Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 43 with Coralyn Jewel of the High Society Podcast

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 43 with Coralyn Jewel of the High Society Podcast

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This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with porn star and author Coralyn Jewel.

Adult Site Broke is proud to announce a ASB Cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage with ASB Cash you'll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at for more details. First of all, today let's cover what's going on in our industry. The free speech coalition inspire program, we'll host a new webinar on tax preparation for adult industry workers and content creators tomorrow at 11:00 AM. Pacific time led by FSC industry relations advocate, Lotus lane with bookkeeper, Jesse Hornby tax preparer.

1 (1m 19s):
Eric pull a check. That's a hard one. And adult industry laborers and artists association, founder, Mary Moody. The event follows a similar FSE inspire panel in January. Although the 2021 tax filing deadline was recently extended from April 15th to May 17th lane felt a second panel was warranted with 2020 taxes coming due. And so many people in our industry, we wanted to bring together tax professionals with industry professionals to help get everyone over the finish line said, lane we'll cover last minute tax issues, including deductions extensions, no pun intended, PPP loans and strategies for reducing your tax burden in 2021.

1 (2m 7s):
This is a specialized industry with specialized needs lane continued. There were too few resources available to us and many mainstream accountants. Aren't familiar with the industry. No matter whether you use a big firm or file taxes yourself, this panel will provide the tips and strategies that understand sex work is real work to register. Go to free speech coalition's Now let's feature our property of the week that's per sale. At adult side broker, we are proud to introduce for sale an online casino that has hundreds of games, including table games, slots, sports, and many other games.

1 (2m 50s):
The site runs on a major platform that results in a first-class experience for players. It's been online for three and a half years and has grown promising future growth for the right owner revenues in 2021 have started out very strong as compared to 2020, which was also a very good year time spent managing the site as a minimal, only a few hours a week. Get into the exciting and profitable world of online gambling, which is expected to grow to $67 billion by 2025. Now for only 15.2 million euros. Now time for this week's interview.

1 (3m 32s):
My guest today on adult site, broker talk is coral and Juul coral. And thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk,

2 (3m 40s):
Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure

1 (3m 42s):
Now. Cortland is a perfect example of a woman living by her favorite quote. Patients will prosper. She's an international best-selling author of the book when the ice melts the story of coral and Juul. She's a working porn star, retired competitive athlete, porn director, swing club, owner fitness trainer, wedding planner, talent manager. I'm getting tired. Voiceover actors, a coach, and a motivational speaker. Now Coraline is the epitome of a strong, powerful female entrepreneur. You can follow her coaching training sessions, speaking engagements and book signing schedule on coral and as well.

1 (4m 23s):
As on our social media, Coraline has also released a new podcast and I love this name, the hanky panky podcast. It can be So Carlin, first of all, what do you do in your spare time?

2 (4m 39s):
Right. I like to go to the wineries and I, I have a little bit of a, I like to go to the casinos. I like to go and sit on a slot machine by myself and like put my headset on and just push buttons. When you have spare time. I do, I do sometimes

1 (4m 60s):
24 hours in the day. So, so tell me, where are you from and a little bit about your upbringing.

2 (5m 10s):
Okay. I was born in South Africa. I was actually born in a nun's convent, which is kind of funny, considering what I do for a living now, wonderful Africa raised in California and I was a competitive figure skater growing up from the age of three. So majority of my life was focused on my figure skating career and took me to different places. North Carolina, Wisconsin, Germany, and lived in Sweden for four years, coaching their skating team. And now I'm back in California.

1 (5m 39s):
That's crazy. Tell me about your figure skating career. That's that's very interesting.

2 (5m 46s):
Let's see. I started when I was three years old, I was a single skater and then realized that pair skating was more of my calling. And so that's what took me to live in different locations because there's a lot of female figure skaters, but there are not a lot of male skaters, which means wherever the male partner that wants you, you go. So I did that. And then I realized that because I had at the time joint, what do you call it? Joint citizenship with South Africa, I was able to represent them in the Olympics. And so that was my ultimate goal was to go with my partner from Wisconsin and represent them in the Olympics. And then an injury caused me to miss the tryouts and that dream was put to the side because my injury was just not fixable.

2 (6m 30s):
I was still able to skate, but there was no ways that I could do when a pair of skater needed to do to be at the Olympic level.

1 (6m 36s):
Sure. Oh, those are, those are elite athletes now. That's, that's interesting. So, you know, when I'm watching pair skating on the Olympics and it's, it's one of my favorite things to watch by the way, there always seems to be this amazing chemistry between the couples. Okay. Some of them are actual couples, some aren't okay. I get the impression, they're all doing each other and that's, that's just my that's, that's my feeling. And if they didn't at the beginning, they probably are at a certain point. How does that relate to, to the porn work?

1 (7m 17s):
You do.

