Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 141 With Tristan And Rutger Of WeCamGirls

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 141 With Tristan And Rutger Of WeCamGirls

Tristan and Rutger of WeCamGirls are this week’s guests on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Tristan is married with 2 kids. He works in the adult sector and is an attorney by trade. He attempted to practice law but found that he didn’t love it, so he and his buddy Rutger founded a company. His interests include football, “the genuine thing, as in the one you play with your feet, not the American egg ball crap.” as he puts it. He also likes watches, golf, Legos, and enjoying fine cuisine.

Rutger is also married and has two children. His master’s degree is in econometrics.

In the latter half of the 1990s, he began developing his first websites. Basketball, footwear, golf, tasty cuisine, and Legos are some of his interests.

They both reside in a region of the Netherlands close to Amsterdam.

In 2012, they established a community for cam models.

They have male models in the community even though the site is named WeCamGirls.

One day, a friend of theirs who used to be a web cam model discussed her online adventures. She mentioned two things when they questioned her about the toughest aspects of performing. The first was that she found it annoying that she couldn’t discuss her line of work with many people, and the second was that she became bored because of not being able to do so.

WeCamGirls was established in March 2012 as a chat platform and forum where performers may talk about various websites and cutting-edge technology. It has developed into a true community since that time.

A review area and a commercial profile page for have both been introduced as extra features.

On Twitter, you may follow them @WeCamGirls.

“Tristan and Rutger are longtime buddies from the shows,” said Bruce, the show’s host and CEO of Adult Site Broker. “They’ve made a crucial contribution to the camming community via WeCamGirls. It was an entertaining and instructive interview.”

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

They've made a crucial contribution to the camming community via WeCamGirls. It was an entertaining and instructive interview.


Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where each week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry and we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we'll be speaking with Tristan and Rutger of We Cam Girls. Adult Site Broker is proud to announce the launch of our new website, adult Site Broker three point oh at

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In these cases, the owner of the site is usually expressing the utmost care to make sure that the identity of their site or company doesn't get out for a variety of reasons. These are generally larger listings with big revenues. If you're interested in finding out more about our private listings, please complete our buyer's NDA on our website and contact us to see if you qualify. Now time for this week's interview. My guests today on Adult Side Broker talk are Tristan and Rutger of We Cam Girls.

Hey guys, thanks for being with us today on Adult Site Broker talk. Thank you for having us, Bruce.

Speaker 2 (2m 25s): Yes, thank you Bruce. Hi,

Speaker 1 (2m 26s): It's a pleasure. Now Tristan is married and has two young children. He's a lawyer by trade. He's been in the adult industry for over 10 years. He tried practicing law and didn't enjoy it, so he started a business with his friend Rutgers. His hobbies are football, as he says, the real football as in the one you play with your feet. Hey, they kicked the ball in the nfl. Come on. Not the egg ball stuff from the us. He watches golf, he likes good food and he likes Legos.

I had it written. He watches golf. Good food. You watch good food? No, you like good food. Okay, and you eat Legos. Okay, there we go. Now Rutgers nice. Rutgers is also married with two kids. He graduated with a master's in Echo Metrics.

Speaker 3 (3m 16s): Eco Econometrics

Speaker 1 (3m 17s): Says here, Econo Metrics. Okay, we'll have to talk about that. He started building his first websites in the late nineties. I didn't know you were that old. His hobbies are basketball, sneakers, golf, good food and Legos. Imagine that you guys both like eating Legos, okay? They both live in the same part of the Netherlands, not far from the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Damn, you guys have so much in common. You should be married for Christ's sake. All right? They build a community for cam models in 2012, even though it's called the We Cam girls.

They also have male models in the community. One day, a friend of theirs who was a former webcam model talked about her online experiences. When they asked her what she thought were the hardest parts of being a performer, she said two things. The first was she didn't like the fact that she couldn't talk to a lot of people about what she does for a living. Second thing was that not being able to do this cost her boredom. In March of 2012, we Cam Girls was born as a chat system in forum where performers can discuss the different sites in the latest tech.

Since then, it's grown into a real community. They've added some additional features, like a commercial profile page, cam girl, and a review section. So how did you guys like your commercial there?

Speaker 3 (4m 32s): Wow, this is us. Sounds so professional.

Speaker 1 (4m 35s): Unbelievable, isn't it? Yes, this is. Okay, well good. I do my best. So before we talk about, we Cam girls, I'd like to know more about you guys. Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you met?

Speaker 3 (4m 49s): Yeah, how did we meet? Theres, it was how long ago? Like 18 or 19 years ago? Yeah, I think so. Oh, I was dating one of your friends. Yeah,

Speaker 4 (4m 59s): Yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 3 (5m 0s): That's how it goes. And she said, I have a friend who's also a computer nerd, so maybe you can talk to each other and see if you can do some business. And back in the day, there was not really room for that. But we found out we both liked poker, so we started having, doing poker together and became buddies and there we are.

