Adult Site Broker Talk – Episode 69 with Claude Lai of X10 Revenue

Adult Site Broker Talk – Episode 69 with Claude Lai of X10 Revenue

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This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be talking with Claude Lai of X10.

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Now time for this week's interview my guest today, an adults say it. Broker talk is Claude of ex tan Claude. Thanks for being with us today on adult. Say broker talk. Hey, how

Speaker 2 (3m 30s): Are you? I'm

Speaker 1 (3m 31s): Good. How about you?

Speaker 2 (3m 33s): I'm pretty good. Pretty good. Trying to stay cold. It's in the middle of the summer here, it's gotta be over a hundred degrees. So the last month or so every day it feels like anyway, so yeah, it's just trying to stay cool. Well, indoors,

Speaker 1 (3m 45s): It will be cooler by the time we run this, cause it's gonna be, it's gonna be towards the end of September or so. So hopefully it'll cool down. Hopefully it'll cool down by that. Now let's tell everyone about you. Claude has spent over 20 years in north America, building websites for both the adult and the mainstream industries. You started working with some of the pioneers of the adult web back in the early two thousands building custom CMS platforms where some of the first adult websites ever launched. He developed new ways to automate photo and video content and caching systems, as well as introducing the first recorded in live video streaming platforms, clod has developed and deployed thousands of adult content, membership sites, video on demand, live cam, and many other types of adult and mainstream websites.

Now, Claude has also worked in the mainstream and the adult space with virtual reality implementation smart TV and mobile app development, clods hunger to find new solutions and innovate. New ideas has always driven his passion for new technologies. He's run a very successful business for more than 20 years and is instrumental has been instrumental for thousands of clients to reach their goals of launching and deploying their adult or mainstream sites with a focus on scalability, monetization and usability.

The company is based in LA and Amsterdam. Now X 10 is almost a year old. It's a cumulation of 20 plus years of adult experience and combined a hundred plus years with their team of programmers, designers and marketers X 10 revenue licenses exclusively the X 10 platform X 10 a 301 content management live cam and fan platform. It's an enterprise level platform with over 18 years and real world deployment and use extend is a multi-site solution running from one admin to deploy thousands of membership cam video on demand and hybrid adult business models, all from one content pool, XN revenue also offers SEO marketing services and automation services to re promote any adult site, no matter what technology they're using to manage their websites.

And I recently I've had some demos on the platform for a consulting client, and I've got to say it is quite impressive now, clot, besides what I just mentioned, what is X 10, 11?

Speaker 2 (6m 20s): So X 10 revenue is a combination of, as you, as you were saying, 20 years of experience in the adult business that I've had. And basically coming from a point of, of, of trying to solve for the unsolvable. This is where I've always made my, you know, made my niche. What's something that's always driven my passion. And what I like to do is to figure out what someone else hasn't figured out yet. So as you'd said, I came from a, a background of the innovators of the web, which were video and, and figuring out how to get video live streaming and things of that nature for the first time to the end-user.

And always trying to figure out how to make these things redundant, how to make things to be, you know, to work across all different platforms and how to make it also the most important of everything was how to, how to keep retention and how to convert. And those are really always been the same things. And so when we talk about the web today and, you know, and things like Tik TOK and all these newer platforms to us newer, because of course I've been around so long, it for, for me, I just, I, what I see is just another interface, a better interface than the last interface for a better way to say the same thing over and over again.

And ultimately just another way for people to monetize whatever they're talking about and whatever content that they're creating in order to, to make it the, the, the most efficient way to get a, to be basically what I create to the, from the creator to the, to the publisher. And everyone becomes really their own creator and their own publisher. So the X 10 platform, as you had said in a, in a very, you know, long and detailed way, which I appreciate very much, you and I have known a shelter for many, many years, many, many years.

And the, the culmination of it was that again, solving the unsolvable. So, so why go and, and run WordPress or run a CMS or run a live cam platform or run multiple membership sites or custom make membership sites. So coming from a background that I have of custom making and spending half a million to over a million in some of these sites, still running the same platforms today, that I was initially a part of to create something that is modular, easy to use turn key, and that requires no programming and is, and you're able to just basically decide on what business model you want to run for, what kind of site then you have.

