Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 124 with Saffermaster and Lady Petra of Slubb

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 124 with Saffermaster and Lady Petra of Slubb

Bruce, the adult site broker, host of Adult Site Broker Talk and CEO of Adult Site Broker, the leading adult website broker, who is known as the company to sell adult sites, is pleased to welcome Dan Hogue of Pornstar Platinum and Transerotica.

Saffermaster and Lady Petra are this week’s guests on Adult Site Broker Talk.

They are lifetime coaches, and they offer kink relationship dynamics coaching through their website They are the exclusive North American distributors of the new German sex toy, Slubb, from Germany.

You can follow Saffermaster and Lady Petra on their Twitter @slubbusa

Bruce, host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said: “this was one of our most interesting segments, hearing about Saffermaster and Lady Petra’s lifestyle and the amazing new sex toy they’re distributing, Slubb.”

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Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

This was one of our most interesting segments, hearing about Saffermaster and Lady Petra’s lifestyle and the amazing new sex toy they’re distributing, Slubb.


Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where each week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry and we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we'll be speaking with SafferMaster and Lady Petra of Slubb USA.

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They have over 13,000 premium videos and most of them are 30 minutes or longer. With more videos and categories, the site can do even better. Most of the traffic is from tier one countries. There's no advertising being done for the site. All the traffic is either type in or from seo. This is a great opportunity for someone with existing traffic only 269,000 US dollars. Now time for this week's interview. My guests today on Adult Site Broker talk are Saffer Master and Lady Petra from Slub usa.

Hey you guys, thanks for being with us today on Adult Side Broker Talk.

Speaker 2 (2m 47s): It's our pleasure. Thank you for having

Speaker 1 (2m 49s): Us. Oh, you said that in unison. I like that. Now, Saffer Master and Lady Petra are a lifestyle dominant submissive couple and a twenty four seven, what they call a tpe Total power exchange. I learned that's what that is. Now. Both Lady Petra and SRA master are lifetime coaches and they offer kink relationship dynamics coaching through their website. Lady petra That's a mouthful. Lady Petra and SRA master are the North American distributors of the new German sex toy sl.

That's S L U B B from Germany, SL usa. Slub is the North American distributor of the German company SL store. This is the first real mail masturbator power tool invented by Michael Strobel and patented in eight countries. Slub has been available since 2020. So let's start out with the basics. How did the two of you meet?

Speaker 2 (3m 49s): So we met through Fe life. I posted a seeking post. I had taken a pretty deep dive into kink and figured out who I was as aster, and I got present to that. I'm a dominant sadist and what I wanted in my life was a submissive masochist, and I was attracted to a lifestyle of kink rather than a intermittent play style of kink. And so I put

Speaker 1 (4m 18s): What would, what would the difference of that would be, by the way?

Speaker 2 (4m 21s): Yeah, that's a great question. So very often gangsters get together for play sessions and they take on roles. We call it role play. Right? And, and they take on a role of this or that and they, they have a scene and maybe they together for a weekend or maybe an afternoon or an evening and and outside of their kink play, they're just back at their normal lives. Yeah. And what, what we are is a 24 7 couple. So we literally live together in a dynamic.

Our dynamic is sex forward and kink forward. And it's always on. It's never off. And so, you know, we sing practically every day. We do high protocol scenes every week. We have a lifestyle of protocols and and dynamics that are just always on.

Speaker 1 (5m 9s): Now. Now when you say, when you say scenes, I don't think you're talking about scene in the porn sense, right?

Speaker 3 (5m 16s): I some people may say it's porn.

Speaker 2 (5m 18s): People watched us, they would say, You should make a movie. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (5m 21s): Yeah.

Speaker 2 (5m 22s): Yep. Yeah. When we see, we basically are engaged in kinky sex that may last anywhere from one to four hours. Hmm. And, and that's a scene. And in that time we engage in various fetishes that we enjoy.

Speaker 1 (5m 36s): Okay.

Speaker 2 (5m 37s): And,

Speaker 3 (5m 38s): And then high protocol, the difference in that is it's more protocol driven. So there's a more of a pattern and a goal of, I'm Saffer Master's property as his collared slu. And so therefore, one of the goals of the high protocol scene is to end the scene with me being marked with a cane.

Speaker 1 (5m 59s): Okay. And and by 24 7, that means any day time, huh?

Speaker 2 (6m 6s): Correct. All

Speaker 3 (6m 7s): The time.

Speaker 2 (6m 7s): Yeah. It's always on.

Speaker 1 (6m 8s): Sounds like fun.

Speaker 2 (6m 11s): I'll give you an example. I'll give you an example. So right now she's training as, you know, getting herself in shape running. And so every day she gets a, every day she earns a pr a personal record. She gets click attention. So she gets to come home and I work on her cl for as long as I like.

Speaker 1 (6m 28s): I see. It's

Speaker 2 (6m 30s): A reward.

Speaker 3 (6m 30s): It's a huge reward. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (6m 33s): It is. So, I'm sorry I cuz I had layman's questions about the lifestyle, which is, which is fascinating. Finish your story, please.

Speaker 2 (6m 43s): Yeah. So anyway, I created the Seeking Post, laying out exactly what I was looking for, and she responded to it and we, she reached out to me and we chatted for several months and we met a couple months later. And then we stayed in communication for a few more months before she put herself forward to be claimed into the lifestyle. And after that, soon after that, we moved in together. And about a year later after her divorce was final, we got, she, she, she accepted my call.

So I collared her.

