Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 88 with Massi of Feet4Cash

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 88 with Massi of Feet4Cash

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with Massi of Feet4Cash.

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Now let's feature our property the week that's for sale. That adult site broker actually our property of the week, this week is a reminder that we always have some private listings available. In addition to what you see on our website and in our newsletters right now, we have a cam site dating sites and pay sites available. We often have other types of sites as well. In these cases, the owner of the site is usually expressing the utmost care to make sure the identity of their site or company doesn't get out for a variety of reasons.

These are also generally larger listings with big revenues. If you're interested in finding out more about our private listings, please complete our buyers NDA on our website and contact us to see if you qualify now, time for this week's interview. My guest today on adults' site, broker talk is Massey from feed for cash Massey. Thanks for being back with us again on adult site. Broker talk, thank you Bruce,

Speaker 2 (2m 38s): For having me again, really, really appreciate that. Thank you so

Speaker 1 (2m 41s): Much. My pleasure. Now here's some information on feet for cash. It was established in 2008. Feet for cash is a network of pay sites, mainly focused on the foot fetish nature. The total of 18 sites. The program has a site aimed for every taste in the niche Philly. It's earned 50% lifetime commission on every sale and rebuilt plus 5% on referrals to other webmasters. All content is exclusive and produced in house, which makes their content unique and recognized in the foot fetish community.

Another important factor is non nude sites in the network. These can be promoted in ways that no adult pay site can giving the program many monetization opportunities. So Massey let's first talk about what has changed with your company since we last spoke

Speaker 2 (3m 32s): Quite a bit, actually, because we've been having a couple of things in store for a long time and six months ago, we finally finalized the switch to mats. So now our affiliate platform is basically as all of our affiliates wanted it to be, because the way I keep saying to us, you know, we want better way to track our traffic. We want better tools and everything. So with which six months ago, and they have to say that they really love it. They work with our program more, you know, and interact more with us.

And, you know, NATS is basically pretty much standard in the business. So sure. We're really happy about that. And also another little thing that happened a couple of days ago, actually like a week ago, we opened up our first VOD site where we sell our VR videos and you know, like a clip store, but inside our network. And the beauty of that is that our affiliates can get, you know, get the same 50% on sales as they do on our regular sites.

So yeah, you know, it just to try to target those customers that are not used to buy memberships, but they are more used to buy videos these days and try to see, you know, what happens, it's brand new. So it's not like I say, it's working, it's not working, but I really think, you know, we hope he will be good. And with the help of our affiliates, we will maybe manage to market that and see what happens. The plan is to, this is just for our VR videos. And the plan is to open another one, a huge one with all the rest of our library, which goes back to 2008.

So it's going to be quite a massive, you know, foot fetish clip sites. And

Speaker 1 (5m 20s): Sounds like a lot of work.

Speaker 2 (5m 25s): Yes, it is differently. I was in another big team. So

Speaker 1 (5m 29s): Yeah, I was asking Massey before the podcast started, we were having our normal chit-chat and I was asking him why he doesn't do a podcast. He says, well, I don't have to sleep. So yes, he's a very, very busy man. There's no two ways about it. And I'll also remind everybody we're producing this in middle of October and it will run in January. So getting

Speaker 2 (5m 53s): as well. You've been

Speaker 1 (5m 57s): Always, always. So any, anything new that you think will happen before January?

Speaker 2 (6m 5s): Well, not sure. I think we will work more on this VOD stuff and we have a couple of things to fix on our sides, but you know, a couple of measures shootings with models, but nothing really measured to, you know, impacting our business, you know, because when you, when you launch new things, you need to stabilize those things after that, you know, to work on that, to make them work as they should. So, you know, couple of months we'll see.

Speaker 1 (6m 27s): Absolutely. So what impact has COVID had on your production?

Speaker 2 (6m 33s): Oh, finally we talk about COVID because no one ever asked me about that before, and we really never talk about that these days.

