Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 75 with performer Coralyn Jewel

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 75 with performer Coralyn Jewel

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with adult actress Coralyn Jewel.

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This is boosted their ability to grow their email list and get returned visitors. You can buy this outstanding discount and review platform for only $956,000. Now time for this week's interview, my guest today, adult side broker talk is our returning champion, coral and Juul coral. And thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk,

Speaker 2 (3m 8s): Thank you for having me the returning champion. How did I become a champion? That's what I want to know.

Speaker 1 (3m 12s): I guess you've never seen real time with Gilmore.

Speaker 2 (3m 15s): Now.

Speaker 1 (3m 17s): You got to watch it. He uses that for his guests when guests come back on. So I decided I'd use that just for just, I knew you would for kicks and giggles. So let's tell people about you. Courtland is a perfect example of a woman living by her favorite quote. Patients will prosper. She's a number one international bestselling author of the book when the ice melts the story of coral and Juul, as well as a working porn star or retired competitive athlete, porn director, swing club, owner, fitness trainer running out of breath, wedding planner, talent manager, voiceover actors, coach, and motivational speaker Cortland Juul is the epitome of a strong, powerful female entrepreneur.

Join her journey through life as a sex worker in a world where judgment is human nature, follow her coaching training sessions, speaking engagements and book signing schedule on Corlon as well as their social media coral, and also hosts a podcast, which you was truly has been a guest on by the way, it's called the hanky panky podcast. Love that name and can be founded hanky panky Where else would it be found? So Carlin I'm exhausted already.

Speaker 2 (4m 28s): I'm exhausted listening to that. Oh my God.

Speaker 1 (4m 32s): All the sneeze coming on. Well, that was well that while I was saying that, so yeah, you're going to have to talk a little bit. So you were last seen being chased around by a poor young writer for why not by the name of Michael McGrady in Las Vegas.

Speaker 2 (4m 47s): So,

Speaker 1 (4m 48s): So how has that extended weekend?

Speaker 2 (4m 50s): So Michael was assisting us, I'm working on turning my book into a documentary. So that's another project on top of everything. And so Michael was helping us with the screenwriting for that. And so we did our first set of scenes. We shot them out in LA and Michael came out from Colorado and we did, I believe he shot nine scenes in two days. And then Michael and I went to kind of enjoy a little bit at casino time or whatever. And then,

Speaker 1 (5m 18s): You know,

Speaker 2 (5m 18s): It's my escape from reality. I can just sit there and have a glass of wine and push buttons and pray. I like how Michael started his article with me. He said, flag it, flag it, flag it. Cause that's what the bonus is. Three flags. And then you get to go to the bonus round. It's the best ever.

Speaker 1 (5m 34s): Oh God. Yeah. I talked to him and we talked about that weekend and it was a I'm sure you've well, that's right. It hasn't aired yet. So I'm sure. I'm sure you'll enjoy that. Now. I understand you were at, at exotica for the first time. Was it successful? Did you learn anything?

Speaker 2 (5m 54s): I learned a lot from exotica, so that's my first time doing an exotic, I've done ABNs for years, but never has never had a booth at the ABNs and exotica. I found, I learned a lot more for on the business side for me. So, you know, I brought too much stuff with me, traveling on an airplane and I looked around at other booths to figure out, you know, what's, eye-catching what brings you, wait, what brings people into your booth? Stuff like that. So that was a learning experience for me. I've I came home, I redesigned my entire setup, my banners, my displays, cause I've got my CBD personal lubricant.

And so that I learned a lot there. And then I also learned from, I did a seminar there. I did motivational speaking seminar. And I think that what I'm going to do with the next that three exotic does is actually have a piece of paper at my booth that says what time my seminar is, because I can't tell you, yeah. People would come to me and they were like, you know, it's seven o'clock tonight. Right? And I'm like, no last night, you know, and they, you know, they missed it. And so I think if I have like a little reminder, so little things, you learn a lot, but I had a great time and I met a bunch of people and I bumped into, they run.

I ran into a lot of old friends I haven't seen for years. So it was nice.

Speaker 1 (7m 1s): We talked about the seminar called, I believe it's called in your truth. It's a sex positive seminar. What kind of feedback have you received on it? And

Speaker 2 (7m 13s): I got amazing feedback on it actually. And when I talk about it, I really just, you know, opened up myself to everybody. That's sitting in the audience and I share my story. I share my story of how, you know, I was a immigrant from South Africa, you know, private school education, I'm Olympic hopeful to go to the Olympics for South Africa for figure skating. And you know how, when life throws you a curve ball, what are you going to do with it? And where's it going to take you? And you know, how never pretty much, you know, ultimately never did I say when I was a little girl, eight, nine years old, you know, I think when I grow up, I'm going to be a porn star and a director.

I'm going to run a swingers club and I'm going to be a wedding planner podcast. I was published in international best-selling book, make a documentary, you know, be a motivational speaker, lifestyle coach, all these kinds of different things. But it's my, my seminars really just about how I finally think that all these curve balls that were thrown at me put me where I need to be, which is motivational speaking. So that's kinda neat. I had a really good time. I loved it.

