Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 87 with Ben Fraden

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 87 with Ben Fraden

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with Ben Fraden of xxxNifty.

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Hey, nice to be here. Glad to talk to you. It's a pleasure. Now, Ben is the COO and co-owner of XXX nifty. He's worked with three adult NFT and he has a background in the corporate level of the market research industry. He's also a musician with 13 years experience producing albums. They still have albums. Yeah, I guess they do one sentence, some points, XXX nifty global as the owner of the X, X, X nifty adult NFT marketplace and the future website,

And I'll spell that P L E S U R E L It's a crypto only adult media platform. XXX nifty also is the creator of the NSFW token, the cryptocurrency designed for the adult industry. So Ben, how does the adult industry in general benefit from cryptocurrencies?

Speaker 2 (3m 44s): Yeah. And I just want to say in this recording that you have a very lovely voice. So I'm hoping this gets out in the, in the podcast itself. My

Speaker 1 (3m 51s): Mother loved it too. So that's, I appreciate that.

Speaker 2 (3m 55s): But yeah, for cryptocurrencies in the adult industry, cryptocurrencies itself have benefits for the adult industry and there's kind of overall benefits that the adult industry can get from cryptocurrencies, not just from the cryptocurrency itself, but how credit cards are currently interacting with them. But for just the cryptocurrencies themselves, there's a few different key points that the adult industry can get out of it. The first thing is that cryptocurrencies do prevent chargebacks from happening whatsoever.

So there can't be an interaction where a buyer buys something, the payment is pending, they get the content, then they regret it or they just don't feel like paying for it. And they go to their bank or their credit card company and tell them, oh, I didn't pay for that. And then you never get your money. There's no like pending period for cryptocurrencies. So that, that just can't happen whatsoever. Okay. Then there's also higher anonymity for both the buyer and potentially the seller as well.

That can protect buyers from basically having like some sort of statement in their bank statement that just says like, you know, sexy girl, 69 or whatever, if they buy pornography. So what would happen instead is it would likely just show up as just buying the cryptocurrency itself. So it will just say like Bitcoin or something on there, and then the buyers are kind of protected that way. And then also the sellers would only really, in theory, be only the, getting the, the wallet address of the buyer.

So they could identify the buyer. They're gonna identify what they're buying and selling, but they wouldn't necessarily get their address or name or things like that. So that can make the buyer more comfortable purchasing to begin with that this information isn't given out to them.

Speaker 1 (5m 45s): So it's totally anonymous.

Speaker 2 (5m 47s): It's technically semi-anonymous because you can track the wallet address, but you can't track the person itself. Yeah. Well, I mean, I could go into like the larger benefits for the industry. So the main problem with the adult industry right now is that there's, or at least it's one of the main problems is that there's a lot of regulations coming from visa and MasterCard. And so they're really prohibitive on adult websites in particular and payments online.

I mean, I imagine a lot of people that listen to a podcast like this would know that PornHub had their credit card payment services just entirely taken out of them last, I believe last December. And then only fans recently in the last month or so announced that they were removing adult content from their website entirely then kind of went, walked back on it like three days later. Yeah. And they, they likely did that just again, because of the visa and MasterCard regulations, which are about to take place in upgrade or evolve in, I believe October 15th or something like that.

And specifically MasterCard. Right? Yeah. So I imagine a lot of people are talking about that in the industry. And so with cryptocurrencies, you can just, you know, avoid all of that entirely. Anything to do with visa or MasterCard or credit card company is kind of telling you one way or another, what you're supposed to do that doesn't take place in the cryptocurrency world at all. So if you go with cryptocurrency payments instead, then you don't have these like regulations other than the legal regulations of the country you're in, which are much less stringent than what visa or MasterCard says.

This is true.

Speaker 1 (7m 33s): That's true. So let's talk about adult NFTs. What exactly are,

Speaker 2 (7m 40s): Yeah, so adult NFTs or just NFTs in general are basically a way to sell content, like an image video or Jeff for audio on a blockchain like a cryptocurrency. So just for basic understanding of cryptocurrency is basically like an alternative money. An NFT would just be a file that's sold in the same place where the cryptocurrency is created basically. So there's Bitcoin itself. And then there was a Bitcoin blockchain, or the, really the, the biggest one that has NFTs as the Ethereum blockchain, which is the second biggest cryptocurrency, basically, usually more people know Bitcoin than the Ethereum.

So I just kind of wanted to throw that out there, but essentially it would be taking files and selling them directly on like the Ethereum blockchain basically. And so what that is for the adult industry is just taking adult content pornography, you know, pornographic images, pornographic videos, jifs whatever, and just selling them directly as a, as a file on the blockchain. And the reason why you'd want to do that is because there is just a much higher value to images and videos sold as an NFT rather than just a regular image or video, just because there's a very large amount of investors that, that buy into this content because of the crypto market in itself.

