Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 37 with Simovici Florin of Traffic Manager

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 37 with Simovici Florin of Traffic Manager

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0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker, and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk. Where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week, we'll be talking to Florin of and Traffic Manager. Adult Site Broker is proud

1 (35s):
to announce ASB Cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With ASB Cash you'll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at for more details. First of all today let's cover some of the news going on in our industry. Google is preparing to enforce new policy updates that would prohibit sugar dating platforms from acquiring advertising space. The changes are starting to be enforced tomorrow with an increase to a full implementation expected within five weeks.

1 (1m 19s):
Services that support sexual arrangements in which one user benefits from another are going to be effected. Sugar dating websites will have their advertising submissions move from the adult content policy to prohibited content policy. This marks I'm in the same category as sexually explicit child abuse and mail order bride content, all the majority of the leading sugar dating platforms assert that they categorically do not facilitate prostitution. Google disagrees under the new terms, it's banning any adverts that could be interpreted as promoting a sexual act in exchange for compensation violations will not result in an immediate suspension.

1 (2m 1s):
Instead of warning will be issued at least seven days prior to any further action being taken. Luxy a serious dating service for successful singles has worked to take action against the rise of sugar baby profiles, because it boasts that most members are significantly wealthy. A number of prospective users have signed up looking for monetary relationships. All new accounts are stringently monitored for the first 24 hours and get removed. If they use language that indicates a desire to take payments, the pretrial hearing in the Mercedes career, a criminal case concerning multiple child sexual abuse charges against her and her husband, which was supposed to happen last Friday at the Rancho Cucamonga courthouse in San Bernardino County, California has been postponed once again this time only for two weeks until February 19th proceedings have now crossed the Mark two years without a trial career and her husband, Jason Whitney were arrested after a police rate of their home on February 1st of 2019 career.

1 (3m 10s):
And Whitney had been in County jail without trial since then first, without bail. And later after they had liquidated their assets and had no source of income due to their incarceration with bail, set it $2 million for each the second meeting of Canada's house of commons committee on access to information, privacy and ethics. That's a mouthful regarding mine. Geeks content moderation occurred Friday with a testimony and questioning of top executives at the company, mine geeks, top operation officers, Ferris and Toon, and David to Cylo appeared before a largely hostile committee to answer questions about the company's record of moderation of allegedly illegal content uploaded by third party users under their tube site.

1 (3m 59s):
PornHub, the meeting was chaired by MP for the Alberta conservative party, Chris, where it can, who had also presided over the first hearing last Monday, mind geek is headquartered in Luxenberg. Although many of its operations are run from Montreal and tune into solo were identified by the New York times as Canadian nationals. The first hearing on Monday loomed over Friday's often aggressive grilling of the mind geek execs by several MPS from Canada's four major political parties. The MPS repeatedly referred to the emotional presentation by Serena fleets, a young woman from California who was at the center of the children of PornHub Nicholas Kristoff's article for the New York times targeting porn hub that was published on December 4th.

1 (4m 50s):
Fleeta said, told the committee of having difficulties getting PornHub to remove a video. She had shot of herself as a teenager that she sent to a boyfriend and would, which was allegedly repeatedly uploaded onto the tube site by unidentified third parties. The centerpiece of Monday's hearing was a lengthy presentation by fleet, his lawyer, a New York city based litigator, Michael Bowie, who had previously represented disgraced evangelist, Jerry Falwell, Jr. And Donald Trump, and an unusual development where it can first scheduled meeting on the subject featured a non Canadian liability lawyer, openly advocating for changes in Canadian law.

1 (5m 32s):
So then a non-Canadian client could Sue a Canada based company run by Canadian execs for a ruinous amount in damages. See if you can follow that the hearing started with a stern or it can warning yes, his witnesses that they were under oath and lack of cooperation with the committee might result in being found in contempt of parliament and tune emphasize the mind geek status as fathers and family men, and reminded the committee of their 1800 employees with families and loved ones. Most of them Canadians the general approach event in to Cylo was to at what they considered mind geek status as the tech industry's leader and proactive content moderation.

1 (6m 16s):
Again and again, both execs referred to the work in progress, nature of content moderation in general to their often repeated line that the extra that the eradication of child sexual abuse material from there platform has always been a priority for the company. And that one illegal video uploaded is too many or Utah house of representatives committee meeting last week to discuss a lawmaker's proposal requiring all new electronic devices sold in the state to have porn filters turned on by default featured a presentation by a representative or religiously inspired anti-porn lobby in the center by the national center of sexual exploitation or NC OSC.

