Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 27 with Patrick of FeetFinder

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 27 with Patrick of FeetFinder

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0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we'll be talking to Patrick of FeetFinder. Adult Site Broker is proud to announce Adult Site Broker Cash the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With Adult Site Broker Cash you'll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our Broker commission, referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker.

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Check our website at for more details. First of all, today let's cover some of the news going on in our industry. PornHub has announced that Kira Noir has joined porn Hub's brand ambassador team, and a new role Noir while we will appear in future porn hub campaigns represent the platform at various events and engaged with pornhub's audience to grow the brand awareness. PornHub VP Corey price said we're thrilled to welcome Kara Noah to the porn hub family. As one of our brand ambassadors, Kara is a strong, passionate woman who has a great sense of humor. We were really drawn to her confidence and fierce ambition.

0 (1m 35s):
She embodies our commitment to celebrating individuality and self expression above all else. Cara has built a devout following across social media. She shares in our desire to grow the PornHub brand by building meaningful relationships with new and existing users. We can't wait to show our fans what we have planned together to months after warning of a surgeon malvertising fraud, targeting Adult websites, internet security experts have determined that the bad actors behind it, or have switched tactics from exploit kit delivery to social engineering via a fake Java updates screen malvertising or a bad actor sneak malicious codes, and to supposedly legitimate banner ads on legitimate websites made a come back this year is people spend more time online and visiting Adult sites security firm Malwarebytes explain the initial stage of this campaign, which they dubbed mouse smoke as ads that redirect visitors to sites that serve malicious code.

0 (2m 41s):
When viewed with internet Explorer or Adobe flash, the code can exploit critical vulnerabilities and unpatched versions of internet Explorer. Malwarebytes. Initially warned that Malwarebytes announced that starting mid-October the threat actors behind mouse smoke appear to have a phased out The exploit kit delivery. Chain's in favor of social engineering scheme. Instead, the new campaign is tricking visitors to Adult websites with a fake Java update. This change is significant according to the security firm, because it drastically increases the target audience no longer limiting it to the internet Explorer users running outdated software.

0 (3m 25s):
One of the largest Adult sites targeted by the malvertising hackers, according to Malwarebytes is X.

1 (3m 32s):
Oh, be careful out there. All right.

0 (3m 35s):
Past Adult Site Broker Talk guessed. Lance Hart is the subject to the latest interview by LGBTQ pop culture and news publication instinct, where he discussed his influential career path. Instincts Ryan shade described Hart as a Jack of all trades in the industry for several years now with no signs of stopping anytime soon, he is a great example of excelling in front of and behind the camera while also being part of a porn power couple with his gorgeous wife, Charlotte Harte told instinct that Akido is ongoing. Success is independently owned his own company per vow. He said I'd been focused on making my own content ever since I started in the Adult space.

0 (4m 20s):
Getting paid bookings as a performer has always just been a bonus as a producer who funds all my content from my own sales, I can keep going as much as I want. I never have to count on anyone else giving me work. Heart described as trend-setting career path smashing the barriers between different sides of the industry in practical terms at first gay porn was the only part of the industry that offered, paid work to me. So when the work was a fit, I would take it. He told that to instinct, then transport became more popular and those gigs started coming to me a couple of years ago. Devil's films put a lot of work into making by porn, a relevant thing.

0 (5m 2s):
So that's helped. I feel like I identify more as by than anything else. So I'm happy about that. Last part,

1 (5m 8s):
Hard at it. Now time for

0 (5m 10s):
A property of the week that is for sale at Adult

1 (5m 13s):
Site, Broker, we're proud

0 (5m 15s):
To offer for sale and novelty, manufacturer and website with pop culture, theme, silicone products, their products are niche yet relevant to mainstream audiences and are incredibly shareable is evident by the hundreds of articles written about the brand on outlets, such as Playboy, vice Buzzfeed, Mashable, penthouse, lad, Bible, Cosmo, Nerdist refinery, 29, pop sugar, and more. They also have a diehard community have more than 40,000 social media followers. In addition to their email list of over 10,000, all traffic to the website is self-created no ads had been purchased.

