Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 152 with Zak Ozbourne of Exclusv.Life

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 152 with Zak Ozbourne of Exclusv.Life

Zak Ozbourne of Exclusv Life is this week’s guest on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Zak is a web engineer, photographer, and videographer who lives in Northern Australia. He has worked in the adult industry for over a decade and has won several awards for his work.He helped start and runs Exclusv Life,, an Australian OnlyFans alternative that has won awards.

Zak builds websites for companies and runs Exclusv Life. He is also making Dolls Down Under, which is his own production network.

He has been a guest on several industry podcasts, including this one, and he’s been featured in stories in AVN, XBIZ, and YNOT. At the Australian Adult Industry Awards in 2022, Zak won the award for Best Adult Web Developer and best website for Exclusv Life. He is up for both awards again this year.

Zak’s Twitter handles are @ZakOzbourne and @ExclusvLife.

Bruce, the host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker, said, “Zak is not only our most popular guest ever, but he’s also our web developer. Thanks to him, we are about to release a beautiful new version of Adult Site Broker Talk. He did as well. He’s not only good at what he does, but also very funny and has that classic Aussie sense of humor. I’m sure this show will be fun for you.”

You can listen to Zak Ozbourne on Adult Site Broker Talk starting today at

Bruce F., host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said:

Zak is not only our most popular guest ever, but he's also our web developer. Thanks to him, we are about to release a beautiful new version of Adult Site Broker Talk. He did as well. He's not only good at what he does, but also very funny and has that classic Aussie sense of humor. I'm sure this show will be fun for you.

Zak went on to win Best Adult Web Developer and his website Exclusv.Life went on to win Best Adult Website at the 2023 Australian Adult Industry Awards.


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They currently have over 400 scenes. They do over 400 total sales a month. All the traffic is either type in Tube or Twitter. 86% of the traffic comes from tier one countries only $619,000. Now time for this week's interview. My guest today on Adult Site Broker talk is Zach Osborne. Zach, thanks for being back with us today on Adult Site Broker talk.

Speaker 2 (2m 46s): Bruce, it's just good to be back here, mate. It's

Speaker 1 (2m 49s): A pleasure to have you. Now I'm gonna start out by telling everyone that Zach holds the record for the most listeners on one of our podcasts. Totally. And it's taken a Yes, you do. And it's been a while to get this busy guy back on, but it's so nice to have you again, my friend.

Speaker 2 (3m 6s): When you bother enough people with links, they'll eventually click 'em and listen to 'em.

Speaker 1 (3m 10s): Isn't that the truth? Now, Zach is an award-winning web developer and photographer videographer based in Northern Australia with over a decade of experience in the adult industry. He's the co-founder and operations manager of Exclusive Life, an award-winning Australian only fans alternative, in addition to building websites for clients and managing exclusive life. Zach is also developing his own production network called Dolls Down Under.

He's been a guest on multiple industry podcasts, most importantly this one, of course. And he's had his work featured in articles published in notable news outlets such as AV nbis and Why Not. In 2022, Zack was awarded the best adult web developer at the Australian Adult Industry Awards. So Zach, you live and work in Australia. How accepted is the adult industry there as opposed to the US and Europe where it's largely looked down upon?


Speaker 2 (4m 12s): The adult industry and adult work, sex work, as we call it, is pretty accepted here in Australia, or at least in, in, in my circles. Sure. I, you know, it is still pretty stigmatized in some ways. You know, it's, it's not a real job in a lot of people's eyes. Yeah. But the content creator or adult influencer, as they call, as they call these days, is becoming more acceptable within society.

Speaker 1 (4m 40s): Yeah, that's good. That's really good to hear. Although I think Australia tends to be a little more open than supposedly liberal countries like the United States.

Speaker 2 (4m 52s): Yeah, I tend to agree with you there, but this the banking wise, like you still can't take your Yeah. Your payout figures from your subscription platform down to the bank and ask for a home loan. Like it's still not going to be Yeah. Regulated or legitimized in those eyes.

Speaker 1 (5m 9s): Bankers are assholes. That's universal bankers. So any challenges being on the other side of the world?

Speaker 2 (5m 18s): Time zones? Yeah, you know, Canada, US East Coast, I think it's like opposite time zone to me on the east coast of Australia. So you wanna book in a, you know, a 9:00 AM call in the States. It's actually a 9:00 PM call here. You know, everything takes an extra half a day to resolve. Yeah. Back and forth emails. Yeah. People are sleeping and all that sort of stuff. Yeah, no, I, I think, you know, that's fine. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (5m 43s): We're doing,

Speaker 2 (5m 44s): We're

Speaker 1 (5m 44s): Doing all right. Actually, I think 9:00 AM on the East coast is midnight there cuz we have a 12 hour difference here in Thailand. So for you it would be midnight.

Speaker 2 (5m 54s): Yeah, we're an extra three hours on Thailand, so yeah. Oh, probably. It's been a long time since I've had to schedule calls to the States. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (6m 3s): Okay. Yeah. Yeah. The time, the time zone thing is a problem for all of us out thus far. So what is the Australian Adult Industry Awards?

