Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 15 with Evan Seinfeld

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 15 with Evan Seinfeld

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Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 15

[00:00:09] This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus, we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week, we'll be talking to Evan Seinfeld of Is My Girl.

[00:00:33] Adult Site Broker is proud to announce Adult Site Broker Cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With Adult Site Broker cash, you'll have the chance to earn as much as 20 percent of our broker commission, referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at Adult Site Broker dot com for more details. First of all, today, let's cover some of the news going on in our industry. The San Francisco Porn Film Festival concluded last weekend, and organizers are celebrating the success of the inaugural event, which was entirely online on pink label TV. A crowdfunding campaign earlier this summer surpassed its original goal of seven thousand dollars and eventually drew just over 11000 dollars to cover artist fees for over 100 participating filmmakers, guest curators and moderators, equipment and broadcasting tech and closed captioning in several major languages, among other needs. The event drew over 1500 attendees, with most of them viewing on laptops, a small number watched on mobile devices, tablets and airplay originally planned as a two day in-person theatrical event. The festival blossomed into a five day virtual attraction, presenting 90 films, including five short film programs plus Q and A's and filmmaker talks, followed by a full day of recorded programs on demand for those who may have missed a live event or just wanted to watch again. Adult actress Brandi Love and conservative activist Terry Schilling recently debated the issues of age verification and keeping minors away from adult content on the Internet for the right wing site, Daily Caller dotcom media reporter Shelby Talcott mediated and immediately put both of them on their heels by asking them to make the opponent's argument.

[00:02:37] Schilling said the best thing about porn is that it opens up opportunities to open up the conversation about sex. Brandy's argument against porn was accessed by the underrating crowd. Schilling is a proponent of reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Brandee came down on the side of digital I.D., which he said would be just like having a driver's license. Love argued that responsibility needs to be on the person uploading the content by opening up companies to sue happy people or potentially people that want to abolish a particular aspect of the industry, meaning adult. That leaves these companies wide open by having a digital I.D., which is no different than having a driver's license. This would be attached to your age, your name and all of your information. The pretrial hearing in the Mercedes Corera criminal case concerning multiple child sex abuse charges against Turner husband, which was supposed to happen last week at the Rancho Cucamonga courthouse in San Bernardino County, California, has been postponed one more time, this time until December 17th. The pretrial hearing, the crucial date that would determine the jury selection process and the date of the beginning of the actual trial has already been postponed numerous times. Most recently last month, Corera and her husband, Jason Whitney, were arrested after a police raid of their home on February 1st.

[00:04:08] Twenty nineteen, Corera and Whitney had been in county jail without a trial for almost 19 months, first without bail and later after they had have to liquidate all their assets and had no source of income due to their incarceration, with bail set at two million dollars each. Now let's feature our Property of the Week that's for sale at Adult Site Broker. This week, we're featuring a premium tube site. The owner originally bought a tube scrip, but revised it by adding the following an option for premium videos on a paper sale basis, multi-language functionality, tabs, banners and different sizes with the option to add keywords and view stats. A pop under script, a pre roll system to show pre roles on V.R. as well as two D videos and an option so you can import embedded content and bulk from other toobs. The site has over 20000 nonexclusive videos and trailers. The site acts as an affiliate for all the studios and Ernes on a rev share or PCP's model while sending traffic to the sites. The traffic is 90 percent direct and 10 percent of affiliate. This is a great custom TUV site for a company that already has traffic to send to the tube that they want to monetize. Everything is plug and play. This is an outstanding product for campsites, tubes or other sites that want to better monetize their traffic and it's selling for only one hundred twenty five thousand dollars. Now time for this week's interview.

[00:05:43] My guest today on Adult Site Broker Talk is Evan Steinfeld, a legendary figure in our industry as well as the music industry and owner of Is My Girl and Is My Guy. Evan, thanks for being with us today on Adult Site Broker Talk.

[00:05:58] Hey, Bruce, thanks for having me, man. Pleasure to join you.

[00:06:02] Pleasure's all mine. IsMyGirl is the world's first and only true adult premium social network in the age of fan platforms like only fans is My Girl is the Facebook of social engagement between influencers, models, porn stars, camp girls and their fans. In a truly interactive exchange, models keep 80 percent of what they make, and they benefit from promotion to millions of social media fans and millions of website visitors. Is My Girls Next Generation Technology provides models with ten different ways to make money, all from one convenient dashboard, including real HD pay per minute live streaming. The best part is that models can do everything from their phones, which is awesome. Fans and users have an up close and personal experience with the models and create media has also launched sister communities like Ink Girls, which is a collaboration with mainstream tattooed lifestyle brand inked. They've also started is My Guy, which is their male model and influencer site models on is my girl can friend each other and join. The conversation is my girl is growing month to month at a huge growth rate. And in the wake of the pandemic, there's sign ups were up a whopping 50 percent, which talk about turning lemons into lemonade. Evan.

