Edward Shorter and Filip Karaicic are Our Upcoming Guests on Adult Site Broker Talk


Edward Shorter has been studying sexuality for many years.  His first book about it, Written in the Flesh: A History of Desire, won several prices.  Stormy’s World is really volume two of that series, and it is about the adult entertainment industry as a pipeline into sexuality.  Producers conceive themes to make money, and they have an exquisite sense of what the market wants.  

The book is a history of the adult entertainment industry from the early days to the present.  It emphasizes the enormous increase in the availability of porn to a worldwide audience, the shift in themes from missionary position to every style of erotic activity imaginable, and from men in command to women increasingly playing an equal role.  New themes include the explosion of fetish and roleplaying in porn, and the alignment of tastes among heterosexuals, gays and lesbians.  Toys and camming are not strictly pornography, but they have chapters as well.  The book also discusses the recruitment of models and their treatment in the industry.  The book closes on a note that finds adult increasingly female-friendly and approaching the status of mainline journalism.

His next book in the series will be Porn Goes Global.  He is a professor of history at a major North American university.

Edward will be on Adult Site Broker Talk starting today.

Filip Karaicic is CEO of Quantox Technology, the leading development and outsourcing company in the adult and affiliate spaces.

In their close to 15 years in business they’ve grown to over 400 development pros in numerous countries throughout Europe. They do all types of development including front and back end development, mobile and native apps. Their outsourcing department does customer support and has virtual assistants. Their staff speak fluent English and unlike a freelancer, they won’t suddenly disappear, along with your project.

They are frequent sponsors of adult and affiliate industry trade shows.

You can contact Filip on their website at quantox.com

Filip will be on Adult Site Broker Talk starting next Wednesday.

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