, you can be super narrow.

And I think this is the best thing because we have several of the clients who are targeting very, very specifically and it's working, you know, the best thing that you're targeting that narrow, but it works, you know, and you're having like tons of the traffic. This is what I like about our company, you know, because like we can be super

Speaker 1 (23m 45s): Specific and you will get the trust. Perfect. It, ain't gonna thank you so much for being our guest today on adult side broker talk. Thank you very much. Have a nice day guys. We're speaking today on adult side, broker talk with an old friend, Nigel from digital world partners. Nigel. Thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk.

Speaker 6 (24m 5s): All right, Bruce. How's everything long time. No, see my man.

Speaker 1 (24m 8s): It's been way too long, hasn't it?

Speaker 6 (24m 10s): Yeah. Yeah. This whole life situation with this pandemic really messed things up for everybody, but good to see. You're still healthy and kicking around.

Speaker 1 (24m 17s): I'm doing my best at 64 years old.

Speaker 6 (24m 22s): Well, that's all we could ask for.

Speaker 1 (24m 25s): This is true. So digital world partners, how long has that company

Speaker 6 (24m 29s): We've been in business since 2015? You know, I started this, you know, I've been in the ad network business for since 2005. So now I decided to, at that time to start my own brokering business and also I specialize in dating and cam traffic. Now I broke her dad. I also am an affiliate for that as well. And I'm now started doing affiliate marketing for lead gen for mainstream stuff. So sweepstakes, financial insurance, you know, even a little bit of a neutral stuff, all white hat type thing on, on a mainstream front.

And yeah, that's what I've been up to for the last few years.

Speaker 1 (25m 4s): So let's talk a little bit about the whole traffic market. How have things changed in the last few years?

Speaker 6 (25m 11s): Oh, the biggest change came last year, maybe around June where Google put out a, an update that really, really stopped emails going out, you know, and the traditional format of email traffic has been some of the biggest converting traffic for and premium traffic for the dating industry. And now, you know, a lot of the mailers has got their traffic cut like 70% overnight. So that's a big, big one that's happening recently.

That's heard a lot of people now, some of the smarter publishers have pivoted to SMS traffic and I'm killing on the SMS traffic now. And the conversion of that are just so immediately you get addicted to the speed of the conversions of that. It's like, you can almost, can't go back to anything else. It's actually better to what email ever was on the SMS traffic front. So that's doing pretty good for dating and camps and sweepstakes also actually.

Speaker 1 (26m 5s): So talk about the shows. Now you go to all of them. I think you go to a lot of the affiliate shows. What's your experience been this year at TES

Speaker 6 (26m 16s): So far? I'm loving it. This is my first time, even though I've been in this industry a long time, it's my first time at

Speaker 1 (26m 21s): This. You've never been to TES

Speaker 6 (26m 23s): T switches. This, this city, you know, I was at T S in Prague back in September, which was really nice, you know, you know, it's kinda like these are the first shows post a big part of the pandemic. So it was like, this has been a lot of fun, you know, it's been a whole bottle of, Hey, I haven't seen you in so long, a lot of hugs and whatever, you know, everybody's just so to have some human con contact nowadays, you know, so that's been amazing. And I was just really happy to see a lot of people. So it's been going good. I mean, I'll definitely come back to this show was my first time here, but I'll definitely come back to this one.

Speaker 1 (26m 56s): So you're doing a lot of business.

Speaker 6 (26m 58s): Absolutely, absolutely. With new people and you know what, it's always doing more business with people that you already know that face-to-face, I mean, I've been doing business for about three years with some people and I just met them for the first time at this show and asked her crazy stuff. And it's always nice to see, you know, and, and one of the things that I've noticed is like, you know, every time you do a face to face with somebody face to face is the best followed second by actually doing a call with somebody instead of just typing on Skype or telegram.

Now, anytime I get a, an audio visual or a face-to-face business always goes up with that person, whoever it is, it's been like clockwork all the time. So these shows are super important for that. You know, you really got to get there, you know, get that face time with people and it's always good for business.

Speaker 1 (27m 46s): It must be that face of yours, Nigel.

Speaker 6 (27m 51s): Well, I don't know what to say about that, but you know, me, I've been a people person forever. I ain't shy to talk to anybody. So that's been me since day one type thing. So I'm happy with that.

Speaker 1 (28m 1s): Yeah. You and I have both been involved in the adult industry for a long time. What are your views on some of the changes and what's been happening in adult

Speaker 6 (28m 10s): Well and things that are happening with adults. You know, I kind of feel that her, let me put it to you this way, you know, and I take a step back on an annual basis to say, okay, what am I going to do over the next year type thing. And, and I've asked this question to a few other people, the same thing that I'm thinking if I want to 10 X my business, what am I going to do? And myself and almost anybody. I asked him, the adult industry, what are you gonna do to 10 X, your business, the answer doesn't come from adults. The answer always incorporates, you know, diversifying into other verticals and stuff.

So that kind of answers the question. I don't think we can grow a whole lot more in the adult industry. So diversification is going to be key or just be happy with where you're at right now type thing.

Speaker 1 (28m 59s): Yeah. It's like, it's like us. I mean, we just launched Amazon FBA, and yeah. And we've got, I'm still actually got to re redo it a little bit, but I've got an online casino, So yeah. Diversification is everything.

Speaker 6 (29m 16s): Yeah, absolutely. You know, myself, like I said, I'm doing the mainstream pure white hat type of offers so I can buy from all the big boys. No, in adult, we've always been hampered by not being able to buy a traffic off of Google, Facebook, you know, Taboola, you know, all those big guys there. So now on, on the mainstream side, I want to just take offers and deal with stuff that, that are going to be evergreen. You know, like I don't have to worry about it getting shut down, you know, that niche or whatever it is. And at some point in time, yeah, there's a lot of competition cause there's a lot of people who've been there, but it just, the ocean is so big.