0 (5m 56s):
A traffic has all social and direct. This company cannon has been run by two people part-time, or it could be scaled up or merged with a much larger company with very minimal effort. The company has incredible potential for expansion, but it also has a solid four years of history of year over year growth and a huge community of dedicated fans. All manufacturing equipment has provided with everything needed to continue running the business, including all product mold's and related materials also included has about $50,000 worth of product stock. You get all of this for only $675,000.

0 (6m 39s):
Now time for this week's interview.

2 (6m 42s):
Well, I guess today in the Adult Site Broker Talk is Patrick the owner of FeetFinder Patrick thanks for being with us today on Adult Site Broker Talk thanks for having me ready to begin and excited to talk about a FeetFinder indeed. Now Patrick recently graduated from Drexel university with a decree in entrepreneurship. I was able to pronounce that and he has been working on FeetFinder for a little over a year. Patrick has years of experience in numerous other industries despite his tender age or what 23 now or 24, but yes, a recent college grad. All right, happy birthday. And I had a birthday in there now FeetFinder is a free website that allows users to buy herself custom foot content and the safe and secure environment buyers can send customer request ID verified content providers, or purchase their content directly from a seller's account.

2 (7m 37s):
If we find that it was built by the community with every feature and design change being shaped and reviewed by the 45,000 plus followers on FeetFinder or social media accounts. Patrick, how did you get the idea for FeetFinder a great question. Bruce and that typically, whenever I tell someone, you know, I'm working on of the first question is, Oh, so, you know, you definitely have like a foot fetish and you know, I, myself don't personally have a foot fetish, you know, it may be working on this idea of a lot easier, but how I actually got the idea was a few of my friends in college actually would get DMS from a guy's on, you know, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

2 (8m 19s):
A one of my friends actually paid her rent from selling feat picks, but the DMS will always be, you know, a guy's reaching out and saying, Hey, can I have by a photo of your feet for $20 hundred dollars? And one of my friends is a tipping point. It actually sold a photo for a $500. And I kind of thought, Hey, Ron why or why is it better? Or is there a website for this? So it kind of did some market research, one online and a half the time there was no kind of existing website for buying and selling feed pictures. It was mostly just a blog articles. Like here's how you can do it on social media. Here's some tips and tips and tricks. If you want to start your own website. And I know that he was like, Oh, let me fans many clip's, but nothing, really four the niche of the content.

2 (9m 1s):
And so sure enough, I said, all right, let's see if there is actually a market for this decide to create the FeetFinder Twitter. And essentially it was saying, Hey, this is the product we're creating a safe and secure website for people to buy and sell feed content. And it kinda blew up a over night, you know, within a week we had a up to 500 followers and that was all organic. So it started, you know, working on getting a team to help develop it and fast forward, you know, present day, we've launched on April 16th of this year, but a lot of time, energy and money. And, you know, its been a really great experience to kind of create in this platform for the year.

3 (9m 36s):
And you've done all this since April 16. So

2 (9m 40s):
We, we, I actually have been working on it since about last June, but we didn't have it.

3 (9m 45s):
I mean he could do a launch April 16th and its already gotten this far. Correct?

2 (9m 49s):
Yep. So its definitely been a wild ride and learning right.

3 (9m 52s):
A lot. Now, even though you don't have a foot fetish, have you found yourself appreciating a women's feet a little bit more now that you have the Site? Well, that's a great,

2 (10m 4s):
The question is definitely something I noticed a lot more, again, I wouldn't say necessarily attracted to the feat, but you know, if there is a scene in TV or someone uploads a picture, you know, obviously one of the first things I see is, you know, their feet, because again, my whole business does revolve around feet. You know, I wouldn't be able to tell you necessarily what it is like a good and bad foot picture, but his kind of interesting how, you know, anytime you see a, I pay attention a lot more now if like, you know, someone is wearing open-toed shoes or someone uploaded a photo a on, on the internet in their feed or in it, or get in, you just see a movie and there was a scene it's definitely more noticeable and that's that's right.