Speaker 1 (5m 26s): Tristan, you got anything to add to that?

Speaker 4 (5m 29s): Yeah, no, we actually met on her birthday. Yeah, we were, she was dating him and we were having a chat and turned out that we had some things in common and some common interests. And then we started to play poker. And then yeah, years later Rutgers asked me, yeah, do you wanna start something together? And that's how we started. Started out.

Speaker 1 (5m 52s): Very good. So what experience did you have or did you have any experience in our business before you created Weekend Girls?

Speaker 3 (6m 2s): I had, I started building websites in 97. Okay. And I found out that there was money to be made in adult. So I started creating some web kind white labels before there were white labels. So that's how I got into the, the whole industry. Okay. So yeah, that was like in 2001, I think. And I've been building websites ever since.

Speaker 1 (6m 31s): And, and Tristan basically Rutgers corrupted you?

Speaker 4 (6m 34s): Absolutely. It's, I didn't have any experience with this industry before. So the first year was actually learning a lot and getting to know the whole gem world. It was, I didn't know what to expect because when I first hear, when you first hear of models and webcams and stuff like that, and studios in Romania always imagined these dark dungeons where these girls were locked up on Jane's forced to be on webcam.

Well, that turned out to be different. Yeah. And yeah, so I learned a lot, especially the first year and after they go into the first shows and a whole new world opened up. My friend of course who, who gave me the initial idea and I talked to her about it, but she was doing it from home. And there was always this world of webcam that I didn't know anything about. So especially in, in Romania. And so when we went to the first shows and got to know actually actual studios and stuff like that, it was totally different than from what I've imagined.

Speaker 1 (7m 41s): Sure. It was a real business.

Speaker 4 (7m 44s): Oh yeah. Absolutely. So professional.

Speaker 1 (7m 47s): Oh yes. Absolutely. So how would you explain your site if you were telling someone about it who had no idea what we Cam Girls is?

Speaker 4 (7m 58s): Well, so we Cam Girls is a social media network. It's a business to business community in a sense, right. For webcam models. So there are no customers, there are no fans, they're not there to make money. They're there to exchange information, exchange tips, enjoy each other's company and talk business. But also, you can talk about everything on the form, you know, from shoe shopping to philosophy, but there's also a lot of business talk of course.

From what? So what can I do to up my game? Do you have any suggestions for new sites or, and new ideas? How to do my shows? It's a place where cam models hang out, where there are no customers, but just the models having interactive conversations with each other.

Speaker 1 (8m 49s): Okay. Anything It's like

Speaker 4 (8m 50s): A, it's like a Facebook slash LinkedIn forum. Yeah. That's

Speaker 3 (8m 55s): Basically what it's

Speaker 1 (8m 56s): Okay. Rector got anything to add?

Speaker 3 (8m 59s): No, I think that sums it up pretty well.

Speaker 1 (9m 2s): He articulated it wonderfully, didn't he?

Speaker 3 (9m 4s): Yes. Well, we've explained it before. Of course.

Speaker 1 (9m 7s): Of course. So what was the main reason you decided to start the site 10 years ago besides trying to get Rich?

Speaker 3 (9m 15s): Oh, that, oh, besides getting Rich. Exactly. When I started with, with Webcam white labels, I always found it fascinating to see that there's like a whole business behind that, the webcams. And then when a friend told us that he was in need of more help or more information about what she was doing, and we thought, that's great to make. I've been creating communities before. So I, I started one with in 2001, so it was already something I had something experience in.

Right. And I thought, oh, why not do something for the webcam models and make it more business to business instead of just a place to have fun, but also more like information. And that turned out very well.

Speaker 1 (10m 4s): Yeah. There's really nothing like what you guys have is there, I mean, there, there are model forums, but with everything that's on we Cam Girls. I don't think there's anything else like it is there.

Speaker 3 (10m 15s): I don't think there is. We have some competition or other communities, but like you said, it's mostly only forums. And I think one of our unique selling points is that we're she out for customers? So it's really only for models and not for customers. And so we try to create a safe haven for them where they can discuss everything they want. We have a verification system to make sure that everybody on our platform is really in the adult in industry and not a fan or customer say, just trying to sign up.

Right. So we have different levels of security within our system to make sure that if you're talking to other models, you can be sure that only models can read it. Not even the, the website's owners.

