Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 86 with Mike Pinto of Smuttyfy

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 86 with Mike Pinto of Smuttyfy

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with Mike Pinto of Smuttyfy.

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All code was written in-house and is owned by the company sites use lamp a framework. Their main developer is available to continue as a contractor only 372,000 us dollars. Now time for this week's interview. My guest today on adults. Broker talk is Mike Pinto of Spotify. And let me spell that it's SMU T T Y F Mike, thanks for being back with us today on adult site broker talk.


Speaker 2 (3m 35s): Bruce, thank you for having me over.

Speaker 1 (3m 38s): It's great to have you back now, Mike hails from the beautiful country of Portugal. So I, so miss it, he started Spotify as he likes to say as a COVID-19 project, Spotify as an adult social network in the past, Mike has worked in the textile industry for more than 20 years, starting as a salesman. He climbed the ranks until I became CEO of one of Europe's leading brands in baby and children's clothes in the mid two thousands. He went into tech working for more than 10 years with major brands like Vodafone for the last eight years, he's been embracing tech to build and develop apps, websites, online marketing for handymen and service providers, and then came COVID-19 and Mike's COVID project.

Mike a lot has changed with Spotify since we first talk, why don't you give me a quick Roundup on Spotify as the latest developments

Speaker 2 (4m 32s): It's modified grew. And there were some challenges regarding for instance, branding and features in the, in the, in the platform, the needs for, for apps, for instance. And during this, the, this time, since our last interview, a lot has been happening, like we did a complete rebrand, much more happy, much more embracing to the community that the colors itself shows every kind of shape that you've kept while supporting phrases, the LGBTQ community, we've worked around the clock to, to Institute the, the, the, the, the, the cryptocurrency in the all platforms, so that we are not fully exposed to all the problems that you know, that the payment processors, namely the MasterCards and pieces of this world in solids, on the industry, and to create, you know, viable alternatives to guarantee that whoever is there is capable of promoting themselves better and monetize even better.

And a lot of things gain along the way with a new platform. I would say, for instance, one thing that we, we really proud of is the pro membership. Considering it's a social network and you can take Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, as, as an example, if you are assaulted drink or a gold gloves branding, you just go on social media and you advertise whatever you're selling or whatever you're promoting you pay for it.

And that's it. Everyone with your, in your target audience has got to see it year. We built exactly the same, but in that adult content based thing, meaning you're at a studio, you just released one major production and you want to promote it to get it, to get it out there. You can actually promote that post and, or become a pro member and promote that post. And everyone on the network on your target audience, the inside is going to see that post, okay?

If you're a content creator and you want to get more followers, if you have to get more fans out of it, you can do exactly the same. If you are a, a sex toy manufacturer and you just launched this amazing new product, you can go there and they advertise it exactly the same way you would, if you were a G-Lab or if you were, I don't know, a car, a okay. So between the prime membership and smarty ads, everything works seamlessly like a regular post, and everyone sees it, not as advertisement or something, something intrusive or offensive, but much more like one other posts that you're there, you're seeing there, and that you want to engage with.

One feature that's been requested several times is funding. You can do funding on many, many locations, but when it comes to adult, it's very, very difficult to do fundraising. What's very true. So we have the platform set there. If you want to do funding on adult on not say for work on whatever you want, the system is there. You just go there and you say, I need an X amount of money. You will get this and return.

You mentioned this, a content creator sets up a fund funding system so that wherever participants in that funding is going to get access to a private group where she already is kind of post exclusive content. You've actually got the ability for the content creator to receive the funding while returning something of value to whoever participates in the funds.

So it works. It's there. It's been very, very well welcomed by the community. But another thing that's been going around is adult. As every, every day, there's a defense point, either a show or a summit or a one-to-one meeting, there is a lot of things going on in adults, and there's not to the public. There's not one single place to communicate it.