Speaker 1 (6m 42s): No, I know, I know it's a, it's a subject. I don't hear much at all.

Speaker 2 (6m 46s): It's important to, to, to, you know, because sometime people don't, you know, if you don't, you're not inside the business, you maybe you don't realize the impact that actually had, especially on us, that we are on production side. And so we had to completely stopped production for one month and a half, which doesn't seem maybe, maybe doesn't seem too much. But if you consider that we make like couple of shoots or photo shoots per week, that means that we nearly face it a lack of content during that period.

Although of course we plan accordingly, but we did add a bit of difficulties about that. And then slowly things get better. Now it's more or less normal, even if we still have, of course, molders have to be tested before coming in. And some of them are still afraid to shoot. So they basically stopped shooting before the lockdown that they still didn't start again. But you know, you can understand those guys, those girls. Sure. And so, you know, it's, it's a bit more difficult now, but at least it's more or less normal as it was.

Speaker 1 (7m 52s): We hope it stays that way. Cause I know, I know Italy was pretty badly hit and this

Speaker 2 (7m 58s): Yeah, yeah, yeah. I agree. I agree. Let's hope it stays this way. You know, vaccines are good.

Speaker 1 (8m 3s): Broke my heart because my weight has, you know, my wife and I are going to go back there in 2020 after going in 2019 and oh, that's the best vacation I've ever had. We haul we did was eat and drink wine and sleep and it was, it was fabulous. It was fast. Next next trip is do your neck of the woods as you will know my friends. So looking forward to that.

Speaker 2 (8m 27s): Yeah. I am looking forward to that.

Speaker 1 (8m 29s): Yeah. Hanging out a bit. So how about your overall business? What impact did COVID have on that?

Speaker 2 (8m 37s): Well, that's the other side of the coin of COVID because on one hand it was a disaster for everyone and for our business, it was actually good. I mean, and I think it's pretty much the same for the whole adult business because people stayed home and basically they decided that spending on porn was still a good idea. So we actually saw a bit of increase on sales. So I can't really, you know, when I speak with other people from other businesses, I feel like ashamed because they keep saying my God, I mean, you know, it's, it's a disaster and nothing, you know, sales dropped and everything and they have to say, well, sorry, but that's not, that's not the case for us because really we've been lucky on this.

I can't really say anything different than this. So it's been good.

Speaker 1 (9m 28s): Yeah. I I've had my best two years in 2020 and 2021. In fact, I, I hope to, to beat 2020 and I agree with you. I I've felt kind of, it's not a shame, but I felt guilty that everybody, all these people I knew were hurting and I was like, oh, I'm sorry, because yeah, because you know, the fact, I think the fact that both of us can work totally online.

Well, you have to, you do production so you don't work totally online. But the fact that, that I can work online really made it. So, you know, made my business good. And I think people had time on their hands and some of them bought and sold websites. So that was cool. But, but in the, in the porn business, absolutely. I mean, you had people with time on their hands, so they had to do something with their hands. Right.

Speaker 2 (10m 29s): That's a good way of saying

Speaker 1 (10m 30s): That. Yeah, I do my best. I do my wellbeing. I'll be here all week. So how do you hold a month? As a matter of fact, maybe all year. I don't know. So how do you select your models?

Speaker 2 (10m 43s): There's not a rule for this because the thing is when you start a business like this and it starts from a passion, you have basically, we, we are two foot fetish freaks. It's more like you see a model and it's sort of, you, you, you, you, you get, if, if she has something that can work for the foot fetish guy, it's not always just a fit because it may sound weird. But in the foot fetish community, every guy has different tastes is about feet.

They're not the same. They don't look the same. So you never know before shooting a model, if she will have success or not. But of course there are a few models that, you know, that will not work. You see a girl and you say, no, this girl is not going to work in our network. So let's not, let's move on. So you never know if she's a winner, but you know, if she has something about that, the thing that we are doing most of these days, and this is general, is trying to work with girls that have some sort of social media presence, presence, because you know, it may help the business.