Speaker 2 (6m 15s): Australian Adult Industry Awards is equivalent to like, I believe like the AVN awards and, and all that sort of stuff that you guys, that you have in America. It's, right, it's our adult industry and adult entertainment industry awards. It's geared to, to like, it's aimed towards full service sex workers, massage parlors, dance strippers, strip shows, strip clubs, right. Erotic dance troops, sex shops, and all of the support group video producers, all that sort of stuff.

Yeah. It's a, it's a red carpet, black tie event. Sweet. I didn't, I didn't wear a black tie. I didn't even wear a tie. Yeah. It's a, it's a red carpet, black tie event, you know, with in between entertainment and you get to hang out and talk to some of the, you know, the, the people up the big end of town, the, the big content creators, the headline Australian porn stars. Hmm. It's, it's a very, it's very exciting night.

Speaker 1 (7m 10s): How active is the adult industry in Australia?

Speaker 2 (7m 15s): Describe active, you know, if you talk like at least every town has a strip club.

Speaker 1 (7m 20s): Okay. But I mean, I mean more in terms of porn studios, content creators and the like, how active is Australia in that way as opposed to the rest of the world?

Speaker 2 (7m 35s): Well, I don't really have exact figures, but we don't have a big amount of AAA porn studios. We have, we got girls out west and Light Southern. They are two sort of high end, high, high-end, high-end porn production studios here. Yes. We export quite a few porn stars to the states. You know, we got Isabelle Delto, Angela White actually is a, is a Melbourne girl, and Kiara Edwards, she's just finished a big long tour over in America.

Hmm. So, you know, you guys and estates just love, love us Aussies

Speaker 1 (8m 11s): Love the accent. Always love that accent. I always used to melt when I was a boy hearing Olivia Newton John talk, what can I say? Actually got to meet her once. Funny story. She did a concert at the Oakland Coliseum Arena, and my friend and I went to the concert and, you know, we actually, and this was a long time ago before security was anywhere near what it is now, we figured out where the limos were leaving from and we followed him and we went past a restricted area at Oakland Airport and got out of the car and they rolled down the window and she said hi to us.

Speaker 2 (8m 59s): Unbelievable.

Speaker 1 (9m 0s): Yeah. It was actually extremely cool. Extremely cool. Yeah. Now, I mean, these days we would've gotten shot, you know, I mean, there's no two way, but, but in those days it was actually pretty cool. So how did it feel to be named Australia's best adult web developer?

Speaker 2 (9m 18s): Oh, honestly, it was a totally, it was a surreal experience and, and an honor to have my work, my hard work validated like that. Yeah. I didn't think anybody really paid attention to, to just me like the quiet little, you know, programmer up north, you know, just, but apparently people, people see what I do and yeah, it was, it was, it was a shock. It was surreal and it's just an all right downright honor to be able to get up that stage. And I'd got my trophy, which is actually like a big, like a big diamond.

Mm. That's pretty cool. I'll, I'll send you a photo.

Speaker 1 (9m 53s): Yeah, definitely. You definitely should. And how gratifying was it to win for exclusive life? I mean, you've busted your butt on that site.

Speaker 2 (10m 4s): I'd worked on my web, my website previously Sexy Snaps for many years. And then we, we migrated from Sexy Snaps to Exclusive Life and went to that subscription based platform. You know, we, we from launching in February, 2020, you know, we've been going for about two, just on two years. You know, we'd banged on a lot of doors and a lot of people were starting to see, hey, these guys actually have a website that's, that's a rival to the big players out there now. And again, it was, it's just amazing that we, I we had that sort of impact on the Australian adult industry.

Speaker 1 (10m 36s): Yeah, most definitely. It's come a long way on a couple years for sure. So,

Speaker 2 (10m 42s): Absolutely.

Speaker 1 (10m 43s): How has life been since those awards?

Speaker 2 (10m 46s): Not much has changed really. I've gotten a lot busier. Yeah. As you could imagine, my dad actually recognized my job as something real. Now it's only taken me, taken them 15 years to be like, oh, Zach, he makes porn science. Yeah. But now they're like, my son is a award-winning porn website builder, you know,

Speaker 1 (11m 7s): I love it.

Speaker 2 (11m 8s): Finally, you know, they're proud of me.

Speaker 1 (11m 11s): Aw, that's nice.

Speaker 2 (11m 15s): But apart from that, just really busy. Yeah. Everybody, everybody wants a piece of me.

Speaker 1 (11m 21s): Yep, yep. I understand. It can get that way. So have you been working on any fun projects lately?

Speaker 2 (11m 30s): Oh, web development. It's fun. I enjoy it. Like, it's one of those things I get into a code tunnel and I'll, I, before I know it, it'll be 3:00 AM and I'm like, oh shit. You know, I've got a, I've got a phone call, I've a, I've got a 9:00 AM meeting standout ones is, I'm building a, like a tantric massage website and they're very, they're trying to take a very goddess and offerings vibe to the site. So it's all different language that I'm used to, like words wording wise.