[00:07:28] So tell us a little bit about yourself and your career history, and I'm sure you could go on for a long time there, if only, you know, I definitely can go that great read introduction there. Sure. But we have to hire you after this is our, you know, like our promotional speaker, like, OK, OK, I read all the copy and I'm for I'm for Hiraman.

[00:07:52] I'm all I'm always for hire.

[00:07:55] So me too. But I mean to so.

[00:08:01] Ok, so my and I'm me, my life, my story is long only because I'm old. I've lived I've lived a lot of a lot of lives. But, you know, I'm from Brooklyn, New York. I started my career in the music business. I was the founder and lead singer and bassist of a band called Biohazard. And we you know, we had a 25 year career with a dozen studio albums and.

[00:08:30] You know, we sold over five million records in the 90s and we toured with bands like Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Wu, Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Radiohead, Coldplay, you name it.

[00:08:45] We played with in the Red Hot Chili Peppers, had a really great career and out of out of the I don't know, the second half of that career, I it's always to a friend my life. It's like always through a friend, through a friend, you know, and then my and our guy who is who I wasn't even working with anymore because we had signed the band, The Road Runner, and later to Warner Brothers introduced me to somebody to his wife, who was an attorney who represented actors and certainly a bunch of actors who were on a series on HBO on the first season of a series called Oz, which I was, which I was an immensely huge fan of the show. And it turns out some of the guys in the show were fans of my band. And we were introduced to Dean Winters, who, if you don't know the Allstate commercial mayhem like me.

[00:09:45] Oh, OK.

[00:09:46] That guy is a great friend. He took me straight from this concert, sold out Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, 4000 people to an after hours party that went all night to waking up Tom Fontana, who's the creator of shows like Oz and The Wire and, you know, parters with Barry Levinson in Beverly Hills. And it's one of these like big Hollywood people for and I ended up with a very long run with six seasons as a principal actor. I had never. Or but I ended up an actor on this HBO series Oz, and this ran, you know, many years that I got to work with, like as a matter of fact, the guy who I played opposite was J.K. Simmons, who won the Oscar for best actor last year for Whiplash. So it's really funny because I'm no trained actor. I probably taking less than 30 acting classes in my life, but I was tutored.

[00:10:48] I must admit the obvious, they obviously paid off.

[00:10:53] Well, you know what I got on the job training from guys like that? Like even if you're a bad actor, if you if you if you're acting across somebody really talented, it all, they can make you good.

[00:11:05] You know.

[00:11:08] So, you know, there's definitely that and out of the end of that part of my career, I was Ozzy's final season.

[00:11:18] I made it all the way until the end because they used to kill a lot of people. And I actually have an interesting factoid that I I had the most registered kills of anybody on that show. I killed a lot of people on TV.

[00:11:32] And so through a friend, a girl who was the sweetest girl that I knew from New York because she used to date a friend of mine who was in a band type O negative with my friend, like my my friend Peter Steel, who I was a roadie for his band Carnivore.

[00:11:50] That's how I got into the music scene.

[00:11:52] And Sal, my friend Sal, his girl that he dated named Annaly, who was like in New York City, photographer in Rock and Roll. And she ended up shooting models and she started shooting for, like, you know, Playboy and Penthouse. And then I get a phone call out of the blue from her and she says. Oh, no, no. So someone from HBO contacted me and said, so-and-so wants to meet you, somebody from Playboy, and I didn't know who it was, so I called my friend s girlfriend Emily, and I said, Do you know who this person is? And it was it was terror. Patrick she saw me on TV and wanted to meet me, was really rare. It sounds so lame. And so Hollywood, like somebody who's famous. They need somebody else famous, like not like super famous, you know, porn famous. You know, HBO wasn't what it is now, then, you know, it was very prestigious. But I mean, it wasn't as big as it was now. We were we were both kind of underground celebrities, I guess, you know, and through to through terror. I met her and, you know, we ended up being together for a long time and I got into the adult business. And that's where I learned about business. And that's where where I've been for the last almost 20 years here. You know, I founded the company television, you know, turned that into a whole bunch of revenue. I wish I would have known you then because I was we were we were actually, you know, got pretty close. That was right around the time that, you know, Jenna Jameson and, you know, did Club Jenna deal with Playboy? And we ended up doing our cable deal with Hustler.

[00:13:42] And you and I will talk about that later. But, you know, I you know, I've always come at the adult business from a very.

[00:13:51] A very connect the dots standpoint of like here's audience, here's the great content, let's give them some great interactive. Let's give people a great experience. Let's give people what they want.