So one, one being the, the fans platform, which is basically a kind of an only fans clone, but also again, being the kind of person I am and the, and the, the team I work with making it to the next level. So what is, what is it doing? But then let's, let's take it to the next level. What is, what are the things that, what is it, what is it doing and what can we do to the next to the next level in both in the usability point of view, but also in the monetization options. So not just have a membership for models, but also have things like, you know, paid messaging or group messaging or interactivity and usability, and giving the user the F the sense that they're buying into a single profile, even though it may, may be run by a agency, or it may be run by an individual model, or in any case it's about the interactivity and having constant feedback from the model to the, to the user and back and forth.

The CMS of course, is a membership CMS, which is similar to very, you know, very traditional adult CMS, basically content is protected or not protected. So you have trailer content and you have protected content, both photo and video, digital downloads. Those kinds of things are things that are very much either selling clips or selling photo sets, zip files, or selling content that is protected or not protected. And then the other one is, is, is adding into that, of course, the video on demand concept, which is pay per view and pay per minute and, and limiting time on content, where it expires after a certain amount of time.

And then, and then the, and then you've got the cam system, which just adds on to that all of the other modules that I've said, but also allows you to go live and do pay per minute and tips and, and use a live cam system that we that's almost like nine, nine years old now, but we've added it into and combine them all. And re re what we did in the last year is we redid the entire backend and front end of our platform to make it scalable, to make it more secure and more user-friendly. So working with my team, that I've proudly been able to kind of reinvent the, the way that the whole front end looks to the user side.

So the entire user side has been redone. And then the model side, which was really the most important to everything, which was how the model is upload content, how easy is it for them to upload on a mobile or a tablet device, or a computer or a computer with different screen resolutions or, and, and do things make sense the way they are. And is it intuitive? Is it, is it easier to use or was it, does it require someone to go in and, and, and, and manage that? One of the, one of the things that one of the things that have changed for us that I've noticed a big shift in the last few years has been the, the shift from old school at the administrator owns content.

They purchase content, they make content, they create content. And that, that, that administrator learns buys our, our system licenses our system and spends, you know, days, months, years building their website, their brand. And we train them on our system. And even though our admin is very ha has over 146 items in it, we try to make it as simple as we can, but I'm a very big techie. So I put everything in the, in the, in the, you know, kind of in the kitchen sink when it comes to, you know, what, what I want to give feature wise.

And sometimes that kind of comes back because then it ends up being so complicated or at least seeming so complicated because there are so many choices and our manual is over 600 pages and counting. So the shift, as I've said, has been almost all our clients. Now, the admin is really just used as a way to, to check revenue, to pay models. But the, all the, all the, the, the magic, all the content management side of things is all done on the front side, by the, the, the dashboard that the model has.

Right. And that's really what's changed. And that's why we shifted all of our effort into how do we make the model dashboard be really the primary focus, because that drives the model, the model drives the revenue. They re they drive the traffic and the traffic drives the income. It's, it's, that's the real shift of what's what's happening in the, in the PA in, in, in these days.

Speaker 1 (13m 21s): So how has your company different from others that do what you do?

Speaker 2 (13m 26s): Again, we, our team has been, has been over in the 20 years of making. So we have a hundred, really a hundred years combined expertise. And what we, what we do is we take our marketing arm when we take our technology arm and we take our, you know, SEO experiences. And really it's, it's it's, as I said, it's the combination of all of this, this knowledge being brought into, into what our clients have requested. So for example, we just added an automation module and the automation module that no one else has, and it's been very taken it's, it's gone very well and received well, is that the ability to, to automate the, the publishing of content from our platform, in any of the different business models or hybrid business models, be able to upload them and then be able to publish it out in Cigna, suffocate it all the way out to say PornHub or clips for sale, or, you know, any in any social media and almost in instantaneous, or in most cases, almost instantaneous saving thousands and thousands of dollars on all of the, you know, on the time that it takes to actually do that stuff manually.

And it's, it's more than that because it's, again, thinking of it the way that, how do I make money? How can I, as a, as an, as a, as an owner of this license system, who has a domain, a logo has content make money by publishing out into the world without having to create, you know, this is really the crux of what you're asking is why, how was it different? How are we different? It is that we, first of all, have we really catered to a tour, different, higher level kinds.

This is why you said enterprise level multi. When you talk about multisite and you're talking about multi-language and multi-currency and custom theme design, you're talking about a scalable system. We have one client has 115,000 active users, and over 56,000 active models that go in and upload every day, this is, this is a scalability level that we, that we deal with and has 20 different sites and uses does. And that's, I mean, basically everything, everything that you could ever think of, they are, they are doing. And then, and I guess that's kind of what you have to do these days, you know, in order to compete, you have to be trying to do everything that you can to pick up money in every way you can.