You know, there's, there's enough for everybody, you know? And if you just, you know, come up with really good angles and be innovative, Hey, you could blow up in the mainstream as well.

Speaker 1 (30m 0s): It's a bigger ocean,

Speaker 6 (30m 2s): Much bigger Roshan,

Speaker 1 (30m 5s): Nigel. Thanks for being our guests to Dan adult site broker talk. I really appreciate it.

Speaker 6 (30m 9s): Hey Bruce, anytime, man. Thank you. And I love the work you're doing and all the podcast, you know what you're doing? That that was some new stuff that you did. And I really like it. You got some good stuff going on.

Speaker 1 (30m 18s): I appreciate that. Well, I'm going to count on you to do a full podcast one of these days, you know

Speaker 6 (30m 22s): What? I'll get it done. I'll get it done.

Speaker 1 (30m 24s): All right. I'm going to hold you.

Speaker 6 (30m 26s): Ah, no problem. Let me get some more experience on the mainstream side. I'll have some good juicy stuff for you at that time.

Speaker 1 (30m 31s): You got it. My friend. Thank you. All right. Take care of man. My guest today, an adult site broker tuck is Paulo for Dino of goad server, which is connected to arrow advertising Paulo. Thanks for being with us today and adult side broker talk. Yeah,

Speaker 7 (30m 48s): That's right. So go out server. It's a software to create a white level at network. So it's allow you not only to create a network, but manage all traffic buying and selling and you can control all the networks who work in one place. So it's the, it's a new software and all the people have tried enjoyed it. We are, we are the tree. We have a tree aversion and people try and in general, the double their revenue with it.

So it's really a powerful software, very technical, but it works very well.

Speaker 1 (31m 29s): So, so obviously you're using, you know, the, the, the proven infrastructure from arrow advertising, and I'm sure that really helps make it. So the, the platform is reliable.

Speaker 7 (31m 47s): Yeah. The, the original platform and all the technical aspects were bringing from era advertising. But as a side, it's not only a non-network, it's much more, it's really an ad manager can really manage your traffic. So it's much more powerful it's based on their advertising, but now there's 700 trucks already using it. And it it's really a really powerful tool for people to do advertising.

Speaker 1 (32m 17s): So if tomorrow I want to set up an ad network. All I really need to do is to plug in goat server and I can go, right? Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 7 (32m 28s): You're just in one day you can, you can have an, a network, you customize your logo and your colors and ever sink, and it's very easy and you can start selling traffic from many publishers who want, and it's everything very easy than super.

Speaker 1 (32m 44s): Okay. So let's get into, let's say, I want to do this. What's it going to cost me

Speaker 7 (32m 54s): At the beginning? We have a trial, then you can test for free. And with million of clique, you can make a test and understand the outpour fool, the tool, the tool it is because all people tried it, they kept it because it's really, really improving your performance. Okay.

Speaker 1 (33m 13s): So is the, is the cost based upon a flat amount or is it based upon how much traffic runs through it?

Speaker 7 (33m 23s): It's a, it's a plan based, based on the amount of traffic, then it's a software company. Then it's a plan based on the volume of the traffic you have so that you can start small and go big. So you don't have to, to risk ever sink. And even after a trail, you're not going to start paying like a lot or you're going to grow as you need. And as the traffic then you have done. So it's good.

Speaker 1 (33m 49s): Hello. Thanks for being with us today on adult side, broker talk cobras. Thank you. My guest today and adult side broker talk is Raso from gaming adult. Raso really nice to see you here and welcome to adult side pro

Speaker 8 (34m 3s): Thank you for the opportunity and always good to see you.

Speaker 1 (34m 7s): It's always good to see you as well and spend way too long. So gaming adult is a very, very unique company. There's really nothing else like it in adult, but for those who don't know you, why don't to explain what you guys do? We make

Speaker 8 (34m 25s): Video games. We simply make video games, which is simple and complex at the same time at 200,000 players every day that are playing our games. The antiheroes is the, our top game. It's an adventure game RPG with collectibles. Let's say it's like some hint tie with Pokemon into the, I know it's been close to seven years that we have this game out in still running wild. And this, our expertise is really into transforming pig cells, into love and making players love pixels and spend money for it.

And it's, it's, it's, it's a crazy thing to have people spending money for just, just pixels. So just the dream do experience nothing that is tangible and nothing that they can exchange. The thing that they can sell, just pleasure, entertainment and fun. And th th that's the challenge. And it's awesome.

Speaker 1 (35m 24s): Yeah. I mean the whole phenomenon of adult gaming, it's always been a little bit curious to me because, well, shit, I'm not a porn consumer. Let's just put it that way. I live Thailand who needs porn. Right? But at the same time, it's always been a little curious to me, gaming hand tie, things like that. I mean, I, I, I've never completely gotten it.

Speaker 8 (35m 52s): That, that, that that's, that's the beauty of it. I think this is why we are the only ones to do it. And obviously the number one, because we are the only one, it just is, it's bizarre. It's a niche, but it's a niche that is well, hundreds of billion. If you talk about the gaming industry, it's 200 billion. I grew up with gaming. I started playing games at the age of five. I'm 40. And I started watching anime and manga the age of five I'm 14. So it's like 35 years of experience in this bizarre niche culture. And yeah, I'm into porn also, but that not, not from the age of five.

Okay. More like the age of 12 whatever. So yeah, I grew up with this idea that my dream job was to be working in the video game industry or the porn industry. And we made a mixture of bone and gaming and anime, which are like, like dream kit, patient all into one. Yeah. That, that, I think at the end, we are just scratching our inch on each, making the games that we've always been dreaming of, of making and players feel it because it comes from a point of passion, but yeah, you need to be part of the culture to get it.

