Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 59 with Aina Sivceva of Adsettra

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 59 with Aina Sivceva of Adsettra

Bruce F., host of Adult Site Broker Talk and CEO of Adult Site Broker, the leading adult website broker, who is known as the company to sell adult sites, is pleased to welcome Aina Sivceva of Adsterra.

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Speaker 0 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with Aina Sivceva of Adsterra.

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Now time for this week's interview, my guest today on adults, a broker talk is of etc. I Anna, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk,

Speaker 2 (2m 52s): Hey, thanks for having me today.

Speaker 1 (2m 57s): Nice to have you. Now, Ian is head of the CPA department at the company. She has five years of experience in affiliate marketing. She started as an account manager and grew into her current role. She specializes in every vertical at etc, such as mobile utilities, VPNs dating offers, sweepstakes and desktop offers also software. And ad-ons. She regularly attends events to showcase new trends and develop a partnership with new and existing partners.

Miss seeing you at those shows, by the way, now I ended up believes that business comes in all shapes and sizes. And the most important thing is to find a common language with a partner to have a successful test. Now, et cetera, is a world-known ad network with a partner care approach, serving over 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide. That's a lot. It works with over 30 works with over 13,000 direct publishers and over 9,000 brands, affiliates, media agencies and ad networks dealing with mainstream and non-mainstream verticals.

Advertisers may choose between an intuitive self-service platform with automated onboarding, automated onboarding, and live chat support, or working through a personal manager, et cetera, helps advertisers meet their KPIs and grow their ROI while publishers get their maximum E CPN with their easy to use advanced traffic solutions and the best team in the industry. And if you don't know what those are, then, then you'll have to check our glossary online.

Well, 2020 pose, many challenges, the online adult industry, sub boom and traffic Diana. Now what big opportunities has the pandemic created for you and your customers?

Speaker 2 (4m 47s): So well, I did sterile where you work without any interactions. Most of the staff had done had been moved online, but the work processes did we change and didn't get interrupted. We can actually be in touch with our partners 24 7. Yeah. And we keep working hard in our internal updates in order to provide the best customer service. So in 2020, we came up with a few great solutions. We presented a new ad format that helped us to attract new advertisers.

And we invented two unique solutions for publishers that allowed us to work with different traffic sources, not only website, but applications, Facebook pages, and other traffic sources. Wow. Yeah. That's, that's great. I will. Yeah. And what I would like to mention also what we've noticed during last year that 2020s showed us that desktop traffic is still performing great.

Like during last, last year, mobile traffic was the winner one and what's performing, but this last year, under new circumstances, maybe people said at home, they worked remotely. And these, all these changes led to the fact that the conversion rate and the face on the desktop traffic has increased a lot. And we've got many great cases in adult vertical, such as scams, and datings on desktop traffic.

So compared to the previous years, desktop traffic now is a large piece of cake. So do not miss the chance to work with it. Fantastic.

Speaker 1 (6m 33s): Yeah. I think people look past desktop and there's still a ton of people using it. I know I do. Maybe it's just because I'm old. I don't know. So how does someone choose an ad network to attract traffic to their website?

Speaker 2 (6m 48s): Brief, total understand it can be better, hard to choose the right network that will generate the best to the new possible, but also will do not damage your brand and end user experience in the long run they'll be for any ad network does consider some important questions like payments on time, on time. And that Sarah would pay twice after vertically and fix a days. And we've worked with different payment methods, Elsa latching, ventric, and that say a lot about advertisers on the network because advertisements need to be relevant to, then it will work well with your website needs.

Now the Sarah, we, we can offer wireless ad formats like poop ponder. So social bar, which is new banner ads, native ads, video player, all of direct links. One important part to consider is the safe ads we do have in house anti fraud, checking the tools as well as third parties like edits there, malware like re-directs downloads, it's strictly prohibited.

