Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 34 with Alma of Vibeo

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 34 with Alma of Vibeo

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0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker, and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we'll be talking to Alma of Vibio. Adult Site Broker is proud

1 (35s):
to announce ASB Cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With ASB Cash you'll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission, referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. check our website at for more details. First of all, today let's cover some of the news going on in our industry, performer, Mia Melkova and producer, Eli Tucker have announced their purchase of the landmark Portland, Oregon property, Blackberry Castle, which they'll rebrand as an exclusive content castle for collaborating with top creators around the world.

1 (1m 18s):
The purchase of the building, which had been listed at $7 million, but reportedly sold for slightly more than half. That price was completed in December as a partnership between mal Cova Tucker and another investor. We love this castle because of its crazy things Malcov said I'm kind of geeky. So an eccentric fantasy like castle fit my personality perfectly well. Cova expressed elation at the new challenge. We hope to continue renovations to make the castle like an adult Disneyland to give viewers and visitors a one of a kind experience. She added rooms include a private movie theater with an eight and a half foot long projector screen modeled after a vintage movie theater and Buenos RAs, Argentina featuring a marquee and curtains that are under a ceiling with a blue painted sky, a ceiling clock dial and compass built as the West coast largest clock, which hovers over the two circular library inside one of the castles turrets.

1 (2m 22s):
One of the bathrooms, which has a Roman spa theme with columns, jetted into a tub and sauna, the sale included furnishings and fantasy elements such as life-sized suits of Knights armor, standing guard insight illuminated alcoves near the Grande stairs. Now Cova mentioned that she intends to pose as Rapunzel on one of the rod iron Juliet balconies, her 30 foot long blonde wig dangling down the side of the stone facade. Falcon naked sword is celebrating four wins from the 2021 experts awards, including gay side of the year for Falcon gay movie of the year for a murdered heart from a naked sword, originals and gay performer of the year for studio exclusive max Connor, the Falcon wins arrive as the iconic studio prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

1 (3m 19s):
Later this year, naked sword originals continued streak of gay movie of the year wins with the murdered heart taking home. The 2021 prize a rep said the powerful and dramatic gay porn focusing on conversion therapy and ultimately proving that love and human desire conquer all was conceived and directed by Mark McNamara who received the gay director of the year award for his efforts. Connor said the rep is dynamic and charming and a stunning top who delivers energized performances every time he steps in front of a camera

0 (3m 55s):
Company, president Tim Valenti,

1 (3m 57s):
Who is next week's guest here on adult site broker talk expressed gratitude for the recognition. We always strive for excellence that Falcon naked sword, and to be honored for our commitment to delivering the most engaging hot and top quality gay porn is truly humbling. Thank you, ex biz for this amazing recognition of that dedication. He said, I'm grateful to all our employees, as well as the artists, performers and contractors we work with who share our commitment to excellence noted Valenti congratulations to max Connor for your well-deserved performer of the year award. We're going to keep doing great things together. Rocco sofrito and Lisa Ann are the stars of a series of mainstream Turkish commercials and educational spots sponsored by condom brand directs chill videos, which can also be seen on Durex Turkey, YouTube channel use the international adult stars as spokespeople to emphasize a message.

1 (4m 55s):
The commercial porn is a performance and not necessarily what people can expect from sex and their personal lives. In one of the spots that Fredy dressed as a plumber and a stereotypical porn scenario talks about how he doesn't really plum and that the sex that ensues is equally performative. I've made a lot of commercials during my life, everywhere sofrito. He said, and this was one of the best. First of all, it's an Islamic country and they called Lisa and I to do this kind of educational promotion. It's incredible. I was expecting Italy, France, or Germany to come calling with this kind of project. I was not expecting Turkey. That shows me that prejudice doesn't work in this world.

0 (5m 38s):
Adult social networks,

1 (5m 39s): has launched a new podcast. Somebody talks, somebody talks as it's described by the company as a way of promoting performers, models, directors, producers, designers, manufacturers, and the industry as a whole past adult site broker talk guest and smartify Mike Pinto announced the first guest is coral and Juul performer director, talent manager, model podcast, host and author. The virtual talk show can be seen on and will soon be made available on all major podcast networks. Now let's feature our property of the week. That's for sale at adult site broker, we've just listed five amazing adult domains for

1 (6m 26s):
Any of these domains can be used to build a very successful and brandable website. The domains are and porn listed at $5 million. Each for only $695,000. For more information, contact Now time for this week's interview. My guest today on adults side, broker talk is Alma a VIVIO Alma.

