Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 112 with Dee Severe of Severe Sex Films

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 112 with Dee Severe of Severe Sex Films

Bruce F., host of Adult Site Broker Talk and CEO of Adult Site Broker, the leading adult website broker, who is known as the company to sell adult sites, is pleased to welcome Dee Severe of Severe Sex Films.

Director Dee Severe comes to fetish porn from a background in rock journalism.
She was previously a writer for Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, and many other publications.

She has also worked in mainstream indie film and had a gig as a pro Dominatrix.

Severe and her producer/performer husband Jimmy Broadway are lifestyle BDSM players.

They co-founded Severe Sex Films with the aim of combining authentic BDSM with cinematic production values.

Their company has won numerous awards.

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be speaking with Dee Severe of Severe Sex Films.

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Now time for this week's interview. My guest today and adult site broker talk is de severe of severe sex films. D thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk.

Speaker 2 (3m 4s): It's my pleasure.

Speaker 1 (3m 5s): It's a pleasure to have you now D is a director. She comes to fetish porn from a background in rock journalism. She was previously a writer for rolling stone, the Hollywood reporter, and many other publications. She's also worked in mainstream indie film. It had a gig as a pro dominate truss severe, and her producer performer husband, Jimmy Broadway are a lifestyle BDSM players that co-founded severe sex films with the aim of combining authentic BDSM with cinematic production values.

So various films corrupted by the evils of fetish porn and mind fucked a cult classic one back-to-back expos awards for fetish release of the year. Cybill. Troy is vicious garnered an AVN award for best BDSM release all Charlotte, Sarah tree, filthy angel. I hope I pronounced that right. And

Speaker 2 (4m 3s): It's civil and Charlotte star.

Speaker 1 (4m 6s): Okay, there you go. I did it wrong. And the, and perversion and punishment 13 were honored by the alt porn awards as best Gonzo video severe has also been nominated for several X biz industry executive awards, and it was a panelist at the SXSW seminar using explicit sex as a storytelling element D and Jimmy live in Las Vegas with their two awesome rescue dogs, Bella and Fiona. Now you started out as a music reporter.

How did you get into the adult industry?

Speaker 2 (4m 39s): It's a long and weird story. I was, I was in the music industry for quite a long time, and I started getting burned out on it because it's like when you're 20 a job where you have to go out to hear bands five nights a week is like the awesomest thing in the world. Once you get into your twenties, a job where you have to go out six thirties, rather once you like a job where you have to go out six nights a week to hear bands gets to be like less awesome every year as it goes by.

So I was getting, I also kind of wanted to write my own stuff as opposed to writing about someone else's creative process. So I got into, I got into writing mainstream screenplays and I had some limited success with it, but it was very frustrated with the whole process. It was, it's kind of like in, in mainstream film, like, okay, you write a screenplay, your agent gets an option. Do you think, oh boy, it's going to be a movie. This is going to be so awesome. And that doesn't happen.

What happens is you get a producer who makes you rewrite it like 739 times. So you want to like throw yourself and the script and the producer off a roof because you can't take it anymore. And then this goes on for like a couple of years and you get some like renewal payments and then something goes wrong with the financing and the whole thing falls apart. And you have to start over. So this, this happened to me like four times. And it was, it was just kind of like, I hate this process. I want to make movies. I don't want to do this.

This just sucks. So, but at this time I had hooked up with my beloved. I've had co come out as a Kiki person and we met on and he was all he's involved in TV, sports and other live like live TV production. So we joined, we joined a, a mainstream short film collective where basically people crude on each other's movies. So the group made 60 short films in three years.

And like, some of them, like one of ours, like did a pretty good festival run and stuff. So we were like, this seems like a better idea. This was like, we were like making stuff and we were learning how to do it. And we were kind of like, at that point, this was like in the mid two thousands and we're straight to DVD. Movies were still a thing. So we were developing like a low budget horror movie that could be straight to DVD. And right at this time, we're also like really broke at this time because you're spending all these time making, like, making like short films that went to festivals and didn't make any money.

