Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 109 with Ivan of AltErotic

Adult Site Broker Talk Episode 109 with Ivan of AltErotic

Bruce F., host of Adult Site Broker Talk and CEO of Adult Site Broker, the leading adult website broker, who is known as the company to sell adult sites, is pleased to welcome Ivan of AltErotic to Adult Site Broker Talk.

Russian Born Ivan came to United States in 1979 with his parents during the Cold War.
His travels took him and his family through Austria and Italy where they lived for months.
Living above a whore house in Austria was a precursor to Ivan’s Award winning adult filmmaking career.

AVN called him the “Horror Porn Maestro” with his witty Texas’ Asshole Massacre and Dawn of the Head self entitled series of movies called Ivan’s Slut-O-Rama.

Ivan has over 100 AVN Award nominations. He’s won Web Director of the Year and followed that up with back-to-back wins for the same honor at the XRCO Awards.

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Speaker 1 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what's going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we'll be speaking with Ivan of AltErotic.

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Thanks for being with us today on adult site. Broker talk,

Speaker 2 (2m 29s): Thank you. I love to share stories and I can't wait to get into this

Speaker 1 (2m 34s): Absolutely including one we'd discussed before, but we'll get into that in a bit. Now, while Ivan was born in, Russia came to the United States in 1979 with his parents during the cold war, his travels took him and his family through Austria and Italy, where they live for months. Living above a whorehouse in Austria was a precursor to Ivan's award-winning adult filmmaking career. His love for filmmaking grew this post high school education. As he spent five years in three colleges, including a bachelor's degree in cinematography, upon graduating from the world, renowned Brooks Institute of photography, I've earned the highly prestigious president's award.

Only the 51st student to get that honor in the schools. 50 year history in years of creating independent horror films and documentaries, I haven't collected over two dozen filmmaking awards. He then jumped into the adult movie, making ABN called him the horror porn Maestro with his witty Texas asshole massacre and Dawn of the head self-entitled series of movies called Ivan's slut. Arama Ivan's reputation for hard work and energy and dedication on professional set environments landed him the hardest working director in porn trophy and the label as the nicest guy and adult is eccentric fashion style.

That industry events have gotten a mainstream attention as his outfits were in life and cosmopolitan. Ivan has over 100 AVN award nominations. He's one web director of the year and followed that up with back-to-back wins for the same honor at the XR CEO awards, his unique style of storytelling follows original self written scripts for multi award nominated and winning series like Viking girls gone, horny card checkers, sexploitation ink motel, whole hunters, and his current inked exploitation of Misha Montana that is being re edited for a mainstream documentary release.

I mean, that's quite a, quite a resume and all the time we have today. So thank you very much. Okay. So you were born in Russia, like my grandparents on both sides. Talk a little bit about your upbringing.

Speaker 2 (4m 51s): Oh, wow. It's so interesting because just that culture shock of, you know, living in Russia and then coming out here in Russia, you know, it's like first eight years of my life, I finished first grade and I actually was learning English in first grade in Russia. Second grade I started and I had to learn Ukrainian, which I hated it was to me. It was like broken Russian and I didn't want to learn it. So it was one of those interesting things. One day when my dad comes home and he goes, we have been given the right to leave Russia.

And I was thrilled. I was thrilled because I wanted to go to America and I was thrilled. I didn't have to learn Ukrainian anymore. So there were two reasons I was super happy and in Russia was, it was crazy because I saw color television. Only once I had a banana. Only once I remember bread lines. I do remember those was actually a thing is same with meat lines and people would fight over who's in line. It was, it was definitely an interesting place.

You know, the funny thing is living in Russia and going to a school out there, you get that whole propaganda of like, you know, America's evil and the American people are evil. You should be afraid of America. And then I come here and it's reversed oppression. People are evil and the Russia's evil. So it was this propaganda from both directions. And you're just wondering, like, it's just the, government's playing people against each other. And when I was in Russia, I remember them even telling us that on the streets of America, the trees arriving real they're plastic.

I remember this as a child and you know, coming here now, isn't that crazy? Like, but now, you know, it was however many 40 years later, I do see lawns that have plastic grass on it. So I guess Russia kind of,

Speaker 1 (6m 41s): So I guess they weren't completely completely off. Have you been back to visit by the way?

Speaker 2 (6m 46s): I've always wanted to never had the opportunity. My parents and I became citizens, I think about six or seven years ago. It was just so busy. We never became citizens. Not because we didn't want to, just something never happened. And I would love to, We don't have much. Yeah, thank you. It was, you know, something, it was, it was one of the highlights of my life because being at the LA convention center with it was thousands of people and everybody's standing there with this giant American flag and everybody's got their hand up and doing the pledge of allegiance and being sworn in and everybody's crying.

And it was a really emotional moment because especially with United States, there are so many different cultures and so many people from all around the world that come here for that opportunity to see all these people from all parts of the world, just there together in an API that finally are going to be American citizens. It's very impactful, you know, because it's not just like one color, one race, one religion, it's everybody. It was like 5,000 people in the whole place.

It was

Speaker 1 (7m 49s): A melting pot.

Speaker 2 (7m 51s): Oh my goodness. Yes, it was, yes. It was

Speaker 1 (7m 56s): Americans knock the country. And I, I do it, my share as well, trust me, but when it comes right down to it, okay. If they, if they search deep down, you know, they appreciated compared to whatever the alternative is,

Speaker 2 (8m 13s): You know, being an immigrant and seeing what my parents went through and then seeing what my, the rest of my relatives went through coming here. It bothers me when Americans who've never traveled outside of the United States shit on this country because in my, and I always come back with travel outside the borders besides Canada. And then you tell me where it's better to live. I'm sorry, go ahead. Try. There's not a seven 11 on every corner in every, in every country, most countries you're struggling, you're struggling for water for fresh water for everything else.

So whatever issues are here and there are plenty of issues here. It's still land of opportunity. You know, when you see people like Birdman and little John Hort, basically billionaires ago, this country, you can become a billionaire, you know, being a mouth breather, I'm sorry. You know, you have that opportunity. So in other countries, it doesn't matter what you do. You will never get that opportunities. Oh,

Speaker 1 (9m 10s): I'll just, I'll just say one thing. Cardi B

Speaker 2 (9m 14s): W one, 1000000%. Herky is probably 1000000000%. And you know, and this is why you have immigrants that will risk life, limb, families, everything, to come here because of that opportunity. And you're not seeing people leaving this country and risking everything to go to somewhere else. They're not because the reality is what we have here is amazing. You know, like just to watch my parents, you know, we come here, we travel for, was it four and a half, five months to get here.

And then they spend a year in night school to learn this language. Right. I, it's hard for me to sit sometimes and listen to people bashing. I've actually, I had a deep conversation with a coworker last year, who she was very adamant about. You know, when Trump called, I forget which Haiti or something, he called it a shithole. And she's all, he calls 80 a shithole. This country's a shithole ago, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, slow down, maybe as a president, he shouldn't be saying

Speaker 1 (10m 18s): These things.