3 (10m 43s):
For sure. Yeah. I'm I'm, I'm more of a tits and ass man and myself and the legs and about every other part of the woman's body. I don't think it would be near the top, but a, there are some beautiful feet. Did you? I know you're young, but did you ever ever see that a, that Eddie Murphy movie? Oh God, what was it called? M O a boomerang. Did you ever see that? I have not seen that now. Okay. I have probably 20 years ago. It was almost as old as you. I suggest you find it and watch it. It's frigging hilarious and steady Eddie Murphy and Robin givens, its got quite a, quite a caste in it and run them given to us the one that, that Mike Tyson to have a TRO had punching practice on when he was married to her.

3 (11m 30s):
Now, what do your friends and family think about you doing this for you?

2 (11m 36s):
Yeah. So again, another great question. That was one of those things to the first person I told him about the idea was my dad because he is kind of a successful entrepreneur in his own. So more so it was doing it to kinda get some business advice like, Hey, you know what, what's your thoughts? Feedbacks. Here's the business model. And he was extremely supportive, you know, being an entrepreneur. He's like, Hey, you know, it doesn't really matter the idea as long as, you know, you're confident in a market and you think it can be successful, you know, why wouldn't you pursue that? And then, you know, all, all of my friends, you know, it was kind of a mix of, you know, some people laughing thing has kind of funny and some people saying, Hey, you know, there's actually, this is a really good business model and it's really cool.

2 (12m 15s):
And then, you know, my mom was kind of funny cause it was one of those things where I was kind of nervous in a sense where it, Oh, she was either going to, you know, and be like, well, what the hell or she is going to kind of laugh and you know, it was kind of a mixture of you now. She was like, Oh, is this like it, she was more so confused at that. Like, Oh, is this an idea? But she has been incredibly supportive. And so as a family, so it's been kind of nice to see, you know, as FeetFinder grows and becomes more and more kind of a legit and we get more users, we have more revenue. There's kind of a lot more confidence in talking about it to other people because while some people might not understand that concept of, you know, buying and selling feed pigs, you know, we can mention the fact that how many users we have to sales, we've done, you know, they start taking it a lot more seriously.

2 (12m 56s):
And that also kinda plays into when we're, you know, talking to partners and people that work with and you know, sometimes they don't understand the initial idea. And then you kinda mentioned hay, well, here's what we're doing in revenue. Here's how many users that we have and in X amount of time, and then they'll quickly shift from, you know, confusion to interest.

3 (13m 14s):
So I, how, so that leads into my next question. How does the platform make money? Yes.

2 (13m 24s):
So we've kind of modeled, FeetFinder similar to a lot of the other apps out there, like a only fans, even like the Uber Lyft models where we essentially take a percentage for you, you know, different photos and videos sold. So essentially any time a user sells a, a, a picture or a video, we take a 20% fee, which is pretty standard across the entire, you know, industry. And I know they have some websites to take upwards of nine or 90% or even, you know, more than that. So, you know, we try to be as fair as we can to the models and give them a day, you know, as much as we can similar again to, ah, the other big website's.

2 (14m 7s):
Now we do also have a kind of a premium subscription, which is a very cheap it's only for $5 a month. And for the sellers, it allows them to message the buyers directly because again, social media and stuff is all flooded with so many different scammer time-wasters bots. You don't know if people are real or not. So, you know, sellers can pay just a very small fee and they can message those buyers to write quickly. They can also upload just unlimited amounts of content. And we do also have some great features, again, coming down the road that will make it even better for a premium users and for the buyers. Again, they can message those sellers directly and kind of get the, that custom content and, and, you know, figure out exactly what they want and negotiate prices in the messages with the sellers.

2 (14m 53s):
Again, we do have a lot more features for those premium users, but those were the two kind of main things in terms of how we make money. And we don't have adds on the site and its completely free to sign up because we wanna give everyone a chance to, you know, sell their content and the, you know, kind of makes some money or to be able to find someone to purchase content for them.