So we would go to this fetish club, just no sanctuary, but was passive arts was a dungeon. And we would go there for like fetish night parties and the guy who was running the dungeon kept saying, you should come work here. You'd be really good. So it was like, you know, something, that's probably not a bad idea. So I got a part-time job at the dungeon as a pro dominatrix. And this guy wanted to get into, like, he'd done a couple of like BDSM movies. That weren't very good. And we were like, well, you know, we have this film background.

We could like do this stuff for you. And so then we started making his DVDs and we ran his clips for sales stores for two years and proceeded to make all our rookie mistakes on somebody else's nickel and adapt. And at that point we just realized like, this is so creative and so much fun. And all the people in like kinky porn are so much nicer than the people in mainstream film. And like, and like, we're actually, we're like actually making money at this.

We're making like, like, like half this and half the, the, you know, TV stuff that my husband continues to do is like, this is like a nice income. We can do this. So we kind of took that ball and ran with it. And that's how I went from rock journalism to what I do now.

Speaker 1 (8m 32s): Wow. Wow. That was quite, that is a, that's quite a journey now, was there, was there a bit of culture shock once you got into adult?

Speaker 2 (8m 41s): Like a little bit. I was, I was always like a really open-minded person. So I didn't it's like, I mean, cause we went to like, because I was part of the BDSM community first, like that part of it, wasn't like, you know, working in the dungeon, wasn't like shocking that much. It's kind of like, it was a little bit of a culture shock when we got more into vanilla porn, but, but we kind of adjusted pretty, pretty quickly. And now there's so much like there's much more crossover now because kink is like, thanks to the, the awful, but very helpful shit.

50 shades of gray, like Kik has gotten much more mainstream in those two worlds. So It's like, it's like really badly written. I mean, it's like just, it's a really bad book and it's just the way that it represents BDSM is like stupid and inaccurate. Nobody does that. You don't, you know, you don't take someone who's like a complete newbie and kind of make them your like house slave and impose all this stuff on them without their consent.

And they're like that stuff that's abuse. That's like a BDSM relationship is all about consent. It's like what he does in that book is like completely irresponsible and wrong and bad. But on the plus side, all of these, yes, it got all these people going, ha you know, something tying up my guy or my girl sounds like really hot. I think I want to do it. And then they got into it and then they were like, well, we want, we want to know about other things.

So let's look at some kinky porn, I get some ideas and this stuff like ours got much more popular. So even though I hate, I hate 50 shades of gray as a thing. I'm, I'm happy about the effect that it had.

Speaker 1 (10m 34s): Yeah. You're like the third person on podcast who said that. So what's the difference between working in mainstream film and in porn,

Speaker 2 (10m 44s): Mainly the nice people, part people in people in mainstream film are so desperate to make it. It's like they will assassinate your grandma. I mean, it's, it's like it

Speaker 1 (10m 58s): Or

Speaker 2 (10m 58s): Their own. It's like, it's, there's this climbing thing where you really can't press study buddy. Right. Because everybody's so, so desperate. And so, and, and it's like, and nobody's really like something good happens. People pretend that they're happy for you, but you know, they're not really jealous and they're not supportive of you. And it's, and it's, it's just the general, there's like an old joke about New York versus LA in New York. People say, fuck you, when they meet and have a nice day.

And in LA people say have a nice day when they mean, fuck you. So corn is world like New York, mainstream film is more like LA

Speaker 1 (11m 40s): Interesting. So

Speaker 2 (11m 43s): Go ahead. Yeah. Porn porn is just like, it's, it's just much more nice and fun with, with the exception of some asshole, people who are slowly kind of getting driven out of the industry, but, but overall people in porn are much nicer and it's just like there, people are more supportive of each other and it's just like, people have fun. You know, mainstream film is really not very much fun.

Speaker 1 (12m 8s): Yeah. The reminds me of something. I used to go on a lot of cruises and the, you know, the staff, you say anything to them and they're like, no problem on. And you know, the one comedian was doing his bit and he goes, you know what that means? Don't you? I mean, fuck you,

Speaker 2 (12m 28s): Have you seen the white Lotus?

