Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 50 with Andreas of TES

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 50 with Andreas of TES

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0 (7s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with .

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1 (1m 26s):
They have a loyal customer base of 27,000 plus real members with many customers still active from 2017. Some have spent more than 10,000 euros. The average customer spends 450 euros. The sites have very steady recurring revenue with very low overhead and a proven ROI of 900% on every Euro spent on affiliate marketing. These sites have room to grow from where they are now. The weekly upkeep of the sites requires very little time and most of the work consists of promoting the sites to bring in new customers and tease the existing 27,000 plus strong member database.

1 (2m 7s):
Many great markets are yet on tap for these sites, but could easily be added such as Germany, France, and the USA. Thanks to the non adult nature. You can easily promote them via Google and email. You can buy these two great sites now for only 484,000 euros. Now time for this week's interview my guest today on a don't say it broker tuck his entry ass bitch off of the T E S affiliate conferences. Andrea, thanks for being with us today, Anna, don't say broker talk. Thank you very much for having me, Bruce. It's a pleasure now, and it's been a long time coming. My friend, I've been begging you to get on my show now, Andrea, this is one of the two organizers of the T S affiliate conferences and the Island gathering TES affiliate conferences, formally the European summit.

1 (2m 57s):
And before that I've got a good memory. The Barcelona summit

2 (3m 1s):
Were founded in 2009 with the event bringing together professionals from the online entertainment industry, e-commerce financial gaming, gambling, dating Forex, binary options, health nutraceuticals, and many other markets for an intensive three-day networking event. Their next event is their first hybrid live and virtual event in Maribela Spain, July 3rd through the fifth. Now from the outset, a T E S was intent on creating a great networking experience for its attendees and delegates because in our high tech world, it's still of great importance that excellent relationships be developed and maintained as these are the cornerstones of building a successful business.

2 (3m 49s):
And let me just say that Andreas and Walter run the premier conferences in our industry now and Dre us, how were the preparations coming for the upcoming hybrid T S affiliate conference

3 (4m 2s):
Coming along actually pretty, pretty well, obviously not everything depends this time on, on us. Yes. So that's why you might've noticed that we've opened a virtual registration already on first off offer June. So people can already register for the hybrid part for the virtual part of the hybrid conference. Yes. Which they are doing very, very much in the first five days we had 500 registration, which is a new record, new Bonnie record. Yeah. So, so if we would keep that up, we would come up to 5,000 attendees in June. So it's big numbers where we're talking.

3 (4m 41s):
Obviously people are taking us off of, up on our offer regarding the, the live part of the hybrid conference. Actually, we're waiting for news from the Spanish government today. Today's the 9th of May of, for the listeners to know. And this is a big day in Spain until two day in 9th of May. Spain has been in a, in a lockdown. So today is the government will announce what happens tomorrow. So Walter and I are, yeah, just waiting for the news to, to drop in because that will obviously have an impact on what we can do and what we can not do.

3 (5m 22s):
And so basically we expect by next week to the Spanish government to tell us exactly how many entrance tickets we're allowed to, to sell, which is the main thing currently as of today, we are already allowed to host an outdoor garden conference. Could if it would happen today, it would be only with 150 people. But again, we expect that number to go up by next week since the overall development in Europe is finally a very, very positive one was a lot of people getting vaccinated as these days and even more in the, in June.

3 (6m 2s):
So by July, whoever wants to attend ha has had a chance to, to get vaccinated or to, to probably attend with a, was a valid PCR test or something similar. Again, those rules we'll find out from the Andrew Lewis and from the Spanish government this week. Unfortunately this interviews coming a week too early for, for this new spot we'll make, we'll make, we'll make sure to get the word out, any help. And therefore we will open life registration on 1st of June, 2021 at 8:30 AM Madrid time. I say that again, that is 8:30 AM Madrid time on the 1st of June, why I repeat this is very important because I do not expect that we will have enough entrance tickets for everyone who wants to attend.

3 (6m 56s):
Maybe the Spanish government allows us to have 300 attendees or 400 or 500 or a thousand. But what as ever does that number will be that we're allowed to sell on entrance to goods. I'm sure it's smaller than the amount of people who want to attempt did it because people are desperate to get out of the house today. Everyone me included. I'm so, so happy to get out of the house finally. So the demand will be huge and the offer will be small. So that means set your alarm June 1st, 8:30 AM, Madrid time first come, first serve. So you snooze you lose. I am fairly sure we will not have enough tickets for every one.

3 (7m 38s):
So be aware of that. It's a warning. Okay.

2 (7m 45s):
Now, now given the current situation, I mean, it sounds at this point, like you do think you're gonna, you're gonna still have a live portion, right?

3 (7m 55s):
I'm growing more confident every day. I mean, if you would have asked me the same question two weeks ago, four weeks ago, I probably would have given you a rather negative outlook. But as of today, Walter and I are very, very confident that we'll be alive portion against things are going very well. Find it even in Europe, is that great news. I mean, in, in, in Germany that just have 1.1 million vaccines gone out per day. That's huge numbers. There, there, the second provider opening up here, more, more vaccines will be pushed out.

3 (8m 35s):
It's going better by the day in Germany. Now anyone can get a vaccine any age doesn't matter anymore. So anyone sinks are really, really picking up the North of Germany, for example, has, has opened up now with its hotels and its beaches and everything. So the, the, the, the good news it's pouring in every, every day where again, two, three, two, three weeks only go, it was all bad news. And I would really, really sad. We're not sure, but as of today, as that, it's only good news coming in every day. And we got another two to two months to go.

3 (9m 17s):
So by July things will look, look quite, quite, quite well. And also the latest news, if you might've read it is Spain will open to all countries in the world in June. So that's another great, great news. So wherever you're from in the world, you can from June on enter the country. And that means that there's no, no reason why you wouldn't be able to attend our conference at the beginning of, of July. And by the way, by the way that in the intro, you sat at three til five, actually it's a second Tilth.

