Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 116 with Andra of Webmaster Access

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 116 with Andra of Webmaster Access

Bruce F., host of Adult Site Broker Talk and CEO of Adult Site Broker, the leading adult website broker, who is known as the company to sell adult sites, is pleased to welcome Andra Chirnogeanu of Webmaster Access.

Andra has spent years in the cam studio business, has organized events and has won multiple awards.

With appearances on many media outlets like Vice, BBC, The Economist, VoyageLA and the LA Times, she’s done great work to represent the industry to a wider audience.

She’s taking the same enthusiasm and expertise to Webmaster Access to make sure it’s a trade show of the highest quality.

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be speaking with Andra of Webmaster Access.

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Now let's feature our property the week that's for sale at adult site broke. We're proud to offer for sale a unique network of pay sites.

The network includes six sites of many different stripes, a gay cosplay back and Fetter site, a straight pegging light fendom boy, girl, and pantyhose fetish site, a by threesome site, a queer hot sex site, a hardcore BDSM and bonded site, and finally a trans female site. There's also a very active affiliate program with NATS as its backend through over a decade of independently funding shooting and selling niche content.

They founded the six pay sites found eager, ethical, and competent directors to run them and put content on them. As well as having an affiliate program. Most of the content is exclusive with an influx of cash and a dedicated team to help grow the brand. There was a lot of opportunity for growth, only $1.6 million. Now time for this week's interview. My guest today on adult site broker talk is Aandra from WMA Aandra thanks for being with us today on adult site broker talk.

Speaker 2 (2m 19s): Hey Bruce. Happy to be here. Thank you. How's it going? It's going amazing. I'm just checking out one way to get to Cuba. So I guess this one out.

Speaker 1 (2m 34s): Yeah, right. Yeah. Right. You'll be there. It's great to have you back on the podcast. So Andrea has been in our space for over eight years. She's won multiple awards. She's a go-to person. If you need to make a connection or seal a deal, she's made some real miracles happen when it came to branding herself. But also the project she's worked for with appearances on many media outlets, like vice BBC, the economist voyage LA and the LA times she's done great work to represent the industry to a wider audience.

She's taking the same enthusiasm and expertise to webmaster access to make sure it's a trade show of the highest quality honored does event coordination and PR for the show, basically a little bit of everything from sales to branding, organizing the schedule and getting people to attend the show. Yeah, just like the last time we talked, she basically runs a place. Like I said, last time when we were talking about the studio, you were virtually running the webmaster access, webmaster X. This is one of the longest running trade shows in the industry with the right combination of networking education and fun.

The show's a go-to event for all industry professionals, including myself. WMA will happen this year in Cypress, starting Thursday at the beautiful grand resort five-star hotel where master access Cypress will offer an awesome selection of content tracks and 100 plus speakers exploring the newest developments in key sectors, such as affiliate marketing, crypto content creation, dating e-commerce gambling and Forex. So how was that commercial?

Speaker 2 (4m 14s): I'm definitely going to buy that one way ticket. Now.

Speaker 1 (4m 18s): She's like, I don't want to do all that. You've already did it.

Speaker 2 (4m 21s): Oh my God. Is that what's happening?

Speaker 1 (4m 25s): That's what's happening. And you're gonna tell us all bout it.

Speaker 2 (4m 30s): Ah, well, why do you want to know just come and it's going to be,

Speaker 1 (4m 35s): Yes, it will. And I got to say more than that. We're all, we're only two and a half minutes in at that. Doesn't quite cut it. So Audra, you used to coordinate another trade show. Now I would imagine it's an exciting opportunity for you to work on something new and as well, established as WMA.

Speaker 2 (4m 54s): It's actually exciting to get to finish one because the, the other Tricia that I was working with a few, a few years ago, it happened right in the year, the beautiful year of COVID. So would that kind of ruin all our plans for everything. And you know, as much as, as much as we try to, you know, do something about it, just, you know, offer like virtual interviews and stuff like that.

It just wasn't a, it wasn't, it wasn't what people were looking for. And then I decided to, to quit the company a year and a bit ago still did, I did attend the last trade show. It went to, it went great. And I'm like, congratulations to the organizers. They did a great job, but now this one is, wow. It's I mean, it's, it's, you know, you never really realize how much work it goes into creating something like this.

And I think it's a, also like a, a fight, I would say between what your expectations are as an organizer supposed to like the, the expectations of the people that are attending, you know, cause like, like you have a whole alphabetic thing. Like you have not just the ABCs of something, you know, you have a, to Z that are your expectations and you know, how things are supposed to work or how some, some things you should look like and stuff like that, which are not things that people see, you know, on the outside.

And then you're like, oh my God, did they just this drive? Well, they will. They notice something like that. So it's always a little, a little fight, but for sure, my experience working with the former trade show has helped a lot besides building the network. I mean, I help remind network a little bit more with the, with the former trade show. And right now, you know, I'm doing well, benefiting, benefiting from it, sorry, benefiting from it, which is great. So I'm, we've decided to move the, we've decided to move with master axis as you well know what used to be in Amsterdam.