Speaker 1 (12m 30s): No,

Speaker 2 (12m 31s): You should see the white Lotus. It's about, it's on, I think it's on HBO. It's about, it's about like rich people at a, at a swanky resort in Hawaii. That's exactly about that. Just said this is really good. It's funny.

Speaker 1 (12m 47s): Okay. So how did you get into the BDSM lifestyle? I always wonder how people find it.

Speaker 2 (12m 54s): Well, it was, I think it's kind of something like, let me put it this way. When I was a little kid and everybody else wanted to be a Disney princess, I wanted to be Maleficent because she lived in a castle and she had like cool minions and she wore all black and she was just like, she had power. So I, I think it's, it's kind of like, I've always kind of been very edgy and I've always kind of felt like, like with vanilla sex, like it was fun, but something was missing and there was like something missing out of those relationships.

So I was like, not like completely happy even when I was in like in a decent relationship. And whenever there was a relationship that was even mildly Kiki, even though there was like totally other things wrong with the person, like that's the one I'd be like really into. Hmm. So at one point, once I got divorced from my first husband, I was kind of like, you know, something, I'm a kinky person. Like all my fantasies are like this. They're all about like power and control and cake and fetishes and like, fuck it.

I'm going to do this in real life. Like, I want this, I want this for my real life. I don't want this to just be like my fantasies. And then, then I kind of actually, this was, this was still in the nineties when people still had ads like in LA weekly. So I put an ad in LA weekly that I was like beginning amateur dominate drinks. And I was like looking for people to play with and that I got like 200 responses and yeah. So then I went like on lots and lots of dates with people and sort of like ended up with, like, I ended up with like two guys who, between the two of them made a really good boyfriend.

Like they both had, Instead of played with them for about a year and kind of got like, I would go, this was also like before, really late. This is like as admit mid to late nineties and like porn really wasn't on like kink was online, but that was about it. And so you still would go down to like the dirty adult store and read stuff. And I would go in there and I would be like the only woman these guys were like, oh my God. And they would just be like so embarrassed.

And it was really funny. So then I would, I would rent like finished porn and like w watch it and to get hints and stuff. And then like, along the lines of this, in my that I went online and put it ad in an And again, got an avalanche of responses. One of the responses I got was my now husband and more than 20 years.

Speaker 1 (15m 25s): Wow. Wow. That's fabulous. How does kind of something that I was wondering about now being an adult I'm non judgemental? I don't, I, you know, I, I don't, I never, I don't look down on what anyone does about anything, but I mean, how do you think the general public looks at that lifestyle?

Speaker 2 (15m 46s): I think PR I think some of the, I mean, most of them think everybody in porn of vanilla porn or kinky porn is like a freak and disgusting. And that's just like where the scum of the earth. I think some people, I mean, if they're, if they're like open-minded people and they saw 50 shades of gray, they're kind of probably curious about kind of the more mild things like spanking and light bondage and stuff like that, which is one of the reasons why we have instruction.

We have a series of instructional DVDs for just that purpose so that people can do these things safely. It's called kink schools. There's a whole, whole bunch of them, because one of the, one of the things about BDSM is like, kinda like the more he's made, the more into it, you get the more there's a capacity for like injuring somebody. Yep. So it's, it's, it's real, you know, it's kind of like if you, if you tie somebody's hands wrong and leave them that way you can cause permanent nerve damage and stuff like that. So there's a, there's a point where you really have to, you know, like get instruction,

Speaker 1 (16m 52s): You gotta be careful.

Speaker 2 (16m 54s): You have to be careful and you have to practice things and kind of get into it kind of slowly kind of have it be like an adventure with your partner where there was a lot, like a lot of communication. And

Speaker 1 (17m 5s): Yeah, I mean, I, I was able to, I had the, the ability to go watch some BDSM shootings at the kink castle, the late great king castle back when they did the, the why not show there. And God, that was fascinating. I was like, I'm kind of looking, I'm like, oh, I'm not sure what I'm actually looking at here. But, and my poor wife, I mean, she, it was her first. It was one of her early trips from Thailand and this very naive young lady from Thailand and she's with me and she's kind of looking at me going.