Speaker 2 (10m 20s): I'm gonna like, come on, I'll go at the end of the day. Yeah. As a president, 100%. He shouldn't say that, but let's, let's be realistic. This country is not a shithole because if you really think this country is a shithole compared to Haiti, then move to Haiti and then literally call me the next day, ask me to come asking me to come back. So yes, president should have be talking like this, but a common person on the street.

Speaker 1 (10m 42s): One does not, fortunately

Speaker 2 (10m 45s): The government doesn't say anything. Right. I guess that's the way it looks.

Speaker 1 (10m 48s): Yeah. He doesn't. He certainly, he certainly doesn't say things like that. Thank goodness.

Speaker 2 (10m 53s): Not at all. And that's, to me, to me, it's like, and I always tell people go before you really, really, really bash on the United States, go talk to some immigrants, go talk to some older people, you know, because, because knowledge is everything and, and life experiences are.

Speaker 1 (11m 8s): Yeah. And knowledge is everything. And there's a lot of people in the U S who have little or none I'm afraid.

Speaker 2 (11m 16s): Right. And that's yes. What'd you take it for granted because it's just so easily comes to you and yeah. I mean, this country 100%, there are issues here. Yeah. But I wouldn't change this, the place I live for anything, maybe Canada, I was in Canada once I was like, wow, everybody's very, very polite and apologetic,

Speaker 1 (11m 37s): Lovely place. Yeah. As long as your spot and most of Canada's really,

Speaker 2 (11m 45s): Especially, there's some craziness going on right now. I just saw, I just saw these, these videos. I'm like, whoa. Wow. Yeah, it is.

Speaker 1 (11m 53s): As we record this on February 2nd in the summer, when it runs, people will go. Huh? What? Okay, so, so what was your youth like with all the moving round the world on the way to the states?

Speaker 2 (12m 7s): It was, again, it is an insane culture shock because the things I remember, I remember being at the border, leaving Russia and having all this KGB agents basically steal whatever you have. So a lot of people would swallow their jewelry, hide it. We were told, bring bribe bribes for the, for the agents, whether it's, whether it's money or vodka, typically for Waka was really weird. But, but the stereotype is true.

I, my grandfather gave me 300 rubles, which is Russian money. And they, they took that from me. It was, it was, it was insane to see that. And then, you know, it's like we crossed the border and all these immigrants cross the border. And then you sleep at the train station for a day until you get on the train in the morning to go to, I think it was like a chest Slovakia and then Poland, and you just kind of make your way all the way across. And then the first supermarket we ever saw was in Austria. So we walk into the supermarket and I shit, you not, it was, it was like that sound, oh, that's literally what was going through all our heads.

We just stood there with their jaws drop. You, walk into the supermarket after leaving Russia. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (13m 21s): After lines, after breadlines sure

Speaker 2 (13m 24s): I forgot her bread lines. And I remembered it. The funny thing is I actually remember the first thing that was bought for me at the store. My parents bought me a Cowboys and Indians set a little, you know, they're like, they're just plastic. It was just like plastic molds of Cowboys and Indians. And, and the cop was, had a little wagon. I was just still had that stuff. I still have some of the toys, but most of them were gone, but it was, it was amazing just because, yeah, just the difference in, in, in, in culture and everything that's available to you just right there, tip of your fingers.

And then we lived in this brick building for a month and a half in Austria and on the top floor. And I was just, you know, cute little Russian kid with big cheeks. And so we would walk down to go to the store or leave or whatever. And there were always be women in there. And they were always like dressed in bikinis or whatever else. And they would always like pinch my cheeks and I would see their posters outside in the outside of the building. I always wondered like, what is going on here? Like yeah. You know, I have a child, I dunno, Russian child at that later in life, my parents tell me we lived above a whorehouse and I'm like, wow, that's interesting.


Speaker 1 (14m 31s): Old were you? How old were you when they told you this?

Speaker 2 (14m 33s): Oh, gosh, I had to be like in my twenties because I don't think they did because my past is still like very, you know, like old, old school Russian. So of course they didn't want to share stuff like that. But then I think I might've asked them one day. It was like, what was that building? And I was just like above a whorehouse or, you know, red light district. And I'm like, wow, okay. That sense. I've lived in a whorehouse and I work at the whorehouse basically. And then we lived in Italy for three months. I got to see Rome. And as a child, you really don't appreciate it.

You know, obviously because you're a child. The only thing I knew about Rome was I saw Sparta was partly because yeah, Spartacus in Russia in the theater. So I had a little bit of like, you know, knowledge of, of, of what that was all about, but I wish I would go back there as an adult just to appreciate the massive beauty of the architecture and everything else.

Speaker 1 (15m 26s): Italy's fricking awesome. We spent some time up in the wine country and the north places, just so we want to go, we wanted to go back last year, but you know what happened? So what can I, what can I say?

Speaker 2 (15m 40s): And it was there for three months. And the funny thing is, as a child, my parents would eat pizza. And as a child, I didn't know what it was. I thought it was like raw meat. I wouldn't touch pizza until I was in the United States that I bit into one. And you know, and then again, it was like, On my life, you know? But yeah, the funny thing is like us living in the whorehouse when I was eight and a half, when I was 14, I was in Playboy magazine and actually have the issue.

Our, our friend's mom, she was an editor or something of Playboy. And they needed for kids to play basketball with one of the Playboy playmates. I think her name was Kathy Smith or something like that. And they took pictures of us playing basketball with her because in the article, it was about how she goes to the local rec center to play basketball with the kids. And then the next picture is like her at the studio recording her music and things like that, which was all bullshit. But we got paid 25 bucks for three hours to basically go through puberty.

It was in 1984. We were all like 13 or 14 years old

Speaker 1 (16m 48s): And amazing.

Speaker 2 (16m 48s): Yeah. You know, it's like, you get to hang out and play basketball to play with playmate. And every time she bent down and she was wearing a tank top, oh, I'll tell you what, man. You know, it's just like, just as a child, especially back then, you know, this is before internet, before you had magazines that you could like steal from your parents to look at porn. This was like, literally like, oh my God, I'm going through puberty right now. And my pants were all wet. You know, it was

Speaker 1 (17m 11s): Fucking

Speaker 2 (17m 13s): Insane. You know,

Speaker 1 (17m 14s): I had to be completely insane

Speaker 2 (17m 18s): Spec material for weeks.

Speaker 1 (17m 23s): So talk about the culture shock when you got to the us.

Speaker 2 (17m 28s): Oh my goodness. That was the hardest part about coming in 1979 to the United States was the cold war because you're Russian and you barely know the language and kids pick on you, you know,

Speaker 1 (17m 46s): Me and I was an American, so

Speaker 2 (17m 48s): Yeah, yeah, exactly. You know, cooling's been, yeah, exactly. And then the beauty of it was, was like learning all these amazing things, you know, in Russia, we had only two channels. We only had cartoons, I think on weekends here. Oh my God, I Tom. And Jerry all day. Oh my gosh, Tom and Jerry. I remember, I remember everything I watched. I watched Tom and Jerry then chips that emergency Five-O. That was my daily routine without, with one or two hot dogs and a tomato for some reason, rather than catch up.