And I've just been doing, I've been getting a lot of independent escort websites as well, and they're fun. They're, you know, you get to meet all the different girls and Yeah, no, it's pretty good. But somehow after winning this award, I've gotten the attention of a lot of, I dunno what you wanna call it, mainstream industry. So builders and just other different, other different pick companies want me to build websites for 'em. Funny enough, the first job that I got after announcing that I'd won the award was, and they saw like the news, like the press releases and stuff, it was an artisanal bread bakery.

Speaker 1 (12m 39s): Yeah. Remember you telling me about that? Yeah.

Speaker 2 (12m 42s): So, you know, they've saw the news and they're like, huh Zach, he makes really good porn sites. Let's game to build out bread site. So my friends is kind of funny, you know, like, win's best porn developer builds bread website, you know, like, and I was a bit like, I was hoping I'd catch like a big one. Someone would be like, yeah, let's build this huge platform, or let's do this together. But no, it's just an artisanal bread manufacturer down in Sunshine Coast.

Speaker 1 (13m 10s): Interesting. Interesting.

Speaker 2 (13m 13s): I've just, you may have heard, I just finished rebuilding a website for a popular site broker.

Speaker 1 (13m 19s): I've heard that. Anyone? I know

Speaker 2 (13m 21s): You may not have heard of them. Yeah. Adult, adult site broker, I think is what they're called.

Speaker 1 (13m 26s): Yeah, I vaguely, vaguely. I, I do kind of, yeah, that does kind of ring a bell.

Speaker 2 (13m 31s): And I also hear they've got a new podcast website coming out in the next, I'd like to say weeks, but it's probably gonna be a month.

Speaker 1 (13m 38s): Ah, geez. Don't talk. Okay. Yes. This, this podcast is going to have an exciting new website with all kinds of features and it is my friend Zach, who will be responsible for it, and it's gonna be that

Speaker 2 (13m 53s): Much.

Speaker 1 (13m 54s): Yeah.

Speaker 2 (13m 54s): My responsibility. No regret, mate.

Speaker 1 (13m 56s): Oh, it's looking really exciting. So your work is always appreciated and I will give my personal testimonial here about how good this guy is and how great he is to work with. So

Speaker 2 (14m 9s): Bruce, it made me blush.

Speaker 1 (14m 10s): Yeah. And now you can, now you can pay me the thousand dollars you promised me for saying that. Okay.

Speaker 2 (14m 16s): And I'll just, and you can pay me an extra thousand.

Speaker 1 (14m 21s): So what are the challenges in your line of work as you get busier and more popular?

Speaker 2 (14m 28s): For a long time, ever since I've started doing adult websites, especially for independent escorts and independent content creators, I've sort of tried with my, I've tried my hardest not to use answers or outsource just due to the nature of the work. I don't want to be giving, you know, premium content out to like anonymous freelancers. Like, I don't want the content leaked because of me, you know, like these, these creators, they work hard to sort of police their content and I don't want it to get out. It's all me. I, yeah.

So I'm re I'm incredibly busy,

Speaker 1 (15m 1s): It's all I hear.

Speaker 2 (15m 2s): Yeah. The other one, the other problem I have is I just can't say no to work. Like someone says, Hey, z I want, do you wanna be to build this website? And if I quote them, they'll say, yeah, they, and they'll say yes. And I just do it. I, and I just, I just keep doing it. Someone, I think it was you who said when you were that busy and you've just running outta time, you should just start charging more. Yeah. And then I find it, I find it hard for myself to validate my, my time and my work Yeah.

As much like to that rate. Right. Because it's also like, it is something I enjoy doing, so. Right,

Speaker 1 (15m 37s): Right. I dunno. Yeah. But

Speaker 2 (15m 39s): It's a struggle.

Speaker 1 (15m 40s): Yeah. But in the end, it's all about making money. I mean, it really comes down to it, even though you enjoy it, it is your business. I've also suggested to you that you do add some, you know, other people that you work with to take care of some of the more menial tasks that are not necessarily up to your pay grade.

Speaker 2 (16m 1s): Yeah, I agree. Like if I, I can find a way to split it out. Yeah. And you know, so like someone, they, they do the certain part, right. And then like I oversee, I watch it. Yeah. And then like all the sensitive information is the last step, and that's all my bit and

Speaker 1 (16m 15s): Exactly. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (16m 16s): It's a bit of a bit of a process I have to go through to work it all out.

Speaker 1 (16m 19s): Oh yeah. You've gotta design the process first. And I mean, I am all about outsourcing. I don't want to have employees. Okay. Hmm. Some of my, some of my vendors are hard enough to work with and not one of them. But, you know, it's like you really have to have a good team behind you, whether it be employees or whether it be freelance people.

And I prefer freelance people because it's just a better, more, to me it's a more honest relationship. And I didn't like being an employee, so I don't want to have employees. Does that make sense?