Speaker 1 (8m 8s): And what do you discuss during your, during your speeches? Give us a little,

Speaker 2 (8m 15s): That's kind of like it, I talk about, you know, how, you know, how like little things. So for example, was a good example. I was got a modeling job. Okay. And I was a model. I was never, I was never a stripper. I was never in the porn industry. I have a degree in theatrical production and just getting on Facebook and posting. Does anybody know of a nightclub that I can shoot out with? My photographer takes me to a gentleman's club in San Diego where I walk in and it's my high school friend who then says to me, you should be a dancer.

And at 35 years old, I started dancing. And that led, that led to somebody else say to me, you should dance in Palm Springs. And that led to the manager there whose name was Hank. Okay.

Speaker 1 (8m 59s): Of course it was

Speaker 2 (8m 60s): While you're ready for this. So Hank says to me, would you be interested in running a swingers event here at our place, which leads to Hanks, like boss saying to me, let's invest in a swingers club for you. And that's how we came up with hanky panky. And then, so you see what I'm saying? Like life throws you a curve ball and then you just keep taking it and running with it and seeing where you're going to go next.

Speaker 1 (9m 18s): That's crazy. That's crazy. Talk about your, your childhood in South Africa. Now, you, you were a figure skater that I kind of start to understand your personality based on that, because I know that when you're an Olympic hopeful and you're, and you're especially figure skaters who to put so much work into it, the work ethic just has to be amazing that that must have really trained you for the amount of work you do now.

Speaker 2 (9m 51s): I think absolutely. I definitely can look back. So I started ice skating when I was three years old out here when my family immigrated to California. And I really, really do say that I think figure skating kept me out of trouble because when my friends were smoking and drinking and you know, being sexually active, I wasn't, they actually, they used to call me the blue ball queen 'cause I, I knew I wasn't going to get pregnant. Cause then I couldn't ice skate. So ice skating definitely give you the, you know, the discipline. I kept me out of trouble and stuff like that.

We actually, we actually filmed, this is an interesting thing. We're filming my documentary, as I told you. And we did one of our scenes at the LA, we did one of our scenes. We needed to do it on an ice rink. And so I called the ice rink and I said, you know, told them who I was. And the director of the ice rink is the same director that was there when I was three years old. So she let us use the rink. And it was funny because we were driving down there. We had to, I don't know if you know J crew, but J crew. We had to wake up at four at 3:00 AM to leave my house at 4:00 AM to be at the ice rink at five. That was the ice time they gave us. And I just remember looking at the girl who's playing me.

She's a figure skater from Sweden and looking at Jay. And I go, I don't know how the hell I did this for 30 years of my life, you know?

Speaker 1 (11m 3s): Yeah. That's I can't imagine. I can't imagine the dedication it takes to, to be an Olympic athlete.

Speaker 2 (11m 11s): Yes. Period. Did to be an athlete period. Absolutely.

Speaker 1 (11m 15s): Yeah. So, yeah, and it, wasn't a very good one by the way. So you released a new CBD personal loop now, can you share why you wanted to do it? Tell us about the process, the benefits, and also what kind of feedback and lastly, where can I find some of this stuff?

Speaker 2 (11m 37s): All right. So let's see the reason that I wanted to do it, first of all, was because a lot of people will agree with me. I'm sure. And I'm not gonna ever say names, but there are personal lubricants out there not CBD that gets sticky or they taste funny or they smell funny. And the biggest thing for me is that you're constantly, at least for me going, where's the lube, I need more lube and that's just kind of ruins, ruins the moment. So I wanted to find a product like a coconut oil, because coconut oil is something that does last for a while and doesn't really have a taste or smell. And then I was at a swingers lifestyle event and next to the bed, they have like lubes and there was a CBD loop and I used it and my orgasm was like so intense, but I didn't know it was a CBD loop.

So that's where this all came from. When I turned on the light and I was like, oh my God, what kind of like, that was amazing. I realized what it was. And I decided like, wait a second. I want to venture it onto this project. So that was a two year in the making. And my loop is it's actually developed in Utah. It is no taste, no spout. Those taste, no smell. Honestly, you can take two pumps, put it next to the bed. You don't have to touch it again. The only thing is it's not compatible with latex yet. So one step at a time and it, what

Speaker 1 (12m 43s): Does it do? Melt it.

Speaker 2 (12m 45s): So they say tech, technically coconut oil is not compatible with latex is the deal, but it doesn't, it doesn't stain. It says, no that doesn't injure any, I've used it on my toys. I'm good with that. The orgasm is insane for a woman. And so my study more was like, okay, taking it to my swingers events and having my couples try it and giving me feedback. And then we would go back to the company and say, okay, we like it, but it has a little bit of a funny taste or let's switch this. And so we nailed it. I'm getting great feedback. People love it.

And now I'm working on getting it into different distributors, but I also have a website for it, which is, oh, we were just talking about that. Which one? It's Jules, J E w E L S C B D for an app.

Speaker 1 (13m 31s): So as if you're not busy enough, I understand you're doing that documentary that you talked about. So how did this come about? And maybe you can tell us about the progress.