2 (9m 51s):
Second to the fifth. Sorry about that. Yes, yes, yes. I appreciate that. Now, why did you decide to host a hybrid conference now, considering I know in the past you haven't been a fan of, of the virtual conferences.

3 (10m 7s):
I'm still not, of course everyone likes life better than, than a hybrid. So our core business will always be hybrid. I mean, we're, we're getting out of the pen damn make we're not out there yet. What we've seen due to the, to the loss-making nature of virtual conferences currently, there's a, there's a hole in the market, a gap, and of 2020, you will have you'll remember every week there was a virtual conference going on and we said, why should we go in there if, if there's a virtual conference every week.

3 (10m 46s):
So the why not lose that money in an overcrowded market. Currently, as you've seen, everyone has a chance to lose money and nobody's doing virtual conferences anymore in our industry. So we figured at the moment we can only host a couple of hundred people in, in . So why not give a couple of thousand people that chance to, to experience that life event from the homes? And we'll, we'll see how it pans out is that we will lose a lot of money. And so the plan is still to, to, to host hybrid conference in the future.

3 (11m 28s):
But again, yeah, we, we have to look at its financials and how much, the life events that will then have to subsidize the, the virtual event, but it is also a good, a good, I see it as a marketing tool to get our name out. I mean, it also, for, it's always been only, let's say 2000 people, but if we go to the hybrid way, we can have three, four, five, 10,000 people eventually. And some of, some of those lost making virtual people will say, Hey, you, what I've seen there, and now I've experienced what they're doing remotely and looks interesting too, to actually be there physically. And then that might be a way that the virtual part actually pays back.

3 (12m 13s):
It's stepped to the, to the life part. And I, I, I see it as a, as a marketing, it's a sunk cost and it's a marketing expense for us.

1 (12m 22s):
Sure, absolutely. Now talk a little bit about the venue of the hybrid T S affiliate conference. What does the preliminary schedule look like? And are there going to be parties?

3 (12m 34s):
The, the venue will be the wonderful five-star hotel resort located in, in mafia. It's a Don Carlos resort and they have some huge tropical gardens. It's really, really a beautiful, is that a tropical garden? It's, it's wonderful and close to the close to the beach and close to a Nikki beach club. So it's, it's, it's a great location, even though vaccines are being rolled out and everything is going great, we figured people would still not be so comfortable to be inside. And so we, we, according to the experts, there's basically no chance to close to no chance to infect yourself outdoor.

3 (13m 15s):
So we, we set to keep everyone safe and relaxed. We'll, we'll, we'll do our first outdoor event ever. And my BI has the nice, that's why we came up with smoke. Maria has the adventure that it it's one of the driest spots of all of Europe. So it only rains on average two days a month in July. So the chance that we will be effected by rain is very small. So we're very confident that we can host everything outdoor and yeah, I think it'll be just nicer. June. July is, is one of the best months in, in my bed's not too hot.

3 (13m 56s):
And yeah, so we'll be able to build an ice, chill out a business launch outdoors, and there are people can, can have a cocktail and talk business and walk around to the tropical gardens. And, and yeah, I think it's a really, really nice and special setting.

1 (14m 14s):
Nice. Now what COVID-19 measures will be taken for the conference,

3 (14m 18s):
That is, again, a question that comes unfortunately, week two earlier, because we will get the, the news, as I said today from the Spanish, government's quite difficult to say, but I think they will be less restrictive than as of today, as of today outside. I think you would have to wear a mask and to keep a distance that's all. And if you are seated on a table of up to six people as of today, you would be allowed to take your mask off until July a lot can. So what I just described is let's say the worst case scenario until July. I, I expect that this restriction might, might become a little bit easier still.

3 (15m 5s):
I, I would recommend to the people to be relaxed. Yeah. Wear a mask, keep your meta 50 distance. And, and then I think we should all be, be, be fine as for the requirement requirements to enter again, we're waiting that information today. Obviously, if you're vaccinated, I'm sure you will not have any, any issues. If you do a, a daily test, I'm also fairly sure that that will not be an issue. If that can be a quick test. I don't know if it has to be a PCR test. I don't know. So unfortunately the interview comes a week to two early, but I'm sure it will all be a manageable if said everything's going well.

3 (15m 51s):
And also obviously Spain creates business and, and one student to do the best to, to, to host conference again. But on the other hand, not at any price, I just read that my, my beer is one of the highest certified con cities in the world when it comes to COVID-19 measures protection. So I have to look up the article, but they got two or three certificates of excellence when it comes to managing Covid and, and Corona.

3 (16m 32s):
So your, your, your listeners might want to verify what I just said by just Googling it on, on the internet, but maybe BS one of the, of the, of the cities in the world that is handling grown-up measures the best.

1 (16m 52s):
Great. Now, now traveling during these times can be really challenging. Are you going to be able to provide attendees with a visa invitation letter in order to help them ease their travel plans to, to Maribel engine in July?

3 (17m 7s):
Yes. Yes, of course. Of course currently traveling is not as easy as it used to be. So I'm, I'm sure governments will require extra information. White people must travel and cannot, cannot avoid it, but we're happy to, as always, we're happy to, to help our, our clients with whatever we can. So if they need a visa invitation letter that States the reason why is they're going to Spain of, of course we will provide them with, was that an with any help we can give

1 (17m 40s):
Now, what is the price going to be for a live entrance pass? And what's the price for a virtual entrance pass

3 (17m 48s):
The price. The for life part will be the same as, as always our standard price of 399 euros per, per person. And again, as, as you know, there'll be a lot of food included, a lot of drinks included. So people get, get their money's worth. And obviously a lot of business networking as, as always the virtual tickets are for another week for, for free. So anyone can pick up a virtual ticket for, for free. That's no reason not to not register. Yeah. That's basically the pricing. Okay.