Right. I think that's the difference. And so the marketing arm is the search engine optimization that we can do again, another team that we have, some of these guys, some of the guys that are, that work with us on, on, on that side of things have worked with some of the very top, the review sites for adult, you know, porn review sites and those kinds of, so obviously they, they understand, and even some of the tube sites. So they really understand how to get SEO on top of the, you know, the top ranking. And they w they know that our system and they, and then we've created modules within our system to make it very easy for them to go in and make those changes, to make those, to optimize in those ways.

And then the head of marketing arm is really the, what, what, what has come to bear? I don't you and I didn't even have this conversation. It's actually come, come to us. APAC is sending something to everybody. Now that says that you cannot just upload content and let the models run everything. You have to approve their content every single time. And so this is something that MasterCard just came up with. Yep. I can, I'll send you the link after. It's just something that's. So now we've had to, again, adapt with this, and you can, you know, you can say, well, I can go to Bitcoin, or I can go to something else, but ultimately, you know, it, at least, you know, today it's still visa, MasterCard rules, everything.

So knowing that we have to basically make adjustments in our system, which we've already done in most cases to, to, to turn that on so that it can get compliant. So basically there is no, there is no, it does. It does. It, it does create more work for some someone else. And that's why we have a whole team of people that does that do that kind of, we call it marketing too, but it's really more and more marketing and publishing, you know, help. And that is something that we can also offer as well, where you, if you're, you know, if you're stuck, every solution has a problem, Bruce.

That's, that's, that's how we look at it. Yeah. I, I've always, I've always enjoyed as, as you mentioned, in, in my buyer, when you, you know, innovation is, is the key. So we know everything is always moving along and a problem creates a solution. So the MasterCard says we have to do this, and now we have to make those changes. So those, those are the things that are coming down the pike. I don't know if every billing company is going to do that, but I know that I've been trying to get some, some real merchant accounts for some users as well. They don't like the word fans.

They don't like to have the idea that they really, the idea is yeah, the, I did the, the, the, the, the idea is that how, I'm sorry, what did you say? No, I've heard

Speaker 1 (18m 19s): Of the, that they don't like the word you've heard

Speaker 2 (18m 20s): That they don't like fans. Right. Which is really crazy. Right. Cause it's just a word there's a lot

Speaker 1 (18m 25s): Of crazy in the world.

Speaker 2 (18m 28s): Yeah. There is. So that, that, that, so that's just new recently. I mean, I've, I've literally gotten an account activated pretty months ago with the word fans in it. No problem. And today it's a problem. And so, and this is the thing that, you know, you've got fan type sites who are moving away from adult because of the fact that they've getting constantly bombarded by, you know, the, the, the regulators who say you can't do this and you can't do that then. And so, and, and, and, and it all comes down to the income.

It all comes down into who, who is taking that money. That's what it is. And when you're talking about credit cards, you're talking about chargeback risks and compliance and things that are always, that we've known for many, many years that we try to mitigate. And so that's where, that's where all of that kind of comes from.

Speaker 1 (19m 17s): What's the difference between a CMS and a live cam and fan platform.

Speaker 2 (19m 23s): So, as you said, the X 10 platform is an all in one. So it has all of those, right? So SCMS is, is traditionally just in our system. The way it works is we, we configure different logic on each type of theme. So there's a theme that we deemed to be a CMS type theme. And that CMS type theme is only allows content to be either turned on or off. So basically you have trailer sections and you have, it's a very traditional looking, you know, there's a, there's a home page and a model page, and a updates page and a photo and video page.

And when you click on any individual content, you'll see, you know, a detail of that listing and I'll have a title and a description and a screenshot. And basically that is what you're talking about. A trip, what a traditional CMS does an adult in the adult space. There's add to favorites, there's add content. There's, there's all the things that, that traditionally most CMS is do. But the, but the crux of it is, and unless it's a CMS VOT hybrid, which it could be, but in most cases, as I said, it's, there is premium content that you pay for.

And then there's a free stuff you can look at in most, in some cases you can in the photo section, for example, and this, our system does all of this. Of course, if you want to only allocate say two or three images to be for free, and then have the rest to be prepaid, you can do all of that. If you want to add watermarks. So you can do that. You can also offer them as digital downloads for a price so that, you know, like a zip file that they can download or not. You can make a photo gallery that basically expires after a certain amount of time.