Speaker 2 (13m 45s): So the documentary after I released the book and it became a number one international bestseller, a lot of people, you know, I always welcome feedback, negative or positive. I think that's how you improve yourself. I'm working on my second book right now and I've taken the feedback from book number one and put that into book number two. So the documentary was, people were saying to me, you should put this into a movie you really, really should. And I think that your viewers will really be able to relate to the, you know, the obstacles and the challenges that you've had to overcome in your life to get where you are. And so I have a theater degree, but I don't have, I don't have a film degree.

So I looked on Facebook and I reached out to this director in New York city named Kevin Michaels. I was very intrigued by his work and I sent them a copy of my book. And I asked him his honest opinion, like read this book, come back to me and say, this would be the most boring movie in the world. I'm not doing it. Just tell me, don't let me waste my time. And Kevin said, this is going to be an amazing, amazing story. And so we've embarked on this journey and I'm loving every moment of it. I'm loving it. And what's really neat is a lot of the people that are like playing the cast in my documentary are actually playing themselves.

If that makes any sense. So for example, when I shot my first like major porn scene, which was a reported movie, it was three days on set for wife swinger swap three with Luke Wilder. And Todd hunter was with the right. He was the writer for the ABNs. He was there and he sat next to me on a bench. And he said to me, you know, are you new? And we just, you know, had a conversation. He knew he could tell I was nervous. And so when I put out on Facebook, like, does anybody want to be in this movie? Todd came back and he goes, yeah, if I can be me. So we just shot that scene. So that's really neat. And when I first started dancing in that strip club that I told you about the owner of that strip club actually plays himself in my documentary where I first came into the club on my first day of work.

So yeah. So it's really nice. And the, the girl that's playing the young Cortland, she is actually my ice skating student from Sweden 20 years ago. I started coaching her when she was 10 years old. So she's 30 years old living in America, studying film, and she portrays me. So I'm having a blast at it. Loving it.

Speaker 1 (15m 51s): Yeah. I can tell, I can tell

Speaker 2 (15m 54s): That you see how excited I am to talk about that. And then you asked me about my website with my lube and I'm like, I'm hating it. Nadian it?

Speaker 1 (16m 0s): Do you sleep by the way? No. Okay. Okay. I was wondering about that as we record this late at night, west coast time. So, and I always do appreciate that by the way, since I'm in Thailand, as you know, so yeah. That's not a bad life. So you've mentioned the second book. What is that going to be about? Give us some, some sort of details.

Speaker 2 (16m 29s): Okay. So what I did is, again, I took the feedback from what people had said to me, people in my, if anybody's read my book, my book starts out with a journalist that was interviewing me. And then I step in and I finished my book and I started to realize in the feedback was nobody tells your story better than you. So book number two is 100% know written from my perspective. And a lot of people would say to me when they were reading my book, which is an overview of different aspects of my life, working in the porn industry, working in a brothel, ice skating, living in Sweden, living in Germany, married children, you know, all these different things people would say to me, oh, I wish you would have shared more stories about the swinger lifestyle, or I wish you would have shared more stories about the brothel.

So my publisher said to me, we're going to do a series. So the next book is all about things that I have experienced being a owner of a sweater, lifestyle club, and get 18,000 members now. And you know, the funny stories, the scary stories and that's yeah. So that's this one. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (17m 26s): So it's only going to be about the swingers club or some of these

Speaker 2 (17m 28s): Things. Nope. Nope. So this one's just going to focus all on swinger lifestyle. I got more than enough. And then the next one we'll focus on the brothel. You know,

Speaker 1 (17m 39s): You got it all lined up for the, for the entire, the, the entire series. How many books all together are we going to do?

Speaker 2 (17m 46s): So, so far, I'm just those three right now, the brothel will be one. Swinger will be one. And then, but do you see, when I, when I published my book, which was June 15th, 2020, I didn't know I was going to be doing a documentary or a podcast. Right. So, and then I didn't know of all the amazing people that would be bringing his guests on my podcast.

Speaker 1 (18m 6s): Oh, well, thank you all. Well, thank you. I know you're talking about,

Speaker 2 (18m 10s): I mean, other school people, so yeah. You know, I've got my hands on a bunch of different things, but I know what I'm good at. Like I said earlier, I know what I wanted. I want to be able to sit down and finish my book. I want to be able to sit down and write the script for my documentary some more. But when I'm fighting with building a website, hint, if anybody's listening, reach out to me, please,

Speaker 1 (18m 29s): This is, this is being recorded. This is being recorded in August, by the way. So by that time, I hope you'll have somebody to, to, to develop it, but

Speaker 2 (18m 39s): Right. I know. So, yeah. So that's where I'm going right now. I'm working on a documentary, we're shooting again, middle of September, another 12 scenes. And I wrote seven scenes last night, so

Speaker 1 (18m 51s): Wow. Crazy. Okay. Now the brothel is new to me. I think I know a lot about you, but I don't remember you mentioning that. So tell us about that aspect of your life. How did you get into it? And tell us, tell us some stories, because I'm sure that's something everyone would like to hear about that.

Speaker 2 (19m 12s): Yeah, that's it, everybody said that more on the brothels. So I was actually shooting with Nina Hartley for Nina Hartley seduction and, and on the set, it was a five girl or G scene. And on the set was, I am Sable, Renee and Sable, Renee. And I had met in a different we'd met like, you know, over the phone, never face to face. Okay. And when Sable looked at me, she's like, you look so familiar. And so we realized, you know, we knew it, we knew who each other were started talking. And I asked her, do you live in LA? And she says, actually, no, I live up in Las Vegas, you know, up in, where was she?