2 (7m 18s):
So I think that it's like, so I have a degree in theatrical production, so that's my actual degree. And so I take that degree to everything that I do, whether it's performing in an ice skating competition with a partner, or if it's, you know, performing in an adult scene, you know, you've got to establish that chemistry with whoever you're working with to make it believable. The same goes for I'm a wedding planner. So I take my weddings and my lifestyle swinger events as I'm putting on a theatrical production and you know, my staff and I have to have that chemistry so that we can put on the best production that we can put on. So I take that, I take that degree and I apply that to everything that I do in my everyday life, in my current career.

1 (8m 2s):
Okay. So there are some similarities between the pair of skating and the porn. Yes, absolutely. Okay.

2 (8m 10s):
Although I never slept with any of my partners. I'm sorry.

1 (8m 13s):
Oh, you know, you just, you just burst the bubble. You just burst a bubble for me because I was sure all these people were doing each other damn

2 (8m 23s):
Mine were mostly gay. They didn't

1 (8m 26s):
Want me. Oh, that doesn't well not know that part does not surprise me because a lot of the, a lot of the male figure skaters, they, yeah. They seem to have a little extra lift in their scapes. So how did you get involved in the adult industry?

2 (8m 42s):
So it's kind of an interesting story, but to shorten it, my husband and I, when I was married, I was, it was 2008. So there was the housing market was crashing and I was actually an owner of a company for children. I owned a mobile fitness company and my husband made a suggestion that women sell their underwear online. They're used underwear to make extra money. And it was that one comment that led me down, building a website, starting to join panty selling websites, which turned into custom videos, which ultimately turned into me, applying for a job and becoming a director and camera operator on the porn set. And I did not get into the industry until I was 35 years old.

2 (9m 26s):

1 (9m 27s):
So what does that, what does that make you a MILF performance?

2 (9m 30s):
I am a mil. I definitely have a moment.

1 (9m 33s):
No. And, and will, and will later be a Cougar, right.

2 (9m 37s):
I guess if they keep me right.

1 (9m 40s):
There you go. There you go. How's the porn career coming. That's that's that's that's that sounds like a, that that really sounds like a, a double meaning. But anyway, go ahead.

2 (9m 52s):
I like, I like it actually, it could be my net, the title of my next book. Hmm. But anyway, because, because of COVID, a lot of it was put on hold, but that gave me a chance to really focus on getting my book published and organizing my tour for 2021. So I'm going to be doing, you know, seminars and motivational speaking. It also gave me a chance to work on my, my podcast and really focus on my podcast. And it's just recently that I'm getting back into shooting. I was in Las Vegas last month and I'm actually doing a tour to Iowa, New York and New Jersey. And I have a New York, Miami, New Jersey in the middle of March. So that got it.

1 (10m 29s):
That's good. That's good. What do you, what do you like about shooting porn?

2 (10m 35s):
I feel that I really love a lot of times people ask me that along with why do I like the swinger community? I feel like it's a sense of family. And I feel that at least from my experiences, everybody is, there's nothing to hide. You're upfront, you're truthful. And you're honest from the get go. So you walk onto set, you know, why you're there? You know what you're doing? You meet the director, you, you know, do the pretty girls. You asked them where the money shot is you do your seat and you get your paycheck and you leave. And there's no, I feel that there's no bullshit. There's no BS sitting around on anything. So, and I like it. I like to perform. I really, I like to give the director my input of what I think will make the scene less cheesy, more, better, whatever it might be. And so I, I enjoy it.

2 (11m 17s):
That's kind of, I retired for three years and I just went back. In fact, a year ago, February last year I came back shooting for score land group. I did a 40 something mag and then COVID hit. So I'm excited to be back and be shooting.

1 (11m 33s):
Now, how has COVID affected your whole porn career?

2 (11m 40s):
Like I said, it made it, it put everything on hold considering I took it. I took a three-year break. And then just as I came back in, in February, in fact in February of last year, I was in Chinatown when people were starting to about wearing masks. And I was, you know, everybody thought this was a Chinese only disease at the time and we didn't know, really know what we were dealing with. And so, but what Covid did do is that when I, you know, came home from shooting, that it made me finish my book and it made me work on my social media marketing and interviews. I've done a ton of interviews and got my podcasts. And I'm also in the process of developing a new product line. We just got the trademarking done for that it's coral and Juul, and working on getting that out on the market as well.

2 (12m 23s):
So I'm keeping myself busy with a variety of things,

1 (12m 26s):
The product line, what's that going to be all about?

2 (12m 30s):
We have developed a CBD lube. So I'm working with yep. I'm working with a company in North Dakota. We are in the process of getting our everything's patented. We've got three different levels of the loop and we just finished the logo design. And we are in the process of doing the bottling now.

1 (12m 47s):
Yeah. I actually spoke to someone who's got another such product out of, out of the UK. So that's interesting. So it's the second time I've heard about a CBD lube and is that going to be the only product

2 (13m 1s):
Right now? That's the only product that we have. There's three different variants of it. So that's more on the scientific side. There's one, that's got the Delta aid. So one that, you know, just makes you more sensitive is the best word for that. The second one's more of a euphoric feeling. And the third one will actually kind of be like your high apparently is what I'm understanding. Now we have just tested the first one, it's gone through testing. We've gotten our feedback on it and it's, you know, my first time ever experimenting with a CBD lubricant. And I have to say, it's, it's definitely a different experience. I didn't think that it was going to be able to absolutely a hundred percent is

1 (13m 36s):
That's interesting. That's really good. Yeah. The sky's the limit with the whole CBD thing. Yeah.