1 (7m 4s):
The bill in question house bill 72 was reintroduced last month by representative Susan Pulsifer the bill, which Paul suffered unsuccessfully attempted to introduce last year would mandate default porn filters onto phones and laptops sold in Utah if passed the mandatory filters from which for profit faith based software companies have been profiting for some time would have to be activated by default in 2022, according to analysts international manufacturers of phones and computers like Apple and Google would face civil liability. If they don't comply, Utah politicians have made regular attempts to pass hard to enforce state bills, allegedly to protect the citizens.

1 (7m 48s):
Jury citizenry from made up public health crisis around porn. During the hearing, Pulsifer invited a person identified by local media merely as a director of public policy at the national center for sexual exploitation. More specifically, however, this expert witness was Eleanor Gayton, VP and director of public policy at the national center on sexual exploitation, formerly known as known as morality and media and the leading religiously inspired national lobby waging the current Oran porn in 2015 morality and media, which has been fighting, what they describe as obscenity, including sports illustrated, Cosmo and 18th century novels since the 1960s.

1 (8m 35s):
And they renamed themselves national center on sexual exploitation. The NCOC name has deceived journalists and politics. unfamiliar with their agenda and seeing who been chosen to borrow legitimacy from the unrelated, but sounded like national center for missing and exploited children or respected organization with no anti-porn agenda. Gaten was one of the leaders in setting public policy stigmatizing sex work as a George W. Bush appointee between 2003 and 2009. Her own press bio also boasts of having been instrumental in passing major us legislation, including foster sista.

1 (9m 18s):

2 (9m 18s):
For her.

1 (9m 20s):
Now let's feature our property the week that's for sale at adult site broker, we have just listed five amazing adult domains for sale that adult site broker, any of these domains can be used to build a very successful and brandable website. The domains are That's spelled S C X O and porn and listed at $5 million. Each Ascot Khan for only $695,000. For more information, contact us on our website at adult site,

1 (10m 3s):
Now time for this week's interview my guest today on a don't say broker talk is Floren from tube and traffic manager. And thanks for being with us today on an old site.

2 (10m 17s):
Good morning, everyone. Thanks for having me, Bruce. It's a pleasure. It's a real pleasure for me as well.

1 (10m 24s):
Now Florida's worked in the internet ad and marketing business since 2010. He started out by offering SEO consulting and link building services to different, small and medium companies from Romania and Italy. Today. Floren is the CEO of tube and traffic Now tube is an affiliate network based in Romania that has over 2000 publishers monetizing their traffic worldwide. The tube advertising affiliate network deals with around 300 million clicks every month. Now traffic has been around since 2016. This tool can be used by any person that wants to build his own affiliate program or affiliate network.

1 (11m 10s):
And doesn't know where to start from. Doesn't understand the game and wants to learn how to promote his own or third party products. So Floren, tell me a little bit about yourself and what you did before getting into the affiliate marketing game.

2 (11m 26s):
Well, yeah, it's kind of funny before I went. If you would ask me 15 years ago, what would you do? What it will be like your dream job? I would never think about this. Cause I was, I was basically working in the construction business. I was, I did that job for, I think six or seven years in Italy. And in the meantime, the last two years I spent in Italy was I start to study about affiliate marketing. So this was, let's say the point that changed my life, but completely. But so yeah, my, my, my, my first activity was, I was a construct,

3 (12m 9s):
Hey, there you go.

2 (12m 11s):
I was building houses. I was working a lot from 12 hours a day, really hard physical work, and I was enjoying it as well. But yeah, my, my, my change, my life changed a lot since I joined the affiliate industry.

3 (12m 28s):
Hey man, it's a good skill, good skill to have. It's good to be handy. I wish I was. You can fix, you can fix things. Yeah. You can fix things around the house and you don't have to pay anybody. So how did you end up in the affiliate industry?

2 (12m 47s):
I started to like a little bit playing with Google at the time was quite easy to do ACO. I mean, all you need to do is to build some links on a website, have a nice and clear, well, text the title, description keywords, and like two, three months maximum, sometimes even less. You could raise a website in the first positions of Google,

3 (13m 13s):
The good old, the good old days. Huh?