So specifically what's happens is the image or video is basically given like a token ID or like just this little number that's attached to it. That's a unique number that only that image or video will have. And then because it has that number or code it's, it becomes this unique product that can be bought and sold in this different way than images or videos normally have. And so, because of that, when you have like an image or a video, normally, you know, it's going to sell for maybe, you know, a dollar, $10, $20, you know, instead of that being sold for those regular prices, your same image or video as an NFT will sell for a hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, you know, like who knows how high it goes.

Like if you just Google NFTs, you'll find all these crazy articles where it's like, oh, this one Jeff sold for a million dollars. This, you know, this painting and NFT forum sold for $60 million. So there's really no limitation for how much they can sell. And it's literally the same content. Like probably anyone in the adult industry has already sitting on with hundreds, thousands. I've heard people say they have millions of images before, so you can take really to every one of those images and you can sell each one of them for a hundred dollars, $500, who knows, you know, it's a, it's a lot of revenue just kind of sitting there.


Speaker 1 (10m 26s): I guess with like up and coming porn stars, they could sell the NFTs for a lower price and the investors could buy them, anticipating their stardom that they'd be selling for a lot more up the road. Is that, is that pretty accurate?

Speaker 2 (10m 46s): I mean, the prices of adult NFTs, I mean, SARS, I've seen so far in running my marketplace and seeing any other adult NFT marketplaces isn't necessarily dependent on how big of a name they are. That's definitely a big factor into it, but a lot of it is also just engaging with the people who are going to buy it themselves and really having that sorta parasocial relationship, like as if you're just a streamer or anywhere else, basically on social media, like working on only fans and you'd DM people. Like if you have that sort of relationship of the person, even if you're a little, you know, you can have that person that's like that one, you know, whale investor in your content and they'll just buy, you know, your NFT for a thousand dollars or something like that, you know?

Speaker 1 (11m 29s): Yeah. Just, just, just to own something unique from that model. And, and I, you know, I, I know that you have your whales in, on the content mark got marketplaces, like only fans and, you know, just for fans and, you know, only vids and things like that. And you know, those, those, those whales not to mention the campsites and those whales can be as a, as a whale would indicate here.

Speaker 2 (12m 1s): Yeah. So, I mean, it's just another way to really be selling your content. And it's also something that doesn't stop it from being sold as a regular image or video. So it's just this other amount of money that's just kind of sitting there to be taken.

Speaker 1 (12m 13s): Got it. So if you sell it as an NFT, you can still put it on the web.

Speaker 2 (12m 19s): There's no real reason why you can't, there's nothing that's gonna stop you from doing that. It may devalue your NFT, like the

Speaker 1 (12m 25s): Images from that's why I asked that. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (12m 28s): Yeah. So like, you can still do it. It's just going to be harder to sell probably, but it's nothing stopping it from selling. Like people still will buy it. Interesting. But it's better, you know, to have it be it's better to have it be unique, better to have it being cohesive. Yeah. Like something to make it special or something. There's a lot of things you can do to make it worth more money as well in all these different ways. Really. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (12m 48s): Interesting. Interesting. So how's the whole adult NFT thing going so far.

Speaker 2 (12m 53s): I mean, I would say it's going pretty well. Like the entire concept of an adult NFT started like this April. Like it's a really new concept, specifically triplex nifty the company I own we're the oldest adult NFT marketplace. So we're the ones that started in April. And then there's been about maybe like 10 or 15 different adult and Ft marketplaces that have existed one way or another. But I believe our marketplace does have the highest sales volume and the highest amount of revenue from its NFT marketplace.

I only really know of maybe a handful of others that actually are competitors even just selling them regularly basically. But the overall market for NFTs, it kinda goes up and down with the cryptocurrency markets. So if cryptocurrencies are doing really well, then NFTE sales are doing really well. And then if cryptocurrencies are doing really bad, then NFT sales are doing really bad. So I've definitely seen it go up and down depending on what's going on in the market. So like the market was up quite a bit in August.

So an a P sales were up quite a bit and then they went back down in September. So he's a salesman down a bit, but I think overall for an emerging market, it's doing pretty good, especially cause like no one knows what these things are even yet. It's sure.

Speaker 1 (14m 15s): Sure. And I'll remind everybody, we're recording this October 1st and Ben is doing it at the ungodly hour of 2:00 AM his time zone. So I do appreciate that and this will be running in January of next year. So wow. Keep all that in mind. Well, we're pretty backlog as far as, as future episodes already. Yeah. We're we're, we're in demand finally. 70 episodes in that we've actually ran. So adult site broker talk is going very strong.

So why don't you use card payments on your website?

Speaker 2 (14m 53s): So that's interesting because we actually did have credit card payments initially on our website for like the first couple of months, very specifically, excuse me, very specifically, we had credit card payments on there because we didn't even really know if people would use cryptocurrencies to buy these things. Yet. We had a, a discount that would be on the cryptocurrency itself that we control since we have our own cryptocurrency itself and not just like use other cryptocurrencies.