Speaker 2 (17m 6s): I think, I think I also, I think they call it, I have a touch of the founders syndrome where Yeah. I've gotta have my hands in everything

Speaker 1 (17m 14s): That can be a problem. It

Speaker 2 (17m 16s): Is. And being able to let go like that and have, have someone else do your work. Right. Is is a challenge. Especially if it's your, if it's your name, right. Like Right. You know, I operate as Zach Osborne. I don't, I don't have a different business name. Like Yeah. I work under my own name. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, it, I said it, it's something, it's, it's a challenge that I'm gonna try and overcome this year sometime it's 2020 three's problem. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (17m 44s): I would agree wholeheartedly. And you and I have said it is something we will talk about because I think I can certainly add some ideas to that process. So, yeah. And I know you and I brainstorm and strategize all the time, so it's a good thing. Yes. It sounds like a lot of your work is online. Do you get out from behind the monitor and keyboard Very often.

Speaker 2 (18m 8s): Not as often as I like to or as I should, just because like everything I do is so computer centric. Sure.

Speaker 1 (18m 16s): It's,

Speaker 2 (18m 17s): I'm always here, but tell me

Speaker 1 (18m 19s): About it. Yeah. Yeah. You and me, bro. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (18m 23s): So, but earlier this year, just after, after New Year's, I traveled to the Gold Coast, I've been working with a sex worker here in Australia. Her name is Vivian Black, and she's starting a, like an online adult industry resource called Perversity X. So it's like, you know, perverted University X Yeah. And we put the call out to any, any content creators, adult industry professionals, sex workers and all that, if they were interested in coming and lending, you know, 20 minutes to an hour of their time.

Right. To help us record a free set of educational videos to help. Right. To help people. They wanted to get into the adult industry or at least help them succeed. Nice. Yeah. So we did our first collaboration event on the Gold Coast. Just yeah. Just after New Year's. And everybody, every, like, we had an overwhelming response of people who came out nice to, to come and talk about it. And we had, as I mentioned earlier, we had, Kiara Edwards came and spoke about Australian porn production verse, the US porn production and how St.

STDs, the screening is all done. We had the Apollo show. He's a very big prominent adult content creator here in Australia. Okay. Talk about, talk about how to capitalize off your social media and, you know, TikTok is one of the best converting social medias we've got at the moment. Yep. And we had another, another male content creator, primal instinct come out and talk about how

Speaker 1 (19m 56s): And some of these names of some of these creators.

Speaker 2 (19m 60s): Yeah. Yeah. I def have to check 'em out. And he, he spoke about, you know, his processes of being on set shooting content because he's a male content creator. Yeah. Everyone just sort of lended like their, their experience Okay. And all their recommendations. We also had some full service sex workers come in and talk about how they got into the industry and the traps for young players and, you know, what do they wish somebody had have told them about when they first started? Yeah.

Speaker 1 (20m 27s): Yeah. I'm sure there's a lot.

Speaker 2 (20m 29s): Yeah, absolutely. But we are waiting for the finished product to be edited so we can see how well we went. So yeah, I went down, I was a camera operator and co interviewer for some of the questions and yeah, it was just really cool hanging out with all these acts, so to speak, of Australia.

Speaker 1 (20m 45s): That's sweet. Well, you're becoming a very, very prominent voice in the Australian adult industry. And this last round of awards certainly confirms that. Right.

Speaker 2 (21m 0s): Yeah. I'll, I'll admit, I consider myself as just like a small independent web developer up north that just like, lives in a cave almost. So the, the imposter syndrome was strong, you know, like, yeah. But yeah, it was great. I was shaking the hands of these guys and, and these girls and they were like, oh, Zach, you're the web developer. And I was like, you, you know who I am.

Speaker 1 (21m 21s): You and I have to have a talk about how you go from believing what you believe to being what you already are and what you will be. Okay.

Speaker 2 (21m 33s): That sounds like the title of your first self-help tape.

Speaker 1 (21m 37s): Ooh. Yeah. We don't have tapes anymore now, but anyway. Oh,

Speaker 2 (21m 42s): What, you guys have something else?

Speaker 1 (21m 45s): Tapes? Well, there used to be tapes, DVDs, there's CDs, there's, I don't know about tapes. Anyway, eight Track.

Speaker 2 (21m 55s): It was adjusted how out Eight behind

Speaker 1 (21m 57s): Eight Track, eight Track tapes, eight track. Betamax.

Speaker 2 (22m 0s): Betamax was the premium one. If in my Belief, beam Max should've won.

Speaker 1 (22m 4s): I've seen it all, man. I've seen it all in 65 years. Holy shit.

Speaker 2 (22m 8s): It was a, it, it was a suggest at how behind Australia is in technology because here we are the 16th of the second, 16th of February, 2023. And last week my house got fiber.

Speaker 1 (22m 22s): I know you told me. And you know, here's the thing. Okay. Yeah. I mean, well I will say technology-wise, Thailand is catching up fast. We've got, as I've bragged you many times, gig beat here at home and

Speaker 2 (22m 36s): 500 up, what's that? 500 megabit up.