But just to go through, gosh, the D th the, the vastest what America is and resources that we had. We never had an RO card in Russia. We come here, my, you know, my dad gets a car, so now we're in the car, things like that. So

Speaker 1 (18m 39s): Cool. After being in Russia.

Speaker 2 (18m 41s): Oh my gosh. You know, and, and, and just all the channels, I mean, even back then, there was only like what, like channel two to four, there's only maybe like seven or eight channels, because there was no cable back then that was still for more than two channels. Yeah. And cartoons all day, that was in Russia. We had only one cartoon and it was called and it was, it was a Wolf that was smoking and wearing an Adidas, of course, Adidas jumpsuit. And, and his whole point is to catch this rabbit, like basically like a Wiley Roadrunner, Wiley coyote, very like politically incorrect.

You know, the, the Wolf is aren't going to smoking a cigarette, you know, the whole time. And, and, and the, you know, and, and then dresses as a, as a, he's basically like a cross-dresser and it's, I'm just trying and try to get to, to the travel areas, but it's Russia, you know, and especially back then, so being here and going to school, the good part about United States is that when you come to this country, you get, especially in LA, you go, you stay at a class called ESL, which is English as a second language.

So now you're in a class with a bunch of kids from other countries and some kids from your country. And each teacher has an assistant that speaks your language, which was really nice. But the funniest thing is, so first day of class, I'm sitting there and the teacher's doing roll call. And she says, she says my full Russian name that I didn't even realize that was my full name. She says, she says, Vyacheslav, and I'm sitting there, everybody's sitting around. I'm not answering because I, my real, I know my name is Slava.

I've been as my director name. And, and then she says my last name, and everybody laughs at my name. Now I'm mortified. I'm this Russian kid, little kid, nine years old, whatever. I was nine years old, I went home and cried. I yelled at my parents were calling me. Vyacheslav what kind of name is that? You know, I'm already called Spiderman because our last name is cider man. So, so we're getting that now, VHS laugh. And then, you know, years later, when the word biatch comes around, I became Biatchi slob.

You know? So, you know, it was just a lot of Spider-Man ha You know, years later, when you grow up, you're like, that's a fucking cool name, because that's different than John Smith. That was Steve or whatever, you know, this is it's

Speaker 1 (20m 60s): Different than when you put at the time. It didn't seem too cool. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (21m 3s): No, not at all. You know, it's like, even when I got in porn, I, I didn't want to use my real name. And then years later I'm like, God, dang it. I should've just used my real name and it would have been way cooler, but

Speaker 1 (21m 15s): That's funny. So talk about, so you, when you were living above a whorehouse as a kid, you had no idea it was a whorehouse.

Speaker 2 (21m 24s): Nah, I just know. I just saw a lot of pretty girls, at least, I assume they're pretty, you know, it was a child I'm sure. In bikini, it's more like scantily clad women just walking around with, you know, I didn't see anybody naked as far as I remember. I don't think anybody would, but, but I did, but there were, yeah, there were half naked. They were just little bikinis or lingerie, whatever else. Sure. No idea. But I couldn't get down those stairs without somebody pinching my cheeks or giving me a hug like that. I remember.

Speaker 1 (21m 53s): Sure, sure. Absolutely. And you never asked your folks then what? All that was? Yeah.

Speaker 2 (21m 58s): Oh no. I was just deer in headlights, child and headlights.

Speaker 1 (22m 1s): That's hilarious.

Speaker 2 (22m 2s): Literally headlights.

Speaker 1 (22m 4s): Yeah. That's that's that's fricking hilarious. So, oh, I know we were talking before the podcast about a mutual friend, Nick Manning. You had a good story about,

Speaker 2 (22m 17s): Yeah. I love Nick manic, Nick cave, vetting. When he had his long hair, he used to call himself cave Manning. I love Nick. So one day we're shooting. So, so Nick is notorious for breaking furniture and he's prides himself on breaking friendship, which is like crazy to me because you know, his shoot, his house was a shoot house and it was literally like, it would, his furniture would be gone like we, so we go to shoot to shoot at his house one day, I'm going to buy his backyard. And his backyard is just filled with broken furniture, chairs, little wooden tables, things like that.

So we're shooting the scene with him and he's got this girl on the table and he's kind of like, it's not an open over, but, but he's like on his tippy-toes. So, so, so he's, I think she was maybe in doggy. So I get underneath him to get there underneath shot. And it was like a really cool shot. So I'm shooting and I feel something rubbing a top of my head and I'm just like, cause I had my hat off. I always wear my hat, but I have my hat off. And I'm just like, what is that? Right. I think you

Speaker 1 (23m 20s): Should've worn your hat

Speaker 2 (23m 22s): 100%. Yeah. A body condom. So, so, so I'm like, what is that? But I can't see because I'm like looking at the shot and I look over at the, at my friend who was producing the scene and he is holding his mouth shut. Cause he keeping from laughing. I'm just like, what is happening here? Right. And then when we were done, I'm like, what, what, what was, what was that? And he's like, that was Nick's Nick's saggy balls were like, like rubbing on your, on your head the whole time. I'm like, oh man, seriously by then, what are you going to do?

Right. It's just, it's just part of the job.

Speaker 1 (23m 58s): That's really fucked up. That's really, that's really fucking funny.

Speaker 2 (24m 2s): Yes. But with Nick, every scene with Nick was something interesting. One day we pulled up to his house and he was lived on top of this hill, had this house on top of the hill, in the valley and he's standing there butt naked, butt naked, just looking at the sun, like no sunglasses staring at the sun. And I walk up to him like, Nick, what are you doing? And he goes, I'm staring at the sun with my third eye. I go, excuse me, what? And he goes, yeah, I'm staring at the sun with my third eye.

And then he goes and tells me this whole story about third eyes and spirituality and everything else. And, and I'm like, wow. Okay. Well then I just went back to like, you know, setting up my shots and everything else. And with Nick, it was always like, you know, like with Nick was funny because with Nick you'd get like during the scene, he would say the weirdest shit, right? Like the weirdest, dumbest shit,

Speaker 1 (24m 53s): Suck

Speaker 2 (24m 54s): My Dick. You dirty cut you dirty. Or like, like he was so into it. Cause he was Nick cave Manning. And then the scenes over his Wilco's hose, that everything good, you know? And then he starts quoting the basketball and you're like, you just called her dirty whore. And now you're according to the Bible, like five minutes later. Okay. No problem. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (25m 12s): And then whatever that, and whatever that saying was, would end up on a t-shirt.