So it's very important that all the say all the ads will be saved last, but not least. I'm really proud of our Supreme account management. W they will guide you through all the complaints. They just, and they'll help you and share their rich experience.

Speaker 1 (8m 29s): And they also, and they also were the coolest shirts at the shows too, but

Speaker 2 (8m 33s): We really famous of our brands. T-shirts now, you know, one thing you mentioned, you

Speaker 1 (8m 41s): Mentioned about make sure the network isn't going to damage your brand. How would that happen?

Speaker 2 (8m 48s): It's can damage your, your brand can do the experience for example, desk, imagine your users goals and the sum, and knowing that with that divestment, then that will pop up. And in thousand times, of course they will leave your website or Google can ban your website and you will lose all your CEO settings the second. Yeah. That's that's because it's very hard to choose right.


Speaker 1 (9m 23s): Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I guess. Yeah. I guess you have to ask, I guess you have to ask for referrals for sure. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (9m 29s): We've got, by the way, we've got lifetime referral, a referral program, and each partner would joint itself via your referral link. We'll add you 5% of their profit to your income. Wasn't

Speaker 1 (9m 43s): It was it. Wasn't the kind of referral I was talking to, but that's a good point. I meant like recommendations, but yeah, yeah, yeah. You definitely should talk to somebody, somebody clients first and see how they like them. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (9m 56s): Definitely. Now who got exam experience. Yep,

Speaker 1 (10m 0s): Exactly. Now as a publisher, what should I be doing to make more money with the traffic and visitors? I have,

Speaker 2 (10m 8s): I mean, you sound the, a publisher just continue to develop your site, fill it with content, work on CEO. And then the magical happened by itself because we take care of all the issues related to advertising. Personal manager will select the best advertising four months based on your expectations for revenue and it user experience, they will help you to adapt the frequency filter that dicing feed you can choose.

It will be not mainstream or non-mainstream when our team will work on the growth of your CPM. So you can earn a traffic without any making additional efforts.

Speaker 1 (10m 53s): Okay. So I guess, I guess I should just be coming to etcetera then, right?

Speaker 3 (10m 59s): That should have been the answer. I guess that's an easy one.

Speaker 1 (11m 3s): So are there any new ad units and opportunities that, that someone should explore right now?

Speaker 2 (11m 10s): Because digital advertising is the government increasingly saturated with every bus yet it's getting harder to stand out and catch user side because people don't love like selecting planned lists. They use some tags that block ads and so on. So we believe that interactive formats, which is not new, but there are some experiencing in this year, they experience in seeing a new spike of popularity because users like to be entertained.

They not only having great content, but to get some, like, to get some attention like quizzes or chatbots, it's the, it's the best way to get a good user experience. And these kinds of ads, they increase your CTR. And also the increase the time that people spent on the website and many companies last year, and this year already developed their own in the rate of performance that the, the, the tunes to entertain users like at stairs at the, like at the Sarah, we developed our social buyer, tiny new ad format.

Speaker 1 (12m 39s): Yeah. Okay. And we'll be talking about that. I think in a little bit now, what ad formats do you think work best for promoting adult content?

Speaker 2 (12m 51s): As I mentioned, like, for example, social bar, it's because it's very new and it's fully customized. You can, like, you can choose like around circle creatives, video chats. So res because of that, because it's very flexible, you can promote a wide range of offers and it's working great with adult sides. For example, you, as in the top of, in terms of volume since CR and we see great results in terms of cigar NCR.

So for example, social bar, it's a great to add format to start with.

Speaker 1 (13m 37s): How did you guys come up with that? It does

Speaker 2 (13m 40s): Drive a lot different at pharma and the guy's like what bullshit age is slowly coming to the end. So we understood it's time to try some new format.