Speaker 1 (7m 17s): In other words, you got married

Speaker 2 (7m 19s): In, in a kink, kinda in a kink sense,

Speaker 3 (7m 21s): But

Speaker 1 (7m 21s): Fell. Oh, ok. Not in a, not in a legal sense. Got it. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (7m 25s): No, it's not legal. But you know, it's a very deep relationship that has way more,

Speaker 3 (7m 32s): We both been married, so it has way more weight than either of us felt our marriages did.

Speaker 2 (7m 37s): Yeah. There's a lot more, there's a lot more emotional energy involved in the relationship because sounds like we literally are having like kinky sex every day. So we're really engaged in a, in a way that, that we weren't when we were married.

Speaker 1 (7m 50s): Now it's interesting, you, you, you talked about chatting for months before you got together in this type of lifestyle. Do you find that people are a little more cautious to meet someone so they need to really get to know them online first?

Speaker 2 (8m 5s): No, I don't.

Speaker 3 (8m 5s): Cause I think few people do what we do.

Speaker 2 (8m 7s): Yeah. A lot of people in the kink universe go to what are called mus. They meet people at Munch's or they might go to a club or a dun what

Speaker 1 (8m 15s): You said, a muncher,

Speaker 2 (8m 16s): A munch. Yeah. Like a, it's normally, it's a, something that's offered perhaps at a restaurant where they get together not in kink fetish gear, but just as people and they have a meal and they chat about kink. So they, they beat each other and

Speaker 1 (8m 30s): Like to be at, I'd like to be at the next table.

Speaker 2 (8m 33s): Sure.

Speaker 3 (8m 33s): Exactly. Exactly. And it allows them to start building community around what they're seeking.

Speaker 2 (8m 39s): Yeah. And then, you know, in a more direct way, they might go to dungeons and people play together in Dungeons. They do what's in, what in the kink world is called pickup play. Yeah. So, so you might meet somebody in Dungeon and think, Oh, I'd like to spank her. And then you might go ask her, Hey, would you like a spanking? And she might go, Well, yes I would. And then you, then you play, you see, and you make, you make agreements around what the scene's gonna involve. Got it. And, and then you have the scene. And, and in a dungeon they normally are dungeon monitors, you know, people monitoring to make sure that there isn't abuse occurring because all of kink involves consent.

Right. And so, you know, it's a, it's just a way of engaging with an adult community in an adult play, play way. We talk about how when we're young people, you know, kids have playtime at school and when you grow up you don't have playtime as adults. Well what king is, it's really just playtime for adults with adult games.

Speaker 1 (9m 41s): Yeah, yeah. Adult toys. Definitely. Yeah. De by the way, it doesn't exist anymore, but did you ever make it to San Francisco? San Francisco? I can, I can pronounce my hometown name to the kink castle.

Speaker 3 (9m 57s): I did not go to the kink castle, but when they had, what was the big event? Because finish ball the Yeah. The exotic erotic ball that was hosted there every year for like 20, 30 years. Sure. I actually got to go to the last one. Oh, okay. And got to get Yeah. The Cow Palace and get to have that whole experience of being immersed in that.

Speaker 1 (10m 20s): Well you should have seen the setup at the kink castle. It was quite amazing. I'm sure you've seen pictures. They had a, a event, which why not used to put on and kink would host the closing party every year. And I went three times, I think maybe it was only twice. And it was just an incredible place taking the tour. It was like, wow. I don't know what I'm like, I don't know what goes on here, but it must be very interesting.

It is. So how long have you two been together?

Speaker 2 (10m 56s): When? Just coming up on four years.

Speaker 1 (10m 58s): Oh, nice. Very, very nice. I understand you have a podcast. Tell me more about it if you would.

Speaker 2 (11m 6s): Great. Okay. So we do a podcast called The Kinky Cocktail Hour. And what it is, is we normally share a new, typically a new cocktail, Lady Petras a Somalia. So she makes a new cocktail. Wow. And then, and then we have a conversation either with each other or with a ster that we're interviewing about some aspect of human sexuality. And our purpose is to really demystify sexuality, demystify kink. And yeah. The purpose of the podcast is to really enhance and expand our journey.

We started the podcast because we were having a, you know, hot sex scene every day and then having a cocktail afterwards to recover while we debriefed. Yeah. And in those debriefing conversations we were like really getting into each other's hands. We were having a conversation about sex, about relationship, about kink, about agreements, about dynamics. You know, we were just really having these incredibly thoughtful, considered conversations about human dynamics and we thought, you know, we should just record this.

This is really good stuff. Yeah. And so we started to do that. We put an iPhone between us actually, and we started recording the conversations and then one day we were like, you know, we ordered just podcast this

Speaker 3 (12m 20s): Because someone else might be in the same position we were in. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (12m 23s): Sure. And, and so we, we started to do that and that's how we came up with the Kinky Cocktail Hour. And we started right at the beginning of Covid. It wasn't because of Covid, it was just coincidental. And because of that we podcast every day. And so Wow. We literally, we literally in three years have generated about 600 episodes.

Speaker 1 (12m 42s): That's amazing. And

Speaker 2 (12m 43s): Yeah, it really is. We've had incredible conversations with incredible people all over the world. We've created community amongst gangsters. This, this whole conversation we're having today about the SL came out of a conversation we had on the, on the Kinky cocktail hour with Mistress Diana Von Rig, who's a Birmingham Ballbuster. And she shared

Speaker 1 (13m 2s): I that Birmingham Ballbuster. Wow. That's three Bs.

Speaker 3 (13m 6s): It's great. Yeah. She

Speaker 2 (13m 7s): Awesome. Yeah. She introduced us to it and that led us to a conversation with the Stroble brothers. And that led to us getting the opportunity to have slab as a distribution product in the, in the in North America.

Speaker 1 (13m 18s): What are you trying to accomplish with the podcast?

