Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 105 with Jack Polo of Triple X Playground

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 105 with Jack Polo of Triple X Playground

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be speaking with Jack Polo of Mach Media.

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And he wanted to visit such a site. It soon became popular on Reddit and business sword. The owner has decided to move on to other ventures outside the adult industry, the sites visitors come back again. And again, due to its uniqueness, they have over 13,000 premium videos, and most of them are 30 minutes or longer with more videos and categories. The site can do even better. Most of the traffic is from tier one countries. There is no advertising for the site.

All of the traffic is either type in or from SEO. This is a great opportunity for someone with existing traffic, only 269,000 us dollars. Now time for this week's interview, my guest today and adult site broker talk is Jack polo of triple X playground. Jack, thanks for being with us today on adult site broker talk.

Speaker 2 (2m 48s): Oh, thanks for having me.

Speaker 1 (2m 49s): It's a pleasure. Now, Jack is the founder and CEO of MOC media. Their premier brand is triple X playground. Jack comes from a 30 plus background in music production. He transitioned in 2014 into the adult industry. He devotes his time to developing effective tools for couples looking to build stronger bonds and take their relationship to the next level of intimacy. Triple X playground is a platform for adults who have something in common, their love for venturing into new Heights when it comes to their sexual intimacy, triple X playground is a fun-filled game that could be played amongst couples and with a third person or in a group will provide an opportunity to explore different sexual realms and suggestively take you to a sexual height.

You might have needed help discovering it's This holistic tool was created with the intention of perfecting a medium or adults can bask in uninhibited sexual communication, all the while bridging the gap and eliminating awkwardness, criticism and judgment as a result, building stronger, healthier bonds filled with love and trust. The game is ideal for any intimate adult relationship or environment. They pride themselves in being the guide to the pursuit of sexual pleasure.

Sorry, Jack. That's all we have time for today.

Speaker 2 (4m 15s): I said pretty well.

Speaker 1 (4m 18s): Yeah, you weren't. You were, you weren't sure that was a, that was a joke, huh? Okay. So you obviously have a very vast background. So why don't you tell me a bit about yourself, where you come from and your background,

Speaker 2 (4m 34s): As you mentioned earlier, you know, I have 30 plus year background in music, music production to be exact as well as audio engineering. So that was my, my forte per se for the last 30 years, 30 plus years. And then I switched over in about 2014 and I decided, you know, my music moment, even my passion for music kind of ran its course, and I wanted to venture into something new, something that I was very familiar with.

And I decided to go into the communications sector of, for adults from reading so many books on psychology and, and just the process of how women process and how men process and couples and going to couples therapy myself within several relationships. I, I gained a lot of knowledge throughout the years and I realized that there were, there was a need for certain, a medium for couples to kind of put their guards down, to be able to learn how to communicate more effectively due to technology.

I think that we are hindered with that even more so, even though it makes it easier to communicate or faster, as far as the instant gratification, I think the getting to know a person and that, that whole, you know, that intimate sector of communicating is kind of lost. And I think that there there's a need for those types of tools to have healthier relationships overall and just teach each other how to learn one another, what to look for. And I thought that the ideal platform would be a universal language that everyone spoke and I thought sensuality would be that.

So I traded tools within that sector.

Speaker 1 (6m 28s): That's cool. I D I did note an east coast accent.

Speaker 2 (6m 32s): Yes. I'm from New York born and raised in, in Corona Queens and raised in Jackson Heights, Queens. For the most part of my life. I was raised in Queensland. As of recently, I moved out to the west coast and now in Laguna Niguel pool, like right by Laguna beach. It's beautiful orange county.

Speaker 1 (6m 53s): Yes, it is. Yes, that is so, so, so you're, so you're enjoying the west coast, huh?

Speaker 2 (6m 59s): I'm enjoying it. I'm loving the west coast. It's just, it's just so much more peaceful out here. And, you know, you can really, really get into your creativity out here without, with minimal distractions, if you will.

Speaker 1 (7m 13s): That's awesome. Yeah. So the winners are much nicer.

Speaker 2 (7m 17s): Well, it's winter now and it's what 60 degrees. So that's pretty funny, right? Sweater. And you forget about the big triple goose or anything like that. You don't need that anymore

Speaker 1 (7m 31s): Just

Speaker 2 (7m 31s): In a storage.

Speaker 1 (7m 33s): Yeah, that sounds good. Sounds good to me. Now, tell me about your, your career as a music producer.