And of course the video could be ingested either paying by the minute or by the clip or by time. So let's say I want to expire the clip in a certain amount of time. That's really the CMS. The cams is, is all of that, but the focus then becomes who's live at the time. So when the, instead of going to the homepage of a CMS, that you would see all of the photo, video content updated, and what's, you know, what is the latest content? What's the top viewed content, that kind of thing in the live cam platform, really the focus becomes who's life at the moment and, and who is right.

And, and that's the real focus and all the profile images are of the top models. And when you click on the top model, again, it has CMS functions in it, which are the paying for content downloading a digital digital download file, or maybe even paying for a membership. But that gets into the membership of the entire site, not for the fans, which is, this is the difference of the fan. So the cams might have a, a membership component where you can get access to certain amount of content or discounted content.

So you might get a 50% off of all content photo, video content within the system. If you pay X a month monthly, or maybe instead of being 2 99 a month, you can do 1 99. If you're a member, we have that, we've done that for many years. We have, we have basically a tiered pricing on almost every kind of pricing so that you can go in and choose. And this is like I said, where it gets really, really, really, really complicated to do want to know what, what are you going to offer your users and not to have 14 different options on your homepage?

But sure. The difference again, versus is that we work directly with the clients, right? We don't just, we, we, we, we try to find out from them and spend time with them and say, what is exactly is it that you want to do? What have you already doing? And in some cases, one of the things that we do, we have had a lot of good success with is also porting over clients. So clients, our whole thing is are you stuck in the mud? Are you stuck in the, are you stuck in the, the, the old way of doing things? Can, can you actually, you know, go into using our free in one system to take you to the next level where you're no longer stuck in just a one dimensional CMS of open and closed, where you can actually offer what I'm going to offer.

All these that are options, right? The fan system just adds that component. But instead of, instead of being all the live models on the homepage, the models that are really the top rated models and live is not really there could be a live component to it, but it's really in the background. It's not the number one mechanism for making money. The one number one mechanism in a fan's platform is going to be the, the model membership really that's the crux of it. So it's, and it's, it's more interactive.

So alive cam is interactive. In the sense, if the model is live, you can talk to them in the CMS. You might be able to review or comment on something, but the fan system, the idea of that is that you are joining that model. And that model is going to be a available to you to talk to you. For example, we have a, we've just added a question or a functionality. So you can, you can go in and, and a model can actually make something like, would you like to see me where this tonight?

And yes, no, maybe, or, you know, choose your favorite color for me to wear or something like that. And that is something that every user can contribute to and feel like they're a part of, they can also request custom content. So the custom content can come from a direct user that says, I want to see this video. I want to see you in this video and I'm willing to pay this much. And the, and there, it's almost like an escrow system where it goes back and forth where the user makes a request. The model says, guests I'll charge this much. The user pays that much, that money is held until the model uploads the content.

And then it is released once the content is accepted. So that is our custom content, I guess, I guess an escrow system, we've also added physical products to all of the, all the versions of the CMS or the themes that we have. But like I said, it's, it's really just, you know, the fo what is the focus on each type of CMS and or business model I should say. And what is, what is the way that, you know, is the best way to, to make the most money? Obviously the fans platform that we do push more than any other free at the moment.

It's funny how these things kind of go always in, in cycles. So we had, you know, CMS be so, so important, and then everyone went to cams and now everyone's going to fans and then maybe we'll go back to CMS. I don't know, but it just, it always seems like to be in cycles right now, the fans is really, I think it's, it is what it is. It's the encompassing a, a, a white mainstream feeling, you know, very light on, on, on, on, in, on design.

And, but it's, it's, it's ultimately the, the, the, the feeling of being not on an adult site, it's like, it may be, it, it triggers people on certain ways where they don't feel like they're joining an adult side. I'm not joining, you know, just, and it's also the feeling of not being part of a mega site. So I'm not going to be joining some big corporation that, that, that has all these models. No, I'm just gonna, I'm just, I'm just joining this one model and I'm communicating, which is one model on an individual basis. And that's really the, the key, I think, is that, is that sense of, because, you know, when you go to Twitter, for example, and I, and I, and there is a huge, huge following for us.

Anyway, this is part of the things that we, we always analyze. And we know that Twitter followers convert really well into fan followers, right? So people that look at stuff for free on Twitter con you know, typically will convert pretty, pretty well into the protected content. So if you on Twitter and you have stuff that's out there, that's, you know, teaser and not really the full length image of a photo content or video content. And basically say here, see more of me on this. Here's my fans profile.