Speaker 2 (13m 22s): That's a great question. You know, we really are,

Speaker 1 (13m 25s): I know I asked it.

Speaker 2 (13m 26s): Yeah,

Speaker 3 (13m 27s): Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2 (13m 28s): No, we really are committed demystifying sexuality and demystifying, but that's our entire agenda, you know, So like for example, yesterday we talked to a trans trans woman who's going through sexual reassignment

Speaker 3 (13m 45s): Yeah. Still waiting for

Speaker 2 (13m 46s): Procedures. Yeah. You know? Right. And, and we had a conversation with her about her experience as a sexual creature. And, you know, we're not trans and we're not interested in being trans, but we've had conversations with people who are in the trans journey enough that when we talk to other trans folk, they're very, very receptive because they get like, we're not judging, we're just sharing. Right. And, and we're demystifying a part of the, the world for the trans community just in that aspect. Right.

It's not, it's not an agenda. We're just there.

Speaker 3 (14m 19s): Well and one of the things that comes to mind too is as kings going from vanilla ex marriages and the stigma when you actually go out 24 7 as tpe couple people, judge right and left that you're a gangster because obviously I have a caller, you know, I always have to do the joke cuz my caller actually has a double ring on it. So sometimes I'll be in public and forget my hard collars on cuz it's my life. Right.

And I'll Sure

Speaker 1 (14m 50s): That gets some interesting looks.

Speaker 3 (14m 52s): Oh, I do. Yes. And sometimes I'll spin it around just for the sake of not having to explain myself 5,000 times Sure. And say, Oh, I'm scaring the natives. I need to like turn it around. And the idea is, that's a simple thing. But even with, you talk about extended family, we, we really as gangsters are struggling with the same things as any alternative sexual orientation, like dating or trans, that family will often ostracize or friends. But, you know, people don't wanna know what you're up to.

What. But let's be honest, I don't really wanna know what other people are up to in their bedrooms either. The idea is I'm just living myself, my life as a sexual creature. Free and authentic. Yes. But the reason that pot is so health is we put it out there in people's faces and say, this is just what it is. We're not weirdos. Right. We are in a loving dynamic, but we like kinky things. There's nothing wrong with that.

Speaker 1 (15m 46s): No, not at all. One thing you learn in this industry, in the adult entertainment industry is not to judge. And I've had such a variety of guests on adult site broker talk, and lately I've had more from the kink community. And I find it fascinating. And one thing I learned very early on, whether it be gay, whether it be trans, whether it be kink, don't judge, just learn about it and you'll better understand other people.

Speaker 2 (16m 18s): No, it's true. There's no right way to be. No. And there's

Speaker 1 (16m 22s): No normal, there's there's no thing as normal. Exactly.

Speaker 2 (16m 24s): And what you find sexually arousing somebody else might not. And who cares what you find sexually arousing. If it doesn't arou me, why should I care what you aroused by? It makes no sense. Right. So yeah. So there's no, there's no judgment. And, and that's the, the beauty of the podcast is we really get to talk to the widest range of people that I've ever had the opportunity to talk to in my life. So we've talked to public figures, we've talked to Kingstons all over the world. Australia, England, Germany, France. We've talked to pro Ds, we've talked to sex workers, we've talked to advocates, we've talked to political activists, we've talked to

Speaker 3 (17m 2s): Media influencers,

Speaker 2 (17m 3s): Media influencers, physicians, you know, we've, we've had a at all in the world of sexuality. Right. All of it's a conversation about human sexuality. Humans are, are particularly hung up on about two things or how hung up on sex and they hung up on money. So this isn't a conversation about money, but it's a conversation about sex. Right. And, you know, people have a purulent interest in sex, so they listen. Yeah. Cause we talk about sexy things. We talk about getting ass fucked and you know, anal April or we talked about, or pussy or whatever.

And, and they listen because, you know, they have imperial and interest. But also, Yeah. We hear from people who say, you know, you've really helped me. You've really helped me distill some aspect of my life or distinguish something that I was thinking about, or Yeah, you're giving me courage or I really empathize with your story or, you know, we just, we get like literally thousands of messages from people who listen, who, who are, And we haven't had one negative comment about the podcast. Not

Speaker 1 (18m 2s): One. That's awesome. That's awesome. Yeah. You mentioned guests. Who's your favorite so far? Ooh,

Speaker 2 (18m 8s): That's a great question. You know, we, like everyone we talk to is a favorite guest. We've talked to some really interesting people. Like, for example, one of my favorite guests is a public figure that we talk to a guy named Dan Savage who has a long political activist career. He's

Speaker 1 (18m 23s): A man, I've seen him on Bill Mar numerous times. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (18m 26s): Exactly.

Speaker 3 (18m 27s): Love

Speaker 1 (18m 28s): Him.

Speaker 2 (18m 28s): Yeah, exactly. He was one of my favorite guests because I've, I bet looked up to him. I've valued his political point of view. I've supported him. And to actually talked to him and have him share his life with us was such a, And he lives up here and he lives here. It was such a wonderful experience.

Speaker 1 (18m 43s): Oh, I didn't know that. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (18m 44s): To have a, a conversation with somebody of that magnitude.

Speaker 1 (18m 48s): Huge.

Speaker 2 (18m 49s): He was one of my favorites.

Speaker 3 (18m 50s): And then, you know, there's been a plethora of others, but one person that comes to mind for us, I think because we're in a different phase of our life also, but this, this ster on fe life called decks. He's been in the kink world for over 30 years as a leatherman, but, and has explored extensively the whips. Like he's world renowned for his books that he's written on single tail whipping and, and the procedures. And he has YouTube videos and, and one of the things that's great about it is he'll offer the information and training to anyone.