Speaker 1 (22m 38s): Yeah. But the only pro, the only thing is that's when the international gateway's cooperating because, you know, let's face it, I'm always on websites in the US and Europe and if the international gateway is having problems, which by the way is still wholly controlled by the Thai government.

Speaker 2 (22m 59s): Yeah.

Speaker 1 (22m 59s): Yeah. So it's shitty. Yes.

Speaker 2 (23m 2s): Do we have to, do we have to cen this out?

Speaker 1 (23m 5s): Oh, fuck no. Oh, no, no. We're no one gonna cen we're not gonna censor any of that, any of that shit out. I didn't talk about the people. I can't talk about, I only talked, I can say whatever the fuck I want about the government. That's

Speaker 2 (23m 18s): Fair. Okay.

Speaker 1 (23m 19s): And after, after our conversation, before this interview today about my experiences after a little road mishap with the Royalty police, I could go into a whole fucking tirade right now, but I won't because it'll be too, too far off topic. But anyway,

Speaker 2 (23m 36s): It's gotta be another, another podcast series. Just Bruce Rantz.

Speaker 1 (23m 40s): They're fucking fools. Anyway, so tell us again about Exclusive Life. What are its features and how is it different from all the other creator sites out there? Because there are a bunch now.

Speaker 2 (23m 53s): Oh, they're popping up. They're front and center. Yeah. So Exclusive Life is an online content monetization platform or a subscription-based social media network on how you wanna look at it. We offer on demand no minimum payouts. So, you know, if you, you only earn $4, you can have your $4. I've worked very, very hard with different banking providers and stuff like that to get these, get my creators paid fairly and cheaply and on time as possible because Excellent.

You shouldn't have, you shouldn't have to reach some predetermined, arbitrary amount in your balance before you can ask to be paid. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (24m 36s): No, it's true.

Speaker 2 (24m 37s): We try and put our creators first before even, like, before we get paid. Of course, in a way. Because they, if we don't have creators, we don't have a platform. So we've Absolutely

Speaker 1 (24m 48s): Right. Absolutely. Right.

Speaker 2 (24m 50s): So, and we, we work on features, features that benefit them and we listen to the input, I guess cuz we're not a monstrosity global company yet. Right. So, you know, we, we are listening to the input from our creators and what they want, what they wanna see. And we are working with them to create new features.

Speaker 1 (25m 9s): What kind of input has brought about which, which features on exclusive life.

Speaker 2 (25m 16s): Oh, that's so like, it's, what's it called? Ui, ux, user experience, user interface. Just, you know, people will say, Hey, this, when I'm in the menu and I want to go here, I expect to end up at this page, but I'm not sort of thing. So we're, we are like, oh, you know what? That we actually haven't considered Yeah. That use case. So we implement that. Right. Just notifications, like, you know, we've recently pwa or I can't remember what PWA stands for on personal web app, but I don't think that's what it's, I just know it as pwa Okay.

On both Android and iOS and Okay. We've got push notifications on Android, so it, it is now it just, it looks and feels like a social media app. Yeah. That all came from people saying like, I wish there was just, I didn't have to use the browser. Yeah. You know, and I wish I had a notification when someone DMed me Yeah. When someone unlocked a post so I could go and talk to them straight away. So we've implemented that, right? Yeah. Just quality of life improvements Yeah.

And all that sort of stuff. It's been, it's really good. We've got a pretty good community sort of vibe going where people can just talk to me and, you know, tell me like, I'm not too big. I'm here all the time and Sure. People answer my, my creative's questions.

Speaker 1 (26m 33s): That's really cool. So if I'm a creator, God knows I'm not and I'm,

Speaker 2 (26m 41s): There's a niche for you.

Speaker 1 (26m 43s): Oh God, please. And if I think you should see me right now with no shirt on, man, I don't think you'd say that. And let's say there's, I'm looking at different platforms. Yeah. And I wanna know, obviously I, I wanna be on more than one. I think where should I really concentrate and assuming that it's exclusive life, why would I concentrate on exclusive life?

Speaker 2 (27m 13s): That's a really good question. I know.

Speaker 1 (27m 15s): Cause I have, I know cuz I asked it.

Speaker 2 (27m 17s): Yes. Yes. You gotta look at things. Is the platform going to promote you? Yeah. Are they gonna promo, are you going to be in front of potential buyers to potential subscribers? How are they gonna promote you? Right. Right. Are they gonna support you through all of your problems? You know, your content gets leaked. Right. Do you, do they have a process for dealing with that? Yeah. And if you're gonna get paid, how, how long is it gonna take you to get paid? Right. I think they're the, they're the three main figures that you gotta look at.

Right. Others, you know, as I said, user interface, you know, so like, so go back to the top. What was my first one? Are they gonna promote you? Yeah, we run, we have like a discover page and we've got our like a ranking system. And then you can like, you know, you can sort by most popular models, you can buy all creators, your most new creators. You can search for people, you can search for hashtags. You know, if you were into a certain type of niche, you know, you wanted big boobed creators, you can type in big boobs into the, into the search box.