2 (13m 42s):
Yeah. And it's, you know, I told them when they approached me on the product, I said, I won't put my name behind anything that I don't believe in. And so on owning a swingers club, they sent me samples and they have passed out to all my members. I've got 18,000 members and I've actually got an event this weekend where everybody gets a sample and I'm going to continue to get feedback on it and see where we go.

1 (14m 5s):
You know, you have so many projects and it seems like they keep popping up. Is there, is there, is there ever, is there ever a point where you go, Oh, I've done enough.

2 (14m 18s):
Yeah. I mean, I get approached to do, you know, I get approached to do different things like a spokesmodel and ambassador for certain products. Again, it really has to be something that I feel strongly about. I did recently just break down and hire a social media manager. I'm going to need a personal assistant at some point, because it's just too much for me to take, keep up on everything. And on top of that, I'm a wedding planner. And so when I have, you know, to plan the weddings or be at the weddings, somebody else has to be able to handle my phone for the other stuff that might come in. So yes, I, I, I definitely need some extra help and need some extra hands. I need to clone me like three times

1 (14m 56s):
At least. How, how, how did you end up becoming a wedding planner?

2 (15m 3s):
So I was, I, I started the different way. I started as a swinger club owner where I got into the adult industry. I started dancing at a strip club. They asked, they asked me if I'd be interested in running a swingers event there, I knew nothing about it. Researched it started a club, did an event, it was successful. And so the owner invested $50,000 in me starting my own club. That was in 2012. And so now I have 18,000 members. But what that did is it made me realize at my events that when people ask me, well, what is a swinger party? Like, do you just ring a bell and have an orgy at 11 o'clock? And I was like, no, not quite. And I realized that the best way to describe it is, imagine that you're going to a wedding with the exception that there are playrooms.

2 (15m 49s):
If you want to go and play with somebody. So all of my events, I cater them. I bring in entertainers, fire, fire, fire, spinners, sword. Swallowers my event. This weekend, I've got a headliner drag performer coming in from Las Vegas. And it made me realize that if I can run a swingers event, I can sure as hell do a wedding. So that's why I do the weddings as well. And I've been doing those since 2016. I am wedding. Wire's a couple choice award winner, five years in a row now.

1 (16m 19s):
Wow. Wow. Yeah. I'm starting to see how your brain works. Yeah. Very, very good logical. So talk about the whole swinger's club market. Obviously COVID has effected that as well, but tell me about the business and what you like about it.

2 (16m 43s):
So speaking of community, like I said, you know, I'm originally, the reason I'm actually divorced is because my husband and I were involved in it. The last year of our marriage, he ended up, he ended up having what I would call an emotional affair, which means that I would let him have sex with somebody in another room or next to me, but he was meeting this particular person for coffee and lying to me about being, you know, at business trips and stuff like that. So yeah, so people say to me, you know, why on earth would you stay in the lifestyle if you know, your ultimately your marriage of 14 years ended because of it. And I feel that again, it goes back to that sense of community. These are my friends. So there's 18,000 members in the club. And, you know, out of the 18,000 members, I can definitely say, you know, there's a good 200 of them that are couples that I not met.

2 (17m 30s):
They're my friends. Now we'll go wine tasting together. We'll go on vacations together. But the swinger community, as for other event, hosts is very, very cutthroat. There are those of us that have been around for a long time and we support each other and we go to each other's events and we are sponsors to each other's events. And then there's some of the newbies, the newbies that come in and just feel that the only way that they're going to be successful is to be cutthroat to the others. So that's difficult. That's difficult because I don't see that in our, in our adult industry, with the, with other porn performers coming in and downplaying the ones that have been on for a long time, you don't see that, but in the swinger community, you do see that.

1 (18m 8s):
Yeah. I kind of get that sense. I, I brokered a, a broker to swinger site and I've learned a lot about the industry from the buyer who you could know, we can talk off, you know, we can talk offline about that. So whose idea was it to write a book and why did you write it?

2 (18m 31s):
So I'd always wanted, like, I would always tell people, like my story and people would always say to me, Oh my God, you need to write a book. And I would just laugh. And so I was actually at the AVN awards back in, I think, 2016. And I was talking to a girl that was selling body glitter, gold, okay. Edible body glitter, gold. And she was with the jury. She was with a journalist that would follow her around. And I was talking to her about having her come to my swingers events and market, her edible body glitter to my community. And the journalist guy was standing there and said to me, I'd like to have a drink with you and hear your story. And shall we have a drink? And it was him that said, you need to write a book. And I was like, I'm not an author.