Speaker 1 (11m 7s): And how do you make sure,

Speaker 3 (11m 10s): Like I said, we have a verification system. Okay. So we have several ways a model can verify their account. Right. And normally they send something on their Twitter account, right. And we will make sure that's a Twitter account of someone that's been around in the webcam industry for, for a while. Or they can send a link to their webcam profile and if they say something about Wes on their profile, we know it's them. And then that makes it Sure. That's a real model.

Speaker 1 (11m 40s): Do a lot of fans try to sign up?

Speaker 3 (11m 42s): Yeah. But most are doing that by accident, I think. Oh, and when you sign up, we have a couple of questions. And the first question is, are you a model or are you a customer or a fan? And as soon as you say I'm a customer, then you get an automatic IP van. So you won't be able to, and we sent you to Asite to make some money of you.

Speaker 1 (12m 8s): So do you have like an exploding sound or something like that, or a flushing sound?

Speaker 3 (12m 13s): Oh, but, but that sounds cool. We should, we should do that.

Speaker 1 (12m 17s): I've heard that on radio shows before when there's a caller, especially like sports talk shows where there's a caller who's just a real jerk off, you know, different hosts do different things, different sound effects. Sometimes it's a flush of a toilet. Sometimes it's, it's a big explosion Yeah. Times

Speaker 3 (12m 34s): Because the, the customer is not a jerk. He's, he's in the end, he's the one paying for everybody. Of course, of course. We try to treat everybody fair. Sure. But we don't, just don't allow him on a weekend, girls.

Speaker 1 (12m 49s): Very good. Well, maybe, maybe you need to, to set up an adjoining forum for fans.

Speaker 4 (12m 55s): Yeah. We talked about it and we discussed it. There are lots more sites out there that do already that kind of stuff. Sure. So we just try to expand in different ways.

Speaker 1 (13m 7s): Sure, sure. Stay with what works, right?

Speaker 4 (13m 11s): Yeah. But also, we've been working on some new projects and so we're trying to, to cover more parts of the adult industry besides Cammy.

Speaker 1 (13m 20s): Tell me about it.

Speaker 4 (13m 21s): One of our latest projects is we porn stars. It's a similar community, like we Chem girls, but the, the target group in this case is talent born talent. So we thought might be interesting to set up site for adults, creators for, for talent porn. Sure. And of course it, the market is a little bit smaller. I mean there, I think they're way more webcam models than there are porn stars of porn

Speaker 1 (13m 53s): Talent porn stars, yes. Creators. No,

Speaker 4 (13m 55s): There is overlap of course, because Yeah. Scam girls are creators.

Speaker 1 (14m 0s): Most are porn are porn stars too.

Speaker 4 (14m 2s): Yeah. And porn stars too. Right. But I think there's a difference between getting, going to create content yourself, doing that on your phone or at home. And when you go to an actual studio where you have a camera crew and director. And so I think there's a, that part of the industry is different. There are not many cam girls who will go into porn as in go make a movie on a set.

Sure. But the other way around, there's more because porn stars, especially if they already built their fan base, and Webcaming is a good way to be in contact with your fans. Yes. And I think as a porn star, especially if you're a bit famous, there are a lot of people who actually want to interact with you.

Speaker 1 (14m 57s): Sure. Absolutely. So how's that pro? How's that project going?

Speaker 4 (15m 2s): It's going. We are also working on a, a new one and that one is called Ween Girls.

Speaker 1 (15m 8s): There you go.

Speaker 4 (15m 9s): And Find Girls is basically a site for content creators, for adult content creators because content creation is booming at the, at the moment. Of course everybody knows that. And there are a lot of content creators, but not all of them are, are Webcaming True and or flow pornstar. So of course there's an overlap between it, between these, the three sites. But I think doing this new site with girls, it will be, there is a really big group that can really benefit from it.

Speaker 1 (15m 43s): Sure. And I would think the crossover between the three areas will help you promote all three sites.

Speaker 4 (15m 49s): Absolutely. Yeah. That's great. And that makes it easier to start for us, because when we started with Weekend Girls, I mean, that was tough.

Speaker 1 (16m 1s): Sure, sure.

Speaker 3 (16m 2s): We were just two rear Dutch guys that were trying to get girls to their website, so

Speaker 4 (16m 8s): Everybody was hesitant to sign up, you know? Sure. I mean, everybody was afraid that we wanted something from their income or from their pie or from, how do you wanna say it? So, and before you get your site rolling, I mean, building a community is pretty hard. You need content to get new visitors, but to get new content, you need new visitors. So it's a paradox, but it's also a snowball, you know, when it starts rolling,

Speaker 3 (16m 36s): I love snowball.

Speaker 4 (16m 38s): It's, when it starts rolling, it, it, it just grows better faster. Sure. And bigger, faster. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (16m 46s): Over the last 10 years, or been many things that have heavily influenced the CAM industry, what do you think has changed the industry most in that time,

Speaker 4 (16m 55s): In the last 10 years? Yeah. I think that's the interactive toys.