And that's also why some people, you know, they try to do something that is like what we do, but they come from a place where they don't actually get it. So you feel it like the game is just a fake, it's just, it's just, you don't have the authenticity and you don't have the depth that you have from, I mean, it's a passion game that is also made with like real money mechanics. It's passion, but it's also business. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (37m 35s): Yeah. You know, one thing I always tell people, they asked me, well, what niche should I get into? And what I tell them is it's real simple. Do what you like.

Speaker 8 (37m 47s): Yeah. I mean, at least something you, something that you like is something that you will understand, but okay. Do some things that you like in a market that is big enough, because then mean, if you, if you're really passionate about tickle and an underground luxury, maybe the market will be too small and you can't make a living out of it. But if you're passionate about something, that's, there's an economic drive and there's a chance that you can actually like be one of the best in the world at this thing.

A I'm push for it, go for it. There's a market there.

Speaker 1 (38m 22s): Yeah. You and I both sponsor these shows and thank goodness they're back. Why do you year after year come and sponsor the shows here and in Prague

Speaker 8 (38m 38s): Home. It's a very good question because we ended up not doing much business in, because video games in a adult industries like alien, we are, we are always very alternative, but there's different concept. First of all, I want to be part of the ecosystem and I want to participate in it. And I want to see develop the market, develop awareness of what we do so that people get to know it. And little by little people, she has coming back growing, developing stuff.

And there are people that like, yeah, I saw you three years ago. I wanted to do something with you, but I didn't know. Maybe now is the time. And maybe now is the time and little by little, we are growing our business influence and contacts. So that's one of the reasons, second reason maybe, maybe that is actually the first is that I, I get a lot of energy out of the shows. I'm a social person. And I get a lot of, like I had noticed. Yeah. But I know you're the same.

And a lot of the people here are the same. We like people. We like to meet people. You meet someone, you talk about the experience. You talk, you you're, you're just bouncing ideas. You get the feedback, you get the feeling, you see what's in the industry. You see what sound you're, you're just also, you know, absorbing these ideas, these energies, and you get the trends. And you're like, oh, I've earned that. Maybe the industry could go that way because that, that person is doing that. And that you cannot get all of this through blogs and the internet. You can, you can read message boards like GFI and get some trends or XBS and whatever.

But when you're in the show is like, like, like a deep concentrate of all these things, all these energies, all these I L D someone thinks that I think that I want this. I have a NA I have an ID. and it goes fast. We get together. We exchange, we, we, we are showing an idea and boom,

Speaker 1 (40m 36s): You know, you just gave me a demo over there at your booth. And what you're doing these to my opinion is probably the most exciting thing I've seen in adult gaming. Why don't you talk about it a little bit?

Speaker 8 (40m 52s): Thank you very much. I came in really, exactly for this idea of pitching this idea and see how people react, because I've been in different businesses and I've been pitching ideas that people ated, like you show, we are deserved platform for social fall for poker players. It was social platform and I've been pitching it for three years. And every time I was pitching it, people are like, yeah, very interesting. Ha. And, and, you know, you're pitching this product and you're like, oh, I believe in it.

I believe it. But nobody believes in it. And we could the, from the start that there was no traction when I pitched antiheroes, when I was back in the, in the other business, after the gambling immediately, people are like, oh yeah. Oh yeah, that's interesting. That's bizarre. That's different. I want to try it. And just the fact that people were open minded and they were just wanting to try it. It was a huge change from years of pitching things that nobody can, we are the mainstream public publishing house for comic books.

And it has been such a struggle. You know, you, you go to two shows and you try to sell your books and you sell 12. And you've been traveling Europe and spending such a thousand euros and you just lose everything. And it's it's, it was just horrible. So I'm here to now present a new product that finally, I think I've been really brainstorming on this idea. I don't want to be an alien in emo in the shows. I want to present something that can be a synergy and to be just connecting directly to the camps, the mothers, the pond, and not to be something that is just too different.

And now the new game is going to be called is doing to you make your Harambe of bond stars. Thank you. The name. And it's going to really connect directly in many ways in synergy with the mothers, because it's made in a way that it's going to be a mixture between a honey fan and a video game. And so the mothers are going to be able to be directly in the game and they're going to be what we are going to be able to white label the game for each bond star, each model. And they're going to be inside of the game, or they're going to be talking to the player is a fun experience.

We just, we just want to drive the players crazy.

Speaker 1 (43m 1s): Yes. I love it. Well, we'll talk more when we, when we do a full interview, Raso, it's a pleasure to have you today on adult side broker talk,

Speaker 8 (43m 11s): Thank you for the talk. Thank you for the opportunity. And thank you for being here. Always a pleasure, Bruce

Speaker 1 (43m 15s): Pleasure is mine. My guest today on adult site, broker talk is Zuzanna from Terry TV. So Zana, thanks for being with us today on adult side, broker talk,

Speaker 9 (43m 25s): Bruce. Thanks for having me. Thanks for stopping me for this one. I know you wanted to get me for a longer time to do the podcasts. Now it's a great situation to do so.

Speaker 1 (43m 38s): Absolutely. Absolutely. And we've known each other a long time now through some of your, your other lives. And now you're with cherry TV. Tell us about cherry TV. What's special about it. What makes it great? There's a lot of cam platforms out there. So tell us what makes cherry TV better?

Speaker 9 (43m 57s): Yeah. So cherry TV is a new live streaming platform. We are alive basically. Now for eight months, we already gathered two awards for the best emerging platform and best emerging company. Just two months after the launch, which is great. Yeah. So what we are special ed? Well, half of our team I would say is from gaming industry, from the actual gaming industry.

So we have a lots of like gamification in our platform. We have special leveling system, like a little thing, switch. We want models to like, to be more entertained using our platform. Yeah. And we also target millennials and generation Z. And what models say they really like the, like the, the clean interface. They have easy time to use the platform basically.

So they enjoy it. So, yeah. That's cherry TV in a nutshell.