2 (19m 12s):
And he said, okay, let me rephrase this. I'm going to write your book. So I knew where that I knew where that was going, by the way. So, so that's how it started. He did start to write my book. He worked on it for about two years. All the stories are true. I would provide them all the information. He would put it into the correct grammar as we should say. And it was about two years into the, into the project that he came to me and said, I just can't dedicate the time that you need for this. And I really feel that this book is going to be better, better done if it comes from your mouth Cortland. And if it comes from your words. And so I took over, I took over writing a book, which I'd never done before.

2 (19m 54s):
And then I got a publisher out here in California who actually lived, it turned out, she lives a mile from me. And she believed in my project and believed in my book. And she took me and it became a number one international bestseller within like six weeks. So this fast. Yeah.

1 (20m 13s):
Now how does that, how does that all feel to, to, to be an author, to, to have had a number one best bestseller? That's gotta be pretty staggering.

2 (20m 25s):
Well, in my book, I talk about this a lot. And on my podcast, I talk about it a lot. I've always lived my life for other people, at least, you know, at least as a, as a young, other, as a little girl and going to college. And I was always trying to impress my father, especially. And what this has done for me is I finally feel that sense of freedom. I've come out to the, my family, my community, my children, with my story and my truth. And, and I'm proud of it. I mean, I'm proud to say that, you know, I'm an international bestselling author. I run my own podcast. You know, I'm one of, I was one of the, you know, the top milk performers for not being in very long, you know, weddings, I got into weddings and I told you, I've made, you know, a couples of choice, award winner, five times in a row.

2 (21m 12s):
And then I look back and I'm, I'm excited to see where my career is going to go. And I'm excited with what I've accomplished so far.

1 (21m 19s):
You ever wake up in the morning and go, what hat do I have on today all the time.

2 (21m 25s):
That is, if I go to sleep at night, that's my, and my heart is my heart is to turn off my brain at night. My brain is constantly going and I'm writing. I'm writing a second. I'm writing a second book now because I'm turning my book into a series. So that's on top of every, Oh, and we're doing a documentary too. I forgot about that. So, yeah.

1 (21m 43s):
Ooh, tell me, tell me about that.

2 (21m 46s):
I'm working with a director in New York and one locally here in Los Angeles and California. And we are turning my book into a documentary. So that's a whole nother project that I'm working on with those guys. Yeah. I need an assistant.

1 (22m 2s):
Any, anything else you forgot to mention to me in your bio Coraline? I just thought I'd ask.

2 (22m 7s):
I know, right? Let's see. Wedding swingers events. Pornstar author podcast, host model fitness company, owner. And I've got the lube and the documentary. And I think that's all right now. That's good.

1 (22m 21s):
That's that's it? Huh? Ah, geez. Now, geez. Now I'm disappointed. Okay. So you started the hanky panky podcast. I'll say the name again. Cause I could say that name over and over and over and not ever get tired of it. I mean, mine is, mine is boring. Adult side broker talk. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway,

2 (22m 44s):
It's named after my swingers clubs. So my swingers club, he likes style and the Nate, you might know the reason the club became the name. I'm an adult performer. And I always can say his last name, wrong Hank pacara. He was married to animal. Do you know who that is? Okay. Well known adult performer. He was, he was the manager of the strip club where I danced at where the owner of the strip club said he wanted to invest in me. And the way we came up with the name was I went in to go and ask him a question. And he told me to be quiet for a second. He was on the phone with Hank. And when I came back in, I said, are you done talking to hanky panky? And he said, you just named our club.

2 (23m 25s):
So there you go,

1 (23m 26s):
Oh God, how did it, by the way, how did it feel to have, have this guy have the confidence in you to, to invest in this

2 (23m 36s):
Nerve wracking? Because like I said, I mean, I had been to swingers parties with my husband, but I had didn't really have any experience. I mean, I was, I would volunteer a little bit at a local house party here, you know, here in Southern California. And I would volunteer as what's called the front door host is show people around or collect them at the door. But I knew nothing. I didn't know any of the swinger sides. I didn't know the legalities. And that's a lot of that is in my book too. There's a lot of legalities that I've had to go through and lawsuits and yeah. You know, when people turn their back on you, there's been a lot of that. So, but you know, it's, you just got to persevere and keep going and keep trying.

2 (24m 17s):
And I do that for sure. So,

1 (24m 19s):
Well, in the, in the sex business, they throw as many roadblocks at us as possible.

2 (24m 26s):
Don't they? Absolutely. But you know what? We can go and

1 (24m 29s):
Well, yeah, we do. And you're lucky you're in California. I mean, with the exception of the condom law, the, the state is a lot more liberal when it comes to everything. However, they're also number one in terms of regulation. So having any business there has got to just be, hell I don't envy. I don't know if you watch, I don't know if you watch a watch real time with bill Maher. Do you ever watch that?

2 (24m 55s):
I don't know. I don't, but I should. I actually don't watch TV at all.

1 (24m 59s):
I'm not surprised you don't have time, but, but he's been, he's been every week, he's shown the number of days since he applied to put solar in his home and it's over 2000 now and it took like three years, four years just to build a shed with all the, a little shed with all the dock permits he had to get and all the hoops he had to jump through.