We should with her say, we send out the pictures and then she tagged our accounts and stuff like that. So it's, that's how, you know, it's a way to market your business without, you know, spending more than the, the model price. I dunno that the fence, you know, case by case and see you look at the girl, we don't do casting. So it's not like we called the golden number studio. So it's all based on videos and pictures that she send us and also on our social media presence and things, stuff like that. But usually we don't because first of all, because it's rare that we shoot with a girl and then we say, oh, then this was a mistake after so many years, we know what we are doing.

So sure. You know? Sure. It works. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (12m 36s): So how has using models with a good social media presence helped your network

Speaker 2 (12m 44s): Very much? I mean, this is, I think this is a key to the business these days. In fact, in two ways, actually one way is to actually find other models because what do you know you need to do when you're not, you know, we are not a massive, you know, site like everyone else that knows us, not at all. So when a mother works with us and she's happy about the way we treated her, because of course we always have white gloves for models. And so she gets back on our social media and she posts and she said, I worked with them and there, I had a great time and blah, blah, blah.

And so other models following her on social media will then contact us and say, look, I saw her working with you. And she had a great time. So, you know, it helps in this way. And also of course, guys following her on social media, you can be sure that in any group of people following a girl online, that would be foot fetish guys. So when they see that their favorite model made a shoot with a shooting with us, you can see most of the time, some sales coming from that social media account.

Sure. Cause that's how it works. I mean, they want to see their feet and they want to see the feet shoot in a peculiar way that we know how to do.

Speaker 1 (13m 58s): Are your, are you encouraging your models to join your affiliate program?

Speaker 2 (14m 2s): Rarely, rarely because it's not their business. I mean, yeah, but the thing is these days being an affiliate, it's not as easy as it was before. And it's the same for Moda. I mean, we tell them, if you want to post a link to our, to our site, you can join our affiliate program, but then you sure you sort of resolve to have too much expectation on that. And so, you know, we tell that we also tell that, you know, don't expect too much money on this because you know, being an affiliate is not easy these days and it's not like guys click on links that often as they used before, sometimes they, they look at, okay, she's on that side.

I'm going to go to that site later. And then she doesn't get credit. If the guy doesn't click the link. So, you know, we, we do tell them that there is this possibility. Of course, if they are sort of girls into computer and you know, already used to do some stuff like that, they, you know, we have a couple of them working like this, but it's not their main, main business. So it's something extra they can do. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (15m 4s): Okay. I don't think models in general are that geared towards the business side of things. There are some, but as you say, they're few and far between yeah,

Speaker 2 (15m 17s): Yeah, yeah, yeah. So nothing wrong in that. I mean, it sounds different business. So it just being an affiliate, you do that, but you need to understand that it works and it's not sure.

Speaker 1 (15m 28s): So what's the strangest thing that's happened with the new model? You get some good stories.

Speaker 2 (15m 34s): He laughs all the time. I mean, I think that the worst one actually was couple years ago, a girl, she was like 19 years old or 20, something like that. She came through the shooting, she signed the release form and everything is, as we normally do, she had a great time. And then at one o'clock at night, my, my partner was the one, the photographer. That's a phone call one o'clock at night.

And it was this girl's mom. Oh shit. Trying to say lo que puto, my girl in doing stuff that she didn't know what she was doing. She's too young for days, I'm going to call the police, take everything down, blah, blah, blah. And of course you try to explain the woman. You know, we did everything as, as it should be. We assigned more the release. We are probably have a passport and everything. But when things like this happen, you just say, what the fuck? I mean, just take the

Speaker 1 (16m 37s): Trouble,

Speaker 2 (16m 37s): Right? Yeah. Come on it. You know, you do the, all the required documents because you want to avoid these issues. But when the, these issues actually happen, all you want to do is just get over with it as soon as possible. Move on. Yeah. Just move on and just delete the content of the girl and buh-bye and even, well, a couple of weeks ago, the same thing is happening this time. It was actually the girl that after a couple of hours of the shooting, she phoned us up and she said, look, could you please put just the pictures and not the videos up?

