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This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we’ll be talking with Natalia Pannon of Mojohost.

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They have a loyal customer base of 27,000 plus real members with many customers still active from 2017. Some have spent more than 10,000 euros. The average customer spends 450 euros. The sites have very steady recurring revenue with very low overhead and a proven ROI of 900%. Plus on every Euro spent on affiliate marketing. These sites have room to grow from where they are now. The weekly upkeep of the sites requires very little time and most of the work consists of promoting the sites to bring in new customers and tease the existing 27,000 plus strong member database.

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Many great markets are yet on tap for these sites, but could easily be added such as Germany, France, and the USA. Thanks to the non adult nature. You can easily promote them via Google and email. You can buy these two great sites for only 484,000 euros. Now time for this week’s interview. My guest today on adults. Broker talk is Natalie PanIN of mojo host, Natalie, thanks for being with us today on adult side, broker talk, thank you for inviting me. It’s a pleasure now. And mojo hosts we’re Natalie works has 58 awards for outstanding hosting services and business practices.

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It’s the leading choice for hosting in the adult industry established in 1999, mojo hosts growth and attention to powering the success of its clients has positioned it as a choice for mainstream hosting needs as well. They offer dedicated servers, virtual private servers, the mojo hosts, CDN global content delivering network. That’s a mouthful, a mojo host cloud computing services, mojo shield, website security, and other web technology solutions. And Natalie has been part of the adult industry for eight years now. And she grew from user technical support to decision-making sales and marketing positions.

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She’s now the business development sales and marketing marketing, shockingly BDSM get that business development sales and marketing manager at mojo host. Her job is to take on everything required to develop the business. So do these are quite varied from sales and marketing to HR and team building to washing the dishes she handles, what needs to be done. I threw that one in and is not afraid of the responsibility that comes with showing initiative. And Natalie’s has a master’s degree in journalism and you did one better than me. Cause I only got a bachelor’s in broadcast journalism and worked in many fields before entering the business of digital adult entertainment.

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She’s been a teacher, she sold diamonds wholesale. She’s been a barista. I didn’t know she could make a good cup of coffee. I need to ask her next time and a legal clerk. She enjoys reading scifi and fantasy books. And if she goes to the movies, you can pretty much bet it’s something about superheroes. She wears many hats. The two most wide brimmed of those are mojo hosts, BDSM, and her she’s a mom Natalie’s Natalie’s daughter is going on five years of age. So that had, is getting more and more fun every day. So, Hey, talk about being a mom. You got a five, you got a, he got a five-year old.

1 (4m 50s):
How how’s, how does that mix with doing business?

2 (4m 56s):
Well, you know, it sometimes does feel like you’re a jigsaw octopus. That’s sort of my term for having to multitask during work. But that being said, I mean, motherhood is great and I’ve managed to incorporate, you know, B being a working individual who puts in at least eight or 10 hours a day to also spending time with my daughter. And that’s something that I particularly enjoy, especially now that you see her growing into an individual and somebody with her own opinions and somebody who, you know, thinks and functions as a grownup as a small little version of a grownup.

2 (5m 38s):
So, so it’s certainly an interesting experience for sure. It was difficult, especially in the very beginning with, you know, no sleep. And I think I took a total of four months for maternity and that was that, and then went right back to work. So it, it was a little difficult to juggle, but overall I just I’m enjoying the, the, you know, the life as you say it and definitely enjoying the job as well. So it’s a good, it’s a good place to be where you’re happy to wake up in the morning. You’re happy to come to work. You’re happy to get off work and spend time with your daughter. So the whole balance of life and work is certainly working out if not particularly easily, obviously, but at least to the best.

3 (6m 23s):
Yeah. Now, now you live in the Ukraine that’s you guys have certainly had your share of issues. How has life been there lately?

2 (6m 34s):
I am kind of far away from any issues. So it’s, it’s not really touched me directly, obviously there’s, you know, worries about things that are going on in the East, but it’s kind of dying down lately. And I mean, Odessa where I’m at right now is really the quietest place. It’s at the beach, it’s a tourist destination. So the location isn’t that big of a deal for me. And I quite like it here. I mean the beach in the summer is definitely gray. We do have four seasons, which is amazing. People think that since I’m from Ukraine, it must be really cold. And I guess everything is comparative. There’s warmer places and there’s definitely colder places, but I do enjoy the fact that there’s four seasons.

2 (7m 19s):
We actually had some snow this summer for a change because last summer we had no snow and it was well to the great upsetness of my child who really wanted to go sledding and Katie and all of those things. So I’m happy with that overall. I mean, it’s been pretty quiet. Odessa has always been a very, it’s a port city and it’s always been like a trader city. And the one thing about traders is they’re trying to stay as far away from trouble as they can, because it’s not good for trade, not good for business. So, so it S has kind of been away for most of most of the issues that has happened in the country over the past 10 years in a good place overall and, and countries doing better.

2 (8m 8s):
I think, you know, I’m not much for politics you’ll, you won’t see one comment for me in a political thread anywhere, but I just think that, you know, it’s doing better than it was five years ago, for sure. So that much,

3 (8m 25s):
That is good now being where you are. And I would imagine a reasonable percentage of your business is in the U S how do you balance that

2 (8m 38s):
By working all sorts of hours is going to be my response. But I mean, we do have a lot of customers in Europe and we also have customers in Asia, which I can pick up on, you know, my morning. So sometimes I do have to show up for PST phone calls that, you know, maybe my 2:00 AM or 4:00 AM or whatever it is, but it’s not really that common. I mean, most of the time I can easily schedule things into my more, my evening. That’s still catches the PST morning as the office people call me employee from the future because by the time they’ve showed up to the office, I’ve likely been working for six or seven hours.

2 (9m 18s):
So that’s nice. I usually have a, a lead on them for anything that’s going on. And, you know, we’ve grown our presence here. I mean, being able to join Mojer host, and then eventually one of the first things that I noticed was that technical talent was always a restricting factor in anything that we did. And so I actually helped the company. I jokingly say that I brought the, the Ukrainian mafia, but I, I actually helped the company hire a lot of technical staff here. Very, very smart technical staff that are all senior level systems, administrators, and the team has the tech team had tripled over the past few years.

2 (10m 2s):
So I was lucky enough. Well, first of all, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a large hosting company that was closing its office here in Ukraine. So I picked up all of the best team members from them. And then, you know, and then obviously others, I’ve done a lot of screening for talented systems administrators in the country and was able to help us grow that way. Now we’re certainly geared towards success with how much the tech team has grown and are able to bring out a lot more customers and do a lot of, a lot more migrations and really cut our response times and, and how quickly we deal with any requests.

2 (10m 43s):
So, you know, definitely in a good place. And, you know, we’re always open to hiring technical staff really anywhere, especially with COVID now that now that the office work, isn’t really a thing anyway, even for people in the U S or we do have an office in Ukraine, but we don’t require anybody to show up there. It’s more of a backup in case, you know, the lights go out or something, or, or your mother-in-law shows you can’t work at home anymore. My mother-in-laws are touchy topics, but other than that, I mean, we’ve grown tremendously and I’m very, very happy to see this growth.

3 (11m 28s):
Yes. Yeah. There’s a, there’s a ton of tech talent in Eastern Europe. There’s no two ways about it. And a lot of it is in the Ukraine now. Now, how did you end up in the adult business? Or I should say, how did a nice girl, like you get in a place like this?

2 (11m 49s):
Oh, you know what, first off I want to say that I do not think there’s anything particularly about adults. I mean, we can, all, we can all be hypocrites and say, Oh, we joke about it. There’s ethical adult businesses, frankly, a lot of ethical adult businesses. And I think it’s better to have that than, than, you know, a shady way of doing it. And one way or another porn is going to be part of our lives. I mean, there’s no other way to say it, besides that. I mean, the story’s kind of out there, I’ve already done some written interviews on it, the sort of nuts and bolts on it were that I was 23 and had started a job selling diamonds, a wholesale, which was interesting and great and a little terrifying.

2 (12m 34s):
Cause you know, I could have $50,000 in my purse at any given time as I was, you know, dealing with jewelers, wholesale diamond sales are all dealing with jewelers. I never really sold directly to customers, but it, it was going well, but it was boring. You would think, right? The diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but beyond the simplest city of learning the colors and shapes and being able to tell a better diamond for a worst one, it really wasn’t all that interesting. And once you’ve kind of grown into knowing the intricacies of judging the stones, there’s not very much, you know, you park it on price, but that’s fairly easy.

2 (13m 19s):
So it became really, really daunting that I wasn’t really learning anything. And every day it was really the same. So I started looking for something that would be more, a little more challenging. And I found a job posting that said that they’re looking for a tech support person and, you know, having a very good English. That was one of the, really one of the biggest requirements there I decided to apply. And it actually took a good month for them to get back to me, which doing HR now, I think is ridiculous. But after a month they invited me for an interview were very happy with me, hired me.

2 (14m 3s):
And then as I was leaving, they said, are you religious? I’m like, no, not really. We’re not particularly. And they said, well, how do you feel about, you know, this PR this working with this industry? You know, I had no idea that that I’ve showed up to an interview for that, but I said, okay, whatever, I quite liked everything else. I mean, it was a great office, really nice team. So, so I started working there and then my very first job was actually user support, not just on a adult site, on a hardcore full cocky network.

2 (14m 45s):
Yeah. So that was a lot of fun. I mean, most of the requests are obviously either billing or something, not working, but it, it was, it was certainly a step from diabetes. Let’s say cocky is definitely a reach from diamonds, for sure. And then from there I got drafted into sales, kicking and screaming actually, because I liked the tech side so much and I wanted to learn more in it that I did not want to transfer into sales. And despite offering me more money and trying to push me to towards of, you know, sales and marketing position, I still did not want to do with.

2 (15m 26s):
And I think there was three or four frantic conversations. When I said, I don’t want to go into sales. I just want to do this tech stuff. I really like it. I want to learn those API. I want to learn a little bit of coding, but you have such great people, people skills I was told. All right. So eventually I started, but I realized that being in sales does not mean you have to drop everything and only work on sales. First of all, and this isn’t really common, but I think the sales person needs to know their product in depth and in depth by in-depth. I don’t necessarily mean being able to write the code for it, but I mean that they need to know what it is that they’re selling and how it works.

2 (16m 11s):
So maybe not, not, not the particular intricacies of actual coding, but at least the basics need to be known some of the technical questions. The sales person needs to know how to answer at least by, you know, kind of learning by osmosis. I mean, you worked with the tech team to answer customer’s questions and eventually you’ll figure out the answers to them and, and why those answers are so, and so I’ve always focused on understanding and being more in depth with both, you know, right now it would be server hardware and, and the server load and what the website’s required in terms of infrastructure and how the CDN works and how TDN by the way, is that mouthful of content delivery network that you mentioned earlier and how, how web application firewalls work and how to protect yourself from like an attack, for example, and how all of those tools work.

2 (17m 8s):
So there’s, there’s definitely a lot of learning to do for somebody who has not been exposed in hosting at all. And I feel like in three years, I’ve certainly grown here and I don’t really see a ceiling of growing since there’s just so much to learn so much infrastructure there’s so much to learn. So I, I definitely don’t feel like I’ll reach a ceiling anytime soon here, in terms of, in terms of growth and, and new knowledge, why did you move on from the first job? You know, I actually, are you talking about ceilings? I realized that I haven’t went to somebody with a question for awhile and I haven’t really learned anything new for a while.

2 (17m 53s):
So I’ve kind of known how to deal with pretty much any situation and people were coming to me for guidance or maybe the support staff or the sales staff. And I haven’t really been required to learn anything new for a while. So I decided that it was time to move on. I mean, I spent five years there. I have the greatest experiences and the greatest memories of that job. It was just time to go. And I felt like the product had launched or the newer product. I don’t know if I haven’t mentioned yet, but I was with Centro. And then starting with adult century, moving into model Centro and eventually found Centro, the product of launch, they were successful stands great.

2 (18m 35s):
By the way, I mean, I like him very much. His family’s great. So it, it was great working for him, but it was time to go. I felt like I wasn’t bringing enough value anymore, or rather I was just bringing the same old value and not growing. So it was time to go, okay.

3 (18m 56s):
Now you’ve worked in very dynamic fields before mojo dealing with models and content owners, as well as site operators. I think you may have answered the question. I, if I’m, if I’m reading into things, cause I’m starting to follow your mind, why did you choose hosting something that some people would consider kind of geeky and boring?

2 (19m 19s):
Well, for somebody who likes Saifai geeky is sort of a compliment. That’s true. My bad. I did partly answer your question. Of course, it’s for a new thing, something new to do. The other reason is actually not so evident, but Stan being Stan and, and obviously he’s a great man with a lot of businesses. I really did not want to do anything to upset him because I respect him. And I think he’s a great guy. So my, one of my requirements for looking for a new job was to get a job somewhere where there is no competition to the things that he does.

2 (20m 3s):
So frankly, being such a great businessman, that wasn’t very many things available anymore.

3 (20m 10s):
You make a point since then even more so.

2 (20m 14s):
Yes. So Stan definitely does, has a lot of businesses and is successful at many of them. So hosting was really among the very few choices that I had in terms of not stepping on the toes of my former employer or, or looking shady in terms of, you know, there’s always talk when somebody leaves a company and joins another, is that they brought all their client base and all of that stuff. And I just, you know, obviously I still have the contacts. There’s no way I can get rid of them forever because now they’re, a lot of people are more than contacts, center, acquaintances, or friends that I want to stay in touch with. But at the same time, there’s no competition directly or indirectly with any of the things that they are doing.

4 (20m 59s):
Did the fact that it had to do with technical things, appeal to you as well?

2 (21m 7s):
For sure. Yeah. So, so the whole idea of learning a whole new area was magnificent. I felt, I felt sad. I mean, I guess every time you leave a job that you’ve done for a long time and, and really liked, you feel sad leaving, like your people, you work with, you feel sad leaving the team as well as the customers that you work with directly. But even then, you know, I knew they were going to do well without me. So that, that felt lighter, but it was time to learn new things for sure. And, and I’m very happy for the opportunity that Brad gave me with learning hosts.

4 (21m 47s):
Yeah. Yeah. I was personally, I was shocked to see you leave. Cause it was like, wait, Natalie’s leaving. It’s like everybody so associated you with that company that we watched you grow up in that company. So it was kind of like, yeah, it was a shock to the system for all of us in the adult family. How are there so many hosting choices okay. Out there? How is mojo hosts different from everyone else?

2 (22m 17s):
So there there’s actually many ways, but let me focus on some of the main ones. One is that we never compromise on quality. So when, so obviously it’s easy to be a cheap host as cheap as possible, but actually providing value is, is also very important than much harder. We always focus on quality. Every decision we make is geared towards quality of service. It has to do with the network it has to do with the hardware, anything that has to do with technical support. Obviously that’s what we’re known for, for very, very high touch tech support and going above and beyond anything that a hosting company usually would offer because we do, you know, we help customers plan out their infrastructure.

2 (23m 4s):
We help customers implement, you know, go through the growth pains and implement new things that will help their websites grow. We fine tuned the servers to the point where it’s optimized and perfect for what they’re trying to do. We worked directly with customers to try to resolve any problem they have. And if our team can’t do it and we’ll find somebody who will, and that has to do with pretty much anything. I mean, people come to me for QA advice to help them, you know, make sure that there’s no bugs on their websites. People come to me to ask which domain name Dubai people. Yes.

2 (23m 44s):
And then people come me to ask what billers to use. People come to me and ask what CMS systems they, the would be able to use for certain new project. It kind of goes above and beyond what they are used to in terms of hosting support. And we always help. That’s part of our, part of our motto. Be a nice thing.

1 (24m 4s):
If I can, if I can interject it’s part, I think any time your you’re doing sales and you’re working closely with somebody, you become a trusted partner, not just a salesperson, which you, which is what

2 (24m 18s):
Yes. And what I actually enjoy it because in the long run, obviously not because, because I just like helping people in general, but it obviously also helps my business because the better off the company is, and the better they grow, the more hosting they end up needing. But other than that, the other distinguishing factor is that we aren’t a corporate machine. We are very human. We’re very humane. And we are always approachable. Customers can text bread in the middle of the night, which I asked them not to do and to reach out to me and said, but we, we are approachable and we are human.

2 (24m 60s):
We will always understand and support our customers through highs as well as lows. You know, there’s just for example, I have an interesting example, actually. You remember last winter there was fires in LA. Yes. So before that, a couple of months before that we spoke to a company that’s based there and offered them hosting and they were using Amazon and they got her quotes thought about it. It was great. It was saving the money, but it was just so much work to move them out. Frankly, Amazon snared them with something where it costs them $8,000 to move out because of the outbound bandwidth costs.

2 (25m 42s):
Yes. So, so basically they were sort of a, a, a hostage to their hosts because of the rates, then the way that they were set up. So they weren’t sure they wanted to make the move. It’s a very large company. So, so it’s not necessarily a gigantic sum for them, but it’s still, it’s still very evidence there. So they weren’t really sure they wanted to make the move just because migrations are never simple. And the expected issues, especially with large digital businesses. So they weren’t sure they wanted to move. And eventually the fires broke out and they’re all stuck in tents with barely any access to the internet.

2 (26m 24s):
And they can’t even log in to their banking to pay their bill with Amazon. And I was on says, we’re cutting you off in seven days.

1 (26m 34s):
It’s a very Amazon thing to do actually.

2 (26m 37s):
And I understand their corporate business. They’re not making those choices. They don’t have the tools or the procedures to make choices as humans. They make them as computers too. And they’re like, well, this is our livelihood. And this is obviously a forced majority situation, but they were just sent from one person to another and never got any resolution. So they called us and said, Hey guys, what are the chances we can move in seven days? And I’ll tell you, this migration is like, that usually would take two or three months working overnight 24 seven. We migrated them in six and a half days over to Mojer host and gave them unlimited credit until the situation is resolved with, you know, being uprooted due to the fires.

2 (27m 27s):
And luckily, you know, they hadn’t lost any property. And then the ed went back to their homes and everything went back to normal. They caught up on their bills, but we were there for them to help them through a very difficult time. And I think we’ve gained a very, very devoted customer from that. And do you really ever see that from a corporate machine or a larger business with a lot more tears and eight levels of approvals for anything? So that’s major hosts for you, we’re human and that differentiates us. Yeah.

3 (28m 2s):
Yes. Now you mentioned Brad, your owner, Brad Mitchell, who he’s a past guest on our podcast and he’s in my mind kind of like the mayor of the adult space. You know, I, I got a story about Brad. We were in the why not show in San Francisco, the Lake, great. Why not show? And you might’ve been at that show. And I remember there was like really long dead time at the show. And Brad just said, okay, we’re opening the bar, I’m paying for it. And he just got the bar open and they brought a bar in downstairs in the seminar area room, a seminar room area.

3 (28m 48s):
And he just opened the bar and paid for it. That is Brad Mitchell. So how was it working with Brad every day?

2 (28m 60s):
Well, Fred’s absolutely indefinitely. Not only generous at trade shows. He is an amazing person. He combines generosity and being fucking also with all of his, excuse my language, with all of, all of his just day to day work and looks and actions and decisions. But other than that, he’s actually, he’s humble. He’s nice. You know, anytime there I do something wrong, he is the one giving me excuses. And I’m the one saying, no, no, I, I, I messed this up real bad.

2 (29m 40s):
So, so he’s really, he’s really, really great to work with. Luckily my conscious provides all of the kicks that I’d require anyway, but Brad is just that. I mean, he’s very, very easy to work with. He doesn’t micromanage. He supports my decisions. And frankly, the decision method is very, very simple at motor hosts, which I really, really appreciate. We value every decision based on whether or not it’s good mojo. And that encompasses pretty much everything in terms of is this the right thing to do? Is this the good thing to do? Is this a nice thing to do to our customer?

2 (30m 21s):
Is this, you know, th the, is the decision something that I won’t feel bad about and that makes life so much easier because that on ties my hands to make decisions based on what I think is correct. And, and there’s a great value fit because I think that I fully understand what good mojo is. And I, you know, it just makes things easy. I will never be at fault if I acted on doing what’s right.

1 (30m 51s):
That’s cool. Now it’s interesting because when someone posts about needing hosting on one of the boards, the replies are usually either a hundred percent mojo host or close to a hundred percent. Mojer hosts. Now, I’m sure that’s very gratifying, but doesn’t that also make the expectations a bit higher on the part of the clients

2 (31m 11s):
That’s true. And you know, it’s our job to meet them. The, we do not try to lower our standards or, you know, in order to make sure that people don’t expect too much of us, that’s never happened. We’ve certainly earned a lot of brand fans. And that’s what I sort of call the people who are very happy with her hosting and who recommend us. And that was done through hard work, through giving them a great experience through giving them a wow experience where they are impressed by how well we handle a situation that does not necessarily have to be a good situation, right? I mean, issues happen. Downtimes happen. It’s nobody has full insurance against trouble with their hosting.

2 (31m 56s):
It’s how well the company deals with it that makes that decision work or not work, or makes the person satisfied or dissatisfied with the service. Of course, we also, by doing the right thing, we also help our customers through everything that they need, and we help them through any issues they have, or if there’s a, a problem that they need solved, that’s likely that we can help them solve it. So, so they’re overall happy with pretty much everything, not just their hosting. So our support is great. I mean, the, the response time, the guys there, they’re very knowledgeable. Everyone who speaks to our customer assist is a senior systems administrator, which by the way, is very uncommon.

2 (32m 39s):
Most companies have what is called levels of support, right? And those levels of support start with a talking head, which is the level one, somebody who gets the request and gets the information from the customer level two, which is a person who may be able to solve your problem, but isn’t very experienced. So he doesn’t know how to do it. Then get escalated to level three who goes in and takes care of the requests. And that’s the senior systems administrator. We employ our customer facing staff are all senior level systems, administrators.

4 (33m 15s):
Hmm, God, that sounded, that sounded like Apple. My God frustrates the hell out of me. Every time I call them,

2 (33m 24s):
They will escalate. You know, and I get it. There’s economics of scale in those decisions, but we offer a very high quality service and that high quality service requires us to, to make sure that we don’t differentiate, or we basically don’t stratify our support team and only work with very, very experienced techs. And so that our customers, when they call us, be it in the middle of the night or during the day it’s 24 seven, they know that the person they are reaching in the support staff is able to fix their problem immediately. And we’ll need to escalate it through several levels before they get to it.

4 (34m 3s):
That’s awesome. Now events are obviously a big part of mojo hosts marketing plan. How have the lack of shows affected you?

2 (34m 13s):
I would be saying untruths. If I said that there wasn’t any effect whatsoever, frankly, I think we’ve had record attrition in 2020 for businesses closing down at the same time, people are using the crisis to start new things. So we actually managed to end up in a positive customer influx versus customer attrition over 2020, which was a difficult task. I’ll tell you that. And in terms of where we get our customers, digital trade shows have been fairly successful with that.

2 (34m 57s):
And a lot of our customers are referrals. Thanks to the, the quality of service that we provide. A lot of our customers are referrals from one, or, you know, from one way or another, whether it’s personal or through forums or through other resources, there’s people have published guides about how great mojo host is and how everybody should come in and work with us. So when you provide a service, that’s first people to make a webpage about how great your hosting is. And you know, most of them, I offered to act as affiliates.

2 (35m 38s):
And obviously we have an affiliate program that pays out a lifetime percentage of what your referral pay. Your referral pays to us. However many people don’t even worry about starting the affiliate account and actually getting a percentage. All they worry about is that their contacts get good hosting and a great service, which we definitely deliver. So there’s that, I mean, the trade shows I missed sorely every week really want to go back to live trade shows, but I think that we’re doing quite well, even in the, you have traveling and business travel.

3 (36m 18s):
Well, we certainly are home a lot more now aren’t we?

2 (36m 23s):
My daughter appreciate it.

3 (36m 24s):
Yeah, I bet she does. Mommy’s there. My, my dogs appreciate it. Now with those were my children now without shows, how does mojo hosts make up for the loss of face to face time with potential clients?

2 (36m 42s):
There’s always zoom calls where we’re available 24 seven for any communication through either our website or Skype or telegram or fiber or WhatsApp. I think I have them all, maybe not signals that’s maybe the only ones that I’m missing so far, but, well, yeah, well there’s so many, so much space in my apps before they start breaking on me, but I’m, I’m considering it as well. Obviously Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of those resources are open for us. We do our best to make sure that we stay together digitally.

2 (37m 23s):
We propose phone calls for every sales conversation that we have, and those are all video phone calls. So we try to stay on top of continuing the personal communication. And other than that, I mean, we’ve put in efforts in marketing, we started an act of blog that people can check out by going to Mojo’s dot com and clicking blog, where we share interesting and for an important information about infrastructure solutions, as well as other things. I mean, there’s quite a lot of information that you can find in our blog, but since those are created with, you know, mostly my efforts than the blog posts are actually very non-techie.

2 (38m 5s):
So you may find it useful to figure out what it is your infrastructure includes by just going to a blog and reading through that.

3 (38m 15s):
We’ve got a nice newsletter too.

2 (38m 17s):
Yeah. So we, we try to, we do our best to, to keep in touch with our customers. I think our latest newsletter got it, giant word of approval from everyone. Since we announced that we’ve just launched a free DDoSs protection for our entire network. So those are very cool news. And a lot of people are very happy with it. That DDoS protection is already active for every customer at no extra cost.

3 (38m 42s):

2 (38m 44s):
So that’s handled as well as I think on this one, bread approved a increase in default bandwidth allotment per server in our European servers, which is another nice little carry on top of that cake. So every, all of the, every server now comes with 200 terabytes of bandwidth and that’s eight times more than, as, than it was. And I think it’s very well, eight times or 80 times more than most hosting companies offer. I think the default now in, in most hosts offers is 10 terabytes,

3 (39m 26s):
Pretty cool news.

2 (39m 27s):
And then, so we try to keep, keep in touch with our customers. Mostly it’s either email or passengers. I even started a telegram channel, which isn’t very popular at the moment, but I’m working on, I’m working on making it useful and populating it with interesting content before I could actually start inviting people there. And that’s going to be a techie channel where I’ll talk in easy terms about infrastructure thing.

3 (39m 57s):
Add me. I’d love to see it. Cool. Yeah. So what is your, what does your typical Workday look like?

2 (40m 4s):
Well, it really varies and it depends on what’s on my to-do list. And since my to-do list includes everything, my joke about that by the way, is in washing dishes. My joke is that if I need to walk the dog in order for the company to do better, I will. So whatever needs to be done today, isn’t necessarily what needs to be done yesterday. Obviously I take care of sales matters, the social media platforms, anything in terms of, so we’re always open to looking for new technical staff. So I do some of the HR screenings and meetings, phone calls, anything in between.

2 (40m 48s):
I handle all of our sales by sales targeted inbound tickets, just quite a lot of juggling, but it’s fun. I actually started a new beam thing on Twitter, which I don’t know if I’ll continue. I need a lot of inspiration for making funny means, but they’re basically infrastructure means that matter. And usually are, are funny. So if you want to check out our Twitter, that’s at Mojer hosts.

3 (41m 15s):

2 (41m 16s):
I think I’m doing fairly well. Sows, thanks to meme generator,

3 (41m 22s):
Those things.

2 (41m 24s):
Obviously I try to make them useful as well as funny

3 (41m 26s):
Indeed. How do you envision infrastructure progress within the next five to 10 years? So that’s

2 (41m 35s):
Sort of a stab in the dark because we don’t know what we’ll get. Well, maybe eventually quantum computing will happen, but that’s sort of out in the future and it’s hard to predict what I think needs to happen is optimization. And it’s certainly going that way. So I think that’s content storage is definitely going to move towards a cloud and we are definitely angling to move in that direction as well. We already have some cloud cloud solutions available for our customers and several fully managed private clouds. And so, so the cloud is definitely here to stay.

2 (42m 18s):
Despite the fact that people are sometimes disillusioned with it, it’s, you know, it has its use cases. And then sometimes the dedicated server is better. It depends on the size of the project and what it is. What I think we’ll optimize is static. Content is easily going to move entirely to the cloud. So anybody who has a server, that server is just going to host the active files or the what is called dynamic files. And then static is everything that does not need any changes. So video files, photos, actual, you know, anything, that’s a static, we’ll go into the cloud and be stored there while the servers will have their hands on tied to handle much more bandwidth.

2 (43m 9s):
And it’s a bottleneck of constantly having to upgrade drives, you know, every six months or every 12 months is going to stop being a problem for most of our customers since the cloud is infinitely scalable, I believe this year we aim to expand our cloud to 10 petabytes.

4 (43m 26s):
Well, I’ve never heard that term.

2 (43m 29s):
That’s a very, very, very large number.

4 (43m 32s):
And what is it? How many terabytes is a petabyte? She’s thinking I can, I can hear the wheels going now. If you don’t know, you don’t have to say it’s okay. 10 millions. Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no. You don’t have to it’s okay. You know that, let me move on to the next question. What are some, what are some of the issues in hosting today?

2 (44m 4s):
A few, I guess part of the reason that hosting is making a lot of changes. And part of the reason why we introduced network wide DDoS protection is that DDoSs is becoming far more prevalent and the attacks are becoming far more intricate and unusual for sure. So this isn’t just a simple matter anymore and going forward mean the, I feel like it will grow and become even easier for businesses to, or for hackers to attack businesses because of the internet of things, of all things, because a very, very smart hacker can actually break into a doorbell or at an air purifier that’s connected to the internet and use that to attack your website.

2 (45m 2s):
Yeah. You know, not only that they would break into hundreds of hundreds of them and then start selling or start sending simple requests to your server to try to overwhelm it. And just the way that it’s going and how, how many of those devices are coming out now, it’s going to be easier and easier for them to do that. Oh, sure. So security, I feel like is going to be a major thing and a very important thing in the thing that will be actively developed aside from that the content is getting larger. So any infrastructure solutions that help deliver that content faster are going to be a big hit for sure, because you know, 4k files are larger and people are, you know, they won’t be happy with 720 P video.

4 (45m 54s):
No wait until when until 16 wait until 16 K becomes the standard

2 (46m 0s):
That’s yeah. So it’s going that way. Not to mention VR, we have several customers who have VR and those files are gigantic. And so nobody’s going to spend half an hour trying to download the one video. Nope. What they want is to stream it. And streaming video of that size really requires a local delivery, a local delivery from a node nearby that CDN allows you to set up. So what CDN or the, the, the term you stumbled upon during the introduction? Yeah,

4 (46m 36s):
I didn’t stumble. I was just messing around, but anyway, sorry

2 (46m 42s):
For content delivery network and a CDN cashews content worldwide, the content that is active and busy, what we call hot content. It gets cashed worldwide than anybody who is in that same location will get that content much more quickly because of the proximity to the server. You know, but with internet, one of the biggest limiting factors is how far things are because although things travel at the speed of light, those milliseconds add up during every hop that that data takes to get to your user and the less hops there are the better, obviously for local content, it will be much faster delivered and therefore there will be no lag and you will be able to stream it with no trouble.

4 (47m 28s):
Sure. Well, Natalie, I’d

1 (47m 30s):
Like to thank you for being our guest today on adults. I broke her talk and I really hope we’ll have a chance to do this again really soon. My broker tip today is part five of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, when you decide to sell your website, make sure you have the following information available for potential buyers, detailed information about your company, your website, and any other aspect of your operation that the potential buyers may want to find out about. This should include for a pay site, a detailed inventory of your content number of images and videos. How much of it is exclusive and how much is non-exclusive financial information for at least the last three years.

1 (48m 13s):
If your company is that old, this should include sales reports, profit and loss statements and billing reports. Get all of the information organized in the legible format that a good broker can use to sell your property. If you decide to sell it yourself, organize a list of potential buyers and start the process of contacting them. Be realistic about what your company is worth in today’s market. The kiss of death is overpricing your property. Is there anything that a potential buyer needs to know such as are you being sued? Do you have any substantial debts, et cetera? Don’t let these things be a surprise to the potential buyer. They’ll either find out before the sale and not buy or they’ll find out after the sale.

1 (48m 57s):
And you’ll have another lawsuit on your hands, disclose everything. We’ll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we’ll be talking to Shakun Sethi of tickle.life.

0 (49m 11s):
And that’s it on this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank our guest Natalie Pannon. Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (7s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we’ll be talking with adult industry writer Ralph Grecco.

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0 (55s):
Now let’s feature our property of the week. That’s for sale that adult site broker we’re offering a rapidly growing hair, shaving site. The site shows women getting their head shaved. It does not show explicit content. So it is much easier to promote than most adult sites. The site creates an environment for their customers, where they feel like they’re getting invited to the party of their hair, fetish dreams. They love using slogans like come join the party. There’s a sister site that is a unique method of hosting their videos in a discreet manner for their customers. The site is fueled by redirects. This is essentially the brains of the whole operation.

0 (1m 36s):
It handles the billing and rebuilding user information and video displays. There’s also a separate forum and a download store that did $5,000 in sale. The first month alone, there is no paid advertising. They go directly to their customers with targeted SEO, YouTube videos and social media. The community for this niche is very loyal and the members will help any way they can to see sites like this grow. They’ll donate. Some will even do work for the site for free. This site has a lot of room to grow with a little more time and investment. There’s a mailing list of well over 1100 model’s hair can be sold for thousands of extra dollars.

0 (2m 19s):
There are trained producers for these shoots who would be happy to stay on after the sale. This great site is available for only $480,000. Now time for this week’s interview, I guess today, an adult side broker talk is adult industry writer, Ralph Greco. Ralph, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk. Well thank you for having me. It’s great to be here. Great to have you. Now. Ralph is a professional writer of blogs, columns, reviews, interviews, fiction poetry. Let me get my breath songs, SEO copy. And one act plays for both mainstream and adult clients.

0 (2m 59s):
Now Ralph’s

1 (3m 0s):
Short fiction, both erotic and mainstream poetry and essays have been published in eight countries in major market magazines and small press and various anthologies and single author. Short story collections. Ralph’s one act plays have been published in a complete collection as they’ve been produced across the U S his self pen self-produced salicious songs and dirty words. Theater show have been performed off Broadway in New York city. I love that. I love that name now. Ralph was also an ASCAP licensed songwriter and recording artists, and he teaches classes across the U S at kink conventions.

1 (3m 42s):
Ralph just launched a music site, Ralph Greco, that’s spelled G R E C O music.com. And he has a podcast called licking non vanilla. I love it. Now, Ralph you’re, you’re a professional writer of songs, fiction, web copy, and plays. So a wide range of material. Do you have a favorite type of writing among all the stuff you do?

2 (4m 8s):
Oh, yeah, I don’t. I it’s a tough one. You know, it, it comes by, you know, assignment or, you know, I would say it’s always, I say this whole time, I say I’m a hack, basically, you know, the, the work comes in. I don’t, I don’t wait for the muse to come to come tickling my balls. You know, I’m going to do it when the work comes in. But I would say out of all the things I write, the thing that has my heart the most is the songwriting, but that’s something I do mostly for myself. I’m not usually commissioned to do that for, for anybody else. I was, I was in the game, the music business for awhile when I was younger and could fit into, you know, spend X pants.

2 (4m 49s):
And, and now that I’m older, I, I don’t pursue it in the same way. I’m still professional position and I’m still pursuing it professionally, but I, and you know, the music business has changed greatly, so I don’t pursue it in the same way. And it has more of my, my it’s more, I hate to use this word, but it’s more, more of the art for me than anything else. You know, that’s what it is.

1 (5m 13s):
Yeah. I think musicians who do other things, that’s always going to be their first love, and I probably could have fit into spandex pants too, but I would have looked terrible. Why, why is songwriting your favorite type of work?

2 (5m 28s):
That’s the curious expression, I think from what’s in my head and my, my marrow, it seems to come out directly, you know, I just get, get my guitar and I go, and, and also if I want to get that out or haven’t heard or performed or whatever, I can, it’s usually more direct. And I can see the reaction immediate from, from somebody who was listening, as opposed to write you write a short story. I don’t get to experience the people, the short story, see what they feel. Only if somebody writes me back and tells me if they liked it or not. So I think it’s probably just the immediacy of their, of, of what it is with the songwriting.

0 (6m 7s):
Yeah. Next time. We’ll have you have your guitar on, yeah. Now maybe we need a new theme song. Now, how did you get into erotic writing in the first place?

2 (6m 20s):
Well, I’ve always been a writer always, and I’ve been trying to publish for a while. What happened was back in the day. And there was, I guess this is like, I’m thinking mid eighties, mid to late eighties. I had a friend who was going to do some voiceover work for a guy who wrote, who were made 800 and 900 number Colin service. And it’s before him, before he had it all on servers, but it was not on the computer was you just call him. And some girl would, would be reading a sexy story. And when we went over to his apartment would cause she said, well, come with me. I’m not sure if this guy’s on the up and up. So come with me just to make sure. So when would this girl and her friend, and we met this couple and they were really great people.

2 (7m 4s):
And as we were there, she was reading some of the stories and he had me read some stuff in the stories and dialogue. And somewhere along the way, he said, we got to talking about it. If he needed a writer. And I said, I’ve, you know, I’ve been thinking about Radhika for awhile. I love to get into this. So I started penning 800 and 900 phones, prerecorded phone, SEPs, sex scripts. And that’s how it started. It was really funny, you know, back in the day when you could do that kind of thing, it’s not like that anymore, but what, it was a lot of fun actually, and a good, a good way to get my feet wet.

0 (7m 37s):
Well, I mean, I mean, besides a Ooh baby, baby, I’m getting wet. I mean, what

2 (7m 45s):
It was scenarios, you know, you set up a scenario right. In the 800 number, the 900 number was, was more explicit, the 800 number wasn’t. So there were certain specific rules to follow, which was a good challenge for a writer because you only write a certain parameter. And yeah, there was a lot of, you had to get to the, the meat of the subject, set it up and get to the,

0 (8m 6s):
Was that it was that the meat of the subject. Was that a punt?

2 (8m 10s):
Hell yeah. I can say it. You can say that, but so you’d get to, you get to this little slot a equals into slot B stuff quickly, but you had to sit there and it was typical scenarios, you know? Oh, a principal. I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t know that I, you know, I’m sorry that I w I was already three times this week school, you know, that kind of thing was that it was, you know, a lot, a lot of women frolicking and, you know, and, and

0 (8m 35s):
You’re gonna have to, you’re gonna punish me

2 (8m 39s):
Exactly, but it was, it was a hoot and a half. And the girl, the girl I went with was, it was a good friend. So she was fun and watching her read this stuff. And then the next time I came back, I gave him a couple of scripts and he bought them and I was on my way. That’s great. Erotic writing. Are you doing

1 (8m 56s):
These days?

2 (8m 58s):
Well, the fiction I do is pretty much niche based around BD BDSM, you know, spanking kind of stuff. But I do a lot of cross genre. I like to get fat higher in science fiction and erotic in when I can. All one story. And that’s, that’s what if you were to ask me what my favorite type of fiction writing, that’s my favorite type when I can, but I can mix that tire and either some sort of fantasy or science fiction element with erotica. That to me is really a hoot and a half. I really liked that a lot.

1 (9m 30s):
Okay. Now it seems like everybody, these days has a podcast, even me, what do you do to make sure your podcast is unique and worth listening to

2 (9m 44s):
That’s a real, that’s a real good question. And I, I’m sure you search for the same thing. Well, I do the club podcast with a fellow writer, M Christian, and he’s somebody I’ve known for a long time, a fellow erotic writer. And he’s also a guy that I teach the teach classes. When we have kink conventions. At one point we were teaching our classes there. And anyway, so we get on the podcast. I try not to, we were initially going to make it about erotica writing, but then we realized that’s a little too. Maybe it’s a little too tight. You know, I don’t know if many people are going to be able to tune in, but I don’t know how many people work. So we try to keep it as in as inclusive as possible.

2 (10m 27s):
And, and it’s, it’s interesting, but you have to, I feel you have to kind of take it away from yourself as much as possible and keep it relatable to the outside. You know, you know, think about the audience I’m always thinking about, because I think because I’m a performer, I always thinking about the audience. The more you think about somebody sitting in a chair, never heard this song before I have to engage them. Same with the guest something. And these people don’t know me. And like you just said, there’s tons of podcast out there. So at to be engaging and interesting and not. So this is just about me. This is just about what I’m doing. And a lot of podcasts I hear are the guy gets on and the girl gets on and they’re talking about their little minutia, the little world.

2 (11m 8s):
And I don’t know how interesting that is to tell you. And also we try to get on as many guests as we can.

1 (11m 12s):
Yeah. Yeah. The, the answer is, it’s not very interesting. And unless you’re a celebrity talking about minutia, isn’t really going to get you there.

2 (11m 23s):
I agree with you a hundred percent, a hundred percent. But the world we live in is, is that we’re, we’re used to tweeting and tweeting and posting about ourselves all the time. Right. And that’s what we do. And I don’t because I’m such an evolved human being, but that’s a different story. But, but what happens is that becomes this, this scent in this kind of this egocentric view of the world, that we have something that’s stated so important that somebody just got to come onto our podcast and listen to us because we’re such a hoot and a half. But like you just said, unless you were a celebrity, I don’t think it’s all that interesting. So you better make damn interest somebody and work hard to make it interesting as you know, there’s what you do.

1 (12m 4s):
Yeah. Well, I mean, my philosophy on it is I’m going to bring people on. They’re going to be interesting, like yourself to other people in, in our industry. And the key is to bring people from all aspects of the industry, plus offer something to them about what we do and give them free information, which we end are we end our podcast with tips on buying and selling websites. So if they want to buy and sell their own websites, go for it, man. Right. But that’s, that’s the best way. That’s the best way to give it away for free, right?

2 (12m 41s):
Yeah. I think, I think you’ve got a, there’s gotta be a reason that tuning in and, or saying, and not only doing end, but staying with you, staying with a whole pot, the whole episode, as much as coming back next week to listen again or wherever you’re going to be. You know, so there’s there’s but, but that the onus is on, I think that’s the thing. I think the performer and, or the podcast or whoever the onus is on us to deliver a hundred percent and we can’t ever forget that because that that’s really important, you know?

1 (13m 10s):
Yeah, no, you’re absolutely right now you also teach it kink conventions. What do you teach? And what’s that like? Well, when they had them,

2 (13m 19s):
Yeah. Yeah. Well, we, it was actually, we did Chris and I, our favorite class to do there was, it was a writing course. So we did an erotic writing course, which was, which was a food and a half. It really was a lot of fun. We did, we did, you know, various different. A lot of our classes are centered around a lot of soft core, you know, play and fun stuff and nothing. We w we didn’t do anything hardcore. Although those can come in, kink conventions can run from the, you know, the novice all the way up. And they usually do. They have a wide variety of people at them, but it was, it was, it was a lot of fun. And we, Chris and I got to travel across the country.

2 (14m 3s):
And because Chris lives in a different, he lives in Oregon. So I live in Jersey. So we would meet it certain like Vegas or St. Louis. And we met a lot of great people. We got to, you know, walk our books a little bit and get known. And it was, it was really a lot of fun. I met some of the best people ever at those conventions, because those are people who were there for a weekend to have a great time, let themselves have a little fun, but nobody’s, nobody’s taking anything so serious. And everybody’s, everybody’s real respectful and, and real, it was just, and, and we get to travel to cool places. You don’t go to Vegas for free. So Y you know, we’re having a great time. You know, I have a, I have a client in Vegas too, so it was good to always go there and touch base and say, hi, you know, so that kind of stuff was wonderful.

2 (14m 47s):
Absolutely wonderful.

1 (14m 48s):
Yeah. I used to think Vegas was cool until I went there for the 85th time. And then I was like, this isn’t cool anymore.

2 (14m 57s):
Yeah. Well, and, and I’m interested in, I think we all are in some way to see how, what, what happens now, you know, how things are going to return. And I think we’re, I think we’re all interested about that across the board. I try not to get my mind so much on any of that stuff, but it’s options, you know, that there’s going to be some, some interesting tweaks and shifts of the way we do things. So,

1 (15m 20s):
Yeah, I mean, living out here in Asia, I feel really bad for my brothers and sisters in, in America and other countries that have been hit so hard by COVID. I happened to live in the country that was, that has been affected maybe the least in the entire world and has maybe done the best job of dealing with it. So I, I consider myself extremely fortunate. Plus we’re not overrun by tourists. There’s no tourists. So while I feel bad for the people who work in the tourism industry, it’s like heaven right now.

2 (15m 58s):
Yeah, that’s true. Absolutely. Yeah. It’s definitely, I, I constantly know people, people were using that term, the new normal, and I say, there’s nothing normal about anything that’s happening, you know, nothing normal, you know, and, and I don’t think anything good is coming from, but either to tell the truth, but you know,

1 (16m 14s):
The only good things that have that are coming out of it, I think are what’s happening with the environment? Is that the environment isn’t being as damaged as it normally would at this point,

2 (16m 29s):

1 (16m 30s):
You don’t have, you don’t have as many airplanes in the air. You don’t have as many cars moving around. You don’t. Yeah. I mean, it’s not as many boats that has many cruise ships. So the things that are probably the most damaging to the environment are being taken away for the time being. But no, I don’t, I don’t think the word normal is ever going to be what we consider normal. Again, I can’t, I can’t see it, but, you know, I’m sure there will be some good Ford as well. So what are the S in your, in your view, what are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about those of us who work in the adult field?

2 (17m 11s):
Hi, you know, one of the things is that dirty stuff is on our mind constantly. Now it’s on my mind constantly.

1 (17m 18s):
I was going to say, why isn’t that true?

2 (17m 20s):
It is true, but you know, we’re, we’re functioning, you know, we’re going around the day, you know, going into the grocery store and, and pet and our, our, our, you know, our animals and having dinner with our, with our folks. And, you know, like, we’re, we’re, we’re just like anybody else, because I say this all the time I live in, I live on a dead end street, suburban street, if you, and if I walk out out of my door and look at the, the many neighbors houses, I there’s Mo there’s a multitude of things going on. Those windows, you know, things that I probably couldn’t even write as good as what’s going on behind those windows as far as interesting sexual maneuvers and kinks. Right. So we’ll all involve some way.

1 (18m 1s):
Maybe you should knock, maybe you should knock on more doors. Well,

2 (18m 5s):
You know, because I know my neighbors anyway, so I know what’s going on, but it’s just funny to think that, you know, the first, the first reaction is, Oh, you write, you write that stuff, you know? And I’m like, well, first of all, everybody’s thinking this stuff anyway, everybody’s engaged in their own little ad, what they want or what they do and how to get it. And all that kind of stuff. The woman, I just happened to be more in the world of it. And also it would say, what’s that saying about the cobbler’s kids are not shod, you know, because you’re in the business, you’re not interested in, in it, in the sector the normal way. And that’s not true. I just have to say, my lip is no different or more, or less than just because I write this stuff all the time, but I don’t think it is my libido.

2 (18m 49s):
So I think that, you know, but we’re, we’re just normal people like everybody else, we really, we’re not, we’re no different than any, but we’re just doing a job. Just happened to be, this is the job we do

1 (18m 58s):
Since this is how we make money. Yeah. I’ve got to say though, I don’t look at porn the way I used to, not that I really spent much time looking at porn, but now it’s kind of like, you look at it as an insider and you look at it like, okay. And with more of a critical eye, and it’s a business. When I had a pay site, I started to get bored at looking at, at a women’s bodies. And I thought, man, that would never happen.

2 (19m 27s):
Well, he had the guy that <inaudible> thing, but I, you know, I don’t know. I, I think that I, well, I, I only, I only ever watched anything salacious when I have to review it or write for it in some way. I don’t, I I’ve never been a bitter devotee of porn and I’ve never even been interested in it in any kind of level. So the only time I watch it is nah, you know, is to, is to engage in it some way with the writing. So I, I, my, my viewpoint on it, it’s always been this been, Oh yeah. It’s whatever it is, but I don’t know if it’s, I don’t know if I would be any more interested or any less interested in it, you know, if I didn’t, wasn’t in the middle of it, you know, and you know,

1 (20m 11s):
Okay, so you do reviews. How do you like that?

2 (20m 15s):
It’s fun. You know, I mean, you know what I try to do, I try to, and that’s funny you say that word too, because I really do re consider myself a reviewer and not a critic. And I, and I think thinks is important because the people who make music or make a movie or make any piece of thing that they work in on, whatever, any, even if it’s whatever it is, I always figured let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. They went out there and they tried to make it. And whether you like it or not. So I try not to be, so I not, I try not to be a critic as much as a reviewer and enough in the review that if you, you may come to it or not, let you make, make your, your own mind about it and not try to be so hypercritical about it.

2 (20m 56s):
And I can be that way. Like anybody else, things set me off really well or not, but I just try not to be a critic because there’s just so much criticism of, of work. And I think if you have to, and you try to do the work, like you don’t, even, if the last thing you need is somebody criticizing it. So I try to be gentle and just review it, honestly, review it and say, this is what it reminds me of. This is what you may like about it. And this is what that’s that’s, as far as I go,

1 (21m 22s):
Are you, are you review reviewing? I can talk. Are you reviewing sites and also clips and movies?

2 (21m 32s):
Yeah, I do both, you know, I’m a little bit, and I reviews toys. You don’t get the toy in and review it a little bit and see if it works in the way it works. Yeah. That’s fun because you get to use it either. You get to have a toy and, and you know what, there’s a, there’s a sameness to certain things, you know, especially if you get into an, into reviewing and like niche content, you know, it’s going to go, you know, femdom, for instance, it’s going to have a same Instagram, you know, the same fact wall, but when you kind of, you know, you just kind of give it a, you feel fine, the nuances and stuff. But, but I, I enjoy that because I know somebody put their time and energy into it.

2 (22m 12s):
And I think they deserve at least a little bit of, you know, a little bit of my attention, enough of my attention. If I’m going to review it, it could be, you know, nice about it and not critical. Yeah.

1 (22m 26s):
Yeah, no, I get it. And that’s, that’s a good thing. Cause I’ve been both reviewed and criticized in some of my life’s work.

2 (22m 34s):
Exactly. Yeah. And I mean, you know, it’s hard enough as it is to even put it out there, you know, and, and get it done and put out there. And, you know, I don’t know if we, if we need to knock as much as well. I don’t think we need the false praise, but we also don’t need a jab. I mean, who needs it?

1 (22m 52s):
Absolutely. What, what review sites are you working?

2 (22m 56s):
I was writing, this was interesting. I write for a hot movies and what’s fun about hot movies is they would, they would, they commissioned me to write essay less about the review of the movies, but more an essay about a certain subject. And then within that essay, I would reference their movie. So they had, they bought a whole spate of a spanking movies. So they wanted like some Spanky one-on-one essays tutorials. So I wrote that and then I would, I would use grab their certain titles so they could put them in there, you know, for SEO purposes. So, you know, you see keyword searching, so what was writing for them? And that was what I w I wrote some toy reviews for cycled Tracy’s dog, which is, which is actually an agent site.

2 (23m 42s):
And so they sent me out some, some really toys. I mean, well-made, and you know, when I’ve worked for Adam and Eve to do some stuff, and I’ve worked for vivid back in the day, vivid was doing w dividend wicked would put, we’re putting in a lot of DVDs. They don’t so much anymore, but, you know, they have their, they have their content, so cool. And, you know, then it’s kind of like, whatever, whatever comes up, whatever somebody needs, I can kind of be plugged into it and figure it out. You know,

1 (24m 15s):
Keep that in mind. Now what’s been, what’s been the good and bad about the digital revolution as it relates to the adult industry.

2 (24m 26s):
Well, I guess the one thing is this kind of a thing, right? I mean, I could, I never would have been able to connect with people this way. Was it over a podcast and, or have my, my books, my eBooks read or seen, you know, years ago, I’d have to produce the book and print the book and have boxes of them in my basement. And now I don’t have to worry about this stuff. So the digital revolution, the facility and the convenience is just fantastic, you know, and it can have connectivity, but you know, at the same time there is a lessening of quality. Oh yeah. Because we’re, we’re going for convenience sometimes before we worry about an obsolescence there’s built in obsolescence and things with the digital world.

2 (25m 9s):
And, and then, you know, we, we, we’ve all experienced, this is a great pirating problem. You know, content is being stolen, put up other places, you know, and it that had, we have, you know, you know this, for sure. We’ve seen that, that come in and destroy, cut a great, big, pretty bunch of big, negative swatch through the industry in a lot of ways, you know, and a lot of people ran for cover. But then again, you know, we, we see this all the time. If you could make a better mouse trap and we’ve seen people who do, then you could make it. I worked with Neil at clips for sale for awhile. And, you know, he’s learned how to circumvent that digital thing where we’re taking content and putting it somewhere else.

2 (25m 54s):
He just, he said, well, you know, people want lesser amount of time and content. Let’s just make a site that people can load the pro the provider can load on here. So, Oh, and he’s done any, you know, I don’t, I know him a little bit. We’ve, I’ve had him on my podcast and he’s a great guy and he’s very, very transparent, very open. This is what I did. You want to come on? You’ve got content there’s there, there, there’s what we do. And so he built a better mouse trap seeing that the digital world was opening up. So, you know, I guess, you know, as well as I do, you can’t stop progress. So you just either have to find your way in there and do the things and take to the things that work for you and the things that don’t, you just, you don’t get involved with.

2 (26m 36s):
And I’m like that, like anybody else

1 (26m 39s):
Now, do you have a set routine as a freelance writer? Maybe you can describe a typical day

2 (26m 45s):
For me. Okay. Well, I get up and, you know, I have to, I have to negotiate between the two, whatever two buxom lasses have slipped, you know, sandwiched me at the, at the night. So I got to figure it out. So, you know, I never, I have to kiss the boat on a forehead cause you know, you never want to get out of the bed and make them feel bad, leaving the bed. It’s cold now. I feel terrible. So that’s the first thing. Then, then I hit, you know, I hit the, I hit the crack pipe for a while and do some blow. And then I get up in the morning, have some coffee. And I, I, it’s funny.

2 (27m 25s):
I can write right out of bed. I can get out by that sometimes.

1 (27m 28s):
Well, after that, after the crack and the blow, I would think,

2 (27m 35s):
But it’s funny, usually something, I, I get ideas like just this week will this state, you know, just as I’m getting up and, but I’m real good hitting the ground running in the morning. I’m real good at sitting down. And I usually have four or five different things on my desktop at a time that I need to get to. And I can usually hit the ground running and, you know, plow through coffee and a little bit of breakfast and just go until sometime in the early afternoon, when I hunger sets in and up, they go, Oh, maybe I should stop and go get something to eat or take a walk. But I’m pretty good. Mainly through the morning, into the early afternoon. And then like, if I have the podcast to do, or if I have a couple, I have some song stuff to do.

2 (28m 18s):
That’s usually when I break to do that, like rattle lunchtime, you know, so, but I usually hit the ground running, writing very early in the morning and just go, no, no, no.

1 (28m 28s):
What have been a couple of your favorite examples of your work?

2 (28m 32s):
Well, okay. I just put out a new, a new book that he put out with pink Flamingo, which is a company I’ve never worked with before called the name of that book is no whip, no problem. And what’s it called? It’s called no whip, no problem. And it’s a short story collection and that’s one of my more it’s by most recent work. And also one of my more favorite ones I’m trying to think of what else is, there’s a, you know, in the erotica fields, there’s a lot of stuff out there. I, I like, I tend to like the blogs that I write for looking non vanilla and then looking on below will say that right about two blocks a week. And they’re pithy and fun.

2 (29m 13s):
I have another column called the sex files, which is on a, a site in New York and LA and that’s fun. So in, and I have clients I write for, and, and I do a lot of ghost writing, non adult related ghost writing. I write bios and, you know, insurance, how to, and all that kind of stuff. And that ghost writing that I don’t, nobody knows that I’m doing that writing, but those books came up. There’s those books out and that’s, that’s mainstream that has nothing do with the adult world. And that’s a lot of fun because totally different, you know?

1 (29m 46s):
Yeah, absolutely. Now how has your real life different or the same from you?

2 (29m 52s):
Well, in the erotica, I lost a lot of, you know, well, I don’t know. I guess I’ll be as discreet as possible. I have had a rich fun heterosexual existence as younger. And so a lot of what I write about is either the fiction is either from those experiences or, or, you know, amalgamations of those experiences or fantasy from those whatever. So I had a, I had a pretty good run because I was in a band in my twenties and I went to a school that for girls to every guy. So, you know, things were good back in the day. So I was a bit of a re you know, I had some good times.

2 (30m 33s):
So I would say nowadays by white, my life is a little bit calmer. I’m older and a little, I like to think my, my sexual life is a little more nuanced now, but you know, back in the day it was like everybody’s role, well, full of piss and vinegar back in the day. So, but nowadays, and it’s interesting. I was just thinking to say, yes, this question, the fiction is more nuanced now because my, my life in general was more nuanced. So I think, you know, the art, you know, art reflects the fiction and the fiction fiction reflects art or whatever it is. I think that’s true in my, and certainly in my case.

1 (31m 15s):
Interesting. That’s interesting now. Yeah. You mentioned when we were talking before we went on that you live in New Jersey, you’re from New Jersey. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about your upbringing and led you to where you are?

2 (31m 31s):
My upbringing is more normal than you could possibly believe. I have, I have a younger sister, my folks are still alive. They’re in their eighties. It’s an Italian-American household in North. And I grew up on a suburban street where everybody knew everybody were in, all the kids were in the, in and out of each other’s houses, you know, and it was my, my, my little group, you know, Halloween time and St. Stickball. I mean, my growing up was idyllic. It was unbelievably wonderful. And I, my family is fantastic and I get along with everybody, everybody gets along with everybody else. So I was allowed a lot of freedoms and I was allowed to grow in my, my, my quote, unquote art, you know, and, and explore the things that, that were interesting, interesting to me.

2 (32m 22s):
And it’s been nothing but nurturing. So I it’s unconditional love. I’ve never known anything else in my life. And it’s, so I have a confidence level. Not, not, I don’t think I have, I do have a relatively solid ego, but I, I have a competence level from being the means. So having such good love in my life that I have, I I’ve been able to explore things and sometimes things don’t work out, but for the most part, I haven’t been able to explore things in and have the freedoms to land up limb, to do the work I do, and not feel ashamed or embarrassed by it. And, you know, and just, just try to treat people nice.

2 (33m 4s):
And that’s, that’s about it. You know, it just keep moving forward. You know, that’s about all, you know,

1 (33m 8s):
So, so where do you see yourself in five years from now?

2 (33m 12s):
I’ve been making inroads now to get the rent, to get my music done. And it’s been, it’s been a long road to get to that point. So that’s kinda most what’s most on my mind. I mean, I’m, I’m doing the writing to make, to make money and keep missing myself and beer and Skittles, but I don’t drink, I don’t eat Skittles, but, but I’ve been trying to, but right now I would say for the foreseeable future, I’m trying best. I can to put a lot of my energy into getting the music done, whether recorded remastered or mixed or whatever I have to do, but that’s kind of, what’s, that’s, what’s most on my mind right now.

2 (33m 56s):
And that’s where I would see myself in the next five years working, eh, working in, working in the writing, always, but working in the music, you know, more having a future and a goal set for that.

1 (34m 9s):
And what do you see happening in your immediate future? Do you have any work that you’re currently finishing?

2 (34m 15s):
Yeah. I’m trying to get books, a couple books done. There’s a book, there’s a memoir I’m writing kind of, it’s an erotic memoir. And, you know, I’ll probably publish that under a pseudonym, which will be the first time I do that. I have also write, I write with a buddy and illustrator. I read a children’s series of books, so that published, and then I have, I have another book music book, I’m, I’m getting in the middle of writing. And so I have a couple of things there, like, right. I gotta look, I’m bugging out, looking at the desktop right now. They’re just on the desktop always. And they’re just kind of looking at me and you got, you gotta finish this, you gotta finish this. You know? So those are the things that are immediate. If I can get those things done within the next couple months into the summer, I’ll feel like I’ve gotten over a hump.

2 (34m 59s):
So, and then whatever, all the other work comes in,

1 (35m 2s):
You know, you’re pretty typical of the creative types that I know. Do you ever feel like you try to take on too much?

2 (35m 10s):
Oh yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don’t have, I really, I don’t think I have add or BLT or ELP, whatever it is. I don’t think I have any of that. I think what I do have is I just have I grow bored with one thing, you know, I’m in the middle of one project and I’m like, Oh, let me go over there for a little while and do that. And then let me pick up, it’s hard to do that. So, and I’m, I’m not so good at time management. So I have to really work at that. But when a job comes in immediately, I, I I’ll tackle that. I’m very good with emails getting right back to people because I, I have to be, it’s the only way I can, I can function is to, is to get right out and stuff. So I’m, I’m pretty good with, with getting the job done.

2 (35m 53s):
It’s just that the jobs that I need to get done for myself, you know, my books that are laying out there and stuff they’ll take a while because they do jump from one thing to another. So I don’t know if that’s a creative mentality, as much as it’s just what I, the way I, I have four or five folders that are open all the time, you know? So

1 (36m 11s):
I think it’s the creative mentality and I, I’m kind of the same way. So I completely understand that. There’s always a lot of stuff going on.

2 (36m 21s):
Yeah. Right. You know, you, you’re running, you do the podcast, you’re doing this and then somebody could come, he’s contacting you through your business to do this. And you gotta, and you gotta write a letter to this person. And there’s all that stuff going on. But I think that keeps me at least a week, you know, you know, cause it, I think I’m not sure because I always think, well maybe if I just worked on that one book and nothing else, I’d get that book done. And it’s probably true, but I just can’t concentrate that way, you know?

1 (36m 52s):
Yeah. I understand. I have a, like I said, I got a lots of projects that are, that are partially done. So I get it. Of course, some of that, some of that is some of that is development. But anyway, that’s another story altogether. You, you, you have more control over everything. And I, the things I do are, are always somewhat controlled by others, getting them done. Yeah. Other than the adult work, you do. Who else do you work for?

2 (37m 22s):
I work for a company called Harbor books and Arbor puts together me as the ghost writer. Somebody will come to them say, look, I want to write a book about my life. Or I was in the, I was in the dental business for 10 years. I want to write about that or whatever. They come to Auburn as a ghost writer. And one of my biggest clients is a late text of fact manufacturer called Donna matrix designs. And I write for her and that’s a lot of fun because that’s, it’s a little bit naughty, but, but Darren works on fees and she works on a whole bunch of stuff. So she works with lady Gaga and all these people that she, she kind of, she started in the kind of the fetish field kind of went around the back door and kind of now use, you know, doing latex and design differently.

2 (38m 8s):
I used to work for a magazine latex magazine, fashion magazine called Von Gutenberg. It’s not in existence anymore. He was an offshoot of Marquis magazine, which is a very thing anyway. And there’s a couple of the people that are right for on a regular basis were not mainstream or not adult in any kind of way. You know, there, there have to be naked, natural path. I worked for an at and a legal company, you know? So there’s a lot of that type of stuff. I don’t do any pharma or grant writing. There’s the two things I don’t do that takes specific writing, which I don’t have a talent for. And other than that, that’s so really you don’t, I always say I’m in the best sense of the word.

2 (38m 51s):
I’m a hack. You come to me, you have a job to do. I I’m, I’m down for writing. You know, that’s basically how I look at it

1 (38m 58s):
Back in a nice way. Now, have you, now, now, have you ever gotten a project that that’s been proposed to you where you’ve gone? No, I won’t do that.

2 (39m 9s):
The only time it’s happened is when something’s come across. And I know from the background of somebody told me something, or I learned from another source that the, the person whose project it is, or their company is problematic in, in, in ways that I consider them problematic. And somebody else may not. I mean, like in other words, they may not ever get back to you with emails. You have questions, although I’ll never get back to you. Well, that doesn’t help me at all because I have questions. I like to keep in constant contact with my clients. And because they could, they can get me anytime they want I’m available for email anytime. So some people, Oh, well, they’re not so communicative.

2 (39m 50s):
Well, that’s not going to help me. And then I’ve been in the middle of projects where I’m like, eh, couple of weeks in or a month in I’m like, we’re just not, we’re just not connecting. We’re not, and that’s fine because I always say no harm, no foul. I’m fine with that. I don’t want to spin my wheels or have you spin your wheels over, trying to make that square peg round hole. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. And, and I’ve been involved in a couple of those situations and that’s fine. That’s fine. Both mainstream and an adult. That’s fine.

1 (40m 25s):
So nobody’s ever asked you to write something that you just didn’t for whatever reason.

2 (40m 32s):
I’m not, I’m not nothing’s coming to mind. I probably, yeah, I don’t. Yeah. Nothing comes to mind at the moment. Just curious. Yeah, nothing really.

1 (40m 42s):
Now, if somebody is interested in either coming on your podcast or just in contacting you in general, how can they,

2 (40m 50s):
They can find me by writing my email, which would be I’ll spell it. It’s R a L P H I E D a writer. So it’s Ralphy writer@gmail.com and then they could also go to the licking non vanilla page, which is lucky, non vanilla.com. And that’s the podcast. And then, like you said, at the, at the outset too, you can find me at the music page, which is Ralph Greco, music.com. So that’s the three with three best ways to find me. I don’t have a lot of social media presence. That’s just a moral, a moral thing on my court. But yeah. So that’s the way they can, the best way to find me

1 (41m 31s):
Tell writer. So New Jersey

2 (41m 35s):
Writer@gbl.com, the writer come over, I’ll be out, we’ll have a little Kalamata. We’ll hang out. Don’t worry about it. You know, good about it. Have a good time. Forget about it means sometimes it just means to get about it.

0 (41m 55s):
Exactly. Sometimes it means, forget about it. Hey, Ralph, I’d like to thank you for being our guest today on adults. I broke her talk and I hope we’ll get a chance to do it again real soon. Maybe, maybe when your book comes out,

2 (42m 8s):
I love it. I love it. And you’ll be well. I hope everybody listening, stays well and their families are well and blow. We’ll get through this and thank you for having me on this was wonderful.

0 (42m 17s):
Fantastic, Ralph, my broker tip today is part four. What to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, trademark your site, having a trademark instantly protects your brand and makes your site more valuable. When it comes time to sell it later, trademarking, your site will cost an average of about $1,500, but should be more than worth the investment. When it comes time to sell it, show buyers ways you feel the site can make more money in the future. This includes showing them future plans. You may have traffic trends as well as sales trends. And if things are growing and you can show them how to grow it more, they’re more likely to be willing to pay more for the site.

0 (42m 59s):
Do something unique with your site. If you have competitors, figure a way to do it better, be different in some distinguishable way that makes your site better. Your members will notice and spend more money with you. Make your site a place that people want to visit. Not just to buy things or viewport, be creative, not just one of the many. Keep thinking outside the box and make positive changes to your site. Think like a buyer when planning or updating your site. Don’t think like a tech think like the consumer. We’ll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we’ll be talking to my friend, Natalie Pannon of mojo host.

0 (43m 43s):
And that’s it on this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank our guest Ralph Grecco. Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we’ll be talking with Lianne Young.

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First of all, today let’s cover what’s going on in our industry. Pineapple support has a new support group bouncing back from burnout a six week course starting next Thursday, April 22nd at 5:00 PM Eastern time. What happens when the stress of our jobs, our relationships and our daily responsibilities began to take their toll on us.

1 (1m 19s):
How do we bounce back from a seemingly endless cycle of should be and to do in order to feel more invigorated and engaged with our lives. Burnout happens to everyone, but it doesn’t have to be your final destination. In this burnout group, they will explore different ways. Burnout can show up in our personal and work lives gained support around the unique stressors of being in the sex work industry and build skills to manage burnout more effectively. This group welcomes you to bring your overwhelm, your exhaustion, your stress, and your whole self without judgment feeling at your wit’s end.

1 (1m 58s):
So are we, the free speech coalition has released a statement about their past guidance recommending that performers who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 should still test for the virus. FSC also said this requirement could change. This is the FSC statement pass has published a vaccination resorts portal that addresses questions over testing details. New studies regarding transmission and ask performers to provide feedback via a short anonymous survey. We know everyone wants to return to pre pandemic shooting as quickly as possible said Ian O’Brien executive director of pass.

1 (2m 41s):
Our industry has done an exemplary job at preventing COVID on set. And we certainly realized the financial and scheduling burden of today. COVID testing. We asked that vaccinated performers continue to test for the time being as we work to evaluate risk with an vaccinated performer pool, while the risk of serious illness decreases substantially after a vaccination, the data regarding the potential for a person to carry and transmit the virus after vaccination is still unclear, passes. Also looking at the threat of newly emerging variants and working to understand actual risk on set.

1 (3m 23s):
We need to hear from performers and Cruz says O’Brien right now. We don’t yet know how much of the industry is vaccinated or planning on getting vaccinated, nor do we know how performers and crew feel about working with unvaccinated people or without a COVID test. The science is important, but our policies also need to reflect the needs of the industry. Now let’s feature our property of the week. That’s for sale at adult site broker, we are proud to offer one of the longest running adult review sites. The site is a true pioneer in the review space. It’s built a reputation for its quality of reviews with over 28,000 full and original reviews.

1 (4m 4s):
It’s a leader in this space. The site has a wide range of columns and photo galleries. The site is powered by a custom designed CMS, which enables a staff of reviewers to request titles for review, have them emailed and tracked, and then submitted as a review to the database. The flow is pretty seamless and has been rocking and rolling for many years. The team at the site is filled with adult entertainment enthusiasts. All of the sites marketing is organic, which is a tremendous opportunity for a buyer with a traffic network or who wants to purchase traffic all this for only $299,000.

1 (4m 45s):
Now time for this week center, my guest today on adult site broker talk is Leanne young of house of ardent and the Arden podcast. Leanne, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk. Hey, it’s great to be here. Thank you for having me. It’s great to have you now, Leanne is one of the UKs leading advisors on adult entertainment, sex and relationships. She started her mainstream career in 2002 appearing on shows such as the Jeremy Kyle show, the Tricia Goddard show, how to have sex after marriage and several other mainstream productions as a sex and relationships advisor and porn industry expert.

1 (5m 26s):
She’s also known for covering events, such as AVN. Ex-business the Prowler awards and other adult events around a variety of lifestyles in the adult industry. Leanne has a caring, positive attitude and a desire to help as many people as possible understand different relationships and life choices. Leanne always maintains the highest level of commitment to her work and to clients. Now, Leanne, at what age did you decide to enter the adult industry and why did you do it? Oh, I think

2 (5m 58s):
It was 1999 and I got into it because I was a single mum of two children. And to be honest with you, my relationships beforehand were, you know, very male dominated and to be honest with the sex, wasn’t great. And I suddenly met this great crowd and I got to actually know myself and realized I was pretty good at sex and Barbara enjoyed it. And it, I just got given the opportunity by someone to, I got introduced to the state and his paperwork could buy off to somebody. And I managed to write off to an agent before I knew it. I was on a porn set and I think the main reason was being, I was a single parent of two children living in a counselor state.

2 (6m 41s):
I wanted a better life for me and my children. And I didn’t have the ability to go to work nine to five, five days a week. And I wanted to do a job that I could fully enjoy and having sex with very high up on my life.

1 (6m 57s):
Yeah. I’ve always enjoyed it.

2 (7m 0s):
You tell me somebody who hasn’t

1 (7m 3s):
There are a few out there strangely enough, but there’s all kinds in this world isn’t there. So who was your first agent? How did you meet them and were they what you expected?

2 (7m 17s):
My first agent was JFT modals, which was managed by Jason Maskell and juice. Yeah. Lovely. Jason is fantastic. And you’ve got three that’s 20 years ago and I remember writing off and he was like rag me and he was great. And the week later, I’m up on the train going up to Wellingarden city to meet him. Now, I don’t know what I imagined, but I imagined like an agent probably being suited and booted and having these massive offices, you know, what you see on the movies? You know, the, you know, the fairy world and it was really different because he was just totally different to what I expect, but it wasn’t creepy.

2 (8m 2s):
You know, many people assume that you’re kind of poured into the porn industry. They come and kick that gear from your house or something. And what is true. That’s what people think. And he was actually a real gentlemen, absolute gentlemen. And I stayed at hides the night before he did a it on with me or anything that people would imagine. And he made sure that I knew exactly what I was doing, what was involved, that everything was above board. And to be honest, viewed probably one of the best managers I’ve ever, ever met.

1 (8m 33s):
Now. Now tell me some good memories about the business, some crazy memories and some bad memories.

2 (8m 40s):
Okay. So the great memories, I mean, my first ever shoot via Jason actually was for private and I kind of never, ever performed in my life. You know, I was a little bit nervous, but I was made to feel so much comfortable and it was in this big mansion house and there was, there was, it was just so comfortable and being naive enough. I didn’t know what half the moves were. So it was really, really hubris because, you know, they’re telling me to do stuff and I have to stop the camera go. What is it? What’s that mean? What does this mean? And it was, it’s a different language in the poor world. Yeah. And that’s what was really good and other great parts where, you know, I got chosen as the only other European to represent the whole of Europe in Hollywood.

2 (9m 27s):
It drew Barrymore’s old house actually for an event called sex of either 2000. It’s now available in Playboy. And, you know, I got picked out of the whole porn industry around the world. I was labeled the punk queen of England. And I came second because come on, you’re American, you know, British can’t come first. I mean, you guys and the television, we’re not late to be the winners on television and American production. Hollywood was fantastic to me. The Americans really were amazing. And I suppose the bad parts of the industry, you know, in every industry does have a negative part. Sure. You know, there was some people that kind of, you know, in your personal life would approach you and do things to you that weren’t appropriate.

2 (10m 15s):
And so I think I can’t really have a bad memory of, you know, of actually doing a shoot apart from it in the UK. On a few times, you are sent to, to do a shoot and you are under the impression, it’s just a straight boy, go shoot. And you get there. And they say, nobody’s anal. And you’re like, well, I don’t do anal. And they say, well, if you don’t do it, you’re going to have to pay for the production cost because it means that we’ve, we’re out of pocket. So, you know, so I, that, that’s a very big negative side to her. And, you know, I don’t, like I said, I don’t think I have any bad memories of actually before. I think, I think the bad memories come from people trying to take advantage of me being a performer.

2 (10m 60s):

3 (11m 0s):
Yeah. What about, what about some crazy memories?

2 (11m 3s):
Oh my gosh. You know what I mean? I don’t even know whether they were legal, go for it. Well, okay. So for instance, I’m at the AVN in Las Vegas and it’s like, you know, it goes over a few days and I used, I had, I, you know, I’m in Las Vegas. I wanted to get a little bit drunk. Right. So I went to the Playboy party and this nightclub. Yeah, well, I’d got a little bit drunk and I was a little bit wild. Don’t get me wrong. I was even introduced to Larry Flint is a naughtiest go everywhere over the UK. So I’m in this nightclub and chatting to these strangers from Florida and big party around champagne’s flowing.

2 (11m 44s):
But my feet were hurting from side of my autograph every day. And you know, I kind of needed to take my shoes off in a nightclub. So, so the banks who came over to me and he said, look matter, you can take anything else, but your shoes, health and safety went away. I know. So he comes back about 20 minutes later when I’m still trying to buy a whole group. And I’m absolutely kitty naked, everything apart from my high heel shoes. Perfect.

3 (12m 13s):
I saw it. I could, I could see where this was going, by the way,

2 (12m 19s):
That’s like crazy. I was, and he had to put me over his shoulder and I’m completely naked with just high heels on and never biked it. Like, don’t forget her clothes. She, then I just get excited. And you know, you can’t even go show your nipples in Las Vegas and I’m stood outside this club with somebody covering my nipples. Well, I quickly try and get dressed. So I did have fun. I had to do amazing fun and like doing the sex of over 2000, you know, that’s, that’s an adult version of big brother and that was not because halfway through to production, you know, somebody break the rules. So the shoot got put on hold and we act to make a team arrangement that, you know, yes, we’re for this, the rest of filming, even though it had been their contract with breech, not by myself.

2 (13m 12s):
Yeah. Well, one of the contestants Schachter director shack, the director of camera to try and win the show.

3 (13m 20s):
Sure. You said shag, you said shag. They thought, I thought you, I thought you, I thought you said shot. I, I, I should’ve, I should’ve, I should’ve, I should’ve realized you come from this same country as Austin Powers. And I got to listen for that language. So go ahead,

2 (13m 40s):
Lady decided to have the shag with the director. And of course this one, I liked vape. This went live over the internet because there were cameras everywhere, the big blubber. And so it was actually illegal. So the shoot got shut down and she got evicted or a husband started protesting on top of the house. And then we went on ABC, you know, and I was introduced as Lennox Lewis at the porn world, you know, and it just went back. We were filming day and night blind man’s buff. Oh my God. You know, I can’t think of other names that the games, but we were constantly shagging and I could not wait for the week to be over.

2 (14m 24s):
Cause I swear my love, I think I’ve done about 30 different scenes in a week. So yeah, we had, you know, we just had crazy times, is it? So, I mean, I’ve been to the Playboy mansion. I’ve traveled all over the world, India adult industry, and I’ve got to admit, I don’t have any regrets about my career. Good luck.

3 (14m 47s):
So of all those experiences, what was the most exciting you? Oh

2 (14m 52s):
God, I’ve done so many shoots. I tell you what it was the most exciting actually. And the most memorable really? Because I don’t know if you know the male performer Mark Davis. No of yes. Yeah. It was absolute legend. Well, we were about to do the first Everett first internet live streaming and it was for cousin Stevie and Seymour, but, and there was, there was me, her short average, Mark Davis, Bridget Kirkoff, and a few others. So, you know, it’s the first one ever going out live streaming.

2 (15m 33s):
So we’re on the set and I’m like, you’re really eager. British girl, you know, Jeff I’m Tiki. I needed the guys to make me have an orgasm before actually working. Otherwise I probably would have gone crazy. So I’m doing this first of a shoe and to where, you know, if you haven’t worked with Seymour and cousin, Stevie, they are the most beautiful people that were producers and directors. And so I’m swapping partners as you do. And then I’m going up and down on Mark Davis. Right? So imagine a scene, you know, people are in pairs, I’m on Mark and I’m, fusting like anything like Concord.

2 (16m 16s):
Right? Anyway, I misplaced myself when I came down the next, yeah. The next thing we hear was pop. I like broken Mark Davis is cock the King of the industry And became quite a sensation.

4 (16m 37s):
Oh my God.

2 (16m 38s):
So many I can think of, you know, from signing divorce regarding Vegas to a couple of phase and people a day to park here with the world’s finest adults does too. Oh, just to everything, you know, it, it, there’s so many fun memories, but they’ve

4 (16m 54s):
Yeah. Feel free. Feel free to share them. We got lots of time. What else, what else, what else stands out?

2 (17m 4s):
What else stands out? Okay. So I’ve done my first ever anal scene broadcast for a mainstream channel filming a whole documentary on me didn’t even mean to do it. You know, it was just, it just happened. Right. And of course they put that out on television mainstream. Yeah. To 8 billion viewers in the UK. So that, that kind of, you know, I kind of notice still that I’ve been on the Jerry Springer show because I’ve done porn.

4 (17m 33s):

2 (17m 34s):
I got my sight to him on British television that went down exceptionally well, of course be in the how wonderfully open we are not in the UK. Yes. Oh. And I’ve been to Cannes film festival. I’ve interviewed on the red carpet can for the adult channel, I’ve stayed at the most phenomenal hotels around the world and shot different scenes. And I was just very lucky that I got taken to the us and they were absolutely wonderful to me. Cause I know that not everybody can manage the, the American industry. I did. I kind of call the English industry a very cottage like industry because it’s quite, and you kind of know everybody and you’re just, you’re doing things with the same people over and over.

2 (18m 21s):
And you’ve got to remember when I was in the industry. It’s when DVDs were still going out, the internet internet was still in his infamousy. So I was having sex with the same people time and time again. So go into America was massive.

5 (18m 35s):
How did you manage to get there and are the rumors true about America being much harder than the UK?

2 (18m 43s):
I was at a camp film Fest for when I met an agent called Mark Spiegler. And instead of later today I got on really well with Mark and he’s like, you need to come to America. And I said, okay, I’m up for it. I went back to the UK and I said to my British agent, and it wasn’t Jason at the time, it was enough for agents. And I said, I want to go to the U S nurse said, yeah, we can send you over there. And I said, well, I’m actually go with Mark Fiedler, which did didn’t go down too well with my, I can imagine, Oh, well the fact of me with the Russian mafia. So yeah. So you can imagine it was a little bit of a crazy time for me. And then yeah.

2 (19m 24s):
So I emailed Mark some pictures and I got over to the us and my first ever shot was with ed powers and on his radio show. And he’s got a winner. So remarkably easy. And then to be honest with you, do you think the U S was harder? No, I think it was way more professional. Yeah. And I think some people would find that harder where as I kind of find it easier, I don’t think the guys are any bigger. I don’t think the works any harder. In fact, you were in a studio with full on direction and there were boundaries and I really, I don’t think it was bigger.

2 (20m 6s):
I don’t think it was hard to us. In fact, I barely worked in the UK industry again after that, because I liked the way the Americans work. I worked five days a week. I made sure that I had two days off a week. I kind of found the shoots shorter and I don’t think they were far more glamorous. You know, you’ve got hair and makeup. You’ve got catering on set. Nobody was drinking or taking drugs. That was fully forbidded on set. And no, I, I was, could be longer. Oh my God. Yeah. I mean, I remember being on a short Sean Michael shoot one time and I was there for 18 hours.

2 (20m 50s):
I’d buy nine of them with waiting around. So God knows why I was caught so early. And then it was stop, start change had to change lighting or 18 hours later, I got off, but it wasn’t safe. And I think people don’t understand it. They get these 20 minute segments, some they’re DVD or TV or whatever. And normally within that 20 minutes, you’ve got five different positions, but to make that can take us all day, but people kind of, you seem to think it’s an easy job for good money. And they don’t actually understand the preparation that goes into it.

2 (21m 33s):
The hard work that goes into it and the self investment, because you’ve got to be in good shape, you’ve got to be healthy because there’s, there’s one thing that doesn’t work is if you are into drugs and drink, especially in my day, if you turn up to set with a hangover, they’re not interested if you turn up on set and you’re not with it, and you’re not a hundred percent on full that you won’t get used again, your reputation is everything. And I think people just have this whole belief about the industry being full of drugs and drink and offset. Maybe I don’t know what the other adults does done in their private lives. But for me, I was very, very into my work and about looking after myself.

3 (22m 20s):
Yeah. And I think that, well, first of all, when it comes to thinking a 20 minute scene takes 20 minutes, it’s like a feature film, you know, and it’s, it’s an hour and a half or two hours that takes more months.

2 (22m 36s):
I know people don’t get that mean. We’d go wait for five days to film some scenes. People might only sleep for 15 minutes and yeah. And people don’t understand that. I don’t know if it so much like that today. Not many big feature films are done these days, but in my day it was hard work.

3 (22m 58s):
Sure. Sure. Now, what is your, how do you feel about the public having that image of, of adult actors being druggies, alcoholics and all of the above?

2 (23m 14s):
Well, it’s very naive and I think that what’s happened is governments and media is censored them to reality. And people need to realize that they need to realize that they’re watching the news or read the newspapers. They’re reading other people’s thoughts on it and taking it as fact when in fact it’s not fact. Yeah. That’s that’s yes. What sense of ship is about censorship is about control and people getting them to believe that something’s good or bad. I mean, there’s never an in-between the government and the government and the media is either good or bad. And you know, people live, people have kind of been brainwashed with the fact that, you know, and I’m going to touch this subject ever since the word came back, child pornography, it’s kind of, everybody says the word pornography.

2 (24m 6s):
Right. So they think that the porn industry is related to child pornography when it actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Yeah. Now I w I worked beside them at places and I breached her. I’m a CA I’m a counselor for the industry. And we, I, I say to them, I don’t like it being called child pornography and nor do they, they call it child sex images or child abuse, sexual abuse, you know, because they don’t want the lines to be crossed. However, the media aren’t going to the industry, they just don’t. So,

3 (24m 38s):
Yeah. I mean, like, I mean, look at, look at that article that Christophe did in the New York times in December, the one on porn, the one, the children of porn hub, he actually did too.

2 (24m 50s):
Yeah. I mean, I do understand that PornHub on age verification, every production, okay. That belief in the people that actually upload the content or studios. Right. So they kind of needed some colors, you know, maybe, but, but in England it’s been no different for the whole, for the whole decade. And I’ll tell you why, because in England we have the BBFC okay. They kind of the ones that had to monitor every fitness when I on our 18 or 18 and they make the decisions. Now, if they want, for somebody who is under age, they were able to ask for the paperwork.

2 (25m 30s):
They’ve never once. Yeah. But they’ve never once done it ever. And they, and

3 (25m 36s):
That means the industry self-policing, which is good, which, which is what, which is what happens in the U S too.

2 (25m 42s):
Yeah. So that’s exactly what’s happened. But with PornHub, I just think that, you know, people thrive on negative news and I asked her to, and I’ve written for several newspapers and I, and I asked a major journalist once I said, so why can’t you just write something good about the industry? And that goes, good news. Doesn’t sell. If, if, if Joe blogs wakes up and read something about their neighbor doing a good deed, they’re like, so what if you tell them that Nate was a murderer, then they’d go and talk about it.

3 (26m 14s):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, you’re absolutely right. You’re absolutely right. Sensationalism has always sold. And that’s as, that’s a lot older than we are the unfortunate part of this whole PornHub thing is it reflects on the entire industry. It makes, it makes everybody say, well, porn is bad. You know,

2 (26m 34s):
Cohen’s been bad in the public view for decades, for centuries. You know, England has one of the strictest rules on pornography. You know, we can’t do any face, sit in, we can’t do any fish. Then we can’t do this. You know, all about chip. It does. Yeah. It drives me. Absolutely potty. I’ve sensitive is over here. It’s never had a positive view is it’s really hard because England,

3 (26m 60s):
It could be worse. You could be Japan.

2 (27m 3s):
Oh yeah. Do you know what? Do you know what? I must be doing a person in history. There’s printed, Japan’s red light district. And I find it rather, boy. Yeah. I find it really.

3 (27m 13s):
It didn’t do anything for me there actually the Ginza. Yeah. It didn’t do anything for me either.

2 (27m 18s):
Yeah. I mean, I love going to Bangkok. I go to a place called Nana Plaza and I’d go to a bar. I go to a bar called Spanky’s

3 (27m 27s):

2 (27m 29s):
One of my favorite places in the world. And I go there, I can go on my own. I’ll have a few drinks. I’ll tip of a pay for guys to have lap dances. And they’re like, what’s going on? But it’s only like two Pang 50 year ago. And then I get a little bit drunk and then I say, can I get off stage now? Love Spanky’s. But anyway, going back to like, you know, the industry of beer itself regulated it is, but there’s always going to be a bad Apple and there’s always going to be, and that’s partly why I do cancel them because you know, lots of people hide beyond the industry.

2 (28m 10s):
And then the industry gets blamed. Yep, indeed. And I say 95% of the industry is absolutely very professional and people could learn from it.

3 (28m 24s):
Yeah. So now how, tell me the whole story. You mentioned, you were known as the porn queen of the UK in the year 2000. Tell me the whole story on that.

2 (28m 35s):
Okay. Well, I got selected to represent England over in the U S in this lab in, you know, like the big glove right. Over it version. But before it got into adult, or we used to work in the probation industry, so obviously I had a bit of a name, I’d go, all the newspapers used to write about me and they find out what I was doing. And they were like, Oh my God. And then it got sent centralized. This got put all over the media, that I was a pawn queen of England now working for Playboy over in the U S so it was really massive, but I think what it was, I was so professional. I literally overnight became a sensation because the papers had written, I was an excavation officer and then documentaries will get a made on me.

2 (29m 19s):
I was invited onto every chat show. And I think what it was is I handled myself exceptionally well in the media so that when I was getting interviewed or was getting questioned, who I was appearing in public, I wasn’t, well, I wasn’t on drugs. And I was a sensible mother. Who’d had a previous job, which was a very strong position. So I think what happened is immediate don’t mind hoping somebody’s that stable. Yeah. And I think I came across very steep when the media took me on as a porn queen of England.

3 (29m 53s):
I love it. I love it. Good thing. They weren’t at that Playboy party in Vegas. Now, what was a video that wouldn’t have gone over well? So what was, what exactly was sex survivor 2000. And why was that your last act in the U S

2 (30m 12s):
It was the big brother, you know, like doing 30 scenes in a week was a little bit much, and also happened to deal with all the crap of somebody breaking the rules, a disrespect. And then I had to go to Vegas straight after and sign my autograph. I was just exhausted. I was exhausted. And also, you know, something happened to me in the industry that I can’t actually talk about it at the moment. Cause I’m it’s is invoked a court case, but it was, I just realize it, no matter how big you get and how hard you work, there’s somebody ready to take advantage of you and I never, and I think, and I think in the industry that a lot got swept under the carpet, if I’m quite honest with you, whereas ever something that happened to me that happened to others as well, because this person with a big name.

2 (31m 10s):

3 (31m 11s):
Oh, that guy. Okay. I think, I think, I think I figured it out. He’s he’s in our new section a lot. Oh God really? Oh my God.

2 (31m 22s):
Of the other European person in volts, you know?

3 (31m 24s):
Oh my, I was, so I was wondering what could be going on since, since 2000, but you’ve told being, so anyway, go ahead.

2 (31m 31s):
Yeah. You know, I’m not, I like to wait, probably discuss it or no, obviously at the moment. And you know, when I went to approach somebody about all that and people witnessed it, they’re like, Oh, that’s just how he is. And I’m like, hold on a second. This is just fucking half my mate language. This is just fucking happened to me.

3 (31m 50s):
This is an adult show. You can say, fuck, you can say, you can say, you can say all the words that church Carlin said, you can’t say on TV here.

2 (31m 58s):
Oh, fantastic.

3 (32m 1s):
No, that’s fucking fantastic.

2 (32m 4s):
Fucking fantastic. And so I think what happened is, you know, that happened to me, nobody listened. I went to Vegas and like I said, the work of an adult star, you know, on that level, it’s huge. The pressure is huge. And then people starting to forget that, you know, they bowled your whole private life into your work life. And then you just become this, this poor actress, you know, you don’t, people don’t respect you or understand that you actually a mom or anything like that. And it just, I think after that happened is like political brief face. When he’d done the survivor show went down to Las Vegas. Under my interview, came back, absolutely just wiped out.

2 (32m 45s):
And all I wanted was my kids and a family life. I just needed to. I mean, the only hug, you know, it wasn’t dating. I was one that didn’t date when I was in, I don’t actually, I didn’t think it was morally. Right. And yeah, I needed, I needed time out. I needed time out after that. And plus he, internet was coming in and I, and I wasn’t one to do webcamming. I believed that I had two children. I knew they were going to come of age where the internet would be a major part of their life. And I wanted to retire before they even had an engine of that happening so that, you know, not, not so I could avoid the situation, but mainly more so that I could control the situation.

3 (33m 32s):
Yeah. That’s smart. That’s smart. So you got out of the industry and after you’re retired, how did you feel and what did you do

2 (33m 41s):
Last driver? Tired? I realized no, there was no female agents in the world. So I, I started managing British stars and sending them over to the U S and making sure that they were professionally looked after that the other combination they had drivers and somebody started representing the top English female performance from the year 2002 till like 2004. And then there was, then there was an HIV outbreak in 2004 in the American industry. I pulled all the models out and that’s when I just said, do you know what? I’m not doing this anymore?