And he has, he's very thorough and he worries about safety and he makes sure everyone is consensual. Right. But then on the same token, we happened on one of our podcasts to say something to him about, well, whatever your other fetishes. And he brought up wax and then he just lit up the microphone on wax. Like, I never knew wax could be this interesting. But he's talking about his commitment to wax play in the sense of 40 pounds of wax being melted at certain temperature and all these things he does.

And where I, what I took from that was, yes, wax is interesting to me personally, it's kind of messy, so you gotta have the space for it, la la But what I'm hearing him say is his complete authentic expression and, and just love for that. And it came through and just exuded to the microphone. And I was like, Sure. How can you not listen to this? This is amazing. Even if I don't like why. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (20m 24s): It's amazing. Anyone, anyone who's passionate about something is a great guest.

Speaker 2 (20m 28s): Well, his passion is amazing. He's passionate about sounding, he's passionate about bust, which is foot whipping. He's passionate about sensory play, he's passionate about single tales, the leather, the leather community. He is passionate about single tales, he's passionate about food play. So he's got a lot of like kink passion and it, it comes through the microphone in a really beautiful way. And he shares so authentically. And

Speaker 3 (20m 53s): He, and he's an elder where we, we found that when we interviewed some prominent people from the gay community, basically who were podcasters also and friends of ours. One of the complaints they were saying based on what happened during the AIDS epidemic was we lost this generation of elders.

Speaker 1 (21m 11s): Yeah.

Speaker 3 (21m 12s): Yeah. And then we have this,

Speaker 1 (21m 13s): I'm from San Francisco, I'm from San Francisco originally, so I live and I'm 60, 64, so I lived it. Yeah,

Speaker 3 (21m 20s): You absolutely. Yeah. And so there's this gap stop and now we've got this new generation who may or may not appreciate where the, where everything's, how we got here today basically. Sure. And it's the same with kink. We feel there's these elders that have this plethora of information, this, these gifts that, you know, we've gotta catch it while we can because they won't be with us forever.

Speaker 1 (21m 45s): Yep. I agree. So how did you learn about SL in the first place?

Speaker 2 (21m 50s): Right. As I mentioned, we were talking to Mr. Diana, Diana van rig about ball busting. And she, she was like really telling us all about her ball busting. And she's quite a vicious lady. And I asked her, Well, do you do anything that relates to pleasure? It was, is it all just pain? And she said, No, no, no, I do pleasure, but not the way you think of it. I use this tool called the Slur. It's very intense. I don't let them off the hook. And I didn't quite understand it, so I asked her to talk more about it. And she shared that it's this really powerful toy.

It's got a, a strap that goes around your cock and it vibrates it really high intensity and it's got six levels and she's only ever been able to take only one person up to level four. Most people have an orgasm before level two. And she said, even it even makes flacid men come. I was quite, Yeah, I was quite surprised by that. But anyway, so that led us to a conversation about SL with the German manufacturers. Now they don't speak English, so this was all happening through Google Translate.

Speaker 1 (22m 54s): Oh geez. Yeah. Good luck. And

Speaker 2 (22m 57s): Yeah, and they said, you know, actually what I wanted to do was have them on the podcast. Right. And they were like, Well, we can't come on the podcast, but we don't have an American distributor. Would you help us with that? And I was like, Oh,

Speaker 1 (23m 9s): Hello,

Speaker 2 (23m 10s): Hello. Yeah. You know, and so I thought about it and I was like, Well, what do we have? You have a country of, you know, 330 million people and it turns out that 70% of men at age 70 have a reptile dysfunction. So there's an opportunity here.

Speaker 1 (23m 25s): Oh geez. Oh geez. Something to look forward to in six years. Thanks a lot.

Speaker 2 (23m 30s): Right. So yeah, so that just got us interested. So we started having a conversation with him and one thing led to another and we arranged an agreement to be their distributors and that's how it happened.

Speaker 1 (23m 41s): So tell me what's happened since that point.

Speaker 2 (23m 44s): Okay, well,

Speaker 3 (23m 46s): Well you should really, I think it's important to share the original story of how Michael came upon this, the origin. That's what makes it important.

Speaker 2 (23m 55s): Yeah. Okay. Okay. So I'll tell you the origin story. So great. Michael and his brother Sandra are master roofers in Germany. And so there're contractors, essentially,

Speaker 1 (24m 5s): They're roofers. They, they, they do roofs, they

Speaker 2 (24m 8s): Do roofs, right? Yes.

Speaker 1 (24m 9s): Okie do.

Speaker 2 (24m 11s): And they were fucking around with power tools holding them up to their decks. And he was like, Well, this is

Speaker 1 (24m 16s): Kind what could possibly go. I

Speaker 3 (24m 19s): Mean, just feeling the vibration and things like that, you know,

Speaker 1 (24m 22s): I was, I was just, I was just kind of imagining

Speaker 3 (24m 26s): Exactly.

Speaker 1 (24m 26s): We were too. People saw or something, you know.

Speaker 2 (24m 29s): Well actually what he did was he was like, Well this is kind of a cool vibration. I like the way it feels. So he went down into his workshop and he attached a piece of re that he had to a reciprocating saw and scared.

Speaker 3 (24m 46s): I know,

Speaker 2 (24m 46s): I know. He brought that to his cock and he wasn't sure how it was gonna feel and he was, or

Speaker 3 (24m 51s): What would

Speaker 2 (24m 51s): Happen Oh, what would happen. But he was surprised. It actually gave him an orgasm and it was quite gentle. And so he was like, Huh, I'm gonna fig fiddle around with this. So he spent the next three years playing with materials and higher design Yeah. Designs and, and hiring a, a product specialist and Sure. You know, sourcing materials and, and eventually manufacturing this thing, getting a bank loan and all of that. And then, and then he realized like, you need to do, do some research to find the right power tool because you can, with something like this, and considering where you're putting it, you want something that's not too powerful.