Speaker 1 (45m 7s): So, so yeah, I mean let's face it, millennials play games a lot. So it would just make sense that if you, if you integrate games into a cam platform, you're going to get some younger viewers, right?

Speaker 9 (45m 20s): Yeah. Well, we have, like, the models can play games. There, there are not like actual games in the platform, but there are little like paradox, which we took from the gaming industry, which I can not read it. Like, say everything, but let's say like, you are sending the, the girls like cherries and you are tipping with cherries and we have this actual gifts action and the animation gifts. So you are tipping the girls and you send some cherries, some bananas some days, some days, and you will level your screen.

We'll like hop out, like all you leveled to level free for you though. It's like a little, little things, which makes it the more excited for not only models for users as well

Speaker 1 (46m 11s): To these things when they're playing games and they feel comfortable with cherry TV.

Speaker 9 (46m 17s): Right. Right.

Speaker 1 (46m 19s): So you've been in this industry for a long time. You've been with a lot of companies. How is it working at cherry TV?

Speaker 9 (46m 29s): Yeah, it's fantastic. You know, I started, I feel like I've been here for, for decades. Like I started in adult 2006. As a model later, I had my own website. I had my own production company. I would go to all the conferences, not only with the fence conferences like B2C, but then I started to enter like to B B2B conferences like this one, like this brag, the sieges. And that's how I started to meet all these incredible people.

And then I later I was affiliate manager for a dating company, which was exciting routes. I had to travel a lot for all these conferences, also mainstream ones, which was so great. So great. And now I'm back to my roots. I would say back to like the real adult company, which, and I can take care of models basically. So it's, it's very, very interesting for me. I have a lot of responsibility and I feel like I like the feeling like I can take care of them.

I can help them. I can be a little bit like they're a mom, you know, for them, they can come to me to cry about something went wrong or something is not okay in their life, in the platform, whatever problem they have, they can come to me. So, so yeah, this journey in the adult industry, for me, it's nice now, very, very exciting. And cherry TV is a, the company feels like a new family for me.

You know, I, I now like everyone might say this, but I am so excited. Like, like for this team, everyone is super skilled. We have like experts, like from, as I mentioned from the gaming industry, you have SEO experts. We have, our designer is for, from gaming industry, Soviet gaming games designer actually like designing the, our, like the whole platform. Yeah.

And anything we do new, like some Evans on the platform. We have a new gifts, action gifts, an animated gifts for the models. Like you have to see this very hard to explain it like this, but yeah. Come to see like tip the girls and to send them like a private jet or motorbikes, some chairs throw some cherries on them. Yeah. Cherry TVs, just amazing thing.

Speaker 1 (49m 8s): Yeah. As a former performer, how it must be really nice to be able to work with performers. There

Speaker 9 (49m 16s): It is. It is actually I'm setting up like a lot of porn star shows on the platform because of all my connections. So with the, I started with the little capris, which is also my good friend, and now we have some American stars. I'm trying to get some Japanese because I have context there as well, German and yeah, this part of, of my job is, is super cool. I really enjoyed it and want to do something more like special for the girls.

So we always put some PR for them in the, this famous magazines, XB, Sabian, beacons, I know chase. So yeah, I enjoyed this and I'm also taking care of our socials social media. So I'm always pushing, like for everything to fit together. If we have cool girls, cool porn star shows, I make sure they are advertised properly on our platforms and the PRS, which I mentioned.

And also some other forums which are around like, it's, this is super exciting. Like you can think different possibilities and opportunities with this kind of job.

Speaker 1 (50m 34s): That's awesome. Well, my friend really nice to see you again and thanks for being my guest today on adult side. Broker talk.

Speaker 9 (50m 42s): Thank you very much, Bruce. Thank you for having me. Love you.

Speaker 1 (50m 46s): Thank you. My guest today, an adult site broker talk is an old friend keys from tube uploads keys. Thanks for being with us today on adult side, broker talk.

Speaker 10 (50m 57s): Thank you, Bruce Lesher. Do we interview,

Speaker 1 (51m 1s): It's my pleasure. Now keys, tell the people more about tube uploads. I think the name kind of speaks for itself, but why would somebody come to your company to upload to tubes?

Speaker 10 (51m 16s): Well, we are offering services for pay site owners to upload the content to tube sites. We have experienced with this since 2005 and since 12 years uploading as affiliates to pay sets our shelves. And since a few years, we also opened up for patient owners who can make use of our in-house developed software.

So we know as affiliates what is needed. And so our product is works perfectly because of that, in my opinion.

Speaker 1 (51m 59s): So, so let's say that I have a pay site and I want to get my content uploaded a tubes to promote my site. Why should I hire you as opposed to doing it myself? Well,

Speaker 10 (52m 13s): By making use of our software, you can upload to a melted Choate of tube sites. You can schedule your videos. You can also make separate descriptions for each tube site, and you can also schedule in advance. So you can have a better 60 or 100 videos. And you can say, well, I want to have an upload once every day or once every two days, furthermore, you can check if each upload has been successful because we have screenshots, we have very detailed reports and also very important.

We listen to our clients because that is the way to improve our software. So if clients miss a certain feature, then we can always edit.

Speaker 1 (53m 0s): That's awesome. So what are some of the more detailed features that people like about tuba?

Speaker 10 (53m 10s): Well, for instance, as you already mentioned, a digit can have separate descriptions for each tube sites, also specific tax. You also have shortcuts that if you ship one techs, for example, babe, then it can be immediately be edit a babe check, teen, whatever. So you can have a show called shortcuts, things like that.

Speaker 1 (53m 41s): What about watermarking? Or is there any, are there any features in there for watermarking?

Speaker 10 (53m 47s): Well, we also have another feature and that is, we can also edit the videos for our clients that is software based. So it is not done manually. Right. But still it's looks quite good. And yeah.