Speaker 3 (17m 1s): Hmm. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (17m 2s): I, I, I'm pretty sure of it. I think that's the biggest change that has happened in the last 10 years. Yeah. Because everybody uses these toys now. And if you, if you're wondering or not, you will have to use it because everybody else is using it too. Yeah. And I don't know if it's good or a bad thing, but I think it, it is one of the things that has changed the industry a lot. Sure. And there of course, there, there have been other changes that are quality cameras better sound, better picture faster, internet connections,

Speaker 1 (17m 37s): Big time.

Speaker 4 (17m 39s): But other big changes that I'd expected, like the VR is not really happening yet. They're, they've been talking about it for the last 8, 7, 8 years. Yes. And some sites experiment with it, but it's not a thing yet. Right. So I think this is the, the, the biggest change in the last 10 years is the are impact of sex choice. Sure. Because the, it wasn't there before. Right.

And there are not many changes. I mean, some of these sites look the same as a 10 years as they looked 10 years ago.

Speaker 1 (18m 18s): Yes. We know who you're talking about.

Speaker 4 (18m 21s): So of course the,

Speaker 1 (18m 23s): The, the richest, the richest guy, Leo, Leo, we love you.

Speaker 4 (18m 29s): So, yeah. But I think there will be some interesting new changes in the future.

Speaker 1 (18m 35s): Absolutely. Absolutely.

Speaker 4 (18m 37s): But at the moment, I think the chem industry is in a way, is pretty conservative for a tech industry because basically the, the chem industry is also a tech industry. But of course I think it's really conservative.

Speaker 1 (18m 51s): Yeah, I would agree. So over the years the community you've built has been honored with numerous awards. What do you think makes we cam girls such a strong and engaged community?

Speaker 3 (19m 3s): Well, mostly because we don't have lots of competition, so that makes for us,

Speaker 1 (19m 9s): Yes.

Speaker 3 (19m 10s): But besides that, I think one of our strong points is that we always try to keep the models in the first place. So for example, of course we have a lot of requests from, from campsites that wanna advertise with us. Yeah. But we always stick to the role, no more than six at the same time, just to make sure that it's not bombarded with banners and we, that we, or that we send out meal plus every day we try to find a balance between making money and the models at their platform.

They're also on s just to hang out with others and they don't want to be bombarded with advertisements or Sure. Every new camp platform there is. So yeah, I think that's one of our disadvantages.

Speaker 1 (20m 3s): Have you guys thought about a membership model that's ad free?

Speaker 3 (20m 8s): Oh yeah. Well, ad free, I don't think anybody will pay for that. But we thought about having like a free model where you can buy like a golden membership. Yeah. It's been on our to-do list for like, almost also 10 years. The problem is we find it difficult to find stuff that's really making a difference between a free membership and a paid membership. And as soon as, as we think of something that's really interesting and we think, oh, models will, maybe will pay for that, then we think, oh, that will be great if you can provide it to everybody.

At the moment, we we're just saying we keep it free for everybody and then we only have the advertisers that, that pay us money. Sure. And it really sounds very, very well.

Speaker 1 (20m 59s): So Yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 3 (20m 60s): But maybe sometime you, you never know.

Speaker 1 (21m 3s): Absolutely.

Speaker 3 (21m 4s): Yeah. But yeah, we, we thought about it and discussed it like every year, I think for that month

Speaker 1 (21m 12s): And then went nah.

Speaker 3 (21m 14s): Yeah. But then, then you do it like the, the mathematics and then you find out, okay, we can do it and it will make you, I don't know, a thousand dollars a month and then we think, is that worth it? No, not only for us Yeah. To build it, but also to say to some others, oh, you haven't paid, so you won't be able to have this and this feature. I dunno.

Speaker 1 (21m 39s): Sure. Nah, it's a thousand dollars a month then I would think that Yeah.

Speaker 3 (21m 43s): Because you, you can't charge them like a hundred dollars a month. No. So if, if you charge,

Speaker 1 (21m 49s): Well, how many, well, how many models in your database now?

Speaker 3 (21m 51s): Yeah. We have 30,000. But if you, or maybe even 35, I don't know. But if you charge them, I don't know, like four or $5 and two, 200 of them join, or maybe 400, you, you know, you're, you're talking about one $2,000.

Speaker 1 (22m 8s): Right.