Speaker 2 (25m 16s): Yes. You know, cause he had, he had dropping loads of copywritten. That was trademark. That was his, and it was a hot tub time machine actually used it. And he sued them in one as far as I remember,

Speaker 1 (25m 29s): Because

Speaker 2 (25m 29s): They used that in the movie and cause he, at one point my company Poobah that I call him with two other guys. We were doing his website and I remember that happening. And I think he actually got a Jaguar out of it. As far as I remember, I could be wrong. But I remember that was, that was the story. He either got a Jaguar, some, some sort of car, but he always came on set with a robe that said Manning, which was the best part. Like he pulled up in his JAG, convertible JAG in the robe and he gets out and he's like Rick flair, walking on, set with Manning on this road.

Speaker 1 (26m 1s): I'm reading, I'm reading the reading, dropping loads now. And I'm about three quarters through it. And if you haven't read it, oh you need to lift it so you don't need to read it. You've lived it. So it's all in there.

Speaker 2 (26m 16s): She just got a text from him like a few weeks ago. Every time he changes his number, he just texted me Nick manicure.

Speaker 1 (26m 22s): I'm like,

Speaker 2 (26m 23s): Okay, gotcha.

Speaker 1 (26m 25s): I love it. Now I got, I got two numbers for him, so,

Speaker 2 (26m 29s): Oh, I got a one quick, funny story about him. So we were shooting, I was shooting a serious call, hit me with your best squirt. So you drop

Speaker 1 (26m 37s): For a seat.

Speaker 2 (26m 38s): Oh, hit me with your Beth's best squirt, like hit me with your best shot, but hit me with your best squared. We actually had Tom. It was Tom by and pictures. Tom brown actually brought a whole song that was like, hit me with your best shot. But it was sent me with your best squirt. And it was Nick Manning and this girl and you know, you're booking girls that squirt. So, and they're supposed to score. And if you get fake, it drink a lot of water and fake it. Let's just get through this. So this girl tells us I can squirt. Okay. So we're shooting in the most uncomfortable spot in this tiny bathroom in LA AC is off.

It's 120 degrees inside. And she's like on the Le on the edge of this bathtub and, and Nick is just pounding, just trying to get her to squirt and he's drenched. I'm drenched, she's drenched. And then I stopped seeing scene go, Hey, can you squirt, can you, she goes, well, only if he fucks me, right? no, no, no, no. This is not like called. Oh maybe if I squirt website or I mean DVD, this has hit me with your best squirt I go, can you go drink some water and just fake it?

Just piss please. Okay. So I go to Nick because Nick doesn't take, hit me with a, you know, I'm dropping loads as a serious thing, then he thinks it's funny. Right? So I asked him to go, okay, what if this girl, when she's about to squirt, she says, hit me. You go, you say to her, hit me with your best squirt. And she says, dropping squirts, dropping squirts. So we get to that point and she didn't drink enough water. I'll just leave it at that. And so we're shooting and I'm like, okay, okay.

She's when Susan, she says dropping squirts, she's going to go. And she yells a drop-in squirts. And the smell in that bathroom was that an outhouse at like a, at a baseball game. You know, it was horrendous. I was like, this room is now covered in sweat covered in piss. And it smells like sweat and piss mixed together. It was . So she dropped not squirts on us. She dropped piss on us all over us.

Speaker 1 (28m 42s): Ah, yes, nobody, nobody said it was a sanitary business. So how did you end up getting in the, getting into the adult industry in the first place?

Speaker 2 (28m 51s): It's interesting because I went to three, three film schools and I got a bachelor's degree in cinematography. I was working on the TV show called the X show as a video utility guy, basically holding the camera guys cable. And I was a big wrestling fan and there was a wrestling, a local wrestling show called XBW. They were doing their king of the death match tournament. I didn't know what that was. I've never been to a death match. The only thing I knew about death matches a celebrity death match on MTV. So I take my 15 year old brother to this thing.

And what we saw was basically murdered without somebody dying. I it's Wrestling, death matches are brutal. It's, you know, these barbwire glass thumbtacks, whatever they can on each other. It's still wrestling. That's predetermined, who's going to win. But everything from the beginning to who's going to win all hell breaks loose, and it's a tournament. So it's eight guys and it's like a round Robin, you know? And like, and then eventually I'm one winner. So I'll go back to the TV show. And one of the hosts was a wrestling fan.

So I tell them all about it. And it'll take me to the next one to the next show. So I take them to the next show and we get to go backstage. At least he does. And he meets the general manager of this wrestling company and the owner who was Rob black. And Rob black is a pornographer who used to do, I used to have a website called a company called extreme associates. So you on both, both but on XBW, which is extreme pro wrestling and extreme associates, which was the porn company. So they eventually Rob and, and his wife at the time, Lizzie Borden would come on the TV show and do little segments.

So I became somewhat friendly with them, same with my brother. So my brother started doing their, their website, their, their wrestling website. And I would shoot like a little ringside sta ringside stuff for them here and there just like more creative. I wasn't the main camera guy. I just shooting like creative angles that they would cut music videos with. And when brother turned 18, he started working for them, doing the adult stuff, doing editing for the adult stuff. Then I came on board, he showed them my real, my mainstream real.

And they brought me in to shoot behind the scenes for evolution erotica, which was basically, it was, it was the sister company. There were basically one company, just two different names. Tom Byron owned evolution, Radhika, Rob black called extreme associates. And I brought, was brought into she'd be on the scenes. And I shot super cool behind the scenes where I did more of like MTV style. I did like little, little animated graphics and cutouts of the girls and flying around and things like that down to the reviewers of the movies, we're doing a separate section to review my behind the scenes and it would get special different ratings for him because I was all into it.

Like I was a filmmaker. I had a bachelor's degree in cinematography. I, I, you know, I, I want to be a filmmaker. So now this was my opportunity to be super creative and do some really weird fun stuff. And with extreme associates, you know, to me, that was creatively, the best job I've ever had because black bisque has said, do whatever you want, write three rules. And those three rules I stuck with and, and two of them were obscene. And one of them was, don't make fun of Jews because they own the industry. And I'm like, I got it. I understand.

I do. I agree with them

Speaker 3 (32m 16s): Alone.

Speaker 2 (32m 18s): You know? So, so I was like, whatever, like, I'm fine with whatever, you know? And so he gave me, him and Tom Barton gave me my first opportunity and I was just, just a PA. And we had a scene sky. And one day I was on set with a guy that just came back to directing porn. And let me tell you the, he didn't know what he was doing. And I was so upset watching him direct in what he did in a whole horrible. He was a nice guy, amazingly nice guy. But the quality of his work was atrocious.

So I was driving home one day after said, and I called the general manager, Kevin and I, I told him, I go, you know, I'll shoot circles around people like him. I'm sorry. I know how to light. I know how to white balance a camera. I know how to hold a steady shot. I know how to tell a story with lighting camera angles and everything else. So one day, you know, sometimes it's one of those things where when you finally put on the spot, you freak out and this is what happened with me. One day, I get a call from Kevin and he goes, Tommy sick today.