Speaker 1 (13m 54s): Okay. Okay. So you pretty much told me what social bar is, what makes it so favorable compared to other format

Speaker 2 (14m 4s): Because it's new, there is no ad blinders effect and yeah. And ads can be really highly engaging for users and even beginners for desktop to understand affiliate marketing can get great results with this ad format we already have in our system already made template uploaded. And it's really easy to create your own unique creatives, according to our template and AB test it's really available in like in one campaign, you can test to 15 creatives at a time.

Yes. That's a really great tends to test all the campaigns and get the best performing creatives for your complaint. Wow. Yeah. That's amazing opportunity. And what I can mention, ah, the low cost per click is also, I think it's advantage for launching this app and our tool can assist you in order to reach mutual profit gained experience.

And last year we did a lot AB test on social bar, so we're ready to share our knowledge.

Speaker 1 (15m 37s): Okay. Okay. Well, I mean, I'm trying to get a picture of it, of social bar. What is it? And you know, this isn't a V this is a video show. This was one of those instances where I'd like it to be an incident. Since my guest, since my guest is also a very pretty lady. So that, that wouldn't hurt either, but one of these days I'll I'll make this video, but then they have to look at me. So I don't know, but, but, okay. So I'm looking at social bar. What am I looking at? Kind of explain, you know, so

Speaker 2 (16m 7s): Display format for a month, like banner, but when banner, it can be only like just the square, social bark and B it can get any form like around, or like a notification, like our video bar and you can place it everywhere in any area of your website. So that's why it's very unique because for example, for binders, they always look on, on like the same way, web push notifications, web push notifications, they always look the same, but with social bar, you can choose any type of at, like, you can go today with servi or tomorrow, you can go with notifications and then so on.


Speaker 1 (17m 3s): Wow. Now, is there any, is there anything like this out on the market besides social

Speaker 2 (17m 7s): Bar? I don't think so. Social bar is based on in page posts, but in page porch, as like, as web Bush stayed the same, it has only one design and can, can be changed. Yeah. So I think social vibrating, Nick. Okay. Okay. Now you, you know, you mentioned,

Speaker 1 (17m 27s): You mentioned pop unders and that is one of my pet peeves. You know, I, I have to do a lot, I have to do a lot of research for, for adult site broker. And I'm going to like multiple sites. When I go to close the tabs, I've got like 12 pop unders oh, traces me off. Especially like, like when I'm checking tubes out and things like that. And, and, you know, trying to find, trying to find the owners of these sites and, you know, to contact them and things like that. I mean, do you see that type of advertising kind of getting phased out or do you think it's something that's still going to be relevant?

Speaker 2 (18m 4s): I don't think so. I like, we're doing great with Paul Ponder's deal. Yeah. And it can be annoying or whether you're, for example, but we right. Tidy things and settings, it can bring you great results. Like a lot of our advertisers for happy and satisfied with the results the, to bring per ponder. So all does matter of like, how do you promote it and what kind of settings do you use?

Speaker 1 (18m 42s): Yeah. I just, I just wonder if that, if a cert at a certain point adds become just too irritating for people, if they're just not going to be using ad blockers on everything,

Speaker 2 (18m 55s): That's why we are trying some new. And we think like future at four months will be more personal and more engaged bringing like engagement with users.

Speaker 1 (19m 10s): Cool. Now, now we're back to social bar. What makes it attractive, attractive to all kinds of users?

Speaker 2 (19m 17s): I feel like I mentioned before, like, it's really easy to start and you can use pre-made to creatives and that helps you to get the best idea of what kind of creatives to use in your campaigns and hiring gauging ads. You can go with various types of forms of the ad, right. Advantages of using this social bar.

Speaker 1 (19m 48s): Okay. Okay. Now let's say I have my own website. Okay. How can I use social bar to make money?

Speaker 2 (19m 56s): Or do you mean like by settings, what's

Speaker 1 (20m 1s): The best, what's the best way to use social bar? If I, if I want to use it to make money on my website.