Speaker 1 (25m 28s): Ah, yeah.

Speaker 3 (25m 29s): You don't wanna just go down to Home Depot.

Speaker 2 (25m 31s): Yeah. You don't wanna go

Speaker 1 (25m 32s): To Home Depot. It sounds like, it sounds like it was only a few inches away from being a UN and a Darwin all at once.

Speaker 2 (25m 38s): Yeah, I'm not even sure. A few inches. But anyway.

Speaker 1 (25m 41s): Yeah.

Speaker 2 (25m 42s): So, so you spent the next three years like sourcing the machine, sourcing the materials, getting it manufactured and so on. And what he came up with is a tool called a multi tool, which is a originally designed to like be a, so like sander or something. But he found one that was, you know, a 12 vol version. And we, we worked out an agreement with the factory and now we have a tool that it, So the tool itself is really incredibly powerful.

It really, like if, if you think of it like this Bruce, like the Hitachi tops out at around 6,000 RPMs.

Speaker 1 (26m 19s): Okay.

Speaker 2 (26m 20s): So this has six levels, and they're not click over levels. It's like a rta. So you can just roll 'em up from one to six. It goes up to 18,000 RPMs from five. So it starts about as high as a Hitachi begins or ends. So Hitachi stops at six, the starts at five, and it goes up to 18, 18,000 RPMs. Damn. And, and the truth is, the truth is that you don't need to go to 18,000 RPMs because you have such an amazing experience. You know, what attracted us to the machine is that men don't have the history of vibrational sexual stimulation.

They just don't using

Speaker 3 (26m 59s): A woman's sex toy.

Speaker 2 (27m 0s): Yeah. I mean you can hold, you can hold a Hitachi against your cop. It's not the same thing as having a 360 up and down experience. This tool offers a, a superior vibrational experience for men compared to anything they've ever done. Yeah. And what's interesting about it is that there are two sets of nerves in the penis. You have the nerve that is responsible for erection, and then you have the nerve that's responsible for ejaculation. Okay. And the ejaculation nerve lives near the head of your penis called the gland.

And the erection nerves live near the base of your penis. And with this vibrational tool, you can actually stimulate both. You can go up and down and rest here and go up there and rest there and go up and down. And it causes the erection to be really profound. Like you have intense, you have a very engorged penis as a result of it. Sure. Which brings, which brings your ejaculation nerves right to the surface. And you know, very often men are coming like in 60 seconds.

It's really impressive. And more importantly, more importantly, men who can't get an erection are coming because it's a powerful tool that can actually access the nerves that live near the glance. Yeah. Even if you don't have an erection, which ordinarily is required to bring the nerves to the surface. Sure. So when you consider that 40% of men at age 40 have erectile dysfunction and 50 at age 50 and 70 at age 70 and so on,

Speaker 1 (28m 32s): Guess I'm lucky.

Speaker 2 (28m 34s): Yeah. There's an opportunity, there's an opportunity to actually make a difference in men's sex lives. And more importantly Yes. There's a particular disorder in erectile dysfunction called ejaculation disorder. Okay. And the medical community currently considers it untreatable. Like you can't actually help somebody who can't have an ejaculation. Well this tool could actually change that. That's awesome. So it really is awesome. And so, you know, we're trying to get medical doctors engaged in doing some clinical research we have, which is always

Speaker 3 (29m 2s): How hard because it's a sex

Speaker 2 (29m 4s): Toy. It's a sex toy. Right. So, so we're, we're we're working on that. Yeah. And, but that's like, you know, so when you say what's come, what's happened since then? So what's happened since then is we've taken a shipment of SLS from Germany, we've started marketing and promoting the products, signing up affiliates and selling, you know, e-commerce wise selling product out into the world. Yeah. And on a gradient, we're introducing SLU to the North American continent.

Speaker 1 (29m 32s): That's awesome. And I, I assume the early adopters have mainly been men with erectile dysfunction.

Speaker 2 (29m 39s): No, that's, that's actually, that's actually not true. Early adopters are the ProAm community because they can use it as an edging tool, as a forced orgasm tool, as a, a tool to make somebody come when they are, are told not to come. Interesting. So the pro, the ProAm community digs it. That's why the Pro-ams are all affiliates because they love it and they make their clients get it and then they charge them to use it, you know?

Speaker 1 (30m 5s): Oh yes. Dominate em would dominate, dominate that what we do a regular client card with the whole fin dom thing. Exactly.

Speaker 2 (30m 14s): You do that too. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (30m 15s): I'm starting, I'm starting to understand how fin do works. So that sounds like a classic case

Speaker 2 (30m 20s): Potentially. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (30m 22s): Yeah. So tell me about your affiliate program. Why don't you gimme some details? Okay, good. And why people should join it.

Speaker 2 (30m 30s): Okay, great. Thank you. So the affiliate program can be, can be accessed at our website, which is slab There's a link for the individual affiliate program there. You can click on the menu item, it'll take you to the page, you can register to be an affiliate there. The reason you would do it is because every time somebody uses your unique code discount code or your unique code, you earn 20%, which is not bad. Ah, the PR sells for $235.

So that's a healthy chunk of change. So if you just had, if you just had five people do it in your, in your discount code, you get effectively get a SL for free because you get 20% off. So that's the reason to do it. And then we will give you unique discount codes to promote and so forth. So, Okay. It makes the affiliate program worthwhile.

Speaker 1 (31m 23s): Hmm. Interesting. What new attachments are you gonna be having for sl?