Speaker 3 (22m 9s): I, I don't know if that's enough to build it and to, but, because the difference then is you have paying customers and paying customers, they can say, oh, this is not working, or that's not working. And Sure. It you get hassle and we don't like

Speaker 1 (22m 28s): Soul. Well, I can just tell you from my knowledge of what creators pay for their advertising and what creators make, I don't think you're gonna have a problem with small amounts of money, even if you're talking 10 or $20 a month. That's just my take. If you guys want to talk offline about it, we can certainly do it. But I, I gotta tell you, there's some massive amounts of money being spent on creator advertising on some platforms.

Speaker 3 (22m 56s): Yeah. But, but then the problem is you need something to offer them. And we try to offer it to everybody to have like community. Right, right. And then you have to build a complete set of new tools for them. It's almost like you're building a new company, which you could do, but we haven't found the right software yet that's missing in the industry.

Speaker 1 (23m 20s): Interesting. Okay. You guys will continue to, I'm sure, strategize.

Speaker 4 (23m 25s): Oh, absolutely.

Speaker 1 (23m 27s): How has Covid impacted it's gotta have a covid question, right? It's, it's kind of mandatory. How has Covid impacted your community and the chem industry as a whole?

Speaker 4 (23m 38s): I think when the first, when we are talking at the beginning of Covid, we saw pretty big impact actually, actually on our site is a lot of new members signing up Sure. People that were losing their jobs and that were looking for alternatives to, to make some money and to get information. So yeah, we saw a spike at the beginning of Covid, a lot of new members, people that were interested in in, in maybe doing webc information, asking questions.

There was a lot, a lot of uncertainty, especially in cert in specific parts in the world. And a lot of new US members. Most, most of the members on weekend girls are US members.

Speaker 1 (24m 23s): Makes sense.

Speaker 4 (24m 25s): About 30, 40% is Western Europe and a little bit of Eastern Europe. But the, the main go of the members of Weekend Girls is so Western orientated.

Speaker 1 (24m 37s): Right.

Speaker 4 (24m 38s): And of course there was a bit more uncertainty for people in the US I guess when it, they were talking about their jobs. So you saw quite a spike of new members from the US joining weekend, girls getting information, looking up how to start and maybe to find a way to earn some extra income. But it was temporarily, but also there were people Yeah. Looking for a job. But there were also more visitors going to Chemside because everybody was at home.

I guess.

Speaker 1 (25m 9s): Of course

Speaker 4 (25m 10s): When I talked to chem sites about Covid, they talk about how they have more customers and more shows and people visiting them more.

Speaker 1 (25m 21s): Yeah. Well that makes good sense.

Speaker 4 (25m 23s): Yeah. It, it covid had an impact, but it was temporarily then I think. And then it's getting back to normal. It it's already back to normal I think. So

Speaker 1 (25m 32s): I see you guys often at the trade shows. What do you think about these shows and which ones are your favorites?

Speaker 3 (25m 38s): We love the trade shows. It's so great to talk to like-minded people. It's almost like you are hanging out with your family. Which shows do we like best? The shows in Romania and the European Summits. Those are the

Speaker 1 (25m 51s): Yeah, ts. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (25m 53s): Yeah. It's not that it's the business wise, the best shows they are, but it's more like the people that are going to those shows. Those are the best people that are so

Speaker 1 (26m 4s): Yeah. The cool kids.

Speaker 4 (26m 5s): Yeah. We, we've been going to these shows now for almost 10 years. So you've built friendships with people and Absolutely. And it's, yeah, it always feels like coming home in a sense. When I go to a show and you see everybody and the first few hours you're just walking around and just having a quick chats with everybody and say hi and say, Hey, how are you?

Speaker 1 (26m 30s): Yep.

Speaker 4 (26m 32s): No, I'd really love to go to the shows and Yeah. Well, parties help too. I'm too old

Speaker 3 (26m 38s): For me. Must

Speaker 4 (26m 39s): Bullshit.

Speaker 1 (26m 40s): I'm too old for that shit. I've been for a while actually. But now I'll say something and I'm, I'm sincere about it. People like you guys are, are what really make the shows, you know? And you're right, we are family, you know, there's just no two ways about it. This is family. Yes. And this is more family than my own family at times. It really is. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (27m 0s): I thought it was the, the worst thing about Covid was not being able to go to shows.

Speaker 1 (27m 5s): Yeah. Yeah. I agree. I agree. It sucked. So guys, what would you have done if you weren't in this industry?

Speaker 3 (27m 13s): Wow. Well, I studied econometrics, so some boring job with numbers and in suits. So Yeah. I imagine

Speaker 1 (27m 26s): You'd have to cut your hair, man.

Speaker 3 (27m 28s): No, nobody will recognize me then.

Speaker 1 (27m 32s): That's funny.

Speaker 3 (27m 33s): Chris would be a lawyer, of course.

Speaker 1 (27m 36s): Yes, you would.