And we put a, I think it was a five or 10% discount. I believe it was a 10% discount at first that said, okay, you could use your credit card or you get this 10% discount with our cryptocurrency. And so people slowly started using the cryptocurrency more and more. And then at a certain point we just took off the credit cards entirely just because like everybody was just using the cryptocurrency basically. And they had gotten comfortable using it. It's, it's something where, you know, we really did that overall because we want to be a cryptocurrency only company for a lot of different reasons.

And I believe, you know, we talked about it a little bit with the visa and MasterCard regulations. If we're cryptocurrency only, we don't have to worry about all that stuff on our website space. We don't have to worry about those MasterCard regulations that are coming into play in October essentially. So that's really why we have it off entirely.

Speaker 1 (16m 13s): Yeah. All right. And, and they'll, they'll have been well established by the first of the year, although God knows where there'll be, then they could even be tighter. So you have a cryptocurrency what's been the progress of that in terms of usage and value.

Speaker 2 (16m 31s): Yeah. So I, there's basically kind of like a, kind of like a, I don't know how to describe it, like a pathway that all startup cryptocurrencies go on. So there's, there's really big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and stuff like that. Those are ones that have like really big amounts of money into them. And when they launch, they're launching with like, you know, no presale or anything like that, they're just launching with a ton of money already poured into it for startup cryptocurrencies.

They go through what's called a pre-sales phase. And so that's basically where a bunch of money is raised to fund. What's called a liquidity pool for the cryptocurrency and that's, what's necessary to actually make it function. And so people can buy and sell it. It generally needs like literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to be put into it, the function. And if at any time the liquidity pool gets too low, then the cryptocurrency actually doesn't work anymore. I actually didn't know all this stuff at this level until I was like running this company before I started out in just marketing with cryptocurrencies.

And so now I have a pretty good understanding of how these things function overall. Yeah. And so for the, the, the cryptocurrency itself, like if you track it from the pre-sales phase to like this of where we're at with our cryptocurrency, I mean, we're probably up like a hundred times or something if you bought in like day one of the cryptocurrency, like if you bought in right at the end of the pre-sales phase and got into it and then like,

Speaker 1 (18m 4s): Well, I wish I had, why didn't you tell me

Speaker 2 (18m 8s): It's actually how it works in crypto. Like if you're investing at the startup level, a lot of people will just buy all these tokens you'll hour, one day one and see how it does. And that's where the people get literally like 10 times their money back a hundred times, our money back, stuff like that. So ours is up quite a bit because usually what happens is you have the pre-sales phase, people put all this money in, then at the end of the pre-sale phase, they're supposed to get a certain amount of the cryptocurrency for putting money into the token. And then everybody just sells.

Basically, they just like sell our one. And then the, the token goes down like 90% of from where it started. And then you have to do this really long process of like slowly getting people back to get back to where you were at like hour, one of the cryptocurrency or something like that. But for us, we're actually successful. So we've gone above and beyond where we're at for the pre-sales phase. And we're much, much, much higher than they are because we've done, you know, all kinds of marketing events and connections and people see what we're doing.

So it's actually pretty successful

Speaker 1 (19m 14s): And a lot more behind your, your, your coin. Then I think a lot of companies do

Speaker 2 (19m 21s): Cryptocurrencies usually like don't really have like a real reason for why they exist. Like if you look at something like dos, like doge coin it. Yeah, yeah. It has no purpose. It just like, is there, right? You know, it doesn't have a function for what its uses. So we're technically, what's called a utility token, which is a little ridiculous, but it just means like we literally have a reason to exist.

Speaker 1 (19m 47s): What a concept, what a reason to exist. My God. Just think about it. That a, that, that blows me away. Hey, I'm learning a lot here and I'm sure our listeners are as well. What do you think the future of the adult industry?

Speaker 2 (20m 5s): Yeah. So I think for the adult industry as a whole, it just looks like to me, like there's been like a, a 20 year history of like, or probably really going back further than that, but I know it's going back about 20 years of about, of a credit card vendors, just kind of getting stingier and stingier on the industry. Like I know at a certain point you could use American express with the adult industry, and those could be used for payments on websites and you can't do that anymore. They just took that whole thing away at some point.

Now, when people say that credit card vendors, they just mean visa and MasterCard and no one else because no one else does it. Right. And these and MasterCard are like slowly over time, gotten like stricter and stricter and more controlling of what adult companies can do with their payments. And they also get like a crappy rate for the, like the payment processing to the adult industry. They do. Yes, they do. Yeah. It's like other industries

Speaker 1 (21m 3s): At risk. It's called high-risk processing.

Speaker 2 (21m 6s): Yeah. No, it sucks. Yes. So I've just seen it get worse and worse. And I don't really see them just kind of turning around and be like, oh no, we actually like you guys now let's, you know, let's be friends. Like, it's probably just going to keep getting more annoying. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (21m 22s): As the political pressure continues as everything gets weirder. I don't know. I don't know, five years from now, if there will even be credit card processing in adult, would you agree with that?