2 (13m 17s):
I mean, all you need to do is just submit that website 100 directories that your website was popping up. Now the, the, the game changed completely. I'm still following it. And yeah, I remember really nice those those days, I wish I had this knowledge 10 years ago.

3 (13m 38s):
Crazy. So then how did you end up in the affiliate game? Well, yeah,

2 (13m 45s):
No, I basically, I started with ACO. I started with Somar something building websites, servicing a few guys, a few small companies. And within between these guys, I had like one client that was doing exactly what he was doing two sites and they helped him with the SEO job. Now, after a few months, he told me, look for him, all the websites I'm doing are going really, really well. You should do it. You should do some for yourself as well. And I said, no, no, that's not for me. I mean, I would just offer this service professionally and does good. Doesn't hurt enough. And this is before the mobile goal period for Kronos, what I'm talking about.

3 (14m 30s):

2 (14m 31s):
I, I continue to do this, this, this more sites in the services for this guy. And then I did. Okay. Let's make a test. I did the, a website, that website. I started, I put it like, what is life? Two months later I had like 30, 40,000 visitors per day in my website. And I was monetizing at that time. We do sets. I still remember this was the first website, but I still keep the domain also the website. It's just like, like, like, you know, sweet, sweet memory. I have, I feel have the domain. Right. But I never, I never let it expire.

2 (15m 12s):

3 (15m 13s):
Hey, you know. Okay. So now what the, what do you like best about being in this industry?

2 (15m 22s):
Well, after all these years and connecting with so many people, let's say the thing that they really, really love is it's just the fact that all the whole industry is like a big family. Everybody knows that you meet 20, go to a conference and you meet with people that you feel like you meet some distant cousins or something. Some of them are, some of them are like brothers. We agree. So this is the thing I like more, this, I never felt this. I never had this feeling when I, when I attended, for example, mainstream conferences, but everybody is so distant. Everybody's from his own path and business and they take care of their slice of the pie in the streets.

2 (16m 8s):
It's a little bit different in my opinion, everybody's shit. Sure, sure.

3 (16m 12s):
I agree. I agree with you. It's what I liked best as well. It's why I miss the conferences so much. So tell us a little bit about your first project and that would have been after you, after you had your site to did traffic manager, right?

2 (16m 31s):
No, that was too bad advertising. The advertising manager came after. Oh, I didn't know that. Okay. Yeah. Traffic manager is basically the technology behind about what we need. We, we, we tested at the beginning of fuel, fuel tracking tools that were on the market at that time. HasOffers we test, we tested cake with a, another two or three. I don't remember the names. Some of them are even disappear from the market right now. I'm not there anymore. And yeah, we were basically, we saw that we are paying too much. I mean, for country like Romania, because we were focusing on mostly and for the value value of the clicks and the conversion, we had mania, where was not, I mean, you couldn't look.

2 (17m 25s):
Most of the profits was going to the tracking tools because they were charging us on clicks and they were, they were asking us like 1 cent per click, 2 cents per click, and you know, Romania, one click, you could sell it with maybe two, 3 cents, if everything was okay. So the daily said, this is not for us. We need to build it from the scratch. You need to have it in house. Got it. And that's traffic manager that the comp the tracking solution, but the first project was the advertising affiliate network. After my soul, that let's say the traffic coming, bringing some money, the tube traffic I had, let's say, okay, let's build a few, a few more sites.

2 (18m 13s):
I build on my own. I think 10 or 15, then we started, we were sending this traffic to different affiliate networks. At that time I was working with recess. Then I don't know if you'll remember them. I feel for you. Oh yeah. I worked with them for a, for a period. Then I worked with, I worked at broker Bay by workplace Mr. Strawberry. So yeah, we said at the end, you know what, let's build our own stuff because this guy is for sure they have some, some margin. So let's, since we have this, this amount of traffic, let's try to build our own stuff. And this was the first step from there.

2 (18m 55s):
Yeah. We started, we continue building tube sites to increase in traffic today. I think we still have 105 sites, something like that. So yeah, this is the affiliate network. And most of the traffic we have there is it's started from us from, from our in-house tips.

3 (19m 14s):
Okay. So now too, so tube advertising is your, is your main thing right now, you know, give me more details about that.

