Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 137 With Brian Sloan of Autoblow

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 137 With Brian Sloan of Autoblow

Brian Sloan of Autoblow is this week’s guest on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Sex toy inventor Brian Sloan graduated from law school in 2005 but decided he had a brighter future in the field of masturbation devices than he did helping people with their legal problems.

He holds 7 US patents in the field of sex robotics and related technology with several additional patents pending.

Sloan has been profiled in Playboy magazine and featured in media online and on TV globally.

He is working towards a future where oral sex performed on a man by a human is indistinguishable from an experience generated by his Autoblow machine.
The company makes the the Autoblow AI+ and the Autoblow 2+xt.

They sell the devices directly to men from, and to stores and chains in the USA.

They also have distributors in Canada, the EU, and Australia.

The majority of adult shops globally carry their 2 devices.

You can contact Brian on his website at

Bruce, host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said: “Brian’s journey has been fascinating, from a law career to a sex toy inventor. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the interview as much as I did doing it.”

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

Brian’s journey has been fascinating, from a law career to a sex toy inventor. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the interview as much as I did doing it.


Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where each week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry and we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we'll be speaking with Brian Sloan of Auto Blow. Adult Site Broker is proud to announce the launch of our new website, adult Site Broker 3.0 at adult site

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Only 2.12 million. Now time for this week's interview. My guest today on Adult Site Broker talk is Brian Sloan, the inventor of the Auto Blow. Brian, thanks for being with us today on Adult Site Broker talk. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (2m 44s): Thanks for having me.

Speaker 1 (2m 45s): It's a pleasure. Now six 20 Inventor Brian Sloan graduated from law school in 2005, but he decided he had a brighter future in the field of masturbation devices than he did, helping people with their legal problems. He holds seven US patents in the field of sex, robotics, and related technology with several more pending. Sloan has been profiled in Playboy Magazine, featured in media online and on TV globally. He's working towards a future where oral sex performed on a man by a human is indistinguishable from an experience generated by his auto blow machine.

The company makes the auto blow AI Plus and the Auto Blow Two plus xt. They sell the devices directly to men from auto and to stores and chains in the us. They also have distributors in Canada, the EU in Australia. The majority of adult shops globally carry their two devices. So Brian, tell me a little bit more about your background.

Speaker 2 (3m 44s): Yeah, basically I was headed toward a kind of dead end life, I would say, as a lawyer when, when I was in law school, I discovered antique auctions in South Central Pennsylvania and I started going to auctions just for fun with a friend there. I bought something, I sold it on eBay, made like a hundred bucks and I thought, oh, there must be so much more stuff to sell and it doesn't require me sitting somewhere at a desk and you know, kind of suffering.

So yeah, it started, it started with that and then just sort of, yeah, long, long story short, I, it just led me to the, to the Sex Toys universe and I saw there was a lot of work to be done there.

Speaker 1 (4m 28s): Absolutely. So you went to law school, but you didn't pursue a career in law. What did you do after you finished school?

Speaker 2 (4m 36s): Yeah, so after law school I moved to Chicago and I, I bought things from auctions full-time and sold the money eBay. Okay. I did that for a couple years, but during that time period, two important things happened. One was that I discovered the, the universe of latex fetish wear as one of the categories that lacked sellers on eBay. And so I started to learn about the category and I started to found a factory that, that made interesting designs and I started selling latex fetish wear on eBay.

And at the same time I was going to China buying antiques there, bringing them back and selling them in the us. And after I made a bunch of those trips, I just started meeting people in Beijing and I thought, you know, it'd be great to live in Beijing. And yeah, after five, a couple week trips there, over that period I just decided May, my future might be in China. And I just moved there to sort of figure out the next steps.

Speaker 1 (5m 36s): Okay. So what happened after that?