It, it converts really well because you're already interacting with that end person that gives already a, person's already tweeting with you. Oh, I really love that set of yours. I really love to see more, oh, you know, come see me here, you know? And so it's, it's kind of like that, like what I call the funnel, the funnel between, you know, going into a social media account, like Twitter, not like Tik TOK, like YouTube, even where you're really doing things in a very soft way, but you're bringing people in. And we've seen that, that compared to say a model profile on a camp, a version, or a CMS that might have the models profile page, the fans converts so much more because sure, the way we do it is, is, and as you, as I've demo demo to you, the last version of how we do things and me being someone that's very much into usability is that we, I, we really, I really get into full length, you know, video for the top of the profile page, you know, full width on the screen, you know, thinking about what, what are the most important icons to see first?

What is the, what is the membership options that you can see first? And also for us, it's we have a blurred out version of all the content. So it's, it's important for us to also at least I I've, I've seen it convert really well, where if it's not in a Mo a lot of fans, you know, very traditional fan sites today, they don't show anything in the profile page. And, and I know some of that's because of, of, of SEO ranking and things of that nature, which we will also, we, we talk, we talked to our clients about that and they can always create sub sites without platforms.

So I, you know, the idea of the, of the free in one CMS is that you can create, there's no limit to how many domains you point to the platform. And the idea is that when you pointed to one, one, each domain goes to that one platform, the admin basically can manage just by a click, which domain goes to which content goes to which domain, right? So you could have a unique in all your business models to go in different ways. So some models could be only on the fans or owning the Cannes and only on the CMS. And so this is really the, the, the architecture behind it.


Speaker 1 (29m 28s): Well, let's get down to the bottom line here. How can X 10 make me more money if I have a site?

Speaker 2 (29m 36s): Right. Okay. So on two folds. So one is the, on the, on the side of the technology side and the other one is on the marketing side. So on the technology side, the idea that the idea that we've always said is it's three new up from being able to just say, here is a, a traditional CMS. So typically there are two types of clients that will come to us. There'll be the clients as established client, and they have ten five, one site, whatever they have a multitude of sites, maybe they're running a, some kind of affiliate program in there.

You're going to be two ways. They go, they're either going to be high of licensed to CMS already, or they made their own. And in most cases they're just stuck. And what we do to make, make more money for them is to offer them a full turnkey package of just not just marketing, but also support. How can we, we want to grow with your business. And in some cases, we actually do part partnership deals where it's not just a strictly a licensing deal where we grow with you grow our, our, our retainer goes higher as yours does here is how much we can get you in an entry-level on a platform, which includes the, in the instance of someone who already has a site, what is it going to cost for a migration?

How do we go in, how do we move everything over to you to, to our system? What's that gonna cost? How can we, how can we come in at a lower cost than that? As part, as part of our partnership, seeing that you've already got revenue, but also freeing you up from the limits that you might have right now, because of whatever technical infrastructure you have. And those limits may, may just be because you've already had a CMS that you built, that that's really just antiquated and stuck, or it could be something that's really kind of a one trick pony, as opposed to our platform that isn't cause we have an affiliate module.

We have a newsletter module. We have, I mean, there's, there's, there's nothing under the sun that we haven't already put into our system. That very, very little that I've ever seen. Someone come to me and say, well, it's only, we only put don't want, won't put it in. If it doesn't make sense to us. But in most cases we have everything we've, we've disabled most of the items because most people don't even use them. So that, that is, that is how we are different. And the support that we provide is text is phone. We are a us company. We aren't out there.

You know, all our, all our team is here, that that can help you. And, and we, we being a us and, and, and having a European add, you know, as well as, as here, having that ability to be, to be present and to be, to be, to provide good support. I mean, that's, that's really the difference. And it's, it's text, it's Skype, it's and our conversations with our partner, clients in many ways are two way. And they're about growing their business. How will you as your business grow?

And, and now, and again, that encompasses the, the a hundred years combined of our team to say, yes, don't, don't do this. Don't do that. This is what's working the best. This is what's working the least, this is what you should be doing today. This is not rather than in many ways, being a, here is a system. Here's how much you're going to pay monthly. And here's here is, you know, the, the, the, the, the, the, how much money you could probably make, because everybody else can kind of make that money. It's more about what is the bigger scope of how you want to, you know, grow your business really.

And I think that's ultimately what it is. And it's also about being stable. So we offer, we offer options as auto CMS is do as well. Where, where, you know, you can host it on your own server. We don't want to own, you know, your, your, your, you know, your world. If you want to manage it yourself, that's fine. We have API APIs, you have templates. We have, we provide almost everything you need in order to customize it yourself. So you don't, you don't clients don't have to feel like they're, they're locked into us. I think, I think that's, that's what it is. It's, it's that feeling of being locked into something, which I, I hate.