Speaker 2 (21m 36s): Yeah. I think it's definitely possible that visa and MasterCard just straight up cancel all adult payments at a certain point. I think there would be a backlash to that, but it's like also like, I don't care. Yeah. It'd be, it would be taking a headache away from them. Like they're not, we're not like a significant percentage of their business. You know, the adult industry, they can live without us pretty much. And it will just save them a lot of time and effort, pretty much just trying to regulate us. So I think that's really possible that that happens. And so I think that's one of the real main reasons why cryptocurrency is such a benefit to the adult industry, because it's pretty much like a helping hand coming to like this drowning person and being like here.

Gotcha. You know, you could still keep going because otherwise like all this, this would just be done online.

Speaker 1 (22m 20s): Yeah, exactly. So what do you think the future of, of crypto

Speaker 2 (22m 25s): Cryptocurrency as a whole, not just with the adult industry. I mean, everything is just going to keep being more widely adapted, but then it's also going to be more standardized where right now, if you're like a cryptocurrency investor or someone making a cryptocurrency business, it's like the wild west right now. There's no regulations. Like, there's nothing really telling you how you're supposed to do taxes with it. It's not clear to anyone really. I think there'll be

Speaker 1 (22m 52s): Tell me a guy that brokers websites and they go, oh, by the way. And we did X amount in crypto, but I can't prove it.

Speaker 2 (22m 58s): No, it's, it's weird. Like, and they just pass like new laws. I think there was something in one of those really big omnibus bills that was just like a little part, a little chunk of it, like a page or something for cryptocurrency. And they're like, there's a passage in there about cryptocurrency and taxation was like nonsense. And no one really knows how to handle it next year when they, they basically come to try to pay taxes for it. Is this going to be a big headache to account pretty much,

Speaker 1 (23m 24s): Well, how can they require it when virtually everything's off shore and they don't have control over it?

Speaker 2 (23m 31s): I don't really know what's going to happen. When, when I personally try to pay taxes next year, what I'm, you know what they're going to even count or not count, which transactions will connect to being taxed or not. Taxed is very unclear to me, but I think that's where it's going to go. Is that there'll be more clear regulations that this is what we want from it. This is what we expect. And I think that like a lot of people are scared about that in crypto that like, oh no, they're going to regulate us out of existence. But honestly there's like so much stuff that should be regulated in the crypto space. Like so many like weird scams and things.

Like, I can tell you all kinds of stories on that. I've just like crazy things I've seen where I'm like, man, that should just, that should be illegal. I don't want people doing that. So let me one good one. I got, I got a really good one, actually, that just happened. Okay. So I've been on like three projects, actually. Triplex nifty is the third project I was on. I'm now the co-owner so I'm not switching anywhere else, but I was doing marketing for a couple other projects previously, one previous project that I'm on and I'm not going to name it.

But one previous project I was on, I was on it for about a month. I was the marketing person on there, just going and like reaching out to the adult industry and creators and bringing them to the token. I worked with this one guy, he was the owner. I found them pretty immature. I found him like, like he didn't know what he was doing whatsoever. He knew nothing of 2, 2, 5, 7 regulations didn't seem to care about getting photo IDs or anything like that. And so at a certain point, I left the token just because like, I just had enough of working for that guy.

And I just switched to another token because, you know, I have a pretty good resume in this stuff and I can just go find another one easily, but I, I left it and then after I left it, they didn't replace like any sort of marketing person at all. So I just, I noticed it just kind of wither and die, you know, over the course of like two months, I saw that the owner at a certain point, he just like abandoned his token for like two months and left it to like the other staff. And he was just like in Mexico or something.

And apparently he came back from his like Mexico trip for two months and said, oh, let's just do another presale. I, I quit this token and okay, everybody that bought into my token, now I'm going to make this other token and you have to buy it that, and then you'll get your money back, which is not uncommon in crypto. But that itself is pretty weird and sketchy. So he canceled his whole cryptocurrency and then made a new one, put it in the pre-sale, but didn't market it.

Cause he didn't have a marketing person. And so to get through presale, to get that liquidity pool filled, you need like a certain amount of money and it didn't reach what it needed. And if that happens, all the money just goes back to the original people, so to speak, he didn't even get a second cryptocurrency started. And so now he's sitting there said,

Speaker 1 (26m 29s): I know, I think I know what they call just abandoning it and not paying people. I believe it's called.

Speaker 2 (26m 34s): Yeah. I mean, in the, in the crypto world, it's called a rug pole specifically. And so that's what the guy did. So he had all this money from the original cryptocurrency. He failed making a second one. And so he has a, there's a specifically telegram, which is like a social app. That's used a lot in the cryptocurrency world. You know, all the people are there going okay, can we have our money back? And then all of a sudden, just the telegram was muted and no one could talk in it anymore. And he just left, like he's left with everybody's money.