Speaker 2 (5m 39s): So then I started first making a, a direct-to-consumer brand of my fetish wear. I took it off of eBay and directly onto my own website. And then I sort of exhausted the universe, the fetish wear universe. It's, it's big, but it's also small, and I wanted a more scalable kind of product. So yeah, I became interested in, in, in businesses that have kind of a moral fence around them.

And once I dug into the sex toys universe, I found wow, there was a huge opportunity to make actually good devices for people. And the only reason that there weren't more people doing it was because they were afraid of what people would think. So I just sort of dug in and I, I, you know, I was there for, for 10 years and basically I started with one device, one kind of automatic stroker I just bought from a factory and rebranded. And I moved from there to now we've like invented our, probably our, our eighth version of our auto blow device in, in, in 13 years.

So just sort of realize that's what men, men wanted a an automatic masturbation experience and no one was delivering them one seriously. They were delivering them true novelties, you know, like kind of carbon, like

Speaker 1 (6m 56s): Flashlight, like fleshlight and things like

Speaker 2 (6m 58s): That. I mean, no, I, I think flashlight it, they make a, when I say novelty, I mean like a thing you get and it just breaks, you know, that was at the time in 2008 the quality of the automatic device. No, Fleshlight makes a high quality device. They make like an actual, they, it's, you know, for long time they didn't make an electronic device, but no, I think they're known for making a quality device. But they were one of the few people in the universe of males sex toys who took quality seriously. Right. So, I mean, that was inspirational to me. And, and I said, well, if they can make a quality device that's a handheld, how about I make a quality device that's, that's automatic.

And there wasn't one at the time that when we developed Auto Blow two back in 2014, it was the only, we were the only people who took it seriously. You know, other people just created a like, like a throwaway Right. Jokey kind of product. And so we just took it seriously. And then since then I, I've grown the market a lot for, you know, and, and people have started looking for, you know, kitchen appliance quality masturbator, and that's what interesting. I delivered to them. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (7m 60s): So you said that you wanted to get into a business with kind of a fence around it, which would be the adult industry. Why was that?

Speaker 2 (8m 10s): I mean, just from a competitive standpoint, it didn't make sense that, that there was this huge industry, especially in 2008, there were a bunch more players now, still not as many players as you would expect for the amount of commerce that's flowing through the industry. True. But, but in 2008, far fewer. And I, and I thought, well, why are very few people getting to make all the money from this entire industry? It doesn't really make sense. And I learned it. Sure. And now since 2008, sex toys have become far more acceptable, you know, in society and more talented people, I would say have been attracted to the industry.

But at the time it wasn't attracting, you know, I'm not young now, I'm, you know, 40, almost 42. But when I started I

Speaker 1 (8m 53s): Was, oh my god, really that old. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (8m 56s): I'll be, but when I started

Speaker 1 (8m 57s): I'll be, I'll be 65 in October,

Speaker 2 (8m 59s): So, but yeah. But I'm still one of the younger, you know, people when I started Yes. And I was, you know, 28 or 29 and, and I would go to events. I was like the youngest person there at 30. And now there are far more people in, in that age range who are part of the industry, but at least on the toy side. But at the time, it just wasn't, the industry was ruled by older people who had been making the same things for like rebranding the same products over and over again for decades. And there's nothing wrong with that, but there's a little something wrong with that because people wanted better stuff, you know?

Yes. So there was just opportunity basically.

Speaker 1 (9m 35s): So, I mean, the area that you're in, it's not just toys and novelties, but it's also sex tech. Sex tech has really come into its own and really grown in that period of time.

Speaker 2 (9m 47s): Yeah, I mean, yeah. I, I never call it sex tech. That seems to be like the popular thing to call it, to makes it acceptable. You know, people often use the, the word sex tech to, to kind of mask what it is. I, I just tend not to do it. I say that I make masturbation devices for men, you know? Right. I, I, I don't say, ah, I make a health device, I make a sexual, you know? No. I say, you know, I say I make a a masturbation machine for men. Right. But yeah, it's true.