And as long as that creator has filled out their profile, they will find you. So like we've got multiple niches sort of to like, to spread out to get you more exposure. Are we gonna support you if your content gets leaked? Absolutely. We offer a free D DM c a takedown service. Nice. Which not too many platforms do. So if you can show me your content's been leaked and it's online, on this website and you, we can verify that it is from exclusive life and it did come from exclusive life, we will get our lawyers and solicitors and we'll get a D M C A take down request formed up and sent off and we'll find out how they got it.

Another feature that we've got is, what we're working on is digital fingerprinting of content. Cool. So the users, the users can't see it, but you know, if, if it's downloaded or saved from our website, however that, however they may get it out, we, and we can get ahold of the original file, we will actually know which, which user leaked it. Cool. I don't you, I could tell you, they'll tell you the creator that information I guess and we can go from there. Yeah. Whether you, we banned them, but internet can probably sign up again.

Sure. But at least, you know, at least we have the ability to trace where it came from. Sure. And third one, as I mentioned, are we, are you gonna get paid? Absolutely. We are currently working on minimizing. So with most content platforms, if you make a sale, you know, you've gotta at least wait eight days before that those dollars are released into your current balance. And that's just risk mitigation on the platform's behalf. Yeah. You know, people sign up and then cancel and then ask for a refund straight away.

You know, we, it's easier to sort of just deal with that internally up af within the eight days. Right. But if you have a trusted, I don't know what the right word is, non-problematic creator who's had like a clean record, no refunds and all that sort of stuff. We create sort of like a score and that that cool. Those waiting days get less Yeah. Down to the point where it is, it will be possible for you to make a sale and then withdraw that amount to your, to your bit safeguard that we spoke about and instantly have that money on a card in your hands.

Wow. And you got paid, you know, two minutes ago.

Speaker 1 (30m 43s): Geez. That's awesome.

Speaker 2 (30m 44s): Yeah, as I said, you know, we are trying to put the money back into like the creator's hands, get it to 'em as fast as we can.

Speaker 1 (30m 51s): Did you see a bump for exclusive life after winning the award?

Speaker 2 (30m 55s): Definitely. We had a lot of people, especially from the night cuz I was around Right. Mingling with everybody, giving them my business card and telling them all about exclusive life and how ma how, you know, especially for those who didn't know what it was. Right. So that was good. Yeah. We saw a, a big bump and it was good. It was definitely, everyone's very impressed. Oh my God, it's so fast. Yeah. It's like, well yeah, we spend a lot of time trying to make it as fast as we can. Sure.

Speaker 1 (31m 23s): Absolutely.

Speaker 2 (31m 25s): You know, nobody, nothing worse than spend trying to upload a video. It's taking 10 minutes and your phone's timing out and Yeah. All that other, as you know, you've mentioned internet problems, international gateways. Yep. So no nodes trying to have nodes around the world to just minimize that, minimize that waiting time.

Speaker 1 (31m 44s): Yeah. Yeah. So overall things are well with exclusive light. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (31m 49s): We're still working on new features every day trying to, you know, implement new and exciting ideas. More and more people are coming, signing up as creators and bringing their followers and their, their potential members and yeah, everyone's getting exposure and it's great.

Speaker 1 (32m 4s): What specifically are you working on to add to the site as far as new features coming up?

Speaker 2 (32m 10s): Well, as I mentioned, quicker payouts for creators. That's, that was one we are working on that the algorithm to get the wait times down lower. But something really exciting that I've been working on only this sort of the start of this year and it's sort of the hot topic at the moment is like working with ai, artificial intelligence. Yes.

Speaker 1 (32m 30s): Yes.

Speaker 2 (32m 31s): I'm creating, I've been working on AI models to create like post captions. So as, as I spoke to some of my creators and they, I said like, what's something you don't like doing when creating content? You know, and it's the, the coming up with words to go with my content when I post it. Like I need to write some sales copy so people will want to unlock my post or Yeah. Wanna subscribe to my profile. People like me, I'm not a salesman. That makes, I

Speaker 1 (33m 0s): Believe that makes one of, that makes one of us.

Speaker 2 (33m 2s): Yeah. Right. I believe that my product should speak for itself, but unfortunately that's not the world we live in. That's

Speaker 1 (33m 7s): Not the world we live in. My friend. You're always selling.

Speaker 2 (33m 11s): It's not the industry we're in either. That's right. So yeah, I've been implementing AI post caption generation, so you know, the creator could say, you know, it's neat. Oh I don't, I don't know what we can talk about on this podcast, but I, you know, trying out my new purple dildo just for you.

Speaker 1 (33m 29s): You can say anything you want on this podcast by the way,

Speaker 2 (33m 33s): Daddy. Yeah. Trying out my new purple dildo for the first time. Come watch. And you put that into the AI and you know, the AI models are all about the adult content. They understand and yeah. It will generate like a much bigger media post with relevant hashtags. Yeah. Right. For you to just put into your post caption and just submit that, send that off. Right. And I've shown like that there's been like a very, was it beta release on that?