[00:14:03] You know, I really enjoyed a lot of success, you know, a bunch of companies and, you know, about four years ago by my good friend and partner, Don, who is the owner of eight companies, he he and I have been talking about this idea.

[00:14:28] That became is my girl, and, you know, he and I pulled up our fucking bootstraps and we built something from scratch from an idea, and if I were to win back the history of, you know, how is my girl started and. Then I'll let you fitted into the question you're going to ask later or skip one, or I could shut up and let you go talk to you first.

[00:14:56] And it's your show, man.

[00:14:58] Well, anyway, OK, so I'll tell this part of the story and then I'll let you go anyway.

[00:15:05] We had this idea to build a.

[00:15:10] A social network to give back to the community that helped AGD and me in the adult business for us to how to give back to our community, saying it's always seemed lopsided, it's always seemed like we own the content here, morning magazines, morning websites and movies where, you know, I pay these amazing talent, you know, the fee that they want, you know, and I mean, I own tens of thousands of scenes of, you know, adult content.

[00:15:42] Which today, I don't think has any value, really, so almost so it's almost it's it's almost as though traffic is more important than content because everybody has a phone and everybody can make content. It's really more about exclusivity and celebrity and influence. So the long story short is it took us a while to get here. But, you know, we built it from scratch and it was very organic. And we shared this with our communities and our communities, shared us with their friends. And, you know, today we have, you know. You know, thousands upon thousands of models and millions upon millions of users and, you know, we have a community and our models don't just, you know, interact with their fans, but they interact with each other. It's cool.

[00:16:38] Ok, so is that is that the main way that your three big products is?

[00:16:47] My girl is my guy. Any girls would differ from saying only fance.

[00:16:55] Well, I mean, when I look at only fans, which is, you know, it's just this incredible phenomenon. You know, it's the size.

[00:17:04] You know, but when I look at it, I you know, I see what they do well, you know, it's a very it works well.

[00:17:13] It's very simple product, you know. But when I compare us to only fans. You know, you don't need a million followers to be on is my girl you can come with.

[00:17:27] But your 2000 followers or your 50000 followers and your fans will love the experience and our millions of visitors might discover you and you make it all new fans because we promote the shit out of our models, because that's the world I come from.

[00:17:46] I feel like it's entertainment, right.

[00:17:50] You know, when I after you know, when I when I met my wife, Lupe, my wife, she was who was arguably the biggest adult Internet star of all time when she was known as a little loopy. You know, once, you know, she had a you know, she had a website that was three thousand. And Alexa for a single girl site, never. There was also the. Yeah. Imagine this. Imagine I get a I get a message on MySpace from my now wife. We've been 12 years together and she. She said, I like the job you doing with your wife, you're a great manager, I'd be interested in working with you. I'm a big star in Spain. I have a website. Maybe you've heard of it, that Olympic dot com.

[00:18:41] And I went and looked it up and it was literally like two thousand nine hundred and Alexa. And at the time I was, you know, I owned and managed to repatriate dot com, which made a lot of money.

[00:18:55] And we were partners at the time with, you know. We were working with I think we were working with Gammer, yeah, we're working with Gammer, with our friends at Galba and that was really funny because.

[00:19:16] Like.

[00:19:18] I saw the amount of traffic and I was just I was floored and I said to my wife, come to America and we'll talk business. And she showed up and we fell in love. We've been together 12 years. And she and I built several companies and, you know, had a lot of success in the space as well. So, you know, when you ask me about only fans and the difference between us and the fan platforms, you know, we have we have different tack than our competitors.

[00:19:47] And without me giving it all away, you know, are our models can go live and they can charge their fans by the minute or they can go live and they can go live and not charge their fans.

[00:20:03] They can go live for free and give their fans a great experience and get tips from their fans. They can do it any way they want.

[00:20:09] I just think, you know, when I look at all the platforms out there, you know, we've we've built the most features that I you know, someone will build more, I'm sure. But at the moment, you know, we have a lot of different ways for the girls to make money.

[00:20:25] And, you know, when you look at, you know, only only fans, I don't even you know, they've been there for years. They don't even have a home page. So I don't see how, like. Models get discovered. You know, it's now you know, it's more like, you know, and I think that's a model that suits big influencers that don't need promotion. You know, if a girl has a million followers, is making a ton of cash wherever she is, she may not care. But even that girl, she doesn't know. But that girl with a million followers, if she came on a site like is my girl, she would still bring her million fans and then she would have tens of millions of fans. Exactly. Exactly. You know, I mean, you know, we were the first ones here, you know? And, you know, I like you. I liked when you were reading earlier on about you're talking about the people have kind of likened us to Facebook a bit just in in how robust the site is. And I'll be honest, I didn't like Facebook when I first saw it because I was really used MySpace and it seemed too complicated and it seemed like there was too many different options and too many things to click on.