The interest has grown immensely since I started. And not just the interest, but I think the interest was always there, but people were afraid to buy the products. And I think the media wants views. So for whatever the reason is, they needed views, sex was always saying they got them views, but sex technology and sex health kind of let the mainstream media have the best of both worlds. They were able to, to not do anything obscene, but to kind of couch the adult, you know, industry in like in a positive light.

And it, it just kind of made people feel mores secure buying this kind of product for themselves.

Speaker 1 (10m 55s): Well, the thing they call sex tech, the, the numbers have gone up to, to, to huge digits.

Speaker 2 (11m 5s): I, I guess so. I mean, I, I've seen it personally in my business. I've seen the growth that we've experienced. I don't know anyone else's. I don't believe anybody else unless I see their numbers. I don't believe anything. But I'm sure if something similar that what's happened to us has happened to other people that yeah, people have grown a lot of medium and large scale businesses over the last 10 years in this industry.

Speaker 1 (11m 26s): So how has your experience with the law helped you as an entrepreneur?

Speaker 2 (11m 31s): To be honest, I think it's helped me to avoid lawyers mainly. Excellent. And, and it's, it's taught me that, that, that I, I've seen it firsthand. You know, there's various, obviously I'm running a, a company of like a medium size I've seen, I've needed help on various things. And at the beginning I thought, oh, I'll ask a lawyer. And I think just seeing their scare tactics, I just, I saw the scare tactics of lawyers for what they were, which was like a, a money generation attempt.

You know, I asked, let, let's say I needed a, let's, let's say for example, I, I wanna have a contract with somebody for something, right. And for me, I don't think that's gonna go wrong. I think that's like, I just want to have something for general safety, but, but I have a 98%, you know, belief that nothing's gonna go wrong. Let's say I would devote $2,000 to that contract, you know, that's like my limit of my risk. But I remember once I asked the lawyer at, you know, to do something and they, he started trying to scare me, you know, let me tell you the story of this guy who didn't do what I said, and he lost his cars, his house, his whole life because they sued him and he didn't have the right contract in place.

And it's gonna be starting at 30,000 and then I'm gonna have to get this other council involved, you know, and then what? Oh yeah. I

Speaker 1 (12m 46s): Mean, for a simple contract,

Speaker 2 (12m 47s): I, I, I don't know that it's, I mean, if you ask a lawyer, nothing is simple. It says it can be, what I wanted was something simple, but was I a hundred percent protected with that $2,000 contract? No. Could I have been, been better protected with a more like research put in? Yes. But was it worth spending like $30,000 on No, because I don't, I didn't believe that the risk was there. So I think it's taught me to deal with lawyers in a, in a way that's more advantageous. And, and it's also helped me to understand that the where, where you win dealing with lawyers isn't in court, but in, in, in, in, in finding people who are good at having conversations with other people and coming to agreements, you know, that are advantageous.

So I sort of like learned to, to use them when necessary as a tool, but not to get caught up in their scare tactics of needing to spend a lot with them.

Speaker 1 (13m 41s): I would think though, with your background in law school, you would be qualified to write most agreements, right?

Speaker 2 (13m 49s): I suppose. Yeah. I, I suppose you learn about that, but I still wouldn't trust myself to just write it. I, I've written many things myself, but yeah. Not, I, I tend to not need that many agreements. But no, I, I also just tend to trust people who they, they've done that. I also don't trust myself. I trust someone who's been doing that same thing for 20 years, but I, it is just, I had to work through a bunch of people to find the kind of guy who's like, yeah, you need that thing. I get it. You wanna spend like 1500 bucks on this thing? It's not a huge thing. Okay, I'll bang it out like a three hours deal for you.

You know? Right. Instead of finding someone who's always looking for the, the kill. So that's a weird thing. That's, but that's what I learned from law school. It's kind of like what to know whether I'm being bullshitted about costs.

Speaker 1 (14m 32s): Well, there are good lawyers in, there are not so good lawyers and yeah, I, I think the majority are going to give you sound legal advice. At least that's been my experience. Yeah. And then there are some who, like you said, are looking for the kill. So Yeah.

