Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 168 with Oscar Gracie of FanTubeMedia

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 168 with Oscar Gracie of FanTubeMedia

Bruce, the adult site broker, host of Adult Site Broker Talk and CEO of Adult Site Broker, the leading adult website broker, who is known as the company to sell adult sites, is pleased to welcome Oscar Gracie as this week’s guest on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Oscar Gracie is a renowned YouTube Strategist, who has been applying his expertise to support high-caliber content creators for over five years.

With his background in editing and postproduction, Oscar co-founded a company that delivers tailored video solutions.

He specializes in driving YouTube traffic for models through his company, FanTubeMedia.

His understanding of YouTube strategy development, video production management, and video optimization has been instrumental in generating over 500 million views since 2017.

FanTubeMedia is a YouTube management service dedicated to accelerating the growth of adult content creators.

They provide a comprehensive range of services, from video editing and thumbnail creation to delivering personalized videos.

They’re trusted by the top point 1 percent of adult creators and management companies, focusing on building a robust YouTube audience to promote clients’ OnlyFans pages and secure lifetime subscribers.

You can follow Oscar on Twitter @oscarvltr

Bruce, host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said: “Oscar is an amazing young man who has proven what he can do for creators on YouTube. What he does is very impressive. I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing all about his operation.”

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Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

“Oscar is an amazing young man who has proven what he can do for creators on YouTube. What he does is very impressive. I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing all about his operation.”


This is Bruce Friedman, an Adult Site Broker. And welcome to an Adult Site Broker Talk, where each week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry. And we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we’ll be speaking with Oscar Gracie of FanTubeMedia. Adult Site Broker Talk is brought to you by Webmaster Access, September 12th through the 15th. The show will be in beautiful Cypress at the stunning Grand Resort on the beach. Go to the events page on our website at for a 25% discount for adult-side broker-talk listeners. To register, go to At Adult-side broker, we’re proud to announce our latest project, the You’ll find articles from industry websites as well as mainstream publications from around the world. It’s designed to raise awareness of our industry’s plight in the war on porn and the numerous attacks on our industry and online free speech by hate groups, the religious right and politicians. 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All the traffic is direct or from search and 99% is from North America. No ads have been purchased, which is something the new owner could do to increase revenues. There are several revenue streams that are currently not being implemented, including banner ads. These revenue streams could easily double or triple the monthly sales. The owner is selling so he can take advantage of other opportunities, only $750,000. Now time for this week’s interview. My guest today on Adult Site Broker talk is Oscar Gracie of FanTubeMedia. Oscar thanks for being with us today on Adult Site Broker Talk. My problem is home, I’m really happy to be here. It’s great to have you. Oscar is a renowned YouTube strategist, applying his expertise to support high caliber content creators for over 5 years. With his background in editing and post-production, Oscar co-founded a company that delivers tailored video solutions. He specializes in driving YouTube traffic for models through his company Fan2Media. His understanding of YouTube strategy, development, video production, management and video optimization has been instrumental in generating over 500 million, it’s what I said, 500 million views, since 2017. Fan2Media is a YouTube management service dedicated to accelerating the growth of adult content creators. They provide a comprehensive range of services from video editing and thumbnail creation to delivering personalized videos. They’re trusted by the top 0.1% of adult creators and management companies, focusing on building a robust YouTube audience to promote clients, only fan pages and secure lifetime subscribers. So Oscar, let’s talk about your journey into YouTube strategy consultancy and what led you to this career path? Yeah, for sure. I’ve been doing YouTube, well, I started the count 12 years ago now and during that time my life I was heavily involved in playing Call of Duty and after school I just played Call of Duty, connected to my friends on Xbox and I then decided to record my footage on me playing the game and I fell in love with not only playing the game but also editing the videos as well. So I decided to upload short moments to my YouTube channel where I grew my channel to close to 20,000 subscribers 12 years ago now which is a lot more impressive back then and it is now not to say that people that can’t get 20, you know, you know, I mean back then it’s a lot different, there’s a lot less people on the platform back then. Salon of people still. Yeah, it is, it is, yeah, it’s still a solid audience and what I realized is that there was a ceiling to my skill of actually playing the game and there was people that were better than me and I thought, you know what, I really enjoy editing the content. So what I did is actually joined different teams on YouTube. Some of the biggest teams were a sore gaming and phase clan. Phase clan is the biggest eSport company in the world and with them I produced videos so their teams, their team players would provide me clips. I would then edit the content and then upload it to the channel and from there I decided to actually go to university to study video editing and post production and that’s where my sort of career took me but during my final stages of uni at year three I thought, okay, I’ve actually got to do something now. Wow, am I going to leverage the skills that I’ve now learned. So what I decided to do is found a company that essentially worked with content creators and live streamers to provide them video editing, thumbnails, general management and back then I didn’t have data or experience directly managing these people. I just thought, you know what, I have a rough idea of what