He probably left with like a hundred thousand dollars at least. And so this is where it gets really stupid though. Is that like, he was like sloppy about it. Like usually if like you have a rug pull scam where you just steal everybody's money, you take the liquidity pool yourself, you just delete the whole telegram and you don't ever like give your name out. So no one can find you basically, you just kind of take the money and run pretty much, but he didn't delete anything. He just left it and left it muted.

And so another admin that, that their money stolen just un-muted it. And just said, Hey, this guy just stole all our money. You know? And I mean, this happened like two days ago. And so I'm like looking in the chat and like, I know the guy's personal information. So people are coming to me like, Hey, can you give me like his address and his name? And once you know where he's at, you put it on telegram. I mean, I'm not going to say if I gave any information out, but people were real, real mad. And I mean like people in the crypto world, so they're like, oh, I'm going to get these people from Poland, the gold and meet them.

And I'm like, man, I don't want anything to do with that. I don't know what that means. I don't want to know

Speaker 1 (28m 15s): I do. I do. And he probably deserves it. What about, what about the future for like the big cryptocurrencies? Do you think those things are gonna gonna continue to go up and, and, and shoot higher?

Speaker 2 (28m 31s): I thought like Bitcoin or Ethereum, I mean, point I could see Bitcoin being topped out and this is my personal prediction. I don't really know now or any one way or another, but my personal thought is that Bitcoin is maybe, maybe you can get up to like a hundred thousand. I think it's gone up to like around 70,000 earlier this year or something like that. Yeah. It's down a lot from like a couple months ago. I think it could peak at a hundred thousand and then that's it. It's probably going to go down from there. That's my thought.

And the main reason is that I think a serum or another token may take its place as like the top cryptocurrency, Which one? In theory. Yeah. Yeah. Theories is the one that has all the NFTs on it. It's the one that has smart contracts and that you can put all this extra stuff on it. Bitcoin doesn't have anything like that. And it just, you know, it's just a payment transactor, so it doesn't do much where if they even can do all these different things and they're trying to basically make it so that it's not actually destructive to the environment.

And that's like one of the key issues that I think people don't like about NFTs and cryptocurrencies. So they're trying to actually work on that. And I think if they actually can do that, that it probably will become the lead token and it's, it's worth maybe like $3,000 like that. So if it really blew up, you know, that means it's going to, you know, a hundred thousand from there. I mean, if you have money in it right now, you're going to make a ton of money in it. Basically. Good. I like that. Good. I hope you have some, always a good

Speaker 1 (30m 2s): The thing, always a good thing. So what are your goals with XXX near?

Speaker 2 (30m 6s): I would say we have a couple of different goals. I mean, we have a goal for, you know, what we personally want financially. And then we have probably more of like our mission statement, you know, overall, you know, philosophy of what we're trying to do. I mean, personally, as a, as a business, you know, we're basically trying to be one of the future staples in the adult industry for payment, especially when all these regulations aren't really coming into play with visa and MasterCard where, you know, all these different websites, they're not gonna be able to use a credit card processing.

We want to be the people that kind of step in and be like, okay, you can use our payment processor or Hey, you could just come to our websites. You know, we're not having any problems with these things basically. But then from like a kind of mission statement, kind of philosophy type of thing. I mean, we're basically trying to be like the home for, for sex workers and people in the adult industry. Pretty much, we're trying to be a place where, you know, you're not going to have a fear that you're going to get kicked off this platform when we decide like, oh, you're too much of a risk.

We want to go and make money elsewhere. We're never going to have a reason to do that. I mean, we're explicitly a cryptocurrency company designed for the adult industry. Our cryptocurrency has NSFW in the name. It's probably not going to be used for regular business ideas being named that we have, you know, a triple X in our company's name. So, you know, we're going to be flagged with all the adult stuff, just like you guys. And, you know, we're, we're out and proud about it pretty much. I mean, that's, that's what we're here to do is to be the, you know, the payment people for the adult industry. And so I've also done something in which I I've tried to put sex workers in positions of power within my company and to make them equity partners or managers over things, just so that like, I can hear what they want because you know, you can hear my voice.

Like I have a, a male body, a male voice, you know, I'm not gonna necessarily know what, like, you know, what's, who's primarily a female sex worker, what they're going to necessarily want or need or things like that. So I've tried to make sure that there's a good amount of workers under me and people in pretty good amounts of positions of power, like I said, and not just like entry-level employees that can basically tell me and correct me and be like, okay, this is what we want. This is what we want out of this, this website and this cryptocurrency and what we prefer.

And so that's what I'm really trying to do is kind of make it so like, it's like the home for like these, these people basically like the adult industry as a whole suite.

Speaker 1 (32m 39s): Sweet. Now what problems do you see with other adult crypto projects?

Speaker 2 (32m 46s): Yeah, so there's like I said, probably like 15, 20, maybe 30. I'm not even sure how many, like adult cryptocurrency projects that exist as a whole. There was very specifically one very high profile adult cryptocurrency back in March, which was come rocket, which is a really dumb name, but it basically made a lot of money just because it was such a dumb name. They blew up back in like March or April or something like that.