I think she was in Reno at one of the bunny rounds. You know, one of the ranches, the brothels. And I asked her what it was like. And she, you know, she told me and I asked her how you get into that line of work or whatever, how you do it. And so I assembled to thank for, you know, getting me inside. And she got me into the alien cat house

Speaker 1 (20m 0s): And I weren't familiar with,

Speaker 2 (20m 2s): So the alien cat house, and as you go past Vegas and you go, like, you're going to go to Pahrump where the what's that other one called to the left were Omar overdosed, the letter L anyways, you keep going past that. And there was literally, it was our little house next to us was a gas station in the back of the gas station was Phil's cafe. And across the street was a fireworks place. And that was it. And I did three terms at the brothel. So I would leave my home on a Thursday morning at 6:00 AM, go up there spent Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday night left at 6:00 AM on Tuesday morning, just in time to pick up my kids from school was home Tuesday, Wednesday, and then we'd head out again on Thursday.


Speaker 1 (20m 41s): So how was it? I mean, tell us about it.

Speaker 2 (20m 47s): That was the, some of the script that I wrote last night, positives about the brothel was I never had a negative experience with any of the men and I never had a negative, never. And I actually, I'm still to this day, friends with like clients that came in their friends on social media and stuff. So that was all positive, negative. It's like living in a sorority house. And I was one of the older women. You do a lot of sitting around because you're waiting for the doorbell to ring. The doorbell could not ring for 12 hours. And then the other thing is that there's no shifts.

So they call it sleep pretty. So it's 3:00 AM in the morning, you're laying down in bed, you've got, you know, lingerie on all your full makeup doorbell rings. You have to get up. And then it's, you know, some trucker that just wants to have a beer. And you're like, no, you gotta go back to edit. So, so it's a lot, you know, there's no sleep really for five days, but, and I had some create a lot of those. Some of those stories are in my, those are my book, you know, like some of the crazy, crazy requests. One, I'll tell you one of them. I will shorten it. But tell me more than one you can tell.

Huh? All right. Well, this isn't, this was an interesting one. So, you know, they'll, they'll tell us, you know, our, our drivers driving into Vegas to pick up a high roller coming in tonight. Okay. So now, you know, you've got eight girls on alert that, you know, maybe the pretty woman man is going to walk into that home and whatever. So we're all waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. And now it's one in the afternoon, six and PM, 8:00 PM, 11:00 PM. The guy in there. So slowly, the girls are like, screw this and they're all going to bed. And it was just really like two of us and about 2:00 AM we all me and the other girl went to bed.

And then the bell rang at like three 30 in the morning and only her and I got up, nobody else got up. So he had finally arrived and he chose me. And, you know, I said, would you like a tour? And he says, I've been here before. I don't need a tour. So you want to sit at the bar, do you want to go talk whatever? And so we sat at the bar and then you're not allowed to do what to discuss the party in the parlor. So you have to take them to your room. So we go to the room and he says to me, so do you like role-play? And I said, yeah. I mean, I liked role play just depends what you're looking for. And he says, do you like, like, like, like children, like baby role-play and all I could think in my head was like, no, this guy's a pedophile crap.

What am I going to do? You know? And I said, well, you have to elaborate. Like, what are you looking for? And he says, do you like diaper play? Now I went from pedophile to all my God, he's going to make me change his crappy diapers. Like, where is this going? And why did I pick me? You know? And finally I got him to, I just kind of said to him, I said, listen, it's four o'clock in the morning. My brain's not really working. Like, you just gotta tell him exactly what you want. And he says, I just want to roll around on the floor, wear diapers, play with rattles, play with stuffed animals, choo two trains and just giggle and laugh and be kids. And I'm like, anything else? And he's like, no, that's it.

And I'm like, no sex, no nothing. And he's like, no, no, no, just that. And I'm like, well, how long do you want to do it for it's four o'clock in the morning. And he says, oh, 24 hours. So yeah. So once you agree on a price, you go out to the house, mom, you do, you know, you pay and then you go back and then you're not supposed to discuss with the girls. Of course, you know what your session was. So the next day, all the girls to, you know, the high roller finally came in, right? They're all like, come on Coraline, come on, Carlin. What did you charge him? What did you do? And I just would like smile and laugh. And I'm like, you guys have, you'll never guess in a million years, you will never guess that I was playing with you to drains on the floor last night or this morning.


Speaker 1 (24m 2s): I think the two, two

Speaker 2 (24m 4s): Trains, or did he? No, no. Oh no, sweetheart. He brought, he had a whole bag. He brought, he told me he brought a whole bag of toys. We had, we had pacifiers. We had bottles. Yeah. Rattles. We had rattles. So yeah. I mean, that's, it's kind of like the swinger lifestyle. People really think that, you know, that it's all about, you know, a husband and wife or a boyfriend and girlfriend just go to a party and you've got free rein and you pick another couple and you fuck them. And that's not really what the lifestyle is about. People think that, you know, when you work at a brothel, majority of the guys that come in, they're going to pay you for sex.