I believe to be quote unquote a good piece of content more so than what I can actually produce myself and knowing quite a few editors in the space myself because I was one at the time and I felt like I had a good understanding of how to be professional and have general cadence with these people that I found a company that would provide these creatives content and work and I would essentially you know set up deals so that’s where it all started and it was a really interesting time in my life because having that work life balance was tricky. I mean work was my life and to an extent it still is actually but back then I was like on a mission to really provide massive results and we certainly did that and what ended up happening is I was waking up every day and I was like you know what I’m dealing with these problems and having to manage this huge team and it wasn’t necessarily making me happy so I actually decided to leave that to focus on building relationships with creatives directly and actually at that point in my life I decided you know what I realized that ideation is an extremely powerful skill to have and so I decided to approach creatives and say hey do you need video ideas for your channel and you know a lot of these creators that are massive you know powerhouses normally what the speaking they’re actually spending most days thinking oh god what am I going to film today you know so to have someone actually assist them with that process gives them not only you know a bigger pool of ideas to choose from it allows them to maintain the quality they want and also gives them that peace of mind because a lot of these creatives don’t give themselves time to actually take a breath right whilst they’re making enormous amounts of money it’s a lot of pressure there’s a lot of pressure so that’s how my consultants he really started and it’s more fun yeah definitely and I you know what what’s really interesting to me is coming up with a concept so there’s a creator that used to work with Sunday who mostly does among us and Fortnite content right now among us it’s gaming stuff and for him we had a creative development team that can literally create anything you ever wanted from scratch because they are a modding team so okay let’s do a vampire game mode that’s not even in the game so we can create entirely new game modes let’s do a vampire game mode where the vampire has to like hide from the sun and then has to like you know kill players to remain alive and and the thing is I didn’t even need to care about the game mechanics being fair because for a YouTube perspective because this is what it’s all for what’s entertaining isn’t necessarily fair so from a game perspective right so we made like the characters really really overpowered and it was really fun and it was getting hundreds of millions in fact I think he was getting a 200 something million views a month so I still get to round that today yeah wow so what’s the primary role of a YouTube strategist especially in your work with top tier creators such as Mr. Beast and phase rug yeah so for a strategist is about looking at the data looking at the trends understanding the audience YouTube gives you amazing tools to understand your audience and see from a deeper level like okay where are people actually clicking off where are they rewatching certain moments and why so aside from actually having the day to actually understanding how to actually use the data in a way because you can interpret it into differently to another strategist that may also be really experienced right so where I focus on is coming up with ideas in fact what we do is what’s really important about YouTube that I recommend to creators is if you’re about to create a piece of content come up with the thumbnail concepts and the idea and the title before you even record it right because if you have a title in the thumbnail which is the packaging of the video the packaging of the video is almost more important the video itself because you can make the best video on the planet if no one clicks it no one watches it right so so by the thumbnail that’s what they’re gonna see when they’re on YouTube exactly that’s the first impression that they have really either they look at the title first or the thumbnail either both they’ll end up looking at before they actually decide to click on it and you know like there’s a guy that I work with now gaming with Gary so he’s been doing each for a long time he does reaction based content we’ll create the thumbnails before the video is even made we’ll create multiple concepts so we’ll decide the one that we feel is the best and there are tools that you can use to essentially a b test which is where it looks at the clicks we wait which is like basically the percentage of people that actually decides to click on the video and offered it so you can actually a b test between different thumbnails and you know really look at okay how can we really optimize this because at the top level a lot of these creators generally speaking are actually getting quite high retention which is really important to YouTube so if you can like squeeze the extra percentages on the click through eight that’s where you can end up getting millions of millions of views very good so can you share one of your proudest achievements or success stories as a YouTube strategist yeah of course just before I do I just want to mention for for Mr. Beast and Phase Rug for them I come up with ideas for their channel so with Phase Rug I still do so I’m his main ideation strategy so as part of my process to give people a bit of an insight into how to come up with ideas you want to use things like Google Trends right have a look at what people are searching because if you’re someone that hasn’t already got an established fanbase and a way to essentially funnel traffic to the YouTube channel to get that momentum which is really important doing videos that focus on search traffic is a great way to actually start building that momentum and that’s in fact something that I actually still do today for some of the models are look at okay what is being searched within the USA which is the primary sort of geo that I’m be focusing and then how can we incorporate that search traffic into the videos in an interesting way because with the models they will be like try-on halls right so there’s so many try-on halls how can we differentiate the try-on halls in an interesting way and it can be something a bit silly in fact I really promote something a bit silly because people click oh okay that’s that’s different and then they start click on it right so with them it’s like a real focus on the idea and then beyond the idea how do