You have to be quite aware of all the news that's been going around around to be able to know that it's going to be a meeting about what happened to all the fans on Twitter. And there's going to be a talk on a special zoom address on what's happening with credit cards or fantasies are good for you or not on some other platform. And when you got all these things spread around, it's very difficult to keep track of it. So we set up an event system there pretty much like a Facebook, for instance, where someone just go there, as I say, there's going to be this event.

It's going to be a talk about all the facts. And it says, when the events going to be, how do you get in for instance, a zoom meeting or some platform, and, and users are actually able to say, I'm willing to go. I want to go, or I'm not interested, or maybe I'll join. So if you want to say, okay, there's another speaker coming on. Okay. You can just go there and say, look, Bruce Friedman is going to come and speak with us on B2B.

And you were the posts on that thread. That's the actual event. And everyone that's interested in the event or in the industry is going to see that happening. Okay. So it's, it's integral. It's integrated into the social media, the social network, and it's quite cooperative. It's open to everyone. It's not, it's not my field or, or, or yours or it's to everyone. A content creator can do with a huge brand like AGN can do it.

Does it matter? As long as they go there and create the event assault the same for instance, think about a BDSM club. Okay. They do special events say on Thursday night, on Friday night, they can advertise that event to whoever is following them and let that thing be known. Okay. Everyone advertises and goes out to put their word out. So putting an event out is helping them make it better and giving it awareness.

So I think taking care of that took care of a huge part of the industry that does not have a place to communicate to the, with the mass market of their target audience. Right.

Speaker 1 (12m 16s): You know, I remember when you started this thing and it was really as much a crusade as it was a business. You, you said to me, you just felt that there needed to be a place like this, where people could actually express themselves, express their desires without getting shamed or without getting banned in, in some of these mainstream platforms and so on. How do you feel that's going

Speaker 2 (12m 47s): Very well. Honestly, I am impressed and I'm very proud of it. Since the platform opened, I only had to take one person out. No, really good. Nope. It is. It is. It shows, well, he went, I kicked him out first. I wanted them. And then I had to let him go because every single time Terry commented on a post or the deposits, something, either it came out something offensive or it was being, he was bad.

Muffing, whoever posted, whoever did the person

Speaker 1 (13m 27s): Is always going to be people like that.

Speaker 2 (13m 30s): Well, it's what it is now that has no place there. Otherwise from that, you've got a big, beautiful women posting. You've got a transgender posting, you've got gay posting, you've got a content creators posting. There's not one single post that does not have a card or a like, or a comment Denise saying, whoa, that's an amazing body or yearning, very beautiful. Or, you know, it's positive.

I don't care. I don't care about, I don't care about if it's new or not. Or if it's a cam shot or you're just shooting, you know, a landscape. What I do care is that people respect each other and respect the differences. And the being a following system like Twitter, if I like your content, I can follow you. Okay. And I see what you post. If I do not like your content or I praises, you mentioned someone does not like gay content.

Okay. So if he doesn't follow or she doesn't follow any gate users do not concede the content. Right. So it's okay. If not mandatory that you see all content that's on the network. It is,

Speaker 1 (14m 55s): You've got those controls. Of

Speaker 2 (14m 58s): Course, it's, it's mandatory that you choose who to follow. You don't go. Don't Twitter. Like following everyone that shows around you follow whoever posts, things that interesting. So do the same. And if that happens, it's just going to see the content that really interests you. And you're much more keen in liking it or commenting on it. So it's, it's, it's working very, very well. That sounds good.

Speaker 1 (15m 29s): So you added that pro membership, let's say I'm on your platform, which I am. Why would I take a pro membership?

Speaker 2 (15m 37s): It's a question of visibility and status. Okay. The status thing shows that you are someone really into the community and into the platform. If you've got a thousand members, thousands of members, and you've got some pro pro members that gives you a, that keeps users awareness that you exist for 0.1 0.2, being a prime member gives you some tweaks and parts.