Speaker 2 (14m 50s): And they, and they, they both, I'm sure they, they, the ones, all of them can give sound legal advice, but there's a, you know, there's people who want long-term relationships. Anyway, it just helped me to be choosy in working with lawyers. But no, I don't think that, I think in the end, like in the broader way, it helped me to understand that I could teach myself how to do things. You know, I didn't know anything. I'm not an engineer, I'm not a, a programmer, I wasn't a marketer at the beginning, but I became one by learning. And I think once, you know, when you get to law school, they, they, one of the first classes you take is civil procedure and it's hard and none of it makes sense until the end.

And I think once you've been through sort of courses like that, then it's like, well I guess I could learn how to have a website made like that doesn't seem harder than self procedure. You know? So I think it just sort of shows showed me like that there was something that's really hard for me. And then other things seemed in comparison less hard.

Speaker 1 (15m 45s): Got it. So why did you decide on an automated male sex toy?

Speaker 2 (15m 49s): That was common sense? That's the kind of masturbation device at the time. Imagine, think 2008, what was for sale that wasn't handheld, right? Yeah. It was all handheld stuff or like big rubber butts and stuff. And I just thought it would, I mean, I wasn't even, to be honest, I wasn't a sex toy user really at the time, but I just knew if there was a machine that could give you a blowjob, that that's something that man would want. Yeah. Just, I mean that was just basically absolutely.

I looked on the market like who's, who's making a good one? And it's like, wait a minute, no one's making a blowjob machine. That's nuts. So I think it was just kind of common sense. I don't know how no one really put the time into it before, but I think it's because the money was coming to people so easily making garbage. Yeah. That they didn't need to do the work. Like, it's hard to make a nice hardware. It, it needs a couple years of development per device. You need to hire like kind of more expert level people and it's, and if you could just make, you know, another fake butt, why would you go through the trouble?

So that's, I think that was the mentality of people in, in the industry at the time. And it still is the mentality of, you know, a good percentage cuz they don't need to innovate because they have their enough money already, basically.

Speaker 1 (17m 4s): Well, although I've noticed in the last I'd say five to seven years, there is a tremendous amount more product and there's even more websites out there. They seem to be popping up all the time.

Speaker 2 (17m 20s): If you just look at how many products there are, there are a lot. But if you look at how many products are getting the sales, I would say it's the 80 20 rule that applies to virtually everything in the world. Yeah, that's true. And 20% of the products are getting 80% of the sales and then 80, and then the 80 is split the 80 20 again. And then you start to see real where the real volume is in that. Yeah. So a lot of the products are also kind of copying, you know, if you look at the popular products that actually get the sales, they have 10 types of products, you know, are trying to copy the success of every one of the actually popular products.

So it's true, you know, well you lived in,

Speaker 1 (18m 0s): You lived, you lived in China. That's done a lot there.

Speaker 2 (18m 3s): Yeah, it is. And you know what? They're very good at it and it works and it's a good idea. And that's actually how innovation happens. When they were first making those suction toys, the womanizer and the, you know, I remember seeing a, a factory, you know, and they were, those toys only had the suction thing for women. And then I saw a factory came out with, it's the suction thing on the one side and a vibrator like on the other side, you know, like, yeah. That's innovation. And yeah.


Speaker 1 (18m 34s): Well talk a little bit about your invention process.

Speaker 2 (18m 39s): I'm not an engineer, but I, I, I have pretty clear ideas on how I want my devices to work. I tend to work with like small sort of specialty companies. Like there's a company, a very small company like three to five guys in Canada that helped me develop auto blow ai. I know exactly like what I wanted to do and kind of how, and then I need engineers to like make it reality, right. And then, so I, I work with these guys in Canada and then after they kind of came out with a physical prototype, it's really important, the factory that I work with in China then takes that thing like they made a thing that would be very expensive to ma to manufacture.