And we said, no. Okay, nevermind. You give our money back for the shooting. And bye-bye Don don't come to us again. And that's it. Yeah. Thanks for that.

Speaker 1 (17m 21s): What are you going to do? How about, how about at a shoot? Has anything strange happened?

Speaker 2 (17m 26s): I had a shirt. I'm not the guy to speak about this because I'm never at the shooting because we have to hear about it. But yeah, me and my partner, we are the perfect capital because I call him the Iceman because I think me in his shoes, I will not be able to control myself because I have to say that. I mean, I'm a I'm gentleman and everything, but, you know, during the shooting, sometimes it meant, you know, it may sound bite, kick get quite exciting.

Speaker 1 (17m 58s): I

Speaker 2 (17m 59s): Have to say that the really weird things about shooting, sometimes it's all connected to the bit of most hardcore stuff we do, which is queer thing. And this thing, you know, stuff like that. And it did happen a couple of times. I don't want to go into details, but they made quite a mess in the studio, let's say,

Speaker 1 (18m 19s): Okay. Yeah, that's a prob probably no more details are necessary. So moving on, tell me about a typical day with you and your team.

Speaker 2 (18m 31s): Typical day on a team of four people. It's a crazy day, basically because you have massive things to do and little time to do that. But if I can, you know, what we typically do every single day is taking care of customers, you know, the customer services going because we do that in house as well. And the photo retouching and the video editing is something we do everyday basically. And so is social media marketing.

Rather than that, it depends on the day. I mean, I spent personally, I'm spending literally more time with my affiliates, which is something I love because finally they are, you know, they are in touch with us more often and they ask things and they want to work with us more. And that's what I like to do. And, you know, shirts how it's supposed to be. And my partner of course is busy organizing shootings, finding models, contacting them, asking them for a day for the shooting. And then she said, I'm going to come tomorrow. And then she's not going to come tomorrow.

Stuff like that. You know, that's a shock. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So it's not like I can make any sense of a typical day of a small thing. Like we are really

Speaker 1 (19m 44s): Well. You alluded to it earlier. Now 10 years ago, affiliates were really bringing in a lot of business. Do you, are you getting the same level of business to your company as affiliates used to bring you or has it changed?

Speaker 2 (20m 3s): Well, as I think you can tell, I love working with affiliates. I really think they are very important assets of our business. It's not like the amount of more business they actually bringing because for us, it's, you know, it's difficult to say because 10 years ago we were a super small site that no one knew about. So we actually missed all the golden age of porn. We are not there basically.

So it's for us, it's, it's the opposite. We are working more with affiliates these days than we were before. The thing is that today being an affiliate is not as easy as it was before as well. No, for many reasons. And frankly, the reasons and you know, all the staff that on the browser, the blocks banners and stuff like that, I know it's a pain for being an affiliate and also marketing a foot fetish site is it's not for everyone. Sure. You need to understand the, the niche.

And if you understand the niche and you have the right traffic, you will have very good results, even better than with mainstream port, I think. But you need to understand the nation. There are not a lot of affiliates out there that know the niche. You know, it's just a different approach than the regular porn. And you need to understand that, but once you understand that you bring business to us, absolutely.

Speaker 1 (21m 23s): It would occur to me anyway, that foot fetish fans would be more loyal than normal porn fans.

Speaker 2 (21m 34s): Yeah. That's the good thing about us. If you send one sales to us, you can be, I mean the average reveals it's like five, so five months at least. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. So it's, it's quite a lot because they, they, they are loyal. They that's what they do. They find what they like and they say, Hmm. So that's another thing about us. You don't have to think about how many sales you bring when you need to, you know, to look into the rebuilds actually, that, that that's going to bring you more and more than, than the sales usually.