2 (25m 26s):
Yeah. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. All of that. And even for me, the trademarking, you know, trademarking my name and trademarking my podcasts, and then they want your different classes and then they say, you know, it's just, everything is just like an absolute, freaking nightmare. That's all I can say.

1 (25m 44s):
Well, stuff's complex, but if you have the right attorney, you're good.

2 (25m 47s):
Yeah. Yep. Okay. So anybody who's listening, I'm looking for a good attorney.

1 (25m 54s):
No, I got you on that. I'll I'll S I'll send you to somebody. Okay, cool. Yeah. I'll send you somebody, I'll send you to my guy. So, so how did you decide to start a podcast and what's the podcast all about?

2 (26m 9s):
Okay. So that is one thing I do do. If I'm driving in the car, I'll listen to other podcasts. And what I realized is that there was a lot of podcasts out there that weren't didn't really have a goal in mind, or, you know, their topics were all over the place and that's fine. You know, they're just bringing in different guests. But I really, you know, the point of my book is to share my story and help other people not make the same mistakes that I made. And so I wanted to do a podcast where I touched on all those different things and also try to open up people's minds to the misconceptions of the swinger community or the BDSM community, the kink community polyamory polysexual, what's the difference.

2 (26m 51s):
And so it's all about, that's what my podcast is all about. It's about, you know, bringing in a variety of guests. I just had an author today, Jane Boone, she wrote edge place. She, her whole book is written about the femdom world and it was all done on research that she did for four year period. I bring in sex therapists. I bring in scientists by an, you know, biomedical engineering scientist who developed a watch. That'll make a woman squirt all these different kinds of things. I just want to open people's minds to just listen and learn and see if we can get a little bit more acceptance. So

1 (27m 28s):
That's, that's awesome. Well, there's, there's certainly a need for that because our industry, first of all, is so misunderstood. And, and second of all, there's so many people who really aren't, they aren't up to speed on, on how to be in the industry and how to do things in the industry.

2 (27m 53s):
And that's yeah, that's the other thing. I mean, I get all the time messages from young girls, 20 years old asking me, you know, where do they go? How do they know what's legit? What is testing? How do they prepare for this scene? All these kinds of things. And so, you know, what I do is on my podcast every week, I also post a blog on my website, which is the hanky panky And that blog correlates with whoever my guest was. So it'll focus on, what's a fan page, what's many bids. What is only fans? How do you do it? What is testing? Who do you test through? How often do you test, what does it cost? You know, how do you market yourself? All these different things. Safety is like my number one, protecting these girls and guys from making mistakes and signing with agents that are not legit, that are not licensed.

2 (28m 43s):
So that's my goal. My goal is if I, you know, I just got, I just got the most amazing message right now in an email from someone who said that my, she listened to my podcast and she's a lesbian all her life. And she's trying to open her mind to be with men. And she says, my podcast is helping her do that. And that, that means the world to me, that's exactly why I'm doing what I'm doing.

1 (29m 4s):
Yeah. It's got, it's gotta be very, very nice to have people say, you're helping them. Now. You're doing a lot. It's kinda, kinda the understatement of the year. What are your future plans with? Pretty much everything you have going on.

2 (29m 25s):
Ultimately, my ultimate goal is I want to travel to different trade shows. Adult shows, exotica, AVN, and I want to do motivational and seminar speaking. I want to do educational conferences where I'm teaching people about the adult industry, the swinger lifestyle, bring on guests with me, people from the BDSM world, kink, poly therapists, psychologists. I, my, my goal is to educate, you know, just to travel and to educate, do my book signings, of course, right? I'm writing a series. So working on that, keeping my podcasts going as for my events, the swinger events and the weddings, there might be a time where I have to put those things aside.

2 (30m 8s):
I know, I know. Well, I can't clone me and I don't feel, I don't feel comfortable letting anybody be the way

1 (30m 17s):
Kuwait, Carlin, you haven't fit. You haven't figured out a way to do that yet.

2 (30m 21s):
I'll get on that. I'm gonna work with the science

1 (30m 23s):
Is going to be your that's your next project. That's your next project.

2 (30m 27s):
You never know they're coming out with all these robots. Now we could clone Corlon. This would be good. Okay.

1 (30m 34s):
Oh God. I got, I got her thinking. That's probably, that's probably the most dangerous thing that happened during this interview.

2 (30m 40s):
Especially at nine 20 at night. I won't sleep now until I develop a robot that cleanses me.

1 (30m 45s):
So what other, what other plans do you have going forward?

2 (30m 49s):
That's that's everything, you know, I'm just right now, I'm working on my tour because I'm still, Oh, I think I'll, you know, I will put performing to it to the side at some point, but my focus, my focus right now is get my, get my name out there. Get the podcast out there, get my book out there, books by seminars, motivational talks and see where it goes from there. I like to challenge myself. I'm always up for a challenge.

1 (31m 13s):
Sure. Well, what, what, when you, when you finished performing, have you ever thought like many performers when they've had a long career of starting your own studio and producing for other people?