you actually build out an idea in a way where it’s optimized for YouTubers okay coming up with the idea of what are the segments of the video and what order do we present them so with Mr. Beast a key strategy he does he’ll be like okay here’s a safe here’s an axe you have three hours to try and break into this safe you just using the axe and if you do you get to keep what’s inside and then he’ll then show other challenges throughout the video and then revisit that moment at the end to see whether or not he’s got into it because subconsciously you’re like oh I’ve got to watch that and watch until the end see what happens he’s not asking you directly to watch until the end it’s a good enough piece of content intriguing enough for you to want to watch until the end right but to once you’re to your question my proudest achievement so it was actually a few years ago I worked for a channel called rebound who’s one of the biggest sort of NBA basketball channels and for them we did a video called the 500 pound monster NBA players feared I believe was the title and it’s this guy that’s absolutely massive and it took us two months to develop that video a lot of back and four three restarted it we changed the voice artist three times and it was you know quite a worry internally in fact because we were we had a lot of team members like just focusing on one video but it was a lot of collaboration between many people and ended up being one of the most viewed videos in the channel I think it’s got like over 13 million views now and it’s something that 13 million views yeah people like actually react to it and it’s a really interesting story like it’s a it’s a guy that’s huge you had like a yet to overcome some real challenges in his life and you know the the ending is quite heartwarming and it’s something that people naturally wanted to share with us and that’s a key thing if you can create a YouTube channel where people actually talk to each other about it in real life that’s when you know you’re doing something right yeah anything social you want people to share it because that’s how you’re going to get the views of course of course but yeah online definitely for sure but it’s when people at school or what have you like at work like obviously in that video you know that’s where it’s like the next step for me and I know that that really had an impact culturally on that in that regard and it wasn’t necessarily an immediate hit it just sometimes YouTube takes a little bit of time to find what they plan as like the perfect audience for that piece of content so you may upload a video that doesn’t get you much traction but when it does find that perfect audience and it is like a you know it hits those key metrics and that’s where you can start seeing performance especially if the video is what’s called evergreen if the topic is evergreen meaning no matter what time in the year it’s interesting then that’s a lot more powerful than if you were to just focus on say some like celebrity gossip that’s only interesting for that few days yeah yeah that makes good sense what did that that video have to do with the NBA well it’s to do with basketball he was actually a basketball player you see so he was like a huge yeah he’s huge yeah yeah absolutely massive and it’s funny because even the thumbnail like it the way that he when he holds the basketball it looks like a tiny ball like most people will have to wrap their hand around the thing but for him it’s a different story so yeah definitely check out it’s a great video you’ll have to send me the link on that so how does understanding and following YouTube trends contribute to a channel success yeah so a core strategy is actually what’s called trend jacking so you can have a look what’s interesting to people perhaps YouTubers are like covering a certain topic and then if you can serve it in your own way then your channel will actually be recommended to viewers that watch the bigger channels right so it’s important to understand what people are clicking on for to understand what people are searching to understand what sort of content you can make there’s different approaches like when you’re a more established channel you want to really be generally speaking creating content that serves recommended which is where like if you use YouTube and you go on your homepage and you’re recommended videos right that’s the sort of area you want to be focusing because that’s where you get the new audiences but for someone that has a new channel that hasn’t got much of a following you want to be targeting search traffic so with models and we do that right not every model that I work with has an established following in fact I work with models that have had zero following and then up having hundreds of thousands subscribers on YouTube so it’s not an necessity but if you upload a video to YouTube and you promote it using relevant traffic at the moment it goes live it just allows YouTube to go oh this is a good piece of content I’m going to start pushing it out and helps build that momentum so let’s say a new creator comes to you just brand new one only fans or some other platform like only fans what steps do you go through to make that person register on YouTube yeah so for them what I would do again it falls back to briefly what I mentioned earlier is that we would have a look at what people are searching and because it’s for adult promotion we want to do something that is allowed on YouTube that ideally has some element of sexual nature to it yeah you don’t have to but the viewers that are watching that type of content are a better fit to be subscribing to only fans right so I’ll give you an example try on holes right so on YouTube they don’t allow adult content or anything like that so if you’re a girl and you’re trying on out bikini and you’re going up to the camera like you know showing your tits close up and things like that you know allow to do that your video will be taken down but if you have a quote-unquote good reason for it then it’s allowed so wait a good reason to show her tits yeah not actually getting them out fully but if you were to do like a trial and hole where it’s like oh I’m demonstrating this clothing look at the material close up then that’s a reason another example would be on twitch on twitch you’re not allowed to just wear thin clothing or like you know wear really revealing clothing unless you have a good reason the reason that they deem good is being at the beach or being at the pool so what women were doing is that they would these streamers would actually have a hot tub in their room so that they’re so the hot tub’s behind them but that’s a good enough reason for them to