Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 24  with Mike Pinto of

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 24 with Mike Pinto of

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0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you tips on buying and selling websites. This week we'll be talking to Mike Pinto CEO of Smuttyfy. Adult Site Broker is proud to announce Adult Site Broker Cash,

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the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With Adult Site Broker Cash you'll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our Broker commission, referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at for more details. First of all, today let's cover some of the news going on in our industry. Instagram has announced it will be introducing a new nudity policy this week, which will now allow pictures of women holding cupping or wrapping their arms around their breasts. Instagram said the change was prompted by a campaign by Naomi Nicholas Williams, a black British plus size model who had accused the Facebook owned company of removing images, showing her, covering her breasts with her arms due to and I quote "racial biases in its algorithm."

1 (1m 34s):
It may take some time to ensure we're correctly enforcing these new updates, but we're committed to getting this right. And Instagram spokespersons told Reuters, hearing her feedback helped us understand where this policy was falling short and how we could refine it. As a spokesperson explained, Nicholas Williams told Reuters that overall I'm very glad about the policy change and what this could mean for black plus size bodies. According to Reuters, Instagram apologized last month and Nicholas Williams and said it would update this policy amid global concerns over racism in technology. Following the global black lives matter protest this year, a state sponsored effort and Germany that hardens intrusive age verification schemes to target specific leading Adult platforms, including PornHub YouPorn.

1 (2m 29s):
And my dirty hobby has raised the alarm on monk, privacy and freedom of sexual expression advocates, their crusade to enforce state regulations on Adult content has been spearheaded by an obscure local bureaucrat named Tobias Schmid since November, 2019. According to an extensive report by vice journalists, Gabriel Geiger Schmid has been redoubling his efforts to enforce existing mandatory age laws on porn sites like YouPorn and X hamster and practice Gaga rights. This would mean that all visitors to the sites would have to upload pictures of official ideas, which will then be verified automatically.

2 (3m 14s):
Schmitt is the head

1 (3m 14s):
Of the state media authority, an agency that as part of the federal state government and is of equal rank as the ministries have a superior state authority and April Schmid loudly demanded web blocks be placed on PornHub Schmitt was particularly bothered by a gang bang content and how it was normalized on pornhub's portal among other sexual practices. He said, if children get the impression that gang bang is a normal sexual practice in which the woman is used in humiliated, it is certainly an extreme problem. He is obsessed in his statements about policing normal versus not normal sexuality.

2 (3m 59s):
The American

1 (3m 60s):
Civil liberties union has released a comprehensive review of over 80 studies about sex work and titled his sex work decriminalization in the answer, what the research tells us the research reviewed by the ACL Oop shows that full decriminalization has the greatest benefits for public health and safety. According to a statement by the ACL Oop in addition to finding that the criminalization will improve public health and safety while increasing economic stability for sex workers, the studies reviewed do not in declayed indicate a clear link between criminalizing sex work and stopping human trafficking.

1 (4m 40s):
Here are some of the ACL use recommendations. Lawmakers should fully to criminalize consensual sex work by eliminating all criminal penalties for sellers and buyers remove all criminal penalties for youth participate in sex work, but not for adults who exploit youth reform-minded prosecutors should decline to pursue charges related to consensual sex work. This includes both street-based sex work and laws like foster Acessa that prevents sex workers from screening clients and discussing safety.

2 (5m 19s):
Online. Now let's

1 (5m 19s):
Feature our property of the week that's for sale that Adult Site Broker were offering a sex toy review site dedicated to exploring sexuality and sharing in reviewing the author's favorite sex toys. The thing that really stands out is the extremely high quality content used throughout the site. Most sites, especially review sites, you use junk content that is very obviously written just to rank for terms in Google. This side is written in the first person and as a joy to read the authors, take the reader on a journey, showing them which toys that they find the most enjoyable and explaining how to use them, the rankings in Google or HIE, because Google has rewarded there Site do to the quality of the content.

1 (6m 5s):
It's also a nicely diversified Site in terms of revenue is from a good mix of affiliate offers. So the business doesn't hinge in only one main program or the site is also a very diversified in terms of traffic to individual pages. The most traffic page on the site only makes up 14% of the traffic. So it's not dependent on just one page ranking. Well, all content is exclusive. Nothing has been taken from elsewhere. Pretty much all of the traffic comes from organic Google results, no ad or traffic buying has ever taken place. This is an outstanding opportunity for the new owner. If they want a further boost, the traffic, this is outstanding sex toy.