1 (7m 6s):
Thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk. Thanks for having me. It's a pleasure. Now Alma is a sex tech entrepreneur. Try saying that three times and she's the co-founder of VIVIO who had just currently challenging the approach to female sexuality through innovative sex toys. VIVIO is a feminist sex toy brand making app controlled vibrators to increase people's sexual wellbeing. The company is run by childhood friends, Alma and Patricia. It's probably how you pronounce it in Spain. VIVIO is about to launch their first toy Frida. I love the name, a feminist wearable in January, 2021 next month.

1 (7m 50s):
That's fantastic. Or actually this will probably drop in January. So we'll say this month. So Alma, why did Patricia and yourself start the company? We'll start there.

2 (8m 1s):
Well, as you mentioned, Patricia and I have known each other for over 20 years while growing up, we realized sex as amazing as of CDs, it's still quite a taboo and something that people feel embarrassment and there's comfort when it comes to talking about it. So we thought that creating a brand of sex toys that people are already familiar within and combining it with technology to use the technology, to encourage them to explore more and discover about other pleasure could be aggravated way to tackle that problem.

1 (8m 43s):
Okay. Now you said, you know, Patricia from your childhood, how did you originally meet and why are you guys the best team to lead this brand? Yeah, so

2 (8m 56s):
We met when we were three years old, back in preschool. Good to know that we, yeah, we were together in the same class from three years old till we were 18. So we literally like discovered ourselves while being friends. And yeah, I started playing around with the idea of creating a sex tech startup, probably like a year after I got my first two or three act controlled vibrators. I wasn't particularly blown away by what was out there in the market.

2 (9m 39s):
So I had a lot of different ideas of how we come up with something better. Yeah. I just literally had a chat over lunch with her about all of my plans and she, I think one month after I quit her job and came to London to work on it with me. So obviously yeah, seeing her passion and also knowing that she's such a sex advocate, I knew that she would pull truly that the challenges and really, you know, helped me to make this work.

3 (10m 17s):
Isn't everybody a sex advocate. I mean, I advocate sex.

2 (10m 23s):
Well, definitely we are. And that's why we're here, but no, I don't think that everyone is

3 (10m 29s):
Okay. Okay. I'll take your word for it. You know, I've just kind of picturing you due to having lunch. And there's like a couple of, you know, 80 year old ladies at the next table over hearing you guys talking. I hope nobody. I hope nobody choked on their, on their salad.

2 (10m 47s):
I'm sure we've made a lot of people choke having lunch before every game. Now we always bring a vibrator to the table, so,

3 (10m 55s):
Oh God, I, God, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall and see a couple of old ladies sitting next to you and going, Oh, look at those two. They've got, they've got a sex toy on the table. I wonder what they're doing. So anyway, so now how is your brand different? You know, you said you weren't impressed with app controlled sex toys that you have. You must have quite a drawer by the way. How has your brand different from other app controlled sex toy brands out there?

2 (11m 29s):
Well, to start with, we started by them smaller problems, which are, we're solving a technology issues and connectivity problems. That's something that we've heard practically all consumers of how control sex toys talk about that. The connection drops a lot. So we implemented them newest Bluetooth technology to kind of delve a little bit with them and take my cat. And then we started creating a brand that was more than sex toys. So for example, we educate our consumers on sex, to social media, our community, et cetera.

2 (12m 10s):
And we plan to digitalize all of that content through our biggest. We think that in the end, our pleasure is a lot more than masturbation or the act of sex. It's also how we feel about our sexuality.

3 (12m 25s):
That's really cool. That's that's really cool. So, I mean, so you feel like you've, you've kind of solved that connectivity problem because yeah. I can imagine using a, using a sex toy and then all of a sudden it stops. I would kind of piss you off.

2 (12m 42s):
Yeah, we definitely better in obviously we can reinvent Bluetooth kind of, for example, we've added some features like either like on activity drops eight automatically reconnect. So you don't have to be pressing the buttons again. Or if you don't have the phone right now in your hands, you just need to be, have to do nothing. It will do it all on its own. So

3 (13m 10s):
That's neat. That's really neat. Wow. Yeah, that is, yeah. That is quite an innovation plan to be copied, which is obviously the ultimate compliment. Now, why did you decide to make a wearable toy first versus other products?