be wearing a bikini talking to the camera you see so yeah that’s just something to think about interesting interesting so Oscar let’s say it’s an established you know a giant youtube creator how can you help them take their youtube up to the next game so it’s a bit of mix really we can focus on the search traffic but also recommended so I work with Sheree Deville so with her she’s a really interesting character she’s like the internet step mummers what she’s branded as which is definitely a different it’s a unique approach right so with her we’ve done more like advice style content so content that would actually appeal to guys because that’s the audience that we’re looking to attract here right rather than doing something like getting ready with me make up video which would only really necessarily appeal to women that wouldn’t appeal to men so with her we’ve done things like 10 red flags every guy should avoid right so this is the sort of thing that guys every to mean 18 would be interested in watching and it’s a little bit like tarteed it allows the guys to understand her personality and then if they’re interested they’ll then subscribe to her any fans so we want to like concentrate the sort of content that we’re approaching here so I actually spoke to a model the other day where I looked at her channel in a review date she’s had a podcast she’s done like a home decorating advice and then there was like a try on who and there was a Q&A and it’s like it’s very fragmented so if I was a viewer and watched her home advice video and I subscribe and suddenly I get a podcast or suddenly I get a you know try and haul it might be too different for me to be like actually I didn’t subscribe for that I’m not interested so it can sort of like slow down the progress of the channel so with Sheree like we’ve done like more personality driven stuff and we’re about to launch a new channel which is a different type of content so that when YouTube is looking at what the perfect type of audience is for the channel it essentially is more beneficial to split out the channels where it makes sense. Interesting I know I’ve had issues with YouTube giving me a couple of timeouts where I’ve had my accounts suspended and I don’t even do port it had to do with a couple of URLs in the description area how are you able to keep your creators from getting into trouble and having their accounts banned by YouTube and of course daddy Google. Yeah that’s a really really important question so the way that you do it is that under YouTube policy is you’re not allowed to promote any link that has content that’s not allowed directly on YouTube okay so with only fans where most of the creators are on that I you know work with we wouldn’t have their link directly on YouTube actually on only fans who can create a tracking link so it allows the girls or the agencies to unsanitary this is how much traffic and conversions the Oscars actually generating for them so there’s that but how do we actually promote it on YouTube rather than saying something like oh go check out my only fans where YouTube is looking at the transcript of the video and that’s actually how it partly determines whether or not it’s you know it needs to be a distributor or if it’s suitable for ads it scans through the audio and visuals as part of the checking process so there’s what’s called a Peacecore a Peacecore is not a public facing data that you can look at but basically every word that you say and everything that you do accumulates to a Peacecore right so if I were to swear a bunch that would add to the Peacecore and if it then hits over a certain number that I don’t know then it would then be a-dbertrytred or if the visuals accumulate to it being over a certain number but don’t you make it so it’s not suitable for children anyway well the video itself is safe for work isn’t it’s not like an adult video it’s not like a you know right but in the YouTube description they always ask is this for kids and I say no yes if if if you put a setting as is it for kids then it will go ill filter under like YouTube kids which is like separate but it’s not for kids no but safe like a 15 year old is on YouTube who is like not I mean it’s technically a child but like at you know a teenager right then it wouldn’t be suitable for them to be listening to adult themed content like discussions about sex maybe or something like that right so the way that you actually promote only fans as you would say something like oh if you want to go check out my spicy page you know where to go like you know adult content is free online you don’t necessarily need to be super like direct with go check out my link in the description if you want to see more let me drill down a little bit more on that if I can do you actually go into the age settings and fill anything out so no I don’t the thing is you don’t want the videos to actually be age-stricted and the reason for that is because the moment it’s age-stricted your video is actually limited like the discoverability is way less and you’re gonna get a lot less views essentially right if someone is underage that perhaps made a YouTube channel that has lied about the rage which is common that does happen can’t imagine I never get that but even if they were to watch the video which by the way it’s it’s still safe for work content they would not be able to subscribe to any fans because they wouldn’t be able to get past the age verification if for example I were to be pawn hub but I were to be promoting pawn hub on YouTube and doing safe for work ish content on their promote pawn hub the issue with there that is that you don’t need to go to any age verification to access their content so it’s different whereas in only fans there are creators that are doing content that isn’t explicit right and and so with the videos that we do with these models we say hey if you want to check out exclusive content you know where to go it’s that sort of thing and in fact I actually recommend to our models to do an only fans version of the video so depending on what they feel comfortable doing they would upon their own decision create a shorter version that is exclusively for only fans to essentially help the conversions from YouTube traffic to to only fans and the fans already on only fans will enjoy the content anyway right but they’re not putting it on YouTube no no definitely not okay so what was the most challenging project you’ve had and how did you get past the difficulties yes I would say the one of the biggest challenges was actually the early stages of working you know doing this service because it was about two and a half years ago where I got approached by an ex-youtuber who he’s