Ava Durga of Circle of Q and Raja Roy-Choudhury are Our Upcoming Guests on Adult Site Broker Talk


Ava Durga first discovered the fun of feminizing males in 2001, and began helping crossdressers, sissies, and bi-curious males achieve their potential at The Sissy Parlor in South Florida in 2017. She’s also the cofounder of Circle of Q, a new private online social community and dating site for crossdressers and admirers. Her work is focused on helping crossdressers accept that their feminine side, which often includes the desire for receptive sexuality, is a key part of their psyche that should be embraced.

Ava will be on Adult Site Broker Talk starting today.

Raja Roy Choudhury has worked in the ecommerce space since its infancy in the 1990s. Starting out as a merchant entrepreneur, Raja gained extensive experience in payments processing and its risks. In particular, he noticed that chargebacks and fraud cost him and his peers significant time and resources to deal with, and in many cases, colleagues were losing their processing entirely to the problem. 

So in 2013, he co-founded ChargebackHelp to help merchants fight back against fraud and chargebacks.

You can contact Raja through his website at https://chargebackhelp.com 

Raja will be on Adult Site Broker Talk starting next Wednesday.

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