2 (18m 24s):
Okay. Now I understand you advise that people should not buy their flights and book their hotel rooms just yet.

3 (18m 32s):
Yeah, of course. Since, as of today, we do not know exactly the measures from the, from the Spanish government. So those we will know in the next couple of days, and again, there will not, I want to stress that there will not be enough entrance tickets for everyone for the life event. So if you buy an hour of flight and you book your hotel room and you sent me an email and say, Hey, I must have a ticket, sorry, it's not going to work this time. I never understood people that first booked their flight. And first booked the hotel and don't have an entrance ticket in their hand. So-so could be very good.

2 (19m 9s):
It's called, it's called it's called ass backwards. Enteritis.

3 (19m 15s):
Yeah. And then I'm the bad guy and people say, you must, you must give me an entrance ticket because I already have my hotel and my, my, my, my flight. Nope, no, it does not work this time. So by your entrance tickets, see on June 1st, if you can get one of the few entrance tickets, and if that happens, then book your hotel and then book your, your flight because otherwise you might not get in. And then, okay. Then you might just have a nice vacation,

2 (19m 43s):
Nice vacation in Mirabelle exactly. Across the street from the hotel. So you can wave at everyone,

3 (19m 49s):
Which is not such a bad plan. No,

2 (19m 52s):
Not at all, man. I, you know, if I, if I ended up going to the live portion, which talking to you now, that's sounding sounding better and better since I'm going to be getting vaccinated starting next week. Hey, you might just see me there, man, but I'll, I'll make sure I've got an entrance ticket. Of course, you know, me I'll have a sponsorship, so I'll have an entrance ticket. And one thing I should mention here on that end, I have only paid for a sponsorship with one show over the years. And that's the different iterations of TES. Those of the, been the only ones that I have determined that I should be investing in.

2 (20m 34s):
So I don't even know if you know that Andreas, but first time I invested was a first time I did a sponsorship was way back when I did the massage sponsorship in Prague. When I think it was Prague where you had the real strange hotel that year, how was, how was it different kind of place? And then, you know, over the years I've continued as a sponsor because it works. So anyone who's on the fence about sponsoring do it. These guys do the job right now. You talked about live attendees. How many people in the end do you think are going to join the conference virtually?

3 (21m 15s):
That's a good question. Obviously. I know. That's why I asked it. We, we do have an internal bet. So Walter took the number 3000 attendees and put my money on 5,000 attendees. So I, the truth might be somewhere in between, but usually when it comes to those forecasts until now, I think I pretty much won any bet against Walter again, in, in, when it comes to attending numbers. So usually I'm not, not, not wrong often. So, but again, what does that 3000 people, I say 5,000 people and yeah, you will tell me on, on July 2nd with the winners.

2 (22m 2s):
Oh, that's it. That's interesting. Okay. Next time I go to the race track. I'm gonna, I'm gonna bring you with me. Okay. So let's say you really managed to attract 3000 to 5,000 and I wouldn't bet against you, by the way, to, to your a hybrid T S affiliate conference, how are these people going to be able to network and find each other? And also how are they going to be able to find the live in 10 days?

3 (22m 26s):
That's a very good point. That's, what's also the reason we looked at various platforms to host our virtual, the virtual part of our conference. And we specially looked at the two heavyweights. There are only two in the market, which is hopping as you might know, umbrella. And so there's no matchmaking function was hopping. So we decided against them Brella on the other hand has a very great networking functionality. So what we did is we first divided all the attendees into, into groups, like for example, at network affiliate program, if the affiliate program affiliates, hosting companies, payment providers, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

3 (23m 19s):
So that's a, that's a main, main group. And those groups, then we subdivided by vertical. So for example, gaming, gambling, adult dating for ex neutral health, wealth, et cetera. So that will allow the attendees to say exactly, okay, I'm looking for a payment provider for dating, or I'm looking for an affiliate for Nutra, or I'm looking for an ad network that does all verticals. So you can, you can set up your, your request very, very, very detailed this time.

3 (24m 1s):
And then the system will sought the leads by the matches. So let's say you met with someone five times, then he goes on the top. Then the next guy you match with, let's say four times goes to the next and, and, and so on. So the more relevant leads will immediate jump on you. And then you only have to click set up a meeting, and then you can set up a meeting with, with your top lead and at your convenience and, and take it from, from there. So it's, it's, it's highly efficient.

2 (24m 38s):
Cool. So people can already network and set up meetings as we speak,

3 (24m 42s):
Unfortunately, not, but only allows us to use the platform two weeks prior. But, but, but, but it also makes, makes sense because you want to have fun. You want to have a certain amount of people networking and beyond the platform at a time. So if we would launch it now, then there's one guy in Asia and one guy in Latin America and on there, and nothing really happens. So then people get disappointed and say, what is this a is nothing happening here. But if we launch it two weeks prior, show everyone has two weeks to set up their schedule, which is more than, than enough if you're serious, but then also on the, on you'll see that there's action on the, on the platform.

3 (25m 26s):
So there'll be thousands of people on there at the same time. And then it becomes a lot, lot more interactive and fun if you see the things that are happening in more exciting. But, but yeah, so the rules from Brella, we can open two weeks before the show. And I think that's plenty of time to get your schedule full of, of meetings. If you only have, if you, if you already have them, pre-arranged in front of you and you only have to click send meeting requests and written in and request, you should be done in a, in a couple of hours.