had definitely his own level of success and he owned a UK based only fans agency he recognized back then the importance of YouTube traffic and he essentially asked me hey look I’ve got these models there’s some that I think would be a good fit for YouTube I haven’t got time to essentially train them to be entertaining because it doesn’t always come natural to people to be concise with their words or be entertaining or understand what’s actually interesting in the way that approach it things like that so he said to me hey look I really want you to work with me so that was a unique challenge because I had to really sort of map out how we were going to tackle this problem of okay we need to try and attract traffic that is ideally you know from the USA or you know first world countries that are over 18 that would be willing to subscribe and spend right and you’re allowed to do any adult stuff on YouTube so that was really challenging but what ended up happening is by thinking outside of the box like one of the one of the best case studies I can present you that was part of this answering part of this question is that with Emily Black her name is she is a UK based creator she has this sort of like girl next door vibe that I would sort of say achievable where a lot of her fans think they have a chance they’re essentially right she doesn’t flaunt money she’s quite a down to earth girl that guys find a lot more relatable it’s not to say that girls that are models that are you know showing off their nice cars and things can’t do well because they can but I would say the most successful niche is sort of being this more relatable girl sure but anyway with her what we did is we actually set up a video where the one of the biggest creator groups in the UK is called Sidemen and one of the biggest creators in the UK who’s part of this group is KSI right so what we did is we actually had her film at what’s called a smash or pass video where she would show different pictures of of the Sidemen the group and say whether or not she would see for them basically right that’s essentially it but we had her say certain things that presented her in a way where she looked like a fan and understood the the sort of the culture of Sidemen that meant that the fans of Sidemen of which generally speaking are older that is a good demographic for only fans would be like oh okay hang on this girl actually knows us knows what we’re all about and therefore they’re more inclined to actually relate to her and find her more interesting so what happened is we filmed the video we then posted it to his Reddit case I was ready it of which at that time he was very active in in reacting to his Reddit and his communities very strong post it to his Reddit I voted it and then organically I got a few thousand up votes next thing you know he reacted to it she was in the thumbnail and she exploded like more than 10x her revenue only fans it was insane so here’s the thing you’ve got all this traffic what do you do with it so that’s what I do with these girls as well as I understand how to actually leverage the momentum in a way that continues that growth and that’s exactly what we did with her so but with her channel we presented in a way where it was just her like there wasn’t this team and and by doing that it added that sort of the authenticity of the channel the reality is a lot of these youtubers do have help and some of it like Mr. Beast for example he has hundreds literally hundreds of people he has in-house teams he has ideation strategies he has you know sure he has the final say but the back end of YouTube is something that most people don’t really consider or are aware of. Hmm make sense there’s a lot of people getting help these days because there’s a lot of money out there so how do you stay ahead of the curve in an industry as fast-paced and ever changing as online content creation. So what you want to do is be aware of what other people in your niche are doing what’s working for them and what isn’t working for them and simply make a spreadsheet and just note down that right and try and break it down try and break down the core themes how can you incorporate core themes in in a unique way so I’ll give you an example with Emily Black we did like a mystery spin the wheel which is essentially a gambling in itself right it’s different challenges that are really simple on on a on a wheel she spins it there’s a random chance of it falling on a certain challenge and then she completes it whereas actually with YouTube you can control the entertainment you can present it in a way where it’s random that’s another thing to consider for audience out there that listening so with the mystery wheel we would select say five different challenges we would have her film it where she spins the wheel which is a random you know spin thing that it lands on but if it lands on the same challenge that she’s already just done she just spins the wheel again and we just cut that moment out so if you actually have a look at the spin wheel video it one by one does every single challenge in a row but it looks like it’s a random thing right it’s amazing yeah like oh my god all the chances are that right so with her we noticed okay cool the spin wheel stuff was working really well and she and the try on whole stuff was working well so how about we you know break down the key things that working well how can we incorporate them in a unique way so we did a spin the wheel try on whole video we did a say it or shot it which is where she answered questions and if she didn’t want to answer the questions she would take a shot but the shot would be also and we would say it’s vodka because you know we know look you can be really authentic on YouTube and it’s not to say you have to like fake certain elements you don’t have to but it did Emily wants necessarily want to drink at eleven in the morning multiple shots of vodka definitely not right so it’s still achieved the same objective but having a look at what other people are doing and looking at what like is working outside of your niche that maybe you could incorporate in your own unique way that’s really key because that audience might be shared with yours they might have similar interests and so if you can do like I guess it falls back to the trend-jacking thing if you can do a trend or a challenge or something in your own way not a direct copy that comes across well then your channel is most likely to be recommended to that audience and therefore helps you grow so that’s a huge part of how you sort of stay ahead of the curve makes sense so describe your transition from co-founding a company specializing in video solutions to where