2 (13m 30s):
Basically it was playing when the fan, but I wearable it's a lot more empowering. You're literally owning the fact that you can have sex anywhere and breaks with the traditional notion than, you know, sexist men to be in the bedroom on the bed and in a couple of certain positions. So if someone is looking to spice up their sex life, I think the way to go is choose taking sex wherever you want to take in helps you to do that.

3 (14m 5s):
Okay. Okay. I hope it isn't, isn't too catastrophic in terms of auto accidents. That's up to them. Yeah. You better have a nice waiver on there. I hope you got a good attorney now. How did you design and test Frida?

2 (14m 25s):
We actually have a big community of women based right now, mainly in London and Barcelona, which is where patching and I used to live. We started Westerners. We printed different types of 3d prints of the designs that we have made with different sciences lengths with. And we invited them over to our flats to have like a wine tasting session and try out a little bit different through the prints. And we did that for about six months until we got to the conclusion of what was their favorite one.

2 (15m 12s):
We tested it with women from 18 to 65, I think was our oldest tester. Yeah. It was a great experience. And from them, we moved on to the vibrating prototype and we repeated the same process. But this time in their own houses, not in our,

3 (15m 33s):
I was going to say, I was going to say, I was hope. I was hoping he didn't all do it there. Right in your flat. That's a, there's a visual there.

2 (15m 41s):
No, the first one didn't vibrate. So it was a lot more, yeah. Sensible to date in our flooding.

3 (15m 47s):
Yeah. I can pass it from person to person. So they tested it in their flats. And then,

2 (15m 54s):
And then we moved on to team running a Kickstarter campaign. So that's how we got to market essentially this year, once we were happy with them prototype. Yeah. And we made it and we raised over 30 K to move on to production and develop the app. Have you ever heard that?

3 (16m 17s):
That's fantastic. Now, Frieda, you told me free to use to be called Ella right now. That seems like a perfectly good name. Ella. I like Frida, but Allah, those are both good. Why did you change the name?

2 (16m 32s):
Our main poll case was that we wanted to have a name that meant something. So ELA is in Spanish and it means she that's why it was originally our name. But we, in the past couple of years, we've seen larger company and release other vibrators called Ella. And that's a small company we cannot compete with, you know, in terms of ACL or distribution agreements. So it was a tough decision, but we came to the conclusion that we had to just let it fall and look for another name.

3 (17m 10s):
The other thing is you got to worry about copyright infringement too.

2 (17m 14s):
Yeah. Well, I don't think they were copyrighted because it's from different companies. So I know SPAC has an ALA. Nila has an ELA as well. My dad was mainly the time. Yeah. Five now were too small to go against the giants in the industry.

3 (17m 38s):
Well, not yet. Not yet. So what you might want to think about doing is copywriting Frieda. If you haven't thought about that already then. Yeah. Okay. Then you don't have to worry about anyone else having a freedom. And if they do, you can Sue them. I come from California. So I that's how I get all those crazy thoughts. You know, I got a good joke for you. You know, you know, California has a lot of lawyers, right. You probably heard that. Okay. And you know, New Jersey has a lot of toxic waste.

2 (18m 12s):
Yeah. No

3 (18m 15s):
New Jersey at first choice. So you can laugh later and it's, I know it's fucked up. You gotta translate it in your mind. So, okay. So how important is the community aspect for your brand?

2 (18m 31s):
I would say then Archimedes in the heart of everything that we do, they cited on our logo. When we had to change the name of freedom, it was actually our community who were chosen. So I wonder if our followers came up with it, came up with it and we love the ADL naming our sex toys, softer feminist icons. So we actually plan to continue to do that. Yeah. They held with a design, the color of our toy, the content that we put in social media.

2 (19m 12s):
So yeah, obviously penetration. I don't think that we represent all of the women out there. We use their input as much as possible to be as inclusive as possible.

3 (19m 27s):
That's good. That's good. Now, are you gonna, are you going to plan to continue to go back to, to focus groups and talk to them about new designs and the like

2 (19m 39s):
Yeah, for sure. We have an online community called the Vive gang. I encourage everyone to join. It doesn't matter if you're men or women, we've learned to have militaries as well.