I've shown some of the creators and they think it's amazing. That's a game changer. Sure. Not sure the next step. And they've asked me, a lot of people have asked me about AI prompted dms and you know, talking to your subscribers one-on-one using an ai. Yeah. And I'm, I don't know the ethics behind it yet. I haven't fully sat down and thought about it, but at least if it's AI driven, so, well

Speaker 1 (34m 29s): Let me ask you a question though about that. Yeah. Okay. Is it any less ethical for AI to do it than some chat agent in the Philippines?

Speaker 2 (34m 40s): I think the answer is no. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (34m 43s): That's the same.

Speaker 2 (34m 44s): Yeah. Think

Speaker 1 (34m 45s): It's not them. Okay. So if chat d PT can do it then or some other variation of ai of

Speaker 2 (34m 55s): The AI model.

Speaker 1 (34m 57s): Yeah. Yeah. Then what's the problem when every adult dating site known to man is using moderators? Hmm.

Speaker 2 (35m 7s): Yeah. Well our AI models that I've been working on are what's they're built from that creator and that creator's personality too. So good. Everyone will have like their own AI profile. So,

Speaker 1 (35m 20s): So it's actually better than someone in the Philipp Philippines. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (35m 25s): And it, it learns from that and rather than having full conversations with the members, it's, like I said, it's AI driven so the creator will have various responses they can choose. Yeah, sure. And they can also override it. They can, they can submit their own response and all that sort of stuff, but Sure. Yeah. It's just a time saving I, because these, these creators they're talking to, you know, tens or hundreds of guys. Right. Or subscri, so subscribers. Right. You know, I, you know, some of the best owners we have offer the, the girlfriend experience, like the Absolutely.

The digital, the digital girlfriend. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (35m 60s): Living in Thailand. I know a little bit about the girlfriend experience.

Speaker 2 (36m 6s): Yeah. So that's, well you're just sideswiped me there mate. I

Speaker 1 (36m 11s): My best.

Speaker 2 (36m 12s): Yeah. So that's something we're working on. It's pretty exciting. I've sort of gone down the rabbit hole a little bit on AI this year so far and it's very, it excites me. It's important. I have no idea where we are gonna end up, like as a society with ai. I have no idea, but

Speaker 1 (36m 27s): I don't even want to fucking think about it man. I don't want, I don't want to think about where we're going with AI and robots, you know, I mean, they're probably gonna declare war on the universe and take us all hostage and kill us. So what's in the future for Zach Osborne?

Speaker 2 (36m 46s): Man, I'm flat out thinking about what's happening tomorrow, let alone the future. I guess Build more sites, learn more things, maybe get an employee. Yeah. But as you mentioned in my little bio up the front of the podcast, I am looking to create a syndicate of video, like content video and photo producers. I dunno if you've seen Narcos, Mexico.

That's the best way in my analogy. Where old mate

Speaker 1 (37m 20s): Seen what, sorry,

Speaker 2 (37m 22s): Narcos Mexico? No, it's on Netflix. Hmm. Anyway, so basically it's like you've got all these independent, you know, cartels and he's joined them all together and then they become like the world's biggest cartel anyway. So what I wanna do is you want

Speaker 1 (37m 35s): Two, you're gonna get into drug dealing?

Speaker 2 (37m 37s): No, no. There'll be no drug dealing and no killing shooting content. Yes. Ah,

Speaker 1 (37m 45s): Very good.

Speaker 2 (37m 46s): There's too many people, too many independent content creators out there. Like con no content creators, content producers in Australia here, we've had some people, I'm not, I can't really name names here, but he's, he got himself into some hot water because just the way he was finding female actors to

Speaker 1 (38m 7s): Participate

Speaker 2 (38m 7s): In his videos were unsavory. And you know, it's come out now after like a couple years that they have recently they were under the influence of drugs or

Speaker 1 (38m 19s): Oh. Or

Speaker 2 (38m 20s): Alcohol at the time. Have

Speaker 1 (38m 21s): You read up at all on the girls' porn case?

Speaker 2 (38m 26s): No.

Speaker 1 (38m 27s): Google it. Okay. Some of those guys, if not all of them are in prison. Yeah. You need to check that out. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (38m 35s): You know, it's come out and then it's just, and he's actually had, he was an award-winning male content creator and he actually had publicly in his award, like stricken from him, like the adult good industry awards. People have said like we actually, we've found out what he's done and we, we are discrediting him. He's not I hope winner in our books.

Speaker 1 (38m 55s): I hope they tick Ron Jeremy out of the AVN Hall of fame.

Speaker 2 (38m 59s): Yeah, that'd be pretty big wouldn't it?

Speaker 1 (39m 1s): It would be appropriate. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (39m 4s): What I wanna create is like this network of content producers that's built on respect and accountability. Yeah. And we'll be, we'll position ourselves all in various cities across Australia. So traveling content creators, traveling sex workers can go to one of these verified producers and know they're going to get, they're gonna be in a safe, respectful environment. Yeah. They're gonna get a level of product that they have seen before and if anything unto towards happens, untoward happens, they can voice it amongst like the rest of the people and everyone can be like, well hang on now.