2 (34m 21s):
And I need a different life. And yeah. So know

3 (34m 26s):
You didn’t want to, you felt like you were putting him in danger and you didn’t want to do that.

2 (34m 30s):
Absolutely. And if there, if there is one thing that doesn’t happen and the professionalism and started sliding because the internet we will see was taking over. So budgets were getting lowered, stuff like that. And that what people don’t understand is there was no health and safety and, you know, unless models get self-insured, they have an accident on set or injured. That is, they were in cost. And I wasn’t willing to take the risk of having a, my conscience, any female, even if it would have been their own fault, captain HIV. And I just couldn’t, I have had to sleep at night.

3 (35m 8s):
Sure, sure understand. So when did you become a counselor for models worldwide in the adult, in the adult industry?

2 (35m 17s):
That was only fairly recently actually. I mean, I lived in Austin, you know, what I done after the time after retiring from managing models is I got trained by the family planning association, which used to be our sex education board. And they were really happy that I’d approached them. We kind of learned from one another and the next thing I want every channel being a sex experts on relationships shows. It’s great. So I got, I got quantified in, you know, online infidelity sex education, you know, for boys and girls separately, teenage pregnancies. And I worked on TV for a long time.

2 (35m 57s):
However, in the background, I was also getting qualified in fitness and managing a couple of gyms because I do, you know, I want it, I did it. I want a fake fame, hungry star. Sure. I didn’t mind talking to my knowledge, but I did. I didn’t need to be a major celebrity that, you know, I just couldn’t be bothered to be quite honest with you. And then I moved to Australia in two phase and alert 11 to have a break from anybody knowing me. And it was so refreshing because everybody had known me for a decade. And I didn’t even kind of know my own density for while because you’re, you’re this person that everybody has an opinion on and a view and a judgment.

2 (36m 41s):
So I went to Australia when nobody had thought of me. And for eight years I stayed in Australia managed companies. And when I was there, I, you know, the radio station started realizing my past and I went on a few shows and I said, what, you know, I’m qualifying to be a counselor and the seed got planted there. So I started studying and then I moved back to UK and yeah, I got asked if I would counsel the industry. So that was in England first board. And I felt like there were the fake HIV certificate being allowed to float around in the UK industry.

2 (37m 21s):
And I’m not going to lie that as you can imagine. So I teamed up with a PAC union in the U S with a lot of Evans and I’ve been a counselor for them ever since. So for like four years. So I actually, I’m going to be part of the union on the American board as well. So, you know, I look after, yeah. So looking after the American and the English industry, you can imagine, you know, it’s hard, but if I’m the only person who is qualified and have the experience of entering being in the industry and intern and transitioning out, that’s what models need. They don’t need to being canceled by somebody who still work support industry that defeats the object.

2 (38m 4s):
And with the English industry, they actually blocked me and my fellow counselor coworker is also a former actress. He retired, you know, about 15 years ago, Kelly Stafford. And she got qualified as a counselor as well. But because we, we caught them out that there were the fake HIV’s got going around and the girl had been attacked in a hotel room and nothing, nothing was done about it. And I just said, that’s not good enough. And so I was getting really frustrated in the UK that they were blocking just because they had an issue with me and this other counselor, they blocked us services from the industry.

2 (38m 47s):
And so we look after our own models now, to me, that’s not good enough. So I actually approached the met police, sexual violence unit. And I explained the situation. I said, look, I’m concerned that they don’t have an Avenue to report any instance. The industry is very close and he tried to keep it. In-house when I read stuff going on, I need to open a pathway and be an outreach so that they can speak. If they don’t want to go, let’s be honest with you. I’d experienced 20 years ago that I couldn’t go to a coffee shop after I was attacked. So it’s no different in the UK. Now, you know, of girls who were abused or taken advantage of onset, they, they, they don’t want to walk into a police station say, Hey, I’m a porn star.

2 (39m 30s):
I was just on set. And they don’t think I never gave him permission to, that’s fine. I’ve got to look at them and go that really know what that goes under. So what I done is I, I I’m teamed up as an outreach for the metropolitan police in the UK. And now it says any incidences with any other industry, they can come to me and I liaise and we meet out of uniform and I get them to chat to the ma to the head of the sexual violence unit. That’s awesome. And it’s taken, thank you. And it’s taken real seriously. And I work with a lot of other charities like open doors and they look up street sex workers, which has written dramatically during COVID because obviously people, people come, people are net visitors in their house.

2 (40m 20s):
So they’ve gone to street prostitution. I worked with outreach as you know, just, you know, help them with advice and stuff. And then, and then there’s other projects like survivors UK is by male sexual abuse. And I, I kind of work with whichever charities can gain from my knowledge and performance can get access to help, help for facilities.

3 (40m 44s):
Hmm. That’s wonderful. So, yeah, I bet you do. I like what you’re doing. So, so how did you manage to skip over from porn to the mainstream media?

2 (40m 59s):
I think my way was, was owning my past. Not letting anybody dictate to me about what I should or should not done. I made it perfectly clear unless they were paying my rent nature, keep their mouth shut. You know, they haven’t walked a mile in my shoes, let alone an inch actually. And I owned it and I laughed at myself and I said, do you know what? Yeah. Some people must’ve thought I was a right Slack or a slut or yes, there was things I would do differently, but I’ve always maintained. I have absolutely no regrets about my path. You know, now I’ve got more wisdom. I probably would’ve done a few things a little bit differently, but I owned it.

2 (41m 41s):
Never deny it. I mean, what you were in mainstream television, even being on one show, the media, know your past and what you’ve got to learn, is it any publicity is publicity. You’ve got take away the negative. You’ve got to stop worrying about what other people and online trolls say about you because they don’t contribute anything to my life. Right. So if they’re doing a negative, competent comment, then they’re investing in my life. So it kind of says a lot about them, not me. Yes. At least the stuff that I done I own.

2 (42m 22s):
And I take responsibility. And even if the press say former porn queen of England, which they still do 20 years later, I just, I laugh and I actually ring them up. Gum really still got like that one. They’re like, well, it sells. And I’m like, okay. So I’ve got this really, really friendly kind of a pool with the newspapers and journalists because I own, I pass and I have a laugh and they’ve got nothing on the tablet. Absolutely

6 (42m 54s):
Got nothing on me. I said, they

2 (42m 56s):
Made you. In fact, my public, my, my, my publicist. He actually worked at the sun as a major journalist for 20 odd years. My other friend used to run the sun for 25 years. I’m really good friends with the media. And the simple fact is, is because I laugh at myself and I already know that one day newspaper is tomorrow’s day chip paper. So it’s about not holding onto it, but I’m able to laugh at myself. And when I’m on TV, people realize that I’ve really educated. And I think it shocks them. I think what it is, people have this impression of an adult star.

2 (43m 39s):
So when they’ve got an adult star on their show, they are looking in inside yourself in their mind, in their programmed censored mind that I’m going to turn up with big fake tits, long blonde hair, extensions and stripper shoes. When in fact I’m five foot free, used to be for free. It must be getting old. And I normally wear tie-dye hairs and I’ve got shoulder length, dark hair, and I wear a minimum makeup. So I’m the complete opposite to what they imagined. And I think that is what interests people. And they’re like, Oh my God, you, you proved me. You prove to us it actually, our image of an adult story is completely not right.

2 (44m 22s):
Exactly. Exactly. And I think, yeah, I mean, you know, the figures as well is like I retired from porn 20 years ago. And so they can’t let, is, most media will like to chat to adult stars that are still in the industry to, but with me, I’m like, yeah, you can grab one of my old pictures if you want, as long as I know which one it is, I don’t mind. You know? And when I say, you know, 90% of my mainstream career has been absolutely wonderful. I had to Sue a newspaper some years ago because they actually got a picture of me and put it against a fake story. Say I had an ASCO antisocial behavior against it’s called an ask boat.

2 (45m 8s):
And they said that I’d been caught having like sex. And I had to criminal conviction. However, what made me so annoyed when I wouldn’t give a shit about the lions balance, your new, or is, you know, defer the truth. However, I was under contract to an, to a TV channel ITV, which one of our major channels. And they were back to drop me from two shows and I had to say to them, no, look it is crap. And I very fortunate. My life’s been very fortunate was actually kind of having a relationship with somebody that owned most of the local regional papers.

2 (45m 51s):
And he took me to the Queen’s lawyer

4 (45m 54s):
To the Creek,

2 (45m 57s):
Had a very interesting life. So I went to the Queens lawyers and I said, it’s it’s defamation and slander. It’s not true. And they haven’t even used my correct name. And they said, okay, well, you need to, we’re probably the wrong lawyers, but we’re going to put you in touch with a top entertainment lawyer who will do it on. I think it’s like, I think it’s called pro bono. Yeah. Contingency. So they put me in touch with the main lawyer that looks after all the mainstream performers, actresses and stuff like that. And he just basically rang up the newspaper and said, I’m on 800 pounds an hour. Is your cost not her. This is defamation.

2 (46m 39s):
Yeah. And the paper tried to say that I had a bad reputation because I’d done porn anyway. And I said, I don’t give a shit what reputation I got you liked? And you’ve put my picture right. There speaks more volume than words because image imagery does. Yes. And, and they tried to get out of it, but it was 800 pounds an hour. So we arranged a high court date in the high court with London and I was willing to take over it away. I don’t mind, you know, I, I’m not, I’m not at fault. And being an excavation officer, you can only imagine the willpower. So they settled an hour from the hearing and the high court of London settled out of cool.

2 (47m 22s):
Nice. And I have never Gretz about it. And I S everybody said, if you Sue a newspaper or, you know, come back to haunt you. No, it doesn’t. Do you know what all it does is let you know, never to be made a fall off.

3 (47m 36s):
Exactly. And you won’t, you won’t, you won’t hear and you won’t hear from them again. So there you go.

2 (47m 41s):
Never again. And the best thing is it’s like, you know, just because you’re a porn actress or actor or any kind of sex worker, it should not take away. The fact that what somebody does to you is legal. You are still under the same law. We are still under the same protection act as anybody that may be a police officer, or where can a bank, your career should definitely not have any influence on how you are treated.

3 (48m 13s):
Exactly. Just, just like that guy’s name we can’t talk about in the States.

2 (48m 19s):
Fuck you enough. I’ll give you another interview when all that’s filled up. So yeah.

3 (48m 23s):
Yeah. Oh, definitely. I want to hear that for sure. I want the exclusive on that. So, so what advice would you give to others in the end?

2 (48m 34s):
Okay. Right. Kind of got different advice for people going in in it and wanting to get out. If you’re going to go into industry, just be prepared that once you have the sex industry, it never goes away. Now, I don’t mean that by saying people won’t forget, you dumped porn, you yourself went forget you’ve been a sex worker. And once you’re able to turn your emotions on and off, which every sex worker has to do, it’s very hard to undo that skill. Yeah. And it can affect every ongoing relationship, even if it’s with your parents, your children or partner, because you’re able to put your emotions aside.

2 (49m 17s):
So you do have to be aware that when you go into the industry, you know, you’re going to learn a new set of skills. And, you know, they may not all be positive for people in the industry. What you have to remember is, you know, you know, you’re either got a short shelf life or you, or you do it for good. This is a career because it is a career, right. It can be however, learn about marketing because you’re up against millions of other people. And if you don’t have a business sense, you can’t run a business. And if you’re an adult star, you’re an enterprise, you’re a business. Yes.

2 (49m 57s):
So it’s about building yourself as a business, right? And you can’t run a company. If you cut corners, you can’t cut a company. If you’re going to act illegal, you can’t run a company. If you don’t have duty of care, health and safety insurance and stuff like that. So my bias is don’t consider, don’t even worry about what career you’re doing. You know, w you know, to you, you are self-employed yes. And therefore you should get yourself covered for every instance. And if you’re in the industry and you’re looking to get out, you have to understand that the transition period, you can’t just hop from one industry.

2 (50m 39s):
There is very emotionally challenging, and then go back into society because it can destroy you. There’s a lot trawlers or nine that will come for you and attack you. Now, Jess, like it’s school is a young age. I think emotions should be educated to youngsters, that we have different emotions and we have different reactions and that we’re responsible for our actions and reactions. And not that. And I think with the industry, that should be them reeducate. And if they haven’t learnt it already, I think what we do in APAC union is we have different seminars online. And we want to make sure that they know new skills, marketing, understand, not everybody is going to like you.

2 (51m 27s):
And that’s absolutely fine because it would be boring if everybody did true. And I 20 understand and imagine they are behind a keyboard. You’re not responsible for their actions. No matter what your actions yourself has been there, all they do is react to your action, but their action is putting you down. Does that make sense? Yeah. They’re just behind the keyboard with shit all out to do. So what they do is decide that their life isn’t that worthy and they want to invest best time in someone else. Sure. It’s like having free rent in somebody else’s mind. Don’t take it seriously because what somebody likes or what somebody speaks is how that person is inside.

2 (52m 12s):
And if they’re not a nice person, they’re not a nice person. What we have to do is have like a barrier up around not barrier. That’s probably the wrong word. I have a mirror pretend you’ve got a mirror in front of you and bunks that reflection back on to them. And then you’ll know what type of person they are. You got learned. Not don’t take things personally. Yeah. What do not overwork? Because people seem to think, you know, when you’re in the industry, yeah. You just want more work, more, work, more work. I want to do this. I want to do that. Well. Or you’re in a position of turning your emotions on and off, you kind of put your mental health to the background. Sure. However, our own bodies do suffer some form of post a tumor later.

2 (52m 60s):
And that, that doesn’t mean that’s from the industry in the job you done that could be reflected on you being able to turn your emotions on and off. And that can come back to the trauma later in life. And if they are looking to get at the industry, chat to somebody who has successfully moved on from the industry will know how you’re feeling. That’s a good idea.

3 (53m 26s):
That’s a real good idea. So I hear you’re writing a book as you certainly should. When is it coming out?

2 (53m 38s):
I, Oh my God. Look, dang. I’ve got a little bit lazy. The first one that will be coming out is an advice book. So, you know, there is a bunch I haven’t covered from sugar daddies to porn stance to bins, single mother to having disaster state. So my first book actually is going to be an advice book and I just share a bit of my life story and never not much, but my autobiography will be coming out later because it’ll probably coincide with the court case over in the U S

3 (54m 9s):
Ooh. Yeah. You got to wait for that to resolve first.

2 (54m 13s):
I’ve got to wait for that to resolve first and

3 (54m 16s):
Guarantee guaranteed bestseller,

2 (54m 19s):
Guaranteed bestseller. I know, right. It’s like, so I’m actually kind of quite enjoying a little bit of a, to life, get a decorate and done and doing kind of little mundane things at the moment, but I’ve got my own TV show starting in April in relationship show. So I’m really happy with that. And then my vice book, I want to get written. What do you know what it was meant to get written by March the 30th of however, being the work in the industry? I do. I’m very well connected. And as you know, I normally cover AVN and ex beers and a Prairie Lou awards. And I also interview at pleasure product events, you know, and they’re massive, you know, it’s one of the biggest industries and work well, I’m, I’m one of the fortunate ones in the world, especially from England, who’s traveling to Mexico in a week’s time.

2 (55m 15s):
So I’ll go now for one day’s work, but extending it for 10 days. I need some sunshine. I’ve been in England winter, and I’m cold and I need a holiday. And so this might refer to you probably isn’t going to happen when I finished by advice, but the new tax year starts in April. Right. So yeah, my book will get done by the end of April.

3 (55m 39s):
Okay. We’re going to hold. We’re going to hold you to that.

2 (55m 43s):
Yeah. And then we can have a little chat by that. Cause there’s like 20 different chapters of all different things.

3 (55m 47s):
Oh, I tell ya. Absolutely.

2 (55m 51s):
I’ve got, I reveal ODI, slight bits about myself in the book, but it would also Brit across my personality, but it does give the good and bad of different sex and relationship situations because like, you know, not everything can be good. Not everything can be bad need to have that balance.

3 (56m 10s):
Absolutely. Balance balance is always number one. Well, Leanne, I’d like to thank you for being our guest today on adult side broker tuck. And I hope we’ll get a chance to do this. One of the book comes

1 (56m 24s):
Out. Absolutely. I’d love to. It’s been fantastic. Thank you. My broker tip today is part three of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, find new ways to monetize your website, such as sell advertising. If you’ve got a free site, like a tube, that’s the best way to monetize your site. If you have a tube, another way to make more money is to sell premium memberships, offer free users, one level of content. And for premium users, you can do things like give them higher quality or longer videos or both. You can also make the site ad free for premium members. Start an affiliate program.

1 (57m 5s):
If you have a pay site, especially this is a great way to increase your quality traffic and get more joins with all sites, you can figure out other upgrades and products you can sell to your users. Pay sites can also sell, pay per view, where people have the option of paying by the scene for content that can’t get on the site. This is also another way to charge users as opposed to a monthly fee, sell them other products like toys and novelties market, your business, do things to improve your search engine results like SEO. There are some great SEO consultants out there who can help you get higher search rankings in Google. If you want some recommendations, contact us on our website list all of the benefits of your site in your marketing and how they affect the user.

1 (57m 54s):
And of course, hire a great marketing consulting firms such as, Oh, I don’t know, maybe adult B2B marketing, which we also happen to own eliminate unneeded expenses constantly make sure you’re not spending money. You don’t need to make sure there isn’t duplication in your staffing from time to time check services you pay for like hosting and see if there are better and less expensive options. Take it from me. I’ve done this and saved a bunch. Plus got higher quality hosting in the process. Again, ask us for recommendations. Always look for ways to do things more cost-effectively along with this, make your profit and loss statement, show more profit.

1 (58m 37s):
That’s kind of a di guess, but increasing sales and reducing expenses obviously does that, but make sure your P and L statement accurately reflects your company’s actual costs. Not a bunch of personal expenses you’ve put in. This will cost you money when you sell it may help you with the tax man to put that stuff on your tax return, but it hurts you. If you show that stuff on your profit and loss statement, remember every dollar in profit increases the value of your website as much as three or four times. This is why you need a good experience broker to help lead you through the process. We’ve gotten people thousands of dollars, more on their sale just by adjusting the P and L statement to more accurately

3 (59m 22s):
Reflect actual business expenses, as opposed to a bunch of BS. We’ll talk about the subject more next week and next week we’ll be talking to adult industry writer, Ralph Greco,

0 (59m 37s):
And that’s it on this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank our guest Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (7s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we’ll be talking with Harry Varwijk.

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And he refuses to succumb to fear notes. The intro from the GoFundMe campaign page for the past 30 years of his life, Tim has been consciously implementing a mindset to elevate his frequency and learn how to enjoy a better quality of life. He’s come to realize that when he exists in a pure state of love, he serves a purpose. His purpose to be love gives him the strong will to live a long, healthy and joyful life Tim’s plan is to not only survive, but to also thrive. Although Lutz has health insurance is out of pocket medical costs and other expenses are rapidly rising. It has always been easier for me to give and difficult for me to ask for help.

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Thank you. In advanced all of my angels for your donations. He said, I am humbled and grateful for all of you and appreciate your consideration. Compassion, heartfelt kindness, and loving hearts, cyber socket, the pioneering LGBTQ publisher let’s co-founded with Morgan summer celebrates its 25th anniversary. Next January donate to his GoFundMe campaign by searching for Tim Lutz that’s L U T Z on fund me expert as award-winning performer, entrepreneur and pervert.com. Owner Lance Hart has launched his latest venture. Get me into porn.com with a stated aim to teach and train the next generation of performers.

1 (2m 46s):
How to navigate the wild wild world of adult. The new site utilizes the combined experience of performers, directors and producers. Candlebox Mickey Mohd, Todd Moore, Aiden, and heart among others member se this include video interviews and anonymous messaging system, online tutorials and mentorship by Regal and longstanding personalities in the adult industry said heart. I’m so excited to get this project launched and out into the world. He said during the pandemic, we’ve seen a huge influx of self-produced and amateur performers take up sex work to help make ends meet, and it found how extremely lucrative it can be.

1 (3m 29s):
Naturally many are ready to take the next step into professional productions, and we want to educate them on how to do it safely properly, and show them how to make their experience as positive as possible. He noted weekly updates are planned and affiliate program offers performers cam and clip sites, a $25 payout for referrals. Visit get me into porn.com and email Lance at perv out that’s P E R V O U t.com. For more details, the free speech coalition inspire program will host a webinar on tax preparation for adult industry workers tomorrow at 11:00 AM. Pacific time led by FSC industry relations advocate, Lotus lane with bookkeeper, Jesse Hornby tax preparer, Lauren foo Magali and adult industry laborers and artists association, founder, Mary Moody.

1 (4m 24s):
In addition to discussing and answering questions on tax filing issues, the group will speak to how performers can take advantage of forgivable loans from the PPP loan program. A rep explained and noted Fumagalli is a veteran performer and IRS enrolled agent. With 16 years of tax experience lane described the 2020 as a highly unusual financial year. For many performers, we’ve been getting so many questions online. We decided to put together an expert panel to discuss last minute filing issues for 2020, as well as PPP loans and strategies for reducing your tax burden in the year to come sex work is real work lane said, adult industry workers deserve the same resources and guidance as those who run mainstream businesses and the same support from the government.

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This panel will help our workers understand how to access COVID support, better protect their businesses and legally reduce their tax burden. Visit free speech coalition.com for more detail, and to register. Now let’s feature our property the week that’s for sale at adult site broker adult site broker is proud to offer for sale and adult pay site review platform. The site offers top discounts to the hottest networks and adult entertainment. In addition, they offer full length scenes to these sites. So surfers can sample the content. Also the scenes serve to keep the visitors engaged longer on the site. Then the traditional review site, they offer outstanding prices to adult networks on behalf of their visitors.

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The surfers on the site will be hard pressed to find a better price to their favorite network, including evil angel, adult time, Brazzers bang bros, and just about every other top adult network in site, they’ve been growing their email lists since 2020, and the list has grown to over 2000 in the past six months, their unsubscribed rate is in the low single digits. Their free porn section is growing and they currently have roughly 150 scenes. Their traffic has been all organic until recently, but now they’ve started paying for traffic as well. This has boosted their ability to grow their email list and get returned visitors. You can buy this outstanding pay site review platform for only 956,000 us dollars.

1 (6m 47s):
Now time for this week’s interview,

2 (6m 50s):
My guest today, an adult site broker talk is Harry VAR. Weich Harry, thanks for being with us today and adult site broker talk,

3 (6m 58s):
Thank you for having me here. So mother

2 (7m 1s):
Now, now Harry’s been in the business since 2000 and in live cam, since their inception, Harry wears many hats. He’s alive cam webmaster for the night prowl studio network. He maintains websites for his company’s in-house models through an affiliate marketing program. He does live cam consultancy for cherry.tv. He performs content guarding of tube sites and doing DMC tasks. He’s part of the AWS summit team and he does media bias, Lincoln traffic traits, and I’m getting tired here and he maintained sponsor relationships of ADW media. So I guess I should ask you Harry, what you do in your free time

3 (7m 42s):
Playing games. That’s a way to unwind.

2 (7m 47s):
There you go. Okay. Now let’s start with one of your projects, cherry TV. Now this is one of the newer campsites out there. Why don’t you tell me more about this platform and how it’s different from some of its competitors?

3 (8m 2s):
Well, the platform itself is, is not debt different from competitors. So it is a freemium platform, which means that models have this other way of broadcasting instead of being on a premium website. The difference here, however, is that the management behind cherry TV is based, based and build up with marketing experts from industry mainstream and adults. They have a combined experience of more of more than 20 years, which is, which is pretty, pretty much needed to upset the Lifecare markets, because this is what charity view is going to do. They are going to upset the life care markets, meaning the bigger premium science house have always done.

3 (8m 52s):
They’re very good, but it is time it time for a little bit of change. And especially because the game-ification part of the web site adds a new layer to the whole webcam experience itself rewards the spenders and it rewards the models. The reward system is also different than other webcam science, meaning even if a model is online and she has contributed her time to the website, but she did not earn any revenue. She will still receive a reward. She will still be compensated for her time.

2 (9m 34s):
That’s fantastic from a model standpoint.

3 (9m 37s):
Absolutely. And I think a Bartel needs to focus on models and her needs and especially regarding payouts daily payouts is, is, is just one of the things which separates them from the big box campsites, right? One pressure on a button and, and, and 20 minutes later you have your money too. That’s great. Yes, it is. It is.

2 (10m 5s):
That brings, that brings daily payouts to a new level.

3 (10m 10s):
Yes. And I think it’s, it matches a little bit the situation off the mouth. I mean, sometimes they are four or five days of life and not making money and still waiting for the periodic payouts. Then why not hit the bail button on the moment you go on a holiday. So you have your cash always with you. Nice, nice.

2 (10m 34s):
Now it seems there’s a new campsite. Every time I turn around, what’s the state of the live cam market now.

3 (10m 43s):
Okay, well, we are still maturing. Meaning webcam sites are still trying to serve and the audience and the models at the same time. I mean, let’s say it like this. We, we have the goal to give pleasure on, on a cam site and measures is just a shortened of sensation. What we want to attribute is to have a happiness feeling. That’s a web web site has a relation with the webcam model that she feels secure. That is really important to have.

3 (11m 24s):
And I do agree with you every time you work, them sites come up, but they disappear also just as, just as fast people are overestimating the markets, definitely they think, wow, I put up a domain, I put up a script and boom, the money rolls in. This is just not how it works. You practice always. Absolutely.

2 (11m 48s):
Now do you think there’s still an opportunity for new people to come in and start a live cam site and make money?

3 (11m 56s):
Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think this year, new, new webcam sites will come up too, that there are always people who she enough opportunity and there is always a rainbow with a pot of gold on yet, but you just have to go for it. The marketing responsibility, the energy that comes in to make a brand run online. It’s tremendous. I mean, I’m a little bit of webcams side needs to understand that in the first two years, they will hardly make any profit at all. All the money will go back into development, into maintenance staff people.

3 (12m 36s):
So I encourage people always to start new projects. But I do know that if I don’t see these qualifications in them, which good websites have that I will see them disappear at the end of the year, I got used to that. We have seen at least 15 people come and 15 people go in in the last five years alone.

2 (12m 59s):
Now starting a new webcam site, if you want to do it right, obviously it takes a ton of money. If you were starting in the business fresh today, where would you invest your money?

3 (13m 13s):
I would invest my money in making relations with cam models that already have a strong representation online. And I would probably try to invest money in having them on my portal to, to get some first attention. I would invest my money in their social media because they already have a tremendous amount of clients that have trust in them. And I will do my best to keep those models on my sites and, and try to have them generate traffic.

2 (13m 43s):
Now you do affiliate marketing for models. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You were saying

3 (13m 51s):
No, no, no problem. I just wanted to say that. It sounds easier as that it really is. Of course.

2 (13m 57s):
Okay. Now will you cut out for a second? Sorry. You do affiliate marketing for models. How exactly does that work?

3 (14m 7s):
Okay, well, this is a really wide topic. I will give you a small example is a model

2 (14m 16s):
We got, we got time. Go for it. Okay.

3 (14m 18s):
If, if the model works individual from home, her first contact with the sponsor is cited as a model. Then when she goes into her member promo tools, you will also find options to hire her payouts by sending traffic directly to her room through, through, and the campaign link here is where it becomes interesting because many models missed the opportunity to sign up as an monster on the website. They are working as a model so they can actually add an extra layer of income, which is around 25, 30% to the general revenue damn making gift at clients.

3 (15m 5s):
As long as they become an affiliate, I can set up and own that site. They can make a promo call tool. They can have a chat widget with just Dem inside, put on their own websites under the affiliate code. So they build up an excellent defense, which 90% of the models are missing on this moment right now. So what I’m doing is I’m telling the models, Hey, look, here’s where your opportunities are. Here’s where you can sign up as a webmaster. Here is where you can download a WordPress application. And here is a module hosts with a $10 package a month to get you independent.

3 (15m 47s):
And then they actually try it out. And they find out that besides selling their own webcam that time they can also put for party product products on their own website and make income with other programs and shallowly. They are not only a webcam model, but they are also webmaster of their own sites. So it it’s, it’s just about adding opportunities to, to, to their account and taking profits from the fact that they already have spending clients. And if, if a model decides to be on a holiday for her clients can still go to her website, try some other products or spend time with another girl, but the model will still be rewarded for it.

3 (16m 35s):
So she can allow her men, her models, or their members to cheat with other models. And she gets an income from it. How, how widely is this done in the industry? Not very widely it’s here is where on the communities on the chem communities here is where it stagnates, meaning a contact between a model and a contact between the webmaster is being seen as a competitive fit. And I have no idea why, and I don’t know why they keep keeping this feeling up, but model that webmasters are taking that time, that we only want to work together with them.

3 (17m 16s):
So we can have some free sessions in their group, which is completely absurd when we are not into a context like this, we just want to put out traffic on a webcam model that knows how to generate it. So when I go into the cam community in the cam communities, and, and I’m actually speaking with a model that has, has done a lot of work, it has experienced, then I will propose an extra, additional income to her website. And we’ve her experience-based. She gets the point. She understands, Oh, I can also become a web master of my own product.

3 (18m 1s):
And it’s it’s, it has to do with the experience and how people she webmasters and his industry, and 80 to 90% sees us as competition. And they make comments like, okay, you sent us traffic, but you take a part of our income. Why you do that? And then we have to tell them, yeah, but this is what the site emphasizes. While you work on that, they have their own traffic. Where do you think your traffic comes from? It comes from the webmasters. Okay. I agree. Some campsites have their own in-house marketing department for all in-house traffic, so they don’t have to pay webmasters for it. But a majority of the traffic still comes from the affiliates.

2 (18m 44s):
That’s awesome. That’s something I had never heard before. Now. Now content piracy is a big issue today. How much of your time is spent on that area of your business? And how’s it going

3 (18m 59s):
Way too much? The DCMA tasks are taking way too much time, especially because we have to communicate with a market that hides behind a wall, a lot of Russian communication, which goes into nothing. I can say that 60% of the videos are being removed successfully within four weeks. And I think at least 40 options. And I’m pretty sharp on this number around 40% ignores my request and they will play it out as, as, as long as they can.

3 (19m 40s):
Of course, I have to go to channels like Google and hosting, and I have to come up with documentation stamps and all that stuff. It takes way too much time. And it’s a nice, not sure position for this too. I mean, but sometimes these services are hand in hand with the scamming webmasters, meaning they steal on the other sides and they go into a forum and offer that removal. Sure. There’s still another personality. So you are dealing with the fee and you are dealing with the person who’s who, who claims to clean up the mess, defeat me. And in the meantime, you’re all talking to one in the same person.

3 (20m 21s):
So it’s a, it’s, it’s a, it’s a portion of a work that I rather not have comes with. A lot of stress comes with emotions. I could go without it to be almost. Yeah.

2 (20m 34s):
Yeah. That’s gotta be really frustrating. Especially if it’s one in the same person.

3 (20m 40s):
Yes, yes, absolutely. The research that goes into it and the energy and efforts that you have to do, they are not, and they don’t give you a shit affectional feeling at all.

2 (20m 51s):
When freemium websites popped up, how much panic did you feel considering the sites you owned were

3 (20m 59s):
Premium? I can tell you honestly, when the first premium side popped up, I was just being happy with, with my lifetime revenue spenders on the premium science on the moment I saw chatter beds coming up, my world literally turned upside down. I, I had problems accepting them, meaning it took me at least one and a half till two years before I decided to really examine the science and to check the affiliate program. But in the beginning I was not happy with it. I knew that it will crash a few of my lifetime, spend this into nothing, which obviously it did.

3 (21m 44s):
And I was forced to go along with it, but it took me almost two years mentally before I started to accept that this is how it was, was not a nice feeling. Now, when I look back, I’m pretty extreme, happy that freemium has come up. It’s it’s it has given results and situations, which I didn’t foresee that would happen. And I’m really happy. It did.

2 (22m 15s):
It’s obviously a tried and true format.

3 (22m 19s):
Absolutely. Yes. Every portal has his own group of models. You have freemium models and you have premium models. Freemium models are mostly younger, have more creativity, exploit the industry more in their own benefits and premium is really one-on-one. So it’s pretty exclusive. It’s like a girlfriend experience. You can not put more creativity in there. It’s like a talk with a shrink. Now

2 (22m 51s):
They’re both freemium and premium cam sites, which ones are doing better.

3 (22m 57s):
You mean which one is in my eyes? The best freemium website?

2 (23m 1s):
No, between just the model of freemium and the model of premium, which ones do you think are doing better? And why is that? And of course you can tell me who you think the best star of, of each, each model.

3 (23m 18s):
Well, let’s, let’s stay on this example of charter badge because that science has earned their position in the market. Even if it brought me some competitive thinking in the beginning, I think they have improved the situation for models. I am not comparing chanter bank with anything else. So D they are on top for me, for the freemiums and the other sites. I really give much attention for wow. Our top priority. Why? Because since 2008, they, they have intensified a diminishment towards models and, and webmasters by having forums online for just us, by communicating with us a lot, asking feedback, coming with customized promo tools, coming with upgrades, I would say life just meaning chapter Bay are the two top sites and it’s regarding freemium and premium.

3 (24m 22s):
That will be that, that will be not much of a change in, in this year.

2 (24m 28s):
Well, what do you think? Which, which of the two models do you think is better though?

3 (24m 33s):
And, and on, on what kind of a model, what kind of performer you are? I, I would say free freemium is a good start for people who are new in this industry. So they can develop an identity. They, if they, they can find a role in which they, they, they prefer best on a line. And I, I, I, I do think that people going to premium do best when they have experienced from the freemium. This is regarding communication, how to talk to a client, how, how to connect with him on an emotional level, how to entice them to provoke and to flirt.

3 (25m 16s):
This is, this is something that is on premium, more on the focus and on freemium. It is more a group show. It’s it’s it’s you, you, you chip in together with, with other guys to keep the show going and to keep her having this loss in, in, in her private areas. It’s, it’s, it’s a different kind of sensation premium service I’ve seen in service are, are, are trying to chase premium is exclusive. One-on-one, it’s, it’s more personal than, than freemium. So it’s these two differences also splits up the models.

3 (25m 59s):
You have models who are open to, to be exclusive with, with, with one person to open themselves up and to be entertaining and, and, and enticing on freemium. There is not much of the intelligence needed to, to keep this person in the room. It’s if one leaves your chat room, two, others will come in. So it’s it’s about what, what does Sherver is, is, is trying to search for exclusivity or just a quick Wang. And this is where freemium and premium are different from each other. It’s the exclusive freedom.

2 (26m 39s):
If you were starting a cam site today, which one would you pick and why?

3 (26m 46s):
Yeah. Which business model I would pick, I would pick the freemium because I will reach a wide audience regarding performance and service. And I will definitely stay away from premium because it’s, it’s expensive to two brands. It comes with a different business model. I would be more shaved to go for a Freeman side. Yeah. Sorry. I want to say, especially because the big premium players already taken that place, they already won the trust of a large group of spenders.

3 (27m 31s):
And they will keep that trust for, for years to come. So to come up with a premium side right away, and to declare war and competition, that’s not going to help. I will definitely go for the freedom to start off with.

2 (27m 44s):
Now, when you found out that models had no idea that most traffic comes from webmasters, how did you feel? And what did you do about it?

3 (27m 55s):
To be honest in the beginning, it was a little bit frustrated because as a webmaster, you search continuously for acknowledgement of your position here in the market, and you just want to be seen, or you just want to be a part of success. So when a life has made client, Hey, we are so big EDI. We, we webmasters of five, just me and the, we want to take some credit for, for, for that too. Right. We want to say, Hey, it was all in a joint joint efforts to make it big. Now you need to repeat the question. Can the girls, I was a little bit distressed by your question.

2 (28m 41s):
Okay. So when you, okay, will you, when you found out models had no idea that most traffic came from webmasters, how did you feel? And then what did you do about it?

3 (28m 53s):
Yeah. Okay. So the part, what do we do about it? We are still trying to install a short of an idea of what a landmark.

2 (29m 4s):
Okay. Like, so, so when you talked earlier about going on the boards and things like that,

3 (29m 10s):
You speak to individual person, they all have their opinions and they all think different about it. What I do know this, I can community foremost, together, they can share experiences. They can share problems, they have or solutions, but to communicate between demand and supply. And that is not being a stable established on communities. It is however, a great place for a woman to talk with another woman and, and share some experiences on that they have on different websites. There is no such thing as them trying to market themselves more and, and communicating towards webmaster seems that there is still an invisible wall between two people.

4 (29m 58s):
Do you react to charge backs and drops in sales that are on

3 (30m 2s):
Unexpected? Well, Louisa, I can be very honest. A chargeback feels like somebody is kicking me so hard in the balls and crying for the day. Stucco or chargeback is, is a personal thing. It’s you start to doubt your models, the quality you start to think. Did I do something wrong in the click flow on my sites? Did I gave him the feeling he had to spend? Was he manipulated a chargeback, comes with a tremendous amount of emotions during the years. Of course it becomes part of the game, but it still feels incredibly professional.

3 (30m 46s):
And yes, I understand stair damage fraud online. And mostly when I requested sites to investigate the charge back into give me an exact reason, I will be happy when it says one of those stolen cards, then I’m like, okay, cool. That’s that’s nice. The guy got this money back. The bank did the responsible thing. This is how the industry should work. I, if it, if, if it comes like, yeah, he was manipulated by a model, he was cheated. I feel personally bad because I did brought him to do website. I did told him he would have a great time with this model and still it didn’t work, worked out.

3 (31m 28s):
So it charged back comes, comes in with incredibly messy emotions. And it takes a few days before those emotions are dying off. And I’m back to my old shelf. Again, my biggest charge back was $19,000. And my small charge back was around $7. But the warm of $19,000 happened seven years ago, woke up on a Sunday morning and I was $90,000 in the red. That was an incredibly hard thing. It took me around a half a year to get that account back to zero. Yeah.

4 (32m 6s):
Yeah. I can only imagine. How about other drops in sales? How do you respond to those? Well,

3 (32m 14s):
When you read statistics and when,

4 (32m 18s):
When you read numbers,

3 (32m 20s):
You start to understand where it comes from, where is it going wrong? What part of the website is, is, is, is doing bad check and faces to, to other solutions, but to find out where the drop comes from, that is already the biggest reward, fixing it. That is something that it’s not a problem. It will take some time, but to know where it comes from, we just statistics in such a way that you know, where it is leaking, that you know, where things are down. That means that you have a good oversight. And that is a party, the biggest desk here, reading the numbers and try to convert them to text and try to find out where it comes from.

3 (33m 5s):
Find a problem you can fix it. Sure.

2 (33m 9s):
That goes with anything, by the way, getting back to chargebacks in the, in the chargeback industry, when someone charges back for something that they actually consumed, they use the term friendly fraud. I what’s, what’s friendly. What’s friendly about that.

3 (33m 29s):
There is nothing friendly about that through failure, totally agreeing with you. As soon as the word chargeback comes up, all the words associated to it are mostly negative, unless it was a stolen card and the guy got his money returns. Then we get the responsible thing as, as, as, as an industry. But for the rest, there is nothing friendly about the chargeback. Nothing

2 (33m 53s):
Indeed. Now, can you explain the term? And it’s used a lot girlfriend experience, it’s a little bit different on cams than it does out here in Thailand and R and R people kind of chasing the dragon with love online.

3 (34m 10s):
Yes. So we have this girlfriend experience. It’s a white concept. I mean, it can go into every direction. I will see a girl and think, Hey, she looks like my first girlfriends. You go into the room and you have a nice conversation and, and you’ll get these emotions back. And when you start liking a person, just because she talks nicely or she, or how, the way she thinks that’s already a connection. If I am with a like-minded model communicating, she doesn’t have to go naked for me to still have that experience that I’m happy. And of course, between pleasure and happiness, there is a big thing.

3 (34m 54s):
Now, a girlfriend experience is, is category on their happiness pleasure to go away after five, 10 minutes, happiness, happiness, emotion, just girlfriend experience with a model. Then I definitely want to talk a little bit more refer, and this might be two, three times a week, and maybe I develop an emotion. And I think, you know what? I don’t feel bad spending $200 a month on an exclusive experience begins with the same $200 on, on dinners. We, with an offline girl, the girlfriend experiences is, is it a term I use for chats that are longer than 40 minutes and where a client is at at least two or three times a week checks in we the model, just to say a friendly word or, or, or have a little talk and doing a member session, maybe in the weekends or on the Sunday evening, but longer.

3 (35m 52s):
And with more quality, so more texts, more and more exchange of emotions. They’re actually interested in each other. They’re asking for family, Hey, how’s your family doing? What are you doing for work? It all creates these little lines that she’s throwing to him, which she can use the next time again, to continue that bill from experience. When he comes in next week, she was, how was the meeting? Did your boss gave you the compliment that you were shooting for? Did you finish the project? As soon as this member has the idea, Hey, she’s actually thinking about me. That is already a girlfriend experience by being taken serious.

3 (36m 36s):
You don’t have to be in one room with dispersion to still have this emotion. That’s why I used that girlfriend experience term a lot. I like it. It’s it’s it sounds friendlier. And it’s it’s it has a social. Yeah. You will hear me use that word until the end of time. Because in the end, we shell a little bit of proportionality the shell time and all we are not at the red light district in Amsterdam. I mean, Dara is very, now you stand in front of a window, you go in, you negotiate 10 minutes later, you are out. That is, that is exactly what, what we don’t want to have online.

3 (37m 17s):
So yes, of course we have to tell to a model that every client is a human being and should be considered as well and taken serious,

1 (37m 27s):
Certainly the best way for people to conduct themselves in any space. And Cam’s included. Well, Harry, I’d like to thank you again for being our guest on adult side broker talk, and I hope we’ll get a chance to do it again really soon. My broker tip today is part two of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, keep your website design. Up-to-date do a redesign from time to time. People will tend to think your site is the same as ever and click out of it without even looking if something doesn’t change. So keep it fresh and up to date times change. So should your website look at what your competitors are doing and see what it is you really like emulate success.

1 (38m 10s):
If you know a site to be particularly successful, look at what it is they’re doing and do some of the same things. I’m not saying copy it. I’m just suggesting you improve your site by looking around a bit, you’ve got to keep up with the times or you’ll end up being left behind. Also keep an eye on your competition and make sure you’re offering everything on your site that they are or more don’t just look at their design, but sure your offers are good. And you’re competitive. The same goes for your content. Do you ever wonder why one site does well and others don’t check out the competition’s content. What are they doing that you’re not doing? Be willing to make changes.

1 (38m 51s):
People can’t understand why they’re losing sales to a competitor. You have to competitors clearly doing everything better. Again, emulate success. Make sure everything on your website works well. Make sure all your links work properly. Check them on a regular basis. If things don’t work, you’ll lose customers. People are not patient. These days. People’s attention spans are like that of a gnat. They’ll click out immediately and go to the next result in Google. If they don’t find what they’re looking for. If the site is hard to navigate, or if things don’t work, check all your internal scripts and plugins and make sure they’re updated regularly as well. We’ll talk about this subject more next week and next week we’ll be talking to Leanne young

0 (39m 38s):
And that’s it on this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank our guest Harry Varwijk. Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (7s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we’ll be talking with Max Bergeson.

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First of all today, let’s cover what’s going on in our industry. The free speech coalition Europe has released a petition and a statement calling on the European commission to protect the rights of sexuality professionals, artists, and educators, while drafting the EUS new digital services act. The FSC Europe statement includes these recommended 10 steps.

1 (1m 18s):
Be added to the digital services act platforms need to put in place anti-discrimination policies and train their content moderators to avoid discrimination on the base of gender sexual orientation, race or profession platforms must provide the reason to the user. When a post is deleted or an account is restricted or deleted platforms must allow for the user to request a revision of a content moderators decision platforms must ensure moderation actions take place in the user’s location. Decision-making on notices of reported content. Shouldn’t be handled by automated software.

1 (1m 60s):
As these have proven to delete content indiscriminately. The notice of content is described in article 14.2 of the DSA should not immediately hold a platform liable for the content since such liability will entice platforms to delete content indiscriminately after report to avoid liability, which enables organized hate groups to mass report and take down users platforms must provide for a department within the company for complaints regarding discrimination or censorship platforms must provide a means to indicate whether you’re over the age of 18, as well as providing a means for adults to hide their profiles and content from children.

1 (2m 43s):
Platforms must not reduce the features available to those who Mark themselves as adult or adult oriented platforms must set clear, consistent, and transparent guidelines about what content is acceptable. However, these guidelines can not outright ban users focused on adult themes platforms cannot outright ban content intended for adult audiences, unless platform is specifically targeted to children. As all the empire has joined over 50 adult businesses and organizations and committing funds and resources to pineapple support. We’re excited to join on as a sponsor adult empires, Collin Allerton said Leah and her team are seeing a growing need for their essential services.

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Adult site broker is a proud sponsor of pineapple support. Now let’s feature our property the week that’s for sale at adult site broker, we are proud to list for sale. A network of two mainstream flirt chats sites. The websites are currently run on someone else’s system. Unfortunately, that platform will go out of business soon because of this, the owner decided to sell the websites at a very reasonable price. The sites get their traffic from the UK, Australia, Belgium, their lens and New Zealand, both are mainstream flirt, chat websites with credit monetization on a pay per message basis. They have a loyal customer base of over 27,000 real members with many customers still active from 2017.

1 (5m 1s):
Some have spent more than 10,000 euros. The average customer spends 450 50 euros. The sites have very steady recurring revenue with them, very low overhead, and a proven ROI of 900% on every Euro spent on affiliate marketing. These sites have room to grow from where they are now. The weekly upkeep for the sites requires very little time. And most of the work consists of promoting the sites to bring in new customers and tease the existing 27,000 strong member database. Many great markets are yet on tap for these sites, but could easily be added such as Germany, France, and the USA.

1 (5m 41s):
Thanks to the non adult nature. You can easily promote them via Google and email. You can buy these two great sites now for only 484,000 euros. Now time for this week’s interview. My guest today on adult side broker is max Bergeron of crack revenue. Max, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk.

2 (6m 5s):
Hi, Bruce. Pleasure to be here.

1 (6m 7s):
Nice to have you max. Now with over 10 years of experience in technology, customer service and web marketing, max has achieved tremendous success as crack revenues network director working for one of the world’s top CPA networks. He uses his strong technical organizational and leadership skills to lead his team and the network into the next phase of affiliate marketing. Grech revenue is an international and industry leading CPA network specializing in web traffic monetization and online marketing solutions with 250 million plus on affiliate commissions that have been paid out and 35,000 plus affiliates, they’re driven by performance and results as they lead the next phase of affiliate marketing, thanks to a skilled team of professionals.

1 (6m 56s):
They aim to provide a unique experience to their affiliate and advertiser networks. Grech revenue is proud to be recognized as an industry leader across the globe, max, you launched the mad March contest, and I know this is going to be coming up like at the very end of March. What’s the contest. Exactly.

2 (7m 15s):
Yes. So mine, March contest is actually correct. Caribbean use yearly event, obviously referring to the famous basketball tournament that’s happening like every year in the NCAA this year, athletes can participate for a chance to win one of four bundles that will actually include a basketball Jersey. I ran the game ball and a pair of customized sneakers athletes simply have to reach a minimum of a hundred payout in March to be headed to the final dress. So pretty simple, if you want to participate, just log into your platform and then to the, to the contest.

2 (7m 57s):

1 (7m 58s):
How, how often do you guys do promotions like that?

2 (8m 2s):
The man much contest is actually a promotion. We like to run every year. I think we’ve been doing it for athletes four years in a row. Now we also hold a major contest like every December where athletes can unlock cash bonuses by beating their previous month commissions. I’d say we like to have these recurring events throughout the year to create that, that hype knowing when the next promotions will, will be released. It’s like the black Friday, everybody knows it’s in November and we’re all waiting to see what the good deals will be. Yeah. So yeah, we hiked to, to have these concerts, like pretty much like every would be time of the year.

2 (8m 45s):

1 (8m 46s):
Kind of, what kind of response do you see with these contests and how do they impact your business? Like

2 (8m 56s):
Usually the, the, the responses is pretty good. I think that we, like every week, every year we try to be as much original as we, as we can be. So we’re not like keeping these, these old concepts, like over and over and for us, like promotions are definitely there to reward athletes first. So to tank everyone for, for working with us. And yeah, we also like to build these, these promotion with some kind of a challenge element to it. I think we all know it, like the athlete marketing space is a competitive one and athletes like prove what they, what they can do.

2 (9m 37s):
So our promotions are all sort of pretext to give affiliates an extra challenge and like to trigger there in the reframe for proving, they can be the best at what they do.

3 (9m 48s):
Okay. Okay. That makes sense. And do you find that affiliates are particularly competitive?

2 (9m 54s):
Oh yeah, definitely. Definitely. We, we had this, we had this new system like two or three years ago, which is actually a hen house ranking, a leaderboard system for affiliates. So in our platform, if you’re an athlete with us, you’re, you’re given actually earn rank and a status within these, this ranking, you can access like different perks, goodies bonuses, and yet the, the, the ranking system at retribution is definitely one of the element that, that athletes loved the most.

3 (10m 36s):
Yeah. It kind of sounds like the competitive nature. It almost sounds like a lot of these people took part in sports at one point in their lives and I’m sure, you know, a lot of them personally being in the position you are, is that kind of the case?

2 (10m 52s):
Oh yeah, definitely. And I think that one point in common that all I feel it’s have, or, or even if they don’t know it is that like entrepreneurship flame inside them to be their own boss. And so, yeah, I think it, it makes sense.

3 (11m 10s):
Well, I mean, why else would you be an affiliate unless you wanted to do your own thing, right? Correct. Okay. Were you an affiliate at one time by the way now?

2 (11m 21s):
No. I actually discovered athlete marketing through a true crack when I first joined the company. So it was like totally new for me.

3 (11m 31s):
Tell me, tell me the story of when you first joined crack. How did you find out about ’em and how did you end up getting your first position there?

2 (11m 40s):
Yeah, so actually I think it’s the most common like situation, like knowing someone at the company. One of my best friend in the, in the company is actually Arno, which I know a lot of people will we’ll know we’ll know about. So yeah, I was actually working at Apple retail back then. So like different background working as a manager there and yeah. Bored from yeah, totally, totally. And yeah, just got bored of like doing the same thing, like over and over Arno was actually like already working for, for cracking.

2 (12m 24s):
Yeah. We just had a, like a beer one time and he told me like, Hey, we’re looking for someone. It was actually a dating position back then. And yeah, just made my way to the, to the interview and, and ended up with crack started as an athlete manager. And yeah, it’s been six years now. Just like grew my way up to the, to the management position.

3 (12m 50s):
Yeah. You’ve, you’ve really climbed the ladder. Haven’t you?

2 (12m 53s):
Yeah. I’ve tried. I’m working hard actually. So, so yeah, I’ve been like, like I said, started as an eye foot manager transferred to, to a position of team leader and yeah, I think I’ve been, I’ve been in the manager position for five years now. Yeah. So yeah, in one year I try to, I kind of like grew my way up.

3 (13m 17s):
That’s awesome. You better tell Nick to watch out now, what does the follow the whale tagline mean?

2 (13m 26s):
Nice. The full of the whale tagline is actually a reference to how correct review was started back in 2010. And yet only a few people know that, that our CEO, Nick started as actually as a NetFlow yet. And the CPA platform was actually born from his own need to gather, you know, many trade tracking data all at the same place. And this actually became an opportunity to other offer affiliates that kind of like same one-stop shop for their tracking and to share with them the best offer. We were like running ourselves.

2 (14m 8s):
So full. The whale actually means like buy affiliates for affiliates. Right. So we’re just like going, it’s like, Hey, follow us if you want to be successful in Affleck marketing.

3 (14m 20s):
That makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. I remember your, when your company launched, say it’s been 10 years, that sounds about right. I remember seeing axle, Nick and Fred showing everyone the presentation at the Phoenix forum on the patio. And it was pretty revolutionary at that time. So what’s changed with the company since then.

2 (14m 42s):
The company definitely grew bigger. I just like hearing like this week that we were now close 250, like as employees, mostly all in Quebec city working under the same roof. So that’s pretty cool. And yeah, I think, I think actually the, the one thing I love the most about what change is that nothing really changed, meaning that we’re still like focusing on this same verticals, developing that expertise. So we’re still very strong in cam dating.

2 (15m 23s):
Obviously we’ve had it like new stuff to our portfolio we’ve been working with with the ed vertical lately. But yeah, I think that nothing really changed. We’re just like keeping to, to, to focus on, on the same thing, but making sure we’re, we’re just like better and better at what we do. And I think this is probably one of the most like successful thing we we’ve done is like not changing our, our direction all the time keeping or yeah.

3 (15m 59s):
What do you attribute the company’s incredible growth to, I mean, hell, there’s a lot of people that have come and gone since you guys started.

2 (16m 8s):
Yeah. I’d say again, that’s one of our, like one of the good things that we do is, is to develop those strong partnerships with, with our advertiser and, and other partners. So, so for us, like partnership of has always been like important. This is mostly why I’ve been like traveling the world like every year to make sure we go see her partner is like face to face, shake hands, have some good times like with them. And yeah, I think like today, this is probably what, what is explaining the most like or growth is that now we’re able to develop like things that you won’t find anywhere else because of those strong partnerships or advertiser.

2 (16m 58s):
Like they they’re trusting us. They know that we can bring them like good traffic and yeah, all of this is, is resulting in providing athletes with, with the best stuff we can.

3 (17m 11s):
Yeah. And it’s amazing to me that the people that I run across who are even newbies in the business that are familiar with you guys and asking me, Hey, what about crack revenue? What about working with crack revenue and they’re, and they’re familiar with you. And I almost feel like asking them, well, how are you familiar with them? But when they ask me, I always go, Oh, these guys are the best. You know? I mean, I know the, I know the owners, I know the guys that work there and management positions in there they’re phenomenal. I mean, yeah, you definitely want to work with them. There’s no two ways about it. So I guess that’s a good testimonial. Huh. So what’s the benefit for affiliates to work with you?

2 (17m 50s):
Yeah, like I said, obviously, to get access to top converting products. So that’s, that’s one of the basics. I, Sarah, like our, our team of internal media buyers and analysts is also constantly like testing funnels and, and creatives. So all of that data is being used to provide affiliates with the best offers and the best material again. Correct. Driven you being in the industry for so long and being a major player also made us develop those, those strong partnerships. And yeah, I’m also very proud of the high level of customer service that we’re, that we’re, that we’re providing.

2 (18m 31s):
So obviously I’m gonna, I’m gonna preach for, for my own team, but yeah. Whether you have like your own like dedicated that field manager or not, you’ll always be able to live chat with someone competed and to access like expert tips and tricks and yeah. And we speak French. So if she wants to have support in French, we can, we can do it also. So yeah. That’s pretty awesome.

3 (18m 58s):
Absolutely. Absolutely. And you mentioned data, obviously big data is a huge item in the business world today. You guys seem to use it better than others. Is that a pretty good assessment?

2 (19m 17s):
Yeah, we try to actually we’ve been working like super hard, especially in the past, like two years to make sure that all this data that we were like working with. So, so either from the, the media bio operations, either from the affiliates operation, so w we’ve been working super hard to make sure all this data was actually made available on the platform for affiliates and yeah, as of today, if you’re an athlete with us and you want to find the perfect landing page, you want to find the perfect offer. You want to make sure that’s, you’re using the best flow for like a specific country.

2 (20m 4s):
You can have access to all this data directly on the platform. So yeah, we’re trying to make sure to, to use that data the right way and that we’re allowing affiliates to benefit from it.

3 (20m 17s):
Okay. Now, how is what correct revenue does different one from what’s being offered by other CPA networks?

2 (20m 25s):
I think that the one thing that really sets Cracker and you apart is this and include the platform. So I was telling you a little bit about it. If you’re an athlete, you know, that most platforms like out there, they pretty much look all the same, pretty much a catalog of offers. And like basically a stats panel, our platform is offering like very different user experience. So obviously we’re, we’re powered by by tune, but the front, the front end interface for the, for the Philip is a complete different, like, experience, very easy to navigate, packed with marketing tips, tutorials, advanced insight, you’re going to find or latest blog articles.

2 (21m 17s):
There’s a bunch of stuff that you’re not going to find like in other CPA networks. And yeah, you’ll be surprised how often you’ll want to log in just to see if there’s something new on your dashboard or that you went up on the, on the leaderboard. So yeah, the platform has always been like something very, very distinctive.

3 (21m 38s):
How often do you guys update the platform?

2 (21m 41s):
Pretty much all the time. So whether it’s a new offer, it’s a, it’s a new blog posts article. Honestly. It’s pretty much like updated like every day with new content.

3 (21m 54s):
I mean, in terms of like a 1.0 2.03 point. Oh, how often do you, do you have improvements in the platform?

2 (22m 5s):
We’re pretty much like releasing like new features. I’d say athletes one or two features like every month. Wow. That’s for sure. We have these a roadmap station, like all the time to make sure we’re, we’re always working on, on something new, releasing a new feature, releasing a new page, releasing a new tool. Yeah. Honestly at least one or two items a month. Yeah.

3 (22m 36s):
That’s crazy. Well, I think that in itself set you guys apart because I think a lot of people rest on their laurels and I’ve always known you guys not to be a company that does that at all. Part from tested conversion funnels. What else is crack revenue offering to affiliate?

2 (22m 56s):
I was talking about the athletes ranking system. So I think this is definitely something our, our athletes or are enjoying. So yeah, based on their year leak commissions, the athletes will get a rank and a status to enable those, those per exam and goodies. So we started, like I said, this initiative, I think it was like two or three years ago. The cool thing about this year is that I’m super excited to say that 2021 will bring it’s a lot of new, cool stuff to the ranking system. So if you’re already an affiliate, you already know the ranking system, make sure you stay tuned because we’re going to be releasing you perks and you goodies for the FOS using the, the ranking this year.

2 (23m 51s):
And yeah. Other than that, correct, your new we’ll we’ll offer you custom creatives. If you’re a media buyer, we’re gonna give you SEO insights. If you were building your own website and want to make sure you’ll rank on Google, we’re going to give you strategies on how to keep your accounts healthy if you’re using social media. So we’ll pretty much become your best friend if you’re willing to team up with us.

3 (24m 18s):
Sounds good. Now, you guys are a CPA network. Talk about the advantages of CPA over other revenue models for affiliates.

2 (24m 26s):
I think that’s one of the advantage of working on a CPA basis is that ability to, to make sure the revenue model is adapted to your, to your reality or to the level of development that that’s you’re in. So obviously this CPA, like revenue model is going to offer like either like a PPL model or a PPS model. So whether, if you’re trying to, like, if you’re a media buyer, you’re going to want to have like that Quaker cashflow to make sure you can like invest in you campaigns and stuff like that.

2 (25m 15s):
So if you’re into this, you can’t focus on, on PPL. If you’re in for, for a longer run or if you have those super qualified traffic, you can choose the, the PPS model. So I’d say that, that the advantage of working on the CPAs, definitely that kind of like, like flexibility that the model is, is actually offering to the affiliates.

3 (25m 42s):
Okay. Now what’s the current state of affiliate marketing in the adult space. And how has it changed in the time you’ve been in the industry?

2 (25m 52s):
I like this question because I am always talking to people who’ve been there for so, so much longer than me. So yeah, I’m still, I’m still a rookie in this industry and like, it was singing earlier. I’ve only been there for six years, so it sounds like nothing, but yeah, things certainly changed. Like I remember back then Instagram, Snapchat, those platform were not as popular as they are now dating. Certainly not as popular, like as a Netflix marketing vertical. I remember my first, like I remember one guy was sparking the team man, and he was talking about making, like dating with his epaulets and everybody around was like, Oh man, like that’s a cool product.

2 (26m 42s):
Like that’s a new product. I’ve never this. So yeah, it changed a lot right now. Like dating is just like everywhere. And I think we also, we also saw change in the type of content that users are, are actually looking for. Like self-promoting material, like is definitely on the rise platforms. Like only fans Patri on stuff like that. So I think this is probably what’s changed the most. Okay.

3 (27m 11s):
Now how kind of filling it’s get the most from working with correct revenue?

2 (27m 16s):
I like this question. Talk to someone, make sure you talk to someone at your, at your network. This is honestly the best like advice I can, I can give to athletes. Make sure you’re you’re working with, with a person like sometimes. Absolutely it’s and that’s totally fine, but they, they like to keep things hidden from, from their food managers. So they want to make sure like nobody’s like stealing their, their ID is their concept and their flows and that’s totally fine, but make sure you talk to someone, make sure that you’re creating that, that, that contact with someone because they will give you the best insight.

2 (28m 6s):
They will unlock offers that are not in your dashboard. They will offer you better payouts. They will give you like insights. So again, I wasn’t, I was telling you, like, we can become your best friend, but that’s, if you’re willing to team up with, with us and for me, that’s definitely like one of the most important element. Make sure you talk to someone.

3 (28m 31s):
What do they think? What their secrets they think they invented the, the new recipe for the next slice bread.

2 (28m 40s):
Yeah. Well I think that ethically it’s always, always want to make sure that they, they have the most performing stuff and that if they have a new ID, they don’t want it to get like, and, and, and that’s fine.

3 (28m 55s):
That’s sounds like paranoia to me. I mean, if I’m working with the company, I lean on the company to help me, help them, help

2 (29m 3s):
Me. Right. Yeah.

3 (29m 5s):
I mean, the whole idea is it’s a partnership, at least that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

2 (29m 10s):
Yeah. Correct. We’re we’re supposed to be a team.

3 (29m 13s):
Fortunately, a lot of affiliates don’t really work that way. Right.

2 (29m 19s):
I would say nuts most of them, but that’s also our job to, to make sure they understand like what we can like bring to them. That’s a challenge for, for my team. They, they have to show what they would, they can actually bring. Yeah.

3 (29m 35s):
Yeah. The message has to be, Hey, I’m not here to steal any ideas from you. I’m here to give you more ideas to help you make money. Right.

2 (29m 44s):
Yeah. And they have to tell you what’s what’s in it for you. That’s the main, that’s the main thing.

3 (29m 50s):
Yes. Well, that’s always, that’s, that’s just part of sales, my friend, you know that, I know that when you were, when you were, when you were selling, selling iPhones, it was the same thing. So, so although people walk in, they buy iPhones, you know how that goes. So, but I think crap, I think, I think crack has kind of gotten to that point in this industry, to be honest with you. I think you guys, I think you guys get a lot of, a lot of people coming that I’ve already decided they’re going to work with you. And I think that says a lot about the company. So yeah, I think, I think that goes without saying, what are some of the biggest challenges affiliates have today?

2 (30m 34s):
I would say that acquiring like qualified traffic will probably like be one of the biggest challenge of the, of the industry. So, so I don’t think like getting traffic, like isn’t like is as much as difficult, but getting traffic that will actually convert and be qualified for the type of offers that you’re, that you’re looking for will definitely be a challenge. I think that lately, like regulations following the rules is definitely, I would say a newest challenge for the, for the, especially for the adult film industry.

2 (31m 21s):
So making sure you’re, you’re stepping out of the gray areas, making sure you play by the book. I think these are, these are challenges that we didn’t have so much like before, and yeah. You just have to, to play by the book, if you want to, to do it in the long run and making sure the, the, the advertiser will we’ll let you run like the, the products the right way.

3 (31m 53s):
What kind of regulations are you referring to?

2 (31m 56s):
Mostly everything about like regarding content. Yeah. So making sure that’s your, that’s your promoting content that you own. So not stealing stuff. I was talking about only fans, like getting content from a platform and like pushing it somewhere else. I think like a bunch of affiliates, sadly. We’re we’re doing it. And yeah, like we just have to, to go to go to, to, to leave that behind

3 (32m 31s):
You mentioned quality of traffic and as time goes on, it seems like every year a higher of the worldwide traffic is bot traffic. I mean, how does, how does somebody deal with that?

2 (32m 47s):
Yeah, it isn’t easy. I think like in the end, it’s just a matter of like, knowing, like knowing what your traffic is knowing what’s your, what’s your sales funnel is. So obviously if you’re buying traffic, you have to trust your, your ad network to make sure you’re receiving quality traffic. There’s a bunch of like super qualified ad networks out there that you can team up with after that, if you’re into bringing traffic throughout like social medias or throughout your, your own website, I think it’s just the thing of like, knowing what’s your, what’s your stuff is making sure you’re tracking your stuff like correctly and yeah.

2 (33m 34s):
But, but traffic is definitely like a challenge out there too.

3 (33m 39s):
Now what’s ahead for crack revenue.

2 (33m 41s):
That’s an interesting one. I think again, correct. Revenue will definitely CLI continue to, to grow. We’re exploring like you new segments for, for this year in the years to come. So I can, I can’t really tell anything today, but new things are definitely going to be, to be interesting for us. Like in the, in 2021, 2022, I was telling that that crack didn’t really change in terms of like, what are the, the, the focuses. So I think that we’re still continue to, to focus on, on cam on, on bidding, on these huge vertical for the adult affiliate marketing industry.

2 (34m 31s):
And yeah, we’re, we’re just gonna keep growing our expertise. And I was thought I was talking about the new ranking system. So you a new goodies, you perks new ways to make sure or affiliates are not just only rewarded by their commission and stuff like that. But we’re also adding like some kind of new value to their, to their partnership.

3 (34m 56s):
Okay. That makes good sense. You guys know you guys, aren’t a hundred percent adult though. Are you

2 (35m 3s):
Correct? A couple of years ago, like two years ago we started developing new partnerships, like within the erectile dysfunction vertical. So that was not like totally adult. Like, even if the audience is pretty much like, like similar and one of the thing we try to do at correct your view is just to make sure that we’re offering verticals that fit with or athletes want. So tomorrow the four athletes were to ask for, I don’t know, sweepstakes well would be trying to give them the best, like sweepstakes, like portfolio offers that, that we can, we’re also trying to like follow what the crowd wants.

1 (35m 54s):
Yeah. Yeah. That makes sense. And you guys do mainstream dating too, don’t you?

2 (35m 58s):
Yeah. Yeah. We’re offering either adult or mainstream dating. Okay.

1 (36m 2s):
Okay. All right. Now what do you see changing in the affiliate space in the next three to five years?

2 (36m 10s):
I think we’ll definitely like see new platforms coming you ways of generating traffic. Yeah. That’s all the way is changing. We’ve seen like different things like for the past, like three to five years, I think we’re, I think we’re gonna see again, like you ways to, to generate content and new type of websites, we’re gonna see like disappeared. Those shady websites that were, that were out there. That’s pretty much.

1 (36m 44s):
Okay. Well, Hey max, I’d like to thank you again for being our guest on the adult side broker talk, and I hope we’ll get a chance to do this again really soon.

2 (36m 54s):
It was totally my pleasure, Bruce. Thanks for having me.

1 (36m 57s):
Pleasure was all mine. My broker tip today is part, one of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later first, make sure you’re converting as much of your traffic as possible. Traffic’s expensive, whether it’s search engine, traffic, review, site, traffic, or affiliate traffic, you pay it a lot for this traffic. So make sure that when someone lands on your site, you give them every opportunity possible to either spend money or do whatever it is you want them to do. In the case of a pay site, make sure your billing options allow as many people as possible to buy, have multiple ways to pay in North America. Most everyone has a credit card, but in other parts of the world credit cards, aren’t used nearly as much in Europe.

1 (37m 42s):
For instance, credit card usage is low. So look for billing options that will match the areas where your traffic comes from in Europe, ACH and debit cards are used a lot in Africa and other developing nations. Many people pay by mobile to your homework and find out how people pay in the regions. You get. Most of your traffic, it will make you more money. The worst thing you can do is get a visitor, have them want to buy, but since you don’t have their preferred way to pay, they can’t buy. If you’re looking for suggestions, feel free to get in touch with me via my website. Along with this as to improve your user experience, make your site attractive and easy to navigate.

1 (38m 24s):
People have more options than ever these days. I can’t tell you how many sites I go to. Even some that are owned by large companies, where the navigation isn’t obvious to the user, you poke around the site for what seems like an eternity to do something that should be relatively easy. Keep it simple. Before you launch any changes to your site, ask your friends to go to the site and check it out. Unfortunately, designers and tech geeks don’t think like us. You need real people to look at your site for you. The same kind of people that will be visiting your site next, make a good offer. If you’re selling something in the offers and good, you’re not going to make money. It’s plain and simple as that.

1 (39m 5s):
And if your offers to contact you or get more information, then make the offer attractive and easy to understand. If you’re selling something, make buying easy, show them an easy way to buy and then leave, help them by making suggestions on what to buy Amazon is the best at this. They always have suggestions on what to buy based on your buying and browsing history. They use AI to do this. There are AI engines available these days at a modest cost. Look into this. If you can, don’t clutter up your site with unnecessary items, buttons, and images. Keep it as simple as possible. The best and most successful sites are the simple ones.

1 (39m 45s):
The ones that lead you to take the action you’d like them to do. It’s not that hard. Just remember when you’re putting together any site, try to think through the buying process, like a human being, whatever you do, don’t turn over that process to your designer. Don’t just say, build me a website. What you’ll get out the other end will not give you what it is. You’re looking for. Give them as much direction as possible and make it easy for them to build a site for you that makes your business succeed. We’ll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we’ll be talking to Harry VAR white and that’s

0 (40m 26s):
And that’s it on this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank our guest Max Bergeson. Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we’ll be talking with porn star and author Coralyn Jewel.

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1 (1m 19s):
Eric pull a check. That’s a hard one. And adult industry laborers and artists association, founder, Mary Moody. The event follows a similar FSE inspire panel in January. Although the 2021 tax filing deadline was recently extended from April 15th to May 17th lane felt a second panel was warranted with 2020 taxes coming due. And so many people in our industry, we wanted to bring together tax professionals with industry professionals to help get everyone over the finish line said, lane we’ll cover last minute tax issues, including deductions extensions, no pun intended, PPP loans and strategies for reducing your tax burden in 2021.

1 (2m 7s):
This is a specialized industry with specialized needs lane continued. There were too few resources available to us and many mainstream accountants. Aren’t familiar with the industry. No matter whether you use a big firm or file taxes yourself, this panel will provide the tips and strategies that understand sex work is real work to register. Go to free speech coalition’s website@freespeechcoalition.com. Now let’s feature our property of the week that’s per sale. At adult side broker, we are proud to introduce for sale an online casino that has hundreds of games, including table games, slots, sports, and many other games.

1 (2m 50s):
The site runs on a major platform that results in a first-class experience for players. It’s been online for three and a half years and has grown promising future growth for the right owner revenues in 2021 have started out very strong as compared to 2020, which was also a very good year time spent managing the site as a minimal, only a few hours a week. Get into the exciting and profitable world of online gambling, which is expected to grow to $67 billion by 2025. Now for only 15.2 million euros. Now time for this week’s interview.

1 (3m 32s):
My guest today on adult site, broker talk is coral and Juul coral. And thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk,

2 (3m 40s):
Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure

1 (3m 42s):
Now. Cortland is a perfect example of a woman living by her favorite quote. Patients will prosper. She’s an international best-selling author of the book when the ice melts the story of coral and Juul. She’s a working porn star, retired competitive athlete, porn director, swing club, owner fitness trainer, wedding planner, talent manager. I’m getting tired. Voiceover actors, a coach, and a motivational speaker. Now Coraline is the epitome of a strong, powerful female entrepreneur. You can follow her coaching training sessions, speaking engagements and book signing schedule on coral and juul.com as well.

1 (4m 23s):
As on our social media, Coraline has also released a new podcast and I love this name, the hanky panky podcast. It can be found@thehankypankypodcast.com. So Carlin, first of all, what do you do in your spare time?

2 (4m 39s):
Right. I like to go to the wineries and I, I have a little bit of a, I like to go to the casinos. I like to go and sit on a slot machine by myself and like put my headset on and just push buttons. When you have spare time. I do, I do sometimes

1 (4m 60s):
24 hours in the day. So, so tell me, where are you from and a little bit about your upbringing.

2 (5m 10s):
Okay. I was born in South Africa. I was actually born in a nun’s convent, which is kind of funny, considering what I do for a living now, wonderful Africa raised in California and I was a competitive figure skater growing up from the age of three. So majority of my life was focused on my figure skating career and took me to different places. North Carolina, Wisconsin, Germany, and lived in Sweden for four years, coaching their skating team. And now I’m back in California.

1 (5m 39s):
That’s crazy. Tell me about your figure skating career. That’s that’s very interesting.

2 (5m 46s):
Let’s see. I started when I was three years old, I was a single skater and then realized that pair skating was more of my calling. And so that’s what took me to live in different locations because there’s a lot of female figure skaters, but there are not a lot of male skaters, which means wherever the male partner that wants you, you go. So I did that. And then I realized that because I had at the time joint, what do you call it? Joint citizenship with South Africa, I was able to represent them in the Olympics. And so that was my ultimate goal was to go with my partner from Wisconsin and represent them in the Olympics. And then an injury caused me to miss the tryouts and that dream was put to the side because my injury was just not fixable.

2 (6m 30s):
I was still able to skate, but there was no ways that I could do when a pair of skater needed to do to be at the Olympic level.

1 (6m 36s):
Sure. Oh, those are, those are elite athletes now. That’s, that’s interesting. So, you know, when I’m watching pair skating on the Olympics and it’s, it’s one of my favorite things to watch by the way, there always seems to be this amazing chemistry between the couples. Okay. Some of them are actual couples, some aren’t okay. I get the impression, they’re all doing each other and that’s, that’s just my that’s, that’s my feeling. And if they didn’t at the beginning, they probably are at a certain point. How does that relate to, to the porn work?

1 (7m 17s):
You do.

2 (7m 18s):
So I think that it’s like, so I have a degree in theatrical production, so that’s my actual degree. And so I take that degree to everything that I do, whether it’s performing in an ice skating competition with a partner, or if it’s, you know, performing in an adult scene, you know, you’ve got to establish that chemistry with whoever you’re working with to make it believable. The same goes for I’m a wedding planner. So I take my weddings and my lifestyle swinger events as I’m putting on a theatrical production and you know, my staff and I have to have that chemistry so that we can put on the best production that we can put on. So I take that, I take that degree and I apply that to everything that I do in my everyday life, in my current career.

1 (8m 2s):
Okay. So there are some similarities between the pair of skating and the porn. Yes, absolutely. Okay.

2 (8m 10s):
Although I never slept with any of my partners. I’m sorry.

1 (8m 13s):
Oh, you know, you just, you just burst the bubble. You just burst a bubble for me because I was sure all these people were doing each other damn

2 (8m 23s):
Mine were mostly gay. They didn’t

1 (8m 26s):
Want me. Oh, that doesn’t well not know that part does not surprise me because a lot of the, a lot of the male figure skaters, they, yeah. They seem to have a little extra lift in their scapes. So how did you get involved in the adult industry?

2 (8m 42s):
So it’s kind of an interesting story, but to shorten it, my husband and I, when I was married, I was, it was 2008. So there was the housing market was crashing and I was actually an owner of a company for children. I owned a mobile fitness company and my husband made a suggestion that women sell their underwear online. They’re used underwear to make extra money. And it was that one comment that led me down, building a website, starting to join panty selling websites, which turned into custom videos, which ultimately turned into me, applying for a job and becoming a director and camera operator on the porn set. And I did not get into the industry until I was 35 years old.

2 (9m 26s):

1 (9m 27s):
So what does that, what does that make you a MILF performance?

2 (9m 30s):
I am a mil. I definitely have a moment.

1 (9m 33s):
No. And, and will, and will later be a Cougar, right.

2 (9m 37s):
I guess if they keep me right.

1 (9m 40s):
There you go. There you go. How’s the porn career coming. That’s that’s that’s that’s that sounds like a, that that really sounds like a, a double meaning. But anyway, go ahead.

2 (9m 52s):
I like, I like it actually, it could be my net, the title of my next book. Hmm. But anyway, because, because of COVID, a lot of it was put on hold, but that gave me a chance to really focus on getting my book published and organizing my tour for 2021. So I’m going to be doing, you know, seminars and motivational speaking. It also gave me a chance to work on my, my podcast and really focus on my podcast. And it’s just recently that I’m getting back into shooting. I was in Las Vegas last month and I’m actually doing a tour to Iowa, New York and New Jersey. And I have a New York, Miami, New Jersey in the middle of March. So that got it.

1 (10m 29s):
That’s good. That’s good. What do you, what do you like about shooting porn?

2 (10m 35s):
I feel that I really love a lot of times people ask me that along with why do I like the swinger community? I feel like it’s a sense of family. And I feel that at least from my experiences, everybody is, there’s nothing to hide. You’re upfront, you’re truthful. And you’re honest from the get go. So you walk onto set, you know, why you’re there? You know what you’re doing? You meet the director, you, you know, do the pretty girls. You asked them where the money shot is you do your seat and you get your paycheck and you leave. And there’s no, I feel that there’s no bullshit. There’s no BS sitting around on anything. So, and I like it. I like to perform. I really, I like to give the director my input of what I think will make the scene less cheesy, more, better, whatever it might be. And so I, I enjoy it.

2 (11m 17s):
That’s kind of, I retired for three years and I just went back. In fact, a year ago, February last year I came back shooting for score land group. I did a 40 something mag and then COVID hit. So I’m excited to be back and be shooting.

1 (11m 33s):
Now, how has COVID affected your whole porn career?

2 (11m 40s):
Like I said, it made it, it put everything on hold considering I took it. I took a three-year break. And then just as I came back in, in February, in fact in February of last year, I was in Chinatown when people were starting to about wearing masks. And I was, you know, everybody thought this was a Chinese only disease at the time and we didn’t know, really know what we were dealing with. And so, but what Covid did do is that when I, you know, came home from shooting, that it made me finish my book and it made me work on my social media marketing and interviews. I’ve done a ton of interviews and got my podcasts. And I’m also in the process of developing a new product line. We just got the trademarking done for that it’s coral and Juul, and working on getting that out on the market as well.

2 (12m 23s):
So I’m keeping myself busy with a variety of things,

1 (12m 26s):
The product line, what’s that going to be all about?

2 (12m 30s):
We have developed a CBD lube. So I’m working with yep. I’m working with a company in North Dakota. We are in the process of getting our everything’s patented. We’ve got three different levels of the loop and we just finished the logo design. And we are in the process of doing the bottling now.

1 (12m 47s):
Yeah. I actually spoke to someone who’s got another such product out of, out of the UK. So that’s interesting. So it’s the second time I’ve heard about a CBD lube and is that going to be the only product

2 (13m 1s):
Right now? That’s the only product that we have. There’s three different variants of it. So that’s more on the scientific side. There’s one, that’s got the Delta aid. So one that, you know, just makes you more sensitive is the best word for that. The second one’s more of a euphoric feeling. And the third one will actually kind of be like your high apparently is what I’m understanding. Now we have just tested the first one, it’s gone through testing. We’ve gotten our feedback on it and it’s, you know, my first time ever experimenting with a CBD lubricant. And I have to say, it’s, it’s definitely a different experience. I didn’t think that it was going to be able to absolutely a hundred percent is

1 (13m 36s):
That’s interesting. That’s really good. Yeah. The sky’s the limit with the whole CBD thing. Yeah.

2 (13m 42s):
Yeah. And it’s, you know, I told them when they approached me on the product, I said, I won’t put my name behind anything that I don’t believe in. And so on owning a swingers club, they sent me samples and they have passed out to all my members. I’ve got 18,000 members and I’ve actually got an event this weekend where everybody gets a sample and I’m going to continue to get feedback on it and see where we go.

1 (14m 5s):
You know, you have so many projects and it seems like they keep popping up. Is there, is there, is there ever, is there ever a point where you go, Oh, I’ve done enough.

2 (14m 18s):
Yeah. I mean, I get approached to do, you know, I get approached to do different things like a spokesmodel and ambassador for certain products. Again, it really has to be something that I feel strongly about. I did recently just break down and hire a social media manager. I’m going to need a personal assistant at some point, because it’s just too much for me to take, keep up on everything. And on top of that, I’m a wedding planner. And so when I have, you know, to plan the weddings or be at the weddings, somebody else has to be able to handle my phone for the other stuff that might come in. So yes, I, I, I definitely need some extra help and need some extra hands. I need to clone me like three times

1 (14m 56s):
At least. How, how, how did you end up becoming a wedding planner?

2 (15m 3s):
So I was, I, I started the different way. I started as a swinger club owner where I got into the adult industry. I started dancing at a strip club. They asked, they asked me if I’d be interested in running a swingers event there, I knew nothing about it. Researched it started a club, did an event, it was successful. And so the owner invested $50,000 in me starting my own club. That was in 2012. And so now I have 18,000 members. But what that did is it made me realize at my events that when people ask me, well, what is a swinger party? Like, do you just ring a bell and have an orgy at 11 o’clock? And I was like, no, not quite. And I realized that the best way to describe it is, imagine that you’re going to a wedding with the exception that there are playrooms.

2 (15m 49s):
If you want to go and play with somebody. So all of my events, I cater them. I bring in entertainers, fire, fire, fire, spinners, sword. Swallowers my event. This weekend, I’ve got a headliner drag performer coming in from Las Vegas. And it made me realize that if I can run a swingers event, I can sure as hell do a wedding. So that’s why I do the weddings as well. And I’ve been doing those since 2016. I am wedding. Wire’s a couple choice award winner, five years in a row now.

1 (16m 19s):
Wow. Wow. Yeah. I’m starting to see how your brain works. Yeah. Very, very good logical. So talk about the whole swinger’s club market. Obviously COVID has effected that as well, but tell me about the business and what you like about it.

2 (16m 43s):
So speaking of community, like I said, you know, I’m originally, the reason I’m actually divorced is because my husband and I were involved in it. The last year of our marriage, he ended up, he ended up having what I would call an emotional affair, which means that I would let him have sex with somebody in another room or next to me, but he was meeting this particular person for coffee and lying to me about being, you know, at business trips and stuff like that. So yeah, so people say to me, you know, why on earth would you stay in the lifestyle if you know, your ultimately your marriage of 14 years ended because of it. And I feel that again, it goes back to that sense of community. These are my friends. So there’s 18,000 members in the club. And, you know, out of the 18,000 members, I can definitely say, you know, there’s a good 200 of them that are couples that I not met.

2 (17m 30s):
They’re my friends. Now we’ll go wine tasting together. We’ll go on vacations together. But the swinger community, as for other event, hosts is very, very cutthroat. There are those of us that have been around for a long time and we support each other and we go to each other’s events and we are sponsors to each other’s events. And then there’s some of the newbies, the newbies that come in and just feel that the only way that they’re going to be successful is to be cutthroat to the others. So that’s difficult. That’s difficult because I don’t see that in our, in our adult industry, with the, with other porn performers coming in and downplaying the ones that have been on for a long time, you don’t see that, but in the swinger community, you do see that.

1 (18m 8s):
Yeah. I kind of get that sense. I, I brokered a, a broker to swinger site and I’ve learned a lot about the industry from the buyer who you could know, we can talk off, you know, we can talk offline about that. So whose idea was it to write a book and why did you write it?

2 (18m 31s):
So I’d always wanted, like, I would always tell people, like my story and people would always say to me, Oh my God, you need to write a book. And I would just laugh. And so I was actually at the AVN awards back in, I think, 2016. And I was talking to a girl that was selling body glitter, gold, okay. Edible body glitter, gold. And she was with the jury. She was with a journalist that would follow her around. And I was talking to her about having her come to my swingers events and market, her edible body glitter to my community. And the journalist guy was standing there and said to me, I’d like to have a drink with you and hear your story. And shall we have a drink? And it was him that said, you need to write a book. And I was like, I’m not an author.

2 (19m 12s):
And he said, okay, let me rephrase this. I’m going to write your book. So I knew where that I knew where that was going, by the way. So, so that’s how it started. He did start to write my book. He worked on it for about two years. All the stories are true. I would provide them all the information. He would put it into the correct grammar as we should say. And it was about two years into the, into the project that he came to me and said, I just can’t dedicate the time that you need for this. And I really feel that this book is going to be better, better done if it comes from your mouth Cortland. And if it comes from your words. And so I took over, I took over writing a book, which I’d never done before.

2 (19m 54s):
And then I got a publisher out here in California who actually lived, it turned out, she lives a mile from me. And she believed in my project and believed in my book. And she took me and it became a number one international bestseller within like six weeks. So this fast. Yeah.

1 (20m 13s):
Now how does that, how does that all feel to, to, to be an author, to, to have had a number one best bestseller? That’s gotta be pretty staggering.

2 (20m 25s):
Well, in my book, I talk about this a lot. And on my podcast, I talk about it a lot. I’ve always lived my life for other people, at least, you know, at least as a, as a young, other, as a little girl and going to college. And I was always trying to impress my father, especially. And what this has done for me is I finally feel that sense of freedom. I’ve come out to the, my family, my community, my children, with my story and my truth. And, and I’m proud of it. I mean, I’m proud to say that, you know, I’m an international bestselling author. I run my own podcast. You know, I’m one of, I was one of the, you know, the top milk performers for not being in very long, you know, weddings, I got into weddings and I told you, I’ve made, you know, a couples of choice, award winner, five times in a row.

2 (21m 12s):
And then I look back and I’m, I’m excited to see where my career is going to go. And I’m excited with what I’ve accomplished so far.

1 (21m 19s):
You ever wake up in the morning and go, what hat do I have on today all the time.

2 (21m 25s):
That is, if I go to sleep at night, that’s my, and my heart is my heart is to turn off my brain at night. My brain is constantly going and I’m writing. I’m writing a second. I’m writing a second book now because I’m turning my book into a series. So that’s on top of every, Oh, and we’re doing a documentary too. I forgot about that. So, yeah.

1 (21m 43s):
Ooh, tell me, tell me about that.

2 (21m 46s):
I’m working with a director in New York and one locally here in Los Angeles and California. And we are turning my book into a documentary. So that’s a whole nother project that I’m working on with those guys. Yeah. I need an assistant.

1 (22m 2s):
Any, anything else you forgot to mention to me in your bio Coraline? I just thought I’d ask.

2 (22m 7s):
I know, right? Let’s see. Wedding swingers events. Pornstar author podcast, host model fitness company, owner. And I’ve got the lube and the documentary. And I think that’s all right now. That’s good.

1 (22m 21s):
That’s that’s it? Huh? Ah, geez. Now, geez. Now I’m disappointed. Okay. So you started the hanky panky podcast. I’ll say the name again. Cause I could say that name over and over and over and not ever get tired of it. I mean, mine is, mine is boring. Adult side broker talk. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway,

2 (22m 44s):
It’s named after my swingers clubs. So my swingers club, he likes style and the Nate, you might know the reason the club became the name. I’m an adult performer. And I always can say his last name, wrong Hank pacara. He was married to animal. Do you know who that is? Okay. Well known adult performer. He was, he was the manager of the strip club where I danced at where the owner of the strip club said he wanted to invest in me. And the way we came up with the name was I went in to go and ask him a question. And he told me to be quiet for a second. He was on the phone with Hank. And when I came back in, I said, are you done talking to hanky panky? And he said, you just named our club.

2 (23m 25s):
So there you go,

1 (23m 26s):
Oh God, how did it, by the way, how did it feel to have, have this guy have the confidence in you to, to invest in this

2 (23m 36s):
Nerve wracking? Because like I said, I mean, I had been to swingers parties with my husband, but I had didn’t really have any experience. I mean, I was, I would volunteer a little bit at a local house party here, you know, here in Southern California. And I would volunteer as what’s called the front door host is show people around or collect them at the door. But I knew nothing. I didn’t know any of the swinger sides. I didn’t know the legalities. And that’s a lot of that is in my book too. There’s a lot of legalities that I’ve had to go through and lawsuits and yeah. You know, when people turn their back on you, there’s been a lot of that. So, but you know, it’s, you just got to persevere and keep going and keep trying.

2 (24m 17s):
And I do that for sure. So,

1 (24m 19s):
Well, in the, in the sex business, they throw as many roadblocks at us as possible.

2 (24m 26s):
Don’t they? Absolutely. But you know what? We can go and

1 (24m 29s):
Well, yeah, we do. And you’re lucky you’re in California. I mean, with the exception of the condom law, the, the state is a lot more liberal when it comes to everything. However, they’re also number one in terms of regulation. So having any business there has got to just be, hell I don’t envy. I don’t know if you watch, I don’t know if you watch a watch real time with bill Maher. Do you ever watch that?

2 (24m 55s):
I don’t know. I don’t, but I should. I actually don’t watch TV at all.

1 (24m 59s):
I’m not surprised you don’t have time, but, but he’s been, he’s been every week, he’s shown the number of days since he applied to put solar in his home and it’s over 2000 now and it took like three years, four years just to build a shed with all the, a little shed with all the dock permits he had to get and all the hoops he had to jump through.

2 (25m 26s):
Yeah. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. All of that. And even for me, the trademarking, you know, trademarking my name and trademarking my podcasts, and then they want your different classes and then they say, you know, it’s just, everything is just like an absolute, freaking nightmare. That’s all I can say.

1 (25m 44s):
Well, stuff’s complex, but if you have the right attorney, you’re good.

2 (25m 47s):
Yeah. Yep. Okay. So anybody who’s listening, I’m looking for a good attorney.

1 (25m 54s):
No, I got you on that. I’ll I’ll S I’ll send you to somebody. Okay, cool. Yeah. I’ll send you somebody, I’ll send you to my guy. So, so how did you decide to start a podcast and what’s the podcast all about?

2 (26m 9s):
Okay. So that is one thing I do do. If I’m driving in the car, I’ll listen to other podcasts. And what I realized is that there was a lot of podcasts out there that weren’t didn’t really have a goal in mind, or, you know, their topics were all over the place and that’s fine. You know, they’re just bringing in different guests. But I really, you know, the point of my book is to share my story and help other people not make the same mistakes that I made. And so I wanted to do a podcast where I touched on all those different things and also try to open up people’s minds to the misconceptions of the swinger community or the BDSM community, the kink community polyamory polysexual, what’s the difference.

2 (26m 51s):
And so it’s all about, that’s what my podcast is all about. It’s about, you know, bringing in a variety of guests. I just had an author today, Jane Boone, she wrote edge place. She, her whole book is written about the femdom world and it was all done on research that she did for four year period. I bring in sex therapists. I bring in scientists by an, you know, biomedical engineering scientist who developed a watch. That’ll make a woman squirt all these different kinds of things. I just want to open people’s minds to just listen and learn and see if we can get a little bit more acceptance. So

1 (27m 28s):
That’s, that’s awesome. Well, there’s, there’s certainly a need for that because our industry, first of all, is so misunderstood. And, and second of all, there’s so many people who really aren’t, they aren’t up to speed on, on how to be in the industry and how to do things in the industry.

2 (27m 53s):
And that’s yeah, that’s the other thing. I mean, I get all the time messages from young girls, 20 years old asking me, you know, where do they go? How do they know what’s legit? What is testing? How do they prepare for this scene? All these kinds of things. And so, you know, what I do is on my podcast every week, I also post a blog on my website, which is the hanky panky podcast.com. And that blog correlates with whoever my guest was. So it’ll focus on, what’s a fan page, what’s many bids. What is only fans? How do you do it? What is testing? Who do you test through? How often do you test, what does it cost? You know, how do you market yourself? All these different things. Safety is like my number one, protecting these girls and guys from making mistakes and signing with agents that are not legit, that are not licensed.

2 (28m 43s):
So that’s my goal. My goal is if I, you know, I just got, I just got the most amazing message right now in an email from someone who said that my, she listened to my podcast and she’s a lesbian all her life. And she’s trying to open her mind to be with men. And she says, my podcast is helping her do that. And that, that means the world to me, that’s exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing.