Yes. So now we decided to move it in Cyprus. Cause like I live here, the owner lives here as well, and it's a beautiful island. It has like most of the affiliates, the companies, the high-risk companies I'd say are here and a lot of countries around us that are interested in it. So it's just like, it made sense at one point I'm like, why would we move it? Like people would travel here and there when it's right in their backyard and like, why wouldn't we do this?

And also the, the it's, it's great to actually be in the country that you're planning your event in.

Speaker 1 (7m 44s): Sure.

Speaker 2 (7m 44s): You know, when talking to vendors or stuff like that is so easy.

Speaker 1 (7m 48s): How long ago did you move to Cyprus?

Speaker 2 (7m 51s): I moved to Cyprus four years ago. I think for I'm going on five years, I took, I took a break. I took, yeah, I took a break last year. I think after I quit the goodnight, I quit. The other job, started a new project. I moved to Ibiza for like six months last year from like June to December. It was great. And then I moved back to St. Brisk cause I was like, okay, that was good. That was good. But I need to go back to actual work. And Cyprus is a work hub is a business hub.

As you have so many companies that are in the industry, in our industry here, so

Speaker 1 (8m 28s): Sure. It's a good place to be. So what's most important when working on a trade show and what do you feel is your biggest strength in that area?

Speaker 2 (8m 39s): My personal one or like webmaster access? Definitely my ability to network. Yeah. But I would consider that a strength in my curiosity. I think being, being curious in, in an industry or in a world that thinks that it knows all is definitely a strength. Cause you know how like the Greek philosopher Seneca was saying like, what I know for certain is that I don't know anything.

And when you have that curiosity and that's, and that's great. Cause like, you know, you go look at kids for when they're like four years old. Right. That's when they start asking a lot of questions and they're curious all the time. So that's when they gather information, we as adults, we kind of get to an age that we're like, yeah, we know it all. Well, you never actually know it all. And how boring would life be if you actually knew everything? So I would, I would say that my curiosity is one of my biggest strengths.

Cause I'm always looking to learn and improve. And also my, my networking abilities in creating the connections through, through the networking, seeing the possibilities, seeing the opportunities of connecting different people in different different areas. So this would actually be one of the things that, what master DOCSIS is awesome. Cause we're using first, we're using the networking platform. That's called the gala. Yeah. So actually when you're, when you are registering on it, it will ask you about your interests.

What, what you want to see, what you want to meet. Do you want to, you know, are you interested in, let's say affiliate marketing, are you interested in? And then if you say, yes, it's like, are you interested in investing in talking about it and getting a job in offering good job in it? You know? So like you have all the, all these things on, on the platform, which actually helps you help you afterwards to connect with different people that have the same interest in you as you have. So it's like so easy. Cause you don't have to go and check the whole list of attendees and see like, okay, what does this person do?

Like what does this company, do you already have the matches meet

Speaker 1 (10m 53s): Kind of like a dating site for business.

Speaker 2 (10m 56s): It is, it is a dating site without the, you know, without the problems afterwards. Cause like in, without the P I mean, no, we actually, we do have

Speaker 1 (11m 7s): Pictures. You know, the ones I'm talking about,

Speaker 2 (11m 9s): None of this is, this is actually, I would say that this is better. Cause like, what you see is what you get and you know, fro from the start that, you know, you can actually lie on this one. Cause like, if you say like you're interested in networking about it and you're like, you know, you're not, you don't want to network about it. We will, we'll call you out. As in with a dating site. You're like, yeah, I'm interested in having babies and getting married and then you're not saying no, so yeah, that would be a, that would be what makes a webmaster access.

Awesome. I mean the, the platform is what makes it great. The fact that it's, it has people in it that have been, that are working with the in master boxes that are, have been working in other companies before, as advertisers. Right. So I know what I want. Like I see what, like what I wanted when I was working for the cam studio and we were working with, with different, with conferences and going to conferences.

I knew what I wanted then. Right. So for me, it's really easy to transfer that knowledge into what, what, what mass Jackson is right now. That's

Speaker 1 (12m 20s): Very valuable,

Speaker 2 (12m 22s): I would say. So. Cause like, you know, you CA you can think like, oh yeah, it's a, it's a great to, you know, I, my advertiser would want this and this and this and this, but then it's really nothing that they want. So it's really good to have that information before and to know about it before, for sure.

Speaker 1 (12m 44s): Sure. Now what's changed with WMA since the last edition in 2019 and Amsterdam.

Speaker 2 (12m 51s): Well, a lot of things changed thankfully, 2019. It's not, it's not, you know, a secret 2019 was so was terrible for WME was not, that was not the greatest show we could have

Speaker 1 (13m 10s): Done. Wasn't a bad show for me.

Speaker 2 (13m 12s): It wasn't a, it wasn't a terrible show, but it wasn't the best. It wasn't, It wasn't at its potential. So what happened first of all, we've, we've moved it because a lot of people were complaining about, you know, Amsterdam and stuff like that. And I believe that with, with the amount of the travel that people in the industry do, being just, just sitting in this thing in one country or one, one city gets, gets boring at one point and Amsterdam is not really known as the most fun.