2 (31m 26s):
I don't think I have an interest in actually doing that kind of stuff because I, like I said, my goal is to educate and to help. And so that would be creating. I do, I do right now. I do talent manage with a company down in San Diego. So we help new models come in. We place them with agencies. We educate them on what they need to know. So that's a talent managing company that I work for. But as for opening my own production studio, I don't think that's the direction I'm going to go. I think I'm really going to focus on seminars and motivational speaking and my educational conferences.

1 (32m 1s):
Okay. Now you mentioned mental health. Are you, are you familiar with pineapple support?

2 (32m 6s):
I am very familiar with them. Yes. Yeah. Amazing.

1 (32m 10s):
Yeah. I would think that's, that's a firm you should be working closely with.

2 (32m 14s):
Yes, absolutely. I'll definitely reach out to them. Okay.

1 (32m 16s):
I can, I can enter, I can introduce you to Leah. She was my first, she was the first guest on my podcast, by the way.

2 (32m 22s):
Oh, very cool. Okay. I was just, I just did ASN lifestyle magazine. They had me in their December issue. So yeah, I mean, I've done a lot of interviews with people as well, but I definitely that's, that's my goal too, to work alongside companies, you know, the free speech, I'm a huge, huge advocate for them would love to work alongside them. That's what I wanna do. I wanna, you know, make people safer, make our industry safer and make people understand that the majority of us are actually pretty damn smart, pretty educated and entrepreneurial spirits. So yeah,

1 (32m 59s):
Most are most are not as smart as you. My dear

2 (33m 4s):

1 (33m 5s):
Entrepreneurial spirit among performers is rare, is rare. It's more common than it used to be with the newer generation, but it's but it's still rare.

2 (33m 17s):
Okay. Yeah. We need to change that and change that. Yeah. I want these performers to know you're more than just a pretty body on set. You've got, you've got experiences. You know, the biggest thing to talk about in my book is I say every, everybody has a story. Every single person in this world has a story. And every one of us can learn from sitting down, shutting our mouth and listening to somebody else's story. And so I urge people to share their story.

1 (33m 45s):
Yeah, no, that's a, that is definitely important. Now you alluded to it before, but I'll ask the question. Do your friends and family know what you do? And if so, what do they think?

2 (33m 58s):
So am I, everybody knows everything. Yes. My friends and family, they know I was Well not anymore. I was, that's actually why I retired about four years ago. So my, and this is in my book as well. I have a sister who was adopted from China, about 20 years old. She found my Instagram account. And instead of contacting me to discuss it, she contacted my older, my younger brother. And then they both called my father and my father called me highly disappointed. He knew that I ran a swing. Yeah, he did not. Did not know I was an adult performer or that I had worked out at brothel. And so

1 (34m 38s):
Put that party resume.

2 (34m 41s):
I worked up in Toronto at the, with Dennis off at the brothel up there. But my, my initial reaction, like I said, during the beginning of my whole life was all about, you know, pleasing daddy. And so I pulled, I pulled everything. I pulled my social media. I pulled my Twitter account. And so I've just recently had to start building everything back up again. When I decided to publish my book and come clean with my story, because I'm not ashamed of who I am or what I did. I'm actually proud of it because it made me all these different experiences made me who I am today. So everybody knows my children know my kids are funny because I'm my social media manager to set me up with a Snapchat. I don't understand how to use it.

2 (35m 21s):
So I went into my 13 year old's room and I said, TIR, do this for me. And he goes, no way in, hell I helping you with your Snapchat. I do not want to see it. Take your phone out of my head.

1 (35m 34s):
Oh, that's funny. I'm not surprised though. By the day that I looked

2 (35m 38s):
At the 17 year old and he goes, no, and I'm like, all right,

1 (35m 41s):
You're a mom. So what did you do? Ask him to ask him to ask one of their friends,

2 (35m 48s):
Just con guy contacted my bartender who works for me and said, Hey, I need your help with Snapchat this weekend. So I still have to, anybody out there who's requested my friendship, but not ignoring you. I don't know what to do with it. So I'll figure it.

1 (36m 0s):
Yeah, yeah. That, that one's that one's above my pay grade too. What about now? How about dad now?

2 (36m 8s):
Okay. So my dad now knows all of that when he does it, but he doesn't know, or he might know, and hasn't said anything. He doesn't know yet that I've released a book or that I have a podcast. I tried to tell him on the phone when he said to me, how are you doing during COVID? Are you bored? And I said, well, I just, you know, I'm get ready to publish my book. And he like laughed. And he's like, that's funny. And I'm like, okay, well, that's what I'm doing.

1 (36m 32s):
Well, why don't you get them a one or two, get them a copy of it. You can even autograph it.