3 (15m 11s):
You want to preview any of those features on a, on a Adult Site Broker Talk yeah,

2 (15m 16s):
Yeah, definitely. So some of the, I'd say probably our coolest feature is the ability that the buyers can see previews of all the contents. So any time a seller uploads, a photo or video and it automatically blurred by our site. So you can take a clear or high quality photo upload it and then it gets automatically blurred to the point where a buyer can show you a screenshot and said, you know what? I didn't want to purchase this. Could it have it right here? But also, you know, it is blurred out to the point where that the buyer still gets a, a preview by, Hey, you know, this looks like something that you actually want. It matches the description I see, or it matches the, you know, customer request I sent. So the buyers know that they're getting what they requested.

2 (15m 58s):
And Andy, you know, worst case is one of those things. Our admins are able to monitor everything. So if there is a ever in order where a buyer pays for some or something and you know, the photo isn't at all, what we expected or vice versa, you know, the seller uploads something and the buyer's payment, is there a chargeback were able to monitor that and then kind of fix through that, you know, any users to attempt to charge back and we can fight those. And also, you know, a band that user at any buyer who, you know, purchases content and the seas that, Hey, this isn't what I purchase. You know, we can give them a refund, ah, and figure that out. Just exactly what happened to that seller. And again, all, all sellers are ID verified, pseudo for a fact that you purchased at his desk.

2 (16m 40s):
You know, it's, it's real, it's not a bot, it's not someone selling fake content and it's a real ID verified 18 years in older people,

3 (16m 46s):
The person now, or they are, or those current features or the us and some of the new features, these are all current features, you know? So give me so, so Tuesday a little bit with some of the new features coming up. So some of the new features coming up,

2 (17m 1s):
It is we have an entire new kind of homepage in navigation. That's going to be really cool, essentially right now, when you go to the website, you only kind of see, Hey, do you want to view content or, you know, a few sellers as well as, you know, its kind of seeing the user's profiles photos or a little smaller and then sort like that sort of a new kind of homepage and navigation will make it really easy for buyers to see several of the top categories such as a, you know, what you want SOLs, you want heels, you want me to be dirty feet. You want socks. We have every single category there. And if we don't have a category, you can just message our customer support and we'll get that added instantly. And then we also have some featured models.

2 (17m 41s):
We all are working on some big partnerships right now for some kind of big name models, such as Lindsey rider, Rebecca blue and a few others that I go to too many details, but that they're going to be kind of featured on our homepage as well as some other brand new sellers to really show that, Hey, we are a legit company, we have some of these big name models, but we also appeal to a lot of these amateur sellers. Now that this new home page, the navigation will also be a lot easier for buyers to find their ideal content. You know, the search process is a lot easier. You can type in different keywords or just type in a sentence of what you're kind of craving that day or that night and, and find that content right there. And we also split it up. You know, if you click on a category such as souls will split it up into three different sections, such as the seller like seller profiles, photos and videos, that means all of the seller's profile's that appear our ones that have sold in their description of it also means all the photos and videos you see have the word soul mentioned in that description.

2 (18m 41s):
That just makes it easier for these buyers to find the exact content they want spend less time all kinds of searching around. And you also know that, you know, if you want dirty feet, you can see a seller who actually has that type of content rather than messaging seller and saying, Hey, you know, I want, you know, a dirty feet or a one, you know, your feet tied up in the summer might be like, Oh, I'm not comfortable doing that, but that will happen with this new navigation. 'cause the only sellers you'll see in that search are the ones that have stayed in their bio, that they are comfortable with that content.

3 (19m 12s):
Interesting eight. Now it kind of sounds like, and you've already kind of alluded to this, but a lot of the features are coming from feedback from your, from your members right now.

2 (19m 26s):
Correct. So, you know, that's the thing about the kind of my goals since, you know, starting the company kind of wanting to build this community based on the feedback and unlike some of these, you know, really big corporations who kind of just say, Hey, here's the new features deal with it? Do you like it? Do you not? Like it doesn't matter. You know, we're kind of on the page where, because we have such a large social media following any new design or feature update, we always get their community's feedback in terms of, Hey, what features, what, what designs do you guys want? And then we post it to our social media as our Twitter or Instagram and say, Hey, you know, give us your feedback. You know, what are your thoughts on this? Do you like it? Do you not like it? And that way, you know, the community really feels like they're part of, you know, something bigger than, you know, just that this platform it is.