It's like, it came to a point where Amsterdam was boring for all of us. And if you don't, you never want this, like Amsterdam should not be boring. It's a beautiful city.

Speaker 1 (13m 54s): Oh boy, it shouldn't be, but it did get that way after a while. I have to agree with you

Speaker 2 (14m 2s): Mostly

Speaker 1 (14m 2s): As a man.

Speaker 2 (14m 3s): I I'm sorry. I don't, I don't want to know that. Sorry, is it, I know this is the thing. I mean, it got to a point where it's just like, ah, yeah. You know, Amsterdam, so then moving it to moving it to Cyprus, that's it, that's a new thing. Moving into Cyprus, then opening it up to different verticals. We have temporary vehicles right now, which is a, you know, way more than we then we had before. Oh, we're working, we're looking at, at people from not just from adult, but mainstream, but service providers.

We're looking at people that are interested in, you know, learning more about the industry and we're doing, we're taking a different approach here and not trying to get adult into mainstream, but allowing mainstream to come into adult And to see it, which is, you know, if you change that, if you, if you think about it is like, it's, it's a smart thing. Because at any show, like any mainstream show that anyone from the adult industry goes, you're gonna be met with like people looking down on you or being, you know, stuff like that.

So we don't want to do that. And then the verticals that we're looking at, obviously, you know, how the tech, how technology develops and how the market develops. We have a new would be blockchain, casino, gaming, gambling, gaming, e-commerce, we're still keeping content creation. We're actually developing content more, more into content creation. Start-ups entertainment. You know, we have different verticals that are really, really, really good. And that are great with the, with the market that we're seeing right now, the people that are working with the, with, with Ms.

Jax has have changed it's myself. I was joined the, I joined the team. So that's a plus, oh, G

Speaker 1 (16m 1s): It is a big, big plus for me.

Speaker 2 (16m 4s): I appreciate that. I appreciate that. So yeah, the schedule is different. We're looking at, thank you. We don't have a meat market. I hate me, myself personally. I hate meat market. It's just, and right now in the age of COVID and monkeypox and whatever got them, disease comes. I don't want to be in a room in a steamy room with a lot of people that are very close to each other and screaming at each other and over each other. Cause you can hear shit, sorry. Oh, you can't hear anything at the meat market.

Right. Everybody's talking everybody's whatever. So we took out the meat market and we have the booths that, so the expo is going to look like a, like a normal trade show expo. You have the booths, you have, you have the places to put your swag. If you want to not, you know, carry it around and put it at meat market. Because like nobody actually takes that. It's it's

Speaker 1 (17m 3s): Depends on the item.

Speaker 2 (17m 5s): It depends on the item as well. But in the same time, like you, if you want, if you're investing in swag for your company and it's a great sweat, great, you've invested in it. You've put hours in it, money in it, people in it and all of that. And then you bring it to the meat market. And what everybody is doing is not actually even talking to you about whatever your company does, but they go, oh, go to X company's name, get swag, get whatever they have. Cause it's like really cool. Like very I've

Speaker 1 (17m 33s): Seen the light.

Speaker 2 (17m 34s): Exactly. And it's like, it's disrespectful for the work that you have put into doing that. You know? So we, we were like, you know, let's, let's take that. Let's take that up. And so, like I said, we removed the meat market and now we have companies something that's called company presentations or case studies. This is a place where people for companies and people to present, whatever think will think they have for 20 minutes, 20 minutes is enough time to present anything.

You do not need more time to talk about your product. And it,

Speaker 1 (18m 10s): I just need a minute. My elevator pitch has shined.

Speaker 2 (18m 13s): Then we go see you though. He goes, so you ha you have speed networking though for that. But then the company presentations or the case study, it allows more companies to talk about their products. And then in event invites the interested parties to their booth to actually close the deal. So, you know, you're giving them a little bit of whatever you're doing and you're presenting some, I dunno, whatever you have in your company, some challenges, some cool things that you've done. And then you can, you can take them back to your booth in it, or in the, in the meeting area that we have in the, in the expo and talk about it more and then has, as we understood how important networking is.

Again, I'm going to push this networking thing as much as I can. Cause it's, it's it's,

Speaker 1 (18m 57s): I think it's most important to me.

Speaker 2 (18m 59s): Absolutely. And it should be for everyone. We've set up a, a great, welcome and reception with networking session, with networking sessions, the networking reception is held by a feel-good business club, which, which is there, there they're great young people that are doing a lot of affiliate meetups and stuff like that in town with their opening to everyone, we have happy hours on the beach. Like literally we're kicking everybody out at five because there's no reason to be in the next school for more than eight hours.

It is inhuman. So we're kicking everybody out. We're giving everybody beer, go to the goddamn beach, talk between themselves, you know, just, you know, relax a little bit. Cause that's when you do business business, sitting down and talking about it. But in the same time meeting, more people is in networking events. And then obviously we have a, we have parties and one of them is something that I've really, really always dreamed of doing gets a beach party on the last day.