Speaker 4 (27m 37s): Well, well, after I finished the university, I actually did a couple of job interviews because I was specialized in Islamic and Christian terrorism.

Speaker 1 (27m 50s): Interesting.

Speaker 4 (27m 50s): So my first, one of my first job interviews was with Dutch Secret Surface. It was fascinating. I just sent them a message. I, I just applied there, there was, there was no job opening. So I just send them an, an email, Hey, yeah, I'm looking for a job. If you have anything, just let me know. And a couple of months later they actually contacted me and say, Hey, we have a job opening for an intelligence officer.

Speaker 1 (28m 17s): Hmm.

Speaker 4 (28m 18s): So I said, oh cool. They, they sent me, it was all official and you can talk about it. You can't even say that you have an interview somewhere. So they, I went to the job interview and to this punker building with their, normally when you have a big building, you have a nice entrance. This place didn't have a nice entrance was like site entrance Yeah. With all different parts that you had to pass through. And it was all concrete. And, and I was sitting there and there was six people sitting in front of me just asking Oh geez.

Questions. But they no knew everything about me anyway.

Speaker 1 (28m 52s): Oh, I'm sure they did.

Speaker 4 (28m 53s): Yeah. And I, I fucked that interview up. I mean I was, it was one of my first job interviews ever and I could have done a lot better, but it would would've been interesting if they would actually have hired me

Speaker 1 (29m 9s): And Oh hell

Speaker 4 (29m 9s): Yeah. That would be a spy.

Speaker 1 (29m 13s): I like it kinda like double, it's kinda like oh oh seven or Maxwell Smart.

Speaker 4 (29m 17s): Yeah. I think it would be more not in the field, but

Speaker 1 (29m 21s): You know who Maxwell Smart is, right?

Speaker 4 (29m 24s): No.

Speaker 1 (29m 25s): And what was the, think of what the TV show was and they made a movie out of it. Oh, get smart.

Speaker 3 (29m 31s): It's in his sixties.

Speaker 1 (29m 32s): Yeah. But the movie was a couple years ago. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. I think they had

Speaker 3 (29m 38s): Five.

Speaker 1 (29m 39s): Who's that actor from the office? He played Maxwell Smart. Oh really? I gotta watch it. Michael's seen it. Yeah. I gotta watch it. I gotta watch it. It sounds, you know, it sounded like fun. But I love the, I love the, the original show. I've actually been binge watching old shows lately. I am in almost towards the end of a show called, which you've probably never heard of. And it was also before your time. Everything's before your time. A show

Speaker 3 (30m 4s): Called Normally we're old ones.

Speaker 1 (30m 6s): Yeah, exactly. A show called Barney Miller. Yeah. With the candle out Old me and Barney Miller was a great show about New York detectives and Oh my God. Just great shit. Great shit. Anyway, I digress. How would you describe yourself? We'll start with Tristan and what is your area of expertise?

Speaker 4 (30m 29s): Okay. How would I describe myself?

Speaker 1 (30m 33s): What did you tell those guys at the interview?

Speaker 4 (30m 36s): I think that really sucked because they didn't hire me. Right. They said I sucked. So how would I describe myself? I would describe myself as a friendly, easygoing person with a dark sense of humor who doesn't always read the room correctly. So I'm making inappropriate jokes at the wrong time. I see. And which makes me even more. And so my area of expertise I think is just, yeah.

Interacting with people basically, because that's what I do. I as well as the shows as online and Right. Yeah. Just thinking of new stuff that we can do. Just all these stuff that Rutgers is not doing

Speaker 3 (31m 24s): That pretty much sums up our relationship.

Speaker 1 (31m 26s): There you go. There you go. How about you Rutgers, how would you I

Speaker 3 (31m 30s): Think we're, we're pretty much the same kind people really late back, or at least I think I am not too fancy. And yeah. Some weird kind of humor. So there's a reason Tristan and I are friends and my, my expertise is more the, the programming. Right. So I'm, I'm the nerd and, and stuff I don't like I send it to Tristan, make sure you do that please, because I don't like it.

Speaker 1 (31m 60s): There. You,

Speaker 3 (32m 0s): That's how we work. And then he bucks me with all kinds of developing development questions about, I dunno, avatars that can be rotated or stuff. I think it's not important.

Speaker 1 (32m 14s): Well it it obviously works. It obviously works.

Speaker 4 (32m 19s): Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (32m 20s): I think we compliment each other. There you go. Workwise. So that's, that's great.

Speaker 1 (32m 25s): You compliment each other. You walk in the office and say, say Tristan, you look great today. Rutgers, you look wonderful. Yeah, I

Speaker 3 (32m 31s): Got it. Yes. There we,

Speaker 1 (32m 32s): That's that's what you do. Okay. We're very,

Speaker 4 (32m 34s): Very sharp.