Speaker 2 (31m 28s): So, that's a great question too. You know, Michael, who's the inventor, has been working on a few things. Like one of them is a hands free stand, so you can just attach it and just let it do its thing, which is great because it's, it's not a light tool, it's a little bit heavy because it's a power tool. One of them is a universal adapter, so you can actually attach any insertable object to it, so it could become something that you can use with women or with, you know, as play or whatever.

Speaker 1 (31m 59s): That's true.

Speaker 2 (32m 0s): And then the last thing he's working on, as far as I know right now is a device that will allow prostate stimulation, electrical stimulation while you're using the SL on the penis. So you actually get that, that power of like controlled,

Speaker 1 (32m 18s): The whole prostate stimulation thing has gotten very big, hasn't it?

Speaker 2 (32m 22s): It has, yeah. I mean, you know, we have three sex organs. We have our cock, our balls, and our prostate. Those are our three sex organs. And most men don't really think about their prostate as a sex organ, but it absolutely is. Yeah. And, you know, having your prostate attended to by a loving partner is probably one of the most incredible sexual experiences you'll ever have.

Speaker 1 (32m 45s): One thing I I I need to confirm about the sl. It, does it just work on the penis or does it also work on the balls?

Speaker 2 (32m 54s): You can put it anywhere. It's a strap. Right? The words SL comes from the acronym of Sling and Rub. So you can wrap it around anything,

Speaker 3 (33m 3s): But you don't wanna, it should never be like, form fitting. It's not tight. Yeah. You should always have a finger with, in the, in the sling itself. Sure. Because the whole point is the vibration not to have it strapped down, jerking it around. That's

Speaker 2 (33m 19s): Not strap it too tight on anything that's gonna cause skin abrasion, which is no fun. So we don't want that

Speaker 1 (33m 24s): Tell there. It's not.

Speaker 2 (33m 26s): No, it's not. So you want it loose, but you also wanna use a lot of silicon lube because the lube lasts. You can use water base, but it Sure. But

Speaker 3 (33m 33s): The silicon seems to last longer. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (33m 35s): And so we actually ship it with Silicon lube as well.

Speaker 1 (33m 38s): Oh, that's nice. That's nice. How do most people use it? Do they just put it around their penis?

Speaker 2 (33m 45s): Yes. Most people, most people who have a partner, their partner runs it. Right. So Lady Petri uses it on me, for example, and, and she, she slides it up and down the penis and she rested the bottom and rest at the top until she's happy with the results.

Speaker 3 (34m 3s): I'll, I'll just give you from my perspective, because he's leaning back, enjoying it while I'm doing this. One of the things that I was taken of when we were considering distributorship here and, and I had made comments before that there weren't any real selection for men on specific men toys. There were things like the flashlight, well, the guy has to then manually do it, or his partner has to manually do it. Okay. And then there's like POV kind of computer generated flashlight type things.

Okay. Right. But this was the first thing that was very set up for men specifically. And when I was using it, I knew it would be similar to my experience with clitoral stimulation, but I had no idea he's aroused when we play. So I get that, I've seen it, I know it happens, but with this unit, when I kept it at the base, the actual arousal state of the penis, the girth that happened was pretty breathtaking.

Wow. And as a woman, you know, everyone talks about having the big cock and 12, 15, 20 inches long. And let's be honest, most women do

Speaker 1 (35m 14s): Not. That would be, that would, that would give me a bad back. I wouldn't want that.

Speaker 3 (35m 17s): Well, and most women, quite frankly, I mean, Liz, people can be size hounds, but the idea is no one wants a bruised uterus. So

Speaker 1 (35m 25s): Yes. And I live in,

Speaker 3 (35m 26s): It's never that cool because there's only six inches in there and it either goes the right or the left, and you either move other body parts to get it all the way up there. Yeah. But what women think when women see the girth. Yeah. Oh my god, every woman I know who sees girth doesn't matter. It can't be a button. But if it's girthy, they're like, Oh shit. Because if you think about it, women's other sex organ, the GPO is only a few inches inside. And so it's the girth that is hitting that G spot.

Speaker 2 (35m 58s): Yeah. When she had that on me that my, my cock was so engorged. It

Speaker 3 (36m 2s): Was, it was huge. I've never seen it get that big.

Speaker 2 (36m 4s): Yeah. And it's just not just my experience, you know, Dirk Hooper, who's a publicist in the US who does a lot of art, and he's a kinky sort of character. He, he recently reviewed the slab and in his review he notes that he got that in Gorge too. But it didn't just wasn't just, then the next time he had sex, he got equally as en gorge. So it carried over. Wow. So there was, there was a carryover effect on his ability to respond to that stimulation.

Speaker 3 (36m 30s): Yeah. And then, and you know, then of course, I, I was curious, I don't have a penis, so I'm playing with his penis. So I'm engorging the base. And so then I move up to the middle and I watch it continue to en gorge. Wow. And then I'm like devious. And I think to myself, I'm gonna make him come and I go right up to the glands and there you go. It's just happening. There's like, No, that's cool. And, and because I'm a switch, I'm dominant to others beyond Saffer. I thought, what wouldn't this be crazy if I just said as I brought it up now you're not allowed to come.

Okay. Could you imagine the torture of that moment? Just

Speaker 1 (37m 9s): I can, Yes. Yeah. Don't want to, but I can. I don't know. I just like, pleasure. What can I say? I'm, I'm, I'm, I guess I'm, Anyway, you're Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. No, it's, it's, it's fascinating. It's def it's definitely fascinating. Hey, you're new in the whole Pleasure Products game. How have you found the industry and the community so far?