Yeah. It's going to be amazing. It's going to be so great. And yeah, also the, the, the plane, we have a plane, which has not been done before. I don't think it's, I, I, from my knowledge, it has not been done before. We've charted a plane from Prague to Cyprus. Well, we still have some tickets if you, if you haven't booked the tickets,

Speaker 1 (20m 31s): It's too late, too late to cancel, but maybe I'll take your plane instead. It sounds like more fun.

Speaker 2 (20m 37s): It's going to be a plane full of industry. People like there, the everybody that's coming from, from Prague, from the show there and people that are not joining the show in Prague, but our improv and join know what mass Jax is. They're coming on that plane. And it's going to be like, it's going to be literally three hours of networking on a plane, which is amazing. And you know, I'm really grateful for our, or our plan sponsor will know here. Cause they, they really, they really stepped it up. It was

Speaker 1 (21m 5s): Really cancel my ticket.

Speaker 2 (21m 8s): No worries. No worries.

Speaker 1 (21m 11s): Is it one flight?

Speaker 2 (21m 12s): It's one flight. Yeah. It's one. Yeah. It's one flight. It's enough. It's more than

Speaker 1 (21m 19s): Just

Speaker 2 (21m 20s): On the 25th at 10 or 11. We're still looking at it. Cause we're looking on the, yeah, so 10 or 11 in the, in the morning, go on the website, go on the website and check it out there. Get your ticket there.

Speaker 1 (21m 35s): Sounds good.

Speaker 2 (21m 36s): Okay.

Speaker 1 (21m 37s): So, and by the time this runs, I'm sure it will be full. So

Speaker 2 (21m 42s): I mean, there's a few tickets left, so I tell them,

Speaker 1 (21m 46s): We're doing, we're doing this too. We're doing this this two weeks before. So anyway. Yeah. So by, by the time, our, in, in 13 days when this runs, I, I have a tendency to think it'll be full, but never hurts to check. Right?

Speaker 2 (22m 1s): Yep, absolutely. Absolutely.

Speaker 1 (22m 2s): So there are a lot more opportunities for affiliates at the show than in previous versions. What types of affiliates will be there and how can we all benefit from that portion of the show

Speaker 2 (22m 15s): We're going to have, like I said, we have a lot of new verticals right now. So besides the main verticals, adult crypto, dating gambling, traffic, FinTech, e-commerce, these comes with these come with their affiliates as well. So it's not only the, it's not only the companies that are going to be looking at each other and being like, yay. You know, we have a lot of people that are coming to, to join the failures that are coming to, to see what what's happening with, what, what you can benefit from, you know, talking to, to the companies that are there, seeing what their, their products are going to the case.

Studies, hearing the seminars, going to the main stage to hear the keynotes, every keynote that we have is from a different vertical. So this would be really cool. So check that out case studies as well. So yeah, as a, as an affiliate with the companies and the verticals that we have right now, it's really, it's incredible.

Speaker 1 (23m 14s): Okay. Yeah. And WMA has never been known as an affiliate show before, so that's a big change.

Speaker 2 (23m 20s): It's still not, there's still not an affiliate show. It's a, it's an all-inclusive conference that wants to change and is changing and is bringing in and morphing into something that's half and half and half and half and half and half quarters of things. You know, you need to adapt to technology. You need to adapt to the new, to the, the things that are happening right now, taking away is saying that, you know, you're not, let's see how we were cam show before and saying like, yeah, now we're an affiliate show that will that's.

You know where, in my opinion, my personal opinion, it's a recipe for disaster. They cannot be a cam show for 10 years and then say like, oh, you know what, we're an affiliate show. You're not, you know, make the transition. And also, and also like, say like, you're, you're an affiliate show. And then you have a cam sponsors. It makes no sense. And it, you know, it's just, you lied to your sponsors and you liked your attendees. No, what we're doing is we have adult, we have crypto.

We that's not, you know, adult, we would add say that what master access is more of a higher risk company conference. That would be the perfect way to describe.

Speaker 1 (24m 38s): Absolutely, absolutely. Well, and I remember that was being discussed in 2019 that, that this was going to be changing to that. And I believe if I'm not mistaken at that time, Panos was talking about Cyprus. So I know this has been in the works for a long time, so that's, that's really cool that it's finally coming to fruition, post pandemic. So what else does Cypress have to offer? You're a good person to ask since you live there for people like me, who haven't been there before,

Speaker 2 (25m 11s): Besides the beautiful scenery that Cypress has to offer, like it's a, it's a beautiful island. It's I would recommend, I would advise everyone that comes to take a few days after just to visit it because you have beautiful boat trips, you have something that you have beautiful sea capes that is just spectacular. The water is gorgeous. The prices so are fairly, fairly, you know, nice and say, oh yeah, I mean, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

I'm sure wasn't then you have look, Cyprus is a combination of mountain and sea in heel and everything together. That's beautiful. And then, you know, you have great people. It's a touristic college. You're going to see a lot of, of expats. You're going to see a lot of just people that are joyous. The food is incredible. The food is incredible. My first time here, I remember I went to dismiss a place, misses like tapas.