And that's what they want. You know, in my experience at the brothel, the only two of them were sexual experiences. Other ones I swear to you, the other ones were more like random fantasies or cuddling. One guy wanted to just one. I just, we did, we did dog play that's in my book too. Like he would say that he would say like, oh, that's a good little girl. That's my good little doggy. And he's like, oh yeah, shake, shake, shake. You want to shake? And I was like, oh my God, I can't believe I'm doing this. But that was his thing.

So yeah,

Speaker 1 (25m 5s): 24 hours cost.

Speaker 2 (25m 8s): So everybody, you do your own prices. Okay. So you make the decision, what you want to charge and everything that you make, 50% of what you make goes to the house. Even if you go to your room and at the end, they tip you. If they tip you, you better be honest and go to the house and say, I got tipped a hundred bucks or whatever. Cause Dennis Hoff would send in spies. Even if you gave a tour, like if somebody came and they said, I just want to tour. Like sometimes we'd get little old ladies. You know, they just wanted the tour. And if they gave me $20 for the tour, I have to go to the front desk or the mom and say, okay, they tipped me $20.

And then I get 10. So yeah. So when you

Speaker 1 (25m 43s): Decide your own,

Speaker 2 (25m 45s): Yeah, that was Dennis hospitals. And it was actually interesting because I was one of the girls that didn't live there full time. Every single time I arrived at the house and that the house mom would say, daddy's not coming this weekend. So you get daddy's room. So already the bitches hated me. Cause they were like, this freaking girl always gets like the king suite room, you know, always had daddy's room. I had the best room in the house, his room. Yeah. It's like his room. If he comes to stay there that's daddy's room. But every time I went and he didn't stay there. So I got daddy's room.

Speaker 1 (26m 11s): Interesting. Interesting. What, what, tell him, tell me another weird story from there. I I'm fascinated now. Cause that, cause I just, I just thought you'd go in those places to fuck girls. Cause that's all I ever did when I was single. So

Speaker 2 (26m 22s): Yeah. Now you see it so different. Okay. Let's see. I'm only sharing the ones that are in my book cause I'm saving or that might in my first series because I don't want to ruin my second book, but right. The brothels in the third book, another one that was interesting was, you know, there was Periscope. I know some people that have still do do Periscope, but it was one of the mornings at the brothel. I was on live on Periscope and I was dressing up and like country country off of Jean shorts or whatever. And I was just asking my fans, like you guys like this outfit or this outfit and they were like, you really need a hat Corlon and I'm like, I didn't pack. I didn't pack a cowboy hat.

You know? So whatever the day goes on and the doorbell rings and we all go line up and this guy comes to the door and he says, oh, I'm just here for court. Oh no, that's what happened on Periscope. This guy said, Corlon you need a hat, I'll bring you a hat. Right. And I go, oh, okay, sure. I'll I can't wait to see my hat. Remember I'm in the middle of fricking nowhere. I'm in area 51 with a gas station, Phil's cafe, whatever. And this guy says, he's going to give her me a hat. And sure enough, the doorbell rings like three hours later and we line up and the guy says, I'm just here for Cortland and all the other girls get pissed.

And I look at him and he's got a hat in his hands and I'm just, I was in shock and I was like, shut up, shut up. Like where the hell were you? So it turns out he's a trucker and he was sleeping in our lots. And then, and then he realized that I was in that brothel. So he came in, gave me his hat, which I still have today. I still have his hat. And he ended up spending the whole day. He just said like, how much does by you for the day? So you don't have to line up and then we can just talk and cuddle for the whole day at night. So, and we're still friends.

I think I can say his name, but I won't say his whole profile. And then, but it's one, one, man, something that's on the side and to this day still friends. So, I mean, I met some really, really cool people.

Speaker 1 (28m 8s): I guess I was one of the weird ones and wanted sex. Okay. So I also heard you're developing a swinger lifestyle card game. So what made you want to do this and tell us more about it and where people can find it.

Speaker 2 (28m 26s): Okay. So this is where your lifestyle game came because whenever I'm at my part, like I host weekend events. So I usually do like Friday night is game night and I tell my guests, you know, bring twister, bring cards of humanity, bring something that you guys can share with each other and you actually can meet everybody else. That's at the parties have Friday nights, game nights, Saturdays pool party with prizes. And Saturday nights like I'll do entertainment or whatever. And so what I noticed is that like there, they only really had cards of humanity. So there's 24 hotel rooms and you'd go to everybody's room and I'm like, what'd you guys bring in?

They're like cards of humanity. And I'm like, okay, that's pretty three what'd you guys bring cards of humanity. And so I was like, dude, like there's nothing else out there. Right. So I decided to come up with something that was like truth or dare with a twist is what I do and different levels. And it's very simple to follow. You know, you can be drunk and you can still follow it. And it's not crazy naughty. It's got, you know, you can choose and you can always say no, of course, but yeah. And that game again, they can just go directly to easiest would probably just to me to correlate my website, C O R a L Y N Juul, J E w E

And then they go buy the game from me. They're my contacted me or the Juul CBD lubricant. We're working on doing this whole new website as you know, this is my dilemma. This is my dilemma of the week.