[00:21:43] And I just wanted it to be my safe bubble of what I was used to, more so than something new for me to discover or.

[00:21:53] You know, like our site is, it's it has a lot of features in the models, take the time to learn them, man, some of them are so successful, you know. Yeah, these girls make so, so, so much.

[00:22:10] Who do you guys do you guys offer tutorials for them to to take full advantage of it?

[00:22:17] Well, we offer a lot of things. So we do we do have a very robust FNQ. We offer people time like 24 hour model support. So like the bottom in the chat box, if a model doesn't understand something. She has a question she can ask. And we always have direct messaging. We have a team we call our like our model community managers. And we have a couple people that a couple of different places in the world to speak a couple of languages to give somebody some assistance. Because you know what? What we hear talk to models is what they like about other platforms and what they don't like about other platforms and what we hear across the board model and every about every platform. We people want somebody to you know, here's what I can tell you. If you're a model and you're on is my girl and you send a request or anything, a question for support or you want something special, you need a special pricing, whatever. Yeah, we we're the really, really engaged with our model community. And if if some model has an idea, Chip, half of the features came from our models ideas, you know, as it should be.

[00:23:39] As it should be. Do you guys do that survey, by the way, you survey your models.

[00:23:44] You know, it's interesting, we we we. I've never done a survey like please vote on this yes or no. Persay, but what we do is we look for the positive engagement.

[00:23:58] So, like when we say, hey, all of our models, all of our models who love to smoke weed would like to participate. It's free livestream. We're going to smoke weed with our fans, hosting it right here on his micro dot com slash live right up.

[00:24:20] And we made it totally free to all the fans. All right. That's fun.

[00:24:25] And hundreds of models opted into it. You know, I'm more of like a coalition of the willing in terms of like who wants to do this or that. But it's funny you mention Sarah, because we're actually we've been talking about that internally to get our models and more about what they like and what they don't like on the site, because now that we have all these features, what we're really working on is, you know, refinements and those little nuances that the user experience is great for either the model for either, but for both the model and the fans, you know, the user.

[00:25:07] Gotcha. So tell me more about your company. Create media.

[00:25:15] Well, create media, you know, where we are, an idea machine, you know, we're the party, you know, we have some really amazing partners and some very successful and very smart people.

[00:25:30] You know, I try to always be the dumbest guy, the dumbest and the the dumbest guy in the room who's you know, I doubt that I try to surround myself with smart people.

[00:25:42] Well, especially people who are really good at what they do.

[00:25:46] I love being around people who are like I've been I've talked I've talked to you have in there. I don't think I find you to be close to the dumbest person in the room, but it's nice of you to say that.

[00:25:57] Anyway, I didn't say I was dumb. I said I want to be the dumbest person.

[00:26:01] I heard. I heard. I'm not sure. I actually think I was. I don't think. I think. I don't think. I don't think.

[00:26:07] I don't think you're succeeding at being the dumbest man in the room at all. That's what I was going to say.

[00:26:12] But anyway, yes, you are very smart.

[00:26:16] Anyway, well, thank you. So I try I try to think the way I the way I grow these days is, you know, I'm you know, my wife and I are kind of spiritual.

[00:26:27] And we listen to a lot of a lot of, you know, self-improvement and self development, things that like I wake up every morning and say, I don't know anything so I can learn everything.

[00:26:39] You know, I can have my mind open. And that's a good way to look at the world.

[00:26:44] What I think I know something. I get in trouble, you know.

[00:26:48] Don't we all so until tell me more about the company where you were starting to talk about it.

[00:26:58] Our partners are, you know, the. Like I said, our partners are the people that our partners of the people behind streamside biggest campsite in the world. Mm hmm. And, you know, we we have long arms because, you know, we have reach into different spaces. And I love sports. I love I'm a football fan. And I think of a lot of things, like a team I really love.

[00:27:28] I really love team. And I love to you know, I love to know that if I'm you know.

[00:27:36] You know that if I'm the fucking if I'm the bell cow running back, you can give me the ball, I'm going to run full speed every time. But, you know, and I also want to make sure that I'm coordinating with the head coach, that I have a good lead blocker and we have a good line so I can do my job well because I have a great team around me.

[00:27:57] You know, that's the only way to go. That's the only way.

[00:28:02] So. So go ahead. I'm sorry. Create media. What we talk about is when people ask us what we do, I say we we build communities, you know, we build technology, we build structure for people to populate without the people's content, without the people's personalities, without the people's social media. It's just an empty website, you know. So we really do build communities. And like, for instance, we I'll mention it on the site because it's going to probably make an announcement in the next.

[00:28:36] You know, we just set up a site. If you go to you'll love this bridge because you live in Thailand. So you'll notice if you go to Kennie Beebs dot com, what does that know?