Speaker 2 (37m 39s): It's interesting, you know, we're learning little by little about how this all works and we're kind of outliers because we are so new at it. Right. And so, you know, we're dealing with what any new business deals with which is breaking into a, an industry. We've had some resistance from certain carriers, we've had some acceptance from others, you know, so some of the, the big stores like 6, 6 5 leather and the, the stockroom are interested in carrying sl and they will I be Yeah.

Yeah. Others, others aren't. And so, you know, it's, it's hard to say. We're still so new at it that we haven't really experienced the vagaries of distributing a product in the US and we've, we've not encountered, say, distributors for example. Right, Right. So, you know, when that comes up, it's gonna be an interesting conversation. So right now we're,

Speaker 1 (38m 37s): So you're looking, so you're looking for distributors to work with you?

Speaker 2 (38m 41s): Not necessarily. What we're interested in is finding parallel products to co-market, you know, so we're working with, we're working with a company that that makes a woman's seated saddle style sex toy to be a partner of ours. And hopefully that'll come together, in which case it'll sort of launch us into a different category of distribution. You know, the, the challenges that we have, because it's a new product to the United States is, and the factory for the machine is in China.

Speaker 3 (39m 14s): And,

Speaker 1 (39m 15s): But of course it's in China, right? Yeah.

Speaker 2 (39m 18s): And, and you know, it's in Shanghai and of course Shanghai is largely shut down and the, the, the, of course supply chain mechanics are really fucked up from Covid, but now double fucked up from the war in Ukraine. Yep.

Speaker 1 (39m 32s): So,

Speaker 2 (39m 32s): You know, so we've got some considerations there to deal with. So we're just dealing with things we've never had to consider because up until now we've been, you know, podcasters and, and, and you know, we've just enjoyed playing with each other. Now we're suddenly, you know, teaching at Dom Con and we're invited to speak on platforms like yours. And we're sort of introducing ourselves as gangsters with this product to the community. And in some cases wonderful receptivity and in some cases a little bit of suspicion and pushback.

Speaker 1 (40m 6s): Yeah. I find this industry, unfortunately, you have to be around a while before you're accepted in some ways. And I've been in it for over 20 years. In some ways I still don't feel completely accepted, unfortunately, because it's very cliquey.

Speaker 2 (40m 21s): Yeah,

Speaker 3 (40m 22s): Yeah. I think also I notice even if you just go through trade shows as a female, I, I notice it's very female-centric in the sense of the kind of products that are available, the plethora of products available. True. That's true. And so when you come up with a man's toy, it's like, well, come on. I mean that, you get a little pushback in that area, but what makes this different is this really is one of the first, it's not a, it's not a female toy that has been made to fit for men.

It's actually a man's man's toy. Like guys would go, Ger yeah. This is my toy. You know, that kinda thing. And I think sometimes the industry is like, well, we want it to be sexy and Yeah. The mirror and it needs to be this, Well, I don't know, we

Speaker 2 (41m 11s): Talk to, maybe not, we talk to a woman who is theoretically a big shot in the sex toy community and she was very standoffish. She didn't even wanna,

Speaker 3 (41m 21s): Like, it wasn't sexy enough, it wasn't enough appeal for women. And I was like, this is made for men, not for women.

Speaker 2 (41m 27s): Exactly. It's gonna a hard, it's not gonna be easy, You know,

Speaker 1 (41m 30s): Are you gonna, I'm sorry? Are you gonna go to the, to any of the industry, the pleasure products, industry event? We

Speaker 2 (41m 39s): Will, yeah. I mean, it's early days for us and we don't have a huge budget for this. We need to see movement. Yeah. So it's gonna, we're sort of grass, we're sort of grassroot bootstrapping it.

Speaker 1 (41m 49s): Right.

Speaker 2 (41m 49s): And, and we're just trying to see if we can create a traction of the device on its own. And once we get to a certain point, e-commerce is gonna drive our conversation for the most part.

Speaker 3 (41m 59s): I think also too, the partnerships we're building with some of these other companies who may choose to align with us as well as we've got the, the new lube company that has another product with itself that is very specific to

Speaker 2 (42m 13s): Ours. Yeah. So that's an interesting company. They're called Pulse and they manufactured, you know, they've, they're actually an 8 million company. They manufacture a very specific set of lubes and a lube distribution device. Right. And their target audience are women of a certain age. Right. So who are the women of a certain age? She's a 50 plus year old woman who are menopausal Yeah. Or post-menopausal. Right. And now they have access to a quick lube distribution

Speaker 3 (42m 41s): Oh, warmed. Warmed. Where you place your hand under and dispenses the perfect amount of lube

Speaker 2 (42m 46s): So you don't need anything. Right, Right. And, and so like that's their target market and and guess who, guess who they have as partners. Well they have men of a certain age.

Speaker 1 (42m 55s): Yes.

Speaker 2 (42m 56s): So, so it's a great

Speaker 1 (42m 57s): Opportunity who might have, who might have problems. Yeah. Who

Speaker 2 (42m 59s): Might have some. Exactly. Got it. So, so partnering with companies like that, So we're taking a more of a holistic look at it. We're not sort of like, like exclusively focused on the sex toy industry part. We're also looking at the erectile dysfunction industry part. Right. And we believe that we can tackle this from both sides. So we can, we can get early adopters like pro-ams to be affiliates and sell it. We can get, you know, men who discover us through podcasts like this to buy it directly from us and we can partner with companies that manufacture similar sex toys and we can partner with medically oriented companies that potentially reach into the market differently.

Yeah. And we're trying to get medical research undergoing and

Speaker 3 (43m 43s): Running workshops where we can actually in smaller, in that community space, demonstrate, you know, Yeah. Right. I can bring a submissive to demonstrate to other people how they can use this, how they can, you know, you could, you could think about being able to highlight this in multiple ways. Spark up the marriage, spark up a relationship, dominate it, a relationship, what have you. Yeah. But being able to show them cuz they just, they've never been exposed to something like this. So that's part of the thing.