You're going to shoot the scene. And I panicked. I'm like, oh my God. Oh my God. And we got it. How do you do that? Because you know, when you're new to this, especially back then when, when it wasn't like now everybody and their mother shoots porn on their cell phone and everything's fine. Back then, it's a legit production with real location. I had a photographer with me, a talent that was getting paid really good money. And on the way to set I'm like maybe I should drive my car into a tree. So we don't have to do the shoot. So this way I'm going to, excuse me, I'm not going to go shoot.

I'm just, I was so paranoid. And so, and freaking out, luckily we went to set and both performers I've worked with before and they saw how nervous I was and there they go. We got you, man, whatever you need, we got you. And it turned out great. I've never seen a girl, a stuffer pussy with patties before. And this girl did it during the tease. And I was like, whoa. I was like, I wasn't shocked what, what is going on here? And if they're not great. And then, and then it just kind of snowballed from there where they, they started watching my stuff in the, in, I shot probably about a dozen bonus scenes for DVDs because this is what pornography was making real money.

So you would have a DVD or back then VHS as well. And you would have five, five, see five or six scenes on the, on the VHS. But then for the DVD you have a bonus scene. Literally companies would spend $4,000. If not more to shoot a bonus scene for the DVD. Now these are full budgets for movies back then. Yeah. Here's four grand, go shoot a bonus scene. So I shot about 10 to 12 bonus scenes for DVDs and they loved what I was doing. And they were like, just go do whatever the hell you want.

So I started shooting really unique stuff. I did Texas asshole massacre that put me on the map. As a director, I got offers from wicked pictures to direct to them. Very, very loyal who I worked for. And I turned them down because I don't care if I, to me, I am so about the art of it. That money is, yeah, you have to pay your bills, but money's never been the reason for me to take a job. It's always been about the creative process and people I work with.

And I, you know, I'll be honest with you sitting in the conference room, filled with AVN trophies and posters and amazing box covers and being told your movie won't beat ours. Even yours is better because our budgets a hundred grand or whatever it was. And yours was $8,000 and sorry, but you won't win. If you want to start winning awards, you got to come here and you know what, that didn't inspire me to want to go work for them. I was like, fuck you. I don't want to work for you. Are you kidding me?

Like, I don't care about the fucking awards. I care about my creative outlet. I care about the people I work with. Yeah. Working for extreme associates. Sometimes you're like, oh my goodness. Okay. Another day like this, but creatively. And the people I work with, I, I loved, loved that job. And Texas last semester, did you know? It put me on the map is like avian called me the horror poor Maestro. They also said my movies were, my editing was MTV style. And I'm like, this is cool. This is like, yeah, 18, 19 years ago.

And to me, that meant a lot because I'm shooting a no budget. I'm not shooting huge name talent. And we have all these pitfalls of like, you know, like extreme associates had a really bum rap. You know, they really did in the sense where like everybody in their mother thought that we were, you know, molesting people on set, which never happened. It was everybody that came to set. We shot. Yeah. We shot rougher stuff, energetic stuff. But everyone that came in, we were like, here's what we shoot. We would put the VHS tape in and we'll show it to them.

Do you want to shoot this? Are you comfortable shooting this? If they said, yes, cool. Let's go. And then you could stop anytime, especially with my productions. And if you're not happy, you can leave. Like that's, you know, so, and I, and I loved working there. I, I worked with Marg. Zane was one of the directors and performance there. Chris justice was there. Lizzie border's director, Rob black was direct and Tom pirate. It was like a family of people that were the stepchildren of the industry. Rightfully so for some, some of the things they did before I got there, you know, like throwing, I suppose, I guess it through like a smoke bomb in AB offices or something like that.

Somebody told me I wasn't there for that. But, and then we had Jean Ross would come to set all the time and do onset pieces for adult FYI. It was like, it w it literally was a family. It was a gross family in many ways, because, you know, there was just so much that was, you know, like, depending on what room, you know, you walk in this room, oh, there's a prolapse asshole. Oh, you walk in this room. There's like boogers on the door. You know, you walk in this room and there's something else going on, but it was wonderful. You know, like, yeah, you, we're not, none of us were getting rich. And this was when Rob was fighting as obscenity charges, you know?

So there was a lot going on. And then we had coffee, Ron that came in and he shot haul some of the stuff he was shooting. We were like, okay, this is like insanity. But he was such a nice guy. He was always like, it was almost like too nice for the girls. We were like, dude, you shooting really rough shit. And you're being way too. Like, you know, which is good, which is great. But yeah, it was one of those things where like, and that's why I think we got a bum rap because when people saw was being shot and what, and Rob, you know, Rob is big mouth, you know, like Rob was like, fuck you and everything else running around middle fingers in the air.

And I learned a lot from him. I learned a lot of good and I learned a lot of bad. And, and I learned a lot from Tom Byron, who one day him and I sat on set and, and I asked him to go hotter, DVD sales work, or movies, sales work. And he broke it down for me. And he straight up said, he goes, look, what you do is with every movie, you make sure that the customer, when he rents the movie, he wants to keep it. So he'll keep it. He'll pay the P pay the store a little extra to hold onto it. Now the store has to reorder it or better yet.

What if that person goes to the store and loves the box, cover loves what's on the back or loves the director, the growth in it buys it instantly. Now rebuild. Now you have to, now we have to restart. So they buy more product. So this is how you sell your product. So when w when Tom Byron told me this in my head, it sparked like every movie I need to do, I need to do something outside the box. And that's what I started doing. I did a series called euthanasia where all the Asian girls were like, even though euthanasia means killing animals, ours was different.

When they told me you're going to do a series with Asian girls. And I'm like, cool. They're like, this is gonna be called euthanasia. I'm like, wait, what? Killing these girls are. W I'm just confused. What's happening here? No, no, no. They're younger girls, but they're Asian girls. So I'm like, cool. I got it. So I started putting like really insane, like anime style makeup on them. And the first one I did, I did this game on a DVD called guests. The cameltoe. I took pictures of all the grilled camel toes. And there was like a game as a bonus. Where if you guess all the camel toes, you get a bonus scene. You know, like things like that, where I thought was super unique.

For instance, like Texas asshole massacre, the reason it got so big was because the movie, Texas chainsaw massacre, the final scene is where Leatherface chases this Grove with, with a chain saw through the woods. And then she jumps in the car and in this truck and takes off. And he does this dance with a, it was called the, like the chainsaw dance, where he's like, waving it around. He's like screaming. So at the end of Texas asshole massacre, I did the same thing. I had my ex Cammy Andrews with a three-foot dildo, chasing JIA Poloma through the woods.

We, we rented this location, like told backwards redneck place. We shut all this, like the chasing, the full chasing through these words, I, we actually broke one of the cameras cause they had one of these tiny little cameras that had a mini DV tape in there. And we had G holding it in front of her face as she was running. And all the shock from running broke the counter, but the tape looks amazing. So I did this scene. And then in fact, I made Cammie watch the insane of Texas chainsaw massacre, the chasing and the whole dance.