[00:28:50] Penni Beeb's five ten.

[00:28:53] I know Peni API, Pin-Up API and awide.

[00:28:59] Ok, Beeb's and.

[00:29:04] This takes you to our Filipina model website. So a lot of so a lot of people who may not be familiar with is my girl. You know, we have tens of thousands of verified models on our site or community. We have models in like 70 countries around the world. And we had some girls from the Philippines sign up, some influencers, some girls from Playboys and girls from FGM. A bunch of these cars show girls a bunch of girls who were really viral on Tock and. You know, our site pays out a lot of money. We pay out millions to. The models and we caught fire with some of the biggest influencers in the Philippines and some of these girls started making a lot of money, like fifty thousand dollars a month money.

[00:30:06] That's that's like that's like half that. That's so that's so wealthy for the Philippines. My God.

[00:30:13] You know, even somebody who makes ten thousand dollars a month through ten thousand dollars. You live in the Philippines in a village. You are a person. You know, you're you're a force.

[00:30:26] Now, you can not only recite the site's beautiful, by the way. I'm looking at it. It's like, wow, look at these girls while Filipino women are stunning.

[00:30:35] Well, it's funny. So some of one of the models who we actually didn't meet through any of this, a model that we recruited through, actually, she came to us because she followed a choose a tattoo model with a big social follower who we didn't know who she was. She signed up on the site and she just started making a bunch of money and a lot of money. And she went on her Instagram and she was crying and speaking in her in tagalong her in her native language, crying and all of this, you know, emojis and screenshots about money and money and money and money, screenshots of every time she makes a sale, she gets a confirmation email and she was selling, you know, I won't speak. I mean, I'm not going to talk about her money because it's her personal business. But the models, her name is Mimi, and he was one of our foundational models in the Philippines. And she was successful. But her story was beautiful because she was a single mom and she is her mom. And she. Take care of also her mother, I believe. Please excuse me about getting this wrong, baby, but she shared with her friends you said, hey, if any of you want to make money, she said, I made more money in the last two days that I made in the last year.

[00:32:07] And she started showing her actual sales figures and hundreds of Filipino models who were and these were girls with like credits who were like publishing models in Maxim. And they'd been in Playboy and, you know, on the cover of the car magazine, you know. Sure. And. And a lot of them had some of them have, you know, a million followers on Instagram, you know, these are really influential people and it kind of went viral in the Philippines to the point that we have so many of our top models are Filipino that we decided to make it.

[00:32:54] So we made this for them out of as a tribute because it's such a you know, on our site, we don't really do categories, you know, because social site, we're not we're not a porn site.

[00:33:08] So we don't have that. We don't I have no issues with the adult business. It's just that's not what this site is. You know, you don't go here to look for to type in big boobs or, you know, a hair color type. This is not like this is more like discovery in a social way.

[00:33:29] Well, if you follow what you should do that you should do that here, too, as long as you keep nudity off of it.

[00:33:36] You know, here was the thought process is that they don't do that on Instagram. They don't do that on Facebook. You know, people are people less than a commodity.

[00:33:50] And we kind of like to let people self define their brands. That will give people sort features by who's trending, by who's going to buy who's the most followed by who's the most popular by who's been on the site the longest. But we are judgment free social media. You know, my my dream is that we become, you know, really a social and social network. Mm hmm. Not, you know, it wouldn't matter what people were doing and selling, but we really believe in inclusion and no judgments. And, you know, we're not we're not trying to categorize people. I think it's wrong. I think especially in the social climate.

[00:34:41] Sure. Oh, yeah. You know, absolutely. Well, so people are also I always say people aren't quite as easy out here, though.

[00:34:50] Yeah, but I don't live there or here. I live in I live in the social media Internet space, you know what I mean? I guess so. I, I also live in downtown L.A., which is the epicenter of the social justice movement and the protests. You know, I now. It's been it's been going here for a minute and it's actually, you know.

[00:35:17] Everyone around, you know, everyone that I know, she's around, just she's so much actual positive change and, you know, conversation starting and people really feel time out. Little fuck there, everybody. Everybody's a little late.

[00:35:34] You know, I was tired. Oh, yeah. I just noticed a few hundred years, you know, just a few hundred years.

[00:35:42] Hey, I saw recently that you brought a very, very notable industry veteran onto your team. You want to talk about that?

[00:35:54] Sure. You now have the exclusive because we haven't really announced it's going out today.

[00:36:00] I thought you see it online. Is it up? I did. I took it off.

[00:36:06] Ok, so starting over and keep and keep in mind, we will be we are not we're not going to be running this week. So we're it'll be it'll be old news by the time it'll be over.

[00:36:17] By then it'll be evergreen.

[00:36:18] Exactly. Exactly.