So yeah, on that, you're totally right. Yeah. Right.

Speaker 1 (22m 9s): Awesome. Now, if you could change something about your business right now with a snap of your fingers, what would it be

Speaker 2 (22m 16s): Great. I will try to innovate our possible action. I think it's not like nothing is wrong in that, but there are many, many things that could be streamlined. Like, you know, trying to find a process that works and invest into tools that actually can actually bring that into a better shape. You know, I know there are some tools down there, out there that when you, while you shoot, they're actually uploading the row video to a cloud, to the cloud. So someone on the, on the post production can immediately take the video and post it without that, you know, stuff like this, but it it's, you know, lots of investments, especially on our network interface on our network at the studio.

And so that's something that's gonna take time. Yeah. That's something I would like to do. I would like to do. And you know, again, nothing wrong in the way that we post production our videos, but it could be improved a lot. I think

Speaker 1 (23m 13s): Anything else?

Speaker 2 (23m 15s): All the rest it's. I mean, if a couple of months we will, that's what we always do. Buy new cameras and stuff like that. We've been doing that for ages. Now we are now growing to improve to buy a new VR camera, but those are not innovation. Those are investments that you have to do as a business, you know? Okay. Where

Speaker 1 (23m 36s): Are you doing VR

Speaker 2 (23m 36s): Now? Yeah, we are doing since a couple of years now. And we love it. The, I mean, it's, it's amazing how such, because it's still a small amount of people that actually have VR in the world, but they are a specific kind of people. Those are all people that have money in their pocket. Because if you have a VR device these days, you means you have money to spend. They're also enthusiast about VR.

So what I love about that is one, when you post a video, you will get lots and lots of, most of feedback from people. And this is something that doesn't happen often in poor. So it was really helpful to us because when we started in VR 2 0 2 years ago, we had lots of, lots of to learn it. The learning curve is quite, it's quite tough because it's a totally different way of shooting, totally different way of post production, marketing, everything. And so our users actually have, does a lot in improve.

And so we are following blind, following them as, as they say, you know, when, when we get feedback and you say, you know, this is wrong, you should do this in the other way. We follow that. And it works. So yeah, we are really good actually.

Speaker 1 (24m 55s): Yeah. Yeah. What do you see coming up for VR? What do you, I mean, what do you think the future is? Because it's real interesting when it first started and you and I go to the same shows, there were, there were lots of demos and everybody was putting the headsets on and go, oh wow, this is cool. This is going to be the future. There's, there's VR out there, but it certainly hasn't taken over. Like, I think a lot of people expected. Where do you think VR is at now?

And what do you see happening in the future?

Speaker 2 (25m 27s): I don't think it will ever take over to normal porn. It will always be something smaller because of practical reasons. I mean, unless you are totally, if it's obvious, unless you are totally alone at home and you know, no one is going to knock at your door and anything, you can't put a VR device on your eyes and just disappear from the world. It's, it's complicated. So for this only, it will be always, not everyone will be able to enjoy porn on VR, but it's here to stay.

It's growing and the technology behind it, it's actually improving more and more. So the sound is better. The video is better. The whole experience is better. So I think it's here to say what, what I don't see happening. It's cam VR sites. I know that there are quite a few out there, but I don't see how that could actually work really well because when you put a VR device on your eyes, you actually, if the video is not super crystal clear, you don't have a good experience.

And when it's, when it comes to streaming content from account sites, obviously the quality won't be as, as a video download. Sure. So I dunno, I, I don't, I don't see that working, even if I'm sure. I know that there are a couple of sites that are doing that and everything, but I really think it will be videos and be dissolved, but it will. It's here.

Speaker 1 (27m 0s): There's a lot of talk about, and there's a lot of development going on of hardware. That's going to be lower profile. And, and it, the whole idea of it may be moving to IRR and, and other technologies with glasses that just look like glasses. You probably remember the Google glass, that strange looking thing, but it was pretty low profile. Do you think that'll have a big impact?