Speaker 2 (7m 39s): Okay. So as a music producer, I actually, I've been in music since the age of nine. Wow. As a DJ and I started deejaying. And at that time we used to make what was called mixed tapes. So I, I started making these mix tapes, and then there were these battles that we would have in different neighborhoods. And we would battle for equipment rapidly. I became pretty popular because I was pretty good and I was winning all my battles. And I was winning so many records and turntables and mixers from other DJs, about 16 years old, I went to audio engineering school.

It's a sensor for the media arts. And I got a degree in audio engineering. And while mentor James Mason taught me how to produce music. So I started producing and that just turned into me getting a job at power play studios, which is a legendary hip hop studio. And I got signed to Sony epic records within six months was an artist under a group called SSL smoking circus with logic. And we released our debuted album in 2000.

I mean, excuse me, 1993 and 1993. And it did, it did okay. The group broke up shortly after that, I became a independent producer. I did a lot of work for the label and for many other labels. And then I became a, I formed an actual music production company. And I did that for many years up till about 2010. Then it took a hiatus for two or three years and I came back and I said, you know what? I don't want to do music anymore.

I was just burnt out from the whole music thing. And just so many how it affected my personal relationships and or the trials and tribulations that I went through personally, because of putting my music career in the forefront, I guess I was in my selfish stages. And, and so, but something the silver lining was that I learned so much about communicating effectively. And I took that information and I, I was actually dared to create a board game that would be suffice to the needs of me and my girlfriend at the time.

And she dared me and I was up for the challenge. So I created it. And the way I create from coming from musical background, I create like a grid like patterns in grids and numbers. So no one could understand my formula. And then I kind of shelved that. And then we get to 2014 and I'm like, you know what? I shouldn't manufacturer a prototype and see if this thing is actually going to really work. And so I did. And in 2014, I made my actually 2013, I made my first prototype and I started having fun with it.

And I started inviting girls over. I was single and I would play the game with different people and I'd get raving reviews about the game and everyone wanted a copy of the game or to buy the only copy that I had. So I was like, wow, this is pretty interesting. And from, that came around 2014, I started doing for like, like unformal gatherings of friends and friends of friends.

And I would, it would be all d'oeuvres and like tequila and like even some weed smoking or whatever. And then, and then I dunno where I would say, Hey guys, can I have your attention? And I would do a PowerPoint presentation. And there would be people that were heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual. It was all types of people there. And I would have these questionnaires that I would hand out and I would get feedback about what they saw or the game board that I unveiled and the PowerPoint presentation that I did.

What did they think? So that was my whole point. I wanted to see what people thought about the game. And I got a lot of great creative criticism. And from that I made a adjustments and then I made another prototype and so on and so on. And to the point where in 2017, I was offered funding. And then we set forth to figure out a marketing strategy and everything. But by then, I had already developed about 30 products. And, and on paper I developed about I two other services that I haven't launched yet.

So it's a brand, it's not just a game right now. And this game is not just a game. This game is an experience. You know, you buy this game and it's never the same play twice. There are 400 cards in the game and, and there are refill packs as well. So if you can imagine, like when, when a couple gets this game, I made a key that the woman always feel secure and feel safe. And in that sense, the woman sets the environment.

She had picks the card she feels comfortable playing with, and she puts the rest to the side this way. She sets the soft limits and the hard limits in playing the game. And that's the same time. It's still random because it depends on what color you land on the board that you have to either pick the cards or roll the dice. That being said, it's still there's that sponsored annuity. And I took all the trivia out of the game. I didn't want any trivia because that's the last thing that people are looking for when they're flowing.

If you know what I mean? So I left it a lot of action. And even though cop-out cards have the black cards for answering a quick question, those questions are, I have, they've been edited at least 18 times, you know, by all walks of life as well, to make sure that they were not offensive and that they were something that would be easy to answer yet informative because the whole point is about couples learning each other, learning what their interests are, what they would like from the other without having to ask for them and make it awkward because of a fear of judgment or criticism, mainly from the woman's part, but not, not solely.

Sometimes men are afraid to ask for what they desire as well. So it goes both ways. So I thought in this way, this was an incredible tool to help couples bridge that gap in communication. Yeah. And from that, and it just organically grew into the marketing plan for the entire concept of this product. Because then I said, you know what? This is more than just a game. And then I said, this is a communication tool.