1 (29m 4s):
Yeah. It’s got, it’s gotta be very, very nice to have people say, you’re helping them. Now. You’re doing a lot. It’s kinda, kinda the understatement of the year. What are your future plans with? Pretty much everything you have going on.

2 (29m 25s):
Ultimately, my ultimate goal is I want to travel to different trade shows. Adult shows, exotica, AVN, and I want to do motivational and seminar speaking. I want to do educational conferences where I’m teaching people about the adult industry, the swinger lifestyle, bring on guests with me, people from the BDSM world, kink, poly therapists, psychologists. I, my, my goal is to educate, you know, just to travel and to educate, do my book signings, of course, right? I’m writing a series. So working on that, keeping my podcasts going as for my events, the swinger events and the weddings, there might be a time where I have to put those things aside.

2 (30m 8s):
I know, I know. Well, I can’t clone me and I don’t feel, I don’t feel comfortable letting anybody be the way

1 (30m 17s):
Kuwait, Carlin, you haven’t fit. You haven’t figured out a way to do that yet.

2 (30m 21s):
I’ll get on that. I’m gonna work with the science

1 (30m 23s):
Is going to be your that’s your next project. That’s your next project.

2 (30m 27s):
You never know they’re coming out with all these robots. Now we could clone Corlon. This would be good. Okay.

1 (30m 34s):
Oh God. I got, I got her thinking. That’s probably, that’s probably the most dangerous thing that happened during this interview.

2 (30m 40s):
Especially at nine 20 at night. I won’t sleep now until I develop a robot that cleanses me.

1 (30m 45s):
So what other, what other plans do you have going forward?

2 (30m 49s):
That’s that’s everything, you know, I’m just right now, I’m working on my tour because I’m still, Oh, I think I’ll, you know, I will put performing to it to the side at some point, but my focus, my focus right now is get my, get my name out there. Get the podcast out there, get my book out there, books by seminars, motivational talks and see where it goes from there. I like to challenge myself. I’m always up for a challenge.

1 (31m 13s):
Sure. Well, what, what, when you, when you finished performing, have you ever thought like many performers when they’ve had a long career of starting your own studio and producing for other people?

2 (31m 26s):
I don’t think I have an interest in actually doing that kind of stuff because I, like I said, my goal is to educate and to help. And so that would be creating. I do, I do right now. I do talent manage with a company down in San Diego. So we help new models come in. We place them with agencies. We educate them on what they need to know. So that’s a talent managing company that I work for. But as for opening my own production studio, I don’t think that’s the direction I’m going to go. I think I’m really going to focus on seminars and motivational speaking and my educational conferences.

1 (32m 1s):
Okay. Now you mentioned mental health. Are you, are you familiar with pineapple support?

2 (32m 6s):
I am very familiar with them. Yes. Yeah. Amazing.

1 (32m 10s):
Yeah. I would think that’s, that’s a firm you should be working closely with.

2 (32m 14s):
Yes, absolutely. I’ll definitely reach out to them. Okay.

1 (32m 16s):
I can, I can enter, I can introduce you to Leah. She was my first, she was the first guest on my podcast, by the way.

2 (32m 22s):
Oh, very cool. Okay. I was just, I just did ASN lifestyle magazine. They had me in their December issue. So yeah, I mean, I’ve done a lot of interviews with people as well, but I definitely that’s, that’s my goal too, to work alongside companies, you know, the free speech, I’m a huge, huge advocate for them would love to work alongside them. That’s what I wanna do. I wanna, you know, make people safer, make our industry safer and make people understand that the majority of us are actually pretty damn smart, pretty educated and entrepreneurial spirits. So yeah,

1 (32m 59s):
Most are most are not as smart as you. My dear

2 (33m 4s):

1 (33m 5s):
Entrepreneurial spirit among performers is rare, is rare. It’s more common than it used to be with the newer generation, but it’s but it’s still rare.

2 (33m 17s):
Okay. Yeah. We need to change that and change that. Yeah. I want these performers to know you’re more than just a pretty body on set. You’ve got, you’ve got experiences. You know, the biggest thing to talk about in my book is I say every, everybody has a story. Every single person in this world has a story. And every one of us can learn from sitting down, shutting our mouth and listening to somebody else’s story. And so I urge people to share their story.

1 (33m 45s):
Yeah, no, that’s a, that is definitely important. Now you alluded to it before, but I’ll ask the question. Do your friends and family know what you do? And if so, what do they think?

2 (33m 58s):
So am I, everybody knows everything. Yes. My friends and family, they know I was Well not anymore. I was, that’s actually why I retired about four years ago. So my, and this is in my book as well. I have a sister who was adopted from China, about 20 years old. She found my Instagram account. And instead of contacting me to discuss it, she contacted my older, my younger brother. And then they both called my father and my father called me highly disappointed. He knew that I ran a swing. Yeah, he did not. Did not know I was an adult performer or that I had worked out at brothel. And so

1 (34m 38s):
Put that party resume.

2 (34m 41s):
I worked up in Toronto at the, with Dennis off at the brothel up there. But my, my initial reaction, like I said, during the beginning of my whole life was all about, you know, pleasing daddy. And so I pulled, I pulled everything. I pulled my social media. I pulled my Twitter account. And so I’ve just recently had to start building everything back up again. When I decided to publish my book and come clean with my story, because I’m not ashamed of who I am or what I did. I’m actually proud of it because it made me all these different experiences made me who I am today. So everybody knows my children know my kids are funny because I’m my social media manager to set me up with a Snapchat. I don’t understand how to use it.

2 (35m 21s):
So I went into my 13 year old’s room and I said, TIR, do this for me. And he goes, no way in, hell I helping you with your Snapchat. I do not want to see it. Take your phone out of my head.

1 (35m 34s):
Oh, that’s funny. I’m not surprised though. By the day that I looked

2 (35m 38s):
At the 17 year old and he goes, no, and I’m like, all right,

1 (35m 41s):
You’re a mom. So what did you do? Ask him to ask him to ask one of their friends,

2 (35m 48s):
Just con guy contacted my bartender who works for me and said, Hey, I need your help with Snapchat this weekend. So I still have to, anybody out there who’s requested my friendship, but not ignoring you. I don’t know what to do with it. So I’ll figure it.

1 (36m 0s):
Yeah, yeah. That, that one’s that one’s above my pay grade too. What about now? How about dad now?

2 (36m 8s):
Okay. So my dad now knows all of that when he does it, but he doesn’t know, or he might know, and hasn’t said anything. He doesn’t know yet that I’ve released a book or that I have a podcast. I tried to tell him on the phone when he said to me, how are you doing during COVID? Are you bored? And I said, well, I just, you know, I’m get ready to publish my book. And he like laughed. And he’s like, that’s funny. And I’m like, okay, well, that’s what I’m doing.

1 (36m 32s):
Well, why don’t you get them a one or two, get them a copy of it. You can even autograph it.

2 (36m 36s):
I know. Right? Well, I’m waiting till this COVID my parents haven’t seen me in a year because of COVID. They’re very scared. So I’m waiting till this whole pandemic is over. And then I’m going to send them my website and a copy of my book and my podcast. So they can see, you know, the success that I’ve achieved and you know, and what I’ve done and where I’m going in my life. And hopefully there’ll be proud of me. So

1 (36m 60s):
I’m sure dad is already very proud. I’m sure he is. No, really, you know, it it’s a shock to the system, but once that shock is over, I’m sure he’s very proud. Yeah. Yeah. You can, you can be sure of it. Now, what advice would you give to someone just starting out in the business?

2 (37m 21s):
So if you’re just starting out in the business, whether you’re a male or a female, I really, really recommend that you, you know, go read, actually go read my blogs that tell you how to get into this industry. It’s really important that when you read, when a company reaches out to you and they want to hire you, that you get references that you get a website, what are they shooting for? What are the specifics of the scene? Where is the scene? What’s their social media, all of these different things. Cause there’s a lot of what we call in the industry. GWC guys with cameras. And you know, we’ve got these models. I’ll give you a perfect example. I had somebody the other day contact me on sexy jobs, wanted to set up a shoot.

2 (38m 3s):
We got on the phone and started talking about the shoot and short story long. It was a seventy-five dollars, $75 an hour for two hours. Full sex. No condoms.

1 (38m 15s):

2 (38m 16s):
And I, and he had told me that he was shooting with a girl right before me. And I proceeded to say, have you lost your mind? Like that’s, that’s out of control, but you see anybody who’s new in the industry, a young 18 year old, a 19 year old girl, she looks at that and says, okay, well, minimum wage is $15 an hour. If it is, and I can go and make $75 hour having sex with this guy, I’m going to do it without knowing the repercussions of what could happen to her. Sadly. Yeah. So that’s what I would tell people. Do your background checks, there’s plenty of sites. You can run people’s phone numbers. You can run their names, always do a face conversation. Whether it’s on Skype, zoom, Facebook, you need to see who you’re meeting, talk to them and get the references because you do your due diligence.

2 (39m 3s):
That’s what they say.

1 (39m 4s):
I agree with like any business, like any business, like you said, people, people have to be more business people. What advice do you have for someone who wants to join the swinger lifestyle, community,

2 (39m 17s):
Same thing you can go to. They can go to my podcast. I do a lot of stuff on that, but I always tell people the number one with the swinger lifestyle community is that you’ve got to communicate with coming in as a single female or a single male. You know, you might come in with expectations that, you know, you really, really want to have a threesome. And then when it comes down to what they say, you know, when fantasy meets reality, sometimes it’s not what you expected it to be. So it’s communication. It’s going back with your partner and saying, okay, I really, really thought that I was going to like having another, you know, another woman in the room with us, but actually I hated it. And I hated seeing you touch her and let’s not try that. Let’s try something else because there’s so many different aspects.

2 (39m 58s):
We talk about this a lot too. There’s so many different aspects of being a quote, unquote, swinger. You can be a lawyer. You can be an exhibitionist. You can be, you know, where you’re a husband and the wife is the hot wife and you want to see her with other single males. So you have to, you have to communicate. You have to give it a try. And if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. Don’t do it. And never, ever, ever, ever put yourself in a position where you’re doing something you don’t want to do. Don’t go into a play. Don’t go into a playroom with a couple that you meet, just because you think they’re hot without discussing with them what it is that they look for from this lifestyle.

1 (40m 33s):
That’s good. That’s good. Sounds like, sounds like another book. You’ve got to have some interesting stories about that in your time in the lifestyle

2 (40m 48s):
I do. That is. So when I, when I was publishing my book, I kept saying to my publisher, wait, wait, wait, I forgot this story. And wait, wait, wait, I forgot that one. She says to be stopped. He says, you have so many stories. That will

1 (41m 2s):
Be a good one.

2 (41m 3s):
Oh goodness. Okay. So, well this is like one of my favorites, I guess. So, so being in the, being in the lifestyle and running as, as a hostess, people laugh at me. I call myself Ms. Hanky panky, and you know, I’ll run into a playroom and there’ll be, you know, 10 people on the bed. And I go, everybody wearing condoms and I’ll throw condoms on the bed and they’ll laugh at me, you know? And I’ll go

1 (41m 24s):
Lifestyle mom,

2 (41m 27s):
You know, or if they ride my motor bunny, which is like a Sybian I walk in and I go, make sure you clean up your squirt. And then I walk, you know, they laugh at me, but when I first started this, it was 2012 and we had rented a mansion and I put, you know, my heart and soul into this beautiful mansion with that $50,000 that that guy gave me to make it what it was. And it was maybe one of our first parties. And it was like, you know, maybe my second party ever being the hostess. And I walked into one of our playrooms and there must’ve been 30 people on this, like full-size bed. And all I could think was, Oh my God, it’s going to break. Yeah, it’s going to break. I’m going to have to buy a bed. And as I’m standing there going, Ugh, okay. There’s a lot of you guys on the bed, all of a sudden, just a friggin, I don’t even know what you call it.

2 (42m 11s):
A gusher of squirt just comes and hits the ceiling of the man’s of the bedroom. And then this girl pops her head up to this day. I’m still friends with her. She’ll laugh. If she hears me tell this story. And she goes, I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll clean it up. And then she pops back down into the pile of 30 people. And I just shook my head, like, how am I going to get the squirt off the ceiling? So that was, you know, when I first started now, like nothing phases me, like I’ve been doing this for so long. I just, I walk in, I do what I need to do. And I walk out I’m very business mode when I’m at my events.

1 (42m 43s):
That’s that’s. That is an interesting, sorry. Give me one more. Give me one more. This is good. See, unlike your publisher, I want more,

2 (42m 52s):
Let’s see here. So I’ve got another one where, okay, so anybody that is my date for my event. So, you know, if I, if I’m dating somebody or they’ve never been to a swingers event and they accompanied me as you know, I called them my you’re my host for the evening with me. So I had a date. He was 28 years old and he was a prison guard. And I explained to him, you know, that they’re, you know, I’ve got security on staff. My security is trained to always come to me first. And if there’s an issue, then you know, I try to break up the issue first. And if I can handle it, my security is always standing there and watching. So, so usually when anybody arrives at the party, they’ve never been there before male, female, couple, my doorstop will notify me.

2 (43m 34s):
I come and I give them the basic rules. You know, the no means, no ask before touching, don’t be pushy, et cetera, et cetera. So they go, I go through the rules with them. So there was a single male. I stepped outside at one of my events and there was a couple there and they just looked at me and they said, listen, my husband wants to kill this guy, but we know your rules. So we’re going to let you handle it. That guy wrote that right over there. Won’t keep his hands to himself. So I walked over to him. It was a single male for this particular event. And I said to him, Hey, you know, you and I spoke on the phone. And you know, I asked you, you know, when you came in, I gave you the rules and why, why are you not respecting the rules? And he went and shoved me. And my security guard was standing right there.

2 (44m 15s):
And before I could do anything, my 28 year old date picks the guy up, throws him on the floor, puts his foot on his neck. And he says, Hey, you hit a woman B you hit my woman. See you hit the hostess at this event and I’m going to kill you. And I go, no, you’re not. Please take, please take your foot off of his neck. And then, you know, and then we dealt with the situation from there. Yeah. But you know, for most of the most parts or, you know, really, I can count on one hand, any like actual, like altercations, where we’ve had issues where my security had to get involved. I did have one where my, I had the SWAT team escort, somebody out. That was a pretty good one too.

2 (44m 56s):
I’ll save that one for my book though,

1 (44m 57s):
The SWAT team. So, so are, are these stories going to be in the documentary?

2 (45m 3s):
Yes. So some of them will, well, yeah, we’re working on that right now. And then we’re working on, you know, for the sequels of my book, each book is going to focus on a different aspect of my life. So lifestyle events, porn, shoot events, things that happened at the brothel. So what can I kind of break it down like that? I have lots of stories.

1 (45m 23s):
That’s awesome. We’re we’re, we’re going to have to do this again for sure. Where can work in your listener? Where can our listeners, as well as your listeners learn more about you?

2 (45m 33s):
Okay. So easiest is my website, which is core Lynn. So it’s C O R a L Y N, Juul, J E w E l.com on there. They can link to Amazon for my book. They can order a book directly from me, which is autographed and sent from me. And then they can also click right there on the front page, home page to the podcast, which is the hanky panky podcast. And that’s spelled H a N K I E P a N K I E podcasts. And both of those sites linked to all my social media, my Twitter, my Facebook, my Instagram, and that’s everything. You know, everything, those two sites will lead them anywhere. They need to go

1 (46m 10s):
Coraline. Once again, I’d like to thank you for being our guest today and adult side broker talk. And like I said, I really hope we’ll get a chance to do this again really soon.

2 (46m 19s):
Absolutely. Thank you for having me. That was super fun. I look forward to meeting you soon.

1 (46m 25s):
Likewise, thank you. My broker tip today is part seven of how to buy an adult website. Last week, we talked about the agreement and escrow. So now you own the site. What do you do now? The first thing you should do is to make sure you understand everything about the operation of the site. Now, the previous owner will hopefully be available for a period of time to help you with this. As I mentioned last week, you should establish in the agreement what the former owners participation will be after the sale, you’ll need to deal with the production of new content processing, paying affiliates, and many other things. If you don’t have expertise in these areas, you may want to consider our general consulting firm, adult business consulting.

1 (47m 10s):
You can get more information on what this company does@adultbusinessconsulting.com. We help website owners, project manage and guide them to the right vendors. Maybe the previous owner had all the right elements, processing, hosting, payments, production, scripts, et cetera, or maybe they didn’t. We can help evaluate that for you. Let us know if we can help. Anyway, you will now be operating the website. If you don’t have someone like our general consulting company to help evaluate all of those items and everything that side is spending money on and using to operate the site, make sure you’re getting a good deal and that these companies are providing the right service and check to see if you can do better.

1 (47m 56s):
Hosting is a great example on something where people are often both overpaying and also not getting the right service. Many times the server’s just too slow. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reach out to us on our website next week. We’ll talk about how to sell a website and next week we’ll be talking to Max Bergeson of Crak Revenue.

0 (48m 22s):
And that’s it on this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank our guest Coralyn Jewel. Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (7s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we’ll be talking with Lance Hart of Pervout.

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This is why they’ve joined forces with fan Centro to provide you with a day full of workshops and webinars to inform, educate, and inspire participants, to enjoy a happier, healthier life. That’s tomorrow from two to 7:00 PM Eastern time, and on Friday at 1:00 PM pineapple support we’ll have a webinar on trauma and addiction. That’s designed to provide participants with an overview of the basic impact of trauma on the brain and the body. The presenter will review the definition of trauma, discuss how trauma is created and how addictions are often used as an adaptation to manage trauma and mental health symptoms.

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Participants will learn about trauma informed approaches for the treatment of trauma and addiction. That address culture and diversity. They’ll also learn basic tools on how to regulate the body and explore how mindfulness meditation and yoga can be beneficial. In addiction. Recovery adult site broker is a proud sponsor. A pineapple support ex-business announced the launch of the official event website for the 2021 X biz Miami summer virtual conference presented by chatter bait and set for May 24th through the 27th. XB is Miami will once again, bring together the best and brightest cam models, clip artists premium social media stars and web pros for two separate talent and industry focus tracks that include networking opportunities, discussion panels, special events, and exclusive solo talks by top influencers capping off the summer series with a glamorous night of celebration.

1 (3m 3s):
The experts camel awards returns on May 27th with an expanded field of premium social media categories alongside cam and clip categories to fully celebrate the indie talent

0 (3m 15s):
Community. Now let’s

1 (3m 17s):
Feature our property the week that’s for sale at adult site broker, we are proud to announce for sale. One of the top escorts and adult entertainment directories in the world. This is a highly successful directory for escorts massage dancers and fetish providers. The site continues to grow at a rapid pace. Despite the pandemic 2020 profits were still up. The site offers adult entertainer ads for over 30,000 providers with an active base of 9,000 plus active profiles in all major us Canadian. And you came markets. The platform has a very loyal advertiser base allowing the owner to enjoy passive recurring revenue.

1 (3m 60s):
In addition to an impressive number of new advertiser joins daily revenues also derive from third-party ad space for major advertisers that does not intrude on the website’s beautiful, clean design. Making this site stand out from all their competitors. Their SEO is very strong with page one rankings in all major cities at the platform serves their backlink profile is the envy of the industry. You get all rights and trademarks for the company’s proprietary products. This is a tremendous opportunity to buy a gold mine. The sites price has been reduced for a fast sale. Now only $1.9 million.

1 (4m 41s):
Now time for this week’s interview.

2 (4m 43s):
Yes. Today on adult site, broker talk is Lance heart of perv out Lance, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk.

0 (4m 51s):
Thanks for having me, man. It’s good to be back pleasure.

2 (4m 55s):
And as Lance mentioned, you are our first repeat guest on adult site broker talk.

0 (5m 3s):

2 (5m 4s):
And, and nobody else wanted to come back. No, I’m kidding. And, and the reason is because your segment was extremely popular and it really felt like when we talk, we were kind of just getting started. So we will continue today. Now let me tell everyone about Lance again, he’s one of the most prolific stars in adult. It can master any role and has done it all from gay, straight fetish by trans and everything in between his first scene was for Sean Cody. And he went on to become one of their top contracted models. After that he started his own fetish studio and produced clips, and eventually went on to found his current studios, man-up films, sweet fandom, and Lance Hart studios.

2 (5m 47s):
Recently he started a new site, hot stock com H O T H O T T S, which is actually hot T s.com. And with over 10 years in adult, Lance’s worked with all the top studios, including kink, evil angel loss, cinema, iron male, or icon male trans erotica, transsexual, gender X fetish force, wasteland, and severe sex films. He’s an official spokesmodel for Playgirl as well as a brand spokesmodel for XR brands. Now Lance’s received countless nominations, including from ABN X biz, the fetish awards Collesh bought awards, gay flesh bought awards, PornHub awards, all porn awards, urban X awards, cyber socket, and the Grabbys.

2 (6m 37s):
Let me take a breath. Okay. He’s one niche performer of the year and multiple awards for his seen work from the AVN awards male clip artist of the year from the expos awards, and he’s won the X biz cam awards best male clip artists. Lance has also scored male performer of the year from the fetish awards three times in a row, as well as a favorite male fetish, webcam, performer, and favorite fetish featured film. Lance has also won best male performer from the alt porn awards, tea awards, and gave an awards. He’s grabbed a ton of mainstream coverage from outlets like GQ, Buzzfeed paper magazine, the daily beast, the Boston globe Oxy and input.

2 (7m 23s):
Okay. That’s quite a resume now, Lance, you have some new sites on dot com. Why don’t you tell me more about them and tell me who’s going to direct them for you.

3 (7m 37s):
Sure. So my good friend, Nikki hearts already had a site called diet down and she was running it pretty well. I mean, it was, it was going well. She was doing it sort of like all on her own w excuse me, with like a WordPress kind of background and had quite a following, but it just needed a little kick, need, a little funding. And she needed backend support, like someone to do the affiliate stuff and all the traffic trades and the, you know, make it show up on PornHub and make it, do all the stuff that no one tells you how to do it. You have to figure it out, you know? And so I invested in that site and moved it over to perv out.

3 (8m 20s):
And now that’s the first of hopefully many deals like that. Or I find someone who’s directing and kind of kicking ass, but just needs a little leg up and bring them on board. And, and, and she’s at sites doing great. I mean, for a brand new site, especially I’m blown away with how well it’s performing. I mean, we, we increased her revenue, you know, it’s, I don’t know. I mean, we, it was, it was doing 200 a week now it’s doing 1400 a week. You know what I mean? Just in the, in the first insulin around a couple months on prove out. So it’s a kinda killing it, you know, for brand new, it was a brand new, but I mean, it was, it needed, it was brand new to the, I don’t know what you want to call it.

3 (9m 8s):
Like the,

2 (9m 9s):
Most of the users, most of the users, if they’re only doing 200 a week and now it’s seven times what it was.

3 (9m 15s):
Yeah. Yeah. It’s gone up quite, yeah. Quite a bit. So there, so that’s exciting. And I started hot Ts, which like you said is hot. When I bought the domain, I was like, Oh, hot Ts. That’s it. It’s a really short domain. That’s great. It’s great. And then I bought it, it was one of the premium ones. I just spent like three grand on it. And then I’m like, Oh, hot. It just is hot. Well, whatever happened, fuck it. It’s high. All just branding. It’ll be branding. I’ll just make a hotseat. So, so that’s brand new and you know, people are loving it, but it’s, you know, it’s brand brand site. No one’s ever even heard of it before. So that’s gonna take a couple of years to really pick up, but Oh, something I’m doing different with that since only fans is changed the landscape of porn, kind of rolling with that and just put money out there for, you know, the top notch performers who are working, you know, top notch, trans performers doing actual sex scene, you know, with Anil cum shots and stuff.

3 (10m 17s):
I’m buying non-exclusive rights to a lot of their scenes and moving them over to hot Ts. So it’s, it’s a win-win I would say, I mean, you know, they, they get a little extra money or maybe they, they live in LA, but they want to work with someone they’ve always wanted to work with someone who lives in New York, but they’re like, it’s only fans. I’m not going to fly across countries. It’s crazy. So I find the travel, the hotel, make a person and then give them each a couple hundred bucks or whatever, you know what I mean? Cause they were going to do it anyway. There was a trade with someone that week, but now they’re they’re trading and I get non-exclusive rights to throw it on hot Ts. So for the end user, that means they don’t have to join like 15 of their favorite porn stars, only fans and tip them all and do all that kind of stuff.

3 (11m 1s):
I mean, I hope they do, but it’s a little bit easier for an end-user who likes super firs of variety. Yeah.

2 (11m 9s):
Well, it’s going to help their only fans as well, because they’re going to be more aware of them. They’re going to go there and probably look at more scenes.

3 (11m 18s):
Yeah. And I’m, I’m linking back with a banner. I mean, they get a banner on the, on hot Ts that links directly back to their only fans. And so it’s as fair as I could make it. And so that that’s my plan and put money away in case the only fans bubble pops. And there’s gonna be a lot of performers with a lot of content and nothing to do with it. So I don’t wish that on anybody. Cause that’s my friends. Yeah.

2 (11m 45s):
Quite frankly. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

3 (11m 49s):
Yeah, no. Yeah. I D I don’t, I don’t, but everything goes up and down, you know what I mean? So eventually, eventually next five years, something’s going to change again. And we’re going to have a lot of performers looking for a new platform or new something, something. And for the end user of hot Ts, you know, having 400 new scenes or whatever, new to them. Wow. That’s their favorite performers working with people that really, really wanted to work with. Cause it’s the only fan strayed. I see that as being a good, good one. So that’s playing on hot Ts and JP from canc jump. All the Pope is starting the Pope’s bitches.com with perv out.

3 (12m 30s):
Hopefully we’re going to start shooting for that in about six weeks. So it’s, you know, it’ll be awhile, but that’s going to be a Provet site. So we’ll have some straight, straight ish. It might be some trans woman on there to a hardcore SNM like JP does. I mean, he’s the best at that crazy SNM hanging someone upside down time to bowling ball around their neck and fucking with a tattoo till they come their brains out. I mean that he has like the top notch fuck machines that are like crazy engines behind them. They’re not like the cheesy sex toy ones. I mean, it’s like a Detroit diesel engine. I mean, basically it just, just fucks the brains out. So he’s got all that and we want to do a site. So we’re doing that.

3 (13m 11s):
And what’s the other one bad father.com that’s coming soon. Probably. Yeah, I think so. It’s going to be, it’s going to be gay and I’m playing on the father of that every once a daddy, you know, so it’s father in the sense of a priest and father in the sense of a daddy just doing some poor parenting and leadership and you know, you know,

4 (13m 36s):
I can’t imagine a priest doing that. I know. Right. But we’re gonna, we’re gonna, I’m going to gamble it and say

3 (13m 43s):
It happens sometimes. And some people I think maybe so, so those ones I’ve done a lot of like Faucette stuff and I, it’s just not my bag. I don’t really like, I’m not against, I mean, I get it. It’s it’s, I don’t really to kink shame anybody, but I just don’t like being around it. It’s just not my cup of tea. So, so that will, I want to find a director or maybe I’ll outsource I’ll maybe I’ll have a mixed bag of three or four directors and just mix it up and outsource all the shoots, but I want to get good people who really want to make cool gay porn. And Nikki’s very interested actually in doing that. She’s very artistic and just has a good eye for making shit, not just pretty to look at like film wise, but hot, too good to jerk off to the same time, which are two separate things.

3 (14m 32s):
And she doesn’t both well, so yeah. So there’s that and by fuck, still kind of moving along and I dunno, you know, just kinda growing the network, see what happened. We just, just revamped provider affiliates too. So now it’s pretty, it was just a gnat’s basic ass background. Now it’s like a pretty affiliate program. So whatever that’s worth,

2 (14m 53s):
Definitely I’ll definitely take a look. So let’s talk about provide affiliates. What, what if you’re talking to an affiliate, why should they join your program?

3 (15m 7s):
Well, we have content that a lot of people don’t like by content, if they have a way to convert a by market base, we we’ve got, there’s only a few buy sites and I fuck is the only by site made by an actual bisexual myself and wait and I shoot bisexual people. I’m not, I’m not shooting people who are like, yeah, I guess we’ll do that for the money. I mean, it’s people who are like really into it and the way we shoot it’s a marathon of bisexual sex. I mean, it’s like 70 minutes of footage per shoot of anal footage. Not just like dialogue and shit, but I’m talking like, fuck it for like 70 minutes.

3 (15m 47s):
So this is, I would call it like, you know, pretty dank porn. I mean, it’s really hitting hard. And if they got, if they got a market, they could tap into the market. It, it converts well, the gay site man up films also converts insanely. Well, I mean, it’s, it’s, the traffic is like, if I was talking to you like about brokering and trying to sell it, the traffic would be the weak point. I’d be like, man. Yeah, it’s kinda embarrassing. It doesn’t get the most traffic, but it comes out of the money man on a body. Yeah. It’s that? Holy shit. It makes a lot of money. So I’m, I’m paying out. I don’t know, like two or 3000 a week to affiliates every other week, every other week, every 50 days, my payouts are around, you know, two or three grand and it’s a relatively new affiliate program.

3 (16m 34s):
So I think that’s pretty impressive. There’s a few in there that are, there’s a guy on tumbler. He’s not even a professional affiliate. He had a tumbler page and a big following. And don’t, you know, these days tumblers, all sensor and shit. And he reached out and just said, Hey, I’m big fan. I post your stuff. I hope you don’t mind on my tumbler. And I said, why don’t you be an affiliate and try that. I didn’t think he’d do it. And he did. And he’s making 500 bucks every two weeks, you know? So it’s converting, you know, packing pegging stuff. Now pegging is becoming more and more mainstream, but sweet phone job just has, I’d say second to sometime empire.

3 (17m 18s):
It’s probably got the most pegging videos with hot people in it and big dicks and not just, Oh, I can kind of see a little tiny trainer dildo going in and out. I mean, we’re talking about like, and porn stars, a big followings. It’s, it’s a, it’s a thing. So my friend runs feminine empire and that’s, that’s like the top. I mean, that’s the one to be, I think in femdom. I mean, she’s got the best one, but I, you know, sweet out. I was no a slouch. I mean, he’ll just really bring it in. Yeah. Yeah. It’s working out.

2 (17m 55s):
I know, I know. I know. You’ll get there. How, it seems like you really like, you know, you, you mentioned S your new site , it seems like you really like mentoring people and helping make them successful. And of course, that makes you successful.

3 (18m 12s):
Well, I do. And it’s, I mean, honestly, it’s selfish. So like, my parents are happily retired still. So, you know, since I got married when for a million years ago and happy, they’re good examples of happy people like that did well in life. And they both grew up poor and in different ways, you know, my mom’s South Louisiana, swamp people, my dad’s a Kansas farm farm guy, and they’re both living large. And, but the thing is, it’s not just like they did well and retired millionaires. That’s, that’s cool on its own, but you have so many friends and they, every weekend they’re even with COVID, they’re fucking maniacs.

3 (18m 54s):
I mean, I worry about it, but they’re there constantly. Oh, so-and-so is over. Or we’re going to Arkansas to see this person or that bird. I mean, it’s, it’s like, guys, you need to stay. Oh. But the point is they retired was so many friends that also did well because they had this error. My dad is always helping people. My mom’s always helping people and I’m busy bees, both of them. And that’s cool. That’s what I want. I don’t want to end up. Yeah. I don’t want to end up like 70 with no friends, like trying to make new friends in some retirement community. Like hopefully a nice one, like a country club or something. But like, I mean, it’s, I don’t want to be like the only, and also the only guy that’s been a sex worker, his whole life, like, I kind of, it’d be lonely as fuck.

2 (19m 38s):
Hey, maybe, maybe we should, maybe we should start in an old age home for, for retired sex workers.

3 (19m 45s):
I buy, I’m going to need it for sure. I know some other people will, but I I’m like, I just, I just admire this so much about my parents. They, they have so many friends and I think that’s priceless and you don’t just randomly, it’s not luck. I think that’s cause they, they, they ha they got a lot of help and they helped a lot of people. And along the way, they built real jobs

2 (20m 9s):
Right. By people. Yeah. Yeah.

3 (20m 11s):
So that’s key. So right now, when I see all my friends at different levels in the game making maybe 2000 bucks on their own on only fans, or maybe they get four or five paid bookings to the people who were making 50 grand a month on only fans in there and they can get, get booked all they want. And they’re, they’re just killing it. The different, like you can get from the first one to the second one within reason. I mean, most people can get pretty close to that with a little bit of help and a lot of effort. And I don’t know, I just, I just want to end up with a bunch of people who’ve rich too, and did well, you know, so that’s kind of the thing

2 (20m 51s):
That’s awesome. Now, how does the influence of only fans and sites, like only fans on the industry affect standalone pay sites? Like what you have?

3 (21m 3s):
So it’s a, it kind of like, it was with hat, like I’m saying what hot tea. Yes. I think there’s no fighting it. Don’t, I mean, it’s, it’s where the market is. So it is what it is no complaining about it. Like people I’ve found on set sometimes will say, God, these models don’t even show up anymore. It’s so hard to book them. Cause they’re all rich on only fans fuck us. And I’m like, well, good for them. That’s cool. We should be happy for them. And we should work with them and do things like ask them to supplement our content, you know, like bolster our ranks and our updates with their at home stuff and, you know, work alongside each other, the ones who are interested, help them make their own pay sites, not just an only fans.

3 (21m 48s):
Cause it’s good to have a backup plan, you know? And you know, only fans marketing is essentially Instagram and Twitter. That’s, that’s it? I mean, unless you got some other special thing going on, nobody does, you know, and, and if you’re doesn’t matter how awesome you are, like even Assa, Kira loses her Instagram once a year, but it just gets deleted because she’s important. So it doesn’t matter how verified or awesome you’re doing, you’re at risk. So I, you know, helping some of these people get their own standalone pay site that can’t get shut down that relies on affiliates and traffic trades and email blast to get us traffic and not just their social media, I think is helpful.

3 (22m 35s):
Right. So we’re all still connected is cool. And, but it also means we got to shoot content that people are interested in doing the days of, Hey, I’m paying a thousand bucks show up and then they show up like, well, fuck, I need a booking. I got it. Okay. What are we doing? Well, you’re doing this, eat that shit. And I hate that shit could be, we’re fucking in a kitchen, on a granite counter. That’s really high up and it’s uncomfortable or like a school desk, which are like the worst to fuck on because they’re wobbly and tiny or we’re doing some kind of rough anal that like you do, but you don’t really like, you know, stuff like that.

3 (23m 16s):
Now it’s on us booking people, director, producer, people to say, well, who can I, I need, I need this content. This is what I want to shoot. Who wants to do it? Cause they’re not going to do it if they don’t want to do it. Cause they’re making only fans. They’re going to say, Whoa, who I work at with, what am I doing? Where’s it at? How long is it gonna take? I mean, these are the new questions we weren’t good at, but that, I think that makes better content, you know?

2 (23m 42s):
Absolutely. Absolutely. Have you ever thought of doing stand-up by the way,

3 (23m 48s):
Man? I wish I I’m very, I’m convinced. I would. I always want to do is sketch comedy. I love that show the state when I was a kid, it was like on a TV, like Canadian sketch comedy. The Saturday night live like all the, all the sketch

2 (24m 5s):
You could totally do. You could totally do stand up and just use the material about the industry. And I think people would eat it up. Obviously not every, not every person is going to be comfortable with it, but God look how good Sam Kinison did. You know? And he, and he was pretty unclean. I’ve sent some of the more uncleaned performers do really well. Not, not to give you a new advocation, but it’s, it’s something to think about.

3 (24m 31s):
Oh no, I appreciate you saying that. I’m pretty convinced. I’m like almost funny enough to go pro like that. So it’s a good thing naturally towards a good fit because I can make, if I feel like, Oh, this will be cute and funny, I put it in a form and then if it bombs and it’s not funny who cares, they they’re there for the porn.

2 (24m 53s):
Yeah. You should give it some thought. I’d love to see you do stand up, but I’m waiting for the HBO special anyway. So you’re on the board of the free speech coalition. Maybe you can give me an update on what’s going on with the past system.

3 (25m 9s):
Sure. So currently testing and porn is it come down to talent testing. They did a great job of winning that game. And so they, and they also separated themselves from the past system or last year. So, so pass has become less relevant than ever. And that’s, I mean, generally pretty, pretty good job. Like I use it it’s I trust it. But the issue is it’s a for-profit company, you know, it’s owned by one guy and it seems like a good guy.

3 (25m 49s):
Sixto I’ve talked to him, but he’s one human man. And if he retires or God forbid get sick or can’t work or what, you know, or just shit happens, you know, that whole system that we entirely rely on in order to make porn safely could go away or it could also be corrupt and not, I’m not suggesting that he’s corruptible, but he’s wanting human. And if it came down to, well, she had someone got HIV on set, but if we call a moratorium, we’re going to lose money because no one’s going to test for two weeks. Maybe we just don’t call them auditorium.

3 (26m 30s):
You know what I mean? Like that’s scary. So that’s why we needed the past system, which is run by our trade association and it’s not for profit. And it’s a mix of talent testing and cutting edge testing, all the other tests, you know? So we need that back, forth and up and going so long story short, what we had to do is six dos said, he’ll work with fast again, if we, if we break it off, break, pass off from the FSC and say, okay, it’s its own separate nonprofit. And he wants to be a part of it, like, you know, once a vote and all that kinda shit.

3 (27m 10s):
So we did that. So now the Fs FSC has split up into three groups. So now it’s the past system. It’s the, what the FSC was before, like the general trade association. And it’s also the pleasure products like sex toys and stuff. That’s was a part of the whole FSC. Now that’s its own separate part. And yeah, so we split it up and me and three other people, two other people are officially like the board for pass. I’m a secretary. Technically. However, it, we have a weekly meeting that’s actually like eight or nine people, you know, there’s the board that operates.

3 (27m 51s):
And then there’s like what? What’s on the legal paperwork. And, and so the board that operates as a bigger group and then there’s a representative from APAC and there’s, it’s more of a mixed bag. We have some, you know, PhD candidates who are just like health people, which we need on that kind of a thing. And, and so the it’s, it’s cool and it’s exciting. And we’re working on an app that’ll come out for pass. That will be super slick. So you just go on her phone log in. I need you to test anywhere in the country. Okay, cool. Here it is. And then you go work with someone and you’re like, Hey, pull up your app and you see your test. And then you decide what a, when I show someone my app, what does it show?

3 (28m 34s):
Does it show my legal name and my stage name? Does it show all my results ever? Or just the ones they need to see? And it’s, you know, it’s fucking cool. Yeah. Just it, you know, it’s an absence in development. So the plan is get six door to come back or build a competing talent testing. Like basically a knock knock off dental testing and build a competing business, which we wouldn’t do. But big companies who are interested in that would do that. And that’s

2 (29m 2s):
Maybe, Oh, the key, the key is to make sure you’ve got the, you know, got the safest environment to shoot in. I could see, I could see a, I could see an app like that being established very soon for a COVID tests as well. Count on it.

3 (29m 20s):
Surprise. No one did that yet. Yep. Yep. So, so all that’s all that’s like on officially where we’re at, there’s more details, but you know, it’s a moment of board and I signed an NDA, but that’s, you know, that’s just, that’s the gist of it. We’re in the works and the system don’t give up on passes. What I tell people is it’s a lot, people have written it off, like whatever. And, and like I said, I use it too. It’s cool, man. I in six days has been nice to me. Every time I talked to him, he should, I’m not hating on him at all. Just, it’s not the way you’re supposed to do something like that in any industry that has a health thing, part of it you’re supposed to the trade association or someone like that is supposed to oversee it.

2 (30m 6s):
Interesting. It sounds like changes are in the often, Oh, it’s all the same. Just we’re working on it. Yeah. I’m sure there will be an announcement when the time comes. So what’s the latest with FSC in LA.

3 (30m 21s):
So we’re, if you’re concerned about what happens on Capitol Hill and sex work and porn, the thing too, I didn’t know. The thing that most people don’t know is the only entity. Like if you think about APAC, APEC, BiPAP, FSC, all the things you know, that people kind of go to for help pineapple sport, all those things, FSCS, the only trade association, it’s the only five Oh one, whatever like legal entity that is allowed legally to hire lobbyists on behalf of our trade. So that’s how that works.

3 (31m 2s):
So we’re what we did. FSC put together a legislative committee, which is me and a bunch of other people, including, you know, a lot of Evans may PAG and Tim Woodman from APAC and we’re growing it. We’re, we’re looking for a BiPAP person and just get rounding up the troops and FSE had California state lobbyists in place, but we’ve our contract with them is up and it’s time to find federal lobbyists. Cause that whole associate thing was pretty scary. Thank God doesn’t fizzled big time, but who’s to say, what’s next.

3 (31m 46s):
So we need a pro in Capitol Hill, who’s representing us or a team of pros that not only helps us fight stuff that we bring up that sort of reactive. We want someone in there proactively fighting for our industry. Meaning the things that we take for granted how shitty they are. Like if you’re a sex worker, you can’t really open a bank account and America like you, you, if they say, what do you do for, can you say a webcam? They say, Ooh, we can’t take your money. Jesus great. And you’re like, it’s legal. Why not? They legally can say, fuck you. So, and they do a hundred percent of them will say, there’s a moratorium currently on any kind of sex worker, opening a bank account in America, not possible.

3 (32m 32s):
You gotta lie. So that stuff, we want to fight that. And you know, involvement in the industry

2 (32m 41s):
And evolvement in the industry. I’m a website broker. And if I tell them what I do, they, they say, Oh no, no, no.

3 (32m 47s):
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So that’s, and that’s bullshit. That’s gotta, there’s gotta be a law in place that says, Hey, you can’t discriminate against legal citizens. Like they’re not doing anything wrong. Why, why, why can’t they have a bank account? What they can vote? Like what we’re not talking about. Like ex cons and shit. I mean sometimes, but you know, but it’s, it’s like, what? So it’s crazy so that we need someone in place. And then also of course, when new bills come up that say, Hey, every sex worker needs to register like a mute and X-Men or something. You know what I mean? Like, like what almost happened?

3 (33m 28s):
We need someone fighting that. So the deal is it costs about 10 grand a month to have a really bad ass lobbying firm fighting for you, which is not bad. Right. And if you think about it, so the, the first, I mean, obviously mine, geek and gamma are very supportive of the FSC.

2 (33m 50s):
I was going to say, mine Gates should be bankrolling at themselves considering what’s going on. Yeah.

3 (33m 56s):
And they, God, they knew God wants them there. I mean, you know, they’re, they’re going through the ringer and they’re fighting. People are here.

2 (34m 3s):
The whole thing, that thing in Canada, my God. Yeah.

3 (34m 6s):
Yeah. It’s if they’re getting it bad, it’s tough. So they, but what we, what I wanted, what a lot of us that FSC wanted was not to have mind geek fund that 10 K a month themselves because it’s kind of shitty. Right? Cause then the biggest scariest porn company gets a say on what the lobbyists is. Cause they paid it. They paid the bill. That’s crazy. That’s not what we want. So Mary Moody is, is helped out, but she’s a bad-ass cam girl, lady, and she’s also pretty much an advocate all around. And she’s helping on the legislative committee and Erin and I are kind of, our role is to, as soon as we pick a lobbyist and figure out what the bill is, start raising money from the performers.

3 (34m 53s):
So, and it all goes back to the only fans thing these days, we’re, we’re not trying the, the sex worker that’s survival, that’s surviving and making two grand a month, just barely and trying to get diapers for their kid. We don’t want their money. Right. We don’t want to bug them, but there are a significant amount of sex workers who are making, you know, 250,000 a year or 500,000 a year, a million a year. Now that’s not, that’s not, that’s not even crazy. Make over a million a year on only fans. We want them to step up and say, Hey, yeah, I need to fight for the rights of my people and you know, a thousand a month.

3 (35m 37s):
Well, they should have industry. Yeah. They still want to keep making that money. Yeah. I mean, some, some law could come up that kills only fans. That could be the end of it. Right. So all it takes is some congressman’s cousin or nephew to be on only fans and they get embarrassed and they’re like, ah, they’re just like what happened with the what’s it the, the, it sounds like a fucking shitty glam rock band. The, the group that hates porn.

2 (36m 4s):
Oh yeah. In COSC. Yeah.

3 (36m 8s):
It’s the OSC. Now that there’s something, something it’s, it’s a terrible name, but they they’re the ones that were fighting porn the whole time.

2 (36m 18s):
Oh yeah. And that, that, that they probably put Christophe up to writing that article for the New York times. When I saw that article, I went, Oh fuck, here we go.

3 (36m 28s):
The story behind all that was somebody had someone in power, had a, a family member who was under age and their video ended up on PornHub. And that’s the story. Right? And they were super embarrassed because they’re a person of power and it was super embarrassing. It was bad. And of course, it’s true that you shouldn’t have any because that’s a terrible thing to have. That’s just agreeable to everybody. That’s not fucking happen. And they, but instead of just emailing PornHub at TMCA or doing whatever, you’re the shit that works to get the video down immediately. They went rage crazy and just talk shit about porno, but we needed to take the whole fucking site down.

3 (37m 12s):
And then they found other people who the same thing happened to them who also just needed a little help. Like, Oh, if your video’s on there and you don’t want it there, you click here and send this email, it’ll be gone.

2 (37m 23s):
Contact us. Yes. And this is deep sea. Yeah,

3 (37m 26s):
It is. So I can I get my stolen content down quick? Like within an hour all the time. It’s like, shit works, man. It is like, not that hard, but they don’t know that, you know, they don’t, they don’t know. So

2 (37m 37s):
Yeah. Well that’s right. So all that. Well then you’ve got to talk about intention and how much it is, how much of it is politically motivated and religiously motivated and all of that. And I, I have trouble believing that it wasn’t all of the above.

3 (37m 53s):
Oh, I’m sure. It’s yeah. If you just want to get votes and you say, I want to fight sex trafficking, who’s going to

2 (38m 0s):
Foster says, Oh, what a, what a, what a clusterfuck.

3 (38m 6s):
Yeah. Meanwhile, I’ve, I’ve been in a sexual professional for over a decade. And I can’t think of one time I’ve even heard of anyone who was sex trafficked,

2 (38m 18s):
Not on our side of the business. That’s only, it’s only the criminal side and yes, they should. They should deal with criminals. And anybody who’s involved in sex trafficking should be, should go up of, of anyone let alone, under age. People should go to prison for very long periods of time. We all agree on that. Yeah. Everybody

3 (38m 36s):
Agrees. It’s it’s just, so anyway, we need pro us, me and Mary Moody, and you going on Twitter ranting about this and adding congressmen does nothing. Right. And those group texts things where like, Oh, text this number and it will automatically send an email to your congressmen locally that says this, that shit does nothing. It does just as much as someone sending me a Dick pic asking me to book them, it’s literally like,

2 (39m 8s):

3 (39m 9s):
Well, you know, it just, it hits my inbox. I, I see it skip over. I move on to the next thing. Cause I don’t have time to be alert. Oh, let me learn more about this Dick pic. And you know, w what’s this and I’m like, no, I don’t have time for that shit. Senators, congressmen don’t have time for that shit. There’s some staff member. Yeah. Just Mark it as red moves on. So we need a lobbyist in there. Who’s professionally connected to these people who goes golfing with them and goes on. Every vacant. My dad actually is a lot, was a lobbyist till I retired. My brother is a lobbyist. He owns a lobbying firm that the people they go on vacation with and they hang out with their friends are the people that need to be talked to. So that’s how it works. You get, you pay those people. So, so we need about 10 K a month is what it looks like.

3 (39m 52s):
And, and, and the truth is if performers don’t kick up the money, mind geek will, but that’s not what, man. We don’t want them calling the shot. Cause they’re going to do, it’s no hating on my geek, but they’re going to do what’s best for them. We want every voice in the industry of all types represented,

2 (40m 13s):
Whatever money everybody puts in, you know, it could be a small amount of money would you know? Yeah.

3 (40m 23s):
It’s really, I can think of, I can, I can think of 50 people who could cover it on their own, who are just performers. Yeah, totally. Just performers, not accompany. Right. And so it’s, that’s what we are going for and it will get there. It said they were trying to do the same shit with panel to support unrelated, just it’s it’s you can’t be mad at patentable sport. They do such a good job. And that is currently funded by like, like I’m a bronze sponsor, but whatever. There’s two levels above that. And they’re all really, really big poor companies.

2 (40m 58s):
We are too. We are too, by the way.

3 (41m 1s):
Oh, cool. Good for you. That’s awesome. Yeah. And that good for you. And that’s what we need more of is people like us telling other people on our level and below financially where we can say, Hey, you’re doing pretty well. Like you’re kind of killing it. You know, he just bought a new car, got a new house. Do you think you can afford like 500 bucks throwing that at sport? Yeah. Sounds like a lot. But compared to like, how much did you spend on Amazon last night before you went to bed? And do you remember what you bought? No. You know, like

2 (41m 29s):
Funny, funny story, funny story. I get a lot of things sent to the States and my friend sends a big box every once in awhile and half the stuff I look at it and I go, Oh shit. I did order that. Didn’t I,

3 (41m 40s):
Oh man. All the time we, yeah, we burn cardboard at our house cause we don’t have a, I wish we could recycle. We just, no one comes and picks it up and long story. It just doesn’t work here. So I know it’s not like it’s like bad for the environment, but we’re I’m word Vegas and fuck it. So I, sorry. Yeah. So we just got a fire pit in the backyard and if it weren’t for that, we would have a garage full of cardboard boxes everyday. I mean, it’s crazy how much shit will

2 (42m 9s):
And they’re all and they’re always too big with too much padding. So you mentioned a pineapple support and then that leads into my next question. What does that sponsorship mean to you and why make that investment?

3 (42m 25s):
Well, it’s like I said, I just kind of want to, not that I’m like think of it. I’m not a leader at all. I suck at leading people, but I, if I can do it, I think maybe, hopefully it doesn’t other people might say shit, my aunt’s is a fucking bronze sponsor. Gamma is a proud sponsor. I mean the there’s five gamma entities that are all Brown sponsors. So really that’s like funny, but you know, maybe like people start taking some responsibility for industry and just saying, Hey, well shit, Lance can do it. Maybe I could put in bronze sponsors like 10, 10 K a year. I think so that’s less than a thousand a month, you know? And the, the level that people are making money these days, Holy shit, dude, come on for only 500 a month or 2000 a month.

3 (43m 12s):
Like it are. If you look at Twitter for five seconds, you can see our industry is in a desperate need for mental health help. That’d be, we’re like it every day. You can’t scroll get, do one flick on her phone through, through the main porn, Twitter feed without seeing somebody melting down or having some kind of an issue that, and you know, myself too, I’ve had mental health issues. My up until first half of my life, I was so fucked up in the head guy, all kinds of fucking official disorders labeled on me. I mean, just as bad as

2 (43m 47s):
Everyday join the club. Oh yeah.

3 (43m 50s):
Yeah. I mean it was, I thought it was going to have to be on these pills for the rest of my life. And it was any psychotic, suck, kill your sex, drive your bipolar. But you know, it’s funny. They didn’t give me that one day I was a schizophrenia BPD add epilepsy, which isn’t really a mental disorder, but I have like outrageous staff seizures and it stops and shit and just weird depression and anxiety, like whatever, you know? But I, I had a work crew it’s it’s like a grind two years of work, just maintenance, just doing mental health tasks with help from good people.

3 (44m 30s):
And, and it’s doable, man, any, I mean different level, like, yeah, I’m still a little nuts and different people are going to get certain levels better. But if

2 (44m 39s):
You’re good nuts,

3 (44m 41s):
I feel like, you know, a very passable is saying, I think like I hide it very well. I’m like, you know, people don’t know fucking crazy. My wife knows because she hears we live together. So she’s like,

2 (44m 53s):
Sounds like, sounds like, yeah, it sounds like my wife and I, yeah.

3 (44m 59s):
Like, Oh, maybe you should sing more in the shower. And I’m like, I wasn’t sick. I was having a conversation with someone in the third grade. Like, like I was talking, it was, I need to finish that conversation by the way, we need to keep talking to them.

2 (45m 11s):
That’s good. They do the schizophrenia schizophrenia, several loan. Keep that in mind.

3 (45m 15s):
Yeah. Yeah. We’re never loved. Yeah. It’s I’m always, yeah. So, but a TA I’m talking to someone from the future right now, baby. I need to finish this. You know, that’s, it’s crazy, but, but very passable, but that I just, I had man, we, it w it pineapple sport is they did such a good job of like, Holy shit, here’s a solution. You know, we’ll round up all the good tracks in the world. We’ll get it to work at a discount. We’ll subsidize it. We’ll connect you to them. If you don’t like the one you’re working with Skype with a different one until you find one you like, and then start the work, get, get the work done. That’s awesome. So we need to throw money at them cause they’re there. And they, the truth is people don’t know, they’re not, they need money.

3 (45m 58s):
They’re actually not.

2 (45m 59s):
That’s why we sponsored. That’s why we sponsored. Yeah. You’re doing a contest for them. Right.

3 (46m 5s):
So we’re doing, and they’re not getting money from this one, but it’s more to just get awareness going. The deal is I’m just on the hook for a MacBook pro. I got to buy someone like a $2,000 MacBook pro. So that’s like my contribution and two trophies. So I went back on the trophies. I got like the whatever society awards, when the ones like the Grammy’s are made of, you know, so I got some nice fucking nice trophy. So, so anybody, any sex worker makes a zoom call, recorded zoom call with another sex worker and teaches them something of value, like how to film better, how to light better. Do your makeup better budget, better build for retirement, better book clients together.

3 (46m 48s):
Like I tell people be real like, Hey, we’re all hookers. Like, how do you screen your clients? Like how do you do that safely? You know, like literally anything. And if that’s the best video of, you know, their pairs, so the best video wins and the newer person that got taught something gets a laptop and they both get a shiny trophy. And I figured if you’re like a veteran performer who’s rich and doing well, you kind of just want a trophy at this point, you can buy your own fucking laptop, you know, to be, but if you’re new, a laptop can be a game changer. You know, there’s a lot of people starting out on sex, work on these platforms and this and that.

3 (47m 28s):
And all they have is the phone. Yeah. And thank God they’ve got a phone and that’s super cool. You can record on your phone, but when you can start monkeying around with spreadsheets and hard drives and saving content and all that, I mean, you just really, your game goes up quite a bit. Absolutely paperwork model releases, all that. Like you just, you need a fucking computer. And a lot of people don’t have, you know, they go buy a $400 piece of shit at best buy and it gets a buy, but they can’t render on it because it’s too small or breaks. So, you know? Yeah. So they need like, you know, the big daddy Mac book that you can get it done with the new Mac book. I mean, it’s not, it’s not a super computer, but you can, you can fucking render 4k on it.

3 (48m 9s):
So it’ll work. So that’s the plan.

1 (48m 13s):
What are your plans in the near future as far as growing?

3 (48m 18s):
Well, those sites Madden, you know, bad fathers GP site, I want to get diked down. W want to shoot a couple of features, have Nikki shoot, a couple of features that are kind of, you know, DVDs and all that kinda shit grow at Ts. Just grow it out, get the affiliate network even more pent out. I mean, I got to, I hired a great guy. He used to work at gamma for a long time and he’s helping me run it and he’s fucking awesome. So we’re, you know, we’re leveling it up. That is, I mean, you know, right now I think if I sold my two years gross would be a million and a half or something like that. So I want to get that number to, you know, 10 or 20.

3 (49m 0s):
That’d be cool. You know, so yeah,

1 (49m 2s):
We’re ready. Okay. We’re ready when you are my friend.

3 (49m 5s):
Well, good. Well good. And hopefully there’s still someone to buy it at that point, but you know, that’s, that’s, the goal is grow it out and, or keep it forever and just let it hire a good staff, people that run themselves. So right now I’m just kind of collecting people that used to work at gamma or mind geek who know the back end shit, you know, traffic and advertising and marketing, people know all that math and all that stuff and good directors and looking for good. And when I say good director, I don’t mean, Oh, you want to know a bunch of awards. I mean like, no, you treat performers well and you manage the money well, and you can run a shoot and nobody gets hurt and everybody’s happy.

3 (49m 47s):
And you know, I, I’m not looking to necessarily bring people on as like full-time Provet directors, but I want to send them regular shoots like monthly, Hey, can you do these four scenes for me, this Mark? And just cause there’s, there’s people out there who do that kind of journeyman directors, a journey, woman, journey, people. I don’t know how you say that. Right. They do, you know, they worked for a bunch of companies, so I’m just kind of collect those and, and getting I’d like to get it right now. It’s I can do everything I need to do for prove out and about three days in a month then, and just kind of touch it every day. Every other, I like to get it to work.

3 (50m 29s):
I have a CEO that runs it for me. That’d be great. But for now I’m still working on it. You know what I mean? So

1 (50m 36s):
That’s, that sounds good. Now, are you still performing much?

3 (50m 39s):
Yeah. I mean, I’m like jumping in the ones I want to be in lately. I’m just such a bottom is a thing I’m like really just want to get fucked in the butt. And I’m like super savvy lately, which everything goes in phases like a year ago. It was like, I don’t really want to get fucked up, but now I’m like stepping on my balls, put me a chance to do fuck me in the ass. Humiliated me. This is great. So I’m doing like sweet femdom. I’m jumping in a lot of scenes because that’s, what’s because I want to, and I can do it well, you know what I mean? And then by fuck jumping in some of those scenes, but, and then I’m doing like Casey Calvert has been a less cinema thing or like a big, big feature. So I’m trying to just, maybe this year, just do a handful of things, just exposure wise.

3 (51m 23s):
And cause I like Casey felt like being around her, which is great or a brand or just, they’re cool to be around and kind of people like if I spend two days with them, I’ll I’ll learn something for sure. And so I’m taking those gigs, but for the most part, not really. I mean only fans. Yeah. Everybody. I even jumped on the Olympian shit. So now I got Opry, Kate and I are gonna fuck tomorrow in a hotel, but that’s like, I don’t even call that performing really. That’s just like meeting up with friends and fucking and filming it. You know? Sounds like, sounds like fun. Yeah. It’s a hoot.

1 (52m 1s):
Well, Hey Lance, I’d like to thank you for being our guest again today on adult site broker tuck, and I hope we’ll get a chance to do part three of our ongoing conversation really

3 (52m 12s):
Soon. My

1 (52m 14s):
Broker tip today is part six of how to buy an adult website. Last week, we talked about the sales agreement. So now both you and the seller have signed the agreement. What comes next? There needs to be an escrow setup where you send the money, whether it be a one-time payment or a deposit. If you’re going to be making payments, payments are done about half the time. These days, the seller for their part puts the assets of the sale into escrow, namely the domains being sold and any other tangible assets that can be put into escrow. Your attorney can give you more information on that. We recommend escrow domains for us grows. There are from out of Washington DC and know they’re not paying me to say this.

1 (52m 55s):
I just use them, trust them. And I’m delighted by the work they’ve done for us. Either an escrow agreement will be drawn up by them in the case of a customer escrow, or if it’s a simple one, it can be set up on their website. Then you, the buyer, the seller and the broker will be contacted by escrow domains with further instructions, such as wiring information, the escrow is opened and either the deal closes within a matter of a few days or an inspection period is allowed. It all depends on what the agreement calls for, whether you need an inspection period really depends on whether there is still some information you need to find out prior to the deal, closing your broker and your attorney can advise you more on this.

1 (53m 38s):
And it’s on a case by case basis. Then the money is transferred as are the domains and the deal is closed. Now in many cases, in fact, most of the time, the seller either stays on board for a period of time to help with the transition, or is at least available on an on-call basis to answer questions. This is something most buyers should ask for, but at this point you pretty much own the website. What do you do now? We’ll talk about this subject more next week and next week we’ll be talking to adult star and author Coralyn Jewel.

0 (54m 13s):
And that’s it on this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank our guest Lance Hart. Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we’ll be talking with adult industry veteran, Robert Warren. First of all, today let’s cover what’s going on in our industry.

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1 (37s):
Satisfy S announced the launch of an Instagram campaign, celebrating international women’s day to run through March 14th. As part of the promo, the company is using the hashtag choose to challenge and calling upon users across the world to add their own words, to the statement, sexual freedom and powers me to the company has also tapping into a range of influencers and activists in the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Portugal, and the U S according to the company, the campaign builds upon satisfiers goal to celebrate human sexuality and empower individuals.

1 (1m 17s):
Smuttyfy.com has launched the new improved version of the social network, bringing users a much better experience and responsiveness along with an increase in speed. An average of seven to 10 times faster. Spotify has introduced many new features into the social network stories profile, visit notifications, pages and groups, cover profile and background pictures, improved user privacy and event calendar, live chat, multi-language functionality, verified profiles and pages and ad network and pro profiles. Starting tomorrow. Pineapple support will begin a six week course on addiction.

1 (1m 59s):
A journey to recovery. This will be happening every Thursday for six weeks at 1:00 PM Eastern time. It’s a support group for those struggling. With substance abuse, this group will be focused on identifying triggers and coping mechanisms to help members maintain long-term sobriety and prevent relapse. The course is provided by Rachel Farina pineapple support. We’ll also provide a weekly motivational support group for performers and producers. This meeting will be for one and a half hours on Mondays at 7:00 PM. Eastern time. This group will be facilitated by two rotating pineapple support counselors, Nikki line, and Jasmine Johnson.

1 (2m 43s):
It’s meant to be a safe place to express issues or problems. An individual may be having in their life at the time, and to find additional support. This is a drop-in group. So there is not a requirement to stay for a certain number of weeks or sessions. The group is open to all adult industry professionals. Adult site broker is a proud sponsor of pineapple support. Let’s feature our property the week that’s for sale. That adult site broke. Sure. We are proud to be offering a rapidly growing hair. Shaving site. This site shows women getting their heads shaved. It does not show explicit content. So it’s much easier to promote than most adults sites.

1 (3m 25s):
The site creates an environment for their customers, where they feel like they’re getting invited to the party of their hair, fetish dreams. They love using slogans like come join the party. There’s a sister site that is a unique method of hosting their videos in a discreet manner for their customers. The site is fueled by redirects. This is essentially the brains of the whole operation. It handles the billing and rebilling user information and video displays. There is also a separate forum and a download store that did $5,000 in sales. The first month alone, there is no paid advertising. They go directly to their customers with targeted SEO, YouTube videos, and social media.

1 (4m 10s):
The community for this niche is very loyal and the members will help any way they can to see sites like this grow. They will donate. Some will even do work for the site for free. The site is getting an 80% retention rate month over month. It also has a lot of room to grow with a little more time and investment. There’s a mailing list of well over 1100 model’s hair can be sold for thousands of extra dollars. There are trained producers for these shoots who would be happy to stay on after the sale. This great site is available for only $480,000. Now time for this week’s interview.

1 (4m 50s):
My guest today on adult side, broker talk is Robert Warren, the chief program director of my cam match. Robert, thanks for being with us today on adult side, broker talk. No, my pleasure. My pleasure indeed. Now Robert is a 28 year veteran or the adult industry he’s been providing long time professionalism and service as a mentor and moderator on some highly respected webmaster boards. He’s also has a long and varied resume in our space. Robert has also spoken at a variety of seminars throughout the years. Written numerous articles appeared on radio programs and has had many articles written about him. Robert AKA, the legacy has from the beginning mentor to variety of people, both industry reps, or companies who are just starting out.

1 (5m 38s):
They’ve contacted Robert for guidance and information to assist them along the way to success. Many owners and successful individuals today. Ow, many of their achievements to Robert. And I got to say that Robert was one of the most helpful people to me when I first start got first started in this business.

2 (5m 58s):
Easy for me to say my, my pleasure, bro. Easy for me to say at this hour now, Robert, how did you choose the legacy as a nickname?

3 (6m 8s):
Well, first off, thank you very much for the introduction. I mean, God, I feel old

2 (6m 16s):
Aren’t we both

3 (6m 18s):
It’s like listening to my obituary right now. Well, I am turning 60 next month and Oh my God. Yeah, I know. Hey, I got three on, I got three on your bro. You really cool. So, but during my, my time prior to the adult industry, I actually was in the seminary for about seven years and I’m about a half year away from my masters still. And so I was in my mid twenties. And what happened back then is I had a really wicked and sharp, sarcastic tone about me even I can imagine in seminary how that went over, but I remember sitting down at a lunch table and there was this girl there.

3 (7m 13s):
I still remember to this day, her name, I won’t say it. Come on. Well, our first name was Anne. So while we were there, I was using my repertoire and just cutting her up like crazy. And everybody was laughing and everything. And then after lunch, I was heading for my first class and I got there early and she was sitting in the classroom and she was just bawling her eyes out. And I remember I sat down beside her and I was like, what’s, what’s what’s wrong. And she finally admitted that what I said to her really hit hard and, and it hurt her.

3 (7m 54s):
And just the visual image that my words could do that to somebody really struck home. And I swore from that moment on that, I would use my words to build up into help and to, and to make somebody, you know, th that when people leave me that they’re better than when they first came to me and that I would want to leave a legacy of that to people. So when I started on why not a board? I don’t know if I can say that when I started back then somebody said, you know, well, you’ve got to create a catchy name. And so that immediately came to my mind that when I get into this industry and when I start, I want to be able to help people.

3 (8m 40s):
I want to be able to build up and use my words to make their lives better. So I want to leave a legacy of positiveness and, and wisdom to other people if I can give that. So that’s where I came up with the legacy. Cool.

2 (8m 58s):
Now you mentioned you’re soon going to be 60 so young, and that means you’ve been in the adult industry almost half your life. Doesn’t feel like it

3 (9m 10s):
Is it,

2 (9m 11s):
Is it true that before entering the adult industry, you mentioned seminary, you were a pastor and a gospel singer, so you took it to the max there. So, so what I mean, what, what caused the transformation?

3 (9m 25s):
The actual moment of transformation is when I was actually preaching one day and I looked over and I, in my mind, I said, who the hell am I to be talking to these people? You know, like I’ve never lived a life that I would consider that I could even give any wisdom or whatever.

2 (9m 42s):
Hey, Robert is Robert. It doesn’t stop shelling Coles in the States.

3 (9m 48s):
Yeah. And, and also there’s something else that was inside me that saying you’re meant for something different than this. So I left, as I said, a half year away from my masters and I left and I started quite honestly, I started working and I created an advertising firm in Toronto called in your face media, which then kind of moved towards creating adult stuff. And then I started working with Python. Yeah.

3 (10m 28s):
And went back then even, they were like, you know, this is what you did, but what I, well, what this, if anything has taught me is that, especially in this industry is that you need is, is I treat people with respect and with kindness to everybody. And I look at it this way and I said this to many people, you know, it’s like, I don’t see anybody is any better than me or worse than me. And if you think that you’re better, I’m going to knock you down. If you think you’re worse, I’m going to pull you up and help you. Nice. And if you think that we’re the same, then you and I are going to be friends and I’ve kind of done that.

3 (11m 10s):
And it’s going to help me to be the person I am. I mean, after this many years, and I think I’m pretty much one of the longest, yeah, I’ve never done a poll, but after all these years, I can’t really think of anybody that I would say is my enemy.

2 (11m 25s):
You’re one of, you’re one of the longest, that’s still alive.

3 (11m 30s):
Well, let’s stop push that thought, but I even as a set, but after all these years, I don’t have any enemies. And that’s something to be said, especially in this industry, because when you’re on webmaster boards as well, there’s always fighting and bickering and problems and things like that. And, and I tried to lead with, you know, just helping people out and growing and being an example of, of, of what people should be. And I, and I don’t just think of business. I think about people too, this industry, people say, you know, a Hocking, you work in it for so long.

3 (12m 13s):
And it’s like, the question really is, is how can you be with your family for this long, you know, because these people are my family. And I feel it when somebody leaves. And I feel that when somebody dies in this family and you know that as well, I feel people’s pain and, and I feel their success as well. And I’m, I’m so thankful that I’ve been at least able to help people become better at their jobs and give them any type of assistance whatsoever, because it just, it helps the whole industry grow to be, to be better when you have good people.

3 (12m 59s):
They’re not, not just your people that go down to the trade shows and get drunk and do whatever stuff they shouldn’t do, but to have some type of a, of a good reputation and, and do business. Right. And I think that’s kind of what helps, what helped me is just develop that type of character.

2 (13m 22s):
No, you’re a family man with a wife and five kids. Wow. Wow. Now, how do you balance your home life with working in the adult industry? And does your family know what you do? They must by now? Not everybody. I mean,

3 (13m 41s):
My, my dad won. I mean, he was, he passed away a little over a year ago and I remember telling him a while back, and this is a very deep spiritual religious man Baptist. And he just kinda looked at me and it was more like, well, you don’t actually produce or are in any of the stuff, are you? And I was like, are you kidding me? Look at me. And I said, I’m on the executive level. I’m, you know, I help make the decisions. I do the marketing and all that stuff. And he was like, okay. So, you know, you’re not really part of it. And he goes, I guess it’s kind of like just going into a seven 11 or grocery store and there’s magazines on the shelf doesn’t mean that the guy behind the counter and the cashier is a porn, you know, a bird or something like that.

2 (14m 32s):
It was just, he was, he was justifying it to himself. Robert.

3 (14m 36s):
Yeah, that’s probably true. But I got to at least admit that he took it well and he was supportive and, you know, we never really talked much about it back after that. Obviously my wife know, my kids know all they know, you know, cause they’re too young. And so they just know that dad’s on the computer and he knows how to do stuff. And it scares the crap out of them because I know more than them on the computer and it should be the other way around. Yeah. Yeah. So my son, especially, he’s like, you know, how did you find that out about me? Or, you know, I’ll, I’ll pull something out or also, you know, I type into Dawson.

3 (15m 17s):
I figured out the pro. And so I send him a message on his computer. I was like, how the hell did you do that? So stick with me kid. Yeah. But as I said, people do know about it. I’m not ashamed of it. I mean, I’m not ashamed of my family and its product, like any other. And you know, if you’re not proud of what you do, then you’re ashamed. And if you’re ashamed, why yeah. You know, you don’t want people like that around you. I mean, if they’re constantly looking at you negatively, then why bother you’re life is too short to be having, you know, being, being scared of what other people think about you be yourself.

3 (15m 59s):
And if people can’t handle the truth and they shouldn’t really be your friends and

2 (16m 4s):
It’s a wonderful industry, as you said, the people are wonderful. I say the same thing. It’s my family, the events are like family reunions. So yeah. Yeah. If you, if you can’t like this industry, I don’t know if you can like an industry now you were around in the early days of our industry, you must have some wild convention war stories from the past. I’d love to hear.

3 (16m 29s):
Well, I started in the early nineties and I remember, and I just told you this a short time ago and I was being interviewed on CPC in Canada. And they asked me a similar question. And I could tell that the audience, which was actually, there’s a percentage of them that was in the adult industry, from Canada, listening in and you know, people love to hear stories that are going on. And so I remember telling them right off the bat, I said, you know, imagine going to Vegas and you see, you know, and you’re, you’re a tourist and you see all the wonderful flashing and blinking lights and the light shows going on and the whole thing, and everybody’s going it was like, the good announcer was like, yeah, yeah, yeah.

3 (17m 19s):
And I said, okay, so you’ve got all of these tourists running around, snapping pictures of the lights and the trade and all that stuff going on said, now imagine you’re the poor bastardize to go around and change all the light bulbs. That’s me. There comes a point in time when you don’t even want to see another light bulb mush. Let’s talk about a light bulb.

2 (17m 40s):
I’m so over I’m so over Vegas.

3 (17m 43s):
Yeah. So yeah, I mean, there was, there was a time I remember a long time ago and is still, is about, on some of the boards where there was a cam company that wanted to expand. And I told them, I said, if you just let me do what I have to do, I’ll guarantee you in three months that everybody will talk about you. So I found a guy that was the most hated on the boards. And I offered for him to come up to Toronto and we found Landy Barbie, who’s working with vivid, absolutely stunning girl. And we told them, it’s like, you get here, we’ll dress you up.

3 (18m 23s):
And you can basically fucker. And if you can do the money shot, then there you go. And I’ll set you up with in the, in, in an actual movie. But if you can’t, then she’s going to take a strap on and fuck you up the ass. Oh my God. And that’s the deal.

2 (18m 45s):
I have a, I have a feeling, I have a feeling, I know how this came out.

3 (18m 49s):
You got it. Yeah. You know exactly where this is going. Well, sure enough. He got up there and couldn’t do it. I even had five girls around him, you know, for motivation. And I mean, does, if Lonnie Barbie wasn’t enough and sure enough, he couldn’t do it. And prior to that, I had him on radio shows and all that stuff. He was talking to Ron, Jeremy and Jenna Jameson, and all these people I had arranged with, with some people to do that. And we were giving them advice and the whole thing built a write up the owners. They were like, you know, no matter where they went from the airport to Vegas, that’s all that they talked about was the show.

3 (19m 29s):
And he couldn’t get it up and years after that, you know, he still blames me for setting him up for it. Okay. I got to know who this is, what his name? Laurence Connor. I remember that name. Yeah. Yeah. You would. Because that’s what I mean. And that, that happened probably about 15, 17 years ago. And you still remember the name?

2 (19m 53s):
I thought it might be. I thought it might be bad dog or something.

3 (19m 59s):
Yeah. He’s a great man.

2 (20m 1s):
That makes one of us. But anyway, go ahead.

3 (20m 5s):
The actual memory I have is I was personally invited to go to the Playboy manager when I was out in LA. I didn’t have a ticket. And I remember the one that people came out to you and said, it wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t there. So I got there and it was, it was wonderful there, Martina Warren, who’s an absolutely stunning woman. We apparently have. We had the same last name and she was sick and tired of getting harassed. So then we went around telling each other, telling other people that we were husband and wife. And so people would back off for her.

3 (20m 45s):
And so she was my American wife at the time. Oh God. And we went to the mansion together and I played on, I played on half stable. I met half himself. And then later on in the evening, Mark, from too much that we just talked about him. And I sat out on the front steps of the Playboy mansion, smoking weed. Why not? And to me, that is just, just sticks in my mind.

2 (21m 18s):
That’s a good one. That’s a good one. That’s a good one. They start, they stopped doing the Playboy tour of course, a few years ago when they sold the mansion. And I went to my first Dell, I went to my first ever LA show. Last January. I had I being in this wonderful weather in Thailand. I’m not too motivated to come out for winter shows, but this year, last year I did. And I’m like, but I got to, I got to tour Playboy. And that was kind of fun.

3 (21m 49s):
That’s really cool. It is a great place. I had a lot of fun, although there was a lot of crazy stuff going on. I mean, this is the fun thing. Mark was noticing that there is these whole bunch of Playboy models all standing around me. And I had my phone out and there was a bunch of guys that, you know, obviously there, you know, guys who are just like so shy of talking to beautiful women and I’m sitting there, I got like five girls around me or something like that. And they’re going, what is, what is the legacy doing that? He’s got all these girls running them and Mark just kinda sneaks up and looks over my shoulder. And he’s, he sees me sitting there showing the girls, my, my family photos.

3 (22m 31s):
Oh yeah. I’m talking about my kids and they’re all going. Oh,

2 (22m 35s):
Oh, of course. Oh, look it. Look, if you want to, if you want, if you, if you want to appeal to two to women, show them, show them kids and show them pets. That’s that’s what you do. Yes. Yes. Well, we got it. We got a big family of four doggies as you well know. So there are several companies out there that you help put on the map. Why didn’t you leave those companies and start your own consulting firm?

3 (23m 6s):
That’s a very good question. I know. That’s why I asked it. That’s why you asked it. They’re the companies that are out there that I’ve helped. There’s different types of companies in this industry, any industry, as you know, there’s the account-based company, which is basically a company that’s run by accountants. Right. And everything is know penny pinching. You know, you can’t spend on anything. You got to do everything for free. And then they bitch at you because you know, why isn’t this happening faster? And in that type of environment, creativity.ice, because just being cheap, you know, it’s always the cheapest or nothing.

3 (23m 53s):
Then there’s the micromanaged based companies where, you know, the, the guys sitting there or the girl, what whoever is just like right over you and they’re micromanaging every part of you. And that shows a level of mistrust. Yeah. And it’s, to me, it’s kind of like, well, if you, if you hire this person and you don’t trust them to do their job, then why, then, then it’s your fault for hiring people that you don’t

2 (24m 23s):
Well, that’s, that’s also a personality deficit of some, some people that are just super controlling and type a personalities. Yeah. Well, I’m type a, but I’m not controlling, but there you go. Yeah.

3 (24m 36s):
In that particular situation, again, creativity dies because anytime you bring up something, bam, you know, it’s just micromanaged. It’s not their idea. Yeah, exactly. Then you’ve got like the self-absorbed sexually based company where the creativity dies. If the ideas don’t come from the boss and you’re useless. And then there are other situations, unfortunately, where it’s like, if you don’t sleep with a boss, you’re fired, you know, and I’ve seen that. And I don’t know. I hope you haven’t, but you have you’ll know what I’m talking about.

2 (25m 16s):
No, not really.

3 (25m 18s):
I see in situations where girls who’ve gone down to, let’s say Florida wherever, and if they didn’t, then they didn’t get their passport or the ticket to go back home and people had to scurry around and collect money to be able to send them back home.

2 (25m 32s):
You’re talking about models. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

3 (25m 35s):
So not just models, I’m talking about actual sales reps. Yeah.

2 (25m 41s):
Oh, sure, sure. No, obviously that stuff goes on. No two ways about it.

3 (25m 47s):
Yeah. And, and so if anybody, like, for example becomes in the, in the limelight and it looks as though, you know, that’s kind of what you want is you want a person who’s, they’re going to be the spokesperson for the company, especially when you’re on a message forever. And you know, you associate that person with that company. Well, if the boss is so self-absorbed that they don’t like it when somebody else is there, because then it’s like, well, you know, if the, then, then it’s going to like volatile because then, Oh, well that person’s just going to start demanding more money because without them, the company is going to fail.

3 (26m 28s):
So then they let them go, whatever. So that’s kind of, that’s another type of company. Then there’s the BFF based company where the boss just hires as best buddies, family, the whole thing. And you know, you come in and if you’re not part of that group, then you know, you’re, you’re on an outcast all the time and career creativity on that situation dies because, you know, you’re not one of the boys kind of a thing. Sure. And that really can hurt. And then, and then there’s something I call the reverse pyramid based company where normally companies are structured where the ownership is at the top and everybody falls down below.

3 (27m 19s):
But if you can actually switch that over and have it so that the, the ownership is helping and serving and giving the tools that are needed to the base, then that is what is the best thing, because then everybody wins, but it’s too rare. Yeah. And you know, a good manager serves and not, and does not dictate to employees. And I, I don’t know how else to say it. I mean, I’ve always told people, you know, it’s like, how do you manage these?

3 (28m 2s):
People’s like a good man, a good manager or management happens when you’re not there. Yeah. If you can train them well enough and giving them the tools and the abilities you shouldn’t, you could walk away for, let’s say a trade show and know that the company is going to run and the decisions will be made the proper way and you shouldn’t have to worry, but that doesn’t happen all the time. And you know that right. And you know, you got, you need to be part of a place where each employee is a valued member of a team. And so,

2 (28m 38s):
So you’ve been in the industry obviously for a long time. Do you have any mentors or in addition to that, anyone you’d like to meet that you haven’t,

3 (28m 50s):
As far as mentors they’ve either died or left?

2 (28m 54s):
Well, you can, you can, you can mention them.

3 (28m 57s):
Yeah, no, there, when I first started out, I mean, yeah, there was Bob rice and a few others that were, that were my mentors. And nowadays I really, it’s not that I don’t have a men. I know I really don’t have any mentors that helped me along. But anytime that I’m with a place it’s, it’s more of, I tell them right off the bat, it’s not that I know everything about the industry, but I sure as hell know the people who do yup. And the key is networking. And if you can network yourself out and know the people, then you can, if you’re stuck in a situation, you can call somebody up and it’s like, Hey, you know, I need some help with this or that.

3 (29m 44s):
And give it to you, which is very rare in the cult when it comes to business. I mean, we’re asking you sit there and call up a competitor or somebody from another company’s like, Hey, could you help me out? That’s where the family comes in. So yeah, I’ve got people that I can, that I call up, like rock hard and you know, others where, you know, in Mark as well that I talked to where I can just sit there and say, Hey, can you know, I, I need a little help in this area just to kind of clarify something. But as far as a mentor, no, I they’ve. They’ve either passed away or, or just aren’t in the industry anymore.

3 (30m 27s):
The people that I’d like to meet the, you know, even back then, I’ve pretty much met everybody that I would want to meet today. I would say that there’s one model and this is going to sound really strange. I don’t get, I’m not hooked on models or anything like that. I don’t watch a lot, but there’s one person who I think when they do their show or they do their, their clips or whatever, they’re so believable. And that’s, that’s somebody called Zev bell-ringer and I just, I, whenever I’ve seen anything of her, you just feel as though you’re right there, you know, like she really does POV and everything extremely well.

3 (31m 15s):
And I think Jean she’d be the only person that I would want to meet just to be able to say good job.

2 (31m 23s):
So she really rings. So you’re saying she really rings your bell. Huh? How could I not come on? How could I, not now there’s a lot of talk right now about the legal issues with many tube sites, namely porn hub that New York times column by Christoph was a pretty devastating. And obviously how it affects the industry. There’s been, I, I saw notes from that Canadian parliament joke of a situation the other day. Now over the years, I’m sure you’ve seen highs and lows. Can you comment a little more on the past and where you see the industry?

3 (32m 6s):
Yeah. This situation with poor home PornHub and in all of the other tubes, it’s kind of a, it’s kind of getting an adjustment readjusting. The, the way porn is looked at on the net. I mean, we’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the years. I remember when I bill screwing up and people were losing money, like crazy and a whole bunch of other things. And then even when tube started coming into the, or was like, well, porn is dead now. Right.

2 (32m 42s):
Remember the whole, wherever the whole, the whole passport explosion. Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah.

3 (32m 47s):
I mean, it’s just, it’s almost as though every year, every other year, there’s something out there that it’s like, well, we’re all gonna die now. You know, porn’s going to die. Yeah,

2 (32m 58s):
No, no, no. Never

3 (33m 1s):
The companies that are creative. And that’s what I keep. I went back to that list of the various companies and how it relates to creativity because the companies that survive are the ones that allow creativity rather than just copying other companies. Yes. And that happens so, so much, you know, somebody gets a great idea, they do it. And then everybody else, just because they don’t have creativity, they just steal their idea and do it on theirs. And then everybody sits around and waits a long time ago. It was, you know, what people were asking me, what’s the next thing in, in the adult thing.

3 (33m 44s):
And it was like, well, you know, we’ve kind of reached our limit because we’ve gone beyond technology. And until technology can catch up to us, we’re going to be stale. You know, we’re just going to be, you know, basically standing around, waiting for them to, to catch up. And then, and then we can move ahead together. I think that’s happening now because I mean, even talking about Elon Musk and everybody trying to implant chips into our head and getting technology a different way and being able to see a virtual, virtual reality in a totally different way.

3 (34m 25s):
So very similar to the matrix. Right. And that’s not too far away. I mean, he wants to do those chips in a year and they’re available. So if we can create, remember the movie brainstorm from in the eighties, I do not. Okay. It’s a movie, it’s a movie about where somebody puts on this head gear and you can actually copy somebody’s visual and feelings in it. And somebody created a porn movie and it was on it like just, you know, on the side. But the whole premise of the movie was, you know, somebody died, they had the helmet on and then you could take a trip and see what they saw when they died, brilliant movie.

3 (35m 8s):
But that type of technology where you can actually sense and feel what’s happening is going to be coming up. That’s going to be the big boost as far as for the industry itself in the past. Yeah. I mean, we all bitched and complained when tube started coming out. And at that time I started telling people, it’s like, you know what, adapt, this is, use it to your

2 (35m 33s):
Advantage after Diane many died.

3 (35m 36s):
Yeah. Many and the ones who adopted, well, guess what, everybody started putting banners on it and started uploading their videos. And guess what, that’s now you look and it’s like, the majority of their traffic comes from tube sites, PornHub premium, you know, and do very well with that. Yeah. It, it, it didn’t, it, it really hurt the people that had solo sites, but there was this massive flood of, of, of that. Plus there’s an increase of webcams too. But now, now that something’s happening to the tube sites, now everybody’s scrambling around going, what do we do?

3 (36m 17s):
And it’s like, well, how bout what happened before tube sites? Were there

2 (36m 23s):
Be creative, be creative? I always tell people, be creative, come up, do something that’s better than everybody else. And you’ll succeed. And really it’s the same advice you should give people in any business.

3 (36m 35s):
Exactly. And that’s, and that’s the problem is that, you know, if somebody’s not being creative or if somebody falls into those categories before, and this goes back, I think originally I hope I answered your question as to why was leaving certain companies. It was either because I had finished what I felt as though I needed to be done or two, they were part of one of those kind of companies. And it was just, I can’t move on with that. Or three, the creativity was so dead that I just would have been just another.in the flock and I couldn’t take it anywhere. So why bother? You know, I’m just not going to sit there and collect a paycheck for doing nothing.

2 (37m 16s):
That’s why I don’t work for, that’s why I don’t work for anybody buddy now. And I know you’ve done your share consulting as well, and that that’s been your main thing for a long time now. I’m sure somebody like you receives lots of job offers, and it’s probably going to give me a similar answer, but how do you decide which ones to take?

3 (37m 39s):
I remember, I remember back in December, I had like five or six offers. If I can see the potential, if I can visualize the potential of where they can be is one thing. Number two, I look at the type of ownership in the people that I’m working with. If, if they do show themselves as being somebody that I can work with and I feel comfortable with, and they have that type of personality that will grow with success, then that’s good.

3 (38m 24s):
I mean, ultimately at the end of the day, and this is probably because of my age, I mean, family is, is really, really important to me. Sure. And I don’t know how much longer I got in this industry or even from myself, but I have to make sure that the stress level, and I want to be able to enjoy what I’m doing. If I end up where I’m not going to enjoy something, have fun with it, not doing it. I don’t need that anymore. I mean, I was taking jobs back then just to survive

2 (38m 59s):
Now at some point in our life.

3 (39m 1s):
Yeah. And then there comes a point in your life where it’s kind of like, you know what families are important spending time with your kids. I remember somebody, I can’t say his name, but I remember somebody saying he was ready to go on a trip. And then his kid was just like, we never spent any time together. And then they realized that they’re missing out on the kids’ childhood because they’re working so hard. Yeah. And I don’t want to be stressed out and overwhelmed in a negative way because that affects my family and it doesn’t do me any good health wise. Yeah. So if I accept a job, then it’s, it’s something that, you know, all those categories have to fit in place.

3 (39m 49s):
And yeah.

2 (39m 51s):
Great. Now your latest project is my cam match.com. It’s a, yeah. It’s a relatively new company. And maybe you can tell us a little bit more about that and why you chose it.

3 (40m 4s):
Well, that’s, that’s the funny thing, the, the points that I mentioned in the backer were what was here. I’m relatively new being in the past, like year or two, the, the idea of this thing, it’s kind of like a social network for models and for users. And I think one of the reasons why I took it is because it was so unique as like, it was literally one of a kind and I loved the, the creativity. And especially in this industry after, you know, as you mentioned at the beginning that I’ve been around longer for a long period of time.

3 (40m 51s):
I don’t see any companies that break ground. Yeah. Just like, wait a minute. I haven’t, who is your competition? Well, there isn’t any, because it’s never been done. Sure. And I’m like, wow, that, that is what got me right off the bat. So in it models come in, they fill out their profile. Bam. They immediately are introduced or have the ability because there’s the users that are on the site are members of various campsites up to like about 16 or something right.

3 (41m 33s):
Of the top campsites that are out there. Cool. So all these users get in there, there is a rewards program for the users. That’s actually more money than any, than any campsite, you know, a couple of campsites put together and it’s kind of like, you know, your rewards program, like your air miles. So the users come in and they can, they can do a searching on the profiles. So, you know, if you go into a campsite or whatever, and you start doing the surgeon’s gone age or whatever, you’re very limited. And you get, you know, you get a slew of like 80 something pages.

3 (42m 15s):
And it’s really hard to find, you know, you gotta go through all the pages and all the pages and you know, that kind of stuff here, the questioning and the, the, the model, or define the model, it’s much more selective to your tastes because they ask a lot more questions. Sure. So you go through, and then all of a sudden, now there’s a small handful or, or less than that, of models that fit exactly the profile you want, which is great because it was a good time saver. And because these models are on all, a lot of the platforms out there, so you click on one and it could be from gender-based, you click on another, it could be, you know, MyFreeCams, whatever.

3 (43m 2s):
So it’s not like we’re, we’re showing favoritism to any campsite. We’re showing the ism to the girls because the more they fill out on their profile as to what they like, the easier it’s going to be to be able to find a user that spend money on them. This is where it benefits the girls, because the girls are always, you know, they waste a lot of their times talking to guys. And it’s like, after a while, it’s like, Oh, I don’t like that. And then they take off we’re here. It’s like, when you get a user that actually likes what you like, then you have a little bit more of a relationship and a connection, right. Not to mention that the guy’s now got more rewards on top of the money he was already going to spend.

3 (43m 47s):
Hmm. Okay. So that benefits the girls. And we all know that when you’re sitting there and you’re, you’re a cam model, male or female, what is the most important thing that you should be told is develop a relationship with your client, with your user, right. That’s what’s going to make you money is developing relationship. How were, and then how are relationships developed? Well, based upon interests, common interests. So if you have a site that actually has more of the questions that would match up those common interests, then you’re going to have not only a good discussion, somebody that you like, who likes what you like, but you’re also going to have a member who’s probably going to be, you know, a long time member spending a lot more money on you.

3 (44m 46s):
Sure. On the guy side, it’s like, Hey, I like a girl. I got a girl now who likes what I like. And I don’t have to sit there and waste my time three hours going through all these multiple pages and asking questions and sitting in chat rooms and listening to her, having her taking off or 20 minutes to go on a private session or whatever. And then I got to sit around and wait to see as to whether she likes what I like. So it cuts the time down us. And when you do find the person, you like, guess what? You got the reward points. Like, you know, like, as I mentioned before, so it’s, win-win on both sides and with the girls they’re sitting there and if they’re on page 30, you know, they’re not going to get a lot of traffic down there at that level.

3 (45m 38s):
So it’s like, you know, like you had a Twitter and I can go here, you know? And then you got to spend so much time being able to build traffic up. Right? Well, here, the traffic is kind of sitting there because the people that, number one, you’re trying to build a relationship for. You have more connections, but at the same time, you have more users, more traffic now. So that on the site that can book a private session with you. Right, right. On the site. So I can all go here. Okay. I want to have a private one-on-one Benbow boom. Then they can message you. And then two of you can connect and they go to whatever campsite you’re a part of and start spending money.

1 (46m 22s):
Sounds like a plan. Well, Hey, Robert, I’d like to thank you again for being our guest today on adult site, broker talk, and I hope we’ll get a chance to do it again.

3 (46m 32s):
I hope so too. I hope so too. It’s been great talking to you, my friend, and it’s also been great knowing you for so many years, and I applaud you for your success and all of the great work you’re doing to contribute to the family, to the industry. And I’ve really enjoyed my time here with you. I really appreciate it.