Like you do not have to pay for ads. Okay? You imagine this podcast, you go there, you're a pro member and you publish this podcast and you want to show the world, not your followers. You want to show the world that might Pinto was interviewed on your podcast. Okay. You can promote that post. And when you promote that post everyone being a follower or not of your profile of your page, everyone is going to see that posts, everyone that comes in is going to see that post.

That has a lot of value. Okay? Imagine a content creator that wants to create a big followers, followers space, or get more fans in to monetize the content. If she's a pro member, first of all, she's going to get noticed because she's a prime member and as a special place there, and second, she can promote on a daily basis on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis, whatever she wants and either you follow her or not, but you're going into the platform.

And in you, you are going to see that post because it's going to show on your timeline on your, on your wall, on whatever you want to call it. When you're scrolling, it's going to show there. And if you are a fan or a follower and you're browsing content and you see someone new that you like, ah, I would give a 90% chance that I, the user will start following.

Speaker 1 (17m 39s): That's great. How much does a prime membership cost

Speaker 2 (17m 42s): As low as 12 euros? So It's not offensive. You know, it's not something that's completely off the realm of possibilities. It's small money it's

Speaker 1 (17m 54s): Yeah. So you mentioned Spotify ads. Why don't you tell me how those work?

Speaker 2 (17m 60s): Yeah, basically it's very basic. It's you choose an image and the text that you want to promote a product or a link or whatever you go there and you just choose. If you want to pay per view or per click, you might be interested in, in, in conversions for instance. So you put something there and it's like, every time a user clicks on this, I'm going to pay one Euro. Okay. But the other way around is every time they use their sisters, one user says this I'm going to pay 3 cents.

So between the 3 cents and then the one hero you've got either 33 users seeing your hat or one clicking, right. Depending on the quality of what you're showing and the interests that you have to think about. What's interesting for you. Yes. Okay. So it's not a closed thing you can actually pick and choose and change it along the way, but I've got both models set in, so it's on everyone's choice.

Hmm. Okay.

Speaker 1 (19m 12s): So you've added funding for a good, cause you've not mentioned that already. Tell me a little more about what it is and how should I use it.

Speaker 2 (19m 21s): Let's say that you are a secular company or you are a content creator, and there's a problem in your life. I was thinking about what happened in life over a year ago, that explosion that killed the city. Now you mentioned, well, not the case because it didn't happen like this. But imagine that Mia Khalifa was the user of the site and she wanted to raise money to help the rebuild of Lebanon and help the families there.

She could set, she could set funding posts there and say, this money is going to Lebanon to reconstruct it or to help people or whatever. And in exchange my participation on this in exchange to the donation, there is a private group on this address and you'll be admitted in, and there's exclusive content there for you.

Or you get to ask me three questions and I answer it doesn't matter. It's whatever she wants. Okay. So there's not that there's not a solid, you know, not a straight line of connection between the funding and the reward for whoever gets the funds, but the possibilities are endless, you know? Sure. You can do, you can do the funding on the content for it. You can do funding for, to see my tips gave me $2 or two years or whatever.

I'm just saying, you know, it's, the possibilities are endless. It's up to the user's imagination, as long as it's legal, as long as it's consented and it's not, you know, racism, xenophobia, Lamar. It's all good. There you go.

Speaker 1 (21m 12s): So you also mentioned events earlier. Why don't you get into a little more detail about that and

Speaker 2 (21m 19s): Sure, sure. I'll give you an example, imagined a summit or a show, right? That's a lot of things going on when you see a show like Fabian or like X base or why not or ASM for that matter. There are speakers. There are guests, there are talks. There are seminars that are one-to-one things.

There's so many going on that it's kind of tough to, to keep up with it. If you set up the event there, you can treat the content. Imagine that on two months, notice you open the event to say in two months time, there's going to be a Bruce Friedman show. Okay. And on that show, there's going to be guests and panels. And we're going to talk about this and this and that. And every week from them from today, built a show, you can go there and say, we are going to have a person X there to talk about out to bunch of jump.