[00:36:20] Ok, so yeah. So we're really happy and proud to announce that we were fortunate enough to be able to bring Michael Klein on as the president of create media to oversee operations and, you know, new business and, you know, so many things that he's great at because it's a rich, rich history.

[00:36:47] You know, you probably know as much of his history as I do. Oh, show. You know what, Michael was how I met Michael was he became the president over at Hustla at 11, right where he was for 12 years, and Michael built hustla TV from the ground up. So in what year was that? That was I'm going to say. I'm going to say 2005. I know this because I was the first studio that he signed up. It was terrible.

[00:37:25] Ok, because, you know, the two biggest stars of the time, the two biggest independent studios, whereas club Gena and television, and they were both parties with Vivid for distribution, vivid all their cable with Playboy in general. It was Playboy and I. I had done a bunch of business with Playboy and I then I you know, I got to meet have you know, I've been to the mansion, I got the T-shirt and everything. And as much as I thought the brand was iconic, I really didn't love, you know, I didn't see it as a viable way to really.

[00:38:03] Child porn. Mm hmm.

[00:38:05] You know, I think I didn't like their business, I was like, nobody wants one XPoint or this nonrelated, not like. Mm hmm. It was just like they were trying to sell you a kind of a blowjob with a condom, you know? And I somebody said I was arguing with somebody about it. I was like, I don't want to do a deal with them because I had one of the biggest studios at the time and our movies were really valuable. We were getting tons of tons of money for them on broadcast, you know, and.

[00:38:45] I had done this project with Larry and interactive movie that we won like an avian award for like best selling movie the most Larry Flynt.

[00:38:57] I mean, we were talking about you think we're going to win an award for this? You know, Larry put up a lot of money. We put a lot of time and creativity and promotion and marketing. And it was a big, bold, interactive. It was a it was like it was groundbreaking because the DVD authoring there was like options.

[00:39:15] You're watching the movie and the girl answers the door. And she said, you want to come inside and you get to choose with your remote control to go inside or not. And the panel chose the outcome was different. And it was kind of like in between a video game and an adult movie.

[00:39:31] And I asked pretty pretty groundbreaking at that point.

[00:39:35] Yeah. And and I said to Larry, do you think we're going to win an award? And he goes, there's only one award I'm interested in. It's called best selling. And we won and we won that award. But I met Michael and and I Larry believes in giving people what they wanted. And Larry thought, if I can Triple XPoint channel. And he did. And, you know. Wildly, wildly successful, hundreds of millions of dollars. And Michael with Larry, you know, Michael was the broadcasting genius who came, you know, mainstream broadcasting. You know, Michael had worked at Showtime and Spectra Vision, Independent Command and every place that you could imagine. He touched a lot of places. And, you know, and Michael and I became friends. I really enjoyed working with him. And we ended a deal with Hustler TV and part of the love, you know, we enjoyed a lot of success from that deal as well.

[00:40:38] And I think for for me to be able to turn around, you know, all these years later, you know, and have access to a guy of experience and track record of.

[00:40:55] Time to feed, time to feed your boy there, I'm not feeding him, he Michael's really smart guy.

[00:41:04] Michael, you know, I'm talking about the dog. Yeah, OK. You could edit that part out.

[00:41:11] That's OK. Hey, around here. That's that's beautiful noise. Go ahead.

[00:41:16] Oh, OK.

[00:41:18] So, yeah, so we're excited to have Michael on board, you know, the intent is trust to grow. And, you know, we want to be the premium social media for the world for influencers. Doesn't matter if you're, you know, male or female or or non binary.

[00:41:37] It doesn't matter how you identify. You know, we're all inclusive, all welcoming, not judgment free zone people to monetize their social media and ours. Mm hmm.

[00:41:51] So you mentioned that you had been in the music business for a long time. How has that experience helped you in the adult space?

[00:42:03] Hmm, good question. It really hasn't. I'll tell you a tale that I never really thought about the answer to that question, the way I'm going to answer it. But I witnessed the big take away. I mean, I could tell you a lot that I understood a lot about branding with artists. And I could tell you that I understand merchandizing. And I could tell you I really understand content and distribution and and delivery mediums. Right. But the real takeaway of this, the real take away from the music business is that technology is such it is such a factor to. Is that an invention or an invention can make or break an entire industry overnight, for instance, point of relation.

[00:43:05] So I used to I have you know, I'm sitting here in my loft in Los Angeles, I see my wife is over there having a snack. The dogs are walking around. I got gold and platinum records on the wall.

[00:43:18] You're not going to need a lot of people who have gold and platinum records today because people don't really sell records anymore, because music is not purchased anymore and music is at best streamed if it's not stolen. But during my career, at the peak of my career, Napster came out and I went from selling a million albums at a time to selling a tenth of that. Now, you say today if you sold 100000 thousand records, fuck, you'd be really successful, you know, but in those days, 100000 records, 100000 records. And I understand it was only as big as it was. So, you know.