Speaker 1 (29m 45s): It'll all work out my dare. We were talking off. We were talking off air about that. So what else are you working on? I know there's got to be more core

Speaker 2 (29m 56s): There will there. I know. Let's see. Okay. So I've got my hanky panky podcast with my guests and I have my weekly blogs that correlate with that. The documentary, the CBD lube, the swinger lifestyle game. The second book, my, I run my swingers events. I've got an event on Saturday. I've got the third book and then this week there's events and then weddings wedding season is back in full swing now. And gosh, tell me that that's everything right. I own a mobile fitness company for children too, but I've had to put that one on the bank. Back-burner I can't do everything.

Speaker 1 (30m 28s): Yeah. I'm crushed. I'm crushed. I'm completely, I'm completely crushed when coral and Juul says I cannot to everything. That's right. That's wow. That's amazing. So tell us how the podcast is going. Maybe you can tell me about some upcoming guests that would interest me.

Speaker 2 (30m 50s): All right. So let's see. So the podcast is called to get the hanky-panky podcast and what it is. It's not just focused. So there's a lot of podcasts out there that just focus on the, you know, adult performers. And then there's some that just focus on swinger couples. So I kind of, I want my, what am I going to be different? I wanted mine to just be a sex positive podcast where our listeners can learn about the lifestyle's swinger lifestyle, but also polyamory the BDSM world pro Dom's erotic writers, you know, sex therapists, relationship coaches.

One of my most interesting for me was a Dr. Perry was a Dr. Perry was studying to be a priest and almost was there like ready to go and decided he's going to turn around and become a doctor and study sex therapy and then teach sex educational DVDs. He makes them, and he actually films with the camera and it's actually like sex. In other words, it's like, what the

Speaker 1 (31m 47s): Hell? Yeah.

Speaker 2 (31m 49s): So I've had some really, really cool guests. I had a Dr. Lee Phillips he's he's amazing LA kink shrink. He focuses on couples that come to him or people that come to him and have different kinks or fantasies or fetishes where they think that, you know, other therapists tell them, well, there's something wrong with you where LA kink shrinks says, no, there's nothing wrong with you. You know, and stuff like that. And then, okay, who do I have coming up? Let me think. Oh, I just interviewed, oh, this is kind of cool. Okay. So Eric Monte was an adult performer and he's now 70 something years old and he got out.

So he was just a guest teaching me all about the golden era I had Sharon Mitchell was on.

Speaker 1 (32m 31s): Who else? Oh, the widow of the Mitchell brother.

Speaker 2 (32m 34s): No, Sharon Sharon Mitchell was the adult performer. Like she was really, yeah. The hub. Remember she's developed. She started aim. And then now she works with children with, you know, teenagers with drug addiction. I had, what was it? Oh gosh. Oh, how we Gordon also known as Richard Pacheco and he was also an adult performer and he wrote a 700 page book and would be Goldberg, right. Would be Goldberg wrote the, a prelude.

Speaker 1 (33m 6s): No,

Speaker 2 (33m 6s): But she's his neighbor. And I was like, oh my God, I want to go meet with me. So Right. And then who else do I have coming up? Herschel Savage and other adult performer. I just had an erotic author. I released her today and I have a swinger lifestyle club owner, but he has a twist. He is a club that actually allows bisexual males. Would, you would think in the swinger lifestyle community that we would welcome anybody, you know, that's, what's supposed to be, you're supposed to welcome your open. You would hope so. And there are so many clubs that will turn away a couple because the male half is bisexual, but the woman can be bisexual.

And that to me is bullshit. And so he saw a need for that. Exactly. So the podcast, it's really neat if I'm having a good time with it and having a good time with writing the articles to correlate with that. And I forgot to

Speaker 1 (33m 51s): Tell you my

Speaker 2 (33m 52s): Dear, I don't know. I also work. I forgot to tell you. I'm also a chat agent for Dr. Susie's Institute. So just on top of all of that,

Speaker 1 (34m 1s): You do that in your spare time. So you're still shooting content. I know. Where can we find your latest content?

Speaker 2 (34m 11s): Okay. So I'm my only fans is pretty easy. It's just only fans backslash coral and Juul. So that's C O R a L Y N. I always tell people think of the oral. So oral and then out of seeing the beginnings, it's coral and Juul, and then a loyal fans. I really liked their platform. Same thing, Cortland jewel, many vids is the coral and Juul. And then I have a porn hub page. Don't go to PornHub, you guys. Cause it doesn't do anything for us. And ultimately, as you know, my goal is to have one website where you can go to get my game, my book, my, my films, you know, my blogs, everything in one location

Speaker 1 (34m 47s): Soon coming soon when it's all, when it's all ready, which hopefully it will be by the time this actually drops all, all announce it. Now along with everything you're doing, I guess you're still hosting the swingers events and working as a wedding planner. So my question for you always is going to be, what do you do in your spare time?

Speaker 2 (35m 13s): I really don't have, yeah, right. I know. I don't, you know, like we went to, I went to Las Vegas last weekend, but that was for work. But then I'm, you know, I do have some free time or whatever. And I went to my girlfriend's house today to get nails done. And then we hang out

Speaker 1 (35m 26s): All your nails. They're lovely.