Speaker 2 (20m 8s): So you just the copy the code and place it in the header on your side. That, and that's all, that's where your efforts and I mean, you still need to work on seal, check to users, do content, but everything related to advertising optimization, CPM growth is all taken by us. And like, for example, but if you have any suggestions for, for the settings, you can discuss this with your personal manager, for example, like you want to choose a certain place on the side or where social Barbie will appear, because we've got some recommendations, like do not close the login field or do not like stop, do not place it in somewhere where people have to interact with your site.

It shouldn't and noise the user experience, or we can adjust the frequency or remove some certain offers from your feed. So it's all possible just contact your personal manager and they will help you

Speaker 1 (21m 25s): Now, what are the best social bar settings in terms of frequency and location? I

Speaker 2 (21m 31s): Can say the best settings are default ones because our system will have to magically select the best location for your traffic. But I can say these knowing universal solution because each site each website is individual and has its own unique audience and design, but it's like, like I said, do not bother the user's navigation on your website, do not overlap any important parts in your website.

Right? So discuss it, did manager, they can share their thoughts. And again, like be the best in terms of user experience or intelligence, the learnings. So we suggest to start with the standard settings, and then you can just change the settings based on the recommendations of our team or by your experience. Okay.

Speaker 1 (22m 37s): You know, one question about working with you guys and working with social bar, as opposed to working with another network, what kind of results? And let's talk both about advertisers and publishers here, what kind of results can I expect to see using you guys and social bar versus other networks?

Speaker 2 (22m 57s): We talk about display for months or just in general, right? I mean, I can compare the results of other ad networks. I can say just the results or it's there, but I can say that for now, for example, the feed and social bar is it's very various and quite we can offer you different types of verticals like mainstream or non-mainstream and different.

They got different confessions rates and different conversion flow. So it's, it's huge. And for publishers, that means that they, they will have different users that will engage with the creative and they will be not done. You get annoyed by the ads because there'll be always something new. Okay,

Speaker 1 (23m 52s): Well maybe, maybe the better, better way would be to state the question this way. How are things working with social bar, as opposed to before you had social bar for both advertisers and publishers, how are, how are the results for both publishers and advertisers with social bar, as opposed to before social bar,

Speaker 2 (24m 17s): Before social bar we had in our inventory web push notifications before we had down recently a month ago, we've noted that the CTR increased like 25% more when we started to work with social bar. And that proves that yet that's a lot. And that proves that users, they started to interact more with our ads.

They started to convert better. And our partners, advertisers, they noticed that not only like installed, but the metrics like installs to trials or two torches, they improved a lot. So we think it's a great start for social work. Sounds

Speaker 1 (25m 11s): Fantastic. Sounds like quite an ingenious invention. Now, now, now how can I filter advertisers with social bar and pick the exact location for social bar on the website,

Speaker 2 (25m 25s): As per any ad format you can choose, what kind of ads will be displayed like mainstream or non-mainstream, it's very important that it should be relevant to your website needs. It will be strange if you like on mainstream websites, you will promote them adult content. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so definitely you can filter advertisers and adjust location and social bar, but everything that you need to do with your account manager, they will help you.


Speaker 1 (26m 3s): Okay. Now what is frequency cap and how does that affect my CP?

Speaker 2 (26m 9s): I'd make like a frequency cap is the target that allows you to control the, how often your ads will be displayed on websites. Like more your ad. You show your ads on your website. The less CPM will be. Yeah. So the answer is yes. The more pops that you showed the less CPMs, but yes, pregnancy is one of the main aspects that affect CPM, but not forget about like, do your device, browser and traffic source and quality of traffic.

Right. So it's all, like, there are a lot of factors that will affect PM. Like for example, volume of traffic also matters. Yeah. Like the higher traffic problem, if more chances that you will sell your traffic at higher rates.

Speaker 1 (27m 13s): Okay. Okay. Now, can I monetize my site with two ad networks? And how would that affect my CPM?