2 (19m 25s):
Yeah. It's one of the main things, which is not what it's supposed to be two years ago when everything kind of changing the industry, though, for the good offers are not there anymore. Not so easy to find, but it's a good, it's a good, it's still a good project is still working. We have people, you know, buying traffic from all over the world. Now we are not working on CPA anymore. Like we used to, we work on clicks. We sell the traffic on clicks. Most of our clients right now are, are like webcam studios that were, that want to promote the, the rooms and product owners, dating owners working is still good.

2 (20m 9s):
But we focus with focus more on the, on the technology side where changing. So traffic manager will become soon the main thing.

3 (20m 21s):
So, so traffic manager, a lot of other people are utilizing that tool now. Correct? A lot of other companies are utilizing traffic manager. You build it, you build it to use in house, and now you've got a lot of other companies using it, right?

2 (20m 36s):
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, this started as, as a game, to be honest, I mean, not as a game, but as a favor to a few friends, the traffic manager started as a favor to the friends that were asking us, look, guys, I know you have a tool. Can we rent it from your we're paying has offers. And this is costing us a lot of money. And basically it's, it's taking us a lot of the profit. Can you, can you share the tool with us? I said, we have it in house. If you want, we can install it for you. And you pay us the servers fees. And it was like a friendly, you know, friendly saying.

2 (21m 17s):
And three, four friends that started to use it at the beginning. And they were asking a few things. We were adding them and we were like, ask them to pay for the development because we had, at that time, we had only one programmer in a one thing guy. And at the end we saw that it become like a product that can be can, can, can make a difference in the market. We can sell that. So this is how traffic manager started under. So amazing. Oh, go ahead. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I said no. Yeah, indeed. A lot of companies use, especially from the adult industry, we have some casino clients.

2 (21m 58s):
So yeah, the thing is it's going, is growing up beautifully.

3 (22m 2s):
It's amazing how things go. Sometimes, you know, you develop something to do one thing and all of a sudden it's, it's doing others. Yeah.

2 (22m 12s):
If you think about it, everything is connected because we never thought about having a tech company. We just need it for our own stuff. And when you do the things in the right way, people appreciate it and they want to contribute and they want that product. They pay for the product. And so on. We never think about having a platform, a tracking tool tracking platform tool on the market. But when we saw the potential, I said, okay, why not? Let's let's, let's do it

3 (22m 43s):
May as well, may as well. There's, there's there's money in those Hills. Now, what, where do you see your companies a couple of years from now? Where do you, where do you see them being

2 (22m 56s):
Well? In the, in the meantime beside the, the, the traffic company and the tracking tool, we notice by having an affiliate network, we notice also different problems with the payment paying affiliates and everything. So we started to build something in that way as well, what they would like to do. And it will happen in maybe one or two years from now to have all of us in the, in the same tracking tool I would like to have also the affiliate payments system integrated and everything. I mean, I would like to have one all in one product for affiliate marketers, like for companies that, that, that wants to, to, to grow their business and scale it like quickly, we would like to offer beside tracking.

2 (23m 45s):
We like to offer also payments. We would like to go also a little bit on the not smart kids or the adults companies that are, that are selling their content to not, not very, very expensive as far as I know. So yeah, in the future, I would like to, I would like to see this project, especially traffic manager. I see, I see are really, really high level tracking tool.

3 (24m 15s):
Great idea. Now, now, what changes would you like to see in the adult industry?

2 (24m 23s):
I would like to see more people at the events, but more people that usually don't attend these events as a, as a first change, because it's a small world. It's a small, it's a really small market. It's not that big, it's open for everybody. But what you see at the, at the events, 90% of the people are quite the same. I would like to see more fresh blood. Yes. This is the one thing. New products, new ideas for now. Yeah. I see here and there a few nice ideas, but months, many pull them into action or bring them on the market.

2 (25m 6s):
Please would be all for now, I guess.

3 (25m 9s):
Hmm. Okay. Okay. Yeah. A little more originality. Maybe.

2 (25m 14s):
Yeah. More product. So there's a bit more originality. Exactly what I would like to see. I would like to be able to choose as it was two years ago. I mean, two years ago, you could choose between which product to promote and which product to stay away from. Now. You don't have to watch chosen with the product. That's quite the same thing. Or

3 (25m 42s):
There are market leaders and among those market leaders, there's a handful of choices. That's true.

2 (25m 48s):
That's true.