2 (36m 36s):
I know. Right? Well, I'm waiting till this COVID my parents haven't seen me in a year because of COVID. They're very scared. So I'm waiting till this whole pandemic is over. And then I'm going to send them my website and a copy of my book and my podcast. So they can see, you know, the success that I've achieved and you know, and what I've done and where I'm going in my life. And hopefully there'll be proud of me. So

1 (36m 60s):
I'm sure dad is already very proud. I'm sure he is. No, really, you know, it it's a shock to the system, but once that shock is over, I'm sure he's very proud. Yeah. Yeah. You can, you can be sure of it. Now, what advice would you give to someone just starting out in the business?

2 (37m 21s):
So if you're just starting out in the business, whether you're a male or a female, I really, really recommend that you, you know, go read, actually go read my blogs that tell you how to get into this industry. It's really important that when you read, when a company reaches out to you and they want to hire you, that you get references that you get a website, what are they shooting for? What are the specifics of the scene? Where is the scene? What's their social media, all of these different things. Cause there's a lot of what we call in the industry. GWC guys with cameras. And you know, we've got these models. I'll give you a perfect example. I had somebody the other day contact me on sexy jobs, wanted to set up a shoot.

2 (38m 3s):
We got on the phone and started talking about the shoot and short story long. It was a seventy-five dollars, $75 an hour for two hours. Full sex. No condoms.

1 (38m 15s):

2 (38m 16s):
And I, and he had told me that he was shooting with a girl right before me. And I proceeded to say, have you lost your mind? Like that's, that's out of control, but you see anybody who's new in the industry, a young 18 year old, a 19 year old girl, she looks at that and says, okay, well, minimum wage is $15 an hour. If it is, and I can go and make $75 hour having sex with this guy, I'm going to do it without knowing the repercussions of what could happen to her. Sadly. Yeah. So that's what I would tell people. Do your background checks, there's plenty of sites. You can run people's phone numbers. You can run their names, always do a face conversation. Whether it's on Skype, zoom, Facebook, you need to see who you're meeting, talk to them and get the references because you do your due diligence.

2 (39m 3s):
That's what they say.

1 (39m 4s):
I agree with like any business, like any business, like you said, people, people have to be more business people. What advice do you have for someone who wants to join the swinger lifestyle, community,

2 (39m 17s):
Same thing you can go to. They can go to my podcast. I do a lot of stuff on that, but I always tell people the number one with the swinger lifestyle community is that you've got to communicate with coming in as a single female or a single male. You know, you might come in with expectations that, you know, you really, really want to have a threesome. And then when it comes down to what they say, you know, when fantasy meets reality, sometimes it's not what you expected it to be. So it's communication. It's going back with your partner and saying, okay, I really, really thought that I was going to like having another, you know, another woman in the room with us, but actually I hated it. And I hated seeing you touch her and let's not try that. Let's try something else because there's so many different aspects.

2 (39m 58s):
We talk about this a lot too. There's so many different aspects of being a quote, unquote, swinger. You can be a lawyer. You can be an exhibitionist. You can be, you know, where you're a husband and the wife is the hot wife and you want to see her with other single males. So you have to, you have to communicate. You have to give it a try. And if you don't like it, you don't like it. Don't do it. And never, ever, ever, ever put yourself in a position where you're doing something you don't want to do. Don't go into a play. Don't go into a playroom with a couple that you meet, just because you think they're hot without discussing with them what it is that they look for from this lifestyle.

1 (40m 33s):
That's good. That's good. Sounds like, sounds like another book. You've got to have some interesting stories about that in your time in the lifestyle

2 (40m 48s):
I do. That is. So when I, when I was publishing my book, I kept saying to my publisher, wait, wait, wait, I forgot this story. And wait, wait, wait, I forgot that one. She says to be stopped. He says, you have so many stories. That will

1 (41m 2s):
Be a good one.

2 (41m 3s):
Oh goodness. Okay. So, well this is like one of my favorites, I guess. So, so being in the, being in the lifestyle and running as, as a hostess, people laugh at me. I call myself Ms. Hanky panky, and you know, I'll run into a playroom and there'll be, you know, 10 people on the bed. And I go, everybody wearing condoms and I'll throw condoms on the bed and they'll laugh at me, you know? And I'll go

1 (41m 24s):
Lifestyle mom,

2 (41m 27s):
You know, or if they ride my motor bunny, which is like a Sybian I walk in and I go, make sure you clean up your squirt. And then I walk, you know, they laugh at me, but when I first started this, it was 2012 and we had rented a mansion and I put, you know, my heart and soul into this beautiful mansion with that $50,000 that that guy gave me to make it what it was. And it was maybe one of our first parties. And it was like, you know, maybe my second party ever being the hostess. And I walked into one of our playrooms and there must've been 30 people on this, like full-size bed. And all I could think was, Oh my God, it's going to break. Yeah, it's going to break. I'm going to have to buy a bed. And as I'm standing there going, Ugh, okay. There's a lot of you guys on the bed, all of a sudden, just a friggin, I don't even know what you call it.