Speaker 2 (27m 22s): You can work with two ad networks or even more, but you should understand that it might affect your, your SPM in a bad way. But like for example, a network which is open in the second time might lower your ECPM. And sometime because you will have not like targets 1 24, but it will be always 2 24.

You will get twice more advertising shown and displayed on your side. And also the codes of different ad networks. They can conflict with each other, for example, like you really use to Pope popup coats and they might open at the same time and we'll block each other. So users will not don't get any ad instead of making like two impressions that would suck.

Speaker 3 (28m 28s): Yeah, definitely slack. So the Dylan in the

Speaker 2 (28m 33s): Long crown user experience will suffer. And I think it will be not great for your user experience in a lot

Speaker 1 (28m 41s): At all. So if I'm going to try different networks, it's probably better to try them one at a time.

Speaker 2 (28m 47s): Yeah. That's, that's the best way to test different networks one by one,

Speaker 1 (28m 55s): But try you guys, but try you guys first, right?

Speaker 3 (28m 59s): I definitely, and then you want

Speaker 1 (29m 4s): To, yeah. Now we've all heard. Or we were talking before about banner blindness when the viewers and users become desensitized to the ads or even annoyed by them. How has this been considered and thought through with social media?

Speaker 2 (29m 22s): Well, it's social buyers in you at four months and it will just literally didn't get used to yeah. We working with the, like, we have five different templates, Chad bar in page push. It can be custom banner. It can be video bar or server bar. So as you see, the social bar has variable options. And even like, if user would visit your website several times per day, he would see, see different ads, like even different templates.

Yeah. Chad bar and then custom banner ads. So they might,

Speaker 1 (30m 6s): So they might see, so they might see two ads from the same person.

Speaker 2 (30m 9s): Yeah. They, they can see, but they will didn't recognize. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (30m 14s): Though it won't be all the same ad I'm ignoring this. Yeah. There's a lot of that.

Speaker 2 (30m 21s): Social also has like different effects, like floating or blinking and the attacks and attention a lot. So like, for example, you compare to banner is just it's square and it's just picture and social bar, it's all blinking and floating. And, and though you just compare to it. Very, very interesting for me.

Speaker 3 (30m 46s): I'll put my sunglasses, I'll put,

Speaker 1 (30m 49s): I'll put my, I'll put my sunglasses on now. And I want, I want you to give me a demo of this too, by the way. Cause it sounds interesting now, where do you see ad trends headed for advertisers in the future?

Speaker 2 (31m 2s): Yeah. This year we see it an NC of not using mislead and creative and more working on exclusive content. Like we think that in 2021 digital advertising will become even more adaptive to individual, not taming for the law, for the pastor's out, but building long-term promotion. And it will bring you really better metrics in terms of installs to trials and like, or gestation to purchase.

So yeah, better to work on that then like getting fuss to results, like getting all the installs that feel, not performed to child purchase. Right. And one thing that we noticed that Warren, why the Dodgers who work with VPN offers, they testing and scaling on adult traffic felt like keeping your privacy while browsing adult content. It's very important for the user and our internal tests that prove it, but are not first show sometimes even higher Sierra on adult sites.

That, yeah, that's pretty interesting. Yeah. So I assume that will be, there will be some exclusive offers from adult play sites because it's obvious trend for now. And, and also it's an additional source for income.

Speaker 1 (32m 36s): Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. And I used to be, I go to these shows and it would be nothing but, but billing processors. Okay. Now I go to the shows, I think, you know where I'm going with this and it's nothing but add people. How do you compete in such a crazy marketplace?

Speaker 2 (32m 57s): We've got our reputation, we've got our experience. And that helps us to offer more like we've got our director digitizers who worked with us for a long, a long time. Right. And we never stopped to do some internal updates to, to make performance of our partners better. And for example, like what we've created recently, it's like custom beat.