1 (6m 48s):
A review site is available for only $225,000. Now time for this week's interview, my guest today on Adult Site Broker Talk is Mike Pinto owner of Smuttyfy. Mike, thanks for being with us today on Adult Site Broker Talk. Thank you. Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure now Mike is fairly new to our business. He hails from the beautiful country of Portugal. He started in Smuttyfy, which I know I'm going to say Smuttyfy fly by the way, as he likes to say as a COVID-19 project. Smuttyfy is an adult social network. In the past mike has worked in the textile industry for more than 20 years, starting as a salesman, climbing the ladder until he became CEO of one of Europe's leading brands and baby and children's clothes in the mid two thousands.

1 (7m 39s):
He went into tech working for more than 10 years with major brands like Vodafone for the last eight years, he has been embracing tech to build and develop apps, websites, online marketing for a handyman and service providers, and then came the COVID-19 and mikes COVID-19 project. So Mike wants to tell us what Smuttyfy is high.

3 (8m 5s):
Okay. Smartify is a way that the answer is like, say like this to be an ongoing politically correct beach that is embracing the, that the social networks Smuttyfy is an adult social network. It's mainstream, meaning not close to the sex industry. For instance, if it's a, it's a, it's a mainstream Site social network, much like a Facebook in terms of a look and feel and the way of working, or you can create groups or you can engage, Post's react with likes and hearts and stop well as the options also quite interesting once by the way, but it it's a way to do to people to grow.

3 (8m 52s):
Not people Adult people express their adulthood. If you, if you go, if you go on and on Facebook, for instance, and it's quite easy to find someone getting shot or killed or anything in a car crash, it's quite easy to see war scenes and that's fine. That's accepted that's that's part of life. But if someone, men or women post a nipple, a woman's NYPL, they're going to get a pen. If they post something more than a nipple, they're going to be expelled for life.

3 (9m 34s):
Okay. A if you go, or if you, if you look at the, the, the, the, the one recent example tremble, they just simply banned pornography, pornography, pornography, sorry, there's the Instagram. Well, you've got a lot of stuff going on on Instagram, a again, globe and you'll get left out to me is a couple of networks that I can recall. It's called Twitter, and it is a lot of noise. And that is a, you know, a complete set of a unbelievable confusion to be able to understand what is going on. And you can not have a serious conversation on Twitter.

3 (10m 17s):
There's a, a, a huge amount of Patriots going around. Okay. And then you've got a ton read it. And they, they, they have the moths on the subreddits, which is actually more than built a, they think they are keeping up with the, with the trends on keeping up with, with the policy, with their policy. They're a little food policy. And I, I lost count of your amount of accounts that I got back from just as I made the post or a comment, or I don't know, honestly, I don't know what they're thinking, but coming to Smuttyfy Spotify came out as, as an answer to all of this as a place where grownups are able to express their most intimate.

3 (11m 6s):
I'm not going to say secrets. I'm going to say desires. I'm going to say fat issues. And if they want, if they were like anal sex, or if they like gunshot, or if they are like, but they're just a couple of their, from South to South Africa, that they are new to this. And they post it the pictures and news videos of their vacations. And they sell the video. You have those vacations that they went to Thailand. They went to some Kruger park or some park is in South Africa, Mozambique, and they felt the videos and with the money or selling the videos as they go on another vacation is they make more videos so easily.

3 (11m 50s):
If you, if you say, if you think of it, you have no place, but I'm not saying that I'm unique because there's no such thing On online. But if you don't have any, any place else where you can safely go and price and post something like that, or have a decent conversation about if you want it, if you like more of a deal, those are vibrators what to say, like this, we have that conversation there with users, and then without hatred, without the Batman thing, that's not that that's not allowed. Then we'll talk about it like that.

3 (12m 30s):
And people just openly participate and, and, and share what they like, what they don't like. And it's it. Well, everyone that goes in, he really likes it. And I think that's the best business card that I can that I can hand out.

4 (12m 48s):
Sure. Yeah. That's a very nice, Site in a funny story. You mentioned about it. You can't put nipples. I put this funny meme with a Vladimir Putin had with the tits, you know, it was about it. It was about the, the Corona virus vaccine. And I said, you see, let them read it and took the, took the vaccine and look has had no, no effect on. And it had, it showed him with tits and they, they, they pulled it. They said it was inappropriate con

3 (13m 18s):
See, the point is to the point, okay.