People are more okay. But it's like, it's not top us. It's like top boss on, on cocaine, top boss on steroids. Okay. It come, it just, you eat for like four hours. Like they don't stop bringing you food. It is insane. So that's an, I swear, like after, after the two hours into that messy place, I was like, please stop. Like I was looking at the waiter and I was like, please, I beg stop.

I can't like go

Speaker 1 (26m 53s): Away. Is it like an all you can eat thing?

Speaker 2 (26m 55s): No, it's not. So like you, you choose you. No, no, no, no, no, no. So it's a set. It's a set menu. So it's a set price. So it's like it's around 20 years per person. I'd say so it's not a lot of money.

Speaker 1 (27m 9s): Oh, okay. I was kind of imagining that they, from what you were saying, that they kept bringing you food and then they brought you a 200 year old bill program.

Speaker 2 (27m 17s): Oh God, no, no, no, no, no, no, absolutely not. No. It's like 20 and 20 euros a, of a person for the visit and they bring you like, they're the, I'm not even kidding. Like for four hours you have alcohol and food. So you, you say like, you start with the dibs, you start with the salads and stuff like that. And then they start with like, you know, the most amazing beef in, you know, in the oven cooked for seven hours. And then you have the zucchini.

I don't know what, and it's just, I swear, bruise. Like, it's, it's insane, but you need to take it. Like my advice for everyone, everybody that tries tapa tries Meza for the first, for the first time, don't eat a lot in the first hour because then you're not going to be able to enjoy it. And this is like, what would they actually, you know, do they're bringing you the food, the food that fills you up in the, you know, in the first hours and then,

Speaker 1 (28m 17s): You know, good stuff.

Speaker 2 (28m 18s): Exactly. Ah, and you can't anymore because you're full, you're only human.

Speaker 1 (28m 25s): Well, it's kind of what they do. I don't know if you've been to one of those. I'm sure you have one of those Brazilian steakhouses. I can't pronounce that word where you get all the, all the meat you can eat. Okay. But what they have is they have this amazing salad bar with all kinds of wonderful stuff on it and they bring you bread. And if you eat all that stuff, then you're not really going to enjoy the meat.

Speaker 2 (28m 49s): Exactly. Exactly. So this is this, this is the guide to eating visit in Cypress and don't go,

Speaker 1 (28m 56s): You're going to have to point me to the right Meza place. Then

Speaker 2 (28m 59s): We will have dinners and it will be a lot of good food. So no worries about it all up. I'll take you guys out. I'll show you how to,

Speaker 1 (29m 7s): It sounds like a plan. So what would attendees expect to find at WMA that they wouldn't find at other shows?

Speaker 2 (29m 18s): Oh, well, like I, like I mentioned before, we are bringing in some mainstream people. So we're having some really great speakers that are talking about neuro marketing that hasn't really been done before. We have popping up of law that is talking about the importance branding and personal branding and how important branding is in, in, in, in your company, which is not necessarily directed to a adult or anything.

It's just, you know, in the, everything you have Juliet grantee, that is absolutely amazing. And she's talking about the art of making content, which is something new with, hasn't been, it hasn't been done before. Then you have a four X companies are talking about the trends in FinTech. So you have a lot of, a lot of new company presentations and keynotes that haven't really been done before. And we're bringing in these new people that are talking about something that's totally new and it's not necessarily just business.

It's about personal development. It's about branding. It's about, neuro-marketing no housing, everything,

Speaker 1 (30m 37s): You know, when you, when you think about all that stuff, really what works in mainstream works and adult marketing, for instance, if you can market successfully and mainstream, you can market successfully and adult, most people can't market their ways out of a paper bag. Unfortunately, that's been my experience as a marketer. So especially in a tall, unfortunately, so it's so true that mainstream marketing principles really need to be followed in order to see success.

Speaker 2 (31m 11s): I would, I would say that cause like at the end of the day, we're not that different, right? Whatever works for one it's, it's the digital marketing world universe. It, it should work. I've always said that the adult industry is more creative when it comes to this because we have more challenges than the marketing and then the mainstream marketing. Right. But it's still knowing and understanding how other businesses work and how other verticals work and adopting that and putting that into your business and your plan of, you know, marketing and PR that's amazing.

And it shows that you're, you're open to it. There's the from conversions club conversion club, which we'll, we'll talk about how to get a thousand B2B leads for 90, $90 a month. And you have people that are spending thousands and thousands and thousands for like the half of it, you know? So you have people that are, are talking about really, really, really cool things. And then, you know, have how to build a campsite.

Also there's people that are talking about literally how to actually build this. Like how, what does it mean how to build it, what you can do about it? You know, branding personal it's it's, it's beautiful. I can await. Okay. I'm canceling that ticket to Cuba.

Speaker 1 (32m 33s): Very cool. Very cool. So there's a seminar about communication and community, the business world. So what's the idea behind that.