And that's fantastic because we don't have any communication tools on this level of sensuality and sexuality on the market today. And in the same respect, it's, it's never the same thing twice. You know what I mean? So you get to learn your partner and you get to grow with it. You know, you get to grow with the game. I sold like 1500 units, a little more than that far. I have zero returns, zero returns and raving reviews.

That's awesome. Nominated for, you know, game of sex game of the year by amny experts, as you know, and hopefully we win. But you know, even if we don't, you know, that's okay because right now as it is, we're getting a lot of traction. We're getting a lot of people that want to buy into this company right now. But you know, I'm, I'm holding off because I, I wanna, I want to bring the company to a certain level.

I can see being offered the right amount of money. I'm not trying to buy it, sell it out.

Speaker 1 (15m 42s): I don't want to leave. You don't want to leave money on the table. There's no two ways about it. I tell him, I tell my clients that all the time.

Speaker 2 (15m 49s): Yeah. I don't want to do that, but I don't want to sell out either. I mean, I have my products. I stand behind them because I believe in them with all my passion. So if I was to give this up to somebody right now, they wouldn't know what to do with it. They didn't create it. You have to wait for this to unravel to a solid brand, a, to a point where people just it's synonymous with the best sex game you can buy in the market. Triple X playground. I not, because I said it, but because the, you know, the masses have said it because the people have spoken and that's the point I want to get to.

And like I said, this is only our first product, right. So we have a whole lot of products coming down the pipeline.

Speaker 1 (16m 32s): That's awesome. So you, yeah, you obviously are passionate. What motivates you?

Speaker 2 (16m 38s): Okay. So I mean, what motivates me in general? I mean, I learned, well, what motivates me is when I take on a project, I'm so meticulous with things that I want to make sure I, that my, I crossed my T's. I said, groups of milestones and I give myself a timeline. And I know that when I finished that group of milestones, I have, I have reached a goal, but I know that there are many goals to reach. And so I'm very adamant about reaching these goals.

I work very hard at this I'm 24 7 with this company and with this brand. And I mean, other than that, I guess what people usually say, which I, I mean, I'm a father of four, so my children motivate me. My children know what I do. You know, it took them a while to figure it out like that. You've been doing music your whole life. Now you're doing this. I'm like, yes. And one thing I know for sure is that sex always sells. Right. But in the same respect, there's a lack of communication. So when you put that together, it sounds like, like a golden recipe to me, you know, it just makes sense to me.

This really makes sense to me. So that's what motivates me that I want to help people. And I want to, I want to help relationships. I've been in relationships that I wish would have worked that have been in relationships that I messed up. Yeah. And so, and I learned from those things. So if I could, you know, that, that cliche saying, if you could turn back time, there was no turning back time. Time is infinite. It keeps going. But what you can do is gain wisdom from your biggest mistakes, and that's what I've worked on.

And that's what I try to help people with that, through, through my tools that they can, I could help them have longer lasting relationships, better relationships, maybe even forever, you know, like, yeah. And that's pretty the pretty much the purpose. And that's what motivates me now.

Speaker 1 (18m 38s): Why did you choose to get into adult entertainment?

Speaker 2 (18m 42s): Well, you know, I was doing music for 30 plus years and, you know, I did get nominated for a Grammy and didn't win. And in that, in that industry, it was so cutthroat. And ah, I just got so tired of it. Plus I didn't have the soft skills that you would need to be successful in that industry at that time. And so it just, it's all about timing, right. So it just wasn't meant to be because I gave music my entire life.

And so about the age of 45 and I'm 52 years old, by the way. And so, you know, I, I said, okay, I did, you know, I've done, I've dabbled in my own, you know, leisure activities, if you will, you know, checking and smoking, whatever. So I'm like, all right, I did music, you know, rock and roll. I did, you know, some drugs in my life. Okay. Now I don't right. I smoke a little weed, that's it. And then I'm like, but I never did like anything in sex.

So sex, drugs, and rock and roll. As cliche as that may sound, I'm a musician at heart. And I'm like, I got that game that I created. So why don't I enhance that and work on that. And so that drove me to work on the aesthetics and then, you know, I just, I like nice things. So I said, I got to make this plush. I got to make this game look phenomenal so that it just, there's no competition aesthetically. And then I got to show people how good the game plays, like the game flow.