[00:44:00] What does this supply today, so I was talking about making movies and owning a studio and doing broadcast deals in the adult space, you know, and I had paid sites and things like that.

[00:44:13] And I was pretty involved in livestream. And, you know, would we have known that it was going to be about having a platform where people made their own content?

[00:44:24] You know, did I know in the music business that the main the main artery of revenue selling the music, which is the product, was going to go away and everybody else was going to say, OK, we'll make money touring? We always made money touring. We took more money touring because someone cut off our balls and people stealing our music. You have no choice. Roll with technology to embrace it and pioneer it, you know, be out in front of it. So that's that's what I like. You know, I built a site in 2008 called Peep Star and I tried to build Is My Girl in 2008. I was early in the same concept. Models are going to make their own videos and they were going to send them to their fans via shortcode S.A.S.. Through my platform, we were uploading videos to a cloud server. It was really like like I had guys in Sweden and people three countries to figure out how to do this. And it was an epic failure. It was probably the biggest flop I've ever had because the word selfie wasn't invented yet. Yeah, I signed this. And I'll tell you what, I probably signed up at the time, 50 or 100 of the biggest porn stars in the business. They were all shooting for my other company. So why wouldn't they sign up for this? So I said, all right, we're launched. Everybody, everybody start making content and they go, well, who's filming us and who's doing my makeup and who's doing my hair and where's the cameraman and who's the photographer? And you make your own videos. By the way, at the time it was the iPhone three. I think I don't think it's odd. I don't think the camera even faced you yet.

[00:46:18] So. So Evan is my girl and create media have been getting a ton of press lately.

[00:46:23] I've seen you had articles in Forbes, Rolling Stone and Business Insider. Why do you think your company's getting so much attention?

[00:46:31] You know, it's an interesting it's an interesting question. And I don't know that I you know, I think the short answer is that we care like we really care about our community. We care about our models. And our business model is is. It's something that's very. It's communal, it's like symbiotic, like in every case, the models are always making the lion's share of the money right. And they appreciate what we do for them. Their success is our success. So we have we have 20 billboards up in Los Angeles right now with different models on each of them to really perform some advertising. Very Hollywood. Yes, we actually we are two on Sunset Boulevard. One on Hollywood Boulevard. All over the place, you know, while. We put our models on billboards because we want them to be successful, you know, we look at. We our philosophy is that each one of our models is a business partner. You know, for me is somebody who I've managed, you know, big models in my life. And I also know what it's like, you know, what I had when I was in music and when I was in it. I know what it's like to be the artist and be managed or be or have an agent or have somebody who's supposed to be my promoter or my publicist. I always want to, you know, over deliver for everybody we work with.

[00:48:14] And when we help people become successful, when we meet somebody, whether it's virtually or through social media or whether they apply to the site or whether we contact them or whether one of our models recruits them or whatever it is when we meet somebody and then we take we collaborate with that person and we. Maybe guide them and promote them in a way that they they turn transform themselves into a real brand and a recurring revenue system. It's much bigger than giving somebody money. It's like for me, somebody a fish, you're giving somebody a fishing pole. And a lot of the press that we've been getting, honestly, has been about some of our success stories about one girl who was living in her car and stripping and and she was on you know, her life was really screwed up. And, you know, she got on our site and, you know, now she's making six figures a year and she she bought a house.

[00:49:23] Wow. Well, you're really you're really changing. You're really changing lives.

[00:49:28] You know, I'll be honest, we didn't set out to we wanted to give back to our people. We wanted to make them more equitable way for the talent, for the stars to be compensated. Right.

[00:49:42] And we didn't think that meant we were going to necessarily, you know. Not make money, we were doing it saying, listen, we can all make money here. Sure, the biggest reward is nothing to do with money. The biggest reward is, you know, hearing these little stories of especially people who are in difficult situations, you know, parts of heartbreaking, heartbreaking stories of like, you know, people being at risk and in some dangerous situation.

[00:50:14] And, you know, they needed money to get out and they were able to, you know, change their geographic location or their situation of who they lived with. And in some case, you know, helping their themselves or even if they have children.

[00:50:34] Sure, absolutely. Now, last question, I see that Fox News more Tucker Carlson called you out on TV recently.

[00:50:46] Tell me that story. How do you react? And were you surprised?

[00:50:53] I got to send you the article it's on.

[00:50:57] Plates, Telluride, Talla Road, how on the road, we're really cool, really cool website we wrote I wrote a response letter honestly. I mean, did you realize I was like really surprised, you know, like, well, what did he what did he say?

[00:51:19] What did he say?

[00:51:20] Oh, my God. Tucker Carlson went on this.