Okay. And you put the resume of the person into the picture and people can comment and leave your questions here in what you want to see covered during the talk. So basically you can engage with a target audience promoting an event in a place specially built to promote events on the adult community. Okay. It can be while I'm talking about big things, but it can be small things. It can be, for instance, you have a sex shop, okay. Either online or physical, it doesn't matter.

You're going to do a black Friday thing. Okay. It's going to be 50% off. And all the stock you can actually tease from now till black Friday, say on that day, it's going to be the 50% off. And you're going to post everything that you want to sell. One time today, one goal, one set of clothes. Tomorrow we do this time and BDSM chair in four days time. And you're going to open the, the, the, the wheel of people that you're going to make people want to see that effect.

Sure. Okay. And it, again, imagination is deliberate. There was a beginning of this year. I know we were in COVID and stuff, but beginning of this year, there was a content creator that did birthday party, her birthday party on a zoom meeting with a huge amount of people. I was lucky to be there. And it, it was quite interesting. And she, if this system that already been there, she could accept this previously and invited people in and say, this is my birthday and join, and let's do this.

And the meeting was very, very fun. It was very interesting. A lot of things got talked about there. We discussed. And it was a very pleasant moment actually. So having an event system where anyone can promote what they're doing, just opened so many possibilities. It's a great idea.

Speaker 1 (24m 48s): Yeah. Just a great idea. Now you are also an app developer. I am guessing you've got some apps now.

Speaker 2 (24m 56s): Yes, we'll do. One of the biggest changes we did from the previous platform to this one was the ability to, to integrate apps. And within, we've got an Android app, a full native Android app. That's actually on the play store on Google play. And we were able to, to make it, to have it approved. And it's a matter of developing it. It's always been the new versions, come out almost monthly.

And there are a lot of features built on the apps. You can actually see the report on COVID for your country inside the app. This is how, how the light that we took to, to make the, the app, the most degrading that's possible. You know, you can see the weather, you can see the posts. You can comment, you can post, you can chat like, like messenger with another, without the users, but you have all kinds of info from Weber to COVID to news, to, you know, you name it it's everything.

And when it comes to iOS, we came to talk to a crossroad that says, we go native on iOS. And there is a 99.9% probably for that apple won't approve it. Of course, we took it out the road and we did something that's called the progressive weapon. Right. But they actually, the progressive web app is that it's available on both Android and iOS.

It's the ability to go on browser in either phones. Okay. And on safari, for instance, you go on the settings and the share, and then it says, add to my screen, I'll add to my old screen. And when you do that, you install a progressive web app. There is an icon on your own screen. Right? Okay. So when you open it, you've got the full blown app there with everything from the platform. Nice. That way we went around apple and gave the ability for people, for people, with iOS to use the platform without the, all the problems of getting an app like this through the apple screening,

Speaker 1 (27m 26s): You're not the first to go around apple that's for darn sure

Speaker 2 (27m 31s): Is.

Speaker 1 (27m 32s): They're a pain in the butt in a lot of ways. So you now have the smarter fans, freemium content platform. Why did you launch this? And what exactly is it? And how's it going?

Speaker 2 (27m 46s): It's going very, very far. It's very good. I don't think that the site looks as good as I want it to, but still work in progress. Smiley finds it's it's a fun site opinion content site, pretty much like what exists right now around the industry, right by country fans. And so on it, it gives the ability to the content creators and studios and directors and producers and whoever as legit content to monetize it.

Right. Okay. So it's, it's not only for porn star support for models or it's for everyone that has legit content. And this is the, the very important thing there. If you've got legit content, you've got to do five sevens and all the paperwork, you're welcome to open, to set up an accounter. We'll do the verification. And from there it's straightforward. Just upload content promoted, gets your fans in and monetize it.