3 (25m 51s):
And you're right about the shows. I mean, as much as I love seeing our family, when we go to the shows and that's, again, what I love about the industry. Yeah. A few more new faces, new people getting into the industry, more people who, who want to, we know who are involved too, are going to become reasonable size players. That would be nice. That would be nice. Now. Now, are you involved in any other projects at the moment?

2 (26m 19s):
Yes. We, since we are doing also some media wiring, we have a media buying media buying company. We have also a project that is called card for ads, count cards for us. Sorry. It's cards for us. Com we, yes. Cards for ads with, for like number cards, for ads that come that's basic. That basically it's a platform that provides virtual credit cards for media buyers, as you know, Facebook and Google and all the other social media, social media platforms. They are many things blocking a lot of accounts or credit cards when you're running ads.

2 (27m 2s):
So yeah, we saw a need in the market for this, for this product, a platform that could give you how many credits the virtual credit cards on it. So you can basically change the card whenever you want or whatever, Facebook or Google blocks. You. Interesting look, yeah. It's a nice project. It's a business to business one. It's a B to B one we don't work with, with, with normal customers. Let's say Cisco customers, we work only with companies and it's kind of related to, to the payment industry payments industry and the feeling pain.

2 (27m 43s):
Once as I was saying before, is

3 (27m 46s):
It, would it be somewhat similar to an email?

2 (27m 53s):
Yeah. It's exactly that it's a new wallet basically that you basically load with with, with money and you can spread the funds through your cards as you wish.

3 (28m 5s):
Great idea. That's a great idea. I might be interested in that actually. Yeah. I mean, there's, there's business uses for that. There's no two ways about it. So what advice would you go move to Florida? 10 years ago, Florida.

2 (28m 23s):
years ago. I would, I would tell him mom, study more because yeah, study more, invest in yourself. Give more time to you, like dedicate some extra time to yourself in terms of, you know, retrieving the physical piece. So it mentally piece in, I don't know how to call that in English actually time for your adult time for your

3 (29m 2s):
Time to yourself. Yeah. Yeah. I get

2 (29m 4s):
It. Yeah. Thought out of my English vocabulary. Sorry. Sorry. Yeah, because you know,

3 (29m 12s):
I think we call it, I think in America we call it me time, but it's but that's, but that's just, but that's just slang man. I'm us Americans. We've got slang for everything, so don't worry about it.

2 (29m 25s):
Okay. They secretly, yeah. I believe that working hard is really important, but you give some, take some time for yourself is very important as well, because you're going

3 (29m 37s):
To use, you're going to be using that now. Aren't you?

2 (29m 40s):
Yeah, yeah, exactly. I'm a fast learner.

3 (29m 43s):
I know.

2 (29m 46s):
This is what I would, what I would tell myself and invest, read, read a lot of books about kicking the ball. So strategies, people that succeed in these industries about sales. I will, I would read a lot,

3 (30m 2s):
Be careful, be careful with marketing reading though, because there's so many, there's so many bad methodology. So I would be careful. I'd be careful what I read as a, as a marketer from way back. I, I think there's a lot of structural things about marketing that they teach in the schools that are just plain wrong. So just be really, really careful what you read, because it might send you in all kinds of weird directions that aren't going to get you anywhere.

2 (30m 31s):
Yeah. I know what you mean. No. What, what I did when I started reading a bit more about marketing and stuff, five, six years ago, I started to follow a few people that were kind of aligned with my ideas and yeah. But then I started to ask a few friends, basically that I saw in the industry. They have success. Look, what books would you recommend me? I mean, I don't want to go in with every book in the industry, because as you said, it's a lot of bullshit over there, but you can, you can already take the filters of people that already did it and apply it to your own life in books and in never on an average

3 (31m 9s):
Well in life. That's true. That's true. So, So exactly. So do you have any recommendations for people who are just getting started in this business,

2 (31m 23s):
Get well-informed about what are you going against too? Because it's not easy, not easy at all. He's still really committed and really dedicated. And you want to do say, or you want to do you want to be a media wire or you want to do dating, or maybe you want to do, I don't know, other stuff like e-commerce, doesn't matter. There is a lot of study and effort into it. You need a lot of study and effort into it. I would like just to, to, to say that before I started to even touch the ACO and link building 10 years ago, I worked since 2008 to 2010, almost for a few hours a day for a few guys, strong in the industry that were using my services.