Speaker 1 (32m 35s): We're getting silly. So not that any of us aren't. So what's your, what's your view on the cam industry in general?

Speaker 4 (32m 44s): Before we started, we cam girls, we didn't know much about the industry. And the longer I stayed in this industry, the more I went to the shows and got to know people, the more I realized I didn't know. And, but I think we've learned a lot in the last 10 years and Oh yeah. We know pretty well how the industry works now. And I think it's, first of all, the industry is really small in a sense that there are not that many people working in this industry that are not the webcam models.

Sure. So the businesses behind the industry, it's a pretty small world. I mean, when you go to enough shows, you see all the people and you realize, well it, it's pretty tight. It's a pretty tight knit, which makes it as a business in the industry, it makes it, I think it's nice. Yeah. You get to know people, a lot of companies, a lot of people. But, but after a few years you actually know sort of everybody. True. Which makes it very easy to, to interact and to, if you're looking for something, you know where to go and who to find and who to talk to.

Speaker 1 (33m 58s): Sure. And, and if, go

Speaker 4 (34m 0s): Ahead. It's the industry itself. I mean, I think it's the biggest part of adults and it's way bigger than all the other parts.

Speaker 1 (34m 10s): True.

Speaker 4 (34m 10s): And they're making a lot more money. Maybe the adult content creation will, will catch up.

Speaker 1 (34m 16s): Maybe it already has.

Speaker 4 (34m 17s): Maybe it already has. Yeah. But not yet. I mean, there are only a few fan sites that do a lot of money. Sure. And there are more chem sites that do a lot of money. Well,

Speaker 1 (34m 30s): You make a point.

Speaker 4 (34m 31s): And especially after the, the tube sites, of course they sort of destroyed porn in

Speaker 1 (34m 38s): The sense they tried. I don't think they've destroyed it, but

Speaker 4 (34m 41s): No, no. They, I mean porn before, before the tube sites was maybe 8% and now it's 10% or something. You know, I think tube sites at least it changed porn.

Speaker 1 (34m 54s): They've cut, well they've cut well into it, but the top membership sites are still doing well. And my feeling about that is the good ones will continue to succeed and continue to grow. And as a website broker, I see the growth every day because I look at the numbers and I also know the type of site that isn't gonna grow. And that's the type that doesn't innovate, that doesn't try to be different. If somebody stays unique and they stay on top of the game, they're gonna do very well.

And what the tube sites did, the ones they destroyed, they destroyed the people who were just kind of getting by on the fat of the land. You know, they were just like, yeah, whatever. We're making so much money, it doesn't matter. Well guess what? It mattered.

Speaker 4 (35m 41s): Well, yeah, I totally agree. But the, I mean the, the people who are willing to pay for porn now are way less because before this, that it was the only pay to get porn. And now a lot of it is free. So you have a different market and I think it, I think it has a huge impact on the quality of porn. Sure. Absolutely. Because if you buy, absolutely, if you buy porn, it needs to be good quality.

Speaker 3 (36m 6s): Nowadays people are more paying for connection with somebody than just for the porn itself because Right. Why would you pay for porn if you can see it for free? So now you paying to have a connection with the creator, with the cam model Yes. Or the model. So I think that's, that's a big

Speaker 1 (36m 23s): Difference. Yep. Interactivity. That's the name of the game and it's been for quite a long time now.

Speaker 4 (36m 28s): Yeah. And I think that's also what sets coming apart from the other parts of, of the adult industry. Sure. Because there's, there's nothing at the moment that can replace this human interaction. Right.

Speaker 1 (36m 44s): Maybe,

Speaker 4 (36m 45s): Maybe in a, in a few years when, when you have bots for example, or when you sex robots, but I mean bots in the sense of that when you're talking to somebody online, you have no clue if this is a real person or if this is a bot,

Speaker 1 (36m 60s): It's already there, unfortunately.

Speaker 4 (37m 2s): Yeah. And then especially if the, the visuals catch up, then there could be a way to replace at least a bit of the industry with going to talk to bots instead of actual people. Of course people will always be looking and talking to other people in the first place. Sure. But maybe that will have an impact in the future when you have bots and avatars doing the cam shows instead of people.

Speaker 3 (37m 32s): I don't think so. I think then it's the same that you have when you can say to bots, do this or do that, the, the bot will do that or the a avatar. I think that's the same as like porn and people are still willing to pay for, to have a connection with the real human being. Sure. And even, even if you, if you

Speaker 1 (37m 54s): Can't, if you'll be able to tell the difference. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (37m 56s): Even if you can't tell the difference, people are still not willing to pay for bots. At least that's my opinion on it.