2 (25m 58s):
Yeah. I agree now with that being said, is this going to be the largest TES affiliate conference ever

3 (26m 5s):
Looking at the current numbers? For sure. I mean, we are with a set of 500 registration the first five days. If we would keep that up, you can make it to the mass. It will be huge numbers. So we're now a quarter to our record after six, seven days, actually eight, seven days, seven and a half days. So yeah, we still got two months ahead of us. So unless something really, really, really, really terribly strange happens. Yeah. There's no way that's not going to be the largest show. We, I mean, we haven't even started, started putting out paid advertising op, and so yeah, it, it, it will be the largest show for it, for sure.

3 (26m 50s):
No, no, no, no doubt. Sure.

1 (26m 53s):
Now the conference was scheduled for the second through the 5th of July, 2021. Now with the 4th of July being such a huge holiday in the U S do you, did you take this into consideration? And if so, how do you solve the problem?

3 (27m 9s):
To be honest, we did not take into consideration at the beginning. So what's the huge screw up from what I might find. So, yeah, so that was really bad. But then luckily as always, our, our clients are taking care of us. So our, our clients are watching our backs. So I received an email that said, Hey, Andrea, as you are aware, this 4th of July is a huge holiday. I know it's a huge holiday. And I know what I mean, water is hot, is half embarrassed. And he knows, I mean, I, I don't know what, so, so, but long, long story short, we moved the, the, the virtual part of the conference to the second and the 3rd of July, so that it will be on the first two days of the, of the conference.

3 (27m 53s):
So the entire virtual part of the conference will be over by it. 10 o'clock, Los Angeles, time, 10 o'clock in the morning, Los Angeles time on the cert. So by noon on the third, everyone can be starting their long, 4th of July weekend. So yeah. Do work, work the second insert in the morning hours of the U S and then be done by 10:00 AM, Los Angeles time America, lots of people from New York get off a little bit earlier. Right. And then, yeah, your, your, your, your long weekend starts on the third at noon, which I think is fine.

3 (28m 35s):
So even on the cert, you can already party into the force without we're over by then. So I think it's a, it's, it's, it's a decent, a decent fix call

1 (28m 45s):
Now, besides a very prominent owner of adult site broker. I can't think of his name right now. Who else will be speaking at the conference?

3 (28m 54s):
Oh yeah. So many great speakers coming on board it's it's it's, it's amazing. It's, it's, it's one of the few advantages that virtual has by a life in the past. We always managed to attract good speakers from, from all types of walks, people from the industry, but people also from outside of the industry to bring in knowledge and, and new ideas. But the good thing with virtual is usually when we bring in a, a good speaker, it costs us five digits and more in euros, but it was the virtual part. They can do it.

3 (29m 35s):
That's no, no, no, no flight costs in involved. There's no hotel cost involved. There's no F and D costs involved so we can attract very good speakers with the lower budget. So that's really one of the few advantages that I see in a live in a virtual event over life events. So the, the amount of, if anyone goes as of today, Tuesday to the schedule, you'll see that this is the, the strongest schedule we've ever had in the past 12 years. By, by far, there, there, there are people like worldwide top 25 email market here is they're they're, they're they're really, really, I mean, they're the top SEO experts really, really strong people that usually usually speak only speak at a conference with tens of thousands of attendees.

3 (30m 31s):
And we, we, we attracted them this time. So, so, and again, I mean, it's only the ninth, 9th of May, as, as we speak, we, we got another two months to add speakers. Our, our, our, our issue will be more that we will not have have enough speaking slots because we're already nearly, nearly full. And again, we have two months to go, but by quality, this is the best schedule by, by light years that we've ever ever offered to, to our attendees and people can, and people can watch it for free.

1 (31m 5s):
Yeah, absolutely. Okay. So you're going to have people from all over the world, as well as speaking and attending. How are you planning to deal with all these different time zones?

3 (31m 18s):
Yeah, that was kind of a challenge, but so I, I figured, yeah, the, the world Europe is kind of in the middle and depending what world map you take, but the one that I use has Europe in the middle. So it goes yeah, right to left from Australia to, to Los Angeles state, basically. So we figured that speakers that are relevant to the Australia, to the Asian and Australian market, or come from there, we, we schedule on the European time of 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock. So that allows people from Asia to, to watch those people in on their time zone.

3 (32m 5s):
Then Europeans come in, come on at one o'clock two o'clock, three o'clock. So that's fine for everyone. And then the American speakers and audience comes on at four o'clock, five o'clock, six o'clock. So that is in the morning hours of the U S but morning, cool morning hours. Not, not middle of the night, so no, nobody has to get up for our virtual event. So, so whatever concerns the U S will be in the, in the, in the normal us morning hours, whatever happens concerns to the, to the, to Asia will be in the normal Asian evening hours.

3 (32m 46s):
And we'll have a concern to Europe will be in the normal Europe, European afternoon hours. So nobody has to set the alarm to fall out of that, because I have heard that from other conferences now, of course, I mean, that's,

2 (33m 3s):
I just ended up Scott. I just ended up skipping a bunch of them. Cause it was like, well, wait a minute. Do I really want to get up in the middle of the night for this? And usually the answer was no.

3 (33m 13s):
Yeah, no. I mean, people that are people that love what we do and then what motivated to work with us. But I mean, there's a limit to what we can ask them.

2 (33m 20s):
Agreed, agreed. Now, now, coming back to what we spoke about at the beginning, isn't it extremely expensive to host a virtual conference and between the cost of the virtual platform, the live streaming production company, the live chat software and the Q and it for the Q and A's the live chat moderators, et cetera, this must be really expensive. And it's also, as far as I know, the first of its kind, how are you and Walter going to manage to not have to take a major loss on the virtual part?