So she could recreate it with instead of a chainsaw, big three dildo. So we do this in chasing. And to me, I'm like, this is, this is it. This is, this is my masterpiece. You know? And, and the coolest thing was years later, I run into Sage Stallone at a film festival here in Hollywood service, Sloan son. And he comes up to me and he goes, you're driving, right? I go, yup. And he goes, I fucking love Texas hassle massacre. In fact, I own it. And I'm going to stop what services don't son owns my movie.

And then there's a girl named I there's two girls in the industry who are fans of the sport. You want owns it on VHS. And the other one did a college thesis on Texas Astro masculine and your college

Speaker 1 (42m 28s): Funny.

Speaker 2 (42m 29s): So this movie like, Yes, isn't that crazy. And then some big YouTuber, a few years back headed on this top 10 craziest and funniest, like porn titles. So it's got legs of its own. We're trying with my fiance. Meesha, we're trying to figure out how to get rights to it. So we could do part two and have her as the lead as, as the daughter of my ex Cammie, because it was 20 years ago and it would make it almost like, you know, it would line up time-wise.

So we're trying to figure out how to do Texas hassle massacre too. And that, that would be like, my they're not going to retire or a meteor could land on my head and I'll be completely fine. Life's done. I'm happy. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (43m 13s): That's amazing. So, so how did you get into the production of horror films?

Speaker 2 (43m 19s): When I was going to film school, my one of my first classes, one of my classmates, her boyfriend at the time was doing a horror film called the crier. And one of our instructors at the school was the director of it. So I, I was just a crew guy. I was brand new to, to, to film school. I was brand new to filmmaking and, but I loved it. I was one of those people that ran around with a cable and his shoulder, his escape was called bandit in the 75 pounds.

Each I would throw one of these shoulder and, and run around with it, you know, like setting it up and stuff like that. So I became really good friends with the producer. His name is John. And then I wound up doing one of my, one of my school projects was the effects artists on this movie, the crier whose guy Simon, we wanted to do a short piece on him for one of our classes where he does a whole step of, of sculpting a mask and then molding a face scoping mask and going through the whole process of it.

So we all became like buddies, the guy that was the, the play that eventually the witch who was the mold made out of his face. He, he, this guy, Jason, we all became like really tight. Those three guys. They grew up together in competence area. And they were doing horror movies as kids and editing them on VCR to VCR, huge, insane horror fans. So they got me hooked on horror movies. I wasn't ready for that. I loved, you know, like nightmare on Elm street, a hell raiser, the Friday, the 13th, I was a huge hell raiser fan.

And they started showing me some really weird shit, like, like Asian horror. That's like insane to this day. It's insane from even from back then. And, and then we started doing horror movies. We did a movie called Y2K shutdown, detected, took us almost two and a half years. I was the co-director and cinematographer on there. It was on 16 millimeter film. And the movie was about the computer shutdown of Y2K. Cause remember when everybody's like, oh my God, the clocks are going to turn over. It's going to

Speaker 1 (45m 27s): Party. I remember that

Speaker 2 (45m 31s): Actually with our movies called Y2K, shut down detected, and it was a zombie movie. So we, it took us almost two and a half years to finish this movie. We finished that December 27th, 1999 on this damn movie, you know, and this movie, it exploded because back then this you're talking about year 2000. This was before social media before really internet before really like you put stuff on DVD. I I'm very much about promotion. So what I did was I designed the box cover cause I do everything myself.

I light, I shoot, I do graphics, whatever else. So I designed the box cover for the movie. I made 50 copies of the movie and started sending it out to every magazine I could possibly send it to. Right. And then this is my pride and joy of my indie horror career. We wait, we had a booth at Fenn, Gloria magazines. We can have horrors. And I had all these envelopes that I had with, with a movie inside a little background about the movie and the filmmakers. It was myself, John and Trent. We were the three filmmakers on it and I would give it out to two big name actors or, or directors.

And I ended up giving a copy to John Landis who directed my favorite movie, ever American world from London. I, I love this, this, this, that, that, that right there to me is like the staple of what horror, horror movies and werewolf movies are and gave him a copy of this movie. And it's just in the envelope thinking nothing of it about, I dunno, a few weeks later, I get an envelope back from him when he returned the movie with a, with a handwritten letter that says, thank you so much for letting us watch a movie.

We really, my, my business partner, I enjoyed it. So I'm like, oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. So I sent him a letter back to this address and I asked for a quote for the, for our poster, for our box cover, whatever else. And I dunno, a few weeks after that, I get this of Alfred Hitchcock. And on the back it says in quotes, Y2K, and zombies, what could be better, Sean Landis? It was, I was like, I got goosebumps just thinking about this because it was so amazing that this man who's a legendary director will take the time to watch the movie and then take the time to get a postcard hand, sign it and send it back to us.

So I still have it framed on my mantle here at the house. And then a few years later when American werewolf in London was coming on its 30 year anniversary, I think it was, he was at that. There's a theater out here called the Grindhouse theater with now Quintin Tarantino owns and the show old films. So back then, John Landis was coming in to show a 35 millimeter print of American wealth in London. And I brought the postcard with me. So he stuck around and did a Q and a and I came up to him afterwards.

I give them, I hand them the postcard. He looks at it and flips it over. And he remembers me will remember the movie. And he goes, oh, I remember this movie. And he signed the, signed the postcard again and says John Landis again. And yeah, I have the postcard. It's my pride and joy of filmmaking. And, and the movie eventually we sold it and it's on DVD or it how small the world is the movie. The crier that I worked on when I first met John, when my first semester in film school, it, there was a low budget horror company called EDI cinema or alternative cinema.

They would release like low budget, horror movies. They released the crier, they changed the name to the demons. They leased a crier on DVD and they put our white shut detected movie as a bonus movie. So it was like this it's. It was, it was amazing because again, I still have, you know, I have the DVD, it was the coolest thing that's ever happened to us. We made in our two and a half years to put this movie together and shooting it on film and all the money we spent, they give us $250 that we were like, yes, we're going to go to dinner and have a helmet.

Speaker 1 (49m 33s): There you go. There you go. Get a steak. You get a steak out of that one.

Speaker 2 (49m 38s): Exactly. Exactly.

Speaker 1 (49m 40s): What do you still want to do in this business that you haven't done already?

Speaker 2 (49m 45s): Gosh, you know, to me, it's so important to make sure that people in this industry are treated right. I've always been known as the guy who, and people always say that Ivan, doesn't try to fuck the girls. And he doesn't try to fuck the girls out of money. I've literally been with in 20 years, three girls in the industry, one and one I dated for 18 months, which was Cammy. My ex one was like, okay, you're pursuing me way too much. And I'm still a guy and you know, whatever. And, and now my fiance, Misha, Montana is basically it. You know?

