Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 106 with Brittany Wilson of The Dungeon Store

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 106 with Brittany Wilson of The Dungeon Store

Bruce F., host of Adult Site Broker Talk and CEO of Adult Site Broker, the leading adult website broker, who is known as the company to sell adult sites, is pleased to welcome Brittany Wilson of the Dungeon Store to Adult Site Broker Talk.

Brittany Wilson is a second-generation pleasure product professional, who worked her way up from the ground floor to run her family business.

The Dungeon Store is a female owned and operated pleasure product business, priding itself on a curated collection of BDSM gear and kinky toys, mostly sourced and created by fetish professionals in the United States.

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said: “Talking to Brittany I learned a lot about the craft and the art of being in the pleasure products business. Very enlightening.”

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Listen to Britany Wilson of the Dungeon Store on Adult Site

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

Talking to Brittany I learned a lot about the craft and the art of being in the pleasure products business. Very enlightening.

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be speaking with Brittany Wilson of the Dungeon Store.

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Now time for this week's interview. My guest today, the adult side broker talk is Brittany Wilson of the dungeon store. Brittany, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk.

Speaker 3 (2m 38s): Thanks for having me.

Speaker 2 (2m 40s): It's a pleasure. Now, Brittany is a second generation pleasure products. Professional try saying that three times with a passion for education, knowledge and creation. Wilson became shipping products for her family business, helping prepare for shows and became friends with associates in the business, building a foundation of professional relationships for years to come crafts people in the leather community. Aren't just your peers, but they close friends and family. When the family brand violet one store rebranded as the dungeon store, Wilson took the reins of social media and started new campaigns.

When the dungeon store acquired split peaches, silicone toys, Wilson took it upon herself to learn how to mix and pour the platinum safe dildos and toys. She would go on to be the face of the business and is often found working the dungeon store booth at leather BDSM and lifestyle events across the United States. She's a marketing and business professional with dedication above and beyond the nine to five work week. And that's proven by the fact it's 9:00 PM where she is now. The Dundrum store is a female owned and operated pleasure products, business priding itself on a curated collection of BDSM gearing, kinky toys, mostly sourced and created by fetish professionals in the United States.

Most of the floggers violent wand, associates, accessories, and paddles are made by hand by experienced crafts people in the BDSM scene. And I'm sorry, Brittany. That's all the time we have today. So How did the dungeon store gets started?

Speaker 3 (4m 15s): But Dennis story got started as violet Juan store and violet long store got started by my mother, actually her and her business partner saw, you know, a market gap. They saw this like fetish toy that wasn't getting. I don't know, it wasn't, it wasn't getting the attention and the claim that they felt that it deserved. And her business partner had a bit of a background in electrical understanding and electric engineering, which is why we hand-make all of our accessories.

In-house because you do need to have an understanding of electric electricity and how violet ones work and how current works to make them safely. And so they stepped into that market space and it did not take very long for, you know, expansion expansion happens in business. And so it was violet lawns and then it was violent lawns and floggers, and it was by once floggers and paddles and violent ones. Foggers paddles and glass toys, violent ones, paddles floggers glass toys and sounds and medical.

And now we really just stay on the spectrum of mild to wild. And it's a fun phrase, but I mean, that, that was seven. I, you know, I've given you 17 years in a soundbite, so

Speaker 2 (5m 33s): Very good. That's how we like it. Okay. So, okay. I'm ignorant. Okay. I really don't know anything about the BDSM lifestyle or anything like that, personally. What is, what is a violent one?

Speaker 3 (5m 48s): So I'm going to go ahead and make a small correction. A violet. We sell violet like the color walls. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (5m 53s): Yeah. I say that sometimes it comes out violent. I'm sorry.

Speaker 3 (5m 57s): That's all good. It's all good. It's a common misconception. That's a common mistake. I only correct it cause it makes people more fearful of, and I am trying to sell a fantasy, not a nightmare, violent ones use static electricity to create an arcane spark, which some people find pleasurable in their bedroom activities the way it's. So it's a, it's a service current. You, if you've ever like pulled a muscle in your back, you may have used a tens unit where you put the pads on and there's a sub muscular current that goes back and forth across the pads, which alleviates like muscle pain, joint pain, right.

A violet wand is a service current. So it's on top of your skin. It's done far more tactilely.

Speaker 2 (6m 44s): Okay.