3 (33m 52s):
Honestly speaking, I don't see things that we will manage. I think we will take a major loss. It's also something, if we would've known that before, maybe we would have thought about it a couple more times because it's, it's something where you buy into something. And then later on you realize what, what comes on top. So basically the, the, the platform is, is a, is five digits. So there, I just taught water. Okay. It's a marketing deck. We pay for, we, we, we lose that money and, and fine. But then once you get started with, with the, with the core platform, which you would sync core platform, core costs suddenly realized now for the live chat, you need to pay extra for the live streaming, which will be in video quality.

3 (34m 47s):
You can go low ball, then it's free, or you can take real TV, studio, quality money into the hand, and then it's, then it's suddenly your lat, a larger costs than, than the platform. So imagine that, and then you have for the game-ification, you need something for, for, for, if you want to have a life TV, quality host for the virtual end, for the, for the life. Part of that, that's big money. Then obviously if you offer a chat, you, you need a chat moderator. It's not big money, but it adds up. And no, if you take all of this together, yeah. You're easily looking 50 to a hundred thousand euros, which I did not expect at the beginning, just for, for a website to use, to have the right, to use the website.

3 (35m 33s):
So, no, it's, it's, it's huge money. And obviously, yeah, I mean, people prefer to spend their life. I mean, it's nicer to have a live booth in a virtual booth, but we have a couple of people who, who will support us and reduce that loss. But I, if we would, if we will break, even I would be really, really, really shocked. It's not going to happen. But again, I mean, it's a, it's a, it's a marketing expense. I mean, it keeps our brand out there. So people know that we're not, that gives us something to talk about.

3 (36m 13s):
Talk about also, as I said, it gives us a, the possibility to tap into what's possible future markets. So, I mean, it's a small wet webmaster in, in Asia and in, or a medium webmaster in Asia, in the us or Latin America or Africa or Australia or wherever outside of Europe has to think twice. If he, if he books a flight for, for a thousand or more euros to a conference that he has never heard of a scene. So, but he can always go online for free now and check out what we do then. Yeah. He might say this, they look what they do looks it's worthwhile.

3 (36m 58s):
I might might want to do that investment.

2 (37m 0s):
Yeah. I tell everybody I talk to in address, literally, I tell you, I talked to a guy today right before you, and I said, you know, you should go to this show and you know, it's, it's, it's definitely a show that, that everyone in the industry should go to. Now. Now, if one of our listeners would like to support you guys in your effort to provide the industry with a solid virtual networking platform, are there still live or virtual sponsorships left? I hope so. Because as I told you, I'm going to do it. And if so, what kind of sponsorships will be available for your hybrid TES affiliate conferences in July, 2021? And we can't forget September 20, 21.

3 (37m 43s):
Yeah. For the life part. It's a, again, certain sponsorships obviously depend on, on what we hear back from the Spanish government. And then they lose government as a force. For example, as a foot today, I could not sell a bar sponsorship because bar areas are forbidden. So we would have to find a different solution. So it was, I would probably just walk waiter between the, the business launches and provide you cocktails because you are not allowed to stand in that the bar as of today. Also, we also, we cannot sell huge business launches because as of today, only six people are allowed to, to sit together. So certain things we still have to wait for a week to, to see how it pans out, but other things for the life part we can already offer.

3 (38m 31s):
The, the main thing we offer at the moment is a, is a business launch for, for people outdoors, with nice chill out garden furniture. Because we know as of today, we already are allowed to host groups of six, but we expect things to get better, but to be on the safe side, we just sell things before. So if in the unlikely things that things do go bad, for whatever reason, we still have the, the thing that the government can say, okay, we don't allow you six anymore. Now we allow you four and we're still fine. So we, we, we, we take a very conservative stance. They're smart. That's, that's the live part. The virtual part obviously is easier.

3 (39m 13s):
So there will be virtual business launches where people can connect their Twitter account. They use YouTube account, the Instagram account, all, all the social media accounts for, for potential clients to check out. Also, it allows you to upload all type of, of information. So such as PDFs, PowerPoints, videos, images, any, any, anything that, that you have regarding your, your, your, your, your company speech, you can upload a promotional video. You can upload any, any type of digital data you can upload to your, the show business launch.

3 (39m 57s):
And also the business launch we'll have a live chat function. So if someone comes along, you can pop you a message and say, Hey, can we set up a meeting? And then you can, yeah. Send them as a meeting offer. Also, the good thing is, I mean, you don't have to be as the vegetables always. You can also just, just, if you're, if you're away from your desk, then someone sends a message. Hey, I want to meet you and see was, then you can always say, I'm back in an hour or, or a scheduled meeting with me at my, at my convenience, or I'm sleeping, or I'm sleeping. Yeah. You can, on your check, you can leave a message saying opening hours of my business launches off from whatever eight, until 10:00 AM, Los Angeles time and send people know what's the best time is to hit your ops there.

3 (40m 50s):
So it's a, it's quite, it's quite, quite good. And apart from that, you have people can, can buy what's called a breakout room. So they're, they can be with 50 people of which 12 people can be on screen with audio and video with them. That's more, yeah. If you want to look sales pitch, then you sit in there and yeah. Everyone can listen to UNF. It's, it's very interactive. So since people on, on the, on the video, so they can ask you a question, you can immediately answer them and that's another option to sponsor. So it's very interactive in contrary to the, to speak on a stage, you know, stage small presentation.

3 (41m 37s):
But even that we will offer a Q and a session at the end so that people can, can ask you question. And, but again, the break it's, the breakout rooms are more for, for corporate presentations, more interactive, and that's another sponsorship. Yep. And then, yeah, the last one is the big one. Yeah. You can become a hat call a headlining sponsor. So that means that what we produce is TV quality. So like any, any TV station, broadcasting station they'll, you can have video clips played before the speaker goes on the main stage. You can have video clips. Once a speaker is stunned with on the main stage can have a branded frame around the main speaker.