1 (46m 53s):
Likewise, my broker tip today is part five of how to buy a website. Last week, we talked about how to determine the value of a website, how to negotiate the sale and how to get to the point of drawing up an agreement. So now you’re talking to your attorney and you’re having them draft an agreement. What should be in it? Well, your attorney will guide you through the legal side, but here are some considerations to keep in mind from a buying standpoint, what is the date you’d like to close? Make sure you know, that you’ll have the money to either pay the deposit or the entire amount of the purchase by that date, I’ve had buyers who aren’t ready and that just causes issues. In fact, I’m going through some of that right now with a couple of my deals, make sure that all of the assets you’re purchasing are in that agreement, such as every domain included in the sale processing and payment accounts, relationships with vendors, all records, including two, two, five, seven docs software to run the sites and any other assets such as source code for the sites.

1 (47m 58s):
Of course it should spell out any payment schedule. If there is one who’s responsible for closing costs, such as paying for escrow. And there are always terms that are unique to yours and the seller situation, this assumes you’re the party responsible for drawing up the agreement. If the seller is drawing up the agreement, then it’s important that you express all of this to your legal representative so they can check the seller’s agreement and see if any changes are necessary. We’ll talk about this subject more next week and next week, we’ll be talking to our first ever returning guest on adult site, broker talk, adult performer, Lance Hart.

0 (48m 40s):
And that’s it on this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank our guest Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

Speaker 0 (0s): This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we’ll be talking with Dan Hogue.

Speaker 1 (35s): Adult Site Broker is proud to announce a ASB Cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage with ASB Cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry, a Texas Supreme court justice question. Long-standing interpretations of section two 30 liability protections last week, while hearing a case that deliberately tests the exception to the so-called first amendment of the internet that was carved out by foster Acessa.

For alleged instances of human trafficking, the Texas Supreme court is hearing the case after a Harris County district judge and a Houston appellate court rejected Facebook’s argument. That section two 30 explicitly shields online platforms from liability for content posted by third party uploaders lawyers for the three plaintiffs, three women, and only identified as Jane Doe’s who alleged they were victims of human trafficking.

As miners claim that Facebook would be liable under the exception to section two 30 immunity created in 2018 by foster sista. The lawyer is alleged. Facebook is liable because it provided the platform that resulted in there being trafficked legal site law three 60, report it, the accused Facebook of negligence, gross negligence and violations of a Texas anti-trafficking law passed in 2009 law three 60 reported according to the new site, the justices in the Texas Supreme court questioned during oral arguments yesterday, whether section two 30 is applicable.

If the allegation is that Facebook provided an unrestricted platform for predators to exploit extort and recruit children into the sex trade tech to Supreme court justice. Debra Lurman a Republican took aim at section two 30 protections when questioning Facebook’s immunity, because it may have failed to warn users of the dangers of sex trafficking. One of the Jane Doe’s allegations Lerman highlighted during her questioning of Facebook’s is not about the published statement, but about the failure of the company to warn that this could load this could lead to violent sexual behavior, a lawyer for the Jane Doe’s Warren Harris also cited an October, 2020 descent from Supreme court justice, Clarence Thomas in the malware bytes versus enigma software group case Thomas surprised legal observers by using that dissent to openly criticize section two 30 an advocate for his reform, a militant active judicial advocacy from the highest bench that inserted the justice into an ongoing debate.

That is the constitutional purpose

Speaker 2 (3m 41s): of the legislative branch democratic

Speaker 1 (3m 46s): Us representative RO Khan of California

Speaker 2 (3m 49s): Has announced he is playing

Speaker 1 (3m 50s): To reintroduce a bill to study the effects that foster assess their legislation has had on sex workers, safety rights and issues. Connor told the Capitol Hills new site, the roll call that the bill, which he first introduced during the last Congress and was supported by Elizabeth Warren in the Senate was inspired by what he saw as a lack of representation of sex worker voices in the legislative process. There’s no politician who gains political currency for standing up for the voices of sex workers con have said, they’re not a voting block.

They’re not a donor block lobbyists. Don’t represent them on Capitol Hill and they were just totally shut out. They were simply invisible roll call, also interviewed sex workers advocate. Kate Adiamo a partner with the organization, reframe health and justice, who explained that there are so many people advocating for the criminalization of the sex industry, whether it’s law enforcement or religious movements, folks who think they can criminalize the sex industry out of existence.

They have people on the Hill meeting with offices regularly and sex workers. Don’t DIA Damo said sex worker advocates have pointed out that their voices and experiences are crucial to frame the current bipartisan debates on making further changes to section two 30 protections. Foster assess two was conceived as the section two 30 exemption and drafted by religiously inspired, Midwestern Republicans like representative and Wagner or Missouri, who said it was the most effective way to ensure website can no longer traffic children within punity con his bill from last year was called the assessed to foster examination of secondary effects for sex workers study act and would have required the department of health and human services to conduct a study on sex workers, health and safety, particularly how they’ve been affected by the 2018 passage of foster Acessa last month roll call reported sex groups signed a letter for more than 70 organizations to the Biden administration and Congress warning that further changes to section two 30 would do more to already at risk communities than it would to embattled social media companies, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The organization’s recommended passing is bill to study the effects of foster sister before making any fundamental changes to section two 30 protections. Now let’s feature our property the week that’s for sale at adult side, broker adult say, broker is proud to list for sale. A network of two mainstream dating sites. The websites are currently run on someone else’s system. Unfortunately, that company will go out of business at the end of March because of this, the owner decided to sell the website at a very reasonable price.

If the company is not sold by the end of March, the sites will migrate to a new platform and the price will go up to a more reasonable valuation. The sites get their traffic from the UK, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands and New Zealand, both are mainstream flirt, chat websites with credit monetization on a pay per message basis. They have a loyal customer base of 27,000 plus real members with many customers still active from 2017.

Some have spent more than 10,000 euros. The average customer spends 450 euros. The sites have very steady recurring revenue with very low overhead and a proven ROI of 900% on every Euro spent on affiliate marketing. These sites have room to grow from where they are now. The weekly upkeep of the sites requires very little time and most of the work consists of promoting the sites to bring in new customers and tease the existing 27,000 plus strong member database.

Many great markets are yet untapped for these sites, but could easily be added such as Germany, France, and the USA. Thanks to the non adult nature. You can easily promote them via Google and email. You can buy these two great sites now for only 484,000 euros. The price is going to go up to 632,000 euros after March 31st. Now time for this week interview my guest today on adult site.

Broker talk is Dan Hoke, director of operations at porn star platinum and trans erotica. Hey Dan, thanks for being with us today on adult side, broker talk, happy to be here, Bruce and happy to have you. Now Dan started in 1998 in the amateur market with his then wife and had the first swinging couple site on the internet. Dan morph this into starting a cam network with other amateurs. And then he rolled that into one of the top cam companies. One of the early camp companies, cam Z, which specialized in cam shows for amateurs and porn stars to broadcast shows on their members areas.

Dan spent 15 years in the cam business and one best live cam site from ex-business as well as an industry pioneer award for innovations in live camps. Dan is now director of operations. As I said at porn star platinum and trans erotica. He’s heavily involved in the channels management for porn stars. After 23 years in business, Stan is still actively involved in the industry and he’s loving every minute of it. Now, now, Dan, why don’t you tell us how you got started in the industry and maybe a little bit more about your background,

Speaker 3 (9m 36s): Both too. It’s got, got a funny story. Actually. We were my wife and I were my then wife and I were in the lifestyle. We were swingers and we were, we were out on a adult friend finder trying to hook up with people and we happened to meet this girl, Abby and her husband. And they suggest we meet at a local swingers club. And when we, we were then living in Kansas city at the time on the Kansas side,

Speaker 1 (10m 8s): Swingers and Kansas city. Yeah, that’s a hard one. That’s a hard one to figure.

Speaker 3 (10m 14s): There are so many swingers and alternative lifestyle clubs out there. My son still lives out there actually. He’s he, he is a security for a couple of fetish clubs out there. And he’s also a Tom now, but he’s like 39 now. So he’s like,

Speaker 1 (10m 31s): Oh geez. I remember him when he was a kid.

Speaker 3 (10m 34s): Yeah, I know. Right. Well, I had them when I was 16. So as a single parent at 18 years old custody, a hundred percent custody. So wow. I started young, but it was back then. We, you know, we really didn’t, we didn’t know about swinger clubs. We, you know, we knew of them, but we were kind of intimidated and going, you know, they had that predisposition of, Oh, you know, we don’t want to mix with, you know, those people, you know, we didn’t know anything about it. We just made assumptions that were totally without merit anyways.

So this girl and her husband suggested we meet at one of the clubs. And so we said, okay, why not? And we went and we ended up having a fucking great time. It was phenomenal. And we, we ended up back in their room and she made the statement. Would you like to shoot pictures for my website? And I was like, sure. And looked at my wife. And she said, sure, why not be fun? And it, and a light bulb went off in my head that this was a great ice breaker.

Like, you know, when you first meet somebody, you know, there’s maybe some awkwardness at times, you know, you’re not sure and blah, blah, blah, especially for us, as you know, we weren’t used to this type of meeting people in the lifestyle. We, we were more like I used to turn her term, associate passes swingers. We would hit on our friends who were not necessarily in the lifestyle and kind of try to get them to, to party with us. But in this situation though, that light bulb went off in my head and I’m like, wait a minute.

What, you know, afterwards, you know, we had our fun and we took some pictures and you know, and she showed us their website and stuff like this. And I’m like, you gotta tell me more about this. I want to know more. And so she ended up introducing us to her webmaster and I was immediately like, we’re going to do this. My wife was like, yes, let’s do it. And so we immediately started talking to some of our, we started going to this class all the time.

We ended up building up a great group of people. We had like 10 couples, 15 couples in Kansas city, including, I don’t know if you remember Anna and Bruce from, for real swingers. And they, and you know, a bunch of other couples, we would just end up hanging out all the time. And we started shooting pictures with our friends and it was, it was so much fun that we just ended up they and Bruce AKA Bush and Karen, they, they actually wanted their face swirled out because they didn’t want their face on the internet.

And then they saw the first check of, of our web. Just say it after the first week we did, like, I know it was like 2,500 bucks our first week we opened. And so I was like, okay. They were like, wait, wait, what is this? How do you do this? And next thing, you know, they’re opening up their websites. And we teamed up for a little while and we started building websites for all these couples on the, that we hung out with. And we, we had, we had trips and we would take up, we would take over a hotel down in, you know, Bennett Springs and we’ve gone float trips.

It was just a blast. And we had so much fun and we kind of started reaching out to other amateurs. And I bought a domain called barmy.com. And we started having bar meets across the country, started meeting people like Oasis and Jen and Dave, and you know, other people in different parts of the country, we’ve set up little, get togethers and stuff like that. We had, we had them in Kansas city with Carol Cox coming into town. We had ended up having an orange Louisiana on the radio station.

And it was a lot of fun back in those days, but that’s, that’s pretty much how we got started. And then it was, it was the, the beginning of the end, so to speak was when, cause we were in a very conservative area. Kansas is not necessarily known for, even though there’s a few huge LGBT community and swinger community is very conservative. As you can imagine, especially back in the, you know, 2000 turn of the century, we ended up going on the radio station with Carol Cox and two other couples.

And we ended up having an orgy and went out and parts of it went out, live over the air. So we ended up getting out it. So

Speaker 4 (15m 16s): I’m surprised it didn’t end up getting busted.

Speaker 3 (15m 21s): We ended up, some of our pictures were like forced. They told us, Hey, look, you got to blur out the radio station name and all that stuff. And, but anyways, we, we ended up getting out of it. Then you gotta remember, my wife was like, we had children and sure. You know, my son, he might’ve been a little older. He was in high school at the time, I think, but my two daughters were not, they were, you know, nine and six. So they were, my, my wife was very active, you know, in, in brownies and girl Scouts, dance mom.

She was the vice president of the PTO where my Catholic of the Catholic school, where my kids went to school.

Speaker 4 (16m 1s): I’m sure that didn’t go over. Very good. Dare.

Speaker 3 (16m 4s): Yeah. So we got a call from Monsignor, you know, she, he booted her off the, the, the, the PTO and basically half the parents that were like not telling their kids why they could not hang around with our kids anymore, but they couldn’t come over anymore. And we would have, we would literally do. We, we did a very good job of separating our lifestyle and our business from, from the family. Obviously we’re parents, you know, we’re, we’re, we’re diligent in, in not exposing them to things that they shouldn’t be exposed to at a young age, but we were faced then with the dilemma of, of having to deal with that.

And so that’s what we decided to move to Florida to move because the kids were at an age where they could, they, they could tell them that, Oh, you can’t hang around with those kids, but they wouldn’t say why. Right. In a couple of years, they’re going to be able to say why, and they can’t hang around with them. And it was so funny because half the people that we knew were either like shunning us and the other half were like waving enthusiastic

Speaker 4 (17m 14s): Guys.

Speaker 3 (17m 16s): But so that’s, that’s pretty much how I got started in adult and, and really what turned it around into more of a service going into the service side because of how it affected my family. I knew that we could not keep Beth and aaron.com or net couples.com going. And I don’t know if there was any thought at the time. I don’t really remember if there was a thought at the time of longevity of it. You know, we were older than most of the counterparts, you know, we were already in our thirties, God forbid.

Yeah. So we decided to start hosting amateur sites building and, you know, just kind of consulting with them and helping them grow their businesses. So we started amateur hosting to host their sites for free. We started a cam show that would compete with, you know, Danny’s hard, dry, or yeah, Danny’s hard drive. And, you know, Carol Cox at the same time, we can kinda split our ways with Anna and Bruce.

And then, and they started in that work. So we started our cabinet work for amateurs, but we took a little bit of a different approach to it, where they were working. Basically the problem that we had with the amateur cam networks back then was that the people who ran it were really out for themselves and they were looking to siphon as much traffic as they could to their own stuff. Of course. And we always, we always kind of resented that because, you know, we’re, we’re supplying them the content we should all share in the, in the fruits of it equally.

And so the theory behind amateur cams at the time, it was just amateur Khamsi was that we were going to build a network of shows that we all share each other’s one-hour shows and we’re equal all of it, all of its people in that end, we’re going to have a rep share with the people for the money that it does make. And we were going to box it and give it to places like max cash, silver cash, all those old school programs that would buy content for their members area.

And we even did with Leo from now my free cams, but back then he was my free pay site. Right. And, you know, he would put it in his members area as well, and we would share links. And then we had free versions. We had paid versions, but we paid the girls $50, at least $50 back then, that was pretty substantial. It was something other than nothing. Plus we hosted their sites for free on their websites, and then we paid them per show.

And then we would make sure that they would get traffic for their, for their websites as well. Nice. So it was kind of your unique approach that really kind of took off. And we ended up having, you know, 20 to 24 hours a day of live shows sometimes two an hour. And it really was, it was, it owned the amateur market and it was kind of fun back then. I remember. And then when we got lucky with a little program called flash prior to it coming out, we were out courting the diff the developers at Adobe and at the mainstream shows and everything.

And we got an early copy of it, so we could dev it out. And we, you know, we were sending him some amateurs who were horny just to, just to get on these guys’ good side. And we partied with fun and they took really good care of it.

Speaker 5 (21m 6s): Oh, I bet they did.

Speaker 3 (21m 8s): When it came out, we were already ready. So we were the first campsite when we switched over to private cams and we started offering the first version of Khamsi was called private Khamsi when we, when we first hit the switch, we already had the traffic from our plugins and our free version with all the shows. It was instant money for the girls on the network. So they started doing private shows, using flash, no more windows, media, and coder back then it was so cumbersome and big. And it was really hard to, you know, hard for them to grasp where flash was so easy back then, you know, it was like night and day to be able to use, we could, we could save the archives really easy and we could service a lot more people with a lot less servers.

And it was, it was just a breath of fresh air and it was so nice to code and, and friendly to use on the websites. So we kind of blew up with that. We did, we had a hundred percent, 200% growth every year for, I don’t know, five, six years in a row. It was a lot of fun. And then we, especially when we hit Khamsi in about, it was right after 2000, we S we launched in 2000. So it was like 2002, I think, 2003, we launched private cams.

And then I think 2004, 2005, yeah, 2004, I think we went right into KMZ. And that was that’s the, that was the nice run.

Speaker 5 (22m 42s): That was big. That was big. You must have, you must have shed a tear too recently when flash was killed.

Speaker 3 (22m 51s): Yeah. Yeah. It was funny because we were the first one to get it. And the last one to leave, it was probably my downfall when it comes to cams.

Speaker 5 (23m 1s): Yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 3 (23m 3s): Now, yeah, no one else

Speaker 5 (23m 7s): I’m telling you now, what do you feel is the greatest opportunity now for new people coming into the adult industry

Speaker 3 (23m 13s): Certainly has to be the, the, the fan platforms models today have a wonderful opportunity. They have so much power now, more power than even back in the amateur days. You know, amateurs made a lot of money back in the day. You know, it was like they didn’t rely on companies. They relied on other friends, you know, we had friends exchanges and stuff like that. We relied on each other and it’s very similar to today’s market where anybody who has the ability to gain a following and social media can make money on, on the fan platforms.

Yup. And so I think that for, for new people is do whatever it takes to be consistent on those platforms. You know, like that, that opportunity doesn’t come along very often. And the, you know, to see what’s going on with fan platforms is, is a phenomenal thing. And, you know, I see it every day and work with it every day and the amount of money and the amount of opportunity for fans to really get to know and get inside the heads of the performers that they follow.

And the amount of interactions that are available to fans and models is unlike anything outside of having that 24, seven Voyager cams that we used to have. And them actually being able to communicate is wonderful is a wonderful thing and a great opportunity for models these days to monetize.

Speaker 6 (24m 59s): Sure, sure. Now what’s your passion when it comes to our industry

Speaker 3 (25m 4s): Right now, I’m actually getting back into shooting, which is very passionate for me right now, but cool. Just now just thinking about it and getting back in, I’m going to be doing some POV stuff for myself, but my passion has always been cam and it will always be, you know, it’s been really hard the last seven years being outside of the cam game. I mean, there’s been a couple of companies that have contracted for some, you know, like brought me in for some consulting gigs on things.

And I I’ve been blessed to be able to do that and I’ve enjoyed that, but it’s, it is still my passion. I still try to keep up with what’s going on. And in fact, right now we’re working on a, a project in house that’s that does involve a lot of white label stuff, which is for me, the stepping stone is always, you know, a lot of affiliates told me, like how, how do I get into the cam business that everybody wants to be a cam own a cam company.

Right. And I always, my, my, my always my first response was always try being an affiliate first, if you can do white label and you can get enough traffic and enough infrastructure to funnel traffic to your white label to make money on that white label. Well, then you, you start building your traffic network. That’s a great idea. Yeah. And so my passion right now is we are doing that now with not only porn star platinum and trans erotica or platinum has always had a white label and it’s done fairly well.

Especially I got on board with, I was one of the first things I did was examine what they were doing with live cam and, you know, we 10 X the revenue from it and the, but we are now building white labels for three of the companies that I’ve run with. And so I’m excited to build the infrastructure around the funnels, the, you know, taking a look at what jerk, mate’s doing a phenomenal job that they have done, not only on their front end, but their backend infrastructure stuff like that is it’s really something that has my blood flow going, because they’ve done a tremendous thing, the amount of backlinks and blogs and things like that, that they have that have built an infrastructure that is so solid, that kind of stuff really gets me going.

And so to be able to take a look at it, take a look at different models out there for developing traffic to white labels, developing a white label. That makes sense with the right partner that we have. And that right now is something that I really enjoy working on along with the, you know, seven or eight other projects that we have going on. But that one stands out to me as, as the one I’m probably the most passionate about.

Speaker 5 (28m 6s): Hmm. Yeah. You know, pro I probably get more requests from people to buy campsites and just about anything else. And they’re just not out there. It’s just, it’s amazing. Now, what is it that you’re working on right now?

Speaker 3 (28m 23s): Well, outside of the, what I just mentioned, we’re working on upgrading the tech for the membership sites themselves porn star platinum, and trans erotica. For those who don’t know is a, it’s a membership site for official websites for stars and say on the porn star platinum side, you’re talking about like a Laura Jensen, Jenson D Williams and a bunch of others. And so we do not only their official lab sites, but we also have a network site for porn star platinum.

And, and so everything is done on trade. So the girls are getting content that they can feed to their channels, to their, their fan platforms, views it in various ways that they need to monetize that content. They get professionally shot content for free, and they also get another demographic in the sense that they get a website of their own, their official website to display that, you know, to make additional revenue from albeit a lot less than what they’re making on those, some of the, some of those other platforms, but it’s still another source of income.

Sure. But th the key component to that would be they get content, they get steady flow of content that doesn’t cut professionally shot, professionally edited, that doesn’t cost them anything. And that’s probably the biggest benefit to them. So one of the things that we have done to get back to your original question was we’re trying to upgrade the model of the, of the membership site. We need to integrate more technology and more updated forms of making it relevant to the fans, bringing that fan component to it, the integration and hybrid, so to speak of a fan platform within the membership sites.

So we’re, we’re working on technology right now to, to incorporate that into the website so that the girls make more money. They have a little bit more control. They can update, update their wall themselves. They can answer questions and DMS, and they can send out a special customs. They can do whatever the things that they do would normally do on their band stuff. They can do that. We are going to be doing that, especially with trans erotica and porn star platinum. We have, we’re developing, it’s called trans fans with an S I’m getting away no more Zs for me.

And then, but that’s basically what it’s going to be. It’s, it’s basically a hybrid that we’re going to integrate into the websites themselves. So it’s a good, it’s going to, it’s going to help the model be a little bit more substantial as far as revenue possibilities, as well as it, make it more relevant to today’s market and keep up with the time so to speak. And what kind of go ahead. Sorry. Yeah. That’s just one of the things that we’re working on.

Obviously we try to stay ahead of head of the curve. And even though we’re in such a dinosaur market, we still make money. Right. Membership sites. They don’t make the money that they used to, and they may never make the money that they did once did, but they still do make money. We still grow year after year. And so updating those is, is still profitable for us.

Speaker 5 (32m 0s): Well, speaking of money, what kind of money can the stars make on membership sites like trans trans erotica and porn star platinum?

Speaker 3 (32m 12s): Well, obviously it varies from star to star. You know, some have the following, some have the stardom and recognition just like fans, our fans, our fan bases, our fan bases. It also depends you get what you put into it as well as a, as a, a porn star who wants to help with the marketing and help with being a part of it, whether it’s through live shows for those members, or you even helping us promote it or linking to it shooting consistently.

I think the biggest, biggest hurdle for us as a company is getting that the models to be consistent in updates. And because affiliates are very fickle, they don’t necessarily trust the individual personality based websites, right? Because so many times they get abandoned. Whereas companies like porn star platinum will always have updates. Dual stars within porn star platinums may not be so it’s very difficult and it takes some, some reaching out and showing that, Hey, I am involved with this.

You know, I am involved with my, my membership site. For instance, it’s been a breath of fresh share. We, we just, we, we signed a girl by the name of Anna Clara cloud. I don’t know if you’re familiar with her, but she’s an OSI modeling girl. She’s super phenomenal. She’s fucking phenomenal. I really like her. She’s a go getter. She’s very motivated, very together, very business savvy, and just wants to be a part of it once is helping us help her.

And that that’s where it can make, they can make a substantial income. Oh yeah. When they’re helping us help them. And it really makes all the difference for us. It’s very difficult. We have to reach out and always have to try to pull teeth just to get an update. It’s very difficult for us to be motivated to help them. And it’s also something that affiliates notice because we give them usernames and passwords to get in there sometimes and pull some promo that they need for their websites and how they link to it, to their blogs or whatever.

However they’re doing it. It reviews sites, review sites are known torturous for that, right. They want to, they want to get in there and see it. If they see that they’re not updating, well, guess what, they’re going to put out there. They’re going to ping them because they’re not putting out regular updates, of course, or they’re not doing live one hour shows for their members. So that’s probably the biggest hurdle we have with that. But those who do can make, still make, you know, anywhere from two to 6,000 a month down to a couple hundred a month, it really, you know, like those who hustle can do fairly well with them as a secondary source of, of revenue for them.

They’re their primary source of revenue. Let’s face. It is going to be their, their fan platforms. Right? Sure, sure. Most audibles that’s their primary source of revenue, but it’s always good to have some other revenue coming in. You never know when you’re going to get kicked off or, you know, slow paid or, you know, some of them are kind of temperamental. You never know if they’re gonna to

Speaker 7 (35m 32s): Merchant account. Imagine that performer’s temperamental.

Speaker 3 (35m 38s): We all are at some point.

Speaker 5 (35m 40s): Indeed. Indeed. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (35m 43s): I I’m fortunate that I’ve, I’ve worked with some really good people, you know, it’s, I’ve been blessed. Yeah,

Speaker 5 (35m 51s): Absolutely. Now, now tell me about trade content. Why is it so important to your platforms as well as to performers in general?

Speaker 3 (36m 1s): Huge. Now, you know, back when we started this, it was kind of shunned upon, like, why would you want to do that? You know, everybody was like, why would I want to give up, you know, like I’m not getting paid for this shoots. You know, why do I want to do trade content and build a website? And now it’s like, they wished they had done it 10 years ago. Right? We started, we started this eight, eight years ago, nine years ago. Now I think porn star platinum was nine, 10 years ago.

And you know, it was built on the premise of doing trade for the most part. I mean, we did buy some scenes and we still do, but for the most part, all of our content is trade. And it’s even more so relevant now with the fan platforms because the girls need between them many bids and only fans, you know, clips for sale, you know, the, all of the different, you know, loyal fans to all of the different platforms that they have. I want clips and just for fans and everybody of avian stars, you name it.

There are so many options for performers to monetize that it almost becomes overwhelming for them, which we’ll get into later when we start talking about NBC and stuff. But if we, if we ended up going there, but you know, for trade content, we were so far ahead of the game because we started this so long ago when it was really shunned upon. Now it’s a necessity, girls have to do some trade content.

They don’t necessarily have to do with porn star platinum or trans erotica because it ends up, you know, they look at, Oh, it’s a third person, but realistically, the only place that we’re monetizing that content is within our websites, possibly a porn porn hub. If it makes a porn hub with the girls on the network, we’re also putting it out on DVDs and we have a NMG we work with NMG and, and, and those guys to do our distribution. And so we share our revenue with, with the girls on the network for that DVD and distribution revenue, right?

So everything that we do, we share with them, they get 70% of what their site makes and they get their content for free professionally shot. And so for, for it’s a win-win and they’re, let’s face it. The girls are going to make much more money off that content than we ever, but it works for us and it works for them. They get what they, they get what they need, that we get a update for their, for their website and for porn star platinum and or trans erotica.

And, and it helps them feed the many channels and ancillary revenues that they have a revenue streams that they have. So that’s why it’s very, very important today. And I would say that trade is almost become the norm, as opposed to like, there’s so many big stars that are, are saying, okay, I’m only going to do, I’m going to price myself out of so many scenes that, you know, they’re not begging companies now for shoots because they don’t have to, you know, like some of the big stars are saying, I’m just going to do a cup.

I’m going to put my rate at like, you know, $3,500 a scene. And they, they just, there’s only so many companies that can afford that. And they do that basically just enough do one or two a month or whatever it is just to keep themselves relevant and out there from those companies. And they, they basically shooting they’re shooting six days a week trade content with their friends and hiring photographers and, or significant others doing the shooting, investing in equipment that where they can shoot quality content themselves or trading with companies like ours and other trade companies to where they can get a professionally shot content for their other platforms.

And because that’s where their money’s at. Hmm. Nice. It’s it’s no longer waiting for that next paycheck from some company who hires them to, you know, get a one-time pop on a scene, you know, why get 1000 or $1,200 per scene when you could literally make $4,000 from that scene on your own? Sounds good

Speaker 1 (40m 31s): To me now. I think you just kind of referred to it, but you’ve got a new company called new verticals. Tell me about it. Tell me what it does.

Speaker 3 (40m 39s): But we started that with my wife, my then my then wife, Alex Lavelle. She was our social media person for trans Radhika at first. And she came up with a very unique way of doing, doing our Snapchats. We started, we wanted to do a Snapchat takeover. She came up with this great idea to do takeovers, and we do invite stars to come over and do one day of our public Snapchat. And then one day of our private Snapchat.

And they get all, every penny that it made during those five days of promo, we would do three days prior to that promos. They would do promos that they’re going to be on here. And anything that made in those five days, they got to keep and they were guaranteed a minimum as well. And then she came up with this great idea of, of taking scenes every day and cutting them up and putting them on when there was no live person that we could have as a takeover. And so we were doing a couple, two or three takeovers a month, and then augmenting the days in between with putting up a scene, cut up in 10, second clips every day.

And we would update that she would update the Snapchat and it did very well for us. And then she just started doing our social media and ended up expanding it into a porn star, platinum for awhile as well. And from there, she started looking at channels management and helping stars because one of the, if you think about it and we got into this and we’ve named, I can sit here and name 15 different places for porn stars to go or content creators to go and monetize their, their content.

But to be consistent on all of them is literally impossible for one person to do. If that person had a husband or wife or a significant other that worked with them, they, they may be able to do it consistently, consistently, but they wouldn’t have a life. So what, what she did was she, she, we, we kind of put together a team that do and develop techniques and things like that to assist them in being consistent, whether it’s taking over posting titles and description, organizing their content, as it comes in, putting them out on the channels for them, you know, making sure that their wall posts were what they wanted, you know, helping them with their social media strategies, things like that.

So she has an all income. We, we, we put together an all encompassing team that pretty much can do whatever the, whatever the models need to maximize their channels revenue and be consistent, even when they are too busy to be consistent. Sure. That’s awesome. Kind of helped them. And obviously there’s a percentage and or fees for certain things, you know, like, and we don’t like do like personal stuff for them.

Like we just do their promo tweets and you know, maybe some Instagram, we will take care of their Instagram posts and things like that. Maybe some different things just to be consistent and give them a strategy. We have an SEO department that also will help with developing an SEO strategy if they do have a personal website or different things that we have learned that are successful within platforms on techniques to do, to maximize the revenue for each platform, because each platform is not only individually challenging and how does its own set of rules.

Right. But they’re changing all the time too. You know, you look at, let’s just take many of it’s for instance, many events before your ranking was basically on sales, right. It was, it was all based around sales where now it’s very much not. It’s very much around the algorithm that they have for their social part of it. And be social is very, very important to your ranking. And it goes like on a 45 day cycle and you need to be on top of it every day and do things every day within your profile, whether it’s making a post re-tweeting, your friend’s post, or, you know, the cause basically it’s like a tweet, a Twitter board, right?

And so you have to, you have to get little hearts, you have to do those things and including uploading videos and, or MV crush, or doing those little things every day, that earn you additional points towards your rankings to get your store more exposure. If you don’t do those things, your store is getting very little exposure. So like every platform changes their, their algorithms, including Instagrams and Twitters and everything else.

So, yeah. So new verticals was basically to assist those, assist those performers in helping them, you know, get the consistency and maximizing their revenue.

Speaker 5 (46m 5s): Okay. Now you’ve, you’ve obviously had quite a background. You’ve had a lot of notoriety and awards in the past for your innovations in life camps. Where do you see that segment of the adult world going in the next several years,

Speaker 3 (46m 20s): Leaps and bounds? I think that’s one consistent, you know, if you look back over the last 20 years, that’s it? That is the one consistent growth industry that we have had within the adult community. It’s true. Live cam is always going to be there because people, especially in this day and age, right now with COVID and being stuck at home, that having that interaction and that personal one-on-one interaction is very important.

And it will always be there in my opinion. I think that’s where the money is. I think that’s, it’s certainly where the growth is. It’s very, very difficult to be a newcomer in that arena without really deep pockets.

Speaker 5 (47m 10s): Yeah. And that’s, that’s what I tell people when they asked me. Yeah,

Speaker 3 (47m 14s): Yeah. You, you know, somebody, somebody, somebody said, somebody asked me, he says, Dan, I, you know, I got this guy he’s, he’s filthy rich. And he wants to do a camp. He wants to get involved in porn. He wants to do a live campsite. I’m like, how rich is he? And how much he willing to lose? Because even back in my day, I lost 15,000 a month for, and you know, 15,000 a month for three years straight, you know, so,

Speaker 8 (47m 42s): And that’s nothing. And that’s nothing that

Speaker 3 (47m 45s): Yeah. And we were, yeah, but you remember, we were,

Speaker 8 (47m 49s): You’d be lucky. You’d be lucky to do that. You’d be lucky to live. Yeah. You’d be lucky to lose that in a way.

Speaker 3 (47m 55s): Yeah, no, you need, you need 10, 10 to $20 million to start a campsite, even realistically. I mean, chatter bait, from what I understand, chatter bait was started with like nine, you know, so it can be done, but yeah, it’s, you need a solid plan and a lot of money to break through. There are some people who are growing organically. Like we, you know, we were a shoestring operation.

We were the smallest cam company, the smallest revenue cam company to ever win best in live cam. Our annual revenue at Khamsi was six, five to $6 million. Okay. That’s like a day revenue of, of a stream mate or, you know, I’m live or Jasmine and those guys. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s ridiculous. But you know, we, we had a lot of fun and, you know, and we just, we did not buy traffic and you need to be able to buy traffic a lot.

Yeah. So what we, what we had to do is innovate. We integrated with others, other cam sites. We actually integrated their performers into our site to make it look bigger than it was. And we didn’t have to necessarily keep those performers happy. And then we would add a dollar 20 per minute. So we would lower our cost of goods to like 25%. So increased our profit margin to, by doing that. So we had to innovate to stay on top of it to really stay competitive, but it was, you know, it was, it was definitely not the, the revenue beasts that we have today.

I think the battle is between free cams versus premium camp. And, you know, I, you can probably guess my preference is always going to be on the premium cams over the free. I think it’s just, I know that, you know, like in the free cam market, the top 80, 80% of the revenue goes to the top 10% of the girls. And then in the premium side, you have at least a chance to build a following that you pop in.

And you know, when you have that following finally built up and you put the time into it, you know, you can make your money and, and go on private. You’re not sitting begging stripper mentality, kind of a budge too, but

Speaker 5 (50m 32s): That’s for the models. What about for a company? Where would, what would the better, what would the better a model be for would be free or

Speaker 3 (50m 39s): Premium starting out? Yeah. Let’s say traffic that you need the track, the amount of numbers that you need in traffic to create a free, like chatter bait, my free cams type model. It’s massive. It’s tremendous. And it’s expensive and traffic is very expensive. Okay. Okay. If you think back and you look back at the, the two people who very successful and take my free cams, for example, Leo is always a traffic guy.

He always had that MyFreeCams. He had the triplex passwords. He always had traffic. The guy was a phenomenal traffic guy. And so for him, it was just flipping a switch. Right, right. And so he had a lot of things.

Speaker 5 (51m 27s): He had my free pay site. So he actually funneled a lot of the traffic in there.

Speaker 3 (51m 32s): Yup. And he was building and working on my free cams during that time. So yeah. I remember those days very well, ironically at laughed. And I’m like, this, this site is, it sucks, but it’s sucked in such a great, yeah.

Speaker 5 (51m 47s): It’s still, it’s still, it’s still sucks. And he makes a fortune,

Speaker 3 (51m 52s): You know, it’s such a brilliant idea. It was. So he was so far ahead of his time. It felt like he always was. He’s a brilliant guy. I love him.

Speaker 5 (52m 1s): Really. He really, really is. And I agree. I agree with you. Since I’ve gotten to know him the last, I don’t know, three, four years, you can really see the guy’s genius and he’s also bought things from me. So I’m a little prejudice. But anyway, so if you can offer any advice to models and performers out there,

Speaker 3 (52m 21s): What would it be? Don’t become premadonnas now.

Speaker 5 (52m 25s): No, I didn’t say personal. No, I didn’t say personal advice. I said, I said, performers overall,

Speaker 3 (52m 30s): Stay true to yourself and be consistent. If you think of everything, think of a pot of gold in the middle of a table. And you want to surround it with as much ability to get as much of that goal as possible. And to do that, you need different demographics need to appeal to different demographics. Don’t shut out and put all of your eggs in one basket, because you’re only getting a certain segment of that table.

That goal that’s on that table that you need to broaden your thinking into expanding, to meet the different demographics that are out there that do pay. Like they’re not always going to be huge. They’re not always going to be huge moves, but in the end, you’re never going to be relying on one thing. Because one thing as, as I know, more, more than anyone, if you rely on one thing for your, all of your income sources, that one thing can go away.

And so to be diverse and look at all the different ways that you can monetize your content, expand your brand while you can is very important. I mean, we look at, we look at the volatility of our net and the attacks on our industry that continues even today. We wonder if we’re going to wake up tomorrow and be shut out of Twitter. And if that happens, you think about the platforms that are out there that are left for non-service non-safe for work content.

There’s only going to be one. If Twitter goes away, all we have is Reddit. Okay. That would be the last bastion for us as adults stars and adult performers to get out there, our non-safe for work content to market. Now, granted it’s a good market in Reddit, but it takes a long time to build up. It’s not, Twitter was hard to build up, try to read it, but it is very successful once you do.

But yeah, I mean, don’t, don’t put all those eggs in one basket B, be consistent with all of the different platforms. If you can, if you can’t look for teams that can help you because they, you know, although there’s a cost of percentage cost that comes with that, they can make your, they can make you come more consistent and more diverse and, and help you as opposed to, you know, looking at it as a zero sum game kind of thing. Yeah.

That would be my, that would be my, my advice would be diverse.

Speaker 1 (55m 16s): Absolutely. Well, Hey, Dan, I’d like to thank you for being our guest today on adults that broke her talk. Hope we’ll get a chance to do this again really soon.

Speaker 3 (55m 24s): You bet. Thanks for having me. My

Speaker 1 (55m 26s): Broker tip today is part four of how to buy a website. Last week, we discussed making an offer and deciding the best price for the site you’re buying. Once you’ve made your offer at the work begins. If you’re working with a broker, like say, Hm, I don’t know. Maybe adult site broker, we handle the negotiation for you. Let’s say the seller doesn’t accept your offer. They may make a counteroffer. If you decide that you’re willing to pay more, you can either accept their offer or counter back to them.

A good rule of thumb is to always leave room to negotiate. So don’t make an offer. That’s the absolute most you’re willing to pay. If you do that, then you have nowhere to go. If the owner counters your offer, once the owner and you have come to a deal, then it’s time to do some due diligence beyond what it is you’ve already done. During the initial process of looking at the site, you should have asked some basic questions, like in the case of a pay site, how many joins and rebuilds there per day, and any other pertinent questions during due diligence, you need to make sure everything is where you need it to be technically to integrate it with what you’re already doing.

You may even decide to get your developer involved. If you’re not tech savvy, you and or your developer should ask those pertinent questions. Once those are answered to your satisfaction, you should either have the seller or yourself drop a sales agreement. I always tell my clients to do the agreement themselves. Why? Because that way you can dictate the terms. So whether you’re the buyer or the seller, you can make the rules. However, just be ready to have the seller’s attorney changed.

Some of those rules, nothing is final until everything is signed off on. Another thing we do for our clients is to do a letter of intent prior to the sales agreement being done. This gives your attorney a roadmap for the agreement, the letter of intent and more so the agreement will have all of the terms involved, including who pays for everything who pays for escrow. For instance, this can be paid by the buyer, the seller, or split between both parties. We’ll talk about this subject more next week and next week we’ll be talking to another veteran of our industry, Robert Warren.

Speaker 0 (57m 44s): And that’s it on this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank our guest Dan Hogue. Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (7s):

This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we’ll be talking with Karl Edwards of You Love Jack.

1 (34s):
Adult Site Broker’s proud to announce ASB Cash. The first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage with ASB Cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission, referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry., the Canadian house of commons committee on access to information, privacy and ethics. That’s a mouthful held its third meeting last week regarding mine geeks content moderation with testimony by three alleged subjects of illegal videos followed by presentations by a Canadian law enforcement expert, a Canadian domestic violence advocate, and two us witnesses, Manhattan liability, lawyer, Michael Bowie, and leading anti-porn activists, Laila Micklethwait of Exodus cry.

1 (1m 34s):
The hearing was even more pressing against Montreal based mind geek with the MPS, allowing three witnesses in particular, the Americans Mikel weighed in Bowie plus the London, Ontario domestic violence victims advocate, and anti-porn activists. Megan Walker to essentially run the entire second half of the hearing asserting a number of extreme moral and criminal allegations against mine geek their executives and employees. This culminated in Bowie who had not been listed as a witness and may have been representing some of the alleged victims who spoke earlier on inserting on the record, a prepared soundbite in America. We have monsters, Harvey Weinstein.

1 (2m 16s):
We have Epstein mine. Geek is Canada’s monster Bowie. Then characterize mine geek whom he claimed has been. He has been investigating for years as a bad unaccountable road company. The US-based religiously inspired Mikel wait was also allowed by the Canadian MPS to refer to mind geek as the mafia and to make unsupported allegations that they had threatened her and journalist Bowie also in a carefully worded language to avoid being cited for slander said that the mind geek corporate structure was something he had never seen before and likened it to something a law school might teach when covering money laundering.

1 (3m 1s):
Last week, the Utah house of representatives passed an amended version of a controversial bill that would mandate a default porn filter on any phones, computers, tablets, or any other electronic devices sold in the state starting in 2022, HB 72 sponsored by Republican Susan. Pulsifer a realtor with no technology experience was speedily passed by the house only hours after it had cleared the committee stage by the narrowest of margins, a six five vote. The bill was introduced into the Utah Senate where it is co-sponsored by staunch anti-porn Crusader Wayne Harper, the unusually Swift overnight passage of the bill with minimal to non-existent debate flew under the radar of local and national news organizations, which had not yet reported on it by Friday morning.

1 (3m 54s):
Pulsifer had attempted to introduce the bill last year when it died at the committee stage over serious by partisan concerns about privacy and interference with interstate and international commerce. Earlier this month, Pulsifer invited anti-porn advocates to support the bill at the committee stage, including an officer for NC OSC, formally known as morality and media, the leading national sponsor and founder of anti-porn legislation members of the Utah trade associations, tech companies lobbies and free speech groups, all advocated against HB 72 if passed the mandatory filters from which for profit faith based software companies have been profiting for some time would have to be activated by default in 2022, if certain additional conditions attached to the bill as an amendment are met, according to analysts, international manufacturers of phones and computers like Apple or Google

2 (4m 57s):
Could face civil liability.

1 (4m 59s):
If they don’t comply. Pineapple support is introduced pineapple United a membership club for the adult industry that offers a direct connection to the organization, staff and board members. We can’t do what we do without community said pineapple support founder, lay a tenant. It’s not just an integral part of the adult industry. It’s a key to better mental health outcomes. That’s why we’re reaching out to the broader community to get involved by becoming a part of our team as a pineapple United member, you’ll be part of a committed group of individuals who have been invited to organizational meetings, have your voice heard and help grow the organization.

1 (5m 41s):
The following pineapple United support packages are available to the industry mango $10 a month, but Nana $25 a month, Kiwi $50 a month and passion fruit a hundred dollars a month. Sponsorships are also still visit pineapple support.org. For more details. Adult site broker is a proud sponsor of pineapple support. Now let’s feature our property the week that’s for sale at adult site broker, we are proud to announce for sale. One of the top escort and adult entertainment directories in the world. This is a highly successful directory for escorts massage dancers and fetish providers.

1 (6m 23s):
The site continues to grow at a rapid pace. Despite the pandemic 2020 profits were actually still up the site offers adult entertainer ads for over 30,000 providers with an active base of 9,000 plus active profiles and all major us Canadian and UK markets. The platform has a very loyal advertiser base allowing the owner to enjoy passive recurring revenue. In addition to an impressive number of new advertiser joins daily revenue is also derived from third-party ad space from major advertisers that does not intrude on the website’s beautiful, clean design, making the sites stand out from all their competitors.

1 (7m 6s):
Their SEO is very strong with page one rankings in all major cities at the platform serves their backlink profile is the envy of the industry. You get all rights and trademarks for the company’s proprietary products. This is a tremendous opportunity to buy a gold mine. The sites prices now been reduced for a fast sale. Now only $1.9 million. Now time for this week’s interview yesterday on adults’ site. Broker talk is Carl Edwards. Carl, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk.

3 (7m 43s):
Oh, it’s my pleasure. Thanks for having me.

1 (7m 45s):
It is my pleasure.

3 (7m 47s):
No, it’s my pleasure. No, it’s my pleasure.

1 (7m 51s):
You’d say that. That’s awesome. Now, now Carl is one of the true pioneers of the gay adult industry from his early days as the owner of bedfellow.com to you love Jack, which I’m sure you’ve heard of and foot woody.com and his most recent venture X, X, X edit.com. He’s been on the forefront of technology and adult internet marketing. He shoots net it’s his own content manages his own affiliate program and he codes and designs each of his sites from scratch. Now this hands-on approach keeps him in direct touch with his market and helps them stay. One step ahead of the competition.

1 (8m 31s):
Now, Carl, you’ve been in the online adult game for a long time,

3 (8m 37s):
Since the late nineties. It’s a, it’s an eon in internet years.

1 (8m 43s):
God, that is that’s like the beginning.

3 (8m 47s):
How, if things do, I’ll tell you just a little interesting aside, my business partners and myself actually processed the third-party visa transaction on the internet way back in the day, like this is before CC bill and I bill and DMR and all like, it’s just, we go way, way back. So we were kind of breaking ground back then, but

0 (9m 9s):
Yeah. Wow. So how have things changed since you got started?

3 (9m 15s):
Oh, let me see. I guess the, you know, the big thing, right? You know, when I started this, you could throw up a site and literally you could throw up a site and make money within a couple of days and a lot of, and it just isn’t that way anymore. There’s still a demand for the content and people are still consuming the content, but they’re doing it in different ways and you have to be a lot more savvy in actually reaching your customers. It’s not like the old days where they just sort of flocked to you. So I mean, that’s big thing, but the, you know, the, the real thing is people are savvy in their consumption as well.

3 (9m 56s):
And they have a very specific set of needs that, you know, you can’t meet by throwing up a couple of pictures in a two minute clip. They’re not going to be satisfied by that anymore. They’re sophisticated. And they’re used to consuming content day in and day night. And then unless you really raise the bar in what you’re actually showing them, they’re just not going to be interested.

0 (10m 17s):
Yeah, yeah, no, back then, I mean the entire internet almost was porn. Right?

3 (10m 23s):
Well, as far as I was concerned, it was, you know, it’s funny. I go back my background and the internet, there’s a company like a service provider in Canada called simpatico, which is run by bell Canada. It’s one of the big telcos in Canada. Right. And they, they, when they first started, simpatico was sort of staged. It was set up to be like, Canada’s AOL only without sending you a million CD ROMs in the mail. And I was actually working for a simpatico. They hired me to program their children’s entertainment website.

3 (11m 4s):
It was like early days of JavaScript and Netscape two. And, you know, I made all these crazy games like squash, the teacher and park piano and all these fun things that kids would love. And it was, it was like the wild West. Like we would just make stuff and see if it worked. And it was a lot of fun to go to work every day. And then all of a sudden bell Canada came in and realized, you know, that this was a cash cow and suddenly they want to corporate bureaucracy put in place and content was being decided by committees. And you know, all the fun, all the, all the soul got stripped out of what we were doing. And I, I turned to my friend who I worked with in, in the bars way back in the day he happened to work there as well. And I just said, you know, just kinda start a porn site.

3 (11m 46s):
And it was like dot, dot, dot, right. Cut to the map as the plane flies across the ocean. And next thing you know, we’ve got bed phone, it’s, it’s the, you know, the largest gay porn site on the internet. So, and I say, next thing you know, is like two years later with working 18 hours a day. And, you know, being really savvy with our media buys and really understand, you know, figuring out how to make the thing work. It wasn’t like, I don’t want to make it sound like it was easy, but it was compared to if we started today, right. Well, you didn’t have the competition then that’s right. But the competition that we did have was fierce, really. It was just, it was just a different group. Like there was, it’s funny because back then there was like three or four big sites that were our competition.

3 (12m 29s):
And now it’s three or four big sites that control all the traffic. So it’s slightly different, but sort of

1 (12m 35s):
Sure now is the market as strong as it once was. And why do you think it is arisen?

3 (12m 44s):
Well, I think yes and no. I, like I said, I think there’s still a lot of, Ooh, that was a nice S sound, but it’s still, I think there’s still a lot of demand for this kind of content, but the way that people are consuming it, I mean, everyone’s aware that they can get content for free. Yeah. The tube sites have sort of pounded it into people’s brains that this is not something that they have to necessarily pay for, unless they want something very specific. Right. So when I say it’s fragmented, I mean, people are buying smaller and smaller slices. They’re still consuming a lot on mass, but they’re not necessarily buying a lot. So it’s, you know, you got to sort of pry the money out of probably the money out of their hands, right?

1 (13m 26s):
Yeah, yeah. No, absolutely. Now why do you shoot your own content? Why not just buy it from a content provider?

3 (13m 35s):
Oh, that’s easy. If I don’t shoot it, it sucks that wasn’t, that wasn’t, that, wasn’t what I was going to

1 (13m 45s):
Say. That wasn’t a pun or anything. Was it? I don’t need

3 (13m 47s):
Edith Wharton to tilt her fan at me on this one. No, that, I mean, really I have such high exacting stats. You know, I, my background is in photography. I got my degree in photography. I have a bachelor of fine arts in photography from 1990. I’m that old. So I’ve always been an image maker

1 (14m 8s):
19, 1990, not old

3 (14m 13s):
10,000. And I turned, I turned 55 this year.

1 (14m 19s):
I got to

3 (14m 20s):
Remember. You probably remember in the eighties and nineties, the freedom 55 commercials where people were walking around bragging that they were able to retire when they’re 55. Yeah. Wouldn’t that be nice? I don’t think retirement is part of anyone’s future anymore. We just work until we drop. Right. But no, I’ve always been an image maker and it’s something that matters a lot to me and making something that not only looks good, but tells a story effectively. Even if that story is you take off your clothes and you suck his Dick, like that’s still, the, the storytelling still has to happen in a way that’s sophisticated enough for the audience that is consuming.

3 (14m 60s):

4 (15m 1s):
Yeah. And especially with all of the, especially with all the options they have, if you’re, if you’re not good, you, you die.

3 (15m 11s):
Well, let’s just say, and yeah, there’s a lot of free stuff out there. And the advantage we have as content producers, I’m sorry, it’s a new age content creators. Is that the stuff that’s out there for free typically really sucks too. Like people will always find a way to pirate something. I mean, you know, the internet democratized, the means of distribution, which meant someone like me could actually produce and sell content on the internet relatively easily, but that also means other people can pirate it and redistribute it as well. So, you know, that’s, that’s something we’re always going to live with. And I think since day one, it’s always been about staying just ahead of that curve. Just one step ahead. You know, if you do part of the stuff it made last week, someone’s still going to buy the stuff that I made this week.

3 (15m 56s):
So, you know, I, I’m still a little bit ahead of the game, right?

4 (16m 0s):
So what are you doing about piracy?

3 (16m 5s):
No, I mean, I’m being flippant, you know, it’s, there’s not much you can do. It’ll always be there. If I encounter content in my travels, you know, I’ll send a DMCA notice and it gets taken down, but I’m just a small guy. And I tend to, I’m a small organization that I tend to create a sense of community around what I do. So people aren’t coming there like it’s Amazon to buy stuff and return it or redistribute it. They’re coming there to consume it. And, you know, incidentally piracy will happen. Incidentally people will share it in the wrong spots. Incidentally one or two people will come in and be like, yeah, now I’ve got this and I can put it on this pirate site, but that’s, you know, I keep hearkening back to Hillary Clinton talking about the basket full of deplorables.

3 (16m 54s):
And really, I think what she was saying is like those people, I don’t think she was saying those people are deplorable. I think she was saying, that’s a small percentage of what I have to deal with. And if I can appeal to the, the, the, the larger sense of community of the people that are coming to my site, my, my energy is better spent producing content for that. Then fending off the piracy on the backside, right?

4 (17m 18s):
Yes. And we got lots of deplorables in the United States. That’s for damn sure.

3 (17m 28s):
One less as of tomorrow at noon, unless you’re a Trump supporter, in which case it’ll be terrible.

4 (17m 35s):
Yeah. We’re, we’re, we’re recording this actually the night before and figuration day. It’ll drop some time in February, but it’s a grand grand day, actually. It’s a 20th air. So it’s a grand day that day to day

3 (17m 53s):
Granting Canada to even, even though we’re not part of it. I always joke, you know, I always say, people ask me about USA politics. And I’m like, you know, if you guys didn’t have such good TV, we wouldn’t give a flying. Fuck what you did, but we need our friends.

4 (18m 10s):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Boy, God knows. Right now it’s a grand day for the world. Now, most of your sites have softcore twink, solo scenes. Why do you shoot soft core instead of hard?

3 (18m 29s):
Ah, well, I, I, I am in a live, live work situation and I, I can do without the place where I live smelling like ass 24 hours a day. That’s funny, that’s the joke side of it, right? Like, it’s like, okay, I’m going to film this stuff, but you know, do I have to make a mud pie? And I got to get away from that analogy when I’m talking about, but fucking, it’s not going to make anyone else. The reality is I keep talking about storytelling and my perspective when I’m shooting content and creating sites is that I’m giving someone sort of seeds for their own fantasy.

3 (19m 11s):
So they can look at what I, what I show them. And that can sort of become a surrogate for something in their own lives. Maybe they’re looking at this guy and he kind of looks like someone that they know or someone that they fantasize about, or maybe it’s just a really hot guy and they enjoy watching him get off in that fashion. So I don’t really feel the need to draw the dots. You know, we do, we do some hardcore stuff. Mostly when I do hardcore it’s BJ stuff. Like I’m really interested in the interaction and, and how to people relate to each other as opposed to a graphic description of an act. Right? So, you know, you won’t see super tight closeups.

3 (19m 54s):
We’ll make sure that you can see everything when I shoot the content, but it’s really, it’s about what’s happening with two people, not the fact that there’s a glistening insertion. You know, the funny thing is most porn and I edit porn through triple X edit. So, you know, I see a lot of different content from a lot of different people and you know, a lot of porn, I won’t say all porn, but a lot of porn is proof of insertion. And it’s proving that it’s happening from this angle. Now we’re going to show you another angle to show this happening right now. We’re going to show you another angle to show that it’s happening. And that was a bright, close up to show that it’s happening. And without the human side of that, there’s nothing to differentiate that from something that we shot 20 years ago, right.

3 (20m 35s):
It’s nothing to differences that from something that was shot in every other side of the internet. So by sort of dealing with the relationship, even if that relationship is one person sitting on the couch and the relationship is to themselves and sort of projecting out to the viewer, I think that’s more important. I think that’s a little bit more interesting at the end of the day.

1 (20m 52s):
Yeah, I do. I mean, I think there used to be more of that. Do you see that coming back? Not only in gay porn, but in straight porn,

3 (21m 1s):
God, I hope not. Cause it’s kinda my speciality. Right. But you know, what’s, what’s the one thing that hasn’t changed since I was doing this in the nineties to now is I think when people pay for porn, they’re not paying for it because it’s porn and I need porn. We’re not in high school anymore. They’re paying for something very specific. They want to see that person do that thing. And you know, that’s, that’s really what I’m selling. When I, when I show people the solo twink stuff and you know, it’s not, we don’t show generic twinks. We, you know, the, the term on a you’d love Jack is buggered twinks, and that’s not a tweak who has been anally penetrated.

3 (21m 47s):
It’s a twink this slightly off, they’re got quirky, good looks. They’re kind of, you know, buggered, but then somehow that makes them better. Right. They’re more approachable.

1 (21m 58s):
Interesting. Now you said you started a foot feather site called foot woody.com and it was gay foot fetish, a big market.

3 (22m 7s):
Oh God. Yeah. You know, Oh, you know, on the one hand I kinda think the internet caused foot fetish. Cause I grew up when I grew up before there was the internet, there was no, you never heard of it. No one had a foot fetish. The internet comes along suddenly you can’t go in any chat room and someone’s like show feet rampant, but it’s as big in the gay market as it is in the straight market. It’s, it’s a very strong sub genre and it just makes sense to, it just makes sense to cater to it. I mean, you know, the biggest cost I have in running the site is attracting new models.

3 (22m 48s):
I pay 1.3 or 1.4 times what I pay a model to attract a model to be on the site, through advertising and events and other things. Right. So once I have a model, I, you know, it makes sense to use them in as many possible ways as I can. So what better site was a kind of a natural, a natural extension on what I was already.

1 (23m 12s):
Okay. Okay. Now, you know, it’s really funny whenever I think of foot fetish, which I don’t have one, but anyway, I always think of that Eddie Murphy and Robin Gibbons movie boomerang, did you see that?

3 (23m 28s):
I can’t remember. As while ago

1 (23m 31s):
You gotta, you gotta find it and watch it is that it was actually a very funny movie, but anyway, yeah. It’s an, it’s about Eddie. It’s about Eddie having a foot fetish.

3 (23m 40s):
Yeah. He’s quite notorious for that. You know, it’s funny. I buy weed, an adult entertainment for 25, 30 years now going on 30 years. And it seems to me that the one thing that, that stands out of what let’s look put better for whatever people tend to fetishize the parts of the body that produce a Roma. And that is disgusting. Think about it that way. But they’ll fetishize buts. They’ll fetishize feet, they’ll fetishize for skin. The feticide, it’s always the parts it’s armpit fetish and the gay side. And as long as there’s some smell associated with it, there’ll be a site that go with it. Right.

4 (24m 21s):
It’s it’s

3 (24m 21s):
A weird thing. So how do you convey that when you’re showing? Well, you can’t really, we don’t have a smell, a vision and it’s a good thing.

4 (24m 28s):
Oh, trust me. It’s probably on its way. Isn’t everything. Isn’t everything. One can only hope indeed. Indeed. You’ll use it. Now. Now the most recent venture you mentioned earlier, XXX edit.com. Now tell us a little bit more about this project.

3 (24m 49s):
Well, this is a, I mean, I’m an a post-production service Bureau for the adult industry. And as far as I know, I’m the only editing company specifically designed for the adult industry. So, you know, we do everything from D DVD production editing scene, single camera, dual camera clips, whatever someone needs, we can do it in house. And we got really lucky last year, we won a bunch of awards in the industry for scenes that we caught. And, you know, it’s, it’s this whole thing that I’ve been talking about with storytelling and being able to sort of expand beyond my own sites and my own scenes and sort of bring this ability to tell a story, to help people tell stories to more and more people.

3 (25m 35s):
It kind of inspired me to start this company and start working for other people as well. And you know, the big part of what I do when I’m, when I’m, when I’m working with other clients, it’s not just Sam, your content, I’ll send you a scene, but I’m talking with them and I’m helping them understand the mechanics of dual camera shoots and the mechanics of how to make a single camera look like two cameras and you know how to shoot for the edit and how to actually convey the storyline that you’re trying to convey, because that’s probably the one thing that everyone struggles with the most, you know, they’ll, they’ll shoot their scene, but the intro, you know, the, the shoot their scene, and it takes three or four hours to shoot an hour’s worth of content. But the intro is two and a half minutes and it takes them three hours because they just don’t understand the mechanism by which to actually create that.

3 (26m 22s):
So it it’s been really rewarding so far and I’ve been working with some really great people and it’s just amazing to see people sort of take little ideas and make their work, you know, grow and, and sort of evolve in a very short period of time. It’s really amazing. So, Hey, this is my, this is my plug, right? If anyone’s some editing work out there, I’m here to help you. Our poor editors, we’ve got almost 60 years worth of adult experience in the editing shop. And, you know, since, since the lockdown, there’s not a lot of jobs going around, not producing anymore.

3 (27m 4s):

4 (27m 4s):
Not a lot of shooting going on.

3 (27m 6s):
Oh, it’s under, yeah. It’s really a problem, but that’ll be the end of the industry before visa, visa fines. Well, right.

4 (27m 15s):
Yeah. Yeah. We won’t talk about that.

3 (27m 20s):
I did do. I brought it up. I’m the worst.

4 (27m 22s):
Yeah. Now don’t worry about it. Now. Now you have your own sites, you kind of alluded to it, but what made you interested in editing other people’s content?

3 (27m 37s):
Well, yeah, it should. It’s just that, it’s just, it’s just what I said. Right. You know, it’s really just about helping other people get their content to the next level. And, and you know, I’m not going to do it for every Tom Dick and Harry that comes along. You know, if you’re a Dick or a Harry, I’m not going to be that interested in working with you. But you know, mostly I’m working with my friends in the industry and sort of just helping them with production design and production consultation and getting the stuff going. I mean, the actual banging out the scenes, that’s easy stuff. Right. As long as, as long as you’ve got the right equipment, just about anyone can do that.

3 (28m 18s):
Probably not as well as I personally can do it, but that’s another story together, but it’s really, yeah, it’s really about just bringing this, this sense of telling the story and the importance of story in every aspect of the adult industry. And that we’re way beyond the, you know, somebody order a pizza, it’s way more sophisticated than that now. And even if the story is as simple as you know, we went back to this guy’s house and had sex that takes some structure in order to tell that story. So that’s believable, right. It doesn’t have to be believable. It has to be plausible.

4 (28m 52s):
Yeah. Yeah. Not the, it’s not always the pool boy anymore.

3 (28m 57s):
And even when it is, it’s not,

4 (28m 59s):
Yeah. It’s really funny. You know, we’ve got a, we’ve got a guy that cleans our pool and I always call him the porn star anyway. But ah, you’re funny. I don’t know. Now, now when you’re, you know, when you’re doing the editing, do you ever find yourself rolling your eyes?

3 (29m 22s):
Do you mean rolling your eyes or trying to gouge my eyes out?

4 (29m 25s):

3 (29m 29s):
No. Listen, when you do it, as long as I’ve done it, you know, the, the single foundational aspect of what I do is that none of this content affects me in a way anymore.

4 (29m 44s):
No, no. What I’m thinking, what I’m saying is, do you ever think to yourself, God, this is really bad.

3 (29m 49s):
Oh yeah. All the time. But that’s, my job is to fix that right. As well.

4 (29m 53s):
Sure. It’s to make it as good as possible. Right, right. Yeah.

3 (29m 57s):
Yeah. And you know, they, it, it doesn’t really get to the point where, you know, there’s, there’s a couple of jobs that I’ve had where I’ve thought, you know, if they were trying, I don’t think they could make it look this bad. Like if someone was trying to be ironic, they would stumble and it wouldn’t as bad as it is. But you know, everyone has a bad day that the same company turns around the next, the next shoot. And it’s fantastic. So, you know, you’ve got to take the good and the bad and it’s, we’re all humans. And we don’t always come to the, come to the shoot with our a game on, right. So it’s not about rolling my eyes. That’s the stuff that is frustrating as an editor is when I can’t convey the right information so that people keep making the same mistakes, not mistakes, but they keep shooting things in a way that makes it more difficult to assemble.

3 (30m 49s):
Right? You just realize that, well, these people have been doing it their way for 25 years. I’m doing it my way. And it’s, it’s the lack of communicate. It’s my lack of communication that brings me there. So it’s all my fault.

4 (31m 4s):
Now, are you doing how much of the, of the editing is, is, is gay content and how much it was. It is straight content.

3 (31m 12s):
These days, it’s almost exclusively gay. I was doing straight content when we first started the thing up. And it was interesting to notice the difference from the gay industry to the straight industry. Tell me about that. The, this, all the straight stuff that I edited. And it could just be that the people that found me and wanted me to do their work was all rape fantasy. It’s not, this is not what the straight market is entirely, but it’s interesting that it was that. And then I get to, you know, as opposed to the gay side where it’s a sort of, all of this stuff that I’m working on is sort of like this sort of flight of fancy sort of modeled after some type of movie experience with a big, a story arc that goes through it straight side, it’s like, ah, bitch, get on the ground.

3 (32m 10s):
And she’s like, ah, you know, it’s just funny. It’s a funny thing. The rape scenes are always the same, right? It’s rough and, and push and push push at the end girls like, Oh, I love this

4 (32m 22s):
And this. I got to tell you, it’s a good way for them to lose her processing.

3 (32m 26s):
Well, that’s just it right. As we found out from, I mean, that was slightly different.

4 (32m 34s):
There are many issues, there are many issues. And sometimes I think we’re our own worst enemy.

1 (32m 41s):
What’s the, what’s the single most important thing for content producers to remember in today’s market.

3 (32m 48s):
Well, I’m gonna say don’t underestimate your customers. And this goes back to this concept of story and production value. I don’t think, you know, we don’t need every scene to be a multimillion dollar pirate movie. It’s Jenna Jamison reference, right? It’s not that, but there’s, there’s a sophistication now. I’m sure that people have in how they consume this content. And if you underestimate that, you’re just going to be, you’re just going to lose someone forever and it can never get back. So once you’ve got someone’s eyes, you’ve got one chance to get them in. Your content has to be content is always been important since day one, but even more now because there’s so much of it out there.

3 (33m 37s):
So we do have, you know, it’s like, it’s like going to a gay bar versus going to a straight bar. If you’re a gay guy, go to a straight bar and there might be another gay guy there and you got a better shot, a hundred gay guys there. And half of them are, most of them are way better looking in New York. If you have to compete against all the freestyle, if you have, there has to be a reason for someone to pay for your content. And it’s going to story, it’s going to be production value. And that’s not just the best, camera’s the best life, although that helps. But it’s, it’s the, the way in which you actually present the content and you know, you can’t just shoot the same scene over and over with different people standing in.

3 (34m 19s):
It’s gotta be. And there’s people out there that are, that are doing a great job of it. The guys at Falcon do a great job at it. The guys who raging stallion now do amazing job. If I helix does a great job with that. And you know, you, you look at what’s going on with only fans and all the derivatives of that entire phenomenon and the way that those guys are catering to their market, you know, there’s lessons to be learned there.

1 (34m 44s):
Oh, big time, big time on that, by the way, on that vein, how is that business model affecting your business?

3 (34m 53s):
Not so much. I mean, it’s just more competition. Yeah. The funny thing about the, the only fans thing from, from professional perspective is the guys that are producing content have a market and they’re catering to their market, but they’re not necessarily marketers. They don’t necessarily extend beyond what they’ve already done. And it’s a funny thing. Like only fans, there’s no previews there. Like there’s no way for people to go there and browse. So you go there specifically to get something that you already know about. Whereas the people who come through my site might be like, Hey, I want to see what this is about. So I’ve got the chance to sell them when they get to my front door on what I want them to, to do or how, you know, how I could get off on that particular day.

4 (35m 39s):
Yeah. Now how important is technology for adult sites? Does everyone need the latest gear? Like a 4k or eight K cameras?

3 (35m 50s):
Yeah, no. I mean, it’s a funny thing. Everyone says, you go through all these websites and you know, they’ll have all these 4k banners all over it. 4k is still one of those things where there’s no way to deliver this content yet, but a 4k camera looks way better than a 10 ADP camera. So if I sh 4k and delivering 10 ADP, it’s going to look better. But you know, it’s all catchphrases. It’s just like, remember when 3d was a thing like 10 years ago when everyone had to get 3d cameras, or remember when VR was a thing like five years ago and it was going to change it, it doesn’t at the end of the day that the technology blips on the radar don’t change the industry.

3 (36m 32s):
The industry is about producing content and it’s about stories. And it’s about, you know, giving people the experience that thereafter, how you wrap it is usually just a gimmick, right? So, yeah, I’m, I’m a techno snob, you know, I I’ve always got the latest gear. I’m currently shooting on a Sony, a seven S3, which is the, you know, the camera of the year. It’s the Jesus, Sony’s new Jesus camera. And it’s great. It does a great job, but it’s just the camera that I have between the last camera I had and the next one I’m going to get. And none of them are going to make my ability to tell a story any better.

3 (37m 14s):
If the pictures and the pixels will look better. Right. But the story is all up to me. So shoot it on the phone. If you have to,

4 (37m 21s):
Yeah. You can shoot some teas and stuff on iPhone right now,

3 (37m 26s):
If you control the lighting properly, because dynamic range isn’t there. But if you control the lighting and you know, you set this thing up, there’s no reason not to shoot stuff on an iPhone. It really does great quality, you know, get the right apps and shoot on film pro don’t shoot in the native app, you have to control the shutter speed. So it doesn’t look a little wonky, but you know, the stuff’s there, you can, you can set up a studio with next to no money now, per compelling content that would rival anything that Hollywood could have produced 10 or 15 years ago. I mean, holiday was now running on a hundred thousand dollars cameras, but right. It’s a, it’s a whole different ball of wax there, but you know, the, the, the tools are readily available.

3 (38m 6s):
You know, you don’t have to go crazy with it.

4 (38m 9s):
Kind of like what happened with music a long time ago. Now, now you mentioned VR is that you seem to kind of be dismissive of it. Although a lot of people are using it. It doesn’t sound like it’s something you’ve partaken in. Is that, do you, do you see a future for it?

3 (38m 28s):
Well, you know, the funny thing, but listen, I, the VR people are going to be up in arms. I’m not a fan. I think the one good thing about VR is it’s an immersive experience that lets you look away. And every time I’ve been in a VR type of demonstration, I’m like, look at the lamps.

1 (38m 51s):
This is cool. Look at the deck. Isn’t the decorating gorgeous. I don’t think VR

3 (39m 1s):
Delivers on its promise because the camera is still stationary. And until I can actually walk in the scenes and maybe walk around and get a different point of view on what I want to look at, it’s not as compelling to me personally. And I know the live people love it. And then there are, there are people that employ it with great fortitude and make terrific content with it. It’s just not something that’s in my, on my radar right now. Okay.

1 (39m 30s):
Okay. What do you see as the future? So good, good segue of online content. How do you see the market changing? Moving forward?

3 (39m 42s):
I, I see it getting even more fragmented and I, and I think that by fragmented, I mean more vertical, more niches, so micro sites, right? We’re we’re back to that. I think the, the age of the mega site with 10 updates a week is not as compelling anymore. Right? I think, you know, people go and look, they’re still spend 40 minutes looking for the five minute clip that will get them off. But the process of looking is where you have a chance to get your audience, right. And you know, if, if I’ve got just, you know, ABC twink.com with generic content from 10 years ago, I don’t think anyone’s going to be some people will love it, but it’s not compelling.

3 (40m 30s):
It’s not going to stop someone who’s looking for things make them consider. So, you know, the online content is always been, it’s always been the thing for me since day one, where it’s different than traditional marketing, traditional marketing. You look at a market, you look at the market, you figure out what’s missing, you create a product to fill that need. And then you develop a marketing campaign to let the market know, like, can I say market anymore, but online for online first you create a product and then you create a market for the product. Right. It’s kind of backwards. Yeah. So when I say micro-sites sites, I really think that, you know, small, like boutique sites are really where everything has gone and only fans in the, in the, you know, the rabid success and things like that are really proof of concept.

3 (41m 25s):
You know, they handed the power back to the, the models, which is a whole other political discussion. Yes and no right on the power. But, but that’s, I think that’s really, the reason it took off ultimately is because it’s what people want. It, people want to follow, you know, this particular model and consume everything from that particular model. And once they have it, they go on to the next person, right. It’s a it’s collecting sensibility. Right. So, you know, and when I say this, I don’t mean it’s all going to be fetishes and, you know, midgets wearing boots, smoking cigars.com.

3 (42m 5s):
It’s not that, but it is really vertical. It might just be, you know, redheads on bikes or, you know, whatever it might be or foot fetish or, you know, a very specific sub genre of foot fetish tweets or in cowboy hat,

5 (42m 20s):
Whatever it is. It’s

3 (42m 21s):
Not about cycling content. It’s still about making really quality, good quality, new content, fresh content, but catered to a very specific market for that content.

5 (42m 32s):
Okay. Now under the Pro-Am market as all, but disappeared online. Do you think it’s ready for a return I’m here. Yeah. Yeah. I’m here. I’m queer. I’m pro am.

3 (42m 46s):
It’s, it’s a tough one. There you need an entirely new set of skills now to market, to, to find your traffic than you did 15 years ago, when Pro-Am was really going crazy, the content is still desirable. The ability for people like me to make sites and, and, you know, get them out to my customer. I it’s still good. I can still do it, but you don’t get like, there’s really no affiliate market anymore. Right? It’s there for sure. It’s there. Like it was where I had 400 sites that would post my picks every time we did an update. It’s not that. So you have to be a little bit more savvy and, and sort of play the social media game in order to get to the people who might buy your content.

3 (43m 32s):
And it’s not, it’s not a quick and easy process, it’s it? You know, I, I don’t know how much you know about SEO. I run a street photography website as well. And my entire SEO strategy for the past search engine optimization strategy for the past five years has been long-term content base produce content that the search engines will, will, you know, search engine friendly content, that it still has value that that can actually get the people who are looking for that content eyes on it eventually. So it’s the same thing right now. We have to sort of dance through social media, not allowing adults or not wanting adults.

3 (44m 14s):
So, you know, there’s different rules to what sites you’re on, but there there’s ways to get to your customers, but it’s not as easy as why. So I think the, the Pro-Am is, is set for a resurgence, but it’s going to be a new kind of webmaster that can do it or an old like me.

1 (44m 36s):
You’re not old compared to some people like the guy asking you questions,

3 (44m 42s):
Crip, keeper. Now, what

1 (44m 46s):
Other advice do you have for content creators and site owners today?

3 (44m 51s):
Oh, don’t take your customers for granted. Don’t think that your customers are stupid and you know, they’re more important than they ever were because they’re not just your customer now, but they’ll remember, and they will come back. I’ve got guys on my site now that have been there for four or five years, because they’re so attached to the content and the way that I, I give them that content, that there’s no reason for them to go anywhere else or they forgot. And I’m the worst person in the world. You never know. But you know, it’s, it’s really, you know, have a, you have a unique idea, have give your content, give your site personality and you know, be responsive, not to the market, but be responsive to your customers.

3 (45m 42s):
You know, if you can, if you can do that, I think that you’re, you’ve got a leg up on just about anyone else.

1 (45m 47s):
That’s awesome. Well, Hey, Carl, I’d like to thank you once again for being our guest on adult side broker talk, and I hope we get a chance to do this again really soon.

3 (45m 58s):
How much does this pay again, Bruce?

1 (46m 1s):
The checks, the checks in the mail. Carl.

3 (46m 4s):
Good. No, this was, this was delightful. Any time, you know, you want my perspective on anything? Let me know. I’m more than happy to connect across the ocean.

1 (46m 13s):
Hey, my pleasure. My broker tip today is part three of how to buy a website. Last week, we talked about finding the right site to buy. Once you find it, what do you do once you’ve either reached the broker of the site or the seller review the information about the site. The broker should provide you with the following a profit and loss statement of at least three years. That’s up to date. If it’s June and they give you financials only through the end of the previous year, you need to see what the site is doing now, not last year, if it’s the pay site, get a username and password for the sites that you can review the content, ask how often the site is updated.

1 (46m 54s):
Get some history on the site. How long has it been in business? The story behind the site and importantly, why the seller wants to sell, get an inventory of the content and how much of it as current technology find out if all the content is exclusive to that site, ask the seller. If the content has ever been on VOD or DVD, see if there are any clip stores, the content is on find out how much the content cost to produce and what the current cost of production is. Very importantly, see if this operation can run without the current owner, do they do the shooting themselves or do they hire someone to do it?

1 (47m 34s):
And if there’s an outside producer, will that person continued to provide content for the site, find out how many new joins and rebuilds there are a day, ask them what’s the retention rate on the site and find out if they do advertising on the site and where they get their traffic asked for Google analytics access. So you can see where the traffic comes from. This information will give you the opportunity to truly evaluate what it is you’re buying. We’ll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we’ll be talking to adult industry veteran Dan Hogue.

0 (48m 12s):
And that’s it on this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank our guest, Karl Edwards. Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (13s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. This week we’ll be talking with Monte Cahn of Right of the Dot.

1 (34s):
Adult Site Broker’s proud to announce ASB Cash. The first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage with ASB Cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission, referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry. The U S department of justice has announced that the agency has voluntarily withdrawn a Trump era legal challenge against the state of California’s net neutrality law intended to protect the open internet.

1 (1m 15s):
Former president Trump directed his DOJ to Sue California and governor Gavin Newsome in a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn a 2018 law that bars multi-billion dollar internet service providers from throttling internet speed on certain websites. The California law also blocks ISP gatekeepers from blocking user access to certain websites and charging for large website access. According to the Trump administration, California acted in an unlawful and anti-consumer fashion that goes against the federal government’s. Then deregulatory agenda regarding the internet, Jessica Rosenworcel, the federal communications acting chairwoman heralded DOJ is dismissal of the lawsuit.

1 (2m 3s):
I am pleased that the DOJ has withdrawn this lawsuit. Rosenworcel said when the FCC over my objection rolled back its net neutrality policies States like California sought to fill the void with their own laws, DOJ legal filing petitions. The federal judge, in this case with the department, indicating that it hereby gives notice of its voluntary voluntary dismissal of the case. A filing was certified and submitted on behalf of the Biden department of justice by Brian M Boyington, the acting assistant attorney general for the department, civil division and directors of the divisions, federal programs branch by taking this step, Washington is listening to the American people who overwhelmingly support an open internet and is charting a course to once again, make net neutrality.

1 (2m 58s):
The law of the land work said

2 (3m 1s):
Despite the

1 (3m 1s):
<inaudible> voluntary motion to dismiss the lawsuit, many legal fights dealing with California net neutrality law are still set to take place while the department dropped this specific lawsuit, it’s expected to weigh in against a challenge brought by cable and phone providers. The editorial board for the LA times said that net neutrality proponents currently sitting on the FCC should begin the process to reverse course again, and seek rules to protect all us

2 (3m 32s):
Internet users, a group of lawyers

1 (3m 36s):
There’s including members of the legal team of the religiously motivated anti-porn crusading organization, and C O S E have filed a civil class action lawsuit in Birmingham, Alabama against pornhub’s parent company, mind geek on behalf of the women who alleged illegal videos of themselves were uploaded to the platform by third-party users. According to the lawsuit, which was shared with mainstream media publications over the weekend, by NC OSC, accompanied by a press release, celebrating their role in the ongoing campaign to shut down the adult to site. The two plaintiffs are only identified as Jane DOE.

1 (4m 17s):
Number one and Jade, no number two, the lawsuit alleges that mind geek conspired, facilitated and financially benefited from sex trafficking ventures between themselves and others

2 (4m 30s):
In these ventures, Jason

1 (4m 32s):
Don’t number one, and Jane DOE number two and other minors were trafficked and commercially exploited in a sexual nature in violation of law, including but not limited to the trafficking victims protection reauthorization act. The NCOC orchestrated lawsuit also claims that sex traffickers and mind geek worked together to earn a profit from commercial sex acts and child pornography involving the plaintiffs and class members. The complaint makes reference to a January, 2020 executive order by then president Trump titled combating human trafficking and online child exploitation in the United States.

1 (5m 14s):
And also to foster Acessa signed into law by Trump in 2018.

2 (5m 18s):
Can I stop saying his name now?

1 (5m 21s):
There’s also questioned mind geeks, moderation practices and alleged it search function suggested search terms and tags, make it easier for pedophiles to find the exact content they want, namely child sexual abuse material, including that of the plaintiffs. According to the lawsuit in 2018, when Jane and Jane don’t number one was just 16 years old, she was drugged and raped by a man in Tuscaloosa, Alabama lawyers alleged the man opened a model hub account and uploaded a video of Jane DOE number one’s victimization. The lawsuit does not go into any detail about how mind geek was informed that the video was illegal or the process for removing it, or whether mine geek cooperated with law enforcement to help identify the rapist instead of claims than mine geeks, inadequate moderation practices made it impossible for them to know whether any video was legal or illegal.

1 (6m 19s):
This supports <inaudible> long-held argument that all depictions of sex should be outlawed because there is no possible way to determine that they were made by consenting adults and COSC, formerly known as morality and media aims for the complete eradication of all pornography, which they consider obscene and prurient as well as human trafficking and the cause of a public health crisis. The Iowa house of representatives commerce subcommittee has declined to advance a bill that proposed blocking adult content on electronic devices by default, as well as creating a special $5 tax on adult entertainment to fund initiatives against human trafficking.

1 (7m 5s):
HF two 88 had been introduced by representative Sandy salmon, a Republican from Janesville. She is a religious conservative who has been the most vocal Crusader against adult entertainment in the Iowa legislature. The bill is a version of the one recently reintroduced in Utah, part of a project blitz campaign by evangelicals to pass copycat legislation, restricting adult content on a state by state basis. According to local, the local paper, the courier representatives of at and T T-Mobile and century link pointed out that several content blocking apps are already available. And the use of those apps is that the discretion of parents, for example, rather than the internet provider, Mike St.

1 (7m 51s):
Claire representing the Iowa communications Alliance of about 130 small broadband providers told the subcommittee that HB two 88 would make us the police persons for content and turn us into criminals. If we don’t enforce it enough, we don’t monitor content and don’t, and don’t wish to be in that business. St. Claire added religiously inspired groups that spoken support of the bill alleged that it would help address a supposedly crisis of

3 (8m 21s):
Porn addiction. Although

1 (8m 23s):
The courier reported that another Republican representative John Jacobson said that just as the state regulates gambling because of the societal cost of addictive behavior, he would like the legislature to address the problems that arise from pornography. And none of the three commerce subcommittee members signed off on salmon’s bill on February 25th, Monte cons, right of the dot and best-selling author and world champion auctioneer Wayne wheat. We’ll the gavel to auction off 75 to a hundred super premium domain names. The live auction will happen beginning@nooncentraltimeatrotddothibid.com proceeded by a time to online auction with hundreds, more domain names available, the live auction will be webcast in real time from a live video production studio in college station, Texas, we’ll be talking with money on today’s podcast.

1 (9m 26s):
Now let’s feature our property of the week. That’s for sale@adultsitebrokerinternet.com. The ultimate internet domain is now available and we’re proud to list it. The domain gets 6 million unique visitors a month. This domain can be used for any of a number of uses. The opening bid is only $35 million for more information on how to bid contact us@adultsitebroker.com. Now time for this week’s interview, I guess today on adult side, broker talk is Marty con of right of the dot Monty. Thanks for being with us today on adult site brokers. Thanks so much, Bruce. Glad to be here. Good to have you.

1 (10m 7s):
Moni is the founder of, right of the dot a licensed business and premium domain auction and brokerage firm. He was the founder of moniker.com and he’s the former president of snap names.com. Nomani has been pioneering domain and aftermarket services since 1994. During his time he helped many new and existing top level domains have successful launches to registrar promotion sales and auctions or premium domains through marketing, brokerage, and sales. He started the first online domain brokerage business in the industry. Success has included more than $550 million in domain sales, including the industry’s first domain names sale for over $1 million.

1 (10m 55s):
The industry’s first $2 million domain sale. As well later, we sold the highest dollar domain in history with the sale of you ready for this folks, pore.com. Remember that selling that that was money for $9.5 million for the commission on that was a nice, he’s also the visionary behind live and online domain auctions. He was also the creator of domain appraisals domain, escrow, and who is privacy services for the industry as well. And Amani was voted into the 2010 domain hall of fame by industry peers on February 25th. His company right at the dot will take the gavel to auction off 50 to 75 super premium domain names.

1 (11m 41s):
You can check that off R O T d.com. So Mani what’s the current state of the domain market. Whatever’s it’s obviously during the pandemic and the

4 (11m 55s):
COVID situation. It, it, it, it definitely changed things a little bit. The beginning of the year was really rocking and lots of things were happening. We came off of a live domain auction at name’s con in January, the end of January, and had just over a million dollars worth of sales at that auction. And, and then, you know, there was talks of COVID going on and, and, and people starting not to travel and all that. And then sure enough, March and the brakes hit the skids and everything came to a big, slow down. However, we had some really big sales in March and April, but then the industry kind of took a, took a pause, at least from what I can see, just due to everybody kind of locking on and holding onto their funds, not knowing what is going to hold.

4 (12m 48s):
And the Covid was spreading. Like crazy things were locking down. People were losing their jobs and becoming unemployed. And in hindsight of all that, however, towards the end of the year, what we saw was a lot of mom and pops and a lot of individuals who lost their jobs or decided that they were done sitting at home doing what they were doing normally. And they started being an entrepreneur, putting their entrepreneurship hats on and starting to register and buy domain names in the aftermarket to create new business ideas and work from home. And it created a little bit of an insurgence. So I wouldn’t say that the domain market was affected between 30 and 50% in the downside in terms of number of transactions and cost per domain sale.

4 (13m 37s):
But then at the end of the year, things picked up quite a bit. As you know, people started thinking outside the box and deciding that they were going to do something that they’ve always wanted to do. And since they were working from home, it gave them the mill, the ability to do that. So I see a bright future and, you know, domain names have always been a foundation of, of what I’d call a, a sustainable asset. Even in hard times, I I’ve been through a couple of the recessions and with, and including 1999, 2000, then again in 2007, 2008. And then of course, most recently, and the domain names have kept a lot of people in business by selling and a lot of opportunity for buying for those that wanted to buy domain names.

4 (14m 22s):
At that time, instead of companies going out of business in the space, they’d been up and able to hold their own on like other industries

1 (14m 30s):
Now e-commerce has done better than anything during the pandemic. Why do you think domain sales would have been affected?

4 (14m 40s):
Well, again, that domain sales side, so e-commerce sites that’s for sure, because people didn’t go out and go to physical shops to shop. They were shopping online. So of course, places, Amazon and, and Nike and Lulu lemon and the clothing stores, and even, even some of the restaurant chains that had really good delivery service and, and Uber eats and, you know, door dash companies did very well because they were used more than ever. But in terms of the domain name side there, you know, registration slowed down a little bit for the short term because it was just uncertain. And then you saw a resurgence, obviously in domain registrations in certain themes around code about, around work at home, around telemedicine, around, you know, things that were related to what was going on at the time.

4 (15m 29s):
So the one thing about the domain industry is that it trends really fast. Matter of fact, you see trends in the domain name industry, and then you can faster than you can in, in most, any other industry, because people start thinking about ideas and what they’re going to do, and start watching things in the news and they start registering domains because of it. So the domain registration side actually stayed pretty strong. It was the aftermarket sales side that slowed down a bit because of the fear factor of what, you know, what you need to do with your money. And if you lost your job, you know, how are you going to pay for insurance and rent and food on your plate? So that’s the only side of it that kind of slowed down, although that’s an important side, but as I mentioned before, people started thinking about how they’re going to do work at home and create new business ideas.

4 (16m 16s):
And, you know, you get to see how much stuff goes on while you’re sitting at home and locked up. And the, the, the effect of that is, is domaining transactions and sales and online businesses launching.

5 (16m 31s):
Yeah, I w I w I would think that people have more time on their hands, especially if they’re out of work, they’re gonna, they’re gonna look at starting things now, since the show deals mostly with the adult industry, I’m curious as to your take on adult domains. Now you’ve been involved with adult for ever at one time. Adult domain seemed really easy to sell these days, my experience, anyway, not so much. What are your thoughts on that?

4 (16m 60s):
Well, as you know, that the adult industry has gone through a, you know, a major transition, you know, back in the day when I was actively supporting many that at all, companies from a domain standpoint and keeping domain names safe, and then, you know, doing a lot of transactions and bringing the options to the adult industry, the industry was thriving. The affiliate networks were making, you know, we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re doing great for the main players. Then there was a consolidation, and of course, free porn just kind of changed how payments were being made for content. And, you know, what used to be hundreds of, of, or even thousands of small and medium-size adult companies and shops and, and content builders, insights, and affiliates.

4 (17m 50s):
Now we’re probably looking at what five or six conglomerate companies that own everything else and the affiliate networks aren’t as strong as they were before. So like with every business there, it’s gone through a consolidation, has gone through a transformation and change. And because it’s, it’s gone from pay to free in some parts of it, except for the niche markets, it’s a lot harder to sell a seven, you know, six, seven figure name and the rate, you know, the return on that investment takes a lot longer and isn’t always guaranteed. So, you know, that’s kind of what I’m seeing in any case. And you also see some of the major adult players going mainstream, you know, perfectly the examples, mind geek and, and others.

4 (18m 37s):
And a lot of my old clients and customers are well into the, into the mainstream space, along with having adult holdings. So they diversify it a lot. And some of my bigger clients, you know, in the adult industry have bought some of the bigger names in the, in the mainstream site.

1 (18m 54s):
Have you seen the domain market overall, the domain market landscape change in year years in the business?

4 (19m 1s):
When I started in the business in 1994 and 1995, you know, there was basically.com.net.org. You know, there was.edu and.mil, but there wasn’t, you know, there wasn’t any other extensions and.edu was restricted to, you know, official universities and schools and then.mil was for the military. You know, since then, you know, back in the, in the early two thousands, you saw new extensions being added. Of course there was, you know, dot info and.biz. And there was the rebranding of a lot of country codes, like.ws for website and.cc for carbon copy, and that, you know, TV for television.

4 (19m 43s):
And they took a country code extensions and started to rebrand those during that period of time, as well. And as you know, in the last five to seven years, there has been a resurgence or a, a new play on the domain names for new extensions and all kinds of different extensions. So now there’s thousands or extensions out in the marketplace, let’s call it 300 of which are commercial generic use 300, our brand associated domain names for, you know, brands and, and corporations. And the other 300 are for information or non-profits, or, you know, restricted TLDs that are for banking, insurance and other, and other uses.

4 (20m 26s):
It reminds me back in the old days, and a lot of domain people will relate to this because a lot of the most famous domainers like Rick Schwartz and Michael Berkins and, and so on. And a lot of the old guys used to have their business and the vanity 800 and 900 space. So of course, you know, 800 by cars or 800 doctors, and you got that spelling so that people didn’t have to remember what the numbers were. And when those numbers ran out, when those combinations ran out, they went to one from 800 to eight, eight, eight, and then eight 77 and eight, six, six eight five five eight, four four. You know, now there’s 20 some odd toll-free numbers. That’s a very similar simulation to what happens or what’s happening in the domain world.

4 (21m 8s):
When the street, you know, the most valuable domain combinations letters and numbers and words started running out, I can, you know, felt it was time to add new extensions, to give more people fair, right, and availability to get a domain name in the, you know, in the keyword that they wanted. So they opened up the strings to other registries that could provide that. And so now we see kind of an influx of supply with demand, you know, still on the same situation. So there’s a lot more supply than there is than there is demand. And so that has a direct fat effect on values, but there’s the old school folks that feel that.com is King and always will be like the 800 number.

4 (21m 52s):
But to be honest, you know, I was against it in the beginning. And now, you know, having helped some of these new TLDs launch, like.club and.global, and working with some of the big conglomerates in the space, you know, it’s a natural transition. It makes sense. And if you have to ask your kids, they don’t know what.com really is, what it means. It doesn’t matter to them just like 800 numbers don’t cause they have cell phones with free calling. So if, if a name with a, with a proper match extension that’s to the right of the dot and the left of the dot word is a good keyword and they can’t get it in a.com. They go to the next extension that makes more linguistic sense to them, like instead of by cox.com, which of course has been taken since the mid nineties and how they can get by.cars or by not autos.

4 (22m 39s):
And they shortened the string and it makes more linguistic and intuitive sense in some cases. So I do believe there’s a space for it and, and a place for them. And, you know, some, some will be very successful and some won’t, but that’s quite a bit

5 (22m 56s):
Okay. Let’s, let’s dig a little deeper into that though. And it’s something I get asked about a lot. Yeah. Dot com is King. I don’t think anybody is going to disagree with that. Certainly you won’t because that’s where you’ve made your money, but a lot there’s so many extensions now dot X, Y, Z in our industry.xxx and.sex, which both makes sense. But what are, I mean, are, are, are things like a.xyz for instance, are they worth much?