2 (20m 13s):
They actually feel like they were involved in, in, in making it 'cause in a sense they are and all of their feedback. And, and, and by doing this, we really make sure that we are making the product for our community, how they want it or not, how we think they want it. And because I could think, Hey, they're going to want this. And then we spend the money developing a new feature, a push it live in all of a sudden users. Like we didn't ask for this, we don't want this. So really making sure we listen to the user's feedback and, and if there's any bugs or issues, having them just as a message, our customer support, you know, we respond to every single Twitter DM or email that we get to make sure that every user is heard. That's

3 (20m 48s):
Awesome. Yeah. I mean, it's, it's like when you think about it, wouldn't it be nice if, you know, you could make Facebook the way you want or to it, or Twitter the way you want it. And people do take ownership of things when they feel like they have a voice. So I, I really think that that now, now, besides all that, which that's a lot, what separates you guys from other platforms currently on the market?

2 (21m 16s):
It's a great question. What I'd say to you to kind of start is our focus on, you know, the niche content of feet. You know, I know a lot of the different websites out there, but what kind of separates us again from, I'd say, you know, many, a video clips for sale only fans is a, in a sense to kind of a stigma that goes with it. And I know a lot of these people who are coming to the amateur foot sellers who are very new in the industry, think of, you know, a girl in college who might just want some extra money for the bars or, you know, someone who needs help paying rent, but, you know, yeah.

3 (21m 50s):
As a, as a recent college graduates, you can imagine something like that. Or right

2 (21m 54s):
When I was in college and graduated, I experienced it and they have a lot of friends. So it was kind of one of the things, you know, when I first built it, you know, obviously there is all of those models who have that experience and how, you know, platforms on these different clips, sales, who of, you know, work with industry for years. And, you know, we have the utmost respect for them. We also built a platform for them, but we also use in our building it for these girls who, you know, they may not be comfortable, you know, making it only fans or an eclipse for sale or in many bids because Hey, they just want to post a photo of their feet. So, you know, its not something that, you know, they may regret down the road. It's not something that, you know, other people may consider bad, you know, its just a, a picture of your feet.

2 (22m 34s):
So its something that, you know, the stigma of, Oh Hey, like she has an only fans because we're starting to see that at, at, at least in college it was definitely present. So it was one of those things were, we don't have that stigma, but we're also trying to get rid of that Sigma as a whole, you know, we kinda have to say as a whole, Hey, sex work is real work. So, you know, we support all types of people, whether your, you know, a, a cam model doing a full nudity or just someone taking photos at your feet, we wanna end the stigma of, you know, people saying, Oh, that's so weird or, Oh, we don't respect to you because the end of the day, you know, that there's still people too. They are real people. So being able to, you know, kind of knock down that barrier first with like, you know, selling feed Pix and get rid of that stigma and then moving to a much bigger stigma that is, you know, the sex industry and, and having that negative stigma that some people may have, which we just disagree with.

2 (23m 28s):
Also find that I will say one of the big things that kind of sets us apart from the other competition and, or these big companies is the fact that, you know, you can, e-mail our customer support and in all honesty, less than a couple hours, get a response, whether it's, you know, what a new feature you on adding a design, you want fixe, if there is any issues with billing, a payments process, anything, umm, you know, I, myself as a CEO and founder handle all the customer support because I think it's important that, you know, if you're going to be contacted the company, you are speaking with the founders so I can make sure I get your questions answered and making sure that your inquiry, these are taken seriously. So I don't know another big company that has there, you know, CEO doing customer support that also was able to kinda handle expanding, grow the business.

2 (24m 14s):
But you know, any time emailing with customer support, you, you know, you're speaking with me so I can get your questions answered and your problem

4 (24m 21s):
Solved. No.

3 (24m 23s):
So you were just talking about sex work and all of that. Do you guys allow nudity or is it just put content?

2 (24m 33s):
So we don't allow new to the yet one of those large reasons being, we are just focused on a fee content itself. And again, you know, there's some of the partner banks that we're working with were not approved for nudity, but again, we are open to that down the road based on user feedback. But one of the big things where we were applying for different banks for, to kind of process and sent payments out, I was talking with our user's and saying, Hey, you know, do you guys want us to allow nudity or do you want to keep it just as a full website? So some of the feedback was, you know, keep it just feed and that's how we are starting. Now.