3 (42m 22s):
So that's, that's the top notch sponsorship. That's the only four of those per poor main stage. How much, how much those costs. We priced them at 6,999 euros. But your brand is in all, all of the nine speeches on a, on the main stage. Yes. There's no, there's no way that people will, will overlook your, your brand. And obviously, obviously water and I will we'll do additional sinks for, for, for this group of people. Obviously we'll, we'll spread it, spread that on, on social media, we'll announce it in a newsletter.

3 (43m 4s):
We'll, we'll make sure that your investment is, is protected. And it's always with us after the show, we will not disappear. If someone is not happy with what you paid and what we deliver. Walter and I are also available after the show at all, my clients have my email, my, my phone number, my, and my WhatsApp, my, my Skype, my Facebook messenger, my LinkedIn people, this we're easy to find. And we usually respond with within 12 hours or less. So for us, it's the deal is not, not written in stone, right?

3 (43m 44s):
So if they pay, pay that money and later on, they can justify that they didn't make them money's worth back or any of our sponsor ever. This goes to all our sponsors. If, if someone does not make his money back and he has a case, we will, we will be there after the show and we'll solve it. I can give you an example. Don't want to take too much time with that. But in Prague, in proc, we used to be in a hotel called taco bell. And that, that had a upstairs, the show area and downstairs pizza pizzeria, which we turned into a show floor.

3 (44m 25s):
So, because we didn't have much space to grow there. So long story short, we, since it was a small hotel on only two levels, that there would be people downstairs, but no, everyone stayed upstairs. Nobody went downstairs. So, so, so it was a bad deal for the people downstairs. So even during the comp conference, on the last day of the conference, I went to all the sponsors downstairs. And I said, to look some your, your, your, your bank data next week, and I'll refund you a half of your money. Right. And what's that why I didn't even complain. I haven't complained have I?

3 (45m 5s):
And I said, no, you don't have to complain. Right. It wasn't fair. So we, we, we, we refund you. It's a no-brainer and, and, and you see we, Walter, and I love to take your money. We will take your money, but we don't want it for free. Right. It's a very, it's a very, no, but it's very,

2 (45m 27s):
I remember, I remember years ago and I don't want to bring up a sore subject, but I remember you had a, you had a show scheduled and the show didn't end up happening. And a lot of people booked booked flights, and you actually sent an email out to everyone. And I remember this where you offered to refund, people's airfares. Now I turned you down. Why did I turn you down? Because I have, I have too much respect for what you do. And I realized you lost more money than anybody on the thing. So there was no way I was going to make the pain, you know, pain worse. But I remember you doing that in dress. And that those are the, that's the kind of business people, you and Walter.

3 (46m 6s):
Oh, we did it. I mean, costs are six digits and dollars. And, and, but, but, but, but again, I mean, that's just good business sense. I mean, that's good. It's good business. It's good. Exactly. We, we, we paid everyone's flight. We, we, we lost the money on the test. Even if you had booked a hotel that wasn't even the ShoreTel, we would refund you half the money you spent. But again, I mean, you lose money with us once and you don't want it.

2 (46m 38s):
No, you don't want people to remit. You don't want people remembering that experience because in the end, in the end, you're better off taking the financial blown now, then taking a blow to your reputation and turning people off. No, I completely would agree. And that's, that's the way you guys roll. And I really appreciate that. Now, now times are obviously unpredictable now, and we'll kind of along the same lines of what we were talking about. What if someone buys a sponsorship and then isn't allowed to travel to Spain in the end or even worse? What if there's a there's, you know, a, a new wave of COVID-19 are the sponsors going to lose their entire investment?

2 (47m 21s):
I think I know the answer, but I'll let you answer.

3 (47m 26s):
Yeah, no, I I've seen that happened to people at a conference in the past. And I find that quite, quite, quite terrible. No, we'll, we'll do it. I mean, first of all, since time's not unpredictable, as, as you said, we will not charge anyone until 1st of June until a month, really a month before the show, we will not charge anyone. So until then we only take risk-free reservations for sponsorships. So, so no, no risk to you until first off, 1st of June, really? So that's already good. And 1st of June, the month out, everyone can make more educated decisions.

3 (48m 10s):
What, a month later, everyone not. So I think that's quite fair.

1 (48m 14s):
Yeah. Yeah. And don't, and don't book your don't book, your, your plane and hotel until, you know, until then.

3 (48m 22s):
Yeah. And then the other thing is obviously then a small time window between 1st of June and the event that, that one month there, our idea is that we will refund you 60% of what you paid us in cash. So let's say you pay us on hundred. We'll send you back the 60 and the other 40 are not, are not lost. They just get to credit it to the next conference. So the next time you wonder was also, you, you come, you already got 40 reserved for you. So bottom line, you're not losing anything, right?

3 (49m 4s):
All your, all your money is still there. We're not taking any of your money.

1 (49m 10s):
Let's talk, you know, you mentioned future conferences. Let's talk about Prague. And I know I'm going a little bit off script here, but I know it's five months out. And I know there's a lot of uncertainty at this point, but what's your best

3 (49m 24s):
Guess on that? I assume things will look really, really good as set since, since a couple of days, I'm, I'm very positive about the future. If a large chunk of the European population will already be vaccinated in June, it it'll only get better and better and more and more every month after. So by September, I expect us to be able to host the nearly normal conference. Obviously not going to be like our last one in 2019, but it will be fairly, fairly close. I expect us to.

3 (50m 5s):

1 (50m 7s):
I hope so. That's a great show, man. That's a great show

3 (50m 10s):
And it's, we have a huge hotel. So even if, if there might still be social distance in place, which I, I doubt we could still put a lot of people in there. I mean, they're big capacity. So even if you have to stay up a meter and a half away, and if you have to wear a mask, we can fulfill all of those things easily. It's a big, big hotel. And so we will be able to host a significant number of live attendees. I'm I'm positive. Okay.