Hmm. So it was, it was, it was interesting to say the least. So how has relocating to Vegas worked out for you?

Speaker 2 (17m 55s): We love it here. It is. I mean, it's kind of, there's so many nice things about it. It's, it's kind of got, if you want to do the big city things and go to the strip and go out and go crazy and do all that stuff and go to shows and go to like sporting events. You can do all that. If you want. Like really, if you want to have like a really quiet suburban life, that's really peaceful and calm and affordable, and you can look at pretty mountains and clear air. You can do that. And the two things that are like 20 minutes apart.

Yeah. So it's just, you know, like it's, it's much more manageable than LA just in terms of like traffic and stuff and like that plus in

Speaker 1 (18m 36s): For

Speaker 2 (18m 38s): Yes. It's like people complain about traffic here. It's like, honey, you have no idea. I have no idea how

Speaker 1 (18m 46s): I have a problem with traffic is on the strip. I mean, the traffic on the streets. Ridiculous.

Speaker 2 (18m 51s): Yeah. That's yeah. If you live here, you never drive on the strip actually never go to the strip unless you're going to a show or something. It's pretty much like, like downtown is actually like a lot more fun to me, like Fremont street and

Speaker 1 (19m 7s): That

Speaker 2 (19m 7s): Kind of area,

Speaker 1 (19m 9s): But

Speaker 2 (19m 10s): It's yeah. I, the other thing with, with LA for us is because we have a studio there it's like our, our rent was just so crazy and our overhead was so crazy. It was kind of like, we make really good money. Where are we broke all the time? Because, you know, because we had like this insane overhead and also the, the gentrification of the main part of downtown was kinda pushing skid row into our neighborhood. So it was kind of like our rep was going up in the neighborhood was getting worse. So it was kinda like, you know, this is not ideal, but, but happily, a friend of ours took over our studio so we can still shoot there.

You know, when, when we're in LA, which we do occasionally, but she doesn't live there. So it's, it's like that works out better. Like we lived there. So it was kind of a little bit weirder.

Speaker 1 (19m 60s): Do you miss anything about LA?

Speaker 2 (20m 2s): I mean, I miss having the studio, I really enjoyed like Mike really enjoys building sets and that kind of thing. And it's, it's like we had, it was, it was really nice to be able to like take two or three days and do like an elaborate set thing and then like leave it there as opposed to here, where we have to rent things. I miss that. I would say that I miss the beach. Like we really enjoyed the beach when we lived near it, but once we moved away from it, we never went back there. So it's

Speaker 1 (20m 31s): Interesting.

Speaker 2 (20m 32s): Yeah, it was, you know, but I like when we lived in Redondo beach, I really enjoyed the beach.

Speaker 1 (20m 38s): Redondo is gorgeous.

Speaker 2 (20m 39s): It's nice there. So yeah, I mean, I mean, we go back probably, you know, three, four times a year at, so it's not like, you know, it's life, like, you know, like we left LA and we can never see it again. So I don't really miss that much about it.

Speaker 1 (20m 56s): So what do you like to do when you're not working?

Speaker 2 (21m 2s): I'm working all the time. I like to go to the gym. I'm really basic person. I like to go to the gym. I like to go do things with my dogs. Okay. Before, before the whole quarantine thing came around, like, you know, go out to dinner and like, we went to a Raiders game that was really fun. I'm looking forward to doing that some more now that I don't have reviewed them as to like going to concerts, you know, we're having fun. So like your, your, your basic stuff.

But I mean, we're, we're pretty busy right now. So it's a lot of times like, you know, time off is like, Hey, let's grub hub. That'd be fun. A different, right.

Speaker 1 (21m 42s): Yeah. Sometimes it's great to just to stay home and chill.

Speaker 2 (21m 45s): Yes.

Speaker 1 (21m 46s): So what's, what's your favorite part of the job you do?