2 (25m 13s):
That's another thing that kind of separates us from these other websites. 'cause when you come in to FeetFinder you were coming four feet. You, if you want nudity, there's plenty of other websites, but again, we're not opposed to down the road potentially adding that, but for now we, we do not allow new to me at

4 (25m 28s):
The moment. Hmm. Okay.

3 (25m 31s):
So would you consider it an Adult company or

4 (25m 35s):

2 (25m 37s):
Yeah, FeetFinder is kind of in this gray area where, you know, at the end of the day, yes, we are an Adult company, but it's still on this gray area in a sense where, Hey, we don't allow nudity. It is, you know, just feet pics. You know, you can see pictures of feet in the magazines on TV of people of all ages everywhere. So it's one of those things where, you know, feet are everywhere in society and it's not going to be like, Oh, Hey, you need to wear socks. You can show your feet. But it was also one of those things where, you know, it is, you know, catered to people who have a foot fetish and that at the end of the day, you know, what they do with those photos obviously is, you know, their own right.

4 (26m 12s):
And you know, kind of whatever they want to do with them. But

2 (26m 18s):
I guess in a sense, yes, it would be considered a finished website there. So that's what it is a kind of this gray area in terms of, you know, we don't allow nudity, but it is still a finished website. So I would consider FeetFinder Adult but it is, you know, kind of something where we're trying to end, you know, that stigma of people who may not want to be on an adult site because Hey its, its its feedbacks, its not bad. Now what is end

3 (26m 44s):
Goal with FeetFinder

2 (26m 47s):
That's a great question. So, you know, our kind of goal with FeetFinder has always been to create a safe and secure environment for people to buy and sell their feet content. You know, we want When any, whenever someone thinks of, you know, feet, pictures, feet videos, if they wanna sell a few pictures that they want to sell to feed videos or buy feet pictures, we, we want them to to think, Hey, FeetFinder his, you know, the place you can be at safe. We also kind of want to build, to potentially expand to other fetishes of which we don't have any specifics yet, but we definitely want to make it that kind of a one stop shop for all things feet, whether it be, you know, a few pictures or someone who wants to sell socks or shoes, you know, that stuff in our roadmap.

2 (27m 34s):
Again, we, we definitely take things slow here at FeetFinder in terms of pushing out new updates 'cause we want to make sure we focus on one thing at a time and get it right and get the user's feedback and make sure it's good rather than saying, Hey, we're going to add the ability to sell Sox. And she was on all of these new features and then, you know, end up saying, Hey guys, we actually can't do that. So our goal is always to under promise and over deliver. But at the end of the day, you know, we really just want to add the stigma that people have in terms of, Hey, you know, selling feat picture's is weird. Now that stigma already is changing. And we see it a lot in recent times in terms of a, like a college campus going around saying, Oh, Hey, like how did you make money it's Oh, I, I, you know, so feed pictures and there is always going to be people who may think of that as a, you know, a weird or a, not a real job.

2 (28m 26s):
You know, our goal was to get past that stigma. And again, as I mentioned, eventually push into that kind of sex work industry and like, Hey, this is a real work. These are real people. This is a real job. And that's kind of our goal is to, you know, really show people that this is a series of industry and we want to be treated equally.

3 (28m 47s):
Absolutely. Now do you think your age and inexperience in the industry puts FeetFinder or at any kind of a disadvantage?

2 (28m 56s):
I do not. You know, I definitely am new to this industry and, and being a college grad a it definitely on the younger side, however, I think I've done a good job of surrounding myself with people who have experienced in the industry, whether it be, you know, getting people on my team who have a foot fetish or, you know, talking with models who have years of experience selling feet pictures on, on cam websites and, you know, just making sure to surround myself with those types of people who have, and you know, what that experience has been really helpful for me because, you know, I'm able to avoid problems that it would've made. If I haven't had, you know, them kind of helping me and kind of whispering into my here in terms of, Hey, you can't do this, can't do that.