you are now this was like a really interesting journey for me because I was you know a co-founder’s company for years and every day I was dealing with these issues and like creatives editors can be quite unreliable and creatives in general but if it’s remote it’s even more difficult because if you don’t have them in house and they just randomly disappear I’m the one that’s in the shit not them because I have to deal with the client right and be like oh I did say it was going to be delivered in the next amount of hours but the editors just disappeared up you know what am I going to do so that was a problem but how a sort of transition is like I was just waking up every day dealing with these problems trying to fix some put out fires and trying to put systems in place to prevent it or maybe some things to prevent editors from messing me about like if they were to like deliver something late three times and they would be you know they would have a little bit of their money taken off but then there was some backlash with that so there was an interesting process but what really pivoted my whole sort of mindset in fact was actually when I took a small amount of magic mushrooms and I allowed myself to like think differently about my life and what I wanted to achieve and I then realized okay this is not making me happy and so then I’m going to change it and I just really sort of thought about okay what am I trying to achieve how am I going to do it and who could I use help from to allow me to do it because that’s one thing about being an entrepreneur that I think is really important is if you identify the things that you’re greater but also identify the things that you’re not so great at you could you just find the people that that are greater the things that you’re not so good at and then you can really accelerate yourself to achieving much much more yeah that’s exactly my philosophy if I know how to do something I do it or if I don’t have the time I don’t do it if I don’t know how to do something if I’m not an expert at something I farm it out man I’m really good at what I do but it’s important that for instance for development I’ve got a really good developer he takes care of that stuff and that’s the way it should be what inspired the creation of fan to media and what gap do you think it fills in the industry so what inspired it was the fact that you know I worked for the only fans agency a few years ago I actually ended up leaving it because it was quite stressful and I think what’s really important working for it is setting like a solid sort of expectations of like communication output and things like that and really for you should channel like what I found as the most optimized approaches three videos a week right so when a girl would randomly like disappear or not want to or whatever it made it quite challenging and that never happens with the agency at the time like there are people that are obviously really hard working but the agency at the time were sort of bending over backwards and sort of like some of the models were like making them a lot of money they were like you know just being very leaning on certain things and it is a very delicate thing to deal with because it’s the adult industry and so with my like with people I work with if they say to me hey I’ve got to I’m not prepared to do a video this week I don’t even ask why I just say okay and say when is the earliest day in time you can do and that’s it right I don’t even question it because it’s not my place to know but what inspired it is the fact that I decided to go back into the space to work with models but under different terms and do a pricing structure that’s very results focused and the time commitment needed is much less so I deliver a results focus pricing structure where if I asked them if they can provide me an hour of their time a week which is the qualifying question I asked them if so then great and if not then then don’t right there was a few models that I met during my army that said they weren’t prepared to give me an hour of their time probably because they’re multi-millionaires and that hour you know it doesn’t make a difference the money doesn’t make a difference so that’s fine but another perspective on YouTube that I want models to really realize is that I don’t know what their time frame is in terms of being involved in the adult space but YouTube is great for that mainstream content where they can build an audience that is interested them long-term outside of that work right so they can monetize things long-term elsewhere because it’s a huge part of it it’s a huge part of it so banjo media serves an area where YouTube traffic is I would say easily one of the most underserved traffic sources to grow an adult account and you know it needs to be done correctly because YouTube doesn’t want you to promote any fans on their profile how do you start how do you edit the videos effectively how do you create a thumbnail how do you take the image everything that’s everything that I provide to creators let’s get into the nuts and bolts now you offer a unique service that provides new video ideas every Friday and a content guide every Monday how do you develop these ideas and guides sure so I’ve developed over the few years you know an idea sort of like master document where I sort of pull from but it also depends on the model right the models have different niches so if she’s an e-girl maybe she’s like the girl that next door vibes or maybe she wants to there’s a certain niche which maybe she’s really into a thickness so maybe we’ll have like a more of focus on that so what happens is I’ll have a look at the search traffic I’ll have a look at what’s being you know successful within their niche and then actually listen to what they want to do and then build ideas around that and then every Friday I’ll present them the ideas they’ll then tell me great Oscar these are the ones that I want to do these are the ones that maybe I don’t want to do for these reasons any feedback positive or negative is extremely important to the process I then on the Monday I will present them in a guide right the guide actually isn’t a script the only element that it would could be regarded as a script is the intro the intro is very very important to the video success as a viewer you look at a video you see a title and thumbnail you have a level of expectation right when you click on that video you want that expectation to be met immediately so that you know that you’re actually going to be getting that video there’s a lot of people that clickbait and basically the content doesn’t match the thumb the thumbnail at all so people like more used to being lied to