Speaker 2 (35m 28s): Right. But you see, because I hung out with her. I screwed up my evening cause I was, I had so much I was supposed to do tonight, but she wouldn't let me go. I don't, I don't like I don't don't watch TV. I don't watch movies. I've only read half a Dick troubles book. I haven't even started. They who interviewed me. It was, it was a comedians interviewing porn stars at exotica. And we traded books. He finished mine. I haven't started his. And then what's his name? It's Richard Pachecos book. The one they told you, it's 700 pages. I'm a hundred pages in.

So I just, I don't have a lot of time. You know, I work til probably three in the morning. Then I go to sleep and get up at eight and start again.

Speaker 1 (36m 6s): And I have two kids

Speaker 2 (36m 7s): Too.

Speaker 1 (36m 8s): Yeah. That's right now. I understand at exotica you made some contacts that may lead distill another future project. Which one is that?

Speaker 2 (36m 17s): Are you referring to the doll? I

Speaker 1 (36m 20s): Oh, yes, yes. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (36m 23s): Yes. We're falling up on that one right now. So I, that was only dolls came to me about working with them.

Speaker 1 (36m 29s): Well, only dolls is that like only fans?

Speaker 2 (36m 32s): No. So only dolls they'll actually create a coral and jewel Juul doll. All Right. Yeah. So, well you have to tell them, you see, this is the thing. So they came to me and now they're like, I don't know. I don't know if they fell off the earth, but I don't know what happened. I made a lot of context for shooting content there. I can't even remember. You're so busy. You're talking to so many people and so many business cards here and there. And then you just got to come home and kind of go through everything, you know?

Speaker 1 (37m 3s): Well, I'm looking forward to that doll coming out for sure. Now,

Speaker 2 (37m 6s): So you have to write them and tell them I'd like a coral and Juul doll, please.

Speaker 1 (37m 10s): Okay. You need to, you know, when we get done here, you can give me the information. Now on your website and podcast site, I see release a weekly blog entry. Where do you find the time to write a blog post? When your guest is discussing a topic, you might not be very familiar with, for instance, website brokering, where else are you posting your blogs?

Speaker 2 (37m 36s): So it's interesting because sometimes I say to myself, like, crap, why did we include logs? Right. Cause that's, it's another thing for me to have to do. But what did, what it does do is that when I'm interviewing a guest that I don't maybe understand the world so much like a femdom or a dominatrix, it, you know, it, it forces me to go and research that so that I'm more prepared for my interview. And then with my blogs, I have found a way to do them. I voiced texts into my cell phone and then I email it over to my computer and then I drop it into Grammarly to fix all my awful spelling or whatever.

And then I put it on. So it goes onto the hanky-panky podcast to correlate with the guest and then I'm also putting them on sexpert. And then I'm also putting them on medium now as well.

Speaker 1 (38m 18s): Oh, and medium. Rarely I have S I have a subscription to that.

Speaker 2 (38m 22s): Oh, go follow me.

Speaker 1 (38m 23s): Oh, okay. No, I most certainly will. You got to remind me, you remind me of that one too, when we get done.

Speaker 2 (38m 29s): Right. I know. I know. And then, and then there was some other sites that I had also like, you know, started like there's some swinger sites, SDC, and you know, they were training me how to put them on there. But as I said, Cortland is admitting it, you can't can't do everything. So I have to, I actually have my seven year old son

Speaker 1 (38m 46s): Actually said that twice.

Speaker 2 (38m 48s): I know I have to tell myself that coral and you can't do everything

Speaker 1 (38m 53s): Now. You know, you're obviously being, being a sex worker and having a family. How, I mean, how is that? I would imagine your kids know what you do.

Speaker 2 (39m 4s): Yes. How do

Speaker 1 (39m 5s): You, how do you, how do you deal with that?

Speaker 2 (39m 7s): Well, it's exactly why I tell people in my, anybody that I meet who's in the adult industry, or if my blogs talk about this a lot, if you think for a second that you can just do webcamming and that nobody's going to find out, or you can just shoot one porn and no one's going to find out, guess what they're going to find out. Okay. So if you're going to go into this industry, you go into this industry and you go in it with an attitude of, so, you know, I'm not hurting anybody and this is who I am. Right. Because I, a lot of people at exotica were like, don't tag me on Facebook because people don't know about me on Facebook. And I'm like, oh, they know, okay.

They know. So my children, they found out my, again, I was, I was one that was hiding it. And when you're hiding, when you're hiding it, it's just an awful, awful feeling. And

Speaker 1 (39m 50s): I would have to feel terrible.

Speaker 2 (39m 52s): It's an awful feeling because you can't really tell the truth. Right. So I would, you know, I couldn't tell my parents, you know, why I was going to be in LA, you know, right minds. Couldn't tell my ex-husband why I needed to keep him late for him to keep the kids late or whatever. But ultimately what happened was my older sister, our older, my younger sister, she was 19. She found my Instagram. And instead of, instead of contacting me and being like, Hey, what is this? She contacted my brother. Who's five years younger than me. And instead of right, and instead of him saying to her, like, hold on, let's call her sister. They called my dad.