And that will take some, you know, educating, but that's okay. I'm, I'm, I'm up for the challenge. And so that's really what got me into it. I said, you know, what, what turned it? What began, what began as a fun task, became an obsession, which developed into a brand in my head on paper. And I'm like, wow, I really have something here. And then I spoke to some, like some financeers and people like that, not for funding, but just for their opinions, because they're successful businessmen and they were blown away.

I mean, this is on maybe three or four different occasions. I spoke to four different groups of people and they were blown away by the idea, the concept and just the passion, the drive that I had to make this a reality, like this is going to take off. And I'm like, really? So I respect them intellectually. And I said, you know, they're very successful businessman. I said, you know what? This is, I got something here. And so I just dove into it full fledge. And I haven't, I haven't looked back since that's absolutely.

That's really what drives me to do this.

Speaker 1 (21m 30s): Okay. So how did you originally come up with the concept of triple X playground

Speaker 2 (21m 36s): Originally? Like I said before, it was a dare. I was dead.

Speaker 1 (21m 41s): You mentioned that.

Speaker 2 (21m 42s): Yeah, I was there. So I went on a couple of dates with this girl and, you know, we would go to sex shops, we'd come out of the club, maybe tips and go to a sex shop to get some toys or whatever. And we'd always pick up a game just for, I guess, shits and giggles. And they sucked and the games weren't good. They weren't, they were poorly made. It was no psychological approach whatsoever. They weren't well thought out and the graphics were horrendous and the way the quality was just flimsy, it was more like a gag that you give at like, you know, a bridal shower or something.

And I was like, Yeah, I was like, this is not cool. And so that's where the challenge came from. And I was like, yeah, I'll do that. And, and so I, I set out to do it. And like I said before, then I shelved it. And then I went back a couple of years later and I looked into it and started working on the graphics and, and I hired like one of the best graphics designers that I know in New York to help me. And we worked on it for like six months. Like everything was no, no, no.

And so finally he figured what I was trying to convey to him that I was looking for. And, and the rest is history. I mean, after that, you know, we, I, I have actually four different games, so this is only the first one, the other three came naturally.

Speaker 1 (23m 5s): Yeah. Get into a little more information about the whole creative process and, and take it from thinking about the concept to the actual launch where you're selling it and the steps along the way,

Speaker 2 (23m 19s): Like I said, I conceptualized the thought on like a grid, a mathematical grid. And then I started thinking, okay, I can't make this game too complex. I have to keep it very fundamental, very basic. And then I also thought, okay, it's a sexual game in nature. So I can't disturb the flow either. So trivia is completely out. And then I said, okay, has to stay exciting, exciting. And it to be to the point where some of the cards are obscure, like, whoa, we've never done that.

You have to just let your imagination run wild and really think of some really off the, off the charts, thoughts of things to do get creative. Right. And so I did, I created coupons. I created, you know, you know, implement the toys and vegetables and fruits and, you know, dressing up and, you know, sky's the limit. I mean, the game I created from passion all the way up to like a full like orgy, if that's what you, if that's what you're into, you don't have to go there.

But if that's what you're into, it's there, the cards are there, you get a taste of everything. So it comes with 400 cards, you know, their refill packs as well. That elaborate on so uncertain, right? Like if you want to avoid your pack, versus for insurance, you can buy a Voya pack just to watch and things like that. So, so after I created the aesthetics of the actual board itself, I said, you know what?

I want to keep it fundamental. So I said, what of my favorite childhood games? And I started thinking, I said, everyone's done monopoly and that's just playing out. And I kept thinking, and then I'm like, wait a minute. This is, I got it. Because originally the original name of the game was going to be slip and slide. And then I knew how cheesy that name was, but it was just something that I made a direct correlation to sex. So I say, and so I designed slip and slide. I thought about chutes and ladders. And I'm like, oh my God, that's it.

And so I started developing around that because originally I said, I wanted to be like a checkerboard, simple squares. I don't want it to look like a maze. I just wanted to go back and forth and you climb up and you get to the, to the hundredth space. So I knew I wanted a hundred spaces. And, and then when I thought about shoots and ladders, I said, this is perfect. Cause I ain't going to make a woman, you know, gyrating and a male pulling on a chain around her neck, bringing it up. So when it's being pulled, you go up and when she's I rating, then you slide down.