3 (19m 52s):
Very good. Well, you should. There's lots of

2 (19m 54s):

3 (19m 57s):
So what are the main challenges you face so far as a new company?

2 (20m 3s):
I would say the sexy new ski comes with a lot of challenges. It took us two months to open a bank account. Yeah. And then all of the payment providers have a lot of different requirements. It's also expensive to have a payment requirement, sex and then more on the business aspects, raising investments, having a sex day company. Yeah. It's a nightmare. So I hope that changes over time when the, see the potential of our industry.

3 (20m 44s):
Yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah. I've got, I know someone who's, who's doing a financial services company. I think, you know him too. You're the, you're the one that, you're the guy that I got him from. So Jason site, I think that'll be taken care of soon, which is good thing. I'm sure you know about it. So

2 (21m 6s):

3 (21m 7s):
Challenges being women in starting a business in, in this industry or overall?

2 (21m 15s):
Yeah. Yeah. For sure. Yeah. I guess the minority holding the power use male. Yeah. When you have a sexy company, that those for the time being sex toys for women, sometimes you picked something that they can not relate to. And yeah, it's hard because then the conversation Taryn, CNC. Okay. How I feel about it. And then it gets a bit weird because it's like, Oh, do you try your own sex stories? It doesn't feel good. And blah, blah, blah. And it's just a conversation that deviates the focus on what we do versus me as a woman using a sex with me.

3 (22m 3s):
I think there's some judgment there on the part of some men. And then the other part of it is how can a guy relate to a woman using the vibrator if he's not a woman and he's not a woman who who's used to vibrate.

2 (22m 18s):
Yeah. And many of them ha like haven't used any sex toys at all. I think there is a big stigma around men using sex toys, like compromise their masculinity or something. And even if they, I mean, relationships, not everyone is happy for their women to you. Sex is too,

3 (22m 43s):
You know, that's very true. That's very, that's very, very true. And in Spain it's still a pretty macho society. Isn't it?

2 (22m 53s):
For sure. Yeah. And I'd say then contributed to us wanting to make this type of company. You guys here. It is a problem. So

3 (23m 7s):
How does the app connection work? Talk a little bit about that.

2 (23m 12s):
Right. So the main phone, so whoever owns the sextile eight Bluetooth connectivity. So we have a chip in the vibrator then that connects within a certain base to the phone. And then we also enable a long distance connection to any partners around the world. And that works over, over the internet.

3 (23m 37s):
Now, obviously this is a question that people would have, how secure is the app? Does someone have to worry about being hacked? Because the reason I asked this is that I've, I've heard horror stories about sex toys being hacked before, and now you've got some stranger who's controlling your sex toy, and God knows what they're going to do, especially a wearable one.

2 (24m 1s):
Yeah. Yeah. I've heard that too. And it's super freaky. All of our is encrypted and we've built a robust backend to secure it. We were also in touch with a hacker organization that basically make sex toy. Well, they don't make it. They offer a sex companies the same, like on agreement, protecting consumer data around consumer like company behavior towards consumers.

2 (24m 41s):
Then if you're happy with their terms, which are pretty basic, like, I would love to have that as a consumer. So we don't mind that they hack your sex toy to find any flaws in the system. And they produce reports yeah. With all of the potential compromises in the security and they do it regularly. So that's super cool.

3 (25m 7s):
You know, if you, if you want to, if you want to learn how to secure your home, hire a thief, if you want to learn how to secure your device, hire a hacker. That's what I've always said. If I want, wanna, if I want to get security for my home, I get, I get like the lowest life thief over and go, okay. How would you break in and then maybe secure it. So do you have any future plans for the app beyond controlling Frida? I know you mentioned men's sex toys and I'm sure you probably got some more plan for women as well.

2 (25m 43s):
Yeah, for sure. Obviously we plan to have a range of Teles, but beyond that, we also want to, I think I may have mentioned it in the beginning, but they designed some of the content that we're putting publicly in social media to the app. So then our consumers have like sexual wellness needs covered all in one place.

3 (26m 10s):
Mm that's good. Now, I mean, what all is going to be included in that, in that, that community relationship

2 (26m 21s):
In terms of our app?

3 (26m 23s):
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, well, yeah, I mean the community, the app, I mean, obviously the app is, is going to pull together the community.