Then my factory in China is very good at taking that. They're figuring out how to make it for a cost that would make it like mass marketable. So, okay. I think I'm just like, I, I think my skillset is really about sort of having like the vision and then just finding and motivating the, the right people along the way to do the steps that I, I don't know how to do. You

Speaker 1 (19m 37s): Know? Got it.

Speaker 2 (19m 38s): And, and keeping on

Speaker 1 (19m 39s): Track sounds like track a good process sounds like a good process. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (19m 42s): Yeah. I think it's a normal process.

Speaker 1 (19m 44s): Hmm. Okay. So you have two devices, how are they different?

Speaker 2 (19m 48s): So the auto blow two, two, it's, we call it auto blow two plus xt, but that's like the third or fourth iteration of Auto Blow two. That was the first one that became popular after the original one, which was, we sold kind of a bunch of the original one, but it wasn't like popular, it wasn't sold like in stores or anything. Auto Blow two basically has a motor and a kind of crank arm that's connected to that motor and it drives this row three or, well now it's five rows of like spring loaded beads up and down over a, a rubber sleeve.

It was the popular product before it was our, it was the most popular product in the automatic toy space. And still we have a lot of volume of that, but it is not the latest product. So that one is kind of, the good thing about it is that I think it gets the job done and I think it comes at a competitive price point. It's like $150 product, but it's loud, it's relatively loud, it's not a quiet product and it just has, has one dial on it that controls for speed and the, the sleeve is removable. So that was like one of the innovations was that you can remove the sleeve.

And actually on that one, the sleeve has three different sizes. So normally products don't control for your penis size, but ours controls for penis size and tightness level by creating different sizes of sleeves. Like there are bra sizes for women. Got it. So the newer one, which is auto blow AI plus, which is the second generation of auto blow ai, that's a, a totally different thing. Like we have several patents on the, on the move on the, the, the mechanism. So basically the new one has a, uses a hundred percent silicone sleeve. You put your penis into the device, into the, into the sleeve, which is in the device.

And there's a penis gripper. And that gripper actually, you can modify the tightness level of that with a screwdriver. There's a hole on the top and you put a screwdriver in and you can make the gripper tighter or looser depending on your personal preference. And so it, it manipulates that sleeve up and down over your penis really causing like more of this gliding and sliding action that, that occurs during real blowjobs. And it has, so it's, it has four buttons, has a pause button, a speed buttons, and a, and a blowjob mode button.

And it has 10 LEDs. So you can always see which blowjob experience you're in and which speed you're in. But importantly it also connects to the internet. So the device itself connects to the internet and it uses a web app, so there's no app to download it. You basically visit a webpage on your phone or whatever device you can control exactly which part of your penis it strokes on that you can download. There's a blowjob library, so you can download from a library of blowjobs, additional blowjobs onto the device. You can send easily a link to a remote partner.

And the minute the second that they click that link, they're automatically logged into the web app and they can control the device for you. Oh. And it's, it's the first sex soy ever that has voice control. So it has voice control built onto the, like the device or the chip itself. And there's no wake word. So it takes six voice commands. Once you're in the online mode, you can tell it faster, slower, pause, finish Me is the big one that turns the AI mode on in the fastest speed level to, to finish you.

So, and yeah, long story short, we did a machine learning study of the actions that occurred during blowjob. So that, and we implemented the, the, the act, you know, the, the movements that occurred during real blowjobs are the movements we programmed into the machine. So it's not just like a few guys sat around and thought, well what do we make it do? And it's like, it just goes up and down or it does this or that. Yeah, no, we actually understood we're the first people to understand what happens during real blow jobs and, and and to implement those kind of movements into the machine.

So yeah, it's a different experience. It's a more expensive product. It's a $240 product now, or $250 product, but it's a different level of of experience, you know, for people that can afford the extra hundred bucks.