2 (50m 40s):
I'm, I'm planning on it, man. You know, up until recently, it was the only thing on my counter for 2021 outside, outside of being here. The only thing that I, that I said I'm going to do is go to Prague for TES. Other than that, I didn't care. I really didn't. Okay. Now, now, if people want to support and sponsor the conference, so who should they come?

3 (51m 4s):
They can contact me. So my email, most people will know it, but it's a And then I'll get back with them usually 12 hours or less. So again, it's And yeah, we, we get back to you in the 12 hours or less

2 (51m 25s):
Andreas. You get back to me and you keep saying 12 hours. Usually if I contact you, you get back to me in 12 seconds or less. So that's a, yeah, that's a, that's a long time for you now, what else can our listeners do to support Walter and yourself

3 (51m 41s):
As always was the life conference. But also with the virtual people always ask me, what, what can we do? The main things, talk about us, spread to the world, spread the word. That's really, really the main, main thing people always want to do will be to come up with fancy things. How can we help you speak about us? Not, not nothing else. We, we ask for a post about us on if you had, if you attend our show post about it on, on, on your social media channels. If you like what we do speak about it on your social media panel. Talk to your invite, your business friends, especially this time. Now tickets are free. Tickets are free.

3 (52m 21s):
They're not going to get any cheaper. So tell people, I mean, especially like, for example, you, you you're you're, you're, you're, you're a speaker. I mean, imagine anyone, anyone on the planet can listen to your speech now for free, for free. Why ship? Why shouldn't you invite your potential clients to check you out for free? So, I mean, yeah, maybe you're not part of the inner, inner inner circle of what we used to do because we were very European. We were very much dating Donald high-risk, et cetera, but now it's a new world. I mean, you can be in, in Indonesia kombucha, you can be in wherever and you can be in any industry and you can communicate with anyone.

3 (53m 11s):
And we give you a platform in the middle that pre pre pre sorts you who is there. And if you, if you come in and you see it, I want to have, I don't know, gaming field yet. And yeah, if you see there, I don't know, a hundred contexts, you stay on the platform for free, for free business for free. And if you see it, you come in and there's nobody with that characteristics on the platform you lost one minute and you go and you should also zero a year or so. So why would someone not, not take off, take off this offer? Right?

2 (53m 45s):
Right. No, I agree. I agree. Now, now we'll all TES affiliate conferences in the future. Have a hybrid conference format. Do you think

3 (53m 54s):
The short answer is yes. The large longer one is unless the financial losses are too over whelming. The good thing is if times go back to normal, we make diff w we have a good, good turnover with a good income with, with the life part. It's too fine, doing fine. And then water. I just have to agree that we want to earn less. I mean, it's, it's, it's just such a disposition. It's just a Walter. And I saying, we want to, in the end of the year, as a private person, half less in our wallet, so less for our family, less for our kids, less for vacations, it's it?

3 (54m 41s):
It is that sacrifice that we do for, for the ability for the industry. But again, it is a marketing tool. It allows people to check us out. It gives us worldwide reach and it keeps the brand out there. It all depends how much it hurts. I mean, if we, if we lose a little money, we'll do it for sure. If we lose a lot of money, we'll do it. If it becomes completely Gaga, then we will have to have a serious talk because we're talking about purposely taking a loss. Right. And that obviously any business person that's a little bit clever would never do that.

2 (55m 25s):
Oh, look, you know, you know what, you know what Andrew asked the way I look at it. I think it's a loss now for a gain later. I don't think you would do it. If you don't think, if you didn't think it would help you long-term. And I think, like you said, the more people who get acquainted, more people are going to attend the live shows and more people are going to sponsor. And I cannot stress enough to people. Look, I looked at the sponsorship and went, Hmm, really? Okay, should I do this? And then I thought about it more. And I thought, yeah. And I'm going to do this for one simple reason is because the job you guys do and the product you put out needs to be supported.

2 (56m 7s):
And I hope that everyone who sponsors shows or who can sponsor shows does a sponsorship here because they should, okay. And maybe they might look at it and go, okay, it's a little expensive for virtual sponsorship. I get that. But you know what, it's worthwhile because sponsoring your shows will help people. And I know that because that's my experience.

3 (56m 36s):
Yeah. Again, I mean, as I said, if we, if we lose some, okay, but it has also always been our model. We first provide a good product and then we ask, ask money for it. Never the other way around. No, you usually people are very focused on earning money. And so they will say, ah, okay, you pay me this. And that is what you get. And that's normal in business. It's very simple. If you want to buy a, buy a car or some shoes or whatever, underwear, doesn't matter, the guy will say it, put that money on the table and I give you that.

3 (57m 16s):
So we have a very strange way of doing business. We usually say, okay, we give you this. And if it works for you, you will eventually pay us. Well,

2 (57m 28s):
Look how long it took to Amazon to, to make money.

3 (57m 31s):
We've always done business the way where we said good things will happen. So if, if, if I do something for you, you don't have to pay me. It will come back. I mean, if I do something good for you and it makes you money and you're happy with me, you don't have to pay me. It will compact. You, you will, you will tell a business friend of yours about us or you, you you'll make, mention it on a board or on Facebook or wherever, or eventually you're small and we help you to grow for free. And at some point suddenly you are earning money and you're like, Oh, that money. Some of it I owe to those people. No, I mean, I will never send you say you owe it to me, but business people will say, why do I have this money?

3 (58m 18s):
Partly it comes from them. And then suddenly people that have grown with us say, Oh yeah. Now I should probably buy a sponsorship. I should make it. Right. And obviously, I mean that we'll use some bad apples that we'll just say, Oh, thanks for the free business, a loser. I take it. Ha ha for sure. I mean, you always have a such people, but the far majority of the people out there are good people and they'll say, Oh wow, you've done so much for me. How can I pay you back? And they, it always, what goes around, comes around.