Speaker 2 (27m 26s): That's interesting. I don't know that that will be different because it's not VR. It's, you know, it's totally different, but it's something I'm really looking forward to because if he gets to a level, when you right now, I think it works only, you can put some sort of not seeing a cartoon, but something, not a real person in the image, I think at the moment. But if it counts one time when you put these glasses on and you can see a real person sitting down in front of you, that's going to be interesting, you know, depends on where the technology we go.

And of course, let's, don't forget toys, sex toys that will work with VR. And that's not a thing.

Speaker 1 (28m 10s): But I think another thing is that once those technologies are really developed, I believe anyway, that when the cost actually comes down to the common person and it isn't all based upon somebody who can afford a 250 or $300 device, but they can get something that's really good for $50 say, I mean, that should make a big difference in the market. Right? Like, wait.

Speaker 2 (28m 37s): Yeah. That's another way of saying that. Yeah. I agree. I agree that that's one that when the price goes lower, the more people will buy that even just, okay. Let's try that. So. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. That's, that's true. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (28m 51s): That can, that can be a, what the hell process or a $300 purchase. Isn't usually a, what the hell process

Speaker 2 (29m 0s): That free to max describes that. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (29m 2s): Exactly. So w what new possibilities do you see in the foot fetish market that your company still hasn't explored capital

Speaker 2 (29m 13s): Things? Well, first of all, we need to, we want, and we're planning to give more interaction with our models, probably from inside our pay sites members area. We want to give people more chances to interact with our model. So we are trying to organize, you know, cam cam sessions, like cool, regular cam concessions. We would like also to explore the, the streaming of our photo sessions, you know, trying to live stream when mothers come to the shootings and stuff.

And also, yeah, something like that is something we have this, we have that this idea for a long time and it's time to try to see what happens, another thing. But I don't think, you know, this would be a bit more far from our business. It's having people using a platform to sell their own food pictures. You know, I'm a circle. There is, there are a couple of great companies out there doing this already, and they're doing an amazing job, but I think we should, maybe in time we could try to use our network and the fact that people know who we are to, you know, to offer this possibility and see where it goes.

So, you know, a couple of things, if you would ask me this questions three months ago, we'll just say it also, we would like to have a clip site, but we just opened one so that that's not on the table anymore. So, so yeah. Got it.

Speaker 1 (30m 41s): So put a let's let's let's think here for a second, let's say there was no internet. Okay. I mean, God forbid, right. What do you think you'd be doing for a living right now?

Speaker 2 (30m 53s): I'm not sure. I would even know I have a fetish because actually internet was the, the thing that helped me understand I had a foot fetish. The beauty about internet is that you can see that other people have the same taste is as you are. And, and, and it helps you to identify who you are in some ways. Yep. So any deed helped me big in understanding why I was attracted to something, which I didn't really understand.

I mean, I was a kid back then maybe growing up, I would have understood that. But at that time, I didn't, I'm not sure I will open up any sort of business on the foot fetish internet didn't exist because it would have been more expensive. And everything only thing I know is that for sure, I would end that I would have ended up having my own business of some sort, because I grew up with my father, always teaching me, you know, you need to build your own future, try to don't depend on others for your future and stuff.

Like, you know, eat me up like this. So I have this in my, in my brain that, you know, I need to depend on myself. So maybe would have been selling lemonade on the street. I don't know, but it wouldn't be my own business anyway. Sure.

Speaker 1 (32m 16s): Now fetish and porn in general is almost always seen from a man's perspective. What do you think about women and, and fetish?

Speaker 2 (32m 24s): I think it works. I think I have been lucky enough to speak with a couple of girls that women and girls that the general in foot fetish in these years, one of them was on one of our models. We became Francis as it happens. So it's in no way different than any man having a foot fetish. But the thing is to actually shoot content for a girl. I think we need more suits Randall in the, in the business. I mean, she was this huge producer ages ago, as you know, you know, we need more women producing content.