We launched this early in 2021, I think March, March, or April, it is the first approach to the market. In terms of conversion, there are news coming. The platform might be renewed soon and a lot better looking. And with light features, meaning you do not have to exclusively show users, the content that you previously recorded.

Okay. So it's not the cam site. I don't want to be a campsite, but if you're there, if you want to do a live thing for your friends, for your followers, for whoever is Spain, wherever you're subscribing, you can do it. So the

Speaker 1 (29m 44s): Future is can come in and do a live show. Sure.

Speaker 2 (29m 48s): So the feature is available. And I think the more quality features that you have, the, the, the, the more probably that you have of being successful and people wanting to join in and to, to being. So it's, it's, I think it's, it's a good thing that, that the platform exists. I've seen an inflow of content creators on end of content. And after what happened to all, we find that the first day we're not allowing adult, then there are allowing adult.

Then there are the content creators that says the model that say in all these words. So I'm sticking with only fans, but the other side, no, I'm not staying there. I'm not saying there, because if they did this once, they're going to do it again and just have to find somewhere else to be trend. Although I think MI Mike, that all content creators should be in as many platforms as they can to, you know, spread the X diversify.

I think that smarty fans integrated with modified actually produces something that's worth looking at because you've got one way, one place to, to sell your premium content. And you've got another completely free and open to engage with fans, with followers, with new people, with someone that just came in and might be interested in finding some special model or spelled shocking.

And it's like, you know, it's, it makes sense. It's talking, we're talking both sides of the same coin,

Speaker 1 (31m 35s): One leads to the other. Absolutely. So now you've been now in the adult industry for going on two years, you came from things that were as unrelated from adult as possible. So now what's your take on the industry now that you've been at it for a little while,

Speaker 2 (31m 53s): Depending on the segments that you're talking about, for instance, the models, they, this, isn't a very, very good side of, of what I'm about to say. They work as a herd. Okay. So if only fence is working, everyone goes to a defense. If many of it is working, everyone goes to meditates and loyal fans. And so I, I nowadays we start to see people thinking for their own and doing their own decisions, but it's well, it's still, when you think it's a one, two months old fake regarding the industry as old, I think the average changing attacks, all the industry, you know, the credit cards, the encodes, the size, the faster, everything that the industry is very, it changes very rapidly.

Yes. Okay. So in the industry last year or two years ago, or five years ago, from the stories that I hear, it's not the same. It's like, it's a, it's an ever-changing organism, it's it more. And, and, and, and you see the movements of, of the people in the industry adapting very, very fast to the attacks to the, to the, to rise to the occasion. Okay. So, and that has come from the adult industry into the mainstream.

It was unthinkable coming well, I'm saying this, it was unthinkable 40 years ago, or five years ago, having news on mainstream. Like we have four credit cards, regardless of partner or only fans by adult. Yep. Four years ago or five years ago. That means wouldn't even make sense. And mainstream is so pruned to deal so open to this. So, so on the other side, adult has become so relevant.

That means the next to cover it. And this is very new. This is one year old. This is two years old, the most, you know, so October 15 is going to be very important. Well, when this goes live, it does already pass. But anyway, so when 15 is going to be a very important type because of visa, MasterCard, and stuff, let's see what happens. I'm curious. That's why, that's why, that's why all the sites, all the platforms that we use that to be, that we launched everything as crypto.

So if everything goes wrong on traditional payment methods, crypto is there to support the content creators. Grifter is there to support the, the, the, the, the, the inflow of payments and outflow of withdraws. So this is not going to our platforms are not going to stop because of it, but it's going to be a challenge on the industry as a whole, not just me or some specific site, I think it's going to be for everyone.

Speaker 1 (35m 0s): Yup. It's a, it's, it's always interesting, you know, as long as I've been in the industry and a lot of ways, it's the same, but you're right. In a lot of ways, it changes almost daily. So let's talk more about smartify. What is smartify studio?