2 (58m 53s):
No, I, I agree with you wholeheartedly, you know, and I'll give people an example. You know, I recently started a casino site, and we're, we're entering the, the area of, of broker and casinos. And I mentioned this to you and you turned me on to a contact and this guy has been, and I haven't even told you this. This guy has been of amazing value to me in that space where I knew nobody. And he was your counterpart with, you know, the, the, the casino shows. And it's that kind of benefit of doing business with you guys that even goes over and beyond the growth that my business has seen from sponsoring your shows and from attending your shows.

2 (59m 40s):
So, no, I, I can't tell people enough that it's, it's well worthwhile to support what you guys do now. What other interesting projects apart from T E S do you have lined up for people listening?

3 (59m 54s):
Yeah. Basically two, one is already existing. It's not existing. It's coming back. We, we, we never wanted to do an Island gathering again, but more people keep asking more and more often. So we, we, we decided to bring it back in the original form. So it will be in the, in the Marriott, in, in Curacao. Like it has always when's it going to be? That is a good question. First, we had a down for November, 2021. So this November, then Covid got really bad.

3 (1h 0m 34s):
And again, as a set, I, my predictions were bad. So we said, okay, we push it to November, 2022. Now suddenly your predictions are looking very, very well. So I will be speaking to the Marriott next week, if we want to push it to back to November, 2021, again, because by then I think life, the, the world will look really good. And I think people will be really ready to have a vacay or a business V vacate on a, on a beautiful Caribbean Island. Yeah, I'm ready.

3 (1h 1m 14s):

2 (1h 1m 14s):
You did it. You did it one year here in Thailand. Actually

3 (1h 1m 18s):
We did, we did one in, we did one. I wish you'd bring it back. We will see. We'll see. I think we, we, we will bring it back. I mean, w w when we launched it, we had the idea that that was something that you want to do a couple of every couple of years. I mean, such an event is not needed every year. Nobody wants to do it's all CEOs and company owners, and nobody wants to, they are also families and they don't want to go away every year. So our idea was to, to do it every couple of years, but then people hit me up and said, Hey, if you don't do it next year, then the competition will step in.

3 (1h 1m 60s):
You have to do it. And a stupid Mia said, Oh yeah, you have a point. And then we did it every year. And that was where everything went that. So then, because the first one to went out, worked out well, and then it got worse and worse. I think we learned something from it, but now it has been six, seven years that we done one, I would have won the, the time has come, that we can bring it, bring it back again. But after, after that, after that, do we do it every second or third year or every fifth or every 10th year will not, not be a yearly event again, because it's stupid. I mean, also it's company owners. It's the big dogs and they don't change from year to year.

3 (1h 2m 45s):
I mean, the industry doesn't change from year to year. It takes two, three, four times, four years for a change to happen that you actually notice. So why meet with the same people every year? It doesn't make sense. So currently we could say maybe, probably every five years and, and, but then you have different people in five years, the, the, the, the landscape at least has changed. So there's some value to what we're doing. And yeah, if in the meantime, the competition wants to step in be my guests, because I know the numbers and the numbers are not as great as you think.

2 (1h 3m 22s):
Well, they won't do as good of a show. Definitely. Well, Hey, Andrea. So I'd like to thank you again for being our guest today on adults. I broke her talk and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again soon before.

3 (1h 3m 33s):
Yeah. Sounds, sounds good. One, one last thing that I forgot to mention was, yeah, we're also thinking about maybe, maybe doing something more, more mainstream, also totally separate separate project. So probably less of relevance to your, to your listeners, but I want to throw it out there. Is that because then currently it's, it has become over the years, a very mixed back, and I'm not sure if everyone is really happy was that so we could pay a P S a little bit more into the high-risk risk, like what the banks would call the high risk market gaming, gambling, dating, whatever the bank would call high risk, and then have a second totally separate new online advertising conference is really just targeted to, to the low-risk.

3 (1h 4m 30s):
It's a good idea of take, take, take a different, that's a good idea. So, because if we mix it more and more, I think we, we will alienate our existing clients. The, the, the, the new people are not happy and nobody's happier. So, so maybe better to do two, two shows, Wells and one show that's totally, that doesn't have any, any restructure anymore.

2 (1h 4m 56s):
Sounds good. Well, Andreas, thanks again for being with us. My broker tip today is part seven of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, let's talk about some of the factors that influence the sale price of a website. Number one is always profit. It will be a multiple of the profit and that multiple is based on whether the profit is trending up or trending down

1 (1h 5m 19s):
And how fast it's trending up or down. I've seen valuations of as much as five times, although that's very rare. Normally it's in the two and a half to three and a half area. I've also seen valuations of one time. If the profit is taking a nose, dive, if a site hasn't been monetized, then it's all about the amount and the quality of the traffic. If a sale is based on traffic, it will be a multiple of what the traffic would sell for on the open market. What are the sources of traffic direct traffic search engine, traffic and reviewed traffic are the most valuable tube. Traffic is the least valuable. Is the traffic reliable and sustainable? What is the traffic history?

1 (1h 6m 0s):
In a rare case, the valuation will be based upon revenue. The same factors apply to that as to profit and the valuations will, of course be lower than those of profits. How old is the website? Is the domain or something else? Dot com is still King. What is it? Alexa rating, how many inbound links are there? How much staff does it take to run the site? How many email addresses do you have in the case of a dating site? This is very important. Another factor can be the reverse engineering cost. How much would it cost to build the site from scratch and drive the same amount of traffic to it, and how much time would be involved?

1 (1h 6m 41s):
What is the lifetime value of a customer on the site next week? How to buy a website. And next week we'll be talking to .

0 (1h 6m 55s):
And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again, like to thank my guest, . Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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