Speaker 1 (54m 9s): How's the show been for you? You're you're at every TES. We've been seeing each other at these things for years dating back to the early Prague shows. How was the show for you?

Speaker 10 (54m 21s): It went surprisingly well. And so I'm so happy that we are back in business after two years. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (54m 29s): Nice to see everybody. Isn't it.

Speaker 10 (54m 30s): Absolutely nice to see you as well. I miss you in prac in September.

Speaker 1 (54m 36s): I missed me too. The Thai government kind of screwed me over. So it unfold. I wasn't going to do another 15 day quarantine that's for damn sure.

Speaker 10 (54m 45s): I can imagine. And that is what also one of the reasons I didn't attend the Vegas show because it didn't want to get to Vivus but I will definitely visited again. Attended again next year.

Speaker 1 (55m 1s): Yeah. We can plan next year and having a nice steak dinner in Vegas. How does that sound?

Speaker 10 (55m 6s): Sounds wonderful.

Speaker 1 (55m 7s): Okay. My friend, thanks for being my guest today on adult side broker tuck case. You're

Speaker 10 (55m 11s): Very welcome. And to thank you

Speaker 1 (55m 13s): My guest today at long, last on the adult side, broker talk is Buster brown of come shoot me and why not shoot me Buster, my friend. How are you?

Speaker 11 (55m 26s): Good. It's good to be

Speaker 1 (55m 26s): Back, man. It's good to be anywhere.

Speaker 11 (55m 30s): I agree with you. It's all good.

Speaker 1 (55m 32s): So let's talk about the most important subject. The Mets, how

Speaker 11 (55m 35s): The Mets, hopefully they're going to make it this year. I mean, every year it looks promising and then they fall short. But I think what a good manager, you know, I think we have a good shot. Good players, Cy young award guys. I think

Speaker 1 (55m 48s): It'll be fun. I'm glad you took Scherzer away from the Dodgers,

Speaker 11 (55m 53s): The Wolf ponds. Weren't going to pay for him. They always go on for like AAA guys. So

Speaker 1 (55m 58s): Exactly. So for those who don't know and anyone who doesn't know, I don't know where you've been. Buster's has been shooting these shows for a long time and he is a, as I like to call him the show photographer to the stars. And he's the guy that shoots the food before you get a chance to eat it. He walks around and takes pictures of people doing everything. He particularly likes to take pictures of naked women. That's his favorite thing, but he also shoots barmitzvahs at home.

So how's the show been business wise for you so far?

Speaker 11 (56m 36s): Not to show business wise has been really good. There's a lot of new faces. There's a lot of new companies. It's good to be out. Like I said, Andreas and Walter do an excellent show. I always feel, you know, welcome. You know, all the people are really nice and it's easy to, you know, to get along with them, to talk to them. Of course we would have liked a few more parties, but I really liked that they filled up the place and they promoting and they're promoting the next shows and we need to have more shows and we need to go out more.


Speaker 1 (57m 6s): You are correct. And I'm pretty sure, just like me. This was your first show in a couple of years.

Speaker 11 (57m 12s): Well, this is my show for a show in Europe. I've actually shot exotica and ex-business and AVN stuff, internet. So I've been still shooting for the last year. All different kinds of conventions, but the Europe shows I didn't make it to because obviously would flying and the mandates. So, you know, like I said, hopefully from here on, it's going to be a straight, you know, straight clouds or whatever.

Speaker 1 (57m 37s): How nice is it to see everybody?

Speaker 11 (57m 40s): Oh, it's great. It really is great. Cause I mean, this pandemic doesn't even feel like two years. It feels really like, I haven't seen people like in 10, 20 years, like high school. So, you know, it's good to be back.

Speaker 1 (57m 51s): It's always like a family reunion, especially now.

Speaker 11 (57m 55s): I agree with you. And again, all the shows here are supporting the other shows and that's, that's really what this is about too. Like I said, we're all at the end, a big family. So,

Speaker 1 (58m 5s): So let's talk a little bit about what you do and what you're looking for. I know that, you know, to make it possible for you to come out, you know, you need sponsors and look, it's a, it's definitely a service to people to have the pictures from here.

Speaker 11 (58m 26s): Yeah. I mean photography, even before the pandemic, I mean, I grew up in my dad's business, which is mainstream. My father probably would have liked to do adult, but you know, I took those reins, but again, it's, it's even in the mainstream world or the adult world, it's still hard with photography. I take pictures all the time. And the worst scenario is somebody that doesn't know me to have seen me with their phone and wants me to do a phone shot. And usually I tell them nicely that I don't know how to use their phone. And then one day get the pictures I go, these pictures are great.

How do I take your watermark off? So from the get-go in the adult industry, as Bruce mentioned, I've the best scenario for me is to get one good sponsor. And I watermark their name company frantic in the photos. I can also be a shirt branded and I can also put banners on my site. So this way, you know, once I get to a show, I don't, I don't, I don't have to like nickel and dime anybody for a flight. It's all on me. It's all included. And everybody shares all the photos and doesn't have to buy anything.

So that way my name gets out. The company that sponsored me named gets out and you can look at the great photos and you see everything that was documented here. And a lot of people always tell me, I would've loved to go to the show. And then when they look at my photos, they don't miss the next show either.

Speaker 1 (59m 48s): Yeah. You're, you're out. You're absolutely doing the service also for the show promoters. So when someone comes to come shoot at C O M E not the way you'd expect it to be spelled,

Speaker 11 (1h 0m 2s): I still own it. And with the, you, I still have to develop that

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 5s): Damn right to do so when somebody comes to come shoot, what are they going to find? Well,

Speaker 11 (1h 0m 11s): You're going to find pretty much a PG shots. I mean, I don't really go hardcore it's because a lot of these shows sometimes tap into like the affiliate shows. So they cross over. So there's no, like, you know, that's the other thing, somebody people worry like, oh my God, am I going to be on some hardcore site? It's just a conservative show side. I mean, yes, you will see some nipples, but yeah, but you know, again, there's no full frontal or, you know, penetration shots.