So to me, it's always been about doing the right thing, making sure that women and men are treated with that plus respect on set because I always looked at it like this. If you treat someone with respect on set, especially doing these vulnerable things, because sex is still a vulnerable thing. It's people opening themselves up for your camera. You know, literally they're opening up for your camera. If you are polite, if you treat them with respect, they'll give you so much more. I used to shoot first-timers when I was at anabolic, I shot a lot of first timers and a lot of girls would later come back to me and they'll go, the, you spoiled me on your set because you were so nice and respectful and had me do only while I was comfortable doing a lot of girls gave me the first Dakota Brooks years ago, everything that she ever shot first, she did for me and I wasn't paying her the best rate for it, but she trusted me and she appreciated that I was kind to her.

So to me, that's important. And right now our pet project really is we did this movie called exploitation of Misha Montana, which is my fiance. It started off literally as we're going to do a scene with her, which was she got, you know, the, the movies aliens with Sigourney Weaver. So the face hugger, the one that sits on the, on the people's faces and impregnates her face with, with an alien, she had that tattooed on her pussy and we've recorded this for Alta robotic.

It was a five-hour session. It was in 2021. The pandemic was 2020. Was it 2021? When a pandemic was at its highest and alter robotic, I mean, an AVN didn't have an award show. So what we did was we created our own AVN awards, red carpet. We invited a bunch of people. We had beautiful. We got the most amazing, honestly, better pictures than any avian red carpet. I'll just tell you that because I got delighted. We got to shoot some really cool shit. And then we had a red carpet that led to a tattoo table that she laid on for five hours and got this alien tattooed on her pussy.

She cried through half of it. And then she did a blow bang that was nominated for best blow bank. So few weeks after that, she caught COVID and was bedridden for a month. Then she went to got vaccinated and had a stroke. Oh no, we got all of this, all this recorded. We have all this footage. I went to the next day after she was on the phone with me for two hours while she had a stroke driving down a mountain to the hospital. And so we have, because it will occur. And I, we had shared so much, we would record everything just for the hell of it, just for like a YouTube channel, whatever else.

Sure. And it just wound up where all these pieces started falling into this crazy, crazy pattern where she has a stroke. I go out there the next day. I gave her one of the most God priceless things that I have in Russia, when you are born to give you this, it's like a metal or a coin. It's like a Bitcoin has got Lennon on one side. And on the other side, they engrave your name. Well, I had this thing and I brought it to the hospital with her.

Wow. And I recorded the whole thing. The funny thing is we have her and I have this joke that my hallway pass. My hall pass is Brad Pitt because I fucking love Brad Pitt. This is what she would say. That's where a hall pass. So I ha I got the helmet from Troy that he wore. It's like, I have, it's not like the metal one. It was like a softer material. But I put that on. I had flowers on my record, the whole thing, me walking through the hospital in this dress, like Brad Pitt from Troy to lighten up her mood.

And so I come in there and I'm recording and I give her this coin, everything, everything is recorded and everything goes on her DVD because two weeks after her stroke, first of all, four days later, I do this emotional interview with her, where half her face is frozen and she's telling her story. And then a week and a half later, she comes to LA with a heart monitor attached to her chest and shoots this most elaborate scene I've ever shot. And it was nominated for best play gross CNET XPS.

Then we shot like two days later, did she had a heart surgery? We got all that on tape. She's doing much better. She still has at night. And when she's tired, she forgets things because brain damage from the stroke, her right hand loses strength sometimes. So physically, if you look at it, you're like, oh, she's fine. But there's so much depression issues. A lot of things that still worried about possibly having another stroke, just going through the process of just remembering what she went through, you know, and, and she's got a son who's got cerebral palsy.

So she's got a lot on her plate. She's five years old and you know, so she's take care of him. And then she's got her family that she's taking care of her mom or dad, her brother. So she's got a lot on her plate. And, and we put this movie together, you know, she went and got her nipples tattooed. She got hearts that made out of barbed wire, tattooed on her nipples. And while doing a scene, then she got her tail tattooed for the alien pussy. She got her tail tattooed. It goes through like per butt crack, but upper butthole around her leg, all this stuff.

We have these, this amazing footage that we put together and wrapped around all this personal, emotional stuff. And we made this DVD that was nominated for best showcase at flesh bot awards ex-business and PBN. And honestly, I'm disappointed that neither exposor IBN gave her the best showcase, because if we're going to talk about showcasing a human being and porn star, this is what this is about because my opinion, every year, there's a showcase or every other showcase that what is, what's the common denominator it's fucking on a high budget.

That's what that is. You have a big name, girl, you get big name, male talent, or big name, other female talent, great location. How has that standing out from any other big name, a big budget showcase. It does not. This, this is human piece. And to me, that was the part that was like, it was disappointing, was like, what? But I've warned her. I said, look, I had over a hundred dominations before I won my first thing. Dominations mean way more than awards because you get nominations and merit of your work, the other stuff, it is what it is.


Speaker 1 (56m 42s): It's very political and you, and you can't take it personally.

Speaker 2 (56m 45s): Yeah. And that's exactly it. And she's so new. She's only been for a year. So she's just learning this. This is my 20th year. I'm like app. Then when on average, it's fine. But what we were doing is we've been putting together this mainstream documentary for it. We have a sizzle reel that we cut that's on Vimeo. That's, that's not for public consumption. It's a private thing that we send it to people with passwords. Okay. I'll, I'll send it to you. Yes, for sure. Cause it's got her son in there and she opened up, you know, like what, when I was editing her movie, the adult movie, she called me and she goes, I want to, because when, when I interviewed her four days after a stroke, we did a whole interview about her.

And then I said to her go, you know, we probably should talk about your son. We will not use it, but I want you to talk about what you were thinking when this is happening. And tell me about your son, because this is stuff that we might want to use later for something or other minus we'll record it. And later regret, not regret, not shooting this. So we did it. And then she called me one day and she goes, I really, my mission is to humanize the industry. And I want to use the part of the interview where I talk about my son.

Cause nobody knew she had a son. Everybody just thinks that she's out there doing her thing. And that's how the movie starts. That the portal, it doesn't tell that obviously there's no images of him. It's only about she's talking about her struggles as a mom with a son was five years old with cerebral palsy. And now this and was she's, you know, in the interview, she talks about how all she thought about is like, I need to go home. If I'm going to die, I want to die at home with him. I need to see my son.

And it's emotional because as a parent, that's that's heart wrenching and heartbreaking. So, so with us, we're like, well, let's put this documentary together. So we started showing the sizzle reel to people and everybody's just like, you guys need to cut a mainstream movie or this and you need to send it to film festivals. You need to send it to anyone who would watch this. So that's because there's a lot of stuff on there. That's super weird. We propose, we would propose to each other in the funniest ways, in the weirdest ways we have it all recorded.

We D we do really because she's very nerdy, very more nerdier than I am. I am B I have like thousands of action figures. I literally, my house looks like 40 year old version from the movie 40 year old Virgin. That's literally my house. When we went to see the movie with my friends, my friends are looking at him like, fuck you guys. I'm not a 40 year old Virgin. Fuck you guys. But yes, my house does look like that. And you know, like with her, when we first started talking, it was literally an email. She emailed us about work. And I reached out to her and we started talking.