4 (13m 23s):
Facebook, that is so fricking funny, you know? And I mean, here it's, here's just a funny meme, right. But up it had nipples. Nope. Can't you can't do it.

3 (13m 34s):
Yeah. It sucks. It sucks. Yep.

4 (13m 36s):
It's ridiculous. Like we've never seen those before.

3 (13m 39s):
It's not, it's not that I don't want a Facebook or Instagram for me for that matter to have a explicit pornography. They're a, I don't think that's the place. Okay. You, you, you you're, you have to have a, a, a place and time for everything, but it was too much is too much, you know, it's a pretty instance is in Smuttyfy. We have three ground rule rules by the three pillars is what it stands now. And I wanted to say this, like I went to keep these as naive as possible.

3 (14m 20s):
First through, it has to be legal. If it's not legal, he doesn't have a place where Sure a second room. It has to be consented. If it's not consented, there is no place. Their third rule is no bad mouth and no hatred, you are going to get it. It doesn't fit. Okay. I, I had this to women as separate women, you know, to users, a big, beautiful, big, big, big women. They were afraid to register and share posts because they knew they were there. They were fat. And they were afraid of being a, you know, bullied.

3 (15m 4s):
Mark the bout. And I said that that's going to happen. They post it. It didn't happen. People just cheer them up and say, good, good. You got the courage to, to post a year. It look beautiful. You You, you fix your hair or you look wonderful. The leisure, it looks amazing on you because if you come to think of it, what's missing out on online then. Well, actually everywhere in life, his positivity and even Sure not, not that it was about the situation. It wasn't, but even in a bad situation, for instance, COVID good things come out. Okay. I got stuck. And most of us, you were in Europe.

3 (15m 45s):
We got stuck at home. I married with three kids and th the, the kids or all of them, actually the third kid was born on COVID. And so she was born in the, the, the first day of confinement. So the house itself is like a madhouse, you know, three kids. And it's amazing. It's amazing. And then I got stuck with this and the, the, the, the, the vanilla work, the regular work that I do, or marketing and branding, and with the Facebook ad for a business, as well as all the survey.

3 (16m 31s):
And it was kinda of a standstill. Nobody knew exactly what's going on. And I said, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna sit around. And they just looked at the ceiling. So I started doing Smuttyfy as well. It wasn't an answer to, to, to a new job that I think is existed online. A boy. And I believe this, I hope it is a wonderful thing, but it is something that is something that he gained from a very bad situation. COVID is bad. I took the time in, during the COVID confinement to build something that I hope it's good. You can, you, you can always look on the positive sides of stuff and make good things out of it.

3 (17m 15s):
And this is what Smuttyfy stands for, but we do, you know, what you buy just a quick, a quick note, you know what smart means, smart, smart to be, you know, that translation of it. It, it means verti, it means is obscene. It means for a few. So modify his, come on, bring it up.

5 (17m 38s):
It's only ours really,

3 (17m 40s):
Really it's that? That's the point right

5 (17m 44s):
Now? Have you worked in our industry before?

3 (17m 48s):
No, no, no, no. So this is brand new you. Yes. Yes. It's a new industry. I'm quite used to doing stuff like this. Well, as, as you say, I live in a textile in a good situation to go into tech, but I didn't have any connection time actually there that the passage in my life during the four years that I've managed the, the, the, the stock I'd be the stock management and buying and selling and negotiating with the industry for pharmaceuticals. I managed 16 pharmacists at once.

3 (18m 28s):
What was it about what was on the, on the counter? What was sold? Getting the best price is the best quantities adjusting things they're doing for years. But I also did that. It was a very, very good experience. He gave him the, it, it, it gave me connection's and gave me an experience to work with We, you know, mungus companies like a NUS nowadays quite famous AstraZenica and Pfizer's, and you know, all the, all of the big players. And I I'm quite, I'm quite comfortable in In going around in several industries and finding, finding out what's what's their core. What's their, what they stand for.

3 (19m 10s):
There is good people everywhere. That's bad people everywhere. It's not, it's not a good people in that. People are not leashes are just constantly,

1 (19m 20s):
No, not at all. They are not racist. They're not, industry's in fact, there's a lot more good people in Adult and there are a few people otherwise, but I think you're going to find it.