That's the only way that they can shoot the, the, the fetish. It's like, I told you to shoot foot fetish, you need to know the niche. You need to like it. Right. And to shoot foot fetish for women, you need to be a woman. I think there's no, no way out. I think

Speaker 1 (33m 15s): Makes sense to me. Now, can you give some advice to someone that wants to start a business and foot fetish today,

Speaker 2 (33m 22s): As we say in Italy, don't make your step longer than your legs.

Speaker 1 (33m 27s): That's a good saying. What the hell does it mean?

Speaker 2 (33m 32s): Well, I tried to translate that immense, you know, don't spend more money than that, that you have, and don't try to start things big immediately. Just step-by-step unless you have a big investor on your, on your side of that, that's another thing, but I've seen too many guys actually in the foot fetish. I mean, I've been, as you know, I have a foot fetish, so I've been in the community for a long time. And most of the time there are a couple of photographers or staff saying I will start my own business and then they fail because either they don't stick to it for long enough, you can expect results to be immediate, right.

Or because they want to be PornHub of foot fetish, as soon as they start the business. And it's not possible, you need to go step by step. Right? So this would be the advice, you know, just go slowly and look at who you are and what you have and go from there

Speaker 1 (34m 29s): Right now from a producer and pay site owners, point of view. How do you look at the growing number of paid fan sites now, do you see them at all as a threat to your business?

Speaker 2 (34m 41s): I see them. I always saw them as a very good thing because it gives models a way to control their own, you know, their own future. There was a time 15 years ago where it was girls running after producers ask him for, for a job basically. Right. And it wasn't ideal in my opinion. I mean, he figures she's, if she's good enough to understand how our business works, she should be able to sell the heroin content to have a fun site and everything it's, it's totally right to do that.

Obviously it's not a threat, but it makes things a bit more difficult for us this day. The, these days there are few models that would never shoot for, for a pay site just because it's not profitable for us, for them, they make more money on their fan site and that would ever make on a, on a shooting on now for the site. So you need to pay them really, really a lot of money or just not work with them. You know, there is space for everyone it's adapt or die.

I mean, you need to adapt to this. The fund sites are there and they will stay there. So, you know, we just need to adapt to that and see where it goes. But I don't see that as a threat, really, not just happy for them.

Speaker 1 (35m 59s): I, is it, do you, do you find it harder to get models because of the,

Speaker 2 (36m 3s): I won't say hard to find models because luckily we know where to look for them and they're still models that don't have fan sites all day. You know, some of these models, they do have fun sites, but they also understand that working for another network, it's an investment because you will put the image in front of a new public. Sure. So on that, it's not, there are some models that will just say, sorry, I just don't want to work with you because I make already enough money, not find more difficult to adjust, you know, just try and see who you find, but it's fine.

I mean, come on, there are enough girls out there.

Speaker 1 (36m 44s): Okay. What do you think about the online dating industry? Ah,

Speaker 2 (36m 49s): Difficult question for one reason, I have been in affiliate as well, and I still am an affiliate on my, on, on some of my free time. I don't want to where my free time is, but I am an affiliate sometime. We also try to monetize data insights on our network. And for one reason or another, I never managed to make money with it. But for sure, it's big because I mean, I've been in Prague month ago, something like that, that the European summit.

And I can tell you that it was packed with companies into dating business. Most probably after the Corona stuff, you know, people were home and were dating from home was the only way possible. So maybe that's why they had another great moment, but I, I don't know. I never managed to want to stay as that also when I think of them, I'm really thinking, okay, there are like thousands of dating sites and are we really sure that all those dating sites are offering real profiles and real people?