Speaker 2 (32m 43s): Okay. So I strongly believe that like, like I said before, right? Communicate community is super important. Networking is super important. At the end of the day, we all go to conferences and networking events. Not only for business reasons, primarily, right? How many times have we done like the best deals at the night bar? You know, after the conference has the conference show has ended, right?

So we want that connection. We want that community. So we have a panel of, I would say the best networkers from different verticals. And that will show you the tips and tricks. And why, why participating in conferences and networking events is vital for your business, especially now in this and this reality that we have. Cause like I I've seen, and I've noticed a lot of companies right now after the pandemic and they go, oh, I mean, I'm doing my business great. Without going to conferences.

You know, if anything, this, these last two years have shown me that I can do a great business without attending conferences. Didn't might be true in like, like 20%, but it's not really cause like if you do business and it's a known fact that you do business with people that, you know, you do business with people that you like,

Speaker 1 (34m 4s): Especially in this industry, especially in adult, because of it because of the trust or lack thereof.

Speaker 2 (34m 10s): But this is, this is everywhere. Like we need to trust the people that are coming. So on this panel, AKI hamam from the founder of affiliate business club. The guys that I was telling you about AKI has built his own from the business club that is designed to help network, to help people network. So he's created this, this space then you had, you have Andy Woolmer, who is a formula.

I'm saying like, I love Andy. Andy is so cool. And Andy, if anything, everybody knows Andy from the, from adult to mainstream, like I've seen him on, on stage in, in Columbia at a, at a cam show.

Speaker 1 (34m 55s): I wasn't going to say, do I want to hear about this Andy onstage in Columbia? Was it it wasn't a donkey show.

Speaker 2 (35m 4s): No,

Speaker 1 (35m 4s): That's Mexico. Oh, I'm sorry. Anyway.

Speaker 2 (35m 8s): Then I've seen Andy in, in Kiev at Macchia, you know, so like it's totally different experiences, but he still gets a lot of people around

Speaker 1 (35m 18s): Andy is the best networker in our industry bar. None,

Speaker 2 (35m 24s): I would say so I would, I would definitely. So then you have Danny from, from I'm like who? Everybody, like literally everybody who knows Danny, they would say, oh my God, I love this guy. You know? And th this is what you want. Then it's Jim Austin from, from cert, as he's starting with cert is now everybody knows gym as well. And then it's it's me as well. So I'm on the panel as well.

Speaker 1 (35m 48s): Oh, I should be. I should be on this panel, Andre. I'm sorry, because I'm because I'm a networker as well, but that's okay. I'll let, I'll let it slide this time. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (35m 57s): Come, come and ask us, come and ask us difficult questions then. But

Speaker 1 (36m 2s): Yes,

Speaker 2 (36m 5s): I've graded this, this fennel with this in mind after this panel, actually I was born after I had a conversation with someone that was like, yeah, it doesn't make sense. My boss doesn't want to send me because he thinks that networking or going to conferences doesn't really make sense. It was like, but it does though. But it does. Cause like now you see all these new affiliates on Skype, hitting you up and being like, Hey, I have this offer for you. It's like, I don't know you. Like, I do not know you and you don't know me.

You don't know the, the, my business. And it's just, it gets to this point that it's just like a little bit cringey. You know, you don't want to talk to someone that you don't know except for if their offer is absolutely amazing, but it's not,

Speaker 1 (36m 51s): Unless they have, unless they have a website to sell, then I most definitely want to talk to them.

Speaker 2 (36m 56s): Yeah. But like, for me, it's just like, I got, I got hit up like a few, a few days ago. Some girl was texting me like, Hey, I'm there. How are you? And like, I literally have on Skype, what webmaster Jax is like, it says there, it's like, yeah, I'm doing good. We're we're, I'm part of a, I dunno, network. We're selling good traffic. We're selling disability. Do you see what I'm doing? Like just read.

Speaker 1 (37m 19s): Yeah. And you know, you bring up a really good point. That's a complaint I've had, especially when I'm signed up for shows. This happens a lot with the sign-up with TES, because they've got the, the platform there and I'm going to get, I'm not on umbrella yet for this show, but I will be after right after this call and people contact me and they want to sell me traffic by traffic, or they want to buy my traffic and I don't sell traffic or they want to sell me processing.

I don't need processing or would I like to be their affiliate for what? I don't have sites. And I'm as polite and nice as possible. And usually what I do is I just turn the tables and say, Hey, you probably talked to a lot of people. We have an affiliate program. You should be our affiliate. The funniest thing it can do to somebody trying to sell you is just turn around and sell them. But, but sometimes it's effective actually, but I you're right.

People don't do their homework. B people so-called salespeople. Don't do their homework before making these contacts. And people seem to be getting lazier and lazier and lazier. And I might sound old when I say that, but I usually have a pretty good idea who I'm talking to before I contact them.

Speaker 2 (38m 44s): But I think that, I think that is, you know, a sign out it's, it's common sense that I would, I would say common sense to

Speaker 1 (38m 55s): It's common sense, which is a real good reason why very few people do it anymore.