Speaker 3 (6m 46s): And it's funny, it gets this reputation as being kind of like an edge play toy gets this reputation as being violent and, and intense And that's, and that's why I like to correct people. Cause I am trying to, you know, we're trying to break stigmas in the year of our Lord 2022, we're breaking stigmas, but it's mostly a sensation toy. Of course you can, you can use it for, to light fire ones and for fireplace and you can use it for prominent skin brands, if you are so inclined.

And I sell the things to do those things, don't get me wrong, but you can also use it for more intense tickling for sensual massages. You can use it in so many other ways. It really is one of the most versatile BDSM, a Kusama that, that you can, that you can own.

Speaker 2 (7m 33s): Hmm. What, what percentage of your businesses is a violent wants?

Speaker 3 (7m 39s): It varies year over year. I find that it's, it's really kind of a boom and a bus cycle because there will come a point at events that we've done for years and years for the record, we are mostly an events based business or we're pre COVID. Now we're, you know, events online, wholesale, whatever, but pre COVID, what could, what would happen is it would be a top seller like an absolute 77 show. 90% of the show event would be violet won sales, but enough years of the same event with that, you hit a saturation point and then it's the accessories.

And then enough new people show up at that event that it goes back to being 70%, 90%. And it's just kind of this endless cycle. As people continue to get into BDSM, as people continue to be exposed, it's just always going to be a, it's always going to be a new thing or a thing that people are adding to.

Speaker 2 (8m 33s): Got it. Got it. So how did you get involved in the company?

Speaker 3 (8m 37s): Well, I don't know if you've ever had a parent own a small business, but I swear to God it's like living in the middle ages where people have children to work the farm. So I stopped. I started

Speaker 2 (8m 49s): Doing

Speaker 3 (8m 52s): Better. It's better than tilling the land. I got to tell you,

Speaker 2 (8m 55s): I will take

Speaker 3 (8m 56s): Counting boxes over till the earth.

Speaker 2 (8m 59s): No kidding.

Speaker 3 (9m 2s): So when I was of the age of consent, the majority, you know, for, for legal reasons, I would help with the back office stuff. I helped with inventory reconciliation on like orders that she ever, that my mother received. I helped pack shows. I helped load shows into cars to be driven or pack the boxes to be shipped. I helped unload all of those things like I'd started with back office stuff,

Speaker 2 (9m 32s): Manual labor, in other words.

Speaker 3 (9m 34s): Exactly, exactly. And the thing of it is you do enough of the, like I called it bitch work, but sure. We can say manual labor.

Speaker 2 (9m 41s): Of course we can say, we can say anything we want on his podcast for as long as we want it. Okay. Beautiful.

Speaker 3 (9m 49s): And you do bitch work long enough. I wanted to go to events. I wanted to go do the fun part because I'm doing the grueling stuff. I want to go like play dress up and talk to strangers and do the fun stuff. And so once I was of the age where that is acceptable, you know, and not a lawsuit I did and I fell in love with it entirely. I, I love what I do. I think I'm very fortunate that I got to fall in love with my job at 18 years old.

Speaker 2 (10m 17s): That's awesome. Yeah. I can hear the passion. I could definitely hear the passion. Talk about the evolution and he would know about this cause your mom was in the business before. Talk about the evolution of the pleasure products industry as it relates to BDSM products.

Speaker 3 (10m 34s): Well, it's, it's pretty funny because this has been a really interesting time starting, I would say 10 years ago, because for a really long time, the BDSM world existed on the fringes. It was the underground. You couldn't find it with a map, right? You had to know somebody who knew somebody, five people had to vouch for you. There was a very extensive vetting process because the biggest fear they did the word for it then was being outed.

And now we know it as doxing, but it's the same fear that your private life will cease to be private and through the rise of acceptance and reducing a state bus, but also low as I am to say this through the popularity of 50 shades of gray, the framework in which we have, these conversations has changed now 50 shades of gray created a very interesting kind of circumstance, right?

Because you had a lot of people who definitely had limited scope interest of getting involved in BDSM, but who also had been sold a fantasy and had a lot of interest in buying that fantasy. Now the fantasy by the way is not that you get tied up and fucked. The fantasy is that a rich man steals you away from your problems. You don't have to be having kinky sex to one, a rich man to steal you away from your problems.

Speaker 2 (12m 2s): This is true.