so that’s why it’s really important to confirm that that they’re actually going to be getting what they get right so the intro should be serving that as quickly as possible address the title and thumbnail and allute to something that may happen later on in the video which essentially subconsciously allows viewers to sort of commit to the video long term rather than just being what I’ve noticed that a lot of people would make the mistake of is as soon as the video starts is asking for engagement asking for likes and comments asking to watch until the end if you think from a viewer perspective you’ve not really provided them any value so why should you so by doing that I’ve actually noticed looking at the data that the retention actually drops so just allude to something that they’ll find out later on or sort of paint their curiosity and then they’ll make that decision and keep them sort of you know engaged in that content long term so they’ll then use that guide every Monday to create the content they provide me the video and the thumbnail images and then my team will take care of the rest sure and you know going back to the previous question I would imagine you have to fire some creators because they’re not giving you the time that you need it does have to come to that point but here’s the thing about YouTube like well if you were to say do an advertisement on you know a traditional magazine there’s a limit generally speaking of how many people are actually gonna watch that and consume that content with YouTube if a model were to create a bunch of videos and go do you know what I’m not filming videos I’ve got a different focus that channel will still passively gain views that that’s a great element of it but yeah they’re happy models that are just like what I brand is sort of like shiny object syndrome where they’re like oh god yes I really want to do this and then it just doesn’t happen or they give me that hour for the first couple weeks and sometimes it takes a bit of time to grow a channel right and if a video does really well and the next video doesn’t do so well it’s not necessarily a negative it’s it’s a positive because you know what type of content doesn’t necessarily resonate with your audience and just try and narrow it and it’s not a bad thing so trying to some creators like really take that to heart and I know that a lot for a lot of these people the performance of the views the followers is what they credit their success on so I work with a creator and this is kind of like crazy to look back on so I work with a creator that you know if he wouldn’t get two million views in 24 hours on his video he would be depressed he wouldn’t talk to his girlfriend he wouldn’t talk to me he’d be very upset and it’s like you know take a step back and be like right does that really make it doesn’t but it’s with the models that I’ve yeah they’ll look at video and be like oh it’s not done well you know and then they sort of drop off their interest and things but if you commit that time with me and you push on you will see results right because that’s how that’s how it works really so yeah so explain the measures fan to media takes to ensure privacy and security for your clients yep so with content that they provide we have an online storage system that can only be accessed by top-level management the editors and myself so there’s that when it comes to providing the only fans material so that you know the the only fans version of the video normally the models or have their own team or maybe edit with themselves but there are times where they maybe want to ask my team to do that and we can when it comes to YouTube directly I know that there’s quite a big problem or a concern for a lot of European models maybe in like Ukraine or that sort of European countries where they’re like oh I just really don’t want people that I know to know see my YouTube channel right so on YouTube you can actually block locations so that’s a concern that we can address but what’s important to remember is say if you’re a creator and you block certain countries if you are to get millions and millions of views there is still the chance that your channel will be seen by the people that you know and love so that’s something to consider well yeah and there’s also VPNs of course yeah like things can be accessed people if people want to access content they will so it’s like the gambling like you know there’s certain geoblocking restrictions but people use VPNs to access those websites and with YouTube like it’s a hard dynamic there’s been models that work with their like you know I really want to get paid on YouTube I really want to grow my only fans but I just don’t want certain countries to see here and it’s like okay we can block it but if you get a certain level like people are going to find out so just just that is some a level that you have to sort of accept whilst whilst I will do everything with my power available to me to block those countries there’s it could get out right so there’s something to to think about of course why is it important for only fans creators to have a strong presence on YouTube and how does fan tube media support the process yeah if you have a look at supply and demand let us so many people doing only fans and there’s only every day that goes by there’s more and more people right so how do you differentiate yourself from others and what you can do is use your personality right what think about what makes you unique and how can we then present that online in a way that’s engaging for the audience right with guys on only fans look as we discuss before there’s adult content free online so why would people go on only fans and pay money and think because they like you or personally they like you they want custom content they want to engage with you they want to find out more about your life so if you can give elements of that for free on YouTube safe for work and then allude to potentially normally speaking there’s explicit content on YouTube not on YouTube on only fans that the models have then they’re more likely to like engage with your personality and go okay maybe I want to see more right and if you have a look at the quality of traffic from YouTube comparatively speaking to other socials generally speaking YouTube traffic is actually much higher because they get to know you on that personal level right so when they’re on your only fans they’re more likely to not only stay for longer but also spend it’s really important from that perspective but also beyond being in the adult space growing a safer work audience is a great way to have access to more ways to make money so with the ever evolving landscape of YouTube