So that gave you the ups and downs, right? So I said, okay, this is going to make it fun. Because at the end of the day, the objective of the game is to bridge the gap in communication, kill shock witness and the judgment, right? It's not about who wins. Everyone's a winner when they play the game. So the point, so it didn't matter to get to the space 100. So going up and down, just made it more fun. And then I said, okay, but if they're playing this game, then naturally more than likely having a drink.

Although I am not promoting alcohol at the end of the day, most likely you'll have a drink. So I said, why don't I make it spill proof? So I silicone based the actual board. So it smarts, it's spill proof. And then I said, okay, I have to have a wide range of sexual options and everything I could think of. It took me literally five years to come up with the perfect cards about 18, maybe even more so edits.

Whereas every girlfriend that I had, I had as every male friend that I knew to help me edit these cards. And, and finally I got to the point where it was, what we thought was perfect. You know, we meaning me, myself and I, right. Cause I've done. I created this entire thing, all three of them. So all three of us. And so sorry. And so at that point I said, okay, I need to have the dirtiest dyes, not just dirty dyes. And I've gone into harmony shops and seen dice and I can't stand them.

You know, squeeze bun, lick nipple. Like, no, that's not starting the party that is really corny. And so I said, they have to be naughty, very naughty. So I created like these very naughty dyes. And then I said, okay, so we have the dice, we have the cards, we have the board. Then I said, okay, this is

Speaker 1 (27m 56s): What a naughty dice look like. I'm kind of curious

Speaker 2 (27m 60s): What a naughty dice look like. Okay. Well

Speaker 1 (28m 4s): This is an audio audio interview.

Speaker 2 (28m 6s): Right? Okay. Well, naughty dyes look like the position dice is for both play all players, right? And so you have a wild, which means you get to pick whatever position you have a right on top, you have a doggy style and you have a missionary. Then you have a 69 and you have a cowgirl. Yeah. This is the position dye. Right. It tells you those are a pretty common positions. Right?

Right. So you can only put six, it's a six sided dice. So those are the ones I went with and then there's his dice and there's her dice. So when it's a male stern, he rose the male dice with the position dice. When it's the woman's turn, she rose the, the female dies with the position dies. And this is how you determine what's to be done. Now this happens when you land on a white square, whenever you land on a white square, it's time to roll the 30th dice.

And so for instance, I'll roll the dice right now as if I was a female. And it says missionary, and it says, fuck me with toy missionary. So this is what the male would do. And that's what he would do. And that's an idea of what the dice would say. So they're pretty, you know, to the point, but they're not kitty dice. You know, there's a, there's a suck, his cock. There's a fuck. My pussy. There's wild.

There's fuck my, and it's dot, eat my pussy. And there is, let me see, oh, fuck me with toy. So those are the options. And the male dyes are pretty much the same, but just the other way, fuck her with toy, you know, flip my car like that. And it keeps going. So it makes it for 30 days. Cause they don't really have Diastat that have that straightforward to the point of doing a sexual, more, more kind of a teasing type of thing.

These are more of an action taking, right? And then when you say, for instance, if you roll the number of die, which is a 10 position number die, it's a diamond shape. So w if you roll it and you land on a red square, you pick a red card. And if you land on a rose square or like a peach colored square, then you pick that color card and then you do the action that is written on there for you to take action with it.

And that's pretty much the, just of the game. But in that sense, the game takes all the blame. So we trademark blame it on the game Because basically this way, you know, it takes you out of your comfort zone to request these things. But when you're playing the game, you already agreed to play this game. So it's whatever the game says to do, right. At that point, there's no judgment. There's no criticism. It's out the window. Your queerness is out the window and it comes more enticing than anything.

Speaker 1 (31m 14s): So,

Speaker 2 (31m 14s): Yeah.

Speaker 1 (31m 15s): So why, why don't you, oh, snow. Sorry to interrupt. Why did you create products for couples as opposed just to, for individuals?

Speaker 2 (31m 24s): That's a good question. I mean, playing games is just so much more fun when you take in terms. Sure. So that, that's exactly what struck my interest in going in the couple route, as opposed to individual route. And then this there's so many beneficial factors in masturbation, but it's so much more fun to watch your partner, the person you're you're you're into either you love. So you're in love with it to watch the masturbate. It's really arousing.

And a lot of people don't know that, you know, women are shamed sometimes like if a boyfriend or a new guy that she's just fights or finds a toy on her or, or catches her masturbating, or if a guy gets caught masturbating, you know, either to porn or to like pictures of her, you know, it becomes awkward. Right. Of course. But with this game, it becomes a norm. It becomes actually an add on to your sexuality.