Speaker 2 (35m 19s): Well, actually, Spotify studios com comes from what we just said regarding only fans and earthquake to the industry and to content creators, content creators are, depending on platforms can live science and wild fans. And, well, I have good men, 20 of them for monetization. Okay. Basically they upload content that people that pay subscriptions see, okay, I'm not, I'm not the meaning of whatever they do or the platforms.

That's not the point. That's where we are. But one thing that I've been hearing from content creators is that they do not have control of who follows them, right? They do not have email addresses. They do not have a, that they cannot go outside of the box when it uploads, for instance, okay. If they want to do something different, they cannot, right? So most of them wish, wish upon a star wish upon a change in the bottle.

They wish they could have their own website. And on that website, they wish they would have a timeline where they can post. They wish they had subscriptions where people could pay. They wish they had the ability to do play lives with, with, with fans. They wish they could have their own shop. For instance, to sell physical goods, for instance, or digital goods. They wish they could have access to the analytics.

For instance, that the data and actual data, knowing the demographics, the age range, the, the, the gender, the location, the physical patient, and so on, right. They wish they could have an affiliate system so that friends could share their links and be rewarded for it while getting more people in. They wish they could do a podcast, you know, for you. And for me doing a podcast is it's nice.

It's fine. We can do it too. We know how to do it. But 99.9% of content creators, they wish they had their own apps. They wish they would be able to NFP that content. Okay. Because there's a huge hype on crypto and NFTs and stuff. So I've been hearing all these wishes. When this goes, live, this podcast, the Spotify studio is going to be a thing. It's going to be a reality. That is the wish come true.

So awesome. I'm building up a system and the system is there where a content creator just goes on smarter studio. She signs up. She has a completely free website with all these features that I just mentioned, and probably some, many more okay. If she wants, or if you want to have its own domain, like I'm a content creator model, They can actually register wherever they want, because it's their brand.

It's their name. It's not the thing that I own. They can re register whatever they want, and they just have to follow the instructions. Very simple instructions. And whenever someone goes into that domain, they see their page. Okay. So it's not like it's going to be model X dots, modified studio dot, dot, whatever. Now it can be their brand. And they have con they have control of all the users are, they have access to the back office.

They have access to the analytics. They can create whatever they want. Okay. There's going to be a large number of templates and looks and colors and pages and whatever they want. But the thing is the important thing is the ability for a content creator, for a model, for a porn star, it doesn't matter if she's starting or starting, or if it's a 10 year career, it means that they have a professional, full feature website.

And on that they can, if they want, of course, stop promoting others platforms. Sure. I have this clear idea in my head. I might be wrong, but I have a clear idea in my head that only fence is huge, but wherever, maybe huge where the content creators that of course, every single day post links site visit slash I'm a model, right?

If instead of only if I'm sorry, final facts. I mean, if it's on whatever platform, somebody If they say, come to Anna, it's my website. It's my content. Be my friend, be my followers, be my supporter. Okay. And it's from now people die because the domain is yours. I don't meet. My Spotify does not own the domain. So in three months, time, in three years, time, in 30 years time, you're tired of working with us.

You don't want that website anymore. Easy. Just point your domain elsewhere, or to go to adult site broker and sell it. Forgot about that. Oh, I'm so sorry, Bruce. You should definitely, but you see the point it's it's it gives content creators, the ultimate tool to communicate with our base. And it's not like you're going to lose your sight. You can be banned from the social network, but if it's your site, it's your responsibility, whatever you do there.

And with features like integrating automatic sharing, for instance of free free postings on the site goes directly to Instagram, go to Twitter, go direct. Can do Spotify go. It saves the content creators a huge amount of time. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (41m 44s): Absolutely.

Speaker 2 (41m 45s): So it's just an, an integrated tool to make content creators much more comfortable and much more willing to invest in their own brand, their name, their image, because it's going to last. It's not like the tanks tomorrow. No, it's going to last, it's going to be their own ancillary studios, staying with it. And they might grow on features as long as the market demands for it.