2 (26m 31s):
So we actually want to gamey funny part of the app. So launch, eh, challenges that people can subscribe to and either do them on their own or at partners to do it with them, then we'll make it public. The only the amount of people not who's taking part in that challenge, how many people are taking a part in the challenge we'll get disability or you know, that enrolling or participating in sexual activities is completely normal and it's actually fun.

2 (27m 13s):
And there are thousands of people around the world doing it too. So why not?

3 (27m 18s):
There's millions of people involved in sex around the world. I think that's very safe to say. So. So what did you, what did you, what did you do before you decided to become a, a, a sex tech entree?

2 (27m 35s):
Well, I've been working for startups for the past five, six years. I've never really been attracted to the corporate world or anything. I've always enjoyed playing the fast changing environment. So small business units on how to make them grow. Go ahead. What time? Yeah. All tech startups actually. So my first job was in the delivery room. I was one of the first people to be hired in Barcelona office. Okay. So I literally got to see how two to three people team became like a 100 team.

2 (28m 22s):
If we count all of the writers and people involved in the company. Yeah. That got me completely hooked to the startup world. And I just continued to do so. And I moved to London to, because I knew that I would eventually build my own project. And it was like the place to be, I guess, in Europe.

3 (28m 42s):
What else? What else, what other types of companies have you been with?

2 (28m 45s):
I worked in an affiliate marketing company as well, which right now proves to be quite valuable. Yes. We have to do some affiliate magazine. So it's good that I'm familiar with it. When I was in London, I worked for ed tech startup than then. Yeah. That wasn't made it more around them. A they did all of the tech infrastructure for corporations to onboard and train their, their staff. But bottom line, I've done basically the development for all of them.

2 (29m 27s):
So I was basically working in sales and strategy throughout all of this time. Just for different projects. How old are you by the way? 25 right now.

3 (29m 37s):
Wow. Yeah. I got the impression from the timeline. You, you were,

1 (29m 42s):
You were young that's, that's stunning. Twenty-five years old and you're, and you're starting your own thing. I tell you. I can always tell, I can always tell young people that are going to be very successful and it's pretty obvious I'm talking to one. So how can, so how can people join your movement?

2 (30m 2s):
Well, they can follow us in social media. Our handle is at Vivier toys. By the way, our company name is vying for you. I forgot to say that many people call it. I

1 (30m 16s):
Spell the name of the company for everyone.

2 (30m 18s):
Yes. It's the B I O.

1 (30m 22s):
Okay. VIB IO. Very good.

2 (30m 26s):
Then, you know, website, we have the link to join, join our online community, the via gang and our website is by the store. So V I B I O S T O R Well, the last time I checked, it was like 18 K to buy the plane. So if you've got problems,

1 (30m 53s):
You need a good broker to find that for you. Let me see if I can think, let me see if I can think of anybody. Oh, us. Yeah, we'll talk. Okay. I don't usually take deals that small, but I'll help you. How about that? Awesome. Okay. My dear. Well, Hey, I'd really like to thank you for being our guest today on adult side broker talk, and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again real soon. When you have a major, not another major announced

2 (31m 22s):
Amazing. They're looking forward to.

1 (31m 24s):
Okay. Thank you very much. My broker tip today is part five of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, when you decide to sell your website, make sure you have the following information available for potential buyers, detailed information about your company, your website, and any other aspects of your operation that the potential buyers may want to find out about. Now, this should include for a pay site, a detailed inventory of your content, number of images and number of videos. How much of it is exclusive and how much is non-exclusive financial information for at least the last three years. If your company is that old, there should include sales reports, profit and loss statements and billing reports get all the information organized in the legible format that a good broker can use to sell your property.

1 (32m 17s):
Now, if you decide to sell it yourself, organize a list of potential buyers and start the process of contacting them. Be realistic about what your company is worth in today's market. The kiss of death is overpricing your property. Is there anything a potential buyer needs to know such as are you being sued? Do you have any substantial debts?

0 (32m 40s):
Etc? Don't let these things be a surprise to the potential buyer. They'll either find out before the sale and not buy or they'll find out after the sale and you'll have a lawsuit on your hands. Disclose everything. We'll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we'll be talking to Tim Valenti of Naked Sword. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again, like to thank my guest Alma from Vibio. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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