So nobody has to worry, but I pretty much get, get the heart of the show, the parties, the models, the, you know, everything that's going on in the show

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 51s): Buster. I'd like to thank you for being my guest today on adult site, broker talk,

Speaker 11 (1h 0m 56s): I noticed it was way overdue, but thanks for having me.

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 59s): It's a pleasure. And a, you will do a full segment soon. Hope to you notice I didn't, I didn't ask you.

Speaker 11 (1h 1m 7s): Yes, no, I, like I said, Bruce, I'm not hiding from you. I was happy to come on the show.

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 11s): Yeah, bullshit. You're not my guest today. And adult side broker talk is Valerea from addict stream. Let me spell that. A D E X, T R E M hold E. All right, Valerie. Thanks for being with us today on adult side, broker talk.

Speaker 12 (1h 1m 27s): Hello. Thank you two.

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 29s): So how are you enjoying the show? It's the final day and hopefully you've gotten a lot done.

Speaker 12 (1h 1m 38s): Oh, it's a really busy days, but I really liked the show it's so far so good. And it's my first test. I really enjoy it for the first time. It was, I was really tired. I came from Ukraine on a Wednesday and immediately went to the show and they, a lot of people, it was a really, really mass,

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 3s): I think next time you'll probably give yourself a little more time. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. It's always, always good to deal with the jet lag if you're coming from a distance, I come from Thailand. So it's yeah, it's, it's definitely important to get here early. So I assume you've to other events besides tests,

Speaker 12 (1h 2m 22s): I've been to New York affiliate summit west on a 2019 and, and key. I don't remember the name of the conference, but here, there are not so many people that it was in New York, one Kia. So it's cause you show, I think

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 42s): So it being a cozy show. How does that impact your business? Do, do you like that better?

Speaker 12 (1h 2m 50s): Yes, it's okay. I have a lot of friends here and I have a lot of cards and that's really, really cool people here.

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 2s): Yeah. I like the way you did the business card. You, I was able to scan it and it goes right by the QR code and it went right into my, my apple contacts. That's pretty convenient.

Speaker 12 (1h 3m 15s): She's a heads because my boss, he forgot to make me a credit card, visa card, business card. That's why I use this a virtual card, but it's really cool.

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 30s): So how do you compare this show to other shows? Besides it being cozier?

Speaker 12 (1h 3m 40s): There are a lot of adult business and I have never been there before and it's something new for me, but it's really cool here because we have, I think a lot of fresh year and not, not so many people, not so loud. So it's really a nice to be here.

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 4s): Yeah. Because if you're packed in these days, it gets to be a little bit nervous with COVID.

Speaker 12 (1h 4m 10s): Yeah. It's we here live in a troubled time, I think, but a pioneer to be out here and enjoying the show.

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 19s): So I'm asking everybody this question. So if I'm in the market for an ad network, why would I choose that extreme?

Speaker 12 (1h 4m 28s): We have a really good traffic traffic sources. We have our own websites. We work with all the geos, mainly tier one from France. A us UK are the strongest. We work on CPC and CPM basis. Like we have push notifications, emails, native traffic, banner, so on. So we work BI able to work on prepayments so we can prepare companies to other partners.

It's really easier to work this way without net terms, et cetera. So, yeah. And we are cool. Some people, such companies like clique dealer who are insured the party yesterday, they told us that our sources are one of the best. So it's, it's not like I say the true,

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 29s): So it's so it's nice to hear that from a competitor. Isn't it

Speaker 12 (1h 5m 33s): Really nice. And they are from Ukraine too. So be like, you know, like friends send to this really a nice

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 45s): Galleria. Thanks for being with us today on adult site. Broker, talk

Speaker 12 (1h 5m 50s): To you. Thank you. My

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 51s): Pleasure. My guests today on adult site, broker tuck, or J Kupita or why not? And Andy warmer from traffic partner, gentlemen, thanks for being with us today. And adult site broker talk.

Speaker 13 (1h 6m 5s): Yeah. When it come to the Ts and teachers make some noise.

Speaker 14 (1h 6m 11s): Hi.

Speaker 1 (1h 6m 12s): Yeah, chase. Jay's a little under the weather today on the last day of the show. I think he partied a little Hardy last night. Actually. I didn't tell.

Speaker 14 (1h 6m 19s): I don't really do that shit anymore. Yeah. I think I ate some bad food. To be honest with you. I love coming to this place because I love seeing all the friends and everybody, and I get a lot of business here, but I usually drop about five kilos because I'm sorry, the food is not good.

Speaker 1 (1h 6m 32s): Goodyear. Seriously. I gained five kilos, but I gained five kilos by looking at food.

Speaker 14 (1h 6m 39s): Well, you got mine then.

Speaker 1 (1h 6m 41s): So, so Andy, how's the show been for you so far?

Speaker 13 (1h 6m 46s): It's like a meeting of old friends after the Corona Bragg. We have here people from over 50 countries. It's nice. Only of course right now with the situation of Ukraine, a lot of our friends here trap. So the business is good, but the mood was better before Corona for sure.

Speaker 1 (1h 7m 4s): And it was better before Russia invaded. Yes. Sure.

Speaker 13 (1h 7m 8s): But you know, we had a strong school community. We have, we offered a lot of people was to, they got offered from Europeans, from Spain, from Germany that they can stay them, the houses I offered my apartment in Gran Canaria too. So yeah. Let's have as much as we can do. Right.

Speaker 1 (1h 7m 23s): Absolutely. So, so Jay, you guys have a really exciting event coming up in April. Why don't you tell everybody about it?