what do you see as the future challenges or opportunities for fan tube media and its clientele it’s really important for YouTube to evolve right it’s a lot of creators that have like massive channels and they only stick to what they do some creators can do well that because there’s always this sort of new wave of users that would be interested content but some channels like end up dying off right so with us I will help make sure these girls stay ahead of the curve but also be aware that YouTube may over time become more stricter on the content they allow on YouTube right a few years ago with Emily Black and some of these girls a cheat code to success to getting traffic was really quite straightforward was strip content okay so for example it was like strip FIFA so say she this girl was playing FIFA against this guy or another girl if they score a goal against each other they have to remove a layer of clothing or maybe they’re doing a Q&A and if they don’t want to answer a question they remove a layer of clothing that sort of thing right so the strip content was really popular and it was perfect transition to only fans right because they all think I know what’s coming yeah exactly they’re like oh they’re in their bra they’re in there do you know I mean like oh I wonder what’s happened what’s going to happen next they would then do an OF version of that content and that was a great funnel but now if you do strip content like you’re going to get redistricted if it gets manually reviewed you’re going to get your channel taken down pretty much right there’s another area of YouTube that still people create content for but I would I never do it with my models because I think it’s just way too risky and it’s actually body painting right it’s art it’s a reason yes you can paint your body naked and it’s allowed on YouTube to an extent so how are we going to to do this is it requires testing I think over time we need to be more and more safer work but it’s it’s you know having people part of my team that are helping me be aware of the different options that we can take one silly thing that I thought of the other day but I don’t I think it’s probably too sexual but there’s a whole niche where guys really like girls and cars so how about like doing videos where a girl is like in a workshop with oil on herself like cleaning tools right she’s got a big spanner and she’s cleaning the spanner right there’s nothing actually like explicit about that necessarily but it’s quite suggestive so that might do well I don’t know if we do a channel where she’s just cleaning tools I don’t know it’s a bit silly but you see what I mean I think it’s about just being aware of like what things can we do that perhaps is suggestive you don’t have to be sexual suggestive to do well on YouTube but by doing this suggestive stuff you attract the audience that are more likely to subscribe to any fans so that’s where I come in and it’s a really exciting landscape to be part of and you know with these girls that do YouTube they can also collaborate with other models right because if they if if a model say petite and blonde and she does a collaboration with another petite and blonde girl they’re going to have very direct transferable fans there that would be interested in subscribing to each other so I can organize collaborations and it takes that it gives them peace of mind that the ideas they’re going to do puts them in the best position to actually go viral and make the best use of their time because but I asked for an hour of their time a week and you’ll be surprised how much pushback I’ve had on over an hour oh I’m not surprised now okay probably not those that are listening baby baby maybe more say that I can’t even get people to send me some ideas on what they want to be asked for the podcast so hour come on really yeah yeah yeah so that’s why like there’s actually a new type of content that’s like even short and I ask for 15 minutes of their time week and that that’s more palatable that’s more palatable good luck with that well Oscar I’d like to thank you for being our guest today on adult side broker talk and I look forward to doing it again soon nice man I really appreciate I appreciate you my broker tip today is part three of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later last week we talked about making a good offer and how to structure your site next keep your website design up to date do a redesign from time to time people will tend to think your site is the same as ever and click out of it without even looking at it if something doesn’t change so keep it fresh and up to date times change so should your website look at what your competitors are doing and see what it is you really like if you know a site to be successful look at what it is they’re doing and do some of the same things I’m not saying copy their sites I’m just suggesting you improve your site by looking around a bit you’ve got to keep up with the times or you’ll end up being left behind also keep it on your competition and make sure you’re offering everything on your site that they are or more don’t just look at their design but make sure your offers are good and competitive the same goes for your content do you ever wonder why one site does well and others don’t check out the competition’s content what are they doing that you’re not doing be willing to make changes people can understand whether losing sales to a competitor yet the competitor is clearly doing everything better amulates success make sure everything on your website works well make sure all your links work properly check them on a regular basis if things don’t work you’ll lose customers people are not patient these days people’s attention spans are like that of a nat they click out immediately and go to the next words old in google if they don’t find what they’re looking for if the site is hard to navigate or if things don’t work check all your internal scripts and plugins and make sure they’re updated regularly as well we’ll talk about this subject more next week and next week we’ll be speaking with filmmaker and performer Axel Abyss a don’t site broker talk has been brought to you by webmaster access september 12th through the 15th the show will be in beautiful cypress at the stunning grand resort on the beach go to the events page on our website at adult site for a 25 percent discount for adult site broker talk listeners to register go to and that’s it for this week’s adult site broker talk I’d once again like to thank my guest Oscar Gracie of fantubemedia talk to you again next week on adult site broker talk I’m Bruce Friedman (gentle music)

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