Speaker 2 (39m 0s): Yeah. Common sense is not that common is it? I was, I was actually, so I love this. I'm going to tell you a little story. Now, Leah tenant, the CEO and founder of pineapple support, we all know and love her. She's a moderator for one of the panels that we're having at webmaster axes, that's called the time, talent and turnover, which is talking to talking about performers and agencies that are helping performers. Right. So she called me a few days ago and she's like, oh, Hey, I need to talk to you about the list of speakers that we you have on the panel.

And I was like, okay, sure. And she literally went with me through all of them asking me questions. Like, what does this person do? What does the, his company do? What does that company do? How do they make? And like, she was legitimately interested in everyone on that panel. So she could have, she could ask relevant questions and have an idea about what they're doing before that that is common sense. And that is how you do business.

Speaker 1 (40m 6s): Well, not everybody is as intelligent as Leah. She's extremely, extremely bright. And that's why, she's where she is today, I think is that she's really, she really gets it.

Speaker 2 (40m 23s): I think it's about, it's a lot about, you know, caring about first of all, about your personal brand. Cause I mean, I wouldn't like to, I wouldn't want to go up on stage and you know, look stupid and then it's about, you know, it's, it's their problem, you know? And then it's about showing respect to the people that you're talking to. You know, just like don't like, if, if I would give an advice to, to anyone, especially with these young affiliates sales affiliates right now, read and read, just read about what that person does to see if their company is relevant.

Speaker 1 (41m 2s): IO, go to LinkedIn, go to LinkedIn in the adult space, go to expos, go to Facebook.

Speaker 2 (41m 9s): Yeah, go, go. There are so many forms. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, why is a form go,

Speaker 1 (41m 16s): Well, why not have some business directory? I mean, there's so many, so many resources

Speaker 2 (41m 20s): You see, this is why I love umbrella so much because Brella is actually, so it's literally when you put in your interest, in what you're interested in, it gives you the matches. Yeah. So you can go and see what other people are doing and everything, but it gives you the relevant people that are interested in what the hell you're selling or buying. And you can do it on your schedule without, you know, going in annoying a thousand other people with your CPA offer.

I'm sorry,

Speaker 1 (41m 53s): You sound so much. You sound so much like me. And I'm so glad that there's someone else who feels the same way

Speaker 2 (41m 59s): Because it

Speaker 1 (41m 60s): Just bugs bugs. It bugs the shit out of me. When people sell me things that they wouldn't try to sell me. If they learned a little bit about me.

Speaker 2 (42m 8s): Exactly. Just like putting, put in your work as this is, this is sales 1 0 1. I'm giving you a vital information here, people.

Speaker 1 (42m 16s): Yeah. But at the same time, I always reply and I'm never rude. I try not to

Speaker 2 (42m 22s): Be anyway.

Speaker 1 (42m 23s): I always, I always try to take the high road and say, Hey, well, the first question I asked them is, do you know what I do?

Speaker 2 (42m 30s): Oh God.

Speaker 1 (42m 31s): Especially if they hit me up on Skype, do you know what I do? No. Hmm. Let me tell you,

Speaker 2 (42m 40s): So

Speaker 1 (42m 42s): Then they get my elevator. Then they get my elevator pitch and the, and the link for the affiliate program. So

Speaker 2 (42m 48s): Right now I don't even have the, I don't have the time more power to get to do anything. I'm just saying like, look, I'm, I'm doing the conference. This is the conference, whatever you need, you're going to find here, look it up. And they don't even take the time to say thank you or sorry for bothering you do it a few days ago. Reach out to me on my personal Instagram asking about the, I mean, my personal Instagram is business as well. So anyways, but he's like, yeah. So do you have traffic? I was like, no, I run this conference.

Yeah. But like, are you interested in buying traffic? Like for what? Like I was like for what would I be interested in buying traffic? Like I have what Jeffrey for the conference? Like, do you not even see the words that I'm saying?

Speaker 1 (43m 33s): Yeah. It's frustrating. Yes. Manners, manners and common sense have gone in the same direction. Yes.

Speaker 2 (43m 41s): So this, this is why, this is why the seminar connection, connection and community and the business, I think,

Speaker 1 (43m 48s): Oh, I hope they're going to teach best practices. I got to ask the common COVID question. How have conferences changed since the pandemic

Speaker 2 (43m 59s): I've seen in the, in the, in the conference space? I've seen a lot of companies that are not going to conferences anymore. Like for the ones that I've, I've been, it's just like, it's so hard right now with, with, from, from the point of view of a conference organizer. Right? Cause you never really know a hundred percent what's going to happen. You never really know if you're allowed that X amount of people in the space. You don't know how the government is going to change rules and regulations and all of a sudden it's like, yeah, we, you need to wear masks now we're, we're just in capacity to like 300 people.

Right? So it's a, it's kind of a, it's kind of a, a game and you need to kind of guess, and then you need to take care of your, your attendees and your sponsors. But I would say that what worked before doesn't really work anymore. So like if you're planning a conference and your whole idea is to keep people inside, you're like, you're, you're so focused on developing the schedule with the vitamin seminars and stuff or something like that in you're not looking at doing networking events in which you actually help people network, not just put them in a room and be like, yo, good luck with that.