So their cryptocurrency is actually older than our cryptocurrency, but are okay. And if T marketplace is older than their NFT marketplace, so it kind of like trades back and forth. Basically they literally went to a market cap of like over a hundred million dollars back in like March and April because people just thought it was a really cool idea of like adult NFTs and things like that. They then also got tweeted by Elon Musk, specifically where he started talking about them one day.

And so a lot of people know who they are. I think they're on like, like think, was it bill Mayer? I think you talked a bit about come rocket and I say his name. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (33m 55s): I don't remember him mentioning it. I see all his shows, but I'll take your word for it.

Speaker 2 (33m 59s): There was some segment he had on cryptocurrency explicitly called out, come rocket. And he didn't say it in a nice way, but it was just literally like,

Speaker 1 (34m 6s): Oh no, that doesn't, that doesn't surprise me. He didn't talk about only fans or a PornHub in a nice way either. So, which kind of surprises me with Mar because he's so into his vices. I don't understand why he's, he's so prudish when it comes to porn.

Speaker 2 (34m 23s): I always found them to be kind of a, kind of a jerk. I mean,

Speaker 1 (34m 28s): Oh, he's a big time jerk, but I, but I love his show. He has great guests and he, he's very funny.

Speaker 2 (34m 34s): Yeah. I've watched him a bit and then we had like a good documentary and stuff like that, but yeah, so he just basically said their name and it's kind of like, there's no news is no such news as bad news. Like all publicity is good. So they just kind of blew up from all those like types of things in the media. And so, because of that, there's all kinds of projects that came into play that were like, oh, look at them. We could do the same thing. And so there's still projects copying them to this day. So one of the big copies was porn, rocket, you know, same name, just one different word.

And they got even bigger and they went up to like $150 million or something like that. And so, I mean, the real thing is that like, there's a lot of hype on these things. And so it doesn't matter what these companies do. If people are just excited about all these people, pour money into it, no matter what. So they can just ride on the hype and not really do things. But what, I mean, the main problems I see with these other tokens, like com rocket and porn rocket, is that right? I mean, they're just not really putting, like, there's, there's two main problems that say one is either they're not putting in the effort to really be a, like a business, you know, in the adult industry, like they're not trying super hard or they don't really know what they're doing or they're, they're not even really trying to be like a, like a business.

They're just literally like a pump and dump cryptocurrency saying they're doing things. Got it. So the ones that are actually trying, I mean, I don't really see them really connecting in the adult industry. I don't see them talking to studio is really talking to creators. I see them talking on social media, but I don't ever hear about them in conversations with like anyone else in the adult industry. I went to Miami exotica a couple of weeks ago and we had a move there, you know, my, my, a brand ambassador.

She did a, like a, like a live performance there. And we had an NFT seminar. I mean, it's basically the kind of place where, you know, if you're a company like me, that you really should be there, like networking. And we were the only cryptocurrency company there whatsoever. No one else was there. Like none of these other competition even showed up. And I mean, I made a whole bunch of connections and network to people, but, you know, I just don't see the other companies doing that, you know? And then, like I said, like a bunch of them are just literally, like they say, they do something, but all they really want is people to buy into their cryptocurrency and they don't really care about what they're saying.

They're doing.

Speaker 1 (36m 59s): So they're not really taking part in the industry. They're just, you know, cashing in.

Speaker 2 (37m 4s): Yeah. They're just trying to make money from just saying they're doing something and then people buy into it. And then they'd probably just going to do what that other guy did and just take all the money one day and leave.

Speaker 1 (37m 16s): That's a lot of money to take. It's a lot more than a hundred thousand dollars. That's for sure. And the sad part is that people can do that. And that's, that's, that's rough. That's really, really rough. So like you said, there is a need for regulation. Where do you see yourself in a year with XXX nifty or triple X nifty as you'd like to call it?

Speaker 2 (37m 37s): Yeah. I mean, I think if it's triple X snipped in my head, but either one I've heard people say three X nifty, two or three X and all these other things, you don't

Speaker 1 (37m 47s): Care what they call you. As long as they call you.

Speaker 2 (37m 52s): I probably should pick one or the other. I like shrimp less nasty. But yeah. So in a year from now, I mean, we're launching an only fans competitor type website, which you mentioned beginning pleasurably within October of 2021. So I think literally year from now, we're likely going to be continually expanded. We have some plans going into 20, 22 past our NFC marketplace for cryptocurrency and only fans website. We're likely also going to go into VR and there's this whole concept called the metaverse.