2 (42m 11s):
A gusher of squirt just comes and hits the ceiling of the man's of the bedroom. And then this girl pops her head up to this day. I'm still friends with her. She'll laugh. If she hears me tell this story. And she goes, I'm so sorry. I promise I'll clean it up. And then she pops back down into the pile of 30 people. And I just shook my head, like, how am I going to get the squirt off the ceiling? So that was, you know, when I first started now, like nothing phases me, like I've been doing this for so long. I just, I walk in, I do what I need to do. And I walk out I'm very business mode when I'm at my events.

1 (42m 43s):
That's that's. That is an interesting, sorry. Give me one more. Give me one more. This is good. See, unlike your publisher, I want more,

2 (42m 52s):
Let's see here. So I've got another one where, okay, so anybody that is my date for my event. So, you know, if I, if I'm dating somebody or they've never been to a swingers event and they accompanied me as you know, I called them my you're my host for the evening with me. So I had a date. He was 28 years old and he was a prison guard. And I explained to him, you know, that they're, you know, I've got security on staff. My security is trained to always come to me first. And if there's an issue, then you know, I try to break up the issue first. And if I can handle it, my security is always standing there and watching. So, so usually when anybody arrives at the party, they've never been there before male, female, couple, my doorstop will notify me.

2 (43m 34s):
I come and I give them the basic rules. You know, the no means, no ask before touching, don't be pushy, et cetera, et cetera. So they go, I go through the rules with them. So there was a single male. I stepped outside at one of my events and there was a couple there and they just looked at me and they said, listen, my husband wants to kill this guy, but we know your rules. So we're going to let you handle it. That guy wrote that right over there. Won't keep his hands to himself. So I walked over to him. It was a single male for this particular event. And I said to him, Hey, you know, you and I spoke on the phone. And you know, I asked you, you know, when you came in, I gave you the rules and why, why are you not respecting the rules? And he went and shoved me. And my security guard was standing right there.

2 (44m 15s):
And before I could do anything, my 28 year old date picks the guy up, throws him on the floor, puts his foot on his neck. And he says, Hey, you hit a woman B you hit my woman. See you hit the hostess at this event and I'm going to kill you. And I go, no, you're not. Please take, please take your foot off of his neck. And then, you know, and then we dealt with the situation from there. Yeah. But you know, for most of the most parts or, you know, really, I can count on one hand, any like actual, like altercations, where we've had issues where my security had to get involved. I did have one where my, I had the SWAT team escort, somebody out. That was a pretty good one too.

2 (44m 56s):
I'll save that one for my book though,

1 (44m 57s):
The SWAT team. So, so are, are these stories going to be in the documentary?

2 (45m 3s):
Yes. So some of them will, well, yeah, we're working on that right now. And then we're working on, you know, for the sequels of my book, each book is going to focus on a different aspect of my life. So lifestyle events, porn, shoot events, things that happened at the brothel. So what can I kind of break it down like that? I have lots of stories.

1 (45m 23s):
That's awesome. We're we're, we're going to have to do this again for sure. Where can work in your listener? Where can our listeners, as well as your listeners learn more about you?

2 (45m 33s):
Okay. So easiest is my website, which is core Lynn. So it's C O R a L Y N, Juul, J E w E on there. They can link to Amazon for my book. They can order a book directly from me, which is autographed and sent from me. And then they can also click right there on the front page, home page to the podcast, which is the hanky panky podcast. And that's spelled H a N K I E P a N K I E podcasts. And both of those sites linked to all my social media, my Twitter, my Facebook, my Instagram, and that's everything. You know, everything, those two sites will lead them anywhere. They need to go

1 (46m 10s):
Coraline. Once again, I'd like to thank you for being our guest today and adult side broker talk. And like I said, I really hope we'll get a chance to do this again really soon.

2 (46m 19s):
Absolutely. Thank you for having me. That was super fun. I look forward to meeting you soon.

1 (46m 25s):
Likewise, thank you. My broker tip today is part seven of how to buy an adult website. Last week, we talked about the agreement and escrow. So now you own the site. What do you do now? The first thing you should do is to make sure you understand everything about the operation of the site. Now, the previous owner will hopefully be available for a period of time to help you with this. As I mentioned last week, you should establish in the agreement what the former owners participation will be after the sale, you'll need to deal with the production of new content processing, paying affiliates, and many other things. If you don't have expertise in these areas, you may want to consider our general consulting firm, adult business consulting.

1 (47m 10s):
You can get more information on what this company We help website owners, project manage and guide them to the right vendors. Maybe the previous owner had all the right elements, processing, hosting, payments, production, scripts, et cetera, or maybe they didn't. We can help evaluate that for you. Let us know if we can help. Anyway, you will now be operating the website. If you don't have someone like our general consulting company to help evaluate all of those items and everything that side is spending money on and using to operate the site, make sure you're getting a good deal and that these companies are providing the right service and check to see if you can do better.

1 (47m 56s):
Hosting is a great example on something where people are often both overpaying and also not getting the right service. Many times the server's just too slow. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reach out to us on our website next week. We'll talk about how to sell a website and next week we'll be talking to Max Bergeson of Crak Revenue.

0 (48m 22s):
And that's it on this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank our guest Coralyn Jewel. Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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