It's very, a great solution for our advertisers. They can custom be like beat higher or lower each placement in the same campaign. So they do not need to create any additional white listing campaigns. Like for example, you've got your S great sources that performing great, and you want to get more traffic from them before the forecast and beat, you had to create additional campaign and you had to check that performance on some, for, in other campaign, but now you can do it in, in same campaign.

Wow. Yeah. So I think these kind of things like they help us to stay in the leading positions.

Speaker 1 (34m 24s): Yeah. Stay ahead of the competition. That's the key you got to keep, you got to keep innovating, especially, especially, especially in this, in this field. So, so how about the future of adult advertising? What do you think that looks like?

Speaker 2 (34m 40s): It's hard to say because the digital advertising, like the forming and changing very fast, but what still matters, it's important to one, enjoy the quality of your content. And you, you have to have something exclusive in your inventor because users are fed up and they're really tired of go bad, or you need to be creative and chase uniqueness in order to attract like a, to, to, to remain attractive for users and increase the percent of your paying Adyen audience.

And it's like, it's important. Not only to attract users with your unique offers with discounts on your subscriptions, like providing bonus tokens, but also you need to use exclusive content for promotion, like yeah. Exclusive photos of webcam models on creatives or editing short video previews from bedside to video bars. So it will all increase like your user's engagement and grease your CR.

So I think that's better,

Speaker 1 (35m 56s): You know, one of the biggest problems, the last question I'm going to ask you the biggest, the biggest problem that I see with traffic these days, and I hear it from everybody who has an interest in buying traffic and that's bought traffic. And I think the last statistic I saw was like, there's more bot traffic in the world than real traffic. How do you guys combat this problem to make sure that your, your advertisers are, are going to get good, good results?

Speaker 2 (36m 33s): There's the issue with bot traffic a lot. We know that because we've got our in-house and, and did she department, they do like they to the daily checking, manually check our traffic. We use our in-house solutions. We do, we use third party solutions. So we try to keep the quality of our traffic or high level.

So we do, we do it day by day. We monitored the quality of our traffic. Okay.

Speaker 1 (37m 10s): Beautiful. Well, I'll tell you it's important. It's important. Well, I, yes. Well, I ain't, I ain't. I'd like to thank you again for being our guest on adults' site, broker talk, and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again really soon.

Speaker 2 (37m 25s): Yes. And I hope we will meet.

Speaker 1 (37m 30s): Oh, I hope so. I hope so. I got a hug for you. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (37m 35s): Definitely see you. It was really great to talk to you. Fantastic.

Speaker 1 (37m 40s): My broker tip today is part two of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, keep your site design up to date, do a redesign from time to time, people will tend to think your site is the same as ever and click out of it without even looking if something doesn't change. So keep it fresh and up to date times change. So should your website look at what your competitors are doing and see what it is you really like emulate success. If you know a site to be particularly successful, look at what it is they're doing and do some of the same things.

I'm not saying copy it. I'm just suggesting you improve your site by looking around a bit, you've got to keep up with the times or you'll end up being left behind. Also keep an eye on your competition and make sure you're offering everything on your site that they are or more don't just look at their design, but make sure your offers are good. And you're the same goes for your content. Do you ever wonder why one site does well and others don't check out the competition's content. What are they doing? That you are not doing?

Be willing to make changes. People can't understand why they're losing sales to a competitor yet. The competitor is clearly doing everything better. Emulate success. Make sure everything on your site works well. Make sure all your links work properly. Check them on a regular basis. If things don't work, you're going to lose customers. People are not patient. These days. People's attention spans are like that of a gnat. They click out immediately and go onto the next result in Google. If they don't find what they're looking for.

If the site is hard to navigate, or if things don't work, check all of your internal scripts and plugins and make sure they're updated regularly as well. We'll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we'll be talking to Nico from Traffic Fabric.

Speaker 0 (39m 34s): And that's it on this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank our guest Aina Sivceva. Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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