Speaker 2 (21m 51s): I really liked directing. I like having an idea in my brain and that having that idea happen, like making what I see inside my, my mind be a real thing. That's a movie. And like editing is part of that. So like, I, I enjoy the actual shooting process probably the most, but the editing process is like really vital for making that, you know, for making that vision come to life. So like, that's why, that's my favorite. Like, that's what I like to do if I did, if I could just do that and didn't have to do any of the other stuff, that would be awesome, but you know, but there's other stuff.

So, so I know that I need to,

Speaker 1 (22m 31s): What's your will all that, I'll ask the next part. What's your least favorite thing about your job?

Speaker 2 (22m 38s): I, if I never had to program another clips for sale clip or write descriptions or do any, any of that stuff, like that would be awesome. I'm not big on any of that, but it's like, it's, you know, it's like, which is why we've kind of arranged life so that, you know, other people take, like most of our deals are with like other people who take a percentage of profit for doing the stuff that we don't want to do. And that works out perfectly, you know, like, like our website and like all of our tubes and other stuff is, is done by adult empire who are fabulous, you know?

So we just send them stuff and they do cool shit with it. And, you know, they could do better than we ever could because that's not our thing.

Speaker 1 (23m 23s): Sure, sure.

Speaker 2 (23m 25s): And we have a kink channel and, you know,

Speaker 1 (23m 27s): Nice. So how has the pandemic effected your business and what did you guys do during lockdown?

Speaker 2 (23m 34s): You know, we really lucked out and, and I have to, I have to say, I have, I inadvertently have to thank Blake Shelton for saving her business. This is what happened. We were like, we had all kinds of plans for 2020. And like, we were, there was a concert, like at that point I was going through LinkedIn's country music phase. So there was a Blake Shelton concert in LA at the forum and he did not have a Vegas show and I really wanted to go. So I figured, well, what the hell?

Let's just like, we'll road trip to LA and then we'll figure, well, you know, as long as we're going, let's go, let's stay a week. Let's like really shoot a whole bunch of stuff with like our LA Dom's that we like and like shoot a bunch of stuff in our old studio. And then we can write the whole thing off and we'll come back. So that's what we did. And then four days later, the quarantine hit and our income for everything dipped like 70%, but we had enough new content that we could keep our website going through the court team.

Speaker 1 (24m 36s): That's awesome.

Speaker 2 (24m 37s): Which, which kind of minute is still, you know, like we made it through it, you know, like, like a lot of stuff went away for the time being, we kind of made it through it. And, and then like, as soon as we can safely start shooting something, we did like a lot of testing and like a lot of being really careful and kind of, you know, like just dealing with people that we knew to be like responsible people, you know, but that was, that was pretty much it, like, if that hadn't happened, if we hadn't had all that content, we would really had like a big problem.

Cause there was just nothing, you know,

Speaker 1 (25m 11s): A lot of people, a lot of people have that problem.

Speaker 2 (25m 14s): Yeah. It was, it was rough. It was really rough. But it, it also on the plus that we'll kind of on the plus and minus side, right before that I bought a Mac pro like it really souped up one, you know how much those things cost

Speaker 1 (25m 28s): A lot.

Speaker 2 (25m 29s): Yeah. We bought one of those and on, on one year financing, my chief. So that was like happening. It's like, oh great. We have to put like 800 bucks a month for this computer on top of everything else going on. But on the plus side, if like we got new cameras too, at the same time, as we were having like this really great year and it came with the DaVinci resolve. So having quarantined gave me this time to just like sit around and learn DaVinci resolve, which is considerably different than final cut pro seven. So that was a good, you know, that I made good use of my quarantine time.

Speaker 1 (26m 5s): Cool. So what's your philosophy when it comes to casting?

Speaker 2 (26m 9s): I like to deal with people who know what they're doing. It's kind of like, I do not get the whole, I mean, I kind of get it for vanilla pour and the whole thing, like higher, like the, the U S most naive 18 year old got into the business. Like four days ago thing. We don't do that. It's like, I like people where like, I, I like stuff that looks real. I hate the style of shooting where it's like, okay, let's fuck for 40 seconds again, changing my camera position.