3 (19m 29s):
That was, you know, what, I'm coming to that all the people that have been needing over the past month, actually the past couple of months, because if we started in, in, in February and I kept this close, it's like, soft-launch, you know, I kept this close, just the invitation only. And I got to 800 users as well with a closed platform. And I just, a couple of months ago, I started looking into, into the industry and everyone that I've been meeting well, really nice people willing to, to, to develop things together.

3 (20m 14s):
One thing to share one thing to, to, to, to, to make things work. And I guess the, the community is so much be beaten up by, by, by, by the rest of the world that someone comes in with We with open arms to receive with open arms.

1 (20m 36s):
So you were absolutely, you are absolutely all right. All the gears I was in the mainstream, I came in to Adult and yeah, I had all of a sudden became a member of the family. So welcome to the family mic. Thank you. Thank you. So, so besides the fact that you were sitting around and a With crazy kids all around, why or why else did you put Smuttyfy together?

3 (21m 0s):
Oh, this is awkward too. Site anyway, I'm quite a sexual guy. I really like Site, you know, just not, not just the boating thing. It is. I think sex is that it's important for me is briefing reading or as eating or drinking. It's a, for instance, if I, I know we felt tired of it. It's okay. No problem. If you go to the Maslow's pyramid of needs, I consider sex to be in the lower bottom. This is because it's a, it's a very, very basic is a need. It's not necessarily a physiological needs, but I think facts in the Maslow pyramid as a place in all six levels or five levels, 65 or 40, I think it has a place in all of the level.

3 (21m 51s):
Then that's the only thing in place, the presence in all the levels. It it's part of me. Okay. A and I'm not saying that's not a question of consuming porn. I don't see it like that. I consume TV shows every day. I come to the movies every day, I consume, you know, a red berries, fruit juices, every day, four. It's just something that exists. It's quite difficult to go online on Adult site, not on site, the adult side, I mean, other issues and not be invited by board and in some, some way.

3 (22m 33s):
And I, I think that 50 shades of gray really creative as a turning point on the mainstream on the way that people look to what is, is an Adult relationship or not that 50 shades of gray represents the, the, the correct, the BSM stuff. It doesn't, that doesn't matter, but it showed the housewife. It showed the, the, the, the middle-aged middle class guy that they eat. It can be smarty with his wife and give him a cup of, of, of Spanx in the bathroom and stuff like that. And, and, and, and changed the way people think and see what Adult works in terms of sexes.

3 (23m 19s):
I think that this mind shift with this, this repositioning is growing very, very fast. I mean, really fast that there was this movie from Eataly or Turkey or whatever, the three 65, I don't remember the name that's on Netflix anyway, it's in the movies, not as good, but it as a lot of hop scene. So it a huge impact in women. So if women are willing to go online, Netflix or other to see, I'm not talking to you about Barnovich or ex CDOs, I'm not talking about that.

3 (23m 60s):
I'm talking about mainstream sex, mainstream porn, mainstream Sure erotic. If they are willing to buy books and look, we will look it up to get a movie that shows a couple of bucks, or even a front, a full frontal nude of a guy, because it is quite common. See full front of the women. And that means that the society, the majority of the society is, is shifting. Okay. I think that is a, that was the name of a place where people could express that I don't want this to be closed from the industry, not nor it closed into the industry.

3 (24m 44s):
Meaning the industry is a place a imagined imagined for, for instance, you got the Amazon, okay. I built a small Amazon inside, uhm, there's a marketplace where you can buy stuff where you can sell stuff. I expect a week's time to be all Adult stuff, but you can sell a t-shirt or to keep our own whatever you want. But in fact, you can sell panties. You can sell a billable vibrators, they can sell all kinds of sex toys or luxury or a, you know, a BDSM app or whatever you want. Why? Because there is no place else to do that. You've got millions of sex shops online. There is no M w Amazon can sell sex toys, but is not the same.

3 (25m 28s):
And there's no Amazon For Adult related stuff, but there isn't it.

1 (25m 35s):
Well, there are a Adult Adult toy store is a BD. It be a day at BDSM toys stores.