Speaker 1 (23m 48s): It sounds a very space age. Are you, you said a, a remote partner can control it. Is there any point where the remote partner will be able to give a device a blowjob and you'll get that blowjob?

Speaker 2 (24m 2s): There are people who've implemented that. None have been implemented on a, on a product that's commercially interesting. I think to the public, it's not an area that I focus on. Certainly you can do it, but I don't see that that's where the public wants to go with this. With the technology, there are popular internet products for women. It's like the, the Lovens brand or the, oh my bot brand are used by webcam models and it's mainly used by women and men control that. I don't think that many women wanna control men's devices outside of like a, a paid situation.

So we don't, I don't really focus on this connect i, I focus on we can do that and there is a probably a, some people who will use it, but I don't think it's like the big, the future is in, you know, a woman giving like a a whoever giving a blowjob to like a, a dildo and the the device moving. I just don't see it that people would rather not do it. I feel interesting and it's possible I could implement it if I wanted to, but I, I don't want to.

Speaker 1 (25m 1s): Okay. Yeah. Just something that came to mind. Yeah. What gives the, what gives the auto blowing advantage over the competition?

Speaker 2 (25m 10s): So basically the, the way that it, the newer version, at least the way that it grips the penis and does this gliding and sliding, it feels great. Not only does it feel good, but I, I feel like that our, our experiences are, are more realistic than what the competing products do. And our internet feature set is far simpler to use than the competing products feature set. We're like, after you tell it how to connect to the internet, we're like one tap, basically hold a button, press go, and you basically are are in, there's no Bluetooth, there's no configuring, there's no, it's, I think it's a lot more user friendly cuz I've seen from competing products that have internet features, a lot of people have trouble making it work because they use Bluetooth.

And Bluetooth is a big pain in the ass. And so we avoid it by using wifi only.

Speaker 1 (26m 0s): Cool. So you have a very funny video on the website. I loved it. How did you come up with it and what kind of response has it

Speaker 2 (26m 9s): Gotten? Yeah, so from the time that I, I first made Auto Blow two, I decided to communicate to, to, to people through cartoons especially because I feel there's a lot of people who might buy a sex way, it might not, they, they, I feel like it, it takes it out of the realm of being sleazy and it's just something like funny. I just like communicating. I, I feel like it's unusual to see cartoons of an adult nature. So people are already kind of like, oh this is like actually a cartoon about like a blowjob machine.

So they're, I dunno, they're kind of interested and I, I have fun. Like this is what I, I think I'm good at doing. So I, I enjoy doing it. I write those, so like, I write them, I, I I write out how everything should go and then I, there's a, a, a company that I work with who implements the, my ideas and, and like the voiceovers beta stuff. So I think it's kind of like half of it is that it's fun for me. And the second half is that when, when we started doing it, it worked and people liked being communicated with Sure. In, in that way. So I, I just kept, kept doing it.

Speaker 1 (27m 12s): Well that company's very good at what they do. I might have to get the name from you. How have you gotten so much press over the years?

Speaker 2 (27m 20s): I understand what kind of product features are interesting from a societal perspective. You know, it's like if you're like, oh look, I made this new pair of headphones. It's like no one cares. You know, like maybe they're a little better than other headphones, but you're not getting in the news over it. Right, right. So I've only, I've done some outrageous things that have like, that have a, a big impact on, on, on people. For example, you know, the the reason auto blow two went viral when we started was that I crowdfunded it on a crowdfunding website.

And the, the thing, the crazy thing was that people started buying it. We sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth on a crowdfunding website and no one had ever crowdfunded an adult product for that much money before. Wow. So the story and, and I use myself, so people were like, not only did people, like thousands of people buy this blowjob machine on a crowdfunding website, but can you believe this guy who was like promoting it? Like, it's outrageous. So I kind of learned sort of how to deliver something that was both like societally like relevant to society, but but also interesting and kind of funny and, and shareable.