Okay. Fuck for another 40 seconds. Okay. Let's change our camera position. We shoot three camera and preferably I like people to not stop. Like, like, you know, like 99% of the time, if you get three cameras, you have a usable shot at all times. And you, you get this velocity that way that you just don't get otherwise it's, it's got like a emotion to it and it's, it's just got like this power to it. And for that, like, you just need, you need people who know what they're doing, you know, plus with, with like more advanced kinky stuff, you need people who've had some training, you know, it's like, I've said like a zillion times just because he put a girl in latex and give her a flogger that does not make her a dominate drinks.

You know? Like, like we have people who, who have skills. And like, once we find somebody who's got a good attitude and has skills and like, are our fans like, like them, like, we'll, we'll hire them over and over again. Like we kind of have a little repertory company of, of people that we like, you know, and we'll get, you know, we try new things, like kind of like, like the, you think I've been for the most part, we've been doing femdom stuff, but lately we just shot like romantic male Dom seeing the turned out great.

And it's been like really well received. So I think we're going to do more of that. That will be like, kinda like the new adventure and trying out some new people. But, but generally, yeah. I like people who, who know their stuff. I like people who are pros and who know their stuff.

Speaker 1 (28m 11s): I wonder why more people aren't shooting like three cameras as opposed to one and having to make the performers start and stop because that that's gotta be a real choppy.

Speaker 2 (28m 22s): I don't know. I don't know why more people don't do it. It seems so. I mean, it's not that much more, I guess people get used to a certain camera style and it's it's, I mean, in part the editing is more complicated. Plus we, plus we have an outside, outside audio track cause that's cleaner. So it's like, basically you're, you're dealing with like four tracks of stuff you need to sync together and you're dealing with that as opposed to one track. So that's like more complicated, but, but I think, I just think it works out better and you get much, much more authentic thing.

And, and for the most part, like for like features, all three cameras have a live human on them for most things. There, there are two people on moving live cameras and one camera's like a tripod master shot. That's, that's basically like sitting there and also is getting some BTS and stuff that is kinda like the backup camera.

Speaker 1 (29m 20s): Cool. So who are some of your favorite do you mentioned you, your kind of your, your go-to people who were some of your favorite performers to work with?

Speaker 2 (29m 30s): Let's see right now, probably civil Troy, who we wanted an ABN award where this is one of my favorites. She's like a really top, very, very skilled Dom then. And she's pretty awesome. Let's see. Who would we like lately? I really enjoy Vanessa Vega a lot. I enjoy people who can do, who could improvise dialogue. Well, and she's like really good at that. Like her and her and Kay Carter who were both in our most recent feature, strangers in a book, strangers in a bar and they both did a great job.

We probably reuse guys more often than, than we use anybody else. Because like, in part like, like cute male sub submissive guys are, are hard to find. It's kind of like, there's, there's like, there's like 10 basically. You know? So like those, those guys like Marcello, fluffy, Tony Orlando, Pierce, Paris driven Navarro. They're all Vegas guys. Like we use them over and over again. They're awesome. The Alere Jensen's of the Vegas little bit who was really fun to work with Kiki, Darryl's a friend of ours.

We've worked with her forever. London rivers. Cool. Charlotte star did a super great job. She's a friend of ours. We've worked with her a lot. Those are, those are some kind of, some of our, Some of our, some of our peeps.

Speaker 1 (30m 57s): Okay. So how has the advent of only fans and other such platforms impacted your business?

Speaker 2 (31m 4s): It's been really good for us. I mean, I think only Fens has been great for the business in general, because it's forcing like abusive asshole guys out of the industry because now women are making money on their own. So like, it used to be that, okay, I know this guy's like a really abusive jerk and this is going to be a miserable experience for me, but it's $2,000 and I need the money. So I'm just going to like, you know, I'm just going to like suffer through it. Like,

Speaker 1 (31m 29s): Well, at least we'll at least one of them's in prison for a very long time. So

Speaker 2 (31m 34s): Exactly. So it's, it's like they don't have to put up with jokes anymore because they had their own money. So I think that's overall is, is really good. The other thing that's really good for us is a lot of times we get women who would rather share the content than get paid because they know that like, if we pay them, that's like a flat amount and they get the scene, they could put the scene up on their only fans are there just for fans, for their loyal fans or whatever else or their website, they can make like three or four times more than they would just be getting paid, which is great for us because that lowers our cost total.

Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's a total win-win so we're, we're all about the content share. It's like, so, so I love the whole only fans thing. I think it's, I think it's great.

Speaker 1 (32m 22s): Good, good. Now, do you worry about the right wing powers that be in America, censoring the adult industry?

Speaker 2 (32m 30s): You know, people worry about that a lot. The one thing that I remember is in France, there are 25,000 year old cave that are porn. There was caveman porn that like the second somebody had a creative idea, it involved porn. So there has been porn in every single society in the history of mankind from caveman on. And it's, it's like a basic primal urge and no one will ever completely get rid of it. Will they will.

They manage to make our lives more difficult possibly. But you know, people are, you know, there's a lot of like money and lawyers and smart people in porn. So I'm sure they're on it. So I, I worry, you know, there's so many other things, if you start worrying about everything that could go wrong, you're just going to be like miserable the whole day. You know, it's, it's like, yes, climate change can, yes. Climate change is probably going to wreck the planet and a couple of hundred years, and we should do everything we can to help it.

But you can't really like read about it every single day. Excuse me. As long as you're doing the responsible thing. So Yeah, it's, it's the same deal it's like, do you know, you, you gotta just do your best, you know, and not do stuff. That's stupid. You know, it's like, there was like six,

Speaker 1 (33m 49s): Sorry, sorry that counts out this country. I run into run into stupid every day. Sorry.

Speaker 2 (33m 55s): So much stupid. But, but also with porn, it's just kind of like, you know, people like, you know, who like get in trouble because like they used an underage person and it's like, you know, you're supposed to really carefully check their IDs and do all that. It's like, you're getting in trouble because you lost your paper. You didn't realize you were supposed to like, keep good track of your paperwork. You know, you didn't realize like,

Speaker 1 (34m 20s): Well, there's morons out there who think, because they aren't, you know, because 2, 2, 5, 7 is basically been defeated that they don't need to keep model records. And that, that couldn't be farther from the truth. They shouldn't give, you know, ask any attorney, but unfortunately there's a lot of lazy people in our industry and also a lot of stupid people.

Speaker 2 (34m 41s): Exactly. You know, it's, I mean, we still do like all the two do five, seven, we actually got new and improved paperwork from, from Michael because there were some changes in the model stuff. So it's like, you know, it's tough to not get in trouble. Like don't do stupid shit. Don't do stupid shit. And don't kind of like wave it. Don't wave yourself in people's faces

Speaker 1 (35m 6s): And you know,

Speaker 2 (35m 7s): So,

Speaker 1 (35m 8s): And Michael's awesome by the way, he's been been on the podcast twice. So

Speaker 2 (35m 13s): He was great.

Speaker 1 (35m 14s): Yes. Love it. So what is next for severe sex films?

Speaker 2 (35m 20s): Well, we're real, we're shooting a lot, which has been great. We're looking for new locations. We are really like, that's, that's kinda the main thing I really wanna, I wanna find like new places to shoot. We're definitely going to do another. We're definitely gonna do another feature this year. I I've sort of got two candidates. I think it's going to be about a haunted. I think it's going to be about a haunted dungeon, going to be another comedy with special effects. I like doing special effects now that I was in quarantine all that time and learned all the shit.

It's like, Ooh, I can do, you know, like we have, we have our website, we have have our channel, which we have, it's going to be like fun and interesting. There was like a big change of their like end with what's going on with them, but kind of that's our audience. So that's a really, you know, important part of our, part of the puzzle. So, you know, it's kinda like, I always think of them as kind of, you know, like we're the, like the well-received coffee shop that has five locations and their Starbucks.

Speaker 1 (36m 24s): Absolutely.

Speaker 2 (36m 26s): The same serving coffee.