2 (32m 10s):
I just asked them, look, guys, I would like to learn, can I do it as a volunteer for a few hours a day? Because I, I have a work, I have a job. I cannot do it eight hours a day. And yeah, I did it almost for free for two years before I started to put it in practice and make some money out of it. So start now choose really, really well, your niche and studied and be prepared because you will be broke and you will, you will raise and you may be with the broke again. You can never know it, but be prepared to risk because nothing comes for free.

2 (32m 53s):
My friends

3 (32m 55s):
Isn't that the truth in any business. Now, now, any thoughts about the, the current worldwide situation with the pandemic and, and how it impacts our industry?

2 (33m 7s):
Yeah. Everybody gets get that vaccine. Come on guys. It's we all need to have it. A lot of stupid stuff around. Don't get it. It will get to kill it too. It will. people get vaccinated, get that vaccine so we can get over it and get back to our normal lives. Finally, after almost three years, so much as it one year. But I think it will be, it will still be there around six, eight months in my opinion. Yeah. Get that vaccine. The first thought I have and advice to everybody.

2 (33m 52s):
Yeah. I saw a lot of companies in this, in this period, in this past year, going down because of this, they're not sure if it's related to the coroner directly, we suffered some loss as well. My can say that everything is working 100% hours before we are there where we are. We're still working with it building. We will. We're getting back there. Just, if you are within those companies that are struggling, keep going forward, fight for your fight, fight for your, for your, for your spot in the industry. Never give up.

2 (34m 33s):
Those would be my, my, my it's almost over. Come on.

3 (34m 38s):
Yeah, let's end it, man. Let's end it. Hopefully a few people in America heard that. So my, my very intelligent country, not so obviously with the pandemic, we haven't had the events in the last year. The last one that really happened, I think was the one in Portugal.

2 (35m 4s):
I don't think there's been, I don't

3 (35m 5s):
Think there's been another physical events since then. What do you, what do you miss most about the industry event?

2 (35m 14s):
Not as I said before, I miss him. I miss a little bit meeting the old cousins and friends and that's one. Then I miss feeling that I'm part of the industry, because those events kind of confirm you, that you are part of this industry and this not, not everything breaks down. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we see, okay that we are here. We're still here. We're going forward. Yeah. I miss the parties. Of course. I really miss the parties.

3 (35m 47s):
You're you're young. I get, I get to, I get, I get to bed by, I get to bed by midnight every night, man. I'm just like, ah, yeah, those parties, there were, those are the thing of the past. I have morning meetings, you know, I'm getting boring in my old age, but Hey, what are you going to do?

2 (36m 6s):
No, I get to bed the midday. And second day.

3 (36m 11s):
Yes. Yes. That's why nobody. That's why nobody's ever around

2 (36m 18s):
In this industry. You can, it's rare that you find someone at the booth before, before midday.

3 (36m 25s):
Oh my God. Yeah. I know. It's like, it's like one of the thing people ask me advice on, on events. And I said, I said, number one piece of advice. Don't schedule 10:00 AM appointments.

2 (36m 37s):
Yeah. And then the second, the second piece of advice never drink too much of the first part because there are three days and it will handle it.

3 (36m 46s):
Oh, I tell people don't drink too much period. Because alcohol free alcohol is not free. Not only are you going to be a mess the next day I learned this myself by doing it early shows. But any business cards you get, you're going to forget what you talked about. If you, if you even have them, if you don't lose them and you're liable to make an ass out of yourself. So which I've done that too. And it will, those that wasn't, I didn't even do that all the time. At the first party. Sometimes I did them at a later years. It was just like, Oh, this tastes good. You know? So anyway, when I tweeted, I took a liking for single malt anyway, Spain.

3 (37m 28s):
Oh God, I don't want to forget that one. Anyhow. So what, what's the first event you plan to, to attend in 2021? Let's see if it's the same one as me.

2 (37m 40s):
I would like to, just to say one thing about the getting drunk and being a mess of the parties would like, just to say something, if you can handle it yourself, fan not exaggerate too much, but just drink the right amount. You are able to do business as normal, actually the best businesses I ever made or within the parties. I mean, I met the people that I met them within the day of the event, but I met them at the table. We drink together, we fraternize. And then we basically, the second day we started to speak about business and were more closed than I could ever.

2 (38m 25s):
Like I could never drink if we're really important people from the industry. That could be one, but yeah. Don't make a mess of yourself. Yeah. Really good advice to take. We saw a lot of things around. Yeah.