And I think the other big one that, that we did was the vagina contest. So we had a huge scale vaginal beauty contest. It was on this website, vagina and I think it would never fly today. They would never write about vagina today. But you know what, No. In 2015 it just like hit a nerve and it went viral all over the world and millions of people started visiting the website and it ended with a, a a a website came to Germany to, to make a short documentary about me and the women who came to, who are the winners of the contest when I 3D scanned them.

So funny. You know, I think it's about kind of creating entertainment. There's like a mix of entertainment and commerce that I think I sort of just sort of understand how to hit.

Speaker 1 (29m 18s): What's your vision on using tech in different ways than other adult toy companies are doing?

Speaker 2 (29m 24s): Yeah, so, you know, on this topic of voice control, there are, so companies are, even the couple companies that focus on high tech, I don't think they're really having like the, that that big of a vision of, of what kind of technology is possible to implement in adult toys that other people just haven't done. So, I mean, I just looked around and said, look, cell phones, we, we are all talking to our Siri and Alexa or whatever, but why hasn't anyone implemented in sex ways?

It's natural for people to continually Sure. Talk to their phone or their Alexa. So, you know, the voice control's just an example of something that, you know, it's just opportunity. Like no one has done that and it's, it wasn't easy to do. Like that was a lot of work and, and I think how much work it is, you know, nor if you, if you've looked the, the products that implement those kind of things normally are in much larger companies, you know? Yeah. With much larger budget. So we had to be pretty scrappy to do it. And I wouldn't say ours is not like as accurate as Alexa or something. Right. But it's, it's pretty good for who we are and like the budget and stuff, right.

So, sure. I think people are just afraid of like figuring out how to do awesome technology for less and maybe they're afraid of releasing stuff that's like, you know, ours is like in the, let's say it's around 85% accurate, Siri and Alexa are like in the high nineties. Right. I'm not afraid to release that and say, yeah, it's like pretty accurate. It's not gonna be perfect, you know? But I think some companies don't wanna do things that aren't perfect, but I think we're happy to do something cool and just tell people like, don't expect that we're gonna be Apple cause we're not. But you know, so yeah.

I think it's just a, a level of comfort with figuring out how to do stuff with new technology and, and being comfortable not doing it. Absolutely perfectly.

Speaker 1 (31m 7s): Sure. What do you think the future holds for adult novelty companies regarding acquisitions and mergers?

Speaker 2 (31m 16s): Yeah, so this is something, you know, a company is already contacted us, but I, I don't think it's really my time to sell. And there's a lot of mergers and acquisitions happening. It's particularly in Europe, two big companies have started buying up smaller companies. It's coming. It's interesting. And if this was any other industry, okay, it would've started 10 years ago. Okay. So the fact that it's just starting and there's a few big companies playing around, it means that more of them are coming and there's gonna be a lot of consolidation.

I'd say in the next 10 years there's gonna be a ton of consolidation and, you know, whether or not those, I don't know what the future looks like of the industry with those companies, honestly, but I think there's gonna be opportunity for people who wanna sell. But I think it also might get harder, you know, one of the risks for us making this kind of product is imagine, you know, if, if you look at what we can do with my, you know, small medium company, what if Sony decided it was gonna make a blowjob machine? What if Samsung decided to make vibrators?

Like those people can, can those, those giant, you know, global companies have, they could make amazing adult products, right? Sure. So I think there's opportunity from the, from, from the acquisitions, but it just depends if any giant companies, you know, will, will start competing, I think it's gonna be kind of risky for everyone in the industry. But I, I don't think we're there yet that those global companies will, will come in. But who knows in maybe 20 or 25 years they could have run out of other things to make and they could come for us.


Speaker 1 (32m 56s): Sure. So what's the future for Auto Blow?

Speaker 2 (33m 1s): We have a few more pieces of hardware now in development really focused on this kind of automatic experience. I just think about kind of the medium term. I think about really only the next one or two years we have a couple new, new pieces of hardware that we're working on. So I'm young, I'm, I'm only 42 and I have still a lot of runway left to continue to figure out, you know, new styles of devices with, with all the new technology that keeps coming out. You know, there were some motor types. For example, there was a type of motor I looked at like a couple years ago.