And they might grow on services. There are a lot of things in the, in, in this industry. People do not, I would say this, that people are not comfortable with the technology. So all is it's. It's very, very time-consuming okay. I'm not, I don't believe in exclusivity. For instance, as I said, I should think, I think that people should be in as many platforms as they want.

They can, but uploading content to platforms. It's a very time-consuming thing. We can develop services. It's it's on the table. It's to be it's being discussed. We can provide services like, okay, I have an accountant only finds that many dates and Wildlands and whatever. They can upload the content to their website and just tick four boxes for those four social networks for those premium platforms that I just said, of course they are to share previously the credentials, you know, and we'll do the body.

Speaker 1 (43m 22s): That's awesome.

Speaker 2 (43m 23s): Okay. So it's going to, it's going to cost money. It's going to have a fee because it's a service. It consumes time from someone that works. Okay. It's gonna have a fee, but it's a possibility it's not set yet. But think of it as a career management,

Speaker 1 (43m 39s): I didn't think it was going to be framed well. Okay. But there's, there's a few other things I wanted to cover in the time we've got left. So let's cover these three quickly. Smartify flicks. Tell me about that.

Speaker 2 (43m 53s): I don't know if the name is going to stay like that. Everything that we've been talking so far has been with, with one target audience in mind, it's been models, content, creators, porn stars, and so on. Right. People. Okay. Now the industry in terms of entertainment is much, much broader than this. Of course, you've got studios, you've got directors, you've got producers, you've got actors still performing or retired, but all of them, all of them have huge amounts of content.

Very high quality content that as a market, right, for me, it doesn't make that much sense for a producer or a studio to upload 25. It just doesn't work for me. I'm a Netflix subscriber and I'm a Disney plus subscriber. So what I'm thinking is, what I'm doing is when I'm launching is close to Netflix for adults, right?

Where adult, where studios and directors, and producers, or whatever can upload their content, they can upload their catalog there. And there's going to be users who buy subscriptions. And they, the, the, the, the studios and blah, blah, blah, are going to be rewarded for that, for that. Okay. Right. And since it's an adult platform, it goes way beyond a porno movie or a scene. There are very, very high quality video casts, no video podcasts in the adult industry that the content does not fit.

For instance, on only on YouTube, there are paid video casts, podcasts with video that people might subscribe to and they do subscribe to, I know some, and those content creators will have the channel there. They can have their own channel there. Their videocast, their podcast will be a channel and people can not pull that dissolves or, or, and it works.

You know, it, it, it just integrates everything that the, the, the, the, the adult industry does, but in the place that you can see on your smart TV, on a mobile phone, on your PC, it just works. That's awesome. Well, we'll have to hear more about that when it happens and how about money network? Okay. So mighty networks is what it, when everything comes together, somebody networks is we think of an umbrella, or think as an oldie, somebody networks owns everything.

That's been said, it's, it's like an octopus. It has a lot of, it's a hat. And yeah, it's a lot of hearts. And on, on somebody, man, we just launched a thing called smarty tokens. When it comes to smart tokens and smart network, it's quite easy to understand, think of a company that's mighty networks and think of shares or stocks from that company. Okay. So what we did was we created somebody tokens to represent the a hundred percent ownership of somebody's network in case owns everything.

That's sometimes whatever we do next. Right? Okay. Now, with those smart tokens, you can actually go on up and see, or on Spotify, and you can buy as many tokens, meaning you start owning parts of the network. You, you become an interested party, you become a shareholder. Okay. And curiously enough, I've got several content creators that are willing to receive smarty tokens as payments.