2 (29m 42s):
And I also attended the XO is an online convention, which was the one supposed to be in Miami. I met a lot of great people there. Who've all been extremely helpful. The folks over at love for me, I know we sponsored their podcasts. They're super nice and super helpful in terms of bouncing ideas back and forth. Austin over at mr. Skin has been incredibly helpful as well.

3 (30m 6s):
And people, all the people

2 (30m 8s):
Who was in people and also the team over at SEG PE who is our kind of a new payment facilitator has, it's just a great community and people who are willing to help. So I have been so thankful for, you know, these different people and the industry who have a lot kind of surrounded myself with the help. So while I am, you know, Young, well, I am new to this industry. I'm surrounding myself and getting advice from people who are, you know, older and have that experience. And so I wouldn't say in my age and umm, you know, new NUS into the industry affects, you know, how successful FeetFinder cannon.

3 (30m 45s):
It sounds like really you're going to experience as a team has been a benefit because you go into it with a, with a clear view. And I will also say to you that the people that you just mentioned are people that I would have sent you to have for you and ask me. So I think your instincts are very, very good.

2 (31m 4s):
Yeah. And, and it's one of those things where, you know, it may, again, as you mentioned, they kind of hand having that inexperience almost plays to my advantage because you know, unlike coming into this industry and saying, Hey, I think I know a lot already, you know, I got a degree in this in college or I've already worked a few businesses and industry, you know, if I had that mindset, I, I don't know if I would have still attend these conventions and networked as hard as I did. So its definitely been honestly a blessing in disguise and not having that initial experience and being able to reach out to these people who are honestly experts in their industry and, and you know, it can really give some valuable feedback and advice and just, you know, be a kind down to earth person. You know, they don't necessarily expect anything in return.

2 (31m 45s):
They just want to see you succeed, which I can tell you how grateful I am for that.

3 (31m 52s):
We're a pretty nice group of people once you get to know us. Well, definitely.

2 (31m 58s):
I remember when I was first posting on, you know, an expert as you are one of the first people to kind of reach out and spoke up a conversation. So I definitely appreciate that is, you know, that it just goes to show you, you know, you've been so nice in terms of, you know, inviting me on this as a podcast and you know, anytime I have advice and the question, so I really do appreciate that.

3 (32m 17s):
That's what I do, man. That's what I do. You know, we, we have a general consulting company two and you know, I, I have a lot of Young entrepreneurs or first time entrepreneurs, not all of them are, Young a whole, a lot of them were older like me and they need help. And when I think you've done, as you just find it, you have just fine on your own. So a year instincts, like I said are very, very, very good. What, what's the most valuable lesson you've learned while working on FeetFinder

2 (32m 51s):
So far? I'd say the most valuable thing I have learned has definitely been, you know, the ability to negotiate for myself and for my business. A lot of times when we're speaking with partner companies or a potential advertisers, a lot of the time, it's kind of just like a, Hey here's, you know, our price for if we want to advertise for a month or Hey, here's the billing rates so we can get you for this month. And you know, that's something I didn't really learn in school in terms of kind of negotiating saying, Hey, like we actually aren't able to afford that or Hey, would you guys be able to cut the cost down to this or, Hey, we have been, you know, advertising with you guys for three months.

2 (33m 31s):
We haven't really seen the results. Would you be willing to negotiate the price? And that's something we think is so valuable because we have noticed there's times where, you know, there's a very, kind of a critical and important partnership that we really needed and their initial offer. It wasn't necessarily something that made sense, but being able to kind of negotiate that and, and kind of work around and figure out a more beneficial partnership and in tern, you know, ended up working in the long run and, you know, because of these different companies were very open to a discussion. We were able to get a deal done that was, you know, very beneficial for both sides and doesn't, you know, burn all of our cash, which has been something that's been extremely helpful.