3 (38m 42s):
Oh, we've seen it all. Haven't we? Some of it's been in the mirror, so yes,

2 (38m 50s):
Yes. First event, it will be Booker a summit for me before a summit. It's hosted by a studio 20. They took it. They took it, I think last year. But because of the current situation, they, they didn't, they didn't do it. That will be the first event. I can't wait to be honest. I saw a lot, a lot, a lot. We, in the past events we have there, there's a lot of interesting business and decide that the parties are awesome. I think we can, the best we can be in the best parties I ever attended. I mean, literally, yeah.

2 (39m 30s):
I never, yeah, it was never in the Moscow or conference. And I understood that. It's way over request as parties. I need to attend that, but Bucharest, it's a, it's a really, really, really, it's a really good event.

3 (39m 49s):
That's in June. Is it not?

2 (39m 52s):
I think they, they put it in junior. I think at the beginning of June. It's just before, just after Prague. I think it's just after,

3 (40m 1s):
After, after Prague one.

2 (40m 4s):
Yeah. They, they kind of connected. It's just the,

3 (40m 10s):
I don't want to be a bummer. I don't want to be, I don't want to be the guy that says things aren't going to happen, but I don't think we're going to see events till the fall personally. I just don't. I just, I just don't think there's going to be enough people vaccinated and yeah, I, I just have, I have trouble believing that the, that the municipalities are going to allow events really events until the fall real events,

2 (40m 40s):
Maybe you're right. I don't know. But I would, I like to be optimistic in all the cases

3 (40m 46s):
Optimistic too. I want to be optimistic too. I want, I want, you know, I want to see Andreas and Walter show go off in may and see Andrea's show go off in June and whatever other shows are scheduled for the promoters, we're working so hard. Excuse me. But Hmm. That's tough. That's tough. You know,

2 (41m 10s):
But not impossible. It could happen. It's I mean, it's way more, more possible than the last year. Oh no. We said last year we were, we were hoping in, in autumn to have events, but yeah, we're just, we're just we're we're

3 (41m 30s):
We were dreaming and let's let's let's hope. Let's your estimate is a

1 (41m 34s):
Lot closer to mine. My friend, we have to hope.

2 (41m 37s):
Well, Hey flora.

1 (41m 39s):
And I'd like to thank you again for being our guest on adult site, broker talk. And I, and I hope we have a chance to do this again really soon.

2 (41m 50s):
Thank you for having me and yeah. I hope to see you soon at the events

1 (41m 57s):
I got gotta, I got a hug for you, my friend. Okay.

2 (42m 1s):
Thank you for everything. Thank you for, for your time. And I wish you everyone. I wish everyone that listening to us are happy new year because we just pass it the year and a great, great.

1 (42m 16s):
My broker tip today is part one on how to buy a site. The first question to ask yourself is what kind of site would you like to buy? Would you like a tube site, a campsite, a dating site, a membership site, a social media site or something else. If you want to buy a membership site, what type of site do you want and what niche? There are literally hundreds of niches in many sub niches. For instance, let's say you want to buy a gay site under gay there's bears or mature, bare back Asian, Latino amateur by black Euro and fetish, along with many fetishes under that classification. Plus there's hardcore jocks, porn stars, solo trans twinks, and uniforms straight has even more sub niches.

1 (43m 3s):
I can't tell you how many people contact me and just say, I want to buy a site or I want to buy a pay site. I obviously need more information than that. How you make this decision should be based on these factors. What interests you, what you enjoy should definitely play a part in what you buy. If you like men and want to make money on a straight site. That's probably a really bad idea. Same thing. If you're straight and want to buy a gay site. So what you like plays apart. What's your budget. This is something you need to establish at the very beginning. Not only do you need to know what it is you're working with, but some classifications of sites are more expensive than others.

1 (43m 44s):
For instance, if you want to buy a campsite with any traffic revenue at all, you're going to need a lot of money. In fact, to buy any established site will be somewhat expensive. If you buy a site that is pretty much just a platform without traffic or sales, you're going to need a huge investment to build it up. In that case, it might actually be as good or better just to start your own site. That way you get exactly what it is you're looking for. We'll talk about this subject more next week and next week we'll be talking to Monte Cahn of Right of the Dot. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I once again would like to thank my guest Florin of and Traffic Partner.

1 (44m 30s):
Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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