The tokens is not a currency. It's not a cryptocurrency. It's a token like NFTs that's non-functional meaning they don't mix together. Fungible tokens. That's these guys, they mixed together. Like your $100 bill is the same as my $100 bill, a new feed change, the other power bills. We wouldn't lose anything. Okay. That's what it is. The site monitor can, and yours was exactly the same. They're exactly equal. Okay. So if you own 10, small tokens are 10 thousands.

Many tokens are Amelia's money, tokens. You're just having, you're owning part of a network. It's like owning shares, right? And content creators side. I do want the piece of it. I want to own part of the network where I'm putting my blood and sweat in. If I'm working this out, if I'm developing a network, if I'm developing a social platform, I want to take part of it. I want to be able to own own it. Right? So smugly network is the bag of Dr.

Plus all the projects are the arms and somebody tokens is the blood that makes things flow. You know, it's just integrates everything in and gives the ability to make two things happen. One is funding the network and giving the network financial ways to grow. Right. The other is to engage more with the people in the industry, to the people who post their, to the people go to the next.

Speaker 1 (49m 38s): Fantastic. Well, Mike, I don't know when you sleep or if you sleep okay. But damn, that's a lot. And I'm sure it's not the last, Hey, I'd like to thank you again for being our guest on adult side broker talk, and I hope we'll get a chance to set up part three real soon.

Speaker 2 (50m 0s): Okay. Bill, thank you so much for having me over and giving me the opportunity to show this to the world. Thank you. It's been a pleasure.

Speaker 1 (50m 7s): Thank you. My broker tip today has to do with what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, this will be a multi-part series. First, make sure you're converting as much of your traffic as possible. Traffic is expensive. Whether it's search engine, traffic, review, site, traffic, affiliate, traffic, or paid traffic, you pay it a lot for it. So make sure that when someone lands on your site, you give them every opportunity possible to either spend money or do whatever it is you want your visitors to do in the case of a pay site, make sure your billing options allow as many people as possible to buy, have multiple ways to pay in north America.

Most everyone has a credit card, but in other parts of the world, credit cards, aren't used nearly as much in Europe. For instance, credit card usage is low. So look for billing options that will match the areas where your traffic comes from in Europe, ACH and debit cards are used a lot in Africa and other developing countries. Many people pay by mobile, do your homework and find out how people pay in the regions. You get. Most of your traffic, it will make you more money. The worst thing you can do is get a visitor, have them want to buy, but since you don't have their preferred way to pay, they can't.

If you're looking for suggestions, feel free to get in touch with me via my website. Along with this as to improve your user experience, make your site attractive and easy to navigate. People have more options than ever these days. I can't tell you how many sites I go to. Even some that are owned by large companies, where the navigation isn't obvious to the user, you poke around the site for what seems like an eternity to do something that should be relatively easy. Keep it simple. Before you launch any changes to your site, ask your friends to go to the site and check it out.

Unfortunately, designers and tech geeks don't think like us. You need real people to look at your site for you. The same kind of people who will be visiting your site next, make a good offer. If you're selling something and the offer, isn't good. You won't make money. It's plain and simple as that. And if your offer is to contact you or get more information that make the offer attractive and easy to understand, if you're selling something, make buying easy, show them an easy way to buy and then leave, help them by making suggestions on what to buy. is the best at this. They always have suggestions on what to buy based on your buying and browsing history. The use AI to do this, there are AI engines available these days at a modest cost. Look into this. If you can, don't clutter up your site with unnecessary items, buttons, and images. Keep it as simple as possible. The best and most successful sites are the simple ones. The ones that leads you to take the action you'd like them to do. It's not that hard just to remember when you're putting together any site, try to think through the buying process, like a human being, whatever you do, don't turn over that process to your designer.

Don't just say, build me a website. What you'll get out the other end will not give you what it is. You're looking for. Give them as much direction as possible and make it easy for them to build a site for you that makes your business succeed. We'll talk about this subject more next week and next week, we'll be speaking with Ben Fraden from XXX Nifty. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Mike Pinto of Smuttyfy. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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