It, it just takes your sexuality to new Heights because now the shame is out the door. You know, it's kind of that, like when w you know, how comedians, when they, they joke about themselves, so they no room for no one to really ridicule them, of course, first joking on themselves. It's that kind of approach when you take all the stereotypes and all the, you know, just, you know, the standards, the norms out the window, then inhibitions just start fading away.

They just fizzle away. You become more open, more closer to your partner. And so, I mean, really that's really what took me to finishing the game. And then I was approached by someone that was very interested in my concept. And they were like, Hey, why don't we really do the same, make this high end, like you want, and let's put it out. And I was like, oh, are you serious? And he was like, yeah, I'm like, let's do it. So we did, we saw, we did.

Speaker 1 (33m 25s): So what's your target audience for a triple X playground?

Speaker 2 (33m 29s): Oh, my target audience is, you know, I know that the legal age is 18. Right. You know, I, I just feel more comfortable at 21. So I say 21 to 55 plus. And I think that my niche is also a part of that answer would be both male and women, but not only heterosexual. Right. My game board comes with nine game pieces. One of them is a double John rhe gender rather than gender.

So it's a male female piece. If you don't want to claim either, I want everyone to feel comfortable. And then the refill packs are, you know, cater to bisexual bicurious or homosexual, or even people that are into like BDSM and things like that. So, you know, it's, sky's the limit. This is the one game that you buy. And it, it covers all the bases.

Speaker 1 (34m 30s): Hmm. Interesting. So what's your plan of action for getting this brand to spread throughout the world?

Speaker 2 (34m 39s): Wow. So globally, right now, we're domestic at the moment. And we just, we just actually partnered up with a huge, huge entity and a well reckoned individual in the adult facet, if you will. So it's, RayJay I know you've heard of RayJay.

Speaker 1 (35m 3s): No, I have, I have not, but I'll, I'll take your word for it.

Speaker 2 (35m 6s): Ray, Jay, who started the Kim Kardashian video? He started it with her. Yeah. RayJay Brandy's brother.

Speaker 1 (35m 15s): Yeah.

Speaker 2 (35m 15s): So he actually has a, a huge sexual that's about to air on one of the networks. And so we got product placement with him and then yeah. And the, the game is actually going to be a focal point of the show and he's also the face of the, of the product.

Speaker 1 (35m 38s): Okay.

Speaker 2 (35m 40s): So he has a huge network and that's his realm, so that's really good. Look for us. So that's how we're going to globalize. Also, he has a plan of action to globalize the brand within a two to three years span.

Speaker 1 (35m 53s): Fantastic.

Speaker 2 (35m 54s): Yeah. So that's our plan of action right there.

Speaker 1 (35m 56s): That's great. Where do you see your brand being in five years?

Speaker 2 (36m 0s): I see a C being one of the top three one-stop shops for all your sexual needs and accessories. Yeah. We have about 30 products on the assembly line, a one skew at a time obviously, cause that's smart marketing. Right. And, and we have services coming that should pretty much cover the entire gamut we were in.

Speaker 1 (36m 27s): So you're adding adult, you're adding adult novel novelty as well.

Speaker 2 (36m 30s): Yeah. W what we're adding, you know, adult toys. Yeah. And for sure as accessories to the games. Yes. Novelties. Yes. And also we're adding a dating service and a tube site. Okay. You will see the game being played as a proprietary game being played on our proprietary site. So it'll be sorta like, you know, like when you watch the cam girls, but this is a little different because it'll be couples, there'll be three, a couple in a unicorn or a couple in a bowl or two couples of three couples.

And it just makes for more of a show than just like watching a porn clip.

Speaker 1 (37m 9s): So you're actually two, you're actually going to host your own campsite. It's not going to be a white label.

Speaker 2 (37m 14s): Exactly, exactly. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (37m 18s): That's quite an undertaking.

Speaker 2 (37m 20s): Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know this is what we're working on. So it's a, I mean, I know it's going to work just because of the nature of, of where, where, you know, porn itself is going and where the tubes have taken porn, you know, the entire industry as a whole and, and also the dating side. So I just make sense, right. Since,

Speaker 1 (37m 42s): Right. So here's, here's a chance to give your elevator pitch. Why would, why would people buy your products as opposed to other people's?