4 (23m 35s):
So Donna XYZ, it, it was meant to be an alternative to.com. Something very generic that anything to the left of the doc could go with. So that’s what.is. It doesn’t have to make sense to the right of the dot because it’s a generic extension. That doesn’t mean anything at the end, what gave.xyz, you know, a big plus and big benefit was that the biggest company search company in the space decided to rebrand themselves as a docs.xyz website, which was alphabet, which is Google. And when you see something like that happens, obviously it becomes prominent and people catch the wave a little bit. So I know the founder of.xyz and it’s Daniel, Daniel Nagare, and he’s been a long time client and friend of mine.

4 (24m 19s):
And he owns a couple of, you know, several of the other new strings, like.org. I believe he owns.beauty and.autos, and he’s, he’s acquired some other strings in the space and, you know, the belief of the new extensions and I, and I’m, I’m, I’m on board on this for the most part is that it gives people choice and options. That make sense. So there’s going to be probably a dot web coming out soon, which is going to be a direct competitor to the.com. And so if anything, that’s going to compete with the.com. It’s probably going to be adopt web there’s, other versions of stuff, stuff like that. Like online.website. Yeah. our.site, I’m sorry.

4 (24m 59s):
Cause that Ws kind of met website in the beginning, but you know, dot w.site is a, is another extension that’s, you know, being used for that. So I, I do you believe that.com has Kane just like an 800 numbers came forward, you know, toll free numbers, but I mean that other domains can’t be a barrier successful in the space for their particular extensions. The big differences, obviously back in the day where the traffic was driven by calm because it was the only commercial domain extension. And so it was typed into the URL line constantly. And so you don’t get the benefit of the content type in traffic on some of the new extension, but website building has changed, you know, that and can, yeah.

4 (25m 47s):
And you can definitely have very successful sites with the new extension. And if you’re building a website and you’re making it presence out of it and you do enough branding to let people know you’re not a.com, but you’re a yeah. Club, for example, you can be very successful at it. And I mentioned.club because club is one of those domain names and extensions that the founders who are also friends of mine and I helped launch, helped pick their premium name list and everything in Orlando, Florida, they stay very focused on that extension. They did a lot of research before launching it. There’s literally tens of millions of clubs all over the world, such as chess clubs and golf clubs and, you know, bait clubs and, and, you know, you know, swimming in clubs and, you know, you name every school, they have tons of clubs and then there’s VIP clubs and dance clubs and you know, all these things.

4 (26m 40s):
So, so the one unique thing about.club is that the word club in.club is spelled in English, almost in every country in the world, no matter what the languages, including China. So they don’t have a word for club and they use the English word club and they put Chinese characters in front of it. So if you go to Shanghai or you go to Beijing or even Hong Kong, you’ll see the Chinese character string and then the word club at the end in English. So that’s a pretty good litmus test on how strong the word club is. And lots of things make sense, linguistic sense to the left and to the right of the dot on that. Okay. And so, you know, as long as something makes a linguistic sense, I think it, I think, and, and of course that the registry is a supportive registry and there, you know, they, they they’re, they’re going to be supportive to the string and advertise and make sure they’re going to be around for a while.

4 (27m 27s):
It’s going to have a good chance of surviving,

5 (27m 29s):
But two domains other than dot coms have a lot of value on the market for foreign investor, for instance. Yeah.

4 (27m 40s):
Yeah, sure. So, so.club is actually doing a lot of transactions in the aftermarket, and I’m sure some people have heard on the show about the new craze that’s going on at clubhouse, which is, you know, the new social app. And, and just by, just by mistake and default and, and kudos to.club that everybody in clubhouse has their own club on clubhouse and they’re buying domain names to represent their club. So now they’re doing now, they’re doing resales inside clubhouse for.club domain names and reselling them in like, kind of like virtual auction, not virtual, but you know, clubhouse options and selling domain names inside the clubhouse. So it’s pretty cool that they’re doing that, but I saw a couple of six-figure dot club named, including coffee.club and also a wine.club at auction.

4 (28m 29s):
And, and besides.club there’s then several transactions and other extensions that have, that have sold now as it is prevalent as.com. No, but it’s also, you know, they’re not 25 years old, like.com is either. So I don’t think we’re in the first inning of a ball game when it comes to the domain name industry, there’s a big, there’s a long game to play. And there’s a lot of, you know, if you look at the whole entire world population, less than half of the world is online. When you look at areas like Africa and Asia, like Africa is only 17% online. There’s parts of Asia that are about the same, not even China’s, you know, fully online.

4 (29m 13s):
The United States is 75% online, not even 90 or a hundred percent. So there’s still tons of room for growth. And as the population expands, there’s going to be more need for domain name and online, you know, online presence. So pantry question, there’s a lot of extensions that carry some value and there’s been transactions that have happened that have been pretty significant and a lot of the other extensions, you know, in, in several of the big extensions. So that’s, that’s good news that there’s there’s, there are some, some good domain names and those extensions, and you can have an aftermarket for those over time.

5 (29m 49s):
Now, since again, we’re talking about adult, what do you think about domains like.xxx and.sex?

4 (29m 56s):
I mean, they definitely have a place in the adult industry for sure. You know, th th the adult industry is in, you know, again, the adult industry itself, in my opinion, isn’t growing at the rate and the speed, or at all, compared to what it was 10, 15 years ago. So if you throw one of those extensions on back, then it probably would have taken off a lot faster, but things go in waves and, and, and things become popular in different waves. And, you know, I think it’s a, I think it’s a safe bet to have, have yourself at least covered in your brand in some of these adult extensions. And you could launch new websites and, and build new assets on some of those extensions and, and drive a lot of traffic to it.

4 (30m 43s):
You’re not going to get the natural type in traffic yet, but you can drive a lot of traffic to it, through, you know, keyword buying and, and create a brand. And then people start to recognize that it’s, it’s not a.com. It’s a dot triple X and rightfully so because it’s in the adult industry. And it, it has meaning in that industry. So, you know, handful of those extensions in that industry are gonna, are going to be fine. And it’s perfectly suited for that.

5 (31m 7s):
Now you do domain appraisals. I know, cause we worked together on them w without, without giving away your secret sauce, what exactly makes a domain valuable and what doesn’t.

4 (31m 22s):
So I get this question a lot. Like how can you evaluate piece of digital real estate and virtual real estate, you know, and say that it has some kind of accuracy. So back in 1998, 1999, when we sold the first million dollar domain name, which was wall street.com, of course, everybody flocked to us, like, what’s my name worth? What’s my name worth, what’s my name worth? So what we did is we, we looked at how is physical real estate evaluated? What are some of the characteristics that can cross over to the virtual real estate world? So, for example, if you have a piece of premium real estate downtown in New York city, you know, your most valuable real estate is what Madison Avenue, fifth Avenue park Avenue.

4 (32m 5s):
Now, why is that so valuable? It’s valuable because it gets lots of traffic, a lot of foot traffic, a lot of car traffic, a lot of taxi traffic, and the most valuable and most highest rent in our, in those areas because people are more likely to go into those stores and shop because there’s so much traffic where there’s hardly any traffic, like out in the middle of the boondocks. You know, you don’t get a lot of traffic, you have to evaluate your property based off of something else. Like maybe how much property you have. So traffic directly ties into type in traffic. So car traffic and foot traffic in a city, or in a location to pipes in to go correlates almost directly to how many times that domain name is typed into the URL line.

4 (32m 50s):
So that’s one factor. Another factor obviously is comparable. Yeah. Sales. So if I sold autos.com, which I did in 1999 for $2 million, other keywords with the same word, obviously you can use that as a reference point to say, okay, well, autos dot Tom sold for $2.2 million. So what is auto worth? Well, it’s probably something similar except it’s singular and probably not as valuable, but you can use some percentage of that value. Then you have car and cars and you have automobile and vehicles and, you know, and trucking and trucks. And so you can play off of those to be, to get to some kind of accuracy based off the number of names that sold in those keywords, similar to having the same house that you have in your neighborhood.

4 (33m 32s):
And your neighbor has the same, build it with the same structure. And it just sold for $900,000. And it’s a three, two or four, two. And you know, yours is probably going to be in the same price range because of that. So that’s the comparable sales, you know, reference, and then you have a location, but which, which we, you know, we kind of discussed based off of traffic, but beachfront property. That’s undeveloped as desirable because, you know, you’re looking at the water every day and the sun coming up, or the sun going down and you’re looking at, you know, a place. So people like to go and relax, and it’s more expensive because you’re on the beach and it’s limited supply because, you know, unlike the inside of the United States, there’s only so much beach property.

4 (34m 12s):
So then there’s scarcity value and how rare it it is and how desirable it is. And same with downtown property, the same thing beach versus downtown versus rural, rural with live relate to multiple words, for example, you know, so two words together, you’re getting outside, right? Your, your city a little bit, and that’s why you started expanding outward. So instead of cars, you’re going to have buy cars or sell cars, or, you know, cheap cars or whatever memorable, how memorable it is. Is it a dictionary term? Is it a keyword? Does it get natural type in traffic? How much is there, you know, is there, is there other comparable sales? Is it, is it something that is easy to recognize?

4 (34m 52s):
Is it easy to spell the shorter, the better, you know, if it’s a long word like entrepreneur, you know, a lot of people don’t know how to spell that word, even though it’s a very, very valuable word. So how many times is going to be mistyped? So without going into all 21 factors that we look at when we do an evaluation, those are some of the most important things. And now that comparable database, unlike in 1999, you know, when I, when, when I tents, probably some of the only sales in the industry, now we have, you know, tons of sales under our belt and under the industry’s belt. So not right now, my database is, you know, 1 million domain sales, you know, in terms of what I can look up.

4 (35m 32s):
And then there’s Publix. Those are, those are like private transactions. Then there’s public sales, which is another million sales. And so now you can match up keywords and values and sale prices based off of time. And then look at, you know, getting down to that appraisal because of that. That’s,

5 (35m 47s):
That’s awesome. And

4 (35m 49s):
Then of course you have industry too, which I didn’t mention, but, you know, there’s the tech industry and there’s, you know, there’s different types of industries that are either hot or cold at this certain time too. And what those domain names fall. So, you know, right now we’re in a, we’re in an online learning, you know, school, you know, online schooling, online education, meaning at home work from home telemedicine, you know, things that are remote and accessible from anywhere virtual. Those are the hot things right now versus, you know, physical doctor visits and, you know, going into an office, those types of things. So,

5 (36m 29s):
Okay. Now time for your, your shameless self promotion, let’s, let’s talk about right at the dot. Tell me more about what you do there.

4 (36m 40s):
So most people recognize me and remember he has as moniker.com. Cause I, I, I, I got a crazy idea and said, you know what? I really love the adult industry because they’re loyal and they’ve faced the most adversity and the most scrutiny and have the biggest regulation of all. And if you can get those people on your side and earn their business, you’re doing a pretty good job. And so very early in my career, I, I made it a point to go after the adult industry and serve that community for domain protection. Cause we were the only registrar that never lost a name from domain theft. And I invented who has privacy, so I could protect people’s privacy and keep their domain names and their assets confidential and secret.

4 (37m 24s):
And that was very important at the time for many of the adult players. And, you know, I credit the adult industry for, you know, probably the first online SSL certificates and merchant transactions using credit cards and having membership services. And, you know, those things are really important and there probably wouldn’t be a lot of businesses alive today without the adult industry paving the way for those people. So I felt that was important. So I showed up at Phoenix forums and AVN shows and all the adult industry shows and it took me a while to break in. And then once I did and, and got people to trust us with their assets and move people over from random registrars, it didn’t, people didn’t really know really what they did on the back end.

4 (38m 9s):
You know, it was a very important thing for me. So I felt that, you know, that was important. So I just wanted to give some background on why I focused on the adult industry. And then, you know, when I went, when I started moniker, moniker was not just a registrar, it was a domain asset protection and monetization company. So, you know, our sole purpose was to help people acquire and register names that were important for their business. And then if they wanted to park them and monetize that traffic, we did that. If they wanted to sell their domain names, we did that. And if they wanted to buy domain names and stuff, we did that too. And so we created the first brokerage room with salespeople to go out and do all those things.

4 (38m 49s):
And we were probably one of the first feeds for, you know, traffic monetization. You know, this is right around when Google wasn’t even in existence and worked with several players and doing that. And, and I built moniker to a nice business and sold it off to a company called oversee.net. And then I ran snap snap names, which was the company that kinda invented the drop catching service for domain names. And we had the largest parking platform at the time called domain sponsor. And so I ran both of those divisions and also moniker all at the same time. And then when my contract was up, I decided it was not time to be corporate anymore and go back into the entrepreneurial space spirit. So I started right at the dot and at that time, the new TLDs were starting to be talked about.

4 (39m 33s):
And I felt that I could take that knowledge that I learned in all my years and cop some of the new extensions launch and be, you know, vibrant. And so I, if you, if you look at the, the domain right of the dot, it means, you know, what’s important is to the right of the Dodgers as much as the left of the.in this case. So the extension is important as well. And so I kept on doing the premium domain auctions for all the big conferences and still did brokerage and, and stealth acquisitions for corporate clients. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. And, you know, we hold the industry’s biggest and largest domain auction in the, in the industry. And we feel, I feel that it’s important to do that because it keeps the market fluid, liquid, vibrant, alive.

4 (40m 20s):
It helps with everybody who sell value, regardless of whether you have a calm net or health sex, triple X or whatever. If, if any name sells in any extension, it’s good for the entire industry. And it raises the Tidewater for everybody.

1 (40m 34s):
Now, what is the biggest challenge you see facing the overall internet space today?

4 (40m 40s):
Every couple of years, people have questioned whether domain names are going to be relevant because of, you know, back in the day, you know, years ago there was a company called real names and they, they thought that it was a, okay, not to even have a domain name and you can get navigate through the web and that didn’t work. And then, you know, we moved up to apps and what, you know, why do you need a domain name if you have an app or if you’re using app? Well, ultimately the app has its own domain name and website in order to download the app, or you go to the app store, which resides on a domain name. So that didn’t work either. Yeah. I mean, I don’t think there’s anything that’s gonna disrupt that domain name itself, the importance of remaining.

4 (41m 21s):
I think I can, you know, it’s, it’s a very bureaucratic and political organization and there’s a lot of policy, you know, around what you can and do with the domain name. And, you know, just to make it clear, no one really truly owns their domain name. You have the right to register it and renew it, but you don’t hold true title. Like you do. You’re a piece of property when you pay it off and you own it from the mortgage company, right? The, the domain name is a subscription. And if you paid $10 million for it and you forget to renew it, you lose it. So that’s the important thing to remember that, that you have the right, you’re buying the rights to hold that domain name and pay your $10 renewal fee every year.

4 (42m 3s):
But if you forget it and you’re fucked up, you’re, you’re gonna lose your domain name no matter how much money you paid. So, you know, there’s, there’s, there’s still people that think that every domain name that’s not developed, that someone owns is a squatter and they don’t have a right to have it unless it’s a website. And I’ve been a proponent of people’s rights to use their domain names anywhere they want, as long as they’re not breaking the law or violating somebody else’s know trademark, and it’s no different than you buying a piece of land in the middle of downtown and deciding you don’t want to build on it. There’s no law that says you have to, you can keep it a blank piece of land. You can offer it for resale at anytime you want. You can throw a billboard on top of it. That’s what the parking is.

4 (42m 43s):
And, and that’s how you can earn money from paying for, you know, getting advertising paid for, or throwing billboards and, and, you know, banners across your building. And, you know, that’s, I, I’m a big believer that you can do whatever you want with your domain name. And now there’s all this new, these new domain names being registered, and they’re big, they’re vacant pieces of land until somebody develops them. And you know, that part of the business has grown. So I don’t see pressures on the internet that way as more and more extensions come into existence, it can get into a situation where things get confusing a little bit, and there will be more extensions coming soon.

4 (43m 23s):
So even though everybody thought that these thousand wouldn’t survive, there’s gonna be another 500 to a thousand coming for years. And those, those will be a new way, you know, a new wave of them coming. So the most, the biggest threat is how you brand your business going forward and making sure people know what your extension is, and that you have online presence and have the right training that matches your, your products and services. And globalistic flow of your domain name is very important, you know, especially in the new extension. So the left, the word to the left of the dot has to make sense to the right of the dot, or it doesn’t make sense. Right. So that’s really important.

5 (44m 1s):
So let’s say I want to be a domain investor in 2021. What advice would you have

4 (44m 7s):
If you thought that you can’t get good domain names in 2021, and that’s just not true. You can enter into the aftermarket and, you know, go to places like my auction and you’d get the most premium domain names that you want. You might have to be well-funded in some cases to get domain names like restaurants.com and sorority.com and cats.com, which is what we’re selling and in a bunch of others, because they’re, you know, big names, but there’s plenty of names that are at a fraction of those costs or at no reserve that are selling. And not only in my site, but or in my auction, but I had after Nick and GoDaddy auctions and GoDaddy drop catching and snap names. And, you know, they’re still domain names that are registered and dropping every day that you can get, you know, at decent costs.

4 (44m 52s):
And then of course, there’s a whole slew of new registrations for new TLDs that hadn’t been registered yet. So again, we’re talking about waves of the future and, you know, buying domain names today that come in 10 to 15, 20 years could be extremely valuable. Even if you gotta re at registration fees or, or, or if you paid a premium for a.com name today, it’s surely to go up in value over time because that’s considered, you know, the beachfront and the downtown city real estate. Okay. It’s available, you know, it’s available.

5 (45m 27s):
Okay. So next week, and then I’ve got my, getting my dates straight here next week. You’re going to be doing an auction tomorrow on podcast. No, actually this is going to run on the, this is going to drop on the 17th. So actually it is next week. I’m getting my dates. I’m getting my dates straight. Now you’re gonna be doing an auction. Tell me a bit about the event.

4 (45m 56s):
Yeah. So we’re going to be doing something. I mean, everybody knows and recognizes. I brought in live options into various industries, including the adult industry. So I usually bring a live auctioneer in, and we do a live auction of, you know, about a hundred to 150 premium domain names. And people gather in the room and they raise their paddles and they get these names. And of course I target the type of names that I’m selling based around the, the, the theme of the show or the conference. And so for the adult industry, obviously I’ve sold many big adult names, you know, for example, and you know, when I was at the affiliate summit, I sold affiliate type domain names and, and search engine strategies, same thing. And the domain industry shows the same thing.

4 (46m 39s):
So this auction is going to be a live virtual auction. I’m actually going to fly to college station, Texas, where it is where my championship auctioneer is. He’s a world champion auctioneer, his name’s Wayne wheat. We’ve been working together now for nine years. We’ve literally sold hundreds of million dollars of domains together. And, and we’re going to go to a production studio alive, you know, like TV studio. And we’re going to broadcast this out to thousands of people, various networks through a webcast. And so I’m taking submissions right, right now, and going through tens of thousand submissions. And I’m whittling that down to what will probably be about 500 domain names that will be in the auction and of the 500, there’ll be 100 selected for the live portion, which will happen one day, which will be February 25th at 12 noon central standard time.

4 (47m 33s):
And we’re going to webcast those sales right there on the spot as if you’re sitting in the room with your paddle, except you’re going to be betting online and bidding online with your computer. And because we’re going to be in this production studio, we’re able to do some really cool things like special effects and, you know, throw fireworks out in the background when the name sales and, you know, be more interactive and fun. So that’s what I’m really excited about. And then the other 400 names will remain in the online auction part, which will end March the fourth. So the live portion is going to go live and be, I’m going to be selling names live just like I’m in a auction room, just like Sotheby’s or Christie’s or B make them car auctions.

4 (48m 16s):
I’m going to be selling those with Wayne on a tilt, you know, in a television studio, broadcast it out to the web on our stream and, and selling a hundred names there. And then, and then the other 400 names will remain on the online option piece until til March 4th. So it’s going to be really exciting and we’re going to be able to send the snippet of the HTML code or the video code out to everybody, including yourself. You can broadcast the option on your site and you can bring your audience in and watch the auction live if they don’t want to, if you don’t want to send people off to the actual auction site, we’ll allow you to have the auction running on your site. And when somebody wants to come and bid, they’ll just pop over and hit the bidding link and get signed up and register, and then be ready to all get on the domain name.

4 (49m 2s):
But you can draw people into your own on your own blog or studio website. We’re going to do that too. When send that out to everybody in the domain industry and anybody that’s interested in having the feed and that way you can keep your crowd and have discussions going on your own site and not have to go off, you know, send your customer somewhere else. So it’s going to be really cool and fun. And that’s how I think I’m going to draw a lot of attention worldwide. So we’re getting, we’re getting ready to do a big international press release. That’ll be translated into multiple languages, highlighting some of the big names we have for sale. And I think it’s going to be a new way to disrupt the way things are being done now in an online, you know, type of a scenario where knowing nobody can gather in a room together really, and, you know, raise the paddles.

4 (49m 46s):
We’re going to have him raising the paddles online. And in a way they’ve never done before.

5 (49m 50s):
Keep in mind, this is the adult space. So they may be raising the paddles another way as well.

4 (49m 56s):
I do have some names that cross over the adult space that’s on here. And, and it looks like we’re going to get a couple more. I’m not going to, I won’t have anything as crude as I used to have in my Hawkins on the, on the adult shows, but there, you know, we’re, we’re probably going to have names like cox.com spelled the right way. C O C K s.com. We have online babes or babes babes, babes only.com. I have sexo.com, which is a Spanish word for sex. It’s going to be really that’s, that’s an awesome name. No, not sex though. He has another name. Yeah, he has another name, but we, we have a name like that. And there’s cockfight.com.

4 (50m 39s):
There’s, you know, there’s a lot, there’s a lot of names that could be used for, you know, in the adult industry, in both, you know, things like, you know, like celebrity photos, which isn’t really adult, but we all know that the adult industry is monetized celebrity photo videos and, and celebrity type names as well.

5 (50m 59s):
Interesting. Okay. So I see another project you’re involved in. What aren’t you involved in? And you’ve got real estate in Costa Rica. You got a weed business, but I see one other project that looks interesting and it’s desktop.com T tell me about that.

4 (51m 14s):
Yeah, so I’m not really involved in it. I’m, I’m an investor, but it’s really cool. My colleague and friend, and a client of mine, his name is Ralph Larson and he, he, he created the.global extension as a matter of fact, and he, he came up with this idea and how to consolidate the apps that are all on your computer and make it really easy to operate and, and make it a virtual invert versatile. So you can use them better and it’s really taken off. It’s really incredible. So some of the biggest domain guys are invested in the business as well. And I’m pretty excited about where that’s going to go. So I’m an investor, I’m not a part of the company other than being an investor in that business, but you mentioned Costa Rica.

4 (51m 58s):
I’ve got, I’m a part owner in a, in an awesome adventure park. They’re called DIA Monte echo adventure park. It’s in Guan Acosta. And we are fortunate to have the longest fast as high as zip line in all the Americas. You basically lay down like Superman and it’s a thousand feet high and year you zip line into the ocean on your belly. And you fly, you know, basically through the over, you know, from a mountain down to the ocean. It’s really cool. And we have lots of exotic animals in our animal sanctuary that are all rescuing animals, and it’s a really cool place. And we have a luxury rental vehicle on the property as well. There and Costa Rica is probably gonna be one of the best places to go after the, all this shit’s over.

4 (52m 40s):
They’ve done a really good job controlling the pandemic. They’ve closed their, they closed their borders early on. It really affected their tourism dollars, obviously, but they they’ve really worked hard to make sure that they have their shit together when things open up. And they, you know, I flew in, in December and I was just blown away. How, how clean and how, how nice it is there. Even with this all going on, they really have their, their stuff together. There’s washing stations outside of every restaurant and bar and, and a retail store. So, you know, you’re not allowed to walk in unless you wash your hands and, you know, you have to wear your mask and all that stuff. And because of that, the, the, the area that I’m in, which is Guan ACOs day, and in, particularly in this area called cocoa appli, Coco and Monta Paulo, there’s, there’s no cases of COVID or hardly no cases, you know, so it’s, they, they’ve done a really good job.

4 (53m 34s):
So pretty excited about how Costa Rica has handled things and how they’re gonna bounce back.

1 (53m 39s):
It, it sounds like you’re describing Thailand, my friend, we just had a very small second wave, and I, I think Thailand’s rated number one in the world as far as a COVID response. So it’s good to be good. It’s good to be here. And I know you got a place there. So

4 (53m 56s):
I have a place in Costa Rica. And then, and I’m a main investor with Evan. Horowitz was many in the adult industry now with a week club.com. And we’re real excited about that, especially given the fact that we’re probably going to look at a, you know, D federalized, you know, cannabis industry at some point, and, you know, a big ease up on what the, you know, how things are being treated with cannabis. And that’s also moving into Costa Rica as well. So pretty excited about how the, the week club business is going to work.

1 (54m 25s):
One can only one can only hope from your, from your mouth to God’s ears. Well, I want to remind everybody that the auction is next week, the 25th, that would be next Thursday. And

4 (54m 41s):
It’s open now, by the way. So when you hear the show, you can go online and bid. If you just go to R O T d.com, the link, the bid is right there on the front page and also on the submission page. And then it brings you to the live option and you can start placing bids. And the live portion will go live on February 25th at 12 noon central standard time. And the extended auction will run through March 4th.

1 (55m 4s):
I’m headed there now. Well, Mo Mani, I’d like to thank you for being our guest today on adult site broker talk, and I hope we’ll get a chance to do this again really soon. My broker tip today is part two of how to buy a website. Last week, we discussed first deciding the type of site you want to buy and then establishing what your budget is next. It’s time to look for your new website. So where do you look? Well adults’ site broker is a great place to start. We always have a nice variety of website and non website properties for sale, but if there’s a particular type of site you want, we can also act as your buyer’s broker to help you find just the right site. Other places to look are boards like <inaudible> dot net and gfr.com.

1 (55m 49s):
But to be completely honest, unless what you’re looking for is a really low end property. You’re probably not going to find what you’re looking for there. Of course you could contact site owners yourself, but take it from someone who does it for a living. It’s a major hassle, and it can be really hard to even find out who owns a site. Almost all sites use what is called as who is privacy from their domain registrar. So when you send them an email, it will be an anonymous address. And in most cases, the emails aren’t returned. We have a huge database

5 (56m 24s):
Of sellers and generally know who owns what. And if it’s a website of note, if we don’t know who owns it, we can always find out. We’ll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we’ll be talking to Karl Edwards of You love Jack.

0 (56m 44s):
And that’s it on this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank our guest Monte Cahn. Talk to you next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker, and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk. Where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week, we’ll be talking to Florin of tubeadvertising.eu and Traffic Manager. Adult Site Broker is proud

1 (35s):
to announce ASB Cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With ASB Cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry. Google is preparing to enforce new policy updates that would prohibit sugar dating platforms from acquiring advertising space. The changes are starting to be enforced tomorrow with an increase to a full implementation expected within five weeks.

1 (1m 19s):
Services that support sexual arrangements in which one user benefits from another are going to be effected. Sugar dating websites will have their advertising submissions move from the adult content policy to prohibited content policy. This marks I’m in the same category as sexually explicit child abuse and mail order bride content, all the majority of the leading sugar dating platforms assert that they categorically do not facilitate prostitution. Google disagrees under the new terms, it’s banning any adverts that could be interpreted as promoting a sexual act in exchange for compensation violations will not result in an immediate suspension.

1 (2m 1s):
Instead of warning will be issued at least seven days prior to any further action being taken. Luxy a serious dating service for successful singles has worked to take action against the rise of sugar baby profiles, because it boasts that most members are significantly wealthy. A number of prospective users have signed up looking for monetary relationships. All new accounts are stringently monitored for the first 24 hours and get removed. If they use language that indicates a desire to take payments, the pretrial hearing in the Mercedes career, a criminal case concerning multiple child sexual abuse charges against her and her husband, which was supposed to happen last Friday at the Rancho Cucamonga courthouse in San Bernardino County, California has been postponed once again this time only for two weeks until February 19th proceedings have now crossed the Mark two years without a trial career and her husband, Jason Whitney were arrested after a police rate of their home on February 1st of 2019 career.

1 (3m 10s):
And Whitney had been in County jail without trial since then first, without bail. And later after they had liquidated their assets and had no source of income due to their incarceration with bail, set it $2 million for each the second meeting of Canada’s house of commons committee on access to information, privacy and ethics. That’s a mouthful regarding mine. Geeks content moderation occurred Friday with a testimony and questioning of top executives at the company, mine geeks, top operation officers, Ferris and Toon, and David to Cylo appeared before a largely hostile committee to answer questions about the company’s record of moderation of allegedly illegal content uploaded by third party users under their tube site.

1 (3m 59s):
PornHub, the meeting was chaired by MP for the Alberta conservative party, Chris, where it can, who had also presided over the first hearing last Monday, mind geek is headquartered in Luxenberg. Although many of its operations are run from Montreal and tune into solo were identified by the New York times as Canadian nationals. The first hearing on Monday loomed over Friday’s often aggressive grilling of the mind geek execs by several MPS from Canada’s four major political parties. The MPS repeatedly referred to the emotional presentation by Serena fleets, a young woman from California who was at the center of the children of PornHub Nicholas Kristoff’s article for the New York times targeting porn hub that was published on December 4th.

1 (4m 50s):
Fleeta said, told the committee of having difficulties getting PornHub to remove a video. She had shot of herself as a teenager that she sent to a boyfriend and would, which was allegedly repeatedly uploaded onto the tube site by unidentified third parties. The centerpiece of Monday’s hearing was a lengthy presentation by fleet, his lawyer, a New York city based litigator, Michael Bowie, who had previously represented disgraced evangelist, Jerry Falwell, Jr. And Donald Trump, and an unusual development where it can first scheduled meeting on the subject featured a non Canadian liability lawyer, openly advocating for changes in Canadian law.

1 (5m 32s):
So then a non-Canadian client could Sue a Canada based company run by Canadian execs for a ruinous amount in damages. See if you can follow that the hearing started with a stern or it can warning yes, his witnesses that they were under oath and lack of cooperation with the committee might result in being found in contempt of parliament and tune emphasize the mind geek status as fathers and family men, and reminded the committee of their 1800 employees with families and loved ones. Most of them Canadians the general approach event in to Cylo was to at what they considered mind geek status as the tech industry’s leader and proactive content moderation.

1 (6m 16s):
Again and again, both execs referred to the work in progress, nature of content moderation in general to their often repeated line that the extra that the eradication of child sexual abuse material from there platform has always been a priority for the company. And that one illegal video uploaded is too many or Utah house of representatives committee meeting last week to discuss a lawmaker’s proposal requiring all new electronic devices sold in the state to have porn filters turned on by default featured a presentation by a representative or religiously inspired anti-porn lobby in the center by the national center of sexual exploitation or NC OSC.

1 (7m 4s):
The bill in question house bill 72 was reintroduced last month by representative Susan Pulsifer the bill, which Paul suffered unsuccessfully attempted to introduce last year would mandate default porn filters onto phones and laptops sold in Utah if passed the mandatory filters from which for profit faith based software companies have been profiting for some time would have to be activated by default in 2022, according to analysts international manufacturers of phones and computers like Apple and Google would face civil liability. If they don’t comply, Utah politicians have made regular attempts to pass hard to enforce state bills, allegedly to protect the citizens.

1 (7m 48s):
Jury citizenry from made up public health crisis around porn. During the hearing, Pulsifer invited a person identified by local media merely as a director of public policy at the national center for sexual exploitation. More specifically, however, this expert witness was Eleanor Gayton, VP and director of public policy at the national center on sexual exploitation, formerly known as known as morality and media and the leading religiously inspired national lobby waging the current Oran porn in 2015 morality and media, which has been fighting, what they describe as obscenity, including sports illustrated, Cosmo and 18th century novels since the 1960s.

1 (8m 35s):
And they renamed themselves national center on sexual exploitation. The NCOC name has deceived journalists and politics. <inaudible> unfamiliar with their agenda and seeing who been chosen to borrow legitimacy from the unrelated, but sounded like national center for missing and exploited children or respected organization with no anti-porn agenda. Gaten was one of the leaders in setting public policy stigmatizing sex work as a George W. Bush appointee between 2003 and 2009. Her own press bio also boasts of having been instrumental in passing major us legislation, including foster sista.

1 (9m 18s):

2 (9m 18s):
For her.

1 (9m 20s):
Now let’s feature our property the week that’s for sale at adult site broker, we have just listed five amazing adult domains for sale that adult site broker, any of these domains can be used to build a very successful and brandable website. The domains are sexo.com. That’s spelled S C X O and porn and flix.com listed at $5 million. Each Ascot Khan listed@fourpointtwofivemilliondollarsstud.com listed@twopointninefivemilliondollarsandstripcam.com for only $695,000. For more information, contact us on our website at adult site, broker.com.

1 (10m 3s):
Now time for this week’s interview my guest today on a don’t say broker talk is Floren from tube advertising.edu and traffic manager. And thanks for being with us today on an old site.

2 (10m 17s):
Good morning, everyone. Thanks for having me, Bruce. It’s a pleasure. It’s a real pleasure for me as well.

1 (10m 24s):
Now Florida’s worked in the internet ad and marketing business since 2010. He started out by offering SEO consulting and link building services to different, small and medium companies from Romania and Italy. Today. Floren is the CEO of tube advertising.edu and traffic manager.com. Now tube advertising.edu is an affiliate network based in Romania that has over 2000 publishers monetizing their traffic worldwide. The tube advertising affiliate network deals with around 300 million clicks every month. Now traffic manager.com has been around since 2016. This tool can be used by any person that wants to build his own affiliate program or affiliate network.

1 (11m 10s):
And doesn’t know where to start from. Doesn’t understand the game and wants to learn how to promote his own or third party products. So Floren, tell me a little bit about yourself and what you did before getting into the affiliate marketing game.

2 (11m 26s):
Well, yeah, it’s kind of funny before I went. If you would ask me 15 years ago, what would you do? What it will be like your dream job? I would never think about this. Cause I was, I was basically working in the construction business. I was, I did that job for, I think six or seven years in Italy. And in the meantime, the last two years I spent in Italy was I start to study about affiliate marketing. So this was, let’s say the point that changed my life, but completely. But so yeah, my, my, my, my first activity was, I was a construct,

3 (12m 9s):
Hey, there you go.

2 (12m 11s):
I was building houses. I was working a lot from 12 hours a day, really hard physical work, and I was enjoying it as well. But yeah, my, my, my change, my life changed a lot since I joined the affiliate industry.

3 (12m 28s):
Hey man, it’s a good skill, good skill to have. It’s good to be handy. I wish I was. You can fix, you can fix things. Yeah. You can fix things around the house and you don’t have to pay anybody. So how did you end up in the affiliate industry?

2 (12m 47s):
I started to like a little bit playing with Google at the time was quite easy to do ACO. I mean, all you need to do is to build some links on a website, have a nice and clear, well, text the title, description keywords, and like two, three months maximum, sometimes even less. You could raise a website in the first positions of Google,

3 (13m 13s):
The good old, the good old days. Huh?

2 (13m 17s):
I mean, all you need to do is just submit that website 100 directories that your website was popping up. Now the, the, the game changed completely. I’m still following it. And yeah, I remember really nice those those days, I wish I had this knowledge 10 years ago.

3 (13m 38s):
Crazy. So then how did you end up in the affiliate game? Well, yeah,

2 (13m 45s):
No, I basically, I started with ACO. I started with Somar something building websites, servicing a few guys, a few small companies. And within between these guys, I had like one client that was doing exactly what he was doing two sites and they helped him with the SEO job. Now, after a few months, he told me, look for him, all the websites I’m doing are going really, really well. You should do it. You should do some for yourself as well. And I said, no, no, that’s not for me. I mean, I would just offer this service professionally and does good. Doesn’t hurt enough. And this is before the mobile goal period for Kronos, what I’m talking about.

3 (14m 30s):

2 (14m 31s):
I, I continue to do this, this, this more sites in the services for this guy. And then I did. Okay. Let’s make a test. I did the, a website, that website. I started, I put it like, what is life? Two months later I had like 30, 40,000 visitors per day in my website. And I was monetizing at that time. We do sets. I still remember this was the first website, but I still keep the domain also the website. It’s just like, like, like, you know, sweet, sweet memory. I have, I feel have the domain. Right. But I never, I never let it expire.

2 (15m 12s):

3 (15m 13s):
Hey, you know. Okay. So now what the, what do you like best about being in this industry?

2 (15m 22s):
Well, after all these years and connecting with so many people, let’s say the thing that they really, really love is it’s just the fact that all the whole industry is like a big family. Everybody knows that you meet 20, go to a conference and you meet with people that you feel like you meet some distant cousins or something. Some of them are, some of them are like brothers. We agree. So this is the thing I like more, this, I never felt this. I never had this feeling when I, when I attended, for example, mainstream conferences, but everybody is so distant. Everybody’s from his own path and business and they take care of their slice of the pie in the streets.

2 (16m 8s):
It’s a little bit different in my opinion, everybody’s shit. Sure, sure.

3 (16m 12s):
I agree. I agree with you. It’s what I liked best as well. It’s why I miss the conferences so much. So tell us a little bit about your first project and that would have been after you, after you had your site to did traffic manager, right?

2 (16m 31s):
No, that was too bad advertising. The advertising manager came after. Oh, I didn’t know that. Okay. Yeah. Traffic manager is basically the technology behind about what we need. We, we, we tested at the beginning of fuel, fuel tracking tools that were on the market at that time. HasOffers we test, we tested cake with a, another two or three. I don’t remember the names. Some of them are even disappear from the market right now. I’m not there anymore. And yeah, we were basically, we saw that we are paying too much. I mean, for country like Romania, because we were focusing on mostly and for the value value of the clicks and the conversion, we had mania, where was not, I mean, you couldn’t look.

2 (17m 25s):
Most of the profits was going to the tracking tools because they were charging us on clicks and they were, they were asking us like 1 cent per click, 2 cents per click, and you know, Romania, one click, you could sell it with maybe two, 3 cents, if everything was okay. So the daily said, this is not for us. We need to build it from the scratch. You need to have it in house. Got it. And that’s traffic manager that the comp the tracking solution, but the first project was the advertising affiliate network. After my soul, that let’s say the traffic coming, bringing some money, the tube traffic I had, let’s say, okay, let’s build a few, a few more sites.

2 (18m 13s):
I build on my own. I think 10 or 15, then we started, we were sending this traffic to different affiliate networks. At that time I was working with recess. Then I don’t know if you’ll remember them. I feel for you. Oh yeah. I worked with them for a, for a period. Then I worked with, I worked at broker Bay by workplace Mr. Strawberry. So yeah, we said at the end, you know what, let’s build our own stuff because this guy is for sure they have some, some margin. So let’s, since we have this, this amount of traffic, let’s try to build our own stuff. And this was the first step from there.

2 (18m 55s):
Yeah. We started, we continue building tube sites to increase in traffic today. I think we still have 105 sites, something like that. So yeah, this is the affiliate network. And most of the traffic we have there is it’s started from us from, from our in-house tips.

3 (19m 14s):
Okay. So now too, so tube advertising is your, is your main thing right now, you know, give me more details about that.

2 (19m 25s):
Yeah. It’s one of the main things, which is not what it’s supposed to be two years ago when everything kind of changing the industry, though, for the good offers are not there anymore. Not so easy to find, but it’s a good, it’s a good, it’s still a good project is still working. We have people, you know, buying traffic from all over the world. Now we are not working on CPA anymore. Like we used to, we work on clicks. We sell the traffic on clicks. Most of our clients right now are, are like webcam studios that were, that want to promote the, the rooms and product owners, dating owners working is still good.

2 (20m 9s):
But we focus with focus more on the, on the technology side where changing. So traffic manager will become soon the main thing.

3 (20m 21s):
So, so traffic manager, a lot of other people are utilizing that tool now. Correct? A lot of other companies are utilizing traffic manager. You build it, you build it to use in house, and now you’ve got a lot of other companies using it, right?

2 (20m 36s):
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, this started as, as a game, to be honest, I mean, not as a game, but as a favor to a few friends, the traffic manager started as a favor to the friends that were asking us, look, guys, I know you have a tool. Can we rent it from your we’re paying has offers. And this is costing us a lot of money. And basically it’s, it’s taking us a lot of the profit. Can you, can you share the tool with us? I said, we have it in house. If you want, we can install it for you. And you pay us the servers fees. And it was like a friendly, you know, friendly saying.

2 (21m 17s):
And three, four friends that started to use it at the beginning. And they were asking a few things. We were adding them and we were like, ask them to pay for the development because we had, at that time, we had only one programmer in a one thing guy. And at the end we saw that it become like a product that can be can, can, can make a difference in the market. We can sell that. So this is how traffic manager started under. So amazing. Oh, go ahead. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I said no. Yeah, indeed. A lot of companies use, especially from the adult industry, we have some casino clients.

2 (21m 58s):
So yeah, the thing is it’s going, is growing up beautifully.

3 (22m 2s):
It’s amazing how things go. Sometimes, you know, you develop something to do one thing and all of a sudden it’s, it’s doing others. Yeah.

2 (22m 12s):
If you think about it, everything is connected because we never thought about having a tech company. We just need it for our own stuff. And when you do the things in the right way, people appreciate it and they want to contribute and they want that product. They pay for the product. And so on. We never think about having a platform, a tracking tool tracking platform tool on the market. But when we saw the potential, I said, okay, why not? Let’s let’s, let’s do it

3 (22m 43s):
May as well, may as well. There’s, there’s there’s money in those Hills. Now, what, where do you see your companies a couple of years from now? Where do you, where do you see them being

2 (22m 56s):
Well? In the, in the meantime beside the, the, the traffic company and the tracking tool, we notice by having an affiliate network, we notice also different problems with the payment paying affiliates and everything. So we started to build something in that way as well, what they would like to do. And it will happen in maybe one or two years from now to have all of us in the, in the same tracking tool I would like to have also the affiliate payments system integrated and everything. I mean, I would like to have one all in one product for affiliate marketers, like for companies that, that, that wants to, to, to grow their business and scale it like quickly, we would like to offer beside tracking.

2 (23m 45s):
We like to offer also payments. We would like to go also a little bit on the not smart kids or the adults companies that are, that are selling their content to not, not very, very expensive as far as I know. So yeah, in the future, I would like to, I would like to see this project, especially traffic manager. I see, I see are really, really high level tracking tool.

3 (24m 15s):
Great idea. Now, now, what changes would you like to see in the adult industry?

2 (24m 23s):
I would like to see more people at the events, but more people that usually don’t attend these events as a, as a first change, because it’s a small world. It’s a small, it’s a really small market. It’s not that big, it’s open for everybody. But what you see at the, at the events, 90% of the people are quite the same. I would like to see more fresh blood. Yes. This is the one thing. New products, new ideas for now. Yeah. I see here and there a few nice ideas, but months, many pull them into action or bring them on the market.

2 (25m 6s):
Please would be all for now, I guess.

3 (25m 9s):
Hmm. Okay. Okay. Yeah. A little more originality. Maybe.

2 (25m 14s):
Yeah. More product. So there’s a bit more originality. Exactly what I would like to see. I would like to be able to choose as it was two years ago. I mean, two years ago, you could choose between which product to promote and which product to stay away from. Now. You don’t have to watch chosen with the product. That’s quite the same thing. Or

3 (25m 42s):
There are market leaders and among those market leaders, there’s a handful of choices. That’s true.

2 (25m 48s):
That’s true.

3 (25m 51s):
And you’re right about the shows. I mean, as much as I love seeing our family, when we go to the shows and that’s, again, what I love about the industry. Yeah. A few more new faces, new people getting into the industry, more people who, who want to, we know who are involved too, are going to become reasonable size players. That would be nice. That would be nice. Now. Now, are you involved in any other projects at the moment?

2 (26m 19s):
Yes. We, since we are doing also some media wiring, we have a media buying media buying company. We have also a project that is called card for ads, count cards for us. Sorry. It’s cards for us. Com we, yes. Cards for ads with, for like number cards, for ads that come that’s basic. That basically it’s a platform that provides virtual credit cards for media buyers, as you know, Facebook and Google and all the other social media, social media platforms. They are many things blocking a lot of accounts or credit cards when you’re running ads.

2 (27m 2s):
So yeah, we saw a need in the market for this, for this product, a platform that could give you how many credits the virtual credit cards on it. So you can basically change the card whenever you want or whatever, Facebook or Google blocks. You. Interesting look, yeah. It’s a nice project. It’s a business to business one. It’s a B to B one we don’t work with, with, with normal customers. Let’s say Cisco customers, we work only with companies and it’s kind of related to, to the payment industry payments industry and the feeling pain.

2 (27m 43s):
Once as I was saying before, is

3 (27m 46s):
It, would it be somewhat similar to an email?

2 (27m 53s):
Yeah. It’s exactly that it’s a new wallet basically that you basically load with with, with money and you can spread the funds through your cards as you wish.

3 (28m 5s):
Great idea. That’s a great idea. I might be interested in that actually. Yeah. I mean, there’s, there’s business uses for that. There’s no two ways about it. So what advice would you go move to Florida? 10 years ago, Florida.

2 (28m 23s):
<inaudible> years ago. I would, I would tell him mom, study more because yeah, study more, invest in yourself. Give more time to you, like dedicate some extra time to yourself in terms of, you know, retrieving the physical piece. So it mentally piece in, I don’t know how to call that in English actually time for your adult time for your

3 (29m 2s):
Time to yourself. Yeah. Yeah. I get

2 (29m 4s):
It. Yeah. Thought out of my English vocabulary. Sorry. Sorry. Yeah, because you know,

3 (29m 12s):
I think we call it, I think in America we call it me time, but it’s but that’s, but that’s just, but that’s just slang man. I’m us Americans. We’ve got slang for everything, so don’t worry about it.

2 (29m 25s):
Okay. They secretly, yeah. I believe that working hard is really important, but you give some, take some time for yourself is very important as well, because you’re going

3 (29m 37s):
To use, you’re going to be using that now. Aren’t you?

2 (29m 40s):
Yeah, yeah, exactly. I’m a fast learner.

3 (29m 43s):
I know.

2 (29m 46s):
This is what I would, what I would tell myself and invest, read, read a lot of books about kicking the ball. So strategies, people that succeed in these industries about sales. I will, I would read a lot,

3 (30m 2s):
Be careful, be careful with marketing reading though, because there’s so many, there’s so many bad methodology. So I would be careful. I’d be careful what I read as a, as a marketer from way back. I, I think there’s a lot of structural things about marketing that they teach in the schools that are just plain wrong. So just be really, really careful what you read, because it might send you in all kinds of weird directions that aren’t going to get you anywhere.

2 (30m 31s):
Yeah. I know what you mean. No. What, what I did when I started reading a bit more about marketing and stuff, five, six years ago, I started to follow a few people that were kind of aligned with my ideas and yeah. But then I started to ask a few friends, basically that I saw in the industry. They have success. Look, what books would you recommend me? I mean, I don’t want to go in with every book in the industry, because as you said, it’s a lot of bullshit over there, but you can, you can already take the filters of people that already did it and apply it to your own life in books and in never on an average

3 (31m 9s):
Well in life. That’s true. That’s true. So, So exactly. So do you have any recommendations for people who are just getting started in this business,

2 (31m 23s):
Get well-informed about what are you going against too? Because it’s not easy, not easy at all. He’s still really committed and really dedicated. And you want to do say, or you want to do you want to be a media wire or you want to do dating, or maybe you want to do, I don’t know, other stuff like e-commerce, doesn’t matter. There is a lot of study and effort into it. You need a lot of study and effort into it. I would like just to, to, to say that before I started to even touch the ACO and link building 10 years ago, I worked since 2008 to 2010, almost for a few hours a day for a few guys, strong in the industry that were using my services.

2 (32m 10s):
I just asked them, look, guys, I would like to learn, can I do it as a volunteer for a few hours a day? Because I, I have a work, I have a job. I cannot do it eight hours a day. And yeah, I did it almost for free for two years before I started to put it in practice and make some money out of it. So start now choose really, really well, your niche and studied and be prepared because you will be broke and you will, you will raise and you may be with the broke again. You can never know it, but be prepared to risk because nothing comes for free.

2 (32m 53s):
My friends

3 (32m 55s):
Isn’t that the truth in any business. Now, now, any thoughts about the, the current worldwide situation with the pandemic and, and how it impacts our industry?

2 (33m 7s):
Yeah. Everybody gets get that vaccine. Come on guys. It’s we all need to have it. A lot of stupid stuff around. Don’t get it. It will get to kill it too. It will. <inaudible> people get vaccinated, get that vaccine so we can get over it and get back to our normal lives. Finally, after almost three years, so much as it one year. But I think it will be, it will still be there around six, eight months in my opinion. Yeah. Get that vaccine. The first thought I have and advice to everybody.

2 (33m 52s):
Yeah. I saw a lot of companies in this, in this period, in this past year, going down because of this, they’re not sure if it’s related to the coroner directly, we suffered some loss as well. My can say that everything is working 100% hours before we are there where we are. We’re still working with it building. We will. We’re getting back there. Just, if you are within those companies that are struggling, keep going forward, fight for your fight, fight for your, for your, for your spot in the industry. Never give up.

2 (34m 33s):
Those would be my, my, my it’s almost over. Come on.

3 (34m 38s):
Yeah, let’s end it, man. Let’s end it. Hopefully a few people in America heard that. So my, my very intelligent country, not so obviously with the pandemic, we haven’t had the events in the last year. The last one that really happened, I think was the one in Portugal.

2 (35m 4s):
I don’t think there’s been, I don’t

3 (35m 5s):
Think there’s been another physical events since then. What do you, what do you miss most about the industry event?

2 (35m 14s):
Not as I said before, I miss him. I miss a little bit meeting the old cousins and friends and that’s one. Then I miss feeling that I’m part of the industry, because those events kind of confirm you, that you are part of this industry and this not, not everything breaks down. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we see, okay that we are here. We’re still here. We’re going forward. Yeah. I miss the parties. Of course. I really miss the parties.

3 (35m 47s):
You’re you’re young. I get, I get to, I get, I get to bed by, I get to bed by midnight every night, man. I’m just like, ah, yeah, those parties, there were, those are the thing of the past. I have morning meetings, you know, I’m getting boring in my old age, but Hey, what are you going to do?

2 (36m 6s):
No, I get to bed the midday. And second day.

3 (36m 11s):
Yes. Yes. That’s why nobody. That’s why nobody’s ever around

2 (36m 18s):
In this industry. You can, it’s rare that you find someone at the booth before, before midday.

3 (36m 25s):
Oh my God. Yeah. I know. It’s like, it’s like one of the thing people ask me advice on, on events. And I said, I said, number one piece of advice. Don’t schedule 10:00 AM appointments.

2 (36m 37s):
Yeah. And then the second, the second piece of advice never drink too much of the first part because there are three days and it will handle it.

3 (36m 46s):
Oh, I tell people don’t drink too much period. Because alcohol free alcohol is not free. Not only are you going to be a mess the next day I learned this myself by doing it early shows. But any business cards you get, you’re going to forget what you talked about. If you, if you even have them, if you don’t lose them and you’re liable to make an ass out of yourself. So which I’ve done that too. And it will, those that wasn’t, I didn’t even do that all the time. At the first party. Sometimes I did them at a later years. It was just like, Oh, this tastes good. You know? So anyway, when I tweeted, I took a liking for single malt anyway, Spain.

3 (37m 28s):
Oh God, I don’t want to forget that one. Anyhow. So what, what’s the first event you plan to, to attend in 2021? Let’s see if it’s the same one as me.

2 (37m 40s):
I would like to, just to say one thing about the getting drunk and being a mess of the parties would like, just to say something, if you can handle it yourself, fan not exaggerate too much, but just drink the right amount. You are able to do business as normal, actually the best businesses I ever made or within the parties. I mean, I met the people that I met them within the day of the event, but I met them at the table. We drink together, we fraternize. And then we basically, the second day we started to speak about business and were more closed than I could ever.

2 (38m 25s):
Like I could never drink if we’re really important people from the industry. That could be one, but yeah. Don’t make a mess of yourself. Yeah. Really good advice to take. We saw a lot of things around. Yeah.

3 (38m 42s):
Oh, we’ve seen it all. Haven’t we? Some of it’s been in the mirror, so yes,

2 (38m 50s):
Yes. First event, it will be Booker a summit for me before a summit. It’s hosted by a studio 20. They took it. They took it, I think last year. But because of the current situation, they, they didn’t, they didn’t do it. That will be the first event. I can’t wait to be honest. I saw a lot, a lot, a lot. We, in the past events we have there, there’s a lot of interesting business and decide that the parties are awesome. I think we can, the best we can be in the best parties I ever attended. I mean, literally, yeah.

2 (39m 30s):
I never, yeah, it was never in the Moscow or conference. And I understood that. It’s way over request as parties. I need to attend that, but Bucharest, it’s a, it’s a really, really, really, it’s a really good event.

3 (39m 49s):
That’s in June. Is it not?

2 (39m 52s):
I think they, they put it in junior. I think at the beginning of June. It’s just before, just after Prague. I think it’s just after,

3 (40m 1s):
After, after Prague one.

2 (40m 4s):
Yeah. They, they kind of connected. It’s just the,

3 (40m 10s):
I don’t want to be a bummer. I don’t want to be, I don’t want to be the guy that says things aren’t going to happen, but I don’t think we’re going to see events till the fall personally. I just don’t. I just, I just don’t think there’s going to be enough people vaccinated and yeah, I, I just have, I have trouble believing that the, that the municipalities are going to allow events really events until the fall real events,

2 (40m 40s):
Maybe you’re right. I don’t know. But I would, I like to be optimistic in all the cases

3 (40m 46s):
Optimistic too. I want to be optimistic too. I want, I want, you know, I want to see Andreas and Walter show go off in may and see Andrea’s show go off in June and whatever other shows are scheduled for the promoters, we’re working so hard. Excuse me. But Hmm. That’s tough. That’s tough. You know,

2 (41m 10s):
But not impossible. It could happen. It’s I mean, it’s way more, more possible than the last year. Oh no. We said last year we were, we were hoping in, in autumn to have events, but yeah, we’re just, we’re just we’re we’re

3 (41m 30s):
We were dreaming and let’s let’s let’s hope. Let’s your estimate is a

1 (41m 34s):
Lot closer to mine. My friend, we have to hope.

2 (41m 37s):
Well, Hey flora.

1 (41m 39s):
And I’d like to thank you again for being our guest on adult site, broker talk. And I, and I hope we have a chance to do this again really soon.

2 (41m 50s):
Thank you for having me and yeah. I hope to see you soon at the events

1 (41m 57s):
I got gotta, I got a hug for you, my friend. Okay.

2 (42m 1s):
Thank you for everything. Thank you for, for your time. And I wish you everyone. I wish everyone that listening to us are happy new year because we just pass it the year and a great, great.

1 (42m 16s):
My broker tip today is part one on how to buy a site. The first question to ask yourself is what kind of site would you like to buy? Would you like a tube site, a campsite, a dating site, a membership site, a social media site or something else. If you want to buy a membership site, what type of site do you want and what niche? There are literally hundreds of niches in many sub niches. For instance, let’s say you want to buy a gay site under gay there’s bears or mature, bare back Asian, Latino amateur by black Euro and fetish, along with many fetishes under that classification. Plus there’s hardcore jocks, porn stars, solo trans twinks, and uniforms straight has even more sub niches.

1 (43m 3s):
I can’t tell you how many people contact me and just say, I want to buy a site or I want to buy a pay site. I obviously need more information than that. How you make this decision should be based on these factors. What interests you, what you enjoy should definitely play a part in what you buy. If you like men and want to make money on a straight site. That’s probably a really bad idea. Same thing. If you’re straight and want to buy a gay site. So what you like plays apart. What’s your budget. This is something you need to establish at the very beginning. Not only do you need to know what it is you’re working with, but some classifications of sites are more expensive than others.

1 (43m 44s):
For instance, if you want to buy a campsite with any traffic revenue at all, you’re going to need a lot of money. In fact, to buy any established site will be somewhat expensive. If you buy a site that is pretty much just a platform without traffic or sales, you’re going to need a huge investment to build it up. In that case, it might actually be as good or better just to start your own site. That way you get exactly what it is you’re looking for. We’ll talk about this subject more next week and next week we’ll be talking to Monte Cahn of Right of the Dot. And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I once again would like to thank my guest Florin of tubeadvertising.eu and Traffic Partner.

1 (44m 30s):
Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we’ll be talking to Anna Lee of 2049 Entertainment. Adult Site Broker

1 (34s):
is proud to announce ASB Cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage with ASB Cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission, referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry. The content creators arrested by South Carolina police over public videos that were uploaded to an adult website, have released a video via Facebook tearfully, apologizing for their actions in the video.

1 (1m 21s):
The couple now identifying themselves as Eric and Lori Harmon spoke directly to the camera after their second arrest. Last week, the Harmons had been originally arrested by local police and charged with multiple sex crimes, including obscenity. After police were tipped off about public sex videos. They had allegedly shot in Myrtle beach and other locations and uploaded to an adult site. The Horry County prosecutor, no, that’s not horny County, by the way, is charging the couple with multiple charges of indecent exposure. And also with participation in preparation of obscene material, part of South Carolina is rarely enforced obscenity statute, which considers all filming of sexual acts illegal. I’d like to think I was a good person to visibly moved.

1 (2m 3s):
Lori Harmon told her Facebook audience. I was just having some fun. That’s what I thought I was doing, but it was wrong. It’s against the law and I should not have done that. And I’m truly sorry. And I hate this because of my family or my kids having to go through this, her husband, Eric also charged for the videos added that they did not want our kids to see this or even know about this, but the media is blasted us all over the world. And of course our kids found it. They are teenagers, Lori Harmon set on the verge of tears. They can see it. It hurts because they’re my babies and I love them. And they’re hurting with me at this point.

1 (2m 43s):
Larry Harmon broke down and started sobbing. I’m here to apologize. She continued. I’ve learned a lesson. I’m not going to do it again. If anything, please reach out to me. I’d really like to make it right for you all because that’s not how I want to live my life. I was just having fun and I got out of control and this was a huge wake up call. And I’m awake. I’ve been awake for days and days and days, but we’re sorry please. Lori Harmon concluded the original January 16th arrest occurred after officers were tipped off to videos showing the couple of performing sex acts inside a glass gun Dola at the Myrtle beach.

1 (3m 23s):
SkyWheel within view of the public and at a community pool in the surf side beach area of Horry County. Sometime during December, 2020, the alleged indecent exposure was not witnessed or reported by anyone at the time of the incident. And the investigation by local police seems to have only consisted of reviewing the videos allegedly posted by the couple to the adult site spokesperson for Oregon democratic Senator Jeff Berkeley has confirmed that the new version of the CIS, a bill, he co-sponsored last year, we’ll ensure that the rights of consensual actors in the adult industry will continue to be protected right now, Senator Merkley and his staff are in listening mode.

1 (4m 6s):
Deputy communications director, Martina McLennan said in response to questions about the new version of CYSA, the stop internet sexual exploitation act intended to prevent the uploading of pornographic images to online platforms without the consent of the individuals in the images was Cohen reduced last December by Merkley and Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, but it died without passing the committee stage. Before the end of the last Congress, a revised version of the bill is expected to be re-introduced during the current Congress, McLennan said that Merkley’s office, this is currently conducting research to gather more information feedback about how this proposed legislation could affect content creators and others online, to ensure that the rights of consensual actors in this space will continue to be protected.

1 (4m 56s):
Atlanta Evans, president of adult performers, union APAC was one of the stakeholders earlier this month held a meeting with Merkley’s office to advocate for the free expression of rights of the adult performers who had vocally criticized the phrasing of CYSA on January 20th, APEC released a statement stating the meeting went very well with Merkley staff being responsive, concerned, and open to hearing our opinions about the legislation. When the meeting came to a close, the APEG statement concluded, we were offered the opportunity to stay in communication with their staff to be involved as the building shape for future legislative intentions, we will maintain an open dialogue to be sure when CYSA returns, it protects our workers as opposed to harming them.

1 (5m 43s):
Pineapple support will host stocking your relationship toolkit with Hart. That’s spelled H a R T and it’s a webinar about how to manage relationships as an adult content. The event sponsored by team skeet will be led by licensed mental health counselor. Nikki line. The webinar will focus on the innovative harmony Arion relationship tools or heart methodology to equip attendees with the building blocks for developing healthy and meaningful relationships. Every healthy relationship is built on a foundation of knowing your partner trust and vulnerability set line heart will provide these building blocks for you to develop them in your relationship, as well as identifying toxic patterns that can develop over a course of a relationship pineapples support founder lay a tenant said Nikki is an incredible kink aware and poly friendly counselor with extensive training and experience in her field.

1 (6m 42s):
As relationships can be especially challenging as an adult performer, it’s essential to understand and develop tools that can be used to nurture and sustain positive and healthy relationships. It added the stocking. Your relationship toolkit with heart webinar will take place via zoom. This coming Friday at 9:00 AM Pacific time, it’s scheduled to last one hour, but may go longer for more information and to access the webinar link, visit pineapple support.org. And I’d like to add that adult site broker is a proud sponsor of pineapple support. Now let’s feature our property the week that’s for sale at adult site broker.

1 (7m 22s):
Actually our property the week this week is a reminder, just a reminder that we always have some private listings available. In addition to what you see on our website and in our newsletters, we have pay sites, escort sites, tube sites, and other types of sites available in these cases. The owner of the site is usually expressing the utmost care to make sure that the identity of his reverse cider company does not get out into the public domain. These are also generally larger listings with big revenues. If you’re interested in finding out more about our private listings, please complete our buyer’s NDA on our website to see if you qualify now, time for this week’s interview.

2 (8m 5s):
My guest today on adult side, broker talk is Anna Lee of two Oh four nine entertainment. Anna, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk,

1 (8m 15s):
Thank you so much for having me here, Bruce.

2 (8m 17s):
It’s a pleasure. Now let’s tell everyone a little about Anna. She’s been in the adult industry for 20 years. You don’t look that old in the early two thousands. She, she had a web based cam and phone sex service. Many of you know her as the former president of other vers makers of red lights center and the virtual world web in 2015, she started hollow film productions, which is the parent company of hollow girls, vr.com. There Anna was its president and executive producer hollow girls VR won the first AVN award for the best VR and best VR sex scene in 2017.

2 (8m 60s):
She’s also received multiple nominations since then in 2019, she launched two Oh four nine entertainment, Inc. A virtual reality production company that creates cutting edge, immersive inclusive, engaging content in live action, film, audio, and digital animation formats. That’s both innovative and entertaining while incorporating the latest in film and sex technology applications. Try saying that three times the company is on a mission to press beyond the status quo of the typical VR production and raise the bar for everyone at the intersection of the adult industry and virtual reality.

2 (9m 41s):
The company has already earned two nominations for best VR scene at both the 2020 X biz and AVN awards. Congratulations now, besides working on more of their own projects, two Oh four nine is one of the top VR production studios, and they’re currently in full-time production for various other studios. So Anna, I just gave kind of a capsule about your company. Tell me why. Tell me, I guess, I guess we’re done. No. Tell me, tell me what I left out. Tell me more about your company

3 (10m 15s):
2049 entertainment. And I call it 24 nine was actually, it was birthed after I saw the movie blade runner 2049 and sort of the, the idea and the driving force behind it is I really want to create truly immersive experiences and currently with the technology that is available publicly and in my hands, and that I’m able to talk about VR is sort of where, where we go from here. So this is where the company is right now. We’re producing the highest quality VR adult films right now that we can, for both myself, I’ll be launching two sites this year, as well as for other studios, but you know, 20, 49 as its namesake is, you know, like its namesake is, is, this is just the beginning for us.

3 (11m 6s):
What I’m really focused on is creating very immersive, very intimate. Like I said, reality experiences or mixed reality, if you want to call it or other reality that it’s going to incorporate kind of what you’re seeing right now with the VR, but then as well, enable other technologies. So you truly feel like you’re having an experience and kind of the lines are blurred. You know, the fourth wall is broken and you’re like, what’s going on? Is this real? Is this not? Yeah. So that’s, that’s, that’s what the company is doing and working towards, but obviously with COVID, you know, we kinda, we’re kind of just kind of feeling it out, like everybody else’s and seeing what we can do, what we’re doing quite well.

3 (11m 47s):
And I’m so grateful for that, so. Sure.

2 (11m 49s):
Well now, now being in Canada, I’m sure that helps you production wise because obviously you’re not in the cluster-fuck that’s known as the United States of America and Canada. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And thank God, thank God either in my, in my, in my home country. And so that has definitely given you an advantage. How, how much of an advantage is that and how has that helped you?

3 (12m 28s):
It’s an incredible advantage. Just straight up. It’s an incredible advantage because I am, I have the capacity let’s say, or the offers to shoot as much as possible. The one limiting factor is we do lack the talent. Canada is not necessarily known for a place where actual production happens. Production typically happens in Los Angeles. Although, you know, a lot of the big adult companies are here. A lot of the production happens, so we are lacking in talent, but that’s something that is also part and parcel with what I’ve been working on the last few months is really developing the talent pool here and really showing yeah. And really, you know, guiding them.

3 (13m 9s):
I’m shooting a lot of first-timers and my job is amazing. I have a dream job.

2 (13m 15s):
Well, you create, you created your own dream job.

3 (13m 19s):
I, you know, what I did, AA is so funny. I was like sitting on the couch the other day, looking around and I shoot out of my house. Now I ended up my house. I completely converted my house into 2049 entertainment studios and offices and post-production facility and everything during this year. And you know, I was sitting around looking around, I’m going, wow. Like, yeah, no, I completely created my dream, my dream jobs. So yeah, I feel very fortunate, but yeah, that’s, you know, while we, while we don’t have the same issues COVID wise, I mean, we’re very, very careful don’t get me wrong. It’s still an issue. But, you know, while we don’t have the extent to the extent of the issues that the, that my American counterparts have.

3 (14m 0s):
Yeah. I’ve been very fortunate that the work has come to me, which has been wonderful. And initially I thought would be a little bit, you know, I, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but it’s been going well, a lot of hard work. And like I said, where w the one thing that we are lucky is talent. And that’s what I’ve been diligently trying to do is build up the talent pool here and, and, you know, we’re doing all right, we’ll do it. Okay.

2 (14m 24s):
Sure, sure. There’s talent everywhere. Now, VR is in kind of a unique position now, while it’s been adopted a lot more widely in recent years, it’s still not a huge percentage of the industry and what they do now. Now, where do you see the technology now? Where do you see it going in the future and how do you see your company being a part of it?

3 (14m 48s):
Well, let me back up a little bit and say this. So one of the, think the limiting factors of virtual reality is the problem that we have with the adoption of it was a couple fold. Here we go. So the first one was definitely people having a bad first experience just to say it very plainly, you know, when you get those cardboard headsets, like everybody was giving out in the early days, just for, you know, for fun in the swag bags. Sure. If that’s your first experience of VR, you’re like, I’d rather look at some tubes set on my phone. You know, if you’re a consumer, honestly, the barrier to getting off, straight out the barrier to getting off with it with a VR headset, there’s a lot of hurdles you’ve got to jump through.

3 (15m 31s):
It’s not easy. You know, you want to actually sit down and enjoy a scene and it, you’ve got to invest in plan. It’s, it’s, you know, it’s not simple and they’re cumbersome and they’re heavy. And primarily they’re used for family entertainment at this juncture. And, you know, it’s a little weird to be taken the kids Oculus, you know, but you know, these are all straight facts. So these are the limiting factors. The other problem, I think, is on the producer side and I’m guilty of this myself in the early days. A lot of the area VR content, especially in the beginning was simply shot like regular content, but just with the VR camera. And I think that was a big limiting quasi killer for us because why shoot something that’s supposed to be immersive in a non-immersive way, even though it’s POV.

3 (16m 24s):
And even though the girl’s looking at the camera and these, all these other elements, producers are often trying to flip the, flip the scenes over pretty quickly. And I understand that, you know, I get it. You have to balance, you have to balance your budget and time versus, you know, your, your craft, so to speak, right? You gotta, you gotta be. So, you know, you, sometimes you gotta let some things go, but I, I find that the biggest mistake we made as producers and I, like I said, I’m including myself in this category and I’m guilty of it. Myself is, is, is not paying attention to what, the reason why we’re doing it. Why are we shooting this in VR? And what can we do to make this feel like an experience over some kind of porn that you could easily watch by logging into any site?

3 (17m 12s):
And so that’s what 20, 49 specifically we focus on. And, and you’ll see that in, into the sites going to release later this year is that we’re going to be focusing a little less on the sort of conventional setup, the conventional thing that you’ve been seeing so far and really focus on what are the elements that we can do to make this, make this more immersive, make this feel more real. And those are things that I was experimenting with my first release, which is black box. I really experimented with the quality of sound and the taking away of, of sort of the visual aspects and just having the girl by herself in a black room, nothing else, one light owner.

3 (17m 53s):
How does that feel? How intimate can we get? How much are your senses thrust towards what is happening to you versus watching a porn? And so that’s something that I really, really took a lot of time with that series. I did 14 episodes like that, and I learned a lot from it. It wasn’t perfect. It was far from, it did well. It’s still doing well. Thank God. I’m so great for that. It actually helped me during COVID, but I think one of the reasons it did was I, it was, it was, it was a sort of an experiment and a focus on how can we make essential, wonderful, pornographic experience that you could still get off to, but really, really play with the idea of your sensory experience with just a headset on.

3 (18m 40s):
And so those are the things I really focused on. Like I said, using audio, using your, your site, which are the only two things that I have at my arsenal ready, unless you’re going to attach yourself to a peripheral, right? Like, like a haptic device or something like that, you know, but that’s something that I really, really focused on was to, how can we play with that and sort of move away from this standard everyday run of the mill or the scene, which I love doing. I love sets. I love, I love berries. I love going crazy. You know, I love scripts. I love that shit. It’s all, I don’t love it, but I, if we, if we’re going to do an in VR, we need to do it in a way that’s going to let itself to the medium.

3 (19m 21s):
Sure. You know, like you go to IMAX to watch an IMAX movie. You don’t go to IMAX to watch Rocky horror picture show, although it would look cool, but you know what I’m saying? Like you don’t, you don’t, you don’t go there, you go there for an IMAX experience. And so the same thing when you’re putting on a headset like this, it’s cool that you could watch whatever you want on the headset, squeak and watch Netflix, but that’s not why I bought it and buy it for that. I bought it to be immersed. I bought it, I bought it. So I could feel like I’m really there. And then I’m fucking this chick and the, you know, and that’s, I hope I can talk like that. I bought it, you know, so that I can have that experience. And so that’s something that, you know, that I think is, was a great limiting factor.

3 (20m 3s):
And I think why our sector hasn’t been more successful even though I’ve worked in the mainstream sector because of my abilities. And because of the time I’ve spent working in VR film, mainstream is even farther behind that. So we’re like way leaps and bounds ahead of, of regular film when it comes to VR content. Of course, that was our big problem.

2 (20m 27s):
Okay. And of course you can swear, come on. This isn’t, this is an adult industry podcast, we’re we, we, we’re certainly not limited on the four-letter words. In fact, we encourage them, but it’s you still, do you still feel the technology holds you back?

3 (20m 48s):
Well, I mean, my mind is, is 20 years from now. Like the biggest stuff I want to do is I’m in 2049, literally, like it’s beyond, but, but I am looking at stuff, talking to people because half the time I do is I I’m a one woman showing, honestly, right now I do absolutely everything. And one of the things I do is I do have to spend time with the R and D sector, myself created R and D sector. And that’s checking out the new technologies because what I am doing right now in the current iteration of it is not what I want to be doing forever. You know, I don’t want to be making a boy, girl VR, porn, GFE style, like the rest of my life.

3 (21m 30s):
I would die. You know, it’s fun right now. It’s great. I’m so grateful that I have it and I have a good sign, but it’s not something I want to focus on. Ultimately, my ultimate goal is to create an experience that you can, you can barely decipher between real or not, and that could be an experience doing anything. So the technology I’m looking at, right, the technology I’m looking at, you know, imagine you could have your favorite star on the couch with you and you look over and it’s your body. Or it could be somebody else’s body, if you don’t, if you hate yours. But, you know, I would like to see myself with somebody, with, you know, somebody that, you know is a performer or whatever.

2 (22m 7s):
Like who, who would you want to see yourself with?

3 (22m 10s):
Honestly, a Kiana raves. And I love Keon. I would love to have Kiana Rees in my house. You know, like with me, instead of me looking down and I’ve got this massive Dick, you know what I’m saying? Like, although that’s cool to try out. And if I could, I, you know, I would fully have a male experience one day. Why the hell not, you know, try it out. Right. But there you go. Why not? God? Of course, no. Oh, you know what a woman is the idea. If she says that she never, wasn’t curious about, would it be,

2 (22m 45s):
Hey, there you go, darling. There you go. So, so what about the, what about the adult industry and you and I have certainly been around the block for awhile now. God, Darlene, you’re not still, still, still beautiful. You know, we we’ve been around actually about the same period of time. I think, I think maybe you a year or two more, but it’s pretty close now. Where do you, where do you see this industry going? What’s a, what’s a hat.

3 (23m 21s):
That’s a really good question. All right. Where do I see this going? Well, when it comes in terms of content, definitely the hands are, are, and the way everything is going is going towards the individual creator content creator. I may be totally off on this because I don’t have these statistics, but I, I D I dare take a guess that probably tech talk is a little bit more popular than certain streaming services with the younger demographic. I’m not talking about my mom and stuff. They don’t know how to use the phone, but, you know, but I’m talking about the, the, the soon to be, or the current consumers that are coming up with the money, with the money and these people like short, fast self-created clips.

3 (24m 9s):
And this is, you know, going into the only fans, it’s the same thing. Right? And so that’s something for me, as well as a content producer, ultimately, who does not do her own content with herself, how do I, how do I continue to stay viable? Even though my love and my focus is VR, but it’s a very labor, intensive process. It’s not an easy, I pick what the hardest thing to do.

2 (24m 32s):
I mean, it’s the most expensive, most expensive too, because of that,

3 (24m 37s):
Exactly the hardest the, the technology is constantly changing. I keep having to re up my equipment every two minutes and it’s like a huge barrier to entry on this. I’m a basket case, whatever I am. I like, I like pain. Apparently, obviously I’m not into that crowd, but yeah. So how do you, how do you save out? So I think right now, the current trajectory where we are on is, is the one that you’re sort of seeing is, is the younger generation is coming up with these, with these self-produced homemade, but it’s, it’s, it’s made still with an excellent quality. And I mean, the phones nowadays are high.

2 (25m 16s):
Oh, I was going to say the camera’s on iPhones are great.

3 (25m 21s):
They’re better than a camera. You could go buy from Sony. Well, not really, but like, you know, very close. And then some of the editing apps and the Photoshop apps, like I look at my skills and I’m like, okay, so I could have Photoshop this on my phone far faster than I could have even opening the stupid file on my computer. Right. Like, it’s, it’s amazing. And mind-blowing, and I think honestly, that’s where everything is going, as people are churning out content so quickly, but it’s almost like the MTV era again. And I, you know, and this is where, where my age, when I was in college and stuff is the advent of the music video and how quick and flashy that was and how cool that was and how it’s evolved.

3 (26m 2s):
And now I don’t ever see a music video on TV anymore. It’s always on YouTube. Right. So I think that’s where everything was going. I think, I think, like I said, things like only fans and stuff, especially because of the pandemic. I mean, that’s just, they just gave them a huge boon and I think it’s going there, but what’s going to happen after that is, that’s a good question. Maybe we should look at history and see kind of what’s in terms of entertainment, how, how things went there, you know, and

2 (26m 33s):
Check, check 19, 19. Right.

3 (26m 38s):
But also too, I mean, where, like, you know, where are we going to go with this technology? And where are the where’s that, where are the wearables coming in? And these are other things that we’re looking to. And well, here let’s look at this way, I’m gonna try and make a prediction right now based on, on some stuff. So right now everyone’s locked away, you know, and we’re all kind of producing our stuff at home. So what would be the next evolution? Well, eventually they hope that we would, we would get out route again. We’re let out again. So maybe, maybe that’s a turn in a push back to a different, different thing, you know, like, you know, and in terms of our industry, probably, probably escorts are gonna do, I don’t know, strip clubs are probably going to be, do amazing when it can open up again.

2 (27m 25s):
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Anything, anything live, anything alive? So, so now lately the industry has faced some more legal challenges. No, no. Even though they’re addressing user generated content, the long hand of the law of course is never far away. And all of this is certainly put a chill up on my spine and I’m sure it’s done the same to you. How much does all this concern

3 (27m 52s):
That’s concerning? It’s concerning? I don’t think I’m as concerned yet. Although I do have my IO and I’m not, I’m not ignorant to the fact that this is, this is big. You know what, to be honest with you, I haven’t really thought about this one very, very much. There’s so much other stuff going on in the world. It’s kind of, if you know, it’s crazy. It’s like,

2 (28m 18s):
Well, as I, as I, as I talked to you the day after the U S Capitol was, was stormed, even though we’ll be running this in some, in some weeks.

3 (28m 28s):
Yeah, yeah,

2 (28m 31s):
Yeah, yeah. Oh, that was the head. That was one of the, that was one of the heads of Coon on, by the way,

3 (28m 37s):
Oh Lord. It’s the world is so nuts. Like the other day I heard that there the summer, was it the government or the Israel government, or somebody said that aliens exist. Right. And then,

2 (28m 48s):
Oh, Israel, Israel would never say that

3 (28m 51s):
Or say minister of defense went out and said that, that they exist. And here’s the proof. And, and, but then at this point, all this, all this stuff, and I’m not trying to like, sort of segue off in from answering the question, but it’s like Straight up, Bruce. I don’t know what to think anymore because it’s like, all these things keep hitting us left and right. And I I’m concerned, but I’m also concerned about my health. Right. No.

2 (29m 23s):
Good. I don’t want to get

3 (29m 25s):
Concerned about the longevity of the economy and you know, so yeah. I am concerned.

2 (29m 31s):
Yup. I get ya. I get ya. That’s a hard one to answer today. Oh, I understand. Look this week, there’s a lot of questions that are hard to answer. I don’t even know the questions. Quite frankly, let alone the answers. So what you, you address a little bit of this before, but I’ll let you get into a little more detail. What makes you unique as a director?

3 (29m 53s):
Definitely. I think, well, number one, the way that I work with the talent, I actually went to theater and acting school. That was my primary focus for a long time. Yeah. And I, when I was a young and I was an actress, you know what adult, the adult industry was my waitressing job. I was a professional actor.

2 (30m 20s):
Do do, do, do, did, did you do, you said the adult industry was your, So you did some, so you did some adult. You did some adult work as talent.

3 (30m 33s):
Oh, I was running that company. Is there any of the phone company?

2 (30m 36s):
Oh, okay. Got it. Got it. Got it.

3 (30m 39s):
I mean, it was my wages and give, as I could see you as talents, you’re damn pretty blessed. Blessed, blessed. But I was, I didn’t want to be, cause I was an actress. I was an actress. I was doing movies. My first film was with Sean Connery actually. Exactly. So I did not want to be in an adult film.

2 (30m 59s):
I bet. I bet you, I bet you in. LAJ have had some conversations.

3 (31m 5s):
Actually. We haven’t, I didn’t know.

2 (31m 7s):
Oh my God. Why do you think they call him LA Jay. He was an actor for years.

3 (31m 12s):
Right? Did we have we never got around to that?

2 (31m 16s):
You need to listen to what the podcast he did with me. Okay. And talk to him about it. Talk to him about it. Yeah, definitely.

3 (31m 25s):
Yeah, no, I was an actress for years. I was on TV. I was touring. I was doing a bunch of shit. So there was no way in hell I could do, you know, bless my, some of the performers are some of my best friends, but there was no way I could actually be an adult film. So that was out of the question. But what I did instead was I ran Cortez and entertainment and that was paying my bills and I didn’t have to be anywhere because it was remote. Like I was, I had girls from all over the world calling in and working for me. So

2 (31m 58s):
Pretty damn young entrepreneurial

3 (32m 1s):
Look, I met a girl at a party that taught me how to do all of it. That is literally, I was in acting school. I was in theater school and I met her. I went to a party and I met this woman and she had a beautiful voice. I go, you haven’t, you have an amazing Wednesday voiceovers. And she’s like, Oh no sex, a phone sex operator. No shit, no shit. I was like, I always imagined that was in like a dirty like call center. You know, where the, when you’re smoking and shit like, and she’s like, no, no, no, I do it for my house. Do you know now that because AOL had just come up and somebody had written a program that wrote the cult and this was 2001, 2000 and no 2000.

3 (32m 46s):
And she said, no, no, no, no. And she showed me how to do all of it. And I said, you know what? I could help you with this. I can help you manage this. And she said, cool. So that’d be ended up partnering up. And I ended up opening up cortisone with her and we worked together and I hired a lot of my friends, a lot of the actresses to work. And we were getting paid two to $4 us a minute of which I got at half the girls or the other half that was back in the day. Right. As you had to run the credit card through first

2 (33m 17s):
Well that’s when $2 and four that’s when $2 and $4 was $2 and $4

3 (33m 24s):
That too, there was no tokens. There was no nothing. And then as the technology got a little bit better, we introduced camming and I only was into the camming for a short time. There was only a year.

2 (33m 35s):
You would have been, you would have been one of the early ones, I think.

3 (33m 38s):
Exactly. And then, and then a company called night flirt came out and that’s when I got out of the business, I looked at this thing and I was like, I can’t compete with this. And so yeah, sold it. Well, I saw the potential in it. I saw that they had like, it was a bigger system and I was still half in the old school way and half in the new way. But by that time I had been, I was heavily involved with red light center by that time. So it was easy jump. It was easy to let go of that and just make the crossover. But yeah. So in the early days, adult, the adult industry paid my bills and I didn’t have to go be a waitress like the rest of my friends, you know, cause you’re acting jobs are few and far between, but I did really well on both sides for a while.

3 (34m 26s):
And then it slowly became where the adult industry started becoming more of my home. I liked being there more than I liked being in the, in the mainstream sets. And now it’s come to where this is my main job now and has been for the last, at least 13 years. And my main focus since at least 2007 and the sort of the mainstream is now I come in as a guest under my adult persona, which is hilarious.

2 (34m 58s):
It’s hilarious.

3 (34m 59s):
And nobody remembers over the back. He remembers about that, but going back. So what makes me unique is that, you know, sort of circle back here is my ability to coach and work with the girls to get very genuine performances. And I use a lot of techniques that I use in my days of acting. I still coach, my nephews are up and coming little Disney stars and I’ve been helping to coach them. So like, yeah, so this is the thing is working with the performers is my number one. My second thing is I actually know every aspect in and out of the entire process from editing to the marketing, to the affiliates, to everything. And so I, I’m in a very, very fortunate position of where I’ve had an opportunity to work in absolutely every aspect of production inside and out from, you know, it is the interim, you know, toe to tail and beyond I worked in everything, including selling, running the site, content management, coding, everything.

3 (35m 57s):
And so because of that knowledge, I have an advantage, I think over some of my, you know, some of my peers in the fact that some of them come in from just directing standpoint or some that come in from just a, you know, a technical film camera standpoint. And while they may be like really, really good at the focus thing they do, I’m looking at the whole picture. So when I go to shoot something, I’ve already seen it down the line all the way to the affiliates. And that’s something that I think my counterparts don’t necessarily have that ability to do. And I’m so grateful that I’ve had it because I’ve had the experience in both the business side and the production and, and, and then being a performer, not an adult one, but you know what I’m saying?

3 (36m 38s):
And then now becoming an editor because, well I’ve, since COVID I had to do something, so learner did it,

2 (36m 44s):
We gotta, we gotta stay busy. Now. Now what, or what’s 2049 working on now and into, into, into the rest of 2021.

3 (36m 55s):
All right. So I am shooting for other studios currently and I love them. And then the thing I, the thing I love about working with the other students is this, when I started out in VR and when I started out in VR content production, one of the things that always bothered me was the competitiveness was people. This is, this is my prep proprietary camera. And I don’t want to tell you the secrets. And that always bothered me because I’m a, I’m a firm believer. And I say this all the time, that the only way that we can truly succeed in this small niche market is if we band together, we work together. We pool our resources because why would I spend a hundred grand?

3 (37m 38s):
And some, you spend a hundred grand that we’re just competing against each other and we don’t get any further. We don’t push anything further. I believe that collaboration, especially with new niche technologies is super, super important. The sharing of information, open source, all that shit. I’m really a huge proponent of it. Okay. And that’s, that’s also a big reason why I went on my own is, is, is because I wanted to be able to do that. And I’m very open with everybody I work with and they all know that I work with each other. Right. So it’s, it’s, you know, it’s, it’s the thing. So this is, I love that. I love that it’s become now. It’s not a, Oh, you worked for that company. So I can’t talk to you. And there’s this like rivalry. It’s like, no, actually I’m working for all of you.

3 (38m 19s):
And we all talk to each other and this is great. And let’s keep adding to the pot, the community pot, and just like, you know, keep growing the industry to get there. And so that’s wonderful.

2 (38m 33s):
Oh yeah. I knew you’re going to leave the other, any, any, any holdouts you’re just going to leave behind quite frankly.

3 (38m 39s):
Right. Exactly. But for my particular,

2 (38m 42s):
Okay. I can PRI I can probably guess who they are, but anyway,

3 (38m 48s):
That’s for another conversation, perhaps when I actually am able to see you in person, but yeah. So, but you know, myself, you know, urban here, I am shooting for everybody else. And it’s like, I, the money is really where your content is. So I’m going to be turning my focus to shooting for two sides that I’m gonna open this year are two very different sites. One is going to be very much in the style of Anna Lee, which is what people have known. Very pretty, very soft, very DFE and another one’s basically the opposite of that. And it’s something that’s going to surprise people. So, so that’s what I’m working on. And I hope to launch both of them by summer, if not, no later than the fall.

3 (39m 32s):
No. Okay. Do that and keep

2 (39m 35s):
Me posted definitely a hundred

3 (39m 37s):
Percent. Trust me all are gonna, everyone’s gonna hear about,

2 (39m 40s):
Well, good. Now, now you’re always thinking a few steps ahead knowing you and, and what would you like to make with this company in the future?

3 (39m 52s):
You know what I really, really want to make like the ultimate goal, whatever make so, and I don’t know if you saw blade runner 2049, the character, the character joy in it. She’s a very, very main character. She’s in a holographic AI girlfriend who the main character, the whole movie is about this guy who is he’s. He thinks he’s a replicant. Replicants are basically like clones. And they have like, they have like an end date. So they, they, they only live for so long, but they look like humans, like a pass, like humans, they know, but they, they kind of are born as adults. And they only live for like sort of short period of time. And then they’re used for slave functions, linear functions.

3 (40m 34s):
This guy is, is a blade runner and he’s actually replicant too. So he hunts his own kind. And the whole movie is he doesn’t really realize if he too or not, because the lines are so blurred in this future. And he has the only significant romantic relationship he has is with this holograph who begins to be, who is extremely autonomous and she can live. And she can, she, he carries around in his pocket in this thing and she can go anywhere with him. And she was so inspiring for character to me, but I thought to myself, how fucking cool would that be? Like my whole family’s on the East coast and I’m on the West coast. And right now the East coast is doing far worse than we are over here.

3 (41m 16s):
And I can’t go and see them, even though there’s work out there for me. Like, you know, I there’s people I can go out there and shoot the Toronto isn’t isn’t in Toronto is in complete lockdown right now. So I’m not going over there. I haven’t seen my family in a, in physically, in a long time. How cool it be if I could have my sister sitting at the table with me and we’re eating together, you know what I mean? Like beyond just an iPad screen, how cool would it be for my mom and I to visit each other or whatever. And then, and then let’s take it even further. How cool it’d be to have dinner with somebody who’s no longer here anymore. And so that’s where I’m going. And the adult industry, even though my end goal is not necessarily for sex purposes.

3 (42m 3s):
I think the path of which to get there is easily walked on via this route, because that’s what you’re going to use. A lot of this technology for. And we are the first to do a lot of these things, experiment with these things. So I think I’m in the right place with it, but that’s my end goal is to create an experience with somebody that feels so real, like I said, in the beginning, but it goes beyond where you look across and while there’s Chris Cornell having dinner with you, you know, and you can ask them questions or Prince or whoever, or your mom, you know, like, you know, and then if you want to, if you want to invite Keanu over later, but there’s that too, right?

3 (42m 45s):
I, you know, so that’s kind of where I want to really go ultimately. And so my aspirations or missions are beyond far beyond what I’m currently doing. Sure, sure. But everything I am doing is working towards that. And with the film, I really, that’s why I want to focus with 2049. The content that they’ve produced for my own sites is I want to make sure I start moving away from the traditional 2d narrative style and move towards more of the experimental sort of like Mersive right.

2 (43m 16s):
When you, when you, when you start, when you started a full-scale technology company, you just make sure you just make sure I can buy some stock in that girl, because it sounds good. Now, now you’re welcome. You’re obviously well-connected in this industry who, besides canneries, would you like to partner and collaborate with in the future?

3 (43m 40s):
Oh God, you know what, everybody in some capacity like, Holy shit. I mean, there’s some new guys and the old, you know, like everybody, like, because what I’m looking at has, has far reaching potential for every aspect of the industry. You know, it’s not just cam girls fuck everything. You know, like it, it has far reaching aspects for absolutely every part of it from your affiliates to everything. And it’s like the toys have to everybody, everybody right now though, currently with what, with what I’m with what I’m stuck with in terms of like, you know, being able to work with and the limitations of the technology.

3 (44m 25s):
Right. I would love to work with some of the bigger studios who are, have been hesitant to look towards the future, the sort of bigger budget, places that I think that we could collaborate and do something really amazing. Sure. And with that kind of, with that kind of marketing power behind it, if these guys took the chance, I think we could just absolutely revolutionize the way that entertainment is consumed. Just the same way that digital did it with Blu-ray. You know what I mean? Like you just, it’s just, and I get really passionate about this as like, I wish sometimes some of the companies would take the chance and not be so afraid to try something a little risky.

3 (45m 9s):
Cause I think that if they really were thinking and thinking beyond what I said, not just doing corn, like the way porn’s always been done, but doing, thinking outside the box about the implications of creating an experience and how that would feel and how would that look, you know, that’s that that’s ultimately,

2 (45m 30s):
You’re always going to have in any business, especially adult, you’re going to have the big thinkers who look to the future and then you’re going to have, the people are happy with what they’re, what they’ve got. And then you go five years down the road and you see where each of those groups are. And I look back and I think about, I think about each group and I know where they are compared to where the first group is. So I hear you now. Now how about you? I know you’re a real workaholic

3 (46m 6s):
Actually gotten really good at not being okay. Learning to balance.

2 (46m 12s):
Well, you got your, you got your studio in your, in your, in your home, which is obviously a clue right there. But when you do have spare time, what do you like to do?

3 (46m 22s):
It’s going to sound really funny. I like to watch movies for real, you know what I’ve actually started doing straight up and it may not sound like a hobby other than hanging out with my dogs. My dogs are amazing. I’ve got two boys, two Frenchies. They are just the best. We have four, three of them, two cats as well,

2 (46m 45s):
Three of them, or three of them are rescues. So that’s important here.