Speaker 14 (1h 7m 33s): Yeah. The Phoenix forum went on for 20 years and it was a CC bill show and it was one of the best in the United States. Great time of year. Great weather really turned out to be a very huge show over the years. And unfortunately they had their last one in 2019, essentially Connor and I at why not wanted to do sort of a revival of the show. I mean, we're not calling it the Phoenix forum. We're not duplicating the Phoenix forum. Instead this year, we're going to call it the why not reunion. It's April 8th, ninth, and 10th. We are having it at the Tempe mission palms, but there's going to be a focus exclusively on networking friendships and just hanging out and doing fun things together.

No booths, no seminars, no anything like that this first year out, essentially, you just kind of want to create the atmosphere that people have been missing these last years and then see where it goes with it. And we went to CC bill first to make sure that they were happy with it. And not only were they happy with us doing this, they also were our first sponsor. And I also want to thank adult's site broker for as well as sponsoring. So we're almost where we need to be. And right now we just, if people are coming, we need them to register as soon as possible. So we can get some numbers. Cause it's not easy guessing these things.

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 36s): Yeah. You were telling me that a lot of people like to register it the last or just show up register at the last minute or just show up. And for this event, it's going to be pretty tight.

Speaker 14 (1h 8m 46s): Yeah. It's going to be pretty tight. I mean, we've got several events that we're doing. We're probably going to have like a charity poker tournament. We're going to be doing a top golf, probably a dinner here, a cocktail party. There we'll even do some muck carting as well. But you know, obviously in order to put these events on and prepare them, I have to have numbers and anybody who's ever planned events before or parties or anything knows what goes into it. And you know, the things that are at risk. So I just asked, you know, for everyone in order to make this a successful event and trust me, a lot of people want this to happen and they want it to work.

We just ask for cooperation. That's all,

Speaker 1 (1h 9m 19s): This is not a group of planners, Jay, a

Speaker 14 (1h 9m 22s): Group of what? Planters? Planters. Oh, planners. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you know, it's a, it is what it is, but you know what I mean? We're not doing it for fame or fortune or anything like that, you know, Connor and I genuinely love this industry and we just basically want to, we just want to have fun. And I mean, yeah, this has the potential to be something really huge. And if it doesn't then, well, we tried.

Speaker 1 (1h 9m 44s): Exactly. So, so Andy, what's been happening lately with traffic partner. Tell us, tell us some news.

Speaker 13 (1h 9m 54s): Well, we are always growing. We get more geos mugging, a lot of products. We are going more in the cam industry, making life create a new product that we have in Germany. For like 15 years, we bring in more international than we have camp cash daily, our product. So there's a lot of things going on. We are going more from dating to cam more countries and the shows are back. So and so for Phoenix forum, I love Phoenix forum, of course, for Europeans as a long travel.

There's no doubt that Lufthansa don't have the one mind at 1 million miles a award like Brad guts. I need to fly perhaps more data, no way. It's a budget. Like you say, right now, the planning, you know, with Corona and all of these shit, it's more difficult. And it's crazy if you see my captain's business lounge and there's like 25 events only in this year coming up. So from Moscow to Barcelona, Dubai, Cyprus, Phoenix, LA, Miami.

So man, even I'm as a captain, I like to travel about way too much these year. You

Speaker 1 (1h 11m 5s): Can't be everywhere.

Speaker 13 (1h 11m 6s): Yeah, that's right. I need beat me up Scotty ferment from star Trek and then it would be super nice.

Speaker 1 (1h 11m 13s): Yeah. We're going to work on that, Andy. Perfect.

Speaker 13 (1h 11m 16s): So check it out, come with the captain. We fly with the stock.

Speaker 1 (1h 11m 20s): So, so Jay, how is T E S been for you?

Speaker 14 (1h 11m 24s): Well, it's been a great show. Every time I come to a TES, I leave with more business than it costs me to attend the show. So I'm always happy to make profit on coming to these things. You know, this has been a great show for me. It's the first one I've been to in Barcelona since I think 2017 was the last time that I was here. They went to Lisbon for awhile. So it's really nice to be back here. Yeah. But like Andy was saying a minute ago, the frustrating and sad part of, you know, the show is just, you just feel just the overall just sadness, anger, rage, everything, you know, from going on with, with what's happening in Ukraine.

So yeah, that's, that's really unfortunate, but I mean, you know, you just, you feel the love, you feel the strength and you feel, you know, that people want to actually do something about this. You know, all of a sudden add that William SARS and CK and little red bunny are, you know, putting together like GoFund me's and as well, I know that I'm live is putting together something major. I think they're going to be housing like 40 people and taking care of them for like a month, their meals, their transportation, their rooms. So, yeah. And the fact that Andy said that, you know, people are offering their houses and stuff like that.

I mean, you're not going to find, well, I mean, maybe you will, but it's very hard to find a tighter knit family. Then, you know, we are in this business with people looking out for each other.

Speaker 1 (1h 12m 40s): This is a family. And I feel like every show is a family reunion, especially this one for me, it's been two years since I've been to an event. I think it's the same for you. No. Well you had LA I think, but oh, you did do Prague. Okay. But still, I mean, I mean, it's just amazing to see everybody.

Speaker 14 (1h 13m 0s): Yeah. I mean, you know, like as far as like a family member, I'm kind of a cross between the red-headed bastard stepchild and the uncle, the bad uncle. So, you know, that's, that's, that's, that's my role

Speaker 13 (1h 13m 15s): Or Krusty the clown

Speaker 14 (1h 13m 18s): Or Mr. Clean

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 20s): Can, I can see a little bit of that and UJ every, every little bit of that.

Speaker 14 (1h 13m 25s): Yeah. My feet aren't as big though. That's

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 27s): So, okay. One more thing I gotta ask you about, we talked about it on the full podcast, the hair. Yep.

Speaker 14 (1h 13m 34s): Yep. I've got hair.

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 37s): You have a lot of hair.