So then my dad called me and said, you know, you're out of the family and blah, blah, blah. And while I'm crying and talking to him, my 14 year old son walks in and asks, what's going on and now he's heard the whole conversation. And so boom, it's out there. So I then had to call my mom and say, okay, listen, here's the deal. But you know, what's so nice is now everybody, everybody knows my swinger community knows the kids know, everybody knows there's no secrets or anything, you know? And the other thing that it's done, at least for me is my kids. My kids know you can come and talk to me about anything, right?

Like anything, you know, and, and I'm going to advise you and I'm going to help you and keep you safe. And so it's really, it's really, really, really, really refreshing. I bet it is.

Speaker 1 (41m 3s): I bet my dogs know what I do by the way, just to let you know, I've told off, I've told all four of them and you know, they, they, they, they sometimes, you know, one wags his tail and then the other one just kind of looks at me sideways. So anyway,

Speaker 2 (41m 18s): So here's, here's something interesting to tell you. So I just had an author on my podcast on Monday and she couldn't be on camera for video. Okay. She couldn't do YouTube, just audio. And she said, because just because she writes a Roddick books, she also does mainstream writing journalism and stuff like that. And when I was writing my correlation or my blog about her, you know, and it wasn't against her, it was just saying, I can't believe we're still in this, you know, judgment that she's not even having sex on camera or anything, but she's a writer.

And she has to hide the fact that she writes erotic books,

Speaker 1 (41m 51s): The 21 in the United States, in the United States of America. Although I won't even get into the politics of that, but I'll, I'll, I'll let, I'll just, I'll let Mr. McGrady do that. When, when you hear this podcast,

Speaker 2 (42m 6s): It's crazy. But like, you know, so remember now my, my, my, my family knows, they know I worked in a brothel, they know everything. So my father reads my book. Okay. And now he won't talk to me. I'm like, wait a second. I published a number one international bestselling book. That's dedicated to you. You already knew everything in it, but you won't talk to me. And my mom's the opposite. She's like, I'm loving these podcasts. How do I get in touch with king B? I like him. You know, it's so funny.

Speaker 1 (42m 29s): Oh, that's awesome. That's awesome. Well, your dad will come around. I'm sure.

Speaker 2 (42m 35s): Well, we hope so. We hope so, but that's what my, you know, my whole, my whole goal and motivational speaking and everything is like, you have one life to live, live it for you. You're not hurting anybody be you because you don't want to be a 70 year old divorce person that comes out of this awful marriage. And you say, God, I wish I would have done this, this and that. So don't, don't wait until it's too late. Just do it. Just don't hurt anybody.

Speaker 1 (42m 54s): Thanksgiving must be interesting. I just have one more question. Yes. How many new ideas do you get a day?

Speaker 2 (43m 4s): A lot. And I have a hard time sleeping. So I have to keep like my phone's next to the bed so that if I have an ID, even sometimes I'll write part of my script or my chapter of my book in my head. And so I have to actually get up and dictate it to my phone so I can go to sleep. I'm a Scorpio type, a personality. So

Speaker 1 (43m 22s): That's why we get along so well. When's your birthday? October 24th. Oh,

Speaker 2 (43m 27s): That's probably we share a birthday.

Speaker 1 (43m 29s): I forgot. No, I didn't know that.

Speaker 2 (43m 32s): Wait, I didn't know. I don't know if I knew that either we share a birthday on October 24th. That's why we get along. So I'll help him.

Speaker 1 (43m 38s): Wow. Maybe October 24th. We'll have to celebrate somewhere anyway.

Speaker 2 (43m 41s): In New Jersey, New Jersey exotica. Okay.

Speaker 1 (43m 45s): Well, I will see what I can do. If, if they, if they finish a quarantine here before then maybe I'll come out. It would be, it would be great to celebrate

Speaker 2 (43m 56s): No in figures, in figure skating, we call it alpha beta gamma, Delta. Those are the levels. So I just figured we skipped alpha beta gamma. We're in Delta, right? So we're moving along,

Speaker 1 (44m 8s): Comes to an end soon.

Speaker 2 (44m 10s): I hope so. Fingers crossed

Speaker 1 (44m 11s): Well, Coralyn I'd like to, once again, thank you for being our guest on adult side, broker talk and being our returning champion. And I hope pool. I know we'll get a chance to do this again soon.

Speaker 2 (44m 23s): Thank you for having me. Look, you guys, we just chatted for an hour. Look at us. We're crazy, huh?

Speaker 1 (44m 27s): We are crazy by broker tip. Today is part four of what to do to make your site valuable for when you decide to sell it later, trademark your website, having a trademark instantly protects your brand and makes your site more valuable for when it comes time to sell it. Trademarking, our site will cost an average of about $1,500, but should be more than worth the investment. When it comes time to sell it, show buyers waves. You feel the site can make more money in the future. This includes showing them future plans. You may have traffic trends as well as sales trends.

If things are growing and you can show them how to grow it more, they're likely to be willing to pay more for the site. Do something unique with your site. If you have competitors, figure a way to do it better, be different in some distinguishable way that makes you better. Your members will notice and spend more money with you. Make your site a place that people want to visit. Not just to buy things or view porn, be creative, not just one of the many. Keep thinking outside the box and make positive changes to your site.

Think like a buyer when planning or updating your site. Don't think like a tech think like the consumer. We'll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we'll be talking to social media guru, Jason Hunt. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Coralyn Jewel. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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