3 (46m 51s):
Yeah. Same here I work with, I used to, I used to volunteer to be on the board of rescue group back in the day when I was. But honestly I like watching movies. I like chilling. I like going for drives. I like going on road trips. I like, actually this is going to sound harsh nerdy. One of the things I’ve been doing in my house is, is I love to decorate. Like I love to like light. So I’ve actually lit my house. Like, like right now it looks like I either live. I live in the dream home of what I always wanted to live in when I was a kid. So that’s not necessarily a good thing because the keyword was when I was a kid. So it looks like it could either be a strip club in here or a future house, depending on how you look at it.

3 (47m 38s):
But yeah, I’ve been lighting things and putting like lights in strategic places.

2 (47m 43s):
Put a stripper pole.

3 (47m 45s):
No, but I do have like pools in the corner for, for lighting and for like filming it, it

2 (47m 52s):
Put one in the middle, you know what I actually

3 (47m 55s):
Think I might get one and that might be my new hobby I might learn.

2 (48m 0s):
Oh God, I was, I was kidding. But yeah, go for it. You know,

3 (48m 7s):
Those girls are fit.

2 (48m 9s):
I, yes, yes, they are me too.

3 (48m 14s):
What else do I do? Other than that? I, you know, I started meditating and

2 (48m 19s):
I’m a terrible, I’m a terrible meditator. I can never stick with it. So I need it.

3 (48m 25s):
It’s been really cool. It’s, it’s changed my perspective and my outlook on a lot of shit. And I’m like, I’m actually starting to dig it. Yeah.

2 (48m 34s):
You convinced me to try it again. My wife really wants me to do it. So yeah,

3 (48m 38s):
Pushed through it was really hard, but I was actually like straight up. I was going through a very bad breakup and it’s okay. No, I’m not. I’m great. Yeah. I was going through a very bad breakup with someone. I I’d been with him one time and he is, was an addict. And so it was a very, very hard transition and a very hard time that I went through. And so I actually turned to it or initially just chill and to kind of not overwork and don’t freak out. And since I’ve been doing it, my life has just, my quality of my life is better. Everything seems better. Everything is better.

3 (49m 19s):
Yeah. So there’s that? I watch movies. I do yoga and I, I cook my dogs and talk to people online a lot.

2 (49m 28s):
Sounds awesome. Sounds awesome. Well, Hey aunt Anna, I’d really like to thank you for being our guest today on adult site broker talk, and I know we’ll have a chance to talk again. My broker tip today is part seven of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, let’s talk about some of the factors that influence the sale price of a website. Number one is almost always profit. It will be a multiple of the profit and that multiple is based on whether the profit is trending up or down and how fast it’s trending up or down. I’ve seen valuations of as much as five times, although that’s very rare. Normally it’s in the two and a half to four times area.

2 (50m 9s):
I’ve also seen valuations of one time. If the profit is taking a nosedive, if a site hasn’t been monetized, then it’s all about the amount and quality of the traffic. If a sale is based on traffic, it will be a multiple of what the traffic would sell for on the open market. What are the sources of traffic direct traffic search

1 (50m 28s):
Engine, traffic and review traffic are the most valuable tube. Traffic, the least valuable is the traffic reliable and sustainable. What is the traffic history? And again, is it going up or is it going down in a rare case? The valuation will be based upon revenue. The same factors apply to that. A profit and the valuations will of course be lower than those of profits. How old is the website is the domain of.com or something else? Dot com is still King. What is its Alexa rating? How many inbound links are there? How much staff does it take to run the site? How many email addresses do you have in the case of a dating site?

1 (51m 9s):
This is very important. Another factor can be the reverse engineering cost. How much would it cost to build a site from scratch and drive the same amount of traffic to it and how much time would be involved? What is the lifetime value of a customer on the site next week? Next week we’ll talk about how to buy a website and next week we’ll be talking to Florin of Traffic Manager and Tube Advertising.

0 (51m 36s):
And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again, like to thank my guest, Anna Lee. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk, I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker, and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we’ll be talking to Tim Valenti of Naked Sword and Falcon Studio Group.

1 (35s):
Adult Site Broker is proud to announce ASB Cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With ASB cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash dot com. For more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry, in what several adult industry figures and sex worker advocates are calling an apparent ongoing crackdown on sex related accounts on Twitter this past weekend, the social network suspended the accounts of two prominent adult platforms, fans, Centro, and clips for sale attempts to access their Twitter accounts lead to blank pages that read account suspended followed by a statement that I quote Twitter suspends accounts, which violate the Twitter rules.

1 (1m 33s):
The suspensions have generated a wave of fear among the sex worker community on Twitter, which relies on the platform for promotional purposes and to communicate with each other. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter tolerated adult content, although it has a documented history of shadow, banning sex related accounts were incredibly frustrated by Twitter’s increasingly arbitrary removal of adult content models. Centro’s cat <inaudible> said we’ve had no communication at all from Twitter. They provided no warning, nor did they give us any reason why the accounts were shut down. There’s no way to appeal, restart the accounts or even know what others can do to prevent this.

1 (2m 18s):
She added that this should frighten everyone and adult, no matter what the platform we’ve erred on the side of caution with our social media content, these accounts were used to communicate with models and to promote their work. As with most corporate censorship measures against the adult industry, companies were Vanga pointed out. The real victims are the models and sex workers. The people most affected by this are those who use our platforms to build business and communicate with fans. It’s not fair to our industry, and it’s certainly not fair to sex workers, Utah politicians continue their periodic attempts to pass hard to enforce state bills, allegedly to protect from a made up public health crises around porn with a new bill introduced to the legislature this week requiring new electronic devices to have porn filters turned on by default.

1 (3m 12s):
The most recent example of Utah politicians single-minded obsession with pornography comes courtesy of representative Susan Pulsifer her house bill 72 mandating porn filters would go do effect in 2022. The local CBS affiliate reported adding that international manufacturers of phones and computers like Apple or Google may face civil liability. If they don’t comply. If a user does not want the filter, they would need to turn it off manually. You tell legislators spend much time in the Western States, limited resources, introducing debating and occasionally passing bills to crying the scores of pornography.

1 (3m 55s):
Last year, the legislature passed a bill mandating that all adult content on the internet carry a specific warning label under penalty of state fines. This theatrical almost impossible to enforce bill was not signed by governor Herbert who let it die by exercising his pocket. VI Vito prerogative. Herbert showed some practical restraint in contrast with his 2016 signing of resolution by drafted by religious anti-porn group morality in media declaring the existence of a dubious public health crisis around porn and recommended that public health resources be spent training healthcare workers on how to combat it represented a pulse suffers original draft of the bill she introduced had been criticized by other state lawmakers back in October, her proposal to require smartphones and computers to have pre-installed porn blocking software, and to have an activated as a, as the default auction, when sold to Utahns was squashed during a committee hearing at the state’s business and labor interim committee, according to a report by desert news.

1 (5m 6s):
At the time Pulsifer said the goal of our effort was to create another wall of defense to help protect children from the damaging impact of pornography and empower parents and legal guardians to limit a miner’s exposure to such online harmful material, several members of the Utah business and labor interim committee noted that it would be extremely difficult to identify which entity in the consumer electronic supply chain should be held liable for ensuring that software was activated theater, Wilfred guy, one of two girls do porn cameraman accused by the FBI and their probe of the shuttered adult website has pleaded guilty to conspiring with the operators of the adult websites.

1 (5m 52s):
Girls do porn and girls do toys to fraudulent. Littley coerced young women to appearance sex videos. According to the DOJ guy pleaded guilty before us magnet magnet straight judge Jill L Burkhart to conspiracy to commit sex trafficking by force fraud and coercion Gaia. According to a DOJ press release admitted in his plea agreement that at the start of his employment, he was instructed by Matthew Wolf that if any of the young female models asked you should tell them that the videos would not be posted on the internet. The release also States that guy admitted that over the course of his employment, he became aware that Matthew Wolf and Michael Pratt were posting many of the sex videos that he filmed on.

1 (6m 39s):
Girls do porn and girls do toys where they were publicly available to all willing purchasers. Nonetheless guy continued to lie and personally assured the young women, he filmed the videos would not be posted publicly. The statement continues guys, plea follows that of girls do porn recruiter and male talent. Ruben, Andre Dre, Garcia, who last month pleaded guilty to two of the seven charges against him. Guy was not originally mentioned by name in the FBI investigation, which was dramatically unveiled in the middle of the civil trial where 22 Jane DOE models sued Pratt and his girls do porn associates for damages Wolf served as the main videographer for the operation and the gears in question and set on the stand during the civil trial that he had filmed over a hundred adult videos for girls do porn.

1 (7m 32s):
A sentencing hearing for Gaia has been scheduled for April 9th. Now let’s feature our property the week that’s for sale at adult site broker, we’re proud to offer for sale a daily pay virtual webcam studio and recruitment site. The site is well-written. And as a conversion rate of over 10%, this provides a constant stream of new models for the studio. And it’s what has generated massive year over year growth. The business offers daily payments to webcam models and return for a percentage of their earnings revenues are doubling year over year. Growth has been consistent since the business was started and is projected to continue growing at the same consistent rate.

1 (8m 16s):
The models are mostly located in the USA and UK with a handful from other English speaking countries like Australia and Canada. So they are higher earners providing a great profit to the studio. The time needed to operate the studio is minimal and could be cheaply and easily outsourced. The owner spends about two hours each weekday on it. The site generates about 1500 leads per week made up about equally through organic search traffic and Google ad words. The company is owned by a UK limited corporation and makes a 35% gross profit on all sales. There are 830 approved models currently, and that number grows every day.

1 (8m 60s):
There is a mailing list of over 21,000 interested models. All of whom have signed up on the site. No remarketing has yet been done, which is a great area of opportunity for the business to grow further. All this for only $475,000. Now time for this week’s interview.

2 (9m 20s):
Well, I guess today on adults, I broker talk is Tim Valenti co-founder and CEO of naked sword and president of Falcon studio group. Tim, thanks for being with us today on adult side, broker talk, glad to be here. Glad to have you here. Thank you for the song. Now, Tim Valenti is a pioneering figure in online video distribution after nearly a decade of experience, Valenti engineered a game-changing merger between naked sword and AA BN in 2007. And in 2015, he was named president of Falcon studio group, where he now oversees operations for Falcon studios, raging stallion, and hot house entertainment, as well as the naked sword network over the years, Valenti has become one of the industry’s most respected and innovative thinkers known for blurring the line between adult and mainstream entertainment.

2 (10m 13s):
Tim has appeared at as an, as an op ed blogger in the Huffington post and produced both adult and independent films, including the award-winning indie feature. I want your love Valenti has sat on many boards over the years. Most recently, as president of the board of the free speech coalition. Now Falcon naked sword is the most prolific producer of gay adult entertainment operating in the world today, home of the iconic Falcon studios, the acclaim naked sword originals, as well as successful and long running raging stallion on hothouse studios, Falcon naked sword has been releasing award-winning content for over 50 years.

2 (10m 53s):
That’s amazing. The porn powerhouse also operates various other specialty fetish lines, Falcon naked sword broadcasts their popular content via a number of highly visited membership sites, including the Netflix. That’d be Netflix as opposed to Netflix of gay porn naked swore negative sword.com, Falcon studios.com and raging stallion.com. In addition to their flagship membership sites, Falcon naked sword maintains a robust DVD retail and wholesale distribution business, as well as multiple video on demand and broadcast licensing channels. Falcon naked sword also operates several media outlets focused on the gay lifestyle and sex, including the soar.com hunt e-sign dot com and blog dot Falcon, studios.com, Falcon naked, sword, media outlets, and membership sites reach millions of gay consumers every year.

2 (11m 53s):
Well, that’s all we have time for today.

3 (11m 56s):
Thank God I retire During all that. I mean,

2 (12m 5s):
Well, I do all that. Okay. So let’s start out with the most important question. How do you think are a beloved San Francisco giants are going to do this year?

3 (12m 14s):
You know, I’m a diehard giant. So I always have they, you know, always no matter what year. And so we’re going to do great this year. How’s that?

2 (12m 24s):
All right. We’re going all the way. We’re going all the way. There you go. You heard it from Tim first. Okay. Yep. So Tim, you and I are Facebook friends as we see each other’s posts primarily political, of course. Now just how happy are you that this election is in the rear view mirror?

3 (12m 41s):
You know, I think we we’d pass the, you know, I’m happy, I’m happy that a Democrat won. I’m happy that, you know, Biden won. I, I think he’s a good guy. I don’t think it’s over yet. I mean, I don’t think it’s going to be over for a long time in terms of, you know, how we, how we all see our country in different ways obviously. But I think that this election in Georgia really will determine whether or not, you know, we can actually make change or just have more of the same in terms of nothing really ever getting done in the Congress. I mean, there’ll be a new attitude. I think there’ll be obviously a lot of, much more qualified people in government, you know?

3 (13m 27s):
And yeah. And so, I mean, I think the trains will start to run on time or run better. I just don’t think any meaningful legislation to I’d say in, in my opinion, you know, make our unions stronger because I think that there’s a lot of ways to make the union stronger aside from having, you know, a garage full of guns and, you know, an armed with the I I’m three to do anything in the world. I want, fuck you, because I’m American. Yeah.

2 (13m 57s):
Any including infect everybody. And I should have probably told you this is going to drop in late January. So by then, we’re going to know what the Georgia election results were. And we’ll have, we’ll have seen Joe Biden be inaugurated without Donald Trump attending. So that’ll be a beautiful thing. Now I’ve seen the transformation in the gay space of our industry in the years since I joined it now, besides all the other obvious changes, I find the gay side of the business, which used to be kind of separate kind of off to the side is now part of the mainstream of our business as it should be. Now, we go to the same parties and we go to the same trade shows. How do you feel that developed?

3 (14m 37s):
Well, it’s interesting because I was there, you know, and in 2000, let’s just pick 2000 as sort of a year where things were really starting to swing in terms of, you know, streaming online with, you know, just the whole line industry and the sort of coming together of sort of gay and straight. And I just think that, you know, there were a lot of very smart entrepreneurial gay business folks around and they made friends with, I think a lot of very fun and open-minded and smart, cool entrepreneurial straight folks in the, at these parties like ex biz or cyber socket AVN gave you an et cetera.

3 (15m 21s):
And I think a lot of bonds were formed and I think there was it really, there was some harmony there. I, I think that that’s kind of changed now. I don’t think it says harmonious. I think that there’s gay is integrated definitely into, you know, into the big porn adult conglomerates, like, like PornHub <inaudible> gamma, you know, even AVN. But I, you know, I think there’s still a very strong, very independent gay community, which included a lot, most of the leading sites from a cocky boys to a Bellamy, he likes naked soar, Falcon, et cetera, that really does not want, it does not have that much unity with the straight side of the business.

3 (16m 11s):
Quite frankly. I think that a lot of those folks that were really open and excited to forge new territory were, you know, much more, I think, open liberal thinkers. And I think a lot of them have made their, made their Mark made their money and are sitting back. And I think that, I don’t know, I, I find that in the last few years, going to the shows there just isn’t that kind of, you know, Cromer rock comradery between, you know, the younger, the younger crowd of straight folks and the folks that are on the gay side. I just, don’t,

2 (16m 50s):
It’s hard, hard for me to relate being a native San Franciscan and never, never thinking twice about it. And always, I remember going to my first Phoenix forum and going, Oh yeah, they also have the gay Phoenix forum. Well, why are those separate? And then pretty soon they weren’t. And I think one of the people that had the most to do with bringing the two sites together, well, it was a Morgan was cyber socket with his parties, inviting everybody.

3 (17m 16s):
Absolutely. Without question, you know, Morgan and Tim were truly pint the pioneers on, on, particularly on the gay side, you know, did a lot of, did a lot to help me personally building, you know, supporting naked sword and building the brand naked sword and, and introducing me to all types of folks there, isn’t a question about Morgan and Tim and cyber socket in that, with that regard. You’re right. And if you haven’t listened there, isn’t a Morgan right now. No,

2 (17m 52s):
That’s true. Because even Morgan isn’t Morgan, he’s, he’s pretty much pulled back and he’s enjoying Kansas. God, God knows for whatever fucking strange reason he’s enjoying Kansas.

3 (18m 4s):
You know what he meditates a lot and he’s turned me into a meditator.

2 (18m 11s):
Good. That’s really, that’s, that’s really good. And yes. Yes. And if you haven’t, if you haven’t heard the podcast interview I did with him, it’s on our website and it’s, as you can imagine. Excellent.

3 (18m 28s):
Of course. Yes.

2 (18m 30s):
Naked sword is celebrating 20 years in the industry. First of all, congratulations, my friend.

3 (18m 37s):
Thank you. Yeah, we had a, we had a live 20th anniversary party. Sunday afternoon was crazy. I mean, we had testimonial a little guest appearances from Kathy Griffin, Mark Richo reus phalange, Jake sheers, the scissor sisters, you know, every major drag personality, Chad, Angela, everybody. It was, it was pretty cool. There was a lot of fun.

2 (19m 6s):
I got to watch the stream for sure. I meant to watch it now that says a lot about what you’ve done in this industry 20 years now, as I mentioned, we’re recording in, in December and well, tell me more about what, tell me more about what the anniversary means to you.

3 (19m 24s):
Well, obviously I’m, you know, I I’m really happy for, for a lot of folks that have stayed with me and worked with me over the years, that we all have this kind of achievement together that, you know, all the things that we believed in and all of the long, long nights and days and weekends and nights and days and weekends and nights and days and weekends, you know, to, to make things right. Whether, you know, technically in our streaming capabilities or, or in what we’re producing or what we’re licensing to, to PR to show, to, to present, I mean, we’ve done incredible amount of work and everybody has put their heart and soul into it.

3 (20m 10s):
And, you know, it’s a good feeling that, you know, you have, we’ve achieved such, you know, an amazing status I think for, for us. And, but it’s, you know, we, we deserve it quite frankly. I mean, the stuff that we’ve done, you know, I was watching a lot of the tape from just different, you know, Tim and Roma’s shows for example, or, you know, like movies we’ve shot all around the world, you know, and just again, you know, the people who are, you know, great friends of, of what we’ve done, Kathy Griffin, you know, I mean, she we’re, you know, we’re part of the FBI and the Homeland security investigation, because we’re the ones who made her swordsman and, you know, they didn’t like her having a sword.

2 (20m 59s):
Yeah, I do. I do recall the incident. Yes.

3 (21m 3s):
Yeah. I mean, we’ve read I, what it means to me is I just, how awesome for me and for all the folks that have, you know, are part of my family at naked sword that, you know, we’re all really happy where we are right now. And we’re really proud of what we’ve done. I know, you know, there’s, that’s sort of the, you know, the, the American dream right. Is to be happy and at what you’ve done and, and, and feel, you know, that you’ve really succeeded in what your goals were and beyond them. So, you know, that’s number one for sure. You’re still there.

2 (21m 41s):
Sorry about that. That’s what happens when you put mute on. Okay. So, so I start to, I start to talk and you’re saying, are you still there? So, so Tim, after, after 20 years in the adult industry, what changes have you seen, especially in the gay space

3 (21m 58s):
From the biggest one when I started was that we did not do any kind of condomless production or a narrative. And obviously, you know, because of the great advances in science, science, we are able to protect ourselves from HIV and infection AIDS by, through science and medication, and, you know, many years of, of education in terms of safe sex practices. But so now we have, you know, we do condomless form bareback porn.

3 (22m 38s):
I mean, that’s, that was a major game changer in a lot of ways, you know, just in terms of who you could work with, you know, the, the, the types of the types of productions that you could do. I mean, and I also, you know, we’re like the only studio probably, or not, probably not the only one, but I know that we were the first to really, you know, have all the procedures and all the policies in place to protect all of our performers regardless of status. And, and so, you know, that’s a huge achievement, whereas, you know, you either produce condom porn or you, you, you know, you went against what was a standard for the gay side, which was, you know, not to produce bareback you now, you know, now we can do either.

3 (23m 30s):
And, but we get to work with a much, you know, much bigger, you know, variety of folks and can do so many more things. I mean, that’s a, that’s a major, major change again, you know, I think what’s ha I feel like I’m in like a third wave now of, of gay content producers, et cetera, because, you know, people that have visions for what they should be producing, I was sort of in the second group or the begin end of the first crossing over from this condom into a non condom types of production, and then also, you know, positioning and building our brand so that it was more than just hardcore porn.

3 (24m 13s):
Like you mentioned earlier, you know, doing independent movie-making we had a hit with, I want you to love, we were the first to do a gay porn adult soap opera, which was really successful in other, something like that was called golden gate, which was set all in San Francisco, very successful type of, of work. I just, I kind of feel like, you know, again, where I came in and there was a lot more unity built with the straight companies, and that was good because, you know, you learned a lot of things together and, and it wasn’t there wasn’t too much of a, I don’t know, a wall between us.

3 (24m 53s):
I don’t, again, I don’t feel like it’s necessarily that way so much, any longer. I think the, the gay producers, the successful ones who can do it on their own without, you know, the, either going out of business or, you know, selling their brand Saito like a gamma or something are not necessarily, you know, I mean, we’re, you know, that there it’s pretty independent streak.

2 (25m 17s):
Sure. Now, in mainstream America, despite the obvious homophobia, that’s still out there, there’s a general acceptance of the gay lifestyle. And all you have to do is watch TV and TV commercials, and you see same-sex people and couples not only represented, but celebrated now. I think people realize what great consumers gay people are at long last, how has this carried over into gay porn?

3 (25m 42s):
You know, I’d say that we carried gay porn into mainstream. And if you, I mean, you, you know, you talk about Falcon and Falcon is, is the brand, the company that is 50 years old. And obviously I wasn’t around a part of that. I was, you know, a 10 year old, want to be surfer boy, but not thinking running a gay porn empire or gay entertainment, empire ish, ish. But you know, if you look at like what Falcon did in the, in the late seventies, early eighties with being bold and going out and actually producing, not like backroom types of movies, but actually produce trying to produce a, a porn, like a narrative type of movie, how limited, you know, the talent they may have had at the time to be able to do it, they still went out and do it, did it.

3 (26m 43s):
And what that did was it, you know, it caught the attention of other folks in media. And then also, you know, we, it made things a little bit more like, Oh, okay, this is an actual real product. It happened that, you know, the, the, just sort of the social circles that Chuck Holmes who started Falcon was in, like, he was like, I guess, an ultimate aimless gay guy in those days, you know, he became friends with Calvin Klein and the whole idea of the, you know, the white briefs on Calvin kind of Calvin Klein models became Falcons, you know, signature.

3 (27m 27s):
And that was all developed with, with in, and this is sort of like the big secret, but, you know, with Calvin Klein, because he was friends and they, I mean, he was gay even though he wasn’t gay at the time.

2 (27m 43s):
Yeah. It’s like, it’s like rock Hudson, wasn’t gay at the time, you know, but

3 (27m 47s):
These were out, I mean, he wasn’t an outman, but, but Chuck certainly was. And what was happening in terms of, you know, just gay culture or subculture, you want to call it that at the time a subculture was what was influencing mainstream. So it’s in a way, and I think it’s been my experience in life since, you know, I’m 60 and I was born in 1960 and, you know, I benefited from all of those, all of the gay men and women who stood up for themselves and, and weren’t, you know, taken down and, and, and try and folks, you know, dismissing them or telling them they were wrong or not to believe in themselves.

3 (28m 33s):
And so I think by the time that, you know, the eighties rolled around, I think gay culture was influencing mainstream mainstream, not the other way around.

2 (28m 43s):
Yeah. I think it’s all, I think it’s always influenced style for sure.

3 (28m 46s):
Yeah. I mean, I think that it certainly has. I think it’s also, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s, I think it’s also influenced a lot of, you know, more progressive thinking for sure, not just gay, gay subject matter, but a lot of things. And that’s what, that’s what makes this whole political situation. So, you know, disappointing and depressing it’s that, you know, it just seems that the alternative that, or the opposition wants very narrow, it’s a very narrow view of anything in the future.

2 (29m 23s):
Look at the <inaudible>. I can’t even say it Neanderthals on the, on the Supreme court. They put in who, you know, and, and their, and their feelings, their, their feelings about gay people and their rights. So that, that just,

3 (29m 38s):
No, yeah, I don’t, I mean, it’s, it’s unfortunate, but, you know, you got to help them in part, the whole part of the country, this country is so many things, you know, go on, you know, are done by tradition and, you know, respect for, you know, w we started our country because we wanted to be free from oppression. Right. So, you know, that’s, so we have all of these standards in these ways that we sort of silently agree, silent handshake to do things and try and be as respectful as possible. I, you know, I just feel that a lot of this, this conservative movement is, is exactly what we ran away from, or, you know, Europeans ran away from to come here.

3 (30m 24s):
I mean, not that you know, so, and here we are just that’s, you know, anyway.

2 (30m 32s):
Yeah. It’s definitely going backwards. It’s certainly not going forward. So hopefully the next four years, we can start moving forwards again and maybe reach where we were when Obama left. I think that’s probably the best we can hope for now. I got to ask the proverbial COVID question. Sorry. How has the pandemic effected your business and your operation?

3 (30m 54s):
I actually, you know, when all this came down and it came down for us in a very interesting and short period of time, I had, we were shooting a really big movie in Austria for Falcon naked sword. And I had literally like a dozen people there plus, you know, folks from Europe and soon as president Trump went on the TV and he said, I’m just canceling all flights to your, I mean, it was like, I was, I just remember, I think it was like folding my sped sheets or something. And I was like, Oh fuck. And I, you know, basically called a Pam, Mr.

3 (31m 35s):
Pam, who was directing the movie at two in the morning there three in the morning. And I say, get everybody up, get everybody packed, get everybody to Munich airport. And I will make sure you guys are on then, you know, the mid day, afternoon flight, everybody. And I spent the next two hours working with our travel agent to get that done. So, boom, you know, all, I just remember it all like happening in one week that happened. I decided that, you know, we weren’t gonna take any kinds of chances. We were going to go full board on with whatever, you know, we were recommended to do mandated to do. And so, you know, ABN, which is a great company to be a part of.

3 (32m 19s):
And they, you know, they’re, they’re very, you know, hands-off, they, you know, we run an excellent part of their business and they’re very proud of it. And it does really well for them. So it’s, you know, they don’t, we, we don’t necessarily always have the same, you know, ideas of what we should have off and what we should be doing close, but I, you know, went ahead and just implemented, stay at home, work from home, shut down all productions council productions for, I think 45 days until we figured out stuff. And we figured out that we weren’t going to be producing for some time and that we were going to all be working from home. We were all very connected.

3 (33m 1s):
We have great communication, but in the meantime I thought it, this is a really great time to talk about all those things we wanted to either talk out and, and put together roadmaps for, for new businesses or productions that we’d like to do. And how can we be smart about using the talent from their places at home? I mean, of course we did lots of, you know, solo types of scenes. We also did, you know, models that were locked down with each other. We were able to do that, but we were able to, you know, come up with a lot of different, fun, cool ideas that we actually produced in gateway three to nice art.

3 (33m 44s):
Yeah. To folks that came to our tour, we did, you know, all kinds of public service stuff around wearing masks. We did a lot of pride types of programming and pride stories. We did. The miss pineapple pageant was a huge hit gay porn stars who do drag and competed in a, in a, in a live show, which we did. We’ve done the Mr. Man naked soar, top 20 countdown. We’ve done cookie shows. We’ve done all kinds of fun things, including. Yeah. You know, so what we did was during the time where we weren’t back to full production, you know, we, we really were very creative and have the time to, to do that in some of what we thought about in 2020, we’ll start appearing as products at the end.

3 (34m 29s):
You know, the second half of 2021, we are in production, or we’re basically not, I shut down production on Friday only, you know, because of what’s going on, but in between the, you know, the time I think we started shooting in August and we’ve done a lot in August, September, October, November. And so we have a, you know, a lot of content ready to go, you know, not as big of narrative types of features that we do, but a lot of really beautiful, very styled, beautifully lit gorgeous models. We’ve, I’ve just, I’m secretly signing a whole new team of exclusive will by 2021, we’ll have eight new exclusives to adding to our already, you know, wonderful group of guys.

3 (35m 19s):
So, yeah, I mean, I, you know, it’s been a TA, I thought it was gonna be, you know, I thought, Oh, who knows what to expect, but we’ve done really well. You know, we’ve been really creative. We were the, we took the lead in, in developing policies, guidelines, procedures, everything. We worked hard with the FSC and we took the lead, our production director, Adam Robinson was phenomenal. And we literally wrote the book and a lot of those companies are following what we, you know, worked hard to put together for shooting. And so, you know, we’re, we’re done now for their year and we will, I’ve counseled all production for January.

3 (36m 3s):
And again, we’ll assess in January as to what we might be able to do in February. And if not, we won’t, but we’ve got, we’re no short of ideas, plans and projects. And there, a lot of them are on paper. So it’s not just sort of like, I hope we do this. We’re gonna,

2 (36m 22s):
That’s funny. Well, you, you did the, you did the classic turning lemons into lemonade. And another thing that it, that you most certainly did from marketing standpoint, you know, putting my marketing hat on, which I’m always doing, you certainly sealed in, you know, your brands in the minds of the people. And of course your brands are the ones that they’re going to go to first in the future. So

3 (36m 52s):
We got a lot of new unique traffic and a lot, you know, a good majority of it was from all this free content. We would, you know, we, we, we do, you know, produce piece like a whole thing on, you know, all, you know, 20 models wearing masks, you know, just that PSA type of thing. I love it. We do drive in movies, you know, for free. Then we do Ms. Pineapple pageant. And then we do, we had this, we did five and they were just fucking classics there. It’s called play. And it was live game shows where we had, you know, six different famous gay porn performers and Mark McNamara, as, you know, the, you know, the MC I mean, riotous hysterical stuff that we’re going to continue to produce next year as well.

3 (37m 44s):
That, that hell even mind he tried to copy it. I mean, it’s, it was funny.

2 (37m 51s):
That’s the greatest form of flattery. There’s no two ways about it. So how about you personally? I know you spent some time at your, at your retreat. I know I certainly miss traveling to the shows and seeing our friends, or I should say family in this business. And how about you?

3 (38m 8s):
I mean, I, I think that for me personally, I think this was, I lucked out in that this is the year that all this would happen and I wouldn’t be traveling, or I wouldn’t be able to travel because I think I needed a break. And, you know, sometimes you, you know, the year started out, you know, crazily with so much to do and so many things to do and projects going on. And then, you know, I got, I was very fortunate to be honored by ABN, gave Viet and put in the hall of fame. So that was a huge thing in Vegas. And there was all kinds of, it was just so well, thank you. But I, it was just like, it just seemed like I w it was, I could feel my body buzzing, you know, just from so much going on.

3 (38m 55s):
And then when this all came down, it was almost like, Oh, wow. I don’t have to worry about leaving in three weeks. I don’t have to worry about this or going in a way. Yeah. It kind of was. And then I did something I’ve never done in my entire life. And, you know, we have a really cute little farmy, farm, little ranch in New Mexico, and it’s just so beautiful and quiet there, but, and we have a pool. So, you know, we, we go there for like a week in the summer to my in-laws, we built a Caseta on the property and they live there all year round, but we never get to spend as much time there.

3 (39m 37s):
And I was like, we, we just drove out in June and we literally stayed all summer. And I just worked every day from different locations around my Adobe home.

2 (39m 47s):
Nice. How long of a drive? How long of a drive is that?

3 (39m 50s):
16 hours straight. Yeah, but you know, by the time you hit New Mexico, the border of Arizona, New Mexico, it’s like you made you’re on the road for 12 hours, or, you know, like 13, 14 hours. You’re like only two and a half more to go. We do it. I love it.

2 (40m 11s):
Now you live in the San Francisco Bay area, my birthplace and former home. And before I left the country, of course, thank God. Talk a bit about the Bay area and what you like about it.

3 (40m 25s):
That’s so funny, you know, now that we ha you know, I’m from Hawaii and I born and raised, and, you know, Hawaii to me is always in my heart. I’m Hawaiian boy at heart, but I’ve lived in San Francisco for most of my adult life. And at Berkeley in the last 20 years, we’re right on the North edge of campus. And now we have this great place in New Mexico. And I’m like, you know, how, how much time do you want to spend anywhere? And, you know, you’ve been here for so long. You want to, you know, spend more time there cause you can. Yeah, but I just love being here. It’s so a lot, I mean, we were in the best place because we live in the North Berkeley Hills and we can look out and you know, our front window and decks look into the city and the golden gate.

3 (41m 13s):
That’s a wonderful,

2 (41m 15s):
Wonderful view. It looks beautiful. Take a picture for me to remind me and send it to me. We I’m serious.

3 (41m 22s):
I mean, I don’t mean to be, I’m not bragging or anything. I’m just saying, I mean, it’s not like, you know, it’s just really cool. And we’re like right on the edge of campus. And so, you know, we live in a very useful place and there’s always a lot of energy and we’re both into my husband and I are both into sports and we go to a lot of fair games. He’s a duck, I’m a bear. And we got a, you know,

2 (41m 47s):
Yeah, you got the dog, you got a duck on your Skype. I was going to ask you about that.

3 (41m 51s):
Yeah. We got a Memorial stadium and we watched, you know, football games and we’d go and watch tennis a lot, especially girl tennis, we have our favorites and then some bait baseball. We went to basket. We went to the last basketball girl’s basketball game, played at in the gym in spraying. We were there the last night that, and then everything shut down. So that was actually the last live sports event I went to. Oh, wow.

2 (42m 20s):
Well, both you and I will both be at Oracle park soon. In fact, when I come back to visit you, we’re going to have to go to a game together with our significant others. That would be

3 (42m 30s):
Totally down we’re down.

2 (42m 32s):
Well, man, it’s coming. So is the vaccine. So it’s a beautiful thing. Now in 2007, your company merged with adult giant ABN. I can’t believe it’s been 13 years. My God, almost 14. So I remember like it was yesterday now, how has that changed your professional life

3 (42m 51s):
To, just to be, you know, straight up, I feel like we brought a lot to them and, you know, we, and, and like I said, that they’ve been, you know, the most amazing parent group. I mean, we’re merged, but they are, you know, they’re, they’re the bigger company that, that, you know, we merged with and they’re our daddy, but, you know, they leave us really alone. I mean, and I mean, I appreciate and always try and find ways where we can integrate, you know, for the good of the entire company. And plus times we do that on the tech side, you know, their, their product is much different than ours in terms of what we offer and how we offer it.

3 (43m 33s):
So, but we do, you know, we have combined products, we have a time theater that that’s their main product. You know, we have a whole stable of white labels of naked sword that are branded for individual type studios. And we, you know, we do that kind of technology with them as well. So, you know, I mean, we find the ways to work together professionally for me, I just, you know, I think, you know, I made the really right and smart move. I think at the time, you know, based on what I saw, I’d been, you know, doing this for about seven years at the time, in terms of just straight adult streaming. Cause we still at cubic media that I was running, which was a development company, web development.

3 (44m 20s):
Yeah. That’s how we started naked sword. I mean, we were one of the original, small developer firms that Mike Macromedia chose to learn how stream li learn streaming technology. So we’ve got a little jump on that in the mid nineties and

2 (44m 38s):
I never, I never would have taken you as a tech geek, Tim. I’m not. Oh, okay. Okay. I’m glad to hear it.

3 (44m 45s):
I really not. I, I, it’s funny cause I, my, I got a job at 30 in San Francisco and I decided to move back there and I wanted to work in an ad agency and I was a creative, you know, I was like a creative director.

2 (44m 60s):
That sounds like you. Yes that’s. Yeah,

3 (45m 3s):
Totally. But I interviewed at this agency that was a quote high-tech agency, which I’m like, I don’t know what the fuck that is. It was like 1989 90. I wasn’t that savvy. And, but all their clients were like wired magazine and Hitachi. And I mean, they had all these, you know, and I was like, Oh, I’m never going to get a job here. I don’t know anything about technology, but they liked me a lot and hire me. And I ended up, you know, working there for five years, you know, a creative director, an art director, even, you know, then eventually managing the bigger accounts. And then when we went digital in terms of building web sites for our, in those days, websites were glorious, you know, online brochures for our client.

3 (45m 51s):
I ran that division and then started cubic in 90 or 96. And we launched the first version of naked sword in 1999, but it was a failure and I pulled it off the web and we realized that six months later and who knew it was going to happen

2 (46m 8s):
Well. And as they say, the rest is history. Now you became the president of Falcon in 2015. Same question. How has this changed things?

3 (46m 17s):
It’s changed things for both the brands, Falcon and naked sword. I think it’s really sort of like given a shot in the arm to Falcon. Cause we do a lot of things together, like naked swords, sort of the more progressive, not so rigid brand. And so we’re happy, you know, we’re, we’re, you know, my sort of philosophy is I w I’m not a formula guy and I never have been. And so that was a very difficult thing for, you know, the, the Falcon team to understand or even want to. And so it was a little hard going the first couple years, but we found our way and I think, you know, naked sword is energized Falcon and Falcon has given a little bit of a sort of old world Brava toss to naked sword.

3 (47m 5s):
I mean, you’ve got two really interesting brands that are, you know, together, and I think they’re very powerful together and we’re going to cover a lot of ground in the next couple, three, four years in terms of, you know, repositioning ourselves as, you know, number one in hardcore male erotica, but getting there in other areas of entertainment in terms of more mainstreaming crossover. Okay.

2 (47m 30s):
So what’s ahead for Falcon naked sword, any exciting things coming up for your company?

3 (47m 35s):
Well, like I said, we had a lot of time to talk about things we wanted to do, but never had the time to do, you know, one of the things that we were working on and we’re finished now and we’ll be launching in April is an entire new platform, a technology platform for naked soar. And then all of our partner or our, all of our clients, white label clients, studios that, you know, we provide streaming for. So that’s a big thing. We’ve got a mainstream more mainstream streaming product that we’re going to be relaunching called <inaudible> that we had a really good first run with just sort of independent gay cinema.

3 (48m 21s):
We partnered with breaking glass. They’ve had a little bit of a change there and, you know, not being able to supply as much content. So we’re reworking what that site is and what that brand is. And then, you know, I think it’s going to be really exciting when we relaunch it, probably the beginning, January, 2022, but it will be ready in the fall for us to all test and play with. So there’s that? Yeah, we’re doing a, I think we’re going to do a real big collaboration once we can start shooting again with, with our partner gamma studio gamut, we have really great relationship with gamma and their brand. Next door studios has undergone some really great changes and we’re planning a very big co-production together that will be worn.

3 (49m 7s):
That’s more in the, yeah, more in the world of series ongoing sort of series than just a one-off production. So I’m very excited about that. I mean, a lot of new content, a couple of new products, you know, very slick upgraded technology on our new platform, ways we can, you know, repackage content and sell it to a wider audience.

2 (49m 33s):
Okay. Now you’re obviously a pretty busy guy, har har har, besides going to a sporting events. What else do you like to do in your spare time? Spare time in quotation marks?

3 (49m 48s):
Yeah. Well, it’s fine. It depends on the time of the year. Right now I’m getting, you know, hungered in for watching a lot of new R Scandinavian war, you know, serial killer detective type shows. I love European TV. I don’t know why, except for the French TV it’s the actors are awful. They’re way too melodramatic. I’m doing that. I’m actually starting to get back into my, I want to get, to be able to run two or three miles a day in New Mexico on the, you have the ditch trails that go all through our village of where we are past farms and ranches and horse pastures.

3 (50m 35s):
It’s so cool. And I want to be able to do it. And you know, I am 60 and I have gained a few pounds over like 10, 15 pounds since March, but I’ve started to lose it. I’ve been walking three days and I’m starting to jog and I will be running by the time I’m there. So I’m excited about that. I love to swim every time I go home. I’m, you know, you have to drag me out of the ocean, either body surfing or surfing, although surfing only with a huge board, cause I’m old swimming anywhere there there’s water. I’m going to be in it. I don’t care where we are. I love to travel and you know, we don’t get enough to do my husband and I together.

3 (51m 20s):
But when we do it so much fun, we went to Iceland. We were in Iceland two years ago for Thanksgiving with, with Andy and his husband. Rob, that sounds cool. Oh, it was so fun. Glacier. We went, we did it all. It was amazing.

2 (51m 39s):
You said you like water, you said you like water and you like to travel. You should come out here. We have

3 (51m 48s):
All, yeah, we’ll make it there. You know, Ty, you know, he’s a big tie from queer me now, are you familiar with Thai? From Thailand? Thai from Thailand, dude. I know. Right? Cheesy. But that’s what he says. He’s, you know, he’s local and I definitely have friends in Thailand to, to, to go. Yeah. Like you like hi, like Thai, like Thai from Thailand, from Thailand.

2 (52m 20s):
Well, Tim, I’d really like to thank you for being our guests, Dan adult side broker talk. And I hope we’ll get a chance to do this again really soon. My broker tip today is part six of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, here’s more information on what to give a potential buyer. Tell them how well has your content been protected from piracy and what steps have you taken to protect your content? Are you using a piracy, takedown or monitoring service? These are important facts to know what promotional tools do you offer to your affiliates? The more tools you offer, the more successful your affiliates will be. What is your traffic breakdown by country tier one countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia are the most preferred adding.

2 (53m 10s):
Anything else that will add value to the sale of your property that you can think of such as what custom scripts do you use? What content management system software is on your site. Do you use billing or affiliate software like gnats or MPA three? What is your retention

1 (53m 26s):
Rate? How you retain your members is of the utmost importance. How many joins and rebuilds do you have per day? Do you buy advertising? And if so, what kind can your content make more money in the DVD or VOD markets? Or have you already taken advantage of this opportunity? How much did you spend a producer by the content that’s on your site? What do you believe the content is worth now what’s special or different about your website? How is it unique? Make sure and include a list of all the websites you’re selling. In addition to any domains that come along with the sale. Is there anything that adds value to the sale? Provide them with any additional information upon request before giving a buyer, any information, have them sign a nondisclosure agreement.

1 (54m 14s):
If you use a broker, the NDA will be provided for you. Good brokers. Let me think here, like, Oh, I don’t know. Adult Site Broker, have a large resource of potential buyers that are looking for properties just like yours and they know how to deal with potential buyers. They’ll also negotiate the terms of the sale, such as price and any payment terms before closing the sale and find a good escrow service to make sure that both the buyer and seller are protected. We have those resources of course. We’ll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we’ll be talking to Anna Lee of 2049 Entertainment.

0 (54m 58s):
And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again, like to thank my guest, Tim Valenti, talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker, and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we’ll be talking to Alma of Vibio. Adult Site Broker is proud

1 (35s):
to announce ASB Cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With ASB Cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission, referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry, performer, Mia Melkova and producer, Eli Tucker have announced their purchase of the landmark Portland, Oregon property, Blackberry Castle, which they’ll rebrand as an exclusive content castle for collaborating with top creators around the world.

1 (1m 18s):
The purchase of the building, which had been listed at $7 million, but reportedly sold for slightly more than half. That price was completed in December as a partnership between mal Cova Tucker and another investor. We love this castle because of its crazy things Malcov said I’m kind of geeky. So an eccentric fantasy like castle fit my personality perfectly well. Cova expressed elation at the new challenge. We hope to continue renovations to make the castle like an adult Disneyland to give viewers and visitors a one of a kind experience. She added rooms include a private movie theater with an eight and a half foot long projector screen modeled after a vintage movie theater and Buenos RAs, Argentina featuring a marquee and curtains that are under a ceiling with a blue painted sky, a ceiling clock dial and compass built as the West coast largest clock, which hovers over the two circular library inside one of the castles turrets.

1 (2m 22s):
One of the bathrooms, which has a Roman spa theme with columns, jetted into a tub and sauna, the sale included furnishings and fantasy elements such as life-sized suits of Knights armor, standing guard insight illuminated alcoves near the Grande stairs. Now Cova mentioned that she intends to pose as Rapunzel on one of the rod iron Juliet balconies, her 30 foot long blonde wig dangling down the side of the stone facade. Falcon naked sword is celebrating four wins from the 2021 experts awards, including gay side of the year for Falcon studios.com gay movie of the year for a murdered heart from a naked sword, originals and gay performer of the year for studio exclusive max Connor, the Falcon wins arrive as the iconic studio prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

1 (3m 19s):
Later this year, naked sword originals continued streak of gay movie of the year wins with the murdered heart taking home. The 2021 prize a rep said the powerful and dramatic gay porn focusing on conversion therapy and ultimately proving that love and human desire conquer all was conceived and directed by Mark McNamara who received the gay director of the year award for his efforts. Connor said the rep is dynamic and charming and a stunning top who delivers energized performances every time he steps in front of a camera

0 (3m 55s):
Company, president Tim Valenti,

1 (3m 57s):
Who is next week’s guest here on adult site broker talk expressed gratitude for the recognition. We always strive for excellence that Falcon naked sword, and to be honored for our commitment to delivering the most engaging hot and top quality gay porn is truly humbling. Thank you, ex biz for this amazing recognition of that dedication. He said, I’m grateful to all our employees, as well as the artists, performers and contractors we work with who share our commitment to excellence noted Valenti congratulations to max Connor for your well-deserved performer of the year award. We’re going to keep doing great things together. Rocco sofrito and Lisa Ann are the stars of a series of mainstream Turkish commercials and educational spots sponsored by condom brand directs chill videos, which can also be seen on Durex Turkey, YouTube channel use the international adult stars as spokespeople to emphasize a message.

1 (4m 55s):
The commercial porn is a performance and not necessarily what people can expect from sex and their personal lives. In one of the spots that Fredy dressed as a plumber and a stereotypical porn scenario talks about how he doesn’t really plum and that the sex that ensues is equally performative. I’ve made a lot of commercials during my life, everywhere sofrito. He said, and this was one of the best. First of all, it’s an Islamic country and they called Lisa and I to do this kind of educational promotion. It’s incredible. I was expecting Italy, France, or Germany to come calling with this kind of project. I was not expecting Turkey. That shows me that prejudice doesn’t work in this world.

0 (5m 38s):
Adult social networks,

1 (5m 39s):
Smartify.com has launched a new podcast. Somebody talks, somebody talks as it’s described by the company as a way of promoting performers, models, directors, producers, designers, manufacturers, and the industry as a whole past adult site broker talk guest and smartify Mike Pinto announced the first guest is coral and Juul performer director, talent manager, model podcast, host and author. The virtual talk show can be seen on spotify.com and will soon be made available on all major podcast networks. Now let’s feature our property of the week. That’s for sale at adult site broker, we’ve just listed five amazing adult domains for sale@adultsitebroker.com.

1 (6m 26s):
Any of these domains can be used to build a very successful and brandable website. The domains are sexo.com and porn flicks.com listed at $5 million. Each asset.com listed@fourpointtwofivemilliondollarsstud.com listed@twopointninefivemilliondollarsandstripcam.com for only $695,000. For more information, contact us@adultsitebroker.com. Now time for this week’s interview. My guest today on adults side, broker talk is Alma a VIVIO Alma.

1 (7m 6s):
Thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk. Thanks for having me. It’s a pleasure. Now Alma is a sex tech entrepreneur. Try saying that three times and she’s the co-founder of VIVIO who had just currently challenging the approach to female sexuality through innovative sex toys. VIVIO is a feminist sex toy brand making app controlled vibrators to increase people’s sexual wellbeing. The company is run by childhood friends, Alma and Patricia. It’s probably how you pronounce it in Spain. VIVIO is about to launch their first toy Frida. I love the name, a feminist wearable in January, 2021 next month.

1 (7m 50s):
That’s fantastic. Or actually this will probably drop in January. So we’ll say this month. So Alma, why did Patricia and yourself start the company? We’ll start there.

2 (8m 1s):
Well, as you mentioned, Patricia and I have known each other for over 20 years while growing up, we realized sex as amazing as of CDs, it’s still quite a taboo and something that people feel embarrassment and there’s comfort when it comes to talking about it. So we thought that creating a brand of sex toys that people are already familiar within and combining it with technology to use the technology, to encourage them to explore more and discover about other pleasure could be aggravated way to tackle that problem.

1 (8m 43s):
Okay. Now you said, you know, Patricia from your childhood, how did you originally meet and why are you guys the best team to lead this brand? Yeah, so

2 (8m 56s):
We met when we were three years old, back in preschool. Good to know that we, yeah, we were together in the same class from three years old till we were 18. So we literally like discovered ourselves while being friends. And yeah, I started playing around with the idea of creating a sex tech startup, probably like a year after I got my first two or three act controlled vibrators. I wasn’t particularly blown away by what was out there in the market.

2 (9m 39s):
So I had a lot of different ideas of how we come up with something better. Yeah. I just literally had a chat over lunch with her about all of my plans and she, I think one month after I quit her job and came to London to work on it with me. So obviously yeah, seeing her passion and also knowing that she’s such a sex advocate, I knew that she would pull truly that the challenges and really, you know, helped me to make this work.

3 (10m 17s):
Isn’t everybody a sex advocate. I mean, I advocate sex.

2 (10m 23s):
Well, definitely we are. And that’s why we’re here, but no, I don’t think that everyone is

3 (10m 29s):
Okay. Okay. I’ll take your word for it. You know, I’ve just kind of picturing you due to having lunch. And there’s like a couple of, you know, 80 year old ladies at the next table over hearing you guys talking. I hope nobody. I hope nobody choked on their, on their salad.

2 (10m 47s):
I’m sure we’ve made a lot of people choke having lunch before every game. Now we always bring a vibrator to the table, so,

3 (10m 55s):
Oh God, I, God, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall and see a couple of old ladies sitting next to you and going, Oh, look at those two. They’ve got, they’ve got a sex toy on the table. I wonder what they’re doing. So anyway, so now how is your brand different? You know, you said you weren’t impressed with app controlled sex toys that you have. You must have quite a drawer by the way. How has your brand different from other app controlled sex toy brands out there?

2 (11m 29s):
Well, to start with, we started by them smaller problems, which are, we’re solving a technology issues and connectivity problems. That’s something that we’ve heard practically all consumers of how control sex toys talk about that. The connection drops a lot. So we implemented them newest Bluetooth technology to kind of delve a little bit with them and take my cat. And then we started creating a brand that was more than sex toys. So for example, we educate our consumers on sex, to social media, our community, et cetera.

2 (12m 10s):
And we plan to digitalize all of that content through our biggest. We think that in the end, our pleasure is a lot more than masturbation or the act of sex. It’s also how we feel about our sexuality.

3 (12m 25s):
That’s really cool. That’s that’s really cool. So, I mean, so you feel like you’ve, you’ve kind of solved that connectivity problem because yeah. I can imagine using a, using a sex toy and then all of a sudden it stops. I would kind of piss you off.

2 (12m 42s):
Yeah, we definitely better in obviously we can reinvent Bluetooth kind of, for example, we’ve added some features like either like on activity drops eight automatically reconnect. So you don’t have to be pressing the buttons again. Or if you don’t have the phone right now in your hands, you just need to be, have to do nothing. It will do it all on its own. So

3 (13m 10s):
That’s neat. That’s really neat. Wow. Yeah, that is, yeah. That is quite an innovation plan to be copied, which is obviously the ultimate compliment. Now, why did you decide to make a wearable toy first versus other products?

2 (13m 30s):
Basically it was playing when the fan, but I wearable it’s a lot more empowering. You’re literally owning the fact that you can have sex anywhere and breaks with the traditional notion than, you know, sexist men to be in the bedroom on the bed and in a couple of certain positions. So if someone is looking to spice up their sex life, I think the way to go is choose taking sex wherever you want to take in helps you to do that.

3 (14m 5s):
Okay. Okay. I hope it isn’t, isn’t too catastrophic in terms of auto accidents. That’s up to them. Yeah. You better have a nice waiver on there. I hope you got a good attorney now. How did you design and test Frida?

2 (14m 25s):
We actually have a big community of women based right now, mainly in London and Barcelona, which is where patching and I used to live. We started Westerners. We printed different types of 3d prints of the designs that we have made with different sciences lengths with. And we invited them over to our flats to have like a wine tasting session and try out a little bit different through the prints. And we did that for about six months until we got to the conclusion of what was their favorite one.

2 (15m 12s):
We tested it with women from 18 to 65, I think was our oldest tester. Yeah. It was a great experience. And from them, we moved on to the vibrating prototype and we repeated the same process. But this time in their own houses, not in our,

3 (15m 33s):
I was going to say, I was going to say, I was hope. I was hoping he didn’t all do it there. Right in your flat. That’s a, there’s a visual there.

2 (15m 41s):
No, the first one didn’t vibrate. So it was a lot more, yeah. Sensible to date in our flooding.

3 (15m 47s):
Yeah. I can pass it from person to person. So they tested it in their flats. And then,

2 (15m 54s):
And then we moved on to team running a Kickstarter campaign. So that’s how we got to market essentially this year, once we were happy with them prototype. Yeah. And we made it and we raised over 30 K to move on to production and develop the app. Have you ever heard that?

3 (16m 17s):
That’s fantastic. Now, Frieda, you told me free to use to be called Ella right now. That seems like a perfectly good name. Ella. I like Frida, but Allah, those are both good. Why did you change the name?

2 (16m 32s):
Our main poll case was that we wanted to have a name that meant something. So ELA is in Spanish and it means she that’s why it was originally our name. But we, in the past couple of years, we’ve seen larger company and release other vibrators called Ella. And that’s a small company we cannot compete with, you know, in terms of ACL or distribution agreements. So it was a tough decision, but we came to the conclusion that we had to just let it fall and look for another name.

3 (17m 10s):
The other thing is you got to worry about copyright infringement too.

2 (17m 14s):
Yeah. Well, I don’t think they were copyrighted because it’s from different companies. So I know SPAC has an ALA. Nila has an ELA as well. My dad was mainly the time. Yeah. Five now were too small to go against the giants in the industry.

3 (17m 38s):
Well, not yet. Not yet. So what you might want to think about doing is copywriting Frieda. If you haven’t thought about that already then. Yeah. Okay. Then you don’t have to worry about anyone else having a freedom. And if they do, you can Sue them. I come from California. So I that’s how I get all those crazy thoughts. You know, I got a good joke for you. You know, you know, California has a lot of lawyers, right. You probably heard that. Okay. And you know, New Jersey has a lot of toxic waste.

2 (18m 12s):
Yeah. No

3 (18m 15s):
New Jersey at first choice. So you can laugh later and it’s, I know it’s fucked up. You gotta translate it in your mind. So, okay. So how important is the community aspect for your brand?

2 (18m 31s):
I would say then Archimedes in the heart of everything that we do, they cited on our logo. When we had to change the name of freedom, it was actually our community who were chosen. So I wonder if our followers came up with it, came up with it and we love the ADL naming our sex toys, softer feminist icons. So we actually plan to continue to do that. Yeah. They held with a design, the color of our toy, the content that we put in social media.

2 (19m 12s):
So yeah, obviously penetration. I don’t think that we represent all of the women out there. We use their input as much as possible to be as inclusive as possible.

3 (19m 27s):
That’s good. That’s good. Now, are you gonna, are you going to plan to continue to go back to, to focus groups and talk to them about new designs and the like

2 (19m 39s):
Yeah, for sure. We have an online community called the Vive gang. I encourage everyone to join. It doesn’t matter if you’re men or women, we’ve learned to have militaries as well.

3 (19m 52s):
Very good. Well, you should. There’s lots of

2 (19m 54s):

3 (19m 57s):
So what are the main challenges you face so far as a new company?

2 (20m 3s):
I would say the sexy new ski comes with a lot of challenges. It took us two months to open a bank account. Yeah. And then all of the payment providers have a lot of different requirements. It’s also expensive to have a payment requirement, sex and then more on the business aspects, raising investments, having a sex day company. Yeah. It’s a nightmare. So I hope that changes over time when the, see the potential of our industry.

3 (20m 44s):
Yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah. I’ve got, I know someone who’s, who’s doing a financial services company. I think, you know him too. You’re the, you’re the one that, you’re the guy that I got him from. So Jason site, I think that’ll be taken care of soon, which is good thing. I’m sure you know about it. So

2 (21m 6s):

3 (21m 7s):
Challenges being women in starting a business in, in this industry or overall?

2 (21m 15s):
Yeah. Yeah. For sure. Yeah. I guess the minority holding the power use male. Yeah. When you have a sexy company, that those for the time being sex toys for women, sometimes you picked something that they can not relate to. And yeah, it’s hard because then the conversation Taryn, CNC. Okay. How I feel about it. And then it gets a bit weird because it’s like, Oh, do you try your own sex stories? It doesn’t feel good. And blah, blah, blah. And it’s just a conversation that deviates the focus on what we do versus me as a woman using a sex with me.

3 (22m 3s):
I think there’s some judgment there on the part of some men. And then the other part of it is how can a guy relate to a woman using the vibrator if he’s not a woman and he’s not a woman who who’s used to vibrate.

2 (22m 18s):
Yeah. And many of them ha like haven’t used any sex toys at all. I think there is a big stigma around men using sex toys, like compromise their masculinity or something. And even if they, I mean, relationships, not everyone is happy for their women to you. Sex is too,

3 (22m 43s):
You know, that’s very true. That’s very, that’s very, very true. And in Spain it’s still a pretty macho society. Isn’t it?

2 (22m 53s):
For sure. Yeah. And I’d say then contributed to us wanting to make this type of company. You guys here. It is a problem. So

3 (23m 7s):
How does the app connection work? Talk a little bit about that.

2 (23m 12s):
Right. So the main phone, so whoever owns the sextile eight Bluetooth connectivity. So we have a chip in the vibrator then that connects within a certain base to the phone. And then we also enable a long distance connection to any partners around the world. And that works over, over the internet.

3 (23m 37s):
Now, obviously this is a question that people would have, how secure is the app? Does someone have to worry about being hacked? Because the reason I asked this is that I’ve, I’ve heard horror stories about sex toys being hacked before, and now you’ve got some stranger who’s controlling your sex toy, and God knows what they’re going to do, especially a wearable one.

2 (24m 1s):
Yeah. Yeah. I’ve heard that too. And it’s super freaky. All of our is encrypted and we’ve built a robust backend to secure it. We were also in touch with a hacker organization that basically make sex toy. Well, they don’t make it. They offer a sex companies the same, like on agreement, protecting consumer data around consumer like company behavior towards consumers.

2 (24m 41s):
Then if you’re happy with their terms, which are pretty basic, like, I would love to have that as a consumer. So we don’t mind that they hack your sex toy to find any flaws in the system. And they produce reports yeah. With all of the potential compromises in the security and they do it regularly. So that’s super cool.

3 (25m 7s):
You know, if you, if you want to, if you want to learn how to secure your home, hire a thief, if you want to learn how to secure your device, hire a hacker. That’s what I’ve always said. If I want, wanna, if I want to get security for my home, I get, I get like the lowest life thief over and go, okay. How would you break in and then maybe secure it. So do you have any future plans for the app beyond controlling Frida? I know you mentioned men’s sex toys and I’m sure you probably got some more plan for women as well.

2 (25m 43s):
Yeah, for sure. Obviously we plan to have a range of Teles, but beyond that, we also want to, I think I may have mentioned it in the beginning, but they designed some of the content that we’re putting publicly in social media to the app. So then our consumers have like sexual wellness needs covered all in one place.

3 (26m 10s):
Mm that’s good. Now, I mean, what all is going to be included in that, in that, that community relationship

2 (26m 21s):
In terms of our app?

3 (26m 23s):
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, well, yeah, I mean the community, the app, I mean, obviously the app is, is going to pull together the community.

2 (26m 31s):
So we actually want to gamey funny part of the app. So launch, eh, challenges that people can subscribe to and either do them on their own or at partners to do it with them, then we’ll make it public. The only the amount of people not who’s taking part in that challenge, how many people are taking a part in the challenge we’ll get disability or you know, that enrolling or participating in sexual activities is completely normal and it’s actually fun.

2 (27m 13s):
And there are thousands of people around the world doing it too. So why not?

3 (27m 18s):
There’s millions of people involved in sex around the world. I think that’s very safe to say. So. So what did you, what did you, what did you do before you decided to become a, a, a sex tech entree?

2 (27m 35s):
Well, I’ve been working for startups for the past five, six years. I’ve never really been attracted to the corporate world or anything. I’ve always enjoyed playing the fast changing environment. So small business units on how to make them grow. Go ahead. What time? Yeah. All tech startups actually. So my first job was in the delivery room. I was one of the first people to be hired in Barcelona office. Okay. So I literally got to see how two to three people team became like a 100 team.

2 (28m 22s):
If we count all of the writers and people involved in the company. Yeah. That got me completely hooked to the startup world. And I just continued to do so. And I moved to London to, because I knew that I would eventually build my own project. And it was like the place to be, I guess, in Europe.

3 (28m 42s):
What else? What else, what other types of companies have you been with?

2 (28m 45s):
I worked in an affiliate marketing company as well, which right now proves to be quite valuable. Yes. We have to do some affiliate magazine. So it’s good that I’m familiar with it. When I was in London, I worked for ed tech startup than then. Yeah. That wasn’t made it more around them. A they did all of the tech infrastructure for corporations to onboard and train their, their staff. But bottom line, I’ve done basically the development for all of them.

2 (29m 27s):
So I was basically working in sales and strategy throughout all of this time. Just for different projects. How old are you by the way? 25 right now.

3 (29m 37s):
Wow. Yeah. I got the impression from the timeline. You, you were,

1 (29m 42s):
You were young that’s, that’s stunning. Twenty-five years old and you’re, and you’re starting your own thing. I tell you. I can always tell, I can always tell young people that are going to be very successful and it’s pretty obvious I’m talking to one. So how can, so how can people join your movement?

2 (30m 2s):
Well, they can follow us in social media. Our handle is at Vivier toys. By the way, our company name is vying for you. I forgot to say that many people call it. I

1 (30m 16s):
Spell the name of the company for everyone.

2 (30m 18s):
Yes. It’s the B I O.

1 (30m 22s):
Okay. VIB IO. Very good.

2 (30m 26s):
Then, you know, website, we have the link to join, join our online community, the via gang and our website is by the store. So V I B I O S T O R e.com.com. Well, the last time I checked, it was like 18 K to buy the plane. So if you’ve got problems,

1 (30m 53s):
You need a good broker to find that for you. Let me see if I can think, let me see if I can think of anybody. Oh, us. Yeah, we’ll talk. Okay. I don’t usually take deals that small, but I’ll help you. How about that? Awesome. Okay. My dear. Well, Hey, I’d really like to thank you for being our guest today on adult side broker talk, and I hope we’ll get a chance to do this again real soon. When you have a major, not another major announced

2 (31m 22s):
Amazing. They’re looking forward to.

1 (31m 24s):
Okay. Thank you very much. My broker tip today is part five of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, when you decide to sell your website, make sure you have the following information available for potential buyers, detailed information about your company, your website, and any other aspects of your operation that the potential buyers may want to find out about. Now, this should include for a pay site, a detailed inventory of your content, number of images and number of videos. How much of it is exclusive and how much is non-exclusive financial information for at least the last three years. If your company is that old, there should include sales reports, profit and loss statements and billing reports get all the information organized in the legible format that a good broker can use to sell your property.

1 (32m 17s):
Now, if you decide to sell it yourself, organize a list of potential buyers and start the process of contacting them. Be realistic about what your company is worth in today’s market. The kiss of death is overpricing your property. Is there anything a potential buyer needs to know such as are you being sued? Do you have any substantial debts?

0 (32m 40s):
Etc? Don’t let these things be a surprise to the potential buyer. They’ll either find out before the sale and not buy or they’ll find out after the sale and you’ll have a lawsuit on your hands. Disclose everything. We’ll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we’ll be talking to Tim Valenti of Naked Sword. And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again, like to thank my guest Alma from Vibio. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (7s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker, and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week, we’ll be talking to adult star kira Queen.

1 (34s):
Adult Site Broker is proud to announce ASB Cash. The first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage with ASB cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission, referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry. The preliminary hearing in the Los Angeles criminal case against Ron Jeremy has been postponed once again until March 30th, judge Jose Sandovall presided over monday’s hearing at the Clara Shortridge Foltz criminal justice center.

1 (1m 17s):
Jeremy’s attorney Stuart Goldfarb continued arguing that he could not conduct a proper defense without more information about the identity of the victims and witnesses. Judge Sandovall rule against Goldfarb’s motion stating that for the moment, I believe you have the information you’re entitled to sexual assault cases have special discovery rules designed to protect the safety of the victims. And the defense is requesting these special rules to be relaxed, to identify the individuals behind the assault allegations in order to answer them. Jeremy wearing a Brown prison suit was marched into the courtroom around 10:30 AM.

1 (1m 58s):
His signature black dyed hair is now almost completely faded out. And he sported a massive white beard visible under a white cloth face mask. The pretrial hearing in the Mercedes Carrera criminal case concerning multiple child sexual abuse charges against her and her husband, which was supposed to happen last week at the Rancho Cucamonga courthouse in San Bernandino County, California has been postponed once again this time until February 5th, the new court date officially pushes the proceedings to two years without a trial Carrera and her husband, Jason Whitney were arrested after a police raid of their home on February 1st, 2019 career.

1 (2m 44s):
And Whitney have been in County jail without trial since then first, without bail. And later after they had liquidated their assets and had no source of income due to their incarceration with bail, set it 2 million for each the pretrial, the crucial date that would determine the jury selection process. And the date of the beginning of the actual trial has already been postponed numerous times. Most recently, last month, the hearing took place with the second district attorney on the case, Laura Fragoso and public defender Lee Sonnenberg standing in for careerist court appointed lawyer, Joshua Castro Castro, according to Carerra as at home following either a COVID 19 positive test or a possible exposure.

1 (3m 32s):
Angela White and drew Sebastian set a top AEB NS ranking of the top 100 stars for 2020 based on per scene and movie sales, white joins Dee Williams, Gabby Carter, Adriana cheese chick, Nick India, summer of Bella danger, Julia Ann, Emily Willis, Reagan Fox and Sherry Deville as the top 10 performers and ABM straight theaters for the past year. Joining Sebastian and the top 10 ABN ranking of bestselling gay performers are boomer banks, Cade Maddix, Devin Franco, Rocco Steele, Phoenix felling, Titan, max Connor, Jack Dixon, Armand Rizzo, and Brian bonds.

1 (4m 21s):
Ella Hollywood has landed a top ABNs rankings of the top selling transgender performers. The starlet is followed in the top 10 ranking by Daisy Taylor Abra, Kate, Natalie Mars, Chloe K Casey kisses, Lena moon, Cora Del Rio, Luna love and Marissa

2 (4m 42s):
Mix in sadness.

1 (4m 45s):
Who’s director playwright, journalist historian, and author. Jerry Douglas has died in New York city. He was 84 Douglas as a claim career as a filmmaker stretched back to the early seventies with the back row and score for which he wrote the script. Both films started legendary icon Casey Donovan after just two films in the 1970s, Douglas switched careers and spent several decades as a journalist and author notably as the editor in chief of man shots, which famously published long thoughtful interviews with gay adult filmmakers and performers, and served as a scholarly Chronicle of the industry.

1 (5m 26s):
Several collections of Douglass’s classic man shots interviews have recently been published in book form in the eighties, Douglas returned to filmmaking for all worlds video and for the next two decades, embarked on an influential awards, Laden stretch, such titles as more of a man fret Ramoni kiss off an honorable discharge were known for lyrical plot lines. And Douglas was ability to coax emotional performances from his leading men. Douglas won numerous industry awards for his writing and directing his later films for Colts studios, including buckle ruse one and two.

1 (6m 6s):
And what would be his final film, 2000 sevens brotherhood or great examples of the golden age area of adult filmmaking. Now let’s feature our property of the week. That’s for sale. That adult site broker, actually our property of the week, this week, as a reminder, we have numerous private listings available in addition to what you see on our website and then our newsletters. We have pay sites, tube sites, and other types of sites available in these cases. The owner of the site is usually expressing the utmost care to make sure that the identity of his or her site or company does not get out into the public domain.

1 (6m 46s):
These are also generally larger listings with big revenues. If you’re interested in finding out more about our private listings, please complete our buyer’s NDA on our website to see if you qualify now, time for this week’s interview. My guest today on adult site, broker talk is adult performer, Kara queen Kara. Thanks for being with us today on adult site broker Todd,

3 (7m 10s):
Thank you for having me. Hello everyone.

1 (7m 13s):
It’s a pleasure. Now Kira queen is an adult film actress originally from Dagestan Russia and has been in the industry for nine years. She’s a Raven haired beauty with blue eyes and stands five foot eight and is a buxom 34 double D 26 38. Ouch. Okay. She entered the industry is one of the first models to come to Europe and shoot from Russia. Kira’s native state of Dagestan is a unfortunately a war torn area of Southern Russia. That’s predominantly Muslim. So she had a very conservative and strict upbringing. As a result of her being raised Muslim, she has experienced much prosecution and problems to the point that prominent sports athletes have even called for her to be killed.

1 (8m 2s):
Oh my God. She was attacked in the streets by a Muslim extremists and is now a political refugee living in Europe. She’s appeared in over 500 scenes and worked for many large global companies. In addition, she’s been nominated for many adult industry awards, including AVN and biz. She shoots her own content for her company care queen productions and enjoys shooting, a variety of content and such niches as foot fetish, interracial, and obviously big boobs. So well, 34 double D you better be doing big boobs.

1 (8m 42s):
So what was it like growing up in Dagestan?

3 (8m 46s):
Well, deck is done. It’s in session. Beautiful place. To be honest, it’s all about the nature and culture and the history because it’s the most oldest town in the Hebrew it’s based there. So there’s some negative things and it’s all about the human and people and their behavior. So like, yeah, it was a challenge to grow up there being a woman. I can’t say that.

4 (9m 18s):
Yeah, I can. I can imagine. Yeah. Cause the has a Muslim culture really doesn’t give women much in the way of consideration does it

3 (9m 31s):
And that it doesn’t, it’s like you’ll have more choice. You can’t have like opinion and everything. It’s all about the man and you have to worship that man. And since your child in going nap and everyday it’s, we’ll be tape telling to your like, or everything you have to do is for men. And so yeah, no feminism

4 (9m 60s):
Having been raised by, by a single mom after my, my dad left when I was really young, I, I kind of had a little bit of a different experience. So I, I certainly feel for you. What did you do for work before the porn industry?

3 (10m 20s):
Well, I will say working in a casino and yeah, I was working in Casey. I actually, I had the different forks. I was working in a shop while I was working in the beauty industry. I was a little bit modeling and so on, but the main was a casino I was working because in, in Russia it was a fun, it was cool experience. I, I enjoyed it. It’s a lot. But when my cousins from Davison figures out and working in casino, I was in trouble, but loosely because I was wearing the high heels and skirts short skirts.

3 (11m 11s):
And so they didn’t like it. So I was in trouble.

4 (11m 18s):
When you got the death threats.

3 (11m 21s):
No, it happened when I joined the porn industry. But so at that time I just have to, I was living in St. Peter’s book and studying in economy, university of C pizzas books. So in working in casino, so Wednesday figures, hours on working in casinos, they came, they took me, brings me back home to Deggy Stan, which is sided of far away, three days by car. So yeah. Then I have to change my job and I was feeling not good.

4 (12m 2s):
And when you say they, are you talking about your family? Yeah. That’s terrible.

3 (12m 10s):
Well, you have to understand your firmly. It’s like, it’s about hundred people almost in Pakistan because we have a huge families, like six kids, four kids it’s, it’s never limit. And you have a lot of cousins and cousins and whatever cousins there is. And all of them wants to control you, especially if you’re a woman, if you’re a girl and especially if you’re having a father as me, I didn’t have one. So yeah, it’s kind of a fun to, to, to remember all the stories.

3 (12m 54s):
Yeah, it was cool, but circusy not. It’s like, you know, every one of us have a step in the life. When you change from the childhoods, you get an adult like life. I mean, from, from the things outside, coming in, you understand this is a life that people can be mean to you. If you kept struggling, like you can have a problems and there is no any Papa mama who can help you. And you know, that was it.

3 (13m 35s):
We had a good life school. I can say, working in casino for me.

4 (13m 43s):
What did you, what was your role? What was your role in the casino? What did you do there?

3 (13m 49s):
I was changing the cash to Boeing’s and I was sometimes working on a table and in end of my career in, cause you know, I was working as a head manager of that’s casino. Yeah. I was controlling. We’ll get this in there.

4 (14m 16s):
Yeah. Now what got you, why did you want to, to go into the, to the adult industry?

3 (14m 22s):
I’m going to open for you secret now. Okay. When I was growing, when I was in 15 years old, too, it was, was my cousin. What was watching TV late night. And all of a sudden these porn came out altar, like, you know, normal movie. And I saw it for the first time of my life. And like it wasn’t long two, three minutes. I don’t know. But I get so distracted from that and I love it.

3 (15m 4s):
What’s going on there. And I’m like, Oh my God, I want to be inside of this moment. I want to know how, how it’s happening. You know, I want to be part of that. So let’s remember, I’m still mostly mom still there. And it’s for me, even to date with them when not to have a sexism. So yeah, growing up, you know, the universe came to you with some ideas, with some people and growing up, moving to St. Peter’s fork. And I met a lot of people who anyhow, working in important industry, like all the makeup artists or other photographer or actors, or, and they was talking about like, Oh, you know, we can shoot, we’re going to do this.

3 (16m 3s):
We’re going to do that. And I’m still good girl. And I’m still like, you know, we’re a shy person. And I’m like, no, no, no. Okay, okay. University giving me this job, but no, let’s quit it slow. Let’s take it far away. So when they was 24 years old, my agent, I mean from the normal modeling chicken, like saying, Hey, listen are for sub coming to the city and he saw your pictures and he wanted to shoot your so much.

3 (16m 48s):
You don’t have to do SX for the camera, but you can go there and give an interview and leave and have some cash in your pockets. Right. So I’m like, Hmm. Interesting. So now it’s coming to the game again. Why not to try? And I give it a try.

5 (17m 14s):
Hm. Sounds like it was meant to be so, so what have some of your biggest challenges in this business been as the only Muslim perf is one of the only Muslim performers.

3 (17m 29s):
It’s a huge challenge. When I did back to that story. When I did my first interview and first shooting in synthesis book for this French production, approximately one week, the scene was released all my schoolmates. I don’t know neighbors from his son as they start to text me that messages on social media. And so I quit. I didn’t done any scene for two years because I was ashamed.

3 (18m 10s):
I was put in, put down, I was depressed because of community. They didn’t accept it in city. Didn’t like it. And they don’t want to kill me as it was sort of chasing me. And it wasn’t that night. It was, I, I had to, it was a one more good wife, wife school, I can say because I can go through these and get stronger. And, and not just to be stronger, but say, say to the people, this is my life.

3 (18m 51s):
This is my choice. And I’m doing what I like to do. And you please stay away. I have to say that I have to find those stronger inside of myself to do it, to continue what I like to do to continue what I really wanted to do. Yeah. It was hard at that time. So after two years, when I was 26 years old, I turned the industry again. I moved to Europe. I started <inaudible> in a few years ago.

3 (19m 32s):
The people, the more like when I was a kid, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, Islamic in the Luigi’s back in Tikki, Stan, but now it’s like every year it’s more and more and deeper and deeper. And people are going crazy somehow because like really aggressively Muslim. I mean, and a few years ago say certain chase making. They start to follow me again. And I even got attacked on the street with them men here already in Europe, we’ll see a knife.

3 (20m 14s):
I might, my car, my career in Russia was so, but they put it in fire. They found my house apartment. So I have to ask asylum because of that here in Europe, because police and nurses in care, the answer was well. Or do you expect you are porn star? I’m like, okay,

6 (20m 44s):
Nice to hear it. Huh? Nice

3 (20m 48s):
To hear it. So, yeah. And even here in Europe, I didn’t feel so much safe because they was continue to following me. And one man, he asked for a gum and permission for my parents to kill me and gone from <inaudible> precedent of teaching in a public. Awesome. Also one of the Muslim Republic inertia, which is nearby to take his son. So he asked gum to kill me.

3 (21m 28s):
And I have to go to police and say, you know, to start a case and procedure. And luckily he’s now in jail for five years because here in Europe say ticket series. They it’s, it’s a way of life and say, I want to protect my life no matter what I’m doing, you know, my teeth upon style or whatever. Yeah. But in Russia it’s different. So I have to move. I have to move my hometown. I have to move on my house. I have to leave every single soul to that. And it’s one of the change.

3 (22m 12s):

5 (22m 14s):
What advice would you give to other Russians who want to enter the porn industry?

3 (22m 19s):
First of all, you have to learn English. Both of them though.

5 (22m 24s):
Oh, you’re fine.

3 (22m 30s):
Funny story. The beginning of my <inaudible>, I still didn’t speak well in English and the production I get, I go to ABC and it was a huge production, very big production. And everyone speaks in English. C w they like all from you or American and me not quite sitting there, like, I don’t know even what to say. All I can say, it’s like, hi, how are you? My name is that six Oh maximum it’s it’s like, this is a table.

3 (23m 10s):
This is a cat.

5 (23m 11s):

3 (23m 15s):
And like they’re shooting at, it was a shooting with any sick Kate beautiful French school. And so she having NLC. Okay. And I see she’s struggling. She feeling pain. And instead of me continuing, because there is a camera rolling, I’m like all in Russian, which <inaudible> the third you would like to translate too. I’m like, Oh baby, I feeling pain. Or maybe Lola should stop. Maybe I should bring some soup. And them like touching health shoulder, you know, careful.

3 (23m 60s):
See, don’t give it attention to me because I’m speaking aggression. And like, and I see her pain, but the cameraman, he was like, I thing think it was funny on one hand, but it wasn’t funny for production and for girl, because they have, and also because of the misunderstood thing between actor and me, or between production and me, it was so many funny stories.

3 (24m 42s):
And like, so first it will, Weiss will be long English. And second and wise use all your social media as you can, because I was giving attention for my social media. At the beginning of my kid in second, be strong to community will not accept your job. Your friends, your family will not accept your job. And this is

5 (25m 15s):
Vladimir either. He probably won’t accept it either. Now. What if, what if, what have been some of your favorite scenes so far?

3 (25m 27s):
Let me think. I know you’ve done a lot. I have done a lot. I have done so many things. It’s like almost 500 since I have done just for myself for my production, but I don’t want to talk about what my production, I want to talk over. I know Scarlet rebel. She’s from England in DC. It’s it’s a woman point of view to the point, if I can say so if it’s yeah. So it he’s absolutely in the eating beautiful stunning, you know, it’s not just a rough sex hardcore <inaudible> no, it is.

3 (26m 15s):
Was it costumes with a story and there is a storyline and it’s not just the top two minutes of sex. It is a whole movie. We shoot it 24 hours. Sometimes it is hard to shoot. I will be honest. It is super hard to shoot, but at the end it is so beautiful. As a cinematic thing, you can nominate it to Oscar. That’s

4 (26m 44s):
Good. Yeah. There’s yeah. I think there’s more people doing things that are artistic now. And that’s, that’s really good for our industry because it’s only, it’s only going to bring it up. Well, what do you like to do for fun? When we don’t have a, a plague?

3 (27m 0s):
Well, I love to travel. I love I’m addicted from traveling, learning new things, learning new cultures, new history people. I didn’t know. And I love to some books. I mean, especially the old one. This is the stay of skill. Yeah. I love, I love to play with my dog. I love to walk around the city. I love, I love eating. I love cooking.

4 (27m 37s):
I know you love eating because I see, I see porn on Dan’s Facebook page and you guys are dining out someplace. Nice every single day. So, I mean, it’s just like, I’m jealous.

3 (27m 51s):
Well, yeah, at the moment it ever sink close here. Well being careful, but for, is it current war locked down? Absolutely. In

4 (28m 4s):
The restaurants or the restaurants now closed

3 (28m 7s):
That closed every single.

4 (28m 10s):
Yeah. I haven’t seen, I haven’t seen any pictures lately. I know. I know Dan, Dan said his gym was closed, so I, yeah.

3 (28m 20s):
We’re not allowed to be outside from 8:00 PM until the morning. And from morning till the norm, we’re not allowed to go for shopping because all only the oldest people can go and like me sort of music. Well, I can say now we, me and my friends, but I’m sharing apartment with the best of my friends. One of my best friends. Sorry. So we decided to open a restaurant here in our dining room.

3 (29m 1s):
It’s called keto queen kente, Alexa and I started and in white friends, we do already. So tomorrow people coming up and coming up, we cooking sushi, Check our Facebook tomorrow.

4 (29m 25s):
Hey, I know. I’ll see it. I know. I’ll see it. So what have you done to stay entertained during the, the quarantines

3 (29m 37s):
Editing movies, shooting content. Some, yeah, most of the time staying home or walking around the city of a sedan, some trying to not get depressed. You’re lucky. You’re so lucky. You, you can’t imagine how lucky you’re even.

4 (30m 1s):
You’re definitely in the right place. Cause Thailand’s done a great job on it. Yeah, yeah.

3 (30m 6s):
Yes. You have a son, a case you have a Sony have a good weather. And even if you can score outside, but you can say interior here it’s minus three outside.

4 (30m 25s):
Oh God, that doesn’t sound fun.

3 (30m 30s):
No, absolutely not.

4 (30m 32s):
Ugh. I hate cold. I don’t do cold. I just don’t do cold. I refuse. I don’t have to anymore. So I don’t. So who were, and this will be somewhat of a leading questions since we already mentioned them. And if you don’t, if you don’t mention him, then you’re probably going to be in trouble. Who are some of your favorite performers to work with?

3 (30m 54s):
Oh, this is tricky question. Okay. Let’s be honest. Let me to be honest. The question was creative, but by then, so favorites, well, buckets of time, micro Supria was here in New York when he started, when he became his career and we was doing amazing job together. I loved it. So now we don’t have Americans coming here to Europe to shoot suddenly, but still have a good performance here such as Joel’s.

3 (31m 42s):
I can mention it says Kendi. Alexa is several art in the Enlace Nisa. Kate’s ah, there is so many I love to work in is a Vincent Darryl, deep 30 Moxie or some mini I don’t want to. Now I will say some names and we’ll forgot some others. They will call me and love to work with <inaudible>. I have done shooting with him last year and seven years and last year refusing to work with him because I was afraid my style.

3 (32m 32s):
I’m more, you know, like the Lao Morley, like more able to put, but his style is a little bit Seraph and not aggressive, but in terms of, and I was afraid to work with, because I heard so many rumors and I’m like, <inaudible> all the time. Yes, I will work with you. It or for your production, but not with you. I will maybe one day. So seven years I’m like promising and he’s like, okay, it’s no longer to wait. Seven years COI in the industry.

3 (33m 12s):
Let’s do I love that? See you. It was Doughty. He Sal, I mean get shorty. It was super intense. See if I do next two days, I feel like I’m dying. I couldn’t wake up from my bed, but the scene, it was so emotional. So cool in so much expression. Now I got to see it.

3 (33m 57s):
Sometimes, sometimes even the Queens have to do such a toxic stuff,

4 (34m 6s):
Obviously I’m sure Covid effects it somewhat. But what are your plans for the next

3 (34m 11s):
Travel, travel, travel content. My friends, if I still could do that,

4 (34m 27s):
I assume you’re single

3 (34m 30s):
A yes. Okay. Do you have any children? Do you want children? I love my freedom.

4 (34m 42s):
I think that’s a no, I think that’s a no now. So what can fans expect to see when they join your only fans page?

3 (34m 51s):
Well, let’s say can see more than two hundreds of videos on there. They can chat with me and say, can ask for custom videos or my warm calls, yourself, pen tests. They can ask custom pictures, custom videos. They can have talk to talk and things. Everybody loves dirty talk. Oh yeah, absolutely.

4 (35m 29s):
So any particular type of content you’re putting out?

3 (35m 34s):
Well, I put every single patient. It can be a girl, girl. It can be a fetish. It can be a boy girl or just low job or hands-off, or, you know, there is a huge list of fetishes and I can go on my phone. I’m sure.

4 (35m 56s):
I’m sure. I’m sure you can. You know, in that, in that accent, in that accent of your, somehow it just sounds cool. Or when you talk about those things, I wish I had an accent. I got, I got a California accent, which has no accent. So by the way, by the way, you should know this. I’m actually a hundred percent Russian on both sides.

3 (36m 20s):

4 (36m 21s):
My grandparents on both sides of my grandparents on both sides of Russian and I’ve never been to Russia by the way. I don’t know it’s on my bucket list. It’s definitely on my bucket list for sure.

3 (36m 33s):
Sure. You speak Russian.

4 (36m 38s):
No, I don’t. I barely speak English. Yeah. I took, I took, he, I took Hebrew school for years when I was, you know, over the years and never really picked that up. I, I basically ignored speaking Spanish when I, when I took Spanish classes and in high school and God knows I don’t speak Thai. So there you go. English, is it baby English? Is it? My wife is my translator. It works out really well.

3 (37m 12s):
She’s from talent. Yes. Yes. She’s Thai. You will

4 (37m 18s):
Have a chance to meet when you come visit us.

3 (37m 21s):
Oh, I was done last year. I was there a pocket for one month. Nice one. So amazing. I’m doing too fake. So now I can tell you a good news. So you can all apply for the Russian visas from next year online. And it’s going to cost cheaper than it was because it was some crazy prices. I hope my friends says to me, and since I’m not allowed to go to Russian,

4 (38m 0s):
Nor nor do I think you should,

3 (38m 5s):
It’s allowed to go to Russia, but I can advise for you to go only to St. Peter’s book fast.

4 (38m 16s):
I’d be interested in going to Moscow and St. Petersburg. A couple of places I’d like to say.

3 (38m 21s):
Yeah, yeah. For sure. Same pieces would be, I have to spend most time <inaudible> he said Ebola, Russia. St. Petersburg and food. Yeah.

1 (38m 38s):
Nope. I hear there. I hear they’re fabulous places and I definitely look forward to visiting. I’ll have you give me a, I’ll give you, have you I’ll have you give me a crash course on the language before I go. So Kira I’d really like to thank you for being our guest today on adults. They broke her talk and I hope we’ll get a chance to do this again.

3 (39m 2s):
Having me have a good day.

1 (39m 9s):
Broker tip today is part four of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, trademark your website, having a trademark instantly protects your brand and makes your site more valuable. When it comes time to sell it trademarking, your site will cost an average of about $1,500, but should be more than worth the investment. When it comes time to sell it, show buyers waves. You feel the site can make more money in the future. This includes showing them future plans. You may have traffic trends as well as sales trends. If things are growing and you can show them how to grow it even more, they’re more likely to be willing to pay more for the site.

1 (39m 50s):
Do something unique with your site. If you have competitors, figure a way to do it better, be different in some distinguishable way that makes you better. Your members will notice and spend more money with you. Make your site a place that people want to visit. Not just a place to buy things or view porn, be creative, not just one of the many. Keep thinking outside the box and make positive changes on your site. Think like a buyer when planning or updating your site. Don’t think like a tech think like the consumer. We’ll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we’ll be talking to Alma from VIVIO

0 (40m 34s):
And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again I’d like to thank my guest, Kira Queen. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (9s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker, and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week, we’ll be talking to Andra of Studio20 and the Bucharest Summit.

1 (34s):
Adult Site Broker’s proud to announce ASB Cash. The first affiliate program for an adult website, brokerage with ASB Cash. You’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry. An article published by the legislative news site, The Hill highlighted the dire consequences that the campaign to repeal section 230 is already having for sex workers’ safety and visibility.

1 (1m 16s):
And I quote, being a de platformed can have a serious effect on sex workers, livelihoods, especially with the Corona virus pandemic taking away many of their other sources of promotion writer. Chris mills, Rodrigo pointed out section two 30 is jumped to the forefront of national news. After Senator Mitch McConnell adamantly refused to have a vote on a much needed $2,000 of COVID relief checks for most Americans, unless Congress also repealed the so-called first amendment of the internet, or section two 30 multiple voices with actual inside knowledge of the sex work industry were interviewed by mills Rodrigo, including a sex worker who reported increased surveillance and censorship linked to the campaign to repeal section two 30.

1 (2m 9s):
According to her a direct consequence of this campaign was to further rent Russ invisible in the context of a pandemic when most work is online and we can’t even promote our work online. The article cites Kate DIA Damo, a sex worker, rights activist and partner at reference health and justice. To point out that the downfall of back page combined with foster sista, the stabilize, the sex work industry in the short term, and harmed the GRA harmed it gravely in the longterm. Other websites that could have been spaces for sex workers to regroup after Backpage such as Craigslist or tumbler crack down on sex related content.

1 (2m 54s):
In the wake of the law, the Hill article continued the article also correctly that the passage of foster Acessa forced content onto more obscure sites, ultimately making it more difficult to maintain lists of dangerous clients, so-called know, date lists and other norms surrounding interaction. Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed several laws to increase state control over information online, including the one that introduced this crippling fines for failing to remove to what he called ban material. Although sexually explicit content is technically legal in Russia, existing laws, banning the illegal production dissemination and advertisement of porn and ah, and pornographic objects and other laws claiming to protect the health of Russian children are deployed by the state at its own discretion against sites hosting adult content.

1 (3m 55s):
The end of the year, legislative package signed into law by Putin. According to Reuters also grants the Russian government new powers to restrict us social media giants, label individuals, foreign agents, and to crack down on the disclosure of its security, officer’s personal data. Putin’s government is currently engaged in a campaign to increase Russia’s internet sovereignty, which according to observers might result in a closed state monitored internet, similar to what China cheat with its great firewall. Some of the measures signed into law last week, resulted from complaints about supposedly bias and prejudice shown by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube against Russian media, sadly veteran adult film, director and performer Carter Stevens has passed away in Pennsylvania.

1 (4m 49s):
His son reported via social media. Yeah. Leading industry archivists the realtime report dubs Steven’s a porn Renaissance man. And one of the adult film industry’s true original. He was noted by contemporaries as much ticketless craftsman who had genuine respect for his performers and for the filmmaking process. He started to make his first feature film before the landmark success of deep throat. The realtor report explained, and he was still in the sex business. 30 years later, his work displayed wit humor and a very 1970 sensibility that merged porn and new wave art punk.

1 (5m 34s):
Some of his early films in the mid seventies include teenage twins, punk rock, and roller babies in the 1970s and eighties. He directed what the realtor report described as a series of increasingly popular and ambitious films, including the lickety split and honeymoon Haven. He made Lupe’s directed a series of films for the Avon theater. They continued and fought battles with drugs and charges of obscenity and of hiring an underage actors before re-emerging in the 1990s with a successful fetish newspaper and publishing business. In more recent years, Stevens had worked on director approve DVD transfers of his work.

1 (6m 18s):
Now let’s feature our property of the week. That’s for sale at adult site broker, we have just listed five amazing adult domains for sale@adultsitebroker.com. Any of these domains can be used to build a very successful and brandable website. The domains are sexo.com and porn flicks.com listed@fivemilliondollarseachask.com listed@fourpointtwofivemilliondollarseachstud.com listed@twopointninefivemilliondollarsandstripcam.com for only $695,000.

1 (6m 59s):
For more information, contact us@adultsitebroker.com. Now time for this week’s interview. My guest today and adult side broker talk is Aandra from studio 20 and the Bucharest summit a hundred. Thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk.