So I kind of built my own system for myself, the way I would want to do it and my own company, the way that I want to do it, which is don't lock yourself into anything and be innovative. We'll know

Speaker 1 (33m 52s): Why. So why would, why would someone hosts their

Speaker 2 (33m 55s): Own platform? So, in, in some cases they might scale above what we, what we can handle, right? So that's a custom client that might have 15 or 20 sites. They might be doing X amount that it's better for them to manage it themselves. The better deals. If they've got relationships with the hosting companies, and they got higher scalability than we need to be, because we don't need to be in the middle of that, right. Ours is kind of like a, you know, a, a barrier to entry. So, so, so what we've done is take away every barrier to entry.

We have, we have hosting connections, we have billing connections. We have, you know, design connections. We have things that well, you don't have to worry about, you know, that we, those barriers get broken down so that you can, but on the flip side, there are people that come to us and say, oh, I want to buy the system out. And how much is that? And I don't want to host it myself fine. And I want to do my own billing company finds all every component has to, and then a bruise tip.

Typically those kinds of people are the people who have migrated from a social media or a, what I call a tertiary platform. So using like a fans platform or a, you know, a, a vid, a video platform or something like that, or eclipse platform where they're coming in from something else that they don't manage or control. And in some cases there may be, there've been okay, but they had friends that have lost their accounts or had their accounts banned or terminated or suspended.

And so all of that comes from that fear. It comes from that sense of, I need to now manage and control my own domain, which is exactly, exactly what it is. If you're a brand, if you're a brand that sends, and these clients typically are the ones that have, like I said, either bigger sites or they are established, you know, models that, that know they are a brand. They know that their social media is in 500 K plus range or a million, even as far as followers go and they know who they are and what they are.

And, and, and they want a platform like ours to say, I want to buy it. I want to control it. And so they don't even want us on the contract when it comes to the hosting, which is fine, but it makes sense because then it can move it to anywhere.

Speaker 1 (36m 14s): Yeah. I will say you guys are extremely flexible and we, you, you do do definitely knocked down the barriers to entry, for sure. So, so give me a couple examples of how your platforms being used right now.

Speaker 2 (36m 29s): So we have one, one client who came from another CMS, they had we'll have four or five sites. Their niche is in the fetish niche, and they wanted a certain look. They actually gave us a very strict criteria, said, look, we have, we already have so many users. We are already on this. We want to host it in this instance, w we don't want to change hosting. We just want your system. And the problems of the current systems that they were using were lack of support, lack of accountability that was coming from the, from the CMS provider.

So we're not getting the response we want, how quickly they, if there's a problem on the CMS, they're blaming the hosting company, the hosting company is blaming the CMS and just do what they want. All that to stop. This is, this is their headache part of it. Also, they wanted to add the fans platform. So that was a real attractive thing to them. So it was solving multiple, multiple issues. So in this instance, we migrated over their design completely to mimic their original current design. So the user wouldn't even know that they were moving over to our CMS.

That was one of the criteria. I mean, it's not a hundred percent, it's probably 95% the same. Obviously we're not going to rebuild the entire CMS to be this, you know, functionality, why some of it, because our function, some of our functions they don't have, but usability wise and look wise, everything was copied over and content wise, you know, you're talking about four terabytes of content and in this instance, and so that took about three or four months and they went live and we now switch over to fine. They got the head start, they have membership sites, they have a fans and a cam site.

And so this is an instance of, and they're all running on the same admin on the one server on the one, you know, on the one domain on the, on the multiple domain platform version that we have. And, and not a client was similar to that, but on a higher level. So they have more sites. They, it was cost. Everything was custom had to be custom, made nothing, nothing could be used from the original system that we have pretty much, they added new new competition, for example. So Mo users can, can, you know, click on a particular photo video set and all that week.

So it's like a weekly competition. And then whoever wins, the model gets a little bit of money from the, from the, you know, a little bit of a bonus check. And these are all kind of custom modules that we had to create in this instance. And, but it was very traditional adult. So it was, you know, they have a kind of a girl girl version and the single girl and a, and a glamour and a amateur. And so it was all of these traditional niches in their membership world, but now they want it to move to the fans and they wanted everything to be combined at once.