Like that we, we don't stand for that and Right. You know, it's, people take accountability for all their actions. Yes. And I like because safety this, yeah, it's 2023 and you know, sex work is real work and they, people should be operating safely. Yes. We've got workplace health and safety, we've got, you know, ergonomic chairs, you know, we've got all these things. Why can't these girls do their work? I use girls because most of them are girls like women. But why can't these creators do their work safely with respect?

Yes. Yeah. So that's something that I'm excited to work on. Absolutely. You know, and with Vivian Black and the other creators that I mentioned earlier, you know, everyone wants to get behind that and good. You know, I'm up in cans and so they're like, oh yeah, let us know. We'll come up. So yeah, it's sort of, it's, everyone likes the sound of it. So that's sort of what I'm working on. That's

Speaker 1 (40m 38s): Very cool. Very cool. So you won two awards at really what's the equivalent of the Oscars of the Australian adult industry last year? Are you nominated this year and will you be attending?

Speaker 2 (40m 56s): So I haven't received official confirmation that I'm actually nominated yet cuz it's still only the 16th of February. Nominations close on the 28th of February I think. Hmm. But a lot of my friends and people I've worked with have all told me, Hey Zach, I've nominated you this year and exclusive life. Cool. So I, I anticipate I'll get a nomination this year. Nice. But as for attending, absolutely. Nominated or not, I'm gonna be there. It's a great night.

It's a great time. Sounds cool.

Speaker 1 (41m 27s): Sounds cool.

Speaker 2 (41m 27s): Yeah, it's a great show. I don't know what I'm gonna wear this year. I know that's, it's a weird question from a man, but prob

Speaker 1 (41m 34s): Probably she close I would guess.

Speaker 2 (41m 37s): Oh yeah, well LA last year we had, we had Picasso, his name is like P R I C A S, Oso Picasso. And he actually does portraits with his Willie.

Speaker 1 (41m 47s): Yeah, I've heard about people who do that before. He's

Speaker 2 (41m 50s): 68 I think.

Speaker 1 (41m 53s): Mm.

Speaker 2 (41m 54s): Anyway, I had a couple of drinks with him. He's a really nice guy. How bet

Speaker 1 (41m 57s): His dick doesn't like him very much.

Speaker 2 (41m 59s): It's pretty long. I think it's years of being stretched. Definitely going. It's in Melbourne this year, so yeah. Gonna go down there, have a bit of a party. I think we all getting together and doing some content production in the hotels afterwards. My sweet with everybody, like all of the headliners all in the one town, you know, it's, yeah,

Speaker 1 (42m 20s): It's

Speaker 2 (42m 20s): Gonna get wild.

Speaker 1 (42m 21s): You might as well take advantage of it. Get some work done. That's,

Speaker 2 (42m 25s): Yeah, well that's right. It's my accountant. He doesn't like it, but

Speaker 1 (42m 29s): Hey man, you can write it off. That's the beauty, right?

Speaker 2 (42m 32s): That's it.

Speaker 1 (42m 33s): Then your accountant should love it.

Speaker 2 (42m 38s): He loves it, but he hates it.

Speaker 1 (42m 39s): Yeah, I understand. Well, hey Zack, I'd like to thank you for being back with us again on Adult Site Broker talk and I know we'll have a chance to do this again soon.

Speaker 2 (42m 50s): Oh, absolutely Bruce. It's shame we left it so long, but also a pleasure to be back again.

Speaker 1 (42m 56s): It's a pleasure to have you and it won't be that long this time. I'll be more of a pain in the ass.

Speaker 2 (43m 2s): More than normal.

Speaker 1 (43m 3s): You're right. My broker tip today is part four of what's due to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later. Last week we talked about keeping your site up to date and making sure everything works. Next, find new ways to monetize your website, such as sell advertising. If you've got a free site like a tube, that's the best way to monetize your site if you have a tube. Another way to make more money is to sell premium memberships. Offer free users one level of content.

And for premium users you can do things like give them higher quality or longer videos or both. You can also make the site add free for premium members. Start an affiliate program. If you have a pay site, this is a great way to increase your quality of traffic and get more joins with all sites. You can figure out other upgrades and products you can sell to your users. Pay sites can also sell pay-per-view, or people have the option of paying by the scene for content they can't get on the site.

This is another way to charge users as opposed to a monthly fee. Sell them other products like toys and novelties, market your business, do things to improve your search engine results. There are some great s e o consultants out there who can help you get higher search rankings in Google. If you want some recommendations, contact us on our website, list all of the benefits of your site in your marketing and how they affect the user. And of course, hire a great marketing consulting firm such as Adult B2B marketing, which we also happen to own.

We'll talk about this subject more next week and next week we'll be speaking with Terry Stephens. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker talk. I'd once again like to thank my guest, Zak Ozbourne. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I'm Bruce Friedman.

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