Speaker 4 (38m 6s): Well maybe it's

Speaker 3 (38m 6s): Cause it's also about power and if you doesn't, don't think that that's, well obviously a little part will be replaced by it but not, not sure

Speaker 4 (38m 27s): Afters perfect though. You can make them perfect for somebody how they look. You can give them wings if you would like. Yeah, yeah. And you can just, you can mix it up.

Speaker 1 (38m 36s): Sure.

Speaker 3 (38m 37s): Wings, maybe we should do this podcast in 10 years again and see who's right.

Speaker 1 (38m 44s): You're not gonna wait 10 years to get back on it Took me two years plus two years plus to get you on. What tips do you guys have for new cam models?

Speaker 3 (38m 52s): Go to cam, sign up and learn from others before you start doing the work. Cause there's so much to learn and it makes sure you work so much if you're especially in, there's so customers that are out just to make off newbies. So it's true. Know what you're doing. Learn from other models. Don't take our route from it. We dunno anything but learn from your peers.

Remember that you're your own boss. So make sure you only do things that you feel comfortable with.

Speaker 4 (39m 32s): Yeah. Information is key, right. I mean when you get into this industry learn. Yes.

Speaker 1 (39m 39s): I was telling somebody that earlier today actually

Speaker 4 (39m 42s): There, there are a lot of people, if we are making mistakes and you don't have to repeat these mistakes, you can just Yeah. By learning what other people did, you can avoid a lot of things because there are a lot of people out there who want to, who have interests in making money and getting a piece of your income and there's no need for that.

Speaker 1 (40m 5s): Right?

Speaker 4 (40m 6s): Yeah. So, so when you Absolutely. Yeah. And when you decide to, to start out there, there are a lot of things to consider. I think most of the models who start getting into ga, their main reason is money And webc is it's not easy money in the sin in the sense that you

Speaker 3 (40m 28s): Have fried it. Oh goodness. In

Speaker 4 (40m 31s): The sense that you earn a quick buck. Most of the models that are successful that spend half of their time in marketing themselves.

Speaker 1 (40m 40s): Yes.

Speaker 4 (40m 41s): And when you start the, the whole girl goal of being a model is creating a fan base. You need people that are there for you that want to see you on a regular basis. And these are the people who will make your money. Who will make you

Speaker 1 (40m 57s): Money. Yeah. The whales. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (40m 60s): Yeah. And people, they once people in general, they go to a campsite with no specific pur purpose, they probably won't spend any money on you, but when they're looking for you they will because, and people, they

Speaker 1 (41m 15s): And people will spend a lot of money on campsites.

Speaker 4 (41m 18s): Oh absolutely. And they will spend it on the same people.

Speaker 1 (41m 22s): Sure.

Speaker 4 (41m 23s): They're not spreading it around on a lot of girls that they just see they want to build a connection and when they

Speaker 1 (41m 30s): Virtual girlfriend.

Speaker 4 (41m 31s): Yeah, exactly. A lot of, absolutely. Absolutely. You don't have to be successful in the sense of you just have to be successful in connecting with people. Yes. And if you can do that, then you can be successful as a cam model.

Speaker 1 (41m 45s): Sounds good. Well guys, it was a pleasure. I'd like to thank you again for being our guest.

Speaker 3 (41m 51s): Thank you for ING us. You were our, our first podcast We did. So thank you to go easy on us.

Speaker 1 (41m 59s): I try to take it easy on virgins, so thank you for being on adult site broker talk and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again soon.

Speaker 3 (42m 8s): Absolutely. Thank

Speaker 1 (42m 9s): You. My broker tip today is part 10 of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it. Later. Last week we talked about what information to give a potential buyer and what determines the value of a site. We'll continue that today. If a site hasn't been monetized, then it's all about the amount and the quality of the traffic. If a sale is based on traffic, it will be a multiple of what the traffic would sell for on the open market. What are the sources of traffic, direct traffic, search engine traffic and review site traffic are the most valuable tube traffic the least valuable?

Is the traffic reliable and sustainable? What is the traffic history? In a rare case, the valuation will be based upon revenue. The same factors apply to that as a profit and the valuations will of course be lower than those of profits. How old is the site? Is the domain or something else? Dot com is still king. How many inbound links are there? How much staff does it take to run the site? How many email addresses do you have? In the case of a dating site, this is very important.

Another factor can be the reverse engineering cost. How much would it cost to build the site from scratch and drive the same amount of traffic to it? And how much time would be involved? What is the lifetime value of a customer on the site? Next week we'll talk about how to buy a website and next week we'll be speaking with Alison Boden of the Free Speech Coalition. And that's it for this week's Adult site Broker talk. I'd once again like to thank my guests, Tristan and Rutger of We Cam Girls.

Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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