So when a model signs up, they can, they check the boxes. So yes, I am amateur. Yes, I am glamour. Yes, I am this, can I submit my content? And as I said to you, Bruce, the, the, this company being the really on the cutting edge of, of billing and everything else that we've been doing, they they're the ones coming to us saying everything has to be now approved. So we have to get that in place, but they were already doing it. So this, this company is based out of the UK and they basically have in Europe, as you, as I'm sure, you know, the compliance slot more stricter, especially in the UK than, than most of Europe and most of the world when it comes to adult.

And so they, they had to, you know, they, you just can't, for example, there's no, there's no real explicit nudity on, you know, on their side, unless you, you know, you you'd log in and there's no, there's, you know, there's a cookie, you know, you know, agreement requirement, there's a enter exit page. There's all these things that are required. And on top of that, which they already had, which was when a model uploads, a certain amount of content, any content that kind of goes into pending phase, it sent a message gets sent to the administrator.

The administrator is able to go in and approve it and then be able to, and then be able to, you know, put it live basically. And I think that happens on every single stage, but one thing that's also key has been also the ability for the model to sell that content to the administrator. So even on the fans system, which is really a unique way to do things, is that the fan, the, in the fans platform themselves, the model can say, I, I, I have, I have a piece of content that I would love to sell to your, to the membership.

Awesome. So I don't know, beyond just selling it to the, to my fans as a, and get a percentage of, I would also have a buyout of, of whatever X dollar is going to be, you know, to sell that into the membership CMS and the administrator can, can counter that. So we have that in place as well. So you can actually still sell the content, which also has to be approved. Okay. So, yeah. So

Speaker 1 (41m 30s): What about hackers? We hear about a lot about that these days and security, how does your platform protects to protect against these threats?

Speaker 2 (41m 39s): We have on the, on the, on the security side of things, we have the user side, we have the ability to block users via IP via too many times. If they've logged in incorrectly, their user account can be, can be suspended. Of course, the administrator can manage all of that. That's on the, on the user side, on the model side, it's a similar thing where if you try to log in as a model too many times that also gets suspended and block on the admin side, of course, that also has, can happen. So we, we have, we have these, you know, thresholds of how many times can you do something and then get, get blocked?

How many times can you try to, you know, brute force attack our, our admin or model or user login section? So that's the thing we've had for many years because of, of, of client requests. Again, one of the, one of the things that would add to that in the, in the, in the recent years has been, the administration area can be in a completely different domain than the main site. And that domain can be hidden from anyone externally only by seats, either via VPN or IP address or by a URL re redirection.

And, and so that there are ways for us to make sure that that no one can even get into the admin, unless we want them to, we can, we can, we can turn that off and on as, as much as we want. So right to the IP right down to a URL right down to a sub domain or, or, or, or a, sorry, a subnet, not a sub domain or even a sub domain, but so we can create these different domains in order to protect the admin. The other thing we can do with what we've done recently is we did a complete audit of our entire software using using a, it wasn't even an automated system was actually using a company that is really into finding weaknesses in our PHP script.

So there they look for like PHP injection, for example, other other PHP injection basically, is it, can you, can you, can someone go into any of these scripts, for example, the login scripts, and be able to inject fake data data, and actually be able to be able to either gain access or add data to the database constantly with, you know, without actually stopping, because that could cause that can clog up your server for example, and create a lot of denial service attacks. So we've just recently done that. We've just done an audit of that and fixing all of those issues, obviously going into the latest versions of PHP, which are always important and, and just really coming, trying to come up against any issue that comes up protecting the content.

Of course. So we work with CDNs that will protect the content on, you know, on either a URL basis. Only that URL can, can actually pull that content right. Or using some kind of some kind of session key in order to make sure that they, that content can not be, you know, cannot be like stolen basically. So you've got stolen content, user IP issues, and you've also got the, the side of the, you know, making sure that the scripts are the latest and the greatest.

I mean, there's no I can, anyway, anything is hackable, if you really want it to be sure you have to just stay on top of it. And also, I would also say that we, the way we've always done things, we don't collect any sensitive data. Like we let the bank, we let the banks and the credit card companies do that. We let the gateways handle those sides of things. Sure. Our, our, our, our sites, our PCI compliance. So it, it, it, we do run those PCI tests just like we do our own gateway systems. So it is possible, but it also comes to really Bruce.

It comes down to also having, as, you know, a really good relationship with good hosting companies that, that really knows security that can go in and lock down these scripts that can see when there is someone trying to interfere with the network or affect on network.