[00:51:23] So I think so I'll give you the back story that OK, I know what I understand was he made some.

[00:51:35] Awful like, awful like.

[00:51:40] Insensitive, just fucking racist remark, and in the midst of while talking about.

[00:51:49] So in other words, it's typical.

[00:51:50] So in other words, a typical show, typical Tucker Carlson show with it up his ass and one foot in his mouth. Exactly. And in I think I mean, I didn't, you know, don't watch Fox News, so I couldn't tell you too much about, you know, what what he says or doesn't say. But what I can tell you is they lost all their sponsors, like in a matter of minutes, they lost.

[00:52:20] I think I know I think I know the incident you're talking about a life is they lost T mobile.

[00:52:26] They lost McDonald's. They lost I mean, they lost everybody that they had. And this is like his very next show. And he opens up the show just desperately looking for ratings and sensationalism. So what's he going to go for? Porn. Of course he's going to go after he's going to say maybe I can rile up the religious people and maybe I can get their panties in a bunch because some some people want to pay some other people to see some naked stuff.

[00:53:01] Yeah.

[00:53:03] And a horrible way, but he called me out by name, and he he was he was responding to this Forbes article about us and we had in Rolling Stone and this Business Insider, and he's like he called me out by name. And, you know, it seems like the mainstream media is glorifying you for, you know, being this being this, you know, mover and shaker in the gig economy and, you know, providing people with, you know, with a way to create real recovery, recurring revenue from their smartphone. If this is something they want to do, as if you know. Right. He said, well, you know, he said in some countries what we refer to as is a pimp. And in many places and he goes at what we normally do with a pimp as we put him in jail. In prison.

[00:54:08] Oh, my God.

[00:54:10] So I we wrote back something and I, you know, we gave him a little we gave him a little salt. I think we said something to the effect of, you know you know, obviously you're grasping for ratings by even mentioning us. And it's you know, we see that you've lost all these sponsors because of your insensitive comments. And if your show is really hurting and you need cash, we welcome you. We will pay.

[00:54:35] We will let you keep 100 percent of the proceeds if you want to set up in is my guy accounts and you don't have to necessarily get nude. I said I think we said something about, you know, maybe he'd be a great cock, though.

[00:54:51] We said, yeah, he really liked it, but we were like, maybe you want to be polishing some of your civil war figurines in your long underwear or something. We said something funny. I don't know that I love it.

[00:55:05] I want to see it. See a copy of it.

[00:55:08] Yeah, it's online. Just yes. Some website. I'll give you the link, I think. Yes. In some ways I think it's tell the the they said that, they said, you know, you know, owner of the adult site expertly trolls. Fuck me, that guy is such an easy target.

[00:55:31] Just any other an adult Web site.

[00:55:34] And you deal with the wrong guy.

[00:55:36] Yeah. Like don't like you know. You know, by like, don't you don't want to fight with me, I'm I'm the guy who I will I will I will run at you with the grenade.

[00:55:51] You know, I'm a New Yorker. Matt is not to me.

[00:55:57] That's awesome. That's just us. I can't wait to read it. Well, hey, Evan, I'd really like to thank you for being our guest today on Adult Site Broker Talk. And I hope we'll get a chance to do this again real soon.

[00:56:09] Sure. For sure, buddy. And thanks so much for the time. And you know, you keep doing the good work to my friends.

[00:56:17] I do my best, thanks. My broker tip today is part seven of how to buy an adult website. Last week we talked about the agreement and escrow. So now you own the website. What do you do now? The first thing you should do is make sure you understand everything about the operation of the site. The previous owner will hopefully be available for a period of time to help you with this. As I mentioned last week, you should establish what the former owner's participation will be after the sale. You'll need to deal with production of new content processing, paying affiliates and general operations of the site. If you don't have experience in these things, you may want to consider our general consulting firm, Adult Business Consulting. You can get more information on what this company does at Adult Business Consulting Dotcom. We help website owners project manage and guide them to the right vendors. Maybe the previous owner had all the right elements processing, hosting payments, production scripts, etc. or maybe they didn't. We can help evaluate that for you. Let us know if we can help anyway. You'll now be operating the Web site if you don't have someone like our general consulting company to help evaluate all of those items and everything the site is spending money on and using to operate the Web site, make sure you're getting a good deal and that these companies are providing the right service and check to see if you can do better. Hosting is a really good example of this on something where people are often both overpaying and not getting the right service. Many times a server is just too slow and a lot of times you're paying too much. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reach out to us on our Web site next week, we'll talk about how to sell a Web site. And next week we'll be talking to Morgan Sommer of Cyber Socket.

[00:58:15] And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. At once again, like to thank my guest, Evan Seinfeld. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk.

[00:58:25] I'm Friedman.

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