That's like a whole other conversation we could be having about virtual property. You can have and sell. And so we could be taking like our NFTs and put it into this virtual space and having all

Speaker 1 (38m 39s): That can have a house on

Speaker 2 (38m 40s): Mars. It's literally like, I'm that movie was ready, ready player one or something like that, where it's like you virtual world and you have all these places and planets and things like that. And like video game companies are making these things and it's like, it's just like one of those other, you never heard of it all. There's all this crazy money into it type of thing. And so we're likely going to go into that direction going into 20, 22 and then also probably expand so that like our, our token can be used as a payment vendor on other websites. So, I mean, I imagine we're going to be pretty embedded in the adult industry at a certain point, cause our tokens will be all over the place.


Speaker 1 (39m 14s): Sweet. Now, why do you think cryptocurrencies haven't been adapted faster within the adult industry?

Speaker 2 (39m 23s): There was one really major problem with cryptocurrencies in the adult industry and that's, it's, it's just real annoying to buy a cryptocurrency fast, like with a credit card, you know, you click a button, you get your money, you get your porn or whatever a cryptocurrency. It, I mean, there's all kinds of like weird hoops and things that get in the way where it's like, okay, you have to have a cryptocurrency wallet. Okay. The cryptocurrency wallet is housed on this app. Okay. It needs to be this extension on your browser.

It has to then connect to the website. Okay. Now it needs to trade this cryptocurrency for this other cryptocurrency. And it becomes like this five step process. Right. And I mean, I always hear this.

Speaker 1 (40m 6s): He's got his Dick in his hand. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (40m 8s): That's always what I hear is it just like, oh, this guy is so horny and he's not going to buy it once he loses bone or basically right. You know, and that's, what's gonna, that's what happens with crypto is it's just kind of consumer unfriendly the purchase compared to just using cash or a credit card. And that type of thing can be solved over time. They'll definitely be what's called Fiat. On-ramps that just take your credit card money and convert it to crypto and like one button click at some point, but it's not fully there yet. Like it's not in 2021 at a place where the adult industry can just have that, you know, button clicked straight to cryptocurrency.

So it's still like something that's being developed basically by probably a lot of different companies and someone's going to have it and it might be on us that it has at first, I don't know, that can offer that solution to the adult industry of just real simple crypto buying or even something where it looks like you're using a credit card, but then on the back, the credit card goes and buys a crypto. And then the crypto goes and transacts with the adult website or something like that. It's like a complex thing to design that just doesn't exist, but it's not like it's infeasible, it's just, someone has to make it basically

Speaker 1 (41m 15s): It'll happen. Everything important does happen eventually. So w what problems are you looking to solve for the adult industry?

Speaker 2 (41m 25s): I mean, we've kind of talked about it a little bit here and there, but I mean, the main problem that we solve of our cryptocurrency is, I mean, just getting around the whole visa and MasterCard regulations, giving another way that pornography can be bought in a way that's deregulated in a way where there can't be a person that says you're not allowed to do that. Basically, as long as it's legal in the country, like you can basically use it on a, on a cryptocurrency blockchain, sell it that way. Other solutions that we do have, I mean, we're really giving just another revenue stream that anyone in the adult industry can have through NFTs.

It's just something that, you know, it doesn't overlap with selling regular pornography. You can just take the same content solid another way. So it's this giving the adult industry just another, you know, injection of cash pretty much that they can take advantage of. And then also it's something for independent creators where, you know, they can feel comfortable or more comfortable using cryptocurrencies for the reasons I said previously, like for no charge bags for, they increase anonymity because they're not going to get kicked off the platform, things like that.

So there's quite a few solutions that really helps. And honestly, like the adult industry is probably the only real industry I can think of where it cryptocurrencies even make sense to use over cash or credit cards. Like there's actually a reason you guys would want to use it, but it's not a reason why anyone else would necessarily use cryptocurrencies. They could, but they don't have to where you guys really have more of a need to use it big time.

Speaker 1 (42m 60s): Now, how do you think sex workers can gain from working with XXX nifty?

Speaker 2 (43m 7s): I mean, like, it's just all the benefits I've said previously, but I mean, the main thing for, you know, overall, you know, again is just extra revenue stream. You know, it's a future proof method that they can always make money off of that they can, you know, they're not going to get kicked off the platform, like I said, but in comparison to other crypto projects, I mean, that's something I haven't really talked about yet, but I mean, there's a lot of shady Venus in the cryptocurrency world. And I have elaborated a little bit on that, but I mean, you have to really think about, you know, if you're going to work with a crypto project, you know, you're going to be giving this person, probably your photo ID, probably like your address, your, you know, your face, all these things.

And you have to think like, okay, there's a lot of scams in this space, you know, do I really trust, like giving my information to this cryptocurrency company? And I mean, be honest, like there's a lot of them, you really shouldn't do that to that. I know personally, like, like bad things have happened, whether there was a one specific NFT company cryptocurrency, the, that specifically, like they have photo IDs. And then they had like one weird person that was like taking the photo IDs.