Speaker 3 (12m 3s): Like that's not who, who wouldn't want that, but because you know, those fantasies it's the same.

Speaker 2 (12m 9s): Okay. I'm S I'm straight and I wouldn't mind myself. So going on.

Speaker 3 (12m 12s): Yeah, no. I mean, literally, I don't know a single person, if I was a rich man, we'll steal you away from your problems would be like, no, I like problems. No, you fucking don't don't lie. Like they don't. And there's not a lot of problems that like more money could not at the very least alleviate stress of. So, yeah, but it created this interesting, like influx of new people who just had so many questions and also so little interests, same time. Interesting. And so it was really the, the, the growth of the more vanilla products being part of the more mainstream conversation, like sure.

Vibrators and dildos have been around literally since the Dawn of creation, but you've got like Gwenyth Paltrow making crystal dildos on a Netflix show. Like you didn't, you weren't going to have that before 50 shades of gray that wasn't going to be,

Speaker 2 (13m 6s): You know, I'd say, I'd say, I'd say Glen with is a joke, except she makes too much money to be a joke. So anyway, go ahead. Yes.

Speaker 3 (13m 12s): She's laughing at her own jokes all the way to the bank, her nice Swiss bank accounts, laughing

Speaker 2 (13m 16s): At the jokes.

Speaker 3 (13m 19s): No, literally. So it's been an interesting evolution because with an influx of those people, there've been an influx of products for those people, but at the same time, it's created the opportunity for more R and D on the higher end for the pre-existing community. And so it's, anytime you have an influx of new people to a community, it's an opportunity for that community. Even if those people are temporary tourists and voyeurs, it's still an opportunity.

Speaker 2 (13m 48s): So suffice to say suffice, to say that the 50 shades of gray helped your industry.

Speaker 3 (13m 56s): I was going to help the industry as a whole overall, I would say it had an overall net positive benefit to the industry as a whole. I also think in a, in outside of the spectrum of products for a minute, just the spectrum of, of people, it really helped start conversations about negotiation and consent outside of the BDSM community, Which is really important because we take that very seriously. And it it's a, it's a refreshing change of pace, right?

Like I, I am a millennial woman. I got to tell you that no one was talking about negotiation and consent. When I was in high school, taking sex ed, that was not a conversation that anyone was telling us we're supposed to be having. And now that's, that's part of that's part of sex. Ed. That's a core fundamental is, Hey, we have to talk about what we're going to do. We have to make sure that everybody's on the same page. The definition of consent has changed.

Speaker 2 (14m 51s): Definition

Speaker 3 (14m 52s): Of consent used to be, she didn't scream. No. And now the definition of consent is enthusiastic. Verbal affirmation.

Speaker 2 (15m 0s): That's a totally

Speaker 3 (15m 1s): Different

Speaker 2 (15m 1s): And needless to stay, say, as a boomer, it wasn't in my sex ed either.

Speaker 3 (15m 6s): I don't know for sure you guys had sex ed. Cause I got to tell you the joke I always make. Cause our grandmothers learned sex ed from their boyfriend, their husbands, which is why our mothers got it in school, which is why we now have to learn BDSM from our friends.

Speaker 2 (15m 19s): I love it. I love it. So what items does the dungeon store distribute as opposed to selling directly to the consumer?

Speaker 3 (15m 29s): A lot of the stuff we distribute is also available on our website and you just won't find it at events. But the biggest thing I can think of is we have a very robust like puppy play line that is available on our website. It just doesn't get picked up for purchase right off often there, but we wholesale it.

Speaker 2 (15m 48s): Okay. You called it. You called it. You called it puppy play line.

Speaker 3 (15m 52s): Yeah. Puppy play. So

Speaker 2 (15m 55s): This has nothing to do with dogs obviously, right?

Speaker 3 (15m 58s): No that's BS. You don't do that. Animals and children cannot give informed consent.

Speaker 2 (16m 4s): No, I, I knew that. I knew, I knew that I knew the answer to that, but it was a good joke. So anyway,

Speaker 3 (16m 9s): It's a great joke. It's a great joke. Unfortunately, I ha I did want to do an interview with someone who proceeded to Ben talk about beastiality. So I've got to be really quick.

Speaker 2 (16m 18s): Yeah, I would. Yeah. I would not talk to anyone like that for sure.