2 (7m 17s):
Hey Bruce, thank you so much for having me. How are you? How are things

1 (7m 23s):
Good in the hood now? Stuff is it’s a tight Thailand. Thailand is wonderful. Eh, we can actually say that with the whole COVID thing. So it’s, it’s fantastic. And how’s everything, everything

2 (7m 35s):
It’s a, it’s a great is going great. I’m a here in Cyprus. I haven’t left the islands since March, since I came back from the European summit, I can complain that I live in a beautiful Island and things are going great. Lucky we are in the online industry and an online business. So we can’t complain that much. Can we were the fortunate ones

1 (8m 0s):
We are. We are. We can, we can, we can, we can work wherever we want. It’s a wonderful thing. Now, let me give, let me give a little background on you. Aandra you’ve been in the adult industry for five years representing studio 20, you know, head up the very popular Bucharest summit with studio 20. She handles marketing business development and making sure both the company and the models are well taken care of hell. Let’s just say it. She runs the joint. Now during this time she’s been featured multiple times as a speaker at adult conferences in both industry magazines, as well as in mainstream ones, such as BBC, vise voyage LA buzz feed and others.

1 (8m 43s):
She also has multiple award nominations and she won marketing executive of the year in 2019 and company rep of the year in 2018. Congratulations.

2 (8m 54s):
Thank you. Thank I did that. Wow,

1 (8m 57s):
You did that. Amazing. Just look up, just look in your head, just look up on your shelf. There. She has a degree in a law. That’s something I never knew about you before and as a masters in conflict mediation, which could come in very handy in the adult industry. I’m sure she speaks four languages fluently. Now studio 20 is the biggest live cam studio in the world with 33 studios and counting. They started in Romania and then expanded throughout the last five years to America, Columbia Czech Republic. And they have plans to open more studios in Latin America and Russia. It’s a physical studio as opposed to being virtual.

1 (9m 39s):
So the models benefit from 24 seven help and training from the best professionals. Now under everyone has heard of cam studios. Maybe you can talk about the different types of cam studios, both virtual and physical and how they differ.

2 (9m 54s):
No, absolutely. Absolutely. So studio 20 is a physical studio. That means that we provide the training. We provide the equipment we provide, as you said before, the 24 seven, you know, training and taking over the taking care of the models. And let me give you a bit of history on how we started. So it was a long, long, long time ago because Romania is not that the remaining people are not that open to, you know, sex work or cam work in general, the people that wanted to start doing cam work had to go somewhere to do it right, because you can’t exactly do it when you’re in your dorm or when you’re with your parents at home, the risk of them catching you is a bit high.

2 (10m 45s):
So nobody wants that also the internet or the, the equipment that people had or still have, unfortunately is not the best. So that’s how, you know, a lot of physical studios are created basically where they’re offering the equipment, the training, the possibility if people can meet from, from another place, a physical studio, if you want is imagine like a hotel, the reception is the training area, the training station or where the trainers are. And then you have rooms in which the models are, are staying. And they’re broadcasting from there. Every room is equipped with high-tech equipment, cameras, lights, microphones, everything.

2 (11m 31s):
And the model is in touch with the trainer or support throughout her shift. And before and after her shift, usually a model shift was to do 20 years. So eight hours a day, that means eight hours spent online. The difference it’s a no, it’s not. That’s a job. And when models, when people understand that being a cam model is a job, it’s not just something that you do for four hours or two hours, or from time to time. That’s when they start making money. And this is why a lot of good models and amazing models will always say, the time that you spend on camp is the most important thing.

2 (12m 14s):
And that’s how you reach, you know, success. And that’s how you reach the money that the, the amount of money that’s being discussed all over the place. No, no person, no person in this world has ever gone to, to work two hours a day, you know, from time to time and has been successful. So the moment that you see yourself as, as a company and you see yourself as a successful person, that’s when you’re gonna start to, to invest what cam studios are. Basically, we offer the tool. We make sure that we’re setting you up for success afterwards.

2 (12m 55s):
It’s your job to make it, to make it you’re your own company. We just provide the establishments in which, you know, you start doing your thing, that’s it. So that’s a, that’s a physical campus studio. Then the virtual one is you’re you as a model, you register your account throughout a virtual studio because I don’t know you need some training or you need some money. Your account is not working or something like that. Do you want someone to help you? You want to re you want to be referred by a studio or something like that. It’s not a physical one. And they take a percentage from your earnings for the service that they provide.

2 (13m 40s):
That’s basically how a virtual studio works.

3 (13m 43s):
Okay. Now what, what kind of business relationships can someone have with studio tours?

2 (13m 51s):
Well, a lot, first of all, if you’re, you know, a young person living in wherever we have studios, you can become a model. You can be part of, you can be part of the team either. You know, we’re always looking for people in our team to join our team, either as trainers, as support as you know, English teachers in the countries that, you know, they’re knocking the speaking, whatever it, you know, there’s always a possibility to work with studio 2010. There’s the franchise. You can own a franchise can become a franchise owner throughout our program.

2 (14m 32s):
So those would be the one or two of the two, the ways that you can work with studio 20. And also if you sell traffic, we’re interested in that as well. We are investing a lot of money in our black label right now, stars live for the models to make more money. So we’re sending traffic, we’re creating banners. We are working with traffic companies so that we’re selling, we’re sending traffic to our models. So they may, you know, they, they have an increase in sales and conversions and everything. So that’s also one, one way to work with us. How many people do you have working there now?

2 (15m 12s):
All together? The, I would say the management department to, you know, not so not, not the performers. Oh, the route 400 5,500, something like that.

3 (15m 27s):
You guys have grown like crazy over the years. It’s just amazing. I remember, I remember when you guys were, were fairly new. That’s amazing. Now what is the internal struggle? You talked about it a little bit, but what’s the full internal structure of a camp stool.

2 (15m 44s):
Okay. So let’s, you know, let’s start, you’re a model. Okay. Bruce, you’re a model. You want to be a model as to get 20 years, you know, you want to be okay. So let me guide you through the process. Okay. Let me tell you all of the people that you’re gonna meet in, in studio 20. So, you know, it’s easier to describe what everybody does. So the first person that a possible model or, or a team member will meet is the HR. So the HR person, the HR manager, he or she is going to explain exactly what happens. They’re going to set up interviews just like in any, you know, professional company, but then it, during the interview, you’re going to have, if you’re not from, you know, an English speaking country, you’re going to have an English test English language test, based on that.

2 (16m 38s):
And based on your results, we’re going to assess you on the English level. Next time you’re gonna go and meet the English teacher. You’re going to have free English classes, depending on your, on your level of English. It’s either going to be one lesson a week or three lessons a week, two lessons a week, something like that. Then you’re going to start working with a dedicated trainer. That dedicated trainer basically is the one that introduces you to all the rules and regulations of studio 20. And the campuses that we work with, he’s going to, he or he is going to explain to you how we work, how you can respond, what you should respond, what you attitude should be regarding different aspects when you’re camming and so on and so forth.

2 (17m 28s):
Then you have, then after the two weeks of intense, dedicated training, you go and you, you know, you’re, you have your training and support team that will make sure that during your shift, you’re well taken care of. If you need water, if you need anything, they’re going to be there at your service. What if 24 hours a day? Yeah, absolutely. And then you have the, the studio manager, you have the marketing and social media department. They’re in charge of either posting on the social media pages of the models and the studio they’re taking care of that.

2 (18m 9s):
They’re making sure that the photo shoots and the video shoots are amazing. Then you have the photo, the photo and video department, the editing, the, it, it’s a, it’s a whole lot of strategy behind it. That’s what we do. And then you have the supervisors, the supervisors are we’re based in Cyprus and they take care of up to three, four studios. Each what they do is they look after what’s happening and make sure that their rules are being applied in the studios that they have. And that there’s surveillance. Then it’s, you know, me, I’m the PR and marketing manager.

2 (18m 52s):
And then it’s the accounting department that makes sure that everything is, is fair. And you get your money, then it’s the legal one. Then it’s the CEO. It’s, you know, nobody would expect that a cam studio would have so much, so much, you know, stuff behind it. Yeah.

3 (19m 12s):
I’m sure others don’t, I’m sure most others do not.

2 (19m 21s):

3 (19m 23s):
Well you’d hope now all you guys obviously are the largest. Now you run the very successful Bucharest summit. In addition to your day job, it must be very frustrating to see the event get canceled because of the,

2 (19m 38s):
It is. Yeah. If I need to the day job. Yes. That night I improved. I’m going from Bruce Wayne to Batman. I’m running the progressive. No, I’m kidding aside. So we, we bought, we got, because summit last year, the event has been a success for three years before this. And we bought it for the fourth year. We’ve met a lot of times at conferences. You’ve seen me talk about it, inviting people, you know, doing, doing what I should do, doing my job when, when March came and you know, the world started slowly, slowly shutting down.

2 (20m 22s):
It was not, it was not fun, obviously. It’s, it’s

3 (20m 25s):
It wasn’t fun for him. It wasn’t fun for anybody. I don’t think. But especially for someone who has an event coming up,

2 (20m 31s):
Exactly. It was to say that was not fun. It’s you know, when an understatement, obviously we’re looking to see exactly what’s going to happen this year. I, we hope that by April, the latest we’re going to have, you know, the vaccine getting, you know, to people and people are taking the vaccine and it’s going to be safe for everyone to travel. Again, we can talk about any event. I would say after mid June, we’re not making any plans yet. Yes, we are having it in mind. We’re keeping it in mind. We still have our sponsors and the people that have been, you know, supporting the show and they’ve been amazing so far.

2 (21m 15s):
So yes, we have those people that are, are helping us in there supporting us. But for now to talk about having a physical event would be too, too early. Let’s wait after April to see if the vaccine is as good. If people are taking it, if we’re going to a mad max world what’s happening, we never know. So yeah,

3 (21m 40s):
Sure, sure. Now, now many summits have gone virtual. Why hasn’t booth

2 (21m 48s):
Honestly, then they have been, they’ve been doing an amazing job. Why not? Some head of the G the, the web webmaster access, the, the AWS summit they they’ve been doing and others they’ve been doing good, good jobs going virtual, but we, we believe, we strongly believe that the, the connection that you make and the, the business that you make, you make it with people. You don’t make it with, with bots. You don’t, you, there’s a different, it’s a different connection when you are face-to-face with someone. And when you’re through a Skype call or something, so what we wanted to do, and that’s why, you know, we, we, we were, we loved the progress summit.

2 (22m 38s):
And the idea of having it so much is that we have this thing that was called the concierge service. So that was basically fixing up people. It was a speed dating of, of business. And that’s what we believe in that the business is made. It’s, it’s easier to make business in person than virtual. Yes, of course, you can make a business virtually. And the shows that have been done virtually have proved that, but we strongly believe that, you know, that’s not the case for us. We’re not doing that. We are participating at the virtual shows that are done and we’re supporting them and, you know, good job guys.

2 (23m 23s):
It’s amazing. We’re not gonna do that.

3 (23m 26s):
Yeah. It’s, it’s definitely not the same. There’s no two ways about it. Challenge for me is everything’s in the middle of my night. So I have to make the decision what’s worth what’s worth getting up for and what isn’t. So it makes it interesting to say the least. So how’d you get started in this crazy here. You

1 (23m 46s):
Have a law degree and, and all that. What, what got you into the adult industry? What’s yeah, I should be asking. What’s a nice girl, like you doing in a place like this.

2 (23m 60s):
That’s what my boss asked me last night when he saw me for the interview. Yeah. Well, funny enough, what I, what I’ve learned in this industry is that a lot of people have long neck reason. A lot of people are, you know, very, very well read and the, you know, college degrees and so on. And so, so what I’m doing in this industry, I would say that I’m, I didn’t just stumble across it. I want, I always wanted to be in the adult industry and in this side, yeah. Not, not on the performance side, because I am so shy.

2 (24m 43s):
I am so side it’s, it’s insane. We have. So I studied Twinkie. We have an event every year on the fifth of, of September, on the international day of charity, in which everyone from the management team, they, we log in for an hour on a site and we stream so, and the money that we raised, we give it to a charity. So I, I did that for two years in a row this year. I didn’t, because I was in the, I was having some medical problems, but that hour I sorta got, I would rather be at any conference in this world, speaking on stage naked, then be online and Nazi who I’m talking to.

2 (25m 27s):
It was, it was so strange for me. It was so strange for me so that I would never do that just because of that is such a permeates it’s anxiety. It’s it triggers my anxiety. But yeah, so I, I started in this industry five years ago. Like you, like you mentioned, and I’ve always been interested, interested to see, okay, how do these people market this industry? Because, you know, it’s, it’s not easy. It’s, it’s, it’s a niche. It’s something that people look, you know, they buy the sexy magazines or whatever, and they look at it at them, you know, with the doors closed and everything. So it was so interesting for me to see what the people behind this taboo industry that say what they were up to and what they were thinking.

2 (26m 17s):
And what I found is that they’re amazing. And they’re, they’re geeks, everybody’s a geek here. Did you know that pretty much? It’s basically, it’s a bunch of amazing misfits that fit in, in a, in a wonderful place.

1 (26m 37s):
It’s a family. It’s, it’s really a family. That’s what I miss most about the shows is because I miss my family. Absolutely. Absolutely.

2 (26m 45s):
It’s as cliche as it sounds, it is a family.

3 (26m 48s):
Now, now, how has working in the adult industry affected your personal life or has it,

2 (26m 54s):
It has a bit in, you know, w w w friends where friends are concerned. I have less people that I call friends and more people that I call, like you said, family. So the people, the problem with working in adult is that not a problem per se, but an issue that arises from time to time is that people that are, you know, they’re looking at you and saying, Oh my God, that is so amazing. You’re working in adult. That’s so fun. But when it comes to something like them, introducing you to their families or whatever they like, Oh, can you not mention what you’re doing?

2 (27m 34s):
Because you know, they won’t understand. It’s not their job to understand anyways, like why, what does your parents, why do your parents care? What I do for a job? And this also has been an issue with my personal relationships as well, men, that the moment that the moment that they hear, Hey, I’m in the, she’s in the adult industry. They like to be like, Oh my God, see, this is my girlfriend. Or this is a girl, not my girlfriend. This is the girl that I’m going out with. She’s in the adult industry, ask her about porn stars or fetishes or whatever, you know? And I’m like, I’m like a zoo animal. It’s horrible. It’s horrible.

3 (28m 15s):
Yeah. Forget it. Yeah. Yeah. Treat it, treat it like treated like a profession as opposed to a, a freak show. You’re right.

2 (28m 24s):
Exactly. Exactly. And I’m thinking, Oh my God, I’m on the manager side of this. How, how do you know, I already have an immense respect for performers, but how do you guys do it? You know, just to be always, always, you know, looked at as, you know, this freak show or whatever. I mean, I do this, I quilt nobody else is going through this, but you know, they’re like, Oh my God, this is ongoing then. Okay. Let’s try to take the relationship more serious. And they’re like, well, I can’t really take your, the relationship serious because you know, you go to shows and I can imagine what you guys do to show I chose.

2 (29m 4s):
And I’m like, we’re where did that, man? Where would this be?

3 (29m 9s):
Yeah. I have the same types of co I have the same types of conversations. Oh my God. I’d love to go to those shows.

2 (29m 16s):
No, you won’t.

3 (29m 20s):
What are, what are some things you’ve learned in your time in the industry?

2 (29m 24s):
Well, first of all, I’ve learned how to hold my liquor.

3 (29m 30s):
Oh, I bet it with your size, with your size. I can only imagine

2 (29m 35s):
I’m kidding. I’m getting it. It’s always fun to see the new people as shows that, you know, first day they’re like, Oh my gosh, he drinks every right. Let’s go, let’s get shit faced. And then, you know, the show is three days long and you get dead. You die from your first day. And then you’re like, Oh my God, what did I do? No, I have learned to be more patient. I’ve learned that. Not to take everything so serious. I think that every, every thing is a network opportunity. Every party’s a network copper networking opportunity, everything that you do as a networking opportunity.

2 (30m 19s):
And I’ve learned how to sell what I do, the company, the business and everything. I such a thin line between being an absolute drag. When you’re talking to someone about, you know, what, you know, your product and actually having a good conversation and making someone interested in your product. So I’ve learned that in the beginning, I was like, no, I have to be super serious. And you know, 20 is the best come in, studio 20. And like, people were looking at me like, you know, you’re cute and you seem smart, but can you tone it down a little bit?

2 (30m 59s):
It’s okay with me.

3 (31m 0s):
Oh girl.

2 (31m 5s):
You know, get that, get that stick out of your something. And you know, it’s okay. We all do business here. It’s not, you’re not inventing the wheel now. You know? So that’s what I learned. And that’s, it helped it.

3 (31m 21s):
I bet. Now how has COVID affected your business and what measures has studio 20 taken to protect the employee?

2 (31m 31s):
So, like I said, in the beginning, we’re very lucky that we work in the, in the online industry, right? Because obviously online traffic has increased a lot during the, during the log down in the pandemic. What we did was three 20 did to protect the employees and the models we started the, so the moment that the curfew and the lockdown started and everything where I think, okay, a lot of our models, I’m living at home with some of our models are living at home with their parents, or some of them are living alone, but you know, some have a car or some, you know, they, they just have an apartment. They don’t have a car and so on and so forth.

2 (32m 12s):
And what we did was we started the studio at 20 limo. That is a limit service. So the model or the, you know, or, or the employee from the, from the studio, they request the car and the car with a driver, they come, they pick them up from their house. They go to the studio and then they do the same from the studio to the house, just to protect the employees and the models from, you know, getting contact with other people that might, you know, that might be positive. A lot of the, a lot of the models wanted to stay in the studio when the curfew started, because it was easier for them.

2 (32m 56s):
So we basically, we got, we got food delivered, we got a chef. We got, we made sure that everything is, you know, spotless. Not that it’s not, it’s like a saw,

3 (33m 8s):
It’s like, it’s like its own. It’s like its own little city.

2 (33m 12s):
It is, it is it. You can, you can call it like that. We have our own ecosystem in the studios, but yeah, we made, we made sure that everybody’s healthy because look, it’s, it’s a cam studio. So we all work in the same, you know, in the same spot, if one of the people there is sick, everybody’s going to be sick and it’s not just, you know, just in the studio, they take it to their house to take it to their families. We can’t risk that. So I am happy. I’m happy to inform that. So far we have successfully had zero cases of COVID in the studios and all those.

2 (33m 56s):
Wow. What a success story. Even in America. Yeah. Yeah. Even in America, in America that makes one of you

3 (34m 6s):
Now, now what’s, what’s a common misconception about the cam industry that people who don’t work.

2 (34m 15s):
A lot of people confuse cam with other types of sex work, which is because of, because of the freemium cam sites, you know, where you see everything there. People think a lot of people think that, Oh, if you know, if she’s doing that, then she’s escorting. Or if she’s doing, you know, she’s, she’s prostituting. She’s whatever. It’s not true. It’s not true. I said this a bunch of times before. I few think that after eight hours, let’s say online, the, the model, the girl is still the wants or the man still wants to go and do some escorting on the site or they physically can.

2 (35m 2s):
I mean, you have no, like you have no idea how the human body works. It’s tired. It’s physically tiring it. And it’s more than it is mentally tiring to talk.

3 (35m 15s):
Well, that’s why I responded the way I did earlier. When you said eight hours. Cause I was thinking eight hours performing.

2 (35m 20s):
Yes, it is. It is. It is. But the, obviously they have breaks. You know, obviously they have breaks. It’s not the, it’s not the jail. They have breaks. They have business. This is why we have the trainers there all the time. Because the moment that, you know, let’s say that one of her models has a private show. That’s a bit crazy. Okay. She logs off after that. And she has someone to talk to. You do not have this when you’re alone, when you’re independent, when you’re working from home, you don’t have, and you don’t have the sorority type of people that we have in a campus studio.

2 (36m 1s):
Okay. You log off model X, slugs off. And she goes on a break and she meets another model. There. They can talk, it’s safe for them to talk. There’s no judgment. They feel that they have someone that’s listening to them and they do. And then they can talk to the trainers that we have. So this is how, this is how it works. So yeah, that’s, that would be one of the misconception misconceptions that, you know, they’re doing other types of sex work, which is not, it’s not a bad thing, you know, do whatever you want, but it’s kind of with the schedule that some models have, it’s basically impossible. Then there’s another misconception about, I would say the adult performers in general that they are not so intelligent.

2 (36m 44s):
That is so that is so wrong. I,

3 (36m 47s):
Yeah, no, I I’ve met some, I’ve met and talked to some very, very intelligent adult performers. Some of them are very good business people.

2 (36m 56s):
Exactly, exactly. Most of them because they understood from the start that, Hey, I’m my own business. I’m my own company. The thing is that the things that a performer knows are, are unmatchable. Like it’s, it’s amazing. And they’re so smart and they’re so down to earth because they know, and they realized soon enough that, Hey, I’m my own company. Like I said, I’m my own business. So I’m going to evolve. Yeah.

3 (37m 26s):
And also I think they tend to be kind of streetwise where other people aren’t, which sometimes that amounts to a lot more than book-smart. Well, from what my experience has been over the years,

2 (37m 40s):
I think it’s like, it’s a, it’s a sum of, of experiences, right? Because you learn as a performer, you learn how the taxes work, how business works, how illegal stuff work, how to protect yourself. It’s, it’s a mix of everything. It’s a mix of everything. Also, you know, I admire the performers that are coming to B to B shows and they’re, you know, attending the seminars and the conferences and everything because they learn a lot and they always grow their, their knowledge.

3 (38m 16s):
Well, I speak out, especially a lot of these cam shows. Now there’s a lot of education for the models, which I just think is fabulous. To be honest, I, I, it’s so good that that’s out there and it’s like, it’s like college courses really when it comes right down to it. And I, and I know in Bucharest, you guys, you guys have a great, a great itinerary there for, for the educational side.

2 (38m 43s):
And we do, we do it’s Bucharest. Summit is not only for, for a cam, but it’s a porn as well. It’s all everything. That’s adult industry related and affiliate and affiliate industry related as well. Or we have had there it’s, you know, everybody’s, everybody will get something from it. Let’s see the return of investment.

3 (39m 8s):
I look forward to getting there. I really do. It’s like, it’s, it’s near the top of my list for sure. Now I I’ve heard, there’s kind of a war going on between cam studios in Romania at Columbia and Russia. Who’s winning and why are they?

2 (39m 26s):
Well, if you think about it, it’s, it’s alert would be, you know, a big thing to say, but I say, you know, smiling, because if you think of Russian women, they are, they’re the fairies fairy looking women, you know, the blonde, the beautiful, the eyes, the skin, they look almost surreal. Then you have the Colombian women, which are known for being the sexiest women in the world. Right. And then you have the, and then you have the Romanian women, which kind of, you know, they’re, they’re sexy. They, most of them, 99% of them I’d say speak English or science and you know, everybody.

2 (40m 10s):

3 (40m 10s):
Let’s, let’s face, let’s face it. Romanian women are sexy as how sexy and beautiful as hell too. I know I’m talking, I’m not, I’m talking to one, so, but

2 (40m 20s):
I appreciate it. Thank you. Yeah. So it’s, it’s not a, it’s not a, it’s not a bad war. I would say, it’s everybody trying to seeing, like, you know, the Russians are looking at Romanians and Colombians and they’re, they’re like thinking, okay. The Romanians know English and they’re, you know, more seductive and the Colombians are really sexual. So I will take my very looking face and you know, my queen behavior and I will add this to mixes in it. And then the Colombians are like, okay, I need to learn more English. And then I need to be more polished.

2 (41m 2s):
Let’s say like the Russians, you know, so everybody’s trying to, trying to learn or steal information from, from each other and behavior. And I think that’s only helping in increasing and improving the industry per se, and the quality of the services that they provide.

3 (41m 24s):
What do you like to do on the very rare occasion? You’re not working.

2 (41m 29s):
I love to sleep. Oh my God, I love sleeping. How awesome is sleeping. I’m not even kidding. And I, I want to go back to when I was a kid and I didn’t want to take naps and just kick myself. I love what I love to read. I love to read and read about everything. You know, either, you know, some, some science fiction books or some, you know, some philosophy books or just the paper, or just a brush up on what’s happening now in the world.

2 (42m 11s):
I love reading. I think it’s, it’s such a good way to discover it, to discover new things and, you know, just increase your vocabulary, just increase your knowledge, just your, your imagination as well. And, you know, I love to, I love to discover new places just a few days ago. I was the people that are going to listen to this, know this. I went to do a photo shoot in Cyprus for myself. Absolutely. And I was just, now I’m being, I’m being more creative and I’m discovering workplaces Cypress right now is in a lockdown when we do have a curfew.

2 (42m 55s):
So it’s about, okay, what can I do in this amount of time here? And you know, just basically now in my, in my free time, this is what I do. I discover new places. Or I try to discover new places that get as creative as I can with the things that I, that I have rather than, you know, just sulking in my own misery and saying, Oh my God, life is unfair. So that’s what I’m doing. Trying to stay positive.

1 (43m 23s):
Never does anybody any good, well, Onder, I’d really like to thank you for being our guest today on adult side broker tuck. And I hope we’ll get a chance to do that again real soon.

2 (43m 34s):
Absolutely. Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure talking to Bruce and well for everybody that is listening, I wish you all great health and you know that you stay positive test negative, and that we can, we can see each other soon and you know, hug each other. Again,

1 (43m 55s):
I got a hug waiting for you. My dear. Nice talking to you. Nice talking to you. Thank you. My broker tip today is part three of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, find new ways to monetize your website, such as sell advertising. If you’ve got a free site, like a tube, that’s the best way to monetize your site. And if you have a tube, another way to make more money is to sell premium memberships, offer free users, one level of content. And for premium users, you can do things like give them higher quality or longer videos or both. You can also make this site ad free for premium members.

1 (44m 37s):
Start an affiliate program. If you have a pay site, especially this is a great way to increase your quality traffic and get more joints with all sites, you can figure out other upgrades and products you can sell to your users. Pay sites can also sell, pay per view, where people have the option of paying by the scene for content they can’t get on the site. This is also another way to charge users as opposed to a monthly fee, sell them other products like toys and novelties market, your business, do things to improve your search engine results like SEO. There is some great SEO consultants out there who can help you get higher search rankings in Google.

1 (45m 20s):
If you want some recommendations, contact us on our website list, all of the benefits of your site in your marketing and how they affect the user. And of course, hire a great marketing consulting firms such as. So I don’t know, like adult B2B marketing, which we also happen to own eliminate unneeded expenses constantly make sure you’re not spending money. You don’t need to make sure there isn’t duplication in your staffing from time to time check services you pay for like coasting and see if there are better and less expensive options. Take it from me. I’ve done this and saved a bunch. Plus got higher quality hosting in the process.

1 (46m 0s):
Again, ask us for recommendations. Always look for ways to do things more cost-effectively along with this, make your profit and loss statements show more profit, increasing sales and reducing expenses obviously does just that make sure your P and L statement accurately reflects your company’s actual costs. Not a bunch of person, personal BS expenses you put in. This will cost you money when you sell it may help you with the tax man to put that stuff on your tax return, but it hurts you. If you show that stuff on your profit and loss statement, remember every dollar in profit increases the value of your website.

1 (46m 40s):
As much as three to four times, this is why you need a good experience broker to help lead you through the process. We’ve gotten people thousands of dollars, more on their sale just by adjusting the P and L statement to better reflect actual business expenses, as opposed to a bunch of BS. We’ll talk about this subject more next week. And next week we’ll be talking to adult film star, Kira queen,

0 (47m 10s):
And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank my guest Andra from Studio20. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk, I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker, and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we’ll be talking to Allyson Wonderland of succexxxsful.com. Adult Site Broker is proud to announce ASB Cash,

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the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With ASB Cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission, referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry. PornHub has released two statements about the announcement by visa and MasterCard that their cards would no longer be accepted on the platform. Following an editorial by Nicholas Kristoff of the New York times, which makes a number of allegations against the company regarding visa and MasterCard.

1 (1m 21s):
PornHub statement said these actions are exceptionally disappointing as they come just two days after PornHub instituted the most far reaching safeguards and user-generated platform history, unverified users are now banned from uploading content. A policy, no other platform was put in place, including Facebook, which reported 84 million instances of child sexual abuse material over the last three years in comparison, the internet watch foundation reported only 118 incidents on PornHub. This news is crushing for the hundreds of thousands of models who rely on our platform for their livelihoods regarding the allegations by Kristoff published by the New York times.

1 (2m 10s):
PornHub statement follows eliminating illegal content and reading the internet of child sexual abuse material is one of the most crucial issues facing online platforms today. And it requires the unwavering commitment and collective action of all parties due to the nature of our industry. People’s preconceived notions of pornhub’s values and processes often differ from reality, but it’s counter-productive to ignore the facts regarding a subject as serious as child sexual abuse, any ascertation that we allow. This content is irresponsible and flagrantly untrue.

1 (2m 51s):
We have zero tolerance for child sexual abuse. Porn hum is unequivocally committed to combating child sexual abuse and as instituted an industry leading trust and safety policy to identify and eradicate illegal material from our community, PornHub has actively worked to employ extensive measures to protect the platform from such content. These measures include a vast team of human moderators dedicated to manually reviewing every single upload, a thorough system for flagging reviewing and removing illegal material, robust parental controls, and a variety of automated detection technologies.

1 (3m 35s):
In a related story Monday, PornHub announced the removal of all content from its platform that was not uploaded by content partners or members of its model program, a purge that amounts to millions of clips. This latest move follows pornhub’s release last week of new guidelines, content uploads, including expanded moderation and the announcement by visa and MasterCard that the cards would no longer be accepted on the platform. Pineapple support will be hosting its annual pineapple summit tomorrow through Thursday, starting both days at 9:00 AM. Pacific time focusing on topics surrounding trauma, abuse, stocking, and anxiety.

1 (4m 18s):
The mental health summit will feature live webinars and panels with therapists and industry experts and will be broadcast on porn hub live. It is free for anyone who wants to attend the 2020 summit sponsored by PornHub and model hub. Well coincide with the international day to end violence against sex workers. This Thursday, December 17th, the speakers at the event will include performers, industry executives, therapists, and legal experts. Here’s pineapple summit in is in memory of Dr. Amy Harwich, a pineapple support therapist who lost her life tragically earlier this year, lay a tenant founder and president of pineapple support said the pineapple summit will have some of the top therapists and experts from around the globe discussing different aspects of mental and physical health therapy and coping skills.

1 (5m 14s):
They will be providing insight and advice for adult industry performers, discussing facts and promoting positivity and acceptance. The pineapple summit is 100% free and 100% online. This might be the most important summit you attend. The free speech coalition has announced its newly elected and reelected members of its board of directors of 2021. They are first amendment attorney Reed, Lee biz, founder and publisher, Alec Helmy chick media CEO, Kelly Holland, treasure Island, media president, Matt Mason and AVN publisher, Tony Rios, kink.com, CEO, Alison Bowden, adult time, CCO, Brie mills.

1 (6m 1s):
They will join board share and attorney Jeffrey Douglas, Mark Schechter of am ATM LA John Blitt of mile high media Scott Watkins of doc Johnson, Cathy Beardsley of SEG pay and Lance heart of purview out. Now let’s feature our property of the week. That’s for sale at adult site broker, we’re offering a sex toy review site dedicated to exploring sexuality and sharing and reviewing the author’s favorite sex toys. The thing that really stands out as the extremely high quality content use throughout the site, most sites, especially review sites, use junk content that is very obviously written just to rank for terms in Google.

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This site is written in the first person and as a joy to read the authors, take the reader on a journey, showing them which toys they find the most enjoyable and explaining how to best use them. The rankings in Google are high because Google is rewarded this site due to the quality of the content. It’s also a nicely diversified site in terms of revenue it’s from a good mix of affiliate offers. So the business doesn’t hinge on only one main program. The site is also very diversified in terms of traffic to individual pages. The most trafficked page on the site only makes up 14% of the traffic. So it’s not dependent on just one page ranking.

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Well, all content is exclusive. Nothing has been taken from elsewhere. Pretty much all of the traffic comes from organic Google results, no ad or traffic buying has ever taken place. This is an outstanding opportunity for the new owner. If they want to further boost the traffic, this outstanding sex toy review site is available for only $225,000. Now time for this week’s interview,

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My guest today and adult side broker talk is Alison Wonderland of successful.com. Now I got to spell that it’s S U C C E triple X, full F U l.com. Alison, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk,

3 (8m 10s):
Thank you for having me. You have such a great announcer voice for radio. I love it.

2 (8m 17s):
Thank you. It is trained. I did go to broadcasting school for it.

3 (8m 21s):

2 (8m 24s):
Former former sportscaster one could have been, could have been a great baseball announcer. Just didn’t get the opportunity. Oh, well anyway, let me, let me give the low down on Alison. She’s been a stripper and a webcam model for 12 years. She’s always enjoyed sharing her knowledge with others about the industry. That’s where you and I agree. She started successful as a content based site to answer questions received on a daily basis and changed direction, which she realized how she could truly help by offering adult entertainers better solutions to insurance options. She’s created a platform designed for a chance to feel equal, secure, and educated as an amateur clip makers, stripper webcam model strap, a Snapchat premium model or any other adult entertainer out there.

2 (9m 14s):
There’s certainly a need for insurance. There simply are not enough resources or companies who view sex workers as equal. This is where successful comes in. They strive to provide accessibility and accessibility. When it comes to various types of insurance for adult entertainers, bringing you peace of mind and knowing they’ve created a safe space for your individual coverage needs, no matter what it is your hustle is. I love that. Now Alison wrote that part. Now it doesn’t sound like something I’d say. So how did you, how did you come up with a successful as a company?

3 (9m 54s):
I actually started by realizing that I was getting hit up a lot by friends who are really interested in, you know, just the simple things of what are you charging and how do you do this? And I got a lot of messages that my inbox a lot. So it first started out as kind of like a, how to website. And then I realized that, you know, there’s a lot of those and they’re all great and they all offer great insight. And I wanted to try to figure out something to be a little bit more different. And I flashed back to my days of being a dancer. When, you know, in the back rooms, there’s, there’s a bunch of like manager notes and stuff in the dressing rooms.

3 (10m 36s):
And I just remember them always being really negative and kind of yelling at us. And they never really fit being like, Hey, if you need health insurance or if you need, you know, someone to talk to or a crisis hotline or it was never anything helpful like that. Yeah. And so that’s kind of where it came into place. I looked to see if anyone was doing it, no one was doing it. So I was like, all right, let’s start the process.

2 (10m 60s):
And did you have to like get any licenses or anything like that?

3 (11m 5s):
So I’m pretty lucky. I happened to get to know the right person in order to get me in the door, to talk to who I needed to talk to. So we actually work with an already established company. I didn’t, I didn’t have to do anything. Our health exchange works the same as any other insurance website out there, you submit your form or you can just call and speak directly to an agent. So I just got, I got lucky that I met the right person.

2 (11m 37s):
Cool. Yeah. I think that when you’re talking about owners and managers of, of clubs, they really more than anything else objectify the women.

3 (11m 50s):
Yeah. They don’t. None of the, like I said, none of the were ever anything about positivity. It was always like, don’t put your heels on the couches. You’re going to put holes in them and you know, don’t give customers your phone number. It was, it was just a bunch of like your, it seems like your father was scolding you the entire time. It just, it didn’t seem like a positive environment. And I traveled a lot and I noticed that this was something that was in every single dressing room. It was the same story over and over again.

2 (12m 20s):
Yeah. They’re, they’re looking out for themselves, certainly covering their own, but certainly not yours. Do you feel like your background in adult entertainment hurts or helps you in this venture?

3 (12m 32s):
I feel like it helped me a huge, huge lot. This is a very hard industry. No one really, you know, we, we’re all, I think we’re all programmed and used to getting a job and then someone sits there and like, hold your hand through it and shows you what to do until you’re ready. And no one really does this here. It’s a very much, I’m going to throw you into the deep end kind of an industry. And a lot of the times I look back at I’m very thankful that I started really young, but I’m happy that I did because it taught me everything I needed to know to be able to be ready now for this venture.

2 (13m 12s):
Now, when you used to cam, what were some of your favorite moments? Oh gosh. Tell me some, tell me some, tell me some wild stories. I am, you know, there, there must be. There must be some pretty freaky stuff.

3 (13m 26s):
Yeah. Oh, well, there’s definitely, you know, when you’re new and you don’t know how to turn off, like the private messaging feature while you’re online and everyone just bombard you with messages. Yeah. There’s always some pretty wild requests. I think one of the wildest ones that I ever got was somebody wanting to turn on his webcam and be in his daughter’s room while she was sleeping and wanted to see if I was okay with that. And I was lie. I’m definitely not okay with that.

2 (13m 56s):
Yeah. That’s, that’s just, that’s sick. That’s, that’s sick and twisted. No matter how old the daughter is.

3 (14m 3s):
Yeah. And you don’t like, you don’t, you don’t want to try it. Right. Like you don’t want to be curious and see if like they’re actually going to go that far because that’s terrifying if they’re not just being a troll. So that was something I had to learn too, is like to not just don’t touch, don’t just don’t look at them. Don’t look at the DMS. That was pretty intense. I’ve had more, pretty crazy things. Honestly happened to me as a, as a stripper though, which means that people are very ballsy in person.

2 (14m 38s):
Yeah. Yeah. I would think it would be the other way around with the keyboard warriors. I mean, I mean, are there any other, are there any other crazy stories from the cam side

3 (14m 48s):
To me, what would be crazy? I’m sure. Maybe not being too crazy to other people, but I’ve definitely somehow got the, I will pay you to take a shit out in public or I’m sorry if we can’t curse. Take a

2 (15m 3s):
No, you can, you can, you can curse on this. You can curse on this show. Fuck shit. Sign of a bitch, motherfucker. This isn’t a, this isn’t an adult show that they’re all, there are no rules, so you certainly can curse. So they wanted you to poop in public.

3 (15m 19s):
Yeah. And they were willing to pay whatever it took to get me to do that. And I, it just makes you wonder, like, where does it start from? What are you doing to like, get this plan? Are you saving your money to like, are you saving your paychecks to get to this point? And then like when you have what you feel is enough, you approach somebody. I don’t know. Very crazy. But yeah, like I said, I’ve, I’ve had the same experience in the clubs as well. So I, I guess I just feel like, you know, if you’re, if you’re freaking, you’re freaking in it and you’re gonna, you’re gonna find someone to talk to about it no matter what,

2 (15m 56s):
I’m sure they found somebody to do that. Well, what were some of the crazier? A strip clubs, stories.

3 (16m 6s):
I, I referenced this one a lot because I, this is just so off the wall to me, but we definitely once had some guy come in with a spaghetti squash. Yeah. Like carrying it like a baby. Any, any picture that you have right now in your head is correct. He came in to the club, carrying the spaghetti squash and the crook of his arm. Like a baby definitely bought a dance for that squash. And I was the unlucky stripper that had to give that score.

2 (16m 33s):
Oh, he bought a dance for the squash. Yeah. Oh, I was, I was thinking, I was thinking maybe he wanted either. Oh, well anyway.

3 (16m 44s):
Yeah. I see. That’s kind of what we were going with. So it was a slow night. We all decided to pull straws and see who had to be like the unlucky one to go see what was going on. And lucky I got, I got the, I got the straw, so I got to go see what he wanted. And he wanted a dance for his squash. So you have a squash. I see. That was a highlight for me.

2 (17m 13s):
What are some other things that happened? And now you got me wondering,

3 (17m 18s):
I danced in Alaska for awhile. Those people get ahold of different kinds of drunk, their alcohol, where there is a different kind of proof, I guess, than I’m used to. Like, they have very high alcohol content out there and they don’t, they don’t, they don’t really have too much of a cap on what you drink. So it’s, it was a very interesting experience to be in Alaska with all these different people coming in and out, you know, you have people, the army, you have people doing oil, you have fishermen, you have all these different people, but they all come to the one titty bar in Alaska and they all get so drunk.

3 (17m 60s):
And it was, you know, it’s just not as up the battery every night, crazy stories every night, every night, every night, it was ridiculous. I’ve definitely never had as much fun as I did dancing in Alaska. So shout out to Alaska, he kept it.

2 (18m 22s):
What’s it like transitioning from dancing to webcam,

3 (18m 27s):
Super easy and made a lot of sense to me. It w it’s basically online stripping. It’s just a lot more involved. There’s a lot more that you have to offer with webcam than you do at the dancer, because the moment you leave the building, your job’s done, but as a cam girl, or as any webcam model knows, you’re never done with your job. You’re making video is you’re making clips. You’re selling Snapchat. You’re doing that. You’re, you’re always doing more than just web cam. So that, that was a little hard for me to, to learn like, Oh shit, gotta do more. Okay. No problem. But I mean, iPhone is make it so easy now for anyone to be like the M night Shyamalan porn.

3 (19m 12s):
So I really wasn’t, it wasn’t that hard to figure it out after a little bit, but it’s surprisingly easy. Yeah.

2 (19m 19s):
Now how about the transition from that to what you do now? How is that

3 (19m 26s):
Also oddly easy. I am someone who really likes to write and I love to be helpful. I am an Aquarius. So if anyone is into that kind of shit, then they know that we are sadly the helper. And I love getting that. Like, I don’t know what to do, where do I go person? And just like turning their day around. So it, it wasn’t too much of a shock. It’s just more of a shock that like, Oh, okay. Like I can stay in my pajamas all day. If I want to, there’s not any to go put makeup on and get ready. No, I have to really look at me anymore.

3 (20m 7s):
So I think I got really lazy with the, my period. But other than that, it was pretty seamless.

2 (20m 16s):
A lot of people have been working in their pajamas since early this year.

3 (20m 21s):
It’s very relatable. It’s it’s I think a lot of people are doing the whole, like, you know, wearing the business shirt for whatever zoom or a Skype call that they have to do, and then keeping it real with the sweatpants.

2 (20m 36s):
I don’t know if you’re aware of that. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but TV news, people do this all the time. They’ll have business suits on, on the top and like shorts on the bottom.

3 (20m 49s):
That’s so funny.

2 (20m 50s):
Oh no, this has been going. It’s been good. That’s been going on. That’s been going on forever, coming from broadcasting. I know that.

3 (20m 57s):
So it’s not, not like a Ron burgundy thing. Like it’s a real thing.

2 (21m 1s):
No, no. It’s not, not just wrong. There’s more, there is more true to the stuff that was in that movie than a, that people would know. So, so anytime you have something like that, I mean, you’re, you’re pretty young. So you probably don’t remember the TV show w care P in Cincinnati probably never saw it, but that was about radio. God, I, and there were all kinds of bizarre characters in this and there was somebody like everyone in that show. So, you know, from my experience, so including myself.

2 (21m 41s):
So yeah, it, if you ever get a chance to see some episodes of it, it was a great show and very, very fun,

3 (21m 49s):
Relatable content or right.

2 (21m 53s):
Extremely to anyone who’s ever been in radio. For sure. Now was the name successful again? S U C C E X X X, F U L. Was it inspired from anything in particular?

3 (22m 7s):
I kept, I kept a journal when I was trying to name my company and thought of a lot of keywords that I wanted to focus on. And for some reason successful was the one word that I kept seeing over and over again. And then something just clicked with me and my little adult industry brain. And I was like, well, why don’t I just replace those S’s with three Xs? And then everyone will know that it’s related to adult entertainment and everyone’s been okay with it. But Instagram Putting three Instagram will not let me have the handle successful.

3 (22m 55s):
I have to put underscores between all the Xs. And it’s just such an eyesore. Thanks Instagram.

2 (23m 2s):
Yeah. Facebook in general pains in the ass. Now, now, how did you put together this health insurance partnership? Give me the details.

3 (23m 13s):
Oddly enough. It was a man and I started dating. I completely unrelated was just tagging along to, you know, dinners that you would have and within on call sometimes. And I realized that there was one company that in, in his line of business, he worked with that, like to ensure 10 99. And I was like, well, there is a sea of people that I have for you over here. Absolutely. Nobody wants to talk to because we’re all, you know, taboo and hush, hush, and nobody thinks of us apparently has people.

3 (23m 57s):
So I invite you to think of us as pupil. And it, it did, it worked, they were all aboard. They loved it. They loved what I had to say. It was, it, it couldn’t have gone any better, to be honest. Sometimes I still sit there and I’m like, how the hell did I do that Again? I’m still amazed that I was able to get, you know, a company that probably wouldn’t normally look at that coworkers as people to look at us as people. And then now I can only hope that shit let’s keep that momentum going. I hope other people try to get, you know, different forms of services to look at us as people that would just be amazing.

3 (24m 40s):
So I figured let’s get the ball rolling.

2 (24m 44s):
Yeah. You mean like banks and, and credit card processing and, Oh, that would be too much to ask now. Who do you feel? What’s that?

3 (24m 56s):
So it would just be too nice if we could just be looked at as normal human beings.

2 (25m 1s):
Yeah. Really? Who do you feel can benefit from your health dot S U C C E X X X, F U l.com. I’m going to spell that out again, website. And how is that different from successful? I’m not going to spell it out this time. Dot com.

3 (25m 18s):
So successful.com is a pay it’s my homepage. So that’s where you can see all of my older content. I call that the OGE archives, where I was writing like the, how to stuff. So now what I keep on there is industry talk, any kind of resource that I find, definitely we’ll be adding you on there. So expect to see you there. And I like to break down different insurance, especially health insurance terms. So there’s a little bit of education on that page as well.

3 (25m 60s):
And then the health.successful.com is the actual health exchange site where you can see phone number to contact an agent and you can fill out the form. So that is the actual health exchange website.

2 (26m 16s):
Okay. What exactly is a health exchange?

3 (26m 21s):
I had a feeling this question was going to come. A lot of people ask about that. It is another word for a health insurance marketplace. It’s basically a comparison shopping area for health insurance. That’s the easiest way to describe that.

2 (26m 41s):
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing. Well, health

3 (26m 44s):
Insurance is one of those things where God like, anytime I see a tick talk about it or a funny video. And it, you know, people are just talking about how America’s health insurance just makes no sense. Like, I can’t disagree with it because I’m over here laughing along with,

2 (27m 4s):
And if they basically screwed it up internationally too, trust me on that. Because a lot of the other countries basically follow a lot of the norms that were set in the United States, because while they’re American, they must be right.

3 (27m 16s):
I wish they wouldn’t. I wish they wouldn’t.

2 (27m 20s):
Well, they do. If you have private, if you have private health insurance, it’s overpriced and it has lots of limitations. They still have the pre-existing conditions thing when you get insurance here. So a guy I’m dealing with like UK companies and things like that. And there, you know, if we want private insurance, it’s, it’s equally as screwed up as anything in the States.

3 (27m 45s):
Yeah. Well, I mean, it’s even crazier here too, because you know, you have some States that participate in the ACA, you got some States that don’t. So, I mean, I can only imagine what it is like for somebody as an adult entertainer who is, you know, probably like what, 25, 26 coming off their parents’ insurance and now they got to go figure this out themselves. It’s exactly why I made this because I didn’t, yeah. I didn’t go get health insurance. Cause I didn’t know who to talk to or if I could tell them what I did or stride away from it. And I I’m lucky, I’m lucky nothing happened to me.

3 (28m 25s):

2 (28m 26s):
Yeah. A lot of people go on insured and it’s a, it’s pretty tragic. I have a friend here, who’s a musician and he’s actually teaching school these days. And he, he developed cancer and he, he was uninsured. So fortunately he had friends like myself and some other people that he knew that contributed to a go fund me page. And also fortunately healthcare here isn’t that expensive. So I think I’m pretty sure he reached his goal and he’s getting better. So I, I feel good. I made the first big contribution to it. You know, you got to take care of your friends, you gotta take care of your friends.

2 (29m 9s):
And you know, I, I know not everybody does, but you’ve got to, but now health insurance is terrible and hopefully the new administration will get something done. So not to get political cause I’m not going to. So what is God we’ve had enough of that. So what is your,

3 (29m 35s):
You’re all sharp pivot. Let me get away from that

2 (29m 41s):
Is your goal for the company. And how would you like to see it help adult entertainers?

3 (29m 48s):
I would love her, my company to replace all of those crappy, shitty negative manager notes that are in every strip clubs back room. I would love if I could personally tear every one of those down and replace it with how to get health insurance and how to get mental help and how to take care of yourself. That’s a huge goal of mine, but it seems really silly, but it’s just, like I said, it’s one of those things that I noticed. It wasn’t just, you know, my state, it was everywhere that it, you just get berated all day long with all these negative notes. It’s, it’s disgusting.

3 (30m 29s):
So that’s a huge goal of mine. And another would be to like, this is such a dream. I don’t even know if I could ever like make this happen, but if I could feel like I I’d be super woman, I would love to find a way to get a health insurance company to cover talent testing, like include it in there, whatever. And, and some kind of a package, or I would, I would love if I could ever pull that off. I would be that woman in the world, because that would just, you pay out of pocket for that. A lot of that you pay to what is it?

3 (31m 13s):
$200 every two weeks. And now you’re going 24 hours, I think, to go get tested how much they’re doing and they’re charging for that. But you know, that would be,

2 (31m 26s):
You should talk to, you should talk to the free speech coalition about that. I think,

3 (31m 31s):
You know, I’m, I’m really ready to talk to anyone who wants to help this industry, because I think we’ve been like stagnant doing the same thing for very long. So the newest thing out of this, can’t be only fans. You know what I’m saying?

2 (31m 48s):
Exactly. Now, how, how would someone sign up and get a quote?

3 (31m 52s):
So the easiest thing to do would be to go to health.successful.com. And there is a number right at the top for you. There also is a form that you can fill out and you can get a call back from one of our agents. That would be the best way.

2 (32m 12s):
Okay, fantastic. Alison, I’d really like to thank you for being our guest today on adults. I broke her talk and I hope we’ll get a chance to do this again really soon.

3 (32m 23s):
We’d love to thank you for having me.

2 (32m 25s):
My broker tip today is part two of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later, keep your website design up to date, do a redesign from time to time. People will tend to think your site is the same as and click out

1 (32m 40s):
Of it without even looking if something doesn’t change. So keep it fresh and up to date times change. So should your website look at what your competitors are doing and see what it is you really like emulate success. If you know a site to be particularly successful, look at what it is they’re doing and do some of the same things. Now I’m not saying copy it. I’m just suggesting you improve your site by looking around a bit, you’ve got to keep up with the times or you’re going to end up being left behind. Also keep an eye on your competition and make sure you’re offering everything on your site that they are or more. Don’t just look at their design, but make sure your offers are good.

1 (33m 22s):
And you’re competitive. The same goes for your content. Do you ever wonder why one site does well and others don’t check out the competition’s content. What are they doing that you’re not doing? Be willing to make changes. People can understand why they’re losing sales to a competitor. You have the competitors clearly doing everything better. Emulate success. Make sure everything on your website works well. Make sure all of your links work properly. Check them on a regular basis. If things don’t work, you’ll lose customers. People are not patient. These days. People’s attention spans are like that of a gnat.

1 (34m 3s):
They’ll click out immediately and go to the next result in Google. If they don’t find what they’re looking for. If the site is hard to navigate, or if things don’t work, they’re gone check all your internal scripts and plugins and make sure they’re updated regularly as well. We’ll talk about this subject more next time. Adult Site Broker Talk, will take a two week hiatus for the holidays and be back on January 6th. Our guest will be Andra from Studio 20

0 (34m 33s):
And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank my guest, Allyson Wonderland. Talk to you again next time on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (7s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week. We’ll be talking to Jason Maskell of Maskell Limited. Adult Site Broker is

1 (35s):
to announce ASB Cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With ASB Cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry. We’ll start today with some sad news, retired adult performer Nadia Night passed away last Thursday, according to industry friends, the Florida born night had been active in the adult industry from 2010 to 2017 shooting.

1 (1m 18s):
Mostly for Devil’s Film. She had just turned 42 or 44. According to conflicting reports night was reportedly found by adult radio personality and performer, Tony bones, who she had been staying with bones, described Knight as a loyal helpful friend who loved her family, friends, the ocean and her cat night bones is organized to go fund me campaign to help with the funeral costs and care for her pet wicked pictures, founder and president. Steve Orenstein has announced that his company and its extensive catalog of features in series as well as wicked.com.

1 (1m 59s):
Haven’t sold the gamma entertainment. The acquisition explained to rep for gamma includes renewed relationships with brand ambassador, Jessica Drake and exclusive director Axel Braun, who will also serve as head of production. Gamma aims to cement the iconic brands future as a key studio within its portfolio of membership sites. The two companies first inked a strategic web partnership in September of 2019. My experience with every person on the gamut team over the past year and a half of managing wicked.com has been nothing short of remarkable. Orenstein said they have truly been the ideal partner to help with the company I founded 27 years ago, the grew into one of the biggest, most recognizable brands in the adult industry today.

1 (2m 48s):
He continued while it is difficult to let go of my creation. They have shown me their desire to take the best of what wicked has to offer and advance it to the next level as continues to evolve for years to come. As I focus my energy on wicked central care, the pleasure products company begun eight years ago, he described the acquisition as incredibly beneficial for the company’s loyal fans and longtime members of wicked.com GAM entertainment. President Carl Bernard looks forward to the new opportunities presented by the acquisition. He said by blending our creative approach with Wicked’s commitment to quality, I’m confident we will be able to explore new territory together within gamma starting last weekend, pineapple support is hosting a free music therapy support group for adult industry performers.

1 (3m 42s):
The virtual group led by composer, Dorian Wallace runs Sundays from three to 5:00 PM Pacific time and continues through December 27th. Music has the potential to stimulate, activate and inspire the mind body and spirit Wallace said it can enhance our quality of life and promote healing processing trauma can interfere with an individual’s quality of life as our basic understanding of what everyday life should look like is profoundly transformed through music. We will work to communicate our sense of self build coping mechanisms and move closer to a new degree of normal continued Wallace in music therapy, activities such as drumming music, listening and storytelling help us to address objectives.

1 (4m 31s):
Find ways to circumnavigate them and build towards reconciliation with traumatic events. This in turn establishes new routines and ways to cope. Lay a tenant founder of pineapple support expressed enthusiasm for the new support group. She said, family dynamics are always challenging. And during the holiday season, they can be especially difficult. The stress of holiday can lead to anxiety, anger, hopelessness, guilt, and loneliness, but it can also connect us with others. Music is a foundational way to communicate and foster that community. And I’m eager for the people to experience the work the Doring and does visit pineapple support.org for additional details.

1 (5m 16s):
And to register for the group. Adult site broker is a proud sponsor of pineapple support and all the wonderful work Leah and her staff are doing now. Let’s be true. Our property of the week. That’s for sale at adult site broker, we have just listed five amazing adult domains per sale. That adult side broker, any of these domains can be used to build a very successful and brandable website. The domains are sexo.com, spelled S E X O and porn flicks.com listed at $5 billion. Each asset.com listed@fourpointtwofivemilliondollarsstuddotcomlistedatwopointninefivemilliondollarsandstripcam.com for only $695,000.

1 (6m 7s):
For more information, contact us@adultsitebroker.com. Now time for this week’s interview. My guest today on adult side broker talk is Jason Maskell of Maskell limited, direct from jolly old London. Jason, thanks for being with us today on adult side broker talk. You’ll welcome, Bruce. Thank you very much for the ink in the light. It’s a pleasure now with over 20 years in the adult industry, Jason has worked in a number of areas and we’re going to start there. Jason, what areas have you worked in, in the adult industry? And over the 20 years you’ve been in the business.

2 (6m 45s):
Wow. How long has this gone on for

1 (6m 49s):
As long as you want it to?

2 (6m 51s):
Okay. Well, I sort of fell into the industry by pure accident. I had a background in sales one day, I got bored and I became a professional makeup artist and I was working in the, in the sort of fashion and photographic area. And then through a mutual friend, I came and did an adult movie and helped out on that. And so that sort of got me into it. And from there people moved out positions, I read it and they said, why don’t you, you know, people, why not? So I then from went from makeup artists to agency and run one of the biggest model agencies in the UK at the time and built that up from the agency.

2 (7m 33s):
We then went into helping some companies out with cam supply models, the cams running cam studios in London for a Dutch company, a bit of consultancy and advising people on their productions. We then went into producing some products for some, some TV channels over here in the UK. So that sort of side of that, I then got headhunted and then went to work for the retail and film brand harmony and set up the us office, worked around building up their sales. So I remedy impound for the first time ever DVD sales and then sort of after I sort of parted ways with harmony, went into some consultancy and have now developed some areas where I feel the industry is in trouble, which is the financial services side.

2 (8m 24s):
So we’re looking into that at the moment we run some beta tests on some products and we’re now expanding out that side of things. And I’m also looking at CBD market for the adult serve for the auto industry as well for adult wellness and pleasure. Cool. Wow.

1 (8m 42s):
Now you didn’t mention the, the area that I know you from the crowdfunding. Yes. Well,

2 (8m 48s):
I mean, that was really sort of the B2B side from the financial services we’ve developed. Yeah. We, we launched crowdfunding platform a few years ago. Now it was offering rewards based crowdfunding and the longterm goal was always to offer equity crowdfunding now to do that, we had to be regulated and we found out there’s so much trouble to get a regulated partner to actually work with us because it was the adult sector we kept coming up with. We’d love to take 50,000 pounds from you to offer our service to you. We love what you do. We think it’d be a great success in the crown funding sector.

2 (9m 29s):
However, we can’t work with you because of reputational risk, which is a bit of a joke sooner than what some companies do. We then realized if we go down the equity route and did manage to find a, a regulation partner to do our points, you’d representatives, we raise all this money. There’s a good chance that the banks wouldn’t lend except the money from the company or from us to the company’s account. So we’ve now taken a sort of step back on that and touch wood. I can be announcing soon. We may have a business banking solution for

3 (10m 12s):
I’m sorry, business, what you dropped out, their

2 (10m 15s):
Business banking solution for the industry. Oh,

3 (10m 17s):
Wow. So specifically for the specifically for the adult industry

2 (10m 22s):
And the cannabis sector, we’re aiming at a way where they can actually take funds in through merchant accounts, transfer money to each other, put out to a master card and actually use it in stores, pay their suppliers, pay their performers, pay suppliers, and basically have a secure regulated facility, which will hold it.

3 (10m 53s):
Oh, this would be so it’d be like, it would be like a, it would be like a one-stop shop type of thing. Yes.

2 (10m 58s):
Yeah, yeah. We were close to announcing it. We’re looking at Q1 of next year now the whole, and then it goes to late things. We just double and triple check in a few things and all that, but we’ve got a, a private bank behind us, so we can actually hold a head up high and say, if you work in the adult sector, we would have to do business with you. Yeah.

3 (11m 24s):
This would be, and this would be full. This would be full, full business banking as well.

2 (11m 31s):
Food business banking. We’re not going to be asked to offer overdrafts and things like that at the moment. So it’s usually it’s stage one. It’s a way where you can know that you don’t have to lie to your bank and worry that your bank is going to suddenly come and close your account down. Like it has for so many people, businesses and performers, you know, it’s getting terrible out there for these people.

3 (11m 53s):

2 (11m 55s):
And then from that, we’ll bring back the, the crowdfunding funding as well to, to, to, to be part of the new financial services package. So we’ve now got a regulatory partner that will back us and work with us so we can bring back the crowdfunding to do that, do that fully regulated as well. So it’s going to be a busy, busy time next year. Hopefully.

4 (12m 17s):
Wow. So the, and then what will the, my question was, so they actually can have a bank account. And like you said, there, they don’t have to worry about it being closed down because of what they do. Right?

2 (12m 28s):
Correct. Yeah. They will have a facility where they can get paid from people within the industry. They can take their debit card, they can load a card up with money from their account and go and spend it in the shops. They can pay other people, all regulatory checks will be done. So you have to prove who you are as a company, you persons. So we get around the whole money laundering. It’s full KYC is included in it as well. So it’s a fully regulated system. So, but the biggest thing is you don’t have to worry. You know, we’re not going to say, Oh my God, you’re a porn star. Who would you? It will be, yes.

2 (13m 9s):
You’re a, an adult performer. You use your business email address. So nobody knows your real name apart from, you know, the, the us and the us in the back. So if you want to do custom videos for clients, they can send you money, volume business, email address. So you don’t have to worry about giving out your personal details to people. So we’ll keep people secure that way as well.

4 (13m 36s):
So is it going to be, is it going to be like an Eagle?

2 (13m 42s):
It’s a very, very sophisticated, evil it’s accounts. Okay. Yeah. So it’s, there’s Ebola. And then there’s this,

4 (13m 53s):
I’m looking, I’m looking forward to you coming out with it so I can hear the whole rollout. I know I’ll be here.

2 (13m 59s):
It’s just, I’ve known so many people. And again, it was the crowd funding, the way we found people, you know, just challenge. They couldn’t get the money from us. If we raised it for them, it was scary. And then I knew companies that had membership sites every year. They’d had to do a discussion with a bank and lie on what they did and hope that the bank manager didn’t look into it too, too much. And it was just causing them stress and worry. And then we hear, especially in the U S before was having their accounts closed down because the bank doesn’t like, what they do is terrible. Yeah,

4 (14m 38s):
No, I’m with you, my man. And even if you’re a B2B person like myself, go through a lot of the same crap. So as soon as they’re like, Oh, what no, don’t deal with porn.

2 (14m 55s):
Exactly where with this system, you literally, people can pay you for your services. You can pay your suppliers. If you need to put money onto a car to pay someone online or in a shop you can do. So it’s not going to affect you. It has a mindset

4 (15m 10s):
Really. They won’t really need another bank account if they have yet.

2 (15m 14s):
No, you work with this other bank account. That’s awesome. It’s one of a longer project, but it’s a, I want to get something out of there that goes, this gets rid of 96% of your problems at the moment.

4 (15m 30s):
Wow. Wow. I do very much look forward to hearing more about this. And when, when the rollout comes, we’ll definitely have to do another interview.

2 (15m 40s):
Yeah. Okay.

4 (15m 42s):
Not a problem, man. Okay. So let’s talk about another project of yours. You have many, you’re working with a studio cinematic spelled S I N E M a T I C a S and a Matika. I should have said maybe

2 (15m 59s):
Yes. We’re about this partnership. Yeah. I I’ve, I’ve known the, the owner and the director for a number of years. He is a creative genius. He’s fabulous. His stuff is unique. He is a real creative in his attitude. He just is so involved in the film in and getting everything right. And he’s planned this studio out for a couple of years, he’s put 300,000 euros of his own money into shooting nips and launching this it’s. And the whole first year’s worth of content, as you know, is now slowly being released or majority of it’s out.

2 (16m 43s):
So we launched in November last year. So we’re coming up to the first year anniversary. We, we, don’t a nice quietly, slowly launch rule about lights. It’s natural light. Everything is shot with natural lights. It shot all over Europe, beautiful range of well-known porn stars to newbies. So there’s a great mixture of performers in there. Some names that people are gonna know there’s award winners in there, people who are coming up for nominated for award like cherry case. And it’s just, it’s a little bit special, you know, it’s just, it’s the content. It starts off nice and soft and sexy.

2 (17m 24s):
You don’t know where it’s going to go. And then it just explodes. It’s beautiful locations, beautiful performers, but we really hard, good quality sex. That’s great. That’s great. Yeah. So, sorry. Yeah. Not launching a website, getting them onto some distribution platforms. Again, we’ve been very picky on chat targeted where we go, we’ve gone on onto adult time, which is great. Do you want such a great platform and as a new studio to be accepted by adult time was fantastic. We’re also coming out with Comcast is the only, we’re the only third European studio that Comcast had taken on, but then controlling an agent, the, the North American VOD traffic.

2 (18m 12s):
That’s a real coup, we’ve got some content going out on sky Germany as well. So we’ve done some partnerships with some really super quality brands, which we know next year is going to really push the studio forward. We’re up for a few nominations, hopefully Drexel is and AVN in January. So that’ll be nice. We’re going to look to see what other partnerships we can, we can do out for the content. So, you know, there’s range of content already in place for next year. Again, the whole pandemic has slowed things down and bother them cause they want it to be over in the U S shoot in some European, some us performers, and that hasn’t been out to happen this year.

2 (18m 57s):
Yeah. So next year

1 (19m 0s):
We hope now, Jason, you, you also do consultancy now. What are those services consist of and who for the most part are you working with

2 (19m 13s):
On the consultant again? Cause this is really because it’s sort of my background. I’ve been working on my, my main project, say the financial side, working cinemassacre as a CBD brand. We’re looking to launch and every now and then I step in, if people, I love startups, I love helping people. If I can help and advice and people I will do. And a little while ago, a brand come to me for a patented penis enlargement system in the U S U S patented. But the packaging was just wasn’t great. So we sat down, we redesigned the packaging, we redesigned all the documentation inside relaunched that up, got that nominated up for a non initiate years XPS.

2 (19m 59s):
And also we started expanding out the distribution partners for them and some advertising packages for them and that’s Magnum rings. So it’s, it’s again, it’s just, the owners were lovely. They really, they needed some help and some guidance on that product. The product was great. It was doing okay on their own. They needed to take it a step further. So I don’t jump in and do loads of those consults in some people, if they come to me and say, Hey, I need this. I’m quite happy to put people in touch with someone else and help them say, you need to do that. I’ve got to be excited about a project earlier this week. I had a call with a guy over in Sweden that is creating a sex robot.

2 (20m 43s):
And again, that made me step up and he’s currently building the, and we talked about the motors and how this could work. And I’m like, actually I could get this maybe into a cinematic film. We could have a robot doing a porn film. This could be really literally taking sex dolls to the next level. So that’s something that would be fun. So this is an interesting one. So I’m like, yeah, I want to talk to these guys a bit more. So we’re having conversations. They’re still in their early design stages starting. They just have in all of their skeleton mold sent over from China so they can start to build stuff. I’m like, just stop recording everything. You’re building record it so we can see it. And they’ve also got a little side project, which I think is, I’m going to say, you need to launch this first, which is a fucking machine, but a smaller, portable, interesting fucking machine.

2 (21m 34s):
It’s beautifully designed. Yeah.

4 (21m 38s):
I’ve actually, I’ve actually dated a few of those over the years.

2 (21m 45s):
This could be good. And also that, yeah, they’re interesting guys. They also see there’s great potential for the people who are disabled to his fucking machine. So again, is that attitude I’m like, Hey, this could be an interesting project. So I like to look at little things like that. And if I could help other people, I’m glad he passed stuff on outside the box, as it were. Yes.

4 (22m 14s):
Pun intended. Where do you see the industry going over the next few years?

2 (22m 21s):
I mean the whole COVID situation has changed. I know it sort of help some, some parts of the industry with say sex toys are done really well. Certain sex toys are fantastic, but what people have been locked down. I think the D the development and change of things like only fans where performance are getting more control over their content is an interesting one that can only grow. And with only fans becoming more mainstream and the seams, the mainstream are more talking about the adult industry. Again, I think that’s a positive move and that can help all areas of it. But I still think we’re going to have this whole reputational risk where they’ll get their toe in it though, like to be seen to do it to be risky, but they still worry about doing business with the, with the industry.

2 (23m 8s):
So I still think there’s problems there. So there’s room for some big, big changes on say the financial services side. That’s why I’m really pushing that so much. I think that could change things that can change things next year. If things open up again, it’d be great to them. I think there’ll be a new influx of, of, of content being produced and shell, which will be bright and fresh and stuff up. But I’m seeing a real innovation of sex toys. That’s really a lots and lots of sex toys coming forward and people wanting to get out. And it’s people from outside the industry who are coming in with bright new ideas like these robotic guys. Yeah. It’s we can use our technology and our knowledge that we’ve been using for the mainstream.

2 (23m 52s):
And, you know, we know this could really, we know the adult market is, is, is key for some, some elements. So I think next year, we’ll see some developments on some really new, great products. That’s an interesting,

4 (24m 6s):
Okay. You know, one thing I, one thing I’ve noticed with, with toys and novelties is the interactivity, you know, with the, the tele deldonics and such.

2 (24m 22s):
Mm. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, again, the, the, these guys were talking about with fucking machine ed, they’re talking already talking about like, we’ll have voice control, so is he even even better? So, you know, again, especially aimed at the disability market where you can just be land there and you can talk to it and tell him how you fast, you want it, what position you want in what’s, you know, and things like that. So that whole, should we say, Alexa is going to go, I think that’s going to come up the next stage as well.

4 (24m 53s):
Yeah. I could just see, I could just see Amazon, Amazon syncing with it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Alexa, suck my Dick. So what are your short and longterm goals here in the next say, well, short, I mean, short and long-term what are your goals?

2 (25m 20s):
Okay. So short term is to, is to get this financial service to market, to make sure we’ve got everything dotted and crossed and in the right boxes and packaged correctly and get that launched. That’s that’s my, my number one goal for, for, for next year. We also want to really push forward with the, her CBD, which is a CBD brand that we’re looking to bring to market, which is aimed at couples pleasure and wellness, and some really interesting products in that. So they’re my short term. My long-term is to then take on the financial services side is to bring back the crowdfunding for my friend, that the banking services to crowd fund into an offer, more like proper business services and supports things like insurances and laws who schemes that.

2 (26m 12s):
So if your you’ve got clients and they’re, you want to keep them shopping, you, you could offer them a loyalty card to keep coming back, and then they can use those points across, across the industry to have a sort of generic loyalty scheme that will, it can be global wiser, you know, that’s my longer term goal for that.

4 (26m 31s):
Cool. That’d be cool. I’ll know. You mentioned the, you mentioned the CBD business. Why don’t you tell me just a little bit more about that? Yeah.

2 (26m 45s):
We’ve been looking at Steve again. I started looking at CBD through cannabis, through the financial services side things, which we know they’re having the same sort of problems with the adult sector has a banking side and talking to some people within that. Again, it was the consulting side. People come to me and said, Jason, we’ve got this great product. We think is a great product. We feel it’d be great in the auto industry and went in as a consultant, looked at it and then said, well, no, it’s not water-based you can’t use it. It’s not going to do what you want. You really need a water-based lube. That’s what they wanted to start with.

4 (27m 20s):
Oh, so it was a, it was a CBD, it was a CBD,

2 (27m 23s):
It was a CBD loop to start with. Yeah.

4 (27m 27s):
And just out of curiosity, I mean, I know about the properties of CBD and what CBD can do, but why would somebody get a CBD lube versus a non CBD loop?

2 (27m 43s):
Okay. So you got to look at the, you say some of the properties of CBD and, and this is where this brand has seen is, is they’re looking to aim and to aim itself, there’s more than just a, here’s a new, and you’ve got CBD in. It is actually gonna mention where it can help you. So if you’re a woman going through the menopause or you have a dry vagina CBD help, the lube does that part of the job, but also CBD can help with lowering anxiety, relaxing, you know, relaxing the person and just helping aid in that way.

4 (28m 18s):
Wait a minute. Are we talking a cure for PMs here?

2 (28m 23s):
Well, I don’t think anything can cure that.

4 (28m 27s):
I mean, if you, if you have something like that, you’re going to be a very wealthy guy.

2 (28m 33s):
Yeah. I mean, so what, what we’ve done is we’ve looked at a range of products. So I’ve, I’ve sort of come on board as a consultant and they sort of said, well, you want to do this. Don’t just go down that route. Let’s look at it. So I’ve sort of come on board and said, you know, let’s, let’s develop. So we arranged in a CBD Lu CBD arousal spray, a bath bomb, a candle that you melt. It has no parafin in there. And so you can actually melt it and pour it on. It becomes a massage oil, a standard massage oil, and again, a normal CBD oil that you can take onto your tongue. We then got options on things like chocolate lollipops, condoms. So we arranged in a whole range of products that will aid your funding, the bedroom, or wherever else you want to do it, but also age your wellness.

2 (29m 22s):
And cause there’s a lot of people out there that, you know, even couples, if they like anal sex, it’s it hurts. So the CBD can help numb the area as well as relax. So if it works in the gay area couples, as we said, people with, you know, going through the menopause. So there’s, there’s different there. We’re going to put together some little fun packs. So you can have your starter pack of a bath bomb, a candle, and some lube to range the perfect, you know, starter enjoyment pack. We’ve also got the option and the, the companies where we’ve teamed up with to do some non-alcoholic cocktails and one is a non-alcoholic tequila, which is amazing.

2 (30m 7s):
So you get the tequila smokiness and this beautiful non-alcoholic. Yeah. So you’ve got this beautiful taste. You get the relaxation of the CBD, but you actually, you don’t get pissed on it so you can actually have more fun.

4 (30m 26s):
Okay. And, and the, the translation for you, Americans is pissed means drunk. I just thought I’m here to, I’m here to translate Jason. I’m here to translate everything into English.

2 (30m 39s):
Maybe we should put some subtitles for me. And I won’t use any company, Ryan shank. Yeah. So the CBD again, we’re looking to launch that next year. That’s, I’m actually getting some samples delivered this week to me. And we’ve started on some packaging. We’ve got some nice sort of marks in storylines about it. And one, we’ve got a little sort of special sauce. So we call it the company we’ve teamed up with, we’re looking at a way to mask the taste of CBD in drinks. Because if you put too much CBD into a drink, you can actually taste it, smell it. And it’s not very nice. So they come up with a let’s call it a secret sauce.

2 (31m 21s):
That’s the easiest way to explain it. That encompasses the CBD. And so it goes, hides a marks that the flavor and the smell of it. So we can actually plug it into more products without any kickback should we say from it. But then they found when they were running tests because it’s in CBDs in case he get absorbed into a bot into the body at a higher rate. So you don’t get so much wastage. So you get an actually an eight up to 85% better absorption rate of the CBD into your system compared to another normal product. Nice.

4 (31m 56s):
Well, you’re, you’re becoming quite the expert on the CBD.

2 (31m 59s):
Yeah. Well, do you know what I’m, I’m, I’m disgusted on some of the products that are out there. I’ve seen CBD drinks that are in glass bottles and have loads of salt in it and sorts of sunlight kill CBD. So literally, and they’re made in California and you like really, it might’ve had it as it went in the bottle and there’s suddenly it’s gets seen in the shaken around with the salt in it. There’s no time someone drinks it. There’s no CBD left in there to enjoy

4 (32m 26s):
Well. Yeah. But if I’m going to have, if I’m going to have CBD tequila, you know, I want salt on my margarita. What do I do then? That’s a little bit different. Yeah. I guess I’m kind of screwed up. Yeah. You can get away

2 (32m 37s):
With the same a hit first before the salt kills itself.

4 (32m 43s):
Here’s hoping. Here’s hoping. Okay. Yeah. I got, I got a screw up everything. Don’t I? Sorry. Okay. So how has the COVID crisis affected you and your business?

2 (32m 55s):
Ross foes. Like most people, you know, we, on the, on the CBD, on the financial services, a lot of people we’ve talked with do just took a step back. They said, we don’t know what we’re doing. We’ve got staff out. We were talking to investors, investors when we really don’t know what money we’ve got at the moment. So everything came to basic, came to a halt on a lot of things I was working on. And now, so we’re now picking things back up again like that. So that was, that was hard. We seen, you know, some, some companies we’ve been working with and helping with I’ve seen improvements that the Magnum brings is a dumb pretty well because people are at home.

2 (33m 38s):
So they’ve actually seen things, increase for them. So people at home that, you know, the sex toys I’ve seen have gone well, so that that’s been sort of good. But for me personally, we had a quiet time, which was great. I, it means I sat at home. I have more time when my young son, I try not to stress. There’s nothing I could do about it. So I went to play in the park, play football with my son, went for walks,

4 (34m 4s):
Wait, wait, I gotta, I gotta translate again. Football football means soccer, not football. Go ahead. Sorry.

2 (34m 11s):
So, yeah. Sorry, not that game where you throw or catch it and fall over and then stand up and throw it pass. Unfortunately. Yeah. Yeah. I’m run. Yeah. So, yeah. So I mean, I tried not to let it stress me out and get to me too much. It is what it is. I’ve got some mainstream businesses in the aesthetic beauty, which literally closed down and just ground to hope because they couldn’t, people couldn’t get to the clinics. I couldn’t do anything. So I, you know, I’ve tried to make the most out of it and I’ve had some great family time

4 (34m 42s):
And you know, there’s, there’s, there’s always good with bad. Right?

2 (34m 46s):
Exactly. Yeah. I could never get back at the time I’ve happened. My son, which is

4 (34m 52s):
How we’ll tell her how old your son. He

2 (34m 54s):
Was two in August. End of August now.

4 (34m 57s):
Oh, that’s yeah. You’re you’re you’re you’re ahead in the game. Hey, in my situation, I’m stuck in, I’m stuck in Thailand, 10 minutes from the beach. Dammit. Oh God, I can’t travel to America. Oh, darn

2 (35m 15s):
Down the beach.

4 (35m 16s):
Somebody’s got to do it. So how do your adult and your CBD businesses affect your mainstream companies? Well,

2 (35m 25s):
Yeah, the thing is because of my love for startups and maybe cause I’m a complete idiot in a, in a lockdown I launched on the 1st of July, a not-for-profit community interest based where I live here in London to help start ups and small businesses, mental match them with mentors and find them funding because I feel the knowledge I’ve got from working in the adult was you’ve got to fight 10 times harder for everything. And you’ve got to come up with new ideas, doing stuff, a new ways of doing things. I’ve really sort of thought I can put this into the mainstream, the CBD, we we’ve got a nice brand for it under his sceney.

2 (36m 8s):
It’s got a nice backstory. So we know that’s going to cross over to the mainstream as well as into the auto sector. So it’s been positioned in the right way. I like to have something mainstream to get my head out of adult every now and then, but also it means I can take the knowledge I’ve learned from both and find what works and what crosses over. And I’ve, I’m in, I’ve always for 20 odd years, I don’t have a, you know, a real name and a work name. You know, you are, I am who I am. He searched me. Things are going to pop up in every sector I’ve done and I’ve done worried about it. Don’t like, it don’t work with me. You know, that’s always been my attitude.

2 (36m 50s):
So I go in and go, this is what I’m going to do in my mainstream. This is what we do. This is what I’m aiming to help. This is how we’re doing it. And so far people have been great and, and people have found out what I’ve done in their like really knowing. Yeah. But what I’ve learned is I can now help you do this and allow fantastic people move on to talk about the adult side. They always think it’s more interesting.

4 (37m 14s):
Okay. Hey, it always, when I tell people what I do, they’re always like, especially men. They’re like really?

2 (37m 23s):
Yeah. That was think was just sitting there looking at boots all day. You know, I really are. Now I’m sitting there looking at Excel sheets most of the day.

4 (37m 28s):
Yeah. That’s all we’re doing all the time. Yeah.

2 (37m 31s):
Yeah. Well, awesome line on the beach. Beautiful women. Absolutely. So

4 (37m 42s):
What do you, obviously, you talked about your two year old and I’m sure this takes up a lot of it, but otherwise, what do you like to do when you’re away from business and relax. Let, wait, let me guess. Watch porn.

2 (37m 56s):
Oh God. What’s important. Nowadays is I’m so critical. Even the stuff is Cinemascope I send it over and I’m like, yeah, they’re lightens gray and I’ll look at the makeup and I’m looking at positions. Yeah. I don’t think I can enjoy a porn film now. It doesn’t. It, it does. Yes. So I think, yeah, for me now, instead of just saying, want you to pull it off, I’d rather go and do some cooking, do some cooking, play with my lad and when I can do it. Yeah.

4 (38m 27s):
Me, let me, let me translate again. That means his son. Go ahead. Sorry.

2 (38m 30s):
Yeah. And then now thank God soccer football is back on TV. So I’m managing to get, I’m trying to get my, I’m getting my fix again. So he’s your team? Asphalt, Queens, port Rangers. The pride of London, blue and whites. Which ones? Between spot Rangers. QPR. Queens park Rangers. Okay. Yeah. West London team where I’m originally from. So yeah, that’s my guilty pleasure. A team that always underachieves. Yeah. What, what else do you like to do you like to cook? You like to play with your son and watch that. Yeah. And that really sort of sums up and then in-between anything.

2 (39m 11s):
If I get any spare time, I will try and sleep. Yeah. That’s always a plus. Isn’t it sweet. Yeah. Let’s do that from time to time. Yeah. It’s nice to have that. And hopefully now that the bars have slowly started to open up again, I can go out and have a drink with some friends and do a bit of socializing as well. Yeah. Blendon pubs are great, man. No doubt. Yes. I’d be there with you if I was there. But next trip to London, you can kind of the next part, the first points on the always need, you know, us Brits. We do like to drink. I’ve heard that about you Americans. Some of us Americans do too and can do it properly.

2 (39m 56s):
I do my best. I try to be proper in whatever I do. Jason, just for my British friends. That’s good way. I really like to thank you for being our guest today on adults. I broke her talk and I hope we get a chance to do this again really soon. Thank you very much. Lovely talking to you. Now get back to that beach and top up your tan. I’m going to do that.

1 (40m 19s):
My best. My broker tip today is part, one of what to do to make your site more valuable for when you decide to sell it later first, make sure you’re converting as much of your traffic as possible. Traffic’s expensive. Whether it’s search engine, traffic, review, site, traffic, or affiliate traffic, you pay it a lot for this traffic. So make sure that when someone lands on your site, you give them every opportunity possible to either spend money or do whatever it is you want your visitors to do in the case of a pay site, make sure your billing options allow as many people as possible to buy, have multiple ways to pay in North America. Most everyone has a credit card, but in other parts of the world credit cards, aren’t used nearly as much in Europe.

1 (41m 5s):
For instance, credit card usage is low. So look for billing options that will match the areas where your traffic comes from in Europe, ACH and debit cards are used a lot in Africa and other developing countries. Many people pay by mobile, do your homework and find out how people pay in the regions you get. Most of your traffic, it will make you more money. The worst thing you can do is get a visitor, have them want to buy, but since you don’t have their preferred way to pay, they can’t buy. If you’re looking for suggestions, feel free to get in touch with me via my website. Along with this is to improve your user experience.

1 (41m 46s):
Make sure your site is attractive and easy to navigate. People have more options than ever these days. I can’t tell you how many sites I go to. Even some that are owned by large companies where the navigation just isn’t obvious to the user. You poke around the site for what seems like an eternity to do something that should be relatively simple. Keep it simple. Before you launch any changes to your site, ask your friends to go to the site and check it out. Unfortunately, designers and tech geeks don’t think like us. You need real people to look at your site for you. The same kind of people who will be visiting your site next, make a good offer.

1 (42m 28s):
If you’re selling something and the offer, isn’t good. You won’t make money. It’s plain and simple as that. And if your offer is to contact you or get more information, then make the offer attractive and easy to understand. If you’re selling something, make buying easy, show them an easy way to buy and then leave, help them by making suggestions on what to buy. amazon.com is the best at this. They always have suggestions on what to buy based on your buying and browsing history. They use AI to do this. There are AI engines available these days at a modest cost. Look into this. If you can, don’t clutter up your site with unnecessary items, buttons and images.

1 (43m 12s):
Keep it as simple as possible. The best and most successful sites are the simple ones. The ones that lead you to take the action you’d like them to do. It’s not that hard just to remember when you’re putting together any site, try to think through the buying process, like a human being, whatever you do, don’t turn over that process to your designer. Don’t just say, build me a website. What you’ll get out the other end will not give you what it is. You’re looking for. Give them as much direction as possible and make it easy for them to build a site for you that makes your business succeed. We’ll talk about this subject more next week and next week we’ll be talking to Alison Wonderland of successful.com

0 (44m 1s):
And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank my guest, Jason Maskell. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week, we’ll be talking to Suresh Danshina, CEO of Chargeback Gurus.

1 (34s):
Adult Site Broker is proud to announce ASB Cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With ASB Cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry. Today is day two of the three-day virtual YNotSummit today’s featured sessions include two times for speed networking, finding help for your coding and its challenges by Fillip at Quantox. A panel on bankable tactics for affiliates, a state of the industry panel, maximizing revenue with your own adult affiliate program, building a culture of diversity and inclusion and adult how to get leads from Facebook by social media expert, Jason Hunt, and a live movie screening and interview with star Anna Fox and director Ricky Greenwood.

1 (1m 42s):
Yesterday, I was honored to do a session on buying and selling websites. You can view the session in the archives area of the why not summit website, which is located@whynotsummit.com, where the summit is being held. The summit concludes tomorrow. The free speech coalition has updated its response to the new COVID-19 safe at home. Public health orders issued for LA County that recently went into effect. This is from the FSC statement. The new restrictions do not directly address adult film, production and film permits are still being issued. However, adult film producers should use caution when shooting and review guidelines issued by the FSC and other health experts to help mitigate the risk of transmission on adult sets.

1 (2m 30s):
The surgeon cases is only expected to intensify in the coming weeks and should the spread not slow, more dramatic restrictions could be issued. Please continue to be vigilant about following the COVID-19 production, health and safety guidelines screen everyone for COVID-19 symptoms before allowing them on set, maintain six feet of distance among everyone on set. And that should be interesting to pull off wear a face covering and other appropriate personal protection equipment at all times, have all people on set, tested for COVID-19 as close as possible to the production date and report any potential onset COVID-19 exposures to the FSC.

1 (3m 16s):
As soon as possible. Jackie and Michelle group has announced the implementation of my 18 pass protection across its suite of adult pay sites. Following months of internal development, my 18 pass is currently being implemented on the entire group’s network and will be available to every operator in the industry who would like to benefit from a handy and reliable protection system. A rep explained the system will be able to check as soon as users arrive on a site that has adult content. If the user is old enough through credit card based verification, the rep noted plans are in the works to add ID based verification to the process.

1 (4m 2s):
My 18 pass is based on open ID protocol, which allows users to authenticate themselves on several websites without having to remember log-ins for each one of them, by using a unique user ID every time by never recording or transferring any personal data, it guarantees a total protection for the users said the rep, thanks to this technology, the Jackie and Michelle group benefits from an additional tool in order to ensure that no miner can easily access sensitive content, visit my 18 pass.com for additional information about the service. Now let’s feature our property of the week.

1 (4m 43s):
That’s for sale at adult site broker, we’re proud to offer for sale, a novelty manufacturer and website with pop culture, theme, silicone products, their products are niche yet relevant to mainstream audiences and are incredibly sharable as evidenced by the hundreds of articles written about the brand on outlets, such as Playboy, vice Buzzfeed, Mashable, penthouse, lad, Bible, Cosmo, Nerdist refinery, 29, pop sugar, and more. They also have a diehard community of more than 40,000 social media followers. In addition to their email list of over 10,000, all traffic to the website is self-created no ads have been purchased.

1 (5m 29s):
The traffic has all organic social and direct. This company can and has been run by two people part-time and it could be scaled up or merged with a much larger company with very minimal effort. The company has incredible potential for expansion, but it also has a solid four years of history of year over year growth and a huge community of dedicated fans. All manufacturing equipment is provided with everything needed

2 (5m 58s):
To continue running the business, including all product molds and related materials also included as about $50,000 worth of product stock. You get all this for only $675,000. Now time for this week’s interview, I guess today on adult side, broker talk is Suresh the president of chargeback gurus, Suresh, thanks for being with us today and adult site broker talk,

3 (6m 26s):
Thank you, Bruce, for having me on your podcast. Looking forward to answering your questions today,

2 (6m 31s):
Need to a Suresh is a certified e-commerce fraud prevention specialist payments, professional and charge back management professional, who knows firsthand the challenges business owners face, especially when it comes to chargebacks and fraud. It works closely with card networks, such as visa and American express on chargeback process optimization and policies. Chargeback gurus has been in charge back management over 16 years. They create custom chargeback prevention and management solutions. They work with many fortune 500 companies, as well as some companies and adult and have a staff of over 200 charge back and fraud analysts.

2 (7m 11s):
They identify the root causes of chargebacks eliminate future fraud and recover lost revenue. Now, Suresh, we were just talking casually and you were talking about how you came to the country and, and all that. So why don’t you give us that story?

3 (7m 32s):
Absolutely. I came to this country in 2000 to do my master’s at the university of Southern California. And in 2003, me and my partner started a business, helping businesses actually create revenues who are selling products online. And throughout the process, actually we were helping them, you know, identify that payment pain points, identify how they are losing money. And we were actually helping them fighting their chargebacks, helping them actually also determine how their fees are being built by the banking networks. And we used to help them optimize it. And slowly we graduated into having a revenue call center, where we were taking calls and identifying the areas where we can bring in more revenue for e-commerce merchants.

3 (8m 22s):
And chargebacks was off course the biggest pain point for a lot of our merchants. They didn’t know how to solve the problem. And they were approaching us to solve the pain point. And at that time there was no documentation available. You know, there was no information available online and we took the painful process of solving the problem. And we’ve had a very successful in recovering the money that merchants were losing beautiful fraud and disputes. And because we were so good at it, a merchant said, Hey, why don’t you start this as their own business, rather than you providing a customer service support because are a dime a dozen customer service centers. We thought, you know, what if the market is there, why not? And we found that actually it was a multimillion dollar problem at the time, and now it has become a multi-billion dollar problem.

3 (9m 8s):
It’s constantly growing. So in 2014, we started charged by groups and started offering chargeback prevention and recovery solution as a unique product. And we have been constantly growing and just in the pandemic, we grew 250% and steadily growing. We are very happy that we have the opportunity to assist a lot of merchants who are bleeding money due to chargebacks and fraud.

2 (9m 32s):
And you did this just a few years out of college.

3 (9m 35s):
No, actually I graduated in 2003, but I was actually ha you know, me and my partner started our own venture. We’ve added the payments industry at the time. And in 2014, we started charged by gurus, but I was being an entrepreneur since 2003.

2 (9m 51s):
Got it, got it. Okay. Now you’ve been in the industry now for over a decade. Do you have any crazy chargeback stories you can share with me?

3 (10m 0s):
Absolutely. One of the fascinating stories that lot of you know, people find it so interesting is we had a diamond merchant and he was actually selling a $30,000 diamond online. The customer actually purchased the diamond and he returned the diamond and he called the bank and said, Hey, I written the diamond. The merchant is refusing to give the money. So the bank thought the merchant is actually trying to scam the customer, but the merchant was not, the customer was a scammer. He here because he returned it with a fake diamond. And

2 (10m 33s):
So when you said diamond that I saw that coming a mile away, by the way.

3 (10m 38s):
Yep. It was a fake diamond Ireton, but thankfully he reached out to chargeback Bruce at the right time. So we were able to actually prepare all the right evidence and then convince a bank that actually the customer is at fault here. And he returned a fake diamond. And we also had a certificate from one of the vendors who rated that this is a fake diamond. And thankfully we were able to record the money. And the merchant said, if they would have lost that money, he would have filed bankruptcy because he said he cannot roll $30,000 at a loss when he’s just starting his business.

2 (11m 12s):
Oh, wow. Did the guy go to jail? Do you know?

3 (11m 15s):
No. Unfortunately the laws are so for online, online scam, I mean, you can actually go to a retail store. You can actually, you know, if you happen to steal, you know, a small item, you can go to jail, but you can actually steal multi-billion dollars online. And because you are in a virtual location, it’s very tough to prove the case and send you to jail. Unfortunately, the loss of so weak when it comes to online purchases.

2 (11m 41s):
Well, that has to change. Yeah.

3 (11m 44s):
Oh, organized network. As you know, it’s very challenging to trace the real person.

2 (11m 50s):
Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Of course. If the laws did change, that would be bad for your business. Wouldn’t it. Now. Now why should merchants fight chargebacks in the first place? Great question.