We bought samples to play with, they were $600 a piece just for the motor. Okay. But they were silent. But you can imagine in a few years that maybe that kind of $600 silent motor becomes a, you know, a $50 silent motor or a $20 silent motor and then interesting things become possible. So I think just by staying really, I, I I read a lot on the internet all day kind of every day. So yeah, I think that as long as I, I sort of keep reading about the latest technologies, I'll keep finding interesting new technologies to implement into products and sort of continue having our own little walled garden of masturbation devices.

Speaker 1 (34m 11s): Very good. So do you see the auto blow and sex robots somehow merging into something greater at some point? Yeah,

Speaker 2 (34m 19s): You know, the, the, the media loves sex robots because they're outrageous. Oh sure. But I don't, I don't think there's any future in the next like decades at least in these humanoid style of robots. People don't really wanna have sex with a robot person. It's bizarre. I mean, it's like having sex with a corpse. Okay. Like, I mean, even if you make it its mouth kind of talk to you or whatever. It's not, I mean, it's not, it's, it's like a, it's like a dead person.

So there's a, a very small group of people who, who more buy those kind of dolls for like more companionship reasons, which I can understand cuz you know, people are different. So I understand the companionship a, you know, aspect, but on the mass market, it's just not a convenient thing to own, you know, a human size thing that needs to live in your closet. So I think that the growth is really only gonna happen on devices like ours. I think devices like mine will get better and quieter and maybe smaller, maybe even bigger depending on what they can do.

But the doll market will always be there and there'll always be people kind of trying to put robotics and dolls into the same sort of category. But I, I don't see it for at least my lifetime becoming a product that most people are interested in just because it doesn't do anything back to you. It's not Westworld, it's, it just lays there, you know. So, you know, when they, they, when they did make it, honestly, when they did make the robots, that, that kind of talk, I was thinking the thing that they made the robot to is talk that's, they wanted to like move on your body when you're having sex with it, but as long as it just lays there, I think that's a kind of a, a niche, a very niche market.

Speaker 1 (35m 60s): Well what if they do develop it so it actually moves?

Speaker 2 (36m 4s): Yeah. Like if a robot sits in your lap and kind of like has sex with you, but it's still, it's gonna be, it's not gonna be like fluid like a human. It's gonna be like they installed some kind of thing in it and it's like hips go back and forth like, you know, almost like killing you. It's not gonna be like a gentle, we're a long way off from a gentle robot, robot humanoid robot experience.

Speaker 1 (36m 25s): Yeah, you're probably right. Well, Brian, I'd like to thank you for being our guest today on Adult Site Broker talk and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again soon.

Speaker 2 (36m 35s): Yeah, thanks for having me.

Speaker 1 (36m 36s): It was a pleasure. My broker tip today is part six of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later. Last week we talked about eliminating unneeded expenses. Next you can trademark your website. Having a trademark instantly protects your brand and makes your site more valuable when it comes time to sell it. Trademarking your site will cost an average of about $1,500, but should be more than worth the investment when it comes time to sell it.

Show buyers ways you feel the site can make more money in the future. This includes showing them future plans. You may have traffic trends as well as sales trends. If things are growing and you can show them how to grow it more, they're likely to be willing to pay more for the site. Do something unique with your site. If you have competitors, figure a way to do it better. Be different in some distinguishable way than makes you better. Your members will notice and spend more money with you.

Make your site a place that people wanna visit, not just to buy things or view porn. Be creative, not just one of the many. Keep thinking outside the box and make positive changes to your site. Think like a buyer when planning or updating your site. Don't think like a tech. We'll talk about this subject more next week.

And next week we'll be speaking with Chris of Saucy time. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker talk.

I'd once again like to thank my guest, Brian Sloan of Auto Blow. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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