And they basically started like having demands to the sex workers or else they're threatening to just docs their, their photo ideas and make them public basically. Lovely. Yeah. And so that's like the kind of like threat that like can happen if you just like work with the wrong company, you know, and where a company, we already have equity partners on the business. We have sex workers in positions of power. Like I said, you know, we're working with studios and all these other creators. So, I mean, I personally think we're much more well-vetted as a company than probably any other cryptocurrency project in the adult space.

I can't think of many others that, you know, I would personally feel safe giving a credit card to, I would say maybe spank chain is the scent off the top of my head they've been around longer, but I can't really think of any others where I'd be like, oh yeah, it's perfectly fine to just hand your, your photo ID to them or something like that.

Speaker 1 (45m 17s): Sure. So how about adults, studios and companies? How can they benefit working with, I'll say it right this time, triple X nifty,

Speaker 2 (45m 28s): Thank you for studios and for companies, or also for photographers too, that have lots of content like that. I mean, it, again, like it's, it's one of those things where you, if you're one of these people that ha that owns a company, owns a studio, is your a photographer, something like that, that in the adult world, that just means you have mountains and mountains of content. That's just been sitting around, like, if you've been around for 20 years, you probably literally have hundreds of thousands of images and videos that aren't really being monetized one way or another or something where it's like, you have a hundred images and you're selling them for like a set.

And they, they sell for like 10 bucks. And, you know, they're just sitting on some webpage somewhere from 10 years ago, the same content. I mean, you can re monetize it. You can turn it into NFTs. And I'm in, there is a problem that like, you can't literally take a hundred thousand images at the same time and turn them on the NFTs at the same time. There's a certain amount of scarcity you need to have. So it has to be kind of like a, a slow rollout, right. But you, you can take this content still and you can re monetize it, have a new revenue stream.

And it's not that much work really to, to be doing that. I mean, if you're just taking a straight up like an image or something and turning it into an NFT, like it's not, it's not really a process at all. I mean, it's the same thing as just uploading that image to like, you know, Google drive or something like that. Like, it's not like some technical process on the, on your end of things. And then working with triplex nifty in particular, I mean, we have deals with studios where they basically just hand us content and we turn it the NFTs, we do the marketing, we just hand them back money pretty much.

And like, they don't really have to do much other than just like, give us a content and sign a document that says we legally can do that basically. So it's just like another way they can just get money and pretty much so it's, it's kinda straight forward to me really. That's awesome.

Speaker 1 (47m 23s): So, Ben, how can somebody contact

Speaker 2 (47m 25s): You? I mean, I have an email, we have a Twitter, I have a phone number. I probably shouldn't say my phone number in the middle of the podcast, but, but

Speaker 1 (47m 35s): You can see your email

Speaker 2 (47m 36s): Though. That'd be a better option, but my email is just been at triple X, So that's like Ben at sine X, X, X, N I F T I spelled that. Right. And then our social media is all just XXX nifty on Twitter, autumn, YouTube. I think our, our Instagram has been banned just like a lot of people need

Speaker 1 (48m 4s): To join the club.

Speaker 2 (48m 6s): Yeah. So I think right now in October, we're at X dot X, X nifty on Instagram. So we'll see what it is by January. It's probably gonna be something different by then, but yeah, email or Twitter is probably the best place to contact us. And then we also do have a telegram that I believe is just XXX, nifty, underscore official, and pretty much all the developers or myself we're going to be in there throughout the day. So if you actually stopped by there, a lot of our creators are there. I'm there. My managers are there, things like that.

Speaker 1 (48m 37s): Fantastic. Well, Hey, Ben, I'd like to thank you again for being our guest today on adult side broker talk, and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again really soon.

Speaker 2 (48m 46s): Awesome. I had a really good time. Me

Speaker 1 (48m 48s): Too. My broker tip today is part two of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, keep your website design. Up-to-date do a redesign from time to time. People will tend to think your site is the same as ever and click out of it without even looking if something doesn't change. So keep it fresh and up to date times change. So should your website look at what your competitors are doing and see what it is you really like emulate success. If you know a site to be particularly successful, look at what it is they're doing and do some of the same things.

I'm not saying copy it. I'm just suggesting you improve your site by looking around a bit, you've got to keep up with the times or you're going to end up being left behind. Also keep an eye on your competition and make sure you're offering everything on your site that they are or more. Don't just look at their design, but make sure your offers are good. And you're competitive. The same goes for your content. Do you ever wonder why one site does well and others don't check out the competition's content. What are they doing that you're not doing?

Be willing to make changes. People can't understand why they're losing sales to a competitor yet. The competitor is clearly doing everything better. Emulate success. Make sure everything on your website works well. Make sure all your links work properly. Check them on a regular basis. If things don't work, you'll lose customers. People are not patient. These days. People's attention spans are like that of a gnat. They'll click out immediately and go to the next result in Google. If they don't find what they're looking for.

If the site is hard to navigate, or if things just don't work, check all your internal scripts and plugins and make sure they're updated regularly as well. We'll talk about this subject more next week and next week we'll be speaking with Massi of feet for cash. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Ben Fraden. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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