We spent five hours talking about like, I'll showing off, who owns what? She wants a huge sort collection from game of Thrones. She loves game of Thrones. That's her thing. So not I'm sorry, Lord of the rings. Oh my gosh. She would kill me if I said Lord of the rings. So I'm showing her all my stupid collections. And then literally like three weeks after I was talking, I'm like, can I come to visit? You should look, please do. So she surprises me because she's a huge gremlins fan. She even has the gremlin tattooed on her, on her leg play.

So I fly out to see her. She surprises me. She has me close. My eyes would try to look 20 degrees. Cause this was like December I'm wearing shorts. I don't wear pants and wearing shorts on the t-shirt. I'm like, whatever, she was close your eyes. She walks me into this building, walks me into a theater. I opened my eyes and she goes we're here I go. Yeah. Okay. We're in a theater. She goes, no, no, no. I've rented the whole theater for you. And I just to watch criminals together. And I was just like, this is, this is, this is my dream woman.

This I, who, who does that? Who does that? You know? And she went to the bathroom and I cried. I cried and I recorded myself crying and I actually sent it to her, but she didn't see it until we got back to, she rented a haunted bed and breakfast for us. So we stayed at a haunted Ben breakfast as well. So to try to outdo her, which she'd prefer stripped LA, I made my whole living room into a UFO crash site. I bought inflatable 10 foot UFO. I put plastic wrap all over it by house. I bought inflatable aliens that were like scattered all over the floor.

I even had a little alien speaker that was talking to her in the kitchen while I was running inside, turning all the lights, getting all the behind the scenes, cameras, rolling, everything else. It was a so, so we're constantly trying to do that for each other because

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 27s): You guys, you guys are quite the pair. There's no two ways about it.

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 30s): W yes. So, so that's kind of like our game plan now. Let's can we do in this documentary, we're trying to grow Alta Roddick and we're trying to get a reality show together. We've been doing this in called two Russians, one America, where we just do weird dumb things. And then we have all these weird friends with us. We have our tattoo artists, Evelyn ain't, who's got a split tongue, face tattoos, amazing tattoo artists. And she's a performer. And we took her to a bed and breakfast on the bed. Didn't even tell her until we're pulling up to it. We have footage of poor, like freaking out, like I'm not staying here, you know, all kinds of stuff.

So we have a lot of pet projects, obviously trying to pay our bills. But this year, our plan is to try to grow our, getting our YouTube channel together. I have my own YouTube channel called cirrhotic has a huge YouTube channel. We're trying to get our two restaurants, one America, YouTube channel going and just doing a lot of things. You know, like Texas house from asker to hopefully like what's L for we did Inc. Hotel three. And it got five and nominations, which is a lot for a movie that was shot.

Everything concentrated. Yeah. There was not one person in there that got paid and we have five nominations, which is huge because we're competing

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 44s): Against

Speaker 2 (1h 2m 45s): Big budget productions. And it's literally like to shoot that's it. That's exactly it. I love to light. I love to write weird shit. I I'm in the movies. I don't do scenes, but I'm in the movies acting a fool, like a crazy Russian pornographer. I used to scream and yell in Russia and all kinds of stuff. So we were already started in motel for at least ideas for it. We just have a lot lined up and I'm really about helping talent that once to build their brand properly, help them.

You know, I helped Christy Mack. Who's a huge name. She gives credit for me, helping her build her brand. I helped people like my, my company called the cops, sorry, by company Poobah. We did sides for, we still run sides for Nicole Addison. So Kira Christy Mac, Samantha sane, Alison Tyler. We did sides for Romy rain, Abigail Mac, and all these girls were fairly new when they started.

So my work helped them build those brands, whether you want to commit to it or not. Yeah, it feels great. But especially with some of the Christie macros, huge gives me credit for helping her start a merchant line, helping her build her brand. That means a lot because I've never wanted anything, but from them, except that should cool stuff, let's help each other out and move on from there. And some girls came and went some, you know, the typical, you know, you didn't do shit for me or whatever else, you know, I'm like, I don't care.

I don't need the credit. I don't give a fuck. Do your thing. I don't care. You know? So with no sweat off my balls, I got to shoot some cool shit with some really cool people. I'm happy.

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 31s): So what the maintenance it's what makes the world go round, right?

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 34s): Yeah. Yeah. You know, and, and especially like with ultra Roddick, we should all girls in all girls, basically stepchildren of porn. They really are. You know, it's not like they're getting a lot of work. They're really looked down on in society because like, I she's got tattoos. She must be a crack head or whatever else, you know, or drug dealer or, or, or something. And to me, I look at all girls as creative people who express their creativity, their passion, or their emotions on their body, because they're telling a story with their body.

And I love that. So to me, helping them out, like we have a girl, Amber, Lou, cause one of our brand ambassadors, she's got tattooed eyeballs, blue, baby blue eyeballs, she got tattooed. And she came out here three years ago. I became like a big brother and I would, I helped her out. Shit went crazy viral on YouTube per whatever videos is that 18 million views on our channel. It's huge. And now we had a UK channel reach out to me wanting that content for the TV show.

Dad just give us credit. You know? So, so there's like a lot of that going on. I, I love seeing people that are dedicated that are good people being success. Cause like, you know, I'm going to be 52. How long do I have left home was died three years, two years ago. I don't know.

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 54s): Well, you know what? I haven't, I'm 64. Hopefully we both have a long time left. I'd really like to thank you for being our guest today on adults. I broke her talk and I know we have a lot more we can talk about and I hope we'll have a chance to do it again really soon.

Speaker 2 (1h 6m 10s): Yes, this was great. I love sharing stories so I could talk, I could talk for hours as you can tell. So

Speaker 1 (1h 6m 15s): Thank you very much. My broker tip today is part two of how to buy a site. Last week, we discussed first deciding the type of site you want to buy and then establishing what your budget is next. It's time to look for your new website. So where do you look? Well, adult site broker is a great place to start. We always have a nice variety of website and non website properties for sale. But if there's a particular type of site you want, we can also act as your buyer's broker to help you find just the right site.

Other places to look are boards like X and GF But to be completely honest, unless what you're looking for is a really low end property. You're probably not going to find what you're looking for there. Of course you could contact site owners yourself, but take it from someone who does it for a living. It's a major hassle. And it can be really hard to even find out who owns the site. Almost all adult sites use who is privacy from their domain registrar. So when you send them an email, it will be to an anonymous address.

And in most cases, the emails aren't returned. We have a huge database of sellers and generally know who owns what. And if it's a website of note, if we don't know who owns it, we can always find out, we'll talk about this subject more next week.

And next week, we'll be speaking with therapist, Dr. Monique. And that's it for this week's Adult Site Broker Talk. I'd once again, I'd like to thank my guest, Ivan of AltErotic. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk.

I'm Bruce Friedman.

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