I think you're going to fail. So you need, you need to have that. You need to reintroduce people to people and teach them how to, how to handle themselves and how to create relations.

Speaker 1 (45m 25s): Well done. So what advice do you have for people coming to WMA?

Speaker 2 (45m 31s): I bring sunscreen hydrate. I mean, besides that, he says that, look, if you're, if you are a newbie in the industry, this is not only for WME. This is I'm sharing this a vital vital piece of advice. If you are a new V, if this is your first conference, take it easy. There are a lot of

Speaker 1 (46m 1s): Drinks,

Speaker 2 (46m 2s): Drinks. Exactly. See, you know, you know where I'm going with this?

Speaker 1 (46m 5s): Well, I could, I could tell you where you were just delicately going along. And I just thought I'd throw it right out there.

Speaker 2 (46m 11s): There are a lot of open bars. There are a lot of parties. If you go to a conference, do not try to not go overboard. People are making more business. After the conference has ended at clubs at networking event at parties and dinners, then they're making in the, in the expo hall. So try not to make a fool of yourself in your company because it is going to stick. That is going to stick on you.

And you're going to look bad in your company is going to look that re remember that you're representing the company. You're representing a brand in more. If anything, you're representing yourself. So carry yourself, carry yourself with, with the grace and humor and be a, be nice to everyone. Don't be a cunt or a Dick or whatever. Don't be a kind and good

Speaker 1 (47m 8s): Person,

Speaker 2 (47m 10s): Whatever, whatever don't be an, but be an a, B a B a year. Now we have two years in a mouth for a reason to listen more and to talk less.

Speaker 1 (47m 20s): So I have two ears. I don't know. I don't know where you got the third, but it's okay.

Speaker 2 (47m 24s): Did I say three? I'm so

Speaker 1 (47m 26s): Dead, but it's all right.

Speaker 2 (47m 29s): Years. And it's English, man. I'm speaking. This is the definition of a polyglot. You screw up every language that you know, so you have two years in a mouth with a reason, right? To listen more and to talk less. So when you're going to a conference, remember that what you need to do is actually listen to what the people are saying. And also ask, use your mouth to ask questions, ask relevant questions. No question is stupid. If you don't know what that person does, you know, let's say that they're not working.

They're not a CPE network, whatever. They're not, you know, listen to what they have to say. Cause you never know when you're going to need that, that information in your, in your life. You never know, even if it's for personal use or for professionally. So this would be like the, my main, you know, general device in, in for, for conferences for a Cypress, I would say, come arrested, come prepared. We have so many people that are there in are eager to learn about new new companies and new people.

Just make sure that you have everything set, be on Barilla, schedule your meetings beforehand because it is going to be full. So schedule your meetings beforehand. So you make sure that at the end of it, you, you draw a line and you see like, okay, so I've hit my target things and network as much as you can outside of your company, no matter who you talk to, like just be open to talking to everyone and listening to everyone and what everybody has to say and do go to the seminars in the keynotes.

They're really interesting.

Speaker 1 (49m 14s): Absolutely. I'm looking forward to it. Well, Andre, I like to thank you for being back with us today on adult side broker tuck. And I hope we'll get a chance to do this again soon.

Speaker 2 (49m 24s): Sure. I think thank you so much for having me and looking forward to, to having you in Cyprus and having everybody that's listening to this and in Cyprus and if not in Cyprus into next 20, 23, from six to 8th of January in Las Vegas at the same hotel, like last year at resorts world. So we're really looking forward to having you guys there. If you cannot make it to WMA now

Speaker 1 (49m 51s): I'll see it. Both. My broker tip today is part two of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, keep your website design. Up-to-date do a redesign from time to time. People will tend to think your site is the same as ever and click out of it without even looking if something doesn't change. So keep it fresh and up to date times change. So should your website look at what your competitors are doing and see what it is you really like emulate success. If you know a site to be particularly successful, look at what it is they're doing and do some of the same things.

I'm not saying copy it. I'm just suggesting you improve your site by looking around a bit, you've got to keep up with the times or you'll end up being left behind. Also keep an eye on your competition and make sure you're offering everything on your site that they are or more don't just look at their design, but make sure your offers are good. And you're competitive. The same goes for your content. Do you ever wonder why one site does well and others don't check out the competition's content. What are they doing that you're not doing?

Be willing to make changes. People can't understand why they're losing sales to a competitor yet that competitor is clearly doing everything better. Emulate success. Make sure everything on your website works well. Make sure all of your links work properly. Check them on a regular basis. If things don't work, you'll lose customers. People are not patient. These days. People's attention spans are like that of a gnat. They click out immediately and go to the next result in Google. If they don't find exactly what it is they're looking for.

If the site is hard to navigate or things, don't work, check all of your internal scripts and plugins and make sure everything is updated regularly as well. We'll talk about this subject more next week and next week, we'll be speaking with Carly David of PS group. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Andra. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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