Speaker 1 (37m 56s): No, we're sure. No, we're sure they don't. I'm

Speaker 2 (37m 60s): Not saying you, you sat back. I don't want to make enemies

Speaker 1 (38m 3s): Because I know, because I know it for a fact, I've got friends who work at companies that provide moderation services more than one. So, so come on. You and I, you and I both know that a lot of the adult dating sites are, are fake as hell.

Speaker 2 (38m 17s): Yeah. Yeah. So maybe just,

Speaker 1 (38m 19s): It's not a secret in this industry Massey.

Speaker 2 (38m 22s): It's not, it's something I don't. I never liked. Although I also, I mean, although I think we are all selling a dream in this business, this is true. The adult visit. So maybe in dating sites, the dream is to chat with a girl that doesn't exist, but the ship can tell you what you want to listen. I mean, it does make sense. It just doesn't work for me.

Speaker 1 (38m 42s): It kind of what it kind of reminds me of is back in the day before the internet, I'm old, right? 64 later in the month, they, they used to have the w 900 numbers in the U S and you could talk to a live girl, which I guess is better than talking to a dead one. But anyway, yeah, that'd be kind of spooky. That's more of a Halloween thing. It is October. And you know it, you know, needless to say that most of these supposedly beautiful women were like 400 pounds.

And So that's what it kind of reminds me of. That was the fantasy then right now the fantasy is adult dating. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (39m 28s): It's basically the same man. You know what I mean? I, I, I can't sell it because I don't know how to sell it properly. It's like foot fetish. You need to know how to sell it. I don't know how to sell dating, that's it basically. But again, we're all selling a dream. So the dream is this dating and why not

Speaker 1 (39m 46s): Exactly. Well, Hey, Massey, I'd like to thank you for being our guest. Once again today on adult side broker talk, and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again really soon. It was

Speaker 2 (39m 56s): A pleasure, really, really a pleasure. And thank you for having

Speaker 1 (39m 59s): Me back. The pleasure was all mine. My broker tip today is part three of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, find new ways to monetize your site, such as sell advertising. If you've got a free site, like a tube, that's the best way to monetize your site. If you have a tube, another way to make more money is to sell premium memberships, offer free users, one level of content. And for premium users, you can do things like give them higher quality or longer videos or both.

You can also make the site ad free for premium members. Start an affiliate program. If you have a pay site, especially this is a great way to increase your quality of traffic and get more joins with all sites, you can figure out other upgrades and products you can sell to your users. Pay sites can also sell, pay per view, where people have the option of paying by the scene for content they can't get on the site. This is also another way to charge users as opposed to a monthly fee, sell them other products like toys and novelties market, your business, do things to improve your search engine results like SEO.

There are some great SEO consultants out there who can help you get higher search engine rankings in Google. If you want some recommendations, contact us on our site list, all of the benefits of your site in your marketing and how they affect the user. And of course, hire a great marketing consulting firms, such as adult B2B marketing, which we also happen to own eliminate unneeded expenses constantly make sure you're not spending money. You don't need to make sure there isn't duplication in your staffing from time to time check services you pay for like hosting and see if there were better and less expensive options.

Take it from me. I've done this and saved a bunch. Plus I've gotten higher quality hosting in the process. Again, ask us for recommendations. Always look for ways to do things more cost-effectively along with this, make your profit and loss statement, show more profit, increasing sales and reducing expenses obviously does just that make sure your P and L statement accurately reflects your company's actual costs. Not a bunch of personal expenses you put in.

This will cost you money when you sell it may help you with the tax man to put that stuff on your tax return, but it hurts you. If you show that stuff on your profit and loss statement, remember every dollar in profit increases the value of your website. As much as three to four times, this is why you need a good experienced broker to help lead you through the process. We've gotten people tens of thousands of dollars, more on their sale just by adjusting the P and L statement to reflect actual business expenses, as opposed to a bunch of BS.

We'll talk about this subject more next week and next week, we'll be speaking with Robin and Aerie of Adult Mutual Aid. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Massi from Feet4Cash. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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