3 (12m 4s):
So I give a classic example. If somebody is actually coming to your house and they’re trying to actually get something out of you, you know, that is, that is, you know, legally yours, what will you do? You will try to fight it, right? You will actually, you will call the police or you will actually try to prevent the guy from actually taking the money out of you, right? Or 80, any valuable that you have in your house, you are going to try to protect yourself. It’s the same thing happens, you know, on the online space, when e-commerce businesses asked me, why should I even consider fighting a chargeback one? You are sending a message to the fraudster. That if you try to actually, you know, defraud me, I’m going to fight it and I’m going to get the money back so that it prevents him from doing it again.

3 (12m 51s):
And the second thing is actually, the cost of running a business online is increasing every day, right? There is more and more competition. Adult space is super crowded. Your customer acquisition costs is constantly increasing and merchants, especially are looking for creative ways to add, increase their profitability. And one way for you to do that is by you fighting the chargebacks so that you can actually prevent the revenue loss from happening. Chances are when you have a competitor, they might not fight the chargeback, but guess what? If you fight the charge back, and if you’re able to recover the money, you can use that money to actually acquire more businesses are more customers.

3 (13m 33s):
If you let it go, chances are this frosted is going to keep coming back over and over. Try to defraud it because they know that you’re not going to do anything about it. One, you can prevent the fraudster from committing the same mistake over and over. Second thing is you have an opportunity to get your money back. You’re going to lose the revenue there because you already paid for the customer acquisition cost. You have paid for the video streaming that incurs a cost when you provide a streaming service to a customer. So this is a great opportunity for you to recoup your losses.

2 (14m 2s):
That’s right. And you’ve also paid, you also pay the chargeback fees as well.

3 (14m 7s):
Absolutely. You have paid your charge back fee. So you might as well fight it. And you know what? I covered your money and send a message to the fraudster.

2 (14m 15s):
Absolutely. Now what are some of the best practices for merchants with subscription or streaming sites?

3 (14m 22s):
So there are two components, right? One is actually the prevention component. I always tell merchants, if you can prevent the charge back, that’s the best thing you can do. So we actually created a solution where we partnered with a lot of banks. And unfortunately in the payments industry, you cannot exceed a certain chargeback threshold. You know, you have to be between a less than 1% chargeback. If you charge back, then they shut your business down. And with that,

2 (14m 49s):
That keeps going down by the way that it

3 (14m 52s):
Exactly, you know, it keeps going down every year because the card networks say, Hey, now that there are so many fraud prevention tools available, we expect you to keep your chargeback ratio less than 1% previously. It was up to 1%. Now it’s actually 0.9%. So we worked out with a lot of banks where they notify us prior to a customer filing a dispute. And what we can do is we can issue a refund to these customers so that we can eliminate a potential dispute from happening. And this is a great service for a lot of other businesses who are exceeding that 1% threshold in order to save God their business. They say, you know what? I don’t want to actually go through a chargeback for a $20 or $30 subscription.

3 (15m 36s):
They will just say, Gordon, issue them a refund. And we will issue the refund and we’ll prevent them from filing a dispute in the first place. That’s the first solution. That lot of our actually merchants in the adult industry utilize. The second solution that I call it as the golden thing is fighting the charge. Back when I know that the merchant has provided the service, we have all the right evidence to prove that we have delivered the service. And we have a digital proof that the guy actually downloaded the video audience, watch the video. Then we will fight those bogus chargebacks and we can help them get the money back. So we offered it a company solution. We also offer a prevention solution that is much needed for the merchants in the adult space.

2 (16m 20s):
Now you told me what it’s done for your business, but how has COVID-19 impacted the fraud landscape?

3 (16m 28s):
Oh, great question. And as you all know, we have seen a spike in the transaction, especially in the adult space. Y lot of people are at home. They are not at the office. They are at the Liberty of watching porn when they are actually sitting in their home. Right? So the amount of transactions have significantly increased. And so does the fraud. You know, people think, you know what? I can actually pay for the subscription, but I can get my money back by calling the bank. Unfortunately, the banks don’t do a great job in asking follow-up questions. I can call a bank and say, I never authorized it. This is a fraud. And they won’t even verify or cross check anything with me and they will simply accept the fraud.

3 (17m 10s):
So we have also seen a spike in fraud. Why? Because unemployment rates were extremely high during the month of March, till June. And lot of people who are thinking of, you know, scrambling for money, they thought, okay, that can get the money. Okay. I cannot make more money. Let me see where else I can do it. So they thought, you know, calling the bank and telling them that I never opted for this subscription can help them get the extra money. Some of them also filed a dispute for six months up to eight months of transactions. And the banks never asked them a question. Hey, what were they doing for eight months? Oh, I never checked my credit card bill just now I’m looking at it eight months, I’ve been built for this.

3 (17m 51s):
And now I notice that this is a fraud. So we have seen customers filing a dispute up to eight months prior. So we have seen a big spike and fraud charge backs, especially during the COVID season.

2 (18m 3s):
Well, and let’s face it. It’s always been the case for the banks. Don’t seem to care if it’s a fraud coming from porn.

3 (18m 12s):
Absolutely. But what we have done is actually we have fought with the banks. We have fought with the credit card networks and we have convinced them that, you know what? I understand that it could be mistakes on both ends. There could be a bad merchant, that it could also be a bad customer, but we have convinced them to accept certain evidence as valid evidence that can prove the innocence of the merchants. And especially in the adult industry, it can be tricky, right? Because everything is online. There is no physical product being shipped. So now the partner networks and the banks are willing to accept digital proof as a valid evidence. So V on, in a position to use the evidence that adult merchants normally have as a digital footprint.

3 (18m 54s):
And we collect those evidence, we put together our own package, and then we prove the innocence so that we can actually convince the banks to reverse the transaction. What we have also seen in the past is when you are proving your innocence, right? When you are, for example, chase bank, when chase sees that there is a merchant who is actually disputing the transactions, but they are disputing the chargebacks on they’re proving their innocence. They are more likely to approve your recurring transactions for other customers. Because now they know you are a legitimate business, then merchants actually constantly write off chargebacks as a cost of doing business. What is the message? You are sending these banks.

3 (19m 34s):
The banks are going to think, Oh, this must be a notorious merchant. They must be doing something bad. And that’s why they are never disputing a chargeback,

2 (19m 42s):
Right? So it actually, it acts on its own. So not having charged backpack. Chargebacks actually helps your throughput

3 (19m 48s):
Absolutely. By you quite charged, you can prove you’re in a sense, and that can also help you with your subscription billing as well. Because banks are going to look at who you are, you know, and they’re going to ask, what are you hiding behind the carpet that you’re not telling me anything about your business? Your customers are filing a dispute and you’re not doing anything about it. So it will have an impact on your recurring billing. Some issuers can blacklist you if they blackness and you will be able to accept credit cards from anybody. Yeah. And you’re presumed guilty. Absolutely.

2 (20m 21s):
Yeah. You don’t want to get on one of those black was I, I had a client who got blacklisted and lost this processing and he came to me and wanted to sell his website. And yeah. And so he had no processing. His sales went down to zero from a very high level. It was a bogus fraud claim. It wasn’t about chargebacks, but as he still got blacklisted and it took him about a month to get off the black list. So he could acquire processing again and not from the bank he was with. They wouldn’t take it. So that’s just a, it’s a mess. You get on one of those blacklists, good luck, your business, your business just lost a huge percentage of its worth.

3 (21m 7s):
When the merchant is approaching their chargeback threshold, sometimes banks will tell them, Hey, you need to give me a plan on how how’s it you’re planning and reducing the risk right now. What triggered to this risk? Why was the chargeback so high? So we work with actually merchants in the adult space when they are exceeding the chargeback ratios or when they are getting closer, we will put together a plan that they can actually submit to their payment processor as to the salt. We can help them lower the chargebacks. And we can also actually closely monitor them to ensure they are best practices to actually prevent some of these chargebacks. So, you know, we work with their banks and helping them continue their business. Because the last thing you want to do is receive a letter from your processor, stating that they can no longer accept, you know, your did it.

3 (21m 54s):
They can no longer accept you as a merchant. That’s can be very disastrous for your business.

2 (21m 59s):
No, that’s a, that’s not a good, not a good letter to have a wire besides the, what we’ve just talked about. Why do you think charge chargebacks, chargebacks are such a big problem in adult?

3 (22m 11s):
Well, as you know, you know, mostly I would say men are the ones who are subscribing for this. And when their partner looks at the credit card statement, and then the descriptor vast, we call it as it’s not identifiable. And they ask this person, Hey, what happened to this? Most of them? And I can say, we’ll say, Oh, I don’t even know. I don’t know what this is about. And then they don’t want to admit that they have subscribed for this. So their immediate thing is the partner will say, okay, call the bank and file a dispute. And they will do it. You know, you are in a space where people don’t want to openly admit that they are the ones opting for the subscription. As a result, you’re going to see a lot of chargebacks.

3 (22m 53s):
We call the adult industry, the high-risk industry, because a lot of people are going to be filing for chargebacks. And there are ways you can prevent them. And there are ways you can recover from it. And that’s where companies are. You know, a lot of companies hire us to do the work for them. Because at the end of the day, you have a business to run, right? You are experts at running your adult business. You’re not experts at controlling fraud and chargebacks. That’s where we come in and we are going to help you, you know, do your job better so that you are protected.

2 (23m 23s):
The best thing they could do. I would think even as if they’re a new website or if they don’t have a charge, backs, problem is bring you on and have you come up with a plan for them, right.

3 (23m 33s):
You’re just chilling, right? For example, you buy a car, you get insurance, right. From the first day, you don’t say, Oh, let me actually drive it for three months and then I’ll get an insurance. But you know, that’s, that’s not going to help. So you want to have the insurance right from the beginning, same applies here as well. You want to have a chargeback protection on the chargeback company, right? From the ghetto so that you are protected because what fraudsters are going to do is they’re going to actually go after the merchant, where are the weak spots, right? Because they are an easy target. They can actually attack you immediately. They know the big ones are going to have the team and they’re going to have all the fraud prevention tools in place that can eliminate the fraud. But they’re going to go to the smaller and the midsize merchants.

3 (24m 14s):
They know that they are the weak spots. So you don’t want to give them that opportunity.

2 (24m 18s):
Yeah. They’re going to test you. They’re going to test you for sure. Yeah. How would someone decide on whether or not to hire a chargeback management company like yours?

3 (24m 30s):
Great question. So when it comes to prevention, right? Unless, and until you have a dedicated person who can provide you the advice and the strategies, I know the tools, it can be challenging for you to do the prevention by yourself. And if you have an educated person to do that, then it’s going to be expensive because you need to look at the cost versus benefit. You know, if you have, for example, $10,000 in chargeback losses, I’m just throwing in a number in a month. You don’t want to pay somebody $7,000 to manage your chargebacks. Because having a full-time person who’s experienced in this industry is going to be expensive. And you might be paying anywhere between 7,000 to 10,000.

3 (25m 12s):
At the time you made that sort of just face the fraud rather than hiring the person. So that’s when companies decide to hire companies like us, because they don’t have to pay the premium, but they get the best advice and the strategies, because we don’t have to spend a lot of time for you to pay that full time price. That’s where they see the benefit. And as far as actually, the recovery is concerned. That is an art and a science, right? Every bank reacts differently. When you send a dispute package to them, proving your innocence. So you can have your in-house team, but under what costs, you have to train them constantly. And you cannot get a certified person because they are very expensive. You hire a lot of blue collar workers, and there is a high turnover for these kinds of jobs.

3 (25m 57s):
So at one end, you wanted to run your business. And if you are going to be managing the chargebacks, then where are you going to have the time to run your business? And I always use a classic example. If you have a plumbing leak, go and hire a plumber as a consultant to come and fix it, don’t make them a full-time employee.

2 (26m 16s):
That’s right.

3 (26m 18s):
Plumbers, full-time to fix the plumbing leak,

2 (26m 21s):
Right? Sometimes

3 (26m 24s):
It’s better to outsource because at the end of the day, your time is going to be well spent and growing your business and not to actually deal with the fraction of the problem, which is the chargebacks and fraud and let the experts do it. Because at the end of the day, we are going to actually help you prevent more. We have the tools and the strategies, and we are also going to actually be less expensive than your in-house staff.

2 (26m 47s):
Now, do you think anyone can eliminate a hundred percent of their chargebacks?

3 (26m 52s):
Absolutely not. The industry that we are in. We cannot eliminate a hundred percent, but we can minimize at least 50% of the chargebacks. If you have the right tools and the rest of the chargebacks, which are happening, we will help you recover the money by fighting them. So we will prevent what we can and whatever we cannot prevent, we will fight it and we will get the money for you. So at the end of the day, we are going to actually get you the maximum recovery for chargebacks and fraud.

2 (27m 21s):
Okay. And what are some simple things merchants can do to protect their business against charge backs?

3 (27m 28s):
So in the adult industry, I always actually tell the merchants that when you are sending an email confirmation to the merchant, that these are the terms of the sale, this is when you’re going to be built for recurring billing, save a copy of those order confirmation emails, because that is going to be the golden evidence. You need to win them to recover the chargebacks. And the second thing is use of fraud prevention tool. You know, if you are accepting massive amount of transactions, I would say, if you are accepting more than 5,000 transactions a month, you definitely need a fraud prevention tool that can eliminate some of the fraudsters from using a stolen credit card. And the third one is the simple thing is in your payment gateway, use the AVS and the CVV filters that can actually help you eliminate some of the stolen credit cards from being used.

3 (28m 14s):
So these three strategies can give you some kind of actually recovery and prevention, you know, on your transactions.

2 (28m 22s):
Well, don’t the banks all pretty much require 3d verifications. Now,

3 (28m 27s):
Unfortunately they don’t enforce it really? Yeah, they don’t enforce it. Some, you know, because in the adult industry, we considered the high-risk merchant space, right? When you work with a payment processor, those in the hightest space, they don’t enforce these policies that you need to accept. AVS. You need to have AMIA’s filter and CVV filter. They let the merchants decide. And whenever there is a new player in the adult space, they don’t know all these things. You know, they are going to simply accept the transactions, thinking they are secure, but they end up in a fraud and leading to revenue loss.

2 (29m 2s):
Okay. Excuse me, excuse me for being ignorant here. But wouldn’t logic say that risk merchants should be more likely to be required to do this stuff.

3 (29m 14s):
Great question. So a lot of merchants think if I have to enforce CVV and AVS, the address verification, then I might have to decline some customers. So they don’t want to take that risk because they think my cost of customer acquisition is going to go high. So I’m going to go ahead and actually, you know, disable those filters so that I can accept everybody until it’s too late for them. So, you know, you gotta be careful with that when you’re starting your business, or even if you’re an established merchants, you need to look at your chargeback ratios. If your chargeback issues are controllable, I can tell you with guarantee that at least you need to have one, one, or, you know, I would recommend both.

3 (29m 55s):
But if you think you don’t want to activate both the filters, at least have one filter on. If you disabled, both the filters, that’s actually a disaster waiting to happen.

2 (30m 4s):
Oh yeah, they can. They can pro bots can probably get you at that point.

3 (30m 9s):
Absolutely. And if you’re paying, you know, affiliates, you know, in the auto space, we have seen a lot of affiliates generating sale. These affiliates can also create bogus transactions.

2 (30m 22s):
There’s a lot of fraud that you help with that as well.

3 (30m 26s):
Absolutely. We help them track their fraud. So we had actually one of the merchants in the hightest space, they hired a lot of affiliates and there was one particular affiliate network, which was creating more than 4% chargebacks. And we actually won them the much and didn’t want to let them go. I told them, you have, you have an option here either. You can actually accept 4% chargeback, but your business will be shut down by next month. What do you want to do? Finally, they let go of the affiliates. So we also help them track affiliate fraud.

2 (31m 1s):
Good. That’s that’s really good. You know, when you talk about the security of credit card transactions, it never ceases to amaze me how you feel walking into a store and they don’t require a signature, a good deal of the time now. And I, you know, they, they talk so much about security and identity theft and this and that, but I don’t think the card companies are really helping themselves.

3 (31m 26s):
Well, right now, actually you might have seen in the credit cards, we have a chip integrated in the card, right? So if you will have, you’re running a retail store and somebody walks to your store and you ask them to insert the card rather than swiping, then the merchant is protected from fraud liability. Because according to the card networks, they’re saying nobody can clone a chip card. You know, it’s very challenging

2 (31m 53s):
Can clone it, but they can steal it.

3 (31m 56s):
Well, they can actually clone a card, but they can only use a magnetic Stripe to process the transaction. And that’s why they are telling all the merchants don’t accept magnetic, Stripe swipe. They are saying, Hey, could they call it an EMV terminal? Very, you have to insert the card and they are making it mandatory for all the merchants to have an EMV terminal. And that’s why a lot of this fraud is shifting online now because it is very difficult for a fraudster to use a stolen credit card in a retail store. So they are shifting.

2 (32m 30s):
Yeah. And I understand all that. And I certainly know what the, what the chip technology is, but it still amazes me that they don’t it with a signature anyway, because somebody could still steal your credit card and do a bunch of shopping. But anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Now. Now chargeback management is obviously a booming industry. There are other companies in the space. God forbid, why would someone choose chargeback gurus over one of your competitors?

3 (33m 2s):
But you know, you definitely want to work with a company who has been in the payments industry. Obviously, lot of people actually, I mean, quite a few have been in this industry thinking, Oh, I can even actually put together a chargeback package, open a chargeback company, and I can start offering the solution. Chargeback management is way beyond putting together a package and fighting a chargeback. If you truly want to work with a chargeback management company, work with a company that has been in the payments industry. They know the three 60 degree view of payments. That is very, very crucial. Why? Because they are the ones who can get you the best recovery. For example, you hiding the best lawyer versus a lawyer who just graduated out of college.

3 (33m 45s):
Why? Because experience counts for itself. They know the ins and outs of how to defend your case. So that’s a classic example I use when somebody asks you, why should they go with you? And also, you know, we come from a computer background and a data, data analytics background. If you have particular a solution such that it makes Ottawa sense. I tell my clients every month you will see the ROI on how many chargebacks we have prevented for you. How much money we ever covered for you. If what you are paying me is more than what I’m recovering you, you can walk away. We have one is to one guarantee that nobody is offered in this business so far, because I always ask myself, will I hire my own company?

3 (34m 30s):
If I am a merchant right now? And if my answer is, no, I wouldn’t be in this business.

2 (34m 36s):
And you know what, and you know what, Suresh, there’s so many people who don’t look at it that way, what they look at it is everybody’s a dollar sign and I want sales. And most people look at their companies that way. That’s, that’s, that’s the crazy part. And as a, as a marketing guy from way back, it drives me nuts. So I’m glad to hear that.

3 (34m 57s):
Absolutely. I value the relationship more than anything else. Audit reputation, you know, goes a long way. And we are hired by fortune 10 and fortune 500 clients. And the reason why they’re hiring us is because they have done all the due diligence they have compared our company with the rest of the players and they have chosen us. And obviously we all know enterprise companies go through a vigorous, you know, vendor selection process. They don’t make selections like that. Sometimes it can be even six months a year and we have been their favorite so far it’s because I tell them I don’t actually go by emotion. I go by data.

3 (35m 37s):
If the can prove that I’m doing a great job that will speak for itself. And I tell my merchants that look at my data, don’t look at me.

2 (35m 45s):
Yeah, yeah, no, absolutely. Absolutely. It should all be based on facts, unfortunately, that isn’t the way the world always works. Now, how has the chargeback landscape changed in the time you’ve been in it and where do you see it heading in the future?

3 (36m 1s):
So when I actually started in the, I mean started when we opened, charged by gross in 2014, the chargeback at that time, the global chargeback volume was anywhere between five to 6 million, five to 6 billion, sorry. And now we are actually approaching close to 30 billion. You can see the growth actually in the seven years. And it’s because the e-commerce transactions and mobile transactions are increasing, you know, increasing at a rapid pace. And even the traditional brick and mortar companies right now who have never thought of e-commerce are forced to think e-commerce because the COVID has actually changed the landscape.

3 (36m 46s):
And we all predict actually the COVID situation is going to continue until the end of 2021. So a lot of companies cannot withstand this kind of downtime and they have to think online, they cannot be just relying on brick and mortar store anymore. So the online transactions have tremendously increased and we have seen a 20% spike in chargebacks, just during the COVID period.

2 (37m 12s):
Yeah. I know you mentioned that. What is it now? I’m kind of curious, what’s your revenue model? How, if, if someone does business with you, how are you paid for your services?

3 (37m 25s):
Our services are very straightforward. We actually charge for every charge back. We prevent, I show them a proof that I have prevented a charge back on. If they have prevented, you pay me for it. And for every charge back that I touch, I actually, I recover. Then you pay me for it. It’s very true.

2 (37m 45s):
So what’s, it’s like on a percentage basis,

3 (37m 49s):
Actually, we go by a per chargeback basis for every chargeback. We prevent you pay a fee on for every charge back that I defend for you. You pay a fee, but the guarantee that we give you is a dollar, $2 guarantee, which is for every dollar you pay me, I guarantee I will at least get your dollar in return. But oftentimes clients have seen 200 to 400% get Ottawa when they hire themselves.

2 (38m 14s):
And even, even when you do do collection, it’s on a it’s on a fee basis. Not a percentage. Yes. Correct. Wow. That’s, that’s a great deal.

3 (38m 25s):
Absolutely. You know, a lot of us find it very valuable. And oftentimes actually in our merchants don’t know that is, there is a solution out there that can help them prevent and chargebacks, because for all e-commerce businesses, this is one of the biggest checks.

2 (38m 42s):

3 (38m 43s):
We have so glad we have helped. Lot of businesses prevent bankruptcies. You know, when I hear stories where I get calls from merchants saying, Hey, you know what? You guys have helped me prevent bankruptcy. That makes her date that makes her fight even more meaningful.

2 (38m 57s):
Oh yeah, absolutely. I had an interview yesterday with the gentleman in the billing space and I asked him what the biggest challenge. I said, I remember when I was immersion way back in the olden days, the biggest problems were fraud and charge backs. I said, what are the biggest problems? Now? He said, fraud and chargebacks. Yes, it doesn’t change. Yes. Yes.

3 (39m 20s):
It’s always the same. It’s an ever-growing problem. And merchants have to think creatively to solve the problem because the landscape is not going to be the same. We all know fraudsters are very creative. They are very smart. They try to outsmart the system and the strategies you have in place. So you need a team who can constantly think for you so that you can think on growing your business, not solving fraud and chargebacks.

2 (39m 45s):
Great. So we’re actually, I’m sold. How can someone get started with chargeback gurus or just find out more about your business?

3 (39m 52s):
Absolutely. They can always visit our website, chargeback goose.com, or they can email us VIN dot com, which is w I N a chargeback gurus.com. And they can, you know, let us know what the challenges are. And we get back to them within one business day and we’ll put together a team to solve their payment, pain points.

2 (40m 13s):
That’s awesome. So rash, I’d really like to thank you for being our guest today on an outside broker talk. And I hope we’ll get a chance to do this again. Really soon.

3 (40m 22s):
There was fat. Oh, you know, I want to thank you for having me on this podcast. I really enjoyed it and look forward to assisting your merchants and, you know, continuing our relationship with you.

1 (40m 32s):
My broker tip today is part seven of how to buy an adult website. Now, last week we talked about the agreement and escrow. So now you own the website. What do you do? Now? The first thing you should do is make sure you understand everything about the operation of the site. The previous owner will hopefully be available for a period of time to help you with this. As I mentioned last week, you should establish what the former owners participation will be after the sale, you’ll need to deal with production of new content processing, paying affiliates, and many other things. If you don’t have experience in these things, you may want to consider our general consulting firm, adult business consulting.

1 (41m 14s):
You can get more information on what this company does@adultbusinessconsulting.com. We help website owners, project manage and guide them to the right vendors. Maybe the previous owner had all the right elements, processing, hosting, payments, production, scripts, et cetera, or maybe they didn’t. We can help evaluate that for you. Let us know if we can help. Anyway, you’ll now be operating the website. If you don’t have someone like our general consulting company to help evaluate all of these items and everything. This side is spending money on and using to operate the website, make sure you’re getting a good deal.

1 (41m 54s):
And that these companies are providing the right service and check to see if you can do better. Hosting is a great example on something where people are often both overpaying and not getting the right service. Many times the server is just too slow. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reach out to us on our website next week. We’ll talk about how to sell a website. And next week we’ll be talking to Jason Maskell of Maskell limited.

0 (42m 24s):
And that’s it for this week’s adult side broker talk. I’d once again, like to thank my guests, Suresh Dakshina of Chargeback Gurus. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker, and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk, where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we’ll be talking to Chris Rodger of Payze.

1 (34s):
Adult Site Broker is proud to announce ASB cash, the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With ASB cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our broker commission referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at asbcash.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry. The free speech coalition has announced that Cal OSHA unanimously approved temporary emergency standards related to COVID-19 prevention. The order applies to all California employers.

1 (1m 14s):
FSC will host a town hall meeting on December 4th to address the industry’s questions and concerns. All employees are required to wear a face covering wall at work, except for specific tasks that cannot feasibly performed with a face covering. One would think performing would be one such task. Every workplace in California is required to have a COVID-19 prevention plan that can be shared with Cal OSHA and employees upon request and a COVID-19 exposure and a California workplace needs to be investigated and documented by the employer. If an employee is exposed at work and needs to quarantine, the employer must continue to provide salary and other benefits while that person is quarantined, regardless of whether they’re able to work from home, there are new specific regulations about the cleaning and precautions in employee housing and transportation, which may include model houses, production, houses, and drivers.

1 (2m 17s):
If provided by the production company or studio any visitor to your set, whether an employee, contractor, or vendor has the ability to report unsafe working conditions to Cal OSHA failure to comply with any of these can result in significant fines and extensive litigation. Naked sword will cap it’s year long, 20th anniversary celebration with a virtual party on Sunday, December 6th at 4:00 PM Pacific. It will be hosted by founder and CEO, Tim Valenti, and sister Roma, and we’ll feature a starry mix of industry and mainstream entertainment guests long-time naked sword director, mr.

1 (3m 0s):
Pam publicist mikes to bill and performers, Calvin banks, Bruce Beckam Theo for Dakota pain and Wesley woods are set to join comedian and drag star, Jackie beat comedian, Margaret Cho, and musician, Jake sheers among others, comedian and activist. Kathy Griffin is also on the guest list. Griffin was gifted an actual sword and dub swords woman of the year by the company. When she hosted an industry event over a decade ago, performer Allum, Wernicke, and directorates Chichi LaRue will serve a celebrity DJs for a program that will include hilarious clips and sexy performances and a special drag performance by miss pineapple, 2020 Gemini di Valenti said, it’s incredible to think that naked sword is 20 years old.

1 (3m 54s):
It’s amazing to see the company I started growing to what it is today. He said, it’s only fitting that we do a party to commemorate this moment and what a party it will be. Lal expo is announced a postponement of its February, 2021 show due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers have not confirmed a new date. We have made the best decision for all the attendees and exhibitors who support us year after year said co-founder and organizer Anthony Rivera. The Corona virus has forced us to change our lifestyle habits, social relationships, and work dynamics. And this includes attending mass events, Rivera added.

1 (4m 37s):
This is why the event in Columbia will not take place in February 21 and will possibly be scheduled for the middle or end of the year. Organizers hope the decision would ensure the eighth annual edition of Lal expo can be held smoothly and all its intended use will fully enjoy the conferences, seminars, national and international guests, exhibitions and parties. The first U S edition of Lal expo in Las Vegas has also been postponed without a firm reap schedule date, or various said. He hopes to have the support of the adult entertainment industry for the first us version of Lal expo, as well as the eighth version in Colombia, the shows are an opportunity for everyone and we’ve been named working for months to ensure everyone has an unforgettable experience.

1 (5m 27s):
He said, now let’s feature our property of the week. That’s for sale at adult site broker, we’re offering a sex toy review site dedicated to exploring sexuality and sharing and reviewing the authors favorite sex toys. The thing that really stands out as the extremely high quality content used throughout the site, most sites, especially review sites, use junk content. That is very obviously written just to rank for terms in Google. This site is written in the first person and as a joy to read the authors, take the reader on a journey, showing them which toys that they find the most enjoyable and explaining how to best use them. The rankings in Google are high because Google has rewarded this site due to the quality of the content.

1 (6m 13s):
It’s also a nicely diversified site in terms of revenue. It’s from a good mix of affiliate offers. So the business doesn’t hinge on only one main program. The site is also very diversified in terms of traffic to individual pages. The most trafficked page on the site only makes up 14% of the traffic. So it’s not dependent on just one page ranking. Well, all content is exclusive. Nothing has been taken from elsewhere. Pretty much all of the traffic comes from organic Google results, no ad or traffic buying has ever taken place. This is an outstanding opportunity for the new owner. If they want to further boost the traffic, this outstanding sex toy review site is available for only $225,000.

1 (7m 2s):
Now time for this week’s interview,

2 (7m 4s):
I guess today on adults, I broke your talk is Chris Rodger of haze, AKA evil, Chris, Hey Chris, thanks for being with us today on the adult side, broker tough. Hey Bruce, good to hear from you. How are you doing fantastic, Chris? Now Chris is an industry vet who joined the adult business way back in the nineties, and it must make you really old. He has an extensive background in affiliate program and traffic management. We had a hand in launching some of the earliest solar girl sites in the olden days and later managed affiliate programs before entering into the billing space. In 2011, after that he managed the affiliate programs, triple X cash and teen revenue.

2 (7m 50s):
For many years, he also used to have his own forum. Remember those, it was called X nations. I liked that one as a sales director at paise that’s spelled P a Y Z E. Chris works with his clients and find some better and more efficient ways to process their high risk transactions. Now, Chris, let’s start out with, you have the moniker of evil, Chris, which knowing you for so long. I don’t think you have an evil bone in your body. So how did you get that handle on the first place? Oh, well, you know, back when I first got involved with the industry, I worked with a very good friend of mine, whose name was also Chris and his nickname ended up becoming good, Chris, but in the end, I think that, I think that he was the evil one and, and I was the good one, but, but yeah, it, it, it’s just, I was the office manager among other titles when we first

3 (8m 56s):
Got started back in, you know, 99, 2000. And, and when you’re in that position, you you’re the one who usually, you know, sets the rules and makes the decisions and hires and fires. And it was, it was just, I, you know what, I needed a nickname for the boards too. So somebody gave that to me. So I was like, fine, whatever. I, you know, I don’t really even use it very much anymore. I still have it at, at, at the expos forums. And I still have it at a, a G F Y, but that’s about it now.

2 (9m 31s):
So they still, I know it’s the same. So people, the old, old timers like us, no, no, no, it’s the same.

3 (9m 37s):
Got it. You know what, there’s a producer over at evil angel who goes by the name of evil Chris now, and he can have it, you know?

2 (9m 49s):
No, no, no, no, no. I think we’ve got a lawsuit here coming from California, man. We Sue with about everything. So I, I think, I think you’ve got a case here, Chris. I really do

3 (9m 59s):
Well. Here’s the funny thing people have hit me up out of the blue saying, Hey, did you do this and this and this, the other for this movie. And I’m like, what? No, I don’t do content anymore. I don’t produce anymore. And I’m sure it’s the other way is true as well that he’s been hit up and say, Hey, you look, Chris, you know, how are you doing? He’s probably like, I don’t know who you are. Mistaking one another. So

2 (10m 25s):
Too funny. Now, I guess this isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve had some, some experience in radio in the past.

3 (10m 34s):
Oh, you know what, when I was in, in the military, I, I did a career in the military and I was in my spare time over in Germany, I would do some radio announcing for the network over there. So cause what they did was they had paid announcers during the day and then they had volunteer announcers in the evenings. And I got involved in that pretty early when I got over there, I thought that was really cool. So I did that and I had a, like a, an evening show once a week. And then I would sometimes substitute for some of the paid guys and they would pay me when I was substituting during the day.

3 (11m 16s):
So yeah. And it was fun. It was, I did, I did an oldies show. I did a, a metal show for a little while and yeah, I enjoyed that quite a bit

2 (11m 27s):
Video. It was a lot of fun. There’s no two ways about it. I spent a good deal of my life in it or I should say it used to be like everything else. Now it’s all corporate and stay then, you know, it’s not what it used to be. Now. Why don’t you talk about when you got into the industry and what led you to join the business?

3 (11m 48s):
You know, it was pretty simple. I, I was still serving and you know, in my spare time I was goofing around on the computer that I had and I ended up buying a modem at one point, this going back to like, I don’t know, 95 or something. And I just got involved with some local BBS, you know, call in services, get to chatting with people and make some new friends and play some online, simple online games. And, and that was it, you know? And I, and I met a couple people who were putting up these, you know, adult oriented types type pages and home pages, which were starting to do really, really well.

3 (12m 30s):
And when we got together, I came up with some good ideas for them and one thing led to another and you know, we all started making money at a certain point there, back in the late nineties. And I just made a decision, you know what I’m going to, I’m going to go into business with, with this guy and, and, and we’re gonna make some money and see where, where it leads us. You know, it felt like it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. Sure. So that’s about it. And you know, that lasted for a few years, we had a really good time. We had, we had some great success with that. And then, you know, the company kind of went in different directions and I went into a new direction.

3 (13m 10s):
I started managing affiliate programs and, and some affiliate traffic that went on for many years. And, and eventually I landed in the building vertical with, with the guys at pace. And I’ve been doing that for going on 10 years now.

2 (13m 29s):
Yeah. You kind of joined some old friends there, didn’t you?

3 (13m 33s):
Yeah. You know what the pace team is comprised of of certainly certainly industry veterans and, you know, a good amount of our guys come, came from the old CC bill days and, and some others are some seriously successful webmasters from days gone by. So it’s a very knowledgeable group that, that really knows the industry very well. And so we do all right. I CA I have to say there are a great group of guys to work with and work for.

2 (14m 12s):
Now, you have the title of sales director kind of led me into my next question or one of my next questions. The people there are such as you say, veterans, how, how much management do you actually have to do? And then what are your as sales director? What is besides placing people into merchant accounts yourself? What are your duties?

3 (14m 41s):
Well, the title itself is just that a title, you know, I mean, we’re, we’re really, we’re all, all of us sales guys in the end. Right. And, and, and so what that means is that we’re always looking for new clients to place and, and work with and get their own merchant accounts for them. So, yeah, my, my duties is, is just to get out there and go to shows, generate leads, meet new people, and, you know, target those who I think would be a great fit for what we could do for them. Right. And just close accounts and get people set up at banks.

2 (15m 24s):
Now, what, what would be the advantage of working with Pais over say some of the other companies out there?

3 (15m 35s):
Yeah. You know, that, that could be a simple question to answer or a complicated one and I’ll, I’ll try not to overcomplicate it, but what, what having your own merchant account is great for is having a lot more control over how you bill for your goods, right? So you, you know, some people do prefer to have a third party involved to take care of all their billing for them. And some people like to have a very hands-on approach when it comes to their billing, the control, and the, the, the ability to change things quickly on the fly without having to request it and, or to not have to wait for your, to get paid based on how some, you know, the schedule of someone else paying you.

3 (16m 27s):
There’s, there’s really a ton of things evolved. And, and, you know, there’s different scripts and things that we, we can offer to our clients. Certainly those who are on NATS, we have a very good relationship with, with John over at knots and their entire team. In fact, our core team is based out of New Jersey, just a 15 minute drive from, from the guys at NATS. So it’s cool. We’ve worked very closely with them over the years

2 (16m 54s):
Now, beyond having your own merchant account, you and I both know that there are a lot of options for people out there. Let’s say you’re talking to a merchant and they’re talking to, you know, billing process or grant brand X and billing processor brand. Y what, in addition to those scripts, you talked about in the end, the relationship with gnats, why else would they do business with you?

3 (17m 26s):
You know, billing always comes down to relationships and trust too. There aren’t a whole lot of people out there who will do business with a complete stranger, certainly where their money is concerned. So, you know, we pride ourselves on, as I mentioned, being veterans of the industry that most, everybody knows somebody on our team and certainly, probably many of us. So there’s that to keep in mind. But we also look at the individual situation of the, of the client. Where’s their billing coming from? What kind of traffic do they receive?

3 (18m 7s):
You know, what’s their risk level and so on, right? Some people out there will look for a certain kind of client and not hesitate to take them on regardless of the risk involved. And then there are others who just look at the overall picture of their company and go, well, you know, I don’t know if I can, you know, safely handle 300 chargebacks in a month from you, you, you see where I’m going with this absolute, there are just some, some people out there based on, on the, the type of business that they, they they’re doing that, you know, do I really want to take something like that on, and I’ll tell you, I look at the content as well, certain types of content.

3 (18m 58s):
I just won’t go near, right?

2 (18m 60s):
No, I get it. I get it. Now you got to be selective. There’s been two ways about it, especially in billing, because things can blow up very, very quickly. And, you know, you talked about your team. I won’t, you got guys like Hank Freeman and Doug Wix as the owners. I don’t think it gets any more solid than that. Those are, those are two fabulous standup guys in our industry.

3 (19m 22s):
Absolutely. Absolutely. And the prospect of joining that team about 10 years ago, when I ran into Hank, out of Phoenix forum, I was very excited to, to, to possibly join that team. And about six months later, it, it became a reality and I was, I was very happy, so yeah. And I continue to be fantastic.

2 (19m 46s):
Yeah. I don’t, I don’t see people leave there. I just don’t see people leave there. How about we talk about billing in general and how it’s changed over the years.

3 (19m 55s):
You know, the, the big thing about it is in the earliest years of, of the industry, most people were using, you know, whatever third-party service that they could get them on board with. Basically the SIM, the simplest answer was, was the best answer for them. And as time has gone on, you know, more people are using a combination of third-party billing plus their own merchant account. And that’s the kind of scenario that I would, I recommend for most merchants out there is to take a healthy combination of the two certainly should have more than one billing mechanism in place.

3 (20m 37s):
Yes. On top of other things like alternative billing, which we never used to have, you know, there was checking and, and, and that was considered alternative billing back way back when, but now it’s, it’s, you know, more or less considered more normal, but there’s cryptocurrency now and there’s, there’s debit. And, and there’s a, there’s several other things that people can use. So I think how it’s changed the most is kind of twofold. Now you have way more choice of, of how you want to bill and who you want to build with. And just the, the, the, the rules for, for billing are much more stringent than they used to be as well.

3 (21m 26s):
So there’s, you know, there’s, it’s, it’s not that difficult, but you know, you still have to have your ducks in a row and you have to be serious about, about what you’re doing to be able to do it right

2 (21m 42s):
Now. Like everything else it’s matured.

3 (21m 45s):
Now, now

2 (21m 46s):
Some of the challenges online payment companies face these days, I can say that, is it still the traditional stuff like fraud, chargebacks, et cetera, or are there, is there anything else that is a real challenge right now for companies like yours?

3 (22m 1s):
You know, what you just mentioned are, are two, the big ones, right there, fraud is a big deal and, and charge backs are another. And people also look to us for advice on, on traffic as well. Now, I, you know, you did say that I manage traffic and traffic programs back in the day. And those were very different days. I really, in this age of the tube, I don’t have this really don’t carry the same knowledge when it comes to that. Because by the time the tubes really hit, I was out of the affiliate, you know, management position. And, and I was on two different things.

3 (22m 42s):
Good battle, good band too, by the way. Hey, you know what, that’s funny you say that because the very first concert I ever went to was the tubes.

2 (22m 52s):
There you go. You know, you know what, my first concert, my first concert was, you want to see what a big one, an old fart I am,

3 (22m 59s):
Glenn Miller, ah,

2 (23m 2s):
Fuck. You know, the monkeys.

3 (23m 6s):
They weren’t even a band as a TV show.

2 (23m 9s):
So you were talking about traffic before I threw you off base there, we were talking about challenges. I mentioned you were talking about the tubes and how that’s changed.

3 (23m 21s):
Yeah. And just that actually you’d asked me about the challenges and what you said made perfect sense would fraud is a big one and there are different services out there to prevent and actively fight against fraud. You know, there’s, there’s content theft, another one, which a lot, a lot of content producers worry about or are looking at every day. And chargebacks are always something that certainly we at at pays and other billers look at constantly just to make sure that their clients are, are not, you know, exceeding those thresholds.

2 (24m 14s):
Yeah. And the thresholds in recent years have gotten more stringent from the, from the card companies.

3 (24m 22s):
Yep. They sure have

2 (24m 24s):
What what’s been. What have been the repercussions of that? There’ve been a lot of people who’ve been checked out. No,

3 (24m 31s):
But you know, people have had fines, you know, due to, due to excessive chargebacks and they’ll have, you know, they have to take measures to prevent further charge back issues. And you know, it can happen due to, you know, when there’s many different reasons why you charge backs can go up or, or hopefully come down, but there are services out there that can help you with, you know, taking a customer, be it to, you know, a real true reason for a chargeback or, you know, some kind of friendly fraud charge back and you know, not make it go against your thresholds.

3 (25m 14s):
I recommend,

2 (25m 17s):
Oh yeah, absolutely. You want to do everything you can to keep things clean. What’s a typical five, by the way. I hadn’t heard about that.

3 (25m 25s):
Well, it varies on, you know, on the, on the risk assessment, but it just depends. Okay.

2 (25m 33s):
Okay. What’s the, what’s the largest fine. You’ve heard of

3 (25m 36s):
$25,000. Ouch.

2 (25m 40s):
Okay. That’s a fun, wow.

3 (25m 44s):
One I’ve heard of, but that’s, that is a big one. It is.

2 (25m 47s):
Yes, it is. Well, I guess the company’s big enough. It’s pretty easy to absorb that. If we’re, if we’re talking about, we’re talking about a mind geek or somebody like that, and they get a $25,000 fine, they take it out of their side pocket. So, you know, deal if it’s a mom and pop that’s and that’s another thing. Is there anything new coming up at Pais that our listeners should know about?

3 (26m 12s):
I’ll tell you at the next show. Oh, come

2 (26m 14s):
On the next show. When the hell is that going to be,

3 (26m 19s):
When do you think it will be? Oh God, no, to be honest, they think it’ll be

2 (26m 24s):
Late 20, 21

3 (26m 27s):
Really late 20, 21. Okay. You’re not as optimistic as I am.

2 (26m 32s):
No, I’m actually, I’m being realistic because of the, the situation, especially with the United States and Europe is getting worse again, as, but because of what’s happening in America. I mean, I, as an American citizen, I probably won’t be able to go to anything. And if I leave Thailand, when I come back, I ask this, I have to go through a 14 day government quarantine. It’s insane, but you know what? There’s no, COVID here. We can talk. We can talk all day about that.

2 (27m 11s):
I’m actually going to be, I’m actually going to be working today on an article for medium about COVID in Thailand versus the way the U S has handled it. So should be very interesting. I’ll let you know when it’s done

3 (27m 28s):
Know you

2 (27m 30s):
Used to be very involved with sites and affiliate programs. And now you’re on the billing side. Talk about pay sites and the affiliate model. And I’ve heard some of our industry say that both or either dead or dying. Tell me what you think.

3 (27m 44s):
Well, they’re not dying and they’re not dead. There’s still lots of affiliates out there, but it isn’t the huge amount that there once was. Okay. But there’s plenty of affiliate programs out there that are still to be joined and you can promote this and that, whatever you like, people are a lot more savvy right now. I’ll give you an example. So I was prospecting around for some clients. It was on a tube and I saw a site that I hadn’t heard of. And I’m like, Oh, what’s that? And I wonder, well, maybe it’s, it’s a part of a network, you know, of a, of a mega program that’s out there.

3 (28m 26s):
So I typed, I just typed in the URL and it popped up on and only fans page interest. I thought, Oh, that’s, that’s interesting. No, it redirected somehow from the URL to the same page, the promo page, I’d only fence. So I thought that was pretty interesting way of, of promoting, you know, someone promoting themselves, whether it was probably a paid spot, you know, on the, the, the tube I happened to be on.

2 (28m 60s):
That is interesting. That’s very good.

3 (29m 3s):
Got to get creative now, you know?

2 (29m 5s):
Yeah. But I mean, where do you see pay sites versus where they were five years ago?

3 (29m 13s):
I mean, they’re both there, they’re still in line with what they were five years ago. I mean, pay sites are still very popular when somebody wants to see something, you know, specific, right. They’re willing to pay for it. And you know, and that’s true for all niches. Of course, you can go to a tube and see a lot of free things, but you’re limited to what the tube offers you. And I know there’s a lot of content on them, but you know, if you want to see very specific, highly produced content, you go to a pay site.

2 (29m 55s):
Absolutely. Now, what do you see the effects from COVID-19 having on our industry short and long-term

3 (30m 3s):
Well, short-term, it’s been, it’s been good for, for the industry. Overall numbers, numbers are up this year just about everywhere. And if they’re not, you know, I don’t know what you’re doing wrong, but you know, people are doing well. Now that a lot of people are saying, well, it’s not going to last and be, you know, w you know, people get ready for the crash, but I don’t know if there’s going to be a crash per se. It may, you know, slowly go down to, you know, regular levels. But overall it’s been, it’s been an okay year for people in the industry online.

3 (30m 45s):
How about long-term regarding COVID, long-term, it’s hard to say, yeah, it is. I don’t even want to venture a guess, other than saying the bigger numbers probably won’t stay that way. They’ll probably, you know, eventually come down slowly to more regular levels.

2 (31m 7s):
Yeah, I know. It’s I know it’s really put a crimp on, on, on people’s production that’s for sure.

3 (31m 14s):
Yeah. I can see that. And at the same time, I don’t have any numbers on this, but I would, I would guess that a lot of new cam models have come online during COVID.

2 (31m 27s):
Oh yeah, absolutely. No. It’s I can, I can confirm that from talking to some of the camera operators, you know, another thing that’s, that’s kinda, that’s kind of interesting and it, it’s interesting to hear you say that you haven’t seen the crash, or you haven’t seen things come down. There are so many people out of work in the United States, especially, but all over the world, you know, industries like the tourist industry have been decimated here. My God, I live in a tourist town. It’s it’s like a ghost town, which for somebody who lives there, isn’t really too terribly bad to lay on the beach.

2 (32m 10s):
Like I did yesterday and not have anybody there except me and a woman giving, giving me a foot massage. But I’ve kinda surprised. And I would imagine you are to that with a lot of people, not having paychecks and not even getting relief from the government and the States that things haven’t come back down.

3 (32m 34s):
Yeah, you’re right. And it’s affected, you know, a lot of different sectors, hotels, restaurants, you know, I’ll, I’ll suffering quite a bit. I, I tell you what, I haven’t had this much takeout my entire life. I see it as a good way of supporting, you know, my favorite local restaurants through Uber and other services. So I’m, I’m happy to do that. We here just went back on like what we w they’re calling a code red boat. Oh, I dunno. About three weeks ago, we went back to code red. But before that, the restaurants were open with limited seating, you know?

3 (33m 18s):
And so I, my family and I were able to get out one time for dinner. So that one time was the one time since March, that the three of us had gone out for dinner and it was a Friday night. And we went in there and it was about 10% capacity, even though they were allowed to go way more than that, the place was just really dead and quiet, which we didn’t mind. People are worried. People don’t want to die. Yeah. So that, that was that. And then about a week later, everything went back to red again. So they, they weren’t even allowed to let anybody in. So I’m actually glad we got a one time, but I know <inaudible> yeah.

2 (34m 3s):
Devastating for the restaurants. It’s really terrible. I might, you know, my heart goes out to all those people all, all over the world or, or gone through this, but I see it here. So many places, shuttered, it’s not even funny. They’re dependent on tourism. And there is no tourism. There hasn’t been any tourism since March. So imagine that it’s

3 (34m 23s):
God, it’s like the live entertainment industry has taken a massive hit now, too. You know, sports, all that stuff where we’re large gatherings are supposed to take place. I’ve got concert tickets on my, in my phone right now in my Apple wallet that I don’t know how long they’re going to sit there, but you know, the band has said, they’re gonna, they’re gonna reschedule. So I started with what band? Pearl jam. Oh, cool. Wow. Yeah, my son and I were supposed to go last March. Oh, how cool. How old is your son? 17. Oh, that’s so cool. To be able to share that with him.

3 (35m 4s):
Yeah. That would have been his first Pearl jam show.

2 (35m 7s):
Oh, shit. Right on. That’s cool.

3 (35m 10s):
We’ll get there. I’m optimistic.

2 (35m 13s):
You gotta be, you gotta, I’m optimistic, but I’m also realistic. So when you asked me before we started this, when I thought we’d see shows, I’ll actually, it was during this, but I know when you, when you asked me when I thought we’d see shows again, I’m trying to be optimistic because for instance, the European summit keeps moving their dates back and I think that’s going continue. I really do. It’s. Yeah. Thank God. There are now approved vaccines. I don’t know if you heard about the Moderna one, which is there’s about 95% effective, which is there’s a wet dream. That’s crazy. Cause they said, if it’s 60% effective, it would be great.

2 (35m 57s):
And they’re talking 95, which is incredible. So that’s the beginning of the end of this thing. Hopefully, hopefully it will metastasize and mutate or whatever the word is and it gets mutate and how the new strain that makes the vaccine you enough work that would suck. Where do, where do you see this business going in the long run, Chris. Now, many people predicted this demise. We talked about the tubes, actually two sites, not bans when they became all the rave, we knew that didn’t happen, that it killed the business.

2 (36m 38s):
So what do you see ahead?

3 (36m 40s):
You know, it’s hard to see too far ahead, but what something I believe is going to happen is, well, right now, you know, what we’ve seen is a lot of models going online and taking care of their own business. Right? And so, you know, most of them, quite frankly, to limited success, but I think what we’re going to see in the future is, is companies that are gonna pop up that are going to be able to manage those models and help them to make more money, be it by, you know, live shows online and getting more eyeballs in front of them or helping them with their content sales.

3 (37m 24s):
And, and that’s a little bit of a throwback to the very beginning of the industry, how I got involved, where, you know, we, we were managing a lot of girls sites because I don’t want to exclude guys, but I’m just saying we manage these amateur girl next door kind of sites where, you know, all they really had to do was create their content and put it online. And we did the rest. Now, there are some people out there that do this now, obviously, but I think that’s going to increase a little more and certainly from a marketing aspect where, you know, these models are going to get more eyeballs on their, on their stuff, which ordinarily they wouldn’t be able to get on their own without spending a ton of money on, on a marketing budget.

3 (38m 9s):
So I do think that you’ll see more of a, of a, of a managed service coming in the future. Interesting where models will be a little more receptive to letting someone else take over their marketing and, and whatever. It could be some kind of shopping cart where yeah. Take care of my billing, take care of my, my content management, take care of my marketing, you know, all of that for whatever fee that comes up because it’s tough. It’s tough to do it all by yourself. Yeah. Yeah.

2 (38m 44s):
I understand. Especially if you’re a model, you’re probably not a business person. There are exceptions there I’ve talked to some exceptions, but I’ve had some contact me through my general consulting company that were acceptions, who said, Hey, I want more help. It’s for the most part they’re models, they’re not business people. So,

3 (39m 6s):
I mean, I’ll give you an example. There’s up here, you know, you’ve got someone like, like Kenny B, for example, who, who runs your pay side partner. Right. I think that’s a, that’s a great business model. This is very helpful to, to, to those who come to him. He helps out with a lot of, a lot of the heavy lifting where websites are concerned and, you know, marketing and billing and content management and site maintenance and the list goes on. So somebody like Kenny and, and your pay site partners is a very good example of what I’m talking about, work with, with regards to management, where people just want to get involved, they want to make money and they don’t really want to worry about, you know, a lot of headaches or what they consider maybe headaches involved.

3 (39m 59s):
Sure, sure. Yeah. And he does a great job with it. So if anybody out there needs that kind of a thing, check that out.

2 (40m 8s):
Absolutely. Does he, does he handle individual models?

3 (40m 13s):
Yeah. Hey, sites, individual models. Sure.

2 (40m 17s):
I like people with only 10 sites.

3 (40m 20s):
Pardon me with only one people with only fans pages that I don’t know, he shows cause only fans in itself is a sort of, they do limited management. Right. Limit limited. Yeah.

2 (40m 37s):
Yeah. Very limited. I think those, those platforms all, I think for the most part, they’re just a consolidators. Okay. Now let’s now let’s get to the most serious topic we’ve talked about so far, we’ve talked about the industry talked about COVID we’ve talked about a lot of things now, Chris, I know you’re a huge hockey fan being from Toronto. You’ve come upon it naturally. I think, I think when, when Canadians are born it’s mommy, daddy hockey, or maybe it’s mommy hockey. Daddy. I’m not sure. So you’re a fan of your beloved Mayfield maple leaks.

2 (41m 17s):
No, I know they were doing really fantastic for a while. When the cup, I know you were really happy when the cup didn’t they win the cup. Oh, okay. Well I just, I just granted them the cup anyway. Sorry about that. That’s why not? They went deep in the playoffs, at least. I hope so. As you see, all right. Maybe not, I’m not a hockey person, obviously. So maybe you can give us your state of the Leafs report.

3 (41m 49s):
You hear the crickets? No, it’s

2 (41m 51s):
Look, I do. You

3 (41m 53s):
Know what it’s like, you know what it’s like with being a sports fan? I mean, you got to stick with your team through the thick and thin and, and some years are better than others. And, and you know, for the past four or five years it’s been, it’s been encouraging. We’ve had, we have, we’ve had better results, better players, better team. The Toronto maple Leafs are kind of like the, the it’s like the center of the hockey universe. You know, although maybe many Montreal Canadians fans would disagree with me and it would be a good debate, but definitely, you know, the Leafs are like the Dallas Cowboys, you know, and football, although Dallas has, has won a few championships since 1967.

3 (42m 42s):
And that’s the last time the Leafs won the Stanley cup, but it was, it was, I’ll tell you this. I’m very happy with the, with, with what’s going on changes. There’s going to be a lot of changes when they do start up the next season. I enjoyed watching the, the, the condensed playoffs from the two bubble cities. They did it in Toronto and Edmonton played in a bubble and they made it, you know, even, even from the outside, we were like, Oh, they’re never going to get it going. They got it going. And then we start saying all the never be able to finish. And they finished and they crowned a new Stanley cup champion and hopefully they never have to do it that way again, but it was still cool to watch.

3 (43m 26s):
I, it was kinda surreal with nobody in the stands. Now we’re all kind of used to it now, but yes,

2 (43m 34s):
We’re used to the can crowd noise on all our sports. Hey man, I may know now I may not know a lot about hockey, but asked me about, about baseball and the NFL and just get ready to sit down for a few hours. So stuck to especially giants baseball as you know.

3 (43m 54s):
So while we’re tailing off on the hockey that anybody out there, who’s a Tampa Bay fan, congratulations on winning the cup this year, you know, for any kid growing up in Canada, it’s no small feat to win that thing. And in my opinion, it’s the toughest to trophy in all pro sports to win. Cool.

2 (44m 15s):
And, and let me just, and let me just say that anybody who’s the Los Angeles Dodger fan, fuck you. Anyway. So, so tell me about Chris Roger away from work, besides watching the Leafs, what do you like to do in your spare

3 (44m 29s):
Time? Oh, you know what, I’m not a guy that plays a lot of video games. I’m a little bit on my tablet. Well, you know, I watch a lot of sports on TV as you know, and I play softball every year and an old man’s executive league, which is a lot of fun. And we did get, we did get through a season this year with some modified rules. Yeah. It was, it was good and not one positive test to COVID the entire summer. So we did all right. I like to read a lot and you know, if I’m, if I don’t have my head in a book, I’m, I’m, I Wiki everything.

3 (45m 12s):
I love Wiki, you know, no matter what I’m doing, I always, you know, and I get stuck on Wiki sometimes for hours, I’ll read up on this and then I’ll read up on that person. And so, yeah, I I’m, I’m kind of a Wiki Hollick Hey, do me a favor next time. You’re going to look something up, give me a little notice and I’ll go online and change it. Okay. Are you an editor you remember back in the day DMO Z? Yes. So it was kind of like, it was kind of like Wiki for it for adult sites. And I was one of the editors and they used that, you know, they use that, that database of <inaudible> and then they fed it to different search engines.

3 (46m 2s):
So a lot of, a lot of the editors were guys like myself who owned our own little doorway sites and link lists and stuff. So of course we listed ourselves of course, for a little extra traffic, but yeah, I wanted to actually ask about that earlier if you’d heard of de MAs. Cause that was an interesting little project. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. A little bit before my time on the, on the internet, but I do certainly. And I’m certainly aware of it. Well, Hey, Chris really liked to thank you for being our guest today on don’t say broker talk and I hope we’ll get a chance to do this again really soon. My broker

1 (46m 41s):
Today is part six of how to buy an adult website. Last week, we talked about the sales agreement. So now both you and the seller have signed the agreement. What comes next? There needs to be an escrow setup where you send the money, whether it be a one-time payment or a deposit. If you’re going to be making payments. Now, this has done about half the time. These days, the seller for their part puts the assets of the sale into escrow, namely the domains being sold and any other tangible assets that can be put into escrow. Your attorney can give you more information on that. We recommend escrow domains for us grows. There are a firm out of Washington, DC, and no, they’re not paying me to say this.

1 (47m 25s):
I just use them, trust them. And I’m delighted by the work done for us. Either an escrow agreement will be drawn up by them in the case of a customer escrow, or if it’s a simple one, it could be set up on their website. Then you, the buyer, the seller and the broker will be contacted by escrow domains with further instructions, such as wiring information, the escrow is opened and either the deal closes within a matter of a few days or an inspection period is allowed. It all depends on what the agreement calls for, whether you need an inspection period really depends on whether there is still some information you need to find out prior to the deal, closing your brokering.

1 (48m 7s):
Your attorney can advise you more on this and it’s on a case by case basis. Then the money is transferred as are the domains and the deals closed. Now in many cases, in fact, most of the time, the seller either stays on board for a period of time to help with the transition, or at least as available on an on-call basis to answer questions. This is something most buyers should ask for. But at this point you pretty much own the website. What do you do now? We’ll talk about this subject more next week and next week we’ll be talking to Suresh, DEC Sheena, the CEO of chargeback guru.

0 (48m 48s):
And that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank my guest, Chris Rodger of Payze. Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker. I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites. This week we’ll be talking to Patrick of FeetFinder. Adult Site Broker is proud to announce Adult Site Broker Cash the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With Adult Site Broker Cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our Broker commission, referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker.

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Check our website at adultsitebroker.com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry. PornHub has announced that Kira Noir has joined porn Hub’s brand ambassador team, and a new role Noir while we will appear in future porn hub campaigns represent the platform at various events and engaged with pornhub’s audience to grow the brand awareness. PornHub VP Corey price said we’re thrilled to welcome Kara Noah to the porn hub family. As one of our brand ambassadors, Kara is a strong, passionate woman who has a great sense of humor. We were really drawn to her confidence and fierce ambition.

0 (1m 35s):
She embodies our commitment to celebrating individuality and self expression above all else. Cara has built a devout following across social media. She shares in our desire to grow the PornHub brand by building meaningful relationships with new and existing users. We can’t wait to show our fans what we have planned together to months after warning of a surgeon malvertising fraud, targeting Adult websites, internet security experts have determined that the bad actors behind it, or have switched tactics from exploit kit delivery to social engineering via a fake Java updates screen malvertising or a bad actor sneak malicious codes, and to supposedly legitimate banner ads on legitimate websites made a come back this year is people spend more time online and visiting Adult sites security firm Malwarebytes explain the initial stage of this campaign, which they dubbed mouse smoke as ads that redirect visitors to sites that serve malicious code.

0 (2m 41s):
When viewed with internet Explorer or Adobe flash, the code can exploit critical vulnerabilities and unpatched versions of internet Explorer. Malwarebytes. Initially warned that Malwarebytes announced that starting mid-October the threat actors behind mouse smoke appear to have a phased out The exploit kit delivery. Chain’s in favor of social engineering scheme. Instead, the new campaign is tricking visitors to Adult websites with a fake Java update. This change is significant according to the security firm, because it drastically increases the target audience no longer limiting it to the internet Explorer users running outdated software.

0 (3m 25s):
One of the largest Adult sites targeted by the malvertising hackers, according to Malwarebytes is X.

1 (3m 32s):
Oh, be careful out there. All right.

0 (3m 35s):
Past Adult Site Broker Talk guessed. Lance Hart is the subject to the latest interview by LGBTQ pop culture and news publication instinct, where he discussed his influential career path. Instincts Ryan shade described Hart as a Jack of all trades in the industry for several years now with no signs of stopping anytime soon, he is a great example of excelling in front of and behind the camera while also being part of a porn power couple with his gorgeous wife, Charlotte Harte told instinct that Akido is ongoing. Success is independently owned his own company per vow. He said I’d been focused on making my own content ever since I started in the Adult space.

0 (4m 20s):
Getting paid bookings as a performer has always just been a bonus as a producer who funds all my content from my own sales, I can keep going as much as I want. I never have to count on anyone else giving me work. Heart described as trend-setting career path smashing the barriers between different sides of the industry in practical terms at first gay porn was the only part of the industry that offered, paid work to me. So when the work was a fit, I would take it. He told that to instinct, then transport became more popular and those gigs started coming to me a couple of years ago. Devil’s films put a lot of work into making by porn, a relevant thing.

0 (5m 2s):
So that’s helped. I feel like I identify more as by than anything else. So I’m happy about that. Last part,

1 (5m 8s):
Hard at it. Now time for

0 (5m 10s):
A property of the week that is for sale at Adult

1 (5m 13s):
Site, Broker, we’re proud

0 (5m 15s):
To offer for sale and novelty, manufacturer and website with pop culture, theme, silicone products, their products are niche yet relevant to mainstream audiences and are incredibly shareable is evident by the hundreds of articles written about the brand on outlets, such as Playboy, vice Buzzfeed, Mashable, penthouse, lad, Bible, Cosmo, Nerdist refinery, 29, pop sugar, and more. They also have a diehard community have more than 40,000 social media followers. In addition to their email list of over 10,000, all traffic to the website is self-created no ads had been purchased.

0 (5m 56s):
A traffic has all social and direct. This company cannon has been run by two people part-time, or it could be scaled up or merged with a much larger company with very minimal effort. The company has incredible potential for expansion, but it also has a solid four years of history of year over year growth and a huge community of dedicated fans. All manufacturing equipment has provided with everything needed to continue running the business, including all product mold’s and related materials also included has about $50,000 worth of product stock. You get all of this for only $675,000.

0 (6m 39s):
Now time for this week’s interview.

2 (6m 42s):
Well, I guess today in the Adult Site Broker Talk is Patrick the owner of FeetFinder Patrick thanks for being with us today on Adult Site Broker Talk thanks for having me ready to begin and excited to talk about a FeetFinder indeed. Now Patrick recently graduated from Drexel university with a decree in entrepreneurship. I was able to pronounce that and he has been working on FeetFinder for a little over a year. Patrick has years of experience in numerous other industries despite his tender age or what 23 now or 24, but yes, a recent college grad. All right, happy birthday. And I had a birthday in there now FeetFinder is a free website that allows users to buy herself custom foot content and the safe and secure environment buyers can send customer request ID verified content providers, or purchase their content directly from a seller’s account.

2 (7m 37s):
If we find that it was built by the community with every feature and design change being shaped and reviewed by the 45,000 plus followers on FeetFinder or social media accounts. Patrick, how did you get the idea for FeetFinder a great question. Bruce and that typically, whenever I tell someone, you know, I’m working on of the first question is, Oh, so, you know, you definitely have like a foot fetish and you know, I, myself don’t personally have a foot fetish, you know, it may be working on this idea of a lot easier, but how I actually got the idea was a few of my friends in college actually would get DMS from a guy’s on, you know, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

2 (8m 19s):
A one of my friends actually paid her rent from selling feat picks, but the DMS will always be, you know, a guy’s reaching out and saying, Hey, can I have by a photo of your feet for $20 hundred dollars? And one of my friends is a tipping point. It actually sold a photo for a $500. And I kind of thought, Hey, Ron why or why is it better? Or is there a website for this? So it kind of did some market research, one online and a half the time there was no kind of existing website for buying and selling feed pictures. It was mostly just a blog articles. Like here’s how you can do it on social media. Here’s some tips and tips and tricks. If you want to start your own website. And I know that he was like, Oh, let me fans many clip’s, but nothing, really four the niche of the content.

2 (9m 1s):
And so sure enough, I said, all right, let’s see if there is actually a market for this decide to create the FeetFinder Twitter. And essentially it was saying, Hey, this is the product we’re creating a safe and secure website for people to buy and sell feed content. And it kinda blew up a over night, you know, within a week we had a up to 500 followers and that was all organic. So it started, you know, working on getting a team to help develop it and fast forward, you know, present day, we’ve launched on April 16th of this year, but a lot of time, energy and money. And, you know, its been a really great experience to kind of create in this platform for the year.

3 (9m 36s):
And you’ve done all this since April 16. So

2 (9m 40s):
We, we, I actually have been working on it since about last June, but we didn’t have it.

3 (9m 45s):
I mean he could do a launch April 16th and its already gotten this far. Correct?

2 (9m 49s):
Yep. So its definitely been a wild ride and learning right.

3 (9m 52s):
A lot. Now, even though you don’t have a foot fetish, have you found yourself appreciating a women’s feet a little bit more now that you have the Site? Well, that’s a great,

2 (10m 4s):
The question is definitely something I noticed a lot more, again, I wouldn’t say necessarily attracted to the feat, but you know, if there is a scene in TV or someone uploads a picture, you know, obviously one of the first things I see is, you know, their feet, because again, my whole business does revolve around feet. You know, I wouldn’t be able to tell you necessarily what it is like a good and bad foot picture, but his kind of interesting how, you know, anytime you see a, I pay attention a lot more now if like, you know, someone is wearing open-toed shoes or someone uploaded a photo a on, on the internet in their feed or in it, or get in, you just see a movie and there was a scene it’s definitely more noticeable and that’s that’s right.

3 (10m 43s):
For sure. Yeah. I’m I’m, I’m more of a tits and ass man and myself and the legs and about every other part of the woman’s body. I don’t think it would be near the top, but a, there are some beautiful feet. Did you? I know you’re young, but did you ever ever see that a, that Eddie Murphy movie? Oh God, what was it called? M O a boomerang. Did you ever see that? I have not seen that now. Okay. I have probably 20 years ago. It was almost as old as you. I suggest you find it and watch it. It’s frigging hilarious and steady Eddie Murphy and Robin givens, its got quite a, quite a caste in it and run them given to us the one that, that Mike Tyson to have a TRO had punching practice on when he was married to her.

3 (11m 30s):
Now, what do your friends and family think about you doing this for you?

2 (11m 36s):
Yeah. So again, another great question. That was one of those things to the first person I told him about the idea was my dad because he is kind of a successful entrepreneur in his own. So more so it was doing it to kinda get some business advice like, Hey, you know what, what’s your thoughts? Feedbacks. Here’s the business model. And he was extremely supportive, you know, being an entrepreneur. He’s like, Hey, you know, it doesn’t really matter the idea as long as, you know, you’re confident in a market and you think it can be successful, you know, why wouldn’t you pursue that? And then, you know, all, all of my friends, you know, it was kind of a mix of, you know, some people laughing thing has kind of funny and some people saying, Hey, you know, there’s actually, this is a really good business model and it’s really cool.

2 (12m 15s):
And then, you know, my mom was kind of funny cause it was one of those things where I was kind of nervous in a sense where it, Oh, she was either going to, you know, and be like, well, what the hell or she is going to kind of laugh and you know, it was kind of a mixture of you now. She was like, Oh, is this like it, she was more so confused at that. Like, Oh, is this an idea? But she has been incredibly supportive. And so as a family, so it’s been kind of nice to see, you know, as FeetFinder grows and becomes more and more kind of a legit and we get more users, we have more revenue. There’s kind of a lot more confidence in talking about it to other people because while some people might not understand that concept of, you know, buying and selling feed pigs, you know, we can mention the fact that how many users we have to sales, we’ve done, you know, they start taking it a lot more seriously.

2 (12m 56s):
And that also kinda plays into when we’re, you know, talking to partners and people that work with and you know, sometimes they don’t understand the initial idea. And then you kinda mentioned hay, well, here’s what we’re doing in revenue. Here’s how many users that we have and in X amount of time, and then they’ll quickly shift from, you know, confusion to interest.

3 (13m 14s):
So I, how, so that leads into my next question. How does the platform make money? Yes.

2 (13m 24s):
So we’ve kind of modeled, FeetFinder similar to a lot of the other apps out there, like a only fans, even like the Uber Lyft models where we essentially take a percentage for you, you know, different photos and videos sold. So essentially any time a user sells a, a, a picture or a video, we take a 20% fee, which is pretty standard across the entire, you know, industry. And I know they have some websites to take upwards of nine or 90% or even, you know, more than that. So, you know, we try to be as fair as we can to the models and give them a day, you know, as much as we can similar again to, ah, the other big website’s.

2 (14m 7s):
Now we do also have a kind of a premium subscription, which is a very cheap it’s only for $5 a month. And for the sellers, it allows them to message the buyers directly because again, social media and stuff is all flooded with so many different scammer time-wasters bots. You don’t know if people are real or not. So, you know, sellers can pay just a very small fee and they can message those buyers to write quickly. They can also upload just unlimited amounts of content. And we do also have some great features, again, coming down the road that will make it even better for a premium users and for the buyers. Again, they can message those sellers directly and kind of get the, that custom content and, and, you know, figure out exactly what they want and negotiate prices in the messages with the sellers.

2 (14m 53s):
Again, we do have a lot more features for those premium users, but those were the two kind of main things in terms of how we make money. And we don’t have adds on the site and its completely free to sign up because we wanna give everyone a chance to, you know, sell their content and the, you know, kind of makes some money or to be able to find someone to purchase content for them.

3 (15m 11s):
You want to preview any of those features on a, on a Adult Site Broker Talk yeah,

2 (15m 16s):
Yeah, definitely. So some of the, I’d say probably our coolest feature is the ability that the buyers can see previews of all the contents. So any time a seller uploads, a photo or video and it automatically blurred by our site. So you can take a clear or high quality photo upload it and then it gets automatically blurred to the point where a buyer can show you a screenshot and said, you know what? I didn’t want to purchase this. Could it have it right here? But also, you know, it is blurred out to the point where that the buyer still gets a, a preview by, Hey, you know, this looks like something that you actually want. It matches the description I see, or it matches the, you know, customer request I sent. So the buyers know that they’re getting what they requested.

2 (15m 58s):
And Andy, you know, worst case is one of those things. Our admins are able to monitor everything. So if there is a ever in order where a buyer pays for some or something and you know, the photo isn’t at all, what we expected or vice versa, you know, the seller uploads something and the buyer’s payment, is there a chargeback were able to monitor that and then kind of fix through that, you know, any users to attempt to charge back and we can fight those. And also, you know, a band that user at any buyer who, you know, purchases content and the seas that, Hey, this isn’t what I purchase. You know, we can give them a refund, ah, and figure that out. Just exactly what happened to that seller. And again, all, all sellers are ID verified, pseudo for a fact that you purchased at his desk.

2 (16m 40s):
You know, it’s, it’s real, it’s not a bot, it’s not someone selling fake content and it’s a real ID verified 18 years in older people,

3 (16m 46s):
The person now, or they are, or those current features or the us and some of the new features, these are all current features, you know? So give me so, so Tuesday a little bit with some of the new features coming up. So some of the new features coming up,

2 (17m 1s):
It is we have an entire new kind of homepage in navigation. That’s going to be really cool, essentially right now, when you go to the website, you only kind of see, Hey, do you want to view content or, you know, a few sellers as well as, you know, its kind of seeing the user’s profiles photos or a little smaller and then sort like that sort of a new kind of homepage and navigation will make it really easy for buyers to see several of the top categories such as a, you know, what you want SOLs, you want heels, you want me to be dirty feet. You want socks. We have every single category there. And if we don’t have a category, you can just message our customer support and we’ll get that added instantly. And then we also have some featured models.

2 (17m 41s):
We all are working on some big partnerships right now for some kind of big name models, such as Lindsey rider, Rebecca blue and a few others that I go to too many details, but that they’re going to be kind of featured on our homepage as well as some other brand new sellers to really show that, Hey, we are a legit company, we have some of these big name models, but we also appeal to a lot of these amateur sellers. Now that this new home page, the navigation will also be a lot easier for buyers to find their ideal content. You know, the search process is a lot easier. You can type in different keywords or just type in a sentence of what you’re kind of craving that day or that night and, and find that content right there. And we also split it up. You know, if you click on a category such as souls will split it up into three different sections, such as the seller like seller profiles, photos and videos, that means all of the seller’s profile’s that appear our ones that have sold in their description of it also means all the photos and videos you see have the word soul mentioned in that description.

2 (18m 41s):
That just makes it easier for these buyers to find the exact content they want spend less time all kinds of searching around. And you also know that, you know, if you want dirty feet, you can see a seller who actually has that type of content rather than messaging seller and saying, Hey, you know, I want, you know, a dirty feet or a one, you know, your feet tied up in the summer might be like, Oh, I’m not comfortable doing that, but that will happen with this new navigation. ’cause the only sellers you’ll see in that search are the ones that have stayed in their bio, that they are comfortable with that content.

3 (19m 12s):
Interesting eight. Now it kind of sounds like, and you’ve already kind of alluded to this, but a lot of the features are coming from feedback from your, from your members right now.

2 (19m 26s):
Correct. So, you know, that’s the thing about the kind of my goals since, you know, starting the company kind of wanting to build this community based on the feedback and unlike some of these, you know, really big corporations who kind of just say, Hey, here’s the new features deal with it? Do you like it? Do you not? Like it doesn’t matter. You know, we’re kind of on the page where, because we have such a large social media following any new design or feature update, we always get their community’s feedback in terms of, Hey, what features, what, what designs do you guys want? And then we post it to our social media as our Twitter or Instagram and say, Hey, you know, give us your feedback. You know, what are your thoughts on this? Do you like it? Do you not like it? And that way, you know, the community really feels like they’re part of, you know, something bigger than, you know, just that this platform it is.

2 (20m 13s):
They actually feel like they were involved in, in, in making it ’cause in a sense they are and all of their feedback. And, and, and by doing this, we really make sure that we are making the product for our community, how they want it or not, how we think they want it. And because I could think, Hey, they’re going to want this. And then we spend the money developing a new feature, a push it live in all of a sudden users. Like we didn’t ask for this, we don’t want this. So really making sure we listen to the user’s feedback and, and if there’s any bugs or issues, having them just as a message, our customer support, you know, we respond to every single Twitter DM or email that we get to make sure that every user is heard. That’s

3 (20m 48s):
Awesome. Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s like when you think about it, wouldn’t it be nice if, you know, you could make Facebook the way you want or to it, or Twitter the way you want it. And people do take ownership of things when they feel like they have a voice. So I, I really think that that now, now, besides all that, which that’s a lot, what separates you guys from other platforms currently on the market?

2 (21m 16s):
It’s a great question. What I’d say to you to kind of start is our focus on, you know, the niche content of feet. You know, I know a lot of the different websites out there, but what kind of separates us again from, I’d say, you know, many, a video clips for sale only fans is a, in a sense to kind of a stigma that goes with it. And I know a lot of these people who are coming to the amateur foot sellers who are very new in the industry, think of, you know, a girl in college who might just want some extra money for the bars or, you know, someone who needs help paying rent, but, you know, yeah.

3 (21m 50s):
As a, as a recent college graduates, you can imagine something like that. Or right

2 (21m 54s):
When I was in college and graduated, I experienced it and they have a lot of friends. So it was kind of one of the things, you know, when I first built it, you know, obviously there is all of those models who have that experience and how, you know, platforms on these different clips, sales, who of, you know, work with industry for years. And, you know, we have the utmost respect for them. We also built a platform for them, but we also use in our building it for these girls who, you know, they may not be comfortable, you know, making it only fans or an eclipse for sale or in many bids because Hey, they just want to post a photo of their feet. So, you know, its not something that, you know, they may regret down the road. It’s not something that, you know, other people may consider bad, you know, its just a, a picture of your feet.

2 (22m 34s):
So its something that, you know, the stigma of, Oh Hey, like she has an only fans because we’re starting to see that at, at, at least in college it was definitely present. So it was one of those things were, we don’t have that stigma, but we’re also trying to get rid of that Sigma as a whole, you know, we kinda have to say as a whole, Hey, sex work is real work. So, you know, we support all types of people, whether your, you know, a, a cam model doing a full nudity or just someone taking photos at your feet, we wanna end the stigma of, you know, people saying, Oh, that’s so weird or, Oh, we don’t respect to you because the end of the day, you know, that there’s still people too. They are real people. So being able to, you know, kind of knock down that barrier first with like, you know, selling feed Pix and get rid of that stigma and then moving to a much bigger stigma that is, you know, the sex industry and, and having that negative stigma that some people may have, which we just disagree with.

2 (23m 28s):
Also find that I will say one of the big things that kind of sets us apart from the other competition and, or these big companies is the fact that, you know, you can, e-mail our customer support and in all honesty, less than a couple hours, get a response, whether it’s, you know, what a new feature you on adding a design, you want fixe, if there is any issues with billing, a payments process, anything, umm, you know, I, myself as a CEO and founder handle all the customer support because I think it’s important that, you know, if you’re going to be contacted the company, you are speaking with the founders so I can make sure I get your questions answered and making sure that your inquiry, these are taken seriously. So I don’t know another big company that has there, you know, CEO doing customer support that also was able to kinda handle expanding, grow the business.

2 (24m 14s):
But you know, any time emailing with customer support, you, you know, you’re speaking with me so I can get your questions answered and your problem

4 (24m 21s):
Solved. No.

3 (24m 23s):
So you were just talking about sex work and all of that. Do you guys allow nudity or is it just put content?

2 (24m 33s):
So we don’t allow new to the yet one of those large reasons being, we are just focused on a fee content itself. And again, you know, there’s some of the partner banks that we’re working with were not approved for nudity, but again, we are open to that down the road based on user feedback. But one of the big things where we were applying for different banks for, to kind of process and sent payments out, I was talking with our user’s and saying, Hey, you know, do you guys want us to allow nudity or do you want to keep it just as a full website? So some of the feedback was, you know, keep it just feed and that’s how we are starting. Now.

2 (25m 13s):
That’s another thing that kind of separates us from these other websites. ’cause when you come in to FeetFinder you were coming four feet. You, if you want nudity, there’s plenty of other websites, but again, we’re not opposed to down the road potentially adding that, but for now we, we do not allow new to me at

4 (25m 28s):
The moment. Hmm. Okay.

3 (25m 31s):
So would you consider it an Adult company or

4 (25m 35s):

2 (25m 37s):
Yeah, FeetFinder is kind of in this gray area where, you know, at the end of the day, yes, we are an Adult company, but it’s still on this gray area in a sense where, Hey, we don’t allow nudity. It is, you know, just feet pics. You know, you can see pictures of feet in the magazines on TV of people of all ages everywhere. So it’s one of those things where, you know, feet are everywhere in society and it’s not going to be like, Oh, Hey, you need to wear socks. You can show your feet. But it was also one of those things where, you know, it is, you know, catered to people who have a foot fetish and that at the end of the day, you know, what they do with those photos obviously is, you know, their own right.

4 (26m 12s):
And you know, kind of whatever they want to do with them. But

2 (26m 18s):
I guess in a sense, yes, it would be considered a finished website there. So that’s what it is a kind of this gray area in terms of, you know, we don’t allow nudity, but it is still a finished website. So I would consider FeetFinder Adult but it is, you know, kind of something where we’re trying to end, you know, that stigma of people who may not want to be on an adult site because Hey its, its its feedbacks, its not bad. Now what is end

3 (26m 44s):
Goal with FeetFinder

2 (26m 47s):
That’s a great question. So, you know, our kind of goal with FeetFinder has always been to create a safe and secure environment for people to buy and sell their feet content. You know, we want When any, whenever someone thinks of, you know, feet, pictures, feet videos, if they wanna sell a few pictures that they want to sell to feed videos or buy feet pictures, we, we want them to to think, Hey, FeetFinder his, you know, the place you can be at safe. We also kind of want to build, to potentially expand to other fetishes of which we don’t have any specifics yet, but we definitely want to make it that kind of a one stop shop for all things feet, whether it be, you know, a few pictures or someone who wants to sell socks or shoes, you know, that stuff in our roadmap.

2 (27m 34s):
Again, we, we definitely take things slow here at FeetFinder in terms of pushing out new updates ’cause we want to make sure we focus on one thing at a time and get it right and get the user’s feedback and make sure it’s good rather than saying, Hey, we’re going to add the ability to sell Sox. And she was on all of these new features and then, you know, end up saying, Hey guys, we actually can’t do that. So our goal is always to under promise and over deliver. But at the end of the day, you know, we really just want to add the stigma that people have in terms of, Hey, you know, selling feat picture’s is weird. Now that stigma already is changing. And we see it a lot in recent times in terms of a, like a college campus going around saying, Oh, Hey, like how did you make money it’s Oh, I, I, you know, so feed pictures and there is always going to be people who may think of that as a, you know, a weird or a, not a real job.

2 (28m 26s):
You know, our goal was to get past that stigma. And again, as I mentioned, eventually push into that kind of sex work industry and like, Hey, this is a real work. These are real people. This is a real job. And that’s kind of our goal is to, you know, really show people that this is a series of industry and we want to be treated equally.

3 (28m 47s):
Absolutely. Now do you think your age and inexperience in the industry puts FeetFinder or at any kind of a disadvantage?

2 (28m 56s):
I do not. You know, I definitely am new to this industry and, and being a college grad a it definitely on the younger side, however, I think I’ve done a good job of surrounding myself with people who have experienced in the industry, whether it be, you know, getting people on my team who have a foot fetish or, you know, talking with models who have years of experience selling feet pictures on, on cam websites and, you know, just making sure to surround myself with those types of people who have, and you know, what that experience has been really helpful for me because, you know, I’m able to avoid problems that it would’ve made. If I haven’t had, you know, them kind of helping me and kind of whispering into my here in terms of, Hey, you can’t do this, can’t do that.

2 (29m 42s):
And I also attended the XO is an online convention, which was the one supposed to be in Miami. I met a lot of great people there. Who’ve all been extremely helpful. The folks over at love for me, I know we sponsored their podcasts. They’re super nice and super helpful in terms of bouncing ideas back and forth. Austin over at mr. Skin has been incredibly helpful as well.

3 (30m 6s):
And people, all the people

2 (30m 8s):
Who was in people and also the team over at SEG PE who is our kind of a new payment facilitator has, it’s just a great community and people who are willing to help. So I have been so thankful for, you know, these different people and the industry who have a lot kind of surrounded myself with the help. So while I am, you know, Young, well, I am new to this industry. I’m surrounding myself and getting advice from people who are, you know, older and have that experience. And so I wouldn’t say in my age and umm, you know, new NUS into the industry affects, you know, how successful FeetFinder cannon.

3 (30m 45s):
It sounds like really you’re going to experience as a team has been a benefit because you go into it with a, with a clear view. And I will also say to you that the people that you just mentioned are people that I would have sent you to have for you and ask me. So I think your instincts are very, very good.

2 (31m 4s):
Yeah. And, and it’s one of those things where, you know, it may, again, as you mentioned, they kind of hand having that inexperience almost plays to my advantage because you know, unlike coming into this industry and saying, Hey, I think I know a lot already, you know, I got a degree in this in college or I’ve already worked a few businesses and industry, you know, if I had that mindset, I, I don’t know if I would have still attend these conventions and networked as hard as I did. So its definitely been honestly a blessing in disguise and not having that initial experience and being able to reach out to these people who are honestly experts in their industry and, and you know, it can really give some valuable feedback and advice and just, you know, be a kind down to earth person. You know, they don’t necessarily expect anything in return.

2 (31m 45s):
They just want to see you succeed, which I can tell you how grateful I am for that.

3 (31m 52s):
We’re a pretty nice group of people once you get to know us. Well, definitely.

2 (31m 58s):
I remember when I was first posting on, you know, an expert as you are one of the first people to kind of reach out and spoke up a conversation. So I definitely appreciate that is, you know, that it just goes to show you, you know, you’ve been so nice in terms of, you know, inviting me on this as a podcast and you know, anytime I have advice and the question, so I really do appreciate that.

3 (32m 17s):
That’s what I do, man. That’s what I do. You know, we, we have a general consulting company two and you know, I, I have a lot of Young entrepreneurs or first time entrepreneurs, not all of them are, Young a whole, a lot of them were older like me and they need help. And when I think you’ve done, as you just find it, you have just fine on your own. So a year instincts, like I said are very, very, very good. What, what’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while working on FeetFinder

2 (32m 51s):
So far? I’d say the most valuable thing I have learned has definitely been, you know, the ability to negotiate for myself and for my business. A lot of times when we’re speaking with partner companies or a potential advertisers, a lot of the time, it’s kind of just like a, Hey here’s, you know, our price for if we want to advertise for a month or Hey, here’s the billing rates so we can get you for this month. And you know, that’s something I didn’t really learn in school in terms of kind of negotiating saying, Hey, like we actually aren’t able to afford that or Hey, would you guys be able to cut the cost down to this or, Hey, we have been, you know, advertising with you guys for three months.

2 (33m 31s):
We haven’t really seen the results. Would you be willing to negotiate the price? And that’s something we think is so valuable because we have noticed there’s times where, you know, there’s a very, kind of a critical and important partnership that we really needed and their initial offer. It wasn’t necessarily something that made sense, but being able to kind of negotiate that and, and kind of work around and figure out a more beneficial partnership and in tern, you know, ended up working in the long run and, you know, because of these different companies were very open to a discussion. We were able to get a deal done that was, you know, very beneficial for both sides and doesn’t, you know, burn all of our cash, which has been something that’s been extremely helpful.

2 (34m 14s):
’cause, you know, in, in the beginning of his kind of one of those things where any time someone said, Hey, like, if you want to Mark it with us, here is the prices. And it was kind of just like, okay, that sounds good. And then, you know, slowly as time went on, I was like, Hey, I know you need me to give a shit for yourself and for his business to make sure that, you know, anytime someone throws out a First number, there there’s always room for negotiation, but in most cases yeah. But yet, and it’s also, you know, a fine line too, where, you know, you don’t want too, you know, offend them. There’s been a lot of times where, you know, someone might say, Hey, we want to do a partnership. What we’re looking for, or, you know, a, a thousand dollars a month in that might be something where, Hey, we can afford that. And we can only afford, you know, a 500 or a 200, but you don’t want to offend them by going too low.

2 (34m 56s):
So that was something that I definitely had to work on in terms of, I don’t want to offend, you know, this person that his company by, you know, going too low, but I also need to be realistic about what my business can afford at this time with this partnership. So yeah. And negotiating for myself in form of the business has been huge. And it’s something that obviously have a lot of room still to improve on, but it’s been great kinda, you know, being able to advocate for yourself and for your business.

3 (35m 24s):
Absolutely. You do. You do very well, a shopping in Thailand

2 (35m 29s):
The way. Thank you. Thank you.

3 (35m 33s):
It was like, Oh, that’s 200 now how a a hundred

2 (35m 38s):
Now, you know how about a 190? No, it’s okay. Thank you. And you start to walk away. They go. No, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait one 50. Exactly. One 20. Exactly that. So, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. okay. Okay. Okay. You were still for me. Okay. Okay. Once one Oh one 20, I lose the money, but it’s okay. Once one, I definitely have to look for the first time we actually went to New Mexico. I was a very young, I was a model and I didn’t even negotiate. It was the thing I, that I saw was a little banjo. I really want it. And it was like $20. So I was like, Hey, like how much is this guy was like $20 when I was like, okay. And then, you know, one of the first thing for that.

2 (36m 18s):
So it was like, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Like, that’s not a set price. You need to go shit. I was just like, I knew what, like you said, it was $20. Cause you were just used in the us like, Hey, the price was here. He said it. So when the dollars and you’re not going to go to a Walmart and start negotiating for a, you know, a, a footballer or something, that’s just not how it works. But it, it was definitely an interesting kind of first experience into that negotiation aspect. Absolutely. Or a, Hey Patrick, I’d really like to thank you for being our guests today on Adult Site Broker Talk and I hope will have a chance to do this again really soon. Thank you for anyone listening. You can check out our website. feetfinder@feetfinder.com and our Twitter is just at FeetFinder Instagram is at I get FeetFinder and then if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email me at Patrick at FeetFinder or just check out our website and email the customer support, always a love the community.

2 (37m 15s):
And again, Bruce, thank you so much for having me on, you know, for being such a great mentor throughout this whole process. Looking forward too, you know, the thing is to come in and then a business relationship to progress, a love, the shameless self promotion that was right out of a page right out of a page in my book, my friend got to do it. Absolutely. Thank you. Again,

0 (37m 40s):
My Broker tip today as part five of how to buy an Adult website. Last week, we talked about how to determine the value of a site, how to negotiate the sale and how to get to the point of drawing up an agreement. So now you’re talking to your attorney and you’re having them draft an agreement. What should be in it while your attorney will guide you through the legal side, but here’s some considerations to keep in mind from a buying standpoint, what is the date you’d like to close? Make sure you know, that you’ll have the money to either pay the deposit or the entire amount of the purchase by that date, I’ve had buyers who aren’t ready and that just causes issues. In fact, I’m going through some of that right now with a couple of my deals, make sure that all the assets you’re purchasing are in that agreement, such as every domain included in the sale processing and payment accounts, relationships with vendors, all including two to five, seven data software to run the sites and any other assets such as source code for the site’s of course it should spell out any payment schedule.

0 (38m 47s):
If there is one who is responsible for closing costs, such as paying for escrow, and there are always terms that are unique to yours and the seller’s situation, this assumes you’re the party responsible for drawing up the agreement. If the seller is drawing up the agreement, then it’s important that you express all of this to your legal representative so that they can check the seller’s agreement and see if any changes are necessary. We’ll talk about this subject more next week and next week we’ll be talking to Chris Roger of Payze and that’s it for this week’s Adult Site Broker Talk. I’d once again like to thank my guest Patrick of FeetFinder.Talk to you again next week on Adult Site Broker Talk.

0 (39m 31s):
I’m Bruce Friedman.

0 (8s):
This is Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker and welcome to Adult Site Broker Talk where every week we interview one of the movers and shakers of the adult industry, and we discuss what’s going on in our business. Plus we give you a tip on buying and selling websites this week. We’ll be talking to Danny Z of ZBuckz. Adult Site Broker is proud to announce Adult Site Broker Cash,

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the first affiliate program for an adult website brokerage. With Adult Site Broker Cash you’ll have the chance to earn as much as 20% of our Broker commission referring sellers and buyers to us at Adult Site Broker. Check our website at Adult Site Broker dot com for more details. First of all, today let’s cover some of the news going on in our industry, New Mexico artist and activist, Roger Montoya, who had been targeted by a stigmatizing campaign by a local conservative blog that revealed he had performed in gay adult movies in his youth, has won a seat in the New Mexico house of representatives. Following last Tuesday’s election in early October right-wing website, pinion post published an unconfirmed rumor identifying Montoya CEO who was the democratic candidate for Northern New Mexico state house seat.

1 (1m 31s):
As someone who once performed in gay adult films under the names Joe Savage or Eric Martinez Montoya later confirm via his Facebook page that he appeared in adult films. When he was a struggling college student, nearly four decades ago, according to the results from the New Mexico races reported by the New York times, despite the nationally publicized outing of his sex work background Montoya defeated his Republican opponent, 57 to 43%. The chairman of the Republican party of New Mexico, Steve Pearce had to vocally attempted to pressure on Toyota drop out of the race.

1 (2m 12s):
After the conser