Speaker 2 (44m 10s): Yeah. Yes. It's very cool.

Speaker 1 (44m 12s): Yeah, indeed. Well, it still might not be a bad idea to go to the January shows AVN and, and Ex and there's also an interesting show in Hong Kong next month. Oh, interesting. And then in November it's strictly B2B and Macau actually worked with that guy at one time or another. We can discuss it. Anyway. So where else is SL being sold now?

Speaker 2 (44m 39s): So we have patent protection in eight countries, so in the United States and Canada, North America. We also are selling it in Europe at, with the original slab store. And they are in Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Italy.

Speaker 3 (44m 60s): And there, and the goal is with Michael is to create a global market.

Speaker 2 (45m 4s): Yeah. Our, our intention is to do that over, over time.

Speaker 1 (45m 7s): Of course. How is it doing in the other international markets?

Speaker 2 (45m 12s): Well, he only started selling about, you know, in 2020 and he originally started right. Selling just the attachment and then gradually sort of got a machine. And so really it's only been about a year that he's been selling and he's probably, he's probably sold about, you know, 1500 units since he started. Okay.

Speaker 3 (45m 31s): He doesn't, he passively sells.

Speaker 2 (45m 33s): He, he's very passive. We're trying to be a little more forward thinking about it and, you know, Yeah. We're trying to take a bigger picture look and we're trying to build a structure, a system and a structure for selling that we can then turn around and bring to his other countries in Europe. So our intention is to develop an infrastructure of selling here in the United States and Canada, and then take it to Germany and to Great Britain and then expand out to Holland, you know, France and so forth.

Speaker 1 (46m 2s): So do you have those other markets as well?

Speaker 2 (46m 4s): Yeah, so we're, we, you know, he's our partner, so we aren't just his distributor. He actually is a, a shareholder in our company and Okay. He's, he's part of now together we've

Speaker 3 (46m 16s): Aligned

Speaker 2 (46m 17s): Yeah. We've aligned to bring, you know, our business model concepts to his distribution systems in Europe.

Speaker 3 (46m 26s): Interesting. That leads him available to continue to invent new, new product. Right,

Speaker 1 (46m 31s): Right. Which is his role. Definitely. And he's obviously done a great job. That's fantastic. This sounds like a really exciting ground floored thing for you.

Speaker 2 (46m 40s): It is. I'm excited about it. I think it's lovely. It's wonderful. It's completely aligned with who we are as sexual

Speaker 3 (46m 46s): Creatures. Yeah. And I just think if you could provide an opportunity for some man or someone with male parts to have an experience like this, why not? Yeah, why not?

Speaker 1 (46m 58s): Well, especially, especially if they, they can't get erect or they can't come. That's, But even if, what a gift,

Speaker 2 (47m 6s): I can tell you Bruce, I've, I'm 63, right. I have never had a sexual experience like that. Ever. Wow. It's my, it's literally mind blowing.

Speaker 3 (47m 15s): And I think, you know, the idea with Covid that woke a lot of us up to who, and not necessarily us as much as people that were alone, but people were isolated. And to be able to have a toy where you could be, be either privately playing or sexting and playing or video zooming or have a dominant someplace else or what have you, whatever you make up. Yeah. That's a new concept for men other than just the good old hand.

Speaker 1 (47m 43s): Sure. Oh yeah. The hand has its limitations. There's no two ways about it. Let's face it,

Speaker 2 (47m 49s): Opposable thumbs,

Speaker 3 (47m 51s): I mean the hand does because this is why women love the Hitachi and this is why I love the Hitachi.

Speaker 1 (47m 56s): Yeah, yeah. I'm all thumbs Actually, I understand you have a discount code for our listeners. Why don't you We do tell. Tell them what it is.

Speaker 2 (48m 4s): Yeah. We're giving you your listeners a $20 discount. Nice. They can use the code intro 20 when they check

Speaker 1 (48m 15s): Beautiful. Well, anyone out there who has gotten as enthralled by this as I have during our interview should definitely check it out. Saffer Master and Lady Petra, I'd like to thank you again for being our guest today on Adult Site Broker talk, and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again soon so we can get an update.

Speaker 2 (48m 38s): Great. Thank you so much for having that. It's been a real

Speaker 3 (48m 40s): Pleasure. Thank you so much.

Speaker 1 (48m 42s): Pleasure was all mine. My broker tip today is part 10 of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later. Last week we talked about what information to give a potential buyer and what determines the value of a site. We'll continue that today. If a site hasn't been monetized, then it's all about the amount and the quality of the traffic. If a sale is based on traffic, it will be a multiple of what the traffic would sell for on the open market. What are the sources of traffic, direct traffic, search engine traffic and review traffic are the most valuable.

Tube traffic is the least valuable. Is the traffic reliable and sustainable? What is the traffic history? In a rare case, the valuation will be based upon revenue. The same factors apply to that as to profit. And the valuations will of course be lower than those of profits. How old is the website? Is the or something else? Dot com is still king. How many inbound links are there? How much staff does it take to run the site? How many email addresses do you have in the case of a dating site?

That is very important. Another factor can be the reverse engineering cost. How much would it cost to build the site from scratch and drive the same amount of traffic to it? And how much time would be involved? What's the lifetime value of a customer on the site Next week, how to buy a website. And next week we'll be speaking with Jerry from Baldo. And that's it for this week's adult site broker talk. I'd once again like to thank my guests, SafferMaster and Lady Petra from Slubb USA.

Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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