Speaker 14 (1h 13m 39s): I mean, you know, what can I say when, when COVID started in 2020, I didn't get a haircut. And then, you know, I waited a few months obviously, and, and I'm like, okay, you know what? Let's just do this. I still have most of it. So why the hell not? So it's been two years now and I've just had a couple of trims here and there and it's, I dunno, kind of becoming my trademark. I mean, people remember me anyway. I mean, not to brag, but I tend to, I tend to leave an impression wherever I go, but now I really leave an impression. And that's the thing that I always tell people in the industry anyway, that, you know, it's good to be known and liked in everything, but you need to leave a memorable impression everywhere you go.

It's just, not only is it good for your brand, but it's just good for your business. I mean, there's nothing worse than meeting someone two or three times and you know, they don't remember you. I mean, that doesn't happen to me thankfully, but you know, it's just important to stay ahead of the fray. So

Speaker 1 (1h 14m 27s): I think you, two are two of the best branders in this industry, Andy, you with your, your captain moniker and your videos and UJ with everything you do and your personality, it's so important to, to have that personality, isn't it

Speaker 13 (1h 14m 45s): Sure it's like any employee of the company is the brand ambassador office company. And of course it's something also you have the character or the style of it or not. And we need all these developers and we need people in the background. We are working always in the crew, but like JME, we have the guys in the front, we go to the shows, we make the noise, we have brand ambassadors and everybody of us have as unique style. I do this with the captain outfits on parties and then the parties make some fucking noise and bringing all the pussy juice, drinks and stuff and yeah, Jay, half his style and his higher car differently.

It makes them different looking. So yeah, brand numbers, the door opens doors. And then if your product is good, you will be successful.

Speaker 1 (1h 15m 34s): Exactly. Andy, thanks for being with us today. Thank

Speaker 13 (1h 15m 37s): You, Bruce. See you soon in Bangkok.

Speaker 1 (1h 15m 40s): Thank you, Jay. Thank you for having me as well. Thank you guys, my guest today, and I'm very pleased to have him is the co-organizer of T S and dress and drain us. Thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk,

Speaker 15 (1h 15m 54s): Thank you very much for having us again.

Speaker 1 (1h 15m 57s): It's my pleasure. And it's been a really, a lot of fun to do the interviews here. So we're heading towards the finish line here. How's the show been

Speaker 15 (1h 16m 10s): Very close to what we could have hoped for. I mean, three months ago, or before a show, you always have a, a maximum that you sings that you can reach. And we, we got very close to it. So I think it's pretty much very close to the maximum that you can wish for at, at the current situation in the world.

Speaker 1 (1h 16m 30s): Yeah, because with COVID they definitely limit you as to how many people you can have. Right? Yeah. The,

Speaker 15 (1h 16m 36s): The wish from hotel was that we would not sell more than 945 entrance tickets and we sold about 920 online and then another 25 at the door. So we we'll end it exactly on, on the spot.

Speaker 1 (1h 16m 49s): That's fantastic. So you've had a little bit, we've had to do some reshuffling this year. You had been doing this show in cuss skies and you moved it back to sit. Yes. And I'm thrilled because you know how I adore this place. I know you do too. What's the, if you were to look into your crystal ball or you may already have it all planned out, what's what's 20, 23 look like for the show for the spring show,

Speaker 15 (1h 17m 17s): We're back in cash cash. We've already signed a contract. So it's all a written in stone and for September we're back in, in Prague. So that's how it's going to look in 2023. So T S spring in cash cash T S fall in September in, in proc. And then also our new conference, the mainstream conference on article will also take place in September and in Prague.

Speaker 1 (1h 17m 44s): And that's in 20 20, 22 or

Speaker 15 (1h 17m 45s): 20 23, 20 23 and 2022. We will be in proc in August because of, yeah, the European commission has trended low tell for half years. So we couldn't get our usual September time slot. So for a one time exception, we have to do a August, which might actually be taking, looking at the Corona situation, not the worst because in September we might be in the eighth or ninth wave. And then in August, the it's pretty, yeah, it's always the Krone low season. It has been always been.

So it might, there might actually be some upside, even, even though personally, I'm also not a fan of the month of August for a conference.

Speaker 1 (1h 18m 24s): Yeah. Because it's a European show and Europeans tend to get out of Dodge in August. Yeah.

Speaker 15 (1h 18m 31s): It's a school holiday. So I mean, usually kids go back to school in Europe at the beginning of September. So obviously we are interfering with people's holiday plans, but again, the wasn't much of a, of a choice and yeah, but our show is always growing. So I don't know if we grow 200 people and we lose 200 because of the timing, then it evens out and our real growth will come back in next year where I think 2023 will be the best, the best year in our conference history.

Speaker 1 (1h 19m 1s): So are you expecting a full capacity in Prague in August

Speaker 15 (1h 19m 6s): Pretty close? I think the way things are currently going. Yeah, I think so. I mean, Scandinavia has already pretty much taking off all limitations. Spain is looking into to getting rid of things in Germany. I know next year, the next month they are going to take a lot of restrictions off. So by August I sink and again, August is it's a low, low season months for, for COVID. So I think we will definitely definitely be in the four digits again. So a thousand plus

Speaker 1 (1h 19m 38s): And dress. Thanks for being back with us on adult side broker talk. It was a real pleasure as always to be here and doing the podcast interviews from here with were a blast. You're going to really love it because you're going to feel real good about all the nice comments people had about the show.

Speaker 15 (1h 19m 53s): Okay. Excellent. Very good. And yeah, thank you very much for coming out and joining us.

Speaker 1 (1h 19m 58s): Always. My pleasure. Thank you. Next week, we'll be speaking with Jason Maskell of lifestyle, hot money and that's it for this week's adult site broker talk I'd like to thank my guests from the TES affiliate conference in Sitges, Spain. It was an awesome show and I'm looking forward to doing it again at their August show in Prague Talk to you again next week on the adult site broker talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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