3 (25m 41s):
And then you've got feelings, have sex, sex shops online where everyone sells them. But at the same way, as you've got clothes stores and a home appliance stores and the mobile phone store. But if you come to think of it, most of the selling is done under Amazon because they have a marketplace while you can, for instance, compare prices for instance of that.

1 (26m 4s):
And if some of it is, yeah, there's also, there's also outside of Amazon. Of course,

3 (26m 9s):
Of course, of course, of course. But two, a two to the extent of Adult content is I built it to, to provide the service to wherever you want. For instance, that couple, the South African that I told you about, they felt they're their videos of them will have their own New vacation. And they go on other vacations where the money they were, there was no space to do that. Normally regularly, if you find you find a conversations about, well, we'd have to look at it. It is, it's an open thing For for adults.

3 (26m 49s):
And that was that, that wasn't anything you can not have a serious, my opinion. You can not have a serious conversation about the issue like the on Twitter, right?

4 (27m 1s):
Yeah, of course, of course. Now who does tutors? Smuttyfy a target for the most part? I think that there are

3 (27m 10s):
Three, a major, major, major segments that I want to target. The first one is the main stream is the John DOE and the Jane though that I want them. And I think everyone as they're kinky side, if they are like to watch to, to be a warrior or whatever, or leecher or whatever you want to call it, it's okay. They can come. There is a lot of content to be, see if you want to share it. If you like to share, if there's this huge girls and a husband, a liking to share their wife speaks and stuff or what they do or they don't, I'm okay with it.

3 (27m 51s):
It's perfectly fine. Come in. You have a place there. So the John DOE and Jane DOE are very, very welcome. And I want to target them as much as I can. It's like having an alter ego. You know, you, you, you, you can be me. Sal's wife on Facebook and Instagram, post pictures of the kid. You can be miss eval housewife on Spotify and, and, and, and, and below the place up, I'm very, very happy. I'm happy with it. And you eat it. As I said, it, it's a, it's a muscle need, and you can express yourself freely sheds one segment.

3 (28m 33s):
That's my main target. And then there are two targets. It looks the same, but they're not a, I want to target the sex workers. I don't think then, well, in the near future, anyway, I don't intend to sell subscriptions to users in terms of, I don't intend sex workers to sell subscriptions to users. And I'm quite referring to a specific point it's called on the fence. I don't want to be told. We find that that's not my place. That's not my point. Smuttyfy it was not built to, to, to, to compete with on the fence. Smuttyfy will not to compete with campsite or shatter, buy it or whatever.

3 (29m 13s):
Actually, a Smuttyfy was built to sec for sex workers to come in and say, look, this is me. This is what I do. You can see me on, on the fence there, you can book a cam show with me on Chaturbate or prestige Cam's or whatever it is. And, and, and, and we will spend a good time together and you can come to the shop and buy the time it is that I was wearing during the camp sho or the brow or the, the, the, the vibrator, or, okay. My wishlist is a remote wifi controls, sex toys for couples.

3 (29m 57s):
Let's do this. You, you, you, you buy this for me. You have it delivered. We schedule when I received that you install the app and you control my orgasm, and we do things online and we do this in a camp. It, it, it, it it's endless OK. For sex workers, having a platform that is quite open for them to, to, to, to interact with, with our targets. I, I think it's it. It's wonderful. I know that you've got more of a, you've got levels of, you've got all of the ocean. Okay. But you've got millions, millions of a social networks and still Facebook is what it is.

3 (30m 42s):
Okay. So I think that targeting the sex workers in this, in this environment, it's, it, it, it, it, for them, it's quite quite good. It's, it's a, it's a place where I'm quite sure that they will feel comfortable. I have some there. And they, the, the feedback that I have is that the platform is excellent, but they really, they really love how it works. So I guess I'm okay with it. And the third segment also industry is the Adult sex toy apparel industry. If, if I was in that segment, I think, okay, imagination is the limit.

3 (31m 25s):
But I think that one of my main problems would be out to market my products. If you, if you, if you go and sell a build, though, it's quite straightforward. But if you feel developed and we've been seen seeing, seeing that coming up, you know, some iTech sex toys with apps, without apps, or a special, special in certain positions, and you should, I put this part of the year and that part, there its a lot nice. It is. It's a, it's a very, very nice that you go on YouTube and you have someone presenting all the look at this.