Speaker 1 (36m 28s): That's amazing. I mean, what, what kink has done over the years? Oh my God. They're amazing. And did you ever get a chance to go to the king castle?

Speaker 2 (36m 37s): You know, I didn't, Mike has, Mike has been

Speaker 1 (36m 41s): Okay. Okay. That place was amazing. I leave it, you know, getting, it was like, oh my God, that was what was so cool about when, why not was doing their show in San Francisco. Was that party well, besides the fact that when I was living in the bay, then, so I could jump on Bart and go to the, to, to my hotel and then take Bart back home. I mean, that was pretty good too, but it didn't even have to bring my car to the city, you know, which is a beautiful thing. So, oh, funny story about that.

I was staying right on market street and yeah, the last night kink party drank a lot. I wake up in the morning and there's all this noise and I'm like, what the fuck? And I look out the window, gay pride parade, and it's just like, oh fuck me. Does it have to be today when I'm on over? But anyway, that, that, that w why not show back then?

And they, the kink castle party classic stuff, man, kilowatt class stuff.

Speaker 2 (37m 49s): I bet. But so, yeah, that's and we should mention probably from, from now on our stuff is going to be all digital. We finally decided to stop making physical DVDs. That's like kind of our other,

Speaker 1 (38m 3s): There you go. Well, you're, you're probably smart. So where can fans find your content?

Speaker 2 (38m 9s): Our main thing is our website, which is severe sex We also have, like I mentioned a channel on, on kink. So if you have a membership with kink, you can go to our channel there. Those are kind of the two main ones. We still have clips for sales stores, but honestly I wasn't, they, they, they changed their, their whole like structure of like the paperwork needed. We can just stop dealing with it. So now just like we had them for like more than 10 years, so we still make money, but we tend to stop updating them so much.

Speaker 1 (38m 47s): They were the big fetish player forever.

Speaker 2 (38m 49s): They were a big fetish player forever, but it's like now, and I understand why they need more documentation now. It just is. So it's like a lot. Yeah. It's very cumbersome. Those are kind of the two, the two main things. We are also, you know, on all the main, like the big VOD we're on like hot movies and fetish movies, ABN game link, adult empire, you know, so any of those video on demand.

Speaker 1 (39m 17s): Excellent.

Speaker 2 (39m 18s): Oh, before I forget somebody flicks up, we just, we just

Speaker 1 (39m 24s): Got along.

Speaker 2 (39m 25s): We just started putting stuff up.

Speaker 1 (39m 28s): Mike's another, another two time guest on and on. He's a wonderful guy. I think we're finally gonna get to meet 'em at the a T E S show. So looking forward to that. Well, D I would like to thank you for being our guest today on adult site broker talk, and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again really soon.

Speaker 2 (39m 48s): I would love that. Anytime.

Speaker 1 (39m 50s): Sounds

Speaker 2 (39m 50s): Good.

Speaker 1 (39m 52s): Thank you. My broker tip today is part five of how to buy an adult website. Last week, we talked about how to determine the value of a site, how to negotiate the sale and how to get to the point of drawing up an agreement. So now you're talking to your attorney and you're having them draft the agreement, what should be in it? Well, your attorney will guide you through the legal side, but here are some considerations to keep in mind from a buying standpoint, what is the date you'd like to close? Make sure, you know, you'll have the money to either pay the deposit or the entire amount of the purchase by that date.

I've had buyers who aren't ready and that just causes issues. Make sure that all of the assets you're purchasing are in that agreement, such as every domain included in the sale processing and payment accounts, relationships with the vendors, all records, including 2, 2, 5, 7 data software to run the sites and any other assets such as source code for the sites. Of course, it should spell out any payment schedule. If there is one who's responsible for closing costs, such as paying for escrow.

And there are always terms that are unique to yours in the seller situation. This assumes you're the party responsible for drawing up the agreement. If the seller is doing it, then it's important that you express all of this to your attorney so they can check the seller's agreement and seeing if any changes are necessary. We'll talk about this subject more next week. And next week, we'll be speaking with Gavin Worrall of verify my age and verify my content.

And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Dee Severe. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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