2 (34m 14s):
'cause, you know, in, in the beginning of his kind of one of those things where any time someone said, Hey, like, if you want to Mark it with us, here is the prices. And it was kind of just like, okay, that sounds good. And then, you know, slowly as time went on, I was like, Hey, I know you need me to give a shit for yourself and for his business to make sure that, you know, anytime someone throws out a First number, there there's always room for negotiation, but in most cases yeah. But yet, and it's also, you know, a fine line too, where, you know, you don't want too, you know, offend them. There's been a lot of times where, you know, someone might say, Hey, we want to do a partnership. What we're looking for, or, you know, a, a thousand dollars a month in that might be something where, Hey, we can afford that. And we can only afford, you know, a 500 or a 200, but you don't want to offend them by going too low.

2 (34m 56s):
So that was something that I definitely had to work on in terms of, I don't want to offend, you know, this person that his company by, you know, going too low, but I also need to be realistic about what my business can afford at this time with this partnership. So yeah. And negotiating for myself in form of the business has been huge. And it's something that obviously have a lot of room still to improve on, but it's been great kinda, you know, being able to advocate for yourself and for your business.

3 (35m 24s):
Absolutely. You do. You do very well, a shopping in Thailand

2 (35m 29s):
The way. Thank you. Thank you.

3 (35m 33s):
It was like, Oh, that's 200 now how a a hundred

2 (35m 38s):
Now, you know how about a 190? No, it's okay. Thank you. And you start to walk away. They go. No, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait one 50. Exactly. One 20. Exactly that. So, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. okay. Okay. Okay. You were still for me. Okay. Okay. Once one Oh one 20, I lose the money, but it's okay. Once one, I definitely have to look for the first time we actually went to New Mexico. I was a very young, I was a model and I didn't even negotiate. It was the thing I, that I saw was a little banjo. I really want it. And it was like $20. So I was like, Hey, like how much is this guy was like $20 when I was like, okay. And then, you know, one of the first thing for that.

2 (36m 18s):
So it was like, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Like, that's not a set price. You need to go shit. I was just like, I knew what, like you said, it was $20. Cause you were just used in the us like, Hey, the price was here. He said it. So when the dollars and you're not going to go to a Walmart and start negotiating for a, you know, a, a footballer or something, that's just not how it works. But it, it was definitely an interesting kind of first experience into that negotiation aspect. Absolutely. Or a, Hey Patrick, I'd really like to thank you for being our guests today on Adult Site Broker Talk and I hope will have a chance to do this again really soon. Thank you for anyone listening. You can check out our website. and our Twitter is just at FeetFinder Instagram is at I get FeetFinder and then if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email me at Patrick at FeetFinder or just check out our website and email the customer support, always a love the community.

2 (37m 15s):
And again, Bruce, thank you so much for having me on, you know, for being such a great mentor throughout this whole process. Looking forward too, you know, the thing is to come in and then a business relationship to progress, a love, the shameless self promotion that was right out of a page right out of a page in my book, my friend got to do it. Absolutely. Thank you. Again,

0 (37m 40s):
My Broker tip today as part five of how to buy an Adult website. Last week, we talked about how to determine the value of a site, how to negotiate the sale and how to get to the point of drawing up an agreement. So now you're talking to your attorney and you're having them draft an agreement. What should be in it while your attorney will guide you through the legal side, but here's some considerations to keep in mind from a buying standpoint, what is the date you'd like to close? Make sure you know, that you'll have the money to either pay the deposit or the entire amount of the purchase by that date, I've had buyers who aren't ready and that just causes issues. In fact, I'm going through some of that right now with a couple of my deals, make sure that all the assets you're purchasing are in that agreement, such as every domain included in the sale processing and payment accounts, relationships with vendors, all including two to five, seven data software to run the sites and any other assets such as source code for the site's of course it should spell out any payment schedule.

0 (38m 47s):
If there is one who is responsible for closing costs, such as paying for escrow, and there are always terms that are unique to yours and the seller's situation, this assumes you're the party responsible for drawing up the agreement. If the seller is drawing up the agreement, then it's important that you express all of this to your legal representative so that they can check the seller's agreement and see if any changes are necessary. We'll talk about this subject more next week and next week we'll be talking to Chris Roger of Payze and that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest Patrick of FeetFinder.Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk.

0 (39m 31s):
I'm Bruce Friedman.

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