3 (32m 5s):
You, you see this, this is quite nice, easy. You put this in a year and back in there. And do you expect that to press and do The that sucks, right? If you're in the adult industry producing sex stories. Now, while you have a barn of another staff like that here, you can actually build a page, build a group, engage with the youth, with the buyers, with the users. And it's like, okay, this is how its used. And you can actually add someone using it, testing it out. See, look, if you put it here, it's nice. But if you it to one meal, one inch too, the side is gonna be even nicer because they're going to touch the G spot and that they're going to touch the batteries and do this.

3 (32m 49s):
I'm good with that,

4 (32m 50s):
But you're right. You can, now you can actually demonstrate It. You can actually demonstrate as opposed to having to be generic about it. When you're on a main stream, a platform like YouTube,

3 (33m 1s):
There you go. I think this is the way we sell is a huge potential. I'm not, I, I'm not fooling in a way. I'm not saying I am the best or the way that my platform is, is the best or not the point, the industry now. And it's a specific place to target their users. And clearly explain out some stuff is intended to be used. Of course, you can take this and you can take it to the limit. That's going to be adds about it. This is going to be a good investment and about him. But also for instance, I follow on, on, on, on Facebook, I follow a Lilo, you know, the brand, they make very nice posts, but on every single post done on live or on Facebook is an article from a magazine.

3 (33m 59s):
Now explain to me because I'm quite dumb outcome, a brand that for me is one of the leading. Once they have a vibrated that costs $15,000 or euros, it may be in gold. How, how can you promote On Facebook? We've made it with magazine or a content like blog posts. I have $15,000 deal though. Sorry, I don't get it kind of difficult. Okay. So bringing the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, every industry, every in terms of goods, we have industry, I think that is going to be a year, is a very good thing for the industry as a whole.

3 (34m 44s):
And I'm not talking about any brand new ones in the specific I'm talking to, you know, a, the positioning of that, the industry it's, I'm going to go to a neurotic or a show, a very, you got booths of everything. You can live sex. You've got the same. It's exactly the same. You can show everything. You can tell everything, you can explain everything. It has to be legal. It has to be consented. No hatred.

4 (35m 12s):
Now there's obviously other adults, social networks out there. How are you positioning yourself in the market?

3 (35m 19s):
Th th th th I, I think I explained this. I wanted to buy it to be mainstream. Definitely mainstream. I got that part. Okay.

4 (35m 31s):
Okay. Okay. I thought, maybe wanting to expand on that. Now, what new features do you see up with a platform

1 (35m 39s):
In the near future?

3 (35m 41s):
I guess the users, the user that are going to, to bring that In Alex, while I was talking to a while ago regarding the only fan subscription or someone selling a subscription to users, I don't see me integrating that in the near future, but if the user's be mentored, if a user has asked for it and we've got the recent Bellefonte and things, so at exposes a lot of the fragility of all of that model. Umm, if they wanted it, they got It for instance, one thing that it's been, I heard, I never saw it because we don't have it here.

3 (36m 24s):
I heard that in the States Facebook, they did something called I don't want to be mistaken Facebook. They think that was a reply. I'd say like this to Tinder and Bumble and whatever. If for instance, we were talking to adults stuff, we are talking about sex about, you know, if they want a dating scheme that they think a extension inside that can happen. That's it, it's fine. It, without that, without, without the, the, the, the, the backpack extension, let's say like this, if, and if you go they're, you can actually see people, someone posted a gunshot and someone else to say, Hey, if you need any help, call me I'm available.

3 (37m 19s):
That's the ID, you know? And we were talking about open to the public comments Sure so if people are willing to, to do public comment and say, Hey, I'm available. If you want to, if you want to a party I'm available, if that is the case on an open comment, I can only imagine what would come out of a, a vaping CEO scenery. In fact, in this context, I think it's a big time now. I think that the imagination is the limit. You know, if whatever the user's want, I'm quite sure that the platform is going to follow.

3 (38m 2s):
And the more mainstream it is, the more mainstream I will have to be good.

1 (38m 7s):
Good. Now you have a day job and COVID is over, so have, or not over, but it's a lesson. How do you see some modify occupying your time and the future? And do you think may become a full time thing at some point?

3 (38m 25s):
Oh, definitely. Yes. Yes. I think that coming up, I think that to levels of concern in a year, the first one is being happy with what I do. And then the second one is providing a sustainable income to the household. Right? Of course. So those two, the, the, those two roads have to meet at some point, meaning I do art In I do branding. I do communication strategy for companies.