Speaker 2 (37m 54s): Well, you know what? Our games are, the only games on the market that have beneficial factors, they bridge the gap in communication, they killed the awkwardness is free of judgment and criticism. And it's ongoing. It's an ongoing experience. Every time you play the game, this is, this is why. Plus you get the most bang for your buck, literally and figuratively three games in one. So you got the dice game with different rules. You have the card game with different rules, and then you have the board game with the cards and dice,

Speaker 1 (38m 28s): Right?

Speaker 2 (38m 29s): You buy the game right now with developing the app. When the app comes out, you get six months service on the app for free and that's point from the far end and the near, and you can play with another group or another couple elsewhere, and it's completely private. So we're working on the app. Now it's on the development. So this is all you get for the price point, which is cheaper than one session at a couples therapist. And you got no solutions at a couples therapist with one session.

How much orientation, how much is the game? The game MSRP is at 1 69 99. And right now it's on sale for 1 19 99.

Speaker 1 (39m 9s): Nice, nice. Yeah. And I'm assuming they can primarily get it on your website.

Speaker 2 (39m 15s): You can get, you can get it on my website, which is spelled out triple the letter, X That's triple X You can also get on Amazon. You also can get it at Walmart. And we have it on Etsy and a couple of other places, but mainly, you know, the website and Amazon, Amazon's kind of a go-to place for most people around the world, at least over here. So that's what people feel comfortable putting their credit card information and shopping is Amazon.

You know, if it's on Amazon, it's legit.

Speaker 1 (39m 49s): We, we hope except for the knockoff products I bought that ended up being from Amazon.

Speaker 2 (39m 54s): What are,

Speaker 1 (39m 55s): We won't go there or, or just bad products while you, since you gave your, your web address, what about your social media handles?

Speaker 2 (40m 7s): So my social media handle, my, my primary page on Instagram is triple underscore X underscore playground. And then all the other social medias is triple X playground spelled just like that. The word triple the letter X and the word playground, all social media. Twitter is triple X play G R N D. I have enough letters on there, but pretty much triple X playground. You can find this every way you to Pinterest tumbler, where everywhere we are everywhere,

Speaker 1 (40m 40s): Damn Twitter, they make everything difficult. Is this, is this gonna solely an e-commerce business? Are you planning on expanding to brick and mortar?

Speaker 2 (40m 49s): Well, actually right now is a solely an e-commerce building a business, but we already reaching out to brick and mortar companies that we see ourselves having a good joint venture with that we could do something really positive and make an impact. So we're in talks, but we're not in negotiations just yet, just because right now, the way we're going to unveil this first, this campaign for the first quarter of the year, we, we want to keep it on, on e-commerce these for one to two quarters.

And then after that, we should be looking to place it in pretty much all the brick and mortars across America to start.

Speaker 1 (41m 36s): No. Now, since this will drop in may, when should we expect some things like the tube, the cam, the cam platform and things like that? Or what are your plans?

Speaker 2 (41m 49s): Yeah, so we are actually, we're actually speaking to a, to only fans to do something immediate, just to get a whistle wet, if you will, at the same time, we're developing the platform. So I can't give you a concrete time, but I would say probably a year from now. So maybe six months from when this airs

Speaker 1 (42m 14s): Fabulous. Well, Hey, Jack, I'd really like to thank you for being our guests to Dan adults. I broke her talk and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again real soon. My broker tip today is part five of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, when you decide to sell your website, make sure you have the following information available for potential buyers, detailed information about your company, your website, and any other aspect of your operation. The potential buyers may want to find out about this should include for a pay site, a detailed inventory of your content, number of images and number of videos.

How much of it is exclusive and how much is non-exclusive financial information for at least the last three years. If your company is that old, this should include sales reports, profit and loss statements and billing reports. Get all of the information organized in a legible format that a good broker can use to sell your property. If you decide to sell it yourself, organize a list of potential buyers and start the process for contacting them. Be realistic about what your company is worth in today's market.

The kiss of death is overpricing your property. Is there anything a potential buyer needs to know such as are you being sued? Do you have any substantial debts, et cetera? Don't let these things be a surprise to the potential buyer. They'll either find out before the sale and not buy or they'll find out after the sale. And you'll have another lawsuit on your hands, disclose everything. We'll talk about this subject more next week and next week, we'll be speaking with Brittany Wilson of the dungeon store.

And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Jack Polo of Mach Media. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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