Speaker 3 (16m 24s): No, no, it was not. It was not ideal. But are you familiar with puppy play at all? Do you want me to

Speaker 2 (16m 31s): Please explain?

Speaker 3 (16m 32s): So puppy play is very popular in the gay community. However, there is nothing that precludes everyone else from participating. And there are puppies. There are pups across the entire spectrum of LGBTQ and BDSM. And poppy play is people who feel a strong affinity towards being a dog. And there's different breeds. Some identify as a golden retriever, some identify as Labradors, some identify as German shepherds, great Danes, pugs, corgis.

What have you? And you wear it. You wear a hood shaped like a dog said, you wear a tail which can either a fixed to your belt or be part of a plug. You have myths on your front, on your hands that turn them into effectively paws, very often kneepads. And you go into pubs, pup, Headspace, which is like subspace. So you're, it's very, you know, you're a dog. You're not in charge.

It's a variation of subspace and there's a lot of puppy players have packs. So there's an alpha and a beta and so on and so forth. I don't know all the Greek letters of PacLife. I only know my Greek letters for COVID variations. I don't know them

Speaker 2 (17m 51s): For

Speaker 3 (17m 52s): Personality types. And it's, it's a very, it's a, it's a fun community. Honestly. I

Speaker 2 (17m 58s): Love

Speaker 3 (17m 59s): Oh, there, oh, they're a trip. Oh, they're the best. They are the best

Speaker 2 (18m 3s): I, because

Speaker 3 (18m 3s): Who doesn't love dogs. Right? Like they are people

Speaker 2 (18m 6s): I told you before the interview, I have six and a, I just saw a picture of you with a dog. So there you go. We love dogs.

Speaker 3 (18m 13s): Exactly. So people who are like dogs, they are, they are loving, loyal, helpful. They're ideal. They're awesome. Fucking level. But so we don't, we don't sell a lot of pop stuff on the website just because percentage wise it doesn't, it is a small community, but we sell a lot of it in distribution. We sell more sounds in distribution. Interestingly enough, then we sell on the website or at events. Are you familiar with sounds,

Speaker 2 (18m 41s): You're going to have to educate me on everything.

Speaker 3 (18m 43s): Okie dokie sounds are for penis urethral, insertion.

Speaker 2 (18m 51s): Ah, okay. Yeah. Yeah. Got it. How has the market for violent? See, I did the violent again. Violet ones evolved.

Speaker 3 (19m 1s): I would say it's grown. It's also interestingly enough. So it's grown by leaps and bounds and part of why it has grown in leaps and bounds is because there are two types of violet ones. However, until that 10 to 20 years ago, there was only one type. So there was one type a, which has been, which will be called Tesla, electromechanical, wax core wax, capacitor, a traditional old style.

What have you? And then 10 to 20 years ago, I'm a little shaky on the exact year, just by virtue of being a minor. When this happened there S state version came on the scene and that cut the price somewhere between in half and by two thirds.

Speaker 2 (19m 55s): Wow. So what's the, so what's the difference between these two products

Speaker 3 (20m 0s): Straight out now, intensity, that being said, there are a lot of solid states on the market. You can get one from Amazon for a hundred dollars and then you have a hundred dollar thing. Bear in mind, it's it's counterpart is like $600. So this is kind of one of those moments where you get exactly what you paid for. And the thing is yes. So the way that their internal mechanisms work is different.

Electromechanical is a mechanical device. It has moving internal parts. It's why it has a much higher output. Solid state is in a solid state. I don't know how much you know about computers, but it's like a solid drive. So

Speaker 2 (20m 43s): I know, I do know that. Yes.

Speaker 3 (20m 47s): So

Speaker 2 (20m 48s): I noticed something,

Speaker 3 (20m 49s): I believe. I think, you know, a lot of things,

Speaker 2 (20m 52s): To be honest

Speaker 3 (20m 53s): At the very least the best place to find dogs in Thailand, it turns out your front door. So solid state is in a solid state. It's a much simpler device. Now it's out and out. Raw output is less than electromechanical. I will not lie to you about that. Right? That being said, I sell a solid state one. That's powerful enough to light a firewall or permanently brand someone's skin. And I don't know what people are doing that is more powerful than that, but I'm not entirely sure I should be helping to facilitate it at a certain time.

Speaker 2 (21m 25s): You are, you are correct. You are correct. Well, I'm sure there's lots of terms and conditions on the website. You must, I'm sure you I'm sure you've got wonderful lawyers. How long have solid state lawns been around and what should retailers be looking for when buying them for their store?

Speaker 3 (21m 44s): Like I said, they've been around 10 to 20 years. I'm a little, I'm a little shaky on that. Exact, I want to say about 15, but that's really just splitting the difference. I would say they got good in the last 12 years. I would say the first two years, they weren't that good. They weren't worth buying, but in the last 12, I would say they've gotten really good. And I think what you should look for is first of all, I think that for something like a violet wand, what retailers should look for is that the sales person knows what they're talking about.

If they can't tell you what makes theirselves say on different, if they can't quote some specs, I wouldn't, I wouldn't trust that person. And I think that that applies to the sale of all things. Not for nothing for solid state. You should look for as a, as a retailer, you should be looking for ones that they guarantee what's called the call it size, which is where the accessories fit into the device.

Speaker 2 (22m 46s): Okay.

Speaker 3 (22m 47s): Because hypothetic, most solid states come with, it's a universal call. It, there are a couple that don't have the same college. If your college is out of variation with everybody, else's, you're going to have a problem. If you try to wholesale, if you try to distribute other accessories, you're going to end up jammed up on, well, we sell this device and these accessories for this device, but they don't fit this device.

Speaker 2 (23m 12s): None of them, none of them fit together.

Speaker 3 (23m 14s): Right. Right. So here are multiple pieces from different jigsaw puzzles, best of luck.

Speaker 2 (23m 21s): Have a nice time doing the puzzle,

Speaker 3 (23m 23s): Right. Would that be cash or card? Like that's not, not an ideal circumstance to find yourself in.

Speaker 2 (23m 31s): No, exactly.

Speaker 3 (23m 33s): So that would be what I would look for.

Speaker 2 (23m 35s): Okay. Now talking about your, your violet lawn, et cetera, right? This time, your violet wallet, accessories, what makes these different from what would be found online? Well, let's just say at, at Amazon or other stores and what dispart gapping for safety mean,

Speaker 3 (23m 54s): I'm so happy you asked about spar. So first of all, before we get into spark optics, spark gabbing for safety, what makes our accessories different and low? The might've say better, but if the shoe fits is we have, what's called a dual purpose handle, which means that all of our accessories that fit in the wand can also be used outside of the wand with what's called a body contact cable, no body contact cable allowed.

I was about to tell, I wasn't even gonna ask this time

Speaker 2 (24m 29s): Because you knew I had no idea didn't you?

Speaker 3 (24m 31s): Yep. I've gotten I've, I've gotten the memo. I understand where we're

Speaker 2 (24m 34s): At

Speaker 3 (24m 36s): Body contact cable fits in the wand and then attaches to either the top or the bottom. And it allows for skin to skin shocking because it electrifies, whoever is strapped to the, to the wand. So it means that everywhere from the tip of your nose to the tips of your toes is conductive, which also means anything metal that you pick up and touch will also conduct electricity.

Speaker 2 (25m 2s): Okay.

Speaker 3 (25m 3s): So our dual purpose handles, you can hold in your hand and use that way opposed to just fitting in the wand and how their spark app ties directly into that. You want a spark app for safety to make sure that the grounding is secure to make sure that the, to make sure that there's not going to be errant electricity cause of surprise, Aron electricity is dangerous.

Speaker 2 (25m 32s): Yeah. Yeah, of course. Of course. I do know enough about electricity to know that, and I know that you need a ground. So how do you, how do you get in a situation where there's grounding

Speaker 3 (25m 44s): By virtue of being a surface current? And so by virtue of being a service current, the one that is basically self grounding.

Speaker 2 (25m 51s): Oh, that's good. That's good. That's, that's definitely safe.

Speaker 3 (25m 55s): Yes.

Speaker 2 (25m 56s): That's the idea.

Speaker 3 (25m 58s): Cause it's, cause it's S it's all based on complete completion of a circuit. So when you are the conductor and you touch something metal, and then you use that metal thing to talk to someone else, like you've completed the circuit and that's how it goes.

Speaker 2 (26m 11s): Okay. Okay, man, you need an advanced degree in electronics to do your job. So how far away should electronics like cell phones, tablets, and computers be from a violet lawn when shooting a video. And is this something that's practical for camming or shooting clips?

Speaker 3 (26m 31s): I have definitely known people to shoot clips of violet wands. And I got to tell you sometimes I think that they did it by sacrificing a Virgin goat at the nexus of a full moon in terms of safety for electronics. So long as you don't shock any electronics directly, you're going to be fine. I wear a watch every day in my life that I do my job. I could, I attach a body contact, able to the same arm that the smartwatch is on. I've never had a problem.

My phone is normally in my pocket or clip to my skirt. You want to make sure that you don't shock any electric, any electronic device directly? Absolutely.

Speaker 2 (27m 11s): Probably be a really good idea.

Speaker 3 (27m 13s): I will also, oh, real quick, real quick. Cause we, we, we kind of glossed over this, but I do want to give a little safety warning on violet ones. You cannot use them safely. If you have a pacemaker defibrillator, cochlear implant or insulin pump, because all of those things

Speaker 2 (27m 33s): Will

Speaker 3 (27m 33s): Have their little computer shorted out. Once you get shocked.

Speaker 2 (27m 37s): Yeah. You don't want to have a, have a pacemaker and have it get shorted out. That's not

Speaker 3 (27m 42s): Good.

Speaker 2 (27m 44s): I'm not that I'm not that old yet. So that's a good thing. I know you don't have to be

Speaker 3 (27m 50s): Old.

Speaker 2 (27m 51s): Yeah, I know. Well, let's hope. Let's hope. My dear, I just, just celebrated 64 in October. So a

Speaker 3 (27m 59s): Happy belated.

Speaker 2 (28m 0s): Thank you. Yeah. I've got a big one coming up in 2022 for sure. We've we've noticed you've got quite a bit of rope on your site and you've focused on rope bondage for shows like for all ICAN and tethered together. How hard is it to get started with Shibari? And as it's something a performer can do solo on cam,

Speaker 3 (28m 22s): How hard is it to get started with Jabari so long as you have nimble and dextrous fingers, anyone can get into Shibari and patients. Oh, you have to have patience. You got to have

Speaker 2 (28m 33s): Patience.

Speaker 3 (28m 36s): You've got to have patience because, eh, but I will say it is one.

Speaker 2 (28m 39s): Yeah. That counts me out to both the fingers and the patient's counseling.

Speaker 3 (28m 43s): I always

Speaker 2 (28m 47s): Know. And I always tell, I always, I always, I always tell people I'm not a doctor. I don't need patients. So anyway,

Speaker 3 (28m 53s): Ooh, I like that. I'm going to use that.

Speaker 2 (28m 56s): You, you, you have my, you have my permission to use it

Speaker 3 (28m 59s): Much obliged Sarah, much obliged. So Shibari is, it's not hard to get into. You just need to study is what it is. It is an art form that requires practice and study as all art forms do. As far as doing it alone, some of the best Shibari I've ever seen is self suspension. And in order to do self suspension, you need to know how to do self ties.

Speaker 2 (29m 24s): Sure. You know, I, the first, the first shoot that I ever witnessed was at kink and man, that's, that's really interesting. The kind of stuff they do there.

Speaker 3 (29m 39s): Oh, I'm sure.

Speaker 2 (29m 40s): Yeah. Yeah. They did a, they did a live shoot at the, at a party way back when, when, why not had their San Francisco party, we're talking probably I would say it's 15 years or so ago. It's about the time I met my wife because my wife was with me and this poor type, this poor innocent Thai girl is, is, is that this event with me. And she had never seen a live shoot either. And I'm sure I'm sure that got her attention for sure.

Speaker 3 (30m 13s): Ah, that's how you want to re well, we know you didn't win her over with your nimble fingers.

Speaker 2 (30m 17s): Well, that damn sure. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. I'll accept that. I'll accept that. I'll accept that. What rope do you recommend performers start with and what books do you recommend for bondage?

Speaker 3 (30m 32s): I recommend that everybody starts with MFP because it ties easy. It's synthetic. So it's great. Once you hit suspension, it is a very forgiving rope. If you make mistakes while you're learning.

Speaker 2 (30m 50s): Okay.

Speaker 3 (30m 51s): So I, I think that everyone should start with things that are forgiving. And as far as books go, there's the two naughty boys books, which are phenomenal too naughty boy, showing you the ropes do not always back on the ropes. And then there's also Lee Harrington's books, Shibari you can use and more Shamara you can use. I think that those four books, really some of everything you need to go from an absolute, no nothing. It's my first day.

How do I tie like a clove hitch basically to pro very proficient clove hitches, the type of night you tie when you're camping.

Speaker 2 (31m 34s): Ah, see, I'm not one, see, I don't know camping either. So definitely a Jewish American prince. So, so in, in, in event photos, we've seen some items that aren't on the site like insertable, violet, wand, toys, Shibari rings for suspension and wax play candles. And how does someone order those items from you online?

Speaker 3 (31m 58s): I would strongly recommend that if anyone sees something at an event or an event based picture that they want to order and is not on the site, just drop me an email sales up that I just There's always a reason stuff. Isn't on the site and it has a lot to do with what makes the most sense for some of the small manufacturers we work with. And I've got to respect everybody's map agreements and I've, I've got to make it work for everybody. So there's always a reason, but I can sell them to you. It'll be a direct invoice.

It'll be an email. I'm the same reputable business. I'm the same person, whether it's an email in order event based sale. What have you

Speaker 2 (32m 38s): Hold on? Was the company been around by the way?

Speaker 3 (32m 40s): I want to say 19 years

Speaker 2 (32m 42s): As fantastic. That's that's quite a legacy.

Speaker 3 (32m 47s): Yes. Yes it is.

Speaker 2 (32m 49s): How involved is your mom in the business today?

Speaker 3 (32m 52s): Still very involved. She definitely runs the finances. Jeez. She's very, she does the finances. She still does events. She still teaches classes on violet ones. She's very involved. She just delegates very well.

Speaker 2 (33m 10s): Excellent. How many people in your team?

Speaker 3 (33m 14s): Probably about 15 to various degrees of involvement.

Speaker 2 (33m 20s): Okay. Okay. So tell us a bit about split peaches. How did you acquire the company and will it be expanding this year?

Speaker 3 (33m 29s): So as I said, pre COVID, we were mostly events based sales and then COVID happened. And I don't know if you saw the news, but there was no such thing as an event of any kind anymore. So in an effort to pivot, we looked to expand and a platinum silicone Dell company that had preexisting wholesale contracts and a great online market space seemed like the way to go. And so that was, that was how we got there.

And it will be expanding in 2022. One of the things to look out for on this pizza site, we're in the process of completely overhauling it. And we're going to create a listing for the one-offs there's of course the dildos that you can always get our rainbow unicorn horns, our bronze Riveters, our silver screw use always available, same colors. We offer everything through different densities, but it's the same color regardless of the density. We're also gonna create a listing for some of the more fun ones, the one-offs Hey, what does this color look like in this shape?

Oh, do we like that? Do we not? And so we're going to really expand in that direction. We're going to expand. We should have some new shapes out sometime in 2022, which will be, which I'm really excited about. It should be a really great growth potential for the business.

Speaker 2 (34m 48s): Fabulous. Now did a nice piece regarding the adjustable strap on harnesses. Tell us a bit about it. And if it's available for distribution,

Speaker 3 (34m 59s): It's absolutely available for distribution, virtually everything is available for distribution. I promise. So the cool thing about this strap on harness, how familiar are you with strap-on harnesses?

Speaker 2 (35m 12s): I'm about as familiar as I am with everything else. Although I've seen strap on harnesses used before.

Speaker 3 (35m 19s): Okay. So most shop on harnesses have a buckle system. It's like a belt, right? So you find the loop, that's the closest to the right side or the, you know, and you put it through, you put the peg through the hole and that's as close as you get to the right size. And it very often leads to slippage. It leads to poor positioning of both off physical harness in terms of where the weight is distributed on your hips and also where the actual dildo sits on your

Speaker 2 (35m 46s): Body.

Speaker 3 (35m 47s): This harness is designed to it's. Everything is two D-rings. So it's a hundred percent adjustable it's designed to fit everybody instead of just the bodies where the belt is designed to fit. So every single, both, both thighs around the waist is all on 100% adjustable harness, which makes it a much more comfortable fit it's made of a soft American leather. So it's not as likely to shave. It's got three different rings that are interchangeable for various size girth, still dose it's phenomenally comfortable.

And the face plate behind the dildo is actually also interchangeable. So it comes in black, red, blue, purple, yellow, and orange.