3 (39m 8s):
I do Facebook ads and Google ads and popups and ponder. And you name it. If, and I Oop, this is the way I can in a, I dunno, six months, period of time, if I can start monetizing Smuttyfy to an extent that covers up the costs of Smuttyfy, because I didn't do this on a shared platform. I bought the dedicated server on one of the biggest is, you know, the, the provider's in Europe. I bought software. I invested all my time.

3 (39m 48s):
I invested a lot of resources into making this happen, and I need to cover those costs because I'm, well, everyone needs money. Okay. So I can stop. If I could, I can cover those costs. And if I can start releasing some income too, the household coming from this, I see it a quite clearly moving on from my regular day job too. This one, for sure that this makes me happy. Okay. It makes me happy to see people enjoying themselves. It makes me happy.

3 (40m 28s):
This is a, not the closed on the deal, but it's something that I'm, I I'm, if it's a done deal, I'm going to be proud about it. I'm I'm working on a partnership with pineapple support to, to promote some fundraising and some support too. The sex workers are great because as I need to give back to the community, that the only way that we can, that the community is going to come to me. Okay. So we're working on it, a layer. It has been wonderful. I really, really liked talking to her.

6 (41m 9s):
And she was funny. She was one of my first guests on the, on the podcast.

3 (41m 12s):
So as a matter of fact, Oh, okay. She she's wonderful. I I'm quite, quite, quite dazzled with her, but let's say like this, he built a very, very nice thing. And if it, if I, if I can do something that I really enjoy and Smuttyfy I enjoyed and the way that brings money too, to company, to my house. So if that supports the, that the cost structure, they, I don't see why or why this can be my main thing as I, I I'm working on it to be the main thing. There are a gazillion other companies doing branding and websites and a communications flows, marketings, blah, blah, blah, blah it's were you, you were going to get to what I'm saying.

3 (42m 6s):
I'm important, but I'm in Portugal and this is not the, the, the, the cheapest country in the world. But, you know, labor force here is average the lead sheep, but you can actually have a website. We have an e-commerce store done by With 700 Xero's and I don't think that's the way. Okay. It, it, it it's like you can go out and have you been with five-year-olds or a year on McDonalds, but you're going to, you're gonna, you're going to get fired. So we were not going to be hungry, but that's not the, a decent meal. OK. It's full of facts that the ingredients are what is what they are, but if not a good meal.

3 (42m 51s):
So I'd rather it go for a good meal doing websites four or 500 or 700 euros that that's not the day job that slavery. And, and, and, and, and coming out of it to, to, to building something with a concept with, with a marketing strategy, with the positioning in the market, as I see, Smuttyfy probably, I'm still not, I'm not able to, to, to vocalize, to express myself clearly where I wanted to be, but I'm sure I will get there. I think coming to, to, to, to, to this platform and, and making a living out of it in terms of happiness, from one side of the happy with what I'm doing and financial is support on the other eye would be quite happy quite as well.

1 (43m 42s):
I wish you nothing but the best with it. I'd like to thank you for being our guests today on the Adult Site Broker Talk, and I hope it will get a chance to do this again, really soon. My Broker tip today is part two of how to buy a site. Last week, we discussed first deciding the type of Site you want to By and then establishing what your budget is next, its time to look for your new website. So where do you look? Well, Adult, Site Broker is a great place to start. We always have a nice variety of website and non website properties for sale, but if there's a particular type of sites you want, we can also act as your buyers broker to help you find just the right Site other places to look or boards like X and GF, but to be completely Frank, unless what you're looking for as a really low end small property, you're probably not going to find what you're looking for there.

1 (44m 39s):
Of course you could contact site owners yourself, but take it from someone who does it for a living, It's a major hassle, and it can be really hard to even find out who owns a site. Almost all adult sites use who is privacy from their domain registrar. So when you send them an e-mail, it will be to an anonymous address in most cases. And also in most cases, the emails aren't returned. We have a huge database of sellers and generally know who owns what. And if it's a website of note, if we don't know who owns it, we can always find out, we'll talk about the subject more next week.

1 (45m 19s):
And next week will be talking to PR guru, Brian Gross. And that's it for this

0 (45m 25s):
week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again, like to thank my guest Mike Pinto of Smuttyfy. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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