Speaker 1 (45m 32s): Okay. So what does it take for someone to start their own site

Speaker 2 (45m 37s): Using our platform? All they need to do is sign up. We have a hosted version that that's a very low monthly price. It's really just like, it's a couple of hundred dollars more than just hosting it yourself, really having your own hosts. So it's kind of, it's almost like you're for a couple of hundred dollars, you're getting your own license and a host. So it's almost, you know, it's, it's, it's really low. And the, the idea is that you, you sign up, you point your domain to our platform and you just talk to us about what kind of version of our platform you want, whether it be the CMS cans or fans, and keep in mind, those can be a hybrid.

So there's no reason you can't have the cams on the top and the fans and the bottom and the CMS on the, on the very bottom. I mean, there's, it's not, it's not a one trick pony. It's a higher, it's a, it's a fully hybrid system. In most cases, clients kind of tend to decide to do more than one domain for each TMS because users get really confused as to what they're joining and why I think branding is very important. So it's not a good idea to do that. I mean, you can do, you can definitely merge cams and CMS, for sure. You could do clips on the bottom membership content on top some model profiles below.

And it makes total sense. You know, here are some lines, here are the live models. Here are the clips that you can buy. And here's some membership stuff you can, you can become a member and get access to. That makes total sense. I think the confusion becomes when you start doing the fans version, which is always why we say you should either have another domain or a sub domain is because that needs to feel like a social media site, more so than the main site or main sites. So I sign up, add a logo, choose your colors, change your website, the info, contact us page terms, conditions, privacy, et cetera, go live.

We, we, we train you on this, you know, we'll, we'll sit down and we can actually do this for you, with you. You need to, that's not a problem for us. And, and you get an hour of training when you sign up for the system. It depends on the, if you get an unlimited license version, then that can go up to five hours, which is a lot of hours to set up and running. So our whole thing is just, we just want you to get up and running. How do I, how do I sign up as a, as a user? How do I sign up as a model? How do I change my logo? How do I change my colors? How do I change the pages on my site? That is really the crux of, of really what you need to know in order to go live is, is how do I become a model?

How do I pay a model? How do I manage a model? And, and, and like I said, before, we keep in mind, we, we have painstakingly and always, always influx, trying to make the better and better and better version of the model dashboard to be the simplest easiest. There's no training needed. You know, it's simple. If there's a profile page, there's a, where do I change my pricing page? Where do I change my subscriptions page? Those are really created because we're obviously we're mimicking ever sites.

We're seeing what everyone else is doing. And we don't want people to model specifically to, to, to become so far away from what is traditionally seen already to not feel that this is completely foreign to them. And that's a really, really important part of it. Sure,

Speaker 1 (48m 47s): Sure. Absolutely. Absolutely. So Claude, how can someone get ahold of you?

Speaker 2 (48m 52s): Yeah, so it's I have a phone number too. It's (818) 851-1059. Oh. They can go to X or X We also have X X can stop com and X So we've created sites for every kind of product as well to, because some people have, you know, it makes it easier for them to understand what is the system and what is the kind of platform that they want, even though it is a frigging one, you get all at once.

We do market them at different sites because it makes it easier for some people who are, I'm looking for a fans and I am catering to that kind of product. Right.

Speaker 1 (49m 34s): Right. Yeah. Well, Claude, I'd like to thank you again for being our guests to Dan adult side broker talk, and I hope we'll get a chance to do this again. Soon. My broker tip today is part five of how to buy an adult website. Last week, we talked about how to determine the value of a website, how to negotiate the sale and how to get to the point of drawing up an agreement. So now you're talking to your attorney and you're having them draft an agreement. What should be in it while your attorney will guide you through the legal side. But here are some considerations to keep in mind from a buying standpoint, what is the date you'd like to close?

Make sure, you know, you'll have the money to either pay the deposit or the entire amount of the purchase by that date. I've had buyers who aren't ready and that just causes issues. In fact, I went through one of those recently, make sure that all the assets you're purchasing are in that agreement, such as every domain included in the sale processing and payment accounts, relationships with vendors, all records, including 2, 2, 5, 7 data software to run the sites and any other assets such as source code for the sites.

Of course, it should spell out any payment schedule. If there is one who is responsible for closing costs, such as paying for escrow, and there are always terms that are unique to yours and the seller situation, this assumes you're the party responsible for drawing up the agreement. If the seller is drawing up the agreement, then it's important that you express all of this to your legal representative so they can check the seller's agreement and see if any changes are necessary. We'll talk about this subject more next week.

And next week we'll be talking to adult industry writer, Ralph Grecco. And that's it on this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank our guest Claude Lai. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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