Speaker 2 (36m 34s): Very good. Now you earlier mentioned penis plugs and those things you called sounds. Tell me a little more about how they're used and are there any risks involved and are they just for penises as opposed to a female's urethra?

Speaker 3 (36m 51s): So how they're used with a lot of lube and slowly

Speaker 2 (36m 56s): I hope.

Speaker 3 (36m 57s): Yes. Yes, yes. And you want to always go slow in graduating sizes because there are sounds that come in size based kits and you just want to go very slowly as you increase the size. Yes. Risk factors. So long as everything's sterile and you go slow and you make sure you're being smart with your lubrication, fairly negligible as far as BDSM goes. And what was the I'm sorry, what was the third part of the question?

Speaker 2 (37m 27s): How about, are they just for penises or can women use them?

Speaker 3 (37m 31s): I have known women who I have known people with vaginas who have used them

Speaker 2 (37m 40s): Women as opposed to people with vaginas. Okay.

Speaker 3 (37m 43s): Inclusive language. I have no idea with vaginas. Who've used them. I generally tend to recommend them for, for use with a penis,

Speaker 2 (37m 53s): But I'm

Speaker 3 (37m 54s): Not

Speaker 2 (37m 54s): That's, that's why, that's why, that's why they call them the penis plugs. I think

Speaker 3 (37m 59s): I, I'm not the kink police. I'm not going to follow you home and make sure you're using everything and the way that I think it should be used, it's your body.

Speaker 2 (38m 6s): Wouldn't

Speaker 3 (38m 6s): Like,

Speaker 2 (38m 9s): Honestly,

Speaker 3 (38m 9s): I have too many other jobs to also be the kink police and no one likes a narc.

Speaker 2 (38m 14s): Ah, you're right. You're right. So what products is your company looking to get out there for this year?

Speaker 3 (38m 20s): Right. I think for this year, what we're really looking to do for the dungeon store is grow out. What's called what we call our important collection.

Speaker 2 (38m 29s): Our time

Speaker 3 (38m 29s): Collection is all of the, one of a kind high, more high-end BDSM products. It's the stuff that you only see at shows. It's the one of a kind, floggers the one of a kind paddles. And I think we're really looking to grow that out on the website so that even if you're not someone who's going to events for whatever reason, be it safety, be it finance, be it timing, scheduling what have you. You still have the opportunity to buy those things. From what I like to think is a trusted supplier from a real business that has real experience in this very real market space.

Speaker 2 (39m 5s): Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (39m 7s): So

Speaker 2 (39m 8s): Makes perfect sense. Well, Hey Brittany, I'd like to thank you for being our guest today on adults. I broke her talk and I hope we get a chance to do this again real soon.

Speaker 3 (39m 17s): Thank you so much for having me.

Speaker 2 (39m 19s): Thank you. My broker tip today is part six of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, here's more information on what to give to a potential buyer. How well has your content been protected from piracy and what steps have you taken to protect your content? Are you using a piracy take down or monitoring service? These are important facts to know what promotional tools do you offer to your affiliates? The more tools you offer, the more successful your affiliates will be.

What is your traffic breakdown by country tier one countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia are the most preferred add in anything else that will add value to the sale of your property that you can think of such as what custom scripts do you use? What content management system software is on your site. Do you use a billing or affiliate software like gnats? What is your retention rate? How you retain your members is of the utmost importance. How many joins and rebuilds do you have per day?

Do you buy advertising? And if so, what kind can your content make more money in the DVD or VOD markets? Or have you already taken advantage of this opportunity? How much did you spend a producer by the content that's on your site? What do you believe the content is worth now what's special or different about your website? How is it unique? Make sure and include a list of all the websites you're selling. In addition to any domains that come along with the sale.

Is there anything that adds value to the sale, provide them with any additional information upon request before giving a buyer, any information, have them sign a nondisclosure agreement. If you use a broker, the NDA will, of course be provided for you. Good brokers like, oh, I don't know. Adult site broker have a large resource of potential buyers that are looking for properties just like yours. And they know how to deal with potential buyers. They will also negotiate the terms of the sale, such as the price and any payment terms before closing the sale, find a good escrow service to make sure that both the buyer and the seller are protected.

We, those resources, of course, we'll talk about this subject more next week and next week we'll be speaking with Megan Hussey, the feminist sex,

Speaker 5